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J. S. RICI IARI)SON, Jn. E.JIroas.
E4 " Persons twiiting to see us upon
lbusinetss connected with the Paper or Law,
tan find us at any hour during the day.
except from four to five in the afternoon,
at our oflice, just back of Sot.oatoxs' New
Store. All business connected wit hi the
paper inust be transacted with WrVt.r.ta
I.F.wis, Joan S. RICitnnsoN, jr., or It. C.
Loo AN. Mr. R. C. LoGaN, the Foreiman
of Banner 01icc, is our only authorised
Agent to receive money and give receipts
for the same, and may always be found at
the Banner OtIice. All letters addressed
to the Banner must be pre-paid to insure
Executive Department,
CL.AnrINDN, July 3, 151.
I am directed by his Excellency the
Governor to state, that in consegqttuce of
his illness the business of the Executive
Office has necessarily accumulated ; but
upon his restoration to health it will be
promptly despatched.
Private Secretary.
July 12,1e5. 37 1t
The weather.
The weather was very hot again last
week and on Sunday became almost unen
durable but on that evening we were blest
with a thunder storm and rain. The wind
blew very high and in some localities has
done damage to the growinig crops, which
planters will surely not grumble at, as it
leaves at all events a prospect of cooler
The New Capitol.
We regret much to learn, that the work
on the new State douse in Columbia has
been suspended, it is said on account of a
misunderstanding between the building
committee and architect ; but we much
fear, from what we can learn that it is ow
ing to some defect in the building, caused
perhaps by the construction of the first
story of 'I-e northern wing beflire the
Southern was begun, in which case it has
settled unevenly.
Death of Cona. R. S.
It is with extreme regret, that we learn
from the Charleston papers, th it Comman.
der Richard Shubrick Pinckney, of the
U. S. Navy, died at his residence in that
city on the morning of the 9th inst. in the
59tlh year of his age.
Commander R ichard Shubrick Pinckney
a the grandson of Mr. Rodger linery.
i3-"d ofxit under._t lritg .
.;t prior to the Ievolution, and awa a
Capt. Richard Shubrick, who commxanded
in the war of the Revolution, and served
at Fort Moultrie.
Thc OCaarlestoni Couunrier.
The first nuiber of this paper was is
sued ini Charleston on the 10th of January
1803; by A. S. WELLINGTON, for LonlNx
ANnU Ews. A copy of tdhe second inumber
published is before us, as we write, and
in comsparison with the last and handsomie
Jy impjroved issue speaks well for the
steady uiid continued enterprise of the
publishers, and the ability of editors, who
have made it the most rehiable coniisner
cial journal in the State. For interesting,
useful and genecral information it is also
iinsurp~assedl. We take pleasure in no
ticing every evidence of its deser:edl pros
1News of thec Week.
It is reported that the Czar, in reptly to
the sura~mous of Austria, has coniented to
evacuate the Prinxcipalties, and is already
withdrawing his forces from beyond thme
It is arranged that the Austrian troops
shall occupy the Principalities as the Ruis
sians leave. The oflicial reply of the Czar
to the Austrian note will not he sent until
the 2d ist. There is, linwever, little
doubt entertaiined of his dispositioii to
The report that the siege of Silistria had
been raised is fully confirmed.
Omnar IPahia at last accounts was ad.
vancing with his wvhole force to the Dani
ube. The Anglo-French forces were also
rapidly advancing.
Wee learn that the president of the N.
E. Rail Rtoad, Col. T1. P. Inuger, has con
tracted with Mr. W. M. Ihight for the
bridge work on that roadl. Mr. Ifight is
now about coimpjleting a similar contraict oin
the Nashville anud Chiatt-anooga Road, and
has had much experience ini his business.
The last Items from Etirope show, that
the Turks and allies are still successful.
The Turks, unassisted, liad driveni thme
Russians across the Danube and relieved
SilistriR; and the Emperor of Ruissia hiad
ordered Prince Paskiewitschi, who had
moved his head-qua rters from Kalarasch
to Jassy, in Moldavia, to return and take
Silistria at giny cost.
The defeat at Silistria of the Russians
was complete, and they lost three Gener
als. TIho Turks, also, it is said, lost Musx.
sa Pachia, the gallant commander of Silis
The allied force. wcre contemiplating
an attack uipon Sebiastopol, and the hea.vy
guns necessary for that purpose hiad air
The..Greek insurrection wvas entirely
The Circassians had again defeated
tho Russian.
The transport ship Europi, on her pas
sage from England to 'urkey, was burnt
on the 31st of May, on the Atlantic, at
about 201) miles from the English coast.
At the time she had on board sixty-two
dragoons and fifty-seven horses. Twenty
one persons are supposed to have perished.
W'e sea it stalt in some of our North
ern exchanges that the 1)einocratic ncn
bers of the U. ,S. Senate are talking seri
ously about havinr oinator Suinner ex
pelled, on account of his treasonable no
tion!. It would serve him right, and a
few examples of this kind would soon cure
this hydrophobia.
Eleven beds of coal have been discover
ed in Kentncky in the recent geological
exaninatiol of the State by )r. 1). 1).
Owen. ''he bed- vary from two to live
feet i width, and are in the south-western
part of the State
Mrs. 3lmary lohnston, who was a partici
pator in the scenes and strugles of the
Revolution in this State, anmd who has been
chronicled in Mrs. Ellet's memoirs of the
illustriuns women of that day, died at the I
residence of her son, J. G. .lohnston, in
Chester district, on the 31st May.
On Monday last, James G. Henning,
hIqr., was elected President of the llank
of Georgetown, in the place of 1)r. I. Mc.
Kay, Esqhr., resigned. Mr. Robert lI. Fra
ser, Cashier, and W. J. HIoward, Esqjilr.,
Late accounts have been received from
California, they are uinimportant.
Walker, the Filibustering Governor of
Sonora, had been arraigned and held to
bail in $:10,000. lis trial was fixed for
the :.I of August.
An earth;nake cecurred at Santa Barha
ra oil the 1:3"h.
The accion's from the mines are favor.
Oregon dates to the 10th of June state
that the Democrats have a majority in the
Legislature. The proposition for a State
Government had been defeated.
A Chica:go paper says that about 225
hogs, being half of a drove of .15t) head,
.:ied from tli excessive heat on Modby
last, whlo on the eastern branch of the
Illinois Central Railroad, between I'ern
and the .luaction.
Bs-osT, .huly 5.-The new Cathiole
Church at. Dorchester, in this State, was
blown op with gunpowder and abmost en
tirely le.troved vesterday. 'T'here is eon.
silerable excitemnent. Some acnse the
Know Neliio , anal they say the ainmbers
'f the church, had deposited powder and
a rim; there for the proter tion of the chureb.
ai that. the expluiiun n as accolentaf.
'lie Cholera is comiimittinti great ravages
i, th e Northern : 1 \'cstern citie-s.
Chbarleston is as y-1 (e ir':y exenlt from
its v:Sitliit i ~ - * - -
'The Know Ncioamy's aidi "t. 9 are
waingii war against. each other in New
York, Cincimnnati, hihoiielphia and Boston.
i'Tieir diis,mtes have beem thi cant-en of a
nuimiiber of nourders an-l ri'm and the~ spitit
of famatar inm i.s utnahatei.
rier, to have to annonne tie thle dear h on v\s
at is- re-sidece in thes c:?y, mi the 70th
year ori his *ig.
Mr. nvog;. haod been brugh ~t imp to the
lbar, but for the h ist 21) vin:s of his life.
wa s th S cratatry :iioi!~l.ibrairi:ei of the
Chlarlesten ib .hra ry Rocei ety. the ditties of
wthhi otlicies lie dlischa:rgved op to Iwo or
throe weeks prneviousi to his dleceasie withI
ogreit tidehity .tlhOusii, cheerfu', soeial
and1 ''e1up, r.ie. hie was en:hxnl walh unu
1-ii t:-iiy of hodly, andi I reservedl to the
last the enjoyiL'itt of all his faculties. hI
leaves ani agedl aut, two briothiers anida
Ilimie-a idese.mlanmts, w.ho. wvili .iing contennme
to) cheerishi his meimory, and the remien
brancioe of his intell gent'andi agireea.ble cot
Loo 'iO. mr.-- W e copy fruom t!:e New
herr t en-:titl-', the folhiewimg. "' A Meet -
ing~ of the' eta.ens of* the townvi waso bl
Iin~ the T hiepian 1llall, onm F-riday laist, wheni
resoluutioins weire priop oed anod adoptedi, tio
ejc from thle t'win two oonspicootns
chlaractersr. n~ lit, oiii circumistan:tial evi
dere, not .i'[lie'int, hiowever, to hive coni
viet- I l--im ini c-ort, yet convimi ini
emionghi, we pres:um:0, to soli w, at lea-;t,
thatt one of th-em was the iniceniiairv whio
attempjted ti tir th le town a wteek ago.
-.\conmie~eoftweiity-one was -
po)inted, whlo pirompttly- waited oni the
I h'ys ; enri ed thiemi to tihe cars, palidteir
I ate, anmd pila~edI them ituder thle protect ion
of two oft their tnbiler, to at tenJ thtemi ni
far as CXoumbia, fro w1 thenice they left,
we itndlerstaiid, ftr C ha rleston. Where
they aire niow, thle De)ivil only knows.''
Frnan .n Tmetry-p orL- .
A lab'orer eioployedl at the Fort Clarenic
I ron Work1 s. near .lddl-boro', fell truom
a lie-hi of forty feoet on some metal
phlite, and is s till al ive, notwvifthstoanding
that lhis skoll was severely fract itredl, one
eye k noicksutl out, the caops of both kntees
Isht in two, tine leg buelow the kntee broku
eni, anid the thigh above that broken ini two
p hicaes, his right attm broken, las abotulder
dislocatedh, his j owbone libroeti, a llarg'e
piece' eii out of his chieek. und m also seve
ral conttusionts on his holy.
NundeooI'rlan'd Iherald.
lHt who aidiimiisters nietdicime to the sad
heart ini the shape of wit and hitmor, is
most assnredlhy a good Samaritan. A
cheerful face is nearly as goodl for ani inva
lid as healthy water. To maike a sick man
think he is dlying, all Ithat is necessary is
to look halif idead yourself. Open, unres
trainied imerrimentu is a safety-valve to the
hietart timd dispoisioon. If overburdlened
with the noxious gases of care, pull the
string of wit, uth les the valve of fun, antd
unit go the tronbles and v-exation of life to
the four winds of heaven.-A Phtyicin.
Sinet.Aa Frr.-Mr. j.I). IMordecai
showed us yesterday a large fruit, perfect-1
13y formed1, oine sectioni of which was a
tctar-ine, the . rematinder beinig at p~each,
each portion . retaiing the peculiar color
The Railroad Convention at Charlotte
N. C., in reference to a connection with
Wihninton, on Tuesday the .1th inst., was
well attended, and much spirit and enthu
siasm) was exhibited. It was deteriinined
that tho road should be built, with or with
out aid from the State ; and there is but
little doubt but that the enterprise will
The Rev. 1)r. ''hornwell, now president
of the Sonth Carolina College, has been
recommended by the board of the 1'resby
terian TheologAl Seminary of Colnutbia
for the chair of Christian Theology in that
Institution, which has been lately vacated
by the Rev. I)r. Leland. It is thought,
that 1)r. Thornwell will accept, in which
case there will have to be an election for
the important lost of President of the
South Carolina College.
There has been a great revival in the
Baptist Church at Greenville. On Sun
day the .d. ins t t wenty three white persons
were baptised in Reedy River.
Flattering evidences of the existence of
Gold have been discovered on the planta.
Lion of Mr. Dagnell, residing in the upper
part of Laurens District and not far from
the Road to Greenville.
Judge O'Neall says that 10,000 persons
were presenit at the great mieeting of Sons
of Temperance in St. Johns, N. B.
Ile also says that he found the Nortt fir
more thoroughly abolitionized than he ever
dreamol of.
The Connecticut I egislature has passed I
resolutions nullifying the Fiugitive Slave
Law, and censuring Senator 'l'oney for
voting for the repeal of the Missouri com
A writer in the Mississippian proposes
to adopt hogsheads as a cover for cotton,
instead of bagging and rope.
Mr. Thomas Ritchie the venerable eli
or of the Washington Union and father of
the democratic Press died in Washington
on the :3d. inst.
Bo:h branches of Congress have finally
agreed to adjourn on the 4th of August
The wheat and oat crops of the uipper
Districts have been harvested and found
to have yielded most abundantly. The
wheat crops of tlt' \West is also aaid to be
very large.
There are now on the island of Cia
sixteen regimnrts of infantry, !ninbering
11,100 ment ; tv' of Cavalry, 1.60. anl o'
artillery 1, 29;-inab Iig a t1:.i of 17,20f;
oern ; ht fro:n these we inst deduct some
six thousand men who are either si:k in
the hospitals or have served out their time
so that rle actual efl'ective force is only
about I, men.
A party of twelve persons took occasion,
.44 .it of the 1llih ult.,to visit a
: -ave n Tin ihe village of Aount er
non, Wisconsin. Remindful of a former
accident, they took no lire into the cave,
with the except ofi . it a pipie iin the outh
of ai r. Joel Britts. Art explosion of .gases
was caus ed by the little tire conrtaiuned in
the pipe, ainl ninie of the twelve were 1:1l
led. Tihe ohersj were frigh umly nmangh-dn.
but would prob'y~' recover.
The udistinguishmed artist, MA.~u Son
-are~lae l by her ptrofession-d e txer -
tions ini tbis cioIunt ry, says~ the WVasingin
Srtar, thie all i of o ne huiind red thiousan:d
dollars, and she had alre 'dy purchis -
ed a handsom~ ebteani in Gernmiov.
where it was her int ention to. prmianient ly
re-unite her nanidy to herself. 11er aff'ec
tionate desigins will doubtless still be car
ried out in respc to them: but thait vote
whieb was evern sweeter andl ten ferer to
the hert-stone of hmomei iim in the bilI
lian hi all, will never miiingle w i the en
dearinig tone of the loved ones.
The 11th imore l'at r it states that thle
lRev, TIheomm~ore Parker is iiot recogiied as
a Christjiln minister by airy religions de
nominaition tin earthI. lie was onice chis -
sedl with iiheo Unitairianms, but theyv have
discarded lii ho atoget her, as not one in or
ont of New isnghmid will change putlpit~s
v ith him. Tie is- consideredh lhv a!! reli
giouis biodies as more of arn infidel thasn a
Chiristiant and ihis serimons :dl satvor of aimy
thing huot piety or e 'en decent nmoratliy.
't'bree of thiose suspected of bemng eni
gagedl ini the fi lhbiusteriing expeiditiona
agiiist Cuba;, and who were arrainred 0n
that chatrgc before Judige CampbjuellI of New
Orleanis, have been bounditt over ini time sumn
of three thiousaund dillars to answser, ini the
United Sitates Court. I'The parties aire
GenI. Quitmn, Mir. Thrasher arid Dr
A tcrrriblhe accideont occurred on the Sius
qutehan na ma ilroad in a few miles of [Balti
more on the -fth mnst. some twenty perons
were inista ntly hi lled. ten have since dlied
and man y others are too badly injuredl to
Th'le book: store of Air. W. I, Babcock
in Chiarleston was entered on TPhursday3
night and mobbed of somne $.10 anid a varie.
tv of valuables. Tlhe Couirier says, that
they have reason to believe, that thme city
is again, infested with a gang of hurglars.
At at public meeting helid ih Georgetown
on the I8t June, it was reso!ved to con
struct a cuanal from thie Samupit i iver to
the Santee and a commtittee appoiintedl
to mermorialise the Legislature for a char
RosloNs. .inne 5..---A tmeeting of six
hundredl abolitionists took place at F'ra
mninghamn, yesterday, Messrs. Garrinon
Phillips, and others, deliveredh speechtes
Garrison conclundinig his perfiormane by
burning the Constitution of the United
States and the Fugitive Slav'e Lav amidst
nnnlhos unn e o. f am..
Coresponterice of thie lannor. k.
Co.umuin%, July 10. vi
Celebratiot of Mew Fourth-Dr. Thorn
well's Aldress-'olitical lfatters_ at
Misc4lelCous, lews, &cC. &c. 0
IESss ED ITouls : The Fourth was
celebrate< with much enthusiasm in fr
our city. At an early hour in the
nnuIrIing, the '' Rillien "il' and " Gov
ernors Utards ' paraded, making as g
usual a the appearance, and marched 9
up and dIwn Richardson street, firing fi
andi goirI through various evolutions. si
lTht. mystrerions organization known
as the . . A," Captain " Tomi,''
ComInI Iadlllg, after partaking of a o
break fast anld toasting with L much e
spirit Qtmian and Cubta, fired salutes,
one for every State in the Union ex
cept Mas;avilmisctts and New Ilam1ir g
shire, and one or two for Cuba ! A e
rmn1or p1rIV:iled that the U. S. District
Attorney ':nttled arresting the whole
pa rty, as beinug " Fillibusters '' and
l;aHaving too great a regard for GJencral
Quitmian. Ilei would have his hands e
full, it he ttettpiited to arrest the "c C.
F. :A."
Ir,. Ti ii, rwelps.; addres, on the sub 11.
jct of' Tierance was listencd to by t
a large atil highly re(p1tectable audi
ence. )r. T. wrnt biteyond the Maile
Liuor L.-.v, :uid uemoanxt rated in aI
dal ar and sati.tdactory miann er. that a
State had the rigit nuot oaly of passing
a prohiitory law but of treating drunk
einiess as a crite and sulbieeting the
drunkard to a punishmielnt. We could
giv' firther oulines of his excel lent
remxiarks but expect his address to be f
pulished and read by every voter in
the State.
Ilot weather and politics form the
only genxeral subt:ect of colnversationi at
prescn t. ('and itlatei and theiir friends
are as busy Is bees. 'T'he isue will
be made on the Electoral question -
As it may be interesting to some of
your silu cribers to know how the can
didates are on that qluestionl, we annex
a statemnet:
For Ecc tion of T':!eetoirb the
people:-C. l. J. S. 1'rest'on, Senator
W. Ilaimpt'in, jr., Col. Wn. Maybin. 1
I clieopeentativCs.
Oipposed to sa:me:-Uen. .amns 11
AdaLs, Seiiator ; Coil. I). D. Fely.
Major W. Wallace, 1iepresentatiyes.
1knoan.-- ti s,rs. '1'. 1 Clark.n,
(':m1bi1l I. licy'e, Repr'esent:ativcs.
1 S.enator, 4 le preseontatives to be
The "SIth Caroliniau" is boldly
an Itear h . ' ;--eating the proposed
-in~ire. I 1. is on the oter
aidie. The will bI the rmost
violnt vercarriel1 on i:n ld Rich
As re'gards the l:nIow~ n'oth in in2$ i
Every i ~ nowoand tii-n we inid strange
hiii king~ ulsemni'its st iek up ~ in) the
peii "now*\ a days." "A\ tition Mui.
Thec woi kit up , thie .eo~ t .sIitclimt.
as you are :t ane, hadl 1been .-uspeindedl
fort sevl'i wee'.k~s ill, Ibe renewed to.
dlay under suipei~ion,.i of :\tlr. .llhn L.
e bt n.. a s at mn rmthe
par1ties tconiceire. in regar d to th ar.
anid oither umatters ':' nhieetedl thiereizth.
No one t ifilt I b-tt er t han aM r. lKay~
catn lbe t'otndi to superviseteeetn
of' such a moble e Jifice.
A weeting iif the talx-payinug cit ixons
oif Lihnahiiia. wiill beC iheld tihis morn ing'
to receivye the rep1ort, o James G.ib,
Esqr.. linginaeer of1 th~ Co lumbia and5(
ilazmurg ibtil lioad Survey. Otur
gZood peo lei shiouJ no11 t Ilet this gijidenu
oipport uni ty toi im:1prove the trade of
C'ohaia pass by) unpaitd.
Th'le heat stiil omtinued--thermtomf
eter' ranging f romn 0 to '.7 Deg'roeesi
the shade. d ust to tinzk of' it ! 11lave
comp Iass:.n on our letter's w ri ttenx at
such a tim !n
D r. Thioraiwel an Dr(1Is. 1l'alminer alre
spokeni of as P'rofessors in the Theolo
gical Sein iary at, this platce. If' they
arc unanlm~imiously elected they will, it
is said, se''re.
We were favored with a pleasant
cooling shiower of rinm on ye'sterds
even'Clillg. Your.;,
F~rom ni1 OJccasiona:sl Colrrtisolent.
.AIi.'oan lltoeisn,
-Kinugstree, July 4, 1851.
Mess Editors: After a trip of' sev-.
eral days durationl, with but~ short t
strlides each day, stojpping by3 the waly
OCcalsionaily, on the road leading't
kromi your15 beauitiful an1Ud imiipring
towni to) this pilac, I ami no0w pleasantly
si tuatecd, af ter a hot and fatigueing ride
of' several nt. iies, iln tile aibove menation.
ed hotel recei ving~ every attenitions thatr
can be' bestowed upon1 a guest, by the
mlO.st. womthyv landlord anud lady imangt
inable. 'tlhe latter mnakes it her study
to please in every. resplect, whilst be
bestir's hlimfself' to furishbi her with thle
asms necessary sot to do and ini which t
I mulst, say he is truly suce.sf'ul, for
coimideran hue season or' the. yvon, tey
I arrived here tQ day to xe present
the celebritiotf thePA~tiversary
American 'bide idejice ; there was
clte a large 'as$ 1tri4be' of persons
resent from all pets of tlhis and many
on the ieigh iing. Districts, not
ithstaudingi- the intense heat of the
ay, which readhed as-high as 100 de
reps at least ; and froi ily persor al
:,Iaintance with many present I re
and the assembly as composed of a
ir representation of the highly re
tectab.le.and.intelligent portion of the
uimmnunity ; and I ani happy to say
,nsidering the great crowd, that the
itire proceedings of the day passed
fl'with credit to all concerned and with
special credit to the Villiansburgh
avalry, a newly organized and hatid
)me corpse coninanded by Capt. C.
Vilson, who. were the principles . in
etting up the celebration and in main
lning order and decorum.
At the hour appointed for the cereino
iCs in honor of the day, to coinmenee
which I had tnarly fbrgotten to l-n
i~n) Air. l'reesley, a young lawyer of
rotnise, the Orator choisen for the i.
siTi together with the Iea(ler, Mr.
innbiiile. were escorted to the .tidges
eat in the Court I louse (w hich by the
ay is a poor excuse fur one) where,
Dier the readiig of the Dcal:iration, in
he preee of a cr wei 1d hous", comi
umed :ln1ost entirely of ladies, the
fall heing too small for the admissioni
f many gintle-eii, lie d-livered an
ratiin replete with knowledge and
atrioti -m. After the coticlusion of
hiveh all present were invited to
artake of a mnifgif(cently preparied
inier, whn it was dealpatehed to the
atisaet.ioni of aliti-lyspeptics a.d the
rnling of the regular toasts aid I:ii
iog in of the volunteers, the candida t es
bir the Legislature were called for, who
aressed them,-elves, some at great
ength,. explnatory of the views anda
ainiples in, referciee to the topics of
he day ; and as a matter of course.
irst on the list was the Electoral
I find in the eatalugue of interoga.
ories propounded to candidaes here.
hey have one that you in yiour s-c.
ion, I 511p Se have not thoiglit of, :a;d
me which pr rhaps had better he it
done. It is in sub stance as fillows:
'Shild the amual alpropriatio
nidie ifor the benefit of the S. (a. Cl
eige he eont'itd ?" Se'veral of the
andiidati s if el-eted will vite to with
told in future, any approp riation for
hat purpoe by the Ligislature, upon
he ground princmj.ily that the colledg.e
shouild support itself by other mean';
nnong the iumiber ia Cud. A. .1. Me
Knigiht. who spoke to-day at soie
ens th ; he was replied to by a young
11r. McCutcheen, a student or recent
rlduiate of th 'e 'lledige.
'T'his lalLce which a fe'w years since,
wore the iost dilapidated appearance
inaginaible, is now beginning to put
an quite a diii: 0e; d'wolling
hotsu'- nulm.. Lo,'s a;r, ieins'' r ted. 0'
recta"1i. hlte i ice of ts in' the ,
township and '-f iann in. the ic initv.
hias iinere'seid teii-fblh. as I wa infoirm.
Ld, in value wvitin a few yeair. ail
wh!ichi is attibuitale to thme faict ti-al
t N. E. it. ic., which is noiw beii.m
bmuilIt, wifll pass thirugh the village.
The crops~i in the dlist rict si far' as mz
tion, areli very .:ood', especia'ly crni
It i's al1 so thle case in the lower part o
S mter, w here I had the Idlea'urie o
p~assing oIver the pliniations of' severai
plau ers, and onie ini particular that of
Dr. S. W. Withcrspr'*m, who lias the.
miost. beauit ifual pro spects of nyibod
coirn i eveir saw.
Ilst I amo thrughi with my~ siiiec
md ter feanr of' taxInmg your psatien'ie
llespectfullyl y ours
icr the Ihouie~r.
M i;suis. Emri n~s :lin youri [palper o
lie 17tii ofi A! ay, is an at-idce over th<
signiatumre o'f " Wesleyt," whlichl an unai
ridiale abhsence fiana1 the District ail
the miiit piessinhg piroressioal engage
mi-nts siince myi return, has prCeente
tie fromii notici(ing earnlier i ; anid I hope
thie wvriter will accept of' this apology
lor my', taridi ness in repli'ing. nor at
ti ibute miy silence to a wanit of r'espect
to the wr'iiter, nior ai di.,posit iou on iii
>):rt toi wit hhtold my opinlions (hum
>i' liriugh they are') from the peopilc
shiich I desire to represent.
I ackinowi-,rige his right to initerro
;pte as well as the righit oif instruction,
mud will enideavor' to reply toi the vaLri
mis points of his article with ili c andor
iad perispecuity.
'To th~e first miost, proinlent, andl
nost)5 imniportaint itemi ini the comminuni
~ationi, (beiing ia local amatter) I mu tst
ayl) that I stsaid greatly inidebted to the
y riteri for mouch valuable in formiat ion
relative to I& -a.':.ts, disabilities aid
zieon v~einces, unider' whiech a lar'ge
>ort ion of the citizens of' Clarendon are
abor~iing. iFromi the peuliarity of my
oeat ion in the IDistrict, the ic fat of
hose evils are nowv brought, to mc
motice f'or the first time, therefore to thec
inestion " What, are yon preparecd to
ho for us ini ease of' yonr election ?"
'eply, that I stand ready anid willing,
io far' a~s imy ability goes to carry ont
he wants iand ut ishes of those wh'lo feel
he prlessiure of' those evils. ILet the pco
,il set, forth the nature aind extent, of
hirt dhisabsil ities and inceonveniiecies
v'ith the mode and mnannaer of red(ress
mad I stand ready to advocate and
opjport, the measure.
'['o thme fiirst ofi the miere initerr'ogato.
ites pr'opounded in behalf of the people,
"hether or' not I amt in faivor of' giving
he electioin of Electors of President
mdl Vice Presideit; of the United
tates to the people ?. .I answer that
have scen no argumenit in favor of
ithieir of the modes proposed, whiich
atisfies mny mind'f. th fle ncessit.y or
ven thn nronriety o' iho ).hag..-.
Whilst there are many grave and v
tuighty conaiderations which would in. v
duce ine to prefer the present mode of I'
conducting that election to tho general a
ticket, or the District system. I shall
not attempt to elaborate an argument,
in support of' mty position ; I could b
o(fer notiing new if' I did. The Journ. h
als of' our )istrict, and State hi ve <
teemed with theni for the past six
tionths and I suppose every -oter to I
be finniliar with the subject. The dif.
ficulties of our present system enn be
ea-ily remedied by a simple tuode of
legislation ; changing the time -of
meeting of the legislature oi every
Iburtht year and thuos obviat.ing the ne.
ee iity of an c' tr a session.
2. 1 fnIa not in lavor of dividing the
State into num:erous small Districts.
3rd and 4th. I ft ill fiavor of cur
reeling all abuses whether of Banking
Institut.ions, or Hail Road Companies;
whilst the law protects them in their
chattered rights, it should also punish
all Violations and abuses of those char.
ters and m1:ke then fully responsible
fur losses, injuries and delays.
5. 1 a1n in fCtvor of onr present Free
School systemi in the absence of a bet
ter. I would be g'ad if' aniy improve
inenit of our. present systemn. or of ally
new system which promised a greater
amount, of gool. A State could scarce
ly Ia visi her treasures too freely in
eIduc atiig the masses of her citizens.
Upon the virtue and intelligence of the
maesscs, d'peld the permanency of our
institutions, and the hope of t he future.
ti. I amu not d1ispose d to grumble at
taxes. evti the present high rates, pro
viih-d I was l:atisfied of the neceit '
ad lt' opritity of the oljects for. which
the taxei-s w ere il1'su.
7. It. is the uiv.er-al acclarn:tiun of
our peopile tlhat th - present mihitia sys.
temn needs reft'r:n:tio i, and I believe it
is true. The present system being
burdensome and oppressive to the
pottr, inct'nvcnient and troublesome to
the rieb, and unattended with corres.
penig :iantages to either. Any,
plan that would keep illp a tiilitary or
ganilzaticn and abate the burdens and
hardships of the pre-tint syste:mn would
i t ii y cordial approbation.
8. I at in favor (T diiini,hiing the
Cx;.et-es 'of litiga'iiot, when yout come
to t! e.tortion of Lawyers, I advise
y ou to make bargains becforeihand, or
the Lotrd deiver you.
. I admitre the viva voce mode of
It looks manly and independent.
ouis I espettuill y,
For the Sumter Balnr.
CotTee, as an article of the materia medi.
c.h, is a p'muli ir st imul s, whi:ch eclears tine
head and eye of motat ; it putt a chuck on
petrspi:ration, and oth i "ecretotry functions;
espnecIIly when such are too copious from
deltility, or bae assumed a coulgnative
character ; it puts to SilenCe the aud:,eious
abierag anud "ui.n ring of tht' gats''; it
itlrings up I he wnlr oete n: In a !.t'y, some.
wchat gendeIF:1111m ly '4 ;r :en 3
trlCill i hu t g a thet Sit ,5 . .iat ,tct ;t C t ;i.
t~p t rie o t di .a t t .d1 Curl to
ti;0'h nforn t . uSo'", .ntitraiet.
inn .he Itlti 1 lif'r t? eey b tid oliter.
wis giving general tonao toi tif1ityr Sy...
temt-anO exhibitionl of a portion of the
. lhs of the eyes, to a crtaiin extent,
wh i aidis beaty , fierceness, st-rllniess,
(andl waht al .) a chsica ext cpression to
tie couintenaince. Untlike altcohric jiquizds
it does lot makt ai'' itippat and~ h~i-tongrlud
*hiulltotn ofi thehi brroom and village tavern;
bult on t he other htand, a gr.-.ve ;amtl phllIO.
sopht~ie just .ee or sont'itor ;it bridiles tile
oqutacious 1 tngue, antd imakes its accents.
an~d itnte~ termoti iIhons ofi words, eleesr,
dw tmt I aigorican!, aristocraitie and musi
Int iot, it. is at drinik ttr ge.nt~lemn, he
is~ a drinkl for dlesperate ruffians, and1( staves,
aftetr hav~ ig been put to torture for crimes,
inn(111iesift antd rag:;ed biiazoons, and
IBeshtles bolditingt up free schtools every'
f ive tmties apart, thriougthoutt our repubhlic,
oiur wiseatt and 3il ph lthr'p~c mlent of state -
S 'toons andt L ychtutrgutses--l inal probab ili
ty', w.oashl dl) welt to ptrovide huger kettles
at all Our couiri t ue, villaiges, an.l cross
roads, andi let thetre he sent ini cotfee, by
t he shipi loads, and stored in ail tine rail
road depositories, ill order that the mtanniers
habilits, antd tio rals of our people may ripen
iinto more christfit retiinemetnt.
Tlhis tvt'uld do iniitely miore good titan
the tmam.htquor-laiw coubll even elie'rt, or
accotmphlih. 'lThe army, in all civilized
coulntries, save that of the Russians, draw
coiThe instead of' rm ; and thtere is not
watnting occulanr deminstraijon of its imo
prov'emenit ; antd it' the allhes flog Russia,
well tmay they exclanimt, "eth ctoffee, thou
ha~st heeni the god thtat watched ovcr us in
otur battle !"'
WVesiey, in his wide sweep, teuching
thec watuts, and exigencies of the state, said
not 01ne word (it is passintg strange) about
coil'e ; so, ill this place, I would most re
spiectfully initerogate the candidates of
o, C~rno anti Claremont, ats follows
1wittml: Will you, or will you ntot, if
elect m,, eX'rt your influtence in thte legis
la tu're ill otder to supply the country with
cotfee, abundttanidy. yeao, s'uperabutndantly ?
Gent letmen canditdatoes ! ifI y'ou but do this
mnuch, thne old womn aliino would pray
vou ito heaven, somtewhat erii your timeC,
they woulti d
I"-ieg a hair of yotu for memory.
Anad, dyitg, mention it within their wills;
ltcrienthin~ it, as a rich legacy,
tznto theijr isiue.
Coffe'e was first introduiced as a htrrge
into th-s country abot a cemnturiy ag.
'1'here are romte old and venerable men
al.d women now living who toll us that
they remember wheni it was dirank for the
nmost piart by rich turies anid tiabobs, and
that tutntlic's itn moderate circumsatances,
coiud not afllurd to drink coffee, only oni
Lord Byron says that he me't a greater
number oh real honest gentlemen, and chi
valrous, amotngst the Tiurks thtan amlongst
any other people, in the whole course of'
his travels torotugh lturopo and tihe east.
And indeed thne Turks know more about
making and drinking coffee,-than any3 oth
er nation.
"If''twere dono wheon 'tis donie,
'fThen 'twere well, it wverej done 'Quickly."'
This is perhiaps the best receipe for
miaking collihe,tand when parched and nmado
thius, in a hiurry, it i so gooid that it re
qires no tiugar. I do not thiinC that ithe
Turks got this receipe from Dr. WVifiamn
Shakespeare, yet still, 'tis on this wvise that
thev make it, nde wvihamme ..g!m..i it:t .
rhilhst. we it) this country, unacquainted
'tni the good qualities of coffee as a stimlu
mnt, chiefly to be attributed to our ignor
nce in making it-add milk and sugar
iereto with the absurd view of converting
stinulant into a nutriment. Now arc
sere is nothing nutritious in coffee it would
e better to drink our milk and sugar by
self. If our cofTee were made right, n
no would put sugar in it; therefore, what
uts might be baurded, that are now ex
ended to sugar !
In our ignorance too, of the proper ties
nd qualities of criFfee as a stinulous we
lo not drink it at the proper tite of day.
ght, is not the tina3 to drink it, unless
ve desiga to sit up and keel awake, like
sentinel, or a nurse at the bed side of the
,ick. Nor is it good for the morning meal
n as much as having slept all night, we
ire wide awake, and resusitated by sleep,
and at that hour, so it follows that the din
aer hour, is also, the cofi.e hour.
In the primal age of our republic, the
'Ifnmiontownians, Black-river-T'ackies and
Samy-Swampers, were ignorant of the
nocturnal god of malaria, and even if they
had not been, had not lir the most part,
the means of bilding, traied dwelling
htotuses, closely ceiled and glazed, for the
purpose of shutting him out, as they did
n the rich and haughty high-hills. The
result was that the latter slept morbidly,
and was startled all night by spectoru and
hobigoih!ias, (the result of rarefied and con
fined ar) and whenr morning carme, could
not open their eyes. and found it neces.
siry to take " tody in the morning,"
or coflee ere they could rise from
hed ; whereas, the pitey-woods folks,
in their open log cahhins, could - rise
with the lark, "Nature's great restorer"
having been sound and undisturbed; and
hence it is, they did not requirn "Toddy in
the rmorning, or coffee, to rouse them up.
And so it is even unto this day, the cus
tom prevails among the Republican Aris
tocracy, to drink coffee for breakfast; and
armorg ithe piney woods folks who have
grown rich and aristocratic in their turn
to drink it for dinner, the time, insooth
at which, it does us most good,-in as, -
mruch, ias in a state of sound nature, they
never learnt to fear the nocturnal god of
Santee Swanp-malaria.
So let us sleep with windows up,
And have no cofliee, when we sup,
So that we sleep sound, and wake,
Just at the hour of day.breaw,
Rest-.red so much, that ncvte a sinner,
WIll coffee need, till after dinner,
For, it we do not drink it then
I'm shure 'tis so with niost of me.
We'll lie and sleep, till Summer-flies
Suggest to ts 'tis time to rise.
For the Ianner.
To the People of S timter
..is Etrtict.
1ellor Citi:ens: More than a year ago
I put a notice im t'ie Sumter Banner saying
that I would not. he a candidate again for
:he otlice of Ordinary, arnd I also stated to
mwore thin one person, who had intention<i
of runnrtring for the ''tie', that I would not
run again; but I recollect th:t I then did rnot
state rmy reasons for thus declinmrng to o'i'cr
for the said oil! e, which I will now do. Up
to that time. (I mean the tiun- of ry last
electiotn) staine coin1:ants hadl been mrade
aga inst the customi of gving this office to
one man so long, it being profitatble on. ac
count of the de:relict estates administered
rvn by the Ordita:ry. This thing 1. heard
fr qaot'v anal cot erytrntly detero,"i"t 6
- ; tite follovitr egisature z'bpeorbd
the AvWhole dereiet law, and wit-h it went,
offeriras, all tihe ob~jecioniis to- (lir Iru~au
I oliditng tihe office a loing time, it being noto
riotus thait withorut thre admmitistration of
dierelict es.tates the nflice is ver'y lean.
Ilan pesos I ma~y sa:y hrundreds in the
District have reqiuested rme to offer aganin
arid theoy turthier said that they intended to
runa me again whether I consented or not,
arid I have til to thi:s time an-awered them
lhat I couldl not publlish aiyself as-a canidi
date (though the (idiouts features of tire de
relbct law hiad baeen repealed) bait yet if ehey
would run rme rind elect mec I woutd-serve to
the best of aiy ability. I have made this
statemrernt of hacts to avoidi furture- mistakes
andt misrepresenrtatins. It is trtue that I
have tis pr'esent year administered two
large estates btut nott as Ordinary or utnder
airy derelict hniw. I have acted na~ a pri
vare marn, arid trot ras Ordinary, in the
Court. of Corimio Pleas arid have givena
the arnal horid in such caises and threrefore
tire Ordinary's Office hats no more to do
with it than it has na ith openring the canal
ltetweenr the Atlantic antd 1acific Oceans.
I have stated the office to be not wvorth
murchr withiout thre derelict law, and here
follows about the average fees of it, there
are abouti tifeen Intestaties Estates annu
ally and ten Will cases thte average fees
of which are about ten dollars each,
say - - - 8250
4 Appoinrtmients of Grardian 12
2 Sales of land for Division 20
Copyitng papers, say - 20
making in all a little over three hundred
dholla a year. Frorm this amount deduct
tihe recordimg at 9i cents a copy sheet, and
it will leave about onre hundred and fifty
dhollars profit each year. If any perseon
doubts this statement Ire can be convinced
in five minutes of its correctness by exam
ination of the oflice. I say fellow citizens i'',
in conclursin, that if ever I recover from
rmy presenat wouand (which I think doubtful)
arid you think proper to elect me again
without myself having to come and run as
a canidante I shaoul d in sucha case feel.
bound to serve to the best of my power.
Wv. LE~WIs.
-f'" Wartchman is reqtuested to copy.
Dr. Guaysott's Improved FRetract of Yellow.
Dock and Sarrsapasriflua i a sure remedy for he
reditarry taints.
'IThousands of individhuals are cured with
grievous cormphaints which they inherit frona
their parenrts. Trhe rise oftthe Yellowa Dock anal
Sarsa,:ariLla wvill prevent all this, and save a.
vast amotet of misery rand manny valuable lives,
for it thoiroughly ezrls from thne system thre lan
lent taint, isich Is the seed of divsease, antI so.
takgs off the curs by whish tho sins orumisfor
tunes of the parernts are so elhen visited upon
ther innocent offsrpeing.
P'arenmts owie it to their chilreni to'guard thema
againrst the eflinct of maladies that may be comn
mnunicatd by docet, anti children of parenta
that have at tiny nina been effected with cop-.
sunmption, Sorofaii or syphilis,'owe it to them
selves to take precaution against the disease
being revived ini them, Gurysott's. Estract of
Yellowv Dock AntI Sarsapari laies a sure .anthi,
dote in such cases.
oee advertisement.
lIollow~ay's Pills, an Admirable Remedy .for
ther Crue of Baile, Indilgestion, and Ltrer Comr.
plints...'Themn nridow of ain Offier in thre E I.
C. Service residled marny years In Calicutt.,
where tier Laiver and stomachd hrad becomoso
dernangedl that she hadt imuch difficulty int di,
gesting any kind of food. Sher stitTured tliga
uncearuingly flrdm sick heaiduche, arnd lowness
of tapiriti, the resulh of a de bilitated constitution.
The medi cal aid 4helhad wva; of no awil; atord,
Iher friends gave up all taope -of her reoverg,
Iuntil shre- liad recoune toa jolloway's 'Pas,
which in about~ weeks reif M 0p
and nerfectu haalt -

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