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V(oc1. VIII.
Every Wednesday Mornaiuag
Lewis & Richardson,
TWo DOLLARS in ndvance, T wo Dollars
and Fifty Cents at the expiration of six months
or 'Three Dollars at the end of the year.
, No paper discontinnel until all arrearages
are er. i, unless at the option of the 'roprietor.
r Advertisements inserted at S EV-: Ni\'
FIVE- Cents per sqiuare, (l lines or less,) for
the first, and half that sum for each suhseqtuint
insertion, (Ollicial ativertisentents the sute
each tinm).
JI"The number of insertions to he iarked
n ai-t Ad tvertiseutments or they will be puhlishied
until ordered to be discontinied, anre charged
. V" ONE DOLI.At per square fora single
insertion. Quarterly and Monthly Advertiso
inents will be charged the omne. as a single in
sertion, and semi-monthly the same as new ones
Ourio ities of Sleep.
There are some curious incihents on
record of' sleeping and waking. In
Turkey, if a persona happens to falil a
sleep in Lth neighborhood of a poppy
field, and the wind blows over towards
him, he becomes gradia ly narcoticis
c:, and witlhl die if the country p cople,
who are well aequainted with the oir
cunstance, did not bring himi to the
nlext well!a s -treatj , ond cil ty pitch
er after pitcher on his thee anl body.
.br. Oppenheim, during his re-iaience
in Turkey, owed his life to this simiple
mnd ef~iencious treatment. Dr. Glraves,
from whom this anecdote is quoted,
also reports the case of a gentleman.
thirty years of age, who iron long conl
ilitued sleepiness, was redneed to a
bomplete living skeleton, unable to
-stand on his legs. It was partly ow
ing to disease, but chiefly to the use
fit mierctty and oiiiinm, until at last.
inable to pursue his business, Ie samk
into abject poverty and Woe. Dr.
Reid uetionttus .i iendu if .hi w ho.
whenever nythi g tcicured to diItres
.him, soon1 bLcameti drowtsy ruII fell
atsleep~i A tel low sI imb-int alM at -1
inhmng, tuponl be1ingi~ sutbleily V I
'unt..\jpe ted dleath of a near*icI rbireo,
tlhrew htimselfC ont his lbed, and nh!s
inlstantitconi~v. amiiids.t the latre ofC
hoon-day, sunik into) a pirlionril .h-di
lie-r. Anit lur person1, reain~ig aloudi
to) one1 of his deaie-t, friends st itched
on his death bemd, fell Iasleep, and, withI
thle hook still in his hoiol, wenit ont
readling ittter lncontsciouis ofC whnlt heIt
iras utteingI. A wo numzi at Ilenau tlt
slept seventeent or eighteen Ihours at
dhiy for fifiteen years. Anuolher is r
corded to hiave slepit onte fir Firty
days A num tweti ~y-live years oh
htge, at Timishbury , tear Bat Ih, o
slept, for a mon th, anid in two vearis hie
slept again for seventeen dlays. Dr.
thi-ee-buhmtts if lier lifo- in ,leep ; and
Da. El~liotson, whlo has colle< ted ae ter
al instainces ouf I his sort, gnt tes thle
case of a yoiug lady who slept for six
weeks anid recover-d. .llerodoutus, ini
"Mel pomene,"I alluides incereduIlotusly
to a r-ate of theL Sc tiants, or tartaris,
itn the extremle Noth, Itwho wvere repor.
ted to) sleepI six mo~thsIt of thle y eari.
Grav~s, '"collegre studlents, wen-tt to bed
iln perfec(t hea :lth the ntight pre(vioiis to
thleirt examitnation ; they slept sountdly;
the older ofte rase early ini the nmoint.
inig, andl left his younlger- brother iin
bed. sc' till asleep - he t emnainted~ so for
two hours tmore, having slept altogeth-i
er-fo ihr ore thant tetn hurs, whetn he
awoke itt a state ofeCOmplete inisanity."'
The same aathtor likewise rebates thte
ease of' a gentlemnatt who fell asleen
with his head restitng ott his htands, foi.
ded togthmer before oit the table, after
dininer. On awakenting, (one arm~t was
paralysed, anud remained parailytie to
the day of his dealth, wIhl fbi owed
not long alterwatrds. lThe celebrated
General Elliott, F'redetie the Great,
and John [Hunter, scldomr slept mtore
titan four or five hours in the twenty
fonr. Dr. Macnish tmentionts a lady,
in perfect htealth, whto never slept more
than three or four hours itt the~ twenty
fotutr, atnd thten only halIf att htotur at a
General Pichtegru, according to Sir
Gilbert Blante, htad only one hour
sleep in the same space of time for a
whtoie year. The venerable St. Au
gustine, of Hippo, ptrutdently dIi vidled
htis hours inito thiree pairts; eight he
devoted to sleep, eight to recreation,
-and eight to conv'erse with theo world.
Deoivjre slept twentty hours onut of
the twenty-four-. Qutitn, the celebrated
player, could at his pleasutre slumber
twenty-four hours in sueessiomn- ;and
Dr. llild could, when lie liked, take as
4 intich,fpIqa and as minch sleep as would
ae.r&'elh~n for a couple ofdays. Thteo
dbsius, falling asleep in the morning
watch of his -great bat tle, saw itt his
dreams an appmaritionl that assutred him
of a great Vietory over his desperate
foe Eugenius; antd theo issue of the
furthtcoming day verified, oir coincided
withr, iigstrange presenttimnent. The
Dp ,'son Af4-t un fortulnat- Loui a
XiV. J,.b dAecendanTh, ~voin
DT;' PItoI'RL'F.T~lS.
loathsomlc n(ook, with a hole in the wall,
through which his scantv rati'o s were
thrust, was killed by the want ofslcep.
11is feveri1h tenples were searcely
laid upon his patl let., when a stern
Voice pealed round the walls-Ciapet,
ou es eu d? (0s1'it , By a refiniemiient
of cruelty of this description, his due
tile and conaiditig spirit, diawn out to
tlhe last gasp, silently gave up tilie
ghi.'st, oin the 8th of June. in his 10th
year, 17.. The famous St. Dominic
11eveyr repo sed ecC'pt oin the floor, or
the hare board,, which served hime f'oih
a bed. St. lknavu'citurta, one of the
fir st 1F'ranciscans, 1iade use of a c on
mull stone of soime size, instead of' a
pillhw ; and St. Peter, of A imeanara,
slept but an hiour and a half in the
trenty -fiir hours, for forty years to
tlier, either knee.ing or stamding,
with his heal] haning aside, on a little
picee of wood it-,tened thr tiht that purpose
in the wall. i1e usually :Ite but on:ce
in three days ; yet he lived to he (lI
though hi- body was so attenuated and
weak that it, sectlied to be com'1lpisedi
of' rots of trees, and his s:in so parch
ed that it rs-wi ?bled the dry bark of a
tree, lather than flesh.
Pettojle ina;i1 Sleep in all s t-; of
postm-es. Aeeording to Mr. Wilkin
Son, the ancient. I'gy litians, w ho , as
slept witlh their h i'ac s h- re-stin;g tln al
iron piron, like that of a1 piilifhrk,
welt ed w ith saunething~r soft. Thlis; they
did liur the sal of Ileep'ing' their he1 i ' r
cul. which they suipposed '.treniithent
erl thiri w its. Th'll postilioln w\il%
SleeJp In h r.ieckti l{, and th :-entinel
at hi; lid-t. An citire battalion fi in
fanitry have heci ku Iai to .leep on C
the miar-ch. It is biliut. three r' ~ for'
i'lochk in t m t I t his r .
penity te sh'n i n ihe "-..st yerpow. t
'caerig- the inoinent seiz..d'tlr i n b
troops fiar d rivin in te \" ( v n i -
hute ots, in(d takin. the bionl by ial I I
to -. A.:i -. are- rp td. ut -
ulayin tie l'ai steirn l eiis r, w iI.
beo ie furoul i ila uin te
vidii. o e moaon. ti: - eih- wi-lihen
et ditiora tionIiii ray tf itI plarii
l~eiih ts: i v iii l t lh intoi lli r a ii.I
pti n t ; mi eai.t I the ln::.nel / .iiti .-- i
~ti her, Ice 'ainly .I i:i Ic criat er p:..ni e- li
hitloisase itring itee oth i n t
hrogte it'eier! ofith itnxo r I
uh.il~e t:>ir wh'g.tro ghiih
13 ut~~ stop i ecIp the ~ia lnta lo-c
tene ~'ieCdb Unim-i' ande-tv~ thrseii
ho pi-. bevn ing heoni]w -lep wall
lehese the rdeep of lie a h../.,er
inin01eggompmed hisndse weih
walking abu, rheehinu t- i in ac lo
athis r y of .\iirib .i t h iai
ieisghdes aco lus beet fii lorlInol
liewth er rond. hin ivorte1 y roihi.
gstureti; they tablk b~f~i tio t bel 'a. lie
hasn o his tu rnhee f thromi uc
walrks, ae wohdur iie daun Leteic-i'
scene, at~ gfirsti o hot when h e
hadli tus ia iea it out hte wionhis
brain, li w.\lt t ae is fle or is
eringm th Ith iiiino the aeoreup :in
vherse acaxery :ona!!:lir.ei fnay
:lla li abea silth learned iili)arhem
th, ideva wstirldfo tbii hiiitit fIved
ais bookas ati nupon booksa. iTih -v
witere his bed, hod, and woashi
sl aysdegtn ot 1ears in
wthe rst ofy atic in th use sai
h,is e aenturn beo the walhs, itf is
theone; onlce o g whih liegueof,
and thei therI teime tfih" aN t tof
eaus, iobyfore ifthe Graher louke
cgren modrator. 'ht Iet
altvin studingse.L alwy d
himorning at ho irsi fet; atU dto had
broug, Zfrom Wasrithr, and of~i wich
tod hin theo tabdle beoredmam the '
hw itho gig out; but, whe~in atged i
:rut, on his return he undressed ad
vent. to bed again to coitinue his
tudies. In his lIter years he dictated
is writings to secretaries. 111! rarely
(arrected anything. The sentences
ssuned coinplete frorn his mnouth. 11'
he felt his fheilit.y of comn position leav
ig him, he forthwith quitted his bed,
1ve up wiiting and coin posirg, aid
wez t ahiot his outdoor duties for (lays,
weeks and ruon this together. 13ut as
,t)('n as lie felt the inspiration fl upou
ini again, he went back to his bed,
ldul his secretary set to wor!: forth
I ousseau wrote his wortks early in
the n.1rning; I.e Sage at. midday;
Byront at liidnight; llardlonin rope at
ibur in the inoriiig, and wrote till late
it night.
A i htitle was ia trcimendis weorker;
Ie t'ok little sleep :alnd was colistalnt.
ly retrenching it. lie Id : a contriv
uLe by which lie awoke early, and to
twake was with him to coriiiinee
work. . )elost henes pIas~scd three
nonthis, in a cavern by the sca-sidle,
n laboring to overeorme the defectsi of
lis Vo ice. There he reLd, studiedl, aInd
1 abbelais cornposed his life of (ar
;aiitiia at lilhiy, in the comnpany of
i):uanI cirtina1ls, and ulldI ri the eves
1t the l hop of I'ri.s. Ia i 'rnta'ine
,xr"(te his fables cliefly laer the :iaile
ft irCe'. ani 1rneti ::s hv the side of
b'acine and 13b:ile:ii. I''aseal w rote
n -t (!f his - 1T~h' h ' on lit:le scrap~s
*t paper, at li hiv yroinnIuts. I'euel.
m wite his Telelna is iii the palace
>f V rsaillei, at the court of the (and
)niarqe, bel dischaging the duties
of tn'r to the ianphiin. That a book
i thu.ugii~hy de- ratic shoiilh ha:ve
-shedi fnitii such I sot:ice, and be writ
i!n 1y a pries:, :;ay seem surprising.
)e ie (l i rs f1't i"roinuhra. ted. his, no1tinn1
,I" universal freeom loin jersoin .lI
rale. and11 of throwing all taxes on the
:ntii-t he ge, rin perhaps, (if the Frentici
Solutilon: -in~ lie boudoi r of Mad
Itac'in kielt downyi blfrei coii.
ii ~e l wt I ithlout fir-,t declaiing ' r
liRne tune ait the topj oif his voicie. mid
husi- r ulin th is nervous1 systin to its
idliu t '-tit vI~.
I :t w ring and~ ieditat ion. Tit
wasu the s.crt orI his jroligiout Ku,wvl.
:n.ely wenit toi bied till after ruidnigi.t.
'onwanwit'. he wastt mo~thlesI withou
peiii his iien ti wierel he epteb
iidht :i. - wrote( by day.u il as
ih-er in is ighit le wich prie vnted
Iiiiu walkig bo. eiven el be wite:
NiTt iiths I lthe ivory ae
>rough lt diretly to the Iniited States
-ilnws rim %mohar11, ini A fica. Iio lihe
,iirt af.alemci. It Im iLs beeii !oiijectuiired
lid. Ivenaily I thle supfply wouldii be
-topped(, 'In :veiut.i ofi the- es'tim tionl
if thet!I <lephOmt, buut this, we ar'e in
brmedl2 byit ti'Si lconiver!S~imt wIith I li
-ubjeijct, i-.ii noti ihbable, large iquaniti
ies bing iniiughit finirn the mws.x
dared~u inlteiortu of A\frica by~ thie trakder-.
mi the cosast.- of wihich a partL is ob.
ained iiromt animiials wi'ho have dhied
.au~l;te (elphat beiing too) hlrge
;aiie to lie seriouislv affletedl hv the
iwaltitimsci of aas.*Tedlrcn
ie toithtl ut heri it is tatkeni fromi a
itshIly la~ini antiinnd~ ir nt. Some ofi ii
htom, baokeii and inutilate I, give
*vatlene of deadly enicoun'er LsI tir
iiigle*., wthile othiers are ginawied~ lby
\fricaii raits probbly~' fi the teetI:
narttks arie largeL and d. teep incisions. -
lie Eniglishi traIderS, ow~ting I o thir
iipeiior facilitils, have the mitoopolv
if the marnket ini Iiidia aiid in Africa2,
ui l he eboiuiceet articles canl nil y bie
lii pice it varies fromi 75. to $81.75
er. Illn, liett, whiliei are the extremes12
lve yearis piast, ow'inig to its extended
hproprolen LO pu1ri poses of arlt and
usuriuy, it, ha:s iincreasedl t wenity perF
eut, in colst, mlII greatt econom~iy is
elhplsite to work up the scraps iandt
hiinyis to adtvanitage, as its curved
brmli will nolt, aidmiit of straighlteingii,
rit hout d(estroin g thle teCxtulre, whiichi
r-oid lbe fatal toi its uiseful ness and
wtyif~. Nolthing, however, is per
iiit ted to go to waste. Thle refuse is
a:refully enleiened, and1, whieii carefuillyi
roun~id tuponl a mai~rble slaib, yields a
et, bhck velvety puigmen~'t, used lby
rtists to paint Untcle l'omns, broadeotjh
:onts, aid ether mai;tters requiingit a
imrticularly jetty hiuo. Next to the
jinese~, the Geranls excel in ivory
he' beautifully dn bolithod'umbrella,
nid c'anoq kno~ubow tnn ma b7 t .
"Co -an4 out , at
111LLE J, s. O., J UL1
iiiese, aecoidint to the amount tf
walk lavished up oni then range in
Price fromt three to ten dollars each."
'i'e Boy who Kept lilt
P uurpo'e.
''I would not. I- ,: Irian,' said
George \Va rd to a liwe, stood by,
while he put tht du ne had jist
bought iii his pl
" You have l. Ii . call me
mean,'' re lied I :- I:. I'orter, "be
('ause I doln'L: i1 nuOney for
" You n'Vel :ipend it t-r any tliag,"'
conltiniued Georulge taun11tinly.
It wVas true. I euen (id not spenl
his iuoney. 1) you suipposc it was
becaulhe lie rived it niiore "han other
boys do
1ieublen turned slowly away, medi.
tating upon what haI ccoied. "I
will not care for what (Goine think.:s"
he at, lengt th said t o hii se Ii, "I have
four dollars no"w, and when I have .old
iiny cabibiges, I shall Hare :miether dil
la r. 1 shall soum hIe. c "uuy/h,' nd
his heart bounded jI filI , his step
recovered its ela'tiuiy, and his pace
quickeied- as the plea'ant. thought re
moved the sting (he. accusation of
mehatmess had inllieted on his selisitive
Zpis. " Enouiigh "' did nolt meca": ;i;
saine with lieuhn, as with grown ieo
p1li. It. had a liiit. Ie hastenet
cheeif I lly hiue, or to the plae he
called homne. I Ie had no it her or
nintCher there, b~ut kited and to vinl!
friends im their stead. Mr. J'orter
had died two years before, leaving a
wife and)( fou1r ehildren wi hout- proper
t tyo sIsain tem. I euen was the
eles-t, he was old enough to a-sist iii
the :i btu9rs of a farm, i. was Itiought
bcst he silul i leave iis'iciother. Mr.
Johnson, a ueighb.r, took hinm into his
taiill', where lie so'n Lecaun a
T: er ' w nit a
re.i r I : :. i l... 1 li 6a w :t
midl she nlever gaive hin an :1 lranig., or'
reorn13, insten.l of ent irr it. I 'e rbmjs
his .'ste:, at hunie, Iir dlear little lro
ther linnv. coild till what hleediune. of
lis I rat ier. :i ieix, 'i huli was (quite
hiea vy with Iiuoney3C. Shie .1d not bie
ileiie lhe hot lbon.tht si) :3aa3 las a fish1
ly. If hie shuoul g lit i ill this wiay hie
wiill growi upl tio be a raiser. Air.
.IitlinSonI slijileud :t his ui ih- a -st
is5., an1d remarkedi.. that w i -itche an
exa.i~ile ilgenl-n si y a1- itltib ijaid
be~t.lv t) ltlC 1111he hb a n ic idngo.
En inl the fault ,lhe tiearl. -It in.t hie
hias his i3 wayV to ina:d.e iin lif'. jlec
er. lind 'isteris. hten. ut: i ta'e his aji'.
in \nai .-s ways lie ;;hei a'ided tj
his stile, Whien thle snw~v ('aine, h
a lieiglhbor. thit. shec s'k edl11 if e uiiighit
b~e allowedl to iinake paths foir tier, lie
hi-s c.\lia u 113k. and3 was we!l paiid f,,
his elirt.--Tihe lioNx g.-w hiear-er
there inust he a is-tak. aliiiit it; but
the inl.. ' said he wias di rectedl at the
ilrter. wet iiiiiediately ti) i.ail
abou lit it. anid ui lit wias her Siuri'Iise (ol
uili ihter SNln had been thle ieias
eri. Itow (couihl lie paly for 'a whol~le
ba: retl ot tIliur ? "TheIo. lInnev ,"' said
I it, ' Ill in1sinal bits, wIhich tiook mie
at. irs. .Johnilsonl's, and rela td ha l
had IOCcuJrred. Ieueniil wondiered whya
she1 woiuld bt happy:1 J. I iv as surei the
wa-'. ite had11 bleen thinking two vecars
ot t.:lmt ba're If flou11r, and1( now~i le 6-'lt
more like lautghling than cryIig. 'lTose
teals, nob1k:lely, ar~e lt tems11 of slor
row)h, but I ofI d1cieslt flIlest jt y. yoUl
are moreII' than1 reid.1 iihfr yourI se.lf-die
wlihih you nirked out as righlt. YouIl
have borne meiekly ihe chreofma
ness, so galbtlig toiyou geerlus spirit
and nowhi you rUeceive youra rewvad.
You f C l3 are happ,lI and s i your mlot her,
Th'lat inighit, Mr. Johnl~son remar ked
to his wife, asi they sa, t,'gethebliCe
the ehlerfjl fire, that h that somle
educatinig ~ him."A bo uhi1 could
ihrmr siuch a purp'ose, and keep it, ui ill,
it altl proibalh imake a useful ma').'
AMor yeh p rovl the wrreethes
ofthir bai$ Rtaa is .b .
19, iS54.
Ian of intelligence and wealth. l ie
is onet wttm the world delights to blon
or; but amotig hi? pleasantest memo.
rids, I don ht mint. is thot of the barrel
of flour he bought for his beloved Iu,,.
"Filial love will never go unrewar.
ded."-.. . Inde;endent.
Tile Deatla Red of Croanwe ll,
The foIlowing, br headley's w ork.
is Inarked with the usual brilliant:e of
the peculiar writer. Cromwell ap ears
no imiger as the hypocrite, but rather
as the sitere Conveintnter, when
calle'd to his last sunmmons.
At length the last night drew on
that. was to usher in his fuirtttnate day.
The ad of Septernber, anl amnniver. -
of Dutihnbar and of Marst on, came a l id
wind and storm. In this solentn hour
for E'glanl, strung hearts were: ever
hesecehing heaven to hear the 'rotee
tor; but the Fing of Kings had issutld
his decree; ant the spirit that had en,
darted and to iled so long, was already
gathering hisipinions ftor eternity.. "It
is a fearful thinuig to full into the hands
of the living Got ," broke then fromt his
lips in Solenmt Hiith. on the rovenam I
of Grace. 11is breath came ditlicult
and thick; but amid th p iuse of the
sterms, he was hleard . um .
1 " Truly (.I is good--indeed h.it is
he will not-" here his tongue thilCt I
himl-" but," says an eye wyitness5, "
apprehenl it, was, Ile will not leave
:re."' Again and again, there ese:tped
from the ever int:.: lips, the half'
artituate words. "- (to) is god
God is good. " Once with sidden
energy, he exelaim eed. " I would beu
willing to live to be fuit'thcr strvicea
ble to G, d and his peoplek; but my~
work i; done. Yet God will be w itha
his people."' All night lang he inur
mnured thus to himtself, of GoIid: show.
iug lw l ,vet"r. w ras his t~ut, how
,t.rong hisi h i t. . -as ee dril.k
'~ nia design. t di:. te tici , pnot ;nt
Ie:yo d ~e tidak n hoda toi cani
.Ele thisscene the liassign that.
.it empn, whmert toi alid strwid and
tlerril Iithout. Neatur ws eedt
inp~aatise5 wii theding ptrit ieft and
cl hites b Ilowtniip, ani thetees that
hd.too ii hrt~ lf ia centouryh \din
terr mani. Jrt was av nigh'lt whzen there
" As they say,
A m~i~i pri hbts ingtt ui ith ticent tritblein c
Shit allI was eband it]Sivi see iearottid
the dyintg be if Crom'iuiiwetll. On that
more thin kingly brow, peace, like at
uv hitec wingvd doveV ste; andt tha' voice
w hic lid tu rned thet t ide oft so ruiatiy
battlies nl oti'trmiretd onh prayers.
iiiinapartei, dyingi ini the mtjikt, ol' jist
ats hi~ gazting& eyeL fell onc mC iore onl the
hea ofit his mtighty columns disap
re'aring ini thne smtoke of battle; but
vromwll took a ntoler depirture.
Tthe' strm antd uproitara without brotight
nott dliii of armts toi his dying ear'--ntt
i the.ii d.irttm of battle his sotul bur'st.
away bu Iit with his enyes fixsed stead
Iastly hn he "eter'tal kingdomt,'' ad
his - tron'g heart sweetly stayed on Lie
poit se t, of at f'it ht'ul God, the mtovedl
frmthe ore of tme, aind sank front
sigrht hitreveri.
lIe died at t hree o'clock, ent the very't
sword't fl.i'inin g over the tinnu Ltous
fieild of' Duniibat'-th de simne which,
5sevent yea'rts previ'ions, it'ar imit shoutt
inig oni Ihe intuintrts of' Wiorcester.
liut t his aes the lan tad most triblWe
bat tie of till' y'et ite cam off v'ictori
ttuls, anid ti iuminiiiig over' his latL one
myi), dIea th, parssetd into thle seyenee
wirli, w here tihe sound of' tihe battie
neveri c'mets; andl( thle hantred anid a io.
lence. tof mtenu nev'er' distutbs.
(0rigina o' 'he "sZtcC n
A conrrespomnden2t of' the Athemnenumii,
undert'l signlature' Francais, of' A. dei L.
hais pubh lieti, in (lie nunmber of 11Ithi
Feblruarity, ran aticlea on the Aztec
illIren, of' wahich the fol'lowvingt is at
t'anaslattion, sltihtly abr'idged: " The
two) child ren exitbi ted ini .Eur'tpear'e
tals. nlatives of lximaya~'i, noir belongitig
t an exrodnayrc of men; nieithi
ei dat they comno fromn the ie.inbhic of
tG uatemaila. 11lere is, thir h'iistorva; in
theo deptartinent of' San Matguel, In a
villlarge cal led La: Puertta, ntear thea town
of Usu2! ttan, th ~ive i ts aL muia2tto
wortnan, iniotheri et theso t'tw 0 lijtle
ciir en, who pass arming us for'phe
nomenliia, a- w'ell ae a, t bi r'd it'anlt, be.
lonrgian rto thae eamo wv'an liko' the
twa t sanutrh6wiu attial
becomen a I.illip~utianl Aztt c, if ally
kidnapper wislesi to ii ke himself its
patrne. Donl lhaiuond Seiva, a native
of Nicar"agna, wishing to nake a spe.
ulation of thece curious chiden, ob.
talinedt them1 li-oinl the nmother lur -!mm
ounces of' go t, f)ur or ive.year s ag;
an(I laim'i thus acqu ired them. he
started vith thei ir the Iiitel Stite
taiking at the sane timic a vol f, a whirr
stag, ani '.l some .ioiikievs. On his .u
rival at, S.n, .1 ur;i del Ni -aragua. these
ciiiosities ja.isetl, we kn no lint l.o w:
into the haiids of an .\ meric'an. Since
then, the :geit of Senor Selva 1a
udicitel froumin the governmlenit of the
State ef' Salvadioni eennts whit ch
prove that flls client is owner eof the
children and at.ituals; :11md the admniin.
i ti n l l has authitmieitc.l the te ti
many) jres.eniLted Iby the ag'eit.
We take the fbllowing from the Bis.
ltn 'T'i anscriit :
lie had always mingled pleasa iy
with societ at \;tsington, but tile
tie W hiebi connected himt Ilmst dea: iy
to Amerient, origLmtated in a simngruJlar
iunitanieee ft hive at i I s :ight. lie~ was
one By wailking 1 friend out to
wad !Gogetoun I l leights, Whenl he
pass-ed it iJi Jinig school to' ioung
hid les an was atttratLed by a thi r girl
of 1 G, wlho sto' md st inigi..g her bag and
talking wiith animuation to somc of her
comi npainionis. - ."Wholt is thait beatiful
girl ! ' flu is she ?" eagerly asked he,
i)Uri Siienid coul Id not iifo'mi hils.
Ilhe . our ojced and in she went to
her books :id .late ; all unctlonscious
of tle ligueri eotyfpe that giolp a- had
left eni the heart of. the grave I ussi:n
Mi iit er. 'lm niext day and the d
uwing' saw himo taking the sanme
walk whtch s.iijded to a vey iew
-tep as fie apprta.ched thu buil ding and
looked eninstly a' c i-,- adi
win duw. .M~ay 'day o..~a ..rw, .nnd
"'- '' be celevbratd us u ual. in the
school, by the usuai ;'stivi ti-. anrd t he
choice of a Queein from amnitg the
nurnb er ;oned this year thloral royaltv
hiappeniedi to fall on .\l i.'s lirriet W:iVi
h am s. the very gi :1i wh had so instant
ly enithiroed herself ini the admaimtion
ut the foreigner.
J ust before M~iy D~ay, the Principal
was sulrjensed tie receive a note fro
te I 'uz'-iul Envioy at Wanshington,.
cxpressi;g great interest in education,
ma begging petrniaission to be present,
at the festivail cf May' Dawihi
wudgive him i patieiilar Pleasure as
ai stranlger Lu the customs of the c'ounf
tiry 1o witin s. C'onsenit, of couirse,
was very g'raciouisly giatnted; and the
Occatsiuon was as charmiing as v. nth and
flowers always rnanke it. At the end
of thle termn, Miss IHarriet, announced
that she woulId nut attend school an,'
more. 'WVhat noet gradua'te ? oh, whyv
not e A ire von going away ? IPut sh~e
shook her' h'ead, laughed, and kept heri
owvn eaunnsel, and ini a few wecks was
the v.if'e of' the lIusshmi Minister. She
aettiimpatnieJ ber' fhusbanid on1ce or
twice to liussa, whier e slhe walsvr
muchne admnired, and known as th~e
meircicaniii 'ose." He fc' ace had reer
ulariiity' of fecat ii'e, but was particulfar-iy
distingis'hed furi exquiisit e coloring.
Nc'iring could surpass the chesnut
Lu own of hera hair the bright grey' blue
if' her eye, in'r thle hue of tihe jily' and
the rose so di ciately blended in her
:ompijlexion. Ili'has hiert higutre ha~d
Lo nimneh endijiianpojin t or sy' iunietiry
but she mnoved withI grace and d ignity.
Aflhoin h there was a greait dlisparity
if ) earis, andi~ a greatL diffei'ence in ap
peariance and char aetr, betwen herself'
Lina husband, it seems to have be en a
ved hai~ppv uon.
Thle MYodest Poet.
I ueius Valferius wa's horn't Il Iir'co
aimani, in the reign of'Tajan. At, thir
teen years of age, hie became a comipet-.
tori for' the prize of p~oetr'y. Thbis
prize wvas a beautLif'ul gold medal, and
mn ivory lyre, which was, eveiry live1
y-ear's, adjuded Lo the author' who pro
lueed the best poemi. Valerinis,
Lhough oppo-ed [by a numbtter of dlolb
le his age wits victorious. Amiongl
Ltheri honors pmaid him i, it, was deLtei'.
mtinied toi erect a brazenmi qtatue, which
should be filaced in the most conspicit
as pa oft lie city. The day of' lhe
presein:ation of' thtis NatuC ti) p)ubhlie
view, presented a trait in the charaeter
of' Valeiius still more lovehy than his
A t the moment in wliie h the (chief
mi. igist rate was placinig a cr'own
of laurecl oin tihe head of the statue, Va'
lerius pi'rceivted a young mann, w'hio
hadl ciinteste I thle prize with himi, and
who was, in thnelimin of' manny, little
iiferiaor to him, looiki ng on this scene
with a .sorrowfuil and dejected coiten.
antce. Valer'ius instantly -discoverecd
the Lciuse of his chagrin, and determ~tut:
ed to remoxej i1t which he did in the
fedlowipg manner': lie seized Lne hatu
ref crown, aft I pr'essing, IoJward's his
disneppoiinted rival, placed it om hisJ
hAud, say)ing t I o 1OUe Imoto detma'
ina ofit thaa l sa obtina i me
(,n:aua ;'. u td fI' (lh t a tN tti
i'.t a 'a~tir iiI. l :! - n art (t L: r h sjt(c.
11,(14 tll leXji''etv''i v rat~ Ci't al til'. C.(v.
(,f \"icLIII haaur'aCIl ' )COI( \' lictiar,
Was \'("cu e with 'ratLi a'' of a nd at
act hr 'ii VI c (I l it s1: lr (,t arcei
net . aiti1 l i at once !-ua~ thec1
nic~L , 'haCi'01 *u ii) kinda li 1h u
*J ci ( af 1',~ ai t 1 a e l ti' te b!ut -
fl w' III. It. l'', V. 11i e 1 tru ' i ,t -
t'o tl IlOuur IcratleK c 1( ;hoo that
\lll I h." di: l !ii. ii'Wflh:l , 1;vf:. ltlad\ ri
u~Thea tha~nc !ist t, flicp te l'~cs
l~it IS~1 tdI iL. A w yL(.*k
tp1114'1 t ' til a rt!i of t IL .!~ jad(' un
lIla lo i 1 1,. ., f hi s j ;''i e . f Ir
left:(.Jnes fan fors h pIp.s if. plal
chasi ' I t he of Ja 1\1, III.Idiiin :'blii.
" rl h is aI itso : s~.torl r e . lea"
aclaive tht;ov..ea, elr hio Iniy tli b;, 'i
In 'l r es oidle with em. Abutth
,I:111, the lparisi~ btiale fheilrt.d beir
hcte thed, anae inA at .t1ein Ptre
Y., t Ii iraist t aai.I the Co set nt w ler trf
rud elatso ~to se. n ids A traw sae.
pior to* the birt o 1at ha!i 0sIea-tmi)d
liz jiald htiaa\ of tis tae,: Mi. Jons
should his fil.'d fils the pupoe f pr
thetrrrhasi t ieeiol ad, and daig hi
ceiv-1 e t:lai \0:i wis p sauaosd bo "ahe
tlu his to ecto heon te anda,,und
tand aind. Afsie whpat tentyMr
Joni es n clarnci the ia anderbecn
C~theatene wtho lence tfhe rttiece o
hs to Clamhs, an wnde h ste to
thdiven jt se ia. O, n his rturn, ation
ii( yeigarsi as yid, hen host er
thusands .,te hail m~acaidmarrind,
an I themo J'1to othe~sya west.at

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