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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 08, 1854, Image 1

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so un n thenahRas-$21N ADVANCE
SUMIT ERViL LE, S.. N0 EnMBERt 8, 1864. - NO. 2
ll think
Ye., wh .n thu t ar.; are N1,1i1h 1 i .1 :!.
qliet I-ky,
And the .v-erv moon e il b . e : .
Theh with pleasure 'ii "az .h i.I. .
While every th 6Xt i, :. n thwe
lily love.
I'liin ,hai hee,
Ye.s, n hen I reclhic at ve t .I,
Vith a heart all ladea vati enro
Again will Ihe! lhou!.glt il. II lily breast
Of the Mss E*4* mo )ovely, so lair.
Il tlhink of ,
Y .4, tough r tu ' witi hi. uW . . a
S Ia will (1 c
Indbb; Ilal y hepart.
* rhen rorithe Siaeir lDannjy
wtf ~ ~ ~ II( socl yunwadyt with IIh
bcold, minal cariag ,an danua-s
14urm11, whlich mly mem~llory III % ournoI*I4t
. outh and hetter davs iii m:Lih-iiid cal
too Inilld, that. ilithect ()f pi'x .till:4 I
like a w'und, w hlih then nnm. w%1 1iu
i ve dared infliet. Lc ..11 ear :' ':
i i1 .- have I aLt ince I s w thv lte
coni:: tied~l iII the . g.1 ' s ra I' w
nlo tneto inau k itS 1:a.t et l hah1 m:L
ta1tionl, not eye v (tnle ito si d a , a
ef -cirrow; yet. il miiezmr. 's driamsili4
see lie inov, eveln ili h1 elil h.,
hoefiil da i ; t Ic i(- ardenit. 1,
.8111me stil lent. Lihe (tom sl rd all
enmy 41,11% thy at~s: ;111 agni hevri
1iiimdcap eat a oii y.N crew, thlt Spirit aI
pim bodlimeitr.t IIf bo i.sh) Inischilelr , ye
LesiaI Iirriow :ei1 mi elf were elie
inites togethelr, s!w. ri fritiid. ilul
rharters ini every ciihili jEI mt I - (
rowV, I houigiihfew (eoui]lit' be" lis I i
whoruimnatiire's- Stmp hiadt iiimde i i
ynarks. Lesal ic's was aL stiang ,.. as
7a ad temiper, qicke, bhl i
sinllteo in the defecec of trei.ct : ...**
w orthg generoicus Lce a hailt. wviuh a hlea
as re ady tio tuet at a taue of soerrowl :
oman'shI ill hetr softest hour.'--tc
keenly sensitive. to baittle with ti
orld. A z~ind tooe was lhis cetm whir
sniiusa had set its indelible-inpresio
what tQ fhers was.gaind' bcy sloew it
chough aellowved atr
* tfm~e~i~ umbeer,3voiuld~ev
ett'1Ilairro~w's childhoo,
hfulso'iqshrt, and chaeg ii
%Fend to csharacterik
~ ie childdf, ginius,
i) i ll g tes there w
tee, we entered ecalhe
th4 bcrillIiangt and in
~se f-w fltter, my eopitiaphl mi
soon et ~ kl e rieutationi foar
'S cinb Ndteeded imu anid a'
$at ancaeig honors~~ ; lm
p#l is sulpremiale-y, atll emI
ic1(ted . for him ani glirih
ird venerable pro fes5sors pt
'ln .as the future st~iteismanll ii
41f%;k 9tehing with a broth
Siat hbiis course, had lust
Glit~rreuut by,
ut Leslie at timnes, wi'b
~~th .hism yemy~, au mel
$' t d~wm te t.
'0 fit woiids 'LL4 -6 -q Whit.-l
U. I' kd prev'ioul?'y ibecti ,f itl
)ilithi ug ni' 'o than~i usut. .vm anitic
jtu~d. Thei) speaker himself41 seenil'e
atlioring uindu.r at terrib~ We maiarrits.
1atlvi dedi lily pl iir tiv('raprtild hi
hue,. Ulid eye-Oltil Should have bui'ie
i'LO tVa liro, %%-is wavering fin vi
* s-an tht~ oice,- ktligly lprerot'i
"Yer, JISUW~b se 0 n Si
fietso iiiienlt were'i perhapsi~ tho Iio
ryiiig I over ;icd, for thrmugh
eci.liig-oC d&eV-YuIipz4thy Ithad Well'
ied'4 in se- r~jiLw~~tt
It tteitiott and inb t1r' all his pitng_
WVithlit suddein start ttho . s.eiher
LI iLujtle i-chaluired. my altentive 1v%
1.311 f'o11'1vell his, as it striived to)
I liv eleict split.1 k. wfi hili' i
I 'oft eyes Itookei love to eyes, thich Spak
A\ fxir 'ti watid ~itt110 o have' wViotgl
1 11 lii 1.n ttni' .9tOOL iu' l Zi all hi
St icugth
Behoild %% hat fire i4 in hlis eye, whvit Irvor a
his t'
T'taa -,triots; Imrst of tviageI'. wurtls ! -m
-u- in 1, thc clea1r reply, tiw fill
in t ~ ,th~ tulicttila flwmt. I lie itwil
to s: lit I tI nw.,
* .icntettrasLeA' intellect iielditi
~ ~ . :. . tnce of* trut h.'
silitte diedL awa ;lnlitd betlous
Sil'Cdun I was itii l fiil, tit
01 1111 1' ViLO lIniiL%12 Igui i
ali! Initielt Lit'l t12av tile' lik ilt
- l i & r . 1 \ c ' llw i l i (~ is e
N ell, -Ie r'kttt iPintt-.
IlI~.4)1t-el ait.Svi
noUs ta ; ould B01. Ud i -
I it: 1.1 I c r. fllii. - ill -; a. I lilt lanc1e isa
-.~~~~ ,n - ;,-,IIIi%: 1:1
It- .1 , 1 had .a11Isi! it b lill but ;
1'~~~~~~1. !i iwlllt !I IIiItt' tiit I
tioit;iit I Il-.- .t it t :Ill aillwat itt
:l jII p2tl , cd hI.' I gll f 1 t:ie ' ii Iii' iij
I ICAI :Ivi 15 ; I ti r'Ls4 I 1141 1 f lIt
I lilt I it! t liv 'il l ttld l iliI mitl
r'tiif Ins h1cre wasi nothinig ini.
Voi ds, but tho icolicrent ineug q
it delircum, tp ine there wasbn ir
i. these earflil hours, learful, beisu
hey were his lust and it) be drea4
J at foreshadowed the indgontent tooniT
when reason ha '.er thron ai
:(-L its Sway, a ..'by sone Upi
i n power, the scends 1lh .0
.-aryeer seened to flouat in viip
X( ..t-. di )em red brain I
d death bed parting with the
rent he had ever kniowti-a fIt &W
ioving intother, whol died c'er.
loss cou14 know, and then r4n
hirining eyelids, now turtbned "
expre.,siui of childisii innocei
warm toar drops fall. Ag
e s0cIl rotIin ' scenes andfia 1i bd
a hood's pIe) ul niiods, I he i
v 1al po 'in long forgotton na ' e
tie col leg: ays and thlen, ei f, sp'
his vision covered and4 1h Tst Al
lying Clii a wai seized in a hist ei
rraee. Fresi and vivid to my, men
ry uld lie recall them iall and oh, h1i
itorture racked his franne. ,;n. tl
I hread il his litfe is reuined .d [ sI
11 16111 in tll. cluniilel.-A lit the' n1 - ai
I 1 k1 tlihe piou'l tritunip1hl eN. k.ss
111111 his lipis ; t..eni With a ceounte
.11e1C, thaL, bigl foAr vacaicy, ci.igh hai
odhd o happileiss, he seimed againi
reailize il tie dream hiis; brilal hot
he gonile bride, tle second Chi.
halngis. liise the' encireling ivv, on I
LI-in, lie inireses (n her lip the st
A* love 1id91u tins toe receiv tie . cl
:aitilatif ons (if sylpathii n reni
ieni his own Nweet iint ratles
;hs kne'el and calls him . r ; agi
t(ie crtain h.ii y tli:LL'vcll th . past
rw i ald Ilit iteder lihhois snitt
Ii eisease, h-2ath hath.. died
*h.-rub Ih:aclc tp li aven, an ii .iara, I
e C Ciara,where is she u'n,
Withi he'r aniigel babee and ' a y
1 oi he suei'.r'er hiii li een
xhic.h lc, hii t %s ',ru up i
rit has taken w r
l hearis co ie
- o 1. , i e Eie ii t1j;.
everylip 1i11-.
11Aap oiiL IA tear ilt1 oi t;
TheY ti l3win. 'esi i n i
b w lii I ii se ni ien . ee l lih
t, ) w i.t sf eri tio ir e..hi ';, ai
Aili.I *Irlie'tl. 3 C eIin l' d1ti di i .
li-e nie trwh in re iiiale111
*:mi ilaL it, is t lie bl uenilei duity
-er- y , ic nuniy tern sueleantee I its Ii
-hine des. I hier~c a: u a worth' Iy a
ileliseeisih! e la oft uetll, ice1
jUlinoe w or iiir il!ig (l]urisi
'i aet their til. l.hed teir pri
iee i bsenie iS alwaa \'cl'3S ite
cdex1l e lf i l l the c l' a plaI'e
41 hiepher ie is l.iciI in weahih
.miee I i:p--. . se ni ini o e. w 1 :
\V e . ii we' t lse thrugh a vilai
e'arjian r'-- hiam . e'r. thle cl iik eel I
b ,hicksenat an'sievi l--thi vi inigel
say to ursebe1isflou ishig.
eani ihe oewi~eeer. W lor h.- ,joa
aC a' hii e:ver thi' s i h ase, tiihee.d
are growiV 'ng w'ce. ithyv, ande it ite soe,
lee leabits eel industryi' atiel m1orahltv.
Wh Ieie. it aL itiy or' vil age jiin'st
thle eolpocsie- eef this coursee-neele
a1- reehanti'' iiel and suppor'ts Ihle.
cin e thier forig lowin-thoiese w
elil, wil b le coeei'l leti lee go tee siti
Ith: pbai ice iec e who ace campiil
lii ed I ui Ieore oft chieiutuslanes
r'emiai. u i becomeele idle iand jnollis
-they will cease tee prioduce and3
cc ensumicers-ini a few r ears thley v
ce eiiebleg.aris. and "thieir chiiel
ignoranti~i and1( viciious.
Ifl there is any trutht in i the assert i
I1that we ought.le. as a nione l tee give
* cirell iee e tee dInh Ieestic naulii eturihi ii
I th.- facl is eqully~ triee with Iiied
,the ceeei lmn~tyc, lheothI are sucstaied~
, lie samuie argen4itl s. It' a iie'-rehi
a oeibl have ariongdim biii Substantli
*e'teries, let lituni by every'3 mleanis
3 ii irn)owere, supporteee andi lohere thce ii
it Cc-ine tile w~3eth their tlidce we
5'3ee', e'spechit.ly i:i thie,e im celi's
uh 'chl h-le miake Ibe gre:ulest proits,
iL is iundeniIile, thIat asi mi
C b~-e 313ne nire niahbyi, they al
e he'cennee ciieecre leuxuineg- gigj
di eeeer'~cant, wc ill deniy thatL aii tie
di (o lnxii'y daunys ahllon 41
Sgeatet profitls. The heit
e Itilporin g heege~ gnleeitiCectof lht
i:1-ial halt iimide ae'ticlees ef c'(ompletiti
z* sighiti le n wroneg, lieothI ais r
ii tue r~'chianiie andc c'onlmer 0'; ildt
di the ruiercheait woil liook liurthe'ii
is the oene: ieen eel Ithings, hie weel 11I
it thaet lie creossedt the pat of I his ee
rs miterIe'st by din g so. I et, the mi
d ebntt being dche ase to his owni doi
mud he tur b:lus mante in' unelormt
i4 it; suppose thait every individwal whi
a posse.e the means,- and, who uses i
; his firmily f1bur or live hundred dollsi
wirth of'goods per aninlll), should, ii
dof .ying tjhin a'tA retail,.go
t. some city bsholesalo esttul)itiliimer
eI an1d purchase his year's -siupily
Id would ie notr in 'itterness condemot
tr such an illiberal codrse, and woud.h
d ot Lto hiiit wIth u hah6howY
Y~~ ~~~ 4V g 1
l A fl t , !66onelwf- 6
W.1 jroportyj4hcF~~i~ Js~ tli
in ~seabove & need could. ihe, fi
0e 41ni0 A saini t 6t' mnerchar
e n 1et all classes stippar
y each"Otherkumd by muttial exchan-ec
in keepftha tK'vealth at hine1to, which
te .necessal x~pended abrioiad, tend -t
ii debt roy the tusiness (if yoir neighhui
id and which in turn destroys your owr
D. . iots.
w In an article, under the above iear
to the "Presbyterian" has the fllowin
Ssesible reinat ks. We not otly cop)
but, eidorse tihtm. We in ust hav
i eqal rights and equal privileges,
Ce ay rate, in a cuint ry .*f ii vil' and .r
to ligious liberty.
ir. ThIe Jesidts in this cunitrv at
. II pI-ying : singular, iftoit dat igerou
J rr
I Sa lae. IIThey teacht thetirt igit n ia t vi,
titns to resist everyting which ma
appear to nilititte inst the onis
Chureb, and when the violent spi
it they this tister breaks 'orth in o)
ra'e, and calls forth a ear respninitiit
rsistan te, they, with sanet in Iiott it'll
eli. l'rontLry, ehiplinil 1ha the Wi e )1
!S seectted. It Newark, it P.otestit
pr1 oces.-iot plassing )eaceabily al
the street'ts. is tired puti by i oninit.
wh o ta ke rinkItie in a cbtapel. ad in r
I h Ite clapt -i is t! -.-i mce . nit is
oenitom' InI New < trieanls-a 'n1(1
by :a m-h-ea "th iti <r
alilil, and .. ross it . II
S i .' at 'heiti-ur y .., * '- 1 i ; eis
in at wit h Il the Il- anv~ d iea l
:rc he at14 lti'' otuct a tis s u
Sist ..s r e mutag, it wou~ '.ld h e t I
itiow t h e lt re '-a :0 ceniIt iti n starine
n tse g ncLy.rej li ti
lt a tael reublin(Psue rI di
t Iii or C ah s t..rn s S st~ ( )I* I,: 601). 1ps
ndt i a c Suo dtiIr t leria
t irie (sey Itt yi j i . and o'f it.
hi . fc t l tho tii ig f'opery. Itwi
itt iisgu li! ti e Iitji it! iie :1- 11i h L' r :1- I ha.
Y. t do h trehalase h
a l lattere Ilait ir k)sin ol' re cigin,
wLte ani(;a in who 1scsato laexistali Phi.
has reveale itslvn lis.Itbye;
i h ntIII, s d e ro i pihu ih'd t o. a n d ti it.
OUt 1. we iiity~ lfi t 11olttc~ I o, ttcx
reol vedit ril t irn o fa it opt lit a ultrsi . i
t itretari , I t h e, it 7" ;t retli r
Mat ii e worlld1 d1a,it 1 hary s l 411i .4ll
lit itin wi hied il the nitobs re hil 14i1da
leros pne.
he Ecislus ~~itw.)t.lelt~li
he \ it er S ini tihs h i Im :epn~s- h Prft
si i o ts the 1r uo ~ila.ut iisthusc Cpa
ru if thre eit ial to rp to nd trhond hiti. i
i wr e i )cn.s b lyern'i.iite wop rte ti
cibb'.ml o hors to iakew nh e ba ratofesh
u hs tiendishle maiesy h~si' itn ism
s.utesde aill tot he iAbh' . eeins tof h
gomn nia tju. sithningin theirusten ita
ci iy hired otfc thr i ndiy? tihie pr i u '
. r iitr.h's i i paguet*i expresisifr. anntoytn
,g --w e , if wt.e m.l iy be peiii.t tedI
diestte d erm fratnity of~t a ewsu.i
n) lne aorsu ichi's otv ndi-dl wnho nit
ts - Cheilnep redi inno antt iiy hi av iie derut
hto zi'or ht-co itral hati l~ejtpe, alir
~ t 'iti ir the sidrld tha g any th-:il -,lasi
hei itniurnat ithe wida-spread ctalnit~
heavin. lThi .01C y ( seelmct to inons
vaont asiiiyg ptoo'c mnhin ehlf of tr
it tter, aO iiti iitto ur thrad , e i tifa
it dernt jitrti the polasthitufesntd (~ii
courselt ist tir ire onbe pretd that 1il
hac] lf oh t he whtlol ma upo to it ofust
ror- m nlhcIAeA t'ited .ushecei.tl isa
cin seeraol .Elorn) periodOO ais n a
a we th ive :-n olas.y n h r
From the Works of Bishops Taylor, South, Hall,
Latimer, anq otAers.
Gravity. i.s the -.balliat of tho soul.
Learning hath gained most by those
) books by which tho prifiters hl-ve lost.
He shall bo immortal who liveth
ill he bu stoned by One. without fclult.
Is.there no. wily t brin home1 a
wandering sdq,9 b by, worrying, him
Modeniutfiis the sillen srii1
r Autnintg through the peart chain of all
Hope is lke the wing of- im nnyel
t sring up.tq lteav.en, and bears our
t. prityers to the throno. ot God.
Memory is tlo treasure.house of the
1 minld, wherein th6 mo onuments thereif
areaictpt and preserved.
Libraries are as theshrincs u here all
the relics of the ancient. saints, full of
true virtue, and that, without delitwmin
or- impostuire, are preserved ard
, reposed.
Pleasures in genoral is he. appre
, heinsis n sif a silitalle o:ject, suitably
Y applied toi.it rightly dispoed acihuly,
C a d ss ilist i-C Conflvers-ait, bth ab(It
i the tatculties (f the body aud 1A the
sold respeciely. t .
As (g a's the waters of persecution
are uponl the earlth, so losnIgr we dwell
i the arli, but where thu land is dry,
the -dsve itselh will he teipnlted to a
wanderigr o urseol life, and Ie.va'to
rettin to the house to.rr a-.Ifety.
h Tromi tile hegiiis.g ~I tile wourld Ip
lhii dily, tlire wasl never uny great
villany tac ted by moen, but it was in Lt.e
sgrengtih of some great lilaev put
upon tlheir iiniiids hy a false represen
tation ofevil for giood ir g iod fior evil.
t i W it i isseeth athingj so vei-atile
dmutorppaI.g in so mnaly
Sshapes, s many pis ures, so mnany
iarbs, So var-ious, y apprehtided ny
several *ee and judgmentis. that it
seiLelli n . -siar , s1 a a clear
T T. rirt, t,:iii tot
snak ertat of I Is v %t i
sh11 b- b0, It ..m , IT. t c I ini . or
cuonemtting thle aotil l an IrrI.eg lar
ea-t, but ulp :aid stirliing; In winter,
ki 'Itsn re thu -oid "t ;.ny Iell awake
11lVer. as 4,11 wih te bild thlat first
- rses, 4r t iti :artldir, Io read
till the :s in be wear, r 11110ry
have it:. n r h -.
I Th1e Follieui ot G icat .en.
r, Tycho) Birab, thle as-timnomer.
I changed cosIl aind Ili-. l'gs sho k tiln
n Idr h1 ini, at. the ight of a FOx lor a 1
I hlr. Dr .iohson-~i wotuhl never ent r*
i a in with his left 6141t firemost. I,
Sli y istake, it did get m fi r-t. he woul.
S tep ba(k, and .11 lce his light !bowt
a foemot. elis Gsarwas ans
- < nvuld by th somdil sof thiuidr.
I. analwavs valited to ""et into a ec-1l1r,
or untler roudil. to csta: t ilh- dreadflul
n I'll. o en e is eth, the sip11l
w41rd ' death " was fld of ::rror-.
iE Tlleyrn treibe :mnd
S eb1:mg1ed codlor fin he-aring th,, word
Ipirs.tnsilit'c. . Kl arsh.ldl I '.xe, wh o slit'
uani mvert rew oppafsini armies. fh-d
1a1Ol sere uune 1n tirris at. the sight o
1 eat. e ihe Gient cnild never be
e per-wa0' t;) ers :I bridg ; and
thush' he truie. It inister th'e terrorr
hetieito sil o0. Wsheneuver lie set
f ont ton onels, hi.. wVould ;shrie k oiit in
s iistres.4 andt agsony. iy roin~'st woul
) ntever help an iiy onie to salt at the table,
h nosr ws oldIi h e helpjed to alny himi
tself. If any of the article haippeneJ -to
0 he spsilledl sn the tailde, he would jonllp
u, lp :isd leave iSi's mewal suntin ished.
>f IIi.sor9 f(Uhoter.--t, is st atyd
ifthat ithis disease first atppeare'd in 1781.
- at Gil jasn a coast-town 500 miles
0niorthi east oif Ma I rn. 'The next year
it reached Madrsas, andI in 1~783,
~20,000die of it iln iindia. It then
esdisa ppeared. In 1 17 it ret urned to
I li a as5 a terrible5 epaidenmiie disiease.---.
-It visitedl Chinia. I 1821I it reachedJ
t he Persian GulfIt in 18310, it reached
M. scow; inl 183, Grea-~t 11 iin,
irnc~ile, 21m1 Amie trica, t hi's being ithe
ea i retest i ilece ini Ne
o''ck andI ''ther por1 tisnis ofi :his (coiun
try., in 1837.8 it d iappealred frsm
e hstrop~e in 1-40 iitainl visited New
r Yo'srk. lissum Jly tol c-toiber, and haiis
silce Cri-om tinto tio timeit, njppeyed iln
vaito uIs par t s if ouiir countIry, rathier
as a spoiradlIe than ani epsidlemli di.sease.
Pae Plo~ iuNWTi AN
2 tjwrs.--WVhat, an immsiense reduction
h ..'beeni made iln lie price of biookn
by thIe in vention osf the art oft printing.
t.It, is recorded ',f Plato, tha t altho ugh
. hi's pates na1 l ihl it aince. was small, he0
1,1 bought thvre hooik's ofC Piiloliun the
0o Py thaygorean, for ten ilho usand den arii,
near'zl-Iy1400. We are alsoi intbrmed
athat *Aristoltle bought a fewv bog~k
)I belonsgi ng I o Sp)e, cis the phiilis ,
phler, for threeu At tie talentis,' um
v quiiivalent to alboult ~$800.. St.
'0 Jerome also ruined himself by. pur'
chasiing theo works of Origin.
f-. U11 fit 0 H) C 5 .
No Excusu.--A fev years since
there was a Professor at a neighbor.
ing college, With' wiom punct'ltptyu1. '.
rormed a part othis ie-ligion' -
other, thipnig, ho was ajrtieOMP, 3
every- member of'h laiskh
t rreocnau b v I
hAppned t one of h al 4
-died during theAlaatin t
old mian was not aware; and noO
that;'his seat was vacahlt, when the
class had assembled, he inqi.ired after
his.whereabouts. Being a littte deaf,
lie misunderstood the person who an
swered, ' "lie is dead, sir," and pro
ceeded with his customary remarks
"Not a sufficient excuse, sir-; and [
am astonished that any student should
render such a one in my recitation
"Yes, ifat's the very 'ny v1:ith you."
sobs the despairing wil'e ; "when we
wcre first married, you used to Say,
"iut Vour li 'tile 6onts'y tootsy's Up to
ini, an.d Ieep them warmny ; low,
it's n ghmg .bat .'ke. - aty them
d. --d cold hoofs of your'n P"
'G ntlemnen and ladies,' said. the
.hmWman, ' here yoi have a magnifi.
een; painting of Daniel in the Lon
den. Daniel canl easily be distinguish
ed fromi the lions by the green cotton
unibrella under his arm.'
In the New Yoirk lidependent we
rmid the following from a mother
" But did i tell you what a time I
had with ily little Joe !I
" No ; wint was [. r
a ~*~ttIs 181111 tlME life
LO re o' the mirtys thrown to the lions,
and wats talking very solemnly to him,
t ying to makd him reel what a ter4
le thing it ivaS. -I S le al.
INce, 'Oh m1a, j:1st liouk tat. poor
-io w.t c 'i:nd thter. i ' w
A wiaw. on rodin!tv that,
killed, remarked that that i
timke wvi h a vengeance.
'A mnerchant in! th; it
ei hii., countimtn-houise the other
day, 1,011iund ono of' lis clerks rearing a
largu book ill tie air, with tile end
restipig, itpon his cliin
" Whv ain't you at work John ?' lie
!iquiired. " I :.mi sir,'? replied the
clerk-'ou are !--at v'hat;'work ?
I Bihming the Ledger, sir"
Adolescence, art thou not endear.
oring to entice the finny tribe to en.
guPi iinto their dentinlated months a
barbed h ilt, Ilpln whose . polit, is.
albil a dainity albircment !'' ' No)'
said t Ie boy, ' I am lishing.'
Ak writer il :in [I ish newtSpaper, af
ter tlntiomailii tle wreck of' a vessel
near v Seimos, rujiced that all the
crew were saved, except fiour lo".
head-, of.Molasse !
A (oiulltr) editor. ill spoakinlii of' a
steminhoat says, " Sh.e hadl ttwelvo
Im-:n s inl her lhdis' eabin." " Oh
life of mle ! (exclaimed ai (hd lad v, oi
reading the above) what a slillin
there must have been !"
" A drecadid1 little tibr a shilling,"'
sid~ t jieniUriousA fellow. to a pigv'siiia,
whoa <dealt nilt ain emetie: ean't you
i oreC P'
"' Mother, can't I go anid have my
daguerreotype takenl '"
"No, I guess it isn't worth while."
"~ Well, then you muight let mne.hav~:i
a tooth pulfed ; I never go niy whire.~
A gentlermnan asked a little boy ii -
London, " What occupation does your
father' pursue for a liiing?" Hie an.
sweredi with great singplicity,. f- l,..ii
a dreadful aceident maker, sir, fsor tl;
newspapers !.?
" Well, TFoby," said his honior to ani
old negro whlo had been hauled 'up for
ste'alin~g a pullet: "I wvhathave yell to
way for y'onrself1?" ' Noflin ' but die
Ros:I wvas as crazy as a bed bug
when 1'ielildt ar pullet: cos I tmito
habl~stohe deC b'i. r'oister til'nleber- oneO
it. Da)t shys. 'elusively. dat I was
hihor'ing under' de delirium tremn-a
"Whly do yr set.ymitr ctlj A$ goJ'6
on the 'hair, M r. Jones ?'' said a wor.
thy lanldlady onle morning at br'eak
"It is so v'ei'y weak, ma'am," replied
Mr. J1. demurely, "I thought I would
let it rest."
A IFFRENsCE.--A fellot walhdng
through the 014 Baily at Lie time "t
L'exeution), when an1 1rishmilan .was on~
the poi of b to .ay e. inuman
baw ou---Ar a hrd 'a

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