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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, June 28, 1854, Image 3

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1V~IN1~SAY. iAE28, B5S~4.
"~*" I'cPrsii:isswI.'dtil. to s~ee ust upon
Itlitettir Cionit~tt'il wi1th thJie P'i per or Lewv
(r! Is: l( ts, at anty bitir (!g~rin,~ tltrt day,
(' .. l tril t%''r to !i"^ :: Ii a tioritooll
!iC Al !1 '., " d l\'h II
pure J ttirt ..).0""
A g it 144 it .:'t, ll : 1 .":1" o "
t r'o .~ Ili i i t
It i' '' t., tl:b il ...i i . J :," l 3 t i i3ii1cr"
*i. 1((1 :(V ti\''" .. ' L :.1 r'i~ NrOc .
t '' f t . . ' ' l i l
l~i 4,141l' it~': i. i~l..<t~l t et: ;l:fti
i!,':I o
Rizzi A-1_14,
ti :('t. r .. . , Iran : 1 C
lit o f
C. I
* yl i. its a'r y t ti a'~ I:' ' lil t"1:!. t. ,:f:'"
Td t. '. _ . N W a .1Ii ".
Cle 't ofy:"so ;t!(tr;.!1 s:? , ta I. ' _
.:. r: h . , .2 . '_.. . 1 . . ., , 1
Tr'.p *i~jit ) 17:1 ioa.
.it\ ,;'iat:. ' of Itl~ ; :0C :::d gen.
L C~.', tuo. tl:! V ii iniugtoaa and Man.
CheQster' ('ar2s ilas week for that place
but lbair~ disap1po~inte.d in their ar
r?ige~ibents, continued theilF trip' to
Mar'ion C. I1._ whlere from all accouhtts,
1they splt on agreeiable and1 delightfnil
day aaaau'g th l Impi? :dble ittlaztants
t.~4' 4'''.~(' lit((;ti Iiilu2?.
a hitn aof
' I .:t: it- ! ,,I iIl .it.
\" "I 1 ' ' t " '' ;' '. :1" ' ' 4 1 ' "II i lt!2
'Id 4 .'.~ 441' th " r )'0 t:v l, wel
\lI * 't' \i v . ( l let'
1ir : " t;!\ 1'.jc ki:i... t"r :l
244! "'1,: 1' l. ..t 12t 1141( iii ti te sense
, , ":it . .'.t II~ t .tz S12it S.l
:: I ') ei r41 ... :":. IiL.4 44r .4Il ig l i '.
*'Ilu i i~ '.4. m:4. a 14.4 ii hch Lc'..l
p v\. We.(li nt
AmI We O\ ;4 n1 ther :t reaL4~l." M41 ls
Ii. a4. .1 ( ftar we
o!,*.21 ha
,",'"i (..'""1~ 333," :1'.. ; : i '.'.11Ci.
t i.' . ' 4,.4L :t ! 2 t' .. . : ' .4 c4~ a 11:4,1t
4(4:.:1!".t It ,l'. .l" 'l. t ('.. i' "\%. l,44 '..~
. It. A il~:. (t: :.I. gi ' J'( c :t' l:S: i.22cli '1
1t: .12124.l 1~itt 'I '.. 14 4 .l :, ell, 14...t I1
l" I'.'.'(.4t:' itI . :1 l:44 :1;44 of '. h e..~
.111 4) .4 1*4'V'. \C44 (41 t \' seci4 vIsa'.
t";~iI 4 o'.'.i'.v:'. a':'.
i~i~ \'. l:. ;_ v42:' !.. Y44:a.Z it.4141.
...r ""m 11:111 eV. . t 1i ', 'e. U !a
1' Inc 4 . l (4 \ us.* c oI\' ! c..' all'
I~~~~. . ' 1 :.'4''14tnl (f. (4'.9'25t WI!
+... i ? 11." :. '' t ier: 4111';5"
,CP, (Ia 40:'.,:In of~' tlh anner .
1t", :5 i 1.
i I " P3..t i: . i i 4,t .
plots, st:rvey'i Itezips, antd estimates as
1 OllrS,
Corre po .dc of Ikuijoer.
NewV YOnx, June -20.
Dear Banner: Since Captain Uyni.
ders' marriage, mentioned in our last,
another notorious individual has fbi.
lowed suit. E. C. T1. Judson, distin
gttishici inl the yel~low covered litera
ture of New York City, and noted for
his ('know Nt (thiug" prn:.la r e
I 1i'.w voi.~e'
I ltlt . ! , Ir~tu 1 1; s ,t tic uigr('- Ill
tl t. r v ;t1 ':tIav'e 11 r'a a g' anld 111:111
11' Ir t' re-i':, :11.41W ; i..' :;' vc: t(, b;.
a~ni in suchl a i,(t !c c r':".-d .giin
Fr.0' Polfka"' iii0 ai fall :cor:r l!J.
nc-ut of fe e ;;'i:, rau lii. of cngi ies
and lastly, t hi~ lih t to reprc. cni.
tic !e;re of' a e . ::!Vigrat~on. ?u:Jrv
'1)hicys" %%-ere c-:.;agcd to yell fire ait
the top of thlci ivit and to scnd up,
lire rockets oin ton of the palace. Jul
lien knows how to please the "deal'
people" better the:n most candidates do.
l :ninediately upon this, conics :(
concert at the :'.lace on Sunday eve
nin , by .!1i dl ; aH! shoty tfti'f a
Illi h,'. :2!m I.:"1:1 :u': l i' . ft
l~I i y' ill ,'" i!Ch t I) : t! Ll)O.tflh o tilt
pu I;:!1 411ni d ni 1. al itt.Jn tic i l'
\ fl lie :t3'.e:--' O:l: i ; a
.1;" J')i.!ica t I~ jial 'It J'rc ;ur I- l
it.("Co(',d' (I 2'1) t 1 i , i ci i I t'
he hia:u~', 1 ! i. 1r'In,
bthe reet c'l c-:l;.L ::!!: CS~ to the
that worthy fullctuoaryifa acuts b
soc:ity f: tile " dfio of{' nwicdl
r,1:" Fle ' 1i ~ .n .* :iI . o1 :1n' 1''c o
raier4 :ti '. car :; and tit t!' ia '.!n:e
th'Ii BI~da the oti- ti;h
I wou'd with 1:!easulrc vote for such ma
C;~ta~a r033 dcl'it did niot it~:c~fcre with
t he suj.an .1: a: jctn. of We o rgdniza
Iion I. Ili,;!:; II.I.'13 inij li e I. p:2d Gt1ii'wi
out i:ijuarb to the .y :ew. 1 would su'g.
geSL 1t~a: Ole ItUmnber Of potty nliuster3 be
curtailed tind ull military duty required be
perlIir.uecd in fall and winter.
3d. Will you): or will you not vote to con
tinue the prcienL ap~propriation of the free
school fondl for the purpose of popular edu
cationi. and will you or will you riot vote
for sonic0 improvement of the present sys.
I shle~l vote for the present appropriation
u1pon one covditiot,, it is this. If any
~ehecmc shall11 be adopted during the linat
ts i'tn of' Mie next legislature, wherehy
Tlle ren0t npI' opraton or even :I ir, er
(,.li May I): I~il" ') li lil ' I I V mel ed lc :ou~!
pllh'IC 'i L'.' 33. 33i' -1(. the i (.jIrii.rI.1!ioII
T:~' i .- p 'otil' ' vr' e . de.
.iO lii1. ic 'i i'".i .' tr
\313 11:; til: ii t'. ": ' ( ..!
j !i :lr'111.3.1! .l+ ' :I l' :'r ii; I i l
VI ri ..33 "i ' , 1 .' .I i11 -3 I i.13 i i
12' t h o '.,t aiC '.I:!:vc oor Il ")~ ' io l
il~t the prc.lIi is a 1itt;I f: It;.L, u:.t'*It
t we rI . ,?! 1-':31 : 1 i I. No 1) i . i~3r
Of i' :t ltt ~ l.I 'l t 'l 1( 11 Cil -c ; tilt' 1,. 3I ('I l3 %v' ii !1 1:"':r3.'
11114 ~tb h'. ral ;tiiizjbers in hwih f oi popI.
i r ciIcaitn('i but t!i(i V WC!;e :1 IlliSUCc'e:::;
I shall not.~ vle ,)r the 1Ire.v^nt pprop;:
a'ioil 1Vjiol1Iat -'OI1)' iIi'in;-o( ing the systei'n,
T in lve:n !io,;mn I dill i trs is fundl
enoulgh to be spelit wit hout a hler~ 'rlPurn
b r it.
4:1'. A I yn;: 'r tv t vot1'): vole for a~
III i. ;;I'( ti3' t'h'n'iio:l oh eI"nctor iii Pee.
.3I2a:.d t'it';e 'I' u lt!n of the Uniited
! I '"':! ,I I1.t n ~
!:~l' ce 3J* - re*' : C c n *.l I s~liinpso ti1e
*tl'n ". 33 h ". t;C '3 te'i it . t : 1:81.s
a 1'3 i e to13 1. y 33 : 1) ... (j't:;o i 1)1
3 . I wi-: '*Y v' y 1' _115w
it.. i is arg3 i l that trut i (!r;.;
.33''i1i !;i 11.1331 !, Liii , r si o ilillt
I3, N-m i ll it l i ll(:33 ILuth Cll' 3t,SC:
an 't~t of (tn ces ItI" ., I ) .ic , Id
1 15. I)P.,e '' I~ tit .da 1 i ti l ('vr'riO
o: . .i Lc'f.i 1 3 3~33 I)
Iiiw c 1 ,1 1 1 .,It'' (' 'V ? i:g~ .. '. h
1:, htI ' (1. IL he 111.:
od: Q! )Ia: iti*. 3'hwb II e j
3011)13. r tie'3i~i~-~ yu wee sad
an3111 I uth11:1 par o ene ofo P31 1.:nin
,i:,;' the ". ):iI .! .r the aIoI i Ib R at t
tlgi. l. !1 t t '"' .r''". itti1 ' give I l Ciec., tn:i
Intist" be 31":3 11n I 51 ).1 1""\ ;li eitat I li t \ii
nowvmil presnitu~h on whi.i ~to rturn to)v
r.th pe ou dhe :1..ci' ofa nighil, they
out".I. 11,uy to Iiv enjoyed.Itl~t n e i
oi t.an 31ig i~ bye law. e n o.J,
yoAln i ui th~e ;I~iahI~of r ;,Iu
For the Banner.
Oh ! were I hut a wee--wee , ird
Sotn bright'y phimaged l:ttle thin;g,
Who's sweet and silv'ry voice, once heard
Would make you listen while I wing ;
Ah ! then alone,
In softest tone,
I'do tune my little throat
To sing thy praise
In fondest lays,
Until thy breast
Should be iipressed,
By loves alluri'ig note.
And when I've won thee. I would fall
On thyv boso:n, ne'er to ro.u ;
f-:t a''ceterr in-:, s proLi to call
'Ih h !ar , ily own dear haorne.
for th star sprtngle banner.
June ahnt 10th 1854.
I;y de,:r editor. onme of my good friends
has lent mon hip stttmtter hanner and i must
.'wv i ii the be^t. paper in the state that
'-'!- a ' r.. !y !!; d nt sort eI'1 r fr)W i
ao'.: :tove th':-e :'U t9o m ach r:Toney n a!l
the nnited state: i w.h wcd.to would rite
f;r i ;: for im e al a free and de.
plcndent pe'plha i .- ip to you 2 dolers i wish
you wnnuld send mse your star sprangic ban
ner to friendship p. o. the seasons is fine
and the crops two is ht :ter than the other
year i never got a cent of larnin from the
public in my life n, to vote for presidont i
n'ver seen one I.-tore if they aint no bet
ter than wesley painted up the Nisus
prid lawv'rs an vilage io! ti on and the
cro wie wIpp' s n: ;' i far e-!e dont
vtfr i n hut o and mI nabe ii-r. T
for we .1a :. a ;: :{:i]p !nt p'ple
tha' :ii:'g whp ' a::p;:a ab.t i: lay d.
s. ry i wi.;:I '. car r.i.ctr wes'y would
co.ratc;':nd it to tac il your ni~xt paper muis
'iw ai ci lair': a;:.1 di-.es couldl
ca -. rery iu' i :c;. .n . yu is a ri
te: . a us. tra r na hr mi cs:d cros
tha i:'ern L: bank without a stene
):: . mo' car In ar.' all mra nimber
.bi: ; r -mly cur cainddater if thee
-la t g) f..r weely :.1: th" .iii' ro:'
.- -- :.n.b r:1 fora h-e: dep "de pe
v.e i..;: w yto- a.. for b a k aid raie
.,-'- i no nio. i Iu. c.n i never rnl' in
*'*~.- ti; o tm ,
a. r. : J ... h i "' .": ''a: ":; '' ti.h 1
ra atal ltd taaa'Iar y iod gvwe itit
C:arm '.a tsion to'var l thn i ;in:.:al an iu -
lie th rir r, iparmti! r i t; I ai ;
~) fnr : ; ; l : aa . . .;. a n:.,.r a ;. . .g e
a a do . . , i::n ior m. .:n a .I myi. na'.or
.ro f:>r we-iv and a irce peple as i havt did
mry :tnt v ; i. at plesure to maik pubtjc
iwa i a detan t be my still you can rit~e
iavir iV you w~aill pm th-a ramn s"1e in it.
iamn most deli.Thtfielly
yolir fritrnal.
A. Bill.
To re; eal tle peci~iti;. Militia Laws ty~
the St's:c e.cep-t as may b~e herciu except
Be it Enacted by the Senate and H-ouse
of Representative4 now met and sitting in
General Assembly, andl by the authority of
thp saune, that all aicts, and parts of acts,
relating to the Miiia of this State be and
the samte are h:reby, repealed except as
follows, viz:
Batt-.Iluaiutiad Cmp aimesa aball remtain as
* . .' !:: dious rl Coi(wne~ars w.:h!
b s 1 of li"- :nentt, lDri;:sr, an ' Di.
a: 'a: Eaia i al~ onte' i' every ya
guirad) : f teir te.:. -: e lR..imtotal
i aad gtI .ron ds, h~.at ita h at bei. co:n..
pu itory tnath a '. r aC2.iea . or Elriga.
-I a. P..r' .1 'u ta ab : er th
be imnposed by the Cou ta. Marshal as now
HI. ii.ita a eab''imenatal amuster the
C a.Ul inco.a! a. hall se that ciorrect
is' of tha& mnt inaha1tat ui'~ a m ah comn
party shraI! be ma-de ott 'atnd delivered to the
Magistrare rem~ding in each coamtnny ; it.
sinll be the duty ort suuh Magistrate froin
cach lat to pic!: oif and appoint for the
ttst '.hree m:ths and for every s'uceceed
ing itree maotha, atirient Patrols; the
lemaler or C iptiain sThall ake at the enid
of ateir respective tertms, .i return on oath,
aor thep mtodea andl taanner in which tha dlu
!ty has a aa-n perborm- , :and of ib. persouns
whto I hae fai!,:d tot perfo'rmt p:real du.t '. :ant
the s~ad:a .itrate shi I have the rijtt to
imtpose al lte nlues now directed by law
to oc impased for la~glect of duaty air defauht;
atnd at anty M.'gist.aae sht.! aafect to per.
formt the date.: rahed.ac by this act he
:,:au~n !.eint; i'lc'.cd forfeit and > y a
tinre of Iif'ty da!!ars tfor each offence.
iHi. Tihat for then issruing of each anal
eavery Patrol v'.aa.it the said Ma'gistrate
I' be paid theo sumo of T1wenttydive ceonts,
wha!M: sh ~tl L7 p'ad a.s a co~anti.t ac.
co~ito 'ta he p)"rtry von lied an 1 atdited
ais is no.w reqtumred oy [aiw in ant cases ot
coa:ipat actcounatr.
ii. Th l.a h tr fA.~tGn
cra~t, Qo sr rnser:' General, l'avmtaster
Gehneral Cotmmissrary Genecr'., Jailgec Ad
v'antetGeneral, Surgeon General ho anad
th~e samte are harebay abt'ol~sheda
Th'az rthe Govet:ior ir' not be required
or exrytec.ed to nuend atay Reghnrental re
viewsi and Ite shall hercafter only Pppoinat
arte atidaade.ciamp itt each Blrig1ado and'hlo
shlall noat appoint extra iiaI.
Norten~.---Thie wife. or' childr:' of
Lewis Ca Dennt~isoit a hatuer byv trade,
and wvho died in Ried lUiver, somatetime,
in 1837, will hear of something to their
advantage by informingme wo~herA
they cani be foaunld.
gr~per thongon.
frienadly to the cause of-t ic ad
orphnin, wvill please cop .- fl O
- From AliNeiii~oik~Mindsgi~11&ld.
norrible Murders on Long
'Tilarce Persous Probably Kilt
ed-Thie Murderer Suspected.
About twelve o'clock on Friday night,
two servant girls in the employ of Mr.
Jame:, Wickman, at Cutchogue, in South.
old town, L. I., were awakened by the cries
of some of the inmates of the house, and
on listening, heard repeated as if some
body wars being struck on the head, and al.
so heard Mrs, Wickham exclaim," Nicho
las: don't kill him." Upon this, the girl
supposing that Mr. Wickhan was being
murdered, got out-of an attic window and
fled to the nearest neighbors, and gtve the
n!:t r, n.
'I'h_ hou-tise was iniwiesliatelv visited, awt'J
p)rnienlted a horrible spctaci. M11r. \Vick.
lamito, who was formnr'y i trchant in thin
c:ty, :ai a wealthy fr:,mer. lav weltering
in his blood. his hoa:i cut literally to !iec(s,
anmt.app reit ly in the last gasp oi his ex
iitence; and when our informant left the
scene, Ie was br'athin, ilthough t icon.
ciou-, with no hope of hi: recovery. Mrs
Fran -es \V:ckham. his wife, was dead, sel
havi; h.il her brains comadtetely knockeud
out, whicb, tegether with her bood, was
scattered about the rotni! Mrs. W. was
but thirty-live years of age. A negro boy,
about fifteen years old, who was living
in th. fanily, was also heat anol cut haoti
the head to Fac-h an extent that he cannot
survive his injuries; ^!I he, too, is in such
a condition as to be unabic tu g:ve any ac
count of the desperate tntmurderer. The
deed was commogittel with a post-axe, an
implement used for the purpo. a of holding
podts for encesa.
'r-on the cries of Mrs. Wickh:n, which
were heard by the servant girls, it is suI
pcmted that an Irishman, whose name is
Ni' ho'as Dane, and who had bean In the
C1loy of .\r. W., but who w%.is discth.ared
u: W et 'i esdniy, is the l.erpetr-itor of this
harti 1mad; oti; 1.0 -ice, o: 1W .1 baid been
ma ) to y':.,tcalaty at:(.ntearnon.
It i :Ir: 1 10o - the :tin'ii:ants til t
lie tit to be ty. e0ut'u l snoa, Mr. W.
for di;chagng him, a ad d':terni:ed to
m urier hi.-t whole aaiy;V. lie sotnetimne
siwie ue-rul to tmarry one of the sorvant
girh!:t; but, on her refuing to have him, he
swore v- .a" n: e :gust her. Nuo'hing
mn ;.ae loue wa .arried a w:y, :hich indi
<( tes t3 a rven;e i:.::etl of itl d i y insti
- p ted th: t u.tI t: p..rpetration of
na. rrH' crime. Ii! wci~l rart i ob !abl
!C" n !:: h :, . ii iceir- of jutst C-:.
me nt A i ociation,
1n the COtilnicl tiCmit liL ofevery ., (hrk.
thre are ob,ticl!s to be reamos ed and
prejndit-ces overcomel--:a ndl it is only
wih .t;earet, spirits h iing all their
will to the tak, tht c will place
thes vior's croWn otn the browv. of e
it. In a mi'ov~emetlt like this. of the
Ia its of our tae, the e was a great.
d2al toJdli'scourage, animd mIuchI to intimli
late. (Grim hiao seeamed to stand for
b'ddi agly ii the path, .inaguitnary,
perh ap;, but not tie less furaidable
ona that account. With that spirit of
quiet. but devoted and earnest enthu
asin, which has ever been a glorious
tfait in the character if'tho womenl of
(atrolina, the daughters of the Stamte
come forward in tis unidet taking. -
HL)pefuall y, trustitngly nutd devotedlyh,
they enli-sted themnselv-es tinder tihe
bnni mof a Commtton cauts~e ; ad the
little rpt'.s that originated in onue de
.'ted hearit, wtide spreadin~g ito a
glorious blaze, has lit tup "city, town
and village smna~l," with the resphnd
ent, fires of a generons patriotismu.
Tou thmuso Districts t hat have respoind
ed so promptly to the appe~al made by
the ladies of Charleston, they would
now tender their most grateful'thanks;
assturinig them that in their hearty
co-operation, they fitnd both ctrcngth
and eneouragemnt. . Kindly bestow
ing their siupport, and sympathy, they
have ft. ther-ed the c:ase most nobly,
mu t generoeusly.
Thioise DiLrieAts that. have made no
responisive mtao:1u, we- would rnost
et n ntl v ina v eke thir aLssist atnc-e. Thlis
is nyl1ocal muatter, no s.-lf-interes'.ed
mtove of a city, it bhalngs to the whole
Sltat~e-that Stale Calhoun served wvithm
his abhihties, adorned by lhis viirttues,and
guided safely, by the mighty power of
his genha, through the threatening
stormsa of poiitieel furyv. Let, every
Distr-ict, then, consider it a privileg'e
to unite in all this gloriouls under-taking;
andl-we iztploire themn aT1 to comeo gen
erouda~y forwaid, eage-r to lay theliir
gm-tefutl gi lis oin the hallowed shriue of
thme rnidhty denad. E.
5q-Tihe papers in the intterio~r of
the Staite are regnested to copy the
for-egoinig article.
"Yttu never made an ahntanac !"
Nu! bitt I sawnt a "sight" the o~lher day
'Ta'ta mnonikey, swung to the barck o~f
ans organ gr-inz-ie, or picking up thrips to
the tune of Ya'e D)oodia for the diver
Sion of ihn juveniles; 'twas'nt the Ele
ph-ant nor- that sttripail mnz in-the circus,
nther was it Bhrnnm's s-wrmsid nor the
Aimer. sea &ryvnt ; but one of nat ures
iairest mould, ai mureature ma-do up of love
lines alone, whtoss cheeks arc over man
tlie ithi the biusah of in;gocensie and pusri
ty-, and whlose braw is ever. illumi~ned with
the light of thoughtful redson--quietly
seated in "imother'- old arm chair,' with
a bottle ofgorend old scotce- in one hand
grasping withtl the other' a "map".exten
sive enoogh for a whae-wash brush; while
ht'r dentmal or ifice resemulied a duck trough
CorJitroy night caps and sonr crout!I cut
liy straps andi let mue leave the place where
womian will rub snumT
Lecr Mann.d-A few years since
t wo pro-minent gentlemen oif this Stato
hadl r newspaper- qutarretl wichl becamne
wo personal that one of thenm, Mr. A.
wrote to. tiw other, Mr. 13. that lie
wguld be in Columbus on a curtain
day, anid wvould expect to meet 13.
there. Mr. B. replied that he would
be ont hand. Whon the day arrived
the chal!en~ger was infolumbus, Mis
sissipipi, and the challengeo in Colum
bus,. Georgia! This :wido mistake
was s.ridieulous -thic friotds
to' - s bed u%
A SAD I;6D: OF 'rTE )Iissi G
STAmE.- Last wintIr, a gentlertainlv
and well eduicated Eng'i-hma:n arrived
in Ph1'iladelpha with his litilc son, and
having ired a furnish(,d house, sent to
England for the rest of his finily.
Soon ailer, a letter came lrorn his wifie,
saying they would take passage in the
steamer City of Manchester. Subse
quently another letter came, stating
that she had not been able to make
her arrangements in time to sail ii the
Manchester, but that she should cer
tainly sail in the City of Glasgow.-.
Some time after this letters came which
she had mailed at the time of embark.
ing in this ship, and now he was un.
spealably happy with t e altmost'cer
tainty of seeing his wife aid children
in a few day.;. But alas ! day after
day and month after month elapsed,
without any appearance of the ateamer.
Daily could he be seen at the stea4ter's
harf until all hope h-id fled; and now
it is stated he is in a luitic asylum
a raviwg mLamuc !
Su or Rus.-iA Di1sAaTIIs.
The brhaianue is ulrea-lv Lurain; against
l ussia. The Rusziain soldie s in the
I)ubrudscha (as we fhrctold some time
ago) are dying off like rotten sheep.
The inhabitants of Fuksehany have
risen in their rear, and burned their
military stores. 'The accounts we
published some days ago of victories
gained over tle'm at several points on
the Dlanube are confirmed. The mili
tary dlefences and military ' stores at
the iRussian Liverpool on the Euxine,
Odessa, have been destroyed. The
Russian Black Sea fleet is cooped up in
Sebastopol. The Circassians have,
without, lossing a inment, cecupil
and bIgutn to rep tiir the fo rts on their
c.ast, dismantled and d serted by their
invaders. The French have already
sent aris to these gallant niountain.
eers, and the Englsh are about to
send an accredited agent to Schamyl.
ihnese multiplying disasters of Rustsia
in the south, it':irnestly and promptl y
turned to account by time allies, hiil
soon disabuse the Russian people of
any misconcept ions instilled into them
by official reports of their governiner.t
represenlting d :feats :s victories. ia
the Nor:h, too, allairs loan lowerng
on the Autocrat. lie ha; declaurd S:.
Petersburg in a state ofsiego, and tha'
:iering and dis:contclnt of Uto nobles
and :nerchai - themr' grow daily more -
;ialrr'uin r; a s 1 f mi:i illo,) hkely to
b pacilied by atl event re;'orted to u.
ro n t . feeilr.- ha ;n.ire till
inr.:mt the aiti. !, 'htt had leen seen
wvih,' nthirty mtilies of Cr o:ult, anid
that a nIumhor of ? ian 1m:huais had
:en ea;>it uire..
Aorin:g to the reg'r'alounts .f the
Methodist '.irih Siaulh, single metin
are now to be allyed S150, imarried
lnen 5300j besides :amily and'traye--.
lingv<expensv;ildrena utl
years of ag~e, $2->; overse'voii
der Siteen, .. -
W la re auti oriz..d to uannunce WVa.
inrm ViS a c andida, eu or Oury ar.
thme entSli4 eleCilOn.
June 23, 1ISU1 if'
Tissues, Beragese, Coloured Silks. Piaiu j
and friinged Btlack Silks. Printed and Pla
Jaconets &c. &c.
For snieby'
J. T.SOL~OMONs&Co. - 4.
June 28th 1851. ..35 .
Quarterly Review3
TInus Pero lical is th only one .c its
class la thie cnmio' region of the tLiuth :and
its p-ge.; aire refer.n~d to n.e the best cvi
p~cnes of the aI~l v oath Routh, andI i s
L~nacity to give expression to the fee'!tgs,
t he in'erest an I intbr-lience of this Section
of nur Country. Irs purpP se is to fairly
replresent ourselves. and nt to .misreprc
sent others. It aims to tmaintairr the, truth
as you understuid it, atnd ra nssert the in.
tellectual equality ofour &c'ion, while,
at the same time, it will free the .ind of
oar people from that, stat~e of literary
thraildom and dependency tunder which they
have too long !nbored. Weo claim, then,
from all loverA of thme South nnd friends of
a truly homo literature, that support for
our Work which Will enablasun' to'give it:'.
a frue course, and thuts nmake it eiinenitly
worthy of the woirld's admiration and our
own pride. . ..
C. MORTIMEJR, Publisher.
Offie'e '"3o Quarterly Review,"
L-tv Range, B~road-st., Charleston, S. C.
AtFrierson's old~tand,
TIlE following comriss'idtrt of thd
heavy and varied stock of-Qq6ah which the
subscriber is now receivintt Frierson's
olt Stand
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Ako : nlway onhI"
Imru S l:T.Wter, Lnon hit ,
Al! of which will be sold h ~d
atny othecr flouse in town, L~t h e
Jtime 9.L, 1954 -36 M<
Tract'~~. cotwrt t
hI drJ s e c ar

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