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Plantation for Sale.
I oll:r for saile the plantation where I
now ive c'ontaining 1012 acree. It is sit.
uated in this (Suuter) Dis:rict on the wa
ters of Lym hes Creek. two tiles above
the Lynchburg )epot on the W. & .\. It.
Road, and three miles above the village of
Lynchburg. There are upwards of 4(001
acres of open lands on thie premises, :1110
of which is in as high a slate of cultivation
and ituprovemtent as any lands in Sumter
District. The corn crop now growing on
it will produce froni 10 to .10 bushels per
acre. The entire cotton crop with the ex
ception of a few acres of old field, wi.1 pro
duce from 8110 to 1500 lbs. per acre. The
place is ofi'ered for sale from private con
siderations emiireiv and not from lack of
fertility of soil. ilesides the lands in
cultivation there are about 250 acres of
marsh and oak and hickory ridge or binfTr
laud to be brought in equal to any :im.lar
land in the State.
For facilities of travel and market it po
sesses superior advantages. The owner
catn breakfast at home and dine either in
Charleston, Wilmington or Columbia.
The terms can he matde accomomodatin r,
and possession given the first day of next
January. J. D. ASIHMORE,
f Lynchburg P. 0..
Hug. 10, 1854 42 tf
Land For Sale.
T HE Subscriber offers for sale a valuable
tract of I.and containing 51G acres, all
in one body, situated two mile- above Cal
v:ry Church, and fourteen miles below
Suinterville, and half a mile from 11w road
leading fro i Cain's Savannah. Also, a
piece of 80 acres lying in Santee Swamp,
convenient to said tract, for stock range.
''his land is well rixed with a good dwell
ing house and all necessary out buildings.
Also, all plantation tools, Blacksmith's
tools. and a very fine Ilandmiill; all the
stock belonging to the place, including
Hogs, Cattle Sheep and Gats. This land
will be delivered to the purchaser next
N.B.-The land will either be sold sep.
crate or with the stock, &c., to suit the
purchaser. T. \V.
August 2, 1854. 40 tf
Lightning Conductors,
PLEASE read the followmg extract
from the Xcienti/ic American a paper de
voted to the Mechanic Arts, Manufactures,
and General Science.
"I have long considered a good light
ning conductor for Ships a great desidera
tm.in, and have employed a good deal of my
spare time and money in endeavoring to
otroduce into our Navy, aild into our mer
eantile Marine, the Conductor of Sir Vil
lian Snow Blarris, which iii the British
Navy, in the lion. East India Company's
service and in some of the other Navies of
Europe has been adopted ; every ship in
the British Navy has Harris' Conductor,
and not a pound sterling nor a single life
has been lost by lightning since it has been
fully adopted. This is a fact which speaks
to the humane, as well as to that no smaller
class who look solely to their own interest.
The underwriters of New York have
agreed to make a return of 2 per cent. of
the premium on all Ships furnished with
ruitahle lightcing conductors, they show a
regard for the cause of humuanity and for
tieir own interests by uakng this return ;
and it is to bie hoped ihat all uinderwriters
* will follow this good example, not that it is
thei dutty of undinerwrter-s to encourage these
umeans tuore thiani s'hipown~ers, but thle coni
cession will have the efl'et to waike up thle
owners of ships to a sense of their duty in
this respect.''
Th'le owners of hotuses are no less bounid
by the ties of IIlumanily or the promnptings
oit imterest to protect their own and the
dwell irgc or their teniants, by fuirnihiug
thiem with Otes' Patent. Cunduc-tors which
can be obtained from the snbscribers, the
sole owners of the right for this Di)strict
Th'lis is uinqueLst ionably the heat Cond ucto.r
for houses ever initrod uced.
A ug. 9, 18534 -11
QM WVatchmian copy 3 timies.
Palmetto Iron Works.
ThIlE proprietors oif the above establish-.
mont, having furntishied thieusselvyes withI
all the necssary mael'inerv and tools for
cond ucting the FOU N D RY AMN) M A.
CIIINE BUShINESS. together with a large
stock of materials-, are now ready toi coni.
tract for the making of Stationary Engines
oif any power-, all kinds of Mill WVork, Cast
Iron Fronts, Fencing, and other descrip
tions of Iron WVork generally conducetd in
a wellU regulated establishment.
his supervision of all work. lIhis old frtinds
and piatrons will finid hiim ready to furnish
all orders with despatch Persons desiring
to patronize a homie inistituitini can be as
* ured that their wvork will be donie and
warrantedl satisfactory. Our prices will be
as low as any similar establishiment in the
country, and terms liberal. A share of
piubi e patronage is respectfully sol icit ed.
August 9, 1854 41 un
Accoaannodationi Wharf,
8ells Cottoth Gran, Flour, lBacon, and all
tether articlen of prodluce
Strict anid ; rom pt attentoui gIven to the
VpRWAlRDiNG of Goods and P'roduce.
~Augut 9, 18td 4t tf
Two NEWV STILL.S add WOR Ms carryhmig
frm 38 to 21 Barrels Virgin Tlurpentine. War
ranted by the miaker for twelve maonutt..
Apply to
Wihninigton, N. C.
August 9, 18&1 41 Im.~
Fiacis RI. Shackelford,
Cornnis~ionu Mlecant.
T['I id su bscribier respectfully calls t he
at tetion- of the Planters (if S'mter D'isttict
t i thet above Card,- and s~olicits a sha re of
thieir pitronage. The most satisfactory
teterecme can b4 Liven if required.
P'aR. ShIAI'C-EJrFRl.m
Office Wil. & Man, R. R.
\rantilc-o'U, N. C. July 11, 1851.
IN consequence of losses sustained by
the escape of fugitive slaves, with forged
passes, (over this line, and to guard against
it im future, the following rules will take
etlbet on and after the 15th inst.
'ickets to pass over this Road will, in
no rase, he sohl to a negro.
Owners of slaves must, in person, pur.
chase the ticket, and point out to the con.
ductor, the negro for wihomn it was bought.
Genl. Sup. W. & Al. I. I.
August 2, 185.1 40 2m.
Choice Old Brandy and
We have now in store some very supe
rior Old Brandy, which has been selected
by ourselves, for medicinal purposes. Its
age and mildness together with its purity,
will be of great consequence to invalids
who are necessitated to use it.
A variety of very select Wines, consisting
Old Mcdcira, Old Port Wine,
Brownsm Siherry, PaIle Siherry &
11sare Clinret Wee
Imported by ourselves, all of which we
warrant genuine, and of the very best
For sale by
Court House Range, Columbia, S. C.
July 26, 1854 39 tt
New Establishment,
Dealers in English, French and Atmerican
Drui, MediciaIes :s antd
Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Dye-Stulds,
Glass, Putty, Glue and Sand Paper. Paint,
Varnish, Camel I lair and Whitewash
Brushes, Fine and Choice 'ertimnerv and
Fancy Goods, Pure Liquors and Woin's, for
medical purposes, Lancets, Scariticators
and Cupping Glasses, &c.
All the Popular Patent Medicines direct
from the proprietors.
Agents by appointment for I). Jaynes'
and Dr. Dennis' celebrated Family Medi
cines, also for Farrell's Arabian Liniment,
Mortimer & M awbray's Ilampton T'ite
ture. Carter's Spanish lixture. &c.
All articles from this Establbshment are
warranted fresh and genuine.
I'iysicians, Planters and country Mer
chants :ending to us, can rely upon getting
Prime Art'les, and laving their orders
promptly execuited.
July 2:, 105& 39 Gn.
To Music Teachers and
C"IIUR C! I U4!1I?..
AIUSIC Teachers, Church Choirs and
Amateurs generally, are hereby notilied
that a new M USIC LOOK of Choice and
Standard '['Tuns, entitled (he Neraphina ;
or (.hristian Library of ('hurh .Uusir ; is
just pu bb"-1, in round and p:tant nites.
containing -19ti pages, at the low price of
St a dozen. Sogle samt ple copies sent
by mail pre-paid, 75 cents, or three copies
for :i".
1000 Aat'irs \W c\mo-Tua travel amd
sell ic every ptart of thle Unitied States, thle
Secraphin ta cnd thie Ilistory oi allI the lReli
iouscc, )c'nominationts, c~oiitauimncg 50) arti
6100 I yjlc ear can hce mcadie, by acct ive anti
putshtig mien, by selbngui thei'.'e woriis. A
very liberal per ctage n~ ill be allowed ito
tho se wvho putrchaae Icor catsh, or will sentd
us itheir tnoteus at fouir itoocthIs withI goicud
endorsers. Address
JOllN WI1NFll1mNN1;R.
August 2, 1651 -1(1 -lt
(CIlINA andc Granuitte Teca's,
Granlitte Diinw:r andti itesaktesi P'laties,
Steak liihet, Iinner Ilicheis, Scu~p flowls,
(ustac ~nc tuds Fruitu Sitnd<,
Flower Vatses, tinat andc Class Candilesticksc,
P'rese rve Di.stc, lecantelit, '1Tun.blle ri,
Winte Glasses,
Glass P'itchers, ail a numbei.r oi oilher articles
just rece'ived anid for uh. bcy
T. .3. 501..3 IONS &t. CO.
)Iaar#l 22, 1H%4 21 tc*.
TIissuest, Ber'ages, Colou1 red Silks. Pla in
andtc friniged lIlac'k Silks. Prcinted ancd linu
Jaconcetsi &c. &.c.
Foir sale bcy
Juice 28th 1851. :i5. tF
Glenn's Perfumery & Soaps.
A genleral assoriniet ot thle above ar
ticles. to which the anuentcion of the publ)1ic
is called andc plarticularly to thle Stcaps as5
being well ada~pted to the use (oF faiie s.
Far sale by A. J .MOSES.
IS ptreparedl to do aill mtannier of wvork in hi
line., with neatness ai despai~tch. lis te rim
are Casu. lIe is cstl at lils old isand jcic
abovie t T1owni Ilath.
Felb. 8, 1851. 15 if
3000 lbs. Bacon.
Siumter racised aind Stuntetrville ccured.
Also a line lot of Chcad.ston clear sides
for sale by A. J. AMOSES.
Junte 2l, '4. 34 t
MV Hinsdale,
Dealer in Groceries, Hard
ware and Dry Goods,
andle corne'r of (Jarrais' iSret,j'
.lharch 15, 1851. "0 ly.
'10arrive by~Iitene r' traII ( IEsee
.'lot of Groceries f'rom Ba l~tior, such
astClacrilled and11 Colflee Stigart, supernior
Rio uiicd Java Collb~e, No. 1. Alacke'rel in
Kits, Soaps, Starch &c., w.hitch canc be
bought, low from,
Mlarch 1ihi, 1831 210 if.
FOR SA LaE O1LtTO Etifff.
.TilE sulliscrjiber ofiers his Fatrmi, having lon
it a ciwellinig ancd ou1 t h uIses tand thet l,~iWiter
ri the diisiti, situatedc ia short dhiistance from
the townc of Suimrtervitte, for sale or to Itenit.
.Terms mit'tde easy, anid ps ingvna
once.piiygrs .
Many 3, 185'1. 27 if
Yarn and Osn aburgs.
Tl- Ecstuhcsriber, Agenct for the DeKalb Mian
factury, oliers their goods at mniifacturer,
jri'"cc. PF-fRiV 310SES.
-Iy,r- 1. 27 If
Head Quarters.
MILFORD, June 20, 185.1.
Ti11, following Itegimtents will parado fin
review and drill at such times and plae n
as herein indicated:
The 39th Regiment. of Infantry wil
parade at Donminick's, on Tuesday, 25tl
The 39th1 Regiment of Infantry wil
parado at Jalapa, on Thursday, 27t1 July
'I'To l(tth Regimtent of Cavalry wil
parade at Martin's, on Saturday, te1 29tl
of July.
The 40th Regiment of Infantry wil
parade at Boyd's, on Tuesday, tie 1st o
The 41st Regiment of Infantry wil
parade at l'ark's, on Thursday, the id o
The 415th Regiment of Infantry wil
parade at. the Burnt Factory, on Saturday
the 5It of, Aujrust.
The 351th1R l iient of ifantry will
parade at Unionville, on Tuesday, the 1 ali
of August.
The 9th Regiment, of Cavalry wil
parade at Glenn Springs, on Thursday
the With of August.
The 36th Regiment of' Infantry will
parade at Timmons', on Saturday, the 12111
of August.
The :37th lIegitment of Infantry will
parade at Wilkins', on Tuesday, the 15t11
of August.
The tlith Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Yorkville, on Thursday, the 17th
of August.
The 4iGth Regithnt of Infantry will
parade at Ehenezerville, on Saturday, the
I9th of August.
The 21st Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Lancaster, on Tuesday, the 22d
of August.
The 27th Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Rich Illl, on ''hursdny, the 24th
of August.
The 26th Ieginent of Infantry will
prirale at Chesterville, on Saturday, the
26th of August.
The (ith Regiment of Cavalry will
parade at Youngs', on Tuesday, the 2'0th
of August.
The 2lath Regiment of Infantry 'vll
parade at Bell's, on Thursday, the 31st of
The 25th Regitent of infantry wtil
p.ir:!de at Winsboro', on Saturday, the 2d
of September.
The 25th Regiment of Infantry and the
5th Regiment ot Cavalry will parade at
or ne.!ar Caaden, on Tuesday, the 5th of
The 20th and '1th Regiment of Ifan
try will parade at Suiterville, on Thurs
da , the 7th September.
Tihe olliieis and non-commissionel olli
cers will assemtble on the day previous to
the reviews of their several regiments for
drill and instruction.
Volunteer Companies will be thorough.
ly inspected, and the books of Beat Coin.
panics will be ex:nnined.
Generals of Iihvision and of Brigade
will, with their Statlh, attend the revews
of thtetr respective' conmnandcs.
Generalikof Brigade are chiarged with
thi' r-xtet inn of tlhis orde r.
are requ.ire.d to atttendu the reviwvs in their
.several Itrigahes; an ituhose not residm g
int the Brigades to he reviewed are inivited
to attend
Ily order of the Commia nder-itn-Chie f:
it.G. 3h. If)UNOVANT'.
Adjutnt andl Inspector Geneth.
June 28 1'951 US 3 .1
Nuuimaterville, %. C.
htesipectifolly inuforins lie peoplec of % mn.i
t-,r District that hie thas jntt receive.Ind'
nlow olters for ,-ale :h~e he. selected tmdand
m1o8t (boice' stock of
T1hai cannoit he' surpbasseid by nniythiing itt this
market. 11.e has received mtany new tyies
which, purchiasers wouild do well to examinie hai.
fore htingsi eIlsewheire.
A full aind large siupjply of I Josiery; Sh)irti,
A large assortment of L 1A tY 31DE CLO.
TI'll. which will lie sold1 low.
[ t Garmients mannfatrtdtred hv time tikseri
Iher, and~ warrantedl to giv~e sat ist'cion. Or
ders from et dliitanmce promnptly aittnded tos.
April 5ith, 185.1 tf
giECLU~ ill A ICE Ito:IOlSohaeeni
entr.ly rethniht, sit as to lbe capiable uo
hlingtt. several itimandu tonls of ICE, and jis
nowtoetned fo'r te seasin. Eve-ry facility wl
be allonli-il to pertsonms living iat a dlisttane te
sittnply themi regnhlirly. It will lie senit oil'every
mortnitti if desi rabtle; hiv rail roant, piass.mnger oi
freighti rain; antd the rail road iagents hsave kind,?
Iy lired o give every faicilit y tor its' transpolr
difterenit de~pots to receive returned hhmi~keis
boises, &c.
Cost of ice t wo cnts per po~mid ; dray-age
ie iand grekinog 317 cents;ci ehries on rai Iroad
R ill bie frhim '25 so 54) ets per 1001 poundiis.
11OATWhllnilT & ilAltK tIjLOO,
. i.Hilatnkets aire a very convenienttmod.
of t rasporuilig iee. liinkets will bie futrnitihe,
at cost.
3lay It0, 185! i8af
T'he sitbscribier hiaving compitleted haii s r
ranigemen~tts for tmaking Sash, hlinids ainid Pan
tnell Itoors begs leave to insform Isis frienda.s an<
the publihc, t hat he is pirepatred toi Intrnisha a
short nomtice, Sa,.h ofd al izes prniimed and glazedi
Elinds tossan isty size witdlows, pitedt or nit
antd Painneill D.or oif 'Inty sizet or mattke, a por
tiont of publsie pattronaige is. respect fulily isolicited
his work is all dlone bty hiands anid oOt of goo
500t lights of 8;,.. 14) Sasht ready for delivery
toissnit wintdows of 12,li,,at or 1)8 h-"in.
8nmieranuille, April 12, 18ii. 21 if
iE tmduesrsignied Ihais thit y, assoctiat(
thiemnre ve sgetuher, undelr the iibovo nmameo ams
tyefrhetrnac.tioni oif all bussines in ihi
OLillNGo and ~t MEltCIIA NT TiAAili
line., aind may bhe fotund at the Cornmer mtors
formerly ocoupied by Clsurk 4r Biro., wher, the:
wilt be happy to accommodate thecir friend
and tfie pbic gesnerally.
D). J. W INN,
IMarch 13, 151 21 I
Dr. W. JasDargan & Co.
R ETAI[L DI A IERS in Drugs, Medi
cinns. Paints, Oils, Dye Sitffs, Pia
tent Medirines, Window Glass, Perfonery,
Fancy Articles, and a variety of other articles
usually kept in Drug Stores.
Eif" Next door to China's Iotel.
Jan. 2, 1851. 10-tf.
Epping's Sarsaparilla,
And a variety of other popular 'atent Medi
eines, for sale by
Feb. 29, 185-1. 18 if
A Lot of Paint Boxes,
t\Vater Colors,) for sale by
Feb. 29, 1851. 18
Garden Seed.
yA large suplply, kept constantly on hand
Feb. 29, 18 If
Excelsior Family Starch,
in pound package-s, powdered. Also the
highly celebrated Corn-Starch. for snle by
DAlti:AN & CO.
Feb. 29 .18351. 18 if
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Prepared by Itushton,, Clark & Co. Also,
cold drawn Castor Oil, (very fine,) for sale
by DARtGAN & CO.
Feb. 29, 1t51. 18 if
Fancy and Toilet Articles
A beautiful assortn..t.t. Cull at Dargan's
and examine thee,. Also a variety of Note Pa
per and Envelopes, for sale by
Next door to China's Hotel.
Fel. 29, 1851. 18 If
l l;1)ICIN1 in the cure of all Bilious Con
plaints, D'2s.4psia, (.sternrs, Liver Con.
plaint, Sick IfIeadache, Loss o f Appetite, and all
linerrngtgg drses.
TONE ANII ACTION; and as an Anti Bilious
Family llelicine they have no equal.
l'rice 25 cents per box.
A remedy for ('ouhs, Colds, Catarrh, lBron
chitis,.Croup. It'hooping Couh, Asthma, Con
sumption, att all diseases arising from a ie
ranged state of the lonm.,,rh. an-l to reliee the
distress awl hal fraelm' frm rating too hearty
fmnd, in arrak and dyjifsptic halbits.
Warranited to I( 'arely Veg
'T'hese Pills act as an Expectorant, Tonic,
and Aperient.
lhey promote Es pectoration, Lsen the
Phlegm. itni Clear the I.nngs and other Sec
retory Organs of all uorbid matter, and there
is not anoiher remedy in the whole. llateria
.Medica capable of imparting sunh healing
properties to the Lungs and Vital Organs as
these Pills. They Cure C osti.encs, produre
a good, regular Appetite, and Streragthet the
I'rice 25 cents per box. Cntttaaina 25 doues
of .Medicine..
Call on, the A get who se'll the Pilis, and
get the lIantecr's Alamanuc Grattis, gi ting lull
partninla r- and cert iiicts ofenores.
Ilonth kindus of the abhove named PIlls ai e for
saile in Sumnterville-, by
1)AltAN &. CO.
Andu P'EIItIY 31OSE5.
Whon also lheeps a sutppjly of 1Dr. Sp encer's
Verutablet, P'ills, anti l)r. 1I ull' C LelebratedI
P'ills, which stop the Chills and Fever the first
tuny. 2t, 1851 39 iy
Land f'or Sale,
III thac Towun of Sauunice'
.i lie.
I offer for .isabn thIat part of ihe traet of
land ini Situntr- dIle. kntowh af n t Norton
Iand, lyintg bietwee n thle vil huze and the
run ii tm Trkey Creek, ini all abtut two
hnnidred acres, I wi l dividec it into lots to
stin utirehlasers, butt wuould inouh prefer io
selil thet whlel togethier. . ermai madoe
easy amnd accommoduutatng to purchasers,
app'y io tlie sibscribe'-.
.liwi Wm.i.. LE WI8.
Just Received,
.1 Fresh suppmly of Sh'llNG A NNI) 'St:313lEIt
( 00t1li, embme.ing an th~ing aind I Ilty
t hingam, melected hby lie .ub..,ecriber haimselft,
whsose ling expekries~uie..aii knoaiwledlgp oif thie
Ropes, mnake~s it no pre-'uimtion i him to say,
that sonme of ithemi are cheauper goodus tlian lhave
ever b'eent brotght to this market.
llrowtn lltiumpns 25 yards toi the dollar.
Getntlecm's lskin Gloves 75 ets, a hair.
litantiful colored 3ltulitn at 12 1-2 ets, per
yar I. F'rencht lirillinomt 10 et.. a yard. a fine
assortumnt of Iane y Good that niust undshould
be siihl.
Gruceries, Croelsery, liardlwarc, Ilats, andl
Blonnets, I.liudies, Cetits, and Yombhs m-hioes and
Gaifers, ine and lconinnon. To eniun-te~
n..ill wta rraint you satisfiactioin, both, inastyle, and
Apiril 5th, 1851 23 tf
I An improved breed of fine a-h .mghuai
foivsl,,co.ismt ing, of r~veral grown, andi
soine 6(0 half i-owni cliickenua, tnny he seenm
at Alists. Sarah Tlerry's. Th'lac wishin
to imuprove thir Iarmt yatrd tstauek wionhI do
well to ca:ll and pinrchase as they will be~
sould low. For atny firtheir il Ifbrmuation ap.
ply to M ias Sarah Terry orn 19.
. ra W. & Da. Depot
;-PJ' Waitinan copy 3 times.
Boots. Shoes & Gaiters.
Just received fromu -hialadelphia a large
stock oif 1Lohes' andt Genats' finte gaiters and
shones atnd Getls' lte hoots, for sale bay.
Junet 21, '5. 34
A I.irge asstortmr.. it of Straw, Leghorn,
Pa namua nnid Patlmn Leal batis jnst received
Iron, Phi jlatde lpia, anid for satl' by
A. J. MOSL's.
Jnmne 21, '51. 341 if
(A1IT'ERS, &C,, &V.
Ill EEmporim of Fashiontitaml Qtnalhty
where muayWe ound a compulete assortmient of'
laliI'Me t'Hys' MissadChildrens'
ltootsu, Shoes, Gaiters, &c., of almost every style
and qtuality. They are freudh goods anmiare all
warranied to give satisihetion.
Next door to Ri. C. Webb, & (Co.
- Mar. 22. 1851. 21 if
Mt. EDtron: Please announce Cut. J.
M. NELSON as a candidate for Senator for
Claremont County, at the ensuing election,
and oblige MANY VOTERS.
February 8th, 1854 15 tf
93T Watchman please copy.
MR. EDITOn : You will oblige many
citizens by announcing Cot. J. D. BLAND.
ING as a candidate for Representative for
Clarmnont County, at the next session of
our Legislature.
Feb. 6, 1854 15 tf
agr' Watchman please copy.
Mr. Editor: The Citizens
cf Clarendlon County are desiront that C. W.
1,. itEYNOLDS, represent them in the next
IAgislature. By announcing him a Candidate
for that office, you will oblige them.
WSP' We are authorised to
announce Maj. A. C. SPAIN as a candi
date for Representative from Claremont
County. at the ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1851. 17 tf
i Messrs. Editors: You
will oblige many voters of Claremont Elec
tion District by announcing Col. It. L.t
ROACIIE IIlItIOT as a candidate for a
seat in the Lower Branch of the Legisla.
ture of the State of South Carolina, at the
ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1854. 17 tf
We the friends of A. R.
IlltADIIAM Esgr., tako pleamre in an.
nouncing him as a candidate for Sheriff
of Sumter District, at the next Election.
Mar. 29, 1854. 22 tf
(C3We are authorised to
announce Mr. JAMES E. WI'i'IEit
S['OON. of Salem, a Candidate for RIep
resentative for Claremont County at the
ensuing election.
larch 8, 1851. 19 tf
A Number of Voters take
pleasure. in annoIneing Col. WII.LIAM
A. COLCLOUTGII as a candidate for Sher.
itTof Sumter District, at the next election.
March 15, 1854. 2(1 if.
Mr. Editor: Please tannquaje
Capt. 1. D. F'tEnsoN. p ti Cnndid to .lqr
Sheritf of Sumter District at thd enshing
elect ion.
Aug. 21, 1853.
MN i. Eorron :-:Pleas'e anounce 1ir.
ROl1lER'I' V. DURANT, a candidate
for Tax-Collector of Sil'eii Udittnty, at the
ne.t elect Ion, and oblige.
January 1-1, 1852 13---tf
e The friends of Capt.
P..M. GIBIONS announce him a caiidi.
(late for the otlice p1 Tax-Collector foi
Saleni County, at the ensuing diection and
>bliire . . MAN VbTElts.
October 1*.51.
F 0i 12 1 D.INA 1 Y:
(ft:f Mri Editdr-You Will
please dnnoun6 VILLiAI II. BRIJN
SON as~ a. candidate for the U111ce of Ordi
nary ef Stiniter [Dimi~ct; at the ensuing
- ~ ~ N2:,15 AN' VTEIts.
A pril27t h 185027--tf
(t We are autherised to
anntomice Cot. G1t). S. b. l)sSCIIAM ni's
canshldat6 for Clerk of' the Cotirt of Sum.
ier District at the ehsuing election.
August. 10, 1854 42 tf
We are aiithsrised to an
nounice J. L.. JONES a candidate for Clerk
of the Court of Sumter District at tIid en.
suing election..
A ugust 10. 1854 42 trf
(icT We are authorized, to
for Clei-k of the Court, at the. ensnisiit.,llectio'n.
A pril 16th 1851 25 f
ntouncc NI t, J1,. :3. NIcK lblA Rt, i Candi.
date for tcrk of the Ct'trt; for Stinmtdr
DI)strict, anid oblig'e MlAN VO-rJI-,
A pril i1, 1852. 25 tf
of WV. J. N. I!ala:Et' are desirons, .of put.
ling him in nomination for the (licp of
Clerk oft tihe Court of Nitiiter Distt'ict, at
the enstting electiomi.
NIaiy 21, 18.13. 39--.-tf
Es We are authiorized
to atnnonce A. E. POOL as a candidate
for ShaeritT~ of Etfimter district at the centn.
ing election....
D)ecemibhr 21, 1852 5---tf
Mr, Editor :-Plese an
nounice JIOIIN N. McLEOI) a candidate
for 8lheniT of Suniter District and rib.
lige MAsv F1Ifrsos.
June 29th, 1853 :15-.tf
ia are an ior ized to annonnece Wug
LEWIS a candiidat e for Ordinary at
tho ens~uing eleclion.
Jnne 28, I1854 35 tf
$100 REWARD,
WILL lbe gtivetn for the apprehension ahd dp
Ii yyry tot the Master of enhter WVorkhaodle mn
Charleston, or anly jail in the Stia., of ISA A C
,iomietimnes calletd John fIrownt, whor, withiotit
any known cause, left the Jamnea liill P'lannj
titan on the 20th aof October last. Said fello'
is 5 feet 8 inche-s in height, tq uarge comnplex ion,
smart, intelligent spoketi, andl it a Carpenter by
tradle ;tad whent last hecardl of das in the laower
'onmiiry, on~ McCord's planttititori. Fifty dlollara'
in addiition to thet above rewtard, *t4Il he pgiid
uponl proof? to convitioin of i bellig hairtlored
or empi~loyed by a &.hle or caloredl person.
A pply to .J. & J. D). KlitK PATrIucIr.
March 29th, 1853. 22 if.
TIlE subscribers are now receiving their
stock of Spring and Suammer goods, which have
beena selected witha great care, and canntot fal
to gie aatisfatctioni in style,quaality, anti prices.
Our stook comnpiises all article. which the
wadlxi and tanto oif theq coslimunity demand, qind
we solicit a call fromt oaar fraends aand if' puh'.
tic before callinig elsewlhere as we have mdnry
ziew atyles. which catnnoit fail to please.
Mar. 29, 1851. 22 i
A Lot of fine Blacouj, Sided, SBhoulders
and llams just receivedl .ianti for sale by
Jnn-5th 185;. a f.r
Such as, Cholera, Dysentary, Diarrhuea, Cholc
Most Especially Pe
The Virtues of Jacob's Cordial are
1st. It cures the worst cases of Dirrhea.
ind. II cures the worst forms of Dysentary,
3d. It cures California or .Icican Dir
4th It relieves the sererest Chluic,
5th. It cures the Cholera Morbus,
6th. Itcures Cho'lera Inafantum.
A lfew Short E'tracts from
"I have used Jacob's Cordial in my famit)
judgiueut a valuable remedy.
1IoN. I1
" It gives me pleasures in being able to recou
rience, and the experience of my neighbors a
for inc to believe it to be all that it purports te
Wmll. II. Uunatwoon, Formie
'"I tako great pleasure in recotnntnding this
diseases, for which I believe it to be a sovereig
ever tried by me."
A. A. GAItr.
"I have usted 'Jacob's Cordial' in lny lotmily,
by those who have tried it, induces n.e to belie
of the kind, and I would recommend its use in
Dist.rss G. Donu,, Cash
"If there is any credibility in hautnan test in
above all other preparatiuns for the cure of h o"
favor comning in from all quarters, it must be v
if not all other 'patent' preparations."
"This efficient remedy is travelling into cel
into Russia, and gaining coummendation where
For sale by DanGA 4. Co., Sumtervhllt
lington ; T. J. WORtKMAN 4. Co., Caiitdet
Principal Depols, IlAvt
J. Wi
And by the Principal Merchants and Di
July 26, 1854. 3t
N. 08 A ND 2 o..
M A IN s T R E E T
VOLUkIlA, . C.
Manufacturer and Geneial
Pianos, Chairs,
WALL-I'APER, &c. &c. &c.
At very low rlces forcashi. Ii'e tarAIstant
ly ,replenishing his Iqrge assortment from his
MIANUFACTOItY in Columbia, and lrotn
New York. an flow offers a greater variety
t un tsual,, e ialy A.i FANCY AND
EN ELUK Dj I} 4, Sitting antd
Rpopmg Chairs, . . .
A.: H. ALE, 5CQ' S UP I~lllt aND
altlAL'Y'.3IrA.OVR p ANO ', t-Iew
York ca gi&i J - 'ian i';dr Purni
ture Fold by hirnIfe r t for ohzoyeg twr
longer. Al kinds tt Vjyitlture netltt i
protd tly- repaired. ... . . .:
..A large lot of MA1I ()4 Y VENPt-#' is ..t'
hand, with otrher Cabinet Maker',, afeterials, e
NALL-1 PI R A ND flOttlit'lN- ,n
large and rich asadiditneht.
L.' Fun'eruie served at short iotice witli
Mi eie and Woed Collins.
* lie would respeciflilly invite !i friends and
the public generally to call and examine hill
Mlarcli 13, 185 20 ly.
The suhscriber would respectfulli .gall
attention to his large ald 'Wcll assorted
stock of
l'lain edlored Biereges, pi-iited d.
Printed and lilainJ .aconet Musltns,
.Poplin and Linen Lustress in dress
pattern4; GJinghuams,
Black and col'd Silks, Mlarcelaih Silks
, otted & Plain Swiss Muylids~, Mfull
Fine Embroidered collai-s, Chemni
settes. Infants W.aists &c.
Alexanuder's Kid Glov.es, I;d T rsadl
Gzloves &.c.
At low aidd atitforili prices.
OSNADU RG R,.Plaiti-Striped
Blue Desiiine.; .Tick ji ghAc.
Uleachied vuj.ndfow H Shirtig; 0 1.4.
jLiney Tlile'lohs, INiaperA de.
hung Cloths of all qualities..
PI'onting Liht us; l'illow.case. bincuns.
. .*by .. L. B1. IIANKS.
EATABLES, kiga,. 'rdpues,. Raisins;
l're.iert's, Candies, Nuts, &c, &c..
- lniost anything else t6 be. called for
For sale by . I. B. HANKS.
A pril 5, 18-21. 23 tf
.JUST received andI opening a fine stock of
ilie most fashionafhle amnd LateIst..tyles of
;Spring and Sumanier. fGoods. Consisting in
part of thme folloading artikles.
Ik.-fancy- Cloths.
Ilk ~. - .. . Cassimneres.
Spring & Summer - - 'weedla
IhIK. White & Fancy Silk Vetings.
" 1 " Marsailles
-- i " r .. .Liteai DIluls
Illk. Wite & Phncy SilEi Cravats.
Linenu & C.ambrie
Silk & " - . .. Ilandk'fs
Gloves, Socks. & Drawers..
J.inen liosomn Shirts arnd Collars
8ilk & Merino under Shirts.
Illk. Silk " hants
Panaina & fancy htits. ..
-,d ... Olothing.
111k. ndFancy Cloth Coats and Sacks.
"" "Tweed " " "
"" "Al parma " " "
Silk, Grass and Linen " " "t
D~rap d'ete "' " I
1i1k, andl Fancy Cassimere P'ants,
lDrap d'ete and Tweeds,
White anud Fancy Linen.
111k. Whlite, and fqney Milli Vests
lomhbazine andj I.medn
WVhat andt tuicy Mlarsaihes, ..
All of whlech we invite our frienid. and the
flilijic generally to call and examnin1
We are also. -prepared to make to oider, any
ttrticles in the Tlilbrntg inte, as neat and Cheapt
as can be donue in the State oni the sadtie terms.
.~l~ WINN & CIAttK80fN.
At Frierson's old Standi
TIlE followtng comprise a part or the
lieatvy and vario4 stock or Goods which the
stibscribi- IS now redeiting at, Fhihson's
old Stanid,,
bluslin due Laindd; S~'iss and figured
Calicos, Ginghan.'. &c &.
Laces, Edgings, TPrimnmings Jtisertings,
Ribbonit, &c. &c.
Laties and Genuti iosiery.
Boots, Shioer., Hats and Capsj
Ready Mande Clotliing;
All descriptions of Groceries,
Crocke'ry a large lot.
Confectiotnary, Fruiitd, Nuls, 'Toydi, &c.
Faticy Gonds, a large variety.
Alsd: always dn halld,
IpdSoda Watdi, Isetiiitade'and Myru.
All ofl which will be sa~d. chelip tiarI
anty othjer HIouse in tddNontfr
Jutto 2% 1954 'a et -
ra Morbus, lilious Cholic, Cholera Intant t*.
infjul Menstruatiuh.
'oo well known to 'ret "ere Aiwomin
7th. It cures Paiqi l Menstruaetia.
1th. It relices Pains iii liek and Inliqa
91h. It (:ounleracts Nercousne s dnjrd
l0th. It rektores Irr'gul-ri/ies
t l th. It dispelsgloony, hlsterical F eeljnf, '
12th-. It's an aeduirub ''onic:.
R $1 %~ T'lCrst ill19ga i1: isj, &t:
and hleo found it a most ellicient, aid in siy
IRAb: WARFthta,'fUdkC of Smgp're:Se Court. Go,
amend Jatedb's Conlial-ny ow -pen-mil ..lps? , A'
nd friends around me, is a sUfl ient-guarfiuteeo
be, viz : a sovereign re edy." -
ly Judge of Supreme Court, C{ rkee (ircnil,
invaluable nmedicine to all aflactd whl,-fiw 1
n remedy-decidedly smiperior to any thinigelse.
Oie, .I). G. SY. of the (rani Loxdge. of eergia.
and lhis, bith all I :ear about it a.s .a rejnedv
e that it Stands at the head of every prepMrauu
he dibnases for which. it ys compounded.
er of the Iank 'of the .State of(.eorgii.
way, 'Jacob's Cordial' mutist st:ald pre en'anen't
eel Diseases. From the umas of testimony in it
cry far in udvanice, as a c'urative agent, ofznusL
ier Marie r 41d Fire Ins'irance Bank, Griffin:
-hrity as fast as l'unapiarte piuhed his culumns
er used."
.Gerg~ia ,IegJ'ersoniant, Mlat 171h 185:3:
V. BLISS & Co., Proprietors, Savannah Ga.
;.T. A. DARGAN, 1'. G. ictinEJort-Dar
;.S IEt t' flE NTI1" ;oltirnbia, S. (".
t.ANn, IIAHILAL, Realy & Co, New York.
.A N1I IIA ItItAL & Co, Ch irleston, S. C.
irit1 & Uo:, New Orleans.
rnggists throughout the State.
_ y
Just Received
LADIES' lloottees and Walking Shi es, G-1 -
ters, Kid-Ties, &c. Gents' Calf llout,r'and
JYotees, Ladies' and Gents. Over Shoes; -
Also-A fine assortmerit of lfardweure, Ti:
Ware, Sadlery, &c'.
,Fau131y GeodIs.
Ladies' Wood a~n' 'Moraca Work-liuats,
l'uff-Boxes, Port.Monie. Segar-Cases, Bra
lets, Hair and Tooth Drushes, Dressing; Tuck;
arid P'cket C'6ilhe, &:c.
Books, &C.
Novels, Potical Works and School Books
and a fine assortren'to' Stationary. -
Brown, Clarified and Crushed Sugars,
Rio apd Java Coffee, Mlolasers, Cheese,
Raisons, Dried Figs ,Flour, Candles.
i-ip, Tea, Starch, Pickles, Sardines,
tinger Preserves, &c. *
Also, a fine assortnjint of Cooking Utensils;
For sale by .. T. SOLOMONS & CO,
March 22th. 1851 21 if
L person. desirdus of keeping cool or- '
of retaining or regaining health are
adviied tri.nse Ice freely during the Sum
mer and Fall Senasns.
Ice can be deliered daiiy by the Pass
enger.rriiti .wiich leaves Viirningtonat
7 nn 1 at aniy Iepot on the Wilmingliud
and i aniheste'r Rail Road; at. the cost of
$M 00..pr Barrel Ootialuig 125 Poinm~
thereby placiug it within the power of all
persona tq rse.snoie and receive -supplies
with reg ilarity nnd despatch.
All ordan a1ddressed to"a Wilmingin'd
ice flouse" enclosing 'the inoney wtill
receive prompt attenftiorn-any person desi
ous of receivmig regnm ar supplies at st.ited)
periods will pilease send their order-s, ac
coldmlyr aaid 'heit- ace'ounts will be for
,dd at. the ed of' ivery :nontha whenm a
renhittanice must be pro:n ptly inade: or the
account stopped
ne5,1851. 30 trirm.~
Ci-istaidoro's, Excelsior Fluid
1., l . pW ,. 6. A STl 11[USE:s
he Ii:latuns of this qtitraoardin::ary articlg IC
pr ilic etiniatia.., are not, bnied tipon thie time
t 'at it, tan been beusore the woarld. It is corn.
paratively a riew prgparation. foniand on naw
dlcoveries in chiemnstry and it has inaugura
ted a .new era ini hatir d lm;n. What are itsr
coamendation~s ist,--lt ':h-. nrges the hair of
pnty oboons coloar to nature's black dr browtt
t hive. aunaite. ed,-It asimiulates with tii,
hair, omid aiourishics instead or burning it.
3d,--lt is ,ronotunced by' .mineitt ceinits ti -
only esfy hair, dye known'. *lth ,---t is inmpoa-.
elde to name an stance of its failure. 6thu,-..I
has thu wjde'st puoiniy ever yet accorded :d
asimitlar preparationi. For the e'stablishnment
of these assertiuons by proof, see the nastiaiony
at CaIT-ADOKO'sD, No 6, Astor Hlouse,'whtere it
ls manufactured, sol, and applied privately
Prlcc per box, $1. F'orin a by
~1y* .Jrtgg!sts; Sumnterville, S. C.
Ma ,1851 30 - Gui
'jf Oflice il reo dddirs northt of the C. IH
.June 21, 185rd - 3-4 tt
To Arrive,
ER, &c..r
.. ALSO,,
flerage Denninas frintedJacmnets; I recim
Cauabricks,--Fine a sorimento 'i Ghy
hamrj, bl.ck tid ccidoied, and E~tnbroiderell
Goods &.c. 4..
. .3. T1.. SOLO.\MoN4& &,cd.
March 8th, 185l. 16 i
.ll.G4 leavgo to call .th? atttention of aJj .
friends andi t ho public to his
Large and handsome 8tock.
* . . .O .JEWELILy; &b. .
,In addition to, his forraer .sitck, he has just
received a new and ext na-o nasortnmier of A
GOLD) and SILVERt ATrC~HEs; Afante
CLOCKS vf every ,varity ,:Silver and Plt
Ware, a Jarge vaity; iitarv amid yAbj
Iodds ; Gutns, lilles Soiniaan's Appa
Fine l'o'liet and .lilTah Cutlery; timi a-l7r
atssortmentuf FANCY (IOODS. 4
Ilis parices will be. fo'mid, oti ehdmninatinn
he as nidderate as it hdmy'dthol- datablismeSs
In the Souith. TJhankfual for past favors, he o
licitsa atotinnaaice of the patoa~ li i
form~er ifrierids and ctistoeanrk: -
irch 15, 1854;- ad y. .
Copartnierhip Noti
'ilE 'underia eg, have naswoiated4n
sOleiks tO er,.ndetIr tho. abovetrmp.
and style, tb the traactiotf o y su* .
tneed .htt the mnercantileel i -
fotird at' the ol stand of j
stihere They willi beti~tp -,t
Smoate t'on!f1ide a the pule.
Iar 15, 1954 t

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