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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, July 19, 1854, Image 6

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For the Dinner.
What 1 have Seen !
I've seen huge 1ountains pwards ri-e
Lilling their summits towards tihe skies,
I've stood beside tour awful steep
And view'd the cataract onward leap.
I've seen the sun, with wings of light,
Disperse the gloomy shades of night;
With warms embrace in roy howers
Swvell opening buds to blooming flowers.
I have seen bright spring her horn renew
And bring forth flowers adl wet with dew.
Still I've seen nothing 1 to touch "
In beauty or grandier Whal -bonan. Roach.
Is it A ny body's B .iness.
The tlollotwm.a: :s stiitistttl, :(Jr the con
siderationo olt I whom , it may cmna ern, ly
at me'mtb--r ofI :ht; inlt Your O)wni dust
ness Society," with Ih hopio that I: may
be prodtctiie of gooJ result.
Is it anvhody': bu;sinaCss
It it yentltman should choose
To wait Lpon)a ady,
If the lady don't I efue?
Or-to speak a little plniner,
'T'hat the mae.wing all may know
Is it any body's busioess
If a lady has a beau!
I ta person's onl the sidettlwalk,
Whether great or whether small,
Is it anybody's busintets
Where that persons means to call
Or, if you see a person
As he's callig anywhere,
Is it any of your litsimess
W\lhat his business nay be there ?
The subs:atce of our query.
Simply sttted would be this
Is it anybody's business
What another's business is ?
Ii it is; or if it isn't,
We wou hal teitl!y like to know,
For we're certain it it isn't,
There are some who mtake it so.
If it is, we'll ,join the rabble,
And act the noble part
,Of the tats lers and defamers
Who throngl the public inart ;
Taut it not, we'll act the teacher,
Until each meddler learns
It were better in the future
To mind his own concerns.
The little Pet Plant.
A florist a sweet 'little' blossom espied,
Which bloomed like its ancestry by the
Its colors were simple, its colors were few,
Yet the blossom looked fair in the spot
where it grew
The florist beheld it and cried. "I'll enchant
The botanical world with this su et little
Its leaves shall be sheltered and carefully
nursed ;
It shall charm all the world tho, I met
with it first,
Under the hedge.
He carried it home to his hot-house with
And he said, "'lhough the rarest cxotics
are there,
iy little Pet Plant, when I've nourish'd
'its stem,
Inl tint and in 'frayanlcc' shall imitate
Tho'~ nonae shah~ suspOc't frromt thte road -tde
it tcme.
'Iutaun Nium I'll call it-'i beautih
amte ;
WVhile botanmats look through their glatssaes
and view
Its betan iesa, thecy'll never suspect thtat it
Unider the hedtle.
TPhe little Pet Platn', wvhenc it shotok offV thec
Of its own neative soil, soona begant to grow
Anda tost its small heatd, for perceivimg
that atone
Butt exotics were rounad it, it though~lt itselt
As a wilId tilower, all wouldh h:a a thohimt
it was lair,
Anrd praiased at, though gaaud.er bao..som.i
But whaen it a~asumeP hiot-htouse airs, we
see tharo'
Th'e forced tants of its heaves, tiaud susncta
that it grew
linder thle healg~e.
Matn 4t..
In the byways (Jr he., ohl hiow .nanyt thetre
Whoic, bemyta born uder somtte foart mt ate star
Assisted by beran y' or talent, grow rich,
Anid bloom itt a hout-house~c inisteadi of a ditchl
And whiadI they d isdainm not th-ir oanly simt.
ple stemi,
The hotnorte ay 74 omiy gain haonrtrs to
But when (like the t'et Platat) stuchi people
grow pert;
We soont trace themic back to their pritii
tive dirt
Uneder a hedge. J. TI.
Coleridge pronotnneed this sonnet the
best elae itt the Enmgiisht lanmguage; andi
whatt is qbuite renaarkatble, is the lacet th it
the author did- ntot know thec laguaage un-.
til after he wats thirty years of age.
MIysterious nighat! wvhena ouar first parent
Th'lee fromt report divine, ande head thy
Did ho not tremble ror this lovely rratme,
This glorious cantopay oh light antd blume!
Yet 'nteatha a cturtaina or tr~taslucent clew,
Ba'ted ini the rays of tihe great settinag
I~e.'perus with the htost of hieaven came,
And lo! creationt widlened int maca's view,
\Vhao could htave thought sucha daarknefrs
lay conacealedl
Within thy beamcs, 0 suct? or who could
Whilst thy, acid Ieafr, and insce stoodi
TJhaat to suach cocuntlests orbs thcou mt:ad 'st
us~ bittd!
\Ve iy do ie ii hlen, shun c deal h, wat ht atn.' -
is~cn strif: 1
If itAt cn thtus deceive, whlere'er anec
*-VWashington C. Pange, Esgr., easher
of t-he Birach of the 1armnero' Ihank icn
Alexandria, Va., died s.uddenly sat his
residence In that city on the night of
the 4.'h Inst. Mr. Putge's father died
many ypara ago with as much sudden
ness, and a brother, while delivering
a Ofi of July addreua to the Mabonaic
Lodge oft Alexandria, suddenly fell
and expired. -
" It t akes mejd lick laiuis," as the Yan.
kee es boo'4nnster id when hte-whipped
Curiosities of Taees.
In 111ay, of last year, Al. Charles
Gainlichaud l:id be11ore the .Acadtnie
des Sciencee of Paris, the tl~ .1lowing ea
riont d(tails of his experimaents on the
deformities of p'olar trees, partienhir
lv on those exeres eee.s which form
upon the ste"us, and which are u'n.alv
the effiets of cracks, moic or less heaI.
ed, eo)veered w, ihl several layers of wood
texture, and alays very fu1l orsap.
M1. G:audichand~ mntio 'ed that, one
cultivatr, who had( a gre-at mam- de
tformed trees, Cut onle of these c'xere
scenceO bilylti om Ii 42 tel1 to bottoln
with at hefging. bill. lruinediately at
.Jet o~f,,ap sluonted forth. falling m11re"
Iha 1 a yan f 'r1 om the tree itself. ()
trying anoithetr, at Ima3gn ficent tall black
I:oplar", the nt imblle had scareh-l p'ene
trated an inch, when a hotiz ntal je: of
sa] c:amle oun, foamning aInd sparklil~
liyk chaIle ,in, aid 'eblI a cupi1le .,i
ydsdl fzrom1 the tree.
Anoter ceb, o bing, wtoundle,l.
y itIal half a igs1he ad ~f sap, wlielh
nlaina :a loud noise ill is sling foirtIi.
.n 1, at ing this, l. le 2la1rechai
\ an'.n it Said that it reminded himt of
Somfle cirellurnstances in Aigeria in the
autuiin of I 138. Having decsired his
soldiers to get Somlle p3aiisa les, they
preeded to cut down smne large cork
trees, when they were not . mrucely sur
pirised, bit po''sitiv.-ly fi iglteted, at
hea rmi 2g. as soEo1n as I lir hatchets lad
penet rated to soine depth, loud gra .121
and sighs i stilig tart f ro m the trees,
so plaintive. aud] so hmanl21 in sound,
that thle so1hlier's hearts alost q11ai1
e I, The Miarechal IIIahted i f h l le pop
lar, whieb .l . Gutailiclhaud had imen
tioeed, could have expressed itself
inure pitiously ; while at the same
tiine ia qutity of red liquid issued
from thle wouniided trlees, iiuixed withI
bubbl es fgas. and expelled with great
force, while then tree continued its
sighs and Iamentations.
'These sounds recalled to his mind
the ienlu us passagesin Virgil, )autc
itnd 'Fasso ; there the trees thus endea
vor to prevent tile Ci ilsaders from at
tacking tlell: as il T1asso
Thence issued forth, in mmurnful concert
jo i ne:d,
Subs deeply drawn, and sighs of human
On his roused soul a crowd of passion
pre -t,
Feart, ysorrow1, swayed at once his
Yet frorn its sheath !his shining sword be
And the tall tree with all its vigor stronk;
Straight frorm the wounded bark a torrent
0 smoiking blood; the ground with crimson
The crusaders h .d] probably sl ruck
Sorne cork trees an2 the poetic fab)le
would seem to have been a realit .
The. Marchal adJdedh, that hail thev
beel il the thisrtecenth eentury, iistead
oitithe hint.eenth, with its n:ne1 so.
per.tiialitts anJ tlles o1 aoreerers :n2d
soreeresses in2areerated in thn trees.
Ie was qite s c. ih . w 1ld b.ne
beca obliged to u o withn '3t thler pal i
Dr). HoI)o1er, ini his H* i~iaaa
Journal:~s," jus.t p~ulied, give an'31ae
coutitt ofI the Thlus somie (of whomi,
behd.ngingi. to the approv'iers of the establ
Ilihmenit for the sup;-rssionl idihugee,
ihe hhn2 ielf'a.i U(ft tse, lhe san~., thle
first was a1 rjildl l'oking roan12, wVIao had
bleen hborn and2t bred to the profesi~sion:
he had1. coniiinittedl many' imiiiders, saiw
shartne nor' rem2rse. 114e exlahinea to
ine low the gang wa1ylay the i.;weariy
traveller', enitr iito ctonv'ers:it ion w ih
en ~ gile rouind thle titim' 232n eck, and2.
3.t2ingles himn, press3ii.g tile '21 Iuke
aginst. the spine'. Talkitg ath his ow~i
show'.ed 1.3e thle tiiin ats co)' lly as5 a sai2
1(2 '2nce tauighit mc the haninan's1 I.not.
The Thug i of any (at, 31fo
patiu!a3r staitions, whli-h they gelner
m1..f steet for 13.uirdir, thrii rl
1)33 i . (dakhiee. a robbher) hellong1 to a
ciiss whyo rob ini gags: utnee
s(o formin3g par1 t of1 thelir profe)tssion1. -
TheC0 s r all high class Iubajpoott,
originial ly friom Guzera t ; w h1o3, (2n be
ing 'onq~ue'red, vow'.ed ven~geance 0on
manikinid. They speak bo1th J liudustain
C nd~ the( oithierise etincet Onzeralt
languag ;41' t his I isguttural in the ex
treinie, and1. very silngular ini sounid .
The(y are 3a very remar31kble people,
foutnd thirouighout India, and2( cal led
by varl4)ios naine2ts ; thle iei oe dr ess
piecul iarly, and1( are* utterly devoid of
m1oudesty. 'The manif I examtiied waIs a1
sho.rt, squiare, but Ihr moore po'wer iii
Nepaliese,,with highl archleJ eye brows.
The1se people are2. great, cowards. TUhe
Poisoners a11ll elong to one easte, of
P3asie, or' dealers ini toddy ; they go
simgly or mf ganlgs, hautinig tihe tirav
eller's restieig-p laees, where they drop0j
hlf a1 rupee weight, of pounded or
whIole datuira seeds it' is food, pro0
dueing a tw.enity four hiour's initoxic.
tion, du tring which lhe is rob bed, anid
left, to recover or sinik under the stuipi
fy ing :leets of(I the Inarcotie. Ile told
2m1 that tile datma21 seed is galt~ered
without ce'remiony, anud at anty time1,
place, orf age of the plantt. Ile wais a1
dirty,~ iill-condlitioned looking fellow.
'Mr. Jounes, dhon't yoti thii in : mar ae
is ai rileanfs of gralce ' 'Certainlyv, my
dear maiidamt, anty thling is a mans of
grace whichl breaks up prnide and leads
to repentanice.'
'W illianb, I fer yonu are forgetuing
me,' said a buright. eyed gui to he~r
sweet heart t he othie" day. 'Yes, Sue
I have been for getinbg yoU these two
yea rs.'
The youg man t ho 'once saw the day,'
whe~in he 'otuldn't assoc~aio swith mechan-.
i.'S, is niow acting ilK biook-keepe r to a me.,~
anmanmn QueavaYr='n ofA aw an at
Boots & Shoes,
1(17, .RicIt arl/son .S'tr cclt
H[AS couanatly on haind and is~ daily ree tiv
iug frel~d sIjpplit'tu( if ll lhiiida of 14141ii*s antd
(tjg m n' Imctt l4luLs:i U liti hu ofie~ t(41 (Iii lt(',t find,
iun,. Also. FRIESH[ CA LF-SKINS aia(1 SO1LE
1.EAi'i"1 foC lr lluuItzitalkvrs.
Pr opr i et or,
CIfARJ4Es''1, ,S. C.
(SLC(1,FOR TO ()t. IIAX", .1 'i,)
"l11I0LI:'srjij~, 1111I) RELTAIL
'1'. C. WNO1tR'.L'I,
A N )
Forwiarding ilerchant,
CO.V'1~'p10..i I )' : ND 1': \'C Y
(;'l,1J.MBIA, S. C.
Mat'rch 1S,, 1,5 20 - l --
Corner Qu~len and Cl1Irit-Si.
Clutrieton, S. C.
Feb. 2:, 18:)1. 13 1 y.
Samuel Jeff 'ords,
('11IAl 1.ESTON, 48- C.
t'lI.x:( \ Al il'.11l.I ( l')F 1'EN$ of at
ccjnz nt1 nn hl land~ an tidfr sale I
b I1i71)S'ON .C fRCI1O'l IER,
O):). 'J'eun ''rauuc 11:111 fu~l1r . i i .
.IM1'O.1? 'Ll? S 01l'
209 and 211 King-srect corner of Mar
ket Street,
('11:5 R1,/;.5'0,, .Y. C.
C 1ARP''1N(;.-n;irin, 3~ Ply's, Brus
se,~ls 'I'..;i.trv" and V'e'ts.
(CURT'fAIN MATIER IALS, in Silk, Satin,
('1' 1'l'AiN ('A.lilt1('Slttl 311;STIANS, in
E~lH{I~)ll)EllE;U LACE and MIUSIAN
C1; 1{'1A I \S, all ,t vle.'.
(11:''4 ( I ILNI I ',. ill all the ne~w des.igns.
T ASSELS1.. &r.,
1)11A I'1"I('b (:0111)8 and IIEI.T, 1{ PES,
('1.4 )f' 18.
SILVER~i aol 111.l' STAl. RODS) nd
M'tIlt (':AIf'IINCS, 'if all .tvli'"i.
WVIITON, \'151,1'5'' and AXMINS'1'L
IUM':S ini g.riat varity.
I' I.:\ 'I'A'I'ION \\ 1.1 EN S-If i. 4N.
It,'d and W1hite FLANNE 1LS, 511l1{'1'1\(:',
COTT1ON OSNA lfCI(:S, of .dI the hest
15~ih and Ameirica n 0 'O'l'TON I'L.AN.
N 151.5.
I'ritofi. :nitidii. aind A neLricatn l'I1N'1'S.
LINI OF II, Rh I II Ait ~I IS()S Ettjlerilir
111.1.', ri r Sin,-li lies, Silrtiz, y, P1illow CwL~es,
''ale I1:11:,:tlIts, I)tiylis-. N~apf~ins, 'I'n~tellings,
II ti(k:hei, I: s, 'riiit 4('loth-,I. 11. L. iape rs,
4 ;r.s Cohs,, &c,
CIA)'l'f lM. I .XM1lS a1:ndi \'E-S'1'NGS
of in'-: Iri'iieI, u:s.
MILVA .\NI'S C1.U'l'I1M, in nll the ,'lizdet of
EutgIist1 ( ii.fs.
S.\rINI E'S '''EI)S, JEANS aind LIN
SI~yv,, of nll pIti tus an~d ,tv It's.
%V1 TI . t '1.1. .t si)I:' I VIAT OF
Rich Dress Goods.
AiI SIl.S. I'I1t S, ,\AIe.. ,GIU
I NI (4 J)0I)S i8 n r a'a:ris'tv.
1\lVi:.j 4 : 11' (1,olr in Grea:t v'ariety'
All tin" :j Ijivi are ofC our own
P)IIl T vY 3zd:;rvi ;4)ITA1Tao\ ,
an~d "iflr'"il :at tle I 1WV SS'!' ,\I,\ 11 K 1I' Prices.
'I'EI(M1S.-t ':n-I, oir City Aci'cjtance.
LP' 'I'Ii" (130 jirice sstemi strictly ad.
Itcrei lIo, and all (sit i W rra ld.
Chat~rlstoun, S. C., Jan,, 6th, 18: 1. 11 If
.ardiware, Paints, and
Oils, &ct
J. & dlJ{ It WIIIT,
SIGN OFI 'I'1i1E (dLIE 1A('K-I1. ,ANE5
IOf'ir f~r sale' :t viery luow prices, a large :aiui
we ill at-orteiI 'i ask of'
1111,1,-.' I1'" . ' I ) 1111,-i.i I).v:;
Z i7 (.oupl. ilivr:f ait the~. Depot free of
.( .' I t 1"W t Utp
Marcha 15, 1951. '12 ly
Lumber and Wood,
TILE iubsoriber, superintendant of the
Stetam Saw Mill of Coghlan, Dixon & Co., re
spectfully informs the public, that they arc pre
pared to furnish Lumber of any description at
tthe shortest notice.
!laving good wagons and tepmts, they enn de
liver to purchasers when desired. 'T'hey have
a large quantity of prime Oak and Lightwood
which they can deliver to customers on mnoder
ate terms.
'fTattsm.-A reasonable deduetion in all capes
for cash, or otherwise, notes will he taken when
orders are filled.
Every exertion will be used to give satisfac.
tion to those who tavour us with ordets.
Sumterville, Jan. 18, 1851. 12 tf
Look Up Street,
Vr:nn C ntrtri's IIOTEI is still in op
eration-(thanks to the kindness of good
friends}-ready to receive customners, and
enterain then. to their entire satisfaction.
Mr. C. is resolved that his hotel shall tnot
he excelled by any house in the country.
Everytling the market can furnish shall
be spread upon his table, well cooke l and
cleanly. The ied, are all in good order.
and shall lie kept so. Give him a trial
a itd Mr. Clark pledges satisfaction.
Jan. 11, 131 11 :f
Important Notice,
FELL.OW CI'I .NS:- -it is a painful task
to dtitn, but stern necesCsiRtvatnd your netgligence
and forget fulness, denatol that'I should reitinl'
all those indebted to ni, either by note or ae
count, to come to taw with the chink. hides or
corn at the mill, on or before the first Monday
in ,March next, to save yourselves of diispleas
ore: am to cheat Lawyers, Sheriffs and petty
(onstables out of cost, for
At the loss of a ptenny
You'll grnnbhl aid groan,
As though the rheimaties
Were piercing ench bone.
''he ghost of hail shillings
Forever you will haunt,
Anl von shak.., least to-morrnw
Should bring you to want.
E7,' Pay up, oad save costs, and there will
yet lie a ernst left you.
.Jan. 25, 1851 13 i f.
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co,
IIAVE' constantly on hand the largest
stock of
inetlis place, which they are prepared to
soll at pices lower than any o-her erttab
lishmetit in Colmnbia.
Their Clothing is manfctured ht them
selves with particular reference to this
tnarket, and t0h1y feel w rrantael to say it
is imferior to none. and S IPl ItlOR TO
blOS'' (1fI'HIING oflered in any part
of the country. Their busiiness i= con
ducted upon the one price cash pr; iple,
and the price of their troods iuar cd mi
plain itrires tpo i each article hy which a
uniformit y of price is observei'd, and th
inexperienced hver is enabled to make
his ptrhases at as low a rate, as the more
experienced and hetter jutige. Persoas
vitIinir Caolumbia are respectfully invited
to att examination of our stock and prices.
February' 15th, 1'%i . 10-ly.
ThIt- aucib.n rs are nrowt it tec-ipt iif
their SiflNG A NI) SUM I~I~ STlOCK,
cauns.t ing~ of atvery' vari-ty of Gentts' andt'
L.:ais' dlretss goods. Groceries, Unard
werr &c. wvhich they are pireparedl to. sell
ats eap'; as t hii- matrkr'tcan niihrdt. lelase
caill atti e-xamine for yourselvtes.
It. C. WEIlill & CO.
t N~egro Shoes,
Th usriber has mrade arrangemnenta faor
temanufatictture of from Four to Five alThousan
p'airs oaf thme above article by theFAll. l'or
referenice as to qurality, he would resptectfully
re-fer perstons who may Ihe disposead to purchtase
of hurm, to those who pinartized him last year
Aa Iu ptrice, hia will guaranttee them as lov as
cant be oflerdedl.
Maiy 22 2 .J MORGAN.
To the Public,
JIOIIN ChINA offers his services to the
citizents of Suimter District anal thte putblic gaen.
a-rally iad paledges htims.:rf to give every attn
tian to the sale aft all proipertiest entrusted to hisi
han rds on comitisionr. eithter at attetioni or pri
vate .sal--. Thle faicilities lie enrjaaya tas to sima
hamr anda lis long expterience int the busiiness arc
stttisfaitary avidenice of his abiility to do juistice
Fe b 22, 1851. 1
Boatwright & Barkuloo,
, Dalers in
IPure .Druyqs, J~dciee (/,cmlear/s,
G/ahssuare, Dyqe. Sltuffs, and all kinds of
A i'omnplett assiortiment, of the best quality,
and at thae lov-est priiee..
Matrcht 15, 1851. 20 ly.
Old Brass and Copper.
T1hte Subscriber will pay l2-3 cets per
poui in ecash fe'r tiny quatity of ol Brass
or Copper, tiv ieredl at his shopils, naar thlie
WVihington, antd Manchester RL. Rt. Depot
tmn Sumnterville.
Februatry 28, 185l 1 tf.
Home Industry.
Smethodl of inlorming his fric ndm
andit the piu ic, that he hats recenitly entlargedh
Carriage Shop,
adproenred thme serv-ices of several gaood work
nmen, and is niow readly to build Vehicles of any
dlereriptionr at the shtormst notice, lie promtises
to repalair with neitness anal espatch rand sat
isfy all thoso who may favor hin wvithi patron
age, in chietapness &c.
R. G. POTT3.
IaNetina, S. C., May10, 185f. 28 tf
50 Country Hams,
JUTreceived and tor sale by
May 1 7, 1854 29 t f
Count ry [Ianm, arnd ShoutlderR,
Pikled Becef and Tona'ues
Goshen Butter, Rice, fljour &c.
Mixed Pick lea, in pts, qta. and 1-2 gais.
Olives, Capora &c
Gatndies, gaiuons &c
RaSLons 10O Doxes at a~ Dolaror Box
BiMiliopV'iIe Ca,'ittiget :tad
11lata-sam M611ntttfactory'.
.JA MEFS W. A M11RtOs E still continues to
carry on tie bove butIsJiless in all its Various
brninehes, and takes this iethod of returning
his thanks to his friends for their liberal patron.
ar. nill hoies by close attention to buuness to
mtll merit the sme. CA ItRI AGE. ANI Bi11G.
G LX im made to order and w\arr.nted for twelve
months. If they shou!d fail inl that time in
paint of workmanship or material. they will be
repaired free of charge. lie deems it unnee.
ensary to say anything in regard to the neat
ness and durability of his work, as his work
will show for itself. Call otn hin at Blishop.
ville anid lie will give as good bargains as can
be had in liarle'ston.
He also does plough-work at short notice.
Iorse-shoeing dne with neatness and dispatch
at $1 50 all round. Ili terms for new work
will be to !lit purchasers.-With interest il.
wa: ys.
I ishopville, S. C., .lan'y 18th, 1854 12-Gn
continue the CAlR RIAGL'
- IiiIH SIXE Si ti at the above
stand--No. 35 and 10 Ventwortl-street,
Charleston-where they will be pleased to
exhibit to their old friends and customers
a very extensive Stotk of Vehicles, com
prising thnoe of their own manufacture,
together with various other styles usually
found iii this unarket. 'T'heir long acquaint
atlo with this mrket as mantufcturers
and dealers will enable them to ofler great
nducements to iui chasers both in styles
and prices.
March 15, 1954. 20 ly
Cabinet Wareroom,
Takes thi.; ncthid of informing the citizens
of :Sumterville and vicinity,
. that ho has just openened on
- - le corner above Clarks Io
tel, his NEW CABINET
W A Ri EROOM, 't here lie will keep for sale,
cheap. all such furniture as conies unter thik
depariment of his trade; atd will furnish for
cish, at Charleston prices, all descriptions of
iuriiitiire miade. Repairing executed at the
shortest notice.
Mahogany and plain Collins furnished with
out dehav.
Feb. 8, 1A51. 15 tf.
Fall Goods! Fall Goods
BUTLER & NEWVBE RY would respectfully
inform their friends and the Public generally,
i..la ti$-y hiw e jit -,-, ;udci i; hg e und ,,-l;;e
lected Stock of
embracing every quality and style of L. )IES,
I)ltl-'SS ()OIIS II.avy Goodsl, &c., (.rocer
ies, Htoots anid Shoes of every description; latest
style lHots andl Caps; Inrdware and Crockery;
lie:uly Made Clhthini.;, etc. etc., to which they
particularly invite attention.
- A t.80
A 1.1. persotns who are in my debt a fee,
Wil pease to come forward,'and pay it to tmu,
For I am now out of the indulging misd,
A ud coldn't wait ouner, indeed, if I woubl
The Site rifylmLs gut. cmie, ii iti imarness in ieark;
And soon I'n to trot on a very rough track,
If my friemis don't c;a.ne forward and give
ie a lift.
I'll go to the devil, soon, all in a drift,
But r aher than go to him, so early, hark ve !
I'll give a we bit of a hint: now m:a rk me!
If you don't pay tip, right under your noses.
Am i th--n, sih, then, you'll get your farin
In lell, he'll ronst you hke~, a herin,
J. S. ICi. M. D).
Clar rndlon, Feb., 8, 135.l. 15 if
Ti'rIl 1)hwr Sot of thne T~ou-n 11(all
if<nd net,ul oppoie JTinll &f lat
T1111 subist: her woulid respectftully in.
lermth, itIzencs ofl utrvl n
lthe pubilic genierailly, tht lie lhas opened nt
lie abhioie pIcet a~ enieral a :ssnrzanc-int of
D)ry ( inl., flioos and .'hrx. iats and
CapilS, liardwarie, Crochervwvare, &c. &c.
A..i' A Choice lot ot F,iiily Groceries of
every description, with Fruit of varius
kinids, su:ch as O rabges, Apples, Lemons,
&c. &c., whieice will .sill very low for
.1. DARImTI.
Nov. 9, l1%3. 9 ly
Ln Equity---Sumter District,
VS. F. J. & M. Moses
Cimurh' IXW. M iller. J Cotmpl'in. Snl's.
The creditors of the. late Dr. JAstes HJAVN
.swor-Ti, etit ileidii tilaiuder his as.-ignmnt
tot t he abiovi, named'u Defendlant, esecutedl otn
the 28th day iof July A. D). 1882.are hereby no
tilld thtt by atn ordler in the ahove ut~stedl
cause, they- are requniredi to estahltsh their de
mianids befo~re mee, C'ommtissioner in Equity for
iutehr District aforesaid, on iir before the
first :hay of alay' next.
1I akO give: nbtcei that I will unttil the
said first ilay sof May next. receive proposals for
the sabe of a part of the real estate conveyed by
the said actgnient, lying partly if tnt wholly
ini the corporate limsits of Suitnterville, boundeil
by lanids of Dr. .1. C. llAvNSwvotTu, WV. .
Unasox, TI. J. Coiun.ANx, and Mrs. C. lBos.
55Acti. andh by the new road running froim Stin-.
tirville to the steam mill of T'. J. Coounit..x &
( 'i., siuppioseid to contint about one hundred anid
mity neres.
Com,'r. in Equity S. D.
Dec. 27. 1853, 9 tf
Tillh sob ueiibe rs having establisheid them.
've. ud he~i tnd opposite A. J. Moses' Store,
respeict ftLj Solicits the attention of their friends
and11 the piiut liei their well selected stock.
'iier assorhimeti comprises all articles usually
kept, (ene-ptinu liquors) andi will be constantly
repleimsliedl, and idisposeid of on as favorable
terms as aire oiereid noy where.
Their stuck consists in part as follows -
Ladlies' Dress Goods and Trimmhings.
1Ladies' Collars, Chemtisettes, and Under
Laces. Edlgini gs, antd Insert ings,
Jlaconet antd 'wiss Mitelini
Ladies' anid gentleme~n's L.~ llIdkf's.
A large lot oif )Iosiery tad Gloves, Cravats
nind Stocks. Also,
A full supply of Prints anid Domnestics.
G110CI3III ES, lirdware, llolloware,
Carpenter's andl Blacksmith's Tools,
Cistern Pumps andI Pipes, Curriaee Trim
(Crockery andi Glassware, Sadidlery and
Boots, Xhoes, Hlats, Caps, Ileaidy made
Clothimg. &c. &. &c.
lAni.s S. TisNtAt..'
XH. W~. Via xa
Februeary 22, 1851 17 tf
To The Public,
Aucion,1eer's Notice.
JA MES H. CLA RK begs leave to ntoti
fy the ciitizens oif Stunitervillo and the vi
citnity, thit. ha is nnw preparedl to give~
entire attention to any buishiens' i
auotion lineo. He has hatdisoe~expebne.
and hopes by diligen0ce And AtteOitidit
nerst a shame of nnhlic favna
Dr.LORlIl'S BAU'M DE VI.'' or Halsam of
Life is, arftera trial of upwards of twernty ..a
in a great variet of cases. confidently of-ered to
the public. espe cally to those nillieted with the
most distressing complaint, as a sure audpeed y
relief for their suflerings.
ltead the, following certificates. They are
from gentlemen of high standing and residing
in your immediate vicini ty. They are but one
or two of the many in err posesion all extoll
ing the healing virtues of this, (to use the words
of a grateful Dispeptiit who was cured by its
use) most precious compound.
Ceriftcate from the Rev. Harell Spain.
U)rEavr rLLE,. S. C. Jan. 13th 1853.
Mr. CuAs. D.LORM .
Dear Fir: -Last Spring I used two small bot
ties of your JIalsan of Life; ind experienced
tnuch benefit. I took it two or three times dai.
ly, a teaspoonful at a done in a wine glass of
It acted on my liver, and imparted a healthy
tone to all my digestive organs. reliceving me of
distressing hendarhe, and many other disagreca
bsle dysjp twc sytns. -
(lngnse j 11. SPAIN.
DEAR grit :-l take great_ pilesure in recom
mending your 'ainurne do Vie." which I have
often used, and alran/s with decided relief a
when suflering from attacks of Dyspepsia. At
once a stimulunt, tunic and cathartic, I am sat
isfied it will prove eminently serviceable to aif
vho are afllhc:ted with Dyspepsia. Its general
introduction throughout the country will be a
public benefit.
To keep a supply constantly on hand, whicir
I would n ot exchange for all the Aniti-dyspep
tic nostrurns fron Maine to Texas.
Yours respectfully,
iSignodj JOHN W. ERVIN.
For sale by,
AILLER & BIlT'I"'ON, Wholesale Agents
Sumterville, S. C.
Also for sale by Dr. W. Jas. DAnaAN & Co.
and Rtic. & Trtomtsoy, Sumterville, S. C.
RoEna & SrENC3n, llishopville, S. C.
November 9, 1853 2 tf
Business Card.
Colton Factors and General Conznis-'
Rioni Merc an ts.
D B. McLAURIN; Esq.. will give'per
i sonal and special attention to the ru=
lerests and orders of his frienda iq this -
Stato and the adjoi-nind Counties of North
Carolina, who may favor these Houses
with their patronage. Consignments -of
prodJuc to the I!cu e in Nc. Ycrk, "ith&
by way of Charleston; Georgetown, '6r
Vilmington, will ie covered by insurahce,
if notice of the shipment he promptly giv
May 3, 1833 27-tf
Improved.Cotton Gins.
Thankful for past favours the subscriber wish
es to inform the public that he still manufac:
tures Cotton Gins at his cstablishment in Suie.
hurg. onl the most imp'roved and approved plan
c hich he thinks that the cotton 'inned on one
of those gins of the late improvement is wotth
at Ieast a qiuarterof a cent more'than the bot=
tin ginned on the ordinary gin.. He also man
olacttures thetm on the most ainp. construction,
of the finst finish and of the he'at apaterials; to
wit. Steel Sws and Steel Plaed'Ittbs Case
hardened whirh he will sell for d2 per' Saw.
lie also repairs old gins and puis them in com
plete order at the shoirtest ntice. All.orders for
Gins will be promptly and punctually atrended
Statehure. Sumter 1)is. SC. Feb 17,- 21r
Veteriniary Surgon.
ritizens of this, ai tihe adjoininmg Dirstricts
that hre hias removedi Ihis Stable, *neiir. tire Dhe.
put~ of tire WV. & Mi. RI. Rload~hire he is ready
at all timres tor tark,. charge of.udiseased Hlorsee
for a nodlerate chrarge :in all'edsiNmhre there
is no cure no pay will be expeni! l. ile alrro
continues tro take Praisengers- to rnd' from thi"
iepirt, u~rnd exprects shortly t1i rec-eive at Neiv'
Omnibus for that prurpose. Goiods hre will hatil
at thre old rate of 10 cents per package, tuta
-Oita~t time partronage of-tihe public. .,
Felt. 22, 1853 17y'-tf
Manufacturer and' De'aler 'ilA
Carriages and H arness,
OF every descriptidrn, Nos 124, Meeting street,:
arnd 33 Ventworrth stree, next Ltoh old ittand
of Gilberts & Chapiri, Chrarler-ton, S. C.
Oct. 19tht, 1853. 51 1 ]
Negroes Bought and Sold.
TIlE underrignedl hras opened an officer at No~.
16 State Street, Charlesiton, where he has c.a.
hand a nutaliir of LIKEL.Y YOUNG NE~
GRtOES for sale from which ihe can supply thre
wvants of riny of tire crnunity. These Ne
groes are putrchaserd itt Alarrr-and, Virginia,
North atnd South Crarolina. 'I'o his lot et is
contittuall yreceiving accessIons. Thek highest,
prices paid at all tines for ne roes.
16 Staite Street.
Charleston, Dee. 21, 1853. ' 8 ly
Law Notice.
Office next door to J. B. &i R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
Ma rch 22, 1853J 21-tf'
For Cashi And that only.
Thre chmeapesnt GROCERIUES ever solrd.
in Sumterville, catn Ito had frotm GORDON
& CO., at Dr. Melllett's Old Stand.
Segars of thre fintest qurality and most ap
proved Brands in the world, logeher with
Preserved Fruits of' different kinds, Syrupe,
Nuts, &c, A shaure of the puiblicipatron-.
age is desired, provided itits accqmahied
by tire CASH, but not otiterwtse.
June 14th, 1853 .GOR-ON
BUTIER & NEWBJARY have reamoved from
their frmrer stanrd tothe one formerly occupied.
by E. I). P'RING LE & CO., ondoor North of
1IIOY''S Jewerlry Store A r they wouid
be pleased to see thir frienmJ at customers.
Oct 5, '853. 49 t
PA R TICIJr~l wtiklh NMine ilAT~
or SHIIPM 'N-'of Naval Stores 'end Cotton,
andu liber CASh AD)VANCES made on Cor
signmtar. . *
Dec. i i,W.A.7 ly
All pnsornons having dptinpnd n tp ;
niested to hand them in pro eij ~tt
o; andtieke" ey sm1~td "wil pleasema
T.. I NONSIt, Adm
Nov 13a 3:ti

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