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THlE SU.111 It . M5N 1 .
J. S. IICTIA li1)SN, J.
WE DNESI.)Y. M IY 31, 1854.
-W Persois wiliinj to see us toi on
business connected with the Piper or La ,
can find us ht any hour dcuing the day,
except from four to five in the afternnon.
at our office, just LUek of Sot oioss' New
Store. All business connectl with thet
paper iust be transaceted with W1. a:
I.pwjs, Jons S. IenutosoN, jr., or IR. C.
1.oasN. Mr. I. C. Luat.;, the Foreman
of Banner Office, is our only authorised
Agent to receive money and give receipts
for the same, and may always be found III
.the Bannti Office. All letters addressed
to the Banner must be pre-paid to insure
Not ice.
The Vigi'tnt Socilty of Suntervilie. Will
take notice that !found No. 3. till Iurnoumt from
Monday the 5th of J.1mto. For ttie usu1al term.
I.. V. LOIt.NG, Pres't.
SJ. IT. D)1NGilE, See'ty.
May 31, 185.
(:OTTUN1C ll1 MAi @-:T'.
CnItu~.rasvos, Ma~ty, 27.
COTTON.--The tiarket, this day
presented its usual dll iess, and the
transactions were .li nited to 200 hales
at, extremes, ranging fmrm 6 to 9k.
Coamgressiouant Fvors.
We are tinder obligations to the Icon .
A. 1P. hUrrc.Tm and J. L .Oint for public
dtocuments and speeches.
Equaity Cosa rt.
The Court of Equity will commence its
annual session for Sumter l)istrict in this
place on Monday rext. His I [lnor Chan1
cellor BENJ. F. DuscAN is expected ti
First Prize Tale.
We announce with much pleasure. tint
to our esteemed fellow citizen, 3Ir. Jans
W. EmnvtN, has been awarded the first
prize, of seventy-five dollars, offired by
the proprietors of the Clumbia Banner.
for the best original tale.' Time strv will
be published in the columns or the /:lm
bia Banner and also in the Carolinian.
iThe Nebraska Bill.
This Bill (without the Clayton pro.
viso) passed the Sen ate between one
and two o'clock '1 hursday night last
by a vote of 34 to 13.
Fos r la of :aily.
Is it not time that our citizens were ma
king some arra:.genents for the celebrati-m
of the approaching fourth o . uly. It has
bden a long time since this day has been
publicly conltntnmorated lrel, all we can
think of no more appropriate or convenient
pilace for such a celebration, than thte capi
tol of the District.
The Court of Appeals at its last so-sion
in Cohnntthia retfused to grant a new t rial to
THOMIAS M. luxNtAN, who was found gnilty
of stealing a slave at the spring term1 of
the L-turewns Court an il sentenced 11nm1 to
be hutng at Laurens C. 11., otn the 28th of
July ncxt.
The-Oost of the V War.
T1he Chtancelor of the Exene-iner has
asked for $28,O000,000) as alln': Pra alppro.
priation for the war expendtiture~ of Great
BritainI. It is stated that thle cost o1 trans
porting each Cavalry soldier froml Engi~landl
to the seat of war en the Dancmube will he
$600 or moere tihan three t imes thne rate of
a first class cabin from Liverpo~ol to New
Theilinec of Sicancrslo
We see itannounced in the Charleston
papers that airrangenenats have heenl per'
fectcd fcor running a line of steam.
era from that port to WVilmintgton, N. C.
Thib.arrangsment to have gone into ciect
on the 28th inst,,andl the boa ts to leave
Charleston oW every Su nday; WVednesdayv
S and P'rjday.
A Nice Poinat.
'Thicase of KEys & Ncontuv, which
was argued at tihe recent silting of the
(purtaf Appeals in Columbia, has btecn
sent back for a new trial. aOn of the
points to bo decided, by the jury, is
Wvhcther thte intestate was int the posesion
of suificioent mnental powea'rs to hind1 hlimtself
the bonds of wedlock. JThis we shoul
u' ill prove a delicaite poit to decide,
espe . ~ho Jury sh~ould be comnposed
of marr To outrselves the mere
fact of a .imittintg mait?!hnony, is
sufficient evidence a fearlesa minod antd
(Madam is peeping o the possessiun
;ofa high order of intellecen iowers.
'Vote on the-,Nebrascka ''1
From the published lists of votes ontt'
hill, we perceive, that thetre were 113 ayes
to 1010 noes. Of the South Carolina dele
gation Messrs. DoYCE, BitanKs anda Ona
voted in thte aflirmnative ; Mr. ATxEN paired
otT wigant opponent of the bill, thaoutlh it
is 'stated that ho was in favor of it ; Mr.
McQUEEN was absent on accoUnt of [email protected]
in his lamtily, anid Mr. h Err' did -not vote.
We have been requtestedl, by those
inatuthority, to- annotinec that there
WWih be a meeting of the -Vigihlant Socie
ty in-the Court Hlouse etn Sale day
nmext, at 12 o'clock. A full and putnc
tual attendance of the memnbers is so
Jicitedi as business of importance will
ha henn~at bahrae tha .moneino'.
Y"anken, Eniterapr'ise.
Two . itizen. of New York, who rejoice
in the title of " brevet najor" are raising
two regiments of volunteers with the in
tent of ofiering their services to Govern
.nent, in case Of a war gLih Spain, which
li regar'o I as irnevitab:c': doubtless they
are prnoipted to his step, by the purest
TheYa Iaadeptesadlesat Press.
A1iong tile-iany changes in the editori.
al c se of th4 State we notice the with.
dr of B. L. PosEY, Esq., from the In
dl nt Press. a paper he has edited with
spirit and nmarked success. Other engage.
oents more suited to his tastes is the rea.
Ron ofli'red by Mr. 'ose7r for his withdraw
al. The name, of his successor is not
yet angunccd.
'it'e Crops.
The (rops, as far as we have been
able to let n, are generally inuch bet.
I(r tn 1" ould have been expected A
month or two awo. The frost and cohl
weather durin t month injured
theii not a lilt hey have colie
out won d e:fully tat -rly and we shall
not be surpr ised to leatrn that the
average yield is better thaL lust year's
We kionw oftseveral farmers who have
'Ieih better po spects now than th"'y
had at thi. tirue of the year for years
plast. The rin81 on M;iday last will
ad d, too, a greaat deal to the chainees of'a
goodc ro''. :'gitation generally looks
mnehi imsprov'ed sinlce.
.L Bloa>.--I he board of Assistant.
Alderman of New Orleans has ltaRied
an ordinance :uthouriziig the Mayr to
sub-tcrilie -1.500,000 on behalf' of the
City to the abtve Ioad. It is thought
that the roai will he built.
For the 13nner.
To Franklin J. Moses, Jamnes MI.
Nelson, John T. Green, '. I.~ ILeritt
James D. Blatnding, Ja cnes E. WVith-!
erslne *). A. C. Spaii'n anld 1John S.
liradl-v. candidates to rplresent Clre-.
niiont f;lmity in the State le"isl.ture.
1st. If you are elected to the Legis
hiture will you, or will 'ou not, vote
fr a Bill to give the Eley ton of Elee
tors of 1'residint ud vice l'resident
the United States to tle peo .!a ?
2nd. Will you, "11 y, noe,
vote to con t inne the t apripria
tion of the Free e . Fiad f>r
putrpiose of P ,hitnlr edutention
will yon, or willy not, '::;t .
iniprovetei.t Ol the p'rescnt
- .ys:tcin ~
_:rd. Will yon, or will you not, vote
f'or at modi ficati on of' thle pre'seiit~ miii
tia1 systein, so as tot relieve the citiali
oft the iinorous and unnell~iL(cssary burdens
that he is now cal led otn to toeur ?
Lerrogattoi i's- is respectfol iy sulie'te:l.
;'g" WVatchmr:iui please copy'.
Above we give ai cinnniuitcation'.,
addr'essed to the canididates- for~i Seiia
torial anid I se~t.uti ve lhnors, by
oe of ouri le 'ig andI :nos0t reCspec'ta
ble Cit izens. W have al re*ady pub.
lishdii qulite a numilber' of these com-i
prletty mu ich the Si tOun impr asJ~'Ili thle
aibov, eauid atddressedl to the Candidates
by the miost respectable of' our citizens,
btas yet we have received no reply
whattevyer froml any3 line oif the, ('andi
dates. T1hey' have not deigned to an
awer the voice of the people calling
upontl thcut to Inow what, thev lintder
stand thle will(if the peopleC to'be anid
how and in wh/at umuner they proipose
dsdiharging the trust they ask~ to be
conidled in them. Theli ent]didates, we
cannilot blieve, woulid for i a nanni ienit,
denyv that the people have the rig/ht to
kniow fronm them how they propose
rres'centing thre,n (the people.) 'Ah y
then, have th-y niot aniswer'ed questions
p rellouidtd bt~iv thre peopfe-quiestions
in l~iceh the uteople are deeply inter.
ested anid in which thivy have declrdu
thremselves initer'ested '? We say the
people becaiuse thle quiestionis hav'e nlow
becen propounded to the candidates so'
often and1( each time, until now, by Po
many~i and(. aicquiieseed mi by so many
others that it miay w~ell be said to be
the voice of the' people. Why, wo re
peat, then hiave thicy not answeredl these
questionts? It, canniot be that they
deny the rig/ht of thre people to ask iand
to know t hir views upon pulic mhat
ters of' imporjtnnce. It catnnot be that.
ja uest ions in themselvyes aire im.i
pofori the peopile have piopouinded
them a ' the people who are to lie
represented I w'ho they (thie Letdi'
dates) ats's to reprel~senit,an~ld whlo t hrie
fore must be the first, i.- and only pro'
per judges as to what matte hey wish
themselves to be representet 'Nijn.
W hat is the reason then of' tis~ siltr-nee ?'
Are we to lbe told that it is too loing
befiire the elect ion to begin answering
guestions ? If'so, why, ge.ntlemnen have
you aninounecd yours'eulves so) cdt'ly and
so long before t lie election ? Does not
the announcing of' yourselves as candi.
dates declare thati you are beforeo the
r~eumo fur them to see and toler
whether you are proper persons to
represent them or nut.? And how are
they to learn this unless 2,u1 oi/
yourselves bcfife -then) \Vit is the
-ohject df yotui nonnbedg yourselves
Candidates if it is not that the.
nay investiiiate your views, y
ti menits and your antecedents upo
matters of publie ini'portance i. which
they are interested and in which you,
it'elected, may he called upon to rep
resent their will ? This is surely the
object. But we caiot obtatiti this de
sired information by /,eholding your
persons or by being informed that you
lesirc to re)rysent us. We niust have
your views and sentinents. We have
calted for them agtin and again and
you have not thought us worthy ofran
answer. " T0o lony Before the elec
lion." W hy gentlem en your own
actions have shut, your months against
uttering this flimsy excuse. You your
selves have entered the field. You
yourselves are electioneering with the
people and are doubtless getting the
promise of votes which you ought not
to want and ought not to have until
your sentiments are known. Besides,
it can never be " too car/y " or
too lon, " beforc an election to know
the prineij les and the sentinient, of a
candidate. If they (Ehe sentiments
and principles) do int fluctuate with
the pLoputLit brettlt, or whatt is worse,
utiitle jimpulacr opinioa, but, are firm,
inr/epenident aid innuovale there can
neve ie any danger or anythinttg to bo
lost by declaring them early ; on the
contrary, there is always inuch to be
We hope the candidates will take
v/hat we have said in good part. WVe
have written only under a sense of
imiperative ditty to the people. Ilo!d
ing up ourselves as public journalists
and ktiowing as we dlo the wishes and
the rights of1 the peep!e v r could not,
again publish quttestions to the Cdi(12.
dates wit.votiit urginr them by eve y.
possible it'ins in our power to res
p, tr, t oii is' whll have the uldn.'ied,
and u:deniable right to hear :roin
The questions above proposed nicet
r entire wish's so far as they go, but
ther qluestions have been asked the
ca.d idlates by naty voters again and
again. throi.;h the coluanns of ou r pa
per. and we feel it our duty, in cotnec.
tion with the above, to call the attetn.
:.in ,f ncutit ie.a.tes to tihose not cm
braced i'i ie &'uv", to wit :
Your viewi on est .lilainr the
Penitentiary s~Isterc' in thme Staite.
Aren you in tiivor ot' cr aigc.i::s'
,treting ill eeIctionst, tnnJ do yoti
~cprpoe treatingy or re U~fusin to tteat
in thte present! election!
W e woutld saggst itn conel usion that
your atiswers to the several qestionis
wt ol prove. mtore satisfacto ry to thi
j't iple ii they coiet ailnei ) on r reatsotls,
int as shto rt a sp ace as por-;ible, fbr
or against thle sevreral ptropotsitionus.
F.r? the IHantnner.
(U'..tiuniA, .aIay '7th, 1S5 I.
.Ul.irs. Ediors: Feelntg assturedt that
inatny if the readers cf your t excellent. pa
per are ite re tedt in thant imitportant su bjerct,
he reh ~iouts educin olt0 th~ younga
birief acoouen t (f aL celebrat~ti of Thec
UnJion S'~abbathI S~ebool "' ini th'is itwn,
which'~ ttok phiuce a zsho'rt timet ;a, may
pro~ve inttest ing to themi. Th'lis scnhool
was fountded aboutnt tmttr years no byt a Icew
gittiltment at Cotltiumi;a, anid it eets eve ry
Stunday atternoont' i:2 ai h-ll, ttwood', and ye.
ry it'dly lenit, by the' .id Fl lews. It is
of no otne deedtinitiion, bunt is a union
uichool , havintg tor its obec ''~ the dissemti
nat:ue: tf Ihble tenth. it is untder ith: care
ot .\ r. Je'is S. bcorr, a most worthy gen-.
thetman, whto Ihas ld aored e.irntesty f or it
sutceew. Tlhere are g'nterally eighty or
ninety in atitnanmce, often tt mre, anad as
matniy itre here ;aughtt, wiho wo" ld other.
wise rece~ve but lhttle, if aniy reigou; m-.
Ont Sat urdty t hei 20th inst., there was a
celebration. Rtev. l)r. I1 EVNomts, hProies
sor in the South Caerolinai C2ollege, dehtver
ed a very appropritste atndlmtereatoig ad
dtress, after whlich all were invyted to a
room above, beautifuily decoratred with
fluwercmwttere retteshmnts were prepared.
Otn eintin thme door, the eye was arre.-.ted
by those beautiful words of' the Saiviour,
pritedt on the wall with lcitrs of' arbotr
vitae, " Sutffer httle chtildreti to comet tintto
tme,'' a mot to tiost approptriate for thie oc
camsioti. It wvas trtuly pleasatnt to see the
good tordrt wInch prevailed ; to look uptotn
'thtr:ght happy faces of the thildren, andtt
to hisetn to theitr cheerful voices, as they
sting the praises of Him whto is the giver
of every blessitig.
We learn that gmood has already resulted
trotm-this schtool, andt trust that the seeds
of reLigioius truth here plhmted will bring~
fotrtht much fruIt to the glo ry of God.
I hope Ihe imprtatince of Sattbbath schools
is felt in yotur pleasatit anid rapidly impro.
v'ing litle Iowni, atid that strict aittent ion ts
atito thle rehigiousa training of the younig.
L et ut recallect that the children
arotutit us'will very soon occuipy our pla
ces ; antd het us~ endtra :or so to brinig themi
uip in the fear of Godm, that they maiy secute
trite happiness for thiemiselves, and prove'
rich blessings to our country whent we
shall be numbeired among the dead.
A Famin To YOUTu.
Corresponidon of tus Hanner.
Niew Yon MAy 26l, 1854.
)E.IL U.\Asitt :n: Woie the Nebras.
ka Bill was un er discussion, the
Armerican flag wated ei higih from the
Tribune build ngs Niw, that the bill
s passed, it no :nge floats ! Gree
wo expt'ct, will sho-ly secede froin
the Union, wearied an disgusted with
t h " wickedness of the Republie" as
shown by the passagf of the Nebraska'
mteasure. Many euldelu with hin, in
sorrow f r the deiifu\ion of the Free
Soil party.
The trial (f Ars. Jae Robinson for
mourdter is now goingmn in the C(ineuit
t, and has alrediy created much
neut. The Ogtr.-oom is dai
uged l*y tinlorui d 'won Z n drawt
lilt .'' ~a nor l eurioIty. '1he
general inmpression geeis -to be that
she will be convietal. Tie evidence
on both sides is of tor indelicate a na.
ture for us to give atI abstract of it.
Strollitg up lrxrlway, on a pleas
ant morning this reek, we were never
to Ce ircilly reinded of the remark
of Douglass J erld, " in great cities
life and death go ad in hand," Be
tore ns walked a bridal party joyful
and happy. 1'hn followed closely
after, ia fimeral I on conveying
to his last hiOne honor and re
fiown. At the C te two par
ties met ! The entrast was tot strik
ing to pass unnot-el. But I3roadtfway
may be viewed s a miniature world
-as a dagierredigpe of htinan life in
all it phases anti yi, iitudes. R cites
aid I~overty-pletty and want--happi
ncss and riisery-lif'e and death--here
mtlnc and pmss althng in coimipany !
The Board < Aldermen at their
last. meeting r fused to g.aint retail
licenses to tw". hundred applicarnt
mostly foreignei. )fc:.urse, a great
tquarrel ensued. Westervelt, , o hi,
sharite let it be s:il, is strongly oppos
ed to that actior of the littard ; and
ia'- recrronnenided the- applicants to
tr e law- 1.'the " rtitnios" do
Y ok sharp. they wiii have the
fLignor I aw to contend against
ie 't Ycar.
The le\t.v. .m'hi a ryher, an Eng
lish clergyman of note. arri ved here
fron Ii verpool hat week. I e is
tak1e eharg e of the Priuitive Method
ist rh in Urouklyn. ,,
/ It is ruuintred that ita spee'al m55en
getr was sent uy the Governmmenito
the [ussian ILet in the lIalti i01 the
ste:'rinner N,%- r- car that left here on
Saairday. 'it- object of hi irnit-ion
is not exactv kn' owit. In coniniectiton
whh lthis, we learn ifrm th lie rald
that th lin e'retary of thle .Navy is ern.
gaged in; itveritokin g anti prep~ arirg
for imt, '.edi::ite use(. al! th~le Governm ienit
vess 1:; ini N,. Y~'i./k IIlrbor, pr epara
tory~ to ai " bash " with Spfain!
d1 oh MIt chieh' s jou rnad the "Citizen"'
is raptidly fallinog ot. i he fac is, our
people are gettorg ti rdI of foreignrers,
whoit, howvetr vorthyi anid ele-:er Ai.ey
miay bt. lhave ino bnusinress end eavoring
tteach Ameniuritans thei r duty tot h ir
nlati-:e lhid anid the principI les on w hich
their go veMr ineint is based.
WVhere is K' tsuth ? anrud what is he
dting' a owth tic of'con versa
tin io w tlsow.
('nu.iox,~ .\ay :2th 18S>4.
pIleasanit to comh imu nicate with abser~t
frieinds, but it is a ditl'erent miatteri to
write to esteeiied and. v'alued] asst.
eintes, knotwing~ whratev'er you -ay wil
mieet.t the e'yes oft tholusnd(s. Yu
moust thlerefibre mnake every possibtle
allotwance for the letters of ytour cor
reLspondi~ enZit fromlt the Queen City. IlLe
wi! do Ihis brest to fill til a corner' ini
y'ou. esel ent Jot~:irwil, in an agi eeible
mian:ier- if' he fails, patss himn by.
Chai~rlestoni, we tegret, to state,~ is nio
Ilti:ger the bcsy, bustl intg, city, shre was
twot years a'go. 'Thre W\ilmningln and
M\antchesteir IRoad that her citizens, uni
fot t rtately far'i thn, sineered at anid
r~iiuled, is a sorie thorn inii her side.
'Tie travel fitomt, an rd to thle N orthi nit
ltoiger passes thIirough hliciimi ts ; and
tire Irton Ilorse hast srupeCl eded the
floatinig steamers thlat conv ~eyed pass
engers and~ butirdeni altong tl'e Atlant IL'
Coast to Wihininrgtonr N. C. The Chlar.
Iesteinins are cal cuIatohg on the North
E'asterni and1 the Uabunr Gap IliIl
Roads to resttore her' trde- but wte
fear their e!xpectationis will nrot be fidl
Th'ke Ci tadel (Cadets arive~.~d here on
Saturidaiy last f'romi their expJ idi t in to
the up-contrlry. T[hey apfpear wteIl
pleasetd w it thIie tr'ip. AIt houghr lie
disticts they prh.sed through were
geuierally sickliy, yet no dheath toccuri'ed.
excepjtinlg the drumminlier cec etetd withI
the Iland, who died ' in Greenvi 1e, oi
pnemnoiniiia tin Suindary 21 st inrst. Ma;
juo' CmI'cas acted not tonly ats anr ofhli',
but. as a father to themr. Maniy have
been granited f'urloughs to return h6ine
foir a short time.
The telograph~ auunouueed the p as
sage of the Nebraska Bill on Vednes
day. It is sotnewhat singular that
only one half of the South Carolina
Delegation voted. The absentees
should render in a good excuse for
their absence atsuch a critical period.
The literati and their name is legion
of our city, have recently been favored
wih a series of lectures on poetry by
Professor Seh'erb. Is lecture on
Goeths' ' ust is very highly spoken of.
lion. W."ilmore Sitns will also do
liver very sgon, the course of lectures
on L i let, 'Poetry and the practi
cal " anVf other. subjects, that proved
so popula'rIat the North.
Our Cit Co'ncil h subscribed
$260,000 to the Charleston and Savan.
alt Rail Road, thereby securing the
Charit er..
C rThe weather is becoming oppres
sively warm and we expect to see the
dcnizens flocking to the moultrie House
or, what is more probable, hurrying
to Yaikeeland in a few weeks. t
Nhr. Soule' dlemand oia the
The Paris corresponilencd of the New
.York Tribune, writing under date of the
ild instant, states that the Madrid corres
peonderce of tihe Lirondon Tmimes in explana
tion of the procceldings of .r..MouIC on the
Black \V-ior al'air. are ritheulouslv un
true. Th!" facts of the case, ire ts fillows.
Our readers ma-y take what iargin for
fancy they choose
Oo areiv;l, of the spreial me"ssentzer,
Mr. Winslow. with instructions, Mr. Sonle
pripareid anrtd sent to th1 S1i;nish Alinisttr
of lireigtn A flhiro. M . Ci denui do la Barea,
:t cry ia:oim, clear ad and firm demand,
containing two propositions : first, indcin
nity, secondly, tuaranttee for tleiture, by
the appointencut of a diploniatic agent at
II .tva:a, with powers to met thise cases
'ihis was delivered it, .l. C.iliiron, with i a
rerqou"t f- a promipt response btut not
Spe.-tiv sig the tone w hich was aliiwed to
in ;ke the ! p/c0 .- i 1 the eini of twenty.
four lion .1 r < No' r leiving no reply,
uln'h .l ' e, n :substanoce of the
aml :- e l , andding that it at Iie
enl . Ve ttt f oir: u a response was
Sr ri 'ved, ie honhl take it for granted
th:it tihe 'ipanih g overm ant approved the
actioii he (nito n an:ithoiritiis , and be
shoinhl act ac: ortiiglv. 'his was deliver
iod by II.' Secrr taryc. Mr. Perry, im persion.
WNh-n 1. (CaIl'eron had finiihed reali'ngI
the nose. Mr. I.rrry co'ulv drew out his
waeih and s:ad :
Your Excellency will please observe
t!at it Is i.. 1" oc!eck ; at to-m:orrow,
precisely, I shial be here for a reply.'
"1 lIly virin !-youngiil itan, what do yoi
Ileani !'' exc ;iiiid the Minister; hioly week
aid a Sunday inter'.cuing : it :S rmposs:bl.
Ai. l'erry left. Bietore thirs terlinnation
of :he 24 hours. Mr. Soule received a
re -joise from Al. Calderon, stating that it
wis out of tile npowr'r .! th.. - : scr!
to act in the imatter, in asin'ch as they had
rereived no olicial initelbtgence froin Cuba
ti : to therrl a 0 :. eysi: I :nt-:d
adi-g bat tie imianiser of 31r. iodule clear
fly' -n ne tha the uoveritnent of thle
t.lilt ' Stt wItsitleh tuiio anxious for
Ia iftiiity thin tar a se'tlemenit.
Toi th~ i.\'lr. ~Soule reipondd,I :g ia ii.t
te. r.og b.ua tt dernatiis, and aiidig
rathe.r anmsprtiteftly,.it miut be adintitted
ha~d been rceed~i troun Cutia, and that ini
ref-rence' to the designs of the L'b.ited(
Sa..tes, they sghony a pronlipt settie
ilinet of the dtfliculty li orider to preserve
the' peciI rel:i tionis wiebii 1eg ets bet- wveeni
the two countries ;that trekc~ointinuted
inutlts wicoh the Cubani authioriigs hail
oitiere d t hie L.iti 8:.:ui hh'ltirso exaspe:ra -
tedl theC eole thla a promnpt setitleinent
woulid be founid the surest guarantee 'Of
coiittinued pi.eac ii rlatilons.
At tis~ stage of thei prro~edings, thle
Quec ItenCt bor ir. Sioii I, who, it liniy as
we! . e heiire c-et tell, is ill Lavor at the
palit, winde, toi thw co.itrairy, Ca lderoit is
hte byI i her. I l.:r Alaujesty, who indni
"es in a ery strontg diet. 1nto whlieb briandy
and cigars einter large-~y, anid whoi ~ int
vetry choice i litr knliguage, .wlshed to
klia of 3lr So .le whlit the riiw ianrt bie
twVeetl Iilil aidi Al t. Ca diuia. Uin Mrl. S.
.taing Ite . . c, sheid it~rpi'd hr.r foot vio.
I etlfy od the floor a and said I het --aileron
w'as at d-id fool ; that .she wb.-hed Soule
wvoiioi~ rage thle aill'ar so as to get hecr
rid of han1, and .-hie aiosed lhin to press
h had'" It isi genlert ly thought in
il o ttnaueI ci rcleis nii Padris. thaut betweenir
Al r. Sou ie antd the Qiteeni, Caideruti wil
be urugh ~lt to a coicle ni--it siomle kind.
Tiix lav..r A u ti-:nt A-r Sa vassan.
We ciopv lrii t lie *"a i dundh Ae-s the
tol Oioi ini relat irii to a llllrder ot which
we ha ve spoiein be fore:
C'orionr's fIicust ion Ja mies TJ~ole, bfore
Cioroner :'I n, and a J-tnry--Veit
(iush!!y of .hlarder irurwI
A Co ioier's. ingniest as held yesterday
afiertnoon it lie I liata of Al eesrs. \Vild
mtan & teno; ibil. biy cioronier E lein, on the
boidy- of Jame liT''ook , w ho -died t rm the
elets o: :i li:to! :1hot, at hlalf-paist twielve
o 'clnc k oil PTusday imlorintg. The follow
11ng is a hi ief t,.t hine of the te-tiimony:
\We I t.l -I[he thetir ti-stimlony arnd insert
onily ite looirwinig. wvhaeh gives a sucemect
aiccoiunt 01 thle trantion: hu
JiIr. James 31. B~uler, swori--ile saw
two mieti itneet eadch olther at JLiberty
silnare. They appeireid to be quarrel ung
abot somjet h ig. One0 was a Iargze manat,
tood the othter wvas a smartllcman. Thell large
numii strock the siteili irani and slew hun11
airound.~ Th le deceasestf st ruck the othier
in he ont. Teyclinlche~d each other,
aii theu alll manir threw thie other down,
anid held lhani oni the grollud. By the re
ijuest ot the larige man, the small miani let
the large mandi get til. Thie large tnan
drew a psotoiid snatpped it a thne oilier
Th'le dlereied ratn towarids the sttasICs, OCe
log piursuedl by the other, whon sria~ped his~
po.-tol it si. cond timle z'. 4hle decetised. T1he
large man11 snappejitd a ht ird tie at the de
ceased, and1 i uitiess tiehIever, the tIiti
ushot took ellfeet, as lie saw the deceast d
throw Inls arm~ aroutid anid hoild his buck,
lleeausedh ran dowit President-street, antI
the oither man11 downt State-street, wich
wvitnes~s betleves hie did, to-head off the
deceaied. Witnless piursued the oman atnd
whten lie cramte up winh himt, fotund thtit he
hado beeni arrested by Mr. Cooper and Mir.
Fau cett.
Thle jury returtied a verdict that the
deceased camei -to his death by a wound in
flicted on the back,,about. an "inch and a
half hrotii the pineo, af'o t the fif r~bIath
a pistol ball or at buck ihote linfliieei byj
nun Glharina Gitfilie on .tna IM 4y
1854, and that the said Charles Grifiths is
guilty of nurder.
VESSEI,.-A letter from the Falkland 1:.
lands to the Now York IIerald, dated the
17th o rch, gives the parTtrulars of an
ontra to have been committed on
one vesses, the /Indson,
by or vernor, utder a frivu
lous chargot against the captain of
killing some wild hogs on one of the is
lands. A warrant was not only issued for
the arrest of Captain Clif; but a British
vessel, the Express, was sent to New I.
land to capture the ship and crew, and
bring theme into S'anlcy harbor. This
outragous proceeding was fully carried
out, and on Captain Cliff's appearance
before the magistrate of the latter place,
he was fined in the enormous sunm of ?31
upon the charge of killng twenty-two hogs
in August last, aIthough these animals
had actually been placed there by himself
and others, whali neighborhood,
for the purpos ding. On the
A merican Comm t ontcvideo, re
ceiving iiiformntion occurrence, he
immediately despatc d the ship of war,
Germantowen, to ingimre into the facts, and
till the papers in the case will be imnedi
ately forwarded to o lr Government, in or
der that it may decia id re paratiot for the
result to our flag, and cotpens tion for
breaking up the ship's voyage. The whole
proceirdmg seems to have been dict:ted
by jealousy, as our whalers have a nonop.
oly of the fishery of those islands.
Pn.SnymT:tA Citunen--Thl follow
inS" statistics of the Ohl School Presbyte.
rian Church have been presented to the
General Assembly now in scssion :
" ''hirt are now in contiec;ion with this
branch of the Preshyterian Church 21
Synods, 15:3 1'resivteries, 2,879 churches,
2,1:39 ministers. 5i95 Ih eent.iates and can
ddidates, and 210, 263 cominunicants.
These 143 Presbyterres cover the entire
territory of the United States, except a
port ion of New Endiiand. Two ->f these
lre-byter;s ark in the Inrdian territory, 3
in Texas, 2 in Califo nia, 1 in Oregon, 2
China, and 3 in Northern .India, scattering
over the vast plain of the upper Ganges.
It has under ils itiuprvision a Board of
I fume .\Iissions tw ith 515 iissinaries Ia
hortir c!hifiy in the Sn uth and West ;.1
Board of Foreign Missions, ha vii statihi:s
amonT lite I:anllis tribes, in Afria:i, lidia,
Sim ai (Chiut a };Hard of Ela umtmn,
with IItd schools, 41(i P resytera Ad..J!e.
milies and 13 Syiodical -Colleges - and}
Board of Public.iton dhistributin by sale
hanI colport i e re ighin ionks and tracts.
The an'.'tenbly h-is untler s care fhar Tlieo
eal Seminariru, those of.Princeton,
All'e-Thaiy City. Prince Edw::ard} Virgiiai,
I.) anville Kentucky,
IMDitNlSE tinra oN F:0oN t EUROPE
The ftere,a'i p pers 'received by the hu
ioirn us that as natny as twenty-two ein
irrant vesseis too. their departure during
the month ot' April, train iLwterpuoi, hound
lor heu varins ports of the United States.
These twenty-two ve sel carried away
fifteen thousand and three hundred and
lorty-one perasiis. Of the se, ten thunsand
eight hundred and twcniy-live Were Irish,
two thIousand fourlun1' en agtesit~
were Enugh:.h, tuo i unul d and tifty-five
were Scnoich, and eigrhteen hundred auid
forty-three were niatives of other l-gr. pa
COO-r'e ; !.aLia hLs.t i.tz;;hr agn tzude
tip a niot u!nt irely of' -Geri'ulns. varing
three daiys, countoig froina Thnursdiay hist,
there arrivedi at New York fromt dil1krett
Eirope ini port. twetity thou-:~and seven
D~wc~viosAT Tiie UsirF. ST.tTE'
M:fr the if generaly reported that one
of th hiferks of' the UniteJ] States
.Mint. well Iknown as ones of the nmost expe
rnented in the inst tu' tt.n is a def:Eul ter to
a a'ge amttiunt, w.~hic-h is variottsly repourt
edi ait tro:ii i815,000 tip to) 8310:t,00t. The
Icireinmstanices have riot fully transpired,
but it is un derstool the friends of the ofli
ieer wil niake up the lowers. The alleged
desf.nilIter has fhireitifire borne a' high rep.
ta, and is a rtrict mteumbr of the
ernrch. .I1 hal~is been abseit f'rom the
M mt- b r t wi weeks.- Cairoliniant.
propused ni 'v rouite to the Paitie, viai
I Ionidiuras, is 'attracting attuution. Theli
surveys oif the route' for the projected radl.
road are raphilly peiVressin, and prove
that the roid can hbyigt wit hout encoun
teri-ug any very serionis obstacles. The
summinit of the plaint of Comaygua is bl
sixteen hundred anid eity~ip feet ahove
this oceani, a id the harbors oif thje Gulf o1
Fonseca on the Pacific, atnd of Port Cabel.
In otn the Cairrbibean coasts, are saiiflto be
the vety best in Centtral America. 'Per
are at least ten fathloums dept h of water 01
the ha rs to both of them. The Com~pany
ha~ re'ceivedl from the Congress of Ho1,ndui
ras thet muniiticent gratnt or two and a hall
mtillions oh acrcs of valuaublc land to aid
in the. construction of the said roaid.
I Carvlinian.
O.~ ixtiaTuns Oirices u ExrEC'rACY.
he St. Louis Rceulican says that Oh
lhillion is noiw a ciadidate for thee otlices
Thle St. Louis De'mocrat annotnnenes htin
as a candihbite f* i-he Ilionse of Rtepresen
tautives, at thte elect ion in Angust next
fromt the F'rst D'.trict, composed] of St
Louis, city anid county ; as at camdad'e foi
Ithe Sentde of the Umiteid States, before th<
I.egislatutre which is to meet aboiut tht
close ofr thme present year, to suicceed Judg
Atichis i, whose termt expires otn the 3
of M~arch ntex-the successor taking th<
the seat int Decembher following ; and mei
detntally and parentitl'cally, as a candid
ate for the Presden f the United State
int 18(i. A freesoil pper at Gallenta ha
already uised his tname for the third otlice
w itot howe,er, as another paper in 1lli
ntois has done, conmnectinig it w,,ithi that (
W ilhamit Ii. Seward for thle Second ollie
ini the Goivernmitent. Klin hg three bird
with one stone, is doing pretty well now-a
Cie.-aw and Dar'linpon Rail Road.
Thei Chierawv Gazet/e of May 24th in speak
ing of the Chieraw and Darlington Ri
Roadl, says: "T1heo grading wvdl'all be
doane in the contract time. The iran ha:
been purchased, iunder the c ircumistantce:
lulpon very favorable ternms. Tlhc coptrac
tor is to begint to deliver it on the 1st Oc
tober anti deliver it as fast as wanted.
Much of the road will be ready for the iros
by the first of Octobter at which time~ the
laying of the iron wvillbe comnmenced an.
conttinnted until completed. If the work i
carried on as is expected, the cars reiaj
run over the line by tlje first June, 1853
Mrs. Ives, wifeo .S.Bighop-ives o
or aoii) s~ettt h
..A Card.
TO the nbers6of the Central Committee
appointed by the late Temperance Con.
ventiun throughout the State.
At a recent meeting of the Central
Cuormiittee, held in Columbia orn the 20 h
instant, it was made the duty of the Sec.
rotary to publish a card, addressed to all
the members scattered through the State,
regnesting thea to hold, in their respect
ive d;stricts, counties and parishes, meet.
ings, on the 4th July next, and to secure
speakers to discuss the subject of prohibit
irg by law the traffic in ardent spirits.
Secretary of Contral Committee.
From the Winnsboro Register.
The Wa y to make Good HomI.
Messrs. Editors: I have accider.tally
discovered how to make hominy perfectly
white and clean without going through
witli the usual repeated washings .esorted
to by cooks, and if you consider it worthy
a publication, you have the receipt In the
few following words : Srnk the corn you
intend having groutnd into grits just two
minutes, and while wet send it to mill ; if
ground while moist the husk all becomes
loose, and are easily separated from the
cracked corn by the simple process of sil.
ting through a course seive.
About six weeks since 1 sent a boy to
mill on hors eback with a lag of corn to be
ground into grits for hominy. In crossing
a creek near the mill the bag slipped
of' into the water ; without waiting to dry
the corn the boy had it grouan arid when,
the grits ware used they mae tnost beau
i iful horniny, so itch whiter thin ordinary
that I attributed it to having selected the
corn. The next week I sent some of the
same kind of corn, but the'hominy was..by
no rmeans so white, ' ter hearing fronr
the miller that the c.rn was damp
n hen it came to the i I concluded that'
must have the cas t lie tidweek.
I purpoely wet the corn, and the result
was most beautiful hominy. Since then I
have used none but the whitest hominy,
nor will your readers ever use any other
if they once test this experiment.
AN Astusrso Pna-rzcar. Jose.-A let
ter from an officer of the fleet, latod 18th,
tells the following rather good story : "One
morning, a few days since, we saw a large
vessiel 8 or It) miles aheoad, which wo
fully believed to be a Russian man-of-war,
as she made all sail to get away, and
showed no colors. As we rapidly came
up with her sis took in sail until she was
nido c'losoreefecd top sails (tighting trim,)
so we be2.t to quarters, apd the pipe sound- N
ed loudly, " hands, bring the ship into ac
t;on ! For some tbree minutes everything
ustle, casting the guns loose, clearing the
s, &c. Five minuies more and every
was shotted anid primed. and the men
jng with the match lines in their
wait:in, for the word fire. Just as
at nithimgood distance, the black
guard ran up American coiore, and cooly
to!d ithat he wouild have hoisted them
sooner, but he wanted to' ee h'ow smart
we could clear' for action. If e'ur tars did
not bless him to the wrong side of Heap
en, never believe mie !'
Paris correspondent of the Montreal Wit.
ness writes as felio we:
The great queetion which' occupies.at
present the Ciurt of France is the divorco
of the Emiperor. Hie nto longer hopes to
hiive' any children by his present wife, and
jt~is said lie thinksa of takingaothler. The
ggfii 'ot. aflim, bitt ats it lhas appear
1in several licensed papers. t'he trtuth of
~eaf'sairicely .he qtletionedt. N'apole oaf
lis; .;ever, very fond of his wvite; and
th~e d vorce w itl resemnble iti e'lcry pi n t
i I.is u'ncle a.nd .!osecphinew. who w ere,'
. yn&o go sepitrat'd for the samte rea-.
snt - i ser tromn thiis motive or anty
othier, n 'mpress cdthe French is look ing
very 'i~holy. It is impossible to see
her '~ ku'bing struck by hier expres
sion < ny~ess. As to the Emperor, hd~
appleia .eg stantly calm and impertuiba'
ble." -4Yu Carolinian.
The pi~f -sht Georgie Steers arrived af
Mobile a ,fed days ago from Omon, Hiondu'
ras, bringingGen. Bairrundlin, Mi~nister ts'
the U~nitd4 5tatres, andi family., The Reg,
ister huas fe'followir:g news by this arri
val : . ,
SOn the .15th ~April severe' eaihqua:
kes ecure~d in thi State of St. Salvador.
nearly desiroying the capital. Alany of
the principal buildogs and about six hiun
d mred fa milhes were buried in the earth.-...
For someo time previous the earth seemed
1-1gollow, rutmbliing sounds were heard, and'l
the grounid appeared to wave under the
'igtothe buildings," Carolinian.
."No-r A SING I.E .Iaw REquittrsG Tst
4rotauY [ilr.IEF."-Such is the report of
the issionaries and colporteurs appointed
byih'e New Tbrk Society for the amel
ioh'ationtof the condition-of the Jews in
that city, and it is a very creditable otne to
the industry, frugality,- and temperance of
the chiildren af Abraham, so manty of whom' -
reside there.
A PrttsENT.-The ladies of Marysv~hle,
IKy., recently presented a pair of pantaloone
to Mliss Lucy Stone, in due form Miss Lu.1
cy' accepted the pants, but says she wvould'
hiavi done so with a mnuc~h better willi
they only had a man in them. '
SIGNIFICANT.--The New York Ilvraid
says that the Secretary of the Navy has.
forbiililena the departure, of all Maglof
war undu. sailing orders, and commands
them to be in readiness fur immjidjate ser
vice. Thiollooks ver~y much ai llfhe Aa
ministration apprehended a rapr6 with.
Spain; and mean to bo prepared Tar'a stud
den ead decisive blow.
~ ntI.NI AL' I.NATI:UcTORi.Somnliy ai
vertises for agent's to soll a uforkientitled
'-Hymonial Instructor." A contempffidy
Sadds' "the best Ilymnenial Instructor we
-know of is a young witdow.. W t'.she
don't know there is no use of lears'h
- Charleston and Savanahu R'adrowd
Council, at their last meceting, suhscribed
I$250,000 to the Charlestol' and Savanah
Railroad, which with'thb anmount subscri
bed by indivIduale, secum'ee the charter fdr
Sthis liportant work.--Mercury.
ton Sentineh thims fonts up the talkmng that"
has been done on this question :"Bleect6a
for the principle of the bill in th~d Senate
17 ; im the House 45-total 611. Slpeeches
against tho bill in the Senatei 1 , in th'6
house 5.5--total (16. Besides the peechos
actually dehiveredl, Messrs.I ipa5,Cok
lerhart, Sage, Howvo,'Stuar{,'of Ohio,
and other gentlemen, ' (t leat-twelve in
all,) obtained permiiasmmn'to ptlbhh th~ir
speeches, not ha.'ving beeon successful in"

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