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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, July 05, 1854, Image 4

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(coNriNl:Jn rm't i1 :w'r A:; .)
Northward, ,in ie rarefied eurrent.
QI'isrros VI. (-(o note 1.) Vhat
is the cause of elevatedl continents and
islands, having at 'lie period t.I
tin ., been the bId of the ocean,
as we see front riniy uniistakalc
signs, inde pecndetL of voleanoes and
eartlhqjuakes, by a progressive move.
ment, as fir instaue a. pa irt of th
eoast of Swedev, on the lial tic :1md
gulf of 1Bothnia, which is s'owlv. hll
ANVEa. I contel jatu that the
water of the globe, has, in the coursc
of countless ages, been sIoPvl ow and
progr 's-.ively (anil is now being) coin
verted into ati mosphiene air.
Dr. P'reestley was the first ehe:iist
who decomnpose d water, and discover
ed that it was a compoumd element
consisting of t )xygen and I Iydrogen.
Air difiers from Watcr, onaly tin having
for its onsttiuetis simple, Oxygen
and Nitrogen. instead of Oxygen aiii
H ydrogen. The gencral eharacteri-:
ties of the two comp~mnd eleients,
are very strikingly si uilar; and the one
as we see it onl the caith, is not in any
vtcse un conutingld with the ''tter.
The difl'erence in the callous, or thick
skin in the paln of the lborcr, fiomti
the sensitive flesh, or true skin, uiler
neathI is just as u ide as the ditlerenee
between water and atmospheric air;
and as the callous was faried by a
(er'tain law of the :tnimal economv,
the intelligentiil doiigin of which was
to resist the irritations produced by
the fric.ion of the laborer's tools, so
in like manner, I theorize that, air i.
fornied fromt water in accordatnce with
the' identical princiiple, frot the irrita
lion of the sun thereon.
'hus, then, it. follows, that. the water
having been converted into air the dry
lindI has appea red, wlhich was once the
lied of the ocean. This proces's coimI
menced in the region:ms of the central
lite, and I conte:nplate, is still slowly
Qurs-rios,, x-11. (str: NO-T:, 11.) Why13
wetre certait rivers, viz: tihe Iliinet
aid the Danube, in ancient times, fre
quently frozen over so that the harba1ri
atis transported without apprehensions
ofdanger, their armies, cavalry, and
heavy wagons, over a vast and power
fill bridge of ice. aind that in aodern
times, there is not, presented an in
stance of a like phenomenon ?
ANswFi:. h'1e slow and progress
ive action of the incting ice, from thy
Eqlinox, towards the north and south
poles, since the Cimri and Tw.es
pessed those rivers on the ice, I take
for granted is suflicient to have eleva
ted the temperit.re of the climate, in
those regions of' Isurope.
' besides, agriculture: has not a lit.tle
to do towards elevating the tepera -
ture ofrany country, in somne degrce.
Vegetable and anital matter, I theor.
ize, is produced I a divine law oif in
telligence of the economy ofthe living
edr th, ideniitied with that of the :iii.
mal economy, an example of which is,
to wit. ; ubi iriu/io ibi j'u.rus.
The productions of vegetahle inat t er
aire. as the flux producced iln the an imali
systeml by3 menic~altt irritation, and is
formed only where thle suln ilit ates
the earithI. "Now ihen, where this is
cut away frequient(ly for' agricult urialI
purposes, nothing is left toi resist, so
e'ffectuailly thle piower', oft thie sun ;
anid the result is, that, the eleva
tion of the tetiuperatiure iin such places
iaugment ed.
I say above t hat "ntabI ile mrat ter'
is onily ibnund where the mmn irritaites
the tarthi;";mnd it luony lie asked (by~ a
cr tin elass of scienti ie fops, who view
socinee ini the guise of' .1ashiion, as
they doi the stile of' thiri coats.) whys
is t here not vegetable nartter' in t he
great. Zahtaria d]ese: , whiere the sun is
verltical ? So) my ansiwer' to this cines
tiont, init ~advan., is that agricu tltur
formed this desert,, (i. e.) umde mort1 i
fiention therof, by destroying its vege
table coat ; thte priiimtal fliest ; and this
Sprocess was effecteud on the same pr'in
ci ple that m iort ificat ion mai y be on an
ail bo~ 1~dy, hy co ntIi nned irri tation;
for exampleI appily a blister to sonic
alniml~l body; tue hihister' becomeus an
nlgent of irrit at ion; t here is a law of' the
life of the animal, w'-ose dlesigin and
f'unction. most. in tell igenit. (iin order to
presere the body,) is to reist5 (lie cau~tse
(Pr ir'ritation oPr iinjuriy. alnd fiist, it pro'
dlucs a flux iif sterii umiiderniath the
cut.icle, w hicht rises an~ld detaches the
blister' fromn the senisientt flesh. (This
is the orIigiin iof the obil mimi perhmap
of I luPipont.Cs viz; "r-is me'dicaltriae
niaturae," anid illono whlich the re he
matiotn; t he cicl ie havit'ng heeln re
mroveud, therie is inothiung now le'ft to
detach the bl ister' a seco.;d timeao, whIich-l
continnitng to irritate the part, mortitfi
('ation! will eentually be the result.
even1 now aimonugst scieif ie coxcombp hs
in thle hieailing art, such an mInte deal
ofemtPy sounid ing idisiltationi; buit
this is a digr'ession.) Now undo what
nalture (i he law iin question) has done,
by peel inug off the cuticle, aid let tinig
tihe serum escape, and then reaphily (lie
bIiauter' to the saime ptlace, antd thle iesutiI
willI be, a hligher de gree of'inflaniation.
Thul's fr'omi this illustration, we ;ay~
bie enabled to conitempljlate thle tru~e
mnodus operandiuii of thefomti on~uii of
D~ese rts.
As ev'idence t hat desei ts were not
alw~ays deserts, I quote I.ay ard's Baby
lon and Ninevah, second expedition
palge 036.
"We furthier gather fronm the r'ecor'ds
of' thie camnpauignis of' the Assyi'ian king~ s
Ithat the country both inl Mesop~otamnia
and tothe west of the Euphdrates now
inleladedl in the general Lermn of'"the
desert," wias at that remouite period,
, teemiitig wi(th a den:e )ppul ation, boilh
iedentary andu nuomuaide; that cities,
tbwns,Iand villages airosei on all sides
and LI a- conseqjuently the soil brioughut
fbrth produ& fotr the support of' thui.
gr'eat-con-gregation of hnan 1b< iugs'
QIJsTION, VIlI. *' What is the cause
* See "Wondecrn of' Gooo'y,-by the~ an
(It thle lust III) illa I C244:thinI '. all IIha'iit
beenI zo.I~iiltc.1)1(' 02214 on ils wyiieli well
to be (P1 the ve.r ofte eith
i)Ii(, I'Cji rin bit t'l'l' littlc it'
ani I' 3il;IhA to waiter ; the st'CORIC
shallI lishit' ; t hirdt' insects ;nid so ir
ill i(ceriuon , tortoise, Ii-og1, rep~tile
anid lizardis, and thiuIater 10:241) alge
a(idl ge eraion: iti11O11, ;11( his n.S'io
"A ::.tvi:rl I contemnplate that til.,hcraeli( ftn(, rtest
there was a bu i'giiiiig of (lit'si0I'IcCSS u
the formi at iont ofl air, Which was Ci.
eel by at la'w o3r till, econo:n V or' lilh
li vinig glol it, which ha~is beenI treated ii
an1swt'r to quiest1 1 ei t
I coiitii a~te that, ini the furnmatii
of1 thle =lobe, Ja'ci ni Iing to' the nebul:1
theoiry of ceitipettal :ittrnt'tiioi, alt
(tiii 12gal Iiiret', thani the3 ~c lighermss
C, liatineil its surtfact', N1.11411 ii ili
have. bteei ice (since it is iioW stater
i!I1tiI the sul 424?tycit':.I it i1-Itoti wattr
It is not 1414-r 40 iili1 o;t 'j'hi t
sn io that wtal rii cani be3 Cciii t'rttC(
into air, than that iee", Or any~ eit
mi;titeir out hit ctlivcrtitd it ta Iiijtii.
414' gassiiui~ts state' iltough! the l33j'lta
ed to lio fbrnitj on the sit til , or
simillar p,1 luel~lc. as ill niaturaln 0' u1'
gahlic &IIC'i lt \, mll- y tz ki1a 4)1 s'.att'i
S1); (/Cietr.s, i '1 coincui'tctl trotil the bIl(u1
I thecre'for' contteil!:tc that all tilt
landI if tit; iohc uitas at tlle Lilaci
overed with wa";ter. exepj t thait W hidi
wvas (misted wviith it'-ad :2. :at t iic
teasi 11in1, tOr si'y little''ir;a 'ill
si ietit;(,loi u::, exi,tetl iF'l,1 as il4~
WCe''C ytotitts i'% . At it hate ic: ilu,
ttl 1111 'sutiiu lantl beM'a:li to Cnlueir trouta
tiit Icean nti l th11 dat in the samue ratio,
t(,i'"s li';s, reCjtic's :111(; ii~ariils; anti
that afteU'r mny ci iultli a;'es and
genle rat ii in w hlln t he ail-' iiat glow vii
inl thlic'kn:, thi2liiihi: the ~tente il
tht'iCl,)\' icet dj ry the :.lil(:t*e i'I Cull
tii1C'Ot:. t IjI:i htll 'main, auiici his ai;:r)
tol Ntx IX \ Whai't is tihte Cause of
the Ilt'21o1i1t 1.02 of t! e Auor,a l;,re
aiis ?
A ssw FOl. ; C( 'r-ie tii ticIhe t v'(
irouti1eil iln s('5eiri2 paIet;:iginls int till
coiiuise f, thlis ti'tij-e. tily rt is nui :iri
at tile iots!.', of tlan t ttli in2 as mullch at
the sill 4(' :tuL I tthineiit:Iler'.. 'I"l i r,1
:tt~'ttill' to ii' 5:111, -iii:ters adiv:uuiCCil,
I uiteropilitet: ierelirI', thti t htit:
theret. is notingi to strcen tie lighit
andli loat. of' tien' 12. (as I thieorize is
the case at tint I 'oles) the .!:
112141. at the st':i'tti %%s hen tihe sunl
rises ighest oii thet lvrge of the 1i)(
i;ti' 11411.iii~ is vs'tlly' 2uio: iillcusc'.
the gilbe ; 81131 lieiie tihe iiieil'iui ll
,f' the :Illi il t utrc'ahi; MIe' te :12ti:S'a
209 and 211. Kili-srcct cornerrof Mar
ket Street,
J sr ; iIvl, tt :lulil \7elvert...
( I ' lA IN : U1A'1'E I A. 1.5, ill Sill;, Satin,
(;I I'' 'N CA 3MB:Ilc~aw 1111 :IiJi.iNS, in
I II HI 1')11III: I) I.AE' 1; andl MSIN
CI. I A\INS.tail *.v0!...
(:11 I ('()I1.NIaE85., ll lm i. '-r l" !f l'i.
I VER I lY CO(RD-,I;) :aia Bf;lA. R01ES,
iiIRlI 'IsiI tatd AMERF1ICAN FLUOR 01f1.
X1.1 '.l c. Ii! (:I l: I' STIAIR 1 C)I)S nodt
~ n~.,vii~v:'i, anid AX )IINS'ER:
f' .: N IA'I'I0.N 1\ i t, ,'N S-Il 1, A \.
I -I It I ht. IL 1 \N EA' H i( S , Sill 1t' I Nt i S,
I l,,I i > I I M~lAn:riaa ('Or'1'(N FLAT.N -
M .. , I'r- ii ia ll hilut -wI(.' "so
VIIk11: 6~:s Fruit Cloth38 . E . St U N-~rr
I I~''I ,(:trI'I I: an 1'a i : aa
.(I,,1 'r I.' (:..!:
1. i II) -'- t' 1.a( )' 'I:, i al h .t.o
\ii1:," all i. I I'I'f1l~tL"
%%I" l~ A- 1111.A :0,I 'r
i : I is'1 l w :1' .r~. 1! tla h-I :l13'ad
\!I Is I I1 I. Ia II\.
C Ii' t 11111 %I-- \ :- , .\1.1'.1C a t li l ":, l 11O It \
:\ I:. i. . l 'C ,ra.. ti ~ Gre a I iait
au~~l,"!i Ir" lil (1 " I('! 1' I.it I:'1' INrr.
t~~~~ ~ ~ .trl t,:,t.C.1. I :. 11 f
It .r ., . ,:I.. a t ;I ': ": \ "i I . aII tt-.a-1 '~ t 11aa Iaa
AI '(' I .I.I:
Ta .n;waront Painsndv
a. *-'3 c,
Clii ci * a., a* I i; 3 l TT'. ta~
I' II'l.\' ;1
.1 z I.V at . (1, .1..1~ N/) J) 1:r
II"" i LN ." \N
Boots &Shoes,
1 97 leI i c k ( , (is') a St 1. c /
(.(;oJAJ11I1I, S. ('.
HT GAS :t S 1)n IsNr LCI(RS )+l~ iNyrc
in;f*t1 p!i roprlliet!Yof r i
( CJJAf.11 I U oos111)SI,' Q NfI , I:4." 1 Iis
LIV1IOI 8forIiiI.INI) r". .f1
Ma1.rdi 1l .5 )1y.
c"1 ! , pN S' 'Q 1V. . C.
A ) , lP i is V.
117101.E '''.V U.; :1 .XI') 1. '. I,
'1' iO ll 1;:11' f 1 ':1I1 :'1',L
1 Iv.~
An B, (.I1ON,
M !.u i;1'Lu. S. C.
i~iU/A'SI A' & 1-0 ' 1
1, A'.I 1A'S I \
N \ t-. (' i:.\ &. , ('ON .
('V.11. Ht /." JYIT
.'iI~~~irh I',1'f .
A. 111 , .Y BR i (il
In Equity---Sumter District.
:cAdi'rof -I III I,f,.
Lcu.aarei Wite, It
VS. S F. .. & U. Mese
''lb. ereteiiors of thet late tr. Jii sit' r I~t V N
tio the nhlowi; niamtiel I.iGtitiuant, ewe'ti~til fill
ihe '25ih dlay oif .July A. I). 1 812. :re lierebly nio
tiedct thatd, by nau oriler ill I bt abeeg. tted
cama.e', they aire retitiireil toe esitlblishe ti,"
adttiief ore ile, ( itniiiissioflher its loiity fir
Shutiter I )i:'trjat afioresaidl, ona or before the
(jr.? .day of' May Iaewl.
I also give notic that. I will unitil the
taiel fir-1 daly (of Mieay nett, rec-ivi.' piroposa~fli for
the Talc oi ac pear ill' hit rea:l esiae coiniveyedl by
th! r: asvigiIaciI it, lyinig peartly if aot !wholly
in thu coerpoeraute liariltt of iiiitervjll., houeder~v~
lay hciiilce of I )r. .1. C. ILt I.vstwiaor , W. JL.
iiit;:;.r";'1'. .1. (:0 if Aiand re. C. Ilos
,.K ii*. :uiiel by t he new ruoad riiiaiiig front Sutei.
t, rw ils ito the Iter mgill ofT1. J. ( (e;iLA N &t
(Ca., e~eo-upp ed to conin albout onie hundaired anti
tidly acresi.
We. f'. 11. llAYVNS1\ofl'lr,
Coesitionr in lEr iiitv S. I).
JDec. 2i. 1.513. 9J tf
'I'111: siioe-rala're livineg estabelised them
i lt*'' .I ! lie tuiiil V~iepolitet ,. .1Mse& Storie,
r'.-r'.rt till' ;.'!twit. the ;it'tinta(f their frieinds
noide tie' iitode Ill lir i well re-aftl sleekl.
'I heir :a-uvriaiieit coatlri0C. illilafut' usiially
l~"it, (.e re/eljie.- Iie,eeiire) :11111 wil hie coiil-t i;.tly
rje!etiidba, :tcool i e...eI ofi out as kitve rtle
tiln- a:i aire tiezz; a. :tit' tt Itroi.
Thei.e lirel Co-i~a 'in a to fnolows :
;.:,'lies' (oillara, (CliiisTJle, anid !inter'
Iit,-.' Ile in i"t 'i In in.e-r iote,
It Cu ii1 col Cyt tci:-.lj-ieq*
hA irt f(o' l l et i ezerv mit (:!,ses ., Crixtfi I
andit S~ie l:'" 11l0
Alt!!ll 4l% 0f fete!i'' ceel I)eeciiseie"s.
(:1Z O(.i: I :-1 l, Ila isl-uire. l leiflien are,
(: le r ri. .ind Iflli .!eIit;I'.. lafoils,
('Ii ri l'ihioj.e ad 1'.1,-.:. (ariamee 'aiiim
( *reii~ery ande (!a:: !tare, SadIle-ny amt
'l I) I., W.1a-3 iV''3JN & CO.
11. \'.. (:u s < ':
l'eletry 1-e 1f
Lumber and W'ood.
i1 l E ti!.-inri!,er. "in"isiz, .tuta if Ie
i~il!y irile t-o i!,"" Jeecleie, tdeat the-v' airs Ire.l
J~r,,l tee fec ii-i 1izi- 1 .10)~t~'a ile-ceerileiomt .1,1
t11e' -It"ririe ni11."..
Ibi iltc -ea".eI 1Lte-een arc-I la-noe, fl--vang ii.-.
liver iiipenrelic , 55t' lief d-.re--I. 'I'ti's 1i:1%,a
al:ir:eeiincriii: y ..t prnti.- t ).tk fiiielI li~littt, c-:
aIli- Is tlcey rani iLlis cr toe eei..ietai-is 1.11 aticn
'I. txc:-- .\ r.":I-iereael! 1 ado~ieiote iii fail cree-ec
icor c:I !i. or 0ilirwt, nol- t\ill be l:ilenlt e':
-e~e-:.re tilleil.
.......".Vii vej i!1d It., "):--d ti eCivte alji.~ze
lti t ic-ere alt !atoll;Veia ii.. l I ti '~rle;..
(( Ii:l. %S, 1)It ON, Ac. Cio.
Suonrillell,Jan~. I .-'aI. 12 tif
Look Up Street,t
e-t!C.-t ;ittl 1:11. ilto it, Iil~ k teiI'.- oft g)ct
lricfio~l -. .ir;- It? rc'c-eih. d Cst 1'ir-, and
!'!stye ltit tltiieie. to l:t-ir eon.' rre :c;111 .!.eefire~l.
t1. C. is i':-.'ivtetI thaet his I liWI( Shadll tel
hri ('X(C;!i t!' 10til' ic-tiso itl the dittozoer.
/.c slirtfiul tnieon! lis t talei, tvee'el a,;.,!.ei" . i
l;ieT:e cbs-. 'hiil, It?t1 i1re :111 11 i t iciC rik r,
:tal slc:ill hir keejat s.)e. (ive 11111i a 1ic i
oii. 11 ( -74 i
I E;tuct:il d;ii tiell'ory.
.1 A 31 4 1'I. A 3P113I O~ . still cn1nt iiinw~ to
r irry fo i tn l).n, , Ilinsjne ill all its~ 'urinoo
l,~n tin] ni-, :trod t:a1"" ill g tlnug'tlnorl nof r'tnnrojitn'
Jiutn l.l'r ton his lri''nnnl l6r thetir lih*~'al Jaiuron.
aiettnd I11"135 by t~lon' ;n ailti'i In lnitlf'stn If,
(IEIS tnzdn u, oirdnr ti' warrantedn for twt~'lvt
mtnoths. II' nincy t.'lnnt!I fai iin tht tiro(, it
Joinit (fit wurkinatnlzip, or in:tt''ri:uI. t hey wilhl het
rnejite free'n of l' tnrgc'. ;le deem iis it snnunvn*
isetry to sany tinyilainnt iii regazrdi to lihe neat
wvill slhtw for it:i. (': Il fin hill) :t1 Ililjsn
till(' aind h", will give as goodl trg.itns as can~
he hado ill 4 *i:rit' tnnnI
I le~ tnin ilni's jlniogh-.wonrk t. shnort notjr't.
I Ior.c-sh'lo itg Bnt: flit junt'thtnt's i d mii tetli
ant tit 51) all rolledi. I lki termnn fir tit-w horl{
twill he. to suijt jntrn tan'rt.-- Vic I innteret,'' at.
wa.t s.
Ilishtnltville, S. C.., .lingt 19t11, ISS I 12-Ci
AT Tli~Z OLD S FA\I) OFI S & J. UuLItiL1:I
CO~~~~tIi line th A it/AG
st~and-Nn,'. 3:) anti 41I) 1r'ntworiln~stu'ct
(. ht rlcai n:t'...'ivitrc t lwtv will ho jdc'iri'd If
cxlilnhit Inn tltnir olid (rich(;l. ari ctt ttt
;t Very CN[tat it 'itot~ '.1 \di itdes, tutu.
plritirq ttL'Ihose of their own tma n h':t ur.
t(i^not~ner tiI lt Vottju oflter stl+o'; im.'talIV
Z:'nt I in tisi Ma,:rket. 'i'lretr lItzi ;nerjnairt.
itt-c w'ith, this t mnrh'l as fit;Liltt!::nt3'mrcr
itttltt''mc:1it to inucttct'er bth ill :)ty1c
andti reiA
Cabinet Warerooiu,
'J.FX t ths1n~~. 1 o ilfrmnA1w 'iti",
r'U.-. .," th., 'r;''r ii novt (;arks Ito"
It'l. Ili. E l:~~ (A ItINI'El
\\A 1l& I ) b1, it le're ha twill ket';i for 'al.',
nr':h t till stulh fntrnitmrn as" 'tntn, iunier till.
Idt'3::trtltttu 01l Irk tr.ih';:t' i trill foirmh fit
1a. ho n:.tn y ;tn. plint ('ofhina futrnishend iiitll
''1ti ulany.
Fall Goods! 'Fall Goods
1 1 ''l.EI l i'n'~'tttlld rn's ""iitrnilly
it1nrtt till ir Iri'uii- ati tli."''linj tteunr:tltv,
thtat thy ha.' l itt rnctcinj a I:'tt' atIJ ii'ti 'it
fi't it:'w" '-t" pit 'iiaw . l, oif 1. 11lmlm
i"" !v I. ai'- ..l . ho "s'- of "t" t! "ua r ni".u tesr
A lot of C 'litIlCi Sl:i::1uS.
DIAtL.E- 11
No. GU 1- l:ht t-lty, Ojpein~t. 1'. &5 31. Biank~,
CIA RI.15'lC)N, S. C.
't')'ttl t ofI'llt .nnttt ( On rt i ii : kite-:, W ittiluiv
I .1-isit In "'.I'Stiitsc 'I'll ian.'. e
Cain- i trit .:ts. 'l tlloi, (; ritnhisttottnns. I'tr
ta ( 'p in JI'u.3* 5 ('11101t14t( i l itti t "
IfL0.If(rE'S BA UI DE VIE," or Jialsa.n of
.11e c', a fter a trial of upwards of twenty years
nI a ;r-'t variety of cases, confidently ol1i-red to
Ito: pulblb, --peciatlly to thosei afflicted with the
miost distressiug coinplint, as a sure and speedy
relief for their rut:eringi.
]lead the following certificate,,. They are
from gentlenemo of high standing and residing
in your :nmediate vicinit'. They are but one
or t t icoflthe mnany in our posses.sion all extoll
ins, the he:lng virtues of this, (to use the words.
of a grateful Dispeptic who was cured by its
use) moet precious compound.
Certiictc jron the Rev. Ilatruell Spain.
- bustren vrr.r.r:,- S. C. Jan. 13th 1853.
Mr. Unt.ts. DEt.OnsME.
Dear Sir: --.a't Spring I used two Fmall hot
tlie of your Halsam of Life; und experienced)
iti-h benelit. I took it two or three times dii
ly, a teaspoonful at a dose ini a wine glass of
It aewd on my liver, and imparted a healthy
tote to all ny digestive organs, relieing rne of
r/istrAr.ill /rcadeloche, and many other disagreea
ble r/1/eft/c ,symtons.
[signe-d] 1. SPAIN.
lxmt Sta:-l tak great pleasture in rccom.
rniedin; your "liaumo de Vi." which I have
ellern usel, and alreai/s with deided relief
when sniflering from attacks of Dyspepsia. At
rwce a stinu lant, tome and cathartic, I am sat
liai t i .prove eminently serviceable to all
who are n Ilirte:l with D)yspepsia. Its general
intro:hietion throughout the country will be a
publie benefit.
To keep a supply constantly on hand, which
I .woul not esch:coe for all the Anti-dyspep.
tic noe-truts frorn Maine.- to Texas.
Your- reispectfully,
l'or sale by,
Mil.It & PRi'TON, Wholesale Agents
Stutitrville, S. C.
A lso for ale by Dr. W. Jas. D: noA. & Co.
awl Iter.& 'lntto'sjo, Sumcrville, S. C.
lfiue. ro & Si sc:-t n, lii'hiopville, S. C.
oMember J, I33 2 if
Business Card.
Coullin Juctors and General Cozmmis
Sion Mferl chants.
P McLAIJItN, Esq.. will give per
t Sotal and Special attentin to the in
terests and orders of his friends in this
:ate and the aeljoininTg Counties of North
(arolina, who tmay favor these IIouses
wit il their p:tronag. Ctnsitunents of
prod tie to the 4 linse in New York, either
bv way of Ci:irleslon. Georgetown, or
W'ihniington, will be covered by insurance,
if notive of the shipmient he promptly giv
May- 3, 1S-33 g7 t
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thank.n for past favours the subscriber wish
es to inform the public that he still nanufac.
tires Cottm IGin, at his establishment in State
luara. on thee most improved awl approved plan.
I b hueih hiie thinks that the cotton giuned on one
of t-h.,u g ins of the late improvement is worth
at le-n i a quarter of a rent more than the cot
tort ginned on ihe ordinary gin. IHe also mhan
ulaturs thein oil the most siimple' constrictioll,
of the tie-st finish atl of the best materials ; to
wit, Steel Saws tail Steel Plattel Ribs Case
iarined whih he trill sell for $2 per Saw.
I re also repairs chd gits and puts then in com
plte order at the shartest notice. All orders for
Gins will be promptly and punctually attended
-.tatu, Sutiter Dist, S. C. -eb 17.-- 26
Veterinary Surgeon.
ROUE~fRT W.. ANI)REWVs notifies the
citizenss of this, ani the adjontaing Dlirtricts,
that he. has remoive-d his Stabiles ne-ar the Die
1-"i of thet W. & M - R. Rtoil. whe-re hei is' ready
at all timest to tak e charge of dliseased Hoirses
for a moe-rate ebiarge ;in aill cases where thtere
s no0 enlre nio payv w-ill lie expected. Ie also
ctmuesiitt' to take Pa renge.rs to enid from the
I itipt, vm.il expecits shortly to rece-ivo a New
Ummiihus- f or that purpose- Goods he will haul
at the old rate of 10 cents per package, and
suolici: thet patronage of the public.
eb. 22, 1853 17-tf
Manlufact urer anid Detaler in
Carriages and Harness,
OF ev-ery' de'-ertion, Nos 12-1, Meet ing street,
andt~ :s3 Wenotworith street. next to the old stastd
of EilheiritsA& 'hain, Charleston, 8. C.
Ot ith, 1853. 51 I y
Negroes Bought and Sold,
Til umers~tad hs oene anoflice at No.
16~ tt Streeti, (harleston, wshere' he has on
hanid a nmniehi'r of IJK~FiX YOUNG NE
G R(O11S for sale from whichu hi i-an stipply tho
wa~nts of any of the communtliity. These .Ne
cries are puir-hattedi 'in hlarvfand, Virgittia,
Nrt indI ii, South Carolina. To his lot he is
coniitually receivitig ac-esions. Th'e highest
pirices puid at all timhes fotr niegroses.
J. M. E-. SfIA RPE,
16 State Street.
Chiarleston, Dec. 21, 1853. 8 ly
Law Notice.
Oflice next door to 3. B3. & R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
Mahrch 2 , 185i3 21-tf
For Cash, And -that only.
TIhe chteapest GROJCER IES Cver sld
in Su~mtnerville, catt be htad fromn GORDON
& CO., at Drt. Miellett's Old Stand.
St-gars or te fitnest qutality and( most ap
proved Brands in the world, together with
Presrvd Frttits of different kinds, Syrups,
Nts, &ce. A share of the public patron-.
nge i.s desired, providted it is accomtpanied
bty thec CASI I, bt not ofterwise.
Jutne 14ltlh, 1853 33-t f
thi omrstanid to thet one formerly octupied
by E. I). liltING il & CO., one door North of
F. flOY'S Jewelry Store, where they would
lie pleatsed to see their frieis and customers;
Oct 5., '853. -19 if
Comunission Merchant,.
PA liTICUIlAft attentions'aiven to the SALE~
or XillPME~lNTl of Naval lAtore-s andI Cotton,
tnId fier C 's-II ADVANCES made on Coti
i-iignmentts. -
D c. I-I, 103. 7 ly
All personstt htaving demndatl againstts
letate- of Mrs. lE. Consnors, Asncentiedcart
resquested to lhnnd thtem in proparly attest
innsnia~te paymen'tt lto
.Nos L253 -4 t*

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