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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 15, 1854, Image 3

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WEI)NESDAY. NOV. 15, 1854.
Agents or lhe Iailler.
The followig persons have been ap
pointel Agents and are atichorizod to re
ceive, and receipt for, all sums due the
Sunfter Danner. Any person vihing to
br come a subscriber to the Ranner, by
hanling i thpi their nanic and address will
have the paper forwarded prornp:!y.
They will also sce to orwarding all ad
vertisiig iursiness connected with tihe
W'. W. W AK.Etra Jit.,. .Cofluniha S. C.
s. W. VucrrAc(E,. . Wilmingt oi, N. C.
W IILIAM I YDE .................
R. C. LOGAN .......Sumtervilte S. C
No other person is authorized to recoipt
for the Banter.
WWuIian"Jtp Ve'g us urpon
buitiness connectcd with tle T% per or'L:eiw,
can lpd ts at any hour durinigr the d; y,
at our ollice, just imck of Sot.omo:ss New
tore. it? All letters uricressed it the
Banner must be pre-paid to insure attenl
(nAR.vSToN NOV. 1.
There has been tno ma1.1terial altera
tion in the rmacrket. The bet, qu Ii
ties )I ing 9 7.S(.
VigilanaU. A ssocia i iona.
We are request]ed ;o (all a mtccing
of this body on Saturdav nceNt the
18th inst. PLictuIal attendance is
earnestly requested.
Ilariliomay Feananle College.
TleCi cmmencemnent oi thcis popul:r
Institution will take pince on chie
twenity second and twenty * third ftlie
present month. The Rev.. D1)r. B. Ni.
Pm.mc will deliver the cannccual d
dress. We have received a pl1(ite
invitation to be present nad will el,
deavor to attend.
Or Courc't 111 ;w b-.eu in sessionq
tcn days and we seo p 11rospeCt of its
idjournment, befre Frid ;y a nuriii n
of important cases recmiaineinr to be
l'i d. The two suits brougit against.
the South Carolina Rail road Companiy,
for dallmacgs sustained bv pecrons, wI,
were injured, cit tie tit)c Mi. Sisos.L
'ros and his grandson were killed, have
b. th been decided againsi
I uad thu dicicr geI *
Adt $1000 and( $"2500).
A 1ata Ducel.
Our Columbia corresponleti wri
ting to us under date of the 91h inst.
'A durel was fomght near Gad-den
itn thins D.istr ict on yeste(rday at 2 1'.
man wa~vs uncGiirtunai~te~vly i kiled at thIe
secondi fire-thce load pmingit! thr ought
Ihis left breast.
Mr. Pinakney~'s Specci.
Mr. P~INrxsi:r's speech will alppear
int our' ncext issute, it haivinrg beent re.
ceived too lat(et Ia this. WNe willI t hectn
repuccblih the list of ptremiumcccs a wacrdted
byv thg Sumnier A gri cultural Associa.
ticin, cas requnest ed bey that bod'ey.
' J. *. *
We purblish this week, on the ourt
side, anoticho piejce from ourW peoet ical
contributo, J. *.*. Ile has onr see
rad occaiions publ ishced poemtis in toucr
coelumtn s, whichI have been Ccment edI
on, as evicinitg a truce poetie traini cf
thiourght. J.*. *. shall Ibe alw 'a vs wel.
-ocue to a phce in the Banner.
Wh~e hcope ouir readers w ill not4 far
get, that,. this del ighting'.songst ress
gives a concert, at the Court Hionse on
Sarm day Everunhe,.and for the credit
of Sntinter District, turtn uct en ma~sse
to greet m!:' welcomte Carolina's mock-I
ing lrdl, oin her first a ppearancce ii
i'his place. alme~need searc be said
to) a 'oni.mulcnity, who have ever .i-hw
thcemr-ehves ready to appreciate talent
anad worth. Fo'r particuclars of tihe
concert see programme, anmong adve
Fromn nll that we can learnn, thie
diffleuh y in relation to the transptat
t'ioni of the mails over the South Car
crlina Rail Road is in a fair way of
heing arranged. The mails will conr
tinuce to be carried ove t~be road after
the expirationi of the' tenL day:;, inc order
to give the Post Oftfice Dceartment
time to investigstte tho matter's ini
Temperance llecting-.
Quite a large acid enrthusiatie me
ting of' the Sonls of Temnperance was
.held at their Hall on last Wednesday;
Oen which occasion able and eloquent
pddresses were delivered by Mir. Tur
paa, ofCharleston, and Mr. EvAs~ or
raT.itlatut. btiNation woultd ladA
is to lotico at lenIgthI the object and
interest of this mneeting, but o-I-er
rmaitter. has almost crowded us out of
editou inl.
Y ars. JRenettrick & Jeikin"s.
By referntice to the advertisement
dl thet gentli ni en it will bIe seen I,
that they pledge theinselves to spply,
what has long beeln wanted in Sutiter
ville--a gooId Famlily Grocery.
MeSsrs K. & J. are both natives oI
this district atd have some ch.ims on
the coni unity. A visit to thvir store
will cinvince any one, that they have
(n hand :m excelle ti stock--u alk
rounld good 11ames and buyN somlething,
nice to keep the "old man" ill a gol-d
huimir duriig these excited days.
whelijustice kicks 1ip) such fisses in
the Court tlw.
P'resenitsaacanW ofa~ae
Ga'and Jutry.
The 'resent ment of the .Giantl Ju
ry 4d Sriter 1)istrit, reonnlnitlds
repaiis of roadS. jail, Couet it ions &v.
At the last sitting .f the Cuit tit.
(::ul .1 tiry presetted ilhe blr.cikingc ny
(of ole of II1w ph i wipal h -" t,; in this
tow\n' byv th,! W &c M ear-; tl tilt grea.t
annoyan~icei t of tavellers; the iniatter
not hbavilg i et ee reinetdied, t hey
mlow ecOmmiIllend that it slioild ite
dine b1 I the opeliig (31 a st rcet to tIn
W aest l'the Depot, whieb we hI(IpIe
will be immledia/dy Ittetdedl(' to ; thus
alVoiding- a sour-ce t4fmneh coml h,1.n
ginst the the Comni y atv.1,11 the
e:iie of several accidents fr1 OM fright
llldiing the pills open at Ihe gen
CIr: electionts, t wo day s at Sui-iterville
and but one day lit other places, is
thoulght t have a tiendenc tio denir
ait nmd colrruption : it is there.
fire recormitiendeLedtliat but m: o aii
the !alel day sIIld bet! alloiwedl ove r
lhe whole D ist rict.
The practice of cairryzig. conealed
wenpions a bout the personI, is --t ronIgly
denounce~td. it heil. the, pn.lifie eais.
of, tho in h..nliia ILately c m
rilitted wviteh*in tle l1im 5 oif our i State
'Ilelur d1( t N eL's:Iate it say , that
haw" shimid it e im wlit' atel pa-se
to r. mlledv thki evil. and if etgiclent
Tis-, kall lhat is of goneral or
pulilc in:er'es!. th ien- ainder tol-b
ing nly til puly lctal and folt;
111 ters.
Onr.- ExChaI g .
paper. th!21a whih11 thet Sat .f rd l
b.eter Will be unse during th.:f
biIt. The Dail '. at . I --Tri- \Neck
lv at 51) eents.
C'oilpgeteit re )1p1 oI*er. lhaive btee I
pi rt- of1 t proces~ns
Te/,yraph is oll'eredl to -sale. Thec
r easoni als3ined is thle acco: 3al itioni
of duties n: tile EdIitor, whot is a~ law
yer as well as Ed~ it.r
Th'ie tireulatho :11 inlusefuiln(.; 1f
thiis papier is said to be dIaily, incas.
Ih~AC~Wt r(ti.-The ( hetober Nau 'ber l
3f 1/aeku-ow/4 is (in our1 tabhle, with:
thiohglistCtO;1(3:( if atices :~'--sNig.
laors : ;in; the tarl'ar li - King;
let I'lie a.-tno-l t) 'l: ; titiei
Nai:'In' -The Ceni u 1:: .\i 8c.:ia .liem
niseee ; Al r.e.1.is f the l'-t--Nie.
':etuand iibo the op(enuin. 1l' the
iansih Ci:nulI ;The .Iens of i''Jit y ;
Span t Pho(li it st:da u bliin Per: i.
noihe cin e the ha in. of thi paper
ildlit by Ai.e E. H uro oMs
rs. EJosesJh~su and . S. F .
ow'. Mrs . i r-r o itis ai, wi: ill
emovei ii toe Csuhi oC4I and Jioatner.
hip fo with; Alir. Gia evv the l i e pulOi,:
-in ofirwlv the'aiy ('aro/1 ia. '/ r.
)f thie Ct.r Stndart an M0 r. 11( il,
e~ry of Yots ville havt'i(e rmea oled the
VIiscelan and ~is~l~ l O Rem d of iYoi llr.b
'ldtilluo ltere~ cii the I oit n paper,
roui be efl thm/ier \iVcen ,-,1ish.
dir parties suc ersevrlslo.u(4Ii
Rev.Al Marcu M.i Cary n iimis wre
iiinoe md the hi J~cb Bell, or 00J thil
>lrli freiumgapore, onte hiuP of tob ry
nrty of .Tsioary eacrg nd ouher.
Newsiv of tihe WelwIr.
ie latest intelliatence rece'ived from
Europe is quite interesting nnd by no
anscant favors the cause of the allies. Se.
bastopol hia not been tnken, nor h kelv to
be son. The boilibardmaent continued.
Austria wais oil the point of war vith Rnits.
iia. Mr. Soulo has been prohibaited to
ether France. lie naked perm'ssion to
Iss through on his way to MaOrid, and
the request was refusod.
All Hl bhd of pndueu ttsnaily furnished
hy tlis country for the markets of Europe,
hive naterially imiproved both in demand
and pricev. liremittll's hld advancid two
shiling ot the barrel, and althontilh cit ota
h al undergone nI jtpiotable chanrge ill
prices, it ws iin mioerate dmatutd.
There ;arn ai in b amit A hr'en thon"
sand negrce ent! it led to vote in New York,
n'ailer ite provisimn of tI State Constiin.
ton wt.ch requires; a ciuored man tio laivt
been three y'ers at catizenI, and poss'M.
of fret!ih estate of the vaht'j of 92350
over' and above all debts and ienntbran.
cas chaarrue.l t hei'eon, I and upts)Il whiI a
tilim!. t o b10oot1 pnid. - -
Th" entire repeal of the usury laws in
Great Britain W;1s aceoniipla.he'id at tIe
recent iv!sslion o I'arliainenti. The ;aet by
wlich tll was elij'e:,'l is known as ch.
9, 17 and 1- Victoria, anl is iow in
opoeraotin. It is now law:til i'.n Great
llran:in to :foan %noney. It anly rate of' nuler
.t :al on a alt tirpihb'W al property, ei
ther real or olherwise.
The Georgia State F.;r. to he 'u in
Aigtusta. h-is been tort her st jpo:i'd until
Ihe trforhI diy of Decniber niexi, whn i;
w.l pisi l y Collme tall'.
The Caidein Journla says : "\Ve' ro.
,.ret ito record the fact that ilir exce':len:
Pos tinlaster, J. IN. Gann-.weil, P.-Iq, win, 11as
held ILi.s po tition for the hlst we 've v ir
vitlh ace pto abity to ihll cia::e. oi I ..
den andl viitin'y, has forwarded his re-i'f
natiin to tite President of the United
iut's, to t:oke iefect in and af.er the r.
11y d .hannary; !ext,
la ith l:st Kno.llo Wh th.' (-I or
det larls that li the next G; vernor's !ei
on, o oln:., i I h cail d.tes, shall s'tppor;
a prop-:tion to subitL a; Pr.-inii ory Li
0l r taw to hlie peo1ple, tlan e o 'tl
s a~l lppos! :, he wli1 v'e for the Plro
hbit oy iu:tn. If as.:htor of tlietm ;av.r
ON' prop, itinn and thie lrobii r
h1:ave no c illab : e, he wtu ill , ian 1 h n e11!
a. caedth: e, i' rua n til' rae tiitis lh.e
ANr. Buviy, of I YOU bQ . iaz:lj
a\ :::a - or diggi:g po e. The i ea
consis il providing; mI~d-ord won
s.ats so con;trulesh ats t work hr
lith sod, acting lie o a t we ra.:ing :n
separaimg, t lie poaoics front lte ear.h atl
b': V ' -t f thle I, -r'h or smi fin i:..
P un Air it eitimL4 de: 1 4-;.1 :' hs-nd-led
Im : Iina.:11 facihta a :b ( ( : aL1 pionlgal.
k-t'it i toA'ILIA ' INST IT : T'.f:. i r
0. 1119 ia ue , uwi:: to hW'.' Ie icm fEt
state of tho new binhdog, has Io h - ps.
pnedlz rnoo tha rti ; Tuey mn \pr.i ,
D);. GrahvuijnIb is b:!ent so-cn wom-e it) sefrvo
se v ye'o'1C:;ivla unison etthe cean!.
extenta o the~ tlaw,~: fo a:theii Ia.inghle r
.\zi w:r in tIhei sG incaer tidet name.
I.r : agla n iJalie r ciovelrnr ':.
lT he Its reu : rnsta ind:.-a':e th a .\S Iirim
S.Cp .sarrd~ w~Ltti, a i ben th..ct.a
Durt 3ing the y1 1ea end;an thy cas Ctina a.i
l1t0: al 11; . ftb c w r o l; 1, .
: .a rr, ispya, a o asti ,' I : I d ls. thet . .
o :. aboute 1,5 t bi, wn'.. j at I n .
t iep i :i:isty ait was v i b it th0 b ih-t
iii i gs'ttie tatlest a .on oit a, cim !n--.]
who us orert theiu rIo() free tl, wer :ae.
itd weh hln j ttbic t ttreas.tO thi '.11 tta
evenl it d oto 8,i free O~) Ue -
na- Sr 1.o- m raer ofl the presa.I ta:
'y wJ. be siteeni byto o t advertisites'
Mglzhio '' is proflmhi v Chosil Lit'iI
tllwI (3owerikr. Ili narly every di.
trict the Lel~;tiei Canididates fur
Cotgr.'s have been~ defecated till( it
tis .Ealoct iol ."ho C orisidere .a,4 faIi r ex.c
punit otl hzo: 1 u kp wi ll, Pre...uit
1 re ' 11. til iit i';l 24! lol i.- conti (1:ood.
Ili this city, Perditnand Wood, a
wealthy flontrT-lndr. hlt 11.110 ,Lltollg~
Dielnocrat is ciected Mayz~or'.
Out of 3W Ilfleitthrs of' Congrecss
T'he State vOtec i., very lalrge-ex
ulve: iut .
th(4. pj)olud. Ili tilt !)Lit w4II' il Ne'w
ll outr Mj'i, uiitd
(zez~ ~ CO fu. I otid 1.1 her pri i ilin
\hoigs talk "*i lct1.v itg thn.i Wllig' IMc 1,.y
ill( oItilI t1'iti.l the: :1ol -d' tile Kntow~.
.,is us twuitLer-'41, eg nas it;l*-jitieth
eottsid.'tinig the0. i'ecitellt.ivilL Ithat Ph11
uuttiled ~I :I I O ta ll lt o i t hfi~ll . eitd
M% ui 1 t [- X teigwtt'rqX Lr, n.
d4*a)lj P'tut4 161r 1ht1v .1)e-l.:r1l ik Call.
oidatd; inl order124 -,t-; they ,;,id to) 41421424
441411W tit .'kow y bit, wVe \%ill have~'.. ti,
a1.4tI140ity til4LL tilt! f1't441 It i rm141
itti iti
S 110tt540 4i 'i .1 !) 1 1-)L4 \~' 1 Ill-ki
I %'.4-d4 1) pa'it i 11..;i's 4114 .t
l1.4'ap I I ' .44ill (,III 3'4. brig .];i. M o 14441
M'I 'L ' Ho .: 011 1i
USli I 4'So:l.'il th ks:).S.vo ill
41441'.. . 1'I' t l . ill I A a piivyL 114i:41 k4 1 4-(1
tht11' Sint It.:L*l ~:4 I- ily o U : s
(YU4 Ic 1111 (' and 1.1. , 0. D.uI" '4''.' ''1 0.
!1)1 thatiil k. deha 1 T1t'- is' r~ 11h
I 4.wl444~ 1i'o4] i II ':,1Ia3 dlv
The " h a la*
sttI t!.'i dw'a. 1 ',! 14)
(~ItlltO iIlllo, C ly raii'lg person.,
froml al1;:l'n-t evetiv part1 (of' our 4'xtll.
Aivio Distrijct. 'Fie exhlibitionl of
Sti 'oh etmbrace'd Tite speciments of io
mustic aini ma b ot h oftho naiL'e mid
ii;O4'ed Stock, The ColI(lction of
.:Mu421i (If' G' ruill wiag quit iar.'i' mnI
'L!i.r:tLvti%' t' Sli twin- ;ti :41 Ie v s~ cl ''l ' i t In -
froi tOle part, fi em heas o! tile A
St 4('-i2til i to in 1)14 iv ill tha bi ranch
The( dol)04.tit doj airtniv('lt, thougt(h
emb101,02 ract.ed some)1 Ipiejli's, IIi
IIVoi litl't tav . i l'tVI.' III Ve il i r li
t . .'1lilll l W 1 itt? ally f:IU L/'i e (A* l i t
Si ir 4 111' i ti l i ly v~ i iil)
Te longi! linel aIl' .ih, Welllira.
ho iI 4tp. (lie 1 CalgieLL'll 1ie .11d 11
I ie filtill t hal Iiei euf'r sit (CI4k.1 h
fitedll to41 tilev NILI .C1 IIfl. Mr
vIlf all23 tL. I ill-Owfl' '. t h ru ilt-er
Sely arlill', spightly ittle iU hi(1 1)3 tol
Alli tilt the hu o on~ o''l l o -1( -k.4 tilt.
t(1 111412' ito! I l e ~n t he 1l1' I Iol lit.
t('lYt 11.111. A C24'4' '1i2 121I,pro ' 11 CIIprat.
i2,11e. l;t ' Vt(,- R v, N it 1124 nl1111S1). N lr
I fel;%-'2i41 . Pinc ney ( ;. iii ., 16 6 . it, ii':t
i;lie 211 li ' Was 'I' hltrolucc by'- rl(tl'ie
ICI t hOL~~2C sti, It.i., 111(1 itld e IliS.i
t iliol lm44I, I . I) 124 L it i tlin 1%.'tit e Ilp iLst,
Immedril d -'114 v4 a(ir t'the Villiol'soi
hu ' llm01.('ie tli'1t lt4! ill.' M r . Pit-.
1(1L'V22It C1l.4. t Ilkh~ addegs.' i 21(4l 11111'b 4Ic
t Uo1tel4 tit(. ab v Il r eso121jitvioll tit'
Il11 to 1 e( ll', iiI' ilth t 41 .1 11 Io V .vist2 Z:'l
121 ' 141-iUO.'S illS 4(.4'tj4.I~t.' il lahit
.llr, 4) and Dr. .1 1) . C. . I 410111411,
r' 'l( irtIt tirv, A v r ''' ilk-411 i4.'i'ttIII
1142 C. 10i' Il Stlel &l and"4CC11'I u thit1
In2 ttl'2iitii twot 1,1- tI'(! Itl4'12l~ -.va
~it C-444 -I'1 l' %* l- l V. 10. I o'r h
.1 4'4 1 lIt'.' tilt) oI .e IkI . I3 1'S
Illuillhers, Jil. vjtI Some
4 1111 tilt! 1 i .-41121414 24112. Colips)*e
tht . 1 '1t2'4, tuWil' tiR14 lt.) U''S .1161* tit,
1t"S, :1.1
41. wm 1) no tice, Ow~. Asiwn4141
0' 1 k ~I i C..i) 1Ai it) SI' tit'('442
Pr142 'i'hlgit '114 ;( Lt~41". W . 1 5 14 11P2
On . 4.")i24 I* Di~ r. 4 V8' AIllt o,
l'll lul .1.Blidl~.
:4'111-i p1. mtwo~atyvr tl
1Tilt! ;Iev il 1_, dil prle, ie to'~ ti4' lt!
thetV ir 1' til1o 2 1l il,1. .
Bi13 Il. Mimt.'' ~I:2ir d011 iI
-on 4 1, 1 1, .. IsJ.ll til. i lyl b ing')j02
P ., Pi4 4 414 4 1. 1)1tl ll. 1 11
I)u- i .vrL0 Cd e. Vl-): [,tl i lest (iola
By hiis EnCelkncy John 1TrenceSa
ung, Go crmr and Coumnapder i* i
in -d orer thp ,late f- Mouth Uarolla.
IIEIMAS it is a ditty inetiql nty~m
every peeple at ill timQs lei
edge their de cndance .lpon lif.
and merciful G(oo ; s)prais. flit
glory and henefactio-ft, ari W '
enntrit son and hnhpbinition a eb6
His i is petimiions, and dep aid
IMes power
And wherens it is eoonlt .
in -he people of this 8ate6tW.
great hieflit which in e
t pon tfietg during Ihe pa4t Ja
in view oftita mor(.aii ..gp
ties which ih- one 1Neraori4
theti, to - nuako public 1411
their gratijude, gpd AUmdatia
Now, thgreforg1104'NO L
MAi J , Go
i i in-und over a
Ca'rolina, do ,0reb 1 A
DAY,.tlie twnty tird d Y of .v i
as a day'o ITk sg asih ,i
ist ion mand Prayer ; ali(I jIerchy'mnyit her
Ministers and teIcherft of all reig'iYot.
denosinations throughout the Stsoto, upoir
tgai day to open their soyeral 'llacos qf
publbe Wfrship. and return thanks to Al:
eighty rind for ito rInl'statios of His
mercy ; to aicknowlede the sins of thn
p~e; and, by huinliati6 and pfy_er'
to entreat I1o forgaIei.n fif trie:nf 0n1f
implore the extensuioni over the common
we l1]t 1fi$ lI(-O arrd mercy.
A-il I firther invite all persons engaged
in -secular 'pursuits to close, for the dny
above oentione.i, their places of business;
aid forsike their usual avocation-s, and tQ4
prono:c, as far a- possible, a proper oh,
-ervance o: the rights an.1 kttlCisyy1ztieS of
G v.-I under ny hIrand and the seal of
he Suie, at C iuriihia, thi-s thiry-first
.-ay, fO icher, A. 1). on2e thousand eight
iiumndre. Iand fifty-f'otir. 1nd inl the seventy.
nintl year of Ameiriwan II'lepenideice.
B;% lEnniy. SecreLtry of St, te.
Nov 1? 1851. -.
vill celehr.at_ It? Centenniat Ari:iiversary
on the 27th iy of Ikcetrber next.
A procesbion of all Ith C .lget tinder its jit.
ri-iaiction will he formel o1 that days at 10
o'clock, A. M., at the Mafitsotic: Illl, curner of
A(.g unl Ventiworth- -tr,ers ani atn AD
1) It l'SS. suitalilt to th. o--asion. will h de:
livere.d by Brclther SA.0lliIL, H fNl1'1 H l "
SUIA, '1. D., l4s, dIhSatec of Orange Lodg.,
No. 1-1.
'l'he perio of .1he! year when the celebration
will take plte. seerns to the Comniittee of Ar.
ratnrientsm Po h fdtiorable for a general at.
teiuiaice of Maiso:n% thrn'igiout the State, and
a t-very 0hlurt will be iaridlu to procure a reduc,
tion of ftre ot raiiroads au-l steamboats fQr
tio.e wvho atiti the. celebraitin, it is hobed
whet no 31.-ion who can attend will be ahiq at.
- -Jerrf.WA. GVERIas,
A L.lT t.. A ACKLY, M. D).
G E20 RAn - E Z. W A 1, 1 1RUN, ..
G Io -I K 11. W A L'T-: It,
ll:NRtY H UIS'l' '
t-:. 'ril A) y i.: , '
Nov. 15, 1 .i- 3 td
. Report
Ofthe WVestern Boo of Commtissioner#
(of Roads foI jr Clarendtont County, Sumt~er
ilistr.et, S. C.
Ro'td. lor C-airontdon Coutnty, Sn-iiter lis- -
tr~ct, donth Ciai:mta miet i- day
Pre.-sit : W. If iH. Richtair-on/Chiairman,.
lithiimas I. Rel crloit,l S.J. Ditiglej
.Iohnr (> .Br.>ck, \ V. WV. OYwens andu 8 (..
11i. Cap:clsogh,- R. S. liarvint, MI. H.- Con;
tntors a td .i'ohn 11 G vyie, when the Suiae
tart and Treaiun.-r submtit:ed the followmng
accont current :
WV'enrn [Bo.rdl 01 Uommurisoners of
Roadii Iaor Clairendonat Contv mt a 2iccout
c erl-t withi I. Ii. Bragdonu, 5et rotary &
Treaur. r, hor the yeatr roaotneing'8ib
Anigust 1-83 mdii up to 140,. August 1854..
lii Anus 14, H aneash' m'handl
1atIh Aigu sL 8, -ac 20 7
( :idsi teax eveclt enI'f Ili3 )L 76
$52 .53
Tao cash paid for aidverliiing report.
of 18.3: .
S nary of Clerk nnd Treas'r
up to I0thi Aitht. 18-->} 4. 00 -
To tiane cashi in haind'
14Iib Atnguet je54 40 53
On rntion of T. C. Richiards~on,
Resciked, That the accotnut curret of
thn Sercretary & Treasurer be received.
Secretaray & Treasurer ''en'r Roadlu.
Clarentdot County, uua91t
Nov. 15r 1851
So, Carolina~--in
By W. LEWIbEqg:
Whereas, M.^M.
me for Letters of dm$I
sitngnhar the gotods ar Ja
creditors of the 'ljaj
the said District, dece46U 4
isis all andsingualarf/ithe dredia
tors of the said deceassed-t ar
he fore .ine at onur neoxtlOr
thbe sid ,Dre:rit, to bie jioa
Coir t hlotsp on ~Fridy th4
Novembecr myt.qo sJ ow caiusedj
the sai-l adaitntistratiot) shon441
Given unIer finy blipr
15th day of Noveim e 1
I dred atnd fifty.fouy, and aiitbh
ovyear or Anterient~ lndendteico.
CitizeriW of $umniervle and vii inity, uta
fhe has ret urned to. StLtrvill,-mid hay
ope'ned( his D~aguerrean Rotngs .at tinir
phiro( lormierly ock-~oIe~ hy hint ne.tr the'
Snmt~ier hit gner Otilee.
Tlhnkint' tor t~ho htberal patirotnage hero.
tohiprn banio ho nevf..1 i... -.lto..eai.
the use of their hall aid ht, fpr our
last exhil)idona.
Resolved, nint the'publ;hers of our
vil!age papers be requested to strike
of], each. one htmdred extra, copies of
their isue cotatiiig tile, speeckh de.
livered by Mr. II. I,. Pinknev. Jr.,
aor distributiotn, and Vhargo tIe saiue
to lihe As:iociation.
Reso/vmd, That tho patpers of our
District be r utested to publish these
pro'ee din g.f.
hlle Society then adjou rned, to rect,
at. the (ourt Ionse, 01n Saturday, the
18th iti4.
J. Ml. PITTS, President.
G. V. I.r.:, Sec'y pro temu).
Tribnu(c of tempcect.
Sou-rtE losr;F. No. :23, I. O. . F
WrIenAS it IS flea'SCd an nll.wi4e
just and tnerciful God, to ILuimions From
this world of sini inl the prime of life, our
Ilrother.Od I-Fellow DANIsEL r. Batsos.
th e companion we so griemusil. lainent,
pnosssd those virtues which rshone gives
nobleness to inan. When souuht to err
by tho.ae tenptatioins which tao often rmset,
and so E.el om rejected by the young; that
kIeeisense of honpr und love of right which
adoried hip lipture, protecd hm. It tR
w uh an goid tmother.who loved him so
woll, that we truly synpathise, and to.
frierldswho kricw hin1 as we did, we pre.
sent lihe notice due to his memory
Therefore be it resolved. Thit in the
41at i of 13rothaer -DANIEr. BiUsoN, this
Ionlre IIs losat a isuful newher.
Resolred 2nd, That this 1.odge,( wear
1e tuitl bad.;e of mourning ifor thirty
da -s.
Rrsolrrd 3rd. That a pago on the minute
book het inscribed with ii! naine and to his
Res,4red 4th. That thie Lodge deeply
'.ynpat hize with his hereaved larent# im)
Ii-, loss.
Redolred 5:h, ThaIt the aboive preailble
and resultttions he pubbished in ii lan pinrs
of alae 'liown, anl a copy bl- trans.otioeel to
his ailtv.
-. 11, CLA RK, Cmite
Rt. C. WE W"11u
DI'. UUv -orr's Y EI.L11W DtoCF AND
SA 1: -A PA It 11. 1. A.-For the enre nil iseses,
or aIS a j-r pili;npurijier a/f the bloor and ais a
gien'alto-nic for -the sycre, is unriva/l
TI', eanrative pmvvri of tfhis E tra--t are
Itruly wanlorful, wa-l :ll i .v ills S hol
aa:ke naouare tri:! of the "Yellow Ilovk
and Harr;iparilla." It cannot iljure the
a- t ad car e pa:o i-t.
'II EN P[IY Fitu l 1 INI NOS
T RU l .TO SEEK hople, ife aInl vigor
from It hs 'ure'y Vegely b'e Remedy.
Thern wae. howaever br;ok-mi in hena:th and
Spirtis, lwever lo ithsoi:nil t ol hiwi and
al aers, htno onwt! dosp.ar of rp:ove!ry ; let
ai--. porent o.aly o& l':-r-Itnm I that hli- t If m
1 o phay.sial restaration ies in "Gavnoit's
Exrr~tet o: erim1(w k rk d Saimrdtr
lt," and persa:il. hin forIt his
Lii1 SAL.
to try it, an i we have no hesitatiio'i in
p al, llct o sp ly. kr ni to he;alth.
!S,-4. adveraisen ' ;t.
I -
iit, -Tt~ii a by rhi et.- M'r
Ihrairly, Fu %':cr-; 1,. BIarUNsso, o(SZmti
tei vlh to 1 M.ay . daulg!ter of'
E. l. lB:ai-io E-r. of l)arlingonr.
,Satur day E'anintir, Vmen/,er 18ta.
lIA.\ I .
1. Variatio:' for P'i:i.u-. - Mr. Kt."pr.
2. I'arld -en tlavo'rleen'a. - Miss Ite.-ana.
.3. C avatting ' from tni' 'i si tretint.
4. Pltka. - - Mr. 1Ho-pp--r.
4;. Comting through tthe R ye, Mjaiss Brenana.
l'A 1n' ii.
1. Sctaoi h,!a - - Mr. aoepp'er.
~2. Swi-a soag. - - Alii's Bre'nan.
h y reaapa a:," - Miss 1?eanan.
4I. ianstrumentea.a, - rMr. iKeepper.
5. *Tya'oli, *ane, - lias Brenlian.
G . Ca-ta Diva, 'fromn Norman' liR Ifrenani.
D)oorn ope'n r-t 7 1-? o'clcck. Conacot t to
c',lianeance att 8.
Noav. 1S, i85t 3 it
Choice Groceries,
Kenldrick & Jenkins
WVOULD nannoc to S'-ei friendlsantd the
commniay at t.rrge, that. t ..y have opened in
Suamtervill op:n~posite to We~bhb Store,alrg
aatd vatriedt stock of ae
Sucha asa have never before ben i lhibited for
Jjr sale in tthis mnarJtet. It comprisea~in part aN
BACON--Primuo Siles, Shioulderaiad Han.
.SUjGA --rown, Crushalyd, Powydered andi
COt'FF-E--io. Java, and Lagauira,
Laird, hitter, Maol assaesa, Chaaee, Cracker,
Mackeret, Smokead tDeef rind longuesa, Pinkles,
P'runes, ilrmied fruits, LOhteatra, Sardiesa
Hatluaaaad, Unllogna Saausage, Vermicelli, Maca.
noatila, &c. A c.
Finet Tobacco anad S'grp r.
Irisht Pt'atos, (imaoan, ttOetq, Smioked Hear
inugs, Fruaits, Nuta,aand Confectionarny of all
Wtheat, Iterkwhieat. anad Rice.-Ftour.
In sthort thaey pledgeo theomselves lby strict at
teanlioan to batusinessa, kerping oin han I the' lI&-r
cit A l4. giants inll ;hr line, aand selling UI In t.
for CAant or parulca, to merit at share of puiblio
pat roaage.
Nov. 15, 1851 3 at
TI!I' Itridge avair PocatalIigo will hae let out
to thet towesut hidder orj theo first Tundralay ia)
Diecembetr ntext at thae fhridtge.
II. II. C~aNt,
J. GOR.tIJQ, Com'rs Ro~ads.
Nov. 15, 1851 3 td
.' Wathan copy LI.
Selling~ Off
TIT iW Soaerllbea Leaug desirque of clo.
mtg ia' baum..s, n11fers his entlire stock of
D ry (hiolb, Ilsardwart., &c., at reuced
priaces aund, art thm stame time, hat eotanstly'a
taobecds all peraioais atndebted to hiam eithar
by note or ncacntnt, to eome forwardl atad
settlo tip as soon as I'ousable.

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