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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 08, 1854, Image 4

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J. S. RICI I All DSON, Jt a.
WE-DNESDAY, NOV. 8, 1851.
A :enats for thle 13anner.-m'
'IThe ftollowinhg Jpersoiis have been ap
pointed Agents and are authorizeI to re
(eive, and1 receipt lir, all sumns due the
Sumter Ilaier. Any person wizhing ti
becomite it suliscriler to the Ianner, by
htand inig i th"m tliclr natc and address will
have the paper forwarded prIriptly.
They will alsosceC to forwarding -all ad
vertising itsiness connected with the
W. W. WA.KLIn Jn ,. .Cun'a S. C.
. W ITAKER,. .Wilinington, N. C.
WILLIAMl HYDE,....."....,.
ft. C. LuGaN,........ttiterville S. C.
No ther persn is authorized to receipt
fvr the Banter.
" Persons wishin to sec us npon
Eusiness connected with the Paper or Law,
canl find us at any hour during tie day,
at our oflico, just back of Sot.oatoss' New
Store. (D' All letters addressed to tle
Banner must be pre-paid to insure atten
CuAnu-fo Nov. 6.
C'rTo.N.-The market to-day remained
tii a quiet state, and only a few purchasers
itn atteldi lice. The sales amonunt ed to
:75 ha'es at furer prices, from '7 1-4
a 9 ~3 4I.
N4ws of lie lvWeek.
aWe are compelled, onl accomut of a
pressure of other tmatter, to olit ottur
usual colutmn of' News Iteis.
As thle Court of Coninot Pleas will le
ill sc:Ssiol at the tile of tlie text parade
(if the Sunier Riflerten, and in order to
extend tile time for changing theit Jiii
form, the next parade is postponed until
the regular parade day in December.
ime Yellov Fe!veit
The Charleston Board of Icilelth
have discontinued their daily reports
of deatis, as tie fever is pronounced
n1o h ogelr elpideilie. Tle recent
COOl wveather givee I., us reasont to ex
poet sitiilar reports foimt (It her S:thi
crin (ities, wich1 have beenl attflikted.
iJo11,; L. I IxoN, w1ho was tried inl
Caiident -. b.st week, foor tle mu3rder
of WV. i(.n t.uM, is beiite acutitted.
The Court. of Comn iioii Pleas and
Genera, Sessht ns fllr Sitimter Di)trict.
Coltlienced its Fall teri oil M dndy ;
his hoior .Judge \Vutie.:n presidi's.
'I here is the uisual at tetidalee of einm
bers oft the Riar antd butiniless enonlleh
to keep~j the Couiirt ini Sess14in to tie
secon .week~-tl ; thr liare . hio wever, noi
veary ii~ unportant eses on the doekets.
Mis Brensaan.
Miss IhaCxxNAN, whoa proiased~((, ini
t.ur i,-t issue, to give its a1 C~olcert i'l
Sait iirday ighazt tex t, ha~s pvos/paurt/ her
religiaus iitee'ing to lbe hield here at
ihuat timie, titatil thieSatiirilayv ticht f31
laowilir. ( )i the ciy/,/aen//, theni we
itmy1 explect the paruotoisedl t reat, and
we knowa' it waill bie a taal in ~dm/ to
all who lohve Mwee.t muatsi(. I hn't fur
get toi cornle (tne ad all. MlissI's. ~is
a niativye Caroian aund deserves aour
pautrona!e. IIf ler inginhg too~ is worth I
more than11 all the lthe. lianmal ot her
illmds who ha-:e visited uts fiar years
lhar. We wiill paublish theii piecs to be
sung lby her ont13 thei p/are uht. re the
Conciuert w ill he givent in our text.
MIcware ol' Oys!ters..
We leani that severt al idviduals
hav e recetly , diecd ini Coil t ui fromai
(at itig Oysters. Others ha~ve bieen
ii ade sick bty pairtak ing (if the " hi.
'al ve." WV e sitppose t lha t t lhe disease
w hih itnfets O)yst ers and1( fish'' at t he
North has comte SothI. Look out
TIhe Mails.
A temtporary arrangemtenit ha~s been
entered inito bay the Postma :ste in u
Charlreston an ld thei Prei.-,idenit oif thei
South ( atnulina IHail ioad, bay which
th~ latt er ha~s agrc e.d to tratisport thle
iIails for ten days 'moret. dting froti
Satiiudy last. In the meian te the
Post-mtaster Generial anda Char lest on
Chartnbi er of Cotitimerce are inivest iga.
ting the linat ters in dispute and entdeav
(Iinitg to ari ranlge them.
It will h~e seni hby our' ad vertisinug col1
return red to his formter rooms, niexi
dor to thle lianner oflice, w here lie h:
ready' andl able to give enttire sattistiie
trion to all who feecl like perpetuating
the iage of them'rselves or blencds.
Fatal Rail Road Accidenut.
Cm icAoo, Novemtber 3.
A car onithe trtain u btich left thh:
.'tuo Wmbcineu ujaLL f... n-oe
I. nni, br ke an atxe near Al imini, and
tile L.ocIlo tive ran 4t1f' the track, kill.
I ing hiy1 rhr first, l t class passen
gs, and fatally scalding a dozen
The Hariee House.
Frieid AIlTeuEL a1111inuces in a
card, in this issie, thaL his well ke.t
I luise is still open ',for tiavellers and
Iojes to'retai;n his foiiler goo(d rUn of
custorn. We can see no reason why
he hotiuld not. llis lit e is an e1 x -
eellent one and bie himself an excellent
host. lie was the first to open a
hoankse of this kind upon this line o!'
'Road and has dlevoted his witole timne
and eiigy to keeping it well, aid now
wheii the attenpt is being inade to
cut him out, we do h-ope the travel
ling publie will show their appreciation
ofi' his eiflrts and his ne--its by stiek
ing to hin.
The IoI )itse now about being opened
at. Kiniigsville has been golei up with
the express inltentionl of' eutting- him
out, but whIteni it is knlowlI tlait he
(MIr. MrrciELL.) inade the highest bid
of any one, to t.hu conllittee of the
Charleston and Colunibia lail Rtrd
coinpany for the place and that they
gavc- it, notWitlistaid ig their ad ver
tisement, promised it to the high
est bidder, to their'fiavorite, we hope our
Rail Road Company will re'lse to 'c
commodate their tine to suit the louse
at Kigsv ille, but will leave that
sic/g and disaqreable place as soon
-as the cars arrive anil stop, as hereto
fOIel, Chr iieak at. SmIllervifle.
Meeting of Ihe Agricultu
raI Axsociationm.
Let it lie remeniiered that a meet
ing of' the Sutniter Agricultural Asso
ciation hIs bveen ealled I'or to dy.
\We have always looked upon this As
SI ciation as of' prime in portanc to tile
Agricultuiral inLerest and ad vanieree
of our distiiet, and have been surpiised
a1 pained to scc sti little geCral in
terest Inanlif'.sted inl the move. The
imeetiligs have heretfare been but
I loorl y attended and tlie list Fair- was
almnost a 1itilr e. This ought iot to b,.
It. is e't-tinlv one ot the best mo'res,
our distri.c't has ever inade-tone by
which other district.s and especial ly
I other States have been tuch benefiti d
and roe rIn whih we can derive I
great i:nn advaliligies. Everv far.
ler otight to belnili-g ti it and thisi
inite his kniow ledge and experience to
the 'ele al fiuli from which all 111n1
draw usefOl letsens. We- Lope there
will be a good atteidlanee lto.av 1nd)1
that iIyIkB who have hld4.(1 oIl'ulnti 1 nt Nw
will see lit, to unite ithinIselvesto tihe
discuis npti thle subjec.t ct' Agri
fi'r tat an arltie~e nullln tile stlbject ill
thtis isue.
The 1441n11er Jtllhlica1tl if ftile v'otes
iveni in the late elec'tion fioar lipre.
sentiatives in Clarendon~ was incon aii.
dte :md11 by reitue~st is now, gil en:
CA ir. I'. :\I. D eni n, . r s.
Do. S . WV iran~-:nsoos, - .113.
(C44.. Wi. S. 1Ib: tseals, - 31)5.
torrespon~ah-m-et (If thei Haner.
NW Y~ ~o1K Ci rv, Nov. :1.!, I155I.
The/. tHi!Per Waur. 13i:o~a n Duingts. ('jini
11 llms. ILi' A1 rritvals. Aew fr.o be
A /e(Intti. .li er//ac h- Iu zr.i'b'i
.\t: i dill't lino : Th warfae ai nst'Ii
eir e t on : itia roui y. ot w irt'1 en o. ,
th. linZ~in lL''t)r~. l hiiC, the1 pubbe4 heX'
lier th ati~ the~t who'ted bill a ti be isar
posns ni .r.~ n114 e except 4 th poreIlirod ch
loe .gar he bnnedin patird liket 01them
Theiy prudneec hteasIe rw-il141bhe l(r'hol.t
V lilae. ni thte mid a of storig ties.~
Asl~i lhe <h, Io l11ibtS il b approac poht,'c
alii parlias becomeil g4llri andW ni11retci
led110( anl heIproie (o ae buron:lg ner
mter.ssi~ i in lid-an h e newiit'ai laet
fo the1.411 I.,3lt(irsttm ig d in 31 li ti0.cale war
eare-aeth pririg.ieno n
of 1 intere ' ad i t'pete . iilil\ 'lin res rot
day11 1n he oii gn avo'e wdl be thei billitl
ever11( po!.ar 'fere is111 a1pht amou rle
I*-nowe~ Nothing inhil rltrjine)mi'
'i'Itng lat, t w ro parti ofuths Orderl i'ucn.
mnIo 1Iolils o ndaigeneral rwl ind I rae
pers I int iltg. Greait ILt ilus.at' 4 (41
lutlAsesiati heVldi it mteIo 101 thieu
statre lresled i4 to uprilyron~ 1t . Chui el
1'li (' veri htte ois tuch li don .I. Av
l1(rok e ltonnoIalv kown s hiidaa~ -%14ueeze
Amt ayht" took ia "wee3l da" ti mu1h
~lad walig alle 'mt hi 1llice (nO Is rl.,be
Ws r.-erved tied ile tm r*gh l !l nIuiaa10
TheW lt'i1yealy Oplruok l'alesi )onnerced
per'su pliao, 4m~iltle ( p~a -umbe on
bookebldSler am evOery par1 o the Urtninont
Te Ctt~ey tl l'asc is t la..1 A
ihe rtheM hinidmg was~ foray shised.
namchir n, min 'le scetierv, :I grrid
of thv st sae he r.nment.er II Ihe s.:.
V1e See III Morliv's tirahll a i .te rom
It. .1. Watker in F. 'IN l'r Kigir. stating
that 1h1. deit 01 $30o,00i retomrem! iy
SIe Iw II T Iex,as incorpom rI ating I Iloj is8msnri
aIndi Paciflie iall Road Ims ieenl maile aid
that all ruimors It) the coitrary are incor.
The Unhiedl Slates mnail cOippur barqyue
Ninrid. t'apt. lfiting,,i;a:ed trot New.
York (it, W iint'ilay or Aukstralia vith
a it Ici. armi aid se cnty Ii.e ca gerd.
rihe also carried a preLLy large mrrail for
tihe geild diggers.
Ainiig the arrivals here this week by
tihe. "l'acific" Capt. Nye, from Europe,
wvere Ir. Ileiltinter anil fhamily, anld Col.
WsArt of Soiuthi Carol.a. Too "Baltie
whinch sailed (in Sturday carried out very
fwa ,-th Ar tos beinr yet
resh oin the memlories of tle peop;e.
It is curetly repnteJ that I )r. I vei',
late 11shop of North Carol lia, is abou I to
takhe 'hurg of a ItjItt:m Catholie per.aih
cal- pidiftlited in Ih .s city. That i-s alwamys
tihe way. from onte extretie to tite it-h!
A grand Rtal Road Convenit on w;
held in tile itnterior of this ?-tato a ew
dlay ag). Alitlly liportait resoluti'ils were
atfoptid. Among those measitnes, so fuii aS
Ith puti Is conicertled, Wats tle attijilpiii
of a mneoirial to the Legislatoure, prapyitf
bOr the abiiotii Il all law., ro I.Cense- ri-l.
nhrs fIr ettigrant Iassetigers- to the Weis,
iid ;vking Ior a statie iakiii it a Jai
oll'-tiee to sell tickets for passage y^e
Rail Road hnds at r tes higher than those
thargetd by the Roads.
We send you piles of tie 'D:ily Lines"
cointainig the latest Eu ropean imteli
Yours Trtily,
For the larner.
North Carolina Bank
Mcssts. Eneronts :-Sinec the coin.
pletion of the W ibluingtol and1.1 Alan
ehiester RilItllad, a new timar-ket ias
beent openeud to (-urI citi2enis, and imunny
oI them1 have talittn adv a.tallge C1 the
lieili1ties .0tl1e them lo' tradiiing with
Wihniigton. The celiailness of freighits,
when colipartd w ith fieiglas to aiil
Froin Charlesto', has caused iaiy ti
look to VihIningtonl lir their supplies.
Onte of the inevitable resitIlts of tira
ditg with Wiliaiiigtint will be, an'i is
abr~. 163 nlow 11ppau-ent. tht-e lcircliation
of Notilh Carolitta l3an1k Notes Ia' I "ngt
us. \\'e see them al tis dliilv tell
dered ill I \ iet of dties, antd tley
are aliready be iiinig tIiliar it At
sectioll itf 'ountirt'y 'A'herC a few Yeatr
go, we wold serll ever see themti,
and hie et tain to efise' themi uelin if'
It is a well Ikin wli tet, that t gTCat
unIIItI corniteritis are inl eirenhtati'n
anld thle obIject of' this connunn111ientionl
is, I.A. 4) inSpire conidetlie in the
s l ' Itess tof Notrth Caralina Malli
' ., tit des til the e tilltereiiIS
jtiloit e il cietltitll3 ', t tliit.ui evit
t'at , W i tu l;r islltti sit hi t litI I! I'
poi tio'fi hofI cilrn, 11'r bilell "l tin
5j'1Ci t ll illls fit. L t Ilt C taiij- tr' [;e.
rt iiti witi t hoet i' , il\g 1a1, 'I'lli
wi4elgi 11e111,i i. ?in im ttnuikll, thatith
iilty aet'j i t ill.'lt l I i tltjlittle th
then ite ils soliinxitli, gIl i rtl
rcttlt,~ In iftrilte tin lihlci 'i i e lii Pl'ved
Suthrn uihoker, t ac worket' uf hieb shonh/
leto' cCtt.il lt , v l i n~ a t'thtll ciLiii
d itci ' ~ie letlinti II, t l . iL It
Withs Il e. ll t:11. iWe sil l ('i114. lllot'
have sth ei) /cas eiclto fnthe rll 111ilt u
iiutet Elidl Iltl prootimn1 toi t'l
Iet dris' it xhi eb t . o l il tie 'trIill ilt
nexsee iti jlSlt hil' Car0lin h:'fitti
we rt'hl.A IttoN SP Ixxl I tl1.l~
withgia, 5,000,03' h.7l,00 Its-- to li t1'I
den:ee, ult, l0t.', line0,ii:m or 3hi' Io 'f
mat11L'ter tion lil u I fi' the Nortti i'x~
tarltina lhtt ihmk wer e o tuik irrane
~lut tot redeem"t heir paper1 tn \\i
leltI.is ~1l0~ IN8
(lted nh theS Charlst~ inarketu aIi
prset then fo rdnIt 'ion but'a.
wih I All tha tt ' can tce fori
Sth 1( solveny of' thankan (.the eli ur.
tiale ls, tourtimlves. . die aIl
'of I the aboilve iallivei ' fr mi "tihe llnk tot'
tie Stiato of Noirth Carolioirt," as there
a1re s6rnqe teJt's n ow in eirla it'n that
were issued by tie-1rotr Banik, and
atnight Ill th1e hurry of business be tia
kin f6r the nutes of thra Baik of the
Bantiik of the State o' North Carulina
Gc. W. Mfordecai. President..
reD#%y, Cashier.
Notes which rend '"State Bank of
Norih Carolina" are 'worthless.
100's altered frmin Snmaller deniorni
niation of tire genuine----vy old pinte.
4's vignette-ilerie, shield and
sickle onl right end ; figure 4 onl eaun
side of' vignette.
10's vignette t ferale and sailor.'
10's vignette State Hionse-tale
figure.ini a sittting posture on each ip.
per corner ; figuet 10 on each lower
crner. This is now circulating in
Sumiter D.istrict.
20 s vigniette U. S. Baik, Philadel.
phia ; portrait otn each fbur corners oaf
the iltto.
20', Ant egle tin right cud; femral'
etc. on the left.
50's otn tihe Fayette'ville Bank. The
Blank h11asI nonc oil that Branch in cir
enlati- ni.
100's vignette train of vars ; head
of Fratnkliti on tight end ; letter C Ont
each side (if vignette.
W. E. LeAk, President.
It. B. I vrriim-A, Cashicr.
3'. vignette a steamsbhip, TI! mE
on each end.
5's vi eette an eagle-the genuine
hs tw(L'() 7Ju les.
'Ionimts IL. \Wright, lPgesideit..
3's vignette, female atn wheel
igure 3 ott each side of vignette ; Cash
ier and President enlgraved.
4's Iinitation of old plate.
10's. Vignette, pr0ttrait ferale, witlh
trident inl i left haid ; hoy oit left end
I otachinie con right.
10%, 1l uiitiont oif plate engrk--ed b\
lDrpi[er, TCp -v Co; v iginette very
Mi-:UeniAm S J.1N x-A-r N E w al-:le.
Ciarles Slover. President.
\V in Ch k. Cashier.
0 's nette. r1erency % arnd a ship
'2 ~ fll "li t.
-, -7 o .1 h etrianrs it hi.s alaid,;
hread~ ti h. on l e lete.nr
ei of \'ritr igtill irl ri.;.!rtt liit) rill
n;-per. conrh-- i:ye betwoeenrgn
efill 6 N tieoalir'l strifi hri-ra ti
\V .1-!' ' etce. iitrn:eJ n the' biack
500l's. Situ ats the hunrttled deL
'IlIe riuii\ e, if' jtireiervee liy yoi'
ii'ader.-, rruar\ Nit e: theill sae ite .-. ;
wi it, iltiit, rttelirht, Iii trtsike s tute
t1rit1 .u abli uift. \e are Houl' vet titil
\' lige for tihe t~:rvest, altrd ~ i'ec'ites
its tint hes:ittitor ''iari,
it cinelntsiont tire writer wvould re
clairts < f Mnirrie's Suthrn ihnike'r
:rttd Coii rttcial lleptorter, ats :atonatth.
ly pt uienariiti deservinrg thitoir pai tt.n
ag'e. it is the ontly' piruiction of thte
kiini Sutth of (rinitnnatti, att:dh cnt
ttins rrvery ting to be fthn- in tire
enree ; thiat. it gives the valute of' all tire
lin:k Nortes of tihe l'riott in Chlarles
|(on Iinsteard of New York. It is pub
histred intanthrly int Chatrlestonr at 8'2
For the Ianner.
tiessrs. lIda~tors:-I a'end you a cur ious1
doicuatneit I pa'cked up tire oither day~', anid
n hcih may rthrouigih~ thinediumn of your
conuiians reachi its piropetr destiinationi.
"31y i)ear Yonirg I-'riend-You risk miy
experrire int regrd to rthe rtarrse wich
I hive pitr:.t('d these mf.myt~ years pa:st, ma
orther toi fixinyself m tire aiffeebns .trnd
confidence odfr th popl, anrd to ensrire trnv
i::tvatuuon to a n itire to wh trh I harve ast
pitredi wviri thirt gifts. As you are abfot
to enrter nyoni piuh.c lie, andt ias I htave'
af aways hund- a greart arflheinont Ior you, I
: wdl prioce ii give yu ti .e des-iredf mtirr
min can itid *dly ant:f frilly, onry begr-m
) i)u, 1(o be C-inttiiins an t lianirtlr fft inet~
ever to apfpeir ir citnnec j i wdth it.
I wonl irst lay udiwni thre gienerral prin.
ipleft to goatie yar im arty Ceergecty wich
mayr arse, a iinfb r rich I maly trot be
atde tim give yioin* an e!'ritun . A wiys api.
r paerr to t aso: iS on thri.ki genrrtirenr wvoujd
I at it thre givent caseC. Apear.rmres aiy
f* frerd ate !vrythrrtg mi tis worlud- As
io reail.iy it fhires' y, truthfulnhress, antd
kintdntes- ot hear, tire thing is a mecre
fictiont, anid exsists ontly ra tire bearns og
nomva es anad da~y-dfreamiers. It is a merre
senltirnenti. Thie wanri I wonhin cormpatre
to ar chteess-hoar nrrd its evenlts, the gamite.
Ier whro mtakks thenluist radroit mrovec will
be ifte wontier. Walhpole s'aidI, thit e2ve
4. trrt nn had inid jnewcr" ami W..1-poh ...
right--my expuvrono toeiris hisi. A
dr.nk of grog will buy one16:nan while if
it were OR1 1ele in' anther it woihli he an
everi.isting in(lignify. But if a drink of
grog will not put:bashe hi, sonething
else will and you must find ont what th;it
thing is. You missIlltuy, character. You
iiliiar luiainit iourself with its affiiities
and replysions. Youn :n-ght, if you cannot
win hin. win his Iriends, ;id they in all
probability will lo the work for yon.
It matters not how tnuch you hate a
man.it--you Must treat him with defference'
.ad kindness-at least publicly. As to
kindness, which has no influence in at
tractinrg the pulilie eye, or in weldingr the
recipieit Io your in:ere--, it ik an intangi
ble metialhysical sort if a thing, which
inen talk about-but which all wise inen
repud iate.
Your own good sei will point out the
propriety of speak inr well of all men-lor
i, thing is easily done-cits hlhieg
111 gams a great deal. If you are cursng
a man in your iiost-s6ul and would
very willigly dash his braina out-still as
there would be nothing rained by -ilrat/ct
te lorgive im foer any injury lie has done
y ou and spel k a good word icr hin.
Ther.are many things to be done of
rather~ahriy charactery muliet -
in the mat al. Bh
to paty well for this. I have spent, I have
no doubt, thousunds of dollars in L is way.
Give liem the money aid they will do tile
work for vou. But I have no-iced that
these raseils, always pay themselves first
'md moost. liberally. You must bear it
Somietimnes I hate-c got overreached and
paid largely and' gainied ototing. I re
menb('r tia at a certali gatheringof tihe
plophe, a poir Iellow was t here (tilie ar1oun
drel,) who had a large faiily mid had re
cently lost lite oily Ilorse lie had. I heard
ol the ciretnistiiic, lny heart inueliaei.
ly overflowed towards tle poor, un!ortu
reite ielow with I his wi:e and tei chil
dreti. I bougit a horse for hin iii the
lresnce of a number of persons. And
what dm1 you thik, Ole scomidrel told mile
when ridmlig oIl --G.irail says h .f yoo
:-hould ever come to I wou I.
izimiugh:y gtIil tO see ere." Tl vJii,
d d not belong to my disirct at al I ni-.n
er fe.t chveapor in lny lifle atid esme, i u.y :t1 .s
I s iw a giood m11.,iny :iiwinig wohiii.s abot*JI
lime. SIcl ing11s will li:r somne1imes;
hut you mu1st be.ar Ilhum lhte best Clil.
Never shiow chligrin or ang':r at such im.
pomt .oins-la ugh -t tlem yoursift-aiid
deu as I did ait ao ld lireachuietrs the rt'it
af.erwards. whom sornebo.ly hald told about
this aitliir am to my lisaidvaitage. I (-d
the! parson that so ftir tro heing hr
ioit lte me.iter, it hI il aForded me ;ii:.
he liest Piti-fact:ani, to do an act of ds ve
iterested , bcunevo'ence. { th iked m.
..iker ior such an oipl-ortueity to shmw 11
:oi wirid-.dwivs coii.'rmus aii tiiedIg
beel -.ee - s for gio: Iae.l aio n!s.-: bat tlhmere
conih! teeL ie, :iny rettish ess in the at !. .ir
I hnew Ithat the a1.m11 wa-r lnet :i my e:11 .
1 .41n di.-: r c: . J got the paIr:sons co'e. ' lihe
gre;.leit irheemiI I ever iiei wviuh 3, to
lI iee il;it. 501 1ris e of .tiilfi- .:1en ti at
:Ice. .A t Such I period.. I sp .. IN '4'i ety
aiod hy poet hetica l.--.\per1.11.g inysi!f uS
h .ing uiirre ler :tivy. t!1visieet ll uitilen ine t
;ieesolet tu4' iefeow citt-Zen;s. I 1li3u g.ili
iabro:cl &c &: im I when~i liy lthne comle~s
I iimn gencir.:lly, it not ahvays, wahl ihe
me.ejoray. Onei ih it.c tet met es ieiim!!y :ci.
i*n se you a:'.i ist--Ilont he hlisty'I to'll
or di :his uutd vim are belly awar h
yoult arC usafe. I have~ got mylself itito one......*
ocr twoe iih ili we of thes .,ort in myi hife
W or can te tw ited an~d Iu iric abhouit
ac goiiod deal whm-me thIey haive been spok-n;
but whenl theyv hi.ive get penne.eI dewii en
pje~r-ihiiy 4::n r:se u~p aginn just :is
thevy wver: org ,y Ardni I sayv, he
I 1hou1h lto havlie yelen eiore par;tic fitar
mi imeiinteineg romie in. lt ers-biit the tact
is I doe not tike to trust thiem to piper. It
is possibe they nomghit f:ll ithe hlir'
ofi others. Ibtl comie anid see mii o..
wveek,:n;i I wvi; hle as expelicit a'l p . -:ele'
A RB.--- .... ..~ ll
ul .: It I ,-t)i 'Tediy n1o6n1g
' 'inst.., 1 v the Rev. A. M. Fos
tr l '. J. B. ROACu, of Charleston',
kid to Miss Cn.CRI.OTTE A. BituNS,;cx
daughter f \ Wie. L. R.- inson, of Suin.
ter tille.
On1 th ud . lvy V. j Singlet n,
la. Air. L. tiieto in Mie. W. 1D.
Ri:cIIARDSO, :ill d Simiter .I)istict.
)ii Suvndy i( atil-o 29th, by Jamew
:.Bla.-kwell, FEsq., 11'ir. S-rEPHEN M.
Trs.O .:-. to AEIiss EMEtz.Ti RIAME, al
of Stiet~o Distriet..
T E iMM1 11 18UE.
Suaaa rvite :i. c. Nov. 1 1,d 1.
'I Is Iu4.ilse. s.I :1 i:eJ ameidmieditely ml
thi \V a aminegoni & 11 an heaer Rail Roid
an at very eaVtr y ai c.:nral poni 1 etweein
\Vii mdren N C. Cha:r-se III . C. andti
Ansyit-t Ga., i.1 rill ope~ n Ilor reception:
I e and; adr Is tite Itired I r vel.er ian ti#
p rtn ity~v1. to a ovtr night io the tire.
*:.in j' uirney . (iween the0 po s a Ihove
idid to4. 'ITa. Propir.no I'! i s litted up
eve *utcorn or. ah' hi -.Iiriwns fr that ex
piress .: rp..se~ :: id hasi4. g liwUI re.I thce
j.rst he.:y e-r; eniw ~e on ins. 1 tim roadte
trvle ,i hI hsp'', liy the em'taiced aini
utiremig z':al em ihe part u. the M:tag r.
I .h si: ito,..shm -n'. ti sdearc a u oni 111u
anceu of ihait htbural pttro.:.ge b'o.t"'m.edl Ut?
*. , ., lor thie last11 le min:t. lie coid
S-- in, hnu:tlre-es Ireno: te No'rth, 'out h,
\.tis to theC 4 loms ofi iEs
- prersr personis g .v.ieg huni: a.
B. AtreF~tt. Minagers.
Ill s notes and accountas tue Dr. M.
17. Mi i'o i, have been place. int our hinds
itor ciolecoon Mu i person iodebted 4o'
hoim will p cese pay by the first of Janu.
ni.e, *rnd thuii save co.i.
- 8, h,>4. 2, 1mi
MR. LArAJI is pleaised to mnlorm'the
ct uzei'i oh Sumiterville an I vie iity, thait
he hias returned to Sumiterville, oad has
tpened his Da.guerreain Roms at the'
p1lace toremerly occLuplted by thimi niear te'
Suanter Dinneir Ol i..
Thiaiiktui 1or thP htberal patironiage here
toforeo iestowed,-ho nvites all Who- desire'
CAPITrALrIertVTEtt6 give hiiri a d
Nov.&, f87A -
T HE Subscrdt r clos t~
ing his liusmeis DVrIS ko %o
pern, at the a hI t
a ii.c ia adl personasIt% a
by not3 orflacgnt tuX
settle tip as bome~ Pas
Nov. 8.-1854
C. aiilLIMd wd- ~ tlrony in
formn lihe catilSns that .ho ia
new retcivineg anKt ut theC'btorI
iI4o itirs unnve Pqry -I'B
sorted st*'cku of
F'all ansd Wimdt4
Grocerces of all kinds 'M
which ho wi 1 soll at . he Yoi
ces for 1as.Jc
Mr. Piultips would glat,:nsirntt
lie will opein a Tanilormf~ INtiiiM ~h
very soon.'' lie sohiitsaajip
N. B-Just rcevedt a d
Ale and Porter.

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