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IVEI)NESDAY, OCT, 23, 1864j.
Agents for the 1:nuxner.
'he folloIwincg j prsois have been l p.
pointed Agents and are authioriz-!d to re
ceive, nil receipt for, al smns due the
Suimter Bainner. Any person wihing to
Iic'6oue a subscriber to the l'anner, by
handimg them thoirlname ani atln-ss will
have tie paper forwarded promply.
I'lcy Vill alosee to lorwarchrg aill ad
vertising business connected with the
I.V. W.Aa.KI:n Jn.,..Columlbia S. C.
G. W. WHITAKEI:. .NWilmington, N. C.
W uIrLrA Ilvi ......... ......
R. C. LoGAN,. Sinnterville . .
No other person is authorized to r--eeilpt
fnr the TBarcwer.
Ur' Persoins wyioei te .S -
business connected with t'..y 1. per
can find us at any hour iluiring t.
At our office, just. back of Nr'.i
Store. 1.~7 All I - r. lrresse1 '
Banner-must ie
This it'b slcond in
uni(ce our co ''tmeon wv :1
it hats failied to iinake 1., pp
hpouinted aid regulari;c n
thiocugh will ia>ipen ini the b -.:,
families arid Icst inl a p1ronoic Ct
times. We assure you we I;ave d!nf11 .r
best this " hout of tIc bnnt," but alI in
vaii. After repeatel mi times in 1'
wany of gcttirg up a w al good roile,
we have been fored to vield.:ul cnow a1 s
you to excuse the de-clay (not quite a day,
and Lear with us in our miqm.rlunes.
CIIARLESTON, Oct. 23, 185-1.
Seven hundred hales were sotl yester
day at prices ranging from 7 to 9 7-8 cis.
Cases Returned.
On examination of the SheintT's Book-s
there appears to be three hundred and
twenty-three cases returned in all for this
Court, a falling off of near two liunidred
from the Spring Term, when live hundred
'Avcre returned.
* Frost.
During the past, week we have been
:favored with several pretty sharp frosts
the einets of which are very percepti
ble upon potatoe vines and other ten
der vegetation. On this' (Tuesday)
morning the weather is quito cool
and fires are in generjil use.
The Agricultural Fair.
We have only space left to say, thati I'.C
Vair on Tuesday passed of pleasantly 4id
,to the satisfactioi of aii interested. '.lIce
.number of articles on exhibition were onk
imnited, owing, as we learcn, to acn impires
sion, wvhich was abroad, that the exii:ctin
was to be during Court WVeek. A list of
Premiums awarded &c., will appeacr next
.Mr. PgscKEY's speech, chaste1 classi
calt and elegnt, could gain no-ticing fromi
our comments and might lose siomeu of its
clhiel*-interest; the Society wdlI douibtless
p'ublish itc When we pronise all a rare in
- -elletiual treat fr~cnm its preruisac.
Aeqm it ted,
Dr. E. L. GUN-rit, for the apprelhen
Olon'of whtom a rewvardh of one~ th~ousnd
docllar's wr.s olfered, andrc whlo after a
~hot ptursuit-was arrested in North Car
ulina, has stood his trial cund mcecring c
to .informcationc received iby the U.vcroli
anyI4!L been acquitted.
The Yellowv Ferer.
Tlhtis pesitilenice, wih-ich lir the pcast
three mo~nthsi, has ravaged s e ofi
tolhicealm iost taken its deparc to .c
frost in UCharlestonc oni Thur!v.i
sublsequecnt ccli wenther hins no --.
an end to it. :h,. ... A. ,--an.
casea~ still ling'er. 'cut. tor c.t n -
end. Sevral new tnases 2.d cl.n
August a at lasit acec ;' : c
4rpets, Iho)wever-, give us- .ia' II a~~
that~ the~y musct het the- lact. I
Becauf'nt, S. C., we have liearn
drgy Intely anid enrt ony hompe :L e
isa nsharer in the general lhip
Wir John Franin's~~ Re~
At leingth has the mournful nmste
ry, wvhich hung or thre fate of this
noble sailor and his companions been
cleared up, but oncly to give place to
the melanchbly fact, that they
perished ofhunger in the Spring of
* 850, near Fox river. Tfhis i-ntelli
genrce is cocntained in a Jespatch to
irr .GE~ORGE Stisoa-, Governor of
H Iudson B~ay Terrtory, to the effeet
the~ the remcaitns of Sir Jorns FRANK
MtN ' expedition had actually been dis
MoVnred id int such- a mnannter as to
e o-~4~tac conclusioni that they puer
ivhed ae1sbeve stated,
TheWew $t'ate IHouie'.
It seems that- this building, which
~1:/dread'y cost the St~te so -mnehi is
atnV n Strieet trot.i ng Northi ; at lceast
the Editors of tle C'arolinianiit have
been so inforined. Well we arc glad
of the Change and ontly regret, that it
was not so placed at first, when much
might, have been saved, however in a
building of the plai of the New State
House, a few thousand 5hould not be
splare to mak it conlete in every
Th'Ie -Baialler.
With this number the Banner com.
pletes its eighth voluim e. Eight, Iing
years has it been toiling, in) atd versi ty
as well is prosperity, for the instrue
tiotl, an tuSelent nt lid advanltage of' its
Patrons. Its inission has been to ad.
vantce tie cause of "God and ou r
n:ive Lar.d" and iii lab ing for this
high behiest, it has Sought, principally
to cincellrate its eflbris upon the
Dish-it to whic.h it owes its Tailo Ind
it, hh hIl. W it.hinl ;/s limnits; Irv its,
utl t-e ee ebiio nfie and f6r
hl-- p rospet.rity and nantmage 1W hor
has it. labo1red with a zecal :1s
.1; n-Z n, it lim. beenl cont1ant.
lin pro,
bween Ilvkoed-me and greter1' ilk
ilities are rul "s -in even hand
our vilngehas grim 1 e1. in o :1 1tiur
i-hing toni-real estc lias dilouled
itselfiimay times in value--many opf
our imeichants have grown rich, oir
farmers independant, our lawyers
(soic of them) fat. and easy and our
doct ors jolly and sliek. and though
the Banner may not, have beein the
prime-inoiver in all of this, yet it has
acted its part in diffusing information
-in developing the resouirces of ur
people, in making known the wants
and nvantages of the co)tmunity and
in aflbrding innocent and instructive re.
creation to its readers-duties, in the
discharge (if which, it promises its pat
rons a zeal and energy, for the future;
commensurate only with their ecncour
agement and patronage. The year
then, for the Banner, is at its close.
During its existence its columns have
frequently been arrayed in polities
against alarge portion of our people,
but in doing so it has always Ialaored
for what was honistly supposed the
true good oft he pe)opl e, and i I any have
been hurt, or aniy enemies made by its
course, to the inrjnred it is ready to
mi ake repa rat in and to its ertetnieus it
feels no malice, "To err is humani
to forgive is divine "' is believed to be
a~ wise and an examttplary prlover'b.
We find the foullowing remnark s in an
s'change-Th'le t rut htftlness of t he en.
timnents caniot be deiniei. The leth.
Irgy exhibhited by our peopleI in pat
rontizing their homel paiers is very
grautm it is imli sputa bly a wrong
pol ic. Thue peopleI of atny village or
'ity, who w i'h to~jprosper, vho d inot
tiily ecouirage b y thlei r stubscript ion,.
b~ut also, bly adlvet tising ini, their /ocal
''Te l'ape!r is onie or thle great eite
rions by which, thlose at a distance
judge of the prosperi-y of a place- It
is here t hat btusinetss men :1( 1d men of
Cap it al looik to findr the manrks of pros
pe rity. energy :ru an thrift ofa
phire,> andi in judge of the standing anid
capactiuty if bus1intess ini a people. And
here', tooi, tht buyerIS look to Iee if
-~lk pla en2 furnish' helair at and
v.~tu di. (Ituh.-.i then t--(e idlor
.-h n el not h.-ri the ...siI hwa
s.rtnt Ofl uheir d wt~ her in e~ end
o dtithe snekin'l~~ try /I'n ](-irs ?u
pre th . ed ofwieal p.,c o.,,so hr to
do it sm otherlcal-ritr ct/o te
chat woulnh thouhta p o n itE ifr
nwhen t wioud b al &ote ndm ut d inu
eankr thyldn (lv oCohalia, Au-d
guta ontrChestonth grd'-tnrt endorsI i
egnabl Suld o kihye tien, i he
have she cry~dns of homiszes ndr
sees omtrade, dgan thy not, extehd
doe same a rl kinde to vme papei'rs?
Ifthe ediosu ft lndaavorngsto were to
gor vfitlasoe other t loaclt to itre,
wha oupole ithosut ofi it? rvery
mehatyuld return houl. help ifocal
eduitrsbuope lo.tmrmak .cal trade to ndpy
"elccntrels the~i greatestial im
he re ln'W t aIt ive :1111 eX IoneIIIt of the
local interests, wants, and wishes of
each coninuity, and onl its energy and
w.atchfilness the community rely.
Eachei community szhould first see that
its local press is put upon a firm and
substantLial fkoting, whiClI can only be
done by a steidy and liberal patronage.
"If each member - of it comninnity
won!d beclme a paying subseriber' to
the pla per of is town and county. six
montlhs would not elapse before tler
enlatrgement, and improvements which i
Would take place in our papers, wouldi
enable each person to disriense with
Oite or, more Northeri papiers, with
ont finding his Ieilities for initelligence
in the least liliiished.
"A people commit no greater error
thil that of' permiting their local press
to langnisli by reason of an inadequate
sippiort. Nover say your county pa
per is small and not wort h taking; give
it tihe sillport to which it is entitfed, i
11d it will be imniediately eilarged
and improved so as to meet tie fibil
expet ltions and wants of a con uui.
ty in whicb it is located. We elieve
ti: It luli4hers inwe geeiiat y lilerni in
are ia 1 ti f uch her.: lity.
"Wi'a ria ki ale to take lit oile la
Ier that shlild be tue oneW 11b1 bf
I'd ,:aes .. his phiwe ofl reie e
l i ib- ..xft ... l b thI n p 1bsh
- n ..t1- . *, :- il
N i( I ir t ~ci0R litnLIi
the1 ibritis of Ii!l fo. this eilterr'ise.
pnih i-hfed for' tle c(ovenience of Leg
i latoIis. 'T'lese Bill fiim are dlraw.i
np in aceoilanlce wi:hk the jIewo '( t pro.
posed by Air. (d;, of A ikansas, in
which he suggebts that tle road to the i
Pacifie GIe built by a johit company to
be composed of' the States of .Alarv.
land, \'irginia, North Carolina, South
Carol ina, Georgia, Florida, Alabana,
ILonisiana, l isissippi, Teniessee, Ken.
tiey, M issouri, A rkansas, Texas and
Calilbrttia, the cities of Washington
tmld icorgetown in the District of Co
lumbia, mil stelh cities, ptarishes, and i
coutties in said Status, antd such na- F
tions, corporations, compaies and in
dividuals as shall associate 'with then I
for btat purjpose, by subscribing for,
taking or becoming holders of any of'
the stock.
We elass ourselves among those who
have and still do- entertaint opinions
ltavorable to the feasibilit,y of this pro.
jectl, and think the plfan proposed like.
ly to be prodetive of thle happiest
teiidenicies and results. We hope the
sbjet wlil lneet with the attk-itio ti
frim-il our next. I agiihiure, thIt its
vastiless antd importance demauds.
Impio'Eant to O~IVIers of
WVe fiave frequentliy noticed witht
surplrise hoiw few shteep ue rc raised '
in this D istriet, which in mniy locali.
ties is so admirably we'lI adapted for
the purpos~e. lin commnentinig up-on
Lthe'e facts toi farmeirs, a very coinmton
antswer wounld lhe, thaut t!., had tried
raising sheep and fi ind it. very prof'. I
fable uttil (fogs attacked thte flick, I
wichl soon enided iln its destruct tin.
We call thle ttenijtion oIf all suiferers
f'rom shteep kifllintg dogs to thle fact thait
a circuit Juadge, of' Matryland, itt ia
recet, ease uneqt.t voca fy and( (learI
ly~ decided tat under the English
comnnioin Itaw, antd the Maiyhlu slat
uttes for th Ile prlotectioni of sheep, whfichfi
ex t eided th tonunOil ltIa w, any perso 151
whoL sees a dog withini an eciilosuire
where there are sheaep, (nto matter he
be' the ow ner of' the sheep or an en tireI
s itrangr, ) an i has snilienit reasonii1
n-r hK iler~ ing lie is there '.iir the piur
j|t- ~ t If worl ingiZ .a kiig tie s h tt p.c
-b;hm ' -4. .-- -b., b
Th-- :rtn ti ,;~ tohe b-:caer mi ed.~
ed.n Capt. I .ire.s comLncim ltr of te AL'l r il,
.nlien~ oft' lie wa3 -u.:e ady cre
wteirdei re uli by the s ty C unb iad
in red t o thQ't lihte. h-3 w aere floa inv
iton freen fi thc relltil wh'ntelcovr-o
td. Capt. tyneo's acentatAo thie sen.
thet ofs t nhe wstat s a-> away so
trhy hierarnnt Nhinga been edf,
h le ad i to giv hopes ot ety ofljarin anye.
othiers the passle. ngwer, obuth ina sr.
toays :o" I tikit itr t possilean nt t l
wmrbhk tha lwe waledn.tnely bott.la of
theisafiety. oo ots. At the beasn
howeet ofte vessrels that assnea ie spet
why omiers hv i aee picked up atr
tek samhe ar itnd ty oatpanins er.
iAft'ef he' galeg oweer, hof ktt the ra
follI owig, . tink~fi thewa ocns psibed
ti r materil:y from the heavy seas." at
Capt. Lce's cot OCt onl the wreck be- te
ore it went down is much applaudediand ti,
ierits forgiveneso for the carelessness,
vhii -h was the probable cause of the col. I
ision; and whet placed in comparison with -
lie dastardly conduct of the crew, wio de. t%
;ertcd with tle boats, on the first appear
mnee of danger,perhaps entitle him to the
idulationi hie receives from all ha mects, or h
-athet tho-crowds, who greet him by the
vayside, as he journeys from Philadelphia
o Ncw York. o
Not.a single feinale, who was on board
he Arctic has escaped; and it now appears p
hat the Vesta (the vessel in collision with
lie A retic) could have takerY offevery'soul i,
mi board the Arctic, and landed them u
afely at Ialifax; but the Arctic having
teamed'olT in a western direction, tlhe
;iptain of the Vosta thought that sho slood cl
n need of io assistance. di
The llarrivorg I1erald states that oi sl
ho :3rd inst.,' a drover un:!ertook to drive c
bout nine hindred sheep across the Sus- e
ieliaii river iear Liverpool, Pa., aid L
[)-t. seVeri hu ired of tiem. The citizens
Veilt to te rese'nue With boats, and with a
peat iCal of dilliitliv succeed in in rescn
tg abut I wo hiundred.
'lhe un iimhr it students now in attend. ni
noe at tl'+ UmYertsti) o' Vi rginia exceeds Ib
I.- ith.th r j.r-.etit at the mutne Iluneof-iany hf
l01. - 4 : s '. 3 i : .! ij i d iii S
l' . ,.r . - . ... Or . " ' i re
ir I ............ .: s. . ..'ir . 5 .s I.
-I re
t'o.. i -.r *'.-- '* ~i ,'i 5:1 liedt 5as $5 d
iihe It ..,a Li..;, .*ir. Fr none( :hiin s
r r' - ui5!abet i iltt in the peti e..iry
FTie mm lor .Dr. (Graham) hjave ob-.
and a .my f r~ceeda 11fo twen
y d ..,, to embi ir m t file exc'puts.
The Assew.;-.llon of the Sout Cilhn
oi:rg hve d:er.m1evd to cl lirate the
ilticui isiovrlr - ., the ionnling of the "
ustition on I neChrs, Moidav il lecei- a
er next. Ex-Governor FioyiI, of Virgin.
1, a di.mi)sh~mi and eliqiet graduate
if the instittioi, will deliver the oration. p
The steanier A frica 1 has arrived, with
.iverpool dates of October 7. 0
She brings the astonnding intelligence i
hat Hebostopal had not yet been taken,
nd that the acconits brourghit by the Hal- a
ic relative to the destruction of the Rus
2i1a fleet, the surrender of f'enchikolt, S
.c., were Ise fabricatio'ns. The des.
atch signed 'Oiner Pacha" was also
This places the position of the conflic..
ng armies in the East. in quite a differ. -
lit hght.
The Allies, however, had formerly in. ti
ested SeLVyctopol and fighLiig was going
n withour oily interruption. . tt
MenschikolT occupies the field outside 1
lie walls of Sebait opol with 20,060 men. h
The Russan garrisoi had burnt the It
artificat ions of Aiappa, and muarched to
te scne of actioi. a
The s;rugdrie recommenced on the 26th a
It., an]. Clnnued when Ithe courier left
nt the 5t h it~., at wlthi datles the allies ~
ere within tien miles of Subaistopol. a
PTe a'.lies sernpijy 13.ilsa'.a, are in
ommni eaiion&i : withI the~ fleet, and coin.
,:ands the approaches of Sebastopo.
Tihe commtnercial news biy the Africa is
till mosre fatvorable than that by the Ba:l- 1
;c-ithe cottn mii tarket hail advanced a
I tinh to ain eighth, wvithi sales for
be week of sixty thotisand bales. TJhue
hastr ma rke1th ad al-o advan tced I a 2s. per
:arrel, wtv'h a good deimaind.
Thle lMpeor oft Ru tssia has piresenited
a Chaires 11. I la'vell, E'N., the well
nown enginteer' of' New York. antI former
v entgiineeritn-chief of te Navy, a tmng.
,ifioeiit di:i nond ring, worth somie $1 ,500,
ot considerstsin of his pirofessional labors
at the turiii-dLiin of' drawings tf steam ma
htinery, i nc'luiihg die engines of the a
teamter P 'owh atani, whieb , Mr. I lusweli
tid desii:ied foir the Uniited States navy.-t
It is statedI that a great revival is in pro.b
ress amtsog thle Epi'sopaliatns la~ Eng- '
andl, antd thi;. a Rev. Mr. Aitkiin, formerly a
Veisfeyan spronehetsr, nowt ranikel ias a hiig'di
Ihs w irk.
It:- 'l l':,ann. the. Kiew-Nvsking rait.(
idaie fior M\ sr ini Ne ** V''jrk (:ity, it
it-- f ih iSt ate of Del'awareI. Mlr. U.
di' cOil it .\r. Fi.':1-e's w irinest sii
i>. rs talrs. his a-hn.n:strtanon of the
Ali a ,'"" i~ 'l .. hBardh of! Itr.'c'irs
I' th Ni .., '' a' a i R ioatd, eli here
>t lFrlty, ib ist h ,y pls~i s * :hsdltis
tas the P'ost Oilse )ep irtmnt cunne~ itt
tei r ol .: liedi at the prteent rate o 'it
i:iipen atuou, or mecrease it for the new
chedule p~ropoisedl, theoy wvilI refuse to car
'y the imai after the 1st proximo.
T'he(sl Cmlsoft Csoiion P)leits anid i'hs.
I n.s for Yoirk s wstrict adi~j 'urned, wve
earin, on Stainrdauy l.ust. The trial or
amties aiid Newtoiu Vmkl.er, cha~rged with
he nitrder ot Wmt. Dobsoin, att lRock liillh
ivas Ihohd on Friday, and on ther part of
he dlefence was ably condutcted) by Mes. I
rs. WVithecrspooni andt Wilson. The Jury
rendered a i erdict of gudty of murder intt
the 1st degree, and the prisorters were (
genitnced to lie 6xecuted on F~riday, the
a9th~ of Decemnber next. Trho two btir
glars, L~yonts and IBrowun, pleaded guilty of
petit-larceny, andh were sent6ntced to re
ieive "nine aund thirty,"' in monthly instal.
mtentst-the first of which' will fall due on
the first Monday in December.
Th'le war taxes now imposed directly up
anithne British people, and paid for in hard t
cash, amount to fifty millioins of dtollars an.
nually. TIhis is aboiut eginal to~ the tyhlec
nounxt of atninai:li taxes levied by the Uni
*d States Government on its revenue du
The vote of.thLe pceople of Pennsylvania,
i far its heard frin-thirty-four counties
-shows a najQrity of fifteen thousand and
venty-six against a prohibitory liquor law.
A correspondent of the Home Journal
ives a fearful account of the plague, which
! states to be raging in London. The
ague which one hundred and fifly years
jo,)he says, was irought to London in a
last of clothes forn Alexandria, and
hich carried ofTone half of the London
pulation, has reappeared. The bones
bodies which were buried in pits where
now Argyle street have been turned
Sill cutting a sewer, and thousands have
ed from their contact. The physicians
ate that it is Ithe plague and not the
olera which.. is at present ravaging Lon
M. Business is suffering terribly. The
ore's in Regerit street and elsewhere are
osed and tradesmen, and inde'ed people of
cry class, are flying in .all directions.
indon is being depopulated,
A Coroner's Jury,'on Saturday last, at
unbar (Jullow near Albany, accused Igaac
id Christina Slingerland of putting their
vin child to denth by mufrocation. The
other admits that, X ith her hands'upon
iby's throat, he did it, assiste'd by the
ther, with his hands upon baby too; iut
>0 naya lie coimpelled her to do it, and
itios marks ot his vio;eice upmn her per
Cmintere.t qnarter dollars, n ide of zinc,
.cruisted wth sitiv'r by the galvaitc pro.
, nd cu and sta:uie'd in ahmnirable
-iiitio i th omL.e (.auwc of the Mimt, are
".retulawimi. It Is a irille too light, but
Iest detected by its brittleness, in con
n'Iuence (If which it is easily broken un
r the stroke of a itumier.
The Charleston Standard-o' Friday says:
Ve have just been inforned that a
iglit frost was visitble yesterday niorning
far doivn as the lines. We hope "old
ick" will extend his visits to the heart of
ur city and give us a good shake of his
The last NIarion Star gives ar' account
F a brutal murder, committed in that Dis.
-ict, upon the body of Evan A Rogers by
loses Hlarrelson. The airair grew out of
3 attempt to arrest the mutrderer by the
cecased. David Gibson, Esqr., was also
werely cut while assisting in the nrrest.
The Rev. Mr. Basset, a Roman Catho.
r pribst of limnigor, Me., was- tared and
'thered, and ridden on a rail, at. Ells
orth. on Saturday evening lie had been
reviously threatened.
One of the escaped seamen of the Arc
6 shipped on board of the Atlantic on
aturday. Just as tho steamer was about
i mail hii was discove,,d by Captain West
ho took him by the collar and narched
in ashore, saying lie wished' no su ch
ian to go to sea with him.
Acorns have been sold in Roinny Va.,
t twenty-five conts per bualbel. They
re used to feed hos.'
The reller of the Ocean Bank in New
o'-k is a defaulter in the amount of 6150,
A duel tooak placa- at Ilobokent on the
Bth;, betweeii Peter Thompson of South
arolina, and Norton of Neu York. They
iught with pistois at fifteen paces.
'hiompson was shot in the arni at the so
:md lire,
Coirrespondence of ti HIanner.
NEW XoRK, Oct. 20, 1854.
lrrieal of the .Arctie. Sebastobol not
taken I Farther Statements of the
Arctic. Crime in New York C'ity.
C'ity ltems.. Memnorial to Wan.
wright. Late Arrui'als.
NAessrs. Edibtors: 'The Steamshiip
Africa " arrived here this morning
nd the intelligence she brings is im.
ortant and~ inmteresting. Itaper
tat the~ Stateu.mnt of the fal1l of Se
atotbu1 lbroughit over by the Baltie
'rts untrue ! fThe wholo account, dis.
atches, letters &. wef-e forgeries !
(d such "ibagntilicenit h i inibug " has
ver been palimed oll' on thti publieo
,efoire. T1hie A frica Ieft Liverpool on
)et. 8th, dtud thiu very latest amounts
romi the sr'tt of war received on the
ay) ut' her detparbLire slnted tilat the
ilied truop were rigoroumshy pressing
heo seige and had efried the second
tie oiift tihicatins. Menschijk off 'gs,
p to Sept. 2i h at Sebat4o~ioi, and
eiy matkinig prepai-ntions to defend
t aiilliazatrds and to the lai't extremi.
y that uity -tIto Stroughold of Rlussia.
'be niext Steiner maiy bring toe intel
igenc'e of her dstrution-i-which will
ermiitate in all probabli ity, the wvar.
WNo also find in to day's Extra
s'eod from the "' Times ofice,"--an
temt to tile en'eet that the remains ofa
>arty--supposed to be Sir John Frank.
in's-had been Ifuind near ' fo
liver " in liritish Alimericab where they
>erishied from hiunger and cold, in thes
vinter of 18f0.- This trews was comn
nunicated by a band of Indians to Sim
3eorge Sanmpsorn Governor of the
?~rovince ; and hence may be incorrecl
>ut is highly probiable. Where it
3)r. Kane now ?1 will be tihe ingninry oh
natny friends and a'equtgintan'ces whcK
a~w him depart ofli that ex.pedi~Ion
which was to disocover Sir John Frank,
in ; and to bring back either joyful
,idings of' his safety or enroll -him
mnotherrmar'tyr to the cause oVSeiened
sincee thyaitlvaI , )io jengowsed
Captain Luce of tie "Areti" in this
city, our papers have benci daily filled
with various incidents cotineted with
the terrible ca'lin )ity that destroayed a
noble vessel an'd consignei1 to 1he
ocean depths so many valuable livbs
The name of Ltice is hcreafte* to be
associated with that of Creighton, iind
these two should be remembered not
as herous of the bat tie, but as. men who
knew their duty amd perfonned it.
While touching on this point.ve'shotiId
mention that every preacher in our
city has delivered an appi opriate
sermon on the Aretie's luss. dne of'
them Dr. Chapin alluded partictilarly
to Stewait Holland, whm when last
scen was firing signals from the Arc.
tics gun. In the words of Captain
Luce and of Mr. Tobin, "Ie could
not be induced to leave the ship; his
post wias at the gon. firing signals. Ile
kept firing the gun till the vessel
stimk: we saw him in the very act of
firing as the vessel disappeared be.
low the' wave's."
Such conduct was more then noble,
it was heroie!
"He lied like a mnn r't-the pst (difeath!
:And to save ivasj ig Inateatthoughit;
But the aid heo invoked with the
ralv rin's breath,
Was theA' last tlihte ever nought!"
Captain Collins has no.t gtne crazy
lls has bl'n repprted', bait is grentl'
afilicted' by the' terrible lose he ais
During the present month there
have been n'P less that th'ree murders
in this city. Wali'ti a comt'rit on
our city govertnent. Eucry one of
them eus attributable to ieC use of ia
loxicating liquors. I )o we not want
the Maine Liqunor Law? Dr. Graiham,
a statciel of whoae trial we gave in
our last, has appealed through his
counsel to the Supreme Court for a
new trial. The law of this state does
not, consider a tial by a Jury of Elev
en as compatable it'.h a strict spit itif
Justice; and ary such is therefbre null
and void. TIe will probiably flare worse
next time!
ie annual excitement pi oducod by
the city Elections is rather increased
by the fact that, there are four or ti.e
candidates ftor everv olike'.- ,ffe City
ieform ass'cintion composed of "good
men and true" have nominitted a reg.
ular ticket and will poll., a large Vote.
Tbe contest, howevyr, is, dou1tfu1al ow.
ing to the existence of tWe - *Knotw
Nothings" they hloklIhig the 'balande
of power.
Bty the way, it is rumored ihati Dan.
iel Uillman, the "K.- N candidate for
G(overnor is-an alein! which of course
his friends deny. What next?
Mr. William Nlason, a sou of Low.
el Mason so well known as. Editor of
"Carninnia Sacrs" and other Collcetions
of Sacred Music, and composer of
:nany' po~pil'ar tuinis, nade his cdu.
as a isinis' last ' eek atnd \vas wel.
corned wit.h applause. .le. bids fair to~
rival Wallace and Gottschalk,.n
E~c Blisioi>j Iues, of Rlomn"Caiolie
notoriety is at present in thiseit
is said that hais work "Triails" &e"'
met wit~h a poor sale,.
It h-cs been decide'd b~y the Episco
pal Diocesan, C~nvenition to erect a
suitable monunment, to the memory of
Bishop Wainwright ;. or if' that, be not
in accordance wi'th thne wishes of his
family, to create a church endowment.
N . P. Willis who was dying son
fast of consumption if his own state.
ments be true, wats seen at the Opera
Last week.
$50 Reward.
3 WILL be paid by the subscriber
for the delivery to hirn, at " The
Ruins," near Stateburg, or LAV!.
NIA and K~ATV, whe ranaway fronm hini,
at t he phmntation called " True Blue "' in
Orag~gehgrg Jletrict, on October 93rd,
1854. IIaT the above reward will lie giv.
dn for either ofr thoem separately. Fifty
dollats id a:Idition will be paid upon con.
vicl ida of any wivte persona harsbohng
said slaves.
St ateburg, Oct. 25, 1854 54 4t
New Goads.
TIHE suitiseriber lias just returned from
the North, and is now operiiig a splendid
stock of
Ladijesf ress Goods,
or all konds, viz:
A~ beoutiful lot of Rich Plaid and Striped
silks ;
Plain Colored do. Blank Striped ad
Plain dao. .
Cashmeres, Merinos, PeraI bl s
Ladies' Corsets, Metalic Corset ao~rds,
Laces, &c.,
Rigulets, assor~ted entors, lfrin'ch vNorlt
ed -Colilars. Bainds, &:c..
L~adies' KhI Oline' IrdiWu Gatntnts;
Long Black Mitts for Inadies and M~sse.;
S1aoes~ of all Desck'ptionsa,
Traveling Tfrunaks Carpet flags, L'idies'
Wirk Dbxes, &c. &c.
For pauifcis.
A full stock ofNegro iKerseys, Bminket s,
Negro Shoes,.GOroceneca, or all kind.+
tteaae made Clothhig, *lddleoy, Iliw re,
Cooking 5thrves,"Air-4ight l1rler Slbega
*Far'era, Bodlore,&:&i t lower prices thn:g
usntaI Call an.etbrgi
LT-idg For Sals in Upper
m~ut m% m, . c.
T4o Aubsherir otibr. dr sa,1 a tract of
h wi g awll Iln 1104us nlorth of m .
lose'' Bridge to .arden ;- iniiner
about 450 iereS of iii about 13 aeres
are tihder fedec a it .d stato.of cul
tivationt. Tbe la n is. '.V-l adap'ed both to
corti andi cotton, of vhich ilithe prespit crop
is sulficient evidenlice.
)o tie premilise is a good framed hotwo
willifour rootis apid brie4 elit nmi,--tho.
necrIsary otit-huildings, and a we-ll of
most c.ellenwtpkr.
There is also otn ihe premtpis a very
good till stream atd .Gijat Mill. .Thq
place is clear of standin- water -und ni'
ditchme ir will Ito nieces.ary.
Those wivshing to purch:ise lands it tie
vicinity of Bishopviile will do well to (ca!.L
tpi)oti the subslcriber oon.- The'. pri:- 0,
tie inds will be -reasonabld,'ahd Atrms
accoimmodaL tmg.
Bishopville, 0,:t. 2.5, 18.541 .52
Adminiserator's Notice,
A Il persons hiaviig demands agaut thin
Itatet of it. M. Sanider6, are retin'eotcd
to hiaind'thr6n in to the suberrter WtM)y at.
tested accorditig to law ; and a;! those that,
Vill have notes or bonds dur' the iir.st of
November,.are reqested to be punctim in
tie payments, as the h.-is es of tho' E.;
tate is Such tlat intillgenm o catirot- be
Oct. 25, 18951 W tf
i" Camideni .Iournal please copy three
Winn & Clarkson
IlAVF Ejust reevived and opene.1 i, fine stock'
of the most fashuonable tned latest stYe's of
Fa*,ll ani Witer $0t:ii, contsisting in part of'
the followiin-; ar(felee".
.. Iach and lancy Cloh finett nni qnd (h&u
Caxsituwrei ; inrk, White and Faney SiK
\Stil;;s'. jlack WhIite* anl F.incy Silk (i'
vats; Silk anil 'Cambric TT'iuiiiniifs i
Gloves,. Sockis anid Drru'r; L inen Biost'mi
Slihis nid' Collars; Silk' a~d I'ini o *- itnder
Shirts ; Blck Silk auJ FIaMcy Hats.
ITtek and Fancy- Cotlh Ccats and Saclis;
Black and Fancy Cusimere Coms awil Sacks
Black aid Fancy Cassimere -Pants itBlqck
White and Fancy Silk Vests.
A of n hiel we invie our frien ia and liec
pn ic genernlly to enll and examine. .
We are atlo prepared to muake up to order,
any article'in the Tiauloringi line, as nehtt nd.
clieat, as can be done in tli State on thtfsaiu
iiitri'tIs ofall kinuil lurniislid at the slirt
est nottee. .
Oct. 2.5, 1851 5 tf
ad Quantera,
O.1.1 Oct., 19, 1351.
Til-, 1rindier CInerals conmnlin hei,
Feveral -Urig LJCs le ggptyitig the tIurd D.jioT.
South Caroin. Militia ar- ler'h 're-'lui.ed 4.3
order eahi ( 'l 4.r'olrlieer eorifunnding tlhs
Several le'imeits of h--ir resW.ctivo rigadies,
to) hohl nn election ,ii, thiwir res r'ecti'v tRegi
hber mne)ti for timg oliiu..e (f 3lajor-General, yaca
ted by the -re'sign)ation: of .i.j'o? ('r. Johmn
himuebanian, ni ,ud.fortltith tranmsmiit to the A.ljnm.
tnnt Oe.nerai'i ofiide ait Colnrnhiii a' cerdficd
"tatemnet. irmwritiog shmowinig the resuli uf.-theo
polt. in their resivelrive ilrads.
fly or~dor oftlhe Commtrml~er-in:(dhiefr,
l eA 1. M. LUNOVANT, Ari. Gen.
Oct. 25, 185:i 5: ~d
-Lot's Wife Found.
Licaneant tynch, ian his voyage to the
Deatd Sea (punid a huge pilar .9 .salt ont
the shore, anid tihe Arabs said it was Luta.
W\ife, Jitre enuigh, yhitJe jgt as so or
ntot we Caitinot say -,tt mnay girn out to be
a catclh-p"rrny as t eIfag Withou't ~had
owa buot lhis we do know if yotrehavdiany
I ngrrtving, Fancy Ptitng, . 4~tering,
Archiuteoturi:ngpr the riepjigiggo of.4tccor
deonis, 1Fiutenia., &c. &c., artid il call on
the subscriber he pro'inises-td J huis best,
amnd il..~be qppy tdr aItll ,work ,with
neatnces and -dispa h- that ur ie bTitru-it
ed I il i.'.' ho,.rt Chiafles.tol i ien t4~ t lhe
cashl-only. lie cnn bq louna at Mr. E.
Son~e GJoti)ap klitupority, Sjg ptorville,
S~u~h ..Ga.ohW.iDAVIS.
Tobacc9, Suff'and $6w
Ono .door ~bove..mVteFTrs
NO3 1' 9 , : ,*
UJr N. B.-AII orders filld wt dei-"
patelh. -~
--Joseph R. Blossoni, .
*Oostnnission Mrcciast,
WV.bM iNGTON,. N. C. a
WVill make liberal cnsh tndvenans for
Cotton, Naval Steres~ or otheur produce
consigned to im or to BEnY Bli.ossont &
Oct. 18, 8.~ 5 y.'
jA~R T. P'E7EWAY. 1050. B. PN Rr
Pettewy & Tritectt
G .ERNA L t0$$r6r1 i
F"OR W A RDL.V( M$01.
Liberala ny .uces, iade 99 cons ment
Oct .18, il1 -y
'thetFriends a M.d ' u not1iAW thuhzee'
?ri-~aeandidle ft !Panx C o1 ur .Oldre
dof14, PNtts
td ~lt f Eihh'llutor
nieto fur thegest rm.--. ). ~gp.
Oct. M 1%>.i

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