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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, May 31, 1854, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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rig i it a I ti oe? 1.
T0 A***.
Iow oft would I tell thee, my sofuls wa'rme
And imiriXe. known the lond feeling ln
Iociked in my heart ;
But word,., like :ei it, tiiw , in enfetebling
ItA truth amid its f'rvor wou!d :ail to impart.
Ah,! could you but picture thy power, e'er
O'er my senses, .s sortly s son fairy's
Ahl ! coul they but epiual tlhnt glow of the
Which :hy v.rtues entsteth in ympathi
Could they tell the bright futu re liopes,
e'er enhl:ancingt
Each pa:-ssing enjoymentL iifes rippling
Ft reame b1r og'r,
As alturincg thie ta;k--F weetly e:nracing
As go'det d reains dropping f'omi- oie aln.
gel's wings
For each tnomer.t I spend in thy presence,
wyith ple"asure
To tie hr:un lis the cup of ifcs SnLietlci
span ;
Yet.tlie past miein'ry gathers to lecap up
the neaure, .
That e.ch i pre.sett, in its fu ness, aisit
Tie Ho;.'i;td.
Rcs-ec'tfull y d Ioirentl r1 -.lack" lhe ai
if /hat infim i i' iLre' entitd I) pe ,, . i
ilossTn Tme:."
Isihg of I ligs, to me, th. wo'efil sn: ree,
Of paties, lrio'ni,Ii sorrow ilndI remr,
O 1sleepless Iii tilings tihmough thre bic e
long nilit,
Or slecepiig-'wvak el by the s nO lin,
Nine -?ang/ii/ pigs and one old ving
(Great King of jkdlam-what a hoggi.,
Invade nmy chamber with their racking
And swinish gruiiits, and intrrmittent pea's
Oh ! for some drug ! some :otent medinei
To hus'i the noise ofthese gruning su ine
Or if 'tis tru' as scone' wis lots avow
That I logs hive gods before whose shrine
they bow
Would that some God to whoa the power
is given
Might take thcse Iemgs to his own hoggish
Or hurl theul down where all hail hro'- re
To sleal and grunt out all their Ioggi'e-h
For of all hiped-, qtuaI.peds and line
Deliver me great powtrs nwrrt m'!y
S A N t:.
(S E i. E e 'T E I) .)
How Softly Oil the kdruiised
IoIw sofl iv cn tihe brsei he;rt
A word ::i!::::ms f-ek:
Andee to thle diry and pa:Irched soul~
Th'ie inct'm to:, ter dreop callsI
0,' if the kn, whorl e wacilk lthth,
'Twere. pcardiie acgain.
Theeakest an. ii hle por~ miay
The simle piltsco io
Aci hid d~elght. toe wv IIhmed hea rts
R~etuercn ag:e ia enl lyve;
Oh, whait is- let if lhw e he ot
If-man tithmd t) icen
Or, w-heat the heacven that was bevondi
Thleis lrefc adu mocrtal r'pn it!
Aesi sters uponei the I ranqi'i .Ie
Ini timIll:~ic lry shinte,
So woerdIs of kendess in thie hieart.
' 3Refloct thIe .~uircee 'livie ;
O.)1 t hen- he kincd, whicI'er thom acrt,
vIThat brea~test eumcrea :-et at hi,
And-ic shicl biIrighbtor all th~y bile,
Anid sweet":: e-ven de.., ,
felbit: e In Ali-ti, whoic was ini the
.ha bit of 'liceth be~rint te i emii per
-U'n eoie,' wa vis ine ti intl of tatkinge
a niep one da beiele a yuicng '.irgc-ini.
; hat do yai drinik ? asked theL
latter. -
*'Be rndye aned water was the reply.
4 ' Why don't. yicu erinik minet jeciepes?
ivy hat, in the namie ot' dinks i
that ?'
*' A moest d'ieiion drink.' was thce
e-answer, 'ted l'il shoiw yout hiow toe
n-iake it, as, I see you hacve ) miit grow
ing alimost. at yourti (lioir.''
jnlep. utnd the old in was deligheteid
with it.
A boit a mont h afitr, 'en his return c
home, I hee V irgi ian ie boiught he we l
a~. t. his oldi friendl's andc~ 'indctige'
~' tdge eof his sturprise. whlen his int.
quire ciat thIe door' ihrl his frienid were
ansiiwercd by ant aged fieiel darlkey,
. Oh ! Maessa's dead zad gone dis
Stwo weeks!'
'Dead !' exelalied the young main,
'hy, how strane!ir What di h
die of o'tit.difh
' O, do'tknowv, returned the wo.
manl, 'otily at fellow comie anlong abtot
a. mtonth ago and] iarnt himt to drinkl
grass in he rmn and it killed him in
two weeks.'
This co)t31position prevents fr ictio htoC
at great extent. Its cost is not, ci
paritively greater than the maeiteriial
often employed for the puirposee; it is
not changed by heat, anid hen-ceo de-es
niot liqtiefy imd flow away from its
p roper pla&ce:
laick lead pulverised, 50 naris bty weig't.
Hlrg'i lard, - -. 50' doi. doi.
Whtio soalp, - 50 da do. hi
Quicksilver, 6 - 5. do. do.
Amalgamate well the lard and ecr
cury by rubhbin~g-thpm together for a
long time in a mor'tar; then grraduaelly
add thle black lead, and lastly the soap,
nmixing the whole as perfectly as pos.
I here are t\c"I t!l;tsl':: 211' j'I:u tclls ill
41111' t"iiillttr\". (1114 who ate Stl'1ctIv
c1'tt1'11 111akt'1'Ft all their ('llt'I'
j ,it's, autI Iual(illg all tficir skill I3 ihlita
1 \' (U this I,;Itt 4g1 t':tt r.llit'("t, (:t'i it :old
al't! l'('C)tl(1:Ir1,' l", i1 t.
al . 'I all"!): 1't'l'l' t'llt' lit! IC a(Ittlli lt'lt
(':l!v ;i- till' 131ay Ilo I1: cesstti'\' I(' S11
I;;it) 11! Ills' iar "'r:2 all'; wt.. tt SU(' ' ' Sltl
Cliltil;'l' tll t it' I,11't!1'110 C I't111, ;tiilt
>1t!tk itisilltr It \\'llt'!ly d I
n I1k C'l'Ll'tl, 411'
fit'' Jllaltl'tl (itll\" to It liltilit!il l'\t('llt.
{II~ (I;Lrtiiii 111:11Itcis ii;lkl: C()IIUli i"
l'U \' Illy, :31!11 t?(,ilk', :lull Ililill's 2111(1
11%t'1' 5"Illilig; :11!(1 it! "i-t. that. illst jlru l
is 4'11 lilt it :- ikit.. Mitt' iillttli" t"Ia;S i,
t lCl't'nlt' 1114' Illt tl' s ;t) t:t:ttiu ill,hl
t ~talCl (1; 211 lr'ii' II i".iim, i 1' I' Ittlll
;lull fltll.('5, lllal:t i lltllI' I:II"at a:!CI N'llt :.I,
Gull 111:111\ tltl!t r Illili,"t, ,Hzig tt) ill
It":Se! t11,"ir llit'ill . II I ii l: l:"11 1131 ,"
j1l'; 1'1' , ,.11.; :lll"I ill lit(.;,' j1i 1'11: . I. '1
II lt z ! i,'; \'.1: ;1 t1:1'1 I11:1\"' Sit (11 rill t,\
't Ilat I lit" 111.1 v st"II. :I1t itCt lilt. .itl"l!'
IIWII \%a1,1-i 1!11:S lt":iVlli" ill l
411 IIIt! CI)Itlltl t'r~ 11 a licl.; iiIll111 11(u litll'
("tI ilit"t)tt c. "1.11:-; I it'''ro1a ;Irv l ii at'.
! I1' iii Illy rttltltt li \ , :!! ') tilt' -i'! (I
a , -.trl!"'', 11l'l1)iigi i:! !:I 111 t:lll 1 !il!1.1.
1t. i-, lit, i1'(llr*.", :l If'fy '' I''il, 11411 \"l"''\'
\1'I'li sell lt''l, :, = t'" \.'11!('1' WIC !IL' Ili4,1lts
;1:4" to lit: 1 3!1:1:1' l1ltih it lit
t'1'Ill:; tU 11:'4 f'r"I1'll'1'a 1:' V i'i'' 1.11
\5'illl 1114 I )i;lli r. it c\'t! art. hrt- L
('lltiit't . It I;, It!': l riit lt'":, I:1 4,111'
tli 1!l It 111, \\ti'l Ii t;lt lil'lIIiI \", a r!tl \\":
licIk.1,t):t' Il::lti( It, I {:1J rt' tilt t I ~ I;c',
!" t' 11 .1 hat I iii 1 \'ca :s I1 !\' L t" 1:('
(t'XI; the l'Il'_I Ill' ii it' !'ill:(-o l11::tt (It"i4'":II"
lly 11'111) :re till! \ IC'tt N. I'll': I':11:1,1
in-lIt1Fj tl'; I't'lit, I1':t:'IiIl' ; Ill! 4-11tlIIII
;31141 t"\L:1:I-II1i'. i1 1 lt, lltll'll ll';11'C'ti a
iir\' w1(1 v c"IlaIIIIv , NV llil " llIo i;
tit! lilt 1, iS .1ct"tIIII11 11il!_( a:: 11
it'iliNg tit'l'll('I' alld ij'tC',:(?i!1'*
1.1:' iii'!'. Tltlt"., I'
I :II'f!t !1> a lt. l ilc 1 t i -';lira . I 'IL
4"lt'_ t i':it Ii' lit: 1'l1itliii ' In.tl.:t!ILI I il:tit
1II1_1 1.1(';Tt' LIi\'ltll- 11'1 , 1iiitui111'111II 1113)1
I llt! Iluuil.IIl1 is la iii I. xha7ll Il tl a:ttl
ills! St:i'f)tlt's ~1', 31)'! 4, ;1. I Ila tilt''rf'-I
l the filr)li lfivltlt llla\' ill' Llrt', if
'llt lit 1'.I iltl-i ittl is I'rii . " t""I.
la;lik are \\'t',t!'i lt'r t'.tlt. It :.f. " fill
ut'l Illt'r,":1st' alld'1; a l'l:i:lta Ii I1:1,; Illal,
11 1llljll't:- ltl " tl Ii:; Il:llli -:t! "l 14':It',"S
;lull II\11(1' ~ t'"'ll t''1 lli~ i and "'I:. "
aid I, r, 11 ,111 4 ' 1 1
11:11'," Ills' I'1's-4' Iti)i, l 1.C\\' llu ll(t'
i:11111 lit' t''Itig lit, t'x iil'tl:"l." t'I" i)':l:I;iltll'
,.I1i oil liit'll I'It"41, 11"'4\' 1:111):tltl 11!1'!1: = i
flit!!!'', 1)t.'lV l:d ill-; t"{t-n it'd . 4'141 a 4t i I
t'rvtl, II ( t
4,4,1 1",11121" !t1 ll'tt, lit"ltitt'1, 8 84 1 I i,-Ittt
t!1't:t 14':11' (lI Litill', on I ii ti II
l1'i l'11"111 't_' :ill t'N Ill ;t'..'. 1,
i,'i" i 1
'i't. ;!1'1,'11 Itt''i. iii,': ",~ t' li'.ti'
lit 4 it17.'r I - 1111 I''. r tl':l'; I.
Ililt tt:lit'. I I " ii .'t .;
1:"l lit! "I l:tl;g~ IIIt "(,4Tf "t t ,t'
IIi:i4it. fit' ('!'ITS 1.1- 11:10 is It'll
itt'iti-ii\ t:lxt',i; -t, til:lt i Ila ; t .11iir
tit l \' t'"-r 14.";1 a til t. :Il:fl ii tt1'1'4'l'llt '
his laud; llal'ilt,'' 11' [It! I!t't"- -it_ 1.if
illlfil"ti III f'1't'nltp t' ::11:1 lii'
111"r:", "f'; :I 1 t' i,"*: tt 1,' 11 .,.,.I , i ...,
ColumbRt Clothing,
Fullings, Bostwick &,; Co,
C101-11 31UP11.11"k. S.
'( ''.\.\'I: r mis:;:llly un 13:111d the. Iitrtrc::!
L' Iti." c
"N 'A 'ZA
ill tlli, I'!acr, a"liil"I' tllr\' arc I'rt'Irtr('ri t'1
r, "I at prices It ver t!rut aat" o ltrr c., ;:!'
"l'l11lir('Inlilia 1": flat tiii 1c'ttir'illivtl:ri:l.
sclti';i v. ill, lrlrtirnl::r rl"icr,"rcc to tit:
111:1'!:; t :ti: t l : ' it
, :! II'\' 1,011 \C'L"f:'nt,' I Ill ,
ir' I!'!t Itt' !.i l11lt:1 , :'till . i"tlif:lil():Z i,(I
JI):T ' ' ('1.O"1'IIIi\(: .ill . , r I i n ; iiv It.:r1
"i !hc c"utl:t:y. I ' h,1tr I :I itlc'-:: i.: c() t l
litcte:l ttn"'ttt tlw n::i! I:r:ct" r.l-lt principle,
Ini Iltr I1t;rc fit' tilt'ir ,-tit)II !lull:':c"iI in
'I",1'1 Il;rattrs nln':i r"-1-"It a:;it"!r" 11\" v.Itirh tt
litlllnrllll" v of Iirii'e is ti!it'ri"t"tl, :01d Or
li..; li'tr. !,,.. iriw " a: Ill,. Iti 11',
~a, "t .'t:' ,I :,t:tl I',"t',"r :iirt'. 1't'I';t';t.
:i. till r (. ''11:':I:"1 "'r." I'" ''i':"tlu k' itlt'ilr'f!
I(' ..:I i".\a'.'itI .!:'In of ,t;:; "tu: 1. :I ncl liiil 1, :'.
10- 1 Y.
stn : n " .;' illd0W
? i I U) i 1' :1 i i . lT
117 h bv, (I! J'"h-sft,;,, N'. l.,
THE tiller L. ,'ii iw, a larg." as u;t"
ul'"'it of tilt tll,"tCt" u. "!:.
:0.01:(1 l"nli"i ~f V:--: -r ll:vu:' 1i r i ; 100 faire
if \i titiIiiiv :;ilarl: , . Intl '1 ,tr:u t 1, of i 5rry
lc:,'t iti!h'a. t I n, I'i!Ini\ llul' Irrs, I. tr"' :,1111
NIt-lin ('urt-i'i;" I'-Ill t.=1:. Swill !h I:,nr
f'urnic r, liliuth, I'ir.: S,"rrt"ic ' t"nitiati lflintls,
All kin-I s of 1'fIlnltt"rit,_, tilt' hn irn -s
t' u ; > i ; a ! t } a : : . nt!: t l i t , i t . t a i l 1 tirar''"lt,--.
Il. W. KI1s:rL N.
1"+:0, L'i Iv
n rtry ('* h1 c sl
ii H, N'I'().N'
('M.1' Rl.\, ti C.
Jl.t 'u;rt:lttt, itn Itantl:tuI i" tlailt'rt"rt"iv
:i, tr' -I' : n;,;'!ir ,il all hili'I- it (: rli'-s turn!
:t"tlllt"lllt'lt" lit . t:. :111'1 : 1'I tii:" Ial'- I t:,sIi
.\!,t,- I'it1. 1I CA I.l'"% t\I\ ttn.l S()i.i
'iI:trt u 1 ,_ l't:il, 2:) Ir.
A: 1%t'i H At 0 HO
c ((I. -l)!( '1() iL II.:\\"1.1:1,)
'1'1':0 IO( !; BELOW I'I(i: )1.11:K::'!'.
209 and 211. Kink'-meet cornier of M'ii
('3 i' AI I JA'1'111 IA :; in Nil I, Sfl if'
('i mi'3! ('A Mfi 1 CS nd 11I. S~i'S, in
la r:... \:frii'f '..
1ff R i'\! .1.,U it i.,ri i
i ll I 'If anfd AM~ERI(CAN I"A)()it O)IL
P1'i 'A
iv:I ni :c 1I ROD N-- i.a n.
Siflff i'f , t : ,':3' t \fI -iil1
of I' Il h s
11 if i, a'''!344, Afff'rii';if I'lI\N IS
1,1\1:. (rl 3f It'1 H \4II 3 fSoN\'S f .i
,n. 1~hr - 'tiii. Shirtinp.-. P'illow . '.' 341
I'.4 I,! I) ff34':u' Ilo 'li', .. 11ii ''\ I I fi ,.
51:11 \ A:\'1' (' l.I ' ll, iff fll the f'Iit's eof
S.\'1'1 \l':.'I' I: 1I)-. JI:A\S nn+1l IN
i':~ fi : t1flu iii: 144 l n.1" .f
-c ress (Goods,
AIN (I11S. ;il ~'a ar .i
I;v 1'N Nt(: 1111:SS (14'flk in (r,at vnrictv-,
!I Ow :f14'Iv" rfn' 1ff uro ow:
(a res.ton. S. ('..In.13~ (fh. 1?5,1. 11 if
S j riUEL C. DUB N & Co.,
Ne:w V ,in:. (.'It tr:Prfff, S. (,.
C.f! 29g . - , ( in. 1. D m:
*:f;."~ 3f,,f'i ff''r ff 1 ' 1111 }' i n. nl 'fff i s vi:3r' - {:'
t. hni, - : n4f :t. f'r,' lit of t lf'f' !.'" fff 1ifff
if 4 f'"fif4 . .3r ffn:', f:,\ or himf \:::It
.'., r '"t o ff:- I," li . ' !~ fi f4i '', 11'" ft 33tie f t
\\!.l rI 7,. In, r- ,"-iL e f'f! ~ fr~f~'
I 3'ffff ''. 1,451 II) fI; t
0.ff ' 4ri .. I f"' oney If4'
i': ,1,, !' I . f 1 i f ff:.fui Iff ill
K:1 i~~~~~~~~~..1 ".1. ... '"p 1. tn...Il1111
r v. ,:, ", it ,,1t : , \ I i r , i , ( t .
In Equity---Sumter District.
Mary ;. tichhoturg,
by% next Ir: Idll
And1 W. W. Rich
bourg, and wIt. Bill for
c~s Injunction and
m .Richh.>ntrg Relijef,
aJfjd Johm I1. L;,x.
IT appear:nr to ny satisfaction. that the
above mne h' d .ohtn 11. Baxter resides
heyond I hr uty of the States. It is or.
derel that het do apper nd answer, pleml,
or olliur to ti ' sai, Bill, withan three
tinthtIas from tlie, pub;li alin of this notice
or an order po. ermJis thereoi will be
emered nynit im.
Aso, r ordred :iit :he aove - order pbth
lished for Ihiree months in one of the Ga
zatstt of the cfi .;vir.
\V. 1'. B. I 1A YN ~rSW'O R'I' I,
Com'r. IIity. S. D.
ehl. 28, 14'I. 18 3
In Equity---Sumter District,
Warth-un Lev.is,
Aidm,'r. of BILL.
Lcrmrd WVhite,y
W i,1a- ' ' F. J. & M . Mfoses
C ies W~j'. M., -r. J Contl'ts. Sil's.
Tl- creditors of the late i)r. J..tes JI1Ay
swon~rn. cntuh'd", to claimn maer hisars ignmtent
tif the5:i1 abve itami.-ti DIefendant, eteented on
Iim 2th clay of July A. I). 1912. are hereby no
tifh-d that, by nt ordier in the above stated
ca:n ;, they are re-qir.-d to eithitsh their de
timi:sl beii re le, I.:*immist ienrr in Equity for
imlie District aforesaid, on or before the
firmt clay of Many next.
I na . give nloticet- Imt I wvill until the
said first dav of May next, reiroiv proposrtal for
tlte ti of: n part of the. real esiat: cottvteyiet by 4
the said nt5igtfl-h. lyini partly if wit wholiy
in, tit corpot.rae limit of Sfmtnirvilte. ihmmdtell
by iinis rof i)r. .1. C. II ivNSwon-rn. W. L.
Iit UNsoN. 'I'. .1. (:on t.A N,nrii Mr.s. C. log- I
s-A K. and by the new road running from Sum
terviille toI the steam mill of T. J. ('onl.AN &
('o.. supposed t cotaitin about one hinttdred and
sixty neres.
Con'r. in Equity S. D.
Dec. I7.13. J tf
'I'll f" subs;c rib-ers having e,.tbnilichied ritem
seiie" at the st ni opposite A. J. 31Moeq' Store,
respe"t fully solicits the attention of their friends
n,ad the pctbli. to their well selete-d stock.
I heir n urne t come pr risos all articles5 urtallt
I pt. (e.p t ing' lijrur) and will be constantly
repenshid. and clipo-.ed of tin as favorable
terret: as are olercd any where.
T heiir stock< can'its inl part n follow<
I .i-lies t ;<r..nc:is anil Trimmin s.
I-atis' ('oliars, Cthetmiseties, and Under
L1o. i i:sea- . and In-ertings,
Ja" ; n i. Swiss Mtslit-.
I.dies' and Intlemen's I.. ' ITdtf's.
A lira- lot of Iolsiery and Ghlves, Cravats
nail :kh. Al-o.
A null trcn rof Ptr i't's and i)t;emestirs.
(:tiu'F.i10 8. Ihtr'iwnre. Ilolloware,
Cnrl, -nte"r s and Iticklsmnitlh's Tools,
CI-hlrn Pumps and Pjies, Carrince Trim
('roc. L nn (nd lassw are, Sartdlcry and
Ila irne:", t:
134,4. ihe-s, sflats. 'alm, Iteady madie
(Clothnttg. tec. &. &r.
'iN ).y L, W ATSON & CO.
J tr TtNDA.
II. W1. (t xrn.
Febhruary 2'. 195 17 tf
Lumber and Wood.
TI'lP. 4 nhecriber, superintentdant ofi thi.
rteam -tw mill of (:bdilart, Dixon .: Co., rt
si tli!i..t inorms tht public, that they are pr
1.IrA . to uri tih I.inmh i r of attn eto rip:ion at
t e isristnote
lie opnLC ers wh,- .SreTe-t.av
w ic (h - i-:deli(v l t nt-mers o moe
T::::-,:* .--.t r :t it thaber i.-t ,a a s atm ll r-u-r.,
fir en ,. ar the- rw i, nte wi-lb taiken when
in lio thIs wti2 eti atre au w ith furiw. er
iti 'hrnh ic. -u't0 . rN. (ic . aCti.
- nt ervl -. ille.rhkin.-iii, 1 sa. 1ta3 -in
Im tNtice, ce
i nl: Ct.At' t-isilOTE trisu setilinop.
er:l :r-r-thanks-, I-ti;i to a kiessu roftgoid
liitir-o tle--r: I'i.lhtriy toieeieeu- t i ir and
(.1on i Cimi tm ito teir u-tI 2niistisfaciti on.o
he4rt git c t.!d byt any or s hi-n thle cr onrv
itv*erthi.g ti :- m tosv oir..tenn-i O uriih iesa
hte 11tead u.n hie-a .tth ici wei ihoo e an
1.ciy.t~i- lTheic this araliuodre,
and shall betitt so.l ivhimt, tia
'u tl- yenribki ipledges sn-ifton.
.Jun. 2, 165t 13 tf.
FF.rtdittl.O ('TZf.Nr : any qlitttia pif trask
an or tie, demaier) hat. i shouh, nermind
aibt e Sirtrinde. am ihrb oeo
count to ome'o ta wih teChGik ider
crn art tre mil, ]nobefor the f ifn.a
in h .ircinr, tr sat youranem fd-ea(o
Inie titfan t tc frayer , Fiheriodtty
(. ons tftiablesettro t c lt for hiiALL o
A' fotht-e hlis tof ennyi. vhr-se-fay
You'li t lrlctrr l e nd ra ,
ATog the ubmlice
Wer.-'HN oircnech hons evcst h
c--Thei ghtof tt hdisiletlns ptbicge;
F,.t ttrver ou ll haturie nt utd10Ii
Am~iie yon Cutishke, lesht to-mtro rpi
N?"l ay ny.t fandi .sve nts, ad ter iu
ytihe a-or cs letit yof. *i blt od utc
Jan. '25, 1851. 1 tt.
W iThe Lcieril pay 12 cnt e
pon nc for any gnn'iy fol ra
Feruar 1 , 854 18 tr
Negro Shoes
$.00 Reward,
SRIJN AWAY, on last Tuesday the
17th instant, my Boy RICHARD, a
white mulatto, about five feet three
or four *les high, tolerably stout built,
Rbout two years old with straight
light colored hair, has a very sulky ap.
pearat1ce; and answers quick and short
when spoken to said boy has a short thick
.not, his hands short and thick, chubby
fingera. lie had the scar of a blister on
his forehetd just above the eye-brows, he
may try to hide it by wearing his cap or
hat down over his forehead. le will he
sure to pass himself for a white man for
he is very white and has been taking great
rare of his skin for some time. Whmen he
left he had a cloth cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of pants. 1ie will he
sure to change hie cnp and clothes as soon
is he can; he al-so wears his hair in front
straight lown he scar of the blis
ter. lie is a r by trade, though
lie mray not tsmess, expecting
that lie will be riised.
The above reward of One ulndred
Doilara till bIe puid for his delivery ini any
Jail in the State. lie will be sure to give
himself at her name.
Rrardleyville, Sumter District, S. C.
1lay !ht n, 1853 : 30--(f
7 Camien Journal and Cheraw Ga
zette prhiislh live times.
Bisinopville Caariage and
Iilarssess ii Mattiitfactorv.
JAMES W. AMIROSE still continnes to
r-arry on the above hri.irness in nil its various
branehes, and takes this method of returnig
his thank to his friends for th,-ir liberal patron.
1ge, and hopes by close attention to businRess to
etill merit the samo. CA ItRIAGES A-n lUG.
1;t Es made to rrder and warranted for twelve
Ionths. If they should fail in that ti inc it
point of workianship or materian. they will be
repaired free of charge. 1e* deems it nnee
,eary to say anything in regard to the neat
riess and dirahility of his work, as his work
will show for itself. Cull on him at lisihop.
ifle adl he will give as good bargains as can
be had in Charleston.
If(e aleudoe-s plonigl?.wgrk at cohort notice.
Ilorse-sheein .)dune wish nII rbiess and dispatch
n .1 50 ilt II Found. Ilis ter s for new work
wil be to suit purchasers.-With interest at
warvs. 4
lishopville, S. C., Jan'y 18th, 1951 12-6m
continue the CA RRIAGE
IlIHtNIES at the ilhe
stand-Nro. 35 and 40 Ventworih-street,
harlen-.io-hre tl hey w il he p!oared to
liihit to their old friends and cistoters
i ry extensive Stock of Vehicles, con.
t?:;t e of tieIr own manufacture,
ogether with various other sly!es usually
tirl ini thris nurliet. Their long acquaint
mre with th's imrket as mann fureturerx
tid de.alers wilI enale theim to ofler great
ndlnrertents to purchasers both in styles
ltd price.
hair i 15, 1915I. 20 ly
Cabinet Wareroom,
Takes i methnd of inforniing ther ebizens
of Surterville tan 'vicinity.
S; gat i ie has just opnenet on
tihe corner ahtuo. Clarks Io.
tet, his NtV t;; INET
tA".Etl00M, where he will keep for iate,
heo. altl snieh furrrninceas re . un-it,- t,ri
epalrrtment of hris trade; n'rld witlt furrnish tir
asth, at Chrhleton plrices. alt d~"ercriptions orf
rrrtrer imnde. lRepati.inrg executed ar tthe
htoritest nllnce.
Mtahogany~ rind plairn Coflinrs frnishred wvith-i
rut drtv.
ecb. s, 1954 - 15 t f.
P'allGoods! Fall Goods
l1UT3IEhI & N E'i'e EllYV wouldt respnectftilly
nirmit ttheir friends anid iithPtbl ie generally,
hart thuy itrve~ just received a large an~d wectl s.
eetedl Stck (if
.mrbracintg every qutality and stylie of L A DI ES'
)It ESS OODS ; eicvy Goo'ds, &c., ('rocer
us, irriri and Shmoes of every description; latest
ryle llrand Carrt1:ps; tlhrrdwre rand Crorckery
ie:ulv I:r-le Chy thuingx, etc. et'!., to which they
narticulairly tunte attenrtionr.
A lot of CHilCE SEtARS.
ni:A1.r FtN
Painits, Oils, Glass
No. Cr0 1-2 Est-sayi, opp~osit5. P. & M. Blank,
Hie keeps contstatlyt for .tilt', a genrerntil asort
-ntt (If l'arimrs andr Oils of alt kindrs, Window
larSs and Sa.-hes, Spirits Trpen~itinou, Camn
hnreu, Spirit (aas, TFallow, Girinrtstone's, Cor
age, (Chainfun irps, Cottonr Foro Gitn Fixtures,
;lue, l'ac.Itrg \Yarn, and Brushes of various
Oct. 2Gs, 1Si3. 5 Gim
AT.LL pe rsons whoa aire ini miyrdebt a fee,
W ill pleatse to comae forwardl, andt pay it to ame,
Forr I amr nrow ont of the indurlginrr mood.
And coruldnr's wait tonrger, indleed, if I would;
Thie Shrrihas got mre, wth hrarnessr orn hack
Anrd soon h'mr to trot oin a very rorughr track,
If mry friends don't come forward and give
tie a lift,
I'll go to the devil, soon, all inl a drift,
flirt rather than go to trim, so early, hark ye!
I'll give a wr hIr of a hin t; nows tark me!
Jf younrint't pay upi, right unader your noses,
I'll take all your papers, and give them to
And then, oh, then, you'll get your farin
tin hell, he'l ast your like a hrerin,
.S . RiCil. M. D.
Clarent ,8 1854. 15 if
Third Door South of the Town Hall
udn rrnrly oppositeC Tindal & W~ats.on
HiIE surbscriber wvould respect fully in.
Liorim the citizenrs of Sumuterville and
lie public generally, thmat Ire has openedl at
lie abovnte place a genteral assortment of
Dry Goods, Boots andr Shoes, IHaos and
~aps. lIaItrdwa re, Crockery ware, &c. &c.
A.so, A Choice lot of Famrity Groceries of
wavry tieseripition, withr Fruit of various
ki'ith, such as Oages, Apples, Leinons,
&c. &c., which he will sell very low for
Nv., 853. 9 ly
To The Public,
Au ton e' Notice.
JA MES iI. CLA K hegs leave to noti..
Fy the citi ea of . rtervilles and- the vi.
n ared to pve his
tnd h~b ~ sone experien c
merit. r of pubIl ar datnq
V trilfin t, 1--i
x . cJ '
Dr.LORME'S BAUM DE VIE," or Balsam o
Life is, aftera trial of upwards of twenty3 car.
in a great variety of caes,confidently off.fd to
the public, especially to those afflicted with the
most distressing complaint, as a sure and speedy
relief for their euflerings.
Read the fol!owing certificates. They are
from gentlemen of high standing and residing
in your immediate vicinity, 'They are but one
or two of the many in our possession all extoll.
ing the heahing virtues of this, (to use the words
of a grateful Dispeptic who was cured 'by its
tre) miost preciotes compound.
Certi icaec from th1e Rev. Iartacell Sp'i.
hUMTEaVt.LE,. S. C. Jan. 13th 1853.
Mr. CiAs. DELonsta.
Dear Sir: -Last Spring I used tw small b
ties of your Balsam of Life; and diperienced
much benefit. I took it two or three tites dai
ly, a teaspoonful at a dose in a wine glass of
It acted on my liver, and imparted a healthy
tone to all my digestive organs, relieving me of
distressrng headache, and nannetlier disagreea
ble dyspeptic syintons. - i
[Signed] g SPAIN.
I)-At Sin :-l take greatpleasureintrecbut
mend ing your "Baume do vie." which I have
often used, and aelways with decidetI'relief,
when suflering from attacks of, Dyspepsia. At
once a stimu lant, tonic and ep.thartic, i am sat
isfied it will prove eminently sdrikeable to all
who are affhicted with Dyspepsia. Its general. .
introduction throughout the country wvi l.be a
public benefit.
To keep a supply constantly on hand, which
t would not eachiange for all the Anti-dyspep..
tic nostrums from Maine to Texas.
Yours respectfully,
[Signed] JOHN W. ERVIN.
For sale lv,
Dr. W. J. 1)ARGAN, & Co. *
" " " I. A. Huggins, Darlington C. 11.
" " " Dr. J. E. Byrd, Timmonsvillc,.
And by Druggists generally.
Wholesale Agents, Columbia, S. C.
November 9 9 2 tf
Business Card.
Cotton Faclora and General Commis. .
sion Merchants.
B. dcLAUltiN, Esq.. will give per
' sonal nnd special attention to the in
terests anti orders of his friends in this
$:ate and the adjoining Counties of North
Caroliin,. who may favor these Houses
with their patrorige. Consignments of
produce to theHl-onse in New York, either
by 'way of Ch:ariidon, Georgetown, or
WVO!min1rgtorn, will be covered by insurance,
if notice of the shipnent be promptly giv
en. ,nr l
May :3, 1853 "V . ' 27-tf
Improved qotfon Gins.'
Thankful for past favours the subscriber wish
es to inform the public that he still manufac.
tures Cottbn Gins at his eistablishment in State.
burg, on the must improved and approved plan.
which he thinks that the cotton ginned onone
of those gins of the late improvement is worth
at Ie ast a quarter of a cent more than the cot
ton ginned on the ordinary gin. lie also moan
ilaettn's them on the most simple construction,
if the finest finish and of the best materials; to
wit, Steel Saws and Steel Plated Ribs Case
hardened which he will sell for $2 per Saw.
le also repairs old gins and puts them in crm
plrtee order at the shortest notice. All orders for
Gins will be promptly and punctually atrended
Statehurg, Sumter Di1st, S. C. Feb 17,-- 26
Veterinary Burgeon.
iROBERT .W. A NDREWS no'tofleu the
-itizens of this, atnd the adjoining DistrIcts,
that he hais removedl his Stahles near the Da
hiot of the W. & M1. f. Itoad, where hie is ready
at all ti'.es to take e harge of diseased JHorses
for a mnoderatcechiarge in all cases where there
is no cuire ito pay will be expected. He also
coutinues toi takhe Passengers to r.n~d from the
Depot, sund expects shortly to receive a New
Omnibtis for that purpose. G;oods lie will haul
at the ol rate of 10 cents per package, and
sobiis the patronage of the public.
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Carriages and Harness, 4
OF nvery description, Non 124, Meeting street,
andl 33 Wentworth street. next to the oldI stand
<.f Gilberrs & Chiapin, Charleston, S. C.
Oct. 19th, 1853. 51 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold.
ThEE undersigned hans opened an office at No.
16 State Street. Charleston, where he has cn
hand a number of LIKELY YOUNG NF.
GROES for stile from which lie can supply the
wants of any of the community. These Ne.
wroes are purchased in Mar-land, Virginia,
NJorthI and South Carolina. To his lot lie Is
continually receiving areessions,. s highest
prices patd at all times for negre.
16 State Street.
Charleston, Dec. 21, 1853. *8 ly
Law Notice.
Office next door to J1. B. & RL. C. Wsebb's
New York Store.
Ma rch 22, 18.53
For Cash, And
The cheapest GROCE
in Sumterv'ille, can be had frtO D N
& CO., at Dr. Mlett''0I totid~ ',
Segnrs of the finest quj~If4ttnost ap
proved Brands in the .ri ' Jiler with
Preserved Fruits of dif !Qds, Syropa,
Nuits, &c. A share of jublid patron.
age is desired, proyi4d e&acoqjmnied
by the CASH, but noti le.
June 14th, 1853
BUTLER & NEW BERY aed r aoe *e -
their former stand to the one formnerl
by E. D. IP~ GLE & C.n
he pileased lasetei re
Oct 5, '84( If
Commission Merchan,
I'A RTICUL Ani attention given to the A,
or SHIIPMENTr of Naval S torne and AQJ
and liber CAdH! ADVANCES raade oet I
Adnstrtor's Notice~
AU personttflyng'domianda a n tbh
Rate H *Connorig-dee ,',&6

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