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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 09, 1854, Image 4

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For the ltarpmer.
''$ors".-rl coo N.
I never thought " D:ne Nature I. ci
Until I loved atn ;an.te l b" . n .
'h~ltose beluty, son niy Jeart u-+ -,I
''o th;uk the D;are. 'or . ''i,.
1 gazed upon her .avoliinc,.
Untilit sot my re:isn ni-eii .
,I grasped ar soit, white hadii, .
'That I niglt learn low.' nt(4t';,, w .c :ina
,Sie sung so sweet y, sj.olm wa.
So fill ,Il kindnes, unit .-o claraaiir.
.As touri~ed -nyvh-- :ris tmo'
,WVithl grat,tom. - -
'B ut s tl . e . .. :.,
I, notini.. , , , love, ht -t o eedle .scs :,
So lavishly on fainules wasted.
Tjjhis pleasure nlever could be ine,
Unless she too. was inly bnrn.ing
Unless she woild ler.liaid. re&'an
And cleave to tue from ,zI else t urningr.
I took a seat close by her idt
And asked her,.i(e'er my briia'.;,i'd b.
;Shte with a ringing laugh relied
."'.Iis a pity )cu. drink-.-no ic.'
Little Things.
Little drops of water.
Little gr;:ins of sand,
lake the nighty .xcean,
Anid the beautious land.
A nd. the little nuomnents,
- Iutnble though they be,
Make the mighty ages
So our little errors
Lead the soul away
rcan the va'is of virtue
01: in sin to stray.
- dittle dceds of kindhess,
Little words of love,
Make our earth an Eden.
9 Iike the heaven above.
A n idle W ord.--M arr. 12:,30.
It passed away, it passed away,
Thou catst not hear the sound to.day;
'Twv;.s water lost upon the ground,
Or wiud that vanishcth in sound:
.O, who shall gather it, or tell
Iow idly from tli y lips it fell
'Tis written with an iron pen ;
And thou shalt have it yet smin
A solemn thia- it then shall seem
To trifle ';An a holy theme.
.,, let our lightest accent he
Uttered as for eternity.
Fron the Louurllic .Iornal.
Acquiittc4e l un ;iiercry. ' .iu!
Keutick y.
There have been scores of notrrions cas.
es of murder and ascuittal in this city and
in this State. 9'!ere was the case of Kunz,
who killed Sclhaellier. Kunz, timring that
Schaeflier hiad spokalen tightly of a itinmber
of his family. wentt to his coal'e bonitse andi
cursed bin. SchiaetTer piceked ny a saial
stick and wvent roiund the counter as if tot
strike Kum:. whereupon the latter ihrust :a
deadly weapon into ii is breast anid 1:1lled
haint. lIe was t riet and dischargeni wi h
out punaishmnenat. There wais the cae~i of
Delphi, who killed hii.; tunce. Reutben l..:er.
to thec tapper tutarket ho use to inaaet 1.
Hie tnet thim, soughtii a ,tp:iar..-i e..
and shtii iaom dhead .an th...- .... .a -
ret was aboaut a paroas:anLie . ph wl as
tried :anmd acpiit ted baetaore a ijir. Ilihe
was the case ofa Croxton, .whoa k61lt. Ii Haw.
thorn. 1lawt horna was; in a caati-e hiouse,
sitting in a ebiair. dningk tandt .asleepi. Crox
ton st ricek hiin-oni the hieiad, in thia ( aaiih
tion, with a brick-bat, andl kiitlat biro Ie
wvasac ini.tted by~ a juryv - the
case aal Peters who~ L .a-i' a: . ini \NIh
eza liinier tuneO 1 ifra-. hb .1-r nii tnan hi~ad
wvoundedl la'eer anad mi..-. bi a trip:1ea
Peters he . thus <hisablea i t1 . -' --ulppor..
beocame vie v oora, and athacoiarniei a
tot this ct, r.d nii thea h n 'kt
Iist tiatise, ia'li. the hlmiekia ;all to ia!!ta-na lin
hilin on ..ns anid whtena i> ''r .-,'anue out
~i~~dead in.4: sly NIeatrs uv a,i :niiitted
by the jury ;awal li, d here f'or somiae years
aft erwarad-lontg etoni.' iialeed to n a rdler
or try to rinor.d er au prost.iltute, upon whoase
boun'ty the subcisted.
There was ltI:.ca5(e of the Pendiegiasts,
whoa killed luchiata u, a schaoolmiaster. Thes
elder l'endaegraist , w itth twoa of Iis~ sons anid
a negro, went to IinctaanI's schaool house
with i oadedt a.uns, :tnd killedt him without
giviing himta a chmance for his it fe. Th'le juryv
<ravea viridict of acqutitta!. Th'lere was thu3
case of Shaciby who kitlled ijioine in L*.x
ingtoin. Thei t wo dinted iit tie sate paublic
ttble, aind, ont laerline's gouing ito thme street,
.wtclbiy alemanideal af him whly he had look
ed at titu ini such I a nia;mier at the~ tabale;
Hierine answeredh that the was not aware Nt
having looked at him ini any~ uinuasual ian
ner. Shuelby said: "You did4, antd if you
.ever do it aga in: I will low ynor barains
out. I dona't know whao yaou are."' i orine
respoded : "I kanw va-a, :anda suppos5 ia mani
tny look at you, if your vamue is shuelby."
A\t thnat Shlelbly struck him w.i h lan list,
and, without anay returtn of the balow andi
without any diamphiy of a weapuaon by Illorinie,
for .hi was .unartuted, Shaelbiy shot haima deadt.
Shelhhy wats inidictedt, hat t.ee Juary foundt noa
verdict agalamt im. There was the case
Sof Harry Daieol oif Mounat Sterling, whao
kiltled Cililtt.j aahmipsona. Daniel aint
Tlhomptsan wvere l.atwyers andi braothers-in-.
law.~t Thopso madCI ti~e somie imtt)itutioni
upo 1uianiet in aopeni court. I )aniil dr-ow
a pistol ad shut hita'adl ini the tresence
ofC Judige a ndt Juary. 'iThoimpson bital a ps
tol ian his pocket bait did not draw it. D ain
t~el vn :aaitted by a juray.
SoaaA \V~ein.-Th'le fodlaow ing is the re
ecipat for miakiang :;oda waiter, bay thli u.. of
which every t.icia taiay hae it coniien:mad
Ids delight fuai siuunnaer atrinuk. It is maade
tbus : tartarie acid I tIaa artear of a paoundai,
whiute sulgar thlreo poundtM, boailinga water'
fpuir pints. I)issolvo the acid anmd suigara
jn the wvater, anti dad to (lavoar it, three Ia.
:ble-shootlful of essence oft ta!Imon. Puta
tw o table-spoonfual of L.i is s-yrupl onat a iiI
glass of col water, arid stir itt thalft a toa
tspoontful of powdei-ed soada. I el~hrvesces
nitety, .and is aii pleasnait andal . . i
stome thano the soda water of Ole1 shtops.
c~telet tor those who sufl'ei fromt acidity*
I:"t '1I:::l I 'I. .li.) al ,n tl~
pidVided inteet"''' ini a~ ela li il
pitce ol II pt,. intl property ,IL lirigit
tilt DI,.4Di4L.4ij A lice. Ini tljL~f:DDliIV is aS
will,4 "1?1I 1, ii Ol 4'iDC .1' thme l'4ug.tall
uii.('fiit"-e . Li"I4IC Siluig "' ltLs !"
i 4 41 *it at t'iili, 5ot) o that.,
CI etii 1 "" -. ir~o. D~ i i kLe lof CCi sh
shwt", he'r D:l t, war a~' U ttendlin~g her to
!,, 1 t" sill.it' l
.\fumliti. t,' tl.ryon ko 11m'v .1 get
Iiti ' "t I,'
" " lit iripl v.
t I" ).lice, in great glee,
1 -1"1 n 140), Oren tile ci) and
I it-ti I ,~:i y rat-, :1)14.1 scare n(1 r1 ight,
It' 'tly " live yearIs olid .2:11 beat
thatt, ' trot '.:tm out."
''ilt II i:ois br-im:i; ii:. Ii'',L'( tihit tihe
til'''l) iii tear (';m~ai, d~i :uindcd isatisfactioni
Oif th-it lhiies of1 8s4.1 tetit 4l.r t he re
cen til tiu t toi M~r. h31lahiui, the Ametrican
MIinistLer. 'I'!:e~ pieopile resolubmte l rtIu.SJ,
whet. tlhe uw as f biuiaiirtlil( on thu 1'-1tIh
fte laic, anii rftseud to itpologize, tho14ugh
evePry ilII'-,ti'' thie ;liio %"au dleitro ye.
A1'ORN EyS A'I' .1A\W.
S(II ER 1.11,1,1, "V. C.
\\'! I ractice ill Stiitcr and the amd.
joining iUist rie"t .
Februar y 1..itit,13I. 2 LI
.J N 'I'll I A BV
( . 1 '1I I ' I . I i(C 1'. (. I . ( h' l.s)\.
:\e~t dour to V'it-ttrir IfoitI.
(' rA.tLI>:SI'( N 8. .
Al waiys omn haniid--A lnlraz an ti JiIjtit :o
Stoc.k of
.'T Till: LOtW )T IuSsiIID.V. 'l1C} l*:4,
WHOLESA~&LE' AND UFl"':111,.
Apr. I"', l351 121 ly
White Lead!; White Lead! 100 0L'.W IE
IJ or satie 1(1W.
"Pi'IOXI :1 S. NL!Ci!.ikR SON
Pro prietor!
(lA 1' 1'ON1, S. C.
F~b 4, 'dl 18 l\""
(s(8CEss(KI't) t 1) i.. I' V.t,)
11101MA ',.: Il; :: s 7C1)I 111" 1'.11
J I/it14 ?JL' s.0.1"
Frite h~I~, 13* itiiI ;itl (ni lGerman
209 and 211 King-sreet corner of Mar
('fl~t1 IES ';',N..
sl!f;psrv 811tal ,vets.
I' l("'l:A1N IA'i'IIIA LS, ina Silk, 8Stjnrt
rind Wasrsicd.
('U i'i'AIN :AJMIIICS tad .h [S L1 NS, in:
large vsarity.
E,31310lIiE1 j:1) LACE: and MU1tL1N
CIIrP1AINS,ai .tvli.
0:1: I I.I )UN I( ' ' in alah now". aI''t.
('11 WI'AIN (IPIIQI.I)I118 1.001'8
TASSE'-:. &..,
1)R1 A l'i1(Y CORDS nits] h13. OES,
in ll v1arie't is.
t 7111"0111IS.
SILVER and (:13:' 'IAt TAIR a198nd
S13,1tCA It PE Al.I'N(;s. of tall style's.
I(;.in zra varie~ty.
Pr1.AN'l'A'I'lON XV(o 0.1, EN S-ti 1..1 N
d1121d1 Whie l"LA NNELS, tilI K'1'1 N( S
(P( rl"PON OSNA II(85, of all the hest
Soast her saes.
Esarljis- said Aaascric:ss C'OTTON I LAN..S
l'r'aael. Elsaihl, anda Amnericaun iaitIiNIS.
1I.\J:;NS OF., RR('1rAIX)ON'S atajacriasr
nalieta, tI~r Shaa'a'a ugs, Shlrt iaits, I it' ' ttl.,
'l'alk 1 Jasaa:s'ls. Dolies . i Nuapkisi, 'I'aswirllisags,
I uklaakai~ks, ITrait (Coths, 11. E. i~aper,
(:ras ('lathls, .\ar.
('1LO ''lS, ( .%SSrIMRLS tand I'IIG
S i*;'a. 'taN 'S (l.'I)l'I[S, it) -Ili tIs III,- ~ oaf
Etasthi-da t oi l
S Al IN iS,1's, TWE I8, .1 EANs .:tsal LI N.
.SiVS, of ail 4ataias liull sty!',s.
WT. srt i.t. sa',Os.t. M VT Oa
Rich ]Dress Goods.
JIn 81J.KSa. 'I 'Isi:5. i IIE(81.;Li,.;REN:
AI)INLS, MIt'S[.IN8, &c.
Il31I1A:1lNI>S, A LI'ACA1S anda MOURN.
I (;OODX8, isa great variaety.
i;3I1sas1i.itX :and I,ACI'L (;D)ols. aaf v.
cry adesaripationa.
i:vv1:NIN(; lDRESS5 (mudoas ina Great variety,
cotantly. received.
?All Ite abosve are of aror wel
J113 C'It 1.11 I'ORT11 ATIONS,
tand asn;"re. aa then . LOWEST 1.\ It l 11' P'rices.
'I'"IMX..-~a.aa ar City Aa'a'.'1tasace.
U_= Thes otte Brice systemu strictly3' at!
Iarcd to, and tall (o;oal WVarranatedI.
lIU)XX'N~ el~a .I:I. M V
(l'srlestots, S. C., J:11, )tit, 1851. 1 1I if
Sardware, Paints, and
Oils, &c,
A . & ,1, II, EI1s1I,
Sl';N OF THlE (:C ~.i)N JA('K-1'1.:1\,
Utter faor saila at 'rr low. laices, a large anl
,cell us-llrvd l stk a 'I
.; Y'u 's delivered at thea Dlpa fsree tOf
rh:. rge.
Msatreia 1:', 1i:.,1. to ly.
Ag incy f~er Iron Railing and
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co.
A1V1: constantly on hand the larges
stock of
in this place, which they are prepared -t
sell at prices lower than any other estab
lislhrmntI in Columbia.
Teliir Clothing is nmanufactured by then
selves with particular reference to this
market, tand tltoy feel warranteti to say ii
is inferior to none. and SUI'ERIOlR ''C
iO-ST CLTIlING ol'ered in any part
of the country. Their business is con
dricted upon the <,ne price cash principle.
andi the price of their goods atrked ii
plain figiturcs upon each article by which r
iiiformirity of price is observetj, and thc
imexpcriuieced buyer is enabled to make
his purchases at as low a rate, as the more
experienced and bettdr judge. Persone
visiting Colnbia are respectfully invited
to an e'xamin:itiotn o outr stock and prices.
February M5th, 1 i51. 16-1y.
Look Up Street.
W:z:n Cf At: 's llOTE'I'L. is still in op.
oration-(thaik: to the kindness of good
friends)-readly Ui; r e,"r1o cuistoiners, atnd
ent'rtain them. to the,: entCre satisftet ion.
Mr. C. is resolved that his .iT ote shall not
he excelled by any house in thio counttry.
P.vervthing the tmarket can furnish glhaN
/' spread upon his table, well cooked ana
eleilyV. 'Thli.e lds are all in good order,
anu :shall be kept so. :Give him a trial
and Mr. Clark plcdlges satisfaction.
Jban. 11, 1-?31 11 tf
Important Notice,
FEL.OW CI'IZE:NS: -it is a painful task
todiiu, but stern necessity and your neligenee
arwl tairgetfulness, ienand that I shonirrenind
atl those indebted to m, either by note or ac
count. to coin to taw with the chink, hides or
-orn at the mill, on or before the first Monday
inl llareh next, to save yourselves of disleas
ire :nn: to cheat Lawyers, Sherif!- and petty
C onstables out of cost, for
A L-te hiss of a penny
You'll grumhle ind groan,
As though the rheumaties
Were piercing each hurt.
The ghost ofthad shillings
Forever you will haunt,
And you shake, .least to-morrow
shul bring you to want.
I.' Pay up, and save costs, and there will
yet be a crust hefi yon.
.an. 25, 1 5 1 13 i f.
To the Public,
JOllN (illNA ofii-r his .servicos to the
citizens of Suimter District and thes public gen
urally iui pt-ldges hiinlf to give every atten
Iion t ttie sate of :l puc-erties ouctrustcd to his
hand.- on coinniss;in. either.ut auetion or pri
vate sint. The facititi rs hi; enjoys, as to situa
lion aiid his long experi,.ere in ihie business are
satistactory evidence of his ability to do jusuce
to ait who uav enploy him.
Fe b 22, 1951. 17 t
Boatwright & Barkuloo,
(l'OLU &.MlLI, . ('
Dealers in
P~e)~umer?/, Funet/ A-ries-, l|rses.
Grla,.'us-re. J)!/e-StuY'-, ond aLii R-in,.<,f
A compi;l.te assortiment, of the best rinality,
un . m . e- prices.
Old Brass and Copper.
Th'le Suibi-criber ill pa.y 12.-2 c ents per
pound ini cas!iher any quann'aty of obl Bra-ss
or C'oppier, ideliveredl at htis shops,-nc.an tihe
\\'ihiiiinutcii andI 1atnchester Ul. It. Depot
Home Industry.
--I'lTl E~ iiusc'riber takes this
47.1 methodl of infiniig is frie tnt
an ithei public, that he has recently enlarged
Carriage Shop,
and procued the..evic.s..sevrat gooudwrk
iien. uunl is inow readt~y to bid~ Vehiits of any
descurition at the shortest ntotice. I he puromises
to repair wtith nieatnes and de.stpatch andi sat
i-ty all thiose who mia~y favor him with patron
a~;;.. izi ilif.pPOTTA.
I *v Netwit a, $. ., May 10, 183it. 28 :
50 Country Hams,
Jl.ST ecive an fr sleby
J1. TP. S')LOMO(NS & CO.
(Couttry I rims, andl ShotnIders,
'.-Ihen lliter, iRice, Flouur &c.
31 ixid P icklecs, in pits, gis. ande 1 -2 gals.
)hves, Capers &c
liacs;,ns 1(00 Biuxes at it l).!ar poir .Uox
Apr. , 1 l51. ,2: t.
Furniture and Chair
RI NG, 21s7 b TREET~ ,
For Sale.
PjillI' i slrlSSC~lR otmrs for sale oni
I v'ery r:asonrable.torims, some vanlutble
imprnvedi and untimproucd .huts in tde T'ownr oi
Simnwr~ville. for partientars, apphy to
'4iumte rille, Jan.i 3d, I851. 10t--tf.
NoI. I nI, B]Ihardlson StreLL,
COiLUMlIlIA, 8. (.
I 0l1ESJ LE' A N)D i RETA lb.
Mua rch t5, 18-21I. 21 1.y.
Ang, R at ty
- S.&E. M. GIL f.EI'
continue the CARRIAGI
'HUSINE JS. at the abov
stand-No. 35 and 40 Wentworth-streel
Charleston-where they will be pleased t
exhibit to their old friends and customer
a very extensive Stock of Vehicles, cun
prising those of their own manufacture
together with various other styles usnall
found in this market. Their long acquaini
ance with this market as manufacturer
and dealersv.'ill enable them to offer grea
inducements to purchasers both in style
and prices.
March 15, 1 854. -2o Iy
Cabinet Wareroom
Takes this iethod of informing the.citizen
of Sinnterville and vicinity
that he has just opencned o
the corner above Clarks I
tel, his NIEW CAIJINI'
'WA REItROOM, where he will keep .for sale
cheap, all such furniture as comies under thi
deartiment of:his trade; and will furnish fi
csh, at Charleston prices, ill descriptions o
Furniture made. Repairing executed at the
shortest notice.
Mahogany and plain Coffins furnished with
out delay.
.Feb. 8, 1851. 15 tf.
Fall Goods! Fall Goods
iBTLER & "+,EVBERY wouldrespectfull,
inform their fricels and the Public genaorally
that they have justreceivedlajirge and ivetl se
lected Stock of
;nhrnacing every quality at;d style Qf(LADIES
't S5 (O ()S; Heavy Goods, &c., Grocer
ies, i,"ots and Shoes of every descriptFmior; lutes
style Itatsand Caps; Ilardware and t;rockozy
Ready Made C.1iug, etc. etc., to whichtheJ
particularly invite pte:rtiQf.
- A l2--"
A'T.L persons who are in my debt a fee,
Will please-to-come forward, and pay it to me,
For I am now out of the indulging mood,
Atnd couldn't wait longer, indeed, if I would
The Sheriffhasq got me, with harness on back;
And soon I'm to trot on a very rough truck,
If-my friends don't come forward and give
me a lift,
l'l go to the devil, soon, all ina- drift,
But rather than go to him, so early, hark ye
ll gve a we hit of a hint; now mark me .
If you don't pay up, right under your noses,
I'll tithe all your papers, and give theta to
Mo ases,
And then, tal, then, you'll get your farin
In hell, he'lIl roast you like a berm,
J. S. RI1. M. D.
Clarendton, Feb., 8, 1851. 15 if
Third . c c.::th r the '::.it .l,
and nearlii ojpposite Tindal &. W atsont
,pI.E sabscriber would respectfully in.
l orm the citizens of.Bumtrville and
the public generally, that he has opened at
the above place a general assortment of
Dry Goods, hoots and .Shoes, lots and
Cap:. Hardware, Crockerytware, &c. &c.
A'so, A Choice lot of Family Groceries of
every description, with Fruit of various
kinds, such tas Oranges, Apples, Lomnons,
&.c. &e." vhich l ivill sell very low for
3. JA1RET.
Nov.!9, 1853. iil
In Equity-4~umter District,
WVilliam Lewiis,
Adm'r. of 1111LL.
,e ad Vhie? F. J. & M. Moses
Chanrles W. Miller. JComnpl'ts. Sol's.
Thet credlitors of the late Dre. Jutes IIAvs
swvon-rn, entitletd to claim undter his asasignament
to the above namtted Defendaant, exectated oan
the, 28th day oafiJuly A. D. 18l2, are hecrebay no.
tileda thaat, hy an ordear in cte above sttd
cause, thecy are raeuireda to establish their dhe
mand s' eore mae, (Commeaissionaer in Esiity far
Sumaater District afoaresaid, oat or before thae
first dlay of AMay next.
I alsao give tateice that I will until the
saidl lirst dlay of May naext, receive propoasals fear
thte sale of a part of thme real esttate conveyed lby
the said assignmaient, lyinag partly if not whotlly
mith coa ccrporate limaits of Sumtaerville, hoaundeal
by lanids caf Dr. J. C. IItvscwon, WV. L.
En UNSOS', 'T. J. Ctotnt.A.r, and Mrs. C. Ros.
s~a( n, anal by the new roaad rumninag from Soanm
terville to the steama ill .of T1. J. Coca t ..AN &
Cot., suppohased jo casataina abouat onec huundcred anda
mity acres.
Coma'r. int Equait y S. D).
D~ec. 27. 1853. 9. tf
TiII. eublscribL'e havinatg aestalished tlhem.c
'-elv es at thec standa oapptsate A. J. .iies' Sttore,
respect fuilly solacit. the attetion of thleir fraiends
anadcl . athpulic to thteir wiell seleacted stock.
llheir atssort ment caaamprises all tnrticles usualdly
.l:epat, (exaapfing liaquora) anda will he conastantly'
raelileniiashed, and dlisposed of oat as favorabile
aertas as are' offeredl any whecre.
Thteir stock contsists in part as follows:
Lndlies' D~ress G;oods aand Trrimmnings,
L.adai 's' Collars, Chcemisettes, anad Uatder
L~acesa, Ealginags, andl TInertinaga,
Janconet aand Swiss Musaalinst.
ad~cies' anda gentlemnen's IL. C Iitdkf's.
A large Icot of Hlosiery aind Gloves, Cruvrats
andc Stcks.. Also,
A1 fullsuppely of P'rints anal Duaaestie.
GltOCllI ES, H~aralware, Hlolloware,
Carpenter's and lllacksmnitht' Tool.,
Cisterni Puamps andi Pipes, Carriaee Trim
Crocekery and Glassware, Saddlery and
I larnesse,
Ilnots, Shtoea, Hats, Caps, Rleady made
(lothiang. &c. &. &e,
Ja 'hsty. VTSN..
i. IV. (.iat Nx Rn.
Febaruary 22 1831 .1/ if
To The Public,
Auuctioneecr's Notice.
JA MES II. OLARK begs leave to noiti
fy the citizens eaf Sunmtterville and the vi
cinity, that ahe is now prepared to .give hais
enattre attenttion sto any ,businaess an thae
anction line.. ,hle hiashad some expqerience,
antd hopes -hy .diligence and attention tr
merit a share of public favor.
.Sutaerville, ian. I11th, 1854. 11 -tif
The subhscribers nre tiow ini receipt 01
consist ing -of every variety of G'ents' atn]
Lttdie's' dress goods. Groceries, Hard
ware &c., which thecy are prepared to sell
as cheap as this tmarket cana atiord. Pleast
call anal examinie foir yourselves.
A pr., 5, 1854. 23. t f.
Negro Shoes.
The subscriber ha. made arrangemaents foi
the mcanulhetureoof from Four to Five lThousan
pair. of the ahov6 article- by thseFA LL. yq
referetteeas to quality, he would respectfuall
refer ppsomns who may ibe disposed to purchaa
of~ him, to those. who patronIsed him last yea
As to price,. he Will'gsantee theam as low h
can be ifferdedh. - - .
May 22 2 ' . -~w 1ORllAN.
Dr.LOR310'S IBAU31 DE VIM," or Balsam of
e Life is, aflera trial of upwards of twenty years
in a great variety of-ases, conifidentrly offered to
the public, especially to those aflhicted.with the
oost distressing complaint, as a tire arid speedy
s relief for their suflerings.
-Read the following certificates. They are
from gentlemen of high standing anda residing
in your imnediate-vicini ty. 'They are but one
or two of the many in our possession all extoll
ing the healing virtues of this, (to use the words
s of a grateful Disp eptic who was cured by its
,t use) rnost preciouts.cornpound.
C ertifcute fro.t dg he pr. 'turtwerll Xpt,.in.
V.SravrI,t.l;,. -S. C. lan.!10th 1853.
ir. ChAs. DyrLonat.:.
Dear Sir: -Last Spring I used two ureill bot
tics of your Balisam of Life; and experienced
much benefit. I took it two or three times dai
ly, a teaspoojnful at a dose in a wine glass of
It acted on my liver, and imparted a healthy
tone to aill my diestivc orgnnae, ,rcieving me of
Sdistressing headiche, and many other dismagreea
ble lysp'pwti ryrmtois.
a [Signed] I. SPAIN.
, )EAR Sit :-I take great pleasure in recon
5 mending your "liaume do Vie." which I have
r often used, and ahna s with decided relief
f when srilering front attacks of Dyspepsia. At
0 once a stiru lunt, tonic and cathartic, I an sat
isfied it will prove eminently serviceable to all
- who are afilieted with Dyspepsia. Its general
.introduction throughout the country will be a
public benefit.
To keep a supply constantly on hand, which
I would n ot exchange for all the Anti-dyspep
tic nostrums from Maine to Texas.
Yourrs respectfully,
[Signed] JOHN W. ERVIN.
For sale by,
MILLER & ;lRIT'TON, Wholesale Agents
Sumterville, S. C.
Also for sale by Dr.V. Jas. D.nc.tA & Co.,
and Rion:& Trnossox, Sumterville, S. C.
11.I0Ets & Spr.:tsan, liisbwpville, S. C.
rvembiher 9, 1853 2 tf
Busiiiness Card.
Coinnfl Fitors andic (eneral (!ommis
Sinn .Perd./, (fwis.
D 13. !:f:AURkIN. lsq., will give per
a . .nl ,,nu specsa aatention to the in
teresti and ori'rs of his friends in this
State ,ant the atjotmti. Counties of North
Carolina, who may laver these Houses
with their patronage. Consignnents of
produc tar the Iouse in New York, either
by way of Charleston, GeorgeLown, or
Wilmiington, will be covered by insurance,
it anotaee of the shipment he promptly giV
May 3, 1853 27-if
Improved Cotton Gins
T uimkruti for JasE iavous t-jiUt scriberwirsn
es to inform the public that he still manufac
ture+ Cotton Gins atihis establishment in State
burg, on the most improved and approved plan
which he thinks that the cotton ginned on one
of those tins of the late iuaprovermaemrt is worth
at I het at tpartertif a cent more titan t:e .aot
ton ginned on the ordinary gin. lie also man
ufactures them on the mnot simple construction,
of the finest finish and of the best materials ; to
wit, Steel Saws and Steel Plated Ribs Case
hardenel which .he ,will sell for $2 per Saw.
Ie aso repairs old gins and puts them in com
plete order at tie shortest notice. All orders for
Gis y.i.1 be promptly and punctually attended
Shtitebure, Suter pina, S C. Feb 17,- 20
Veternary 5urgeon.
ROIIERT .W. ANDREWS notolies the
citizenrs oft this, arid the adjmoininrg Districts,
that lie hans resnroverd Iris Stables nlea.- the De
pot of tire W. & 31. R . liooad, where lie i read y
at all timtes to take charge arf diseased Horses
for a morderatte charge ; in all cases whrere there
is no cirre into pay will he expected. H~e also
continues tu take Passentgers to rnd froma the
Depot, vand expects shortly to receive a New
Omanibus for thrat pairpose. Goods hre will hanul
at the iold rte of to cents per package, and
solicis the piatronage. of the p'ublic.
Feb. 22, 1853 17--t
0111111uE8! I 01111IAGE8!
Manufacturer ud~i Dedaer in
Carriages and Harness,
OF every description., Nos 121, 3Meetinag street,
and 33 Wenasorlth street, next to the old stand
Iof Gilbert.s & ('hapint, Chrarlestotn, S. C.
Oct. 1th, 1853. r~ti1 I y
Negroes Bought and Seld.
Il E urndecrsgned lhas opented arn ofies .at Nt.
16 State Street,-Charleston, where lie has en
hiandl a nuamber of I.hKE. Y YQill'G NE.
G ROES for sale frrom whicah hre can saupply tshe
wv~ants of arry of thte cormmrunity. Thtese Ne.
groes are purcrihasedl irn Slaryland,. Virteinia,
orth ataI Sourth Carolina. To0 his lot 'he is
conritnuall y receiving accessions. The haighest
prices par d at all liames foir neagroes.
J. 31. E. SIHARPE,
.16 State Street.
Chiarlestont, Dec. 21, 1853. 8 ly
Law Notice.
Oflice naext door to J. B. & .R. C. WVebbi%
New York Store.
Marcha 22, 185'3 '-f
For Cash, And .that only.
The cheapest GROCE1UEs .ever stold
in Sutinerville, carn be hind fromt GORDON
&C~O., at Dr. Mellett's Old Stand.
Segars of thre finest quality anid amost ap
proted Briads in thre world, together with
h'reserved F'ruits of ditferent kinds, Syrups,
Nuts, &c. As-hare of tihe public patron.
age is desired, -provided it is accomnpaanied
bry the CA\SH, but not ollaerwise.
Juneat J .h~, 185,3 : --tf
:BU 1~.TlR & NE~Vi1ERY have remtoved from
thecir foramer stand to the one formetirly occuplied
by E. 1). PRlING IE & CO., one door NorthI oif
F. IIOY'"S Jewelry Storre, where they woorid
be pleased to see tir frienads nad cuistome rs.
Oct 5, '853. 49 gf
Commission Merchant,
PAJLTICUILAR attentieg~ given to the SA I4
or SMilP3IENT~ of Naval $tores tarml Cotton,.
andl irer C4511 A DVANCE~S marde onr Con.
D~ec. 11, 1853. 7 ly
Administrator's Notice
iAil persons having deandsla agamnst
r Estate oft Mrs. E. Coninors, deceasodh, ar-i
r requestedtg; hand 4oni in-I og'brIy ttesit
e(l; and Uigose ildebig? gil ;'erse aei
im- e tat- yte' t . ,
For the Complete Cure of
urts preparation is getting into use all over
our Country. The numerous letter, we re
ceive from our varions Agnts infomiwe rf
cures efectedin their lmnedia neighboro,
warrant te in saying it is one of the best, if
not the very best Congh Medicine now before
the public. It almost invariably relieves and
not unfre uenrtly cures the very worst cases.
When nll otler Cough preparations have fail
ed, his has relieved the patient, as Druggists,
dealers in meidhcines,and Physicians can testi
fy. Ask the Agent in your nearest town, what
has been his.experieuc of the effects of this
Medicine. If he has been selling it any
length of time he will tell you.
ielow we.give a few extracts from letters
we have received lately regardirg the virtues
of this medicne.
Dr. S. S. Oslin, of Knoxville, Ga., says:..
I hatc been using your Liverwort and Tar very
cxtensively in my practice for three years past,
and, it is with pleasure I state my belief in its
superiority over all olher articles with wehich I
am acjuuantcd,Jur wchich it is recommended."
essrs. Fitzgerald & Benners, writing from
Waynesville, N.C. say:--" The Liverwort and
Tar is bccominy daily more popular in this Coun.
try, and we think justly so. All who have tried
it speak in cQomtendable terms rJ it, and -ay it
Is'very beneflcial in allcviuting thecomplaintsfo
which it is recommended."
Our Agent In Pickens District, S. C. Mr. S.
R. McFall, assures us ".that he uses it with great
benefit in his own family, and recommends it to
his neighbors." .le gives an instantofa Negro
woman, in his vicinity, who had been sufenng
w ith disease of the Lungs for many years, at
tended with severe cough, who was relieved
by the Liverwort and Tar.
Such are the good reports we hear of this
Meicine from all parts of the South. For a
report of the surprising cures it has performed
in the W estern and Northern and Ea tern
States, we would invite the sufering patient to
read the pamphlet which accompanies each
bottle. To all, we say, have hope, have hope'!
And ne'leet not that cough which is daily
.wekeing your constitution, irritating your
thrLat and lngs, and inviting on that dread dis
ease,tCmisumption,, when so soothing and heal
ing a remedy.can be obtained as Dr. Roger's
Syrupof Livenvrt.and Tar.
The genuine article is signed Andrew Rog
ers, on the engraved wrapper around each bot.
Price, $I per bottle,or sixbttlesfor$5. Sold
wholesale and retail by SCOVL & MEAD,
1I Chartres St. bet. C.onti and St. Louis
*. 0., sole Agents for the Southern States, to
whton ad1 orders and applications for Agencies
must be addressed.
MILLER & JIttITToN,Sginterville S. C.
4. J. D irav, Camden, S. C,
S. Be.tcr, Orangeburg, S. C.
June 12, 1851 31 6mo
The Far-1amet. eIr.dicinel
.These Pills being composed entirely of metH
emnal herbs are of a moist harmless nature
whlile the extraordinary virtues they possess
have rendered them universally popular ia
nearly every part of thle world. The unmense
micetss they have met with throughout the
State in most extraordinary, owing, at~ ire
itiuned, to their wonderful eflicacy in the cure
oh Bilhous complaints and disorders of the Liver
andl Stomach. P'ersons who persevere in using
them in accordance with the directions, sel
dom fail in being restored to health.
Cop .q aLeterfrom the Rev. Charles Smith,
rie orton, St. Philips, near Bath, .Somer
seltire, 17tA August, 1853.
TO PRiOFF.SO t nIo.w AY,
Sir,--A Mr. Josstrit PIIXTON, formerly a res
ident of this place, htad been in a declining state
of health for upwards of three years, gradually
tyasting away to a shadow by nightly perspira
tions and wtant of appetite, which caused great
uneasmess to his frIends, as he hlad consulted'
variuis medical men in Blath, without efyect,
lIe at last used youir Pills, andi tinder proyik
dunce, .was .reatored to health by their mieaLs
Ele lately.oruigrated to Newv York, and has just
written to say, that he was never better in ~
health, and desired mae to acquaint you with the
circuatnce. I ought also to mnentito, that
my wife hlad -detived great benefit fron the ut-o
of your Pills. I remain Sir, yours res pectfully,.
C~MId-t(.ES S3MITH, Dlissenting 1mister.r
Copy of a Letter frosm Mr. GJamis, Chemist,
Yeotil, to lhofessor Hollowcay.
Dearn Sir,--In tisi district your Pills comn
mnand a more etensive sale thin any other
proprietary medicine before she publio. As a
proof uf their ellicacy in Livenr.nd Bilious Cots
plaint.Imay mentio the sfullon ing case. A
ladyof this town with 'nhut: I an persornally
acquiainted, for years wvas a severe sufferer
from disease efsthe Liver andl digestive organs;
hlermnedical attendant assured hler that he could
do nothing to relieve her sufTerings, and it was
not iikely she coilId survive msany tuentbs.....
rTis announeiaeot .nttural ly caused great
ilarmn anmong her friends asn eatnsljianos,Aud they
induced her to make a trial of your Pills, wvhiel4
so imnproved her genueral health that she was
indutced to continu~e themt.tintil she re-eeived ;
perfect eure. Th'lis is twelve months ago, and.
shea has not e'tperienced any symntoms of re
lapse, anld o.(lxtn declares that your Pills have
been the mieaxs of saving her lire.
1 remiain, Iear Sir, yours truly,
Jialy 53rd, 1853. (Signed) J. Gas ms.
These erkbrated P'ills are wvonilerftlly ejicacos.
in the follow'ing remplaints :.
A gue, Propsy, inflamlmatienl, Sore Throats,
Asthma, Dysentery, Jauntdice, Sltne and Grav.
el, lilious Comphilis, Erysipelas, Liver Coni
il~int, Secondary Symptomns, Blotches on the
Skin, Rlowel Complaints, Colic,, ConstIpation
4f the Bloiels, Conisumaption, Debility. hinahe
Irregularities, Fevers of all kinds, Fits, G,,ut,
IHead-ache, ludrigestion, Lutmbago, Piles, Ilhent,
matism, itetention of Urines, Scrofula, or
Einig's Evil, Tie Doulouireux, Ttumours Ilf 'i.
Lers, Venereel Alrections, W~ormns of all kaids,
WVeakness, fromi whatever cause, &c., &c.,*
*e" SoLD 4y Tiia Esranaiusv ov PRnO,
FsEaR hiota.owAYv, 211, STR AND,(n'ar T'Pt.
tPtLs BadLosoN, and ahso utt.his Ilouse is
Nat EYwoR . OR DRS.S' fdur Sjediciines -it tlin
States, adJessed ,T. H~oi.~ofway, N rsw yon s,
will receive dlue sttrenuton. Sold alsoi by ali
respectable L}ryggista andti Deale re lra ledlic.
throughout the lititail States, ~in tiexs y
37 1-2 cents and $I1,50 cents each. Tro be A~
Wlale qf Ihe princilal 'Drng' Ilom~~ p
- A1etesiIs a ant-iderale-a ng
taklsng the largeisize. *
N. -L7.lreonons.for ther gqi c. f tina

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