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JOHN S. IIICIIARLDSON, Jr., S I'icui"uicruics. c ,eO --'aIa OIt" It tEio r tI ,
VOL. Viiis SQJIWI' ERYILLE, So Ce, JUNE 1, 1 540
Every Wednesiay Morniln;
Lewis & Richardson,
TIO DOr,.ALtS in a<dvance. Two Dollars
and Ftly ('Cets at the expiration of six nionths
or Three Dolhrs at the end of the year.
No paper discontinued until all arrearages
are PAItD, tinless at the option of the 'r<,prietir.
a Advertisements insiertel at SI-tIN'I Y
Fl ';Cotnts per saipare, (13 tittes or less,) for
the first, and half that snm t'or echsnbsiient.
inesertion, (Official advertisernenits the sunme
vaeh tin.m.).
C The nutimber of inrertianv to be markedl
on all Ad vertietents or they will lie publisicd
until ordered to bu discuntinuel, and elargecl
" ONE- )OL .A R per sqnare for a single
insertion. Quarterly niid ilounthly Alvrrtse
mlas will he clargl thu saite as a single in
bertion, and semi -monthly the sane as itnew n tc
ThCIe Wvandtletug J ew.
The first ex plicit and authenti ie inen.
tiun of the " \Wande ring ,( %ew," will
be fo'und in the Latin \Voirks of ogra
de Wendu oer, a monk of St. Alb.;s,
who died in tlt year of G;race 1237.
This work having been ime reed in the
more extended ote of Aiatth-w 'aris.
at betedietine in'outk of the (Cottgr.
tiot of Clugny, likewise of the liu'oanas.
iery of t. A'bants, about the year
1250, i there also litl fith. satilue
account give-n of this itysteriouts per
s onage. It appeats. t hent, fi om i ge
de W oitlVer, coillir ined by Ala tluhew
P'aris, that inl the year of Nativity
1228 a great cotvocation of l'i-l hps
and of oher chureb digiitar ie-i had as
sernbled at S.Albants, altnong w: h-ic
was an A rihbislho p of A rnienia Maior.
who had conic to England upon i a'pil
giiniiage to the relics I.tly deposited
there by the Crusaders. The conver
-sationi, after a time, hI i pened to turn
upol the Stlijeet ol that fuated \\'tt
derer of Ages, then nalted . Jsiphus"
--the faith that might be placted in the
lougktowmf.: tradition-and as to the
chisAfe .f ht~triiftu'urse. Ia the course
of that intdrosting inqtiry, the Arch
bishopr, through his itTterit eter, it
kniight, was askeil Wiitlhi-r "he had
ever seen r leant-i d f t ,t ita tt, of
Wltiont tiere was titc talk in txc
World, land! Who is still :.lice, and win..
when our lord stiffer-d. was nretlt
aul spoke to hun.'
In reldy, the k night stated that '-his
lordil the Arcl:hbihip well knows lha
notai. Sihrt ly before hip lrl had
tIkei his Way tou wards th.e \'esterii
Coi ilitr lies, the said Joisep-hus had ate
at his table inl A ttienia, ait that he
had often seen and held c r t se with
Iini. U.in being fartiher i.:trigate I
the knight stated ftir his lord. tiat at.
the Liiiin of the suffering l.eslIs Christ,
iutd when seized by:h Ihe .Jews and
carri ed into the I Lill of J udgncit
before Pontius Pilate-that g' veinrit.
tiling no tItilt with hint, nevertlh le,
said .ake ye hita and jutdgel hi
accout: to t :e law:"-whereuponit the
shout;; :f th~e Jew. increased, antd het
relcasad ;into thet Ibubbas, and
delivered Jesus to tha i to be erucified.
W hen therefore the .Jews were drar
ging Jesus forth. atd had reached 1tt
door, Cartij ihi!us, then a iorteir in the
hall inl Pilate's service, ittpJioi. I
struck the Saviour ot his hack w iLith his
htt.i, and. laid in tiocker. '(o hster,
Jesus, go faster; why itdad thou liungr?
And J estts looking back upon with a
*'- se vetre cotunt enancee, said to himi, ' ant
goinig, and tou w ilt wait till I relturnt.
A ccorin g ats out Lor ~n Id, this Carta
piluls (ntow called .Joisephus) is still
awiaiiting his r-eturtnt At the L tme of
ouri Lord's suffeiniig, Cart apiluIs was
thir-ty years old, anid when lie attains
the age ofa hundred yeats, lie always
returnus to the satie age as Ite was at
. After (Christ's death, anud w hen the
Catholic tithi gained gr-ountd, this
Cartaphitlus was bt iptized by thtat
Axtanias who baptized tite A postle
Paul, andI then took the ntamae J1osephius.
lHe often die-ells in both divisions of
Armenia, anid in ot hier Otrieta Ilands15
piassing his timen amindst the bishopj s
and prtelates of thte churchel; he is a mtati
of holy eotnveisattiont-of few word-i
anid ci rcumaspect ini his demeanior, for
he does not, speak at tall, uttless whien
ques-k~tionetd by3 the bishtops and ieligiou:
niten; anad thetn lhe tells the events of old
timues, atnd of those which occurrei-d at
thec suffering anttd resurrect iona namnely,
thtose who arose with Christ, antd wenlt
ito thle I holy City, andi appeat-ed unito
wteti; hec also tells of the Creed of the
A post les, and (if thira separationi antd
p reach:lintg-and all this lhe relhates
u~ ithtont Nimiling or levity of' convtersa
4 iui-as Goe u. lhi is wi-il ptractisid in
iiorow iuil theo fetar of Giod, alway-s
"Aiih ing fiior wm d u ith feiar of tht:entoiim
iit:nat hse shuuhld Iindi hirn ini aniger,
wi siti, w. hen tiu his way toi dheath, lie
had pul nohe ct o j ust velngca e.
.\umoi r cae t ottit I htim fruit dihferet
18un ta of th Itworl t-d, einj..- inig his soc'i et y
ant.I coin uers-ion; ainl Lio themw, if they'
tire mte-t of' uthtlrbi , .vn~~hiin all
questioned. 11e e i'fss a01 gifIts that
are oflered toI) llil,-uig coliteit with
si lit loud and eh(Ithing. I 1o pdaces
his hies)0 of sal vationi on the tact did~l
he inined th rough ignorance; fo~r the
14)1(1 wheni snflitiig piraye'd fur his
eeliis its these 1Vulds-"~ lather,
foergivye the iii, 1~r they kizow" not what
theyv do."'
I'rei lite S'ah(tt(ul SI-lteeI Visitor.
?e[outits . eriii and. El 'ci, the
iaii-lains of Bllessie. and~ Cunrsing,
rise boldly, side by side, ill e5ainai iii,
to tile heir ht tof t'ight undedet or a
thrills old sect-being s--hl'tratei Iby a
lovely valie+ ' of hoit a few v' de
%aids ill WvieIdi. The se eit leric ce t.t is
( ti'ijnl ; and here, acco~trding to lilt
".1:ii oitans t r~td iticen. ise where Al ta -
iiu pi eleared thle ,Iar ii' ' the StIeri ce
eI' his sun1 Isaac, anid ([liet dihidren ofe
liie(Ll werie c iu'iii ciiil tee biuild tihe al
tall toe the Loird. They' it( citlleel thec
iiiuiitaizis of Illsl' si g tInd Cu"l'irshe
froti till ftict that ill the valle Iy, lie
tweea t hiii, tie euftliegctier cc uf Is I'tc 1
were ti-sti iled, \% bile t h six ltii i.s
oef tihe Love tes jcroiuieile, '1 the ess.
ii: i ethie lawv Iric (.il j/.ali. 11111 ! lie
=''e ;Ihtep E! ).t wlich iti etlcnedl ini
t he beie ofu J)t :roiiieici (cheaje. xxviil.
1-1:1.) NI, tIcilii a Ii! any Ii:.
elliclice is fiuiil tonml t , llii t :I.
'his, acee"rd leg~ I tel t htc t.raiiteii is cati.
tl bjy the ( iiicts which wero~ ut;,ut(rud t httu ;ulai Wei' ll
ihas beeiiit' acet~lr-c ii. ( ill Ahititt t~t
ziicc, time Scncia;c :, s [-e'if thc-ii teoni
jihe., iiill 4-0~~ii n-c to~ tle . C ti ,lin
be stali at lihe I ic-eu d~t' .-l'ii t
to bpi the ie.iulnins I if tie .t tilll. t ill
tile (lti~iug o1"hu vlie~ 0int (lie I IJlaiii,
is the paici, of' grcncnd ; Lih lac;::a
1\'ve toi hijs Sel411 ltsdj cli, andei wild'se Ils
:tar lis M tl.],i i f we "eiu teIhe tc adi
tic ill. Illst teili is-t vllt a fe~ Ii t eel'
. iul:cet .iLia!. ich u1'1'urkisi t"weilo y,''
with a dotiie. 1311t the imust interesting
ohjcet iii Ceillctioii witi this seetie, is
the~ well of' Jamb1, and of it. itittit v.
tl~eeii Clihe ie~ dye)!lit. as its leieailit :
isi soMI vei tili eLI in thle s.iert".I i 1"l
1i1! A '. 1't;IIvi " lM.1 lees it as vt
btin:g as deeje, as ilit: li elluci e~tlhlet..
le vi:'.s nut ce etilitt with aI sucje"riuocl
L.\.Lni iatie nie! it, {,;t Ioh :el etllcis coti,
aicel til-tLCI(Il i ciit, mc hen~ hit fceeeied a
*t' tl~~ )Lc t.:i t n ;i ;t it . Iii l. 'l~ilt: 1
on-1 if ai eil'li hi In :t' l ee. ,1, id, lice
dubht, the e l-: f)** aineta liieieela t~ctI
lead :i ,::Ltii .Lt t his v"~eeicelle:.Iese.-.
eit this -, II, oir Saiou icci teiselt
MI M~~le. Werie butt: ii"::y' Oete the cit v
tee biuy imca t. '11 ci ci :Lill exit 11
ihiceit tlsi:lice 10) the vat icy, l~te.uec
theL lieti niii Ies he,erict lulie ice
Nadeltls en.1 ct ill the New '4he staluii ii t
i-cd,. viiiar, and ic the ()Idl Slaec.L
Liii. 1)r I eulei,iii.,Iiil wlu ie iilleiweeld
ic e le44e meost reliablie ullhciit o iii
il. tiachitiecics aned listeiiy if P'alestine
mcys :.I tlhink wei; .1' .- t w.ith l i
LienIt' that t hat-; ~s.1 .eC)lc'S \\-t"11. dia1
helL! thie Ir1'e~ Il of zrtei ? wlh-vh .i Ccci e
gave to, 1. is sun lci i l," ande t hat it 'is
the acctua~l slut where -il- Icecel hlll
ills CtellVIt:r-stttel Mil ith" , 't~illcliltitc
'.(illllidt." Al. theice .\.8czVeci
visit, tier-r wasei5 u ho Y! (1 11 ileilii the
w'ell. Icnertly a Iou; -,t, it( lielu ahicrt_
thee ajelture, ailit!, for tile jl;. iligeo t,1
leis ;iitu uset'it, after lie had retuined
Ilii)iit, anid disposed oif all his jit'tdcs
sit hai bJusineLss. Anud itn order to,
aicieve sonic- "od c wiclo
have miiuci t L heart, you mauy not be
ale) to securie ant enitire 't''eck, or even:
all uiiterrui'tic'd day. But try a\ hat
)-(Il canitiake of' the h rekei fi'.itriiit.t
of' time. (;lean tip 1 oitsolen tlu~t
t hose ri' ii igs a:li pain g. of precioust
duration, :hoc I ctia' ii' d ay s and
i ierttits iiii lt the a a..tel of. c \ i'..t'
it 3011 lhe fi'ii,:l) atni hoarid .- ("'IdI
ii liolay ilays, \ 11:11 talt" 1 !.t ":' ,t
it y eke (,:I t t . l n ltIi ;e
i~c .:. !$h at l ulv' titc,' e Ii'wt itei
id i \ 'i li i t , t l e l I .t 'I i i.illl l " Il i :
l\t1'it.ii at e '~ d. , iIl '% \t a I. iii11
dt t-l, a le~s tv i tt~r iii) :t I e r
I~ z~ it'' . \, itiit..i it ..'sll i.: t\ i
11:11": ~'tii' O ne' t I.'i\ i i.I. a111 It , ma
tilt! t't' IC i. l de I.i**l~ t'l :\
it i tilt Iat L. ii "ii 1\ itd t b."i
links at I 1 !I l 11:, i-l~: Ian .
say t Si t 1 II hd s i, a r".' i i"' li:.t
liel.tii."astl i. L te I a ~ i
"3tle tt a..l etd aI'" lie le<iti l a
A si ill u:i:.'ae 1,' ad t til:; ",.i::,lt
ii )ibt a 111 t ". rit ' Iit ttti ",,', b leilt! :t
Il ion \i jI a ,\ . \i:\' ILiiti 1 ltii;'
theLr. ,;1.tt.e()nee iii . iii "-..W
Il ,$t' le hit \\ *.li'iI.;'iic-t' t't'ot li a: 0
a'tgt Ii ! it \a 1." i t i i I t i it
d i i llt i ' t
t l i t- I t. i t i i t I . i i t l i
iii itr 'ii I i uIt' i ii a ' tiit . Iii"i~ t'
.tI1:( ua''t I t . " ' l ti i ltt.'.l.tl I
Atlreid 'u\IJ lt ter7;cd iis tat I.:it'
::till oaa'ittgv ill i e ,111,i al t " t tle' :111,1
iitiu I I I' i i; !:.i ... 1 a e. ' ie
11te Sutt t ": I to:"i he st ill) he tiiV th
bIld1! ui~ dry ~utui1y eLtuflti 11:1:
Q'11"uycctal[[e><I!>s of Rptit is
IS TIME E.\ItLV 111:i'r1)tty or NE \
In 1639, all at tetglt. was made to
organize a dinreli at 1ve3'1noutIi, time.
teen tuiles t';l:;t" ()I* IIsttn. For this
tlli'nc'l, lulu: 'rnith, .John 51411r", Lich.
itrd -SylvuSter, A ill lrI.se J l4,1't'.llt, Thos.
\icactrtteace .11111 11'r0wrt I.t'I1 ;11, were
arrt tit! un41 tried Ie(ire tilt- General
(Curt at. 111,stulI, :Nardi 13th, 1639.
awl lint-1.1 tram !ll.,. ;u 201. ca,"h, tuid
lhrealt nt'cl \(1111 lat.isl:taellt" it they
lu'I itltl.
lit 16.1 .1, a I'v1]uhnpt lst. ua nec!
I'a:ttl, l', l\'llt) Ir;ll"rli:;elh l1, 111tiglilall,
Iii,' t "! i.;;llt1st, a1111 relllsr- I to have his
vhi;.l a". i::l:lvtl, l',r which (ltlcnce, I.
01"111'1' of the C1,:11'1, hl,: was till till ;u:,I
I1;atury, \UI. 1.
!t 1.11.
lt; .Iuly, 1!1.41. thiec Balptist c'lergy
1111'tl t:;tnlel (.I:11'I;, II~llnesii9ll 11tlttl\".
were a:'14'tud it. I.\ tin, ten t:lilts north
vast t.t' I 1.14 tn, \t liil." (;hark was ln'eavii.
ilIg In I1w I.1)1th's d iV, 111141 seat. to the
pri""l: ll I;""ritt"11, Wnt're they Iay t\\l,
we L;,, Will \.'crt: a11t::;01. 111.1
2'1II., ;:tl 1 i J .. ;t4 d sviltcuec] to. III,)"(l,.
t1li'r "tl if the', 1'L 11151.'d to 1111\',
1;et\t ctrl t ltt:. e;lr; of 1727 ant! I ; :3:3.
1 here \\t"r(I *21,3 I;alt i. is, '(,ukvrs att1I
.) Iai t"~lalint;>: iluiri>nnl-d ;It 1;ri",ttl,
1IiL"S'tvilll.etl , (Iu\r R. l.) l;,r 1
tt"rian triu.,L ta. ,- IiCI1Ct:1t L I i i tu' \ ,
Ill 1711 . tli. 1:."\'. NIr. Muultt,:, \\a;
;tire-It.,! til' l11't'::cI1'tla I;;llti l u:lli
In,"n i; ;li 1 in !'i1'i"l , I", ,L;t ",l,"1,4,.4.1. .
;Itl1, by public alit harit , shut, 111, in
11. a.:i.! Iill:lll)" liulllalled is it \':t"
:lll. 14.;111 . iIg:ttotld.
Ill 1170, ;tl,',ti'. T O x u1 I;iaI Ii."
1.'I:;;1:,g I1, tit, Ili 'i.1::4r., t't 1111: l.ialtlt
t'Lu: t !t. {111 _ SLJ,1t'~ Al sold itt alletiull
t-' I... S+'n'1i+D::,., i ri.'bt i;l'{:....1.Ct1"
' ': !'as I " I: i''ut, an,! sI tl'
1:ut all i.u1 itraii/,. 4l l;ru<urUlluis.
I Ile I~l l,''. ill i.t'.t V.;-., t':.a,,' etl I'v t lie
l wlit":"all ( la L tit ('~Ilut cii :::, !n t =t
1ti,14;. 'Ili:,t Uu twit \1itl.iu
tiii-" u li- i:t"'i~II :II11 eittrItill ;,tl
(:Il;tk:"r.. 1 atli.t:is, ;,tL.:ti1L"'i. 1,t" siit'!I
. t.' 1' a l l": I t
1", .. iiit11t:,' ,SI l:Il"111;114,.\'1: llit" Wit':ill l.t
1 1 ".l;i \ 1 'till Uta 1,.11;1!1' ul v I . '
Iii 1 " s., Ilir (t,;i,;rl's :uiIah ( Itl11Ch
n :lliltat(l, C.,nn., t!"\itletl; :llltl title
1,:u'l t Ini"!.,\ etl Mi'. 1' ill)', it P1'I.71,\tc
r:a:; ::111,1 .it t', ;t- their l';l"i",r: Iut. tit"
(;,,li" rt, it411u1 part Were a t:ttt;1:;,.i1 at
his I'retl\1t"l iuaisln. that t!iey tllev
trallllrte)h hint to Now .lt"I4e\, :t.; ;;
C;ttil"aut; (:ui1l I he!te'.e thi.1L the t\\t,
ehur1"Ii.-.1 ill \Ii16~r.l, 1;1) 11(41. rlln131 Ii c
it, tl.i" :Iiatur\, vi.!.
-. 1 1-- -
lit .lelrivirv, A. 1).. 114 1, tiIlrtten
I"t"15 4115 \\ure nrt't"stecl at a": vill,', ill
the to%% a at :'iv lr.,1,k lir hill.liiig :t
ILti:1i't nleetilt; . 'l ilt ("liaro' I.ll l lit
Igali t. thlt"ill \I its, "' tai' h.,1t,111", :1
lilt" a g 1."41111I'al y t., law. till (ittl*a
Il."i\ :;i,!,;ith 11.1\.' 'lllt"\ \\c;tr ill*.
i'.iIgta'.l, trit"'.1, tit;'".1, ;uilti d i le t li
tlu',:u ;h a 11(1!4 rllutl lu :.e\\ [,untl" 1
I. ;l tiilalict. tit "'., It11Ics, whel't: ttll'v
1\t":.: lt1ili' . to ts Ill ' ' . \' iIi..111 t .
Uonas!ecra tion of Bishops.
A correspondent of the Georgia Cit.
ize.n iirinishes that paper with the fil=
lowiig interesting aceomnt of the con
seeratujn of' the three Bishops recently
ihosen by the Geieral Coflerence of
the 1I. E. Chu tch Sout h:
" One of the inost, imnpressive cere
lintlies in the present conference, took
place on Thur-day afternoon, at 4
'clck, whieb coisisted of the ordina
tion of' the three newly elected fish.
ops. T e,. cereiiny hadl bee given
out tor 'abbaih, ut, liishop Andrew
br..d been caled.! hie by fanily aflie
tioni, and14 the tcrein uny carne .!I to
d:y. The eNercises were short andl
devoultly lerforine'd: first, by prayer
and the rCadm ig of a hap ter fr oimith,
Acts of the A pot Ies, loth by Bishop
Andrew; then ;niither selection or two
frou the New Testamnent, by the ven
eraHe Iiip (':ers. And his read
ing wai dreci id dly more fe cnt. mnore
spiritual (if I inay: use the word) than
n anly ocasilln when I.have listened
t, oilaiii IIhis recitation of "Simon
I'eter, s - of Jonas, lovest thou Ine?"
atd the answer of the Savior, "' Lord,
thln nowest all things, thou knowcst
ti:Lt I love thee," where the iiipersun.
ationtis of hth i oices of' the two sneak
ers thellselves.
Tlei toliowed tL callin;g up of the
caniiiIdates tIi thaltar, :tu--apli oue Ibeing
acco,:npauled", by his friend, Mr. Pierce
by li. ug:'.l adi venierated father. It
w1as singuir to see the soni created a
stiri tiu f1 ther iover the natural parent,
but, the voice of li coinp'eers had so
decided. A series of iuestions were
iolt Itp. uued to the candidLtes hiv' lish
o, Stule--all' a prayer offered by
Iishopi L'aynie, to which responses were
uitade by all the Conference.
Then' Uishop Soul laying botlh his
lhai Is, (andiI each of' the remi l,in
Bishop, one of theirs,)on the heads of
the knet-ling canidid'ates, one by one, a
6h..Li'l illJiietiun to ptroe' themselves
worth disciples of their Lord anti
nli'ter, wa:t:: uttred, and the rnetidic
i'n of tel, Alilinglhtv invoked' n each:
laver fliiwei. by 13shop ('itpers ;
thl conu1 isionils we're regularly signed
by each of the tliciiating prelati;, ani
ite new I1i-shops were declared to ie
diy ordnaind ti the sacred oflices to
wt hi;h they were chosen.
'if !'t rne wmill proldy;l~1 adjo urn'
a; out .Itt iay oft next. week."
El Illy En21portan11t itf AU
The lia!tiumore Times has staittioned
t wo corresponudents at ('onlstanltinople
to obtaii the l.test and ruo.t, reliable
i..ttrination relative to the war-one
:ni A rueriean, the other a l"ienchman.
.1rildiniig to the stat;uleet of the
Ftrt nei to:"-espotindeiit, (whose s' imp a.
thies a:e w ith Turla-y ) the chain of the
uos, which is ithe only' route to
Ce~adu~leis de'fen~dei by Chouwt
la. :.d a situ ngly ftitilled garisoun.
T!l my: in vimitlr corresuten zt, how.
eter, :tate's ,tositivelv that the lcussian
armyv. is actuaily n till (lhi roiad to Con
st antinopitjle : thit. Inrkish !orees on the
I )lliic are jompletely routed and
disb:tded ; tlit thie rienforeeniients
from E~gyp't. ar'. unfit for service; that
('Iamiha, thli fortress relied on to de.
fe'iil the pias age to Cunstautiiaophl, has
nii suetilr :t lund, andI was at thu latest
dates 0 surri inletd by a foice of ;100,000
men;l anlht a 11.2 large portionl of' the
f'reecs ihad fled. plunderinig the counit rv,
andit creaithi:g (..tisterna~tjin as thriv
anssed . Thke l of' (Chou ina woti d
remoi ve al~ f'i:rther obstructioins be.
\ wein the. Dani b e andi thle IlosphortIus.
anid thie next struggle wvould be Lc
neath I the wall s of' Conistanltiniople.
he~i expeC e'd steaiiier wil, says the
IBahimoret Tlimies, no doiibt. bring the
new ulhih is to decidle the <itestioin
uc h..thier Cotanai tiniople is iiioseso
"mIp(ortani Conacerninag
1 Ion. Iiliprey' Marshialh, late
-\ii;ster to (.hiiim, pblishes a letteri in
the i.oul'illije Journ'lah, ill w'hichj lie do.
ius: hlaving tiki il sid.es ini Cina witha
the' ii hueril ii sts againlst the insur iree
t iis~its, but says his positioni was oine
of rigid and faithf'ul neutrality, which
lie miniiiaiiied by all his acts,'both po.
hi til Iand Ipersonal,21.
Sle says, " My jodgmti irefunsed to
recen c as t rue the cr'ude COnceeptionis of
ogna~y in C'hina in~ Iegard to the caJuseS
of' the revouio na)1ry miovemflent, and
iiiy 5(e15e of' (obligation ti truth revolt.
ed ait the~ erri'oos views wich~ v"ere
splreadi bef'orei the western wioirld as to
th philhosop hi' uad pirogr'ess of the Cli-.
itesti ~e voluhtioni. 'I'his, noi dJou~t, gave
tlbu'e to stomio who w 're litereste'd to
Propa teil t becne view~s. lor such, aund
fir t heir ghiod ipiniion, I have neither
resbpect or cr.
"Sambho, whar you git diat watch
youil wetar toI meietin last Sunday ?"
"lo jiiyoui know I hadl a watch ?"'bc.
ause1 ited the chain hang out de
pocket, il I ront," 'Go wany niigger !'
Suppose 3 01u See a halter round umy
Li(.ek ; y ou Lilnk a hcir.,e inS.JdL mne ':"
Russia Ast TURiKEY.-This extract
froim the life of the great Napoleon
will be read with particular interest
at this time. How near the tr.th was
On anrothrr occasion he said to
O'Mleara, inl the course of a few years
Musia will have Constantinople, the
greatest pa. t of'Turkey, and all Ureece.
This I huld to be as certain as if it had
already taken place. Alhost all the
cajoling aimd ilattcrirnr which Alexan
der practiced towards me vas to gain
my assent to cfhi'et this olect. I would
hit, consent, foiresecing that, the eqruili
brium ot Europe would be destroved.
la the natural course of things, in a
few years Turkey must fall to Russia.
The greateet part of her population are
Greeks, who, you may say, are Rus
sians. The powers it would injure,
and who could oppose it, are England,
irance, Prussia and Austria. Now, as
to Austria, it will be very easy for l'us
sia to engage her assistance by giving
her .'ervia and other provinces border.
iug on the Austrian dominions, reach
in near to Constantinople. The only
hyputhesis that Englaind and Erance
with ever be allied with a neerity, will
be it, orx to prevent this. But, even
this alliance Would not avail. France,
England and Prussia united cannot
prevent it. Itxisia and Austria can
at any tie ell'eet it.
Once iiiistress of' Constanple, Bus
sila gets all the corn rce cf the Med
iterraneaii, beecomxes a great naval pow
er, anid UJu kaows w.i hat inay happeni.
She jiuaarrels with you, marehes oti' o
gn dia i , rm svei- tuctlsad
good soldiers, which to Russia is hoth
ing, and a liurdred thousand Canaille,
Cossaks anl others, and England los.
es India. Above all other powers
Bassia is mkiost to be feared, especially
by you. her soidiers are braver than
the Austrians ; she has the power of
raising as aiminv as she pleases. In
biravery, the Frenei and ,English sol
diers are the only onses to be corupar
ed to them. All this I foresaw. I
see into futurity further than others,
and I wanted to establish -it barrier
agaimst those barl.ariants, by reestab
lislii;g the kindom of Poland, and put
taig Puniatowski at the head of it as
King. But your imbeciles of Minis.
ters wuild not consent,; a hundred
years hence I shall be applanded(en
eeise') and lErope espe -' England
wi I laient that I did . succeed;
when they see the finest, countries in
Europe overcome, and a prey to these
northern barbarians, they will say,
"pole.n was rigjh tea
'El: RaIxmxi TRE.-The Island of
Fierro is one of the ii'ost Consider'able
of the Canaries, and I conceive that
name t e given it upon this account
-that its soil, not allbrding so much
as a drop offresh water sCens to beof'
iron ; and, indeed, there is in this Is
land neit her river, nour rivulet, nor well,
nxor' spring, save that only, towards the
seabide there are sone wells ; but, they
lie at such at distance from the city that
the inhabitaints can make no use there
of. But the great Preserver and Sus
tainer of all, remedies the inconven
iexne by a way so extraordinary, that
a man will be f'orced to sit down and
acknowledge that Ile gives in this, an
undehiablo demonstration of lis good
ness anxd infinite Pi'ovidence.
Fur in thxe midst~ of this lslanxd there
is a tren which is thei Onily onie of the
kind iniasmiuch as it has no c semiblanice
to thxose mnenitioxned by us in this rela
tion nor to axny other knoiwn to us in Eu
irope. Th'le leavos of it are lonig and
nai'row, and con tiinue in a cosistant
verdxire, winxter and summner ; and its
branches are covered with a cloud,
which is never dispelled, but, resolved
m'c:.mitui-ert, w'hi'Th Cuses t' fall
fronm its le.aves a ver'y cle-ar water, and
that ini such abuiidaince thit thxe cis
tez iis, wchiceh axrelced at thxe root of'
the tree to receive it, are never empJtv,
but conitaini enough to suipply both
mna inid beast.-Mandell.
Causes or' Crxi-Of 2410 conivicti
conlinedl ini the Teixnessee penitentiary,
d8 were tcinpleraxte befbre sentenced,
arid 202 intemiperate ; arid J127 weir
drunik when thxey commnitted crimie
There are 4:1 wchose fiitfiers were term
peraxte, 167 whose Iithers wcere intern
poirate, of' whxom 72 wcere commrxon
drunakaids. .lThere are 3 whxo bad a
classical edu'ca'.ion, 7 a common Enig
lishx edxucation, 103 whoii can, neither
read or' white. Theise statistics shxow
very clearly that inltempieranlce and
the want of' eduent ion are tao two miost
fr'uitf'ul souricesi of crime.
A Sos ori lH:.isNxxlan.sgr..---Har'
m an ljlornierhiasset, son of the unf'or'
ftunixte Blennierhasset who was COnl
cernied in the A aroxi Bur'r exped it ion, is
said to be living on the~ "Five PointA,"
in New York, in great peniury- Mr.
Sailordl of Cinicirinati, Ohio, author of
the lif'e of the faxtlxer, has sent 500
copies of the wcork to the Missionary
ladies of the "Old Brewery/' to be
sold for the benefit of the son.- Prca
TAl E! AT mlls WattD.-Cro'.-.
was thinking of marrying his dau
to a wealthy gentleman of Glouc;,:.
shire, when he was led to belies .
domestic gossip, that one of h: m. ,
Chaplains. Mr. ;ercny White a
mall of pleasing manners, and a
wit of his court," was secretly ;. ,
his address'es to Lady France..
was far frohi discouraging his aut4.;
Lions. Entering hi daatirlit's it.
suidd--nly one day, the pr'otector cauj
White on his knecs. kissing the lad
hand. " Wlhat is the miieaniiig of th
he demanded. " May it please vou:
liglaness,'' replied White, with gre.'
prescoe ol mind, pointing to o,' I
the lady's tuonids who happened td,
i the root, " I have a long time cm,
ed that yonig getntlewoinan, and et,
not prevail, I was, therefore, hum bh
pray ing her ladyship to - intercede fhr
mne." " how now, hussy !" said_ Crom.
well to the oung wonal; " why do
you refiuse the honor Mr. Vlhite would
do you? He is ily friend, and d ex
pect you should treat hint as such."
"If Mr. white intends me that honor,"
answered the woman. with a very low
counrtesy, ' I shall not be atainst hil.'
"Say'st thou so roy bass?":said Crom
welI; " call Goodwin ! this business
shall be done presently, b'tfore I .Lo
out of the ron." Good-in, the ci:a. -
lain, arrived; Vliit had' gone-tLoa fLt
to recede, and he was married on t I
spot to the young woman.
Guizot's list>r, "i Oliver Cr..m well.
late and lamented Juode TalfouiI. ii
the case of Wag vs. Kelsotn, t iit.
Briet.l, England. A ssizes, short I,
fore his sudden death, thus delin.- .
character of a gentleman :.
'T'he evi'lence proved. that i Jm .h.
fendant, w hilt in the th. atre, had said -
to the plaintitl, 'Do not speak to ie,
I ant agentlenan, and you are a tea
desTnhit' 'Ge'ntleniti' said th leflo
ed Judge, 'ia a term which d'es t*..
apply to any station, but- to the in:inda
and the leelings in every statiah. ''he
man of rank who deports himtseir wit I
dignity and candour, and the trade
itn who discharges the: duties of li
with honor and integrity, ara alike en
titled to it ; nay, the humblest ari.a:.
who fulfils the obligatiuns .ast nt1O
him with virtue and with honior, i.
more entitled to the name of gentle
man than the man who could indilg
it cufllsive anti ribald remarks, howsv
or big his station.'
Goon SECUaITV.-" Uncle Ohiver,
said the pastor of a country chore?, t'.
an elderly farmer of his flock, ' I wish
you would carry a load of wood to 1
Mrs. .WX., the widow of' ouri christiat,
brother, who lived so.long just. bevuonci
you on the road to D."
" I will try to do it said the farmer
but to whom sha r I look ter tie na
" Read," said the ptstor, .' l :n vt
go hone, the first three verses othe
ftrty-first Psalm, then ifyon waint at
bet ter security fit payment. call ,in .i
It was but a few days after, the 1
gentlenan met his pastor, and saui. --
like that security you meution:. !, and
have nu fear that it.will fti le in the
time of need--for my iar so felt tt
assurance. when reading it th, t I eaa ii
scarce close my eyes that nigh-."
Thus it is often found that the 'wo u
of truth " is nmost precious, whe n a-a
a child-like heart. We tdu tiot needL ~
wait..for the timie in which the proti
is to be fulfilled, fr~r the "eariest."
given by the loy 8pirit, when tian
word is taken as a practical truth, anu
obLe) ed cheerfully.
bONbON ILL'srIf.ATD.-I~ondonl
tends oiver an area ofC 78.029 acre~,~
122 square miles, and t he numnber
its inhabitantts, rapidly increasing, wa
t wo milhi. n thrce htundried and thirts.
six, on the day oif the last ceastn. 'A
conlception of this vass nnisi aspcta.
may be formed by the fact, that if' thnri
metropolis was surrounided by a wall, -
htaving a north gate, a sou th gatc, all.
cast east gate, anid a west gate. at
each of the four gates na of sufI'icie T'
width to aillow a column of pjersonts to
pass out freely four abreast, and a
peremptory ntecessity required the-imt..
mnedinite evaIcuationl*af-thec city, it would
not be acecmltished uder fbur nnd~
t wenty hlours, at the expiration of which
time, the head of eachi of the fouir col..
umntts would have ad- anced. g no less.
disatace thant sevety-l.ive miles fiom
their respective.gates; all the people
be~tng im close fTie-, f'mur deep.
C. 11. Luck, Esq., no0w in tiOh i
Richmno nd, ain for iany yrears ini heI
Post Ollice, has slneh contidefice in~ ii
astonishing ellicacy of Carter's SpaI
Mlixture, that he.hida ~ohght upw.
of 50 bottle,--which he has given a .
to the afflicted. Mr. Lucek say. n
hyas never known it to fail whenl talke,
aecording to directions.
ARRiVAL OF A MisaloNARY.~--'f.ee
R1ev. Augiastus.J. Seeluy, with Et:
motherless childrent, fr~omn the Pr'bt,
terian mssion in Northern India,.n'ar
riyed at New York mn the ship Paiia
von fromn Calcuta

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