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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 25, 1854, Image 3

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G 0
I trn now receiving
ever brought
which I will sell low for eash or to appri
experience and the ready money to buy g(
Urticles renarkably cheap, vizI
IlA UWARE, of all den-ripit.
CROCKERY, in dinner setts and o
GROCERiES, ol all kinds.
-And alanost any articb
. Sept. 20, 1851.
Sheriff's Sales,
BY virtue of sundry Executions to me di?
rected, will be sold, at Sutmter Counr
House, on the 1st Monday and lay follow
irg i November next, within legal hours
of s.je,'t the highest hidder, for cash, the
bl lowing property-purchasers to pay for
()ne tract of 144 acres of land, in Fork
.Ilack River, adjoining land L. Wither
spoon er. al. levied upon as the property of
W. M. HIorringtrin at the suit of L. 11.
Jannks, to be so d at the risk of the former
(.i e tract of 80 acres of latid it Salem,
aejoining lands of R. Kelley, at thle siit of
W. 11. H1olleyllna n.
. One tract. of 116 acres of land, in Clar
endon adjoining lands of P. M. Butler-et,
;il. lev i'd uiponi as the property ot Wim
Rhaime, at the suiit of .I. J. Davis.
All the undevided right, title and inte
rest of'T. W. S. English in the land known
by the namo of the Mill tract lying in
Salcmn, in Sunter District; devised to him
ynder the will of his grand father, the late
Robert Englisi. Alt the undevited right,
title and interest, of T. W. S. English in
the lands, known by the name of the il an.
cock lands, lying in Salem, Sumter Dis
trioti devised to him under the wiln of his
grand father, the late Robert Eiglish.
All the undevided right, tiu and interest
if T. W. S. English in the lands known
by the name of the Tomiinson Lract, lying
- in Salem, Suiter District, devised to him
under thet w-1i of Isis grand fait her, thie late
Robert ';nglishi, levied upon as the proper.
1y of T. W, S. Englihsh at the suits of A.
M. & R. Kennedy Black and lones, B.
W.Chambers, mid B. A. Jones.
One tract of 550 acresof land inl Salcli,
adjoining.innds o tJas. Lowry levied on aF
the propterly. of iUoert .towry at tile suit
of E. Tomnlitnen.
One trctofhinli in Oldrmigont adjoin
iwtr land$i or hrae! liot and where D. 1.
MeL %arin-Jivie4 aear Manclester, levied
upon as the pooperty of J. P. Brown at lie
stilt o the bttte for Texas.
. Oie tract f (1300 acres of lanis in Clar.
endon adjcniting lands of 11. Crhitt et al
levied upori a6sthe proper- y of Thos. lIlan
cosk, at the suit uf the Stato for Taxes.
(ne negro levied on as the property of
.l. 11. Br6oufon at ihe suit of -13ank of tie
State of South Carolina.
One negro aevied on fas the ptroperty of
W. L~. llrunson at the suit of Banks of the
St ate 2 cases and A. J. Moses, 11y. Tres
e,.ts:, ands IR. Rt. Thamses.
Onie negrn levied Ott as this property of
Jas. 11. MlcKmight at the suits sir Jas. 11.
Chirietroas, W. W. Blenbow, Rt, R..inigle,
& W. Macauber.
one negro levied on as the propierfy of
,10s. S. Sprott at the suit of WV. Lewis Or.
- '0ne negro levied on as the property of
Thos. D. Sumter at the suit of Jaus. Ray 4
One negro leviedl on as the p roperty of
C. W. Lesesne at the suit of N. Crasne.
Onie negro leAied on as the property o!
W W. Benbow at the suit of L. B. Rhaine.
9even negroes levied on ias the proper.
ty of John A Colclough at mIme suit of P'ainec
cp L~atts amid state for taxes.
One negra leded on1 as the property o1
Jito. A. Colclouigh accuri-y at the suo r
Bank State Carolina.
One negro levied on as the property o
19ariiI. Lowry at thosuits of'1T. E. Fisnet.rb
KWKuhn, and L. 1- laniks.
.uon negro levied on as the property o
Rt. Mc1.eod at the piit of C. Dukes &
~One Horse levied on as the properte o
Thtos. II. L'Steen at thme suit of \V. J
,One Horse levied on as the property o
-s \. W. Caulliette at the suit of Ehzobeti
.~ Ogintero. vie on ans thue.propertys.
t. J. W. English, at the suits of A. S1. o
It. Kennedy, A. Sea rborough, WVm. lShy
Sam'l L. WVilson, J. Sidney McFadden
"Kim f~acoste, a nd Jno. Matdison.
Ong -pegro levied on as the property c
'iSaini. Richsbourg at ibe ispits of .las.1
*onessand V. Rt. Carpenter.
One negro, levied on us the propertyc
G, W. ftuo at the suits of J. M. Felde
san.d. Ud.siclai'dsou.
- Urie iegro levied ont as the properly
2at. ofrRichare Singleton at tihe suitc
Ihe Stae~e for taxes.
.,iie ns-gro levied on as the property
M1. A. Stakes tat the suit of Josiah M1. Feo
" le' horse lovied oun as the property<
4ffimn Chanve at the suilts of Jno. Morni
OQqo iegrp levIed ont as the propertg <
.Dr,.'ll.'. S. , Wdson it the suit of C. I
.Wttheraputi amid to pay jail feeis amnd dot
Un Oimnibus, 4 horses and gear 18ii'e
ani as the properly of Rt. WV. Antdreas a
~''hdfuit of. Sam'lflradley.
*One ner ro levied on ams the property<
Y,"ig'l e a yh~sif6Jas.7 I Bowie.
n.480.,C.jS3M s. S. 1).
SShtfili'a Office, Oct. i.,0th, 185I4.
Aveoesusodaiost Whnr
H u IA RLE.ST'ON', S. C.,
Bells ('oton; lratre, Flour, Jlac(, and
'hm ar*lclemt iroduse. e ,
,9aiela..; rptnam .usmaann gaiit4 Io
, n~ust,,lM .. f .
o d s
and op,euing for sale
to this market,
wved customers on time. Having ten years
iods with, enables ie to oirer the following
ODS, mo.stv domestic;
l0I!AGE I 1 1:; I X' .
diry, tiari-e., L'c. &e.
'10, NAR V.
Lhz iri, ay )e Called for.
A Desirable Residence for
The Fubscriber wishing to ilnove West,
oll'ra for sale, one of tile most pleisant
situations in thie village; coltamning about
tifty-tive acres of land. on which there is a
very coinfortable Dwelling and every nec.
etisary out house, all in good repair.
The crop of corn on the place this year,
will yield abuLt live lndral bulihels.
Any ftirt her informatioi can lie obtained
by addressing mile on the premises.
W. W. A l,8TON.
Sunterviile, Oct. 11, 14.
l' All persons in debted to me either
by rioto or account, are respeefuilly sol ici
ted to cash the same, as iong iodulgencc
has baeen gien to mima y, and I am ave:iw
to taxmfg aly with cost.
W. W. A.
Oct. I1, 1685t 50 tf.
Valuable Plantation
For Sale.
Desiring to go Vest wa oti'r our Plant a
tion lor salte priva-o y. lyirg on Lvnches
Greek. inlv &ix inules frimi Lichhorg
Depot. Villington ad Manclheser Rail
Rojd. .'he tract contains about 1t14)
acres, with some 200 closed inl a hirl sta
of cultivatiol 60 of Which is tile best
botton anid. A Neat and cimtnhla,nas
dwellinr, new Gi baoiaso and &''rev Lan(l
all oIlIer necessiary out builohis, and
fences in good repair. We lazzard ntwa ng
in saying this place is berfectly heahblay
and in point of prnet i veaness and pari o
wI'r 4 is iunsurpassod by any land in the
country. Call and ee, t wilI bear close
11. L. & J. C. Mc,NDON.
Oct. 11, 1 --54 50 if
Land For Sale.
T I. Subscriber ollers for s:tle ait a
Ttract (of 1.add conta iong, 51 (acre, till
in one baody, situated two analo- aliove Cal
v:'ry Church, and fourteen miles he'w
t:ioitervillo, a1d h1.r 11a mlile rozmaa lnii r.nl
eating fro n ain's S.avanaah. A so, a
piece of 80 acres lying in -Santtee Sw:iny,
coivenient to said tract.or .tIC k rang. --
This 1lni is weil fixed with . ga d ll
ing house amil all inecaesa lm bdings
:\lso, all plantation tlos, Ulacksioa;tha's
tools. anaia ve ry hieI llaaiil: ;all the
stock blaonginga toa thie pu~a, inchaaahnaa
Ilorgs, Cati e Sheep'j anid (G a. s. Tii. i.aaa
wtillI be dehiveredl to -he punraer niext
N.B.-Th'le lariat willenhar b a'-'t I sep
ersite o'r with the stoack, &c.., tom snit t
purclhaser. T.' \V
Anagust 2. 1854 . 410 ti.
T H subs.cribaers loing purchas'i ala
iterst al .J.S, aTda! in uthe' tnirm af
'Tindial. W atson ('a., gave ntice tao thair
friendus analda 11i the pub.that theay nitli carryT
aon their hbusiniess, a'. lhe old1 stanad, auder
have a:'. 4:et.1 ,id aure daily receiinga
a Ii ru:. ''..m .a.n- and ha~.dsonm aissotrt
ci Yn :analiti-s .anda St des
to wa hi dwi :l , aa i. the attentliona oa the
Factor and Forwarding
Willh give promlpt personal attentina to the~
siale, or forwacrdoag oat Cottn, Nraval-torers,
or any othaer paroultce, or to the putrchase
and forwardinmg of ?aierchaniisae.
R .EFu?NcE
O . G. PAtsiEV, Pre't Cal B'k. N. C.
r Genm W. W. iIling.tE,
Aled1oNAL-) 4 Qnawrni , Alaioua
if Cot. tE. W. Uaui~.as, j .uli
if G;. I. W. SleCAu., ( Darngon.
Maj. W s sla vswrrni, Sum ter.
- Oct. 4, loS4 49 y.
H roShoeing, Blacksmith
ing, &, &c.
ciia il wiltlabe fraithlially~ execuatedi at theO
d SUIE MlAChllNIE '4IhlS near the
tRail Road Depaot in, Suimterville. Na ex.
er1 ioans will be wi hahield tao renel er thaase
SShops worthay the patronage, and capaiihle
of saupplyinir thie M gchaic lal reutiremaents
of the IDistrict. A F'ounadry iil by; oreetIed
asa soon as paracticable, bioth for Iron sanda
ii rass. Weo have an excellent Steam Enh.
-ginae in rapearation, capable of drivama 11
iige dtiantity of mnachianery, thaerc.,y ean
bling de~ 1d ex~ecut.o work with facility :aml
A'l woark done at this oaitishament wil
0 be turned out uindert ih.e imiamediate. instapec
tioan of the subscriber. WVe ask no bdesiaa
p~atroniage. If our work is not as wel
,donie anda as cheap 05 other Shops can ac
comisjh it, Iawe expect not to he employed
Otheorwise wve desire only suc~h patronage
os will oables us to do justice .o1i par
ill tie9. . 'T. J. COGHLIAN,
~rr Watchmianl copv tf.
keep t
20,006 Pair Plantai
C3 C CS , 3 EM
TIITF, siblc riber ieus leave to ianounne
lanid and cotllatlyh re'c iving ie snppl
Gonts, Boys, Yiotilhs, nuid Chibire's fli1t.4
C41- Orders fIo:n the country faithfully r
306 Ki
September 27th, 18-51
Boots and Shoes for Sale!
W. S. WOO.il
Boots, Shoes and Pl antation
I85 Richaridson Ni reet,
Columbia, S. C.
:\S now oil hain a can:ple- ;aortmet
H llf the above arn!-.s., 0ic : are ll'-r.
ed at th imwist pir~es for ( 'ASil or its
eqIliva ent.
Lbsat siock af l'iantatlim B3 ro-a is is well
worthy the itt iitof oI'liniers, consiS tingj'
o! .Men 's nxl and pegged llroagatins and
St itch-Do~wnsi,
A gencral asiortimenit of Idi-, a -j.$ses
and Chibilt'.i Sios (of all classes,
-A L.S,
Ge nt's lie Irel, 1'inu1y and S. ti tli e
floits 0 own nantaatu re, to Iinch
hie im1 iteN an1 exaN;a wt ion.
',indin.ta ol all dles'cript io---. Fine
Frenciiadh and! .-et at. icn 'ill Skinls, which
will lbe iade to order at the siortest nio
W. S. WOOD, 1?3Itichiardon-st.,
Cnrjljjinha, %S. (,.
Oct. 141. 1851 5 0 i f
In Equity---Sumter District.
.11l1hn It. ii glitonl,
IA'tia It. lirn-1;.;htiaa. & I
i5y lh-ir i e'- frie nl ,
.lamesa 1U. lritwk.
lIpsay 11. liri ahtaon. *J
IN puir-m s $ 01Aior-- inl Ih abov : tatet
e:-ta. I will 4ufr at I blic sal., to the liati
.iloridlay 1!1 NIvetmher liell. :it Suttlier Ct' 1n r,
jjous* -,. ,::ta tian a4r iract f han I etV iia
IIad t e.t 11.110h 11 .X 11111V.1111d arres, a\ ii
ill Ch:it .'h; i o-- tv Sulilitor II -i. i-, si
iiea~r tili amu i- i i-, It '11l1.1126 i-4 the es
tal f the11 1.11.- jln n h :g tn .r., de
eraqad :n1!iJupon wh.!iah at raeilh-d 'at ii h tn'
ofi hi' teat hi. Not aa be sihl I r le'' thana sev'
l-pon te preni esc i:, a I *ras \ lill, tand a ':an
.h1ill w'lla 'al i.. aait ill nilttl* i ri i or r.--TIl
tbilts lit taiaoat lha,' tt-aet ii. du.iali t c nill inga.
hth la ow'' ani:I highl laits anda alibrd. an) lin
sturpas-d rnae for .:itocks ofill kital'-the
whoiile consithtitt- a ne a oa f th.-l iot '.aluiale
'iatanon:~ii, evear tlI-ed lar .sale in thii. ihs
maneiy 1o be pall ini ca:lt lh; t l:e hia alahie
inon two t.. anIa tharee t'enni.t wh intr-i tia
peraanlial .ecurity, andl i iaiirn~aagt al thet la:od
hir thei credit poartion ofa the .-.il apurchaie iaw
Wi. F-. 11.\Y NWo!tT|r,
Comia'r. in lj'sy. S. I.
Suntaterviil-,-, S. C.
1aespecI fully infaarmsn the loph- ti o hf a .n
ter I 1:,ric thIat hie hias.insti rece-i'. I wnl
niaw alla-r. for satle die bst aeh-ie.;,I
Thiticannt u~itd lay anaythaiitu in lthis
mnarketl. I i'le hs ite~ived may it-n' :tylat
whicha piurchaut-re wouaid alt w.ell ti e xiaineii bet
Il( )A\)IJI.()'IIS. CASSI.\al~ l'l .\.\ NI
V hNT I 1 N G S.
A fuull and harge sc:oily aof ITasier'., Shairn,
Drawers, Glavesn, Sat: paener, CraLvatS, Ilanad.
A larg~e alssortme;. *f Iti-A laY AI~l LO
T1IlIlNC , wh.licl .ih ibe stahl laow..
K'jY ( armnts inannifactiuredl bys t iheOscri
her, alnd wvarranted to give eiathfaaraiin. Or
dearna from a1 dlistance' pruomptly iattnded ta.
Seapt. -1th, 185t. if'
SUIM'1'EmVL bIR, 8. C.
E. Souansaaei'sj
utlice' ash Capt. I'. Smauater, a Iali 'I and
well saelectaed sck ofl FAX 1.1..\NI DW IN
TfIli Ua.ady aM ade Cloa lth ta ll hid i ah
is and sizes, w..Ii he w.ilI d 'paw' of at
least /intal /l fre Pr c'en/a lowe r than anya'
thelr hoisal. itn townVi. TPhe) publaEli a nre r
spteltlivyi nieited to call anad exZais laor
J. S~hlI\VUiIN,
Or . 4th, 185L dW II
it' t i['TJE RVI ILE S. U
-I Olhiet' three doorA northb of ht C. 11.
.Jun, 21, I$8t 'Ji i f
Old Brass and Copper.
Th'le Subsacriber wt'ill puay 12.2 cents pel
pound in caish for anyi) gntan'.ity of old lirat.
tor Copper. delivecredI at. his shops, near I ih
IWihaiit.ounad Manchester R. 1R. Depo
fiat S5umiiirv.ill e.
I'nbrun ry 28, 1i.3 I 18 tr.
....~~J .3.....
ion 131ogans at the F
0o the PI ite'rs and! Merrehgiiit. of aSi 01er and
es of IPIA NTl'A'1'IC N 8I1101-;S, Imealeeer
allI '4Iagis, of' every * . v ind, andlI froal tilc lil
A~d pruoptly attczled to.
nig Strect, Lladrlston, S. C., a fewv doors ab(
D we P.E y Exprecss.
Al) \\I I."Ni'MUS CI)MIANY's
L INEII l avif I.vel 'CI .\CC1:le1 Ca) N-luelf11r.
oi!, Ilip Al EI":l IANTI~;arnd ClTEi7IlNs
ia, wlt"# I-A-tU.; tar v*roctirln~j I lenvv
t0 :1 (l aii c~y tl/ nl 1iiICl e
(IN ho iaaat i- ;a rc a* 111"I! ;I as 1i' )ralilt!
sct ily wrO. aipra of driey o a ni k ;z
'l'haa.. o ia.rhe lalloen ro ie~cl la
(!,I l) a lls o., h'iiani'rvIfe 1 idiiaji4 for a ai lls I
S 113,2~ 1 ;-5 1, 4 tf
The firs aiw 00~rji th Iii ic ntihat
lie h iaa .-. ade oAw okhp iar~ Ii
Deil iiiU Stim evl , a I C~vi) ti 1(1 llier
Gun. briaaeaai I*lae. oni
It as.i vempovd fia raIC wokn e
1 *1'. IIa p i r p z w T . J . C .G I Aia a N .
Newj.27, 1'-. 1 4 tf
;111d a gll 't lv ItvA to'; 1116:l
( '0 h1l .11" t\. .1 9 S 1 LI
To te Pantrs o ~utI%
K" t 4,L-1111 ( il " 4 if
'hnter's and Factor's
,-t 3 *0 30: T
Vi Ilia imsbu rg Districts, that he has now ou
vith an tunrivaled siick of Ladies, Misies,
ist fasllonable Workmen.
we tile [Ierchant's Iotel-sarme side.
. if
New Establishment,
R I10 E ;,r & 1 T H S 0. ON,
)arslr in E ib, French urnt American
Urn'-iN, Mdedit'ines- anad
ints ~, O.), Varin hes ari. Dvy.Stff's,
hiunity Ghne anid Santd l'aptr. Paint,
Sarmish, ( : ;2n.-l liir and Whiteltashi
trnsbe.S, Fmte aind lico Perfunicry and
'antv Gtoo-I, Pure Liuors and Winest for.
r hical pur pse, lancets, Ecarificators
md Clipping Glass-es, &C.
All [he Popislur l'ntcit Medicines direct
rain the proprietonrn.
ALrerits by alipintiment for Dr. Jaynes'
nd I)r. en cel'Iricl Fmmlilly Medi
nes, ilso for Farrell's Araisian Liniment,
lortimer & Mawbray's Hampton Tir-c.
ure. Carter's Spanish Alixture. &c.
All articles from this Establishment are
varranted fresh and genuine.
Phyaiian, Phaiters and country Mer
'hans sending to us, can rely upont getting
'riime Aruiles, nod having their orders
iromptly execnted.
July 261, P3,51 39 6m. 1
natomical Lectures And
It. MYDDLErON IN CIIEL will com.
mence his private course on Anatomy
nd Physiology, on the first Mlondny in
ovembler, at his Aentonical Rooms, op
osite the Medienl College.
Dr. %:lii-. olfirs the following advan.
ages to it':.nts attending the Medical
osk.Fsi)n in Charleston. A complete course
>f Lecures is delivered during the season
in Aiiaoiy and Physiology, the Professor
E:nstratingi 11S ourse by preparation,
irawmytgs anld toodels. Dissectims are
onduc ted oi an improved plan, conSisting a
it interronting cich member of the class, F
mil innhogIi him demnonstrate his own dis.
ac-tion. Th'le Studeneit may hereby multi.
DyV his opp~ortnineius for acquiring a knowi.
sige'of one of the most important anid difli.
suit departinents taught ini the College.
3aturdl.is are devoted to Micro-copipal
I1~sammintions are held regularly every
ght on eaich of thme several branches, gmv
ngthe class the benetit of a rehearsal, in a
tendmiens~ed form, of the subjects lectured on
iy the I'rotessors of the Medical Collrge,
mo as to reenll whantever ny have esicauped
i tientioni, anid to correct en~orS entertainmed
Jy misapprleending the mneaning~ of the
Dr. M.,, .\ill find plpasure in recomn
ma'niling 'ie p)roper 'ext books ini general
uise, i':T. iatroducity..lhis pupil4 to theo ac
lua.ntance of theaseveral Proesradi
brXittigth tudentsn all matters con.
,ectoil with their studiof.. .
itRtferenge may be inade to- Dr. l.', at
hi~s residenice Queen street, '74, or at his
Anuatomi~calI Roomms oppoasite the Cotlege.
Te'rms, TIem.. Dollarsi. -
Thle substcriber is also prepared to take
private pupils who for the ordinary otlico
Ien of one hunmmdred dollairs a year shall hmave
accekss 1o a hirgo hiirary, dimgramns, pilates
amd ,models, and be furnhshaed gratuitously
with the ticket to the lull c'iu~sedeliered
mi the Snnner Medical Institute, His
ppia w.vIll m bus be made famnijii with div
n at the bed-~side, and be made partmi.i
pinis m nmny surgical atnd ob'stet~rical
case's occur ring in is practice, while they
liee nie mjnannmieds with the rmethmods of
iing ind aidministering drugs. Thp
.tictest attenttioni willI be paid to the Mi.
earoscople mi conniectiona witIh Anratomy anmd
l'authlo:ogyv, aind exasiminations irld every
Cm!.uunr.s-r-oN Sc~si~:tmn MENICtL~INsTTUTg.
Pr-o ur of Anaio~ay andu P!:ysiyoigy.
WN.11 MIIU s. Prof. of .1).dicau/ ('iiy.
I-. M. It IltEltTSON, Phr ./ Obstetrix
and. Distses of I nz'fe
1I. A. ~N l ilANI, Prof. of .Surgory .
I. V. M 11:11llah, P'rof. of aleriaz Aediga.
Fe2 for the course *.-t). Lecture com'
mnce in, April and ternunate about the
mid le ii ,July.
August. 28, 1S54 4t.. t
THE mpornim of Fashion and Quality,
whemreu navy tbe found' a co'mplt.asssoranent of
1.adie,-. Menis Iloymi' Miiracs and Chuildlrens'.
Ituiot, Shoes, Gaiters, &c., of alamost every mtyle
adquiy.They are fresh goods and are all
Next door to R. C. Webb, & Co.
.liair. 22, 185-1- 1 - - if
Yarn and Osnaburgs.
Til E subscrib~er, Agent for the DeKalkt ti|
factory, oilers their goods at mannfactursr.
May 3, 1851. 27f
Just Arrived and for Sale.
Fi'reSereens, Wmidow-hhade-a,
and Fixtures,- &c.
Violins and Guitars;
Violin and Guitar String.,
Piano Music.
' August.9,.18M ' '' 4L It.
1:uchps, Cholera, Dysentary, Diarrhn'ra, CI
Most Especially
The Virtue ti Jacob's Cordial a
1st. Ii '-ures the uturst cases 'fDinrhr.
Ond. It cures the worstformp of Dysentar
3d. It-cures Catdjlirnia or Mexican D
rhica. ...
4th. It relieres the skrerest Cholic,
Ofh. It cures the Cholera Morbus,
6th. I cures Cholera Infa ntum.
A re w Short Extracts fro
" I have usedl Jaeob's Conial iln ny f6inn
judgment a valuable remedy. I
"It gives mie pleasures in being able. to re
rience, and the experivraee of ;#y neighbor
for me to believe it to be all that it purporu
Wn.II. Vtin)ERwooD, For
"I take great ple.asura .in. recommending ti
diseasew, for whicif I believe it to be a sover
ever tried by ine."
. . - - ; ' A. A. GAtI
"I'have usedI 'Incol/s Cordial' in mny tami
by those who have tried it, inaluees n, to he:
of the kind, anot I would recommend its use I
Mirx- G. Doinntss, Va
"If there in any credibility inl human test
above alli-ther preparallons for tIuw cure of il
fivor cuing in from all quarters. it'Inus I be
iftnt all other 'patent' preparations.'" -.
. . . .. - - AFr...INO, (
This eficientremedy .in Aravellbig into.
into Itussia, and gaining commendation Wit
For sale by DAInAN 4 Co., S.uptervi
gton T. . WonK.AN et Co., Camde
P'rincipal DepotP, H1A
. And by the Principal Merchants and
July 26, 1854.
Dr. W. as tDargan & Cc
cities, Paints,.Oilp, Dye SM0T',.311
ent Medicines, Window Glass,- Perfumeri
-ancy Artig.les, arnd.a variety of other artick
sually keld in. Drug siores.
.T_ Next door to China's Hotel.
Jan. 2, 1831. 10--f.
tpping's Sarsaparilla,
. (BES'I NO0W IN1 U-SE.) .
And a variety of other popular Patent Medl
Ines, for sale by
Feb. 29, .I54. 18 tf
A Lot offinrt Boxes,
kWater Colors,) for sale by
Feb. 29, 1851. 18
Garden Seed..
A large upply, kept constantly on han,
y 1
Feb. 29, 18 tf
Excelsior Family Starch,
In pomnd packages. powderet Als- th
ighly cleb0rated Corn-Starch. for sale by .
Feb. 29 .1854. 18 if
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Prepared by ltuhion, Clark & Co. Alsa
old drawn Cator Oll,.tvery fine..) for sal
Fe"'. , 1854, is if
ancy and Toilet Articles
A h. a.::: "ortment. Call at Dnrgan
nd '.-:i ii-n. Also a variety of Note I'r
er and . 'oes, for sale by
Next door to China's liotel.
Feb. 29, 1854. 18 tf
luns, Ammunition, Fishinj
Tackle, &c,
MlatUuni~tturer, Importa r andL Whl.la
and Retail Dealer in Shot, (Gun.,
Ri/les, Pistols, Fishing TPack/e. an
all kinds of Sporting A pparatus,
Tr'ielbter with a general assortmenit of
N, E. Cor. of WValnuvt nrad
ileconid StreetWs. Phi ladeIlplaihl
\ll of which, and such other articles a
3elong to his line of business will be' sol
as low as can be afi'rded by any establisi
iient in the United States.
In tutimnony of his slill ae a manufactu
ir, the Franklin Isititute of Phiiladelphis
)as awarded to him sine 18-40, two certil
pies, six silvei- niedals, and one mecen
premium; and in 1854; the Crystal Palac
f New.York, awarded to him a medal, tI
anly one aw~aruded for Shotj (luns and R~
lies in the United 8tistet.
"lKrider's Sporting Anecdotes," illa
trative of cecrtain varieties of Atmjercm
Game, with remarks on.,thpe Ch1Itriteer
the Dng, Field iDogs, Smipe, Woodcoc
R~aiJ5 Partridge,,Dunk ani3 Pidgeon mati
shiooting, ont the Rice .1Danting, Rei
Ilir~d, G rass Plover, Hluhllheaed or Golda
Plover, Canvass JAick. atnd Red lleadj
Duck, American .Widgepn, .Scaup Dui
anid Canada Qpnse.-- ?rice.$1,.. ,
.Addr~ess JOhhIN KRIDEIR, edcond al
WVai ntnt, Philadlalphia.
Aug. :10, 1854. 44 y
Choice Old Brandy and
We hdg nott. itj store some very-sn'
rior ld .Ijranafy, which has boen select
by ourselvw, for medicinal purposes.
age anid mildness togethier with its puri
wvilI hwof nrent consequtence to inval
wvho are necessitated. to use it.
A variety of very select Winos, consisti
O1ld MYeera, Old Port- Whin
Brows. Sherry, Pale Shernry
Pure Claret Wine,
Ignported by ourselves, all oaf wvhich
wvarrant genjaine, and of the very lit
For sale by
13OATl W~Itdit & ni-I1d1i0c
..Coturt f lotise Range, Couattabia, 8,
July 26~, 1854 39 -
IMatthlessen & O'Hara,
Clothing *arke h o u s
i'45, SetsL Hlay, corner of Queen Strea
WOU LD respect fully call the attent
of the Merchtants of South Carolina, d<
our extensive and Varied stock of Cloti
of all qualities from the highest tp
lowest. All goods. from our Latabi
ment are warrantect both for stylo
Workmanship. ' .
c:#* Partiular attenj iven lpofd
WM. tf A TT HIESSEN . . . O'I3ALtA
li' Setg3%3%
olera Morbuas, Bilious Cholic, CholeraInfantum.
Iainjil Menstruation.
-e loy ireil kn etil th/'quite Encomiums.
. 71h. It cures Painuil Alenstruation.
81h. It reiere.JPqins in Back an1; Loiis
ir- 91h. It .Coun flracts Verrousness and Des.
10th It re:>re. Irrr-Iul'rriies,
I 1h. It dspels gloony, lyster'edl Feclings,
12lh. J's. qn admirable Tonic,
ini Letterm,.TFetaoanials, &Z-.
ily, and hatve found it a mtost efficient, and in my
lita WAM n W lVAn~ , Judge of Supreme Court, Ga.
,ornmend Jacob's Cordial-my own perstmaaal expe.
and friends around me, is a suflicient gmarantee
to be, viz: a i'overeign remedy."
iterly Jludge of SupretmeaCuart, Cherokee Circuit.
mis invaluable inudicine to all. allicted with bowol
ign reinedy-decidedly superior to an y tidugele
i.rpiao, D. G. M. of the Grand J.astge of Georgia.
ly, and this. wiLh all I L.ear alnit It ia arenedy.
ieve that iUstands at the heal of every preparation
n the diseames for whibc it is compounded.
siter of the Bank of tha, State ofGeorgia.
lutony, Jacol'.s (Iord&Im. unst , sloiRd pre-eminent
owel.Jiseastes. I-rom the ians if testimony in jia
very far im adance, as a curative agent, ofmost
'ahilmer Marine r.nd f ire Insn'rancc lantik, (riffin..
elebrity as fast as Bonaparte ptrsed hl culunmns
rever uite."
.. Georgiia .Ii|J-rsonian, Ma-u17tl1 IRM.
I. W. ILI$S & Co., Proprietors, Savatnnah Ga.
lie; T. A. 11Ar.t;%y, 11. G. MAl GFGot: )ar.
n ; F.si.gn 4.- firs uubl .C
VI.AND, Ila:um., Resly & Co.,Newv X' ork.
vt mIIAIntAr.-& Coj., Cheiiileston, S. Civ
YnT & Cp.,. New Orleans.
Druigists throiugout the State.
We the friends -of A, R.
BRAPlIAM Esqr., take pleasureinn.
Houin )o hblad- a natiitlddle for Sheriff
di sandr Dist rict, akt the .ngxt Election.
Mar. 29, 18--51. 22 if
A Number o'f Voters take
pleastre inailou(itg Cpl. W.ittIng
A. COLCLOUG1 as.a candidate or Sler
il of Sumter District, at the next election.
March 15, 154. . 2. tf.
Mr. Editor: Please annotinc0
Caapt. T. ). Ftrm-soq. as..n Can4.ldante for
Sherifli ol Sutitor I)tstrict at the cnsuingl
Aug224, 1S53.
R.' ILtTots :-Pletie arioance Mr..
.RO.ERT W. DURANT; a candidate
.for-I'a-Collecl or -ouSttlom Cunnty, at the
next electionj and cbligb a . -.-.....
- I - 7ANY YoTur - .
Janunry 14, 1852 13--tt -
. 8 Tihe friends of Capt.
P. M. *GIBJOINS anmouce.him a etundi.
date for- the oflice of Tax- Collector for -
a Suomaa Counity, at the etnsuing e~locliotn and
obbri :: .. Ma:y VOTEn4
October 1' 1.
P O R- 0- R DJI N AIt Y_.
.(I Mr, Editor:-Y . l '*
please .announce WILLIAil 1I..URUN
SON as a-candidato. for the Offic,e of Orli'
nary af Stinner District, at the ensuinj
April 27th, 1852 27-tr
FO R O -Lit K.
6:T We are authorised to
announce Col.tdl80. 8. C. iDESCH AM PS.
a cantddate foar Clerk of th~e Courtof Sum
ter' -District at theo ensuing election.
S August 101, 1854 - 42 U'
SWe are atithorised to anr
nounce J. L;.IONES.a contdithite for Clerk
e of the Cott f utater District at the en.
.suing election. .. -
! Atugust 10. 1854 42 tI'
(r& We are atithorized to6
- dtmannee TI, A DI~lS, t'qd.,.a Candiate
for Cietk of theC Court, at th'e ensuing election.
1A N Y voTrERS..
s A pril 16th 1851 25i . at.
d ---'--'--__ _______
O-0:riYM r. Editor : Please axi
nounce Mr. J. J. McKIELLAR,~ a Candi..
-d:ute for Clerk of thie Coamst, (or Sutater
a. Dtstrictm ablti oblige Mlaxy VO-rERS.
- April 13J, 1852.. 25-tf
Ii -
-i MR. F[MITOR:--MANY FRi15D'jPe
-of WV. J. N.,1lI:uatg-r are desiro~s .of put'
ting him itn notintion .for the~ Ogic Mj
a- Clerk of the Court af Sumtter Distract, at
fl thte ensnitng election. :
alf May 24, I1853. 38-,-tf
lisi We are autharized
dto annotn A. E. P'OOL.as a canididatq
rt for Shaerift'of Stumter District at thaeensu.
Dceanbo 21, 1852 81
*Mr, Editor :-Please.
nlounce JOhN. l'.: M1cLEOD atlithrd
_. for Shleriff.of Sumter 1)istrict and
.lige ... - .. . MANY FutanDs.
June 29 f, 1853 '. . 856tf
IIE a authuorized to announce Wv
e- WV LEWIS a candidate for Urdi'ar at
ed theo ensuing ele.:.ion.
Ets Jun'o 28, 1854 .35 i
CHINA anal Granitte Tea's, a -'.
gGranitte Dinaer aqdl ilhakfast Plates.
*Steak D~iadtes, lluttet -bhhaes, 'Soup -Rowbm,
c, Custard Stafdsm, FruIts Stand,.
Flower Yawa. Ubtimnda (Aas Carndlesnqeks,
Prsev -Diahles,- Decwantetn, Tunmatlrs,.
..Wine Glais'es,
ve Glass Pitcherse, atnd a nutmber of ai~ afticles.
t just received andl for aale by
.T. J. 80 LOMON64$pO.
Milarch 2%,18:d 21 U'.
- :;.8 prepmamd to udo all tmne~ of wrtI ii
hwthneatness atnd deaspaqi *totv
are .CASt!. lie itt still at, h~,~I~z3
above the Trown Ilal. '
Just Receivod~ -
A large lot pf NorthiOahmlinaBachn and
'i.flour, al vay7s on haud a o
tO Sept. 6, 185441, :0
LAD1E RI GO~hidt
ird T1issuea,.Befage dohourodj Slla* 1414%j
and fringed lanDit~ks,. Piitl e. and Plain
*ra. .Jacptilce &4&c. Fo 'y

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