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VtoL. AX. *UMT ER IiAt4E, S. C., JANUARY 1, IS55.
Every Wedaseilay Mormikasg
Lewis & Richardson.
TWO DOLLARtS in ativance, Two Dollars
antil Fifty Cents at theeipiration of ali mnssistlis
vr Three Dollars at te eni of the year.
No paper discontinnted mitil all arrearages
kre IA In, 11unles at the Option of the Propritors.
L Advertisesnents inaserfed atSEV EN'Y
FiVrsCents per sutare, (12 lines or less,) for
the flirs, andl halfftha. m fur eachilHsubseqnt
insertion, (O1fiiial advertisements the stLne
Cech tinlo).
I3' The number ofinsertionis to be markei
un all Al vertmsemntents or they will be published
until Orderedl to be discontinued, aid charged
W U.NE DOLLAR per square for a sin
gle tneertion. Quarterly and Monthly Adver
tisements will be clarge.1 the sune as a single
insertion, and semi-nuthly the sane as new
Lr Obituarys and Tributes of Ilespect,
over t.vlve lines, charged us advertisementis.
Corresipontleniic of the Banner.
New YOsRs CITY, Dee. 23, 1854.
Christmas Iolidays-Tines in Ne
York-Novel iarity-City Items
-Our ,Am ui se ent s--New Publica
tiocs, &C.
Mussas. Eurros : Ere this reateces
yoi, Christnas witil all its jollys aid
t'estivities will have glided by ; ani
be numbishered with the days that were.
Anid before we call c .ma'sisunsicalte with
Voua aa, tile lig ht ofi nuother ' earl
w1i daw6 . i lre thess, in the b .saI.
ligif CiL With tlt- WaIves ol life raOlling'
a 13
by us we SLsd a greeting tto yOs
ssnny so.aihern lume aid w ish yil a
pleasat. Christinas mid a lapIly New
Yar! To thiose with whomn, tiroiigh
Pour kindniess, we have di-,emisrl.sed
maniy day, we ten-ler sur best wis.hss
for tueir hapopiness atnd prosperity.
Times are busy now. "Chriict ma<
is coiliog " has been tle Ul Vi saI, el)
tul the Juvelinles flor dhe last Ito weeks
-anud each ail.st. vimsil5 t.!s o
Claus "-t hat, gr.ooud old sprote -ail
luerry . IKris.- Krigle" duntkles-s
visted tlheni. Now, -thle belles anisd
bieauxl Oil Golhltii Inut.cijlitinig the1
plea-uses to the LUsrsidnas aUd .\ew
Year's lllolidays are bu-sli pstrpMaring
Lo enIjsoy then. Gila t., nll st, h. sIuade
social calls be received an1d t., a 1s4 s I it
givesn. --Egg Ntog" suppe,-, % sII, %%e
are ins'ormed, be vesy nuss inus 4111
that 'sccasi fi and the way Chii jiagna
-the terin isrv, applied to Ntennatek
Cider-and Egg Nig asid 'di maietf'.
generally will disappear would alaan
a Maine Law advueate ! New Yeas s
day is the gala day with our liwisple*,
atid celebraked with ssssre eit giai-iai.
thas Cihistinas is. Aissts.ig sistns
pleasnsses cionsinesteud wiI its Cole ..
ton is i t Ii .1Its ;told s i calls ( all I
bions vd it is a k e Lt .) h is fi le isd sasIa' a e .s *
tio)is-jo,0r one.s tt e.orse exce pt ed
onl that day. It would ahi ti uti much
jleasure Lo pup into yout' saicimC o.
that day and excamsge A ith *-I tih
coltpi I illients of the heasin. Met nait
possessing the power of' ubis.i.v %e
Cal onijy finaginle the pleassies de's ivedi
frus sucn it at !
It is a cuistosm witsi Newa- Y-rke, t-1
expetid mis %#I their ch.tilaus W. I
propriat s1a1s at, this se'asi .,I . tle
) ear. Proviais..s beisng verN h''glh at,
preseit some chasitable isislslua
aided by don:tionss Irfoms vao ious
quat te's have opened i -Snp Ilall,'
in Ward NO, 3-where ihe p 1. caa
receive C(amo Soup tie tissaes a
week free of' expeni'e Jlsather a nov'
ei wiay of aisdinig thet ind'i..entf but soneL
well sut.ted to thaese latitsudes.
Quite aL destructive liiae occussnesd
here oni Wedhnesday last. It us igisna
ted at the Chty Asemeibly lsionnas No.
446 Brouadway ansd csiumied La enty
live or tirty busi ldings amons~ig w~ ieh
w~as t he Cour-es.rt I la II ol Christ Iiland
Woods' Eihioupians Ministrels. Mssst
of' the buildings counaused we're
old and of' little value. Two msems
hers of' Ilose Colnnpany No 7 wer'.
buried by tile halling of' a wall and
one of thems Jasmes Lawrey unfoI'rtu.
niately killed -the oilier being -e ver'uly
wo'unded. Theli cold was so intense
that water froze ins the hsydratnts antd
the hi'seg bec.asme so still theay coul d inot
be nsed. lI the tf'iman had snot been
thus initerrutpted they would haive
easily ar'rested the pro~gress oft the
flametls and confined them to the As.
semnbly lslooms! Tihse firemen who
was killed shsould hatve a snuen tei
-erected to' his memiory. For f'urther
details of' the lire we refer ;on to the
Cent hosed *"Lines" Extra.
On Tuceday evening last Col. TIhoms.
H Benston delivered an at'ddress on
W esterni Geography as connitect ed with
the buildinig of' the Pacific ltalil fload.
'ilhat harsh, terse diction which char
aeterizes hisi Contgresseional Spieeches
perva ed that address. Trhoe llal of
the Academy of' Music onfe oft
* the 'largest buiidings in this city was
filied-to oivesflowinig by ani atudiene
chlger to. hear Col. 13. Cin his fao.
rite hobby.:
'V t'ee It statedl that 43 Deaiths cc.
curred on~ boafd the Unaderwriter du
rig lie,. voyage irofil 1ivearlata1 itele
-607 Etnigraits were oil ltard.
An nterestaing suit fair libel is
progressing in our City CO..rt. Ili.
rai Fii Ie Ir Lditioir i tList- Eveingt.
iirr -tome timie aige ublished lill
Editor-al inl which Mr. Chas. '. Shel.
toll, Ex Presideuit of the Ermpire
Sito Dres-!iing Coumpaiy was spikei
f'as it " secuntd Sch1ui) ler." For I is,
it ltattler geitlenui britiought an action
for danages. E.,inent cinsel tre
enigaged otn either sid. iad thle verdiet
will be of ilopoitainco to the press
Thea is tntuch uneasiness felt ill
regard to the Stenniers Washinlgton
and Sralh Sanids, The Ibrimer sailed
f ofin Stithaarnptn (in1 Dec. 3:d and
shuld have arriv. d beibre this. The
latter was bund liar Por tland Mainte
bit, ha11d I-ot, ari ivel up to last ni'gtl;
she sailed on the 5th instait. Since
the loss of [ tie ill haled A relic, permoits
are ad bniast a I raid it cross t he At iii t ic:
an I delay ill tile arrival of any vessel
excites leuarl tfr elbodings.
Grisi atd Mlart I are here yet
deiitt.iig a ntr nilusicat l'teietniad
allar ilig a ich treat to the publie wist,
like Mltaiter, -, has a inev 61ar sweet
thing'S." Th'leat res ''ilt-uses, Operas,
an Exiiioso verly ituaginable
%a'; ie. vne lit ilI bhatt.
Sincet Oetuher, three works have
bet ii puli.shed thle sales oi m hieb have
texeede la eit hailt Iiitall tat )hOattiis.
We refler it, fihe -Nwhr. -l
I tr liarnu " auld ''1l tht I iall," FannlyI
Feri'. Ntmve1. The fll it is to ,alur
Ulkiltg the litst - f tite thar ee. ' Iuilt
li-ltl " is a ve iital.le ailibilogralpt y 1.f
F.iniIII F. It 'hows 11) ier --initt.
t 1er fi iIs " tad espelpciily her barot It
et.ili law, N. P. \\ illis whItt appears
unde,4.1 the vulphol imu.s title (,' I*
av- a .'
Passed at the Lust &ssiun of the Gen
cral Asbon6ly.
1. An act tao extei. to Jinges at
aailtJer. it- i tat 1 t1aiitiiltg
caainalltN.'-i . ' ti' I' a no-~ i .~ h - t 'equts~ire
2. Alt a t t e1 anl t elit'ih-I
till aC tqi I ali',.11V f r tilt tisl. ti -i
Ua fliut" ill ce alin pait.icillatt.
Al act tta :miln i az: tme . tited
S; .t.--- Il pu ihase ct1 tain parcels (ofI
luna it t, i t.l t a or th lie eeitol of
light ises a naconI all light,.
4. Alt net. 1)t gior jile fii the better
ttdilliiati;oinal tal' ilstice inl tht- cit
c. oai I t. Clitlta' 0 1 a10 l.
5. Ali .et ti iicorprtate the
t'ariet!An \\'ater Coinp1anly ill thle
ci A "at Ch.o l -. a I
S - ,t a. a ahaze he lt tale ta
a .;. et na '~t..iaa itn af tia' i ailes
u-aa .% ashRaish-ad (Caolipaly .
7. Au ae. is. ie a1aaatai . the C-1111i'1
bia and Cinotlt .\l a..- tetic Ile,'lgailaph
t.,.illaJ ailiy.
alit1iaNATINO t.s Ti llIOUSg.
I. Ai act to ittauha ize ald empow
I ini % lll' Ililit - at ()b9tt lit
laitthin :ws- ta a tiqt-, 1tii'o-l. t itata a t.
tai lth"- eductie and i.aindt
tial tile butitl. se1 tit. i-li . uha
Itah hie tlhwed to eX' id ti 'i
Ci..Ilenio -at the nile ihl. oui .. ( .
3. An act to tatd tin act enititlead
"ani tact, tao r-chairter thle Mei chlant's
lBaik ta' Sout h4 Carlhia tat Chearaiw."
er thet~ caty counmitcil ofi Charlestnma to
le.'ay andu c)l lee't tae- 'i the realt es.a
taite ol bankis wvithmi thie corporaoate
Ii nits ot' said e1t v.
5. All act, to auithtorize thle Checraiw
tntU Daraigtoun lRolruaad Complanaa to
iacrease teit capa ial stock.
6. Ait tat to i,.c'olpaoinate the Eltm
Wtatd Coeter~ty Catip .nay.
7. Ain act tto taetnd ani act to ini.
ctiorpoatea the a ii emtlan 's ltuitranace
CLaii of Cht arle?.4t, pasiseid t he
16tha day oft Dt.eembert' A. P. 185-.
8. At5 act to tlncorporaute the Siouth-.
crn1 Mutual Life lansuratice Comanay.
9. An act to icor palte thec societ)
ttor thte teel ofut a diget ad supeaciaa
atted atniatstetrs af lte Prtesby> terian
Church and teitr tam~ilies,
10U. Au act, tst ametnd tihe first clauose
of an jet, ettled' "ata act. Il rtieew
anid auuetnd the chal ters of certaini
tttwtts anrd vittages hetofore~tlll incorpota
rated," piassed onl thet 2th day of
Dceaiber, A. 1). J8'i3.
.11. Ant act to ttauimize the iborma
tioit tf a volunteer battta,an 1o be at
tached t'a the 23d Regjiment Sout
Carolia Mlaitita, and for othe. purgao
12.. An act to incoarporaute thec Sa
ving ad Biiding Associtatiton.
13. Ant act to incorporateo thle Spar
tainburg Femialie College.
14. All aet to inlctm.....at .il ..:
sage oi Murioll aid for oilIer purgone.
the rein mentioned.
15. An act to extend the time aid
lowed the Greenville aid Colum:,in
Railroad Company to topei btook-s of
-subscription to the capital stock ul
-said cosopany.
16. An act to vest the title of the
State in certain escheated property
therein muentioned inl certain persons
therein namned.
17. An alct to divide Pendleton into
two electioi diktricts.
18. An act to incorporate certain
religions and charitable societies, and
societies fir the advancement of edi
cation, and to renew and ainend the
charters of others heretofore granted.
19. An act, to renew atnd anmemd
the charetes of certain LOWns ansd vil.
lages heretofior iicirporated.
20. Ai act to recharter Lhe Bank of
Georgetown. S. C.
21. An act to incorporate ceitain
Sicietics, associations and companiic,.
and to reiew aid atziend the charters
of Ithers.
22. Au act to e.xtend the charter of
tile towel ofIl' onit, Pleasanst.
24. Arn act to incorporate the Co.
Iniobia Alaclhinie Vorks.
25. An act to iticoirporate the Mer.
ehatits' Ainaiul Inasuance Companuy.
263. An act to iicopo ate the Coiun
bia Femiale Copllege.
27. An act, to alter and amend the
charter oif f tle t(oi of Culn3nbia
and thlr other purpoises.
28. An act making appropriatitn,.
for tihe year coihmeneing Outubler.
19. Ai act to amend an act enttitl.-d
an act to incl rjpoirate the Nrthea--tern
Rhailroad Cosunpany.
30. Ait stnt. to amIiend an act entitled
" act tb aLnt imize tile firmi ation of
it San&aaiuh i iver Vallev Iair.nad
Comp1u1iany, 1111 to giat aid in the
c istriutin of ttheir riad.
31. An act to a-ithoitrize tihe Tiown
C1111l 1c 4 itI Iablirt l g to slibseri be t'.
the caplital .toil k lot certaii llailroiadI
Colinpalies therein nientioned", and for
utser purposes.
32. Ate act to prec.ribe the,- inne
and u-i1ms uptol which the City C
ell tt &;aie itil 11;3Y subsIcrCibe t1, ;j,
capiit al stork l'o railrsnml phnik a..ad,
And entri Cl lit panlit:!, :1n-. to cont1ienl,
t lie st, b-eriptinis ('a iwade b.%
. act t i-c.arter the baud
of Di.eleors of the ~1h lioitogical Sieini
itoiy of the Spnod of Snlh Carolina
aid Gergia.
34. An act to ainend :i act etnt itled
"an act, tl charter the Witniiigt. i
aed MNitchester Rail ioId Coiipaiv.'
035. An aet to aiieind the charter olf
the Bank of the State of S.Puth Caro
:it;. Ai ntet it icieorpoirate the York
v-ille- Felmale Cilol.
37. An act to au thorize tile Coomep
irlier General il accept, the bequest
off le late Jo 111llair.
38. An a..t its abolish tho oltice of
Ta\ Cllect or fir he eletioni Dist rict
of Wm:.h and for other pieposes.
39. An inet to amend the charter of
thie tnil (If GeV4rg4e I lwn)W.
40. Aii aet te, ai.e -mlpliei for tle
y ear ceami ing in t h-tober, 1854.
41. An aet to ml : if h ands inl
the t'ataw- a ind1n m hontagiilai, situlate
ll Yoirk and L ica,ter District, aod
I its tax Iheiii i- , oether lanli: i said
ris, and - f'r t rli pois.
Pnioctess Or M Aoio Sno-rT.-----T.a
pig zenid is caii tied to the~ top, o the
te.'ir by windlaiiis and chtam, andiu
wiked by steami ; IL is tei put mi
uiight andi day, anud at teisded hv two
se'us t' mn- -in uiitfr the fh'e aind
t..v t1 o puonr the muehaed leal imao
tin strzaieis. Azier passi..g thet str .in
eS it IidIs a distan~e ofi 150 feet. thei~
p~assapt threlnghl thle air' giving' the
intot ai hulge inl b r bsasiin of watei ; here
a manlt is enigaged ini dipping theim
(lit. ,ith a1 la1 :Ie and throin~mg them51
u)n an incl inted pilatie, dfown which
the~y riun to a drumu heated by ste..mii
and13 wosrked by) miitfchmery, so ast
to lry the aniot; when dry they atre
passed iitol a revlinisg d1roi, whtich
stopjs fly act'tin ol' machztiinery every
five inliinte firn ~sbflig themi; frroui
tis drusm tiey ale thrsuwni int~ ai hiop
per, and f r1om this paiss over a1 series
of uu: meined plfantes, whseret the defetivye
shu t, airt'e ari ied oIl, attd :hlen thlronghl
Seives into0 d:awers, where the~y are
assorted hby the action uf mlachinter)
on s-ives; thn inito t he ha ge boxes,
fsumha wich~ they ate takens and pntt ini
to sacks, weighed, and are reaid3
ftor use.
It, is cur etitly rumolredI in New Y'ork
that 33ne of1 she hI hgeet, pouwem ii
r~Urope, thonliuht ito b Ruial, hai
unlide ai very large. andi liberal teler ts
all the Colliti's htiw of steamassii. Thei
idea, however, of sellintg o'ut, is till
entertauined b3 the proprietors. '1Tni
ruimor has cauased a gnod Ana1 of etle
A Friday an Unlucky
Day ?
From tite imniemnorial Friday has
b.-en fiownied upon as a day of ill
omen. And though this prejudice i.
less preva.ent iow than it has been ol
yure. when superstition had general
sway, yet there are many even in this
matter of fhCL age of ons who would
hesita c (Ii a day so inauspici.-us to
begin an undertaking of muomentous
import. And how many brave nmari.
Ners, whose hearts ulquailing could
ieet, the wildest, fury of their ocean
homne, woild blench to even bend their
sails onl Friday. lut, to show with
how much reason this feeling is indul
ged, let us examine tie fillowing ii.
portanit tlets in conniexionii with our
new settlencnt ind greatness as a
liation, and % e will ste how lit tlecause
we Aieriens have to dread the fatal
in Friday, Augist :1, 1492, Chris
tLpher Culohinbus sailed on his great
voyage'L oil discovery.
On Friday, October 12, 1492, he
first discovered land.
Oil Friday, January 4, 1493, hl
Sailed onl his retuirni to Spatin, Wh14ih if'
he had not reaced in safetV 1he lapy
result woiuld never have been kniown
w leen fed to the settlement of thi,,
vast coltine;.t.
On Frhday, Maarch 15, 1-193, he
arrived at. i'alhs ill salety.
Oil Frida%, Novenmher 22, 1-193, he
arrived at IIspani a in his second
v..) ;ge t , A tnoera .
Oh Fd adav Jun c 1.3, 1494. he though
1111known to hie meli, d i.~o,-eIrd tile
coutinlit, oi Amserica.
Ot Friday, .\llrn 5. 1696, llen
Vil. olit Englanoti galve to .1 lialI C,.)0,t
lis voinini,,Ioion waiiieh ld1 to le .I
c aery o Ntormi A-iserica. TlIi.s Iz
tle lorst A;am-rcan -State apoer in Eng
On Fi io). Sopteliber 7, 1555 Me
i en ,. . -S i St. Augst ihc, Ol.
toldest. seit;.n -ni, in h Umted dies
I!.ya in roe tha lofiorti }3Jar. -
'Ofi~i~ayNvivernb- i I;i
h aN Finer, with the v'i I.,INiII.,
oi:o l th.arbor ol' "copvi eo1t o4wni; and0
uti the -:o;oo.- o' .1....h o o 0j tI
au .ust como ..it-. to,- 1 e n-O..-r . ;1 rI
t ..-'it g. * ~~ instiano..
Oi 1 m:., *Februa.y 22. Georg
W as.hoogtn, th-.- Iittoer of American,
ireedlorn, was burn.
(In Friday, .1 . 17. Bunker lill
was seized aid uitified.
onl Friooa, Octuober 7, 1777, tl
surrender of' Saratoga was mnade
which had such power aid infinence ,-.
tiduenIg , ranee to declare l'or o..
On) Ft iday, Seiteinhei r 221,380, is,
treason tot Arnold wais laid bare.
whicn saved it, iooin destructioon.
On Friday, Octobe 19. 1781, the.
--2IIorenne at. Yoork town~i, the cr0owlomlo
glory of tho American arI', 0occuirre .
011 Friday, July 5, 17761, Ihe mI-..
tioni1 in Congress was mait b)) Joll.
Adaims, Sec koldedo by Itichar.d ilni ,
A.e, that tile United Coloies a or-,
Ito 001 Il-liht oulgl t to) be, re an10 d1 ill
Tliun., )by loilt. Crous eXamIl leS, w e
-ee that, ho wever it may be wilia
oilher tion er2ie.no le. lteve,
o11 od.'d to a ill o i. I d a . % 4 u d
~.' e e O4 Ie . - e.w...1 0 . to
W~0Arr A C-orrrnV.- Ilhe numboI. r iEt
sjia1e ulnes. ill the* tUmted Staotes. i'
est i mated aot 2,91 .153, and t he poopn
Iatoin at. 23. I8 I,787.--l'ho mio-n
thickly3 settled State is Massaeb~usett,,
wheroe the ianhain avrg 137 to
the '.jaore unleec, aond the most05 thinlyv
K0eO tLbd. ( .-egon, wt hieh anly a verago/s
25. If the enlti re e, u0nt ry was u1n000 as
t hick ly popu 'latedl as the Statte tot
MNa-o.nehnt~tIs, its Inoloh btans ganu li
noinbher 3915,j87..1 ! Ad ijl et t he
old bay Siate is nlot, so ihickly sett led,
onlt oonianiungoo atbOlt 1,0010,000 01
pe ole. Won't it be a great, conn-Il
tr) , whent3I it gets sett ledI, well Icioced,
ando b~oardedl over.
Thois' calcoilat ion wvas miade, too.
belo rie a he Gadlsdten t reaty, which, is
rt illed. wvill great ly extenod the area
-. fdeertiser amd Gazelte.
)On M'onday~t, it was1~' e sIi ilited t hv
a oseporteor toor the I Ier-.hil, t hat th'e
folloowiig numbelJ.Lr of meitchantics. of va
rious.1 doe.cripjtion01, wereC out. (of' cem
lloy menot. ino New York, viz; 7,000)
tailoris and Ilailoore..eso; 1,500 enin~tet.
Imikers. uph11.olsterers5, &c.; 2,000 ma11
Nonis; 700 maciniiists. sm-ths, &c.; 500
priniter'.; 130 stereotypers; 45) book
hinders, Iholers and st itcher-; 400 shoe
tooakers; 20)0 house50 caIrpen~ters; 700
ship carpetnters; 500 rope malker's,
riggeors, &c .; 2001 plasterers; 600
p jlur11abers; 2i50 .rimbrella moakors, anid
300 hatterm--nmag at Loitud of 15..
450. Since the foregoing estoimate
was mailde, we learn froml valriouis tel
egraphio despatchesi that a mnultitude
. f oth.e tmechanics hav hcc dii
charged, and that sevetal tlu.-an..
rnore have been notified that, the%
will be dismissed to-day.
How to %poil a Higia kpir
ited Wife.
" What did you speak in that wam
to your wife fur, young rnan 1" asked
old Uncle Rodgers o' his nephew.
Because it's fun to see her spark
up," replied the h'-pefuil benedict; " I
like to make her black eyes shine, and
her round cheeks grow red as my
darmask rose. It's quite tragic the
way she puts her little foot down, anod
says 'sir.' fly the lnuses ! it' you'd
.staid lung enough, Uncle, I'd have
bhownt you a Queen. Yoii've no iden
how grandly she tosses, back her fierce
little head-or with what a .ido like
air he rings those delicate hands of
hers. It quite breaks the nionotony1
o f lile to get til such a temipe.st ~i
arder. You see, Micle, one tires (of
clear sunshie ad b ue sky-and so,
as I know she oawns this spunky tem
per, Ijaa.t touch it up with the spur
matiimnia il. and let, it gallop till I
.,eu lit to fin ill."
" I've as good a mind to root out
that sapling, I fil, and use it faver sour
,houlders as I Id.l this rnorniIr to eat
11)3 b eak fast be4ibe you spjoit'd my
"ot itre ttkiing the sur'st way to
ruin at finely strong; organizatiolm.
'iving your presence, I deosqi,e tii
itan Who thus fipc"ers .-. ith a pia.ssioi
ate but lovinlg spirit. Luok at youii.
-.le -- how dleate her bewat o. .,'o-,
at 3-: r household- ie vitrv i'pi.
-it a1st. 1ad 1itatnhess. The 'iltil. lix
-o"s on th .0iat1 1.; ih.- 1llginag .m1.
,as-lling heie an id m ere give at '.nt.
te t u m i c'Io1 1i-.i1 to I)Iaa 1o111h .
I I I innc. Thlat. i0nagOe that icls .,
ru.- 4 no li to ) our 11ar1or, I ha
domt lt ioo le-s h(il a flity-vio-a
to ! It tunis mit thai a w . .
auit-v de.e d all old, exjeaii'x
;o;,holstecir like my-elt.
Thon,. luok at (he, vines shIev hA.
Triiiild -Ct flowers sh'. '-v -
illat leat ioWeiti h10 wh 11 s .t
a:.-hr~t ange;iIi i~li' iv o i is
.#*'0 i.A:i: % thli a as of slit, Ww-S III%',
p- bolde that tie pou.1-eIsSuOaa .' LI,
a lie-ili.- s this tei1ts 3 iou to atn a
11: t w il t -I el end hi a
-:L.' 't of our dofmesti.,, l.;.'
Von are n ight) ser ious z.a *t Lii.
it-tie ho:og, imcl e."1
- Seri us ! unlort nately I atm
st omiehg tiore-a victim to ;a
owna indulgecie ilk tile snnite inCfot '.
tin. Yoi htat e heard'," heit' U.eb-.
Iiodgers gave a great sigh, that I :.
"aot 'haalplpy at hoaiiie. My own fi6o,1
Ever, hit aif'at !" Iad the olid man g ve
iititer earti a sava-ge blow with his
It a mnano inarries al wniie un.
torinents her into at liend, who's t.
blaime hot himself? My wile Wa
very handsomne, and a" Ott say -I..pul
ky. .'here iever need to have beena a
warmn word between us, bitt I iked to.
see tier iagry I liked to see ihe deh
eate no 'tto ils expand-the large ba
t ight eyes sentillate sparks of fire
tott I did it, j:,it onice too of'ten, I
know~v the very tis.o " that anger ra sed
the fitad barrier of opoosition, aid
talt, thee seiise of right became an ex
etto1 anold impet ious torimentor.
- And iow his uncle is dii'eit
ttr',t Ihea hiOe ofl your nephe w, wtei
itt hu'o1ed for poeaci, annd tortnLI'ed w ith,
lho fr eshl Uopeninig 4o1 ohd wounds.
I| tell 30ott, Illal, you will spoi
34our wife. 3'ou wtill ruin her: it's nlot
imaaly; it's a burninga' shoame,"' and)4 theo
old unnin's thin lipos quaivured with ex
I lal said. nothiung then, bunt w hent he
returned Joe gronid his paride b tweent
his teeth anid beggedt his ii jfe's paord'on.
"ll nev'e, tatuiit 3o 00oir f'an a:.ain
C2lar'y." het said iln a low tonit. 'Ai
sloe aCepIie'd .as she~ hid hei' te'aiiI (ace
ini his thoosuiti.
"~ I amar so quick, so passionate-but
Iianever' be.gin it; anid .ou haove ben'.l
so itoble t hat I will ti'y anid conttrol
ttis hasty tuempel'. liut lal," she
addled ro gal sly, shiakinlg hter cutris ino
lon., face', '"what, will y'on do ihr y'ouir
Qaueein wh''lat wall becomei of' Dido
trage.dy, ete.-ha?"
that a mn looks bozadsoame w Ient lae
liUshes] andia a kiss seaoledl the a econ
cihI at ion. To ay, after lomrty yeaa s ofl
wedded lif'e, Ilal botnsts that lhe re.
mietmblers but once making up~ af'te r
a stormt ad t hat wats away baick al
the houney itmo an. Ever sintce, he has
had still waters and a pleasaat v'oyatgv;
ad Uncle lidg rs, who died. yearas
ago-pace be w oth his ashtes--ised
to call I Ial's haoa p aradise oan e'arth.
Cuars-rMa i'aLsars FOa -in E QUaa.
'-Victoria will htavet uite a Chr'i.tmoas
prOeent fromt Ava: india, l'ar an emi
biassy has arrived ait lomaty with
about, two dozen~ small boxes, conl.
tatining procionas stor'es and geld anid
silver aticlob; . couple 01 dOZUti of' at
larger size, 6 iag curvsttes of
tet; Abram was a weaver; David
made coats-of-mail; Solomon made
baskets of the date tree; the Caliph
Omar manufactured skin,; Ottman
sold eatables; Ali the cousin of the
Prophet, hired himsell to a master fore"%
salary. j he Ottoman sovereigns did
not think it beneath then to submit
to this law, in imitation of so many
eminent examples. Thus Mohamnied
II, sold flowers; Soliman the. .Great
Im: e Slippers: Achmet I made ebony
cases and boxes; Achmet Ili. exeeled
in writing, and in emblazoning the
canonical books; Selim 11. printed mus
Tils I-tack PILagase ia the'
lFoueesthi Cenatury.
There was one disease. called the
Wlack death, the black pligue, or the
-rent mnortality. The most dreadful
visitation of it was one that began in
Chinaa, epreadi over Asia, and, in the
year 1348, entered Europe. Europe
was hOen, however, not unused to
plagues. Six others have made them
selves famous during' the preceeding
eight and forty years. The black
plague spread from the south of Eu
-ope to the north; occupying about
three year- in its pasSage. in two
years it had reached Sweden: In three
years it had conquered Russia. The
toital inifluence came among men ripe
to receive it. Europe was full of
pvt ty wars, Citizens were immured in
cities. ill unwholesme houses over
looking filthy streets, as in heleagued
fretresses, 1;r robbers, if not ariies,
occupied the roads beyond their gntes.
lI ibandinen were starving feu.al
slaves; religion was mainly supersti
iienm; ig..rance wa, dense and morals
were debased; aid 1.ttle control was
set upon the passioins-Vessels with
dead t rews drifted about ins thI Medm-.
terranean, mid brought coirrammii * ,.
iiifectioni to ih. si r.s in which the
stradited. Ill What spirit did th -
pe le)I, Sup1erstitiinsl ai. the% wer iin
those -ld times, imeet the c:Ilanibtyj.
Many cainaitted edieide in !.el.
AIrch W-4. M~id rich men, sw,
I the wrath o i-aveI rom them.
Nelves, carried their tria--ure tt the
churclhes, and nstalrii-s ".0i.;
Ihe iioliks, fearillg to I eceive infection
witi it sh;,t their gatts againist ally
ulich oilring, it was d,,,w jy
throwrn L. them ivei tihb enl
Evei n.otmd ilets, coru do-d by asXj, y
waIeredt ahout livi'i a- the dena.
I I..utes 1iniitted by t i.elr i i its
tmimnb:ied to rusms. ,."Y 'Iagnile au11lb.v
the flight of terrified i habitamns, many
thouslaidi vil higeswire left: .d-eli..
ly etyrpty. and sileit as the wioods and
fields. 'ile Pope inl Avignon, was
fore.-d, beeanse all the churebiyarls
w -re full, to consecrate as the burial
place the .iver Rhne, and insure to
tihe faithful an interment, if not in
holy grounds, at least in holy water.
Ilow the d-ad were carited out Of
towns for burial in pits, and how the
terror of the people coied the ihncy
that, through indec. nt ha'te. many
were hurried out and thrown into
those pits while living, every one
knows-it was the! incident of plague
a, all times. Italy was reported to
have lost half its inhabitants. The
Venitians.le-i to the iWlands -and .
tirsiik their city, losing three men in
four: and in Padua, when the plague
ceased, two-thirds of the inhabitanta
were missing. This is the black-deajth
which biegatn towards the cluo of the
year 1318 to ravage England, and of
which Aitony Woods says, extrave
ganmtly, that at the close of it, scarcelyT
a tenth part of the people remained
WoFronD CoLLto,--We are gr,,ti
fied to leama nthat the Second Term of
this Institution which will begin on the
seconid Wednesday in January next,
will open with a largzly ir.creased
numaber of Students. WVe are happy
als' tio chromiele the arrival of -Prof.
Doore anid Tutor Blaer, who will be
aidde~d to the Faculty of' the past Term.
T he kni'wn ability of' the whole Fa.
culty will be a suffiient guarantee to
l'.rents anid GIuardianis that their sons
anid wards can receive in the WVofbrd
College, anm education of the -h ghe,
order. -
EEnrn MostENTSUNDAY.--..iB ditar
eut nations i'very day oft the wie~
set apart for public worship :--Sldy
by the Christians, Moniday.b
Grecaans. TIuesday by the P~
Wedniesdamy by the A ssy'ian
'Tmok'. and ( 8.I ur dayhyte v.
Adlel tio this the ha by' 'thed Jyvs
evohition'o' the earth, giving ev ery
Ivazriatisonu of h.'agitude au ifthm-reit lhom
Iamnd it bescon s 'ppsarent that e ver-y
lmiellt is Sulndayv
WVhy is the letter K lie Ia pig's +
tail ? ecause it i., the lattoe nd of
Wur is the..etter .0 a most;. Uncoer.
tain letter ?-m'8eeansal infaium a
-XteiiVe value; tlree dozen boxes, of
he meat safe ftishioni, supposed to
contain wonders of Buriman art, marblb
sta:es, ivory boxes, and elephant's
tusks. There are also ten ponies.
Sonling amnd Pozzollimi.
The Suspicion of Poison.-The New
Orleias Picayune, in referring ti tne
report (f the neglect of Mudame So'
tng's remains at, Vera cruz, which we
lately published, says:
We have absUii.-d altoagether froi,
alluding to the reports as to the cause
of tie death of Stntag, w hich weie
rife at the tne in Mexico, and tat
were not long in spreading throughout
this country. The very day on which
we received the news ol' the sad event,
we also received through the post
lifice ani annymous note, suggesting
the most horrible suspicions; of which
cotmm1Iunication we took no notice at
die time. On the subsequent arrival
nvre frmn Mexico of several gentle
mnCI, who were mI a position to horm
an op 1ion(i as to the circunstances, we
m11aide itquiiries, which resulted in
impressing 'jpou our min s the sicken.
:ng fear that. there might be some
iuindation fir tihe suggestions of our
m1114iiyntius correspondent.
We learlwad, 1,0, from) them. that
:ll tile lacts connected wth Ii the d.,ith
t'USonitag. aildI witI the eqially itser
plilea ble demise'lof poml PozzUohni, wht.,
drip ped dead fromiu his chair, uiakt
a pa elil ly in the iiiost robust healit h.
verie not al owel to be published or
coniniited on by the. press of the
,It.* of Mexico, and thai. it wan, not
.I.eriitied ;10 hild a pust mrNein X.gm ;.
.imttit'lo ill c her ca.w. I hese -irctim
ene, utogother with Somet2 ot hers we
II iat ilitei nil , colil in , we tinik ti
e1t. a deepi onii' moion-leitous iri ci c-t
Have lieretoflire eschievwed, what
,DAYS WarouT Nairirds.---D-. ard
tinre i., niA':hing that .tdk'*s
~.:lgca oa- re niocil.;y, ii - -I.
'3 edeaI a. the Sea.n of the year who
tile ddy, te t! longaet, ihat u.
abst-L 'f die night., Il.- ar . at I.
Mtie t Ill :he m iroig. it it
i -- .acitona e4t to -,e* s'ome ricil,
-11a1d oit ko lmie oif tiie- ..d
*tLIAed aliiut midniight; it was as
-iglt as it I- here half aai huttir hntnie
-at dowtn. You Could see distineily.
It t, all was qiiet ill the Street: it
--coined as if Llt inhabitaints were Pont
tr were del. N., si ns of
life-stores closed
The sun -:.-ies down at. Stockholm at
intle before 10 o'cloc(gk There s.
.-eat illunliniation all night; as lhe.4..mn
.:asses round tle earth low.ard tih
aorth pole, tle refraction ofthe r:is is
-ulien that ytou see to read at midnight.
[)-. Baird read a letter i the forest.
oit-uar Stockholm at itilt-ght. withat
irtifieial light. Ihere is a .aountain
1t, the isothnia, whasre, on the 21st. tIf
J114, the sun does not o down at Ili
rravellers go there to see it. A
nieamboat goes up f-o.a I8.okh->hn fbr
tie purpose of carry iig those wiho ar.
cairno'us ti witness the phenomenon.
It o 'curs only one night. The stin mes
douawn to the horizn, you can -ee;le
whole face of it, and in five linutes it
h.-giins to rise.
irds(J anid anima.ls take thelir
accuistomiied rest at the usual hours.
Fhie heits take to the trees about seveni
i.'chock, P. M., and stay there until
the sttn is well tip ini the miotring, and
the peoiple get into the habit of rising
lateC too.
'J'EPERtATUR5 (iF CITics IN 'rnE
rTl'IIATE.:L& la trUDES.--Uhaa average
temperature of Rosto'n during a periiod
o1 twentty-six years has beetn estiiina
teal at foil y inte deagrees Fahrenheit.
rThat of Qiebiec duriing a series of
years has beeni compu~at.Ed at fori.y de
grees; thtat of Monatreal Eihrtv.ltour;
New Yoark fily two; Punifadelpaliia l'if.
ty-t wu, antd Bahimorllie fift v ftiir. T..at
ofC Ni' folk is as hiigh as lifty tinle;
Charlesqtoin sixty.six; Saivainah sixtyV
s-es e :;and Newv Orleats st, a-even;
Key West, Firidat, is proibiibbt the
warmest place in the United Statecs
the average~ temtperatatre there throiigl
'iut the year beinig seve'nty seven~t anld
a hatf; anld Stan Diego comeits neixi.
with a templleraturt of seveinty two.
'Te eli .ate ini Sani Franicisco i
a litt le warmer thban thait ot halt i
mo'r . the mnean height of lie i hi
miomueter in t hat city the ye. r raoslndt
being~ fifty six degrees.
it-STRinx at-a''ADESEN.-Th.-doe,*
tinelS of a'it s mi itea.-h hat no mtai
mal~y heiU ao is <lest in); ithat. iev
r., tone many ,tcari a vtocat atn wherehy
lbe may- earti his bread,. if p*redes~ tng
toa do so'. A enri..us list is givenib
Maradjia of the tcattii:tions taf oaIri
archs, e'atipht, arvi sualtaits, which coii
motnces with the first mmin At.

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