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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 23, 1854, Image 5

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Plantation for Sale.
I oller for sale the piantation where I
now live contiiiiiiig 1012 acres. It is sit.
tiated in this (Sumter) District on the wa
ters of Lyin hes Creek. two miles above
the Lynchburg Depot on the V. & M. IR.
Road, and three miles above the village of
.vnchbnrg. There are upwards of -1(00
acres of open lands othe prenises, :1110
of which is in as high a state if ciltivation
and improvement as any lands in Sumter
J)istrict. The corn crop now growing oIt
it will produce from 10 to .10 bushels per
acre. The entire cotton crop with the ex
ception of a few acres of old lield, wi.i pro
duce from 800 to 1500 lbs. per acre. The
place is oll'ired for sale from private con
siderations cntirely and not from lack of
fertility of soil. iesid'is the lands in
cultivatiou there are about 251 acres or~
iarsh and oak and hickory ridge or blufr
lmd to lie brought in equal to any sin.lar
land in the State.
For facilities of travel and market it po
sesses superior advantages. The owner
can breakfast at home and dine either in
Charleston, Vlnington or Columbia.
The terms can be made accommodatinr,
and possession given the first day of next
January. J. D. ASIIMOIE,
Lynchburg P. 0..
Hug. 16, 1854 42 tf
Land For Sale.
T HE Subscriber oflyers for sale a valuable
tract of L.and containing 516 acres, all
in one body, situated two mile.- above Cal.
vary Church, and fourteen miles below
Suinterville, and half a mile from the road
leading fro n Cain's Savannah. Also, a
piece of 80 acres lying in Santee Swamp,
convenient to said tract, for stuck range.
This land is well fixed with a good dwell
ing house and all necessary out buildings.
Also, all plantation tools, Blacksmith's
tools. and a very line Ilandinill; all the
stock belonging to the place, including
Hogs, Cattle Sheep and Goats. This land
will be delivered to the purchaser next
N.B.-Th e land will either be sold sel.
crate or with the stock, &c., to suit the
purchaser.'I. W.
4August , 1854. 40 tf.
Lightning Conductors,
PLEASE read the followmig extract
from the &cienti/ic Ame"rican a paper de
voted to the Mechanic Arts, Manufactures,
and General Science.
" I have long considered a good light.
ning conductor for Ships a great desidera
tum, and have employed a good deal of my
spare time and tmoney in endeavoring to
introduce into our Navy, and into our mer
eantile Marine, the Conductor of Sir Wil
lian Snow larris, which in the British
Navy, in the lion. East India Company's
service and in soine of the other Navies of
Europe has been adopted ; every ship in
the British Navy has Harris' Conductor,
+ -t and not a pound sterling nor a single life
has been lost by lightning since it has been
fully adopted. This is a fact which speaks
to the humane, as well as to that no smaller
class who look solely to their own interest.
The underwriters of New York have
agrecd to make a return of 2 per cent. of
the premium ot all Ships furnshed with
suitable lightning conductors, they show a
regard for the cause of hutmamnty anl for
their own interests by maaking this ret urn;
andi it is to lie hoped thit all underwriters
wvill follow this good examlple, not that it is
the duty of undeclrwrtersi to encourage theset
tteans moore thani shiipownters, but lie con-i
cessiont will have the efli'et to wake up thne
ownters of ships to a sense of their dutv in
this respect."
Th'le owners of hanitses are nto less bouiicl
by the ties of llumianity or the pirompltinigs
(it interest to pirotect their oiwn and the
dwellimigs of their teniatnts, by fitrishing
thetm wvith Otes' P'ateitt Conductors which
catn be obtaitied from the subiscribters, the
sole owners of' the right for this Dacstrict
Thilis is tnaquestioniably the best Cond ucto.r
for houses ever ittroduced.
Aung. 9, 1854 .11 i t
Q4y" Watchan copy 1 titites.
Palmetto Iron Works.
TihIR proprietors of the abtove establish-.
ment, having furtnished themselves with
all the notesary itael-inerv and tools fir
cotnducting the FOUJNDR(' AND) aA.
CIHINE BUSINESS, together with a large
stock of mnaterial, are now ready to coni.
tract for the mtakinlg of Stationary Enigities
of anty power1 all kindu of Mill Work, Cast
Jron Fronts, Fencing, and other descrip
Lions of Ironi Work generally contducted in
a well regulated establishmrent.
Mr. GEGE SINCLAllt will give
his supervision of all work. Ii is olud friends{
and patrons will Ifid him ready to furntishi
all orders with despatch Personts desiritng
to patroinize a hiomie itnstittution can be as
sured that their wvork will be done aind
warratnted satisfactory. Our prices will be
as low as any sinmilar establishmtetnt in thle
cout-ty, and terms liberal. A share ot
p~ublic l:atroniage is respectfully solicited.
W3f. G LA'4E & CO.
August 9, 1854 41 itm
M E 114) 11 A T ,
Accouttnnldationt Wharf,
Sells Coittohn Grain,, Flour-, Bacon, and all
bther articles of produce,
.Strict anid ; rmpt attenthutn given to the
ILWAILDING of Goods and Produce.
* August9, 18t% 4t tf
Two NEW SjjLhLS and WOlthil4 carryhmg
fri 18 to 21 Barrels Virgin TIurpetiine. War.
ranted by thu maker for twelve tmontits.
Apply to
Wihnington, N. C.
August 9, l8SM 41 un.
Fii.cis R. Shackelford,
COfnni in MYer'chaint.
TfhIl subtscriher respectfully calls the
Mi teitton of the Planters o'f Stimer Disttict
its the above Carde~ and s'olieits a share of
their pitronage. TJhie most satisfactory
Wleience cati h~ tivent if required.
Chamrtan. Aug. 9, 18u. 41 4
Office Wil, & MYlan. R. R.
WILMINGToN, N. C. July 11, 1851.
IN consequence of losses sustained by
the escape of fugitive slaves, with forged
passes, over this line, and to guard against
it in future, the following rules will take
elflct on and after the 15th1 inst.:
'T'ickets to pass over this Road will, in
no case, b! sold Ito a negro.
Owners of slaves must, in person, pur
chase the ticket, and point out to the con
ductor, the negro for whom it was bought.
L. J. FL1E311NG,
Gcnl. Sup. W. & M1. R. R.
August 2, 1854 40 2m.
Choice Old Brandy and
We have now in store some very supe
rior Old Brandy, which has been selected
by ourselves, for medicinal purposes. Its
age and mildness together with its purity,
will be of great consequence to invalids
who are necessitated to use it.
-- ALSO,
A variety of very select Wines, consisting
Old iM4cdeira, Old Port WVi.e,
Browse Slacrry, Pateis Sarry &
Psre Claret EiLe,
hIported by ourselves, all of which we I
wvarrant genuine, and of the very best
For sale by
B1OA'WRI( IG l'' & BIARKUI,00,
Court I louse Range, Columbia, S. C.
July 26, 1854 39 tf
New Establishment,
RIC OE & 'T f0 3SI 0N ,
Dealers in English, Fren'h and American
Drug-m, M~edicirac" and
Paints, Oils, Varnishes and I)ve-Stuiit1s,
lass, l'utty, Clue and Sand Paper. Paint,
Varnish, Camel 1lair anal Whitewash
lirnahes, Fine and Choice l'erfumncrv and
Fancy Goods, Pure Liiuors and Vines, for
nedical purposes, Lancets, Scarilicators
ad Cupping Glasses, &c.
All the Popular Patent Medicines direct
rom the proprietori..
Agents by app iintment for I)r. Jaynes'
md Dr. Dennis' celebrated Fammily Mcdi
ines, also for Farrell's Arabiunt Liniment,
lortincr & M awhray's Illnpton 'I'itc- I
ure. Carter's Spanish Mixture. &c.
All articles from this Establishment are
varranted fresh and genuine.
Physicians, l'Ianters and country Mer
-hants sending to us, can rely upon getting
'rime Articles, and havintr their orders
romptly executed.
July 26, 1~i5 31) tin.
To ivusic Teachers and
MUSIC Teaclers, Church Choirs and
\mateur. genr-tily, are hereby notilied
hat a new MUSIC U3OOK of Choice and
ta ndard ''u' s, entitled the Seraphina
r ('hristian Library of C'hurch . usi:; i
ust puslishi'I, in round aid patant notes,
ontainirig 1ti pages, at the low prico o:
>G a dozen. ti !e sauple copies sent
3' maii pre-paid, 753 cents, or three copies
or +2.
11100 AGENTs WVANTFti-To, travel antd
elI in every part of thle Uite,'d Stales, thea
serap~hiina ad the I listory of* all the Reli
tious I emomniations, constaining 51) arti
-les na ud 28 portraiits.
$1 (000 a year can he madle, lby active anid
mtshaing min, by sellimg these woriis. A
-ery liberal per contage n ill he a llowed to
ho se who purch lase fotr cash, oir will send
is t heir ntes at mair nimnts withI good
mudrsers. Addlress
I Iarrisbuirg, l'at.
Aug~ust 2, 1 "51 401 4It
'I[IN A andt Granitte Tlea's,
Graittie D~inwi'r ad lireamkhLat ['tate.,
'teak D~ihesa, tiniter Ijiathes, .'unpl flowls,
*'tard 'atandsa, F'rui% Standts.
-lower Vase.s, C. hinmau and Cltassa Candalea.ticks,
'reserve Dli-lhes, lI ecantersi, Ton lhers,
Wine Ghse
'lass P'itchersa, and a numbeiir of othier articles
Llut received and for sub- by
T1..i. 801.03tMONS & Ct).
Marek 22, 186-4 21 i f.
Issu~mes, Berages, Co'loiured Silks. 1'laini
mdta friinged lilack Silks.'. l'rinted and I'lain
laconmetsl &c. &c.
Fair saule byv
.l. T.' SOLO)MONSN&~Co.
June 28thi 1,51. 35. tf
alenn's Perfumery & Soaps.
A genieral as-oranienit 01 thle abouve ar
icles, to which the attent ion of the puliic
s called and particularly io the Saps as
>eing well adapted toi the uise oif faaiul ;es.
F"or sale by A. J M(OSES.
June 21, '51. :3 iif
0. T MASON.,
IS pireparedl iito t lt imanner of work in hi
line, witht neatness and despatucha. I Iis te rim
ire CAan. lIe is still at his old mtandu jus
ithaave thne Townt Ilalt.
Fe b. 8, 1851. 15 t f
3000 lbs. Bacon.
Sumtter raised and Siumterville cured.
Also a hine lot of Chai-leston clear sides
for sale biy A. J. MOSES.
.lmune 21, '541. :34 tf
M, Hinsdale,
Dealer in Groceries, Hard
ware and Dry Goods,
and corner iaf (liarrais' .Stret,'CM
March 15, 1851. 20 y
O arrive by the next TJraini, a chuojce
lot of Grocerie~s from Baltanioi'e, such
as*,Clarillead andC Colfe.e Sugars, suiperioir
Ri~o tiiud Java Coffee, No. I. Mauckerel ini
Kits, Soaps, Starch &c., which catn be
bought, low from,
March 15th,, 1851 21 tI'.
''T~ E r ulheribear oliers hisu Fairm,, having oin
it a dwellinig and otrt hi Euses anid the beheet water
rn the district, ,aitiuae a ihort distanmce from
the town of Sirtuerville, for alde or to 'ient.
l'erms inti casy, anid11ossession given at
6"ce P 'titYMOSES.
May 3, 185'1. 27 if
Yarn and Osnabrs
TII1 E suits~riber, Agent for the DeKalb Man
factiur'y, oilers their goodsa at mlanufacturer.
pnees'C5 PF'iI'u MIoSEs.
.rayn3 -1. 27 tt
Head Quarters.
MILFORD, June 20, 1851.
'I'JIE following ltegniients will parade for
review and drill at such times and places
as herein indicated:
The 39th Rcegiment of Infantry will
parade at D)ominick's, on Tuesday, 25th
The 39th Regiment of Infantry will
parado at Jalapa, on Thursday, 271i1 July.
''ho 1('th Rieginent of Cavalry will
parade at Martin's, on Saturday, tihe 29th
of July.
''he 40th Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Boyd's, on 'Tuesday, the 1st of
The 41st Regiment of Infantry will
parade at l'ark's, on Thursday, the :3d of
The 4.5th Regiment of Infantry will
parade at. the Burnt Factory, on Saturday,
the 511h of AngZuMt.
The, 35th itegiment of Infantry will
parade at Unionville, on Tuesday, the I [il
of August.
'I'he 9th Regiment of Cavalry will
parade at Glenn Springs, on Thursday,
the 10th of August.
The 3Gth Itegiment of infantry will
parade at 'Timnuns', on Saturday, the 12th
of Aug .:t.
The 37th Regimnetit of Iufant ry will
parade at Wilkins', on Tucsday, the 15th
of August.
The 31th Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Yorkville, on Thursday, the 17th
of August.
The dihmii Regimbut of Ifantry will
parade at iPhenezerville, on Saturday, the
19th of August.
The 21st Iegiment of Inmantry will
parade at Lancaster, on Tuesday, the 22d
of August.
The 27th iegiment of Infantry will
parade at Rich bill,on Thursday, the 24th
of August.
The 20th Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Clicsterville, on Saturday, the
26th of August.
The (Ihll egiment of Cavalry will
parade at Voungs', on Tuesday, the 29th
of August.
'The 21 ll Regiment of Infantry will
parade at Bell's, on Thursday, the 31st of
The 2.5th Regiment of infantry will
par:de at Vinsboro', on Saturday, the 2d
of September.
The 25th Regiment of Infantry and the
,thI Reginiment of Cavalry will parade at
ir near 'am i~.ht; ,,, Tuesday, the th of
The 20th and 4lhh Re'iiment. of Intan
try will parade at Sumterville, on Thurs
tIm, e 7th September.
'1'he ollicers and non-conmmissionied olli.
'ers will assemble on the da:m previous to
the reviews of their several regiments for
irill and instruction.
Volunteer Comnpanies will be thorough
ly inspected, and the hooks of Beat Com.
miics will be e::nined.
Generals of I ivisioni and of B3rigade
wvili, wiiih mheir Stays, attenud time reviews
a itmeir respective co:nmanmds.
Gemneralk oif lirigade arc charged wvithm
Ihle extenmtion or this order.
Aidls-de-Cmp tim tihe C:ommiader-in-.Chief
ire requmired to aittendi the reviews in their
4everal lirigaides; andii those niot. residinig
mn time Brigades to he revieweud are invited
C) attendi
liy urmier of ilhe Coaimmir-in- Clie f:
t. G. 31. i)t'NOV ANlT.
Amijmmanmt and inspector Geuieral.
June 2.!' 1'fu1 33 3 mi.
Suumtervil1le, %. C.
Respeclwtfulliy infoirms time pi iple oif Simn
~r D ist rict thait he lhas jnm-t recemive .1 amid
mow o1Iiers fir sale( time bes' selected anmdj i
Sping anid Siumanmmer
l'hamt canomimt lbe surpatsised by nnytinmg ini thlis~
narket. I Ie has received manmy newsvim tyile
hmichi pumrchasers would dlo well to eamineL ho-i
"mire biyimng elsemwhmere.
V ~ S '1' I N G S.
A full andl large sumppmly of I lmsiery; Shirts,
[rawmem, Gloves, 8iispeders, Cravam, Ilamnd
serchiefs, &c. &c.,
A large assortmen't of ItlEAIDY .31 D CLO.
T'il IN,;, whichm wilt bie solJ immw.
LGr Garments mi:mifacmtred byv time sutbcri
ber, aimli wrranmted to give eaisfaction. OJr
jers from .( dlimsane pronuipily atticmeue to.
Aprmil 5th. 1854 mf
111ECOI11MiA ICEt 1101:8 s lieen1i
a ir..iy rebumilt, imso as ti becapable ojf
houldimng severa .u s meandm tons of ICEt, aod uis
noiw mpenedt for thme seais n. Every facmilimty will
be, atiormied tmo pcrsonsi living am a distanc~e to
s("ilply Ihmi regumlarly. h It i be met oifcevery
mmiirmnmut, if desl rirable, hiv rit roaini pamssenger or
freight tramin; iand mime rairomad agents have Ikid.
iy imlieredi t, give~ ceery faucility ifor iits tranispor
cioniim. We wvill alwayis hamve ai niin ai mime
differentm deplots to receive returnmed blianikems,
Cost of ice twoi mcnts per potnid ; drava5ge.
iiwe' andi pnekting 3t7 cents ; chamres on railroad
i ii !me frhm 25 tii 50 en~tsm per l100 uimmnds.
JtO.iTrWllhGiT & lIA ltk l:.OO,
N. It. tHIanketis are a very convientm~m imide
of mranisportming liee. H inkems w ill lbe fumrnishled
Miiy II0, 1851 23 t f
Thei smmbscriber having coimiple.ted tis ar
ranmgementimis fur umkimig tSa..sh, filindsu amid iPan
nelil Ik)(ors begs leave mo inifoirm his friemnds nd
time pnhheiii, thait lie is pirepamredu to irish at
shomrt notmim.e,, Sam,.h mfial sizems pirimedl amid glaze~id,
liindsl to .siit anmy ize.m witdotwsm, pamlinted or not,
ind Pamnnmeil Diors ofi zany size oir mammke, a por
tion~ of pnhimie patimronage is respectm fully solcited,.
Ilim wuork is mill dionet bmy handmi andm oiLt uif good
5ti0 lightms of8 y 10 Nashi reaidy fmir deliv.ery.
timsuit i nows of 12, 15, oir 184 hiih,s.
8mmuneraille, A pril 12, 18i1. 21, tf
TI'l itummlersigined hiavu ilism mday, associaitetl
themselves togethemr, inuner time abmovo mnime aim
tyefrtihet transactmionu of altlibusinme ini mh,
m .TI Nt., and IEilCI[A NT1T 'iAILA)11
line, and m'ay be foundmi ma time Corner storn
formerly occupied by Clark 4 liro., where the1
will bhappy tomaccomnmodate thecir friendi
1). J1. WINN,
Siarchi 13, 1851. 21 If
Dr. W. Jas.Dargan & Co,
R ETA IL DRA1,LRS in Drutp, Medi..
cines, Paints, Oils, !)ye Stull's, Pa
tent Medicines, Window (lass, Perfumery,
Fancy Articles, and a variety of other articles
usually kept in Drug Stores.
JNO. W. DlAtaeAN, W. J.%l. I)AIIGAN, M. D.
Cam" Next door to China's Hotel.
Jan. 2, 1851. 10-tf.
Epping's Sarsaparilla,
And a variety of other popular 'atent Medi
cines, for sale by
Feb. 29, 185-1. 18 if
A Lot of Paint Boxes,
iWater Colors,) for sale by
Feb. 29, 1851. 18
Garden Seed.
A large supply, kept constantly on hand
Feb. 29, 18 tf
Excelsior Family Starch,
in pond packages, powderel. Also the
highly celebrated Corn-Starct, for sale by
Feb. 29 .1851. 18 tf
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Prepared by ltushton, Clark & Co. Also,
cold drawn Castor Oil, (very fine.) for sale
by DAIAN & CO.
Feb. 29, 1651. 18 if
Fancy and Toilet Articles
A beautiful assortme'nt. Call at Dargan's
and examtine them. Also a variety of Note Pa
per and Envelopes, for sale byA
Next door to China's Hotel.
Feb. 29, 185.1. 18 if
SIEl)ICIN F in the cure of all Bilious Com
plaints, I)ysprpsia, Co.stierness, Liver Con.
plaint, sick Fiendace, Loss of Appetite, and all
ttrerrng- elssense..
'TIEl l'iltIFY TEll Hi.OOD. EQUAL.
IZlK ''il ' CIC .ATION. ICES'l' ti
''il l~iViEit, Kl)NI-:Y's AN) 0.-I:IIt
Sl:Ctl-:''OltY Olt;ANS TO A JiKA :.l'11Y
TONIE AN) ACTION; and as an Anti Bilious
Family illedicine they have no equal.
f'rice 25 cents per box.
A remedy for Coughs, ColIs, Catarrh, BIron
chiti., f'roup, it'p,...i. Co':h, Asthme, Con
Sumfiptiim, and all descasts are isifng from i dei
ranged state of thie Stomark is, n-I to reliere the
distress anl had IrhC ng," from rating too hearty
ftid, in trtuk and dyspeptic h-dbits.
Warranted to be Purely Veg
''hcse Pills -.,t as an Expectorant, Tonic,
and Aperient.
They promote Ex pectoration, Loosen the
'hlegn, and C'leaer the L.ungs and other Sec
retory Organ+ of all morbid matter. and there
is not anoiher remedy in the whole. lateria
aledica capable of imparting sneih healing
properties to the Lungs and Vital Organs as
these l'ills. They Cure Costiveness, prrodure
a good, regular Appetite, and Streitgtlteti the
IPriee25 cents per box, 'contamnitng 25 doses
of 3.ildicinec.
C'all on thle A gents who sell I he Pills, and
get the I'uanter's Alanac Gratis, givting lull
piart itnlars and~ ce'rtitic-ate'sofenures.
lioth kinads of the above namtedl Pills tue for
sale ini Sumaterville, by
!).'AtAN & (0.
Wholi also heeps a stupply oM l~r. S petncer's
Viretabile l'ills, atnd l~r. Ilitll's Celeb~rated
l'ills, which stop the Chills and Fevel- the first
Land for~ Sale,
In 11ac T'owin of Suumter'
I oler for jtsale tht. pa~rt of the tract of
latnd ini Siimlerh. Ile. ktnwn a1n thea Nortotn
land, ly inir betweecn the viIlaige and the
run ot TatuPtrkey Cree-k, in all abot two
hutnd red acire, I wi l divide it itnto lots to
sit putrchas~iers. buat would mueh pirefer to
sell ther whole together. .JTertms made
e'asy atnd acctionlottinig to purchasers,
appyJi to ithe subscribet2-.
Jn ne. 21, a!-1 21 II
il)' W\tchmnt itcopy.
Just Received,
.A Fresh sitpply of .SI'R ING A N!) St'3~1.iit
G :0 I i, emttreing any iting aiid I(l-:ltY
Stitag, sele'ctedl Ihv thle Sitbneri ber himse-lf,
whos ilott experieta-e ..alil knoiwledlgy of thie
Roipes, ttakies it tno pres'iuptioa n hiui to say,
that somue of' ihemn aire cheaper unods tilaui have
ever beeitnoght to tis ttarket.
llrowu tn oeptnus !.5 yaris tio the dlollar.'
Geuttlemen~u's 11 oikitn G.love. 75 ets. a pair.
lf'eantfl coloredl Slnslitn at 12 1-2 et, per
yar I. l'rench It rillitigs I10 ets. a yarid. a fine
assiirtmen-rt of F'untey 4Goods that niiust andi should
be soild.
Griic'iries, ('roel.cly, liardwar', Elan, ad
litinnets, .til ii'F, (,etius, tind anotliishot'es ati
Gaiters, finte atti .otnunn. 'lcT enmerate
witilid lie too tedious, hnt cinme aind ttee and I
wtill narrr mt 'ioin ratidact~tioni, boitha ini tyle, and
Apruil 5ith 18'>1 23 if
I An impthrovted breed of line ihinghati
fow'ls,,eiaostm ,an of seve'ral gruiwu andti
stotme 'lI halt g"-own cltickentd, iaf he seen
at Mliss. Saira TeiIrry's ~ 'Tte widhiitr
toi impilrbe their farmn ya rd stoc'k wold t
well to call antd pturchaise as they' will hie
soild lusw. For tny Ifurther iintbrmuation ntO
ply 1( toAi.!. bSarah Terry or tpi
. ~ n V. & al. Dlepot
.Iul I9. 10- um.
|-O' WVtatila COpy 3 timues.
Boots. Shoes & Gaiters.
Julst rteeied fromit l'iuladelpita a large
stock oif Laies' anid Geita' fitie giter9 and
shuoes antd Getnts' line boots, for sale lay.
Jne .1, '51. :14 If
A lairge assorttmentt of Straw, Loghiorni,
l'aniauna niudt I'ahn L.eal' htis jtust received
trotm lhildeIlia, and !'or sale by
Jutne 21, '5.I. 3:If
GA ITERS, &C., &C.
Ti'll iismporinmit of Fashtiotitand Qutaliy,
whlere tmay be fonnd a compitlete atssortmntt of
I.adica' Slenas' IBoys' alisses antd Ubhirens
Ilools, Shoes, Gaiters, &c., of almost every style
and quality. Thecy are fresh goods anidare all
warranited to give satisfecotlh.
Next door to R. C. Webb, & ('o.
Mfar. 22, 1851. 21 ti
- a l.(110 tites.
lit. EITon: Please announce Cot. J.
M. NELSON as a candidate for Senator for
Claremont County, at the ensuing election,
and oblige MANY VOTERS.
February 8th, 1854 15 tf
UT Watchman please copy.
Mn. Et-Ton : You will oblige many
citizens by announcing Col. J. 1). BLAND
iSG as a candidate for Representative for
Claremont County, at the next session of
our Legislature.
Feb. 6, 1854 15 tf
01-' Watchman please copy.
Mr. Editor : The Citizens
cf Clarendon County are desirons that C. W.
1,. IEYNOLDS, represent them in the next
Legislature. By announcing him a Candidate
for that office, you will oblige them.
f We are authorised to
announce Maj. A. C. SPAIN as a candi
date for Representative from Claremont
County. at the ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1854. 17 tf
s Messrs. Editors: You
will oblige many voters of Claremont Elec
tion District by announcing Col. R. La.
ItOACIIE lIERIlOT as a candidate for a
seat in the Lower Branch of the Legisla.
ture of the State of South Carolina, at the
ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1854. 17 tf
We the friends of A. R.
BIlAIDIIAM Esgr., tako pleasure in an.
nouncing hint as a candidate for Sheriff
of Sumter District, at the next Election.
Mar. 29, 1854. 22 tf
6We are authorised to
announce Mr. JAMES E. WITiIEIt
SPOON. of Salem. a Candidate for Rep
resentative for Claremont County at the
ensuing election.
March 8. 1854. 19 tf
A Number of Voters take
pleasure. in announcing Col. WI..LIAAM
A. COLCLOUGII as a candidate itrSher.
ill of Sumter District, at the next election.
March 15, 1854. 20 . tf.
Mr. Editor: Please tannquu ,e
Capt. 'I'. D. FliEtsoN ap Candidgte .lgr
SherilT of Sumter District at the enshing
elect ion.
Aug.21. 1853.
Mit. EITron :-:Please annouin.e Mr.
RtOBERT W. )ItANT'I, a candidate
for Tax-Colldector of Sd'etii Ldtunty, at the
next electlon,.and oblige.
.MAN st bTsi:s.
January 14, 1852 13-~-tf
Kim The friends bf Capt,
P.M. GIBBONS announce him a candi
date for thb otlice pf Tax-Collector fno
Saleni County, at the ensuing election and
oblige . . . 3 t VbTEs.
October I 451.
I Mri Editor -You will
please dinnound&6 WILlin i II. BIRUN
SON as a. candidato for the Otlice of Ordi
nairy of Sounier Dist'rict; at the ensuiig
electi'in: tAyVTES
A pril 27t h, 1850 27-tf
(TP We are anitheised to
annondire Col. G E4 S. tb. I)ESC1lA11,8
a cand'idate for Clerk of~ the Cotdrt of Sunm
ter Iistrict at the ensuing election.
August 16, 1854 42 tf
We are aiithorised to an
nonnece J. L~. JONES a candidate for Clerk
of the Court of Sumter District at tiid en.
suing election..
August 16. 1854 42 If
(IT We are authorized to
announce T. J. DINKINS, Eag., a Canudidlate
for Clerk of the Court, at the en~mii .election.
'!A NY VOT1EltS.
April 16th )831 25 a
Ozr.'Yr.Ed.Itor: Pionse an
nmince 31 r, .i,. :2. McI(E L LA It, a 'Catndi.
nate for Clerk of the Court; for Suiitter
D).t rict, and oh!lig'e As Vo-rkus.
A pril 11, 1852. 25-i f
Mllt. EDITlOlt:--3AN Y FRitENDS
of WV. J. N. I!AtMuEt are desirous, .cf put.
I ing him in nomiination for the~ dilien of
Clerk of the Court of Suiiiter DI.tiit, at
thle fensidog ele'ction)...
MSia 21, 18413. 39..--tf
E~i We are authorized
,to inniuince A. E.~ POOL as a canididate
hor Sherill'of Stimter District ait the enan.
Decctiibibr 21, 1652 N--tf
Mr. Editor :-Pese an
nounce JOllN N. McLEOD) a candidate
fo~r $heri-lT of Suniter District and! rb.
lige . M1{r Flffsn..
June 29th, 1853 35-tf
Eare authorized to announce Wu
L.EW IS a candidate for Ordinary at
the cnstiing election.
Junte 28, 1'354 35 If
$100 REWARD,
WIILL he gvnfor the apprehension ali,! dp.
Ii yry to the afaster of either Workhodjse mn
Chiarleston, or any Jail in the Stzipe, of SA AC
somnetitnes called John lirown, who, without~
any known catose, left the Jamnes Hlill Planui'.
tinon th. 20th1 of October lase. said felim -~
is 5. feel 8 iinchei in height, Iqustee counplexsion',
smnart, intelhigent spoken, and! is a Carpenter by
trade ;and whn last heard of was in the lower
inounltrion McCord's pilantatimi. Fifty dlollars,
iadiinto the above reward, will he ppidl
upon. prof to edinvlction of hisi beliig har~tiored
or emp jloyed by aL W'hite or colored person.
A pply to J. & J. D). KlitKP'ATRICHI.
Alarch 29th, 1853. 22 tf.
TIIlE subscribers are now receiving their
stock .ifspring and Summter goods, which have
beetn selected with, great care, andI cainiot fail
to give satisfaction in style,quality, arid prices.
Our stock compiiseni alJ article. whIch the
watles and tatstei of th.w codimunity demand, rpI
we soliqit a call from our friend. and tlie ptibl.
lie hefore calling ,elsewhere as we have sttriy
n'owv styles whte.h canno't fall to please.
Mlar. 29, 1851. 22 if
*A Lot of fine Bacou, Sided, Siaoulderj
and Ian ut received .anl for sale by
Jno 28th 1854. 4. - t.
Such as, Cholera, Dysentary, Diarrhoea, Chol
M!osi Especially P
h'I'e Virtues of Jacob's Cordial are
1st. It cures the worst cases of Dirrha-a.
9mL. It cures the 'orst forms of Dyeentary,
3d. It cures California or . crican Dir
4th It relieres the sererest Chmlic,
5th. It cures the Cholera Morbus,
th. It cures Cholera Infa n/umn.
A few Short Extracts iron
" I have used Jacob's Cordial in my famUi
judgment a valuable remedy.
IoN. I
" It gives me pleasures in being able to rect
rience, and the experience of my neighbors
ror mec to believe it to be all that it p~ururorts ta
Wil. II. U nil woon, fortme
"I tako great pleasure in recommending thi,
diseases, fur which I believe it to be a doverei
ever tried by me."
A. A. GsL
"I have twed 'Jacob's Cordial' in my atmily
by those who have tried it, induces n.e to belit
of the kind, and I would recommend its use in
DIt:.rs G. DoniiNs, Casl
"If there is any credibility in human test in
above all other preparations for the cure of 13 of
favnr coming in from all quarters, it mOst be -
if not all other 'patent' preparations."
" This efficient remedy is travelling into ce
into Russia, and gaining cummnendation where
For sale by DAncAN 4- Co., Sumtervill
lington ; T. J. WoncatA <4- Co., Cab den
Principal Depole, lljv
3J. Wv
And by the Principal Merchants and I
July 26, 1854.
1 A IN S ' R E E T
COLUM113BIA, :- C.
Manufacturer and Geneial
Lip Qd trp l k a a r de o ;$
Pinnos, Chairs,
WA LL-PA PE R, &c. &c. &c.
At very low Pr'ce. for'anl.. I'e is mst~nt
ly .replenishing his I rge assortment from his
MANUFAC''OUtY in Columbia, and .Ifon
New York. an tlow offurs a greater variety
tn sal;, e '~iA ' i FANCY A ND
E4IlIis , ,N'U , Sitting and
ioetmg Chairs, . . . J .!
Al. . AL, C~ ' 'iP 1110& AND
ditA' VLOVE. OS, at iew
Yorkt eac I ji a ian ~ ifcir Furnti
ture sold by him aie (or Ono., or
longer. All kltide itutird dlet. trQ
proiptly repaired. ..
A large lot or M[A!0 (3 AN4Y VN aiit .'
hand, with irheir Cabinet Maker's aleturiah,, W)
VALLI l$PF R A N D NO1lNi-$ ~
large and rich t6 tdrtiieht.
L " Funerails served at sahrt notice withi
Metalie anl Wood Coflins. .
, Ike would respec;fllly invite h: friends andl
the public generally to call and exaniine his
MSarcl 1a, 1851. 20 ly.
The subscriber wduld respectfullV call
attention to iis large ahd well assorted
nu aW'a n .
Chaillies.andl Uorege DeL'aines;
Plain cijlored Becreges; pi-iiited de.
Printed and pilaina .htconet Muslins,
.Poplin and Linen Lustree, in dress
patterins; Ginghams,
Black and col'd Silke, Mlarcelin Silks
,Dotted & Plain Swiss 31ualiais, Mfull
Fine Embroidered collai-s; C'hntmi.
settes. Infants WVaiers &c.
Alexaunder's Kid Glotice, I'i Tyu Ibad
Gloves &.c.
At low aiid utilf'oriji prien.
,. . IL. B.1A
OSNA BURGS, Plai'tripedl I
Blue Detliime; .'J'i'ckinugsc ?..c.
Theaclied indtLpowH Sllirtinig; 1-4,
10 .-4,.and iI14
Lineyu Tulife't-lorts, iaperji &c.
Jsong Cloths of all gnalites..
Fl-onuing Lilic ns; Pillow.case. Linenr..
.. by * L. B. ITANKS.
EATABLES, Pigs7 I'rtie.:,. Raisins;
P're.ierve's, Candies, Nuts, &c, &c..
-Alntonl aiiylliinig Else t6 be. called for
For sale by , L. 11. HIANKS.
A pril d, 8M 23 f
JU;ST received arid opening afine tiock of
ilie mosat fashiabule and Latest, i'tyles of
ypring and Sumnier, foods. Ctrisisting in
part aof the f,'laoding artiles. ..
131k. 4 fancy ('laths.
'.' A " . .Cassimneres.
prn& umnmer -- l ed
lh.Wie&Fancy Silk vestirgs
111k. Wh bte & PFtnry Silk Cravats.
Linean & Cambrie
8ilk & " . .. Ilandk'aa
G;loves, .'ock,.. & Drawera.
l.inent Itosom Shirts ajid Collars'
NHilk & Merino under Shirts.
111k. Silk " ~ts
P'anamna & fancy .lHots. .
,.. lothing.
1iik. and Fancy Cloth Coats andI Sacks.
" " "Tweed " " "
" " " Alpaca *d " "4
Silk, Granss and Linen "" "
IDrap d'eae "4 "8 4
1i1k, andI Fancy Cassimnero Parits,
D~rap d'ete anid Tweeds,
White and Fancy Linen . "'
111k. White, and fqnery Millk Vests
lombtazine and Ieim
What and (suicy Marsailes, ..
All of whIch we invite our frietids anid ilte
filiklic generally to call and eamnine.
We are also. .prepared to make to order, any
atrticles in the Tallbringh ie, as neat and C hes
as cani be done In the State oni the. .aadie tersns.
Afpril 12, 18.31. 21 t f
At Frierson'd old Stands
T1iIE following comprise a part of thc
hieay. and varioct stock of Goodi, which thi
idbscriboi is now receiting at Ffiel-son'N
dld Stand ,
bluelin dd LhindeJ; Ses and iguret)
Calicos, Gintghamt'. &c &.
Laces, Etigings, Trimmtings Idisertings
Ribbons, &c. &c.
Ladies and Genid~ liosieri.
Iloots, Sh'oes, lHats and paps1
Ready Mlade Clotliing,
All descriptions of' Groceries,
Croclsery a large lot.
Conrectionary, Fruitsi, Nule, Toyd, &c,
Fanicy (ouds, a hirge variety.'
Also: always dni haald,
Igpet Soda Water, Iienindaide and syru
*All of whicih will bo Sdl hceilet ~fati
any other House in a.
Jinne 2QA 19nA a6
nra Morbus, 5ilious CholierCholera Inntanirk .
winful lenstrutliot. - .
too well known to regitare Snincririu:it
,7th. It cures I'uanjlul Menstruation.
8th. It relietes I'ain. Tii Back and , IA
.9th. It (:ounleracts Nercousness and D
\lth. It rektores Irregu ultrie.,
11h It dsyclsgln>my, h.:sterical 1celjn'K, -
lth..Its an admiralde Tonic.
0 and hI&e fuund it a most ellicient, and in ay
IfRAM WA R NIa, '.Idge of S5i reine.Court, GAi -
mmend .ktd6i's Corraal--my own. pertnal *e p6'
tad frienda around me, is t uficient'gtatrdhtte
t be, viz : a sovereign renedy,
rly Judge of Supresne Court, I rukee :ircuil.
invaluable medicine to all al a cted w ytn foel
;n remedy-decidedly sepe'rlor to any thif8egs1:
GiNe, i. . NL 'of the Gra i Lodge if Girgi' .
and this, in'th all 1 hear about it as ..a rejnedv
ve that it stands at the head of every preparatui
the distiase for which. it I, con pounded.
igf (r the Bank of the State of (eorgia.
aony, *Jacob's Cordial' must sand pre erniien'?
vel Diseases. Front the amaN of testimony in try
ery far in advarce, as a 'cnrative agent, ofaust;
'1ier Mlariie r ad Fire Izstrance Bark, Griffin;
lrbrity an fast an Iunasarte pushed his columns
ver tlsed."
.'Georgia Jeffersoniwn, May 17/h 1853 3
W. BLISS & Cu., Proprietors, Savannah Ga.*
e;.T. A. DAnAN, 1'. U. Mcenaont Dar
- FiSIIER i- IIENTIliI Colutbia, S. C.
1.AND, IIARnAt. tesly & 'Co, New York.
i.Asti, IrAL & Cu, Ch trleston. C- _
ti.l & :New Orlea'ns.
ruggists throughout the State.
Just Received "
LADIE$' Boottees and Walking Shi ia, G af
term, Kid-Ties, &c. Gents' Calf Boutseand
oouttees, Ladies' and Gents. Over Shoes
Also-A fine assorthmernt of Hardware, Tin
Ware, Sadlery, &c.
Faiy Goods5.
Ladies' Wood 'a;rim' Moroca Work-ujs t'.
l'uff' Boxes, )'ort.Monier. Segar-Cases, Brae._
lets, fHair and Tooth Brushes, Dressing, Tuck;
aid P'cket C'mbs, &c.
Books, C.
Novels, Poetical Works and School Books;
and a fine Ess6rtncnt'of Stationary. -
frown, Clariflod and Crushed Sugars,
Rio and Java Coffee, hiola.es, Cheese,
Raisons, Dried F,Rs ,Flour, Candles.
'mp, Ten, Starch, Pickles, Sardines,
(a.nger Preserve.., .&c.
Also, a fiue assortniant of Cooking Utensils;
For sale by J T. bOLOMONS & CO
larehi 22th, 51 21 f
J1V U J!4.
LL persons desrous of keeping cool or
.,of retaining or regaining health are
advimed toti.use Ice freely during the Sun
mer and Fall Seasosn:
Ice can be delivered daily.by the Pass.
enger, trgin whiich leaves Vilminuton-at
7} ant at iy Depot on the Wilmi'ngtun
and Maichester Rail Road; at the cost of
(H m er Barrel tottitiiaing 125 Pontts; "
thereliy placiug it , within the power of all
persons tq deenoaume and receive supplies
with regdharityi ard dlespatch.
All, ordeti addresbed to" XVWlmingtonri
Ice Ilouse" e nclosing the nomney will
receave proinpt attenftiin-att perotn desir~.
ous of receiving regular supplies at st~tid
periodis wvIll llase send their orders,.ac.
coi-dm li' and theit- account~i wvill be for
I wardd. at. the etnd of every mosntha whnen a
jrenhttance~ mtust be piro:naptly mnade~or the
account stopped
.ne i, 18ij. 30 (Jm.
Ci'istadoro's. Excelsior Fluid
'iie Iaimats of thais uitraoardinary article-o
talti he iuati-,n, are not, b3i.edl tipontite ime
titat it. ba been betore the world, It is coait
paratively a niew pritparatio~n, foutndedtson n5~
akoierwe au chemuiptry anda it hmas inauguaral
teanwera mi hair sld la Whiat are its re
tomimyndationas! ist,--it ,:ha rnes the hair pf
pnay obnaouans color to :ature's black dr brovi,-t
tat . ve. mmiutea,. 2d,-1t assiuimhtes with thie
hair, nid. .rjosurishas instead of burning it..a
3d,--lt is propounced ig' innt che,'nists tihe
only safe hai r, dye known'. 4th,----t is imtpis
siele .to namtie ass isttace of its fuaiure. 6tht,--h-.
hsas .t wident, populaurity ever yet accorded td
a similar pareparantion'. Four the e'stablishtmerit
of these ajsertionas b~y proo f, see the nlistia'ony
at Crs-ra OaO's, No 6, Astor Hoses,'witere It
lis manaufactured, moli, andi applied privately.
Prnice per box; $1. . For. imala by
.ruag5gts; Sumterville, S. C.
Mlay 21, 185l 30 -6ms
2j"- ffico irco dddrs north or thet C. II H
.une 21, 18I5I 3.1t
To Arrive,
ER, &c.
... ALSO,
Ilerage behains, I'rinuted'Jacnets; Freisc
Cavtabricki,-Fibniahortment. iif 'Ghi
hamij, black ind cdioed, and Etubroidered
Goods, &c. 4c.
.3.. T.. SOLO.\ON&' & cx.
March 8th, 155L 19 tI
BEG leave to call .the attention of Ida
frtiends and the pub lic to hais
Large and handsome Sidek
* . or .JEWELRY; &b.
.In addition to, Ihis forrrer. ~ock, he lat Just
received a new and -extenusave aasaortnio a #
CLOCKS vf overy .varit . i vrad a~
add ; a Gus,1tlls iiran' p
O'ne l'obiet aind -ItlI Tab Cutr; sd4Si al e.,
assortment oaf FANCY (JOOI8.
Ihis prices will he fod, ori eldinaationn
be as nioderate as it udy 'dthi- dtablishmwi .
hat the Solith. Thank ful for Jiast favore, he so
5frh15, 1854.: 9 Iig.
Copa u~ Notia
lIIIundeii hel hav 4na ocitd w
selhis8 to he t.nder tho abovepame~
and attle;b the tranaCtlitlo. Ohi
nets lht the mToeontjicaline sdajw i
fotand att thle ol stand o1fjR1 j
Whero they wvilll be tiappysto 6
bomoh)ate-Lh tiida1de? Th Ie pubil.
- ~. a WrIgns.
Man 5, 954

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