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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 20, 1854, Image 1

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WILLIAM LEWIS, -" O 2 ~ ~-_________________________________________T R S4
1:4 X.iSUMTxER SE, U 8 DECEMBEIRI 20, 1854.
I , Ofi~ e~T I 'r V" 0 Ub T~f thnv naald 111.o.:., ......J'-~
k~vry ~ 111DA 11BI
lvery. Wer~dg nsdy - M0itraitig
- 'TER1R N ,
TWO DOLL'AtRS in advance, Two Dollars
and Fifty Cerin te expiration of six monitls
rlhree Doll sed of tle year.
paper dis ltiiilall arrearages
aro&ruD, unless ate otion ofthe Proprietors.
& BW'Advetlaementsidtlowd at SEVENTY
FIViE CenL per squat, (12lines orless,) for
lie first, and lnif that slim for each 1nbseStelItIt
Insertion, (Official advertisements tile saic
each tieme).
*-j ET'he nnunher of insertions to be~ markeil
on all Alvertisements or they will he piblishet
ntil ordered to be discontinued, and charged
a':j" ONl. )OL.Alt pr swiare for a in
gle insertion. Quarterly a nl .'tithlv Adver
tisentert-s wiil he charge.l the a ine s asingle
In.4ertion, awi Semhi-tnuntily the same as hIe w
r-jr;7' Ohitiarys and Tribute of iespect,
over twelve lines, chairgedl as adlvertisecntnts.
God MSeenu in all nis
Wo)r k s.
Inl that beo utiftnl partI o f ennany
which border.s on the Rhille, theire is a1
nloble eastle, whiei as yo i tavel on
the we,.tern b inks of the river, v%.11
lty see liftilngT its ailcient towers onl
the opp.-Site site, aboive thle grove o
trees about as olt as itselt.
About friy years ago there lived
im hat, eastle a nioble gentleian,
whoit we shall Call lar'on. The Ba
roa had (nly (one soil, who was i->t
6nl1y t coiliqrt to hi. atler. btit. :1
blessing to all who lived onil his ftth
er's 1land.
It happened tupn a certaiii )evaifon
11131 his y un.tg .13a bein Ill' o .,
tiere (anca, Ftencl getltietanlll to
-ce t lie Baron. As soin as this
g(ent.4e112a1 camei inito thlt Iate lew
bleim to talk of his eavely Faither
i l ll 1.-r h - ihl 1h ld m13:n3C
(Fl3 I nil~ %il Ic h i Bhlt! I ll
bi3ltll l it, u i V l. I i e 3' 1331
himgttt~l:l .,ayng, re o nt afah In
' 1111111 God, wt. ; 1, iI , b0)
-peakihng ~i~ tne. n~ae/ The~
gentlllmi a i ii I lo o - abil .
G4od, 6o 11he ali 1 :. t.- .,e l i 16o 1. Ill.
3a -1id n tv oti ali t th i-tn wh,' aia,
the gent1 Ih:an --at. 11111 ibu the ne
mlolrinig tooki limi linlei thee '
grounds. id took c it-, to
-11h11t hungt. ipon tie WI. T -his e
te11man admired 1.! piiltln
flli 'l'i lil 51)11 , -jhild lVl'1 1 1, W Il
th cdtrl --a,-hevr to th
picllre. knws very well ol toh n1,-Iw.
his penicil.'
'M~y son drew that pictulre,' Said
tihe thtron. 'Tien %ines is a 3.r
clever man,' replie thie gte an.11111
Thelare o h e I t h \%i(, l "tl is t
thlt innU en, l d -h w lldtv hi m11111 Ns
Pni .- I ret,.
-W h lit) jilt t e e i4 i et ni i t ' i :hi4, .:: .
(ien P aske, a Jhd Wtll-il h eturned
"My 1 o , replie'd thelt- 00 -iw,
knows eveir% ph---t, I i m %u .-at\. I. m
the cedar ohi Labanon to the b) rl
On thle. wail.'
SISaid the gent11lemIL:m,'
Shall thik do ry highly o himi soon.'
Thet baron then took himi int, the
vBi.age aid shawed him a k sl, n ad
cottalge, where his %onl had estaliN.hed
at smad 611Ccol, 21nd where he caulsed4
a tll y ounig chi Idren \% It( lad bs th Ile)Ir
parenits to be eceivell and erished
aighis ownVl expenlse. The chibblen inl
t house looked so inocent and o
happy, - t ha e gnleman h very'
muc plajde and whn bhis ret-rned
o the cast e ofai the cha-ebaron
SgWats hatna Hyou abein tof have
oiiewidom a u knowerhave so good
ath so ?' 3. rna or yii
IBecaus c ae toe ile wrs, aing
giry w hen muht re gof the clever,
whe hs 'done tallC w.hrt yoeave.
mone fou hate neve seen hin.'
utgeerll g ow htaimt very - wll)
- eoles iiiedtihe sBaron, nde thisr
- I~oi l iit re f rthehraectn er
cas on0 Ither. Ic know f om~
-stitches tht ie is abing o f ini t
mtite wisdomc tatd pw er and good
hen hFreen felth thfrce ofth
aIodms cameli tW'11 to01 the s.l ingl
*-.onQ~ie'hy fori.Btwen business
Traction, she is told that she cannot
have 'steadywork.
This f1l, fices hae*grtmo down
to'y n coatsfir the 'Southern mar
dseilohey are paid two-'sillings, lesq
n a wages
to other aii lfes of clothing. These
changes for the worse come very lar'
(fion the girls. Very Iiany of them
suipolt widowed mothers and orphan
isters'id brothers. Their on e nee
die is to earn not a living only for
theraisel ves but bread fi.r a family,
ca1l for the household, aid to rneet.
besides the muiotily demnands of inev
0ib huI ldlords. We Imneet theni
wrapped inl tilir thinl sIawls daily in
I he s:n-vets lo )k ig a.-; i I leir I Iliti I
biodies wereI* prily able to tern ith
tide q. necessary pese., t111hat, will
roll 41w i ly, even tie
slinallest that. atteiilpts too wiliter ill
.New Yoik. Graiptig with a hard
woild's tbiil's di1Y., fliec ininst lie a
curse reIliyv I. light. up1),1n his Ieal
wilI. wilit tit good Callse, dedliets
fioll hilu sinaill wage-, or with tvoIn
le:iptible ineanness throws a st raw in
the wvay of, the(ir. mlking the hittle
Iih(y cal inak'' as in lV as p lel.
hlut n 11v noichait who lv N%10
thein thiinik it no disliotior t .tkie
tlelIn come (II1Cc or. tillir tililes a dayi1
to the hii r vrk which was proni
i-el tili :t the first call ; anid it,
wili ey S shi ar1peiled t lie prisilet
Ofgain, an uneveni t itch canl be ound,
II.) lboast that, tihey ded t, laigely
lebiln their wages. Shlalne m Ihe
fellowI\S Who) behlaved SO ungallntI.Ily).
'in-1:c1 s Iw a I In-i le d ho ear
V.\ l rI I I Vie it:, r ) h I:I wh an to
aiN '-ri; 11 14111 i I LIc'. IL f~.)~ r1 himb i ti i.C
har.' worlkiing ilauighte lsbl fhllne-,l tind
.1. Ii bl i , .41* li ttle file t u
clowt,.. f~ he sid visi.. a b in tliiie fib bt
x-e tlo ly. ' p w be..i , o i t Inli. I ( il t
31\ I 1l 11t,111.
iti bi1C'Iilil ~ ik l~ i*I ih
0h 6 g 1 is atS %%($lit% I i f e Irle as
an i I.i I/i'le i, anlti li- V Is s a-b i nVIbO1ll
IcT p I er t i- walk oei t it, or
S 1 m1Iitz i, er i-i k nl th it
bf. is wo I% f. it ils ow% nf bonid ie.
N F. Times.
The Ch1;1a s of Maitricdi
3 ill ellb \III o 'mt liit-. riot I i n.
ill It ilk 1I - 1, h I f ihe l e
Ale y i r I : A eI. t I re -,tI eI A
fwetbf liiei I,- lili- :t ja.li) lit i..
c .. 4 Li 1 i t h e ' -i I b, . it. I
-kim ni~ t-g, - tia l (lie h lic i.ililS
. liis Ic tili ill -l A bil tl I'\ it :h
l'. 11, h 4~ i 1e.o Ia : A, A s .: I .! %k. II-3.
till i~ce ilo i i ii : s i ii . ft , ed ,
IlIr 1i b i h :l 'll ht c1 en Ii We o. I
til )e l ;InW il ' getii ettll i i
almi I I t Iw II iti , rel0, lit i t I li t
vciugi I tbe b)tie and ltiil li uit of
Iliij er \Illg l . t lie s lit l -N' h | I st-II A IL
te lling wti 50 .m~-m ,,tl
n ze, i uhi Ili hon Ihp ehut ii
knl wledge, and the wifi.n I i ( I S
ulsle liu t . r; l t inl o , 3 toit
were lit hachiidlor, but thm" hisb and lit
grme n Ilis et Image, (deaieil it,
ralier wi b it1 i et nit b I far p Ila it
er tha n.a cold, Ninglel yight, sittigt.
e angte stuickr c tares theil
egth dofke thabuie, and the hight do
ponheitllgiU snoliy arI rd
iuirber imagiaio wouId beo ltron
aner i and reif tid efubi hve li
phase luy thnet. of dawing wianhood
touigt'it. Ad l poiflwldes-r
lrines alIll salor stal buhin ylou, teall,
ig yo mt to pree-iet. s, quikieng
Yor Godstered. ne s ed
Hu edr he woild make bas h at richl
soer fains Iwit lneysols thilk
tre. loer sho.ies woul willumie I
ster; bhikest lie wirowded caes. 11ndi
thoe dalkni'es-atd hsts youl des
poden iniyouri' solasr chit, th ias
gogether,~ wervig bitter nes, dreaI
and tin , nd iraand ndoiiles flikt; awn
chite y taet eovemle.;)ti15
igunot tweet ht is theeth ter
~1"S t uu , nUr Izutuu u1gn1 1ug
yours, her 'grief killing yoursgnd
you live again to assuage thataikii'A
sorrQwof pers.
Tfien these eleiddren; , rosy faIr.
headed no, they do not diisturb you
with prattle. nywvthe are
foss away' there, on the gree sward ;
n'ever mind the hyacinths, the snow
rops, the violets, if' so be any are
there ; the perfume of their healthful
lips is worth all the flowers in the
world. No iiee.. now to gather wild
boquets to love and cherish: flower,
tr.-e, gum, are all dead things ; liveli
er charms hold your soul.
Anto she, the mother, sweetest and
fairest of gill, watching, tendinig,
caresl1g, lovng, till your own heait
grows pained with tenderest jealmsy;
and cures itself ,.ith loving.
You have no need now of a cold
lecture to teach thankfulness : your
heart is fu:I of it. No need now, as
'n e, of bursting blossoms, of trees
taking lealf; and greeiness, to turn
thought kindly and thank t l ly ; fihr
ever beside you there is bloom, and
ever beside you thiere is f iuiL for
which the eye, heart and soul, are fll I
-f uni kiown, unspokeii--because un
speakable-thlan k offlering.
Passage in the Life of an
A ctor.
ve wentt on,- night. to see a come.
13'. The chielf i tor was a favorite
ite, antd the tiaLre was crowded.
The cur tain drew up, and amid a burst
of ploilause the hero ofthe place made
lis apiparance. Ile hadi however.
searcely uttered twent y words, whenl
it stiick it. a hat something stran.e
was. the mat ter wi:.h him. The play
was a boisterous cominedy of the old
schoil, anI reqiriied c( nsiderable
vianeity on the pIm1 of the autors to
slutain it. properly; bull. this poor. manil
seieit'd ltterly haeless. Ile walked
anti talkeId like une in a dreamn; the
'est lints he passed over withott
a -pealiitg ti llt:ve perceived athem, hi.
t1*dh1i-d :.+ lie .x:ilked; 4:i. s;:: e
was giastly, his laughIi hollow anid
It! ;A'.tiia atiti treiinently lie woag0i
at* I' Littiujilly ill Ile tiiddle of a
-e ch aid let his e, c % atither vacant
ti oiver the adt!ientce. E'vni when to
i , eb i ,wte 1 of thie silly litisbatid, le
hail to sutll'r himstlf to be kicked
bout, the stage by the Viang iak e I
0 ete.., and altie waids to helho.dl
hat , I'less itdividual ianki ii e
tit his wif'e and cali. IsuPPer, while lie
wa-: -hut t in a Iloset ictmn %% hieh lie
C'uad 1ot, e'nerge, his conoriltions of'
a 1b ita wi th that hal ne eir .e'oe
.11 t., ring own thunde s o11
. e were now such di- mal
a-o o ortrLythe pa1ssi-1n, 1hat
o i- were plaiilk audiale in vatious
"I, iii the teatre. A storm o
ail ; bultsc. lh1g gathering.
- . i <m til [lk, head of the devoted
.4.-1 a lls lnig thrugh'the houtise;
jot .(oilb- , utled with sticks aidi
iambre-llas iti the floor' ad to verbal
I ack. inge l,. iippl's, pea. nuts,
i siceedled. Tlthe pior fellow
st.'ptped at last, aid turated to the
,1h()it I cl loud. Necver did we bie
bli- Iuchi unlsery inl at humlanl e-mnlte-.
n1,111anc1. IIis fae , worn will ad atggar a
shov'ed doubly tieagre ill te gt ,
light, and lai-go tears rolled down his
iited cheeks. We Could s. hIis
lips iiiiver witti inward agon%; hi.
b41s0om swelled with su ipressed eti to
lion, wile his whotle ieiw was st f'.ll
ofi uinut ieralble sorrow, that, a'aftelie
first ghmnce, the're wals no ni)an ini the
lions.' who dareLd noct to'pity hiitn2
Thie ahldientceC wais mioved, aund bty
de'grees the clamor was sub..,idedI into
a-solemni silence, Hie stood near the
l ot i ighits, jiniet and dejected. When
tili was caihn, he spioke, and, in a
votie.- hiri kenwi th sobs, pr'oceeded to
iifl'er' his litt le 'e uiniation, .
- l.ad ies andat gent lemeni,' he salid,
'thagin my per'iormpn~iec to night,
I mcoionslii of havinhg iei'ited your'
disilieasuret, beic mue that in onte
pinit fouil do ite ;an injustice. I am
not m xic'a tetj. Emtioni i alone, aund
thait of' the miiist painful kiind, has
tcaused ie to li'ulil imy alIlotted pat tso
btatIly. My wife died ani hour ago,
aid I lef't her bedside to fit lil mny
unifav'a able elniagemtenit here. If' I
have itot pileased you, I impnlore you
to- forive mein. I loved her, grievo
fior het'; antI it'misery anid manguish cati
excuse a fitult, I teua' imy apology'
I1In placed his hAndl upin his he irt.
and stopptjed. A hurst of' tears,
relieved for a momitent, his parioxvst
uf'ga ief', and there was not a corneri (If
that, house, D.imtes, that (lid not r'e
(eliho ttialt potor acetot 's sobs. Trhe
and aii hinest, biist otf symuj athy
adte the plaintedi trees on the stage
trembleh as if' struck with a suddena
stioirm. \Vomnl we'pt lotudly, and
s-t rong tmen si letitly, and during the
remitnilder' if the evening the per'form
lance was scaircely audible through the
biur'iillno of aipplaunse with which the
crowd somght after their men fithton,
so, sooua e tio- poor atrlk's wounded
heart, .
t er Moello
ian's comin rr nfa tlled$
to' don gay attl, atd
crow, not one of whom dreamed of
the anguish that lay fesfering itnider
the painted check and stage sirile.
Thik ,yoiu not, then, that in the great
theatre of Life there ar many around
us like that poor actor, smiling gaily
on the multitude, while iat home lies
some mystery of sorrow, whose shial
ow is ever present with him in busy
places, and in solitaitle revels iipoin
their hearts 1as a lhrost amng the
1Tight Times.
This ebay is around ag:liin. IFe lasj
been inl town fir a week. lie imay
be seen oil 'Change every day. Ile
is liver on the Pier along Quay-street,
up Iroadway, .st'ljks up State street,
looks in at the banks, and loungesi inl
tie hotels. Ile bores oir merchants,
and seats himself cozily in lawyer's
oflices.-Ile is every whe: e.
A great distuiber of thc public
(piiet, a lestilent fellow ia tis name
Tight Ti-nes.-Every boll talIk about
hill, every body looks out fhr him, ev
cry body hates him, alla great many
hard words and no 'little profane
cpithets aire hestowed ipoin him. Ev
erybody would avoid him .i' they
could, every body would hiss liii
from i'hamige, hoot him ofT the Pier,
eL.asC him froiml Qiay-street, hustle
in out of' Broadway, kick him out of
the banks, throw iimllt (it Otilw
store4, omit of' the hotel<, but they
can't. Tight T ies i a L. .. A
bli rr, lie will stick. Ilints are thrown
away on him, abuse lavishes in vain,
kicks, cuffs, protaiiit y firo all thriown
away 0.1 him. Ile is iiper-civ ious to
themi all.
Ai imputdent fellow is I ight Time s,
.lc i et a lieuint, aid he loolis over
y our 4 .., -: nl ai te - ca~shier;
aid wou- wle is. thnawn out Ask
at 101;0 0o, unrerlts at. one per cen1t aI
morn111h, he0 loo(ks over Seemlities; and1
ii111 ks two :mil a hall. I'resent, a lil
to y ur delltor, Tigt Times shrug.,
his :Ahoulders r tll l u his eyes, and
yo . nimit call aw-ainl.-A wif-- asks (ir
a fhshi-mable broadea, q dawughter for
i new ilnimelt-. he lit, in his cave t.
miol the broeade :dil boinnet are post
p med.
A great depreciatr o stocks ik
Tiait. Times. lie Step- in alioiong the
brok'er.s and (viwn gees Cent il to
par~to nnet-liv~nintyeigly-five.
le plays (he deuie wi .h M2lichigli
Coni.tral, with Michigan Southe n, with
Iluison River, witrh New York and
Erie. lie g'ces along tle railr, ads ill
P)rtle'-s of conlst riction, anI the irish
rnent tirow down tiheir shvels an
walk'av:y. Ile plulls his meark 1 up"n
r1ailroad bnd<, and Oh y find lit pu.
:ia-ers. are hi-sed iut (-f imarkeut, be.
oMe -ht0 abs.dotiely devad.
A- gn-i e'xploderf bubbles i.,
het T'ieww. I la In l k into tht'
viir f g .1 coIimpaiei4, :11141 thie
ly top-cee- intio kiting-I b11141a
hIy.AV payment; inlt-, licketMy iin
;lurmwee comp:ene:u.it', mAil tlcy vanish
Way. lie walks aronmil (or.er lots,
.iaws a line. aero lith lteit.e I OC itc,
t-l the1 disappecar. lie leavus his
oeeuit lprin. an0ming mines, kaid the rieb
nutal becoumeus di oss. lie breathes til.
mt the eninninugest s'eimes of'j speculai
ion atid they bturst like~ a torpedo.
A bard manster of' the poorli, al eruei
memyin to the laboring imiasses, is Tlighet
I'ime", ie tak es the iechlanie f rom
ii s Ibeche, the laborer' f'rom Ils work,
the hod.-earr'iieir frm hs ladder. lie
enns up tha prices of' priovisionis, and
ii runs down-'the prices of'Ia bor. - lie
r~ims. up the pr-ice oif fyuel and lhe
runs (dewni the ability to purchase at
tmiy price. I i~e mtakes little cldicot
thngr a''ntd cry for fbdd--eeohl aid
r y for fir'e amnd clo4.hing. l ie mntUJkes
')no oi omen sad, nilkeosumother's weep
I iscoeuriages the heariits elffithIers ear
sit5 ai croutebii~g dlesoationj in .the
soumnor .iaed onl the hearthI stoneles ofl the'
poorei. A hard imaster to- the poor is
A ciurious fellow is .Tight imies,
Bill of'idilosynieracies aind ero tehets. A
osmote poli te-a wonderer too. W*~Vhere
Ie comies from hn(ooy knows, and
v~here lie goes ntobeeody knows, i~e
Iaa-hes ailong the telegraph wires lie
takes ai free p'nasae ini ' thle ears, lie
seats himuself' in~ tho stages or goes
ilonig the turnpikes oin foot. ie is
i gentlenmii oin Wall street to
lay, and a baick settler oti the borders
>i eiYili ution to-mrrow. We hear
tf himi in Lr~ndo n, ini Paris, ini Peteir.
deurg, at, Vienna, Berlin, alt Constan.
itinople, at Calculta, i Ch11iia, allI over
the Couneuireial WVorld, iin every great
city, ini overy rural district-every.
Th'lem e is one way to avibenh
red by this vrule oid ewig ht
Times. It is. the only -ay le a eouii
try, a city, a to, as well as individ
al 4cnto keeg Shu1t of his. presence
vdyr. ' - Let' le country that-4ould
banish 'hiinbowars ofextrava'gance-of
speculationt. of overtr4ding,.-g m -in
baringjn-,yi1ionry. -ehemesof .ago
,grma mePg
w avoid nternal comin ois d i
go right along. taking care of its own
interest and husbandting its resoirces.
Let the city that would .xeludo him
be economical in its expenditures, in
dnlging in no schemes of spectilatioi,
iakinig no useless improvemitnas, bitil
ding no railroads that it canl not, piay
for, williholdinlig its eredi t froin mustish
roomi corporations, keeping down its
taxes, 11i1d going right along, takilg
car Of its 'nI inteIres. ait ilinid
h.;, its ownl reo re. L tithe ill
di -idual manl who would e.-huled him
frIo is doIestic cirile be inldustrious.
it ug:d, keeping out o the wiirliop-d of
pohtiea, indulging no ta.te f iflic.
hding ) uIk dish when puddingr llIs
friom t he clouitds, layinig by somei(thling
when tie still shilles to iialce upI) f'or
Lthe dal k, days, for
"ISome da. utist li dark anil dreary "
working finl always with a heart fu1ll of
confidetce inl the good providence of
Goi, and ihee rful'I in ti.- hope of "the
gIfood time coiing."--Albany Regis
Dat. Ti'on~xws.'s AD DDR 1,ss-. -'I\f S.
sits. Earrons: I beg to express through
the columns of your paper the pleas.
nro and admiration I experieice1 (in
Common, I anm sure with every one
who was present) in listeniing toite
noble andi eloquent 'ermon of Dr.
Tion weli bet>re tihe two houses of
the Lr.gislature. Having heard much
of lite eloqii'ee and-I power of' thi
distin-.tuished gen teinan, my eXpecta
tions1- were (if .course high; bult highl ;t
they were. they were more than eluil.
led. I will it mar the beauty ilf
this magtifieit aildre.5 by eideavor
mg~ ~ : tw' .eA Pt-fIt, especially ali
Vh -;t, 1, 1stative.s has by
a1 11manm llt us v41te reque1stedl a1 copy
Cih piblication. TI'e views So abily
or-C bfy Dr. Thornwiwell were wcrthyN
alike of a holy teacher (if truth aml
a proffmud StItet'smn:L. With a iII)V
tact, he availed himself (At the occa
si'n, whihl, lie well said, waias no or
diiniry one, to poitnt 011 to his aii
s i he b~esetting sins of the day, anid
whit, in fervid laiiguage lie iumplioreid
the pai doni (f the Almighity, lie proved
that by huiiliationl, penitCtec, anid
repentance, coild wo alone hope for
that pardonl. IIe showed tit a pul
ple wiho look with a callous indiflfer
en1ee upon the commission of sins, are
ilwav reg"arded by the Almighty as
participants in those sins, aid that
tha reiibution which inevitably fo!.
Io ws is j lt. I fe selected as the es.
plai''l objects of Ins demmiileiatioin tw
siln.., which lie styled 11141 j st 1.
fear we miist a:-knowlede, ntionl
i-dr nlnnessand prleility. IlC
inl,istl ibat the drun11kaird was a1 cr-im
inl,1 and11 sht 11hl so-he dealt withl.
whiist he. denointced the' vuiigar habit
ofpolm swe:u ingI in0 laniigiagu. of
withei in relw:m . Upon Lthese ci imes
IO eWf~iatel with the 11411 fervor of'
:1 ml~lii er. of G.1d, and)" with all1 thle
pliwer of his brilliait intellect.
lie proe'ai med that the clemency
which pardons crime is inl itself 'a
erime of Il() smalilagiitide, ald on1e
sutre to provoi ke thi v'en1geancie of ani
tranllsgreCssinU! then limits I had iminposed
Suon my iself. I pr'op osed no crit icisma
11p4on this femalless and1( noble sermtionl,
but metrely to express the plieasuire I
re:-eived fr'om it. It w'ill bea:r f'ruii ini
uue seasoni. it cannot bt sinik in to
the hearts of those who hcard'it. God
granit t hat it may, and that our ru ler's,
ill the discharge (ot their grav'e respon
sihulities, wviii sho1w themuselves not
miuidtitl of its wise and holy teach
ings. If' those national sins n're to be
eradicated, those in high places inulst
take the initiative, anid by precept andl
exztmipie endeavor to wipe out the tna
tional11 reproach. I Jiscouniteniance in-.
temlipeianice anid prof'ane swearing, ele.
vt to piion Li o one ( wh0~ilo is guiIt y
lit eitheidr of thlese sinls, anid a gr'eat adh
van1Ce is mtade~ ill the cau~se of mltltlit y
anid ireligioni.
Car'olina Tfimies.
Illn HIAnsa.-A- Sothe ldter gave
a party to IL Ie'w frienids wiii ho happenin..,
to CicveCe abiout S:ambo's power of
head) endurance. the gent lem-mi said
tha~t lie ownvled Ia ngro who no111 i one
ini thle party couild knock down or'
inijuire by stgiking on the head. A
strong' burly f'olloiv, 'aughied lat thie
ideai, aind as Sam, the colored person
wa4li about enern wi the candles,
tlhe genitlman stood behind the door,
aund as lie entereCd Sam's bead recoived
a piowiertful sockdloolger. The caind les
flickered a little, but Samr passedl (iiet.
ly onl, mnerely exclaimiung, GAentlemen,
he car'eful of do elbows. 0or delighbts
will be distiimruished.
1oU AR A Bi91. '--A certain col
lega prtfessor had assembled hi,.
class at the colmeneevient, of the'
brni, nd'W.as -ead Ig itrthe list of'
pata.to see th.lr,:il wero present. U
h9 4.ho tinumntier was
'What is your namno sir's' .pked the
professor, looking through his spee.
-You are a briek,' was the stai t
ling reply.
-Sir-,' said the profwesor, hall sturting
out (itf his chair at the si)p'osed mn
pertinenice, hit not quite .,uce It hat lie
miderstood him correctly, 'sir, I did
not exactly unle,stand your answer.'
'oun are a iiiek,' was the Compo.
sed reply.
'This is intolerable,' said the pro.
fcssor, his tae0 reddening, 'beware,
y ,ing ni , how you attempt to in
stilt In.'
'Insulit You,' said the. studlent, in
tirn astoni-41hed4 'Illow have I done it.'
'Did 3011 not say I was a hrick?' re
turned the professor with stilled in
No, siri, yo ut asked i1 my riuname,
and I answvered your iuestion. My
name is U. Iu. A. irick-Uriah lR.v
i111 Aidersoni Hlrick.'
'Alt idved,' mitt unured the proIfes
sur', sinking back iinto his seat ill con
fjaol.-'it was a mll ,i C.opjlon on) it)
part Will you connence the lession.
-Show love for your wifb, and your
al miration of' her, not in a nonsensical
compilimeit, not. in pieking up her
hai4kerchiet, or her glove, or in carry.
ing her 'Lla; Inot, iithughn1 you have the
mleanls, inhangin tinkets or b:jublei
upon her; not in making yourself a
tIbol by) winuking and seemting pleissed
With her ibibles, or lollies, or faults
but show them by ats of' real good.
tes, towards her; prove, by uneqiivo.
ca' ddP to' Inh value y(III sor fill
hecrr.neatt end ife,! and pe~ace.of mintd;
let yotur p: iseof her go to tile ol~ ex.
entL o he-r delt, but let it be
emsistentL with tru th and sense, and
hiell as to coilvilnce her of your sin
eert v.
He who is the (latterer of his wife,
only prelares her cars for the hyper
>oical situi of ot ers. The kindest
appellation her cii istian name afirds.
is the best, that. YOU can use, especially
before faces. An e.erlasting -my
dear,' is buit a sorry compensation
flur the wants of that so, of' love that
utakes the husband cheertully toil
fby day, break his rest by niight, en
dure all .-,orts of' hardship, if the life
or health of his wife de:nand it.
Let your deeds, and your words,
carry to her heart a daily and hourly
coinfi rmnatiol of the fiet, that you
val [le her le;lth and lifW and happiness
beyond all other things in the world;
anld Jet, this be matif'est to her par.
Lieu larly at those times when li 'e is
illre ot' less ill daniger.
A Fowl. QUESTION Fessu.v DEe.
nen.-At the close of a lectuire on
physiology before an evening school.
a; tew nights since, the lecturer re
malilrked that any w1as at liberty to
ask (iestions upoi the subject-and
he would answer them as fir is lie
was able. A yoiuttg lady, with imuch
appareit siitcerity, remai ked that she
ha~d ai qijestionII to ask tiloungh she was
ntot cer taUin that it was a pr'oper' ques
tio n ; sihe woulId, hoI wever', venturie to
a-,k it. It w~as as foIllows:
'If' one hen lays an egg, antd another
sets on it and ha chtes out a chticken,
which lien is the mnother' of the chick.
en :
T1hie lectutrer said I will answet' you
in Yanike'e style, by asking you a
uniestin :- If a little pret ty' white
genteel pullet tets on ant egg of Ori
eittal e~xtraction, andl hatchles a great.
homely01) long legged, spl intr shanked
slabsided, awkward hantghai, w~ouild
you, if'yon wer tihat little whIite pul
let, ownt the secat homitely monster f'
'No' saiid I he yolung lady 'I 'ion/dn't.
'ete wel. saidh the I eturer', 'that
setlsthjuestionl, for it is .' princi
pe0 ill phtyeisigy that all henss thinuk
and act alike itt a1llessent malm'artiular's.
To K'it.r YouNo.--No surer des
tr'oyeri of yOoth, of~ youth's pr'ivilegs.
an I powers and delights, than yieldmn
the spirit, tot the emlpire (of ill-templer
anud selfishntess. We should all bet
catutiouts, as we advance in life. (If
al lowing occasional sorrowfutl experi
enco to overshadow outr perception oIf
the preponderance of' good. Yaith in
good is att once its own rectitude and
reward. T4o be lieve good, mand to do
good, truly and trust, fully is theo
To take events elleer'fully, aind promliote
the happiness of' others, is the way to
ensure the endurlig spring of exis
tenco. Content and kindness are the
soft vernal show-crs and foster'itng
sunny warmth that keepis a mnant's
naturte atal being friesh and green.
"Lord keep my cxistcunen-'U Ga-id
4 een," would ine no less ia wise prayer
thil the onie so. beautifully rectrded.
respeting man's memory. If to
would leave i gracious memory be
hind us, there is nd way better to se.
sweet fruit, produce anl mildyihiu
growt h of green remembranco s that
shiall flourish u innortally after the
present stock is decayed and gone.
Mfrs. Cowden Clyr/ke.
IIIn S.msS AND o os.-Ano,
"Su1Nnu~."The Express having
'"40d its tale" inl relationt to this raro
bird, w'I'e feel it ourl lrivile to4 be also
heard oi this ocCasion. A farmer r-,
sidlpg il tlhat indefinite locality 'out
West.$" says "that the 'hen fever'
rages soite Ip that way," and inqiiic4,
INw vwhat- d4 yot think of the varie
tv called shankhighs who.seQ name
dTonl't belie thei? I tell my wife they
have I( body at aIll, and when Ilm.
head is cut '.ff the legs coe to right I-.
part! Am I light? Neiglihor inek
insgim:it% ' wife says tle) 're tlie beat Ci.
est big, if, :1. nill :irth, they sit staid
lay bloth at :1nc'e. I donl't bieliev.:
-its contary to iitur. 11thik tihey
reelit : little, as it were-Jeruialeil
h1w can tl:ev set! Mv jack k nife can
sit as wel I as they Ca I tell y'u, Mr.
Editor, they put1 things out of joint
too, dreadlfushlly. When Illuckinlghamn's
wife got her shanhi highs hsom1e the
other day, old Kink Iapiened to hear
the old rooster crow the first time, and
not knowing aniythiig aloliut the mat.
ter, smnmoned half the hands on the
place to comie and help get the old
blind mule out of' the crib. Old Kink
says--Dey don't sit on de roost sanme
as odder caickens do. nohow, but dey
sits stratddle of de stiekc, cause why,;
when dey 'tempt to sit as Common
chickens, de head ain't heaby 'nufffor
de legs, and dey fials 'ff backwards.'
Correct ph01'"(iophy that. They sit
wllen.tney pat, I in-w, f'm I've seen
'em-try to uaL Ssta'deg. blt it wls
no go, for when they peek at a grain
of corn on the r.nid, they don't
inor'n half reach it, but tile heads bobs
right beltWCCI their leg, makii' e'm
turn a somerset. M'tay be thtey're like,
sintge.1 eats, better'n they look, and
that's had enolugh. anyltow. I'd as
SoOnt SeC . pair olf til5igs Or compass
es wIlkingr about tle vard as shank
highs. And I had like to have for
gotten to tell you that Peter says
.-'Dey's bir liars, (uttise dey Crows
lonI 'ore day.' But Kl~k says-'Pete
don't fleet der legs is so mg, dey.
see daylight, long time 'fore common
chickens."- Alany (N. Y) Reyister.
FEELINO AND TSisNsiNo.-A young
main having linished his medical
stidies, applieI to-an old gentleman
to kniow whsetherl his neiglIhot'hod
would he ain eligible situation for
a phsltician.
"Why?" replied the old man,'"hat
Cant yt do?
"Why. I cas feel a pilsse, and dis
co1vet' from what diselse tie patient is
Siuibject to "
"IIere then 'eel mine," said the
o!1 man, stretching out his arm.
"Yont are troubled with the head
acie," said thv youig physician, after
a very gracious look.
"Nve.r had it in my life, sir," said
the Ad gen.tlesanI.
Th'lis wass a poer. Profounid si
lencee ensued.
"I sup pose .yon Ititk mue a fool ,"
staidI the Iphy~siciani ireti ring.
"Ah I,' lie r'elied, "'y ou know what
litink bitt any dont't' know what
T1hse first sentece of' deathl the yousn.
Soveoreign, Q'ieetn ictoia, was re
gniiredl to) signt wa's that of a soldier
L"ioined to d1eath ihr desert ion.
Th'le Q'ie'n rcadl it. anid asked the
.'liinister whlo brouighit, it, tto he:
" Iave yv ont tnothi'n!Z ' say in behalf'
tf thIis young mt:.
"Not hiing,"' w as thle reply; " he has
deserted thr'ee times; bitt,'" said
thle br'av'e v'etrin w~hos r'ebtes thle
anedo'te, seeinig lier .Alajest y 's aunx'iety,
I adhird, " thoultgh he is a veryv .bad
soldier, somse witnelsses sptke (of Isis
chazracter, and,1 for' aught I know to
thse cont rary, he matiy be a good man."
"* Oh ! tanik y'ou for i hat a t hous
sand' tiimes," exclatimed the Queen;
antd hast ily wr'iting " Pardonei " 05n
thse paer .-he putt it neross the table,
with her Izair hand tremsblig 'with
eimi't ion.--Queen Victoria, fron' ker
Birth to her Birial
Great e tihe udes of' whisky.- .
Great ans wMsiniftsld are its hllessings..
Its riches are pasft eompeiion"." It. ia
bread to the hunigry. It i- raihrient -
to the nak ed. IL7 isjof to t~o heavy
hearted. It is gold to the penny less.
It tfeeds the fires of' the patriot's heart:.
It kindles the fe'rvor' ii resligiod. It,
mnakes mnits huappy iunder all #u~cumn
seaucs.--Cnwz hir

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