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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, July 05, 1854, Image 3

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4 EOV. R'I'lE 4A
Spring I
Extra Colored I hreges, at :!5 cents
Yard wide C;olored French Chintz,
Plaid India Silks, extra wide
20 Pieces Summer Vesti ngs
linen I)rills, f
Esalglish Lona
Jnt i reiciicd.5i0 pieces, Iore of Ihose ine I
Yard wide extra line Americas
ti- I wide llriinwni Shci
.'00 y',a Browni Linen, s lightly spotte:
5(0 hilf-sic Irish Linen for si
Extra ine I rish Linen
50 pieccs R.ii-a Diaper, at 75 cents.
:1)0 yards Russia C;rao
filuckahack and Scotch )iapi
J5 iiece yard wide colored Muslin
New Styles I-idies' Parasol
(ent's Silk at
Lahies' bight C'lorced Kid (.Griores, he-t uitt
L-ides' and Chik
I lics' Black Nett (l oves.
hO dnn ali ..in:et )amuiask r)tI.
75 dioze'n choice idnen .unosk Noal
GR1':.\'1'R: l1.\RAIANS IlAVEi NO
Supe~rior U'rowtn \Vmidsort .-:p, 1
Frec:I awteinder \V.
Riy Water,
'Rich assort:ent of feather and
lN'a :3, 1S51.
.JUST receivel anl openin a fin- stl of
'thle most. fatshinnbllc a nI I.ale-t Styles of
Sprin; and Sunier Goodls. Conisting in
part of the following articles.
111k. & fancy (loth,'.
" &t: ":iuolincre:.
Slprit. & Stnniner Tweeds
111k. \Vhite & F''ancy Silk eiting.
"" " Mareaille,, "
" "innen )r-Its
I11k. White & Fuicy Silk Cravat:.
ELinen & Camubrie
Silk & " llandk'fs,
Gloves, Sneks. & Drawers
Linen Bhosom Shirts andl Collars
Silk & Merinu nuder Shirts.
111k. Silk " Iits
'aaictna & ih4ney Iats.
clot hi in..
131k. and 1': nry (loth (o'at.s a 1! Satt,.
" " " Alpara
Silk, (:rasa and Linen
Dra P d'te
111k, umil-'aney (':,maintre l'ut,
Drap d'ele andl Tweedse,a
White and F"anev I.inen "
1lik. White, and finey Silk Vest+
Ronmhazine. uanl h.iicnen'
What anl faney Marsaile.,
All of which we inv it nour frij-ds: p p.1 the
public giterally to call andl e x:amina,. .
W.. nre nlso preparedl to miake to onr!'r, n:
artich-s int the Tauiliriu;g hine, as nueat and tlhea1
as catn he done int the~ Statet on the, am.-m.
' WINN & t'hAli)N.
A pril 12, 17>5.. 21 t i
Wilmington & M~an, R. R. Co
- The~ CoInpan has vi revised -ite TFrrhh' of
Freightis, ho take oil'et on tl-e I st of JnIlv.
OzinI nd fr thati daft: F/4iLK' (except
H ogshends andui heavv arlchhlen-,) ni// /w
reccii-cd ftr Iranspolrt iim ,r'' I!: ' x.
- Coies of the tnew T~aiff! can -be lobtained
on a'pplicatioan at the oflie of the (Cu omt'
in SnoiltervilleI on andi afte'r liIeI .10.
Jttte 21, 1851 31 It
-.LWl a candidlate for Qrdlina:-v at
the enasuiig electiont.
June 28, l1851 35 if
-TPissutes, Berage.'; Colotired Silks. lIaini
atid fringed Black Sdlk5. P'rinted anid Plaitn
Jaconets &c. &c.
' 'For satle bh
Jutie 28th 1851. :i. i f.
,' *TftE undersigned have this day, auni.ted
A themselves together, tunder the aboave nameiiu andu
style for the trantt' ioni of all buinetst in thie
CIOTINt, andll MEltCIIA NTPA T Jl.Olte
line, and may lie foiundilat the Corner store
formerly ocupiiedl by Clatrk .& liro., wthere lhey
wI he happy ho alcennanlodate thecir frietnd;
and the ptic g:6enerally.
Marcha 13, 1851i. 21 t f
A large assortmentt (if Strawt, Leoghortn,
P'anatma and PahIn Leaf haI l inst re<:cived
(r om1 P'hiladelphiia, anid for 1Ie bIy
Jutie 21;'5I. 3-1 If
Female Semiinary.
H IEI 2d seuiton of thie subsc%(riber's sho
wd il connntneti on Otl~onday the '.Mthl
.July 5, 1831 16 4t.
Boots. ShosinGaiters.
Just received from Phliladlphia a large
s'tock of Lates' and Gentsi'line gaitersi atnd
shtoes atnd Gente' line boots, for sale by.
* Jutne.2h, '51. . 34 t
SUMtTA'1t V IhhL1 N. C.
t''rf" Oflice three doors north of the C. H.
.iune 21, 1851 31 t f
.TEN OIL FIFTEEN good aUxe hlaatd. to
wqrk ini the immediate vicinity of Smte r
v ille, a liberal price will lie paidl bmothlly
in advantce, if tho partica desire it. For
LA1 NJ'F, 1"R()N 1;! 1.2 criitt to :,(1 cenlts.
de (onsanuier, new atiti desirable*i.
ORIt:S",at$.U ot 1:1 ''a ri ..
O I :) SiI I .KS, at ::U cn1 yard.
at 7:i cet per yard.
:5''iN aS, &c.
at 12 1-'2 cents~ per pattern.
ir Genit's wvear.
'iiglish 1,01ng (Cloths~, at. 1 1 1.: rt.' per yardl.
ILong (;loot!:t, at 1's 1-'! ccit~.
ti n*r, at. 1'3 1 2 entts.
1. at 12 i-.2 ccitn-atiit1'e ins :;ItIpiii.
irtiiii r, at. 27 1.2 re4nts per y'ardl.
It, at t'- 14 coen's p,.r pilul.
r ''weciir 12 1 -2 cciis pin- '.;i i.
ait ti 1- c (eits~, worth 1"I 1 -': 2ctt
cit Cmi n~rij1 I:iiitci i:.
reel,. lit a11:1 Shor. 1.-t cc Mil 1--..
1)4 at. 73 r'units per uI. cn.
kipis, at i1I.51) l.: iI)4x'4n.
li Odl, I \iract 4,1 Lust..
ter, 'I'oilet. Powdver atitl (:h-11.
I lir 'Youth, N sit aiud1 (Cuib BIrilc.'
apLr Fa lls, .\.e.
cUtne of0 Ktinlg aid \\'utwor h-sIrctis.
At Frierson's old Stand(
'1'Il Il: f44ilow iu ; c(,,Ii4:o a4 hart of the
:i~i; te is 'cn. 'c: . t 1 *e u I ' i~o' n 7
Juntllle . , 1 ,5tis;a~ i.-r(
(tlu-rterly ~e iew"
C I1r ( c,:iu rn l ( it! I1 )S - '1
iroii a I uu' .~s I i.e antli C iap,-., ot
All. hr d mpnt-,' (i'-'u .'
:1!rkt.I (+t t u t w ill 17,: ,' 4 uu(iv alt'.' '.tyit*
IclU )AJMft- )'11 , . A...t I',t" .:(( . 'c.NI
0 T 1 IIsN
Head Quarters.
piu IU. 4A4
ATMI0FOR), Julne 20, lS31.
111 l*" 14)1 low.illg HtCgi444e41.'4 will ;marailto for
'cvi(1w andl drill ;It s"uclh tiuii t'~ 444 ill. .t;'
as 14 ein14 iniicaue1
'lac 34)1,t Regimnt of Infantry will
parade at LDominick's, on Tuesday, 2"i l
Thel~ :39th Re'gimnt of Infant ry w.ill
pa1'raide at .Jaa ipa, o44 TIhu r541:Ly, 27th .1ul1y.
'111(1 1 ('thl (1i441ent (o1 Cava 1iy willI
pa1rades at Ma lrtili's, on i:.'.urd :ty, tlhe _'90
of Jutly.
''lins -10th I 4 gitn4141 o)f Infanltry t\ i!
14 nau at 114d' on4 1' !;sdy (44 1s o
1i'4n .11 ~t i4 i 4';. or lnfanr ": ;ii
parade at f a rti'', on Thurday the &I o
:":,tud, Rj I 4i444e1t oif l iI \\' I1
t'':r114 atthe4urn. 1'a4ctui'4., on4 Saturdayi3,
the .51h of At 1X4u!at.
'llnc :35111 R eg1.ime net of !lnIant!rv will
J4:4r144141 at I l4410144.1114, o44 l4.illy, thus41 1111
of i\ 11 rst.
'lli t 11 HRgiiteit (of Caval!ry will
pa:ra:It14 ( *c14 SpringlZ', 014 Thursda.~y,
thle 1(1 4of Au4gust.
lparadeL 4 lt''444u44-,n', 4.444 az1;zl.iv, th44. 4 :.!1,
of' :1 4tg14..
The4( 3,44i 1 C.-:44F144I of In fan' rv
14ar14414 at W1ilk in.,', 4n.l T1'ics lad iii' I.!.Ii
441 :\ugu.'
j414(14414 at l-ht4442:.4r''142t, o)n Sat 44441.)), thei
[:mle atII I~~ :.et ' t'I' L ..4 iI I 4.iuithe :2I
} The~ :7t11i of4'44'4 I 41 anr \\';!I
141414I4. at ic LI I , 044 ;.tut41\' I! hi
1:4! 191 '~eg144''- t of 4) 14,I:4.', the 1vil.
llat :it114 14.=4''44P4t 441 l4;.4441rva" the
purad.'e :t ' ll i', oil lr.i.,114~1~ 4
ri 44,
l at at 1 I 1. 4r'04)on41 it.',:," 1 hl _ll14 v .
'('h,:I .4 '2t 41,4. r4 , of it ;iii,'t'4v 1142 11
Il 1442'')441'44. of41 ;i a:.:).,1 ; \\":I 44:r.:at l
444 or 4 nun 1:1214s~, t a 42,.4' tint 5.11 ,i
ty \Wi Il'''*~ parad ;,c 41444424ili.., (Ia 144h:ir:
tIII the t14 >4'J41e:4h41r
it, 1n \.44)4 4211 1)44]r 41414*4'41 ::):!I :4.14
4,: 44'-;4\'.!4I' h, e 4'"'li 4 .1 4..t(444
4.4.41 ''.. '144 I .; 411 :. l o t l 1ite r' ".e. s
of ''1l'1I' ..4)' '44 t4i:,1
"'w .l"ta erS7E"ew n r-f r>T,[7. 4.R ; f7"'Ar
oo ow
At Bishopville.
IIL: Mu!'tt'ritier:s art: tt')'.1' 1'('("' iit rcnn
tile Charleston, Rl!1illim-c and New
York nulrkctti, a :ull ",:uI,1, U: tilu(;I;
c)I (iOwls for (L'; :'i)rInr, and ti:11, n1,'r trtl(ic,
cotullt"isin. in par!, unler the I4)}luwing
ileads, viz
m:tJ)8t &. FaEtlcv v jr fn'm ls,
Among which, is :t till. , it"()1"tili('iIt of ,111i ,
illt, L'%ri', Uall:t rs, (1Ia1'cs" Mitts, &('.
RE.t I) 1' :11:11)1: (:l,()'I'//I.\"(;,
1.: 1Os Awli an.tl)le Milk an I :raw il iu
(irlttlt'nt(':1's f;l:.li:.,/r:nill". Ina, .,tt 1'. 1.. I),).
(.al':I.'t!rc II'i"'it1'^"'^ Trill; ttl'n~.,
1'.t)tl, l .l::; , I L)i!")1': -11':.r,', I ;I,!(i!1 , . !il'1"l!O(.
_Ak a, .1 1"Ii:i -nlri)I)' it
All 1':hich 11'ili lie :;,)!,I lax tur cn h
tl) I1nn1111: 1 c 4 -', ,::ti t". ",n t: nr.
'I'Ilalikful t ir p.,-t I'.11'"'r:, .1, rr":It', r_
fully ad:-; :1 c:l:Iiin:l.tnt.. ' of Irttrr,:l)' 4',
I)rUlllirill'r a:i t'tiI' I':ii'! :a 11=': t;;r'r1'
lion to s; ::sib a'ir (":1'1'I:itr'1's in I1^s,"1' ".
1t4 t(rl"rli1&
R:sh0l)1"iI:,', NI:Ll-. I:), 1-51. 1'_(I --:I )
IN I I',' 1.
SI'l:I.1'1r; d' ,c/-.I'.ll/';/ (; Q /l, "
'I'll'' t lllr5:"t"lii('1' ,,,,tl!'1 r "-'')','i"'1.i1" ('t!l
.1 t1 nt:(sli l,: s;.. l.I :i a I l1 .' I .... " I to l
ctt)('k aI } L 1
.") S 0 ( lJ
(-,I III(:.i ,:,.1 l r'"_r'' I tr"1,'l tl"" :,
I'l:ls:l ('Ih ir, i! It;'l l'"'r'"", i'"l'
I'l'iltt''tliii,! I)!.1 :1 .I t''r;s" t :'IiiS ii
I'Uil!iit and is d....-.
is:Ittcrnt., t;:1. i1:1n1 ,
1),.'tct} \1'111
1':I:n!r u ".rrl 1'r:: ,;.-, ('ir.:lli
ic1It . I:li'.,:it.. \\"1: .\ :
At ItJ'.1' ,.1 11 11:1:1.', lnl
).7N.\I'll 'll.';.' t'i;Clt .1
It!'' 1; ,i ..l i:' ! li:,,'.\ it :': ; t!t :) t " t,
I l l 1- 1, :stl.l I l ! !.
1' i''.:itill_ l. :1" iis, [''!:; .. 1 , a .
F.\'rA 111.1'.. . I',_ I'; 1. ,:. "II:',
.\IIII(I t ".!IC'il'a r U ... :.. .. 1 ,i! .I !t.l
't'ill. t i " :ii., ri "ir." ti','. r" i it in ' tL " it
tr.rl; ,,: m y an I :I: m"r ' I t". d-h W
It) 1"ity ..:1i.",,i, ..,ill u, pit I, ..ilc..4, :ul,:'t r:
( Isn't . 1: r '1 1" ai ,:i ,tll, ! . t'. 7:i' '", t4 .
tt .l l:t.' till.! t .,I,"''1 i! , itt i" ,i "t:, in i. :a:,
: .I " " < . . i ;'1' I : s : t l i . I 1 ! i 1 ' i i r -
I " I . , ' . : , ! : i , 1 - I ' I. rr
i. t
'Dr. W. J asl.arga' , Co.
i.'CIC S1~IC'CII ' tiC, WClCI.'C'C (l:ti.:, 1'rft.i.ery,
I';tmy Artce ul' vri oilier airticles
JNOu. WV. l).C~tiuAN, W*. JAMi. D)AIU:AN, M. I).
t9'Ne~t .oor In) tICiC's IIOIC'I.
Jani. "S, 185 1.1OIf
f--Epping's3 Sarsaparill~a,
(Il :M'I' \I\\' [N 1'SI:.)
,r :1 'CariC'I'C ofI o1!i''r j,.jidlir l'.it.'iat 11T".Ii.
('iCC', I~n.r 't11 ICy
- I)r. XV. .I1A. I).1 N.GA N & CO.
['t IC. it:, 1 N'C t*
A Lt ofPaint Boxes,
t\\:, r(',; : ) lICC .":! b
2'", "', 1 " I. i) 14( N A
G~arden Seed.
A ar -" ".ip; !:', IC"'p i CCCC:;I)'y oil 11:111d
P.\it(;A1N &. (:0.
I'. 'C. 29,t 1 Bi
Excelsior Family Starch,.
In. jC'CC:C' j.C L t, . i'C' Ie'". A1: the
ICC'2IC!' i'.'I"i'r.LC''Cl ('urs'"Clt r.'Ii. fir, l" 1,I'ICC
1).Alt(;A & CO.
I' *J_: 1'~ t. let if
Genuine Cod Liver Gil;
i IC''trlI ,X' III.loiCCC, ( !;CrI. C ('u. AlsCoC
c14. Fi.C'.CI I :C9ICur (1i1, '' r'CCr f'Cu'.) br saile
)"': I)AlRf AN &k ('0.
Spanish Cgr
F ancy and To'ilet Articles.
:\ ' C, ..: ii a,-'CLCC:C'nCC. ('il tt! .i lC n-ir '.,,
lit" .C ".uin. CtlIC. :\I-C CL 'c':rit'Cyo Nut,-CC I'LL'
iCeCrA f,).- ).
" \'Ct .louCr t., I IIIinaC IL t 1C?'.
I '" *'' 1 '.I. 1$ if
14. C. SQUIER,
Kfa ruifactlrer anti General
\tV Yr r;rr 1 " r~DJ..j.I. :ir"4,~~t
Iv r" "".-i; la: :t \'\IJ.ICAiI to frn IX'.
,I.\\ C ': ' '.~l frI I'CC I'' C'CCCCa, a~ "lCon,
\" t: 'C ul CC''' ,1'CuIr+~ ai _~r:,i"r 'CCCiC'C'
CC !C , ' .t"t ,,,1, r.I , .CC' ' I A .i . ' A Y" . \ I)
Ito " ! I " C)i [I .. 'lI .., ,1'"&C .ii
I'l . ' ). s ' ': :I ) t . . 1
CC I "'I' [ ' 11 I ' l' I lI I 1. W 4 CCC :te
'C"ri ''CCC' ri: . Al l'C i I :C.- C I iiPn CCC
Clir . "ll I .;: :.:." CC'CCCCC'I lI~r CCCi'' "a
"" r ?" 1I . I. I IC.. o lun ICC r t t.C.::CC CC Cl
C' C~ .: f l !It \ 1'\[: I :~i
l . i ' \ I I . :'t ah'r'l ) ICI CI N(.,
Ii ti r:-,'C 11111 it.C , Is j CC: C'C'CCI :11C
Is now put ip in the largest Pi%'d lottles, stid
is :cluioiwledgedi i) be .ttin. best Sarsaparilla
lnadle, as is certified by fthe Vciiierful Cures it
has pe foirrueil, the original copies o lwhich arie
inl the poenin if the proprietor.- itemietuber,
this is the only true atid original article.
Serofuot , Syphilis, relorcurinl Cotmplatints,
Cancer, (;:ngrent', ltheninatista, and' a fast
Variety of other diseases are speedily and pr
fIctly eared by the use of this inedicine.
''a t r.A 'o'sA. Co.. A In., Jnn. 2, 1852.
bear Sir :--I ced ou t iis to certify to yt
thut your ixtract of 'ellow D)oek and Sarsa
parilla has perforted ine of the, mot wotderfnl
cures oni une that has er been eilcted on tnan.
I have been afflieted for forty years with
eruptions onl lily legs and feet; in 1818 they got.
so half that I had to go on crutclte, anil in 1819
I bad onm, leg amputated above the knee. lit
Ut dt h: mti't hy afr. tuv other leg broke out
in larde; eating r boil ruriig soreI fr':ni my knee.
to my foot, and icharged . great deal of.ofien
sive matter. My groin broke out in larg biles,
which iiiiceargdh much of i-nsive matter, tnd
at the !:ante time toy left hand broke out in large
running sores ne: ry to my elbow.
The Iniserv that I have sil'red for the last
two years I cannot describe to yot. I was in
such agony that I never restel day or night.
In Octoier list liny sont brought tme one of
your bottle ira pijers, I read it, tnd found re
cord of some, wotderful itre's perforted by
your 1lEtract of Yellow )ock and Sarsapa.
rilla,' I sent iand got two bottles.uf it, ial
cone itettd taking it. In two weeks, to rny
great asr-'mthtetit, tny 'ores till N'eatne easy.
ail I eotnhl sleep all right, a thin L had rut
done, for IwO years. W hit I lith taken a
bottles, lny sores hand nearly all hialed. - My
cores got well as if by etnchianttent. I have
now itsel ill all cieipt bottles of your " Extract
of Yellow IDock :ill Sarsaptrilla,' and I now
consider nvstsIf Ctl!.
I entreat.Ill of the aillicted to try this ledi
tine, for I be'li,-ve it will core any known dis
es': in the worlb.-Lay ai tIe all prejulice and
ieti. try it, ai proclii its great n:t rtlt to
1 terinir rnaJik ind anl entreat thelit to takr it,
f, it v. ill (u:C then. .
1y cafe is well kini-wn if! Itre portion of
Stihtl C-irolrten, (Ge rgiittnnd 1itinna, tnd if
any houibl diitlet the tl' e cure, I invit.e ther
to call on iii--, aris I will sh~ow themn the se:,re...
I enn be fotel in Tatllapoosa Co., A'abaii'ra,
one mile fron ftore's Ferry. lReiajati llighees.
'he Yelhw Dock atl Sar-uparillai is pecu.
lii rly .t-!apted for females of delicate healilt,
resulting loin irregularity of menstrual dis
charges, antl other. diseasie pectuliar to their
se'.--T h proprietnr has in his possescsionit a
great nmitber of certi ientes of cure:s, perfortned
of th' above descriptioin. We asur tIhe aflltct
ed, that a bottle or two of IDr. (Gustt's .Ex
tract of Y e l ock fwt Sarsapai-illa will at
cile. ieulofate those difficulties and rene w the
nitrsl cuereies.
. * l'ut up in quart bottlete.-'rice Si per
$1 ole=na nd, l iti by .
SCO Vi '. t:.1I), Ill C i AItiLLS SI'IEl'..
NEI'W O lsb.: A NS.
(Urnier:al ents ihr the Southern States, to
Shotrt all tnilrs iinist be ad]resed.
iit. t.t & 11111rio\, Snutterville, S. C.
I. J. WOnRKMA N. Caiden, S. (.
%. .. le.t , Camden, S. C.
. i.i, I ratgehurg, S. C.
Junr 21, 1 I 3! ti nto.
The1 Reuowned Reienedy!'
The extrtonlinary i ntent is comtpescJ n
the nio-t heain; ialns, and when used in
iationttnce iith te- directions wthtichi accom
lilny teach int. will aissure cutres wthein idl thier
hsas fatii. S 'a-s of lthe tnut desperfate Skin
ik-a.-,< readily yie-ld to its e-Ilicacy. It, - t fta
ttn'tus n it--t iu-ed tin aS of cout, Rhentna-,
i.-in, (ott Irac ted or Sii 'T-lcinits. 1:a A'sthmtlat it
wvilI lil itender it wel! rtibbed inito the Chiest.
A MiIS ~ ANStio (NOcnEt OF* seoCit.tOis
ctl:ns,--A CAsK iria-tiviin av TiHE tAront
or ntorro)Ns ~tL Niac.
Co~py ia .etterrom-s J. Nroble, Esq., Maiyor of
Bi 'flr otoni i..i acnhie
lD-ar 5ir,-.\Its. Saraht Dion ofI Linorpittit
Strel-t, lb. ion, h::s this datiy tdeptoied before Ume
thst for at coiid~vrabtle perioud she waxas severely
ft Ilicted, waxithI SiroClfulous Siir-' andi I'lieers iti
her anIs, fi-et, Ief4', fitnd other parts oif her
bodyt :ttt fand libhtgh the. lirst ofi tnedicafl aidvie
wai- obltanjftd, at the cost of a lartje sumn of
mioneyCt, -hit obtiainied na ab-iteimet o.sufierlng,
b.ui Lrfdully3 grew woitrs. -
leing re-ttittniieinded by ai friendti to try youir.
Ointttm-at, <hie irocuredl a s-mutl pot, ani a. o
of the i'ilhl't ed efome that wats fill .used, sytm.
ltus io tf menhnenltt ttpferred. 1Wy persevetting
ih te c itnditcities for ft sheort tiite long'er, ac'
i-ordli tg tol the direct ionsr andii strictly ad heringe
tol youir rides fis to diet,&af., she was peirfectly
cureid, atnd rnow enijoyVS the~ bestof healthb.
I rensaina, Deiafr Sir, yurs truly.
tSizned) .J. NOIJII.
AN EXr.irraino .inYt ANtI itAti) cent or
Et'sIf :t..'; Is 'itE LEe., Ax1rin IIEnte.iL AID
oiln Fall.
('.oy ut' i ster frotm Mrs. li:lmhs Yeatles,
i'j lit Posf ():ie, A idu- ittRoad, er llar,
.%ti si ., uidar ttJan. 122/-, !133.
Sir,-l sidfered iior ft constier-ibte pe'riod.
frinaf atevre attack tof Eryripelas, wxthi tit
lentgthi Settled int miy h-t7, andti retisted aill mIu
i-tl tre-atmencat. i1 y suth-rings 'aere very great,
andit .1 riuite demagtired o anyl petrmtantent atinendi.
ilientt, v,'hie n I '-:ast 'ai.-e<d to leave recaourve to
you r uuinwntt tindt lls. I diid so waithiout de
I ay, :i knit htappjy to say the resutlt was emi
ntuly sucestfutl, for the~y effeted ft rtadicah
ie'e oy leg uind rerstoredl me to the enjtoy.
tilenit fi hieailiih. I shauli ever s~peak with theo
li.t ia confittiidence of your meiinezts, antd have
reconnnendedt~l~i themit to others itt this neLiglhbor
holid similartly afllicted,2 'ahIo derited eltia
I nult, Sir, youtr oligedl and fttithfuil Servant
Thel i'illIshboubIlibe used't conjointly with thte
Oinaie-iit in tmti of t he fllhowing cases:
hirtd I .egs, litie lrreaste, litarnta, lhtunionts,
Chei'e..i foot, t'hilhbhinsl, Chapt~ped handus, Corns
(Sott, It'aucers, Ciotratcted ande Still .Joiti,
h-lepuheantiau'is, Fiatuiti, Gut, (hanidutlar Siwel
lini1-, I tlmbtago , P'iies, Rhaeumatnismi, -Scitis,
Sore N ipeplet., Sore-throats, Skin-diseases, Scur
' ~sui.D AT iTHE ESiTAttdsintrrN'P OF PRO
-rsson niott.oayt, '211, STIINs, (ntear T'e'at-.
rir.r liva.) lONosno, andttn aho at his Ilouste IN
N::w Yonux. Oxpuso for M'edeicire in the
State-, atddressiedi 'T. hOLLttOWAY, Nriw Yonix,
will receivg dito attent jot. .!'5 bI also b y all
respecitable lIrnggists andi Dealers in Medlicintes
thiroughotut the i nitedi Stateis, itn Pots, at 17 1-2
cent.s. 87 cents, antI $1. 50 centsi each. To hu
had Wholesale t the principauh l rug lIe'tsea itn
thet ilmaie.
. idI'There is a cnsiderable savintg by tak
iIg the lairior e..
N. it.--ir.etionts tfor the guidlancof pattients
in every disaorder are alhited to eatch lIot,
l'or bale by
P. M. COiIEN & Co.,
_March 5th, 1851 ,23 ly.
3000 lbs. Bacoi7
Sumltier raised aintd Stumterville c tred.
Ahoa a line hLot of Chiaricatonp clear sider~
fir se by - - A J. NiOSES.
.June 21, 'M. S1 - ti
'Mn. rot : Please annountte Col. 5.
1I. NELsos as.4 candidale for Seilator for
Ularcmctjt County, at the enruing election,
and oblige - -<- . . Mai VOTERS:
February 8th, 18:x- - J tf
3T Watchman please copy.
Mi. Ent-ron: You will oblige natr
cit izens by announcing Col. J. D. BLANrI.
Iso as a candlidate - for Riepresentative for
Claremont County, at the next sesCsiun bf
our I.egimlature. -+
Feb. t;, 185-1'.. -'...
' vatc'hmin Please copy.
lMr, Editor.: The 'Citizen"
ci tlarendon County are desirous that. C. W.
L1. REIYNOLDS, represent them in the next
.eg'lature. fly :lnouncing him a Candidate
for. that ofie, you will oblige them.
We are authorised tp
mnnmonce aj. A,. C, SAl'A'IN. aa candi.
date for Rcprescntative from-Claremant
County. at the emisoinog election.
Feb. 22 1851. , tf
lelMessrs, Editors: Yoi.
will oblige manny vtptorem of Clarerpont Elec.
tiOn 1)itrit by annoimei Col. It. Lt
IWACIll I.l(ItO'T as a.,candidate for t
seat in tie owei Danict of the Legisla'.
tore of the :tate of Sdt'hh .garulina, at tle
ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1851. 17 tf
We- the friends of A. R..
BRA 1) i A ?.. Estlr., take, plea.nure in an
nouncig him as a candijlate .for Sherilt
of Smumper.. Dist fict, at the next leIctiun.
Mar. 21), 18C1. .. 22 . tf
T We are authorised to
mnnot'ce sir. .JA1M S IE.. VITHNli
SP1UN' of falem, a Candidate for Rejp
resentaivc for Claremont County at ths
ensuimg election.
Martch 8,.1851.- 19 If
A Number, of Voters take
pleasure, .i. :.nnouncing. Col. W I I.LIAM
A. GO I.CLOUiL as'a can-didate for Sher
ifl of Sumtcr District, at the next elect ion.
March 15, 1551. . 20 ... tf.
Mr. Editor:' Please announce
Capt. T. ).' ImuEnsroN as a inlididate for
Sheriff' of Sumtor District at the ensuing
Aug. 21, 1853. . .. - . - S
lYir. Editor :---Y6u will
obligq a ptumber q( the .voters of. Sumter
)istrict, by annunm cing in your cpldppmtn.
the ta:me rt Major J 4o I--3ALAIn, as a
Candidate for ramoary a't the cnuing
election. '
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 tf
An. E~u ru :--Please gnVmnunce 'Mr.,
RO13ER'T WV. DUltANTI, .at candidate
for Tax-Collector of Sawet !uurnty.,at the
ncgt e!ctti:n arid obige .
J~taua- 1-1, 1=s52 -- .13--tf.
-M The friends of Capt;
1'. Ml. (l313ON' amoune him a cuandi
diate for the aflice of 'iTk-C'olleetor for
Saletu Counmty,st. thme ensumiig electin and
mmblit - - 'In YOTEnsI.
October ,i '., ,
Eir'iYr, .Editor :-Youwill
pulea-me annmounce WIlLLIAM. ii, BRUN-*
SO t adidamte for the O0ice of Ordi-.
namry of Sunmter Distikct ,at the ensuing
Aii: 271 fi 1852- -27t
.F..OR L'I l &RK. -
(Lf'We are authorized to
aunnonunce T. 3. DINK(INS,-l'M., a Candidate
for Glerk of theo Court, ant thme enumin election.
M A NY V T'EIS.. a
A pril 16th 1851 .25 a
Ozr hr. E djiu. r Please ani
noce. .ir. J. J. MUplE~LLAl., -a Cautdi
date~ fur (Clerk: of-'the Court, for.Sumter
Dlstrict, andmm oblige ManyI Vo-rEs.
A pril 13, 18.5'. - 2.5-tf
of W. .i..N. HI A ap:.E-r ac. desirous .of put
ing hun in nournination for the Oflic'e of
Clerk of the Court~of Sumtetr District, .at
thle ensuig efecman.
Ma y 2 i, 1813- 30.-tf
Me We are authorized'
to ainnotmeeo A. E. POOL as a candidate
for Shear of Sumter District at the enaq.,
Ing aieCtimon.
Uccetmber 21, 1852 -- Rtf
Mr. Editor :-Please an
nounce JOllN N. McLEOI a caudidate
for Shmerihlf of Sumter District 'and ob-.
June 20th, 1853 25--tf.
$100 REWARD,
WILL be iven for the'a, ehensiofranud de
livery to the IrMstr-,of . mter We:udchmse in
Charlestgon, or anmy jaIl fn the, E'tate, of ISXAC
somectimes callod ivdd BJrownr ia, withoo
ainy known capuse, left the Jamee-Hill Planta,
tun oni the 20th of October Ist. Said. fellow
is 5 feest 8 inclies in height, mustee complexion,
smuarg, imbligeot spoken, and is a Cai ueter by
trade ;ctndy hilen aest heru.rd of wams in 4I~lower
m'uunn'y; onn Le d'sbantation. Fift doltlars,
tindtdition'tn the-abov'e rewa'lrth w~iUbe paid
upon proof to conviction of hise being hafhoud2
or eijm yedl by am whtime or colored penon.
Aliply to, *.. & J. D. K1RK PA'IClf.
of *Notice. .
T cSul~le rie:wife ofl1itbh rCr6gh
ofuSum'tervillte, ShtopAkeeper, hereby gives
noaice that at the e:<piration oif ofne (nonttr
fromt first publication of this advtertikomnQ
it i~s tier intention to trade as-a t~radof.
Alil Nan~reIs ab Wmespt
We hope' 'hos of 'our rendra wish in
work doafi 1thia line, ilgivente a calI
ThfE u leri nfo theIbalb11
factory, bffer.ael geood at inanukce
ynees.. - Pi'Ry Mgg
Ma ,15. 274

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