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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 20, 1854, Image 2

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Every Vd:OeNtIay, Morning
- BY
o ~ 'Ri61ardso .
TWO DOLLA.RS in advance, Two Dollars
antid Fifty Cents he expiratiun of iix months
or .Three Doll wed of *the year.
No paper disc u4htilall arrearages
are.PAID, unless atit option of the Proprietors.
3 Advertisismentsmuietted at EVEINTY
Vly14 Cenlts per squnare, (12 lines or less,) for
fihe first, andI half that stun for eaIt subsei-itent
tisertion, (Ollicial advertisment ts the s'une
enell teme).
- 8a. The ninnher of itisertiuins to bie marked
on all Aivortietents or they will he pitblisliei
tiatil ordere to lie discontinuedhant earged
air ONE DOL.RAlt pir sjipetre for a sinl
gle ion rtiom. Qtarterl y atinI .lonthiv Adver
tise inett s will be charge.1 tilt! sante as a single
Iin.;ertion, anol seni-montlihly tite saitie a1s new
.E.if Obitary aiol ''rites of llesme4t,
over twelve lfites. ch irgcl as ad vertiseinto s.
God .ieen in all Ni.
Ill that be, utliiln part Alf Gevrnunly
wich border121' tin thek inlill, 111h-re is, a
nloble eastle, wltich as y II avr ot
the we.terl h mttks of tle river, yo
tmay se, littiig its 3ncin towers ont
thie opp..sile sidt, abia'ove tie grove of
trees about as old as itself.
A btit htty Cars ago there lived
ill I Iat, ( ist lo a ut3blu gelitleiI1n
whloml we Shltl call Batii Tilt. Ila
r-o; had oily 0110 sOn, Who WIs nL
'only his 3o'st6111 lk'ither. buit a1
blessing" to all who livedj 1,1 his fathl
er s 1a.11.
It happ-eneI uipon a certain occasion
tha. this yu: '11,11 being~u frmn, hIl, -
therei elIet at Fchl gentlettaan to
see the Barl. A s4In ts thi'
SAn- teiaI I t1 k IatIe il itti th It- va ,li he
bento talk ofhis di inviNly Falher
ill t.-rin 1 tht1 chilled l t e i n' s 1
blit l, ! ubich hi:
i, : tvil re hit yt i l it-ah i I
tenkinrg n sulet '1 on is : I he.
tv .ll ii.em fil ' - ab.."
6 4,4, It'r li h. 1.. . . . - i 11 ,
tartl l -ild lt l 1in ts t i 3it Il., 1 11'. I m , t
tt ge ' t-.b hila t -- b . nil' t lii '
'hi'illo ti took i m a (bi I et s a
gouands. and to k sti ion 'ir- i If
I sw it l 11 l verv t dill jI W A
"1t1at llung tpol i lilt w .. Il : , I
t I . - I l aI o ldi i ired 1' . e it 3 li o
mult],mIt .11 nill, '\hoe.ver dlo W Ih Is
pieltile. knl ws very well illw 1) i
Al SonI drew%% that pcue'sh
thipe Uirot. Then geomi sItll is :1 Veri
eleve;, n11a1l1 repliet he Ow llltin
Th'le lino ll w e t u h Ill, vi:sitor t
th1. : ..ad, :n1 d - w<1t4 d i rl 'u'.
I -a) t fil m . lt a Ic - ; lid !l .1 ilt '
SIegoo ftsk.-!iba~tan
.Vy, <mm, replied tilh- leallw. -I,,
kithw d io LabaU nonv I hae bo Io;W
c thle wail.*
'Iideed.' said th e gentlenn,,' i
shall thiku veiy highly of him sn.
The Imron then took hii int. th
village and Sholl him a hsm, , -
cottaige, where hlis, ,on had establ'i,
a Smai ,eool, and where he ennstl
all ounig ChdrIen w% h had 1.'L lhe
parellts ta be reeived andngurishet
atghlis Own expense. Th'le chlienl if
flithe b s , l 'otod Oi ininocen and s.
hay ;r hartflt the t rma oas ver
muchepro d, a ndt cwen 3he1rtune
to the estles hcaid to thte baronit
so girl awon h eto t'WIkl
'ro iw do tiiao'ikn tiw IChv so goo
Itsony 'ori.Btwth bst'
geknell grewmustiegooni and11( ctlever
e' hais till 11 a:11 S.hta',t yo hav4
howed gi me lrews t a
Brssobt you havtwe veree hill.'
- judgleo I is im e k hisu work-.
L ep3 63.ttid hthes Baron 'di tis
yt3nI pituaigohcarct'el~t'vlls'rAI 6it
(124(av1loutry 1vther. I IogI .ikno fron
finite' wisdom, nd pwer !ih, n d o
the wholesale busiiess is depiessedl .k
t'-action, she is told that she cannot
have 'steady wo.rk.' .
This fall, iices have -gone dowli
too. On coats for the Southern mar
his the are paid two- shillings, less.
thnn ontbosame garments last falhl,
ifiila 11i . imva? -ezea ale'tN Wafes
I'o! other ariIes, o' elotthing. These
changes lbr the worse come very baxrii
tipon the girls. Very liany of them
supo t widowed mothers and orphnxi
sisterxijind brotihers. Their one nlee
die is to eanii nit a living onily fir
themiselves but bread Ihr a family,
coal for tile houisehiold, anid to ineet
besdes thltle iouttily dein. ids of ines
orib laidlois. We mueel, thelt
wra1tpped in Iheir thin slawls daii0ly inl
I)thes)rcts loating as i 1 their h'ail
bodie1s were*1 poolyk able to teillh
tidle . itects,ar . punse-. that will
ii lovi I'ltpen ail filti ly, eveni the
ts udl-:t that atteiits to winter ill
New \'rk. Graipiing wilh a hard
world,s tiit'ls diIil, lhilei liuust ie a
(-url.Se ildy it. ght, up n hi.-. heal
W Ih1, . withent C1 calluse, d(edliets
l'roi 1heil m.ti wa e \ o ith vonl
etiloptible tiuvainess throvs a stiraw inl
the way 1 of the itrI iiiin i lite lh th
i ley call in:k' as et. lv as i
ll, mi:11ly \\fhatswh emloy,11
1ti1 thinik it nto diihonlirx to . ake
tlteim Coile three or' 1iir it.les a tl:1\
tit the slihpp ihr work which Was proim
is-.d tlitii at the first call ; a1i. it,
withi ey S sh are1bN ltep- pe
(01' titlalli it'vell s iteI t h:ll bt)( it d,
thit) boast, that, tihey dedilct la:gel y
fi II lli their wigt S 1.1ille fill dwg
t\ws wit hel:t vedl sit tirga Ilax'ilt13
1li-y larwit with isgiistitig lr eev ii
:e .. .I - l \- lit. It airs
;I 01 I ' i -I -W I I N Ii lI Ie tislt1.11, ,.l h II, r
estry x :ule1 In Ir but 111 when hos
1a1 - t ItI'I ' ,I I l tt- til l li,11 ; 1t
-lx.l t i ti i l a i t .r 1r I , Is I i It ; a-.
d i- j Ni i t xi i.1 . ii il i t .
ex.-ee ~ ~~ Li.:t Ill I-.0 voten oait
a II \ I L-.1.10 , ; % \i . li p i 7irxil . il
lipt er tIi.,11 walk t g ti . 1 r
.' - I'. li i.* l hasti t- I.e.
. Y. Times.
The Char--hms of .Warricii
I i I.It I*1: tr V oltie '. ! it Ithe inm
- xtiileb ge, xil : ith11 ~ii wli ls -.
Sls I lint -l rt I et xx -,J i tei a
7\cet i . u t t s. I ; tf
-l . I.' i i I etI el i- I.- -t c ii a it I
II r Iaiti a ti d i, . 1u t Ilit- it IIg:
I- ti.:t. c.iti i i\iir Whe
l ig Id i \ i t I e- - 1 - :r- tat I - ti. li to
the lack :;uig d sno .. c ue es.- .
Veir all h er , i t \vil I c w 'Iid
ij'l' le llcitiie s (if d- wxi-i' g il a inli .htd
It , ) lia-hi t - ll Oi ld - bSIe w .litlt
g is e ino dt..r;e-xi :soi lho tiekiuiit
Soe Sich Sweet iagt, (dteitill call it,
eIunicrng ithe It ik a rel tiche
11ntho i li e bWa o ald xtle socah t of11
sonie talligs I ey snow.scal
S i-uurliv innintions would be strniji
goe ntdi purr sitlitr coubi bue I 1i di
togater, eai bf'dawig wfanehdic
todelghit. drAitoi would gre liort
andotinnd bor ilbt anotheri hart
grhaed int tas pree sni, iuienig
ituwr niii, cherin ilo biddn lit
ever Giiid;peed. e lap h e
figera -ie steals bnaeahao, tell
ing yoa raib , to) oe -it. isuchi l tn
sOnle this wee toone sis ni-ad
-btouie. lher sot-ies wo e usy ilineiixi
the biiest hf owd iiie arei. tixi
etl d aines bhat ao seatto dig graes
podt in or slitarys sheai I'be da
- tgter,111 wea iiig te acis, dr-e
wing bitter ydueimshowold, gow3 liht
r anchn, axd s r etade and ixfloatiwat
thosed bth elvd hsilent i
Youir i'rited, poosir it !h dis
giners as [sher steay btehinysu tell-i
ingou nt to wee, iutl, ikothite
Yourt sister sweent onee~ on da
f nt, al oe : she is reshex l ea
ofiening yours, her smile ligliirig
yours, her grief killing yours-; afid
you live again to assuage that fkioid
sorrow ,of ers.
Tfien these efliddren, rosy, fair.
he.aded ; no, they do not disturb you
with erattle'now--they are o rs.
ross away there, on the gree aswar;
n--ver mind the hyacinths, the snow
roils, the violets, if so be any tire
there ; the perfume or their healthful
lips is worth all the flowers inl the
Woll d. No ce.. now togather wild
hoquet. to love and cherish: flower,
tr.-e, gin, are all dead thmigs ; liveli
er charms hold your soul.
Aim she, the rmother, sweetest and
thirest of pill, watching, tending,
care5sing, loving, till your own heart
gri ows pained with tenderest. jtalousy;
and cursi Itself -.. ith oving.
You have no need now of' a cold
lecture to teach thankfulness : yoir
heart is fu'l of' it. No need now, as
011n C, of bursting blossomin, of trees
takiiig leaf, and greenness, to tuirn
thiughtl kindly and thanktilly ; hlir
ever beside. ymou there is bloom, and
ever ieside Vou there is 6uit fMr
which the eye, heart anti soul, are iui
.luikiown, unspok-.n-because un
speakable-thanlk offering.
Ia-sage inl th1e Lift of an1
A ct or.
We went onel night. to see a come?.
dy. Thle chi'e a tor was a favorite
nd, and the tilt acr-e w:s crowded.
'hie ei lain ilrew up, and amid a btirst
of*t aplI.mle the hero of the place made
his alpi-alranlce. Ie had1.1 ho-wever.
searcely uttere.d twenty words, whin
it struik us that soluething stru
w m -, niatmter wih hIm. TIheI piny
a aboisteCros come dy of thI ohil
SLlotl, a11 i 'rem1ilrtd of nsC ( aidel l
vi lam.ity oit the pai At < t til, .ltor ti
sit;is lli it. hi'imlr l; b t. thiSi p tilail
serlord um tt erly lfeless. [It walked
.11m' tallemi like une ill I dieami; the
sesI jolits heie sieil over withomit
apvarillqg ti have perm ceived teml , Ili:.
( a-itm 1t|, llis lallighi ollow liii
S O:dim : i; aLni frt'iimieltIv lie wiam!.
stq ' Itirl' mt sily ill lie fiidtiet of ;a
i I ch l11d let his e\ c \ aliiler vacanit
\ .ver *l tIidinc. LEiive whell ti
Ih - chamter il the silly biushim1d, he
had to suiller hims:If to be kicked
. b)olt thil' sttm by tie y..iig riIIe mit
e2 esm mm'.y, zinL-d1ii w.ii. tim hehio.
hast awlv'ss tilkliv-iduaj l fil:1|lIill love
tim his Vite :iid - at Mili.4 sujim T, while hit
wat -1111t tel Ii a clost 11onel %% Ich lie
Sm11it. elerige, lis Conmimlitmmmills of
l l 1n w ' tl t h allititi te -Actine
- t- li illg downl tlhuitide s mil
# l' i ere i0w sWieh di-inal
- ' 1 m mt m :y tite ma'ssi iIll that
ii wereim plaiinlh auuitmle in vat itou,
ilt All lit I IV:ttre. A storm I
.ml ndtuIe. m!g gathe.rminug.
1) ot the". head of the devotid
.a~m 10 i ug throumimgh'the litoulse:
.e-3 pe ih-, iid.un d with sticks anIi(
i.mirtlias oii tie floor; and to verbtl
t itick . m~tinge Ie lipph's, pea-mits,
)iml stiicociled. The mOOr fellOW
1, at last, a1aii tee to theV
hun *car"..d. Ne r didl we be.
bii' s-el. mnmismry in a hiina coiite.
nanci(le. i s Coo., woin ami haiggar ,
lhoy'ed doubly meare in tlie g,
paintedm '-heeks. We conl see is ii'
lips quiiver wituL inward agonim1; Ii-;
besmin swel ith suppresd mP m
tioni, while his whlelm mimic. was som fell
mofmm enrable sorrow, that, atier.' t he
first. glanime, the're was it iani in thle
honus,- wiho darmed not to pity' himn.
Thie ahd(iumece w~as iimoved, anmd biy
de'gre'es the claimir was subs'idled iinto
a- solemiit sitlnce. . le stoodu inear the~
ihioti ighit', quieat and dejected. W hein
til was cahmn, lhe spimkem, and, ini a
i mmie.- i irk,:i, wi th sobs, pr'ocmededl to
iekr his Ilitt le esphination.
' l~ad ies andu gentlei'mn,' lie said,
bo mmugh, in liy performpneiIe to niight,
I aim u consions5 ofl ha~uvinmg in eri ted your
di~sph-asiire, bmeee ime that, in oine
pimnt youm dom me anm injustice. I amt
not miitixiented. Emmtionmi alone, anid
t1lm1. oft the' inmist pmamfuml kind, has
causedt~i tiue to fulfhil mm aillotted pm t so)
Inally. My wife died am hour agmo,
anid I left her bemdside tim fui i my
unmIhvo abile enagemnt, lhere. I f I
have nt, pileaised you, I iimpjli re you
tin'Imirgivye mne. I lovedm lher, grievet
fimr htem; aind it' misery amid anigiih enni
exmuse a hiuIt, I hear my apology
lmm pl~uLeed his hmattd ulpmn his he art.
andm .stopp1 ed. A lburist of' tea's,
rel ie'veil ihr a immenmi)t, his paroxvsm
m'gmief,; anid there was not a co~rner tin
that houitse, Di mies, that did nmot re
mmmhii tittit pmoir acto 0i1 sibs. T1he
amu'iee- wias emmpl.eltely over'cme,
aidm aim Imonmest, Unst, of S3'ilj atlhy
fimild' !he pain ted trees on the stauge
trinblei mi as it' sti m'ek wit h a stidder
stommnm. \Voiirnen wept lmoud~ly, and
, rimmng mn silenitly. and (diring tht
rm'mmminder mom time evenming time perfotrm
aniee wazs seaircely audible cthroughi thei
buiiieiamn'o applanhutse wvith wvlhi thu
crowd sourbt, af'ter thnir omtn i..hmon
to soothe'the poor actoPs wound'd
There was sometling er- melvn
chbllys in the th6iit of t' poor
man 's coming rrdns th'e beif death,
to' don gay attird; an1 td-ter, stddid
witicisns for.. tu n Isemntor
crowd,. not one of Whom dreamed cf*
the anguish thIt lay fesfering uer
the painted cheek and stage s'nil.
Th ik,youi not, then, that in the great,
theatre of Life there arn, maty aroind
us like that poor actor, smiling galily
on the multitude, while at homn lies
somile Imstery of sorrow, wlos shtnI
ow is ever presenit with him inl uls.i
hactes, arnd in solitn.Ile revel., uomi
their heart as a ghost amo1ng the
['utinaitm's o.inuac.
Ti~'ht Timaes.
This ebal, is ainrmil aguill. le ha
Ibeen in ti wn0 for a week. lie ma1:y
lie seen oI Th'(a:nrgee very dI. IlIe
k oiver ('n the 'ier alorg Quiay-street.
up l I iwoAay, stalks u1p -State street,
(io)k- in at the bank ;, and loniiges inl
lite hotels. lIe bores our mrehants,
and scats himseIfczilv in lawyer's
ofiees.-l Ie is every~ ie. e.
A great distmher of' the ipublic
iniet, a pcstilenit fellow isi this 11:1111e
Tight. Tli-nes.- Every bodly talks4 about
himio, every body looks out ihr him, ev
cry body hates him, an1 a great m1,any
hard words and noi little profiie
epil lets rtie liestowed uponi himli. Ev
ery body would avoid him if thev
coIuild, every hod would hisi i
from 'Change, hut him oll'the l'ier,
chase him fi-om Quay-street, hu1ist.Ie
him out of Broad way, kick him out of
the baklis, throw him out, of tihe
siOre", out of tihe hotel<, hut they
can't. Tightl Tii eS is a LU. . A
lburr, lie will stiek. lkrl are thrown
away on him, abuse lavishes inl vain,
kicks, cuif, profanity ae all throawi
a1wa) 0. l im. lie is iiperviouis to
themli all.
AnI impudlnt fellv is Iightii s,
.\-ki- rn <i.,eunt Am.e ossoe
and ymui- i'io is. thivrvn out Ask
a lo il ifIL .s at Ine per cent a
momb, he l.oks over szeem itic.4 arid
ioi ko s two and a ialf. l'ieent a bi'l
to y iir ilh-bt, r, Tighlt Times shrug-,'r
his :iouljers rollk i hi- eyes, and
y') . iiiiiSt cill .-raini.-A wif.: asks ior
at faslmiihialer brhit'lle, *. dauighiter for
a new Ioniet. ie pll, in his rave t.
I aml the brueaLe anid b-innet are post
p md.
A great de'-preciatort of stcks i,
Tilit Timies . lie step inl aiumng the
brokers mid donvii gees Centaal to
pa.;o inety-fivo-Ininely, eighly-flive..
ieI plays the dee wi.h .\ichig:m
C.titral, wth Mlichigan Sonthein, wit h
[lti.ison li ver, with New York anl
Erie. lie gies along1 tile rair. iads ii
prie--s of otiIir-lnietionl. .i. itre Irish
men! throw dlownl their Sho).-vi. an.1I
W ak'IW:V. I1he puts Ihis riunrk up.Ion
mi-k, l,]mt 'Ifw 11irrir- Ill
chasers. are h ti-ed iti'f market, b.
A. grea exploder ot bablees i,.
I it I m,,. irm Iot ks int'l tih
a' Iii rt f I compaie, roil ther~
l t p kitn bnki :m'd
they.stp pymet, ntolickeyv in
a wa . I le w ral romiil ear.:er lts,
diriwi a li: a- nero litlhigra.hic citit',
ai-I the, dli-appear. lie icaves his
foot pinits amoirg inies. amid the' mih
int tal 'II.Aerilies di os. lie breath-s illi
(on tlie euinrgest, selheriiis of sfecula
tioin andu thuey burst like a tiorpedho.
A hrd master of the proor, ar eiriel
eciemy to the labo rig man~ses, is Th'ght
Ties IeLakes the irmechtaniie firmo
hii - ibelch, i he labiore r from h Iis work.
the ho d-eartirier from h. s lardder. lie
rumns tip thi3 prices of' prov-isionms, arid
Ihe- runs down-the pi-ices ofiabiir - lie
rins. np ther price of fujel andu lie
runs) down' i the arbil it y to puiirchase it
airy prrice. IIle muakes Ii ttle eh~ d cei
hungry uandi cry for fibdd-rerld arid
e- y for lire and clothinrg.,I Ie inidJes
poior womei isad41(, imimkets mthers wveepr,
discou rages the hearts of fat hers ear
ries C-are anid anxidty' into foni!ies, mind
sits a c'rouebin g deso '~at iion in .the
eminer anid oni the hieaithm stoines of the
pron-. A hard ma&ster to- thle pioor is
'Tighlt imeiC
A cuiriouis fellow is .T'ighit Timiies,
full of idiosyneries and cmritchet-. A
cos'miopol ite-a woniderer tooii. Whle re
he comes' friom iii oody knows, amid
w'vhere hte goes nobodiiy kinows. i~e
fla-hles alonig the t elegiraph wirnes lie
takes a free I assage in thle ears, lhe
seats himiusel f ini the stages oi' goes
alonig the turnpikes on fort. le is
ia genthlemian on Wa.ll stireot to
daly, and a birek settler on thle bordriis
of civiliz itioni to.imorrow. WVe hear
of him in broudiin, in Il'aris, in P'eter.
sburig, at V iennai, lfierIlin, at Coinstan.
tinople, at Calcutta, ini Cliiia, all over
the CJotimmneial World, ini ov'ery great
city, in every rural district.'-every.
Them e is one way to avoidh being bo
red by this tronmblesoume felIlow TIighit
Timt-s. It is he only. wnrv fir a COnii.
try, a city, a to,-.n1, as well as itindivid
ual infn to keep shut of his presence
alwv"ya. -Let the country that would
banish ibn bowa e of extravagance,.of
speculation, of overtrading, of, in.
barkingain. visionary, Vehermes of aig.
,grandieme ;. L, i ep..j it..og pf
wars, avoid liternial cmnmotiols, 'Aii
go right along, taking care of its owin
interest and husbanding its resources.
Let the city that would excelu hin
he econoinical in its expenditures, in.
dulging in no schemes of speculation,
naking no tuseless i in provemeit-s, buil
ding no railroadi that, it can niot, pav
Ibr, witilitding its credit fron imushi
roomD Corporations, keeping down its
ta xes, and going right altlng, taking
Care of its oVn interest ai hu-.band
inl its own resourc'.-I t tite ill
dlividmdl manl who wouhd ex!-lede himi
fromil his domlestic circ-le he induilst riolus,
lingal, kLeeping out (it the iwhirlpo)l fi
pohtic , indulging nto wa~t fr Alicw,
Ii bling uip li; dishi wheni puidding falls
fromi the e.1loms, haying by somethiing
whe the sil shies ti iake up rir
tite dar k days, for
'-.mue dayt iust be! dark anI dreary
workingr E)n1 alway.; with a heart full (if
colitidence inl tile gooi providele of
God, :md cit hieerful in the iotpe of "the
good time Cln. -- t Regi.
t e..-.
Dit. Tnatw9ELL's ADDRUES.-Mfrs.
.is. Emrrons: I beg to express through
the coltimns of your paper the plea,
uro and adiiratioi 1 experieice.1 (in
VEEomm1u111n, I amt sure with every one
wll) was present) in listeiing to tihe
nlile antd eloquent :erilti of Dr.
uit 11. weil hei;re h t ile WO houiseS of
the I,-giSlature. Ilaving heard imiucl
If the viloquencle andl pow)er ()f 1thi.;
distinuihetd gtotlen.mii. my expecta.
tions were of cturso high; tL high a,
they wter, t hey were imore th:m equal.
led. I will Iitt. 11.mr the beauty tll
this imagniicent addre4, by enleavor
ing t ji ,! --* it, especially a
th I I [ i -' . : - :tative.- has by
a uniaintuus- vti reqjtueste. I a cotpv
thr lmubliention. The Views so ally
irge-I bly I r. Thtriwell were wE rtly
alike ol'a lioly teacer of truth n.i11
a1 prolilwd statesman1131. With ahpp
tarit, he :ivailel himself of the occa
ii, which, hlie well said, was no1t Iir
dintry oine, to pttit out, to his aLi
tris the beaEtting sins of the day, anti
whi:t, in A- vid lauginige he imltr1thled
the pal on 4r the A biighty, he proved
that by bumniliation, penitence, and
repentance, coul I we alone hope for
that pardtn. lie showetl Ilh - a pto
pIh- who lootk with a callons indiffhr
enee upon the comiission of sins, are
ailwayvs itegarded by tle Almighty a,
participants in those sins, and that
th( reiiutiton whieh inevitably foL
lows is just. Ile selected as the e-.
lpial Ibjects of his delmieiation twi
-i, whAich le sty led antd juil. I
fear we u ncnwele national
Iti- r ouk es :~nt.1l0 prothnity. I c
1 %.it hw drk.ird wai a crii
inl,:i. :nnl sht tll so-be udea1t with.
whli hto deounclied the vulgar. habit
If troiane swei in. ill laiginguae ot
u tmigrehule. Upon ths sie
he -\txiatc,1 with the h.l]v fervor of
i minuier t (tl, ai with all the
Ii ver of his briliMt intelleet.
lie proe'aim -A that tile celenenev
which pardtns criiic is in itself ia
slure tt provotke thi 121enlgance of aii
transigessinigi the limits I hlt imposedt
imponu ityself. i proposed no criticisim
ii tn this tear less and1 noblhe sermoit n,
but mierely to ex: ress the ptleasuire I
re:-eivecd fromn it. It, will bear frui; ini
die seasoni. It cannitot bu t sink illto
the hieairts ol thoe wvho heard it. Godit
gual.t that, it iiay, and that our ruilers,
ini itei dilhage oit their graive responEi
sibhilities, will shiow themselves not
miunindflhl of its wise and holv teach.
ings. If' t ho se nat ional sinus are to bie
etradiictd, those~t ini high places mu ist
take thle initiative, aiid by prmeept andt
exanmpie endeavor to wipe out thle na
I ioiial reproachl. D iscontenane ini
temipem aiice aind proitaie swearinig, ele
vate tiE S p tsition no0 onie whot is guilty
tlf ei ther oft these sins, and a great atd.
vIInce Is. iinatd in iile cause of' iioralht y
anid religiun.
II l! Klian 1)m.-A- Stiner gave
a partyv toi a li .v fr'iendcs whlio ha ppeninig
to conlvte se abotut t'::mbo's5 poweVtr otf
110atl (!!nlurineet the geit lein-m sat d
tImht. hie owned~c a ngr'c w hoii no ont3
ini the Party coi~id knioik down or
injur~e by stiiking oni thio licad. A
st ronig- biurly follow, 'auighied act the
idea, and as Sam, Ithe coloired lie!rsonii
watS abouit, ent ering wi th the canldles,
the gent lenmn stood11 beinid the dloor,
andi a~s he enteredl Samn's heiad ureceived]
a lpowe rf'ul soickdoolger. Thle cendlh es
f1iekered a li tt le, lbut Soni passed < diet.
ly on, mie rtely exelai mig, Gentiilemlen,
lhe carefuldtf' dhe ellmtws, or delights
will be disthorntishecI
IYou ARKE A 3itipA '-c-A ertainl cl
lego professor lutd aisembled hi.
Class at tho collolilceiient of' the
'ori, and aas reading over the list of'
gamies to see th,t aill were present. it
pIhtipQedi thpPwtii of the numbtier was
uiknowA,4 ktp Profsshbvinj us
entered the dnahs. ." A
'Wlat is your nam'e sir%' as--ked the
profesor, looking through his spec.
'Y4u are a brick,' was the stai t.
ling reply.
'Sir,' said the profetsor, halt starting
out oIt his Chair at tihe suppos 'ed 1im1
pertiniencet. hnit, nloft quitt ,urc t hat he
iiiiderstoud him mirectly, 'sir, I dil
nlot exactly und. c-stand. y.our anlswer.'
'You are a hi ick,' Was tihe comnpo
sed reply.
'This is intolerable,' said the pro.
tssor, Iis lice reddening, 'beware,
y ung mian, how yu tteipt to inl
stilt In.
'Ilsuilt you, said the stildent, inl
tilli astoniiih.leI 'I low have I donie it.'
'Did you not sa I was a I ick ?, re
tilrnred the proflessor With stilled in.
-N.,, sir, ypn a.ked me ny nani-,
and I an4-vered youl qinestion. Mv
iate is U. I. A. Blick-UrialieW
no(lds Anldersonl Uirick.,
'Ahi mdt .d,' min iured tly, prole:.,
sol, sinking back ilto his seat ill coni.
fion.-'t wa, a Mic.lc:pl iol oi Ill%
part Will you coinniience the lesson~.
.\r. lBriek!'
I low -ro snow LovE FOn A WwF.
-Show love ihr your wife, and your
a lmiration of her, not ill a inolsienical
coinplimeint, not ill pickinig np her
handkerchiet', ori her glove, or in carry.
il', her ien; it, inthg you have the
meians, in hlanging triniket' or b:titbles
uIpI lier; no4t ii making yoirselt a
!'Ol by winking and seeming p'leised
with her riibles, or lllies, or faults
but show thIml Ily aets of real g'o'od
ness towards her; prove, by uneqivo-.
Ica' .,.;) - h.gi value you Set oin
her-nieagth, and )Jif. atnd peace.of mind;
let yol :fise of h. go to the ill ex
tenit o' hI eecI, but let it be
e.uisitet with truth aid sense, and
stieb as to conivince her of yui. sin
lie who is the flatterer of his wife,
nly pripares tier ears foir the hyper
!)oiieal stil' of ot eis. The kindest
appellation lier chli istian namn ali ld s.
is the bcit. th:.t you canl use, especially
before faces. An e.erlasting -y
dear,' is but a sorry cI pClsation
for the wants of that si. of live that
makes lhe hiUSbtand cheerl'u liV toil
by day, break his rest, by iigit, ii
dire all ,,orts of' hardbhip, if the lite
or health i of his wife deiiand it.
Let your deeds, amid your words,
carry to her heart a daily and hourly
cnlitinluatin tfi the fact, that you
valuii her ihalth and life and happiness
beyn:d 1 llhcr- tlingiis in tle world;
anid let this he matiit'est to lir 0iari.
ticularly at thosec times when life is
inorie or' less in laiiger'.
------ - -..~e ~-0 . -IBM
A Fowl. QUFSTIoN Ft:ssii.v' Dci'
m.:t.-At the close of a letiure in
physiolhgy before ill evening school.
it;ew nights silnce, the lecturer 'e
mar'kel that any was at libeirty to
ask qpiestions uin tle subject-and
he would i aiswer them as tihr as lie
was able. A yiiung lady, wit.h inch
apparent siiierity v, renan ked that she
hiad a qji:estio n to as.k, thho ugh she was
nlot eel tai n tilat it was a Proiler riies
tin;she wVoul d, hoiwe'ver, veinure to
ask ir. It, was as tiollows:
'Itf one hen Ias an ii egg, andii anoltheri
sets til it anllI ha ches out :a chicken,
w hich lhen is the mo therci of the chick
en *
The lecturer saiti I will answercI you
ill Yanikee style, b'y askinig you a
queltstiin :- If a little piret ty white
genteel pullet sets on an egg of Orni
entali ' e.tractioni, andl hatches a 'great
homniiely long Iegzgedl, spliinter 5hanklied
sliahsided , awkward haiighiai, woulli
you, if you w eret that little~ ute pul
let, owni the irettIi homliy lilonlste ('
'No' satid the youinlg lady 'I 'in/dn't.
el'erye weI.' said lie Ib eturer, 'thti
setls h questitonl, f'or it is a prni
ple in ph.iog that, all henus thinik
and aet ailike ill illlessenti at partieiilars.
tr'oyer ohf youth, oif youith's prvlgs
an .1 pow~ers andI del ighits, than y ielding4
the spirit to the emire of' itl-templer
and sell'ishniess. WVe should al Ilibe
'alit itons', ias woi~ ad vance in life. of'I
al lowinig occasional soirro'wf'it e'xperi
celC tto overshatdoiw ouir perception if
the pre'LpiinderanIIce of good. F"ai th in
gioodt is ait toce its own reectitudl e andu
reward. To bi lieve goold, anld to do
gtootd, truly and trust f'ull!y is the
h'ualhiest of' hunniani ty's ctnditions.
To take et2lS chiertily, andl( promiotet
the happitness of' others, is the way to
ensure the endutring sprinig of' exis
tee. Content and kindness are the
soft, vernal showers and fousteinmg
annn~ly warmith t hat keepis ai tian's
nturlie andiu being f're sh and green.
"Lord keen mn' existence fri''ht at
CM1,"'wold be no less a wise prayer
one so beautIully recoredue
resectg mn'j m Iem )orIy. 1j, W
would leave a gracious lmemiory be.
himd us, there is no way better to so.
enire it, thant livin . rciousl A
sweet fruit, produce an aait
grow th of greenl remimbianee is'1 h1th
shall floil Ish imimuotally after the
lpesent stock is decayed and gone.
Mrs. Cod'en Care.
1110 I-ANii AND O o N.--A not-P
.\NKI.\E.'--I'lhe jXJ'ress having
"told its tale" in leItion to this r1ar,
birli, ve fetel it mur privile to) be also
heard oi this occain. A fairmer re.
Sid]ing inl that iunlefinite locality 'out
West," says "that the 'hen fever'
rages som up that, wa,." and iniquirei,
"'No)w whlat d1o, youI thiilk I the varie.
ty cailled shanikiphs whsmaim!
do'llt helle tleit? I tell my wilt. theyt
have 1n llld *it .ll, 1111 wluen tht.
lieal is cut Ill tile legs Coinie ighit, I.
part! Amk I ihti? Neighbor tnek
in ghatin' Swith say.-, the'reIL thle hete
est ibings_- I'D h.% I'n airthl, ther sit 11nd1
hay b1oth at ane, I o 't b live :
--its con~ry t4, ilarm. 111h!A; tilt:
reelnilet a little. as it. wei --Jerts:1eIt
h >w ean ti:ey et! M N. jack k liife can
sit. as well as thev, cani I tell y!u, Mr.
Lilitor, they put' things out' of jntl
too, drleadfilly. Whell lhiekill'a'ixs
wiegther slatkhtighs hm h
wlet. t' ~l Shtfill h1t11w. tile
other dAy, olI Kink eielICd to hear
the old roster emow the first Iitie, -Ind
not klowing alytling abtout tIle ntat
ter, s11111inmoned ialf the liands on the;
place io come and lielp get the old
blind multihe out of the Crib. Old Kink
says-iDey dn'iit sit (ii de roost Sallme
as oddier cickens do. nob-how, but dev
sits straddle ofc dI st, Cause wIly,
when ty 'lempt to sit as comillnol
cliekets,. de head aitlt heaby 'nufi'for
de leg, and diy fills .411 backwards.'
Correct phi -ophy tait. 'I hey sit
when they cat, i l i1,r I've seen
'mltry to e-Ll. sildigI. bht it was
no go, Cor when the ,v ieik t lt a grain
of*corn on the r amid, tLey dIon't
lilm'n half reach it, but the heads bobs
ight between their legs, Makin' t'm
tirn a stllmerset. AMy be they're like
singe- cats, better'n they lo'ok, aind
tiat's b:td eniugh, anlyltow. I'd as
S4 1t1See a1 pair of 1.4tn gS Mr Comtipass
Cs walking aboulit fite artd as slank
highs. And I had like to liave. for
gotten to tell yut that. Peter Says
'IDey's big liars. ealuze dev Crows
long Y're day.' lut. K-lk says-41'ete
don't fleet der legs is so iong, dey
see daylight long time 'lre coimn)11.
man11 hlaving finlished hlis med0(ical
studies, appliel ti, t-al old gentleman
to kinow whetli her his neighbI .orbuod.
wIlid he ain eligible situation for
aL phician4.
"Why?" replied the old man, "what
cal~l N*'o il (.*
"Why. I call fe'li a plilse, ani di..
cver1% n who fill u thL disease the ptiieIt is
suIjet to
I Iere theni Itel mine." said the
oI!j 1111111, stretching out his arm.
"Yt are troubled with the head
albe," said tle y ong physician, alter
at very- gracimus looIk.
"Neve r had it in my life, sir," said
the 441d getntle~ilan.
Thlis was a loser. Profound si
1(ence enisued.
"I supp~j ose .yoti ink me a fo~ol,
said thle p hiysic'ian retiin g.
"A h,' lie repiliedi, "'. oui kno14w what
I think hut any don't know what
I fel."
Th'Ie Iirst senltc~e of' death the vanzn.
Sov.e reign, Queen V ictoia, w.as re
quiiredl to sign~ waVs that of ai so.llier
conturnitnd to dleathl for' desert ion.
Thew Qlealnreadl it. antd a-ked the
ol t his '.otllig' lunan
"Not hing," uas th le rep~ly; " he hac
thle bravl e vetea C~Iw ho relates thlet
tallecdo 'eI, sein g lhenrt .\ljest "4 'sanxietyI,
I adt ed, "*li t hoght he is a v.er' . had
so/lie, someIL w.itnettSses spokce of hIs
character, andt, for auight I know to,
lhe on'trIary', he may' lbe Ia goodl mea.*
"Oh ! than11k you for that a t houi
sandl l times," excla imed the Quleenl;
anld htastil y writinig - Pardone I 'I on
the liaper', s.he putt it nleross the table,
withl her fir hland trembling with
emlot iO.-Quceen Victoria, fronm her
Birt& to her B~rid~at
Great are the use~s of whiskey.
Great amid~nanif'cdd tire its ilelssings.
Its riches are past comipetitionl. It is,
bread to the hun~lgry. It i- raiment
tom the naked. It is joy to t: o heavy
hearted. It is gold to the peniny less.
It feeds the fires ofl the patrioit's heart.
It kin dles t he fer'.vor ill religioti. It,
ma~ke's mana hiappy u~nder all ir cum-n
s' aecs.--Cno Ch i:

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