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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 06, 1854, Image 3

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Ps'oceedingms of tac Legim.
NuMIa. 3iSah.
arlee, pursuait to ns otice. Iml.
tIoduteil a bill ta4 lie, 1.
Nititulile oah-ge; -i.ie e
eeived its lirst iendintig .i., % a i, vier
ted to the cet iiiltt e @oi elsar..;I
Mtr. Nloses o!Te.*red a restiniin isthali
itbe reletIed to thle 0141110ice is's
tho01Zunlatite A.,yh11n It. 11nqunle mal
repot t by bill o lieJwh whatI
cmpiensttait a0 ktion old ie! allowed a'x
Collete arr 1'(I- ilg otlt the provis.
iolns of the regis.ttit)i acit. A greed
fr. d1hnson gave notice that. lie
wu.d to-marrow, witi Itae of the
Senate iitioduce a haill to ills atal legi
I iv aid ito the Cha i Ilesto tn and Si 'an
1111ih Railroad Comp o ..
Mr. Mtses, tin the I;art otfthe Judi
elary Committee, iade unflavmlable
reports oi tile petitions of s1undr1.
t iIzens of Sumter dis riet for :i inl
crease of the co.pensationi of petit
ju rars an1Md w;tnesse-; on a petitioi
!4.r increased compensation to consta
bles ; aid onil the petitan of suid ry
citizeis of Lexinigton disti ct iar alin
ineren-e of the coipensat ion tfjoirtrs
attending magistrates' court.-.
iturs..at to notice. Mr. M (ases
Introduced bills tta alter (lie duties* ol'
oriliitnries i i takinig atiiiisiiit tini
bond, ind to pinish assaults with
4Con~eafled weapons.
lin the House the mornilg hour Was
(.pcnlded il the presentation oaf peti
t.ons. accotunt s &ce.
'ur-uatnat to notice, Mr. Tucker
in Itduced a bill to tho ar organiza
tion and improvement of the Commonitai
school system o' South CI aral ina.
iRead the irst time aid referred ta lit
.4)tmlitteeon ednteation ; also a bill
to alter u1nd amend the law regulating
the jirisdiet ion oat Magistrates.
AIr. Greein, pirs-uanit to notice
:dreatdy given, introduced a bill an
thofrizing tien Prezidenit and Directors
ot the Bank tof the State (it Stouth Car
htina to estabisi liai Branach (at that
.Uidtk inl Sinoterville. Read the first
1imte tand referred to the Committee ofI
Ways ;.iiad Means.
Nir. McKnight gave, notice that to.
morrot'tw he Would ask leave tap utra
duce a haill aut horizmg the removal (t/
t/ie Cupit to Charleston.
Mr. Sullivan introduced it bill giving
thc election of electors af Presidet.
and Vice President tia the jwple.
Mr. Spain begged leave to recur to
the call for Sumter Di.,trict. Leave
being granted, lie gave nilice that to
worrow ie would ask leave to intro
duce ia bill to exemlat Ministers of the
Gospel from patral duty.
- iPrsiait to not ice, Mr. J. B. Perry
'itrodineed a bill to revist the eriniil
c.de, and to estabalish a peiitentiary.
JenVad and referred ..too the Comnittee
~-una~ Jndiciarv.
Mr Clirk a .Ieraed a restol ution ta o
refer to the Militar% Coniiinittee a jiai
or altering and attending tle presetit
Mliitia sv.teml.
The fialloawinig ollices were .filled bay
the Legislaiture to daiy:
']?e.gster' oft Mestne Ctevt.:meic for
ChmtlasOtDi(stiet .l. A.~1~ ls'et
Conuni'i.siuoner ini lttiity ta-r ckl
tn lli'.tie ci. ILI. Tlarier .
ington~ isetr ohiet,. ..A Mite.
Ciiittionera itnd laniy forts A bhe
hT tlat Dis a. W. 11. 'miler. i i
itnuiiitner i E qiy rPk
TheIl'iliatdividang Pele aftn Dit.
tit wasireerred tthe~ Cosuknieette
the. Whle. ttrpale t liecond reg~ading
and was senit hatoii~ teiente.hc re
a.\lIt r hradpentd whe mrere.
rbti :f -ce a . rad ley ( taagrais a h
r'Uh o he 0 on. E.~i llIt. M12e to a
leiit ir the Snte Saaki a
to In Funme anoder ats, rere
te bl yctoa srepealteias eam.
'Th ittirst readin and was dordre
ih. a .ecndrading foto(i morrao.t
The roid was bille, n aloii <p e
beinga alprafeetr a the a ecltled
11d hesterd' proedi to be hred.
The f i hourna wasaiod of. '~a
r. Aleaady that twhoe ionitte e
on Fede'l R le La~ioniad r~ittep ort
the \\ h ndryad ) b il au Itozing the
election of Edltrs 'buryh peopt,a
an beggenk .dlave ted. dicare
from prto'he osidation t eeiof;
dt move a the ed otaes atter bl
tird to hie flous n Cditonnite Law
thde ahoh- land oter madethespecial
n.Blr.ain, a bill to sribgult in
cthi particulh a, the ectio ofth
EiletosfoPidn and V ac( ice Presi
den ey the r. itied soon,;l a t b ilth
tand t rv o n ad ditms- aino tic Law
JSnugean Disrct e upss;b
Mr. Bling, Sla billto regle infr
c etaln particuas the u>racte ofsel te
c hous ct o f 'eeniesasstortry.
-ti thy body th tespoon, a tvill fobte
b tt radminstatio 'of~a Just at
Sntr Dirokict. uao .a aed
arei r fl'esoluti t mesagy belsen to
the .wousei ofn Reresentatesy inef m
idyts)g itoaneletiont of'e Sepcrt.
the" wordic an begimeditely th reafl.
t-,n was adopt- d and the message or
deredac conting.
Ar. Moses srewated t he p aetiti in ofI
Thaa. R. Engluah. that ruiiiisters of'
Lii- ( to.e be ex '111t tioen pll auI.rtl duII
i. ,-. pi.r--nat to g--t ice .d ' ith I
l -:. IIft, S te, M1 Aaises ill. i
jr.. wL.- ,a . toa 1 x4ten la.d th'ie char-cer
w: Ii., thI. .i tiili lot Saniteivtle
it- *20 vi.... , aip, la a t a
Iat~ta', iiit 1t re' i and.11 exeri Ia j
A.-~a 041. R*ll ' l l-t ( 1111.101 -1f
Uitthet'i. 'A Cit.otll ota41a1lLt, t1 2I
testrs; w' inchl a ecea'..td fir-I reading' anid
%% a-I iefert'd ta, the oittee III lie
J titiia ; it i a, gI. AI oses preIa.se Ited
tlie Jectitill uII W. 11. lyd ald will
in respeel at a certain esch'ateud
estate. Referred to ComniiLttee aol
tie Ju1tdic-iary.
Air. a ai n ai pormseited the petifitin
of Joh1 Belton OU'NealI, ''iei t 01
tite conavlntiln aapposed to the 1it4in11n
trailie, thlat1 i law bie plassed It pllevellt
the satle o'alco( he lqtuII s bIy itiniei.
at itranlers. .iet'erred to the )m s
haillee - it tIh.- Judiciary
Ah. Pres-toin presett d the petitionl
of snndry citizens (a Colunibia [or
a charter lu a i lotel corlnuY. Re
C%'I red to Co nittee on lIterp rativ.. q
Ih Til-. I Iots..-A r. Unninightai.
faiall the Co1lslLLtn itee Pi rivileges and
iections, Inade report, r tal the petitian
a 'ndry 'citize'111 t' W'illiILaibLJurg
aI l"ta iet, play ing a 1hanige ill the lild adt
4a gtlelal eletionas, and begged to s
he diseharged froim iny lirther con l
sideratiti; also ieplarted by bill o so1
1Il31t Ia t' tile presetilinewt. tat the Grald
Jit-y of Simiter District, ats riecis
ineids but. tile day Itar all general
electioils; Itlad tihe first tin anic .11i
orda'red far considera.tin on Mondayt
S. Fairl, es., was elected Soliitr
of tihe aliddle Circuit and .1. P. Real
of the Westernl Circnit.
The atltaowin. -- is the report ial the
Connmlittee onl Foeeral "eaton dn
tile sev.-ral ills refelringa' to tle
Ianner all eleetiig Electlrs', of whiella
ltice was Ilulde vesterd:ay. I]
"That alt er due cansitlation of iie t
.evell bils referred to theim, it, aInali.t
lest ly' appeared that there could be to a
.greinelltll. a a iall.jorlity tiauoll alny .nle
IIt tile nlicas. rIes sUbIlitted to thetlli,
rlttive to thiteec, ation if E'tcars I f
Presidet alitid Vi e President a4f the
United Slates, itad that. the whole
nbjal. wuaatll he btter c nsdered in t
Colitit:ej ta tiea Whole, w here t
deerioin would, in tflet-, be a decWIsion
by lte lonse.'
a ;EeCMnn 4rll.-This being co'-f
ImecIlen'l ellt day no1) bisliless was dlne
ill ei her braich of' the Legislatlre.
... RtICilAImtSON, .Ja.
A'nlat for the Bainn rCA.
The 1411oIllaig perrons iave been ap.
pitwledl Agents anid ai authorizel I() re
celVe. ,nd r~ceip~t Itar, all atuml d1ue the
Sunslal: ter B anner. Ally per~sonl wIiahm! ta
bece l' a alanCentier tol tilte IJann ~er, lay
handolaac ih''m theCir 1111 an ad adda!ross waa'ill
batre till piapelr :rded~rlta paraompta ty.
Wa. W.. W..En in... . ('aahnnlinaa S. C.
S-a V'-. WI.TAKlEl:,. . W iabiantlaan. N C
Wr1.1.1.A);I laIs..... ... ... ..." .
It C. .-tL;AN,.........noatarvi lie S. C.
Noa ther perlsn ltIS a uth orazed to ra'ce'pt
for thae lhonlaar.
j aPerIons 'a. lahii ra see u1s uponll
-alIsmelss$ ttlctneld witih fte P'aper raw,
:ann !la115n at any13 houar tdurinag file day,
at tallr a'lice, tust back oaf Stal.oaoss' New'.
Stolre. 37' .\I fltter.t laddressetd to the
//iitanne must1 he pre-pjaia 10 insulre atten'
CuIaurLFsTox Dc '..
COTT)liO N .-Thte trans~acf t on, ta aa~ y
sho a ' ..iry nolSttied1 andt dine (ssedt
Inalrket . with I lari.ces delidditl v ill dev'or
taofluyers. Tile saIle.M wera' at e'xtraan
Cs ranlgIn~g fram '7 Lto 9 1 -le.
Mr. J1. L~. JaoNIs relnests 118 re, stalte
that het is no011a ctadida e foar Clerk of tile
Court for Smute11r District.
TIhe . proceeding., ot' the Le'gisliat l re'
will be iund upJonI ou1r first Lad secon 'ad
paes Ill ourl repo~rfs We hltave. omit.
ted all liaatter' not of gene'rai interest
and selected tonlly stneh portinn oIf tile.
proceedings ais'would be likelIy mlost
tt) interest the people -of .thiis puttionf
o)f'the State.
It at~hrds us great, pleasure to an.l
nlounfce thiat 0our W nathyIi .clternporaaaary
of' tile WIatlchmuna, M'1r. 'L. A i.a.sERt.
jr., has beean eilectedl S. ere'tairy of1 t
Baaa d .4f1 'Triustees' oaf thle Sthtl Cairoli
nla Callege, vice J. D. BwiAIO, Esq~ a
g The Honi. J. D. WV TJIuxusroon
of' Ytark, has1 beent~ noinalte td 111 a1
suatitablue caaiate faor Goiver-noar.
J7" Chxuaellor' J OIINSTON. 111s hlMe~
noatiiaitedJ in tilt Car'olinaa imes, hor
thae Presidency oaf the South Carolinai
Ctlleue, to sunnly ths jalau a ' 1)1e
Our next Goverisor'.
We are dailly asked who is likely
-1 he eleuted by tie Le-gislature to fill
lie Gtrbernato:iul chair lor the next
WO years. Speculation onl this Sushject
-selss and we shouild hesitate in
ivinig aln optini, s hit that inl conver
ation with vell intirmned gentleniii,
u., fropm C dumbit. we are assured
Ia Gis. ADAM!-: will be el'cte4d witi
tary little opposition. Gaoui. ADASS
Soat withiut i host of frih-sscl ii thi,
Luirter, who will be delighted at hk
Ievationii to the hightest dignity inl the
mihe Governorme ilev-acyge.
The he-th f it* is able Staite docn.
neout pre tiindethe pshibility of' oir
1uhlisig it. ins ill; ur rs-:ah-rs
iiust there'fire he content. vit h the
ynopsis, taken 0 , hrlso
ourier. which wvill he iual ipi i ur
irst page.
Thsimessage treats inl fii of eIvery
saa.tiong of State inlterest :nid wlih
resitinllfg n specific reIledis i.-h 6) 1
orrectioin of evi, wieb bc-!.n-.r
rly to tihe lvgislatie body. every
iject iS treated ol in that. o:piiijrt ethe
ive nmi! staesmanlike manner, that
uvesm lit.:ha'ccasin ih furthe-r re.
calch and auZlst greittly assist any . ef
irts to ar1 ive at a jis.t anI soiolild dt
crmtiqat ion.
Onl the siubhject of 1edh-ra; *olit i
lie rne-sage couises modleratin, bL
i firm iand decided in its ablmions ti
be pi ssible issnes which m11rV
et veen the Nirthern :orl Suther
eetions of* the 1' iln ->, ft-.. .m
alger of ior do. estifa peia- ai ..
rate di3at e right! ; it av -I --r
ng all Suate:al pdlitical jeiali-v. 1
lie ruliars aid psblic ruen it of t'.. Si, I
hte uponl this g.r&.t principie (f 4:.:i
Irvais] and reservationl, ml.d thl.
onistitution 11ad thie I iin arc ,- -
vitholit such ionui, all isois.
The inessages cioses witi a devint
ppeni to that, " Power, wloa bind.-i
lhose whom Ie lovas by the cluse-t
onids of ullection, and depreis.ses t h :e
boms lIe .condieiius I)C LISe they
irget him.
Railroad FPacilities.
Ve are pleased to .ee that the
.arieston hamber of commerce has
aken into its hands the wait oif
eimIII.Aodation affirded b) the rail.
aILds 1i1.0r tranisprtatiIn of friighit
let %weeli that city anld this Sectian of1i
tie State. and at its last iect tig I
1asSsed resolutions strongly uiging the
inm11ediate illoportnCe ot' a thoroublgh
atUzatii tiand i.cspetionll amsr.gst
lie Ihuies of l ail Rad. edinsig 1:11m
Nashi nsgtfn City to the SouLth ad
jothiwesit, Lta endeavorg, bya a para
pirit o)fe(1nipromi->e and asrransgement .1
, harssunize', anid not onul tao rem aedy
witls *ui.imlained of, bast, b)g every
availale -smeains ini theair power, ta
etnder incrsesZSd theii Lie- lar tI iave1
mdit triiasprtstaatin goot aai~zs we~ll a.
arriaige ttbie msails.
We hsave raeceive~d ini pamphh-lsa tfou
lhe annuual report of the Comu ptrller i
L;eneratl, with ncopanasyinsg da 'it
teiuts. Thei stiatemests sat the aoper:.
iins of the l3anik~ s ill, and1 t in- wa.
nasiIS thereaan cleasr andit tonii-v,.
unalt-' dotes ilat faretg~a ai si
twas iihe (jie.-tlifno tan si. ctar j :sts! isi'.
v lichi propijelly belonig-4 Lta the5a Legi,.51.
usre, bust justi. ealls aitenatain ta the
tbus~es of' thae presestt sytsem sau
:-iansiders hsis ,d uty usn thats! 'uint s
Thle exhibit ofath inanli~scisi aulsa;.,a
si thle Staste is apl ite ~satisttr 'asv d
is s sty.le ait onceVL clear unsd comissae
TJins yjalia, pubbthledl ait York-1
ille. S. CJ. asder the juint !'.ihisr:al.
ship aat T. J ..Ecec.tus, 1-'sq., niii .1!
W. I hes, Sik as nein receiveal. Tne
pirinstiag is nestiA ot thet editiasls. give
irontiseo taL pas' er.wovarthsy the~ suppaot
cit Satuth arliniana~us. Wea. a i--h si
Lonnctedtt .with it that sneerss, u i b
ner fa llo-we upono honatest inteinitis
iand -true |inri.
.At no fornsie~r periods haive we seeni
osur st reets inlarei liviely ori biness
mosre flour ishings tant h aisi been
ditring te past waeek. Ilsag Li listg
aus. pig stjtiuslii g is lwaapiss ihe tusa
strikinig featurea ul the L(Unes; laust, sill
does not end~ heire. Our stor a r*. ie
filled wits their wavinter stsveks, u' btich
mi someit istanteas aure ft be!~ seroiat
isupp~ly thiis seasonl; wago uiga th5 .aa || s
kmidsa '.f pi'oainte bleekcl the stres
citton at) l-t't with r aif sahl-; ians its
anud eight.e t net i; -carts waith ii er
upan iiie r of po.uitry cosail froms whiieb
geetsn eniskle, turkeys gobble, chicken.
- (wvhat do~ chilckss ad?) aill meta
the eye* and1 torimi a pleasantI anid
chseorin aci donen ot uone in..r..a.,,.
trmide, arpeliters too aire not idle,
Wi thiLn.1s rus. it is the word, or the
delinad Ihr houseo room IMe e-xceteds.
tie uppily, there being at this time,
so fitr as we ea!n learni, 114,t one va.
Cant) Ior disengaged dweliihg or store
houlse, inl Stinnter ville. Now m:.r
friends abroad iay think, thit this is
ill written Ir ellbet alnd 0alI it; 1lufi0
well no be it, we are ready to siuv
OUr han-/. (-One thing tholug1h we do
neeol aid inless the ciizen, 01 the
distric.t. and town create it, for themi .
selves we shall always nved, we inea .
Now imie good easy souls hought
it wauis iiniv lecessar'y ti send a pt.
tion to he Ilatur 01)toetalahh here I
a 18%-.1:1 oft the hik of thei Statu and
t neetil Id wildil f el.w; -),o it lulighit;
bult it, is ono (hll;,, to petition and14
anotherl~l to rnt. Fejllfw vitizenIs
phd e not4 !I Z, ur truslt inl I e i -,; iii
bu1t gO to wotrk, on-ve' yourl spare
AiS ii t1h stuck of a -,Wk 44 voor
MU i auI; lie at uuline iii'ji0 en l t mall
eaSandenjy Ite a&t ,ahetionl 4,f
" t ibrakii :dwnl thje
prie.n ilihn credi. s stem, wi hichi
is aiku ijut imis to Iuyer and seller.
Edilloial Corre-t-pmzade nce.
L ou-:.si a I >ee., .i it, I s;,.l.
herei nI S.:tn ti ,t li i th n~ t we
ru d !- . al reai.1-. dllof vi,itors
- e nu be it. Lei lt o, :ui
-la'e b . rh I i, .
as thar b .few "r Qa 0, bI"-v b1..- rda
i u ed The ~ui.~ii t ow ~sbe ule.ing
l an Ne er ad l!!er k-v -rv -In ,
p t\ a Il n til (,I hlivi:1g ;i fg s ilL
" .' I '- I in iW: LapitIl.
1e w i I talie iawe ti, d .. i1
&1lnnAtiqon With thlo CIoihI-_ -.,
11.1ile 1 it 111i i. f'iiun lit,1 4i, ht i ;! i -h1
muc-he nt has Ti ihh-,-.4.,a
lari g crowi di toget her.~ -1 he cele ratio
is tUb he ld inl lt! New Cin1-t-l aid it
(jnet may judge-" fronti thlt- ineparatilons
that, have ha mrXi, %rl ill be% -im -
thing witlh seecinig ant d ti n g to, b.- it!
I . I [b eeliI by thO .LS O l -- Ailta
Ma," wh!io) s,-aiterid tiroughim ')Ilu
count.:y, -Jh1111d on ea a nas- mll ..
at the mittmuisiin f the o Cge hud
bell~lainid IhI, st-enes(Oso m-- IW 11(fthevir
e0Oarit and fondeht reenihIe.:111s. The
lion. J. L. Petigru hai been invited
Utdiver at speech upon the -ocson,
:tiiil u ill di n gi(u LUs Lt o i 4i1.,
w 'orthIy of the the College anld
oin i h i fiv
ive I g .a i Thef oisi an u;aiuy
the. Col V.rt and u-'aru-; o the
boyet-, , lhe m oy~ ihemp.,.diI;,
lightC ti i fa ny I a ii onr., r.il-es, w ho
are 1.' i .-re a h i uuil, wul d hit, s to I eer
C 'a ' :: n it-) "II lu L L mei ngL
lni ':i i meiih I oL i -.- , A ii m:!~
;4? I ret.i'b.4 o i:. i it gie ?
en:I lilit J i, enii oi ai Fni , :tuu5'A
j-e [i . atLJL :.it te hot,:iee,/ :n fnt W
U.-.ile :. I ofu l i Thie hest-- i iieer
.iuh i ' iiet I s t t~ hi g eat-e ii t~l hei
n tiu l ha-.' ~ bar,o t ii e hu.uglm
Xji niL., .Iii r j iu N fiu 11 . i iia i
iiLt 'L the ) 1 -Cr ) t h prw t .md i r4 -n ih i
theLILi ie;i. Lis~ e h-|e,.tn .u
7 1,). :., NiIL t n Lv::wun hiS 0 e s ip
:nh iL d . i:- e nle t t isu er e on
toii,uuedute.iti til )1u Vi It .iid li'
Coeni r tht a, ti iha greiater0 bstei
tengkinwledgni saitl aon uh.:r. itoe
been takeit u) inl useless discussioni.
but work. laborious work seemns to be
theorder of of the day. Yet we have
nO doubt this will be a very mterets
tiig Sessioll. Many important sub
jects are to be brought befbre this
body and)( special days hav been set
apart, for their discusiiio. Mr. Tick
er's Bill upoi the Free Scho ol system
is to Come up onl Tlesday flex', anid
will no dott be '1:11 of interest to all.
MI. Cunningham's upon Baliks. on
iThursday. The several Bills upon
gi% ing the election of Electors to the
peopile, upon Wednesday, we ilihik,
besides these' there is the triuestioni
cip'ic.inalog the New State Capitol
and giving State aid to the lBlue
lRidge lRil lioad >npany both of
which will coi ni ialid the best talet'i
of' this i ody. Our owi delcgig.ivii
ive 1i111 been exceptil s ti the r est.
They are usuay to be iiuld il their
met's attviI dig to and wtatching the
inte'es oS. f their conlutuents. OneIL Of
Iliterl hasaheadv intradiel a Bill to
ustailish a branich of the Baik tf the
State at iStiniterville-but we are
*ori) to saV t)e prpo-,itim h.s Im't
with atI iifIvorable ejoit froit the
Coimittee oIf Wav ad Means.
It, will however, cliIme 11) up aginI wheln
the report C'lo befor thte I11ous
and will thent I douIdt be ably sup.
d udgig fr'n thu appeallee and
Hium whla' we h-el ')In U1f thepre.
.44 It 1lti I'2 I e . I -- 151i cii the 111 li 1
L ue l ich har it i na 1 1 r, $4 .t-j
tp bek (itn o luild anld skln illnr wi.
w;lii I theIc will 1 a l fit , I, ., r
vted aidII prl'le'ted .o the !"st idv:m
tage. 1311t w.ue hav e wV ittII I-i ta
n1 letter an d Li n &I c Ive om 111 lar
1 t i-a n d im ire ire- ting con nim ii
cat ~ STI til- w sl evo)l lliave tilt pro-.
verin otth IX-gi-daturei from1 V 1110h
ui readers, w% hich t'iogdhr wit.h
our11 nyla~1r Clneis. -'inde ce' wil hor'
iude the nece'.sSitV If' a1tilg alytlinag
imorie at I 2is timiet, lrsiii
Youirs &c.
J. S. R.
Correspondence of Ihe- Hinner.
Pu'ILA i...iiJA, Pa, ivoe. 2, 1 W. .
Au'ipean A11irs -(ity iin.'-taeet.
ing (if Congres,-Aili im mattlers
1-ar ianer : it ik erually i.1ire
tive anld ani'soingts lii hfw rapid
Iy public "piiin in [tii, city i., hng
i in reard t th wct1 ing in
m Eurpe &longas.e'r polrched
Vtiivi m i their uderilyking th publiew~
toicetl :~t'k 'in.- the iro favoui2r :ai~d
en. 1b:t 'u when b1ihi tab-hae
ie 11 ver 'i-ltttuthe 'mine Frens;ch~ fsi.nds
Enlii'-h .t:4'rs'dily ing thei way'
huce s V.li w i a l l 41 Il overcome oppost
I'iti'n ! .'ISur 1 il; iwn part',4i h a
cuotidenly t) bh. lar ey telyw m th t m
r111 '.! a .')dOth :hd t mi , Iibre t o1~V 1
th 1r.ibo cli)hi)as :u i F ir e noil~
-''l-inaeiii iIkta t-\ i e it~e e iii theii 4'
alis t he otrerf ..lra'ilt'sb powes.
meover itiwereilio better the ihe
Fhtghmd :aid Fr1e to pos 01' Res-.'zl
I tb iih'sh of ij theaquesnln-siiyou
si rtnod ls 'av--illereluet iIl)ave hbel
tb.-ire a ilmm it, ut Ill taken. a bs
ecei'eipnei .isleo OICt
d:: ees uipoestie,) tae ieniorn
hieb it n - liine).i nathi'. y\houghw
r tb.ti uiling toa be hir c1aandi inte
I lie sisters ,if),) wi ye of t I, e IfCC eil13 Iit;
all(] !abotrinig mwi3 r iua cs be.itai.
At]I tliai those ul liighe'r ci rvit.-i. I I' the
3~Ivi threvn it arI e- tl.i r'lt
iim. o)f Alis'3 Mild., It 1314i tu ho1 ter
was5 un3der d- thI:I11(hI (if :otrn
was sehitenceed (,.:I 'TLIC.iy to four
yea'rs jmnpr is~mmitii in the Pciitei*
tiary. Several Clergy rteln (if ourI
Cif h. 'yond tilii. rSpheru ofdu
ties) :11-e (c~:3g! I bl30 I a ;.e
titi',: f*,.r a~ 4lu: t;1L~i1a ol is sell.
telice (w a1 jardl.Jl. I );31ijr0l'l 1ii'g
Sn e Wale Ic~! read11 a1 -ta3telit ,) i'
thle ( on:1 ill wich hie siolemnIly pr1o.
te.L..d his- itnwcew
( .141435 ior i ler is quite( sick( with
,v~m .i, fvc r. TIhere is' tit) d - h I m
03. ile cxtiti .1 io i r ii: ci
w~hich I h. a1ssvil inl tile. recent EIVCL
tin oIne~jpr ('3LlljnIIiI) (puiati tjii
Ihe IliIlli.)' di-trit- ill tii' stateI
bid fair to becoe m iore . iSp...rolls
Slid weatlthy. '1110 la1st. IALidon 1131113
States that, a Iiivollvlt, is a31)111
bell MW 0 to ilairo d ;i:t IhtiLhI,,1.-jc
coal1 inli ti 15( iti 1.4'td. i, at arriige
nients are illmii 'l.'!I4:S I af tl.,' impril) tI
V11 3 I i'iii Slet:11KILt~ ii
meir :it 97~ ;tl3t :e'.3 xl liter. it wil
realed at Iw 111 wfei1)
tis :1eti. it lj.*:4,a) I.I.St Xvii''
the j4:4]44S ls 13k143421ling I )4!iega4s LO
tl~e c. II XCilti)I wh4Iich ~l4 ill W.aIll)
Ii ver'ar 41143 ilt! b.14! .\ New (r
'1290 h il'., M r! . SA'4 1:i31 J . T 11 1)' it
tvrotlic a ~ l
or i): a1 SJ rM.o_ jm f,i .-f z 14-,,A '. I :I.
Tr iw- vr.r: orfl i i.' u1 i ', tr 41 Azu :1
aoid4 S h'itrt :r.:! I i calit u:'nrmte III
1r)3I I Ei VI'N P. Of it! I 4 1:! 1 eiee Nj3
Tl r- w . hw.t.er U:-Y I) andi 13
441112I.: i 344 lIP 4~' ) 4344 . 'I ndl
* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e - l ~I3! 14 Nicot
For Sale.
Oil thle first .loday inl Jatnunry next
w-ll sel at publie auction in sumlitervilltj,
liv or six PRI1M IE NEGROES, (all nien)
a i.lg th" i za a first rah! lacksmith.
I:E:M -.--CrcL. ol 2 or 3 years, with
buidm, i:(rtage amid .ersonal security.
li'erest to b- imu-pid anniuall... Purchasers
to say fir all nocessary papers.
Staebiirg, lec. 4,185 1 U 4t
In Equity---Sumter District.
Ju!,ito L.uckey
S. W. Mcnald and others.
IN ounedience tI :in order In thi cause I
will oti-r at public sale. on the firsi
M onday i January iiext, it Sumfter Court
I liuse, I ire.e ieg roes, niz: Brick, Wiliar,
aid iliarvey, behmloig Lu the e:atte of thq
late Johil elAi-omaw, (I -c'd.
T-.Ims S.i-F:.-One lhird to be paid
in( 141i, the bal Ilice on a credit of twelve
ioniis with intercat iroin the tqay Qt gale,
to be secured by bond wiih good security
aid iotrigage #: the propercy. Purchaeqr
to pay lor li ers.
Ctiir Ei1. S. 1.
lY I". 1.\ IN, Bsy,., Ordinary for said
- )i.tric0.
Whereas, Joep.i 3M. N-.:n s hat'i ap.
iil to i:e or Le /icrs of Adpu'n/srutiu,
on .41 aid :!gulfr flith gootti. and cIaLLIet,
rgLt. aild cre-iitors of the late \V. T,
w niler of hi :,aid D)i:trict, ueceased.
Thea. are, thereiore, to cite aid adnivi.
ih all and .omgiw.ar, the kimdred und,
creditors (it tie said tieceased, to be U'tMl
n apeai r L:iore tiu, at our next Orliinary'r
.oarl ijr tile said 13smricf, to be ho den itt
.e r CourL Iou.e on Fralay the 15.h of
Dcu mm., to siitVow cause, it aoy, Way
flte -..id .iilii nii tratoi shioti Hot be
G ve-1 Illo mV 11,1nd andA soal thl;
ti.i d .y 4i lheceaaiser in the year
LI- S-J o ouir l.drd one thilsosaid e.gh:
hianidred .ai.j an;y-joir, aid it the
!i.. year i i culi inept nd.
en, V. W . E s . %. I , .
U H 0 LS r E it Y.
i. It" IASILIAM & CO.,
179) KING-STitEET,
Cornr ol King and Berrisiord Street,
5-fTT'.DT .YT XriM It M'V0Y.
1U ks a.t A ."AiAA.1,7 pJLAAA A A1a
-'-Y.a.. A ' -MSJA. A
AAN 1)
tr.de ani:l pub'. geinerally to the O.<en.
sive a ii heatot ;ill ;s.sortmeit of
LA-c E A N f SGSrN UR .1,
Ci0R\ lCES,. 13AN D-- AND 1INS, &c.
which tiev ar rece.vaji"r l'roin Europe and
.trwrcan na.u a.tkriie- and which they
at lUCES I)WER than any other
hJouse- in thi1 city.
II. Wt. K. &~ CO). arte recivIare lhe
LA l'ES 'i'ARI~i DEl'SltGNS FX)R:U
k nid.: and ie enable~d to produce wiirk of
the best chiarae:e r and style.
31ereh::min awtl Fal'ies~ic will find it to
their .:vantago e 9cili, as every ar: cle in
LI NM enn be i obtaod ai the atbove estahi
lishruet, and at termas whih cannot fail to
give atpprobaniont.
encieted. and PA PERtS put Up in superi or'
s.yhe byv exper eiced workm.-n.
D .(I, 1:854I 6 4t
(aht a ry (ihurc'h will takle place at the same
tin 'aWetdnsdy 27th., D~cembher next. The
p ublcae respectfuilly invited to attend as
they flat t.-r themselivesu that they will hiave.
~.'rmethit g to pilea~ s al who i nay favour them~
w ith thir presenc..
WVate iimani copy.
THRJREE NEGR~O BOYS, from -16 to 13
years. old, as A ppronticesi to the Carpenter
'Fl'h under REN, F"ore'man of Winna New
Store. now being put upon sight of' the old
'Tavern in Sumnterville.
Nov. 2. 1t54 5
-A Uali in .anest,
All pert'-ns indebted to us .by note, or s*
countt preL ious.to the first of .lams:ary last are
res.pectfully reiqueste~d to mnake~imn'vediate pay
We are: in want (ofall the, money that is ow
ing ;0 us, and we trust this call wvill not be
li~lopi i CiOtERS & SPENCER.
All persons having any :lemands against
Capt. James Rt. hiroek D~ecerasedl late of Sum
ter District, will please preent, their demands
to thi, subscriber for payment, and those in.
dietd will mako payment to the Same.2
NOV . '29, 1851, I. " tAE Eif.
Applicion will toe maide to the Coin.
mit's.oners of Pensions for a diuplicate of
Laud WVarrait, No. 07.151 for 0 acres
issme d uiider 11he A ct Septemtbor 28, 18.50.
fto George Floyd, t he onigintal being lost or
iiishiutl, havimg neover reachecd thes~Var.
rante. .A \IES TA~'lA R,
A~geLnt:n Attorney of Gemirge S~'oyd.
Siutterville, S, C., Nov. St, 18e.-5-6t
N~o. I gA.--: Ricahardsona Mt.
(NExT Dlool To TI. W. . RA~terfFs J EW.
joining ehetricts th-it he uow has and keeps
consnnly on hanad a large assortment of4
BiitoksStatiappery a'nd Faatfey articles, all
of vhich F'o offers for 9.ale din acconiamoda
"Country mrt-chats would do well
to'jshnt- acid,
s~~nn~.fo'f te, ountry care
prom d..

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