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W 'N i. l,()GAN -
5 V. W. 1A .' . Jun . Psqr., is our
dl. e: d :,nt in Columbia, S. C.,
'v 1 er and r.:ceipz iot' all sums due
the Sumter Bnnne.
Qom' Persons wishing to see. us upon
business connected with the Paper or Law,
can find Its at any hour during the. day,.
except from four to five in the afternoon,
at our office, just back of So.os.ovs' New
'Store. All business, connected with the
-paper must be transacted with WILLIAM
.L.swis, .fotny S. Ricura.nnson, jr., or R. C.
Loans. M. R. C. LOGAN, the Foreman
of Banner Office, is our only authorised
Agent to receive money and give receipts
for the same, and may always be found at
the Banner Office. All letters addressed
to the Banner must be pre-paid to insure
We are indebted to Messrs. BUT.E1 &
NEwiBERY for a supply of their fresh im
portation of fine cigars. Smokers would
do well to examine the lot of Messrs. B.
& N. if they are fond of a highly flavored
Sunnuuer Medical Isastittute.
Students of Medicine would do well
to notice the Card of the Charleston
:Summer Medical Institute, which is to
be found in our advertising columns,
and also to the course of Anatomical
Lectures and Demonstrations by Dr.
-study and system of instruction pro.
posed by Dr. MICIeL cannot but be
of great assistance to the student.
A planter of' this District informs us,
that the rats are so numerous on a
-neighbors plant ation, astoheatck
ed a field of cotton and completely do.
stroyed a half acre of well growt
plants; the presumption is, that corn
must be scarce in that neighborhood.
Iauportaat to Travelers.
Our Columbia correspondent writes
us, that on and after Monday, August
21st, the ears for Charlotte, via Wittns.
boro' and Chester will leave Columbia
every afternoon at 4 o'clock, instead of
7 A. M., as formerly. Travellers then
rom any point in the W. & M. R. Rt.,
can reach Winnsboro or Chester on
the same day they arrive at Columbia,
~r by travelling all night reach Char
lotte early next morning.
This change is made to facilitate
travel and to accommodate trave-llers
going North or visiting the up country.
Battle of Churuibusco.
T'he survivors of the Palnetto Regiment
in thts place gave a dinner at Bradford's
mills on Saturday, in htonor of the Anni.
versary of the battle of Churnhrusco. WVe
were lnot present oturselvyes, buat are in form.
ed, thtei the affauir passed off very pletaantly;
that a harge number of invited guests were
present, arid the feast enlivened with a fiow~
of wit and hum aor.
Thse Grapeslaot.
This celebrated clipper ship, con
uerning which there hias been written
so man y mysterious newspaper para
-graphs, arrived in New York ott Wed
uesday, in ballast consigned to George
Law. She had ont board the whole of
hier ca rgo of muskets, which it appears
. has not beeni disposed of. There is
therefore, still thirty thousand mutskets
ai the market, which are dlestined yet,
to mtake some t.oise in the world.
-A. Newv Grammar.
We have received from the publish
*ers, Messrs. DANIEL. BURGESs & Co.
Now. York,.a new work entitled "First
Iiessons. in Langutge or Elements of
English Gratnmar," by D. B. Trowiti,
A. M., and lBENJOM:N F.. TwE.ED A. M.
The plain of the work is simple and
adapted to the understandintg of very
y~oung scholars. After an examination
of the conitents. ofa the book, we do not
hesitate in recotmmeniding it to the at
tentiont of paet and, teachers as ant
elementary treatise,, well worth a
p lace in every school.
TIhe Spy Glass.
'llhis is the title of a neat little. sheet,.
which purports tobe published semni-montth.
ly in tColumbia at .5. centta a quarter,. of
three months. *lThe patineipal purpose of
The- Spy Gkass, at present, is to keept a
watch on State politics, public mroralIs, &c.;
the next issue tny give uis a cleaner in.
* sight into its initentions. Those wishing to
*subscribe must address editors of Thie toy
Class, Columbia, S. C.
- Ioreign: Period icas.
T he Edinburg Review. for July hats-been
~e ived and affords- abundan& initeresting
natter: for the scholar -and: stasan.
e annot recommendl: too highly the
atronage of thesei Reviews,,tothose, who
* desiyeisoing profitable reading.. The four
Wj'iinakaterlies and Blackwoods Maga.
sinoa-'a ife.'itblished. in this country by
Mesara. Jioonardi cott & 00... Now YVork,.
andQ~' funsn tebsoibeila for #10 per.
Lightnilng, W cathcr, &c.
We have never lefure been visited
by so many and such destructive thun.
der storms, accompanied by high
winds, as during this season. The in
tensity of the heat, we suppose, will
account for the electricity and the
storms ; but who will assign a reason
why this summer should exceed all of
its predecessors, so far as we know, for
the duration and intensity of its heat?
We have had is long succession of
scorching days and sweltering nights,
mitigated now and then for a few hours,
by some wrathful cloud sweeping tern
pest-driven over our heads, discharging
volumes of lightning and floods of
rain, with an accasional rattle of hail.
Now, after. several .days of drizzly
weather ( just such weather as makes
the planter tremble for his fodder and
his cotton forms) it has cleared off
beautifully, and this morning (Monday)
we have the promise of another day re
minding us of some of its melting pre
Within a circle of a few miles of our
town we have been informed, of an
unprecedented number of instances in
which lightning has discharged itself
upon the earth, rending trees, killing
stock, and occasionally doing damage
to houses. But one instance has oc
curred however, in which human life
has been destroyed in this way, and
that has been already noticed. We
heard the other day of a gentleman
going out to look for several missing
cows, and found them all dead under a
tree which had been manifestly st.rick
by lightning. Iecertly we heard of a
very singular freak of the electric fluid,
which killed on the spot, ten hugs for
Capt. J. D. Me?"F.tnsi und the ,1,l
lowing circumnstance. Th
ing along a sugl rmhel, $ I!. kg
make, at a
each oter. ry i t.: ' j mgr
within thi1 \ . tIe tree upo
wliich th tluitI dtsceuided, am.the' was
itabodt the distane! of forty yards,
and the last. 'it. least screnty yards of
:md in a puth making fron the one in
wihich the others hudb len. This seems
Lo have been done by one discharge, the
luid choosing to pursue the earth,
-ather than enter the ground, and to
lefleet from the original path which it
mad taken.
We have often seen small spots of
;rowing crops killed by lightning, but
,e never before heard of half an acre
iestrcyed, which we have been inform
'd upon undoubted authority, is the
hect on the planttationl of Mr. J. 11.
dIoNrooMEary, a few miles below this
>laee. A stream of electricity, a few
lays since, fell upon one of his cotton
ields and destroyed at least htalf an
icre of the weed, as above stated. An.
thter gentlemani had a htorse and mule
<illed int his stkbles, the lightning stri
iga tree firpt a little distance onfl. In
>ur towtn, we have been informed, a
hiekenm was killed by the, fluid just
below the door of a house, the house
trelf being untouched, an~d without
'We record thtese things, as matters
if interest to us all, and in order that
acts may be laid before the public in
egard to a sub~lte tand otftetn destructive
uid. whose habitudes (so to speak)
ire still in somae respects involved in
TIomuatos all thie Year.
By followitng the simple and easy
receipt, given below for preserving
and keeping tomnatos f'resh, persons
may have that excellent vegetable
ready prep~ared for the table at all sea
sons of the '.ear. We have tried the
plan antd lintd the tomtatos thus prepar
ed, at a bare nomitnal expense, to he
equal to those fresh pluceked, when in
"'rake ripe tomatos, wash thema in
cold water, and boil them for twenty
minutes ; htave your cans (or biottles)
p)repared in the mean time by platcing
them in cold water in a boiler ; put,
your totmatos in the canis with a very
little salt and pepper, and set the boi
ler with them over a slow fire, where
let them remain until the water boils,
at which time cork and seal thtem her.
metically. By this simtple process
you can have the vegetable always
ready for your table, with aill the fresh
ness and flavor of the seasont."
Most vegetables may be kept in
like manner.
NewM of the Week.
The Grand Jury of the U. S. Court for
the district of N. Carolina, have presented
the State of Massachusetts as a nuisance,
for a want of alacrity in surrenderintg fog.
itive slaves.
There have been three deaths (luring
theo past week itn Savannah, fromn yellow
Great excitement: has been causred- in
Alabama by the alleged discoveories of gold
in.allapoosa County.
A public barbecue is to. be given at
Edgefield C. H.,,on the-30th inst., for the
purpose o~f aiding in building a Rail Roatd,
from some point on. the Greenwlle and.
Columbia Rail Roa na.sing th....,.a .
Village, to some point on the South Caro
lina Rail Road at or near Aiken.
The citizens of Fairfield District have
determined to give a barbecue to the lion.
W, W. Boyce, on the 3rd inst.
By the arrival of the Steamship Ameri
ca at New York we have European dates
to the fifth instant. The 'Turks and
French have again successfully engaged
the Russians and defonted thenm at
Giurgevo. Austria is makiug large and
active preperations to take possession of
the Principal.ties; her position however is
still doubtful and she is not trusted by the
allies. The King of Prussia is believed to
be favoring the Czar.
The defeat of the Turks in Asia was
There is a rumor of a revival of republi
canism in France, and also of discontent
in built Hungary and Poland.
Lieutenant Bonaparte, of Baltimore, has
joined the French army and sent in his
resignation to the American Government,
The revolution in Spain has, thus far,
been entirely successful, what its fruits
will be remains to be seen.
The cotton tnarket in Liverpool was
quite active and breadstufrs of all kinds
have advanced considerably.
Full returns from the entire State of
North Carolina have been received at
Raleigh, and the result for Governor is as
follows: For Bragg 49,300, for Dockery
The editor of the Portsmouth Globe, who
has lately been through a large portion of
North Carolina, says the corn crop in that
State, this season, will be a better average
one than there has been for the last twen
ty years, the rains having fallen most
An association las been instituted in
Virginia, under the , pr'gnable na:ne of
Irnn !Mi; ' '. -Jbjeict it ii to defend
the rl Constitution; maintain the
ritIne of the State. protect civil and reli
gious liberty, and preserve our glorious
Union. They solenutly pledge themselves
to support the Constitution, and extend a
cordial welcome to the oppressed of the
civilized nations of the earth.
Cucumber vines were killed by frost at
Wilnot Flat, N, IH., on the night of last
Wednesday week.
it is said Col. Orr will be the Democrat
c nominee for the Vice Presidency.
The election returns from Missonri in
orin us that the Benton candidate for
congress, Waldo P. Johnson, was elected
n the sixth district, over Mr. John S.
Pholps, the present democratic number.
li all the other districts the wh-g candi
dates were successful.
Maljor Thomas Doswell, of IHanover
youutyv, Va. has just sold a yenarling filly by
[Revenue out of Sarah WVashington, to Mir.
R. M. Singleton, of Sottth Carolina, for
$1,000 in cash.
Robert M. G;ria-un, indicted for the
rnurder of Col.- Charles Loring, of New
Drlcants. at the St. Nicholas h otel in New
york, on tihe 3d inst., was 0on Monday ar
raigned at the Court of General Sessiotns,
and pleaded not guilty. His trial will plrobl.
ably take place at the ntext term of the
Court of Over and Terminer. A fter plea.
ding, the prisonecr wvas commtnitted to his
cell in the 'city prjseni.
In con~sequienc-e of the anticipated failure
af the corn crop), corn hats materially ad
vantced ini Lisville (Ky.) market,' and
holders are firm at 63 to 70.
Th2 city authorities of Boston have de.
creed that ;,ll the natues of ntonre-sideLnts
who comec to Boston and get drunk and
are arrested shall be published.
Dunring the last month no0 less thi an 20,.
[M00, emigrants arrivejl at New York.
There is to be a grand toutrnatlmt at Iluf
falo Sprintgs, Meck lenburg countyv, Va., oni
the 7th of Septemb~er.
Tlhe Whigs in Iowa htave elec'ed alt
their candidates. Grines, the whlig candi
dat e for Governor, has 1t000 majority.
A. B. Greenwood 'and( Albert Rusk,
democrats, have been elected to Congress
from Arkansasi.
Atmong the platents just issued is one0 to
J. S. White and 1,. P. Wait, of Walterbo
ro, South Carolina, for improveiment ini
seed planter.
TIhe Town Council of Yorkville having
beet called upon to grant licenses, and tbo
ing indisposed to act thetnselives iln theC
premises. called upon the citizens to deter
mine11 tihe grave qumestion l'y vote. rThey'
responded p~rompntly to the call. and the
fullowitng is thme result :119 votes taken.
No. licen se 00, license 51.
Theli Newvberry Sentinel informs us that
Mr. Iverson last fall planted one- twelfth
ofa anere of his land iln rescue grass, frota
which he gathered eighteen bushels oJ
seed and sold it for thtree hunidred and six
ty dollars. P'retty p~roitable business.
WVe regret to learn through the Ashville
(N C.) News, that Mr. Bragg, on his ne
turn) from the convass of tile Westeri
counties, when within a few miles of Ash
ville, met with an accident by which hth
life was pilaced in immmninent peril. lIIh
horse became frightened and ran away
and in, his efibrts to stop him, Mr. Bragg
was thrown upon tho ground and run ovem
by the huggy. Ie receive-l some severt
bruises, but wass able to go otn his was
There is a new system of Daguerreoty.
.ping, the only difficulty is to bring it to ar
tifioial perfection. A. Pat terson (N. J.,) pa
per asserts that a little girl, who wvas stan
ding at a window in front of a young m;
ple tree, had a complete image of the latter
impressed upon her body by a flash of
In Pihilidelphia some firteen Roman
Catholic teachers in the public schools
have been removed by the newly elected
School Directors. Much feeling is mani.
tested by the friends of the prescribed, and
their removal will probably widen the
breach between, the Catholics and other
The white inhabitants on the shore of
Lake Superior are now agita ting the rpues.
tion of forming a State separate and apart
from the present organization-taking
what of Mlichingan lies west of Lake Mich
igan, and the points of \Visconsin and M in
nesota, bordering on the lake, and appro
priately naming it the State of Superior.
The usury laws will probably be repeal
ed in England, a bill to that el'ect having
been read a second time in the House of
Lords. The Marquis of Landsdowne said
the time had come for altogether abolish
ing the laws. iord Campbell rejoiced to
have lived to see the day when usury laws
received their death blow. Lord Brongh
an, on moral as well is mercantile
grounds, also rejoiced at the destruction of
these laws. The Lord Chancellor said
these laws were not only mischievous, but
presented loopholes for evasion. The sen
tineut of the Hlouse was altogether in fa
vor of the repeal.
Mr. Benton has announced his intention
ot stumping the State of Missouri for the
purpose of securing his election as United
States Senator.
It is said that te government has advi
ces of a fornidable rebellion agitating Cu
ba, which is soon expec'.ed to break out.
The French Govermnent has dismissed
the case of Consul Dillon is, the U. S
Authorities at Sin Fra-icisco, on the
1 ground that the imprisonment and insult
was done through the anxiety of officials
to suppress filibusterisn.
A Company has been organized and all
the necessary preparations have been made
to constrnct forthwith a Telegraph line
from Columbia to Charlotte. N, C., via
Winnsboro and Chester S. C.
The Yankees have just discovered that
fence posts set top downwards, or inverted
from the manner in which they grew. will
last more than twice as long as those set
in the natural way.
According to the returns received at
the office of the Kentucky Auditors tine
number of hogs over six months old is,
1,515,699 against 1,356,89: last year. In
crease this year 158.807 head.
Corresp : ::!., of the B.nner.
l' tt.AbLmitnA, A u.. 18, 185.4.
Cape Mitay- t1r r I isitors-Plhilat
delphia Eum-En o .Vnm N ting-'oli
tical Intelligence.
DEAR BANNFn : Fresh from the coolinr
breezes antd sea-bathls of Caipe May, we are
miore inichned to write potetic or romianemng
descriptions of thnat celebrated summiner
retreat tha~nn to commutstnicate "tncws itemns"
fromn tine hot aind dusty city. But a mnore
graphlic p~en thannn ours is alone capabtle of
depictong '"Scennes of Cape May.'' Whiile
thnerefore we leave you to imnaginne thne
plaue e have lately enjoyed, we wish
thanttyoulhad beeni a panrticipa~tnt in thnemn.
R~iding-batinng--etog, anid carrying on
Ilirtatnons formn the chielf occupantiotns of
thne huttndreds whio hnave this sutunner, coin.
gregated there. 11mw wvould your Sennior
have liked such a life !
As reganrds "news" we are a "Know
Nothnnig,'' Th'e war bet ween Mavyor
Conrad, and tine rumisellhers is s~ ill goinig
ott. Th'le latter miay at pureseint htave tine
law in thneir fanvor, but pitulic spintion wnl
cause thec enactmen~nt by tine necxt Legisla
tore ofa law sutlicieintly stringeint' to pre.
have bneen exercised by that class of per.
Thne "Ledger"' of Wednesday in formus tns
of a new discovery-thnat of mtaking~ paper
fromn granss. A Mr. Collins of Wanrerford
New Jersey is said to be the discoverer.
If, true, it is certainly good nnews to both
Icorrespon~ndennts aind printers.
Thie excitemneint in tine "IBeale'' allir
disposed to watt f or the regular admn..
tainof tine law. At one timew, strong
threats of "Lytnch law" wvere miade by an
indignant commnnunity.
(in tine nighnt of tine 15~th. tine train fromn
New York to this city rain o11 tine track [
-near Blordenitown. No lives lost, but thne
enginneer anud conductor somnewhnat inj ured.
Tihe sickiness in I'iniladejlhia hais de.
creased wotnderfully dunring tine last two
weeks. Soon as Octobner apiproaches wye
will boast of one of thne hnealthniest cities i.n
tine Utnion.
A recemnt tmove in tine Whnig pan ty hans
attracted miuch notce. Somne of its menm.
bers, acting in "counceil assemibied" re
solved niot to aitiate with thei Kinow
Nuthnings and have pubnlishned their inntenn.
tion. We believe that mtove to be: a re
gular huminbug-perfect sell, as thne Bowe
ry boys say,-and futrthiermtore to be made
for thne purpnose of secutring a port ion of
thne forein vote at thne next election for
So "old Bullioni" is beat at last ! We
are roally glad to hear it. le has in our
opinnion done umore to injure tine Slave in
stitutions of tine South thann eithner Seward
or Sumnmner. ut his politicai race is near
ly rutn--his j.olite"d warfare ended I
Speaking of this remninds nme of a curious
fact mnentioneod in the city pap et's. Out of
some 100,000 of Jenitenis' book, Thirty
Years in Senate,. that have been already
sold,. only 700 were subscribed for in South
Yours Always QJQE
Tm-: Somrrn...-The Southwiaestern News
mnakes up from the census reports stomne
very important statistics, peculiarly inter
esting to the cotton-growing and slave
States--South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas,
and Arkansas. The whole erca is 662,
185 square nmiies, of which 21,675,082
acres are improved land. The whole
number of slaves is 1,768, whose average
rate of increase for the last ten years is
54 46 per cent. The number of bales of
cotton made is 2,404,521, averaging 1,197
baes per thousand slaves. Average nuin
ber of acres of improved laud per bale is
These statistical views are not limited
to the present.
The calculations are carried forward
forty years, to 1890, with the following re
suit : Actual munmber of slavc acc:-dir.
to ratio of increase in the- United States
(28,97.) 5,001,219. Actual number ac.
cording to ratio of increase in planting
States (54.46) 10,295,902. Slave popula
tion demanded by the crop 13,218,'715.
Acres of improved land required, 160,.
102,539. Bales of cotton demanded by
plantinr States 15.820.409.
of YtLJ.ov I)OCK AND SAasA .ILI.A, put
up in the largest sized bottles, contains more of
the pure IIoduras Sarsapmrilla that any other
mrepamation extant, which is chemically com
bincl with the Extract of Yellow Dock and tihe
Extract of Wild Cherry, thus making the renec
dy mIUore thoroughly efctmt than any other Sar
saparilla before the public. At the tame time
it is perfcctlyfre- front all mineral poisons, w hich
camot he said of any other of the Sasaparilla
cornpountd s. The invalid shloubl liwcare olpoi
sons! Mlercury, Iran, Quinine, 'otaslh, Io.
dine, Sulphur, Arsenic, and many other uin
eral and metallic poisons, en fur into and form
the active basis of most of the Sarrsaparillas anti
l'anacea of the day. Gutisott's Compound
E.rract n/' Yellow DJork anud arxsarilla does
out containt a particle of these substanices ; as
any one can ascertain by apmplying the necessa
ry tests.
Let all poisonous Sarsaparilla preearations
atlone, andm use Gusutl's Improved Extract of
Yellmt 1)ok amd 'Sarsaparilla, which is thor
oueghly eficciots, perfectlyharmess,and purely
vceetabfe. All kinds of disease yield to its
genial influence.
;41" See Advertisement.
Anatomical Lectures And
mence his private course on Anatomy
and l'lhysiologv, on the first Monday in
November, at his Anatomical Rooms, op
posite the Medical College.
.)r. Mieetr. otters the following advan.
tages to Students attending the Medical
scssion in Charleston. A complete course
of Lectures is delivered during the season
on Anatomy and Physiology, the Professor
il:ustratmrg his course by preparation,
drawimgs and models. i)mssections are
conducted on an improved plan, consisting
in interrogaimg each member of the class,
and makmg him demonstrate his own dis
section. The Student may hereby multi.
ply his opportunities for acquiring a knowl
edgeef mne of the most important and d.fli
cult departments taught in the College.
Saturdays are devoted to Micro-copical
Exammations are held regularly every
m glt on each of the several branches, giv
ing the class the benehit of a rehearsal, in a
condensed fiorm, of the subjects lectured on
by the Professors of the Medical College,
so as to recall whatever may have escaped,
aitention, and to correct errors entertainmed
by misapprehending the meanmg of the
Dr. M., wrill timid pleasure itm recomn
amendmng time proper 'ext boou ini general
use, in intruduacotg his pupils to time ac
tlimulatce of thme several l'rofessors, anmd itt
lacilitatinig m lhe Students 'an all mmatters coat.
naeted wiath thmeir studies.
Referemnce may be mnadem to Dr. M., at
his resademnce Queen Street, 74, or alt lhis
Antmical Roomsa oppJosite the~ College.
Ternwo, Temi Doullams.
Tme subscrier is also prepared to take
priate pupmils wahn foar time orditury omtlice
fee of onme hunmmdred dollars a year sh~allI have
access to a large habrary, diagrmmms, plates
tad tmdels, umi be furmaisheod gratmmitomusly
wmth time ticket to tihe full course deliveredi
int time Summmer Medical Inastitumte. His
pop1s wdal tihus be made famniliatr withm dis
Lasei at time bed-side, atmd be tma~de partuci.
panots ini mnany surgical atnd oibstet rical
eases occuarrtmg iin hims ptractice, while thmey
becmte acquamted w.th time mmethodmts of
mmixliing and ad min Iisterin1g dirimgs. Tme
strictest attcention will be pad to the Ni-a
roscopme int connmectonm withI Anaagommy anud
Lmathlogmy, and extuinaationts held 'every
Pr'e'-ssor rof Anatomy and Phaysiology.
W. II l/M E, Prey'. of Medmicalz C..hcnmiy.
ad Diseauses 'f Wo'mna.
Rt. A. KIN LOCH, P'ri. of Surgery.
Rt.F. M IC( HE L, P'rof. of Mlateria Medriaca.
F~ee for time course $50. Lectures com-.
mmenmce imn April andt teram:nate abottt time
mmiddle omf J.v
Auguast 23i, 185N4 t
4)n. osGOODSs
lIndia Oholagogute:
Fever anmd Agite, Chill Fever, Dimb Agtue,
'ntrmittenti and Remnittentt Fevers, Liver
Cormplaint, Jaundimce, Enlargemoent of time
Liver, Enlarge~mment of time Spleena, and all
time variomus lormos of
Bilious Diseases.
For stile bmy
Druggists, Suamterville, S. C.
Au gust 23, 1854 43 S
Valuable and
F I HlE subscriber offers for sale that val
IuablIe Tract of Landl on 11mg Lynaches
Creek, foramerly ownmed by Lovick Yonng,
deceasedl, lyitng itt iershmaw and Cihes.
terfield D istricts contain ing between sev
eni anti eight thmousanmd acres..
I'The immproveamnts conmsist of time settle.
menmt upon wvhicht tt.e deceased resided at
tihe timte of is deathm, conmsistinmg of Dwell
ing House, G~in-HIouse, Screw mmnd all nec
essary otut-huildimmgs, all itn good repair.
Also, anoithmer settlement wvith a coamforta
ble Dwelling Hiouset atnd necessary out
builings. Thmere is also ott thte premises,
anmd (ionvenietnt to bothm settlemtents, a
fir-t rate Grist Mill, on a never-faihang
st reamm.
Th'iis is conceded to be the most valua
ble and desirable landl otn Lynehes Creek,
aand its productiveness is kntowvn to be tn
eurpmassed by arty other in time coutntry.
A further descenption is unnecessary
purchasers are invitedi to call and examine
for themselves. T1hu land will he sold- ha
a body, or dtvided to suit pturchasers, terms
made liberal. J. D. YOUNG.
Aug. 23, 1854 43 - tf5
Sheriff's Sales
BY v'rtue of sundry Executions to me
l directed, will be sold, at Sumter
Court IMouse, onl the 1st .olonday annd day
following in Lepteinber next, within legal
hours of sale, to the highest bidder, for
c.,sh, the following-purchas.rs to pay for
titles :
One tract of 25 acres of hand. in Cl r
endon, adjoining lands of Rt. U. Dingle
and Richard .Mims, levied on as the prop
erty of Wilkinson Gritlin, at the suit of
I. R. Dingle.
One tract of ,50 acres of land, -nor' or
less in Salem, adjoining lands of Jas.
Lowry, Wn. Morris, et. al. levied on as
the property of Robert Lowry, at the suit
of Elias Tomlinson.
One tract of 180 acres of land, in Sa
lem, adjoiring lands of Est. of Jno. Don
aid, A. Law, et. al. levicd upon as the
property of Charles McCoy at the suit of
Rogers & Spencer 2 cases.
One lot and buildings thereon in Sum.
tervile, adjoining lands and where defen.
dant lives, levied upon as the property of
W. S. Hoyt, at the suits of M. J. MclFad.
diti and William Webb.
One tract o: 116 acres of land, in CJar
endon, adjoining lands of P. Ml. Butler and
J. W. Gibson et. al. levied upon as the
property of Wn. Rhame, at the suit of J.
J. Dais.
One tract of 122 acres of land, in Cir.
endon adjoining lands of 11. Holladay,
Nelson Thames et. al. levied upon as the
property of A. M. Richbourg, at the suit
of W. F. B. Ilanysworth, Commissioner.
One tract of 100 acres. part of a tract of
land in Clarendon, adjaining lands of Win.
Cnuntey et. al. levied upon as the property
of Richard W. Stukes at the suit of W.
F. B. llaynsworth Connissioner.
One tract of 141 acres of land, in Fork
Black River, adjoining land L. Wither.
spoon et. al. levied upon as the property
of W. M. Ilerrngton, at the suit of L. B.
One tract of 80 acres of .land. more or
less, in Salem, adjoining lands of J. W.
Stuckey, et. al. levied upon as the proper
ty of Geo. M. Kelley at the suit o. W. HI.
One tract of 200 acres of land, mnoro or
less, in Clarendon, adjoining lands of
Edwin Tobias, Est.ot A. L. Ilodge, et. al.
levied upon as the property of Wm. Ml.
'obias, at the suit of the State for Texas.
One negro levied on as the property of
A. F, Allen, at the suit of Jano. Ambrose,
One Horse levied on as the property of
Jas. J. Berry, at tine suit of Theodore It.
Berry, at the suit of 11. O'Stean.
I horse levied upon as the property of
JohnB Brogdon, at the suit of A. Ilodge.
Two h irses, levied on as the property
of It. L. Christmas, at the suit of Thos. E.
One negro, levied on as the property of
t. J. W. English. at the suits of A. Ml &
R. Kennedy, A. Scarborough, Wm. Shy,
8;1mm, E. \V nlnon, J. Sidney McFadden.
Ann E. i' oste, and Jno. Madison.
One horse, levied on as the property of
Jas. R. Harvin, at the suit of C. C. Thames.
One negro levied on as the property of
Jno. F. June, at the suit of Edwn Barnes.
One mule, levied on as the -propert'y of
N. I1. Johnson, at the suit of Jane P. Jia
O!e negro, levied on as the property
of San'l Lowry, at the suits of I B.
Hanks, H. Kuhn, and T. E. Flowers. -
One negro, levied on as the property of
JTas. McCauly, atn tihe suit of H1.11 . Lesesnne.
Oneo mule leviedt orn as tine property of
N. McLeod at the-anit of J. M, McIm'~oshn,
2 cases.
O.)ne horse, levied on as the property of
Jno. M.-Call at thne suit of C. C. T1hamnes.
One negro levied on as the- property of
El~izt'h. McLeod, at tihe' suit of Odando
One zmule, levied' on as th~e property of
Ishva .rdi V.ichnardson ait them suits of L. B.
I fainks, 0. F'armer,- and' Jno. Boyd.
One horse, levied on as tine pnroperty of
Ino. S.. Rnih,- at thle suit of \Vm. Lewis.
One Negro,- leied'( on as tine' pr'operty
of Thns.- D' Suhnter, ot tine' suit of J'as.
Rtay 4. cases.
One horse, levied on as tine property of
C. C. flhamens, at thne suit of L 0. WVji..
One negro levied on as- tine property of
Rt. J. Withnerspoonn, at thne suits of L dey
mnore and 1I. T'rescot.
One horse levied on as the--property of -
Ilnry 'I'. White-at tine suit, of 4' Regi.
Ilousnehold Furmniture levied on as the
propierty of B. F. Brogdon at tine suit, of
F. M. Andrews.
J'NO. C. RilA ME, S. S. D.
Shcriff's 04lic, 23 Aug. 1854.
Fromn tine'subscriber on thne night of th'
11th, Aungust instant from the premnises of
Mias Sarah Terry some tifteen or tweenty
sihanghni chnickens some of chnickens beinng
grown and some part grown, one of thtou~
a yellow hen with one eye and atnotd."
sarge grey cock. If chnickeins of this disciiR'.
tion should he sent to anty person for wuJe
or concealment thney will confer a favbr by
retaining thnetm and imnformning the sunbscri
Aug. 16. 42. 3 times.
If''\atchmnan copy.
Beat Company No, 2.
1N putrsuance of orders from M~ead
Quarters you arte hereby commandede to,
appear at Sumterirille on- thne 7th.Septemin-.
ber next for drill and inspection-; Com--.
mnissioned and non.commissioned offiersa
will aippear oni thne daj preOViont for diib
and instractions.
By order of
C'apt. 11. A. CHAIihLERt.
T. O'Casson, 0. S.
Aug 9, 18M 41
117 Watchnman copjy..
Just Arrived and for Ba
Fire-Screens, WVinidow- Shadee,.
and Fixtures, &c.
Violins and Guitars;
Violin and Guitar Strings,.
l'iano Music. -
L'. B. HfANKR.
Asngust 9,.1854 41 'tif. -t
Attentioni Riflemen!
i BY order from - Head Qunar .
e," you are hereby- ordered to as
aembnle at your'ilSnial place ofren
dezvous on Thnurethty tile '7th oft
September- next at 11) o'clocht Av
lr ., fully ar'med' and equipped for
Tilte ('onlmnissiomedi an,.l non.cormist
alonedi of~cers wvill assemble tine day prev
oips f'ord -dni and instruationn..
T *l Sua* Rfe ')b
American Arts' Union,
Te American Arts' Union, woli respect
fully annonnee to the citizens of the United
States and the Canadas, that for the purpose of
cultivating a taste for tie fine arts throughout
the country, and with the view of ennbsling
every family to become possessed of a gallery of
'i11ey have determnined, in order to create an
extensive sale for their Engravings, and thus
not only give einpolymnent to a large number
of artists and others, but inspsire among our
countrynen a taste for works of art,to present
to the purchasers of their engravings, when
250,000 of themt are sold,
230,000 Gifts, ofthcaelual cost of $150,000.
Each pureliaserof a One Dollar engraving,
therefore, receives not only an engraving rinc
ly worth the money, but also a ticket which
entitles him to one of the Gifts when they are
For Five' Dollars, a highly finished engraving
beantifully painteI in oil, and five gift tickets
w ill he sent ; or live dollar's worth of splended
engravings can he selectecd from the Catalogue.
A copy of time Catalogue, together with a
specimnen of one of the engravings, can be seen
at the office of this paper.
For each Dollar sent, an engraving actually
worth that smun, and a Gift ticket, will immedi.
ately he forwarded.
The Committee believing that the succes of
the Great National Undertaking will be imate
rially promoted by the energy andi enterprise
of intelligent and persevering Agents, have re
solved to treat with such on the amost liberal
Any person wishing to become an Agent, by
sending (post pail,) $1, will receive by return
mail, a one dollar engraving, and a "Gift Tick
et " a prospectus, a catalogue anid other tie
cesrary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the Gifts
will be placed in the hands of a Comnmittee of
the purchasers to be distributed, due notice of
wheh will be given throughout the United
States and the Canadas.
100 Marble busts of Washing
tonl, at - - - - $100. $10,000
100 " Clay, 100. 10,000
100 " *" Webster, 100. 10,00
100 " " " Calmoun, 100. 10,000
50 elegant Oil Painmtings, in
splenlid gilt frames, size 3s1 100. 5,000
feet, each,
100 elegant Oil Paintings 273 ft. 50. 5.000
500 steel plate Engravingr, brill
iantly eol'el in oil, rich gilt 10. 5,000
frames 2-1x30 inchtes, each,
10,000 elegant steel plate En
gravings, colo'l in oil, of the
Vashington 3onument, 20
by 2E in. each, - - 4. 10,000
237,000 steel place Engravings,
from 100 dilearent plates,
1.ow in possession of, and
owned by the Artists' tinion,
of the market value of, fromt
50 cents to $1 00 eachl - - - 41,000
I first-class Dwelling, in 31st,
street, N. Y. Cisy, - - 12,000
22 huildity, lots in 100 and I01st
eacim 25x 100 ft. deep, at - 1000. 22,000
100 Villa Sites, containing each
10,000 sq. ft. in tihe strburb of
New York City, am con
manding a magnificent view
of the litudsun liver and Iong
Island Sound, at - - - - 500, 50,000
20 perpect:al loans ofersh, with
out interest, or security, of
$250 eaci, 5,000
50 " " 100 " 5,000
100 64 a 50 64 5,000
250 " " 20 " 5,000
2 000 " " 5 " 10,000
Iteference In regard to the Real Estate, F.
J. Visscher & Co., Real Estate irokers, New
York, Orders, (post paid,) with money a .cli sed
to the addressed,
505 Broadtway, N. Y.
-' The Engravings in tho-catolugue are
now ready for delivery.
Aug 2 , '51. -13 6mn.
Tnnds For Sale.
4W E nlTer for Sale thme Plantation on
which Jas. 'Tller resitded at the time
of lisk deatht, lying ott Lynchtes Creek, 20
tmiles eatst of Camttden, in Kershmaw antd ar
limmgton I)istricts, comntiinmg 1,000 acres,
rmore or hu'es, with tolerable buildings
,200( acres cleared. Also 410 acres Bottom
Lanid, itn enitivation. WVe will receive bids
for saii Land until the 1st of Decenber
next, if ntot sold by tat timte it will bie sold
ott thme 20tht December, 18541, at puablic
Also, three othter tracts of Land, one lv
inmg itn thie lork of Leyntches (>eeks,- coit
tatiring 400 acres, nol onme ont Black Ibiver,
in Kershm' D)istrict, cotainintg 150 acres,
mtore or less.
All time above mnamed Lands will be sold
at thme lte residence of Jas. Tiller, dec'd.;
any fmur;her infrmatiotr wauhing,-call otn thte
J. E. TII IL. t' - Agenits.
August 23, 1854 43 6t
The Credit System
Is. otte of time mnost injnrinnts that afflict
at commnnttnity; therefore wte linpe that a
certin portion of our generous ptublic whot
miwe Its accounts, whtich are now due, will
- not fail to fork over as soon as possible, as
we are very needy at thitme, and have thme
best intenitmons in regard to our own debts
if w~e canm ontly get Ithe whterewith.
Atugust 16, 1851 42 2
242P Watchmant please copy.
South Carolina Collegiate
Fcanate Iuastituute.
TllE1 dtties of this Institution will be
resumetd on the first TilURSDAY in Oc
tober. Thte Principal its gratiti-e-d teinformn
time patrons of' the Instite that arrange.
memnts aro tmaking for suplying each de
partmentt with htigly comupetent Teatcherm.
F'or time mtost part, the corps of Teachers
are its thtey were.
Patmphlets giving pa rtictulars will be
furnished to order
Printcipmal antd Proprietor.
Angtmst 16, 18M4 42 4t
Mrs. A. G. IIURST' tatkes this tmethodl
to infomrmn time citizenis of Sumtiterville and
vicinmit - thmat she has opened her school at
time "' fowin lual," wvhere she will be
pleasedl to receive and irstruct Scholars in
thte varmotns btranchmes necessary to a thor
oughm Englisht Education. Trermns moderate.
August. 16, 1854 42 tf
Olarcanont Troop 4
IN pursuanco of orders from "Head
Quarters," you are hereby ordered to as.
semble in Sutierville on TIhursday time 7th'
Septmber next. at 10 o'clockc, A. M, fully
ar-mmed and equipped for-drill and review.
Thme commissioned and non-commissiojl
ed officers wvill assemble the0 day prevIous'
for di ill and Inetructioni. 2
- By orderm of -
CokvT.- W. 4kKFWb
R. C.. Wans;Oapt.
jigust 16, 185[I 42 tdl
!! Watchman dopy.

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