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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 18, 1854, Image 2

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I. :' 1!.Rt DSON, Ju I.
It E DNIV1.PAY 00T., 18 1854.
' - . - n . t. . . i lt - u i i tv o n p1 0
;0l-- 'l! ain- ll r z-'d lo re
4*. -. 11: p tr, a usn iute tle
8 r11----r .\nyv persont wi!-hing. tol
haniuei: b 'l filt r wtul i i i nilt ldr'-. will
b ii. p.:.er forwa:rded proinptly.
'i'll V V. ..lso me to horwaring all ad
vplI m m! liiiitiess eouitnected with the
V. V W.&I A r .n ,.:.4tiunbia S. C.
S WV %N :T -.:-..WidI--1ten N C
V 11.1 IAN:H t:. . . . . . . ." .
It I. IAI.AN . .i....... terville S. C.
No ier persi 'a :s atihor:'.-d to rtceipt
fr r ithe HAnr-er
Q: Per.ins washini to see ns npIl
ttsir.t'ss nCeInctae Wiii e l'.-pc or l.ow,
rmn tirri is at any ltir duringt Mhe -1;y,
a( nuir ificu; :lst back ot Soi.omtoss' New
Siore. irr All letaers lanki-ed in -lie
lhaner iinnst he pire.paia to insure atten
hIAnI.FSTON, Oc-t. I It, 1854.
'T. 4ale ;a day r:eiaed upniwards oaf
500 Iles, :at a very lull raige ofprices.
The irannet ions were at extrenes
raIg'g rom 8 1-2 to) I Oc.
The Fever.
The deat h, fromi fever in Ch arleston
have be.ii 8 and 9 per dty, for the
last six or -ight days. The disease
has in-ta-ed toi, a slight degree in
Savaah.1i and Angus.t
Mtssrs. AIKEN, KKITT, Onn, id
[toycer had no opposition at the recent,
elect ion.
The election returns frmin thet cor
gi tes-icml dist r ets -f Gen. M cQ( URN
atid CG,. P. S. [iooxi show that both
these genitlemevin have been re-teected
to Om01gres
Court and ItcIurna Da y.
N. xt Sattnrday is "return day." a
timec. to, lie t-ared l the ittprovideir
and tmnwar---Iotik out 6ir the Sliviir
aid tiei-ut ie-, if they wilt take turu'
adv%-ce. i- n ld lie to :tay at b111n..
this week; :P Mwhe., they will, their
abJseta-e "w4onld be tuore aceptahh
thant their cOntan. One litape we
tlnt% e' 0.1 .itM-r tIho IOU 4 Vin -e d List
SheritY's vi-is, t i, t vw%, av
j . -h ... r. h a ii.h Lppieciatlim ill
bt twi; et'l bvy el-lenug a "Fi Fa tick
e"tim n.-rLegishit i--e, that llin coon.imi
jis VI! tifty shouild be itenienit. C
will btgini here tnil the 6th oif iexti
monlth.i his honolt r iJtudge W i-ruNnn is
. y:--ed to1 prt'.'(de. T hirie is inon-h
(a iir , im noit. ruantty naew ea&-S. ai
liu i \vry' leave yel beein etettredt.
ih- lilahree days hoaw.-ver saa
So Your a asks~i.
ThI xit emen'l.~l'it anld anixiet y of' a
chi -i:-ly ena.Ite',ted. ..elctionm art- tnow tver
anid A4iih-- t r sett l in1 siness lae a i
pmz -h tte ci 1ten~ja.n-e <-If tege- see-k
ers allter voete.; di--t1aninted- orI riati
iel we~t lmast onceiL mila ii- ir ii abotli
i:-'k.- ini alwdjiee to~ whib-h Ihe' m-dlior
sea'k-. his adlvertiing t'ohollttn.. for- thei
purpo-e Em dir-i tiag thii readliers of~ t.
/lane wher- theu ihl andi ni lit-i
tnia;p. 'i rst- onl aiur lni :uart ,..<n -
Tax (.'tollettor, SlherilE, ()#ioy andui
le~a ve' i-ea- gll:letmnl befbr'e t?,e pefople.
de,;ai bh-, is io-redl oan invomrale1 terms.
byv it iesi n s,-V li ethave tken thei
ingfaili nlnlat itidnwi aen
ble~ ~.t.as. ih t r thoset, whoi havec the
t'hanis, toam lie t.t
Thie merchai-knt -of Colu mbia are
aali-ng nlew stiocks oft goaidal; set'
IIOAraum411r & $Anxe~tt.oo, A. C. Sotn.
F'Ut1.rion Bos-Twicx & Cia , RonUIzar A.
Yost).Ut5, &c. &c.
Cau esto n tooa affers her indiuceenlLlt
tio lirhase-. an md as thei fever 'onitili
no'Ss tliate her mlerchnts miay expect
unde14 fraomt tile cotunt ry. Foolis & 5
I Itl.AND, & lBa'iWNINGu & La.SioN, aret
'ini fg the la't-st and mosa:t respctabh.l~i
detL,-- rs in, diy gitaods, MI ATTmtlsas iS
lt AL :tways haye n aijaanllji,t I, a1
ant ad V ylha - a *SteambhloatJfuIl of bots
ansd shtoes -.int Iioo k att the Picture.
oft the hiidage nten's tile Pe I )Dee
resadei ing comon icluat itai st a 'ay. with
somei~i ri'.dht may shtow ceimt to apr
timn ao tat twradte east of the Watere'e.
Herf enterr~ing uarerc-hauts, aiiie Vt'oi
this theit, lave renut ini tieeir card,, whichl
I:-a.' h e ee uinder the~r appropriate
he~ - .'v~lsd,.iud'~l
blaCK l the side uiniks, Witier bi.
eing ~ wds have given place to Stui
uer limygir, ention Wgraons clainat
tI'eir- pftee ii the rareets mnd .tore'
keeper- aIh fiteiots fh'efaes are read%
iar a trade te Io'll I Irn, wo'ai, pa rk, beef:
chickers. fia (eid eiaper. rags, &t.
Se--s' b" ing alln ag yon r "ixings" iu
mers, part ieilarlv eaitiales; the town
delland, oil yout 1;r its wheie-with
all ta keep the inner ial e"inf'ortabio
and if yoit negI et ts we ii ust fist
ty the-bay i' any eic has a roasltty
pi/ jisr let hau biatrIng it Up to the
Baner al1ieu a)l the editor, who
scribbies this taice will tIake six chan
ces, ai the aforesaid roaster.
We Ina-t. devoutly in teided wh. it
ie sat diown tnl itic all tihe advertise
..eIns o a anlr Mvii fiiilas, but. spiet
will not erinait. Iabr- --'ee l/" iniiaruis i-.
that thew. is Capy eoigh : so lar thl
Inweut we will dpti eum again,
at interval'a the notic'es o' town stcres.
II the lltmlnitilnie we n,isl tay to tho-.
who Irate purc-ira-es t. maake and d
Sliae god baug.inl, I hat in a. liewspa
ier is ti be foand the atines (a' all the
minst r. Taet ale, linest anlI. en.
terlarising toerclhaits. A dra wi- ho
wouald rnake tiaey lay askig I iuh
prives flor his m ares, 0; a rasea1, wh a
.hans the liIht o'day, generally kieep
Clear af the press, so lo a nd tia renal.
see who have ga at mood and large rtock,.
a a'g.oods a ffer.eda and then doa vaur tra
dinag knowiaagly.
Conuujaaiisioeaae of' Poor.
F'oi(tTilE s . .Et
R2. M. EsauL-n1, J1. G. MCINTosul
La. PIGATrE, 1). Al. GSIBDLE, \Ym.
WaM. NETri.ES, T. J. Dzsixxis, T. L.
News of thie Weck.
We are comnpelled to curt..al rost ma.
leri.al by 'ur euunary (af iaews tlis week;
a he elcanaaa returts and other inatter
ompiletely lillinge up our coluinms.
One ul the ao-t heart rendmig accer
rences be V he los aaf tha Steamsip Aret ic
al ier paassalge ria iverpioil to New
i'urk. It is not ye!i kno it haw many pas
senagers have iaeea saved but lull I ti 11wh11.
Ired, uidoubtiedly iad bevonad hape-, have
erished. rite vessel wati which the
Arctlic came mII collision atd whi I caused
lie catastrophe was the French propel:er
Vesta, whicie we are Iipy to slateha as
-arrived ,aftilv, but mfna It di raat-e . Tl.
.rew oal the Arc'w are aoucli en,'rd ior
.hair couwardly aial ua'in:aaay desert oi t:
the pansengi'rs aid taking with them iall
Itic 'lalps bolts.
The prrres; of the war in the E.isi has
ben i-u sht.w, lair sans a ime01 pis', that we
Iiave ahnao.st loast s.j.hta of ii inthe elrxcie
neatie l0 in g I ia' Clet ionas just a io-ed.
Th'le inewsn byi thle !wat saca ater loo~ks,
a' waever, Inre hike dec~aive action)1. It i-i
a aatledl ithat Calon h 13II Sepleinbaer the
aihedl8 fres laned in the uti Ia -lia.
lorcti nhat I ciraii 2itle asr-to a e: ipvl
"aiil waas t lies ta. reported, - - r e av ..y l
wereia ti rnaian n~aii aaheaa1r b a.in then
.aa;rly iaa iebuaipoi.arinc tial nilaikgoaf
hi~a ' ad jaed taoa inl- ck whare he
'Fwait retirrreinent. 10 gliavei biattleft h
Aic r:oit ofihe lrmos( wer ireth t th re
aain ofie ahi las.imoer, onr of-r wha aiw aaa
ta Itheial ai i~i t. h Ca h -NI c mldet zaya
routd, i th a ...i e o fali 18.maa,- . 'lw~y
rpart ha.ta v r a r o;h -raavai - A :aiaaia
"he i aig sre .1w ilak-.I il ar airkn
everyi: h~i, wnhii tid Vbremeant uakety.
The great -ay ,gih.ew may iSpre linc
mn thrned1 .out)Il a w lh-rn aziorlandaa
nalened in a gener:0h aiil :nn the -o
tanyas n eago a m Inas.te ii a
Thea l(CemaScr. Es. li, wh aI iieft
Detri on they h Ia answthi.hrg
yumasbea ofpseners for-a Clelan tok
slre-abot d igt.e lad n n
threeprahed by pires or roig AnnoP a
P.ittbig r oailrad agent.roi ttip0
Thea Albany c tigistl r sys that aaere lare
New Yosairkamn aao inch haaara ibeen thaie
aity eiars anw gests ata ii the moeys
aWm. Keind, aaier.,I Es. diera ai Orang.
\Vueil unrtaltandc th reapt J.zte W.bStuk
e ha ee electe ad Taxi' Coli-esor I li
ansaul 3lasat pesent~ oalrwaied i at
tite xteadi west to thei~ia lona aos a last
aitrousndy e. It has43ZI.3 aine raaiofa 1a6.
4lO6qu'are maeaa or laiad flaiR aresal
ite szeve oflaifIC~ Ohio, an wlesae ftae
thirty.five ni the size o1 M sachu~ette.
Those wh-Io h ave worn dowinn thcir teeth
in masacating poorn old taough- coaw.aeef,
wall lbe glad, to learn, says an a xchanlga,
;hatcuorD carboaste of toda wall be
'und a rentedy for IlI evil. Cut you
steaks the day before using, into sieet
abt ut two Inches thick, rub over a Nrmal
q an!ity of oia, wash of' next morning
cut it into suitable thickness and to notion
The sane prorcss vWill aIswer for fowls
legs of multon.- &c. Try it all who lov
lelicious tender dishep or mieat
A Trip to Wilaniagton.
We land the pleasure last week, t lie
ing one of a party, who throngtla the polite
ness and liheralify of IIIe President an
Direc.toirs of the Wilington and Man
chester Rail Road. eijoyed a throu -li an
through ride to lie good old N ort h Statt
The bridge nrunss the greit Pee Dee, has
tist been coripleted a-id the Cars enable
thereby to pass froin one State to the other
-nd we were all aixious teo make the iril
and so thisa great work-'-the pionee--r o
its kind in the South.' At Seven. brigh
aid etrlv, we left otur Depot in Con
pally w ith sonic eight or ten others ant
wvre soon rapidlv itoving'r over the grottn
tiwards Wihniington. As we arrived it
the different stati ie orr the R,'ad, fresh atc
cessions were added to our iinonbers witl
when we arrited at our destinatinti w
fOrnid qluite a eraWd.
'riTe reenrltir Cars r tim' over this part r
the Road, its it is knwnzi by niii- liip-hi
ride, Lowever was by dity, which gave u
a better opportunitity of oh.-,erving the coum
try, the lnad atid Il improveoeetts ionl
its litnr-a prtivilege which we were lixic
..al to oake the best of:-and iow propos
notreiing some things in connectionl %( it
tach, for te henefit of those, who have tit
enjoyed similar oppiontitit*t ics.
The ennntry along the entire route o
the rond is as level as it is possible to Col
ceive i "atid cros ed nbut bly few streati
of siny size-which, togetl'er w.th th
facl, itat t.e road is almost a straigi
line from beginniitg to mid ( rrray accoun
in a neastire, for its pailiiral:eled che;aj
ness and for the great excinpi mon trot
act idents which the roid has etijoyed ove
:111 others within otur knowledlre. W
cotld but reflect Ithat the ch inces of ice i
dets upon thti rtad are a hitodred pe
ceit le.ss than ipont sotiac of the uindin'
and upt and down hill roa-Is, with whitI
our country is blessed to Io little extet
and that i all prob:t1li: y, the I'rei.ident <
ite Ro~ad would obtam i wI 'shi he express
ed "to 4,4) ouit ol e wiitit killiuti ra i
otte whio should instrust their ife to li
maa:n~ene t."
The Ladtil al ing the !ine of the roadl, a
a general Ilting, is not well ad pted I
tahait ing-occa.on-,ily th 'oth you pai
some very excellent tarruine land. Ahnosi
the whittle country, for many miles ofT ii
Road, is one contintis pine forest. weI
adapted to he lumber and lurpentine htits
Iess, which, judigmgti froin the ntiimber (
saw -mills, a1ndl atills, with their piles
luiner mid hiunilreds of barrels ot
tei; of thusoiied f titbored trees aronn
theim, h is leen large ly emb irked i
Iy the eiterprising owiters. You pas
quite a nutnber of little settietiit
which appear to be dermined to iii
the appellation of rdlag, a
which ha~s liee giveni to s aa of then'i
An tiniot least atitong these is Tliuinnonsv iih
litite tin aictive andi eterprnismg ple
s. rung ito ex\isitnce sitnce the construe
tIotn oft the lload atnd owing its ourim ti
theii worthy eriemnfo hr it tk
its nitii e.*il iiiowtt ~
Thle idge ait wich~i we arived abou
it) o'clock. is inidee'd a titi~ter iec'e u
work, anid wornith o beig a1 subject t
'ongtubitittioni anda glory to thle Comipians
It hats beeni built at a cost of somtie kn u
direi ihiota:iid doiulars :and st'emis dlestint,
to dey tfloo.,'s woJrst fur v. Uiihk
anyi ther b~ri.lge tm the~ Stuth it rests o
in cyludi~ers ettibeded uimy in the bit
tiiii of thia. streattn a tdil e w NI~ itht conciret(
Tihe drawv aunta hed to it is somet I 1(1 f..t
o.ui . iiw rks tipo.t a 1'.vm.'.La
at tut ls erptendieubtrhy inoh. thle rail it
ornder to aillotw a Jpasraige. to bocats tiSslut
ourma'.s k upon a side traick us;
ii~ ually itie case. Thle whole st rutuire
fnieidy./irmt and steudy andit we shout
judige sgfIe. Aid a'clock I'. .\ , we a
Lilaed sateyatW m-:nam we
ctoirtaihky quarteried a; lion -:s' II.ate
WVe remiained~i here a coupli~e t tigitis anit
eer.m-i ht imtpro vesauents 01 this eterru
sing~ and iiliurishmg riva ofd oiCur iown quieal
city. Wb~iliiington is quaite a btusines% a i
llourishnitg anid gro~wmt town. it iS siUua
tiad, it as trite, upon a sandhill, bunt w
wvere itnformead t hat evena tholse sandhi/i2
hado risent man y hiundtredl pear cen t. itt valui
tace thi. o ntuctiaon iif theC Iui1 Rtoat
ruamting into the p~ilice. Thlere were it
lots to be hiaad ihu .it ain enora~inius prt
and we were showna otne which wa
biought soome years igo ton eight thiousan
and ti six houndiried dollatrs, wich~ cosuld m~
nlow hi hiadt far ote Ituntdredlt houtsand, tan
(I.hr wtti ere p. tide.l out wehtichi i:tai riset
itt prprin The bar oilf~ Wain igtoi
for' which a largeu apprlopra~itin has ju.'
beeni ade by Cantgress, is baemit deeupu.i
ed andt it is thiaught it with soitn aido
vesl falarge s.ze, anid thte puace mtit
lhen be'omeine tofit muchi arger bustmae.
Shiatt ever. I'T rpenitfe, tar atalnd ri-m Ianv
beeni thte pm. ueipil a irtiiehes oi export h--rt
totore, but cotton is littdinig a anaraket titer
atidi theire .s tao doubtet the expert itet
with thle ha r succeedis, itra.t; n wvai ati
goodt buisinteso a every kmtd ceitomo to
iarue seilport town.
There~ are a gaood manny liae reshdtnce
andii saae h.ittlsomie pturdicgalJmigs mt ih
place. Amonitg these last, wee noticed
Itarge Iron Foawrdry just bemtag ereicted in
a coilpuiny, ait the heah or which, see~me
to be Mr. VAN BonniE.s a very etet
prisit'g anti estimaibie gentlemn. It a
the islantiop of those gOntletajn 1t oumak
-i m:nnor of iron 'ork, especially to.
chirry of all kinds from the locomotive I
i dowm; nand we can hIut wish the enterprist,
. (ahio. the first of the kind in ti South
Ad one which we have long been neei.
ing) the utmost success. It snust he liy
tuch enterprises that the Sonth. if , ver,
will eventually maku herself independent
of the NMirth.
Our stay at Wihninmgton was gnite a
peasant aid agrecaile oiie, 1n11 we left for
our home in iad Snith Carolina, with a
I secret determinatiomt to visit -lhe phie
again tihonllil a oimiul oipportineity ever off-r.
Election Retuarnils.
Senator :--M. C. Mordaicai.
R'presemltatives.-J. Caunnin h;uam. C
G. Meiiinasiger, T. Y. Smamnn, jr.. B. J
W Wit ihey, \V. D. DeSanu-n e, J. B Camp.
bell. Col. J. C. Blumi, I -ard AleC(radv, L.
.Pe- . !). Richardsonm. I11. C. Kmgl, E,.
M M. tn'.atin-r, Jamesi S !itois, Dr. II. V.
ToIuer Nelson 31tchefll, G.M A. Tren
hihni, I ward I lorlbe 1, Jolm Seiglmig. jr.
i Represnientave.-Dr. Fnrman.
sT. MATTniiEWS z.3aai).
Senator.--Col D.tia Shn.er.
Senator.-Col. Jom .8. Preston.
Riire.intive'.- Win. \Valb;.ce, \Vml
Li:oi-n, ir., C.nhilmll It. Bryce. \V. 1)
ItepresentattIv.-T. Al. \V.lger.
. Siiator --Col. S J. Pickeits.
9 tpeeine.Ivs Ambler, Steedle,
0 Grmhain, Ilarrisoi, \V kes.
t -'NEWIi::ni:V-.
,Repro's-ntitive-.----J. :Al. Crossonm, L, J .
Jonies, \V. If. Ilarriimtonl.
S-montor.--LmEi I mm..r.
1-:remiiuves -1.1lhi Fox, J. 0. Mille.
r Senatar.-Jolm i.ch.i. i.
Reprveent:ive.s.-R. B. llmyistnam, [I. 11.
Clark, \V. M. lirati.11
Semamhir -S. McAliley.
R0preeaintives.- - Dmiilns, C. D.
Melton, - G,11. \V. A. R-,!brujh.
Senator -J 1). Wi t hirpoon.
Reprn~it~vs.-\V.II.\VIson, \\.
J. Chwsoni, A. S. \ailace, G. \V. \il
ST. r.AnrnIOi.(OiEWs.
Sentor--.l. 4.Ca rn.
Re presen titatives.-O'IJryaii, Perry, and
ti''. JonN-'s col.l.rToN.
3 oa.-i .--yW. MN.II li.
E ' 11. liryan.
Smnator.---Dr. S. \V. lirker.
I{liepresentative.--l ('. Kirk.
. i.-p;rezenims ves.---.imsremr, Lo.:i'mii .
N:r i mm pro-emmmtsI Ih is bmeeni gie m5 thai
Senastorir.! elcin
* Fomr Sen~iator: TIilIi:nam \a'.l-s. m.
t 111,10, GD. ul~nm, . \.Lnlit U;mi
~in\V. 11. I )orn :ail nd V. (' .\1L or;,m'ii.
S Uniismn --Rhep'jresenutautves: ii. I I. g~e
.1 .\lmts. /tobenrt Im.-ar V.
Ile r e tt es.---... 12. Spin , 3. D).
5. Chimudo---Fmmr .Smtiur.- -D:. J. J.
. ir lii ersn~tVes.---Capt. . .1f. 13 t
iclr, Dr. '. \V. '\Vithemrpmmmi.
lla rl \m . i. 'Iim jendm 3:,. .,. 5
1) reimulmmn.-.- Rtepreseni tiumes IC \
Ch rl ii' -i . .'J yn;ett.marib j. .Ilr.
~mI on, majmr Powenmll, \V'. S. 3In;ijing,
. M- ir mr. --F mr Senat~sor: I . W' it hiy
I Ilireaidves.--m.lessrs Tu'srawe..i
- 1aind liiv.
-(Cheteriel.l.--Se.ite: J. \aV. iii ke ,v
I tecpresmintait:vL.. --.\aies.r.. Lowry aoid
1;aiacastecr.--Fomr Se-itomr. D) xmoi 1 i rs.
w thimoni opmoiimmi.
R--presenmtasiv.,. --13 F. K Igore, .1. V.
,Triisnsmir, J. Wa. M I Ier, A. ( . Ca~;mpmi'eI.
I G reenv alhe.-.'.{mps1.l w ,.vo.: \V JP.
I Meal flee, II. F. Pemrry, P. 13. DoniWeal, SV.
i A. Mlomoney.
I L I reFcii. --Senator: 3 II. I hsy.
S miio, iuSiihv.am. ;mn.I AX.s lmrson.
I. r Inre I.arisl.--J. II. Femler. JI. I).
- Rnmnph,
I 5; P.in I's' l.srish.---.imor IU presenstat ive.:
has llrwell D .strict.--fm. r Sen:tmor: 11ijor
1-,R.-pre'.4I aitivs . -4I iviil Ii'shII J mhni 10.
I .St. Joe S Iinine yoir 13. presenmtanye .
I Pr oce. (1 :mnre Wiya..--Fr Senz i.
:: R--pre~s.,ia .ivet.--.J. 16 .\ i.falton, .
I Wii.LIA'lulaIG tJlsNiIC r.
i Rhprceotaiivei.--Coi. 3. A. Mc1K iighst,
-Daivid Eppes.
3 I KEflSiJAW Dls'riiT.
3 JSenator.--Ian.. tj~m,.. i,
R -preusnlaitve.i.-A. 11. Boyki, J. 11
McQreen. WiIon.
blarimn 916 294
.miens ter . 1 ' ;
jlorertowl - 326 6
)arlimtion - 576 9.r
11:iribllro - - 57-3
llorry - :1,1 .
3946 - 1781
' i?...g. .
Correspondence of it laianer.
N. Y Grry, ()(-r. 14. 1854.
Trial of Gruhp.-bL->s of/he Arc
fic-Aew Ylfork Podle.-City '/tem.
&c. &'c.
Aessrs Editors The verdict of tiwt
jiry ini the l cIase' Dr. Graham has
4tubtesm renehe-1 3oul hbe thi -
*inie.. thie trial A' W ester (iir tie riuir
Ier : Park enfll ill I'Stn. Pa eriiinal
INsei ha11- excited tch geieral interet.
Sao ai.s it was di-c-overed liat oie oil
the jra e i w.s ited hv afliitv to
he wilt o' the piioner, the oii rs
dectinled ser inlg while the''ir veiet.
was4 thus ii..de lialle it, su1p4iilc . Au
rigreemen00t. hauving . been~i iiilde la
0111ii1-:11l -In i1111bi Sidi thu t a J rAIv f
hvIen1' ,Iluiild p-tcedul witih tlt -et
I he irial n:, or(liigly priaoressed, aial
oll M dayuitl;1 evinigi. the Joudlge aeiinve.
e-l hli.- enarge"t to the'- Jury., whot, al-t
binlg 'ut ei ght hiou--s retuiriid'ai 'v
diet, o' - 1guilty (of' ruaiin laughIitei inl ihlt
'sec'onda dlugree'."' Pini -uir lo1o kaed
.zcatly, relia ved at the nli o inee.
Il' Ihec veridiet, but his cnIIlisel ga2fvi
catict' that theV w..uhl withi.i twent v
day' file a bill it'e xcep-Jt iiins." 'T'he
:'lilic ar'e lv ii ieis sati-ti.il Witli
iha vertdit, and i-atrs welt It one
tiuie citertuiinel lh-st the I l-- I
take the hiw%, i:ta their wni haii.
Grah1:111 will prn'bably b h illpisaIa.Oel
inl th1. Peiiilelitia y lihre.- I l'ur years
We Imav recii Lo this silbjeCt, agine.
ie Te'clegraph ao Tiur,day ila
oIInCeid the ni riv.h, at Saiit J4i1'.
It. A.. ol' the IProiteler-,ppsed to
bihet i C'ico ipa ia ' a 01 Quele-- w h.
e.lision wii iie Arelit " de.,taiat eid
L..aii u 'o or iii iatte Ve-.el. Thirit v or
ihrt-y j-evi sais take iri thlie -rormt i's"
w\-ieak rll picked aip at se'a, wtere 6ri .gh,
'lver 11N Ib er. We have blieni IIoure.1
with tll and :i-earate pairt leuiars i'
Love to L. c 'ad diisaster it tile Are ic.
butl thevy ire t-1 lon fr b itieti
here*. Sea 'verl~ C2ha rIest uianii wen-ii oni
bo-arJ at thet tinme buit whl vcou~teIt
- :i ae'ent as to tlt- l11li11)r l m.t
the alilnc. I 'c rlect, i t. as
enger, unke it, dilliculit too ae rti
the n o.te aid n hi r tofiiii oe res' iid
troi t waler grave. si-llarit. d's
I':teri'dinig tia.t alh pre ieit ctm laoh14
lia wd .11ehi 'ii rIow aid ro-e ~d so..h
gii 'a'z' the " i..\retiae' " e ail.. i i.
Wici et Iujin 'wiem eaigt
larss wh..i~l wagi h a, I dru at th o '
The i Artlic .sunkte Ilatninlte, ia t
thlie aol talijtlon. te a nu. inar ;' t our 14a
That S1telmshiplb-. a ndi'' ~i the~,~ Nli'
ri a re thel mans o4il'i re&scuinig.'ianye
hlonorii \"t'ierht.la hahc.mn
\ed ini thle s'ta. There arc ki, a'a'
lotia d reul~p-i.theill hpr teaiia:eI
4l1.ernhorner hs and nt ,i aiiole- Yetiii
tatl myJteii' us 11 rderI43 taitKnow Nciih. ~i
are he iaist->'veio la week-----re.
p(tid he,000 a thea' noioher.' ir he
FI'or Guivergahrsaii til Lic ~iiln
Int. siGovernor-G.l Ai. SIa' Irog--u,
cot.reco y
Ca naLh'rllC t.-i10l Jotathu *i Wi.'.
t'iai'I, Iigui' luiae iia. )4 lci tt
tae Prso ispcora.P.San
ders of Wstehester
Who will beeetd noon kow
S.ltacincut I ui h
Sn~l:vi'1 . 2 .-1 136 2
la'uaprvjl1h-, - 12
C.arir's Cr ltitnig, - 3 I I
1.veh-inery, . ) j- 7u
Lswry'i,. - - 21 16
i'l -alha-a--sy4!P. - . I 5~
Nwinaaaing' P'ens. 35 4 5
Sprigr 11ill, 117 9! I
l'rosvidence44, - 2 '.7 25
Sl1Itinbirg, - 6 45
I'r:v ;tIe-r, . . 47 48
M.ianche~ster, . . 17 9
'lorl, - 7:11 52t) H
Fo~r thle B inner.
Messrs Edito~rs: I'l-- .ollowin or stavie
a:cv, itkent, Iroti le Cat 1 a 'gla e a I i tie So111b
C.ar-s-inut Co).:t!ge, iihv Ili fle p:res, w.l.
tie aier- stiinir it all tiose wit-a to ave we I
cotinertet %% filh cour A lan. M attar ; ;i:i.1 I.
I thetih Oh- s:itif is nIo! yetI p r.#-cI, Ii
,he rr'.erencle, are ii;t teas-, % his Lr.i-t
a .1c- . and11 A-111h161o Aonite:,ss titlbys
creiAe it inpt.ry weir ni a.la j i -i re i rd it)
thii.st! wie, dlid l ow g lr e:g. h u. i rhe aritill
C.- la -tinrilh at colilasive ingoylnenlt . - is.
Aie ira aosal w.-h .s bein g if) .1 p life! --
ell oil selilnescl nu s.te tjibt-ge
l ae al h t ft i df,, l .. i .tig .sh .1 ; ithe
Aivion ln.! rem irked, tit .1 a t.i.- C.i.;eag
ha it acce-ilplisimd 3 no:hmlig fe .aa - tia'r :.i f
atei~t ill ii 4nela 31 in .S tis l tighis .'. I
-rare. the I3ite I;adI tier.t y IVEia a lily :u
C-1iljltlts.,cl far ie s oil f t i i -1tl .
A- I i.a, fhalt hia. ;it heart Ilm nno.. .ra- oia
his Siniie, far is; four c( .n ..on cotiil y
w% it thalt tiestre, 'ie daulioiniaa oti k .I w_.. I
tid)g--v, alaa tle gi'iert i to 1 Ie..nIn aeIi h I t ,
Ilw i%% - - , call bill., fai Wnsh t u .
eli, of wit holi nit ii ni ase a -1:sig .410.61a, i
pr'aiiits fronm atie Clt ce.le
Thie con~lr34e I *''e:y piar~aeJi .n1 Ih.' NoI I.
era t .3'l - s nilat al Zi r111111" 11 in1 11l 1 ,
r-et.d his it, bl-l e wi.lanm the
w-id - i1.sl t fihl! XN' ih :n.aat .1nr.1.
wv that her i- wn II Ilt3. I I. s,.III,'M i1 .t1
t.tit ii a;I n ra edhac.tttoi.i ; .aid a% It.- -
1 ih i ' i.t -er 1 Lar I. - -1 a I :, . ,re
niwii.railly i-.oik :mi.l to w wina iiave.' lit y
min re ro-ih t ) o pe l Ili lo L~ot t iltt file
nI the "111.d41pie whi -to-, lttler ..ithee.
@!Iln ;.or 'A , n- w s c b .m i t .. ! 3 I
d lin 114 1SheA il e -I %-. it - I ni y G a ver
.i rs..hn.a., i t i ir e, it -Wrt ., C.a e .:,,
.41ans-ers a: tile 6 i.-p. ., . ; ..,vr is- .* stl
. is 1.1 aV - 111 t. 1 It ;1. In i .s i . ,
(:e11a-ten i.a.1ii~ c .- 4'hail t1... b r - .ii
I ii.10 1 .1 .1 1 ; e i l e -a :al r.; : a i lr
i all Il I th'W . lils .nl a.. t at lit I
. 13. y or.- .1 w-: d11. aii w il c. Z1n Ia on
..ar! ' . t oil y ait r ., ts -.1 . wr i.i .i . ,t I r
11 . -1.3. l 11 lista &I fir t ar t ue .t. ..( .....i
ri .s'shaui'1114iier reMpo13 11O C.
a . tju'.It il II .4!l ,. iit e I -:;; j 'e .I
a.i Of cs h. . o .
ly 1 re l! eAt.lx i.t<.lr-bgi is. 'r# a e e ie
'.Ial nIiapar i-v'. l' ait ry toP e
.11n .l ii. II OFi a. w I , y i- a Il ig,
tht -re!inpo snio-iut -t -generd l i ,Oi f
weral te hIe ' at-p ed. mniay hie ar
II.ce I- .I. cte l ol -- .i-At l thle w% S hl :. d
t .aa- r i e l rierv.. 3 - ,u.-I b : es i, ;IS
"Meis 4 in-e lon etO ' -%.Il lae ctl lell .,
r:8-subeivripemins .t .hecir resepe,-..vu -is.
1 tirls lto eJ iln uw 11. i.-. . . . ca .-.
. sutrIt. let hvti r I s i I ll , :iv. in ee 1 .-,I
- II-x ll I ilI S ? it' . ,.
in i ea an nnan .3e r~ h
pr...... -y... ih.3 gh courir .-h 1.
el I .-alshcnsa' i 3415: (a iuin InIrn.-1, al - :n lk
Util tre buili Arai ojh. j'1ty Ls i , ; e
y I ri c nate'r i 1 t hll (i ..n i lc .
3.1 .vecr. ohe c.ni 11ry . n1u :t-b ah
to t iina t .\. P1-r a oe arer ( and Ih r...r '2
' ' i~ Iaie r: the Colg- . t 1i I
111.: ii 3e11 Iia ta i n ILj .ltt tl
Th' 'i.lm walL ho i-r adun itd but id
nill orilt g1. d 1 III e 41 . WI~.L i~.. Oia:
a -ca ;. - i nII C n~ a.:r al~t ~ l * . V .1 It
l i"tl -r. :i'[l ur S ljtlhi {'- l rt.' #3 1.11 01 hi'
li ii-r lt o a .t.. -at Vallrta.I '. .. ri.'a
ri'..''i -1 &4htlt Conso.1 la.a :,U Sa , l. IJ *
I 't wyerslug Al .-r' .i iitljl1. 3l%ilag
a loa Il l. -d l-i'aIa r iy . 1a 1.1.' ~l . 1 I'
diahuady ir 11e.ta. . l . acis.
1.til .- a ath 'i h~,. w.' p-eIliher 0( 31 ra
li'll ri-alIs.raI'. 1t 31 ere n t:Ir-'3ndon, J ual.~.s tit
ihmx 19 .nth ti byea 4 h.11 ag.*
AIIti ill.r.. heart.uI ' :ta ran.ahm u-i., .3i
ato3 lial 1..ld n ea-al w oki w be
ilie-rht a 31 te aa s wi~~~ iti t'r Ith. 0h; -
to 34nallla al tin n .Ione -cnid t baeen mit1re
-sa ~ a u In ad. at .'r1 au i , eti. ic.'r itl
lam eeii h1 il . aaa aaltoe3' ruell ierne-t. t Ihez~
.1 in wii 'htI uranar .Vitid G. iy oft ath
other. Tiltis,. I-i haurbaij with ii.t'lad in th
itd iiitn..I aid r.i. veIrt.: ail ., re
l--thionay I ars, aj iV, 1auLF..isam .d:n -h a
rti al - \\'1al. a.ch i Io: hen :~il~ ,,Ij Weg IIa 13
tinger 'al; Irau her . ai e1 tsar.axp:
d.nate 1on4ly ing aaltan.ri' e *.aa. Intens.:
11.3 per-wto iln.wi, w-'r 1h0to aWpra
4 -I 401 94 1- 136
a i - 1 25~ ;i
2 7 2 7 2I 4 3
8if I31 t- .15 g
.1 I'27
r .11 1 6 3 2 .'2d
7 7217 , 4 2 4
dsi eI f o tna.' 71j ~1
311 ):bj V, 1 41' '
11 r:h y ho r j I - he
3o - e' i3 4 0 54,.
3h : :: 1 ) 4.o Z' 3l.:
71j (P. 10 4 -a V 9PI
0 7-h fhas; h., 0 4 $91 . e, ;4 10f
; .ill . i
11 . i h h Is v rs eIii s pl.ed, - e1 h1,
I 0t e iusel i .-3le Pa rso, e. jmJ
'1%, ht irwi d tid ic I . ., I i f e uw.:ry
Ofilli ld 1 i .11 iq:l I . - 'U61 11 1 .1 T .1
0*1r 4y If-: lilt ; :1. i slud ai.) f' i 3!
.4i- .s II' t . ,, .1
4101341.1 i ie lt.e 53.3 %%is,- litI,. iig it
asid hw trti: lie tried, .ir.: .1 .if 1 tJ Lip u Jc.
1)cn.---O I Itie h epitembeir last, in'
il: lor , :.3A be-m'i, all ye iu-.v Iever,'
air. dtiB~i t || N XTr. I efr .
t.'. r_-a- ita C . ,y, .4j ii- r .. ri ilitb
. ; - . -d'. i". ow-- -i.- l -a li- p %V is a
- i ~ -I nI, a ili .3. ai:1 lt tl -Lai s.
-.'i I MA si &&:ii a..i i .I trac ir o'iid, :i.
i . I.'-Ist i. I3-1n (II r Mn teat(- . i t.
Ciurt:-. wv..i w.i: ii c .,- h.m33.
ie. I y 3.s I UV:.i- . Lt .S 41..,1-1. lie It
a w%.% .t# -md 6 C.iilre:ei to 4 n.3 of 11 s ..
" C'isic for :dl thI ng air iow re t ay."
1.1exei. xiv--I 7.
Lot's Wife Found.
1,-i'n' i~t Lv'cht, I i 3- - a to th0..
! M- Rd i lb 1. :t h -rP nifl r ojr l ,
II, -I -r , :. : th - Arnha , 1 1- I w is I (at..
WXi '--.. dh r-, o -:Ib, wh - bt -r it w .q -- ir
3..t wn e wn* .4 . .- ' 'wiy I arn ,43t In he'
I 1 *0-h 11 o -4 tht- IT .! walle.'t -1 0h-11L
,% :tun 'h w . -1- k-ev if yii laitP -tiy
1-1, '-6 .-r. Fa -iev PN on -, 4, nrn*
Archi' I- iring or 3' V r.n r 't, ..f \ .(-r
s h -i - . P h3 - i - .i i , .: .i . .' r 3 . - I w . 1 :4 1 1. ( 0, .
ti - h r r hf- -or enl i -. I -) hi ''qi bost.
: to e1 -i-y e.. .lb rs w.,art: with
n "nn-a -d i-ii -I -!Iil i .0-cly 4.,- w-sr I
1r1 to iii..- e-r !it ('hir'l o I irien-t 'ar thei
-as'i n-3'r'n. li! e in- hes 'i'i v i, - Vli.
Sr wsirr. 1 *."oh,rr* l.n..cfrimin. S nim ervi",
-iC. WV D)\ 18.
Teacher's Card.1
i N I. 1i A** re-'r- bi r thV ir-mnk
) to) - v hi h -r w h
hf r n ilr n . o -Ili I i'iflir -i:le -hIn -mid the(
-i' z-:. aener-i v. Iht --4.-- -vill har.-~f er
m'a, d- hsv \r !I or- m hir Rehs n'
r i-v 1 -'.or i' - r ---i -r n v lit .>-.v
'1s-0o .40 Nirt i itsaru.o -t t~.ir tIo mre
a.-n Mril P.-ry \In., -.w e n tm
**li b! p.' i i or - i tl :ERY n ss ..
- - No e r Ve t~ ': r ut ira -
ng. .3--. T 1-i -, a V h r .i E . i i : Uit eT .
Pbettewayotei c& mb~niicett t
riva---t hn ioahi-r-iti mi i - ra s o ei
P t ar - -no .ler Nle.
TFatr a. n f F ardin-.ar
M tEFS~ EiN .
ti N.13 Bils' --.1 * ir Inr te pn r .tih d
OctP. 19,I~. 14r.5 lrl 1 l vi~ii.
* WllS.II tF(I .WTN N. C .
80s. W WN . iI n:r~.E
Ol. 1iV.' Ivsw 1 T4,51 Si1ye.
JA -l'E JT .I-I'iTT K .a . 0 0 E s! E T
G Fr s TA CosillectorS N
FORi IVrA'id i.. RD . llrRilsPsi iizcose
Waringon nC.Y'ta.
Jibr~adv.nessmae o Edios nmnt
.Factoe, r and'fl' o ding
or inyoter roe-,orty Vhe prhae
an e rains oferch-indtue.
E P.~i~e I'sA t. Prn' li f B'k. W:ihit.ng.
Ou G.em funo. 3v, iA1.-M'A,4' N. C.i
a1. . W.Ian 4..

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