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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 11, 1854, Image 6

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4 ! .
1 am now receiving
ever bl'ought 1
which I will sell low for cash or to j ppro
,ex perv ieno and the ready moiey to buy go
tteles remurkaahty ceOa:mp. vi.:
U AiT-. C.\'S, sil iCOO'
HARtI IW.AH l - il ill udestcri pno,
STON', Jt'(,S ANil JARM,8, 8.T1
LEATilRR 01-' Al.L KIN DS. S:d
CitOGKElY, iin doner setts and ot
GROCI'E .l.8, o all kindr
And alanost any articht
Se1p1. 20. 11651.
Eorse Ehoeing, Blacksmith.
ing, &. &c,
'The abtvt e brai ches, tage: her with Ean
nelierinlg tand Maten,.niit,1 wo rk gifeera ly,
1can wa m.wuI be 'ainlitinly executied -1 a ie
*UM 1iTR 'lACillNE Silt'S icar lhe
Rail IRaind Doapot ti SimiervilIe. No ex
ertiois wvill ie w . tfener thsei
'Shtops wort.hy the pair onage. atil cap able
-01 8lppllayilng a1he Aileca aiical refa p:reiIent1s
of the ).,I rit. A Paa-aaiary wi i Ie eree-d
114 s n -IS prneticth.e, lih':h 1. Ira n and
Brass Wo fiave ;mit exc-uiea SW-teali n.
ginte it (p riftilit, cli:tle it: arivii. .
large diiantit i m:w!inary, there -v eaia.
blinag 11r. tao execute work with aciliay and
A'l wirk doaine at this estalh hment. wilh
he tuirined out lunder itie iramehate i ipec
tion (if the subtscrib.-r. We ask noi ionenildt
patroniing'3. If our work is not as well
done land as cheap as oh ar Sloip, canff ac
Ct imiph it, we expet- not Itlit Ill- Ciiaioyted
Otherwise we et-sire only sieh pairon i age
n4s will caeables us to4 til j11w I-e ia tll p r
ties. T. J. COGMILAN,
Sopt. 27f h. 1854 48 Lf
Mr Watchin copay If.
Gun and Locksmith shop
The :: h,: r lar tormns the ptb cIhat
fie ia -.i a the woirkslhops near the
D-pot lit :-i erville. a A i fr doing
Gun 1.e b~un, ad oh.r fine Slow hmwd
amail bi-s eimaploiyead a tirt rate workman
for that puit pse. T.. COMILAN.
Sept. 27, 185.1 4d t f
Steam Grist MYlill.
A first rate Grit Mill I. ii w in operatin
.at the Suier Maehine Shop4. A eareftil
ai atteti ve vatchm1aanat iftends ta thii
department. Thoae whoa eitioge to ava I
theilisnlves of this conveniecre ean be ar
-Comoiudait c yi a it vcpt SiYnetlays.
T. J ( : u06 L AN. M\anager.
Se pt. 2'7, IS1 . tf
Mx Walite ala conjiv if
Sau:::ter'viile, S. C.
Reispeca fully infoarms t he pe.aolet of an Num
ter Diitrict t hat ho iml just reoive .1 antd
Ifmw iaffr, fair :::hie the bcaete leced andi
most choice stoc'k of
Fall and Wlunter
Thant cannaot he stuat lay anythinag ini thi:
tmarket. lie haist roccivedt miiay newt iaryle
wichet puarausers wvauld do we~tll t xainei be
fore tanyjig elsewheore.
1i1R Ajt.,LOI'l l. ('ASSi.\ Mit ES A NI
Y E ST'IN ;s.
A full anud farge sufppaly of JI iiery, Shairts
JDranea ra, Glovre, Suspendemalrs, (Cravatn, 1 liand
kerechiefs, &c. &c.,
A large assortmient air ILEAIY MA DE CI.0
Ti'll NG, whicha waill be stal taow.
E~i Garmeinats annfactmureda by thae .subsacari
lher, and warranied ta give nataisfahctiona. Orz
dera froam a distuneue parompltly attendeld to.
Sept. 411h. 1854. af
Sumter Agricultural
.TlChe nniersa ry apt I le Siti.-r A-:rieatI
iiral Ass~ocitlfalo wit he l at:a Su'e~r
villatea lnn Tudy d Wednet~liudy, thet 24t1
and 25th at.
Afn aiddress nt ill bie dlelivered lby IhIisto.
L. Pimerut~ Jr., Aintover~ aroar.
Oct. 4, 1-54 49 II
WaVtchm Iainit co py.
SUMTi.ER V iL L1E, S. C.
E. Soinmers
Offers for sale at thue adtore lormerly oCCu0
pietd by 13. G;reenvanld, next dooir to th
elice o1 Capt. Fi. Sumiter, a LARGE ;an
wvell selctd atock of !FAILL AN I) W IN
TFER Readty Made Clothmiig ot all quh
lids aiid sizes, which hte wtl dsposeu ot :a
least tureentyfitx per cent lower tan ani
oilier hotuse toawna. Thea publc ares re
spectfully invitod to call anud exhiaine (I
Oct. 4tha, 1851 '19 tI
inter o a J. t, oTinu a thet firm
TFindkat. W.aftunn & Cta., give0 ifntiee to thi
frienads aitd te pnhheli thiat they witll carr
ont theit hutsmeIss, ait Ithe old saand, naude
the name taf \Vailsiin & Gardiner. The
havec jnst receivedl tad tare daily reeciil
a large, comitplete andlIt hsaisim nasori
tmenat ot FA L~L AND WlITER GOODi
of all desacritoii. Qtuatttes aind Styles
toa which they jnkite attentiona 01 th
Oct. 4,18i . 49 tf
Application ilt bie imado tat the ties
pesstion ot thme Legilaturo for na Act I
Incorporationa at Cailhoan-,14d~ge, No
and opening for sale
.o this market,
-ed customers on lime. Having ten years
ids with, enables tne to ofi'r the folluwiiig
)D, nostly domestie.
'S WV A IL, H ASKiT \iVA ItT', &c.
K N*1TE ,t,'S TOOLS', c U TLEt Y, -&c.
1ts, Ovenus, Skillets, &c.
)N (' L1ItN E.S
lie-rv, Illareess, &c. &c.
that may be called for.
47 if
We the friends of A. R.
BRA DIJA M Esgr. take pleasiuire in an.
nouniiiciiina hi .is a citudidate for Sheriil
oi Suiniier DIi.t rict, nt tihe, next Ection.
31ANY Fit1IDS.
MN1 r. 29. 1.5I 22 tf
A Number of Voters tame
p .-i inaiiian ioiing Col. Wb It...A .'l
A. C:l.;t)U(Il as a 1':idate for Sh.r.
ii of Sumier lbst ric, at tihe next elect ionl.
ai reIn , 185 1. 20 if.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capi T. 1) Fm:tt-sos, i.si a Candidate ior
SlherllY i1i Stomular District at tile enuing
(e i I in.
Autg. 24. 185:1.
.it. Eitol: . i'ns, iiiounce Air
ROBlIE' W. DU R A NT, a c~aalidate
lor Tax. Col lector ofa Sn i Cripntvi, at tih,
iext Ielection, ;and( Chhi g !ie
Jaiinarv 1., 11452 1.:
SS- Tae friends of CapL.
1'. Al. G111IC)NS ..a. e huin a caoli.
datr- for the aflici: ii T;ax-Coih-elor fir
Nalemil Culitv, at tile enasnig election and
. iblier. .ALamv Vrxas.
.Oc'taober I 5~.'l.
01? OI)NAI Y
F1 0 Raa 0 R D I IN?' A I'll J .
'-rfMr, Editor:-You, will
pvea -o :nootunce WILIl l 11. BRUtlN
SO()N a- i catnidIate far lie Ollive of IO)hf.
wiry "f uiiaaater )istrict, at tile enWsuill"
MANy Vsi'5:.
Apri' 27'h, 52 27-1;
v- () R (' 11 E R K .
47, We are authorised to
arnil'1unce0 Col. GKCO. %k. C. I IFSAilA iP,
a nilhaliie for Clerk of the Court of Sum.
Ier lbts ric1 at tih nIstmiug clection.
Augousti. 16.I54 4 tf
We are authorised to an
nounce J. I. JOC N ES a cnihrlai.. far 'Ilrk
ou the ('o urt of Sunater Distriet at the ell.
suilnig ele tiolin.
A lagas IG6. 1851 42 I1
9 We arc authorized to
- ianunace T. J. 1)1NN INS, sq., a Caniiaatem
fair Clerk of the Cotaa, sat I Ie enlsin.aa eleio an.
nounice 'ilr. .J. J1. AlcKlI.I..Ait, a ('Xaiafi.
ate lar (1lerk aif thie Court, lair -;amteio
3 bstricti, :anda obhlige ~ lANs 'a-rles.
A pril 1:1, 1852. 23-tI
--f W. .1 N. !J.ote-rr are desironsa of put )1.
tinga him inl inoaalnation foar thea O)hliee cl
C (lerk oifa (he a Cort aof Sainater Disticti. i
Asa y A24, I185:I. :11...-if
ms We are authorized
toi llaaanuredi Ai. i. I'I)( Il ,. a cariii ttai
aor Sh~eriIf af Sumitir lhsi rett a thle ensni.
DIeacemiber 21, 1852 81
r.Editor :-Please an
oar Shjeritt'ot Sumtlaer I bs'trict anda gal.
hir e ANv FISImi.io.
LEW Si a~ cabalet foir Orinary at
the enisiniig ele, ton.
June1' 28, id51 315 if
Matthiessen & O'Hara,
Clot hinug~ W a r ei h 0 s e ,
1431, East Ilay, coarner of Queen .Strceet,
WiOUJ 1,D relspect fully catl theu attenition
or lihe Mi~echa.lts oaf Southil C.arauhn-a. ..el
amg in REI'Alh AIAD CLO)'lllNt,, to,
oulr exICens e anmd varied st ock of Cloi tmg,
lit all q~unf i1 tru fro lie hiigheast toa lhe
.owvest. AllI gooads fraomi our E-labhlh
men~lt .are warrantied bh lair saltr .mda
r 'i'r atinlar attent 1 ion giveni toi ordlers.
wM'3 aIATillirCSSEN. IM. P. ItXaISA.
Septl. 1:3, 18~51 40t Or
Office Wil. & ivian. Ri. R, Co.
t)N inial a'aer jail ual Octobera thae Pa .
senuger ItIa es auf I''ara, in i s Ulload, wdel be
r estauflahahed as follows:
Y I'irst Iit 'a aar n rstao , - e ;f
r a~ i oi fa iam lanngton
toll to Kinigsville', - 6 Of1
f Secondl Rtate Far, per a nIlionl, - e
S 'for two or inre
sains-per sitationi, - 21
" ~ "i - ltrom taVuimnigtoni
Sa'gi. 27,1854Act'g Supt1.
Set 2,18448 3t
4I65,000 P'ublishled !
i.l~ The os chaarmning of American Roamance,
Sept. .l. 18::1 47 '3t
Keep ti
20,000 Pair Plantal
Z3 O0 " , JES
Trill. Sub!scriber begs Inet aninoun.-e
hand andl consnlyqI receivin-i Lar.!e Supp
Genlts, lloys, Youlths, and Children's Boots
i."Orders from Lte country faitlhully
306 Ki
September 27th. 185')
American Arts' Union,
The American Arts' U1nion, would retipect
foilly anniounne Ito lthe citizen4 (if the iniied
N Intcetand lthe 4'anitiant.that for the# purpose (if
enhtivating at tastu fitr lthe fine a~rts 04hroughou1t
theo conntry. and with the view of en1151hling
every fatinity to becomne possesseod of at galleiry ofl
'7'hey ha1ve o!-.-ermined, in order it) e-11a1e an1
extensive sale for their Engraving", an-1 l thus
not Only give empol~lyment to at large iuner
of arti.sts andi otherm, but inspaire amon(l g ouIr
vounOtryno a taOtO for works oPf na, to present
too lthe putrchavers of their entgr.~VnIlgs, wkhen
250,0t00 o-f theno tare tiol,
2.51,000 Giis. qfthe fettual cost1 of S150,000..
Fach purchawriof at (thie Dolhir engrallving,
therion, rcertves not oly) an eingraviL rit
ly w.rth the m oileyi, alo ticket which1
ente rdimer toe of the Giftsr wy ithe are
di tributed.
li-or Five Dolr hghly finishedA engravinig
heantif t'llIy parimt inl oil, nd f e gift sc,.
w ill het senot ; or live dlollar's worthi ofsph,-nded
engra % itngs cian Ihe slectedul from ie Catilogoie.
A copy of ithe (: 'atalognt, together with a
specitnen (of one cif the engravings, can be sa
at the i tlice of tbis papter.
Foreach Daollar tet, ain engraving nemtully
worth Ilb Iat iurn, anl a Gift licit iee, will immedi
ately be forwarded.
A G E N T S.
The Committee believing that the -nweces of
the Great .Naitonal h'dertaking will be awrte
rially rumoteti lby the energy and ient -rprise
tafimlel ,igen I anid praeveritnifg Ao geta.. ive re
solve.l. to treat with snjeh uilil: hmost liberal
Ainy ierson wihito bin itcut angert, by
faendatigA t itidl.) i, will receive brt uiorn
innil, sif fine dotllar esgt-vini;, and a "G.iI' Tick
et " a prospecltts, at catalogue and other tic
essatry htioraation.
Ont lthe flia comnpletion of theo Sade, 0t Gifts4
will be placed in Lite intm of a Comnittee of'
lte purcaers to Ie mti-totaited, ie notice oi
which will be taraceei througholiuet t i 'ut.- bnitet
litae 1and the C amniat.r.
100 Marble)I b 1, of W.sI.iing
ton, at - i*m). $10,100
o t) I" Clay, I (rh. tm,000
100 a "a " Wmlater, Ii0. lmoa
Ilk) " "o " Calhounli, I100. 10l.00
50 elegantl Oil Piubstilags, ill1
sllendid gILt fratet. -Ize 3x-l 100. 5,000
50Tlaa pante ngau!icigha brlla acaso
thi at Nuaiy t cu' i ailrti g ill l0. 5,000
10,a 0 elegtt74 antI astaa l la te''aria Ag-.'n . a.ati
galv in a, roea t Win oil, oi tit laro t ab~a
bya)* i5rn. euchia - - - -1tAg. 0y0
237,000 Ute pilacatreaa:'gain, ~ta'(ma1i
:'roilaaq00ctiS, aer itaatesnl ia~rlo
vownet l y 1 t h Aram i stt ' a tita
ofa th ntarkemmt vomale Of tit, trao(i n
50i ce ta o ati in tta a ata-t -a - -;u na ,r000aa
tlt firtcasasa Ita tling main 1tmtd*atc at~ a
weah i.t00 ha.g.a tleeaaaa -a aa00 Lia,00t
Sa0teValla t aa ctmainingeac
t0.00, atg '. inth $Eurburb$l0ttE
liew.......k...'.(ty , com- * u~aE
1 )laandSd 'aittaa -t- a 500. 150,000
0 pert-atl laiofashag, with
fent, interet, u fe rto
100eltaa4Oi Plat-a.50 each,. 50 5.0(00
500 site "aa 50aga "agr 5.rtll.
Int000' " "it jaea 5 "t 10,,00
100( tefrcirga rd 'to thle Fm alEtae,.'
J. ~ V is e a :a Co., ha al ai-.'ate i-krh
yor.kI Orderh, -s u., i t.mne enel2ed
2.,to t e add at.ed, ar~vlit
.rai 111 .W.lit rL i lti K , S c'
oiiai't ay ~leAr 50t' ilhadi ay, , .
(i EThe lEgrviue~si ohe eraaoogear
no tretadyaaa liJ dehlgvery. st
A'ngcet, 'N- V. -13' y.Gm.)0
Pennl ~1) Ieic !a Un -iveity.2a0t
1E.FVE Pa.I.illL ADm~Laar l a
ThNew o lsiyo hila abolsheIth
il~annal repenatlgnail~c Lecirwin h
tie orit e ntnda muchr111 ml re exteir
s~tudles, asmandedl 'by ou ae. A0,d0
eine lrais tt mia aaa;4a. br tahaddi'
bted, iameroat rdo toatiriry ofua odro
sucstooer a.oussn 1.e4tures
and rachni la ercisesatta h'l durnat~im. I
eoay am a)gtree .abileja,) ver rich lflly na.'itel
topaed, terem:eato, lut~ osnem
W .ia'i 1,lOldittO, bl l, Stean.
N. \V.cor. o Archa l1rath lrs., Phila.
Si'1e p.',iaiiml I47i tttaat r
Au aily1 3 Expres.
L ON hvm beenJIextededtoSumer
TrasNav itttil/rahei ali~ lANTSu, iathand i'!l 211NS
Godsand all cripjal~ tion ofttr- mul Imda
v~alutable akageil l'oatiirmi, Cha lstn andi
lth Soati, by thella~i way o .tho S Al ardi
nnical an W tming toand lanesr :2al nland i,
'nd; rom apin'1lrit"ts timh ri W)m:fla2on,:
tN. tcltComtenan atteie - haessen-.hi
seuit iad rop!, every a 2!tof aly ties
cnuiett toou" hrg ~Se. aCiil
Theio wll known't. 2.CI raessiilt of albthe
Comp . any is "11 nilaieta t) o reco niEd hit
e.st.eans of trnsim ofatice 1or all. kmdsa
lMly' lnti 1ti'1ati51 Aon ima(mtair Ifta
Lion Brogans at the 1
13E!3EFO9, O
: 3E 3Mr 4[- Ps i
to the Ptlater; and Merchants of Stuinter aram
lies ol PLANTATION SIlOES, together
and Shoes, of every kind, and frim the in
and promptly attended to.
ing Street, Charleston, S. C., a few duor's al
New Establishment,
Dealers in Eliiish, French and American.
Drugs4, Medicinies and
l'aints, Oils, Varnishes and Dye-Sttfl,
Gli;ass, Putty, Gine and anid Paper. Paint,
V~arnish, Camel iair and WVhitewashi
Brushes, Fie ;atd Choice Perfumery and
Fancy GOo-is, Pure biiuors and Winies, for
medicail purpoises, L~ancets, S.-carificaitors
Fand Cppingo Glases, &C.
.AIl ih l's 'pninlr i'ateat ledicines direct
from the proprielors.
A-.!'ni s by appopinimetit for Dr. Jaynes'
and Dr. Dennis' cielebrated Famiily Mstdi.
cine , also for Farrell's Arabian .iniimient,
31irtimer &. Mlawbr;ay's llampton Ti.c
Iture. Carters Sai.sh *Mixture. &c.
All artivle.-A from this lstabbshnient are
warrmated fresh aild geuitne.
Pihysicians, Planters and country Aller
ebanit at sembdn,r to us, can rely aiupoun getting
Prime Art.:Ies, aid hauving their orders
promptly -xecited.
.olmy 26. 18S51 :39 (im.
Anatomical Lectures And
DI. 31\ DDL1'TON -MI( EA, wi!! con
mtience his private co:irse on Aaoluny
a: Pnysiol-gy, on the first a1oaday n
Noveinbtor. at his Aatomicaiv;l Rooms,' op
poisit. athe Moleiaii Celego.
Dr. ltatiii l'ei s iho fliliwingr aiv.
:ages. to Stuadeits ra aendhing tie Aledie;al
session in Ch.lIe.ston. Aek cnglete (*'tl rse
ot L.octuires is oI elivered durng alit atat
ion A omty aInld I'ly.iajoi\ ,aI.I,-o
m'st ru e las cuoiirs lay 1 pro) ration,
drawmrs ail mode'D .: IY; nol'' are
conlducted o:: -ti onprotyed plani, con1S.Sl;1 "
an intre;a:in liemfbehr aot the ei.s,
anad akttig hun demaonaitraleo his owaa da..
see ton. Th'Ie Simlnt' st y a hel-ehy ioa tlI
p1y ha.. opapoma 01,ents far acquirmya n knowl.
i ge* tat on oiI the ianolamst ilanposrtaual andal hli.
cutlt depa:irimn ts itaughat iat the Cullesje.
N Satuaralays are devoted to .\alicro- copacal
Exainiatiaonts are biehl regularly every
ni yht lin ac o tahteit several braanchles, gi '
og~ theO chss thae hette of a reaa rsal, in :a
conl. ~t-lee I orm a, i ihe subjects ectuired oin
by t iet I'rotAessors allI lhe .\thdtla l olsge,
511 as toi recu .1 whattevier maay haive est.t ped'
.a1tenltionts al- i to corret ierrors enltettij:-cd
b'y aau is;airchen:asg thie meL~asi or h
Dr. 31., will filnd Isle:tStre ini recoiut
mondoi the~ piC;ropr-r ex't lati it 'erneral
iuamitlanlCe aat the t~seuraI i'r.,:seasre.andt ina
tieilsteit tg lie Silildeiits il :111 (aa:tter t'iaat
nected wtithI tei stuies. -
ltercree m:1y he intade aao Dr. i'l,- :it
ha:s res'iece Quaeena srteel, 741, or a ha.s
.t'atoma saa. Ulai.i iaoppostea lie QC!ene.
T1ermaat, Ten.i 1.)llais.
Theas .-,Zscern as talso p~ried to Ia ki
p jriv at- puiia wa hat lir thae iradiianry ollice
itt; a.: c'ae msit iuh d dittcrs air :trsl~h l have
taa. es, .o .a rgat hbara ry, i.i:gri nl, pita tes
*.ait aaai t.s. aut! ba* itaraarsiec gi .itljiaously
wa~ih thle tact itoh a ha a19l couar-e Chivere'al
aua ti I Suliaaer .'I a'dacial 10--i lt. Ili
ptap. .a wilt Ithus hae lia~~ti litiiar wivih dlas
&.Ise ait the tbedalei, a'ad ue ubd p:rbei.
Isants ill Inltva surigicaI iltu, cab.stertrial
cases iccuat ramg al Iis prnaea we, al'nae theyt
net.tnsa siat~aited Wv.lath i nitjiadis i'i
alin~lg and si aado.ni'lermg tagt. Theai
stariatest aueniiaaa wdal bae pad tat the 311
t reclape ini u-0aieca *ona watha Ana.atamy c..ul
I 'at Ii osgy, a iid e~ttnialnataunts field every
I'r'/;ssor of A nsIuaty andu P/siolotgy.
1" 31. l()h1E lt TSO.5, )'rD. if Obstetrix
a nsd -I~is.-ases of./ Wen
Rt A1 KIN l,II, P'rof. ofa &rgery.
It. F. 31lICII 1A., P'regi of Ajaat Medica.
Foe liar i le coutrse' $50. Latutres ciam
maenaee at, Apai andtc termmiat0 aibot the
maiddlle oaf Jaly.
Auagust 2;, 1851& 43 ii
Dyspepsia Can BO Cured !
l'A tLuiNGd CotNTY, l)AI.Tat, (;A.,
A anguast 2itha, 1I851.
Mnr. CuAi:r.4 Dar.l.onsis, -
LDoAn Sain : For several yiars p:ast I
haave baeen am erely sillied widsaick hietad
saces, anda a fter tryinlg every I Ing I coutld
hitik of, ancd receit ng rno bentei whiatevaer,
I al last gave! myisel u p as ai'onafiramed.
alyaspeper i. Ilut hearing of yama prepara
uoni*'he IIlaaom of Lite.''" lyncluaded
to gave athat a trial alsao. anda prftircd two
bail les froma youaar Asge't. 1)r. T1. . ii Drtrlan,
at D)arlinagton, S. (C., and Inrtia ao uiime l
.ean~aa 1o take it, I have nait haa a smngle
sat t.aa k of hadaachec, andl now ~i Ibn hop s
ithat even the t wo battlies hitave rilde a cure
oal 11e. Baut. tearing thal I may have a
relaphse, I haive determsaiaed tatola attain it
tiangar. andu I enclosae you I Ol(liar which
youi wailI plese' send as anay bti~tes na is
.-ustomaury aor that atmount. By) t il Ittaad.
Rtespectfully youtrs,
. P. X.-Please forward by exphas train.
.ent. 6t 185l 41 ti
"anter's and Fantor s
X=. 30 sas
I Williamsburg Districts, that lie has now on
with an unrivaled stock of Ladmae'Misses,
ost fashionable W1orkne.
Pove tWe Mer'chant's IHotel-same aide.
Dr. W. JasDargan & Co.
RETATI. DEALERS in Drugs, Mdi.
cinos,. Paints, Oils, Dye Stuff'., Pa.
tent Medicines, Window Glass., Perfumery,
Fancy Articles, and a variety of other articles
usually kept in Drug Stores.
JNo. W. DAnGAN, W. Js. DAtGAN, M. D.
4P Next door to China's Hotel.
Jun. 2, M8L- - 1-tf.
Epping'a Saraaparilla,
(B11-' NOW IN CS8,)
AnI a variety of other ixppir Patent Mediv
-cineA, for siale b
Febl. 29, 8)1. 1 tf
A Lot of Paint Boxess
%Water Colors,) for sale 6y
Feb. 29, 185-1.18
Gardei Seed.
A l6rge rnipply, kept conitantly on hand
y tARGAN & CO.:
Feb.2, 18 if
Excelsior Faiiy Starch,
In pound packagop, pnwdern4- Also the.
highly celebrated Corn-Starch. for sale by r
Felb. 29 .1854. 18 tf
Genufna Cod Liver Oil,
Prepared by lIushton, Clark & Co. Also,
cold drawn Castor Oil, (verv fine.) for male
by . . DAUGAN & CO.
Fe b29.85. . A. if .
Fancy and Toilet Articles:
A heattrifil ikortment.C li t Unrtan's ,h
and ezanine them. Alson a variety of Notb Pa. i
per atd .rnveIopes, Lur sale by
Nert door to-Chiha's Hotel, it
Fe~b. 29, 185-4. 18 . f
Land for Sule~
T offer fur jeale that part of the tract of
land tm Suterville. ktnwn As. the Norton
land,.lyving betweeni the viltange and the
run ol Tl'.rkeyv Ceelr'n, alnl abput two
hutndreyd ac~res; I *iUl'dl\'de i~mio lots to
sufit putrchasers,~ bu wttL ved much prefer to
seil thei whole together. Terms made L
<ms atid accominodltig to purchaaers,
appyII to the ltlhse'ribef. hi
Wm0. LVIC.
.Jntte !l, 1854. 2f if
l(i ~Votn mn copy.
T1he snbscriber having completed his ar.-a
rangeme~nnts for making~ Samh, Illinda and Pan-.
ne-l l iurs. begs learn, to iunform Ihis friend. aund
thes pushhe, that hie is prepared l1t turnish at e
dhor t notice, Saudh orals aI p'7sIrimied and glazed.
linds.l~ to snit ainy size, wiitdtswt, Ikte~td nr nout,
and Pastmell iDoc. of any size or. make, apor
tIn ofr phe pantrsntage it re~spescifully solici ted.
lIts work 1,4 all dund by harkiland out ofgood
seas~on magertal.
500O lighsts ..8 x 10 sash readyv for delivery
t'staut wmtdeuws of 12, 13, or tIigits.
.ASI.S:, iELL.
Ssumternille, A pril 12, 1851. 21 if
Choice Old Brandy and
W I N E S.
We httre nowv m store some very sbpe
ritor Ol Jrandly, which h.as been selected
by oursolves, for maediciistlIlpurIoses. Its
age and mtildibess haothe~r wilh as puriy
wtlt be of gret, cotnsequtene to inval idit
who are necessiiatoed to use it.
----A LSO,---.
A variety of very select WVindu., consistitig
Oldi 1kedliIrsi, Olti Port Wisse,A
Bliowas Stierry, Pnie SIserry & bi
Pas'e Clartet Wine, a
Imnported bsy sutrselves, all of which ve a
waran geuieantd dl tilt 4a'y beat nt
Couart h ouse Range, Columhia, 8. C.
Jutly 20, 1854 3i9 tf I)
Ull AfL E.dTION, S. C.,
Sells Cotton, Grain, Flour, Bacon, and allip
or her artisle~s of produce.
Strict anal ro~atpi attention given to the ain
F('ItW AI1DING of Goods and Products.
A ugust 9, 1851 41 if VW
CHINA and Oranitte 'la's,
Granit'te Dinner and lireakfast Plates,
Steak Diehes, Iltutter Diulhes, Soup liowls,
C~ustard Standm, Frnits. Stand., wvl
Flower Vanem, China and Clasa 'Cantdlesticks,, La
Preserve Dishles, D~ecanters, Tumblerm, li
Wine G;lassses, s
Glass Pitcher., aind a tiumber of other articles, wI
justrecelved an o salito. by
~Ila~cJ.-'1,L185ON23 O.
-PARAS43TYLES N11.N~~3 Nil W 1'lk AS.
fixra Coloredl 4ieegoeai, aUL *)45 qaxtlir.
Yard wide Coloredl Frouat. aatz 1:2 2 'rI
NEW ANI) Rici ' -iYa A.ifu'*L4.. a
il1aid Inadia SitlN, ('xti wile, ilk 4..)e i i
Q0) Pieces Sumnmier Vv'.)uiara.,.ri 1:1) 1 -V C(!:;.i p~r gt
Euug-iSIa I'doaag 4Ahio ,i
ijiat rectrVed, flO pitces ofaj oi ltaac u Fia I. I . yiird.
Yard wide e~xtr~a fill, Aewt(nr.caaa blaigt j v. ~jj
6i-1 wide -Brotwn Nlwq. I I aag, I I Vent a
500 yptrds Brown bitten, Siill SIt ~iaa~d. ral 1:21- 1-*l_1 .i~.Iisip
Erxtra lisic Irish Liarari lea' ;r altrii;' .11l~aii,
Qt pioctse Russtia Ilapet, at ;F5 ceu i.
allU yardsiasai Crasha, at 6 1--1 (.,!.1 s~ [J~li
fltickaback sntl S~otchI Dilaper l'ou. -Z...I . ,a' 1)(;, y 1 .
35pieces .yard- widcol- area 31itiiaaw, a' (I I . .*, -iah12I.
N~ S(lS Idilit's k Sarltranl Goihn
jadids", Light Colored Kid Uvt;. , uest niaauuea..ui , If) C0111j.
ifititl ;snl Cildraja' ,.sli if iiad 'haora f: it.a o '
Laldies' Black Nett Ginvoa. C
50 doonfi ll 11attfen liaa,sk D1jyhaes. at. 7-1 pelr,1r dorzen.
75 clozmaa chaoace' tsaa -6e1 MtiD~.a;A'raliap4:v, ;it 61.bai pa-!r datzort
09pperaur iiruvta Wuadtsnir. ,4aaap, Li .r u).1, taa,, aj %.'.,.
~'~aLa Lviadr. Witter, ioltot~a. tauwder int Ih U, '
B-ay %' ater, Hi~ur, Taa..tlj, N-iit andi Co~i: 0wij a:.
$ich assortnment of Fetather and ial et F"alls. &c.
:257, corner of* K~au'a'aaaIAVunak,or~n, j :reo-is
- FURL ALL IE0%SV D.11 -GUAl'.
,tlie virtars raf Jacob's C.ordial are too irellknw l~~~eto rcr .ire Eric . iniunxs
n.Irtje h.trorst asei o Dirr: ed% ;71h. It cures Paia/ad.M1en.'tritatire.
nd. ft cures the war.itor'is 'If' Ijy'airtaryo , Sd. 1! thliea-cs Pai'M in flrdck arid 1,or,.~
2I tres. ealilyomiia- or Alexican Dir2'91lr I,' Co-un urcracts rr-1-nwevrs ani I iret
th. IR loelitres Ae sev~erest Cltolic, I 01h. It restures Irre"Trdilp''
1/a. It cures the Clanra Mlorbus, 1 Ida.It-dispels gluomyr, lryle'eric-r! Fri.--iigs;
th. It cureos Clroo'ciIra tfanwun. I2).I'.atdriai
L Mew S~hort Extraicts irrom a sEtler,,'eitn g I~ & .
" I have upeal Jacob's Caifilial In my flily, 'and havte fautindfal maost ellk 'a ama, hal ii a ny
idgmet A vatlablc remedny. J4g , s~'anccaa
R1itAlf WARNPAl. glu -t
"Itgivts ine pleasures lirbeliighbte it) rLeccninivt'ad Jaua' Coardliatl.n - u ia 6 sa~e llal eape
cnce, acI tiat arzpersanrlac df may neiglyoera lusts frienadsaonaad ta..4 V5i e'lnagi:rn
or me to lie!1aA~e It W) he fill 1.1iia if loiurporo s . v iz : isF~fvereigaa ratiat'1
Win. H. Uutagritobol. Purnieurly Judge. of saaiareaaae Cajuwi, Clara ircaila.
,o-I take gicat plaaruaure in ra'coalaatai.'figai this, itvaluatnle ttW'lia'int. 1. all afflieia.-i Nti. ta41an..l
iaepa, llur whlich I believe it tu Ile a su.eragh roiiM if'catt tiarriur tuoa.'tajt.a~i
vrr iaed by i ' '- -f'aa.Yiei
A. A: GAMLaDa~OM D. G. 11. oat jla6 1-ida Loidge of.aji.
"I hanve upaet 'Jacob'#.. Cori]ial -ill mymm anaflll 11i.". *ill alt 111- -11)011 ril jas a r,,rne-tiv
thoe~ wiho have tried it., intuiceM Ya.. Ii, Ztrlie,'ve tat t htaae. at luch'eatl oif euer. .i.a.
thea kdid, aftu I Wojutd reIMVtflifd itistl. iffjhulidducawsei,.u Lj ivae ii i.Caaa~t~,i
tits (G. U00oatrar, Calphtier act lit' Ir~~l'.l act at.uStIl'e eaf!;.V4r* .ei.
"It f tliarInY ctrdibility in liutn ti ra inanny, *Jrmi'i41a'e Coartlial' 1111ou ik~'
boe all odh~ Filtrratiur ons Iaa~cw fI u r ~&anm'.trr h irl,
xor n I'm in fromj t 1 .Viatl'~h tilr ofle j 1)rr tirJ* 0111nct.~ ictirtti', ii it"aI4I
!Wt ailohmaar' Iar"
A Iq.Eu t ig.. 6641-it. Marl V 1l lie I"1ra.iani., Ta r-1" r~i
"This cificienrn: enealy is Mr101419n inlto Cclt I il n, IL4 .-.httIat lc~~ r~'anaa

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