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1I'l8 NUB'it B 2 811l.
J. S. 1<lC'l A itDLSON, J ..
.111 N t,. LOGAN .nrrOs.
WEDNEISDAY. SEPT., 20, 1851.
LtT \\. W. \\ 11'..1n., Esgr., is our
duly a;,p:.inlei aig lit in (.ohnai!hia, S. C.,
to receis :a'id receipt for a'Il soin du1e
the Satr IBano1r.
* Persons wishint' to see us upon
business connected with the Paper or Law,
can find' us at any hour during the day,
c:<erpt from four to five in the afiernoon,
at our talirel, iiust back of So: oItoxs' New
Store. All btsine.s ceonnected with the
palper must lie tr:ansarted wtitIi WILLIAM
a.twis, .toan S. lhenAnosos, jr., or It C.
io;,hA. Mle. R. C. I,0."tt, ie Foreman
of Uto, It. Oliiee, is our nl y authorised
Agent t, reeiv ini, Vne antid :.ive rei'e1:,ts
u' fr Ihe saline, and iay;sv always be found at
the Banner Office. All Ie:ters addressed
to the Banner must be pre-paid to insure
A Co munication.
We pub. lish this week a e4 4:1111mni
cation on tit he sub~jct of Stat e pllitic.
-Oil Ihese ques-'tinin outr capacity (Of
pulhie jiim nalists, we have d eula eti a
strict 1ne tr.lityv, but as a party desi
rous of seeing the truth investigated
atnd fairly pres''nted before tie public
eye, we have determined to open the
colutntrti of this p a;er to a fiir, moan
Ty and eourteous liacussion of the va
Pious questioms n-ito f.agitating the -State
and in publishing the c1OuIlilLicatioln
of the "hid ian Chief'" invite the
other side to comie forward.
'%cw Goode..
See advertisement of A. J. MoSES
and call and eamine his new and
comp'ete stock of goods just received
and being opened.
New Baptist Church.
The Somterville Baptist Chureb was
opened for holy worship on Sunday last.
The dedicttory sroi a'n, an ilteres ing and
instructive one by the Rev. Mr. JIEaT.Ell of
Darlington, was tomieid on the first verse
of the ard chalter n Thessalonians, ", i
nally, bretliren, pray for us, that the word
of the Lord may have free course, and lie
glorified, even as it is with you." Prayers
were oficred by the Rev. Mr. MAsON, of
Kershaw, and the Rev. Mr. GHuan , og
this place.
A prolonged meeting is now held in this
church and we are informed, that several
eminent linisters of the cospel ire ex.
pocted soon to assist in the services. The
congregation have not yet succeeded in
- obtainming te services of a regukar Pastor,
but hope to do so shortly.
T he Yellow~ Fever.
Ini Charileston the fever conitinues
unabated ; the deathis average ahuo-t
20 daily. T1he deaths for the last
48 hours reached 20, showing a slight
New Orleans is almost entirely ex.
etiny;t this sunune111r frmoma t he yellhow
fever, .t he lburniiher oif de*aths fromi
t hat cause, Ilast week, ammounted to
In Savannah the mortality andi suf
f'erintg are terible and w ithouit parallel
there. Onily about 2000 inh.labitants
are left ini the place. 'rhe Savannah
Riepublican s..ys :
"The noeting Mayor informs ns that
he hats senit orders to Mactm, Augusta,
lad'.lhw !eston for daily suppiilies of'
brivend. ,.I wV!ieh it is .almost imiptossi.
ble, t.o .'ignin a l"oaf~just inow, in- cnise
qlulence oif thle 'teaith anid sick ness ol
IflakersN. WVe have been, compelled to
eat crackers ourselves for th -ls
fou das. n ad aifter to mou rrow,
inheebee dstitutie persons~ anid others
setndinig to the Central D)epot.
A priaate hetteir fromt Colnnbia in-.
forms' us, that there have been four
cases of yellow fever in that town. All
were brought from Chairleston, which,
when we consider the daily commaii
eation betweeni the two cities, was to
be expected. There is no danger' of
the fever' baecoming epidemic or
spreading in Columnbiai.
TheIm Usury Laws.
One of' the quest ions of the age is
undoubtedly the repeal o f the Usury
Laws, which have so long stood in
bold and futile relief upon the statute
books of' civilized nations. In Eng.
rand a committee in the Commons have
reported unianknrously on the inutili~ty
of laws regulating the value of money
and in favor of the repeal of all res
triction ont monetaury transactions.
i.n this country the pr'ess are almost,
iWfnot quite, unanmiilOnis in favor' of leav.
ing money, like every other commaodi
ty to regulate its value by the only
uure test of deiimnd and supply, and
we may hope soon to see thme sta tuter.
against, Usury expurgated from our
books and as we believe a more
healthy tone given to the money mar
(L llranch Allston Eq., of North Caro
lina, has ,purchased one half of the Nor.
folk DailaGdurier, and has become asso.
eiuted with Ma Ilolstead, as joint editor
f Vianagetus of Elec tiontjus.
i1ansgeris of EIlertions will find the fol
lowvinig extract (ite tisefutl :
III Ith StaIt. payIg t 5 , s:oc. :;, (L2?e,)
tho election for Congi-e s was ordered to
bo behi in the same manner as for the
State Iegislatuire, withont issuing any
writs of eleetiot' except in case of vacancy
In 1851, page 97, all acts were "suspend
ed" until, u.der the census, our number
of Representativi'. was letrmained.
In the Act of 18.5 page :t, the election
for Representatives in Congress, is to he
held in the same manner as for members
of the Legislature, without iasuinag writs
of electionl,
The next being a general and regular
election, no writs are issued, and the Man
agers of Election are required to hold
elections for members of Conreap, in the
same manner as for mernbers of the Legis
Atgien ilire :ane~l Orap~lis.
The extract, which e give below
is taken fRom a letter to the Fairfield
Herald, the writer ot' which was in
Sumterv lie on the occasion of the
late iilitia reviews and wrote from
this place. It is pleasing to see so
tivorable an impression tnatde upon a
V isitor ond to hear such go accounts
of.the thrift and industry of the palsn
ters betweei this and Catmden. The
s.stem and scieee of agriculture, in
this District, is undoubhtedly in a state
of transition and '. ith I a little more
exertion and attention to stock rais
ing, we nay reasonally hope to find
our farms as .profitahle and yielding
as tine it return for labor bestowed, as
the virgin soils of the West
" A t Iiv and111( a hal C o'ol ochi. P. M.
of the day of he Revie w in the digni.
fied company of ourself we left. Cain.
die for this place. The road is a
dreary, level sand bank, thirty tmiles
long, with about six settlenents be
tween Camden and Sunnterville. The
crops, however, were apparently tine,
co'rt good, and cotton as white a, need
Ie. Many evidences are to be seen
of excellent Ituraxirig on this road ;
large heaps of tmtan:nre, eleat fence
corners wagos atnd agricuiltural im-:
plernenlts ke'pt, uinder shelter ; herds of
cattle enelosed every tnight, in pens
littered with straw ; well built, tegro
houses, coulirtable c dwellings, &C.
One planiter we observed cultivated
the black sueed Cotton allt' ael ber, and
plantel as his overseer told us, abtt
:1:1 acres of pototoes. 1Ie was dig.
gimg them: as we passed, and 1a tatny
tine ones there were ainong thema too;
ihis crop is averaging about 150 bush
els per nere.
N ew s ofthe 1"ek.
The cholera is very bail in linoxville,
Tenno., the publbcati of the ippes there
has heen: suspenhed ini ronasequieince of its
We see from a, correspondenit of the
Carolinia Spur/an, that a report is current
in Greenvi'le, that the CathoItlics are nego.
ciatinag wvith the proprietors of Chiick's
Springs for the paroperty, with a view of
cstabhinig a Femtale Coilege at the
TJhie Columbia Carolinian, of yes.
terday, says:
"We ttiderst,nd that there iis no pr ,.
runang two trtams, owmig tip the obstinmacy
of the Departiaen t in refusinig to pay th-.
uasual compensationa. We further regret
to learn athat it is possib'e. if not probabhle,
that the Souuth Carolina: 10iil Road wdI
throw up th~e atil cont rac en: irely oni
the 1st of Octoiber. We shall be in a onice
fix t hen."
A grand Nautional C.,avention ' of n hies
is to be held at Spirinagfadh, Mussachusetts,
ona t 5th of next. mnth, when prizes
amounting in value to S$500 will be awar
ided t~ lihe tinest babies exhibited.
Lost week 50f,000 lb.q. of wool were
sold at Coluiibus, 0., at 2.~ a 30c. a pountd
The Senate iof IowaV~ is eqpially divided
between the Whigs and Dmtaocrats. 'IThe
lower House haas :18 WVhigs, .t erno.
crat~s. T1he "~Whig'' paper at Iowa City
claimis the election~ of .lr. Grimes as Gov
ernor, by 2.u000 majority, anid the ''Demo.
cratic" paper concees it by Pjo..
Jiuige Bronison, in accepting thie "ilard"i
noinatin for Governor of New' York,
expresses htiniielf in favor of th- figitive
slave law andi the~ principles of the Ne.
braska: bill, andl ad ds:
"Wh~fethecr such senth~nenats are now pop.
ular or nt, I entertain nao doubt that they
wall uitimjately) be approveda fby a great nma
jority of the peopleC of this State. E~rro~r
antimf.naticism may triunnph for a time, bit
reasoni will prevail in: the end."
Easter, a negro woiani, the property or
Mrs. E-liza F. CXarter, necar U~perville,
Fatuqtuier coutlty diedl nt ith 17th, inist.,
having attained the age' oif onc haundired
and forty! Trhis is otto of the most re
mtarkable cases of longevity on recor.I.
The llamaburr Pionecer anntounacs the
death on: Fridaty last of Maj. J. C. Allen,
late one of the Rep'resenatatives6 of 11:.
well District ins the Lgj~islatre.
Gabriel, one~ of thae negroes condaemnned
for the mutrder oft Mddox, has beetn par.
dotted, andc will receive 300 lashes in
st eadl of hantging.
T1hae Richmtrond E'squircr is for rnnking'
a treaty with Great Brntain for the surren
der of fugitive slavcs.
Mr. Johnt S. Thrasher, of the Lopez
expedition aagainst C~uba, recently addlres.
sed the citizens of Natclez, Mijs , itn favor
of renderng acid to the Cubans in their
efforts ho free that islandl from the doin.
ion of Snain~.
Cholera had mrtde its appearance on sev
eral Lice Plantations on the Carolina side
of the Savannah River.
Thirty pure short horned cattle, the
property of the Clhrk CJounltly Ilpnrtino
Company, were sold at auction at Spring.
field. Ohio, os the (ith ilst: A bull, two
years old, brought "41,000; one 18 months
old, $:,!)00, and another, $1,900, besides
others at prices ran ring from 625, down
to $:3(:0. Cows sold at $1,425; $1,100;
$ I,0O0 down t-- "" OS each.
The Democrats of laine 'ave lost the
Governor, the Legislature, and every mem.
her of Congress, by overwhelming ma
Col. A. C. Garlington wa on Friday
last elected IBriga:lier General 10th Regi
mfent S. C. Militia.
We observe in the New Orleans Delta
that the venerable Dr. Cartwright advo
cates the revival of the African Slave,
trade, as a check upon the growing arro
gance and violence of the Abolitionists of
the North.
Senator Douglas, the great champion of
the Nebraska bill, having been denied a
hearing in Chicago by the ruffianly pro
ceedings of the abolitionists, had, at the
last advices, gone over into Indiana, and
had been courteously listened to in a pib
lir. speec!h at Indianapolis.
The City Council of Charleston have
appointed Friday, 22d instant, as a day of
fasting and prayer.
Mrs. Elizabeth Benton, wife of Col.
Benton, who died at Washington on Sun
day evening, was 60) years of age. For
several years she has been prostrated, ha v
ing been deprived of utterance and of all
her energies, hu' she bore her suffrerings, it
ir stated, with unexampled fortitude and
christian resignation.
The report that Yellow Fever is preva
lent in WViimington, N. C., is untrue.
Our Minister in London, Mr. Buchan
an, will not return home till next
year. This was understood at the time he
accepted his mission, and is, consequent.
ly, no indication of unfriendly feelings be
tween hun and the adiministration. Mr.
Buchanan, it is understood, will be put
forward for the presidency by his friend+,
though he avows in his letters he has no
personal aspirations of that sort. Gener
il Cass avows the same thing.
We regret to learn from the Spartan.
)urg E.rprcss, th it on the 5th inst. the
.uih !ig ; .ccupied by the Swedish Iron
Hianncit uring Company, at Cherokee
[cord, were totally destroyed by lire.
The wages of labor in Sin Francisco
sound alost fabulous oil lihe Atlantic side
it Uncle Sam's dominions. Wages per
lay as follows: I louse carpenters, $5 a 8;
oiers, $t a y5: stone masons, $7; brick
layers. $8; plasterers, $7, blacksmiths
$6; tumlers. 8:S a $5; brnka fo'anders, $5.
~vheiwrgh's, $i5; cai r.n"' makers, $t;
and printers $5t1 per week;
Onie thoullsandl of the People of the city of
St. Johno Newv Brunlswick, have died of
oeain a short period of time. Seven
mu ldredl an ifltty oirphlan chii rer. left (les
i lte, and withoun triends or kiindredl, have
Jen taken charge of by the Ronan Cath
ze Bishofp, aided by 5(oma1 benievolent citi
An order of Know Nothings has been
established in Laurenstille, S. C. '
J. Woi~lard TIucker, and J. V. Tlrimmr icer
l'>shsi. itho are canditdates for the Legis
atuire from Spartanhiurg Ulstrict, have
responded in favor of giving the election of
Pres:dential Electors to the peole'. Mr.
Randol ph TPurne'r, another candidate, op.
p)oses thme ch~ange ;lhe is also oppo'sed toi
legish tioni upon Liquor just as tmuch as
to legislation nponi corn, cotuon. wheat, or
The Spanish Dloraded Bull Don Giovan.
ni, is advertised to take the field in a trot
ting match against all the horses in lhs
countIry Ior a wt ager of one thlouisnd dol
ars. lie is said to have trotted in harness
in 2: 40. and to make even better time
than that under the saddile.
Correspondence of the Banner.
Co wrather-Iealth of Columbia--City
ItmsPoiti cal Intelligence-Spy Glass
Cot~mean S. C. Sept. 18th 1854.
Me'ssrs Aditors :All com)phitints of wvarmn
weiithier have been hushed ; arid no niore,
or a seasoti at least, will the cry 'iih !
'mw' hot "he reiteratedl. Sugniiers reign
is nearly endied and cooiil cart winds, liar
)ingers of the Iee King's approach, blow
roughly upon1 uis. The leaves of the for
ast no lonlger glitter ini thei moornling stul
,bine, but its rays :st evening, fall upion
hemb withered and dying. unt joy miani
kested aut futture prospects is dhimmfed by
recollections of the past ; and those who
welcomie WVinter's advent, should not be
uniimind ni lot thle manyl) gifts the summer
lOW goni' and ended, has confeirred uapont
Nuotwit hstanding that pestilence wvhiich
"iwatchethi in dlarknless aind wastethi at
iooii.day" has visited Savannah, Charles
fon and Augusta, yet wve rejoice to state
hat Co'lumbhia is perfectly exemopt fromu
mny I'pidlemlic or iln fact fromi abntost
tiy disease whatever. No matter what
reports or rumors may be ablroad, we stato
positively that the general health of ou r
rity was niever betuer than at prescnt.
A pnlihc meeOting of the citizens of C',
Imnilbia to) adiopt meWasures for aflordingv
relief to Savanniaha will be held in the
'l'own I lull to-daty. Weo trust the noble
xample set by the Columbia Flying Ar
illery in contributing $l00) for such a
lenevolent puirpose. may incite others to
bme performiance of similar nioble actions.
Dr. Charlton WVebs, who recently died
n1 Savannah, of the prevailing epidemic
was for many yearsa n ems.,,t o ,,.:
miocracy, neither is it a union held to
gether by thei will of a central power.
buti a confkderation of separate inde
pIIenlent sovereignty, united together
only by bonds of mutual affection and
interest, and whilst all power rests
with the pet pie, yet may brothers, it
may be delegated to agents, who un
der various sanctions and responsibili
ties may exercise it in the name and
by the authority of the people. It is
upon this branch of your sovereign
power that. the present change proposed
i:s designed to net, and to immolate on
the altar of the people's rights, this
revered and long established maxim
of your fathers.
Brothers, awake, this change. is un
called for by the people, and should
the leaders of the party who advocate
such a measure persuade you that the
moral and intellectual improvement, of
the masses by whom it is to be exer
cised is competent, believe them not.
I further charge you my brothers, to
remember that if this principle is once
sanctioned it immediately becomes a
precedent, yes my brothers, it will be
a step-stone upon which some future
usurper may take his stand, and under
tie very colour of the law, destroy the
Constitution itself. Such my brothers,
have been the follies and vices into
which other States of the uni ii have
fallen. They have been tearing away
stone by stone from the beautiful tem
ple your fathers erected and thus have
destroyed the very Government they
professed to :ave. B others, they have
walked far and bold in the fully of
their own hearts, for already 1' ye they
turned the destroying arm against the
peace, h~appiness and the domestic in.
stitutions of your devoted State.
Will you f'llow their example. Would
vou avoid so fatal a heresy. Then
dim not the light of the council fires
of your State. Sustain y-ur1 Legi-la.
ture in its ancient rights. 'T'arni.h not
the holy escutcheon of your ifthers.
Ibiothers. it is a fatal error to f 'low
the devices of a drunken ambition,
while it babbles in the fillies of its own
devie. s, it leadeth to poiitical darkness
an'de destruction. It scatterethl the an
cient glory of the State. It pulleth
down her ancient deteainders. and expo
seth her ramparts :-horn and mutilated
to tha ambitious fudes of demagogues
:md aspirants. Ia short, my brothers,
will you now, when your light shines
brightest namid the confusion and
dlarklness thait cover " your land, exti.
guishi thle vestal flamie l ightedi by- the
inprd ~so of your father.s-a
Ilight that, shone 'in thle path-thla t led
youa free, whliilst th,-:~iL dakness and her.
ror' of a revoluttion mtarked in blood
encomnipasseud y'ou. Whyl thmen are y'ou
no(w called on to disrobe yourLei
latuIare of t his ancient vestu re,so ad
mlirably calculated to thle policy of the
Gov'ermnent, and which hats ever work
ed to the enutire satisfactioin of then
people whoim it was intenmded toi ser've.
Is it folly, is it restless amblition, or is
it ignorance y'ou have been thus arous
ed to pill away fromi your noble edi
iee this pillar upon which rests the
pec and we'- might say the futture
prosperity of the State. Is it the
spirit, (If '76 laboring thmus to perpetu
ate the primitive principles of' a gov
ernent so dearly boulght, an'] hither
to so honorably sustaitned. If it is not
then my brothers, even now, el~orts
are mnakinig by many Lio indutce the
people to take a fatal step on thais hi-rh
way to democracy. The piower is with
the people to unmake all that has beeni
made. A mbition kniows this and will
tamper with the people fur an exercise
of' this powier. Brothers, each warrior,
roni or citizeni, should knaow tht anmbi
Lion like the serpent, lies hid under
many devices. It is your duty, it is
y*our province to guard with scrutiny,
aind resist wvith steady firmness the
ver'y begininings of' evil. Each separ
ate departiment of your govern menit
require's alike y-our watchf'ulness and
care. The Legislature, Judicial andl
Executive departments mlust alike sub.
mit to your influence through the
nighity nmediumo of tile ballot box, and
it is to) you they look fur protection
and perpetuity. It' you neglect this
duty my brothers, and suffer your
selves led by the wviles and caprices of
the ambitious aspirant, you will most
surely- find y ourselves when it is
eventually too late f'or a rescue---a lost
anld mnisguided people, like Samson in
the hap of Deli lah, .shorn of' your
strength anud inl the hands of the Philis.
tiiaes. Nowv my br'others, South t aro.
lina has hitherto been most honor-ably
represented, bothl in the State and in
the national Government. She has
been sustained by a class of' men, Iim
in principle. and truly dlevoted to haer
cause, men whose probity, whose high
and lofty bearing ejected inovations
upon her ancient and estiiblishied
edicts, while wvitht patriotic ardour they
dlirected the movements of her intr'i
cate policy. Men who quailed not at
le dogmas of niler SU... . ...,y
plae. After completing a collegiato
course lie devoted hinself as.iduouslyl to
the study of Medicinein 'hiladelphi:i, and
subserinently in l'aris On his return to
Atnerica he practisedhere temporarily and
thence removed to Sivannah where alas I
"his course lis soon emled." lie was a
most atniable, wo-thy young rim, an
numferots friends deplore his untimely
death- M.ay he rest in peace.
Many Ciarlestoniams have arrived here
during the last wieek, whom the Yellow
f.ver frightened from their city. The
number of deaths tiere on Friday last was
/Messrs. Adams & Co. have established
in Columbia a branch of I heir GeneraI
Express Office. Money, p:ickageq and
parcels of all kimh can now be sit to aniy
part of the Union with perfect safety and
at a snall expense.
The " C:arolina Tuones " has not vet
been revived but we hope to see it emerge
Phoenix-!ike from fime ashes. The 'Timies'
violent'y opposed a-ty change fromi the
present plan of electing Electors and we
always like t- hear full and free discussion
on such great questions.
Capt. Coghlan, the travelling agent for
John litchell's piper, " The Citizen " is
now in Colutmbia soliciting subscriptions
to that independent and spicy journal. By
the waty we s, in amtioneitement inl the
"Carolinian" I it an aptlication will be
inade to the next Iegislature for a Char.
ter to incorporate the "Mitchell Guard" a
new Volunteer Rifle coinpany.
The citizens of Richland do not enter
tain the belief that office in many cases is
neither "to he sought after or declined.'
There are now six candidates for the Sher
ili:lty, an election for which cones of next
May. Could not a tew more he induced
to run and thus add to the "interest of
the occasion'"
Saturday last was Return d.y but
as money is rery plenty in R'ch.lanud at
this inonintl fittle stung was done.
Now we co:e to the topic that absorbs
all others in th.s 1).strimt at le:st, tle Sen
atonal Elect ion. Time Ides of ()ctober'
are approitling raiiidly and the friends of
Cul. 'resttin anl G meraI A l.lnis are only
working the harder. There w ii I.e sic
mnany " split tickets " and " idi 1pers
not the sort your New York Correspond
ent de.cribod n the !:s:t Wi iier-that it is
haird to tell who will be elected R*.epresent
atives. Au for the Senators, both p irues
are cmfident.
'Tie, reguiations for votes in the coming
October BIktions are to lie very s'ringenu,
especially in regard to those who live in
other districts but vote iii Ichhanit on a
property ;utah Itiention. -:very iller d voter
will be ind:ete I as sion is lie vt'te ; at.
this will pr :ibly place the el ection of on,
or the ot!h"r gentle.man coil~lates for the
Senate bevonatlhe power i : p i- Lt.
The "4 ' Ga.s " ot Sbi;rd.iy ;ast ex.
celed all it-i prede-cessori; in variety and
rlchness of views. WVe b.'re ,it,.. ...s
puiblishied wveekly until after thme J..'etionz.
We lope thle funi aund hiinghble ''ong
of thie catmpigni will not he ex han;;~ied for
str.fe osr even ill fi-Ilings.
Cort. m n t ntsi s.
For the lHaniner.
Fathers andi IBrothaers of
A Free State.
Attend to tie ai law mnomtent-, I am
tnot wise nlor catn I spea.k miuch, I waill
say but little antd that, little, shall be.
upotn mat ters that shall concerni us till.
lUno-rt~u'as WVe have great venera
tion foir thle sagacity of our litthers, antd
fosr the wisdonii, purity and stabi lity of
their inistituotione*. Depart the~n not
fromi thi-ir custom and laws, but per.
petuate the Governmtti they have be.
qui athed unto you, for you tire enlighit
ened by tlheir wisdlom, antd thc strength
ofthei r arms have set you ftee.
Brothers, you hatve been. led by the
light of their counsujl, and your glory is
not denied amidst the collected wis.
doni of the nation. 'The angel of
peace has beent with you and a light to
your feet in the paths ytuir fathiers
walked, and your gbory remainis,
thouigh, they tare faintinig away. Thent
why lily brothers, would you east a
shade uipon thes glory of youtr fa'thters.
It is not, wise to doso, ntor is it policy
at this time to ebanmie..an anlcienit max.
im ini thir lawsa. Peneae antd t ratnquiIi
ty lhis been~t enjoyed Iby the inimates of
every w igwam. Thbis law has worked
well--chatnge it, you inivite discord and
strife to piresidi iat the altar where
your faithiers worshiped, where the an
gel of peace presides, and where your
matnly devotions imay be uuazde still to
Why then my brothers, lias this
strife arisen among you, why do you
strive to change the Electoral question.
It is ntot imy brothers ini thle spirit, of
love to each other, nor is it in a rever.
ed tecollec-tiont of' your departedl flu
thers, that yoiu wo(ubl do this thing.
Ihow could you preserve their ancient
lanidmtark if you divest, y our r opresen.
tattive biody of this ancient custom.
Hi ot hers, this is no evidence of a high
andi lofty a-pi ration to pureser-ve thle
trust submnit tedt to your ebarge. No,
mty brothers, the iaximi of your fa
thters led to a result precisely opposite,
It instruets you thait a due regard to)
the p'erpcetui ty of the representatives
respctablility to his constit~tuents cant
alone secure the many blessinigs of
dile (ovellmenit. 'This s nnt n Do
Penn M1edical University
hi' Nuw In. itotion has abolishe lthe
aninal r. jepitam of J.eeturei and the
ctotfmfinglin g of all hranches, and substito
ted pro?gressitr anl much iore exten i. e
stiud s, as de'marded y, our a~re. Acdi.
mie is t iutht m '24 branchae--, ai: di -r -
buted, accor Iit; to their natural order of
sucees-ioi, oVt-r '. Coiurees of Lecture,.
and 'ractical Exercises, helJ duriuir 2
yea rs, Iv 1:2 f'rofessors and 3 i)nt.:stra.
tor.. Sueh stu i es are ii n'e th'rough,
eatt al agreeaible, every br:mtch fully ae
tqinred, set vn: to illustrate neaeeednrr
higher branches. .ectur's contoenee
(Jet.9th. 1x51. and tcnntinue four mouths.
WM. SCIJDIOELi-', M. 1)., Dean.
N. W. cur. of Arch atnd 13:h Sts., Phila.
Sept. 20,1,51 47 :3t
Gil,009 Pausblished
The nost charming of American ltutmance.
JORN ii P .E ET' & co.
'UiI1ISI1E1S, 11OS''UN.
Sept. 20, 1b54 47 3t
By Rev. 1)r. CU.AMING, of Loidon.
AMEItCAN8, will you read this tnaster!y
exposure of the Mysteries of Rutte ?
Price! .1.
Publishers, Boston.
Sept. 20, 1854 47 3t
l'R tii 51, ;5.
'ublishers, Boston.
Sept. 20. 5354 47 3r.
Mules ! Mules ! Mules !
''IJE subscribers notify the citizens of
Sumter and the adjoininr )istricts, that
they will be in Sumterydle on the 10th of
October proximo, at whit i time they will
ofTer for sae as five, or the finest lot of
Mules ever alfet ed in th's market.
They will be g!ad to have all thoS e who
may be in want of miules or horses, who are
tond of lwking at line stock, to c-all upon
thien at China's lHotel. Tieir old custo
mers espec ially.
Sept. 1:1, 1954 . 6 . f
Piano Tuning & Repairing.
JOSEI'I FR EY. from Charleston, tm
fortns the L-iie:: and Geitlemni of Surn
terville and vic:ni'y, that i.e will be i
Sttterville inabtut. late dayd, prepared ti
tune anl re. or P:tios antd Organs. Per.
sons from the coutintry wishing the r Pianos
t inoI or rc"'"re:!
orders troutglh the post.oflie, d :recte.d to
me, or leniae thtm at Cl, nta's IHotel, a:, on.
ly orders wl Ibe attended t,.
Sept. 1:1, lt5t -16 2t
She riff S Sales,
Ely virtue of s-undry Executions to me
diretted, wil! he so!.l. at S +tter Cou: t
ltuse. on t ho 1st Mon-lay at11 day foll ow.
lng in Otoher next, witli legal tinors of
sale, to thI hi:;,hest bidder, fIor ca.h, the
following prerty-pur:hasers to pay for
(One tract u'f2e5 neres of land. itn Claren
dJon, adjo.tinig latnds of Rt. R.. IDingve Pt ,
levued on as the propferty f 'it.an
Grdlin. at the sut it ofit. Rt. l)iogie.
Otne tract 0f 5II acres of landl, in Sa
tem, adoiningind of Jas. laowry, ait the
suit of Ebas PTtimliisun.
One tract otf 1 acres of InndJ, inS
Ilun, adj< i:tng ilands of Est. of J fo~. Donald
et asl. levied Uuonf as the~ prolpe. fy of Charles
McCoy ast the amt of Ito'r & Spencer
2 caises. 0r
One lot and buldings thereon in Sum.
terville atdjrining landsa of and where de.
Ien ':.mt lhves lei ied upon as the property
of W, S. lioyt at the sots of NI. j. Mey".i
Otne trasct of $10 acres of land, in: Salem,
adjiintg hmids of R. Kelly at. al. levied
up, n as the property of Geo. M. Kel ley at
the0 stuit of \V. Ii. liollymn.
One tract of 110 acres of Iland, ini Ch r
enidon adjoining lands ot P. M. liutier et
al. ievred Upion as tihe property of Wm .i
Rhamuie, at thme suit of J. J. IOts.
One tract of 144 acres of land, in Fork
Black River, adjomning hanid L.. Wither.
spoon er. tl. levied upoun as the property
of W. MI lerrmgstoni, at the suit of L.
B. hlanks, to be so4ldit the risk of the
former purchaser.
One ni -ro, levieid on as the~ properly of
Eidward Itichardson at tihe suits of L.B1.
lIa'ks,U. F'armer, and Jnt,. A. BoiydI.
One horse, Ievied sin as the properly of
Jno. 5. Rich, at ihe suit c1 Wmt. Lewi~s.
One negro, levied on as the property of
Rt. J. W. Englhsh, al. the suits of A. M. &.
R. Kennedy, ..Scarborough, Wmti. Shv,
Sam'I E. Wilson, J, S.dney McFaddin.
Ann E. Lsicoste, anid Jtoo, Madison. m~
Onte negro levied on as the property of
\V. L.. Brunsoni at the suit of Banik of tihe
State and A. J. Moses.
One tnegro levied on as thie property of
J. Brogdutt at lhe suit of Batnk of the State
of South Carolina.
One negro levied on as the property of
Isaac 13. Brogdon at the suits ofi. S. &
L. Bowie 2 cases.
One Ilorso leried on as property of WV..
WV. Caulhiet at the suit of Eiiz'thi Skin
One negro levied on as the property of,
Isaac Leznor at the suit of hank of South'
One negro levied on as the property of
C. W. Ilesesne at the suit of N. Crane.
One negro levied on a'; tio property of'
WV. II. McNight at the suits of Rtagin &
King, C. C. Ragin, WV. Webb, R. C.
Richardston, P. G. Benbow, 11. Kuhn.
One negro levied oti as the property of'
Jo. D). Mcnight at the suit of the Stste
for Taxes, and Lynatm & Belser.
Onte negro levied on as the property of
G. 11. Dukes at the sumts the State for
One negro levied on as the property of
Estate of J. T. Dukes at the suit of State
for Taxes.
One negro levied on as property of Jas.
II. Menight at the suits oIt Jats. B. Christ
mias, WV. WV. Denbow, Rt. Ri. Dmtgie, & WV.
Maca uber.
One n~egro ieviedI oni as the property of
Jos. S. Sp~rott at the suit ofi W. Lewis
Ordlinea ry.
One negro levied on as the property of
Thos. D). Sumter at the sumt ot J us. kasy
4 cases.
One negro levied on as the properly of
R. J. Wtiterspoon at the stmt of Ily Tree.
lIJoichtold fttrnitutre levied otT as the
property of 13,' P.rrogdon, at thte suit, of
F. M. Andrews.
JNO.C. RiIAfA1, S. n
crutmlled a:Ioruid themrr, mutilated by
the firde-; of party, or Ior per.sonral ig.
grandi rement. lien who dI d firirme
a just estimate of the devoted spirits
who honeoirel lie nremroralble contedera.
tiion of 1 777--who, ere the warhoop's
echo had elt the donse iegrion of tie
forest, or the blood tf the Braves who
had fallen, hal been washed fron the
field of sti ifi-, convineed as delegates
of this con feleration)1 not as the repro
sentatives of the hitherto British colo
nlies, nor of the people of the United
States, but is delegates from the sev.
eral and respective States, in their ca.
pacity of States, free and independent
of each other as of all the rest of the
Again my broth -rs, how instructive
and animrating is the recollection of
that convertion, organised at Philadel
phia on the 29th of' May 1787 one of
the greenest twigs of freedom's growth,
they directed their State Representa.
tives, to send delegates representing
each sejarate, sovereign and independ
cut State. This was then adopted as
the met .od and has ever since been
practiced by the Legislature of South
Carolina, and we live my brothers, to
enjoy the full fruition of blessing;
more numerous than the most inspired
wisdom of sages could at that day have
Our eyes have been opened amidst
sc-nes of' trai'scendant beauty and ex
cellence, and here are enjoyed amidst
every vanity of mental aspiration the
rights of rroan. Our ears have heard
what wonders have been wrought in
our gallant State, she has sustained her
sovereignty and hitherto the identity
of l'cr laws. Our eyes now see her
haplpy s;tration, and we hear from afar
the exulting exclaiation, that altho'
Moses is not wit h us, we hnd ourselves
sale on t he toy, of Nebo, where the la
thers of nercies has been pleased to
codiise his bles:ings.
IDrotrhers, farewell
Vhenr the leaves of the forest is sear,
And vhen the wild dew has changed his
Vhen tie dlays of your strife is all o'er,
And the torcih of Viour cmnmcil is lit,
I will :alk in your paper again.
'Ti! then in the shade of the forest will bide
This talkative son of the Ir'noslr 'I'TrraE.
For the Banner.
Knights of Jericho.
The Grind Lodge of the Order of the
Knights of Jericho met at Sumrterville on
Satranv t.'ptembrher 9th. 1854, ari organ
is-.I by electing tire following~ Brethren.
oflicers for tire ernsrnitar :
Uro. J-unes ll, G. \V. C., Srumterville
" . I). C. Il'rgzi's, G. WV. V. C.,
" D).irigtn C. M4.
"S. D). M4. By rd, G. WV. al., Tlinrrnonrs.
"' vilte,
"3. E. Morris, G. WV. D. M., Darling
" tori C. 1I.
"'T. D). Frierson, G. V. S., Sumter
" Johnr Jowv.,
" M~organr 'irnmoni, t Chaphirns,
Darhnrgron, S. C.
IFor tire Banner.
Answe~vr to Eaigana.
Mfessrs Edz~itrs: Th'le answer to the
Einiga a publlishled in the " Banner" of
Aurgurst 30th is
Let some other "little folks" make
out thre termrs.
Yours Respectfully
BE'rsY .
it has been remarked by eminent men,
that in the varied catalogue of udiseases to
which miran is liabile, ihere is scarcely one
of such imoportnce rind o suchr interest
as Scrofuhli, whether we look to thre rib.
scurrety of its origm~ n, its insidrious progress,
the rnurrmber and varriety of organs that it
attacks, or its remarkable inicurarbdity and
extenisive fatality.
Scroflrla hais hanf11ed thre skill of the most
emrintent physicians in this coruniry rand in
Europe. liut there is an anrtirdote for rhis
drsearse in '-Dr. Gunysott's Exrtract of Yet
Iow~ Dock arid Sarrsaparilla," which is
provmgi itself ar Specii an thre mrost severe
caises of Scrvftda.
Ef See. adverti isoment.
ON Thurrsday tire 28thr inst., a fair will
be held art Blethiel Chrrrchi, seven miles be.
low Srrmrtervillec, tby tire ladies of tire vicirni.
ty. the proiceeds of which will be devoted
to purposes connrected wvith th church.
MANAGF.ras :--i.. J. Pugh, 1I. I. WVells,
Rt- B. Caini, Col. Wma. Nettles, Dr. C. 11.
Aduirrssioni 25 cents.
IL A sumrrptuours dinner will be provi.
dled. to which thre comrpany ill be invited
tr) partarke of free of chtare.
Se pt. 13, 1851 40 It
L OST1! iLOST !! LOST !!!
Abourt the time I wtas crippled some
person borrowedl from tire Ordirnary's office
a Record Boo1k and( 1 have forgotten who
tire person was thait thius borrowved said
Book, but will esteemr it a particular favor
if lie or they widl now return it as it hais
alreuady cost rie mruchr troubrle and uineasi
ness anrd unless quickly retrrrned it will
ct resne two or three hrundlred D~ol
lasfor I sff'all hive to get thre orignal pa
pers and record themri again.
Sept. 20 1854 47 tf
Turpentine Land.
Thei) subhscrrrier offers for ale 1,000 acre
of Trur pcntir# L-ind at 83,00 per ae.
Sept 20, inA 42 -A

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