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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 01, 1854, Image 2

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Mf~ITI i?llTamrusW"ut il a ur-v . iL~~fi&F imm the
is 'UBI.tsHE.D
Every Wet]dBeam ay M.lorninJg
Lewis & Richardson.
'T WO DOLT.TARI-i in advatce, 'I'woo thmlar,
atmi Fifty 'ents at th expiration Iftix l niimtli,
.or ''lree Ihllars at tihe eid tif tlte year.
No pir liscontininel tmitil alt arrearaeup,
*lirU PA I, unlss at ti41 pti1t of the Proprietor.
~JAdivertisuenmin tusertedIat SEVEiNTY'
Fi 'ents per s';nare, (1': lines or fls,) lo
thle lirst, and half tiunt smi fipr -ach smulost-iiei
4nsuttioni, (tlivinl pIdvertisununts thu r".a1me1
t:2P' The mimbe-r of insmer mins t4 lw inarliel
efi all Altivertiseenits or they w ill b timblishled
knatil oilerel tu Ie liSCOntiti'ied, anti chuar:
t'9Y' ON P DO'.1 I Iwr mia itre for a i rigle
Ilwmertion. Quaurterly miggi 3.ultly Xi~rt."e
iuints will lie clharg;-Ol II- W a - a. ingte inl
uaertion, and semi-mnimtlylv i he same aM.dwigtOnu
Z.V' Obitniarys ;tni 'I'rtbulus nf ietsemt,
-uvt-r tweltve lim-s, charg'-cm aut adveetieins.
Or i, in a Poeltr y.
Fur tie lianner.
'T m iirty chinruxp. ntit
fornm the 4.ccog4ljDi hiled
The ambitious fair wvho strives for hoauty
And hopes to lielet's glorious famt to
These thirly charms must have to bloss a
a lover's eye.
Three white, three black, and Lhrcju of
rosy hite,
'Threc long, thirec short, three slendor to
the view,
Tlrc large, threo small, three btraiglit,
ae nleany Wide,
All ilhee together frIm th accom1hlithCd
As lExri. rrioN OF -ruE FoUMoisQ.
Asimt me love whilst with a painter's arl,
I Ohow the world the Mistress of mv Iuart,
.1oimie Kati!, coie ;, thoflu sivilt miy imul be,
Thnu art th' Alid that's M:ndu Cor lpve and
White is her skin, more wl;ige th1anm. win
ter's snows,
-IPer shiiimg tietl are placed iin ivtory
And lim-r fair eye-halla pearly whitences
.9thmck are thw spir.al rindelis fil her hair,
!ller glassy browt two sable arches are
Hir larrge blach eye.-; set all Imy sonul (mi
Thev look compling ilmve tmid soiflt desire,
I ler lips ire fragrant rose-budhs umiis: withil
Ier nails transp:urmnt and of a ruosy hue,
.ller gloi'g chueks time tender tiits dis
'Which streak a stimor sky at break of
day ;
.Jcr neck and waist are slender, long and
, straight,
t) are her fingers--furied to captivate
With dimpled smiles, her little mouth in.
- Vites,
Aimbrosial kixte.s and supiretme delights;
.8mall ears lie lurkimg in her shining hair,
Hier well formed houlptis are smtall anid tsoft
and fair
Short are lher feel, her nose not long to
And short bef chin, bit ruum1 amid diuipled
.1 ier forclecu large, bt won l a critic
Jilueo tiniged w.'ih veiia., atnd tbent with
gracef'ul case;
Jiut ltcr fair bosomi all mym thoughts em-t
41er spacious bosomt heaves lumxuriant joy;
.Above her ne juist wimere the forehecad
B3etweent har breows, a dhownyt space c.x
A space as wtide, to hove ialone reve'almit
jietween her .swe'llinig brecastsa lies clmose
"'There ciupids niesItle-there the wan~rtor.s
"Tits love' own piatht-.'tis 11eav'en's ligh
tmilky waJy ;
Jast to cotmipete heri for' thme accomplaied
11cr hips are linely formed amid rther
Sumtterville, Oct.t., 1 '13.
A V~uur.t.:~ Sna.-tm -Ju thme Crys-e
'tah Pa:lae, Newv Yorkt', there is ont ex.
liihIition an tIdia C~Laitere shawl,
tnaide ini Thibet by thec patient id is.
Lmry of' otte of t he most celeb~rated ntr.
Li.'ts of' lidiat, luadji Meuim edg lis.
sont, foir a psrinice mf time royal hehiatl,
-wvhicht is ittvoiced for duty at, the Cus
The cripitumre sia ntito uts what, 1.he
star wvats to the wise inen; but, if' we
,spiendhl it or ttlo ini ga-sinig uponi IL,
,t eing~.jt its fiotitu, arjd iin
.1tL' ujsaittbi', wvuuit.nt being 14:1 to
(Chrmist.h it, t~hme nlast' h ilt 1-i~ li. l
ike W reck of the Arctic.
Ii our Paper of last week we gave
atl account of' the loss of tle Steatner
-retic, oi her passage from Liverpool
to Now York, with 4 large number of,
her passengers. Shice then further
particulars have been received. It was
stated by some of' tile survivors who
hastily fled from1 the scene of'ealtaniitv,
that they saw the wreck io down, and
thai Capt. Iuca was oi board at. ti.
t-ime. Nevertheless, tIe Captaitn a'
rived ill safey at Q. uebu, and with
hiill), nine of the passengers and crew.
A large portion ,f tie eugincers id
tle crew, :s well as one or two of' the
4,ilicers, were evidently filsa to their
dity, and4 deserted their Iost.s tt ant
hour wheit thuir aid every way Is
essential. They behaved like cowt'ds
and wretelhes rather than men-and
the itet, that, thls far we have not
heard of the rescue if a wwua, or
ch i/M, is, perhat4ps, the bitterest aid
inost, wiLhering coune'tar'y that could
be e)rel uptita their atrociouts cull
d uet,
Captaini I,11e e ret a ined o tlie Arc
tie to tlie last. Whetn the shipl wenit
downi he went dowrj wiill her, atnd oni
eoniill.g to Lthe surthee again, gaid a
tooihoLld up1on one of the paddle boxes
tult Ilhated by, frotnl which, ou of
eleven who gt tlere with hiti, he
hiniself a1u1 Air. (ieorge F. Allent %Vore
alone preser'yd. J0e does tnot give
the tunies of ally of' the others-but
siniiply says thtey were " one by ole
relieved by deith." lie saw wiheni he
first arose " over two iutindred men,
woliiteil anid clild pen strtig ligg togat.,
er inl the waiter am11fiid erb.c' P/ Ireel
4.4rer 0,4u." lie says :-iwas ill
tite act, 4A t.ryi ; to save my child,
W at01I porttin of the paddlle box
caiie rushing ip edgewise, jutst, gra
zing any head, falling with its whtle
weight ulpoin tle head I(of nmy darliig
child. Aiother lturnent I beheldl him
lifeless ill tlue w-autur," lis sol, Nswo
is lost, is .aLbut, t waive -years if age,
ancd u cripple. Citain L-uce was ta.
keic oil' by a passinig vessel, aid .coiu
veyed to Quebeelt 1, and1 from there
wrote to Mr. Collills of New York,
the owcr, a letter of srie length,
dletauiling tke .circumslaI~ itees.
lFroi the .letter of' Captaint I ~nee
we leat tit t.t .the' tiie 4f UUo'0col
liziqpn nlo Iig b1(3.1 4.or.larm1 Whistle
was noiinileil Veau a'rd ;1 \itje- the
reastul ot' whic.'ha was I hat -during the
1lay thie weathtr. ' h;sd bee atly or
uitlc clear ; at ten o'click that inorn
ilg it, was so niucI so as to '*IlU lilm
to take aln ubservationi, Inld ip to tle
tirne that lie wenit blow it had beet!
at ito tile so .igy as to render these
precatitos iecessal3 ; tle fog would,
it is true, ocecasionally wrap them
closely around for a few llotinents, bit
thein it, cleared up again soon, so that
the eye coild reach from oie mtile to
six. Captain Lue had beon below
working his reckoning abotit fifteen,
imiutes, during which tiie, unknown
to him, the fog had become very dense,
and the two steamers comaitig head on
for eac) other, approached tninperceir
ed to the ittal onot. Captain Luce
heard Ohe comatitl to stit'rboard the
iit'hihi, anid lin u , deel justin t1ine
to witssips the colliSiOnt. lie aepit-)..
edges t hat thte fatal step i.as Lt loss
ofthe chief r ut.e and1. sea:i en w ho ac
cimlianied him ipon his flanane er.
rand. At. a very early period ater
[lie collision [lie liremIren and crew,
more~r elpeeial ly the fihrmeir, threw offl
thei r al leginiece to dIl-eilf ine, aindc looek
ed out f'or their own safty. TFhe lisat
on boardc thle sip wool, if' propec.rly
Stede, have saivedl :00 plersons bit
te brutal sellishntess of [the crew~
tlibrust [to n)udori ty lba:ct- to dii. fji
the first boat t~at, was lowered f'or [lie
puros -of' [sav'ing pa'iseiigers w'ere
several iadies. All of thie t.iilieso
board gatheredl oni lie rpiaariter-deck,;~:
andc aLtr thie fi rst sih ckI of' terrr', lbe
c::ile compijearmtively ent aiid colleet.
ed. lai the ee V- huat thti, remlained.'
tihe large.s' lie boaeit on deck, Capetaint
Lulce placed Ml's. Cuollins and her lisii
13', the I rowine fhuiily, antd mi any other'
ladlies'; and buit, fur til.'i uforttaulate
icessity that, this boat. was recpuir'ed
to as.'ist, i t 1he cnstructioli of' the
iraft, they wo'uld undcoubtedly have
been saiged. As it was, lie launed
the boat, inten~idintg af'ter' llie raft was
made, to igaill place the ladie in' itt.
I low his intentiuis wetre frtustrtated is
toi well knowtn. Thle peassenigers, wheni
all hopee was~ pa't, gasthered upeon the
qiurer deck ; but inistead of' exihiiin
external sigins of' terrorl andi despair,
they nearlg'y all w'ssunuje4 a chaeer'fulntess.1
AL Jlength, withi a sigh of'agotny and
a wail [4*t pitieed thto heavens, the
grealt hulhl r'epied to and f'o, anid set.
tied dlown beineath the darkL wa'zters,
Jim'ing their' boilinig surfisee cvei'ed
;th d'jse ;mass of' struigglinig,
drcw-n lmg kwanity, g raspuing at the
wreck o' inatter thia4 4icated arounid
thenm. Like oil uponea thie 'tater',tb
ina.'s soon spereadl cut ini ahf directionis,
muid itant v of' t honti, ut wi.:., r ..a.
--s ju'.u Z s6, tPI nu rum inure. npuL
all were provided with life preservers,
which would buoy them up fir a lonq
period, and as this spot, was directly in
the path of' Europe;nui sh1ips, and sig
nal guns of distress were fired up to
the last mnoment, it is thir to presume
that somrie may have been pieAd up.
At this period of the year, too the
ships outward bound are as five to
one against those dostined for tle
l Uniteo States, so that fQr sorne time
yet we may hope for tlie safety of
some of them. Capt Luce said that
whein he had rison to the siurfhco, aId
gainod a portion Qf ho paddle-bo.j. he
ordered those in the boat to row to it,
aid take off soine of the eleveli per
sons that were crowded upon it. But
they heeded him not, aid though ther
Wore without oars, they ni1ghit yet
have reached the frail raft by piaddlinig
with their hands. Captain LUilt
reached his home at Yonkers, New
York, on Monday evening last, where
he was met by his neighbomurs and
f1iiph with every deionstrat ion of
delight. Indeed, throughout the en.
ti-e routo fCroun Montreal be w;as ev
eirywiere hailed by vast crowds, who
went forth to iwet him with joyful on.
tratulations and honiest, hearty sym.
Tihe fl lowing is a list of the lost and
saved of the Arctic, as for as ascr
Total nurtiber of' passengers (250) and
crow 131 on huard of the A rctic, :38D
Taken, to tiebec. by the I huron, I t
Arrived Ut New York, by 1,b1e- .,c.
anol11, 1I
Ily the two heats lt St. Johii, 45
ly hw Ctinbia 1L, !t Quebec, 10
Thera Jrojree lmiits as yet, un
heard Cone of these, which was
W yi e with water and pro.
'1isinsAcre the following named oer
Mo, (orley. 1st, pijeer, )fr. U; ra
oam, .1111 do. Air. Blro WI, 1st Wisst.
eng. Mr. Willet, :"d do. du, John
Moran, fireman, l'atritc Mecuricy,
di4'. Mr. 'I lioiipson, eligineer, Tiiis,
Widde, boatsw',1 Mr. lingers, viniel
en'gr M r. Walker, 'd zJ.st. Cg, Dan.
t'enielly, Iiremwiali, J olm 1.a'lli;gan, do
Ar. lelly, eilgiieer.
There were 1l> less tdiea sixty
40ne w4ion :m1111d iiileteeln childoen, oi
board the Artie, inot ole. of whoi
w.ih saved, ;is hJ~r as iIItelligecIe has
reached Us. TIhie life insuiiranzce ollices
o New * oo h city siifer to th, aiimount
u oisI.,y touiatdil dolars by the loss
o li fe wi board the Atetic.
'lh Aretic was Ibilt inl Now
York in 11P50, by William 1U. Ui*rown,
and was coinsidereCd as statniceh a vessel
as was ever construeted. She micasired
250U t i s register, and cost, 700,00.
Th ship ;aIud machinery were insured
for 5.10,000 by various American
insurance co panlies, and it is under
stood that the were also inl Etngland.
The cargo waii nsured fo. over **300,
000, principalily in New York.
The French steamer Vesta, which
mlie in collision with the Aretic, and
was supposed to have immediately
gone dowi after the crushing collision,
arrived at St. 3oha's, New lrunswick
on the :1hi 1lt., ill a stiattered con
ditiono. The k-esla belo'higs tO11 one of
the Wealthiest, louses of' Grantville,
which equips vessels fir the fisheriei of
New unidland. She went to St.
I 'ierre with ia 1oad4 of salt, andh~ was
retnaillg to J:rzunee witlh one hundredl
:ni forty3 seien passe1Igers, (Ijsherion~e
and14 salters,) anid twenuty of' the crew.
A t the tion:e ;f' the accident, the Vesta
was travelling at the rate of ten knots.
iteriorhy shet has eveni bieen worse
hand led thani the A retic, for her bows
wVere Iliterailly carriedl away; lhut the
ivision ofl her hiuld In to comalpartomunts
saved lher'. Thei water which was
precipitated by the birge opeinig into
the Itorwazrd partj of thei sip wazi'
arrestedl by a cornarutmoent of plaied
iron Thea- V'est'i carri,-s u riu ten in
inicieabhe trace-s the history of the
noaval drama in which she' played so
ter'rible a part.. lHer hold4 ipeni to
the light, andi one of her miasts brok
en, telIli how violenit, must, have beena
t~he ctollaiin. liut what tells znore are
the boa5t, sidets of heri ir'on co mart
nments, ini which shte still carries pieces
of' wood( fromi the Arctic--the lasL iand
micieeoly rtniaint of 'tl~hi magnif i
eent, ship. Thse V'ehta lost in the col
Iisioni thi rteen oif her meon, who, seizedl
with f'ear, either threw thoemse~l 4es into
the seat, 4or were in the boat, destroyed
by the Aretic..
Wreck of- thie Arlic.
INTF.REiTING~ P'iisO),Ar. N'A4i4Tj~vE OF
I was a passenger on the A retic.
WVe hadl beent out froni Liverp~ool sev
en dlays, aund were in about longitude
5'2 degrees, and somuewbore abouitt fif
ty or sixty 11niles oil Cape Race, onl
the coast, of Newf'ounodlanad, when, the
drieadlful occurrence took place on
WVednesday, the '27th Sept.
D.urina the. day up to the tazm., .
L110 accuCil., tll) weather had been
quite foggy, aild I WLJ solnewhat as
tunished iand alarmed several times
when on deck, seeing the weather so
thick, that I fiteied not more than
three or four of the ship's jengths
ahead pould be seen, and she going
oil at full speed, without any alarn't
bell, stcan whistle or other signal be
ing sounded at intervals, in some such
nannmer as I had been accustoned to
in a fug on other vessels.' At about
-15 minutes after the meridian, eiglht
bells had been struck, and while sitting
in any state. rount in the fbrward cabin,
tile earnest cry of' a voice on dock
(who I at the moment took to be tile
man oil the look-out,) to 'Stop her,"
"stop her;" "A steamner ahead," was
lieard with alarm by anyself and all
others in th o bin; at til) Suane time
the 1nan giving the 1alri pould be
heard runi:ing off towards tjle engine
rooan. I stepppd 0pt of any state
room, :p;1tj while endeavorinlg with
Mr. Couk, 11y ru0i aitte, to C11h1n the
exeteainenat ialOJg the ladies in the
eabin., iand before the 1nan - giving the
alarm oaz deck had reached the enaginae
roo1, we were ad4p aware of* the
coleussioln by i soiiewhat slight jelr
to o11r ship, accoapanaied by a crashing
noise agiaist tie -starboard bow. It
wait a molient of awe and suspense
biut I think we all Iseeied to satisfy
ourselves that thle shock was slight,
and that as we were on so lalrg and
stronig a vessel, and no serious dain
age had happened, or coiud well hap.
pe[n to sueh a ship, ill anl occurrence of
such a nature.
W ith such a reliance ol, nY own
in1-l, It iany rate, I was very quickl
oi deck, and inl detacliud, necounlts
froni other passeigers, leltratie - that
a screw stieur, w1itha al .ail sep l'aI
struck us oil tile sprboard ho, ad
ningaft qjur 4;rboard lmel 11
w hpel-liuse, struck her again, :nd -,he
hIa-seC kirll astern, of' us couf' sigh i,
n ined aitply, ii a thick frg. I sw
on the first glance at oir huhwags
that, all ws right with u but iistant
ly le-gn t gVi t lrlred frin our
carUCeinig over oi i the siln we hIbl
been struck, as well ats rlelt the Call I
fior the passengers to keep on t ie port
side. I undiJod, alsop, at tis timLle,
that onie of, (ur111 boats had been cleared
away amid lowered with our first of
licer aid si of the meln, to render as
sistance to the other vessel, and that
our ship was making round in senarc
of her also. I saw Captaini Luce on
thbe padldle.bom, gi ing orders in ole
wiy aid anotler, ai1 :nost of' the of
ficer.: a:id 1iaen runining liere aid there
Alon de'ck, gettiing ilito anl evidenat sutte
Sa larm, wihut seeniig to inow
what, was tEi be done, or applying
their cnergies to any &-nie thing iml par.
ticilar, except in getting the anchors
aid other heavy articles over Oni to
the port silLe of th ship. I ipnI;ed
over the starboard how and saw sev
eral large breakis in tie side of our
ship fIrom eight to twelve ur fiurtecen
feet abaft the cut-water, and
convineud that in tlle ten qr fiftepa
iniittes little our wheels were f'urther
ibmierged li the water thaii usiual.
Our ship seemed to rightlaersel
SOuewhat, after g'ettnlig the deck weiIhLt.
upont thle larboardro, but it, wats 11t
evident, tip ,Jpt, leu1ce isla
well as all barnds, were bemon.inai
atware - our daiger, aid from ie
tremendiiiIo'us volimie of' anie ei'
tharowna out, f'romi our stearn pumllps,'I
wvas couinaeed we were miaking wIater
al a *$'ada rate. Th'en camlle in f'ull
senitmgi a Ins herredn spLctacl~e;
the whole of' her' buw. f'or at least
It) f'eet. abamft, lher' eitwater, was liter
ally eniglied away, legring to allI ap.
p :aate un oai pen intrance for I ih
sea; and haow~ she laid r'elnainedJ abiove
water for' so) man~y minultes seemea~d a
mystery. [ier deck~s were covered
wi th peopj.le, ot allI her szWils op n4 I
tltrot of lher' iags geie a'et, We
mereh'lyiassed he'r aeggiio, andl wie wa
mi le'ss thiap a Ilite lhid ini Liih) iog,
but scaryLmy out of' sight, wlfig wei
heard a ri.ye fromll her deck a loud :and
genoraf wail of' tnoqninag and lamenci
tationi that told uts of' their burial e
maasse. I shouild tihjijk there were at
leatst 200 souils ona the deck of that
allip. It wais jst, previouis to, or
the sauue, that, we thuas emln in sight
of' antd paissed her that our wheels weti
over two or three separate individuials
in the water, a-s well as a boat andl
crew who laud evidenathy left, the tther
ship I' b r safet y on oiurs.--n~ae san
only weo piecked upl, tan ubi weatheri.
bieat,ein Frenph f'iiheraauan, whq, haavina
leaped fromt the smaill boat, baefo shac
wvent, under our wheel, ciaghtm a rope
hianig f'romn our shaip, anid was finally
pulled on boar'd of us, anid fromn whoml
we learzne4 somiethaing of' the otha
er v'essel.
Captain Luce hand, by the timae d4
our comaing in sight of' the Vesto, be
com s conavinced of' our owan eritical
situati(Um, thait, our only3 or best eceii~~
was to keep, under headway as fat as
possible towards the !land. A deep
scated thoughtful look of despair be
gan to settle uponm every --cotlmtenance
-no excitement, but ladics anid chil.
dreni began to collect on deck with
anxious and inquiring looks, receiving
nto hopo or consolatio.n, wife and hus
band, father and 4aughter, biother
aind sister, woild.wcep ill each other's
embrace, or kneel together imp'oring
Almighty God for help. Men. would
go about the decks in a sort of bewil
dinent, as to what was lpft to be
done, now laying hold of the hand
pumps with re-doubled energy or
Wit sickeninmg elfort, applying: their
ppwer to the haumling of' freight out of
tjo flrward hole, already fluating in
Water before the lower hatches were
opened. System of management or
concentratiun of eflbrt was never com
menced or applied to any one object.
Two separate inelflctual attempts to
stop the leaking iby dropping It sail
down over the bow were made, and
the engines were kept working the
ship ahead towards the lail, but inl
the course pf an hour, I shlidd think,
fromi the time ofthp collisluI, the low
er furnaces were drowned out anld the
steam pumps stopped. Then it seem
ed to become only a1 4iuestioti "f how
miany hours or minutes we wouwld be
above water,
The lirst oflicer, with his bola's
crew, we hail left behind from the
lirst. The seconld oflicer, With a lot
of the sailors, 1111 lowored another
boat, atid ld). tile mhip, 4!)d a general
scrambling smvpsged to be going Cii
to wlo shcitild have plgees in the onlv
tLwoi reimainming huats that I saw on decK-.
The stern tacilin; of;tiother had giv
ell way from 11h0 wigLt of person n
it while it was swinging over.. tihe side,
anld I thinj scveral must have been
lost with that. I saw one lady hain
ing t( the how tackle of it aI'ter time
Qtern h4d broken loose. . One of those
still remaiping was n.large one on the
imei-Ler-deck occupied by iadies and
dhi hldream, and sonic - few gentlemen.
ItIe, other w'as on the upper deck i.
ward, andm inl tie possessiols of a lot
1f lireumcen.' Things were in this Coll
iLion at about' -two burs after the ac.
Cidetit.. CtIqaitan Luce w-as superin
tenlding theLi lowerimng of spars and
yards, aided mostly by passengors, for
tihe- purpose of imaking 4 raft, and
complaininig that all his olicers 1n14
mmem had lf, himit, Muil, of O w
met amid childrein were collected roun4
the boat on the inartor deck, seeming
ly resigned to [heir fate. Some iw
getilemeni exertintg all tiheir power to
prevail oi others to work on at time
putinps, but all to no pir ,ose, slip pyt
gm g nVg in qimutntity a. go'adily ts
tuime progrescse.
The iegiies had stopped working,
aid I, seeing that the Chief A'agiaeer,
with omi e of his asauls andireuyp;
/4d goI then-ward b1at in the Water
Over ly tlic how, uider tihe pret'inoe I
saw of working at the cntivass, which
wm langitg over the bow, so as to
sink it dowmn over the leaking places;
but, seeing, its I thought, symptums of
their rlt ,ittioq p tLill' from ths
ship without, t) miany in the boat, I
dropped tmyself downm near by them
otn to a simall raft of three planks
aboult, a fi it wide each, and tenl or
twelve feet, og, and m inch int thick.
iess, lashed togethler w ith sIe ope
:m i 0 imhansikes. :an1d whicIh I had(1
jnst previmusly hlped tq lover iito
the ui ter ihr the puLrpo(se ofl workingmu
froem at,~~il time howi ofi thie sip. Pitnd.
iing it, ibre me up I shioved off, inteni.
dimng to get malongside of thme engneer's
beoat, bt aq I shoved oil' several ifire
inien and' ijuc or' two pH (u f /e4s dro~p
ped vIhnenc into f/se boati, thce pnyimcr proi
ti ting aginibt thceiring so11/ . ad ati the
sameC time jntis/Ed? off1 andl pulled u'ell
au-afoiu thiu sip , wiit about twieleic
or jaartr/e'e ersonls ii) his bouti, dlec/ar
iny1 to thiose ona huird, iii the .same time0.
thatlic hes noiny~i~ o~;' linit wiouil say
bcy th/ip td o I'he/ last. At time saiie
titine lie or those int thme bcot, with liim,
cotinimed to pitlhawa ini what, I ison
sidere.1 wams the dirtectioni of tihe
iland, anmd were in a few iitmites losit in
tihe fog. I now saw% there was nmo pro.
baedii chancue for lme but to remiaini
whlere I wats. on moy fraJi 1ittle raftI',
muntil I commi .see sortse ,bcetter chanmce
after ori befobre the ship wvent down.
She hamd n ow settled downi to the
wheel iouses. Thesc upper flun 4ebus
hadt for someC titne becen drowneiLd oumt.
IPeople Onl bomrd were doinig nothinmg
but, tirinmg signal gnuns of' ditress, trv
ing" ti fget saaovemrboard, and tenar
inig doers 01.f time hintges. Nut1ing else
.seemeld to perospat, itself frs a imeamns
of savinig time livos of .sotme three bun-.
dined sonik still ott beoard. I . have
cr'ossed thu Atlanmtiu ning ti~imes nwci,
anid netarjy eyery pr'evilus time have
hadt inl chamrge 01ne or lnmre*of my fami
ily or near relati~ves, but, no0w I thianmk.
ed ujy God that I had not eyen unm ac.
qjuaimtance with me, in this mupy ad ver'
smty, I tighmte'ned up mhy little rafi, as
well as j cuud, so as ts. Wimlhstaind the
buffttings symd tatiiin of the heavy
rollimig sea, andh with time aidsf' a.h.ommg
narrow icee of kdlanmk which I tome ei
offrthe'othbusing it, as a paddle, I
kept hoVeirink Within 200 or 300 vnrds
of the sinking ship, wiatching oper iitions
there and keeping myself from beinig
drifted out of sight so us to have what
company there might be left oti ruts
like my own, after our domoed vessel
had sunk benevatih the surface. In this
position I saw three d;j-rent 8mall
rofts like my oten le(ave t e ship, one oj
themn with three and another with tio
of the jiremen stininy erect on them,
the third with the old Frenchman we
had already piakc4 tip, and one of
the mess boys of the ship sitting on it.
Tlesp three rafts all drilpd close by
ma, so near tijat I was hazilled by one
anid another of them, with the request
fr s all usto keep near together, to
which I ipsntWd, but told then that
we hiaq illi bettpr try antd keep by the
ship till she went down. At this tine
I noticed that. the large boat which
bad been on the quarter deck was itn
the wer and was. beingfi-eghted pret
tyfuelly to all qppearance with several
females und a good imwnber of males,
and that the rafit of spars wai at the
same time being lashed togetder and
several getling on it. I nIticed, also,
a conple of large empty water casks
lashed together with five men , on
then), appai'ently passengers, leave the
ship, tnd-driling towards ine ; wIdle
within abotit fifty yards they capsized
with the force ot a heavy swell, giving
thehe liviigfreight an almost immo.
diate water grave. Three of them, I
tioticed regained the top side of the
casks only to tie immediately turned
ovel again, and the casks separaiting I
saw i.o more of them.' My heart sick
entd at so mineh ri ionidi~3' death,
and still I almost longed tW lqpip hnei
one tluetri1fo, at lith in illstant, 11n141
as mw.ar a. 0 can jFudg at' abouit 1 1-2,
the ship began to disappeair, stern fo.re
mst ; she entered illider -the surfhee.
her bow rising- a- little q9 she. sldwly
wen6 iaor, and I distliatty heard the
gurgliig 11n1 yushinig squttd of th 11 .p
Let- lilling her cabiis . from stern to
Stem ;11' sie , went, umdr, talsnig, I
soLuld thiijk, froi thirty seconds to q
niiunte ill" disoog, with ap;rge
limuinber df-people-still upoil her 'duck.
Tius weLt down the noble Arctic
leaving nothing behind but a mixture
of fragmetits of the wreck and strug.
glinig ilhimnan beings, I saw ine large
half round fragnmiet 14rst, above the
sirfnee and several of the stru-gg ilng
fellow-mortuls get on it. This and
the aft, ofspars. witil several oi it, anid
the boat, f1ll of people, was all that I
could ldistincotly make out as bein
left in the neighblorhood of where the
ship went down to windward ; and
the thrOU bmtall ratIs to leeward, along
yith lily own, were left to pass the
itight, InPw begining. to elosp inl ujpoi
:01(l hide away from sight.. I wishi
could remtove from lily Illenory this
dreadful day-but, such a night of ex.
treno melancholy, desppir, aind utter
lonelineas, I hope I shall never again
experience. I had, it is true, become
liniliarizo4 with death. and felt qg if
it w4yjl4 hp great relief to go jIIIPeldi
ately like thie rest; and for thiq eui I,
with soie-what ofsatisfaltion, thought,
of a phial of laudaiinum in miy pocket
previo-mly intended fbr a better use;
but, oh ! how unprepared was I to see
my Cod, and, for ily ftamily's sake.
how necessary I felt, it was for me
still to live a whiilu jniger, pse I would
h4ve .impti)& that, phtial or rolled over
thte side of' 'Iy plhaink ifus, willigly.
'he might was cold andi chillyv. The
d pnse J,,g was saturiting mrty ales
wet clhinitg. I was st.aniin to ti
anble s in th14 water, witL the waves
ernwaid then washing tmup
vethe kniees ; no hope ini my mia
of' beiigdrifted to the land, and imp
part of thbe ojcan where it is expected
a thick r-ig conmitually hepnge &ver
the suatimce, p.rocluding clhe hope of any
chance vessel, in passing nteaLr us, be
ing an are of' 0our situatiti-al Idcea
Sinnees seceed to say, it, is 4 us
tion of how liong the physical framae
c'an endure tis pierishuing state, or how
long becfore a inorve boister'ous sea
turns over or separates the slightly
fiist.-nied jionksi-. Thus reficting,
I offeraed up to flimt who ruleth the
windsI alnd the waves--to Ilimt moy
heartfelt, prayers. .
Rtelieved: and con~soled by this mny
last petitioni, I wV9s somelwhat -enply.
resigining it4gself fj await, miy tin i as5
long as my strength and po~wer of, p.
durtaince could hold out, whena I discov-.
ered1 close by im-eI a 1tge squalre bas
ket, lined with tin, floating lightliy by
mnu-one of thou.stuwards' dis4~ bagets
it, r'oved to be-and, paddlhinug ~,to
it, I got it o; boardl, im14 with thes help)
of a smai~ll piece of rope I had r'ound
mny shoulders, lI ashed it pretty firmtly
otn top of the pJenk,:thuh not only teu
ding to maglusi'y:.xaftatoro secure
but adfording mno a cpmparatively dry
place to Sit on the edge of' it, and witii
my fe'et, Inside," formauing a shelter for
niy legs utp is high a mty knet's.Af
ter getting alhl.hi auranged,-and whalle
sitting aind Watehig tov WLatW to
the wecighut on the rue 1 wai.-iu
surprised ,g h
agamist tie side-of -
proving to be'a 4aill lip.-Ji
a part of a set orstai
preserver, I sieze4 l
ditional tokei or tfie R,,f'av
protecting Prov!denc,,q
I cut out one end af"It tl Iny
pocket, kmife, and founid'it'ais'Mered
tihe purposo o' wiaqt rabove intiIj"ig
else I the; needed-a balinig p6 ni.l
by which I was enabled W Tke'ny
little shAelptr clear of water, ano sd$
eptable ts a proteetion from th/6*1618
aid 4anp blast, did I fid this ,i4t0lI
low housi, that I isoon tbiuii!T Allf
earamped down into th113 insidd tlids
keefping not only mly feet and legs, bit
the lower part of my bodys6methia
warm, ll this sort of situat:diiej4oro
away the .cdious'nighty and the blre
ing dqwu relieved to mny sight nogjIng
brit the thick mist the un:easEgrlan
waves, and my own little bark-SNo
a single vestige of all that the :.'Ii
closed upon was now to be seen
About, raidday the sun cleared awai e
mist, and the heat of his rays Was tnr
ly grateful; but. oh how desojhte in
its very 'cheerFulness spoi'ej tfb 06s
peet he thus unf&uid.- .
whole broa'.expaanse bfi iwatsi
sa1 Could bLr :eet" hothit ng 4Nvo thq
'igures of the itwo firemen, abo y
half a mile dietant, .till standina orey
and showinig :themselves at, 1ievais,
as every 'heaoavy swell would
tin anaits. rcst. I had not' yet fdl
either Iqqger or- thirst, 'ovh el
was truly thankifi1l, fure su -
hjandful of dry broken'crackers in
hat, which I felt determined to
to the last, and of course no
dreaded the cravings ofeither
Tile diy wore onl still. e
a)ut an hour before nilt.ightfivl'A
the Lvo fireiricn, (withip haitling
:tance of whom I lad worked
'Way a1gainl.) discovered far to
Uthti v'ship tinder full sail, broad
side towards .s, but it Yas w4h a
hopes of sucejoss i-h11t I lutisteid any
handkerclief, tied to the tcud of the
strip qf woI was using as i paddi,
the firemien (Joing, 111e
shora erkitece of wood in, their. posses.
sion. The ship at oai6 1iauoa.iti.
ced, laid -to, or altered her course fur
a sionent, giving us a happe tat she
had dIverd soi ihiig ; bu, the
might closed in again, and with it all
hopes of a resei.
I passed this night inl a doz'ng, dreary,
shivering, half-senasible sort of stAte
with all so.its of Iancies beforo ma1V
drowsy and somewhat disordered
mm1ind, and nl sorts of pieturos-in my
wakplaal -m;ien ts, hoth oft a pleasing
and revolting character, floatir be.
lore Imet on tie dark sairfgCe -of, tho
water, Now and t!an datrin h'S e
aughlt I Iacied iyseif h;1'led kg ,%t.
on surrumdig pa;rties, conyinbedi44 I
was at the. saine time tlata noneo.jthers
were within hailing distance but the
two firemen ; my disordered .atidy,
however, kept mae for iuore than ;hhlf
.tile night in an agreeable state*of. x.
:citemten t, under the firm belief, tliat
coam panies of boa ts -eWs4 were ohs te
search fitr us, and m)(tst h*lstily di i
answer every fancied or real sl'nl'
The - morninm dawned aai 6%
with its horrid seeno ol*despair atthe
gl1oomy paospect of the sameo donso
taggy atmaospherp. 11o and thq fuly
developing tQ viY the same
prct lignre s daninga uhout opirte
rolliqg surf, aand in I;y selfish ibefali
py I hegailld witif urgyself tliht I
Wtaamd nidairo si ill daurimig thier 4y,
seeing thuat may two coanpanio:4 qre.
obliged to be onl taa ir feet s apportlpg
eachl other in a very p~c~reaoumdek.
inag hack-to-back attitude, wee1l
still to exist. I felt a lip p igiy
thais miornmiug and eat half n s
While waamng mysyelf bty abi-4e ro
hoau-s p.ddling up towards teg r
ing which tha. log pat tially -cyg
awaiy,ad while sdose tollo .ia~~ l
Igecamea exciteJ at, the .i~ At .i~il
far to the south, as I thoughbut
broadside towa. ds uas. .,.e g
Like the One 0n the previaaidji I
had little hope qfjt her jglh
nearer, hut diaeng determided;i*.,Ive
ho ettirt untried which.anight, innsWJy
attra<t their nlotice, 3. Mfkifped tnyel
and takin~g off my shirt tied.,ithlwho~~h
sleeves to~ the wnd of: my >pdIIJ andI4
with muy handarkeaircien g uultalL~rip
of woodj tied tn ,bordS, i 3IweJ~ I -
had st tolerablhy conspicuoumasig 'y - Autr
waved it-to anid lfro:N m1 ometh n13 -~~
hour, until thme shaip.wvaar aacaly;a4yld'
sight-.-and jus6 as I haid lotergde~ in
pit tsr haopelvssness, vte aili desurindu, at
the same inustant,, nhuaeloppoqsig4iec.
tiona, &fufhr jAai I ,byjg uij-,st -
enaterilg, as si woe -ia y~ Jf a~Ufd
thatp n.0,9 aaag it
trrumpl4 I; ,arpl pka
liea LtJwgr .'Reysea Lr'.
. eelmgaarg,,ut, pst, ht
flas tciaap~ltadgg t ' 44It
began to meom mm m~ .

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