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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14, 1855.
-Agents tor the Banner.
The following persons have been ap
pointed Agents and are authorized to re
ceive, and receipt lor, all sums due the
Sututer Danner. Any person withing to
become a subscriber to the Manner, by
landing tihm their name and address will
'have the paper forwarded pronpily.
They will alsosee to lorwarding all ad
vertising lusiness connected with the
W. W. WALKF.n JR.,..Columbia S. C.
S. W. WI-TAxmu,.. Wilmington, N. C.
WILLIAM:HD,...."..." .
W. F. B. IIAYSWOnT, St'rville, 8. C.
W. S. LAWTON & Co. Charlestoin, 8. C.
- No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Baner.
E Persons wishinir to see us upmon
business connected with the 'a1per or L:tw,
can find tis at any hour thiring the riay
at our ofliec, just back of Sol.o.moss' New
Store. IUT All letters alddressed to the
Banncr must be pre-paid to insure atten
AIfairs ii Europe.
The American world was held in
great suspense for otie whole (a1y.-- I
Telegraphic dehspatches amnoiineed the
arrival at New York, on Thursday,
of the Mail Steamer Atlantic ; hut,
that the ice in the harbor prevented
her from coming up to her wharf ail
also prevented access to her. We
surmisu that the many who had hoped
that'the intelligence brought by her
would calm and compose the troubled
elements, were disappointed. The
expectation was general that by this
time we would have heard of some
thing definite, upon whicih ouir busi
ness communi ties could base futtire
netion. Day after day had been fixed
for the assault upou Sebastopol
Energetie movements towards a peace
comiferenco had been announced -
And yet Sebastopol has not been as
saulted, and Peace coufu rences are
yet to be held.
In the mean time the British forces
around Sebastopol are perishing worse
than ingloriously. The withering
charges against the Government made
by the London Times must be found.
ed on the facts of the case. The onlA
army which Gicat Britain could send
to the seat of war, and which, as was
va titingly predicted, was to humble
the Czar, is to bring humiliation only
to those who sent it there, who gave it
ineficicut leaders and who have kept
it there without shelter and without
the supplies necessary to its preser
vation. No one can fcel other than
ind'ignant pity for the gallant soldiers
wvho have beeni sacrili.:ed to sumch gross
bungling and mnismainagemient. Ex
posed to inclemenmies of weathcr of
which we in this cuntry can have no
aidequate idea, pestilence in their
camp, ill fed, worse quartered, encon r
aged by no progress, they have toiled
on and fought on and died, day by
day. unmurmuringly. Thle Russians
cannot vaunt themselves, upon the
destruction of this brave band :the
British Goverment have etiseted it.
The Baltic cruise was a ihreshiadowing
of the Crimean campaign-imbeei lity'
from the first to the last. It is time
for such a cabinet to resigni its high
trvusts into abler hands What a necw
ministry many determine upond it is
diflicult to anticip~ate. Th'le burdens
of war ar'e great, its injuries to every'
interest serious: money is getting
scarce, the army in the Cimena is
dwindling away and soldiers are not
to be hired to recruit the wasted
. forces : the general peeniniary emibat
rassments which result from a state
of war are disposing the people to
peace :it may be that the niext cabinet
will be less hauighty in its pretentioins,
less exacting~ towards the P'ower whichi
.they con temned more at thme commence
mecnt of the war than they can do now.
It the Czar will continue to agree to
what lie has lately conceded, England
wvill make peace with him, if' Fm anc
will permit her. The opinin has
been expressed that NAPoLEoN s
throne would not be safe if lie were to
tarnish the honor of the French by
closin'g the fight before a great victo
ry had been wvon. If so there will
likely be disagreement in the councils
of the allies,.ft
As yet the future o theEaser
questionis in mystery. So far, thou.
*sands of lives have been sacrificed,
and millions of money squandered, for
Ma Bovox's SPECHg ON CelnA.
Webwlll publish this able eflort as
2 oon as possible. It is full of mas
d~ry," statesmanlike, thought, tersely
a logitcally expressed, does justice
to thet subject and. honor~p him,
Our town was alarmed on Monday night
last. about half past nina o'clock, by the
cry of fire, which was found to proceed
frot the east end of the town. On reach
ing the uceno of action we found the whole
of what is known as the 'anayarld in flames.
The fire is supposed. to have originated in
the work shop where soime coals had been
left in a stove.
The wl.o!e of the property destroyed
belonged to the Rev. J. MoRGAN, and
consisted of five buildings-a workshop,
bark rill, tanhouse, storehouse or shoe
Ow) and a shed used to shelter I des and
other inaterials in, besides several vats, all
of his notes and accounts amd stock of tools,
hides, leather &c. &c., aid a quantity of
corn and fodder which was stored in tlie
loft of the storehouse. The loss is consid.
erable and hills very hard upon the proprie.
tor, who has a large famnily to support and
had alniost every thing lie was worth, in.
vested in this property.
Rtevt. . og
We have -learit fromi this gentleman
that lie lost, in the fire oin lMonday night
last, all of his- notes and accounts. Unoder
the circisiaiiances we can but surfgost to
all who nuay be indebted to hii either by
note or account. that this is the tinie, to
comte fobrward and pay hiito. lie will need
innnediately every collar to set himin up
again. In this connection we are gratified
to see that some are interesting themselves
to assist liimi in his misiortune and we
hope the move will find a hearty response
in every bosom.
A tussno.--This is a proper
time to suggest to our town Council,
and to oir citizens generally, the ne.
cessity of inakinhg some preparatioul s
to ginard Lg.aiinst the Consequences (If
fire. The fire on Mondav nitight last,
was discovercd, it.is trie, too late to
be prevented under oir circumstances,
biut nmuch of the propetrty destroyed.
might have hgen saved, if we had had
ant organized lire corpse ; or even if
we hal had a toft'1 l rte' quiin' ecery
citi/en to be provided with a wark
1w( ken une .re, with which lie should
be forthcoming upon the alarm of fire.
Let us then remain iattiive no longer.
Ou' situiation deimiainds that we do
some thiig. Ahnost, our wvhole town
is buit It of wood. The boinses crowded
togetCi, and a fire origiating in the
heart of the townt, withoiuit sone weap
ons more than we Iow have to light it
wit , would lay the whole of it in ash
es. Will Iot the Town Council then.
under these circnmast ance, pass such
a law as above ? And will not the
voulng) m11en of the town fl-mi them
selves ;into a comipany, and herealter
hold theimselves ready to give their
assistance wheni ncedd ? We sincere..
ly hope some step:; will be takeni in
the ieasure, and to begii, we will
opietI a list, at the B.Liiner Oice, to
receive the mnaiies of all who are will
ing to cons:itute themselves in- Such
a compainly. Thie l es and Rgnia.
tionts to governm whieb comipatny, to bie
made by the0 mem' ber-, wh ent a sufli
eient numiber shalh havo joined.
Pr'oceediams of the Cowucil.
At a meeCt ing (it the~ intndatt and
WVarden s elect, of Soteritt'mvileIt, fori
the vear. 1855 te tfollowinig gentlhe.
men1 were0 pret(sent, viz: Inttendian t.
L. P. Loinig; Wirtlen s, Dr. W. Jl.
Da.rg.an, Dr. J . L. IIlayiswt thi, A. A.
Gilbert and Dri. W, U. L. liiee, the
last namned gent loeman taLkingi the oath
of ullic2.
Th'le Coneil being di'-laredl duly
uiioniized, oil mo~tioni the Co~inneil pro~
eeeded to el ectiioin :i 31usual. when
Mr'. Joanes liellI was e c lre1 elected.
Ont motion, it, was
Reso lv~edh, Tha~t, the Marshal going
oult of i lliee lbe hield by his bon 'ju t
sponib~Je flir all ntiiishedi tpeeniniaty
inatlts stani liing tipen) ii his boioks,
iltchidintg monies loami d itnt.
On inotiioi, it wVas om dered thait Dri.
WV. J. Dargan bie a ippoi ited Auiditor'
toi ex:niniiie and report upon all a.
count s &c, that may be presented for~
patrol duiity, &ce. was read by the In.
tendant. and ordem ed to be liid over
util n Iext mee ot ing.
On)i miotionli, it ,i as ocdre] that, a
c0onuiittee of' three'L, be 111 appinted, toi
conisist of the intendanit, Dr)t. W. G.
L. Rice and A. A. Gilbmert, wardens,
to etni iire and ascertat)in lie po wers of'
C2ounciI in relation to collecti on of
tax ont real est ate, and for other p'Jilr.
poses ; ailsoi, the liabilities of the form.
er' Mar'shal as to the unisettled state of'
the hinacies.
Otn motion, it was ordered thtat the
Inst Wedtiesdtiy of'each moon th, at tent
o'clock A. M. be the time of regitlar
meetings oif this Cotuncil, su bject at
tall times to call mteetings.
On mnotioni, Counicil adjoutrned, to
Wednesdaiy 31st inst.
lThe Legislatuore of North Carolina has
passed thte Bill chartering the Wilmington
nmld Chtarlotte Rail Rod
Otr Ezcliaang4.m
Southern Literary Messenger.-T ho
February number of this valuable
magazine has been received. We
have found such of its contents, as we
have yet read, very interesting. We
commend it to Southern patronage.
Th e Quarterly Review.-Upon hear
ing that the publication oflice of this
venerable periodical was removed to
laltimore, we were apprehensive that,
in that lukewarm temperature, it
would lose its distinctive Southern
character. It w as also mortifvirg that
the associations, which bound it to
some of the most forcible intellects
and honored names of our State were
to be severed by its removal from the
genial soil where it had sprung up
and flourished. We .were therefore
pleased to lo irn that the removal was
only temporary, having been caused
by the lire which occurted in Colum.
bia last December ; and that the pub
lieation of the lIevidw will be contin.
ucd in this State.
At the retuest of the publisher we
insert the following card :
To The Public.-We were malble
to issue this number at an earlier pe
rod, in consequence of tihe destrue.
tion of our ofliee by the late lire in
Columbia, S. C. The books of the
concern are so much mu tilated that
we find it impossible to make out a
full list of our subseribher'- names and
places of residence. We therefore
request, those of our subscribers that
have p)(tid lli alvance, to give 1101 ice to
us in Chiarleston, S. C., if they do lot
receive the January numher inl due
time, in order that we may promptly
suipply the olission. We. shall no
longer send the Ieview to those in
debted to us. Iereafter, subscrip.
tions to the Sotihern Quarterly IRe.
view must be paid in advance, or the
work will not be sent.
ZZ7-Suiseription *5 per annum,
invariably in advance.
C. MORTIlEl, Puni.asi z.
ClAn r.ELsToN, S. (., January, 185
DEAa OF A Goon AIAK.-The
Christian world has sutTered great loss
in the recent death of Bishiop CA eiUS.
This community iieeds not to be
informcd of his character or his labors.
Both were known and appreciated as
they should have been. lie was both
loved and revered. At a good old
age he has been removed from the
sphere of useful labor to that of happy
rest. WVould that all could on their
death beds look back upon lives so
well spent as was his.
ROvAL VSr.-A few d:-ys ago
Sumoer paid Vinter a visit and was
welcomed warmly. The hospitaliti-s
tenidered vere marked oil hy by quiet
geniality until tle sojonurn of the illus
triojuS gruest wa- drawing to a close.
Oni Tliirsday A fternoon, amid thunder
ig, ightiings aInd hail, the pai ting
took place, aunl Witer has been
freezingly cold to every body ever
Tmir W.:mim.v II ERLALm.-The New'
York Week ly I lerald, " the best gen.
er al Newspaper ini the world "' is pubi.
llihed every Satu rday mnorning at
thiree D7.ollars per aiinum.
Its contentrs eibrace aill the news of
the great events of' the day, reports of
meeCt in gs, of the State Legislature,
andi of Congress ; im01portanut public
doc uents ; European and horne cor
responden~tce ; inaiicial and commer
eialii iformationi, anid editorials of* gen
eral intterest, that have appeared in
the New York Daly Herald.
lIare inmd ucemen ts arec helId out to
clubs ; tihe terms ofiered to w, hiit h,
umiay be round out by apply ing at this
ollice. We will act as agents and
have the Jhera/d sent to any of our
subscribers who imay desire it.
A hettecr I roml C.ahaaornia to New York,
daterd Jlani. 8, samys, "there is more dlist ress
here than onme oii your side wo ud imnagine.
At thle sa mt tine there is Inore extrava.
gilnce liani with you if possile.-Tfhe fashm.
ion of New Y'ear's day is being carried our
here. This year fair exceeds any previ.
otus one, in lie costliest of lie enierma in
iments aurd ladies' dresses, the foirmner cost
ing~ in somec instanices *J,00, antd the hitter
$200t to $500. 3lost ol these people who
spetnd so much are mtechanies' wives, aiid
thme way they dlress isa caution to the tmen's
poikets. Laces from $15 to $'300 the set.
Aiiy quanntity of dresses rain lbe seen daily
on Mmmiitgomnery street, costing l100, 200,
anid 8300). Nobody weairs a "calico'' here.
ntot even servant girls, who sport their 10
anid sl ii hadkerchiiefs. No where is imo.
nley) mt sotae cases so easily made and so
foolishily spient ats ini this very Sani Fran.
cisco ."'
Tii i Atlnti.s I lotuse.-ln our recenit visit
to Charleston, ue were fortuontn enough
to finid quarters at lihe bl ils llounse. Th'is
splenudid estabilshiment kept biy Tiuost~as
NICenmnson, is one of the must pleausant
places we have ever been entertainied at
The limouse is tmost splendidly furnishied
frotm tolp to bottoun, with e very conveni
ence onie could pos-ibly wish, and the ra.
ble is all the most fastidious taste could
desire. WVe were much struck too with
the quiet and order which prevailed, atnd
the attenitiont of the waiters. Visitors to
Charl estont will find it to their comifort to
make this house their home while in
thiis city.
Ntws Itessas.
Th Texas creditors bill has passed the
House in Washington by a vote of 155 to
44. V .
Counterfeit 950 Dips o the branch at
Augusta of the Ifanlk of the State of Geor
gia have been detected.
The smitll pox exists to a considerable
extent in Nantucket.
Ill Houston, Texas, there is neither jail
nor school-house.
A'woman recently died in New York
worth $100,000 and yet she lived in a
garret aid received ahms in the street.
An exchange paper calls the union of
Eniiglnd and ranee against Russia the
Bull Frog Coalition.
A follow. at St. Louis, was recently
fined one hundred dollars for sending ob
scene and anonymous letters.
It is reported that the Russians I ave
captured two English cruisers in the Bal
The Washington Globe says: "There
is universal gloom in Washitngtont this af
ternoon, occasioned by tihe death of Mr.
Maury. No event has for many days so
seriously aiflectd our comuntimity."
It is said that a vessel of war is to be
sent out immediately to Bird Island, to
redress the wrongs sustained by our Gua.
no diggers t here at the hands of the Gov.
ernment. of Venezirla.
It is generally supposed that the Presi
dent will veto the French Spoliation bill.
The Charleston Standard of tire 10th
says: "Ahout 25 ininutes past 9, there
was ai alarin of fire. which soon aroused
tie-towi, and was founil to proceed from
the premises ocetpied by 31r. A. 31. Man.
igarult, and owned -so our reporier was
informed-by Miss Ashe, oni South.hay,
near Cing street. The llanes wvere pro
ceediig from the stable and kitchen of the
premises, and through tIre strentious ex
ertions of our fireireim , who were soon
upont the spot, it was prevented from ex
tenrdinlg to any other himi irg. The kitch.
ern was of brick, but the wood work was
entirely coistimed."
Aso-rrrn.-"Abont lifteet inintes af.
ter the lirst aarmi of fire, arither was dis
covered, wtich wasfouid to procced froin
a kitchen on the premirei of Mrs. Mloran,
onPritchard-sreet. The fire, however;
was e.xiinguisied by rite residents of tl.e
nteighborhoi.befOre thfi remenr could get
upon the ground."
About 1t o'cock ont the eveni.g'of tire
8ih inst., two parties, named Conier aid
Thompson tmct icar the cornir of meeting
and larket st reel sCharleston antid ai alter.
cation occurrinr, Connior .shot his adversa.
ry in tire fitce. Ciinner was arrested but
was afterwards discharged It was thorigit
at first that the wound wa; sight, liut it is
thought now it be s'ericus. Thompson,
however, is alive, and ijipes are oitertainod
of his recovery.
The town oif Gainesvill', Sumpter coun.
ty, Aia., (not i Georgia, as telegra phed), was
nearly destroved by fire (nit Tuesday week.
lalf rte tonn is ii ashes. Aimoig the
properly destroyed are warehouses which
coitaiied 2 r500 bals of cotton. The loss
is estinmated at $2001,00t.
Th'le Prespyterianr says: a"A party of
rich gentleen hr:ive arrived ait .lerusalemr
with tihe pu rpose of commirenrceinig a colony
in Jericho. Tlhrere are mranyv simribltr projects
paroplosed itn iiflerenrt prrs of thre land.
Ar TPyre a Salon air archlitect hras ar
rive'd friomtF~r. larid acvcompantied withi
men anrd means to corninenrce a colonty.
PTere are sixtee mciilh iion firty thlousanid
foutr hmured anti sixty newspapers prini
tedl in tire con rae of ihe year ini tire ci'y oif
Alibany. Tis is ;t1 to eacht inharbirant,
or mtore thrani one to eaclthiperson every
week-day' in tire year. '"Thre ian rithat
dont't. ta ker the paplers'" dues riot hvwe in;
K illkenny Mahi:eratror siys:-"hin Carlowy
mjost viiolenit rotrrg's havie bieen connuiirit
crd angainist Sc ripitmor rearders durring the
prast week- Rtecenrtly, one of: Irhem, namued
K~ernny, was strner'k downo by a stone
andl iris lifei place I int immriiont Iang'er
Thera~ resident mragristrarte hats ofl-erad a re.
war for the dicvr f the perpetrator
af th~ ouit rage. A It(oman Cratholic priest
ptassed biy whren thre assarult was bieing~
etunitted. iIe wrrs chteered lhv thre miob
antI made no at tempit to stop fire otrrt
geous proceedings."
Frantce is miakinig every ellert for the
further p~roisenmt oin of rte war. Thle stub.
script inns to tire Nat inalr Luaunim Paris
anrd io tire IDepa ri rmenrts, hrave amrounrted ft
Ieight huni dred anrd inetty irilh oln frantcs
Itn the Go ir rin S.:hoo!s for gir Is.. thet
ordinary stud ies are susirendeal, aind th<
pupils are erngaiged iinnaktig Ihatt.
'Thre Snidard says: 'Thre Four Porints
is quite a faihal r phrase, as much so al
mrost ,as tire fortr errnrtinal pointrs of tin
comipass, anrd yet rmany arc untable to de
litre it. Th'Ie fouir poitst are, lirst . t he fret
nav igartion of the. D~aube: second, lire fret
ntavigationr lay tall tire five Powers ( Russia
Turrke'y, Enghmdria, lErantce aund Aurstria,j
of tire llac k Sea; thInrd, tire abrolition ol
tire Rtussiant protectorate of thte Printipali.
ties; arnd fourri th ihe atbanrdarnment by Rtus
stia of her asasumred righrt to protect Greel
Christianrs ini Tutrkey.
Alr. ii. Blacclntahan hias been electet
Inrtenrdanti of thre Townt of Mlariion,an
Mlessrs Black, Browni, Ev trs aind Godhok
Tire Batrrwell Serntinel says:
"A little girl, daughrter of AMr. Luttz o
this village, abourt ten years of age, whlc
ha d been assisrtinrg a servant in nronirng or
Sarturday miornintg last, had hrer clothret
take lire antd entmr unear beingr burned t<
death, she having to run some.distance
to her father, before the fire could be ex
tinguished- He'gathered her m his arms
and'succeeded in arresting the flames.
but was very badly burned, so much so
that he is disabled."
A crazy Mermewpreacher has appeared
in St. Lonis, proclaiming that lie is Joe
Smith, the prophet, raised from the dead.
The Queen of Sardinia is dead.
war shot in Charlestown, Kanawh a coun
ty, Va., recently, in the following singu
lar manner: On going to bed he hung
his coat-in the pocket of which was a
loaded revolver-on the bed post. The
coat fell down, and the concussion caused
the pistol to go off, lodging the ball in his
foot near the heel.
The steamships Magnolia and the Ariel
of Vanderbilt's Line of Steamers are now
nearly ready for sea. They were built
under the direction of Mr. Simonson for
Mr. Vanderbilt, to run on the New York
and Liverpool line, if he is successful in
concluding his mail contract with Con.
gress. These steamers are superior spe
cemnens of American naval architecture,
and cost between $500,000 and 8000,000.
The Ariel is 2,300 tons hurthen, has three
decks, and is braced throughout diagonal,
ly. 11er main deck is fitted for first clasi
passengers and the between decks for
The New York Sun of the 9th in., sa ys:
-THE WEATHER yesterday was one
of the colest days within the last ten
years. In the morning the thermometer
stood 14 dog. below zerot at noon 2 deg.,
and in the eveiiing about 5 deg. be:ow
A large cargo of Indians, captured in
the Peninsula of Yoeatar, by Santa An
na's directions, have landed in Ilavanna
to be sold as slaves. At the very urgent
remonstrance of the British Consul, Gen
Concha is about to enquire into the le.
galtv of the transaction.--Sa.eta Anina
has already received 820,000 for his share
of the business.
Cn1NA.-A Canton circular, dated De
cember 24, (the latest dates received,)
furnishes the following items of news:
We have no improvenent to report.
The government h-id collected a large
ferce in the neighborhood of Tatshan, and
the recapture of that city, which was re
garded as ptobable, was expected to have
an important influence :n freeing the
gods held to ransom on the river above.
A few days since, however, news reach
ed us that the troops had been complete
ly routed by the rebels, vho sallied out
;ook thirty or forty jutiks, and killed from
50t) to 1,000 men. This reverse has
much depressed the native traders, and
we fear we must not look for any supplies
of teas for a long ti.ne to comle. None
have arrived of late, and a very largo (or
tionhl of what may be rcccived horcaftcr
wi.l doubtless prove out of cond tion.
A fire broke out in 0amburg about
ciglit o'clock ont the 0th of February in a
kitchen attached to the dwelling of Mr
W. \V. Sales, on Bay street, near the
river. Before it was got under the kitch
en and dwelling of Mr. Sales were cot*
sumedh ; the kitchen and dwelling of Mr.
S. E. Bowers, and the Bap'ist Church.
We understand Mr. Bowers was insured
in the Southern Mutual Insurance comi
pany for 81.200.
We learn from the Augusta, (Gen.)Con
stituttionabist, that on the morning of the
10'.h iustant a fire broke out in a small
one.storly wvonden building on Telfair
street, corner of Campbell. When first
*discovered the roof was in a blaze, sup.
posed to have been communicated from a
spark froam the chimney. Our firemen
were promiptly on the spot, am~I notwith.
standing water was scarce, soon obtained
the mastery, and the building w~as saved
Iwith some slight damage to the roof.
IThe Mayor of Boston has elbetually
suppressedl Sunday liquor traffic in: that
city. Butt one shop wvas reported open last
A writer in the Lancaster Ledger, can.
tions the public againist a man by the
naume of P. C. liarper, who absconded
from that District on the night of the 11th
nit., after h aying seduced a youn,: girl of
respmectaIble parentage and extensive fami
ly connections.
Thte amount of losses paid by the New
York Atlantic Muttual Insurance Company,
during the past year, reached the enormous
sum of 84,469.970. The premiums re
ceived on marine risks during the same
period, amount to *:3,571.109.
Captain Goodrich wvas arrested on Sat.
urday last, and held to bail in the sum of
$3,000, to an'swer tihe charge of fitting out
the steamer Massachusetts for a foreign
expedition, in violation of the lawvs of the
United States.
The extensive copper, tin and iron man.
ufaictory and foundry of Twibill & Ed.
wards, and the immteinse grocery r~tore of
11. L. Stone & Co, in New Orleatis have
recently been entirely destroyed by fire.
During the past month forty.three Amne,
ricatn vessels have been reported as totally
wrecked, anmd one, a now ship burnt. 0f
these,'7 wvere ships, 3 barques, 17 brigs,
and~ 17 schooners. The vessels aind their
cargoes were valued at S 1.244,000, ind in.
sured for $3,095,000. In addition to the
above there is insurance in New York,
Providence, and Boston, on the cargoes of
I wo foreign vessls reported lost durimng tbe
tmonthi, to about $100,000, and one of the
vessels is insured in New York, it is stated,
for S 15,000-making a total loss to tihe
underwriters of about one million and a
qua: tnr of dollars. as far as reported..
During the past month of yanuary, very
near forty fires occurred in the United
States, where the loss exceeded $10.000,
and the ..ggregated ;oss extceeds 1,(00,000
The New York Journal Qf Coniuerce, in
recording these facts, adds that eighty lives
were lost in these fires,
Maj. R. S. Mofftit died at Orargo
Springs, Florida, on, Qe 17th, ultinio.
Col. B. F.Butler, who, it will be r.!col
lected, refused to obey the order of the
Governor of Massachusetts for the disban.
ding of certain companies, *compdsed en.
tirely or foreigners, in his regiment, has
been removed from his station, upon the
petition of Major General Sutton, -by the
commander in chief, with the advice and
consent of the council.
The Washington Union contains a cor
respodence between Messrs. Marcy and
Kinney, in which the latter declares that
his purp sea are pacific, and that the ob.
jects of the expedition are mining and
cutting dye woods. Mr. Marcy says that
if the Colonists expatriate themselves and
conforn to the laws of thei r adopted conn.
try, the Executive will not interfere, but
it will not allow then to go orth armed
and under a military organization. Ile
lurther says t h at if the title has come from
the Musquito King to the lands in qIes.
tion. it is inval id.
Senator Doug_,las of Arkansas, has in
traduced a hill in Congress for the forma
ifan of a new slavehulding territory, with
a view to its speedy adnissioi into thE
Union. It will be a large domain, north
and south of the ItO river, beyond the
limits of Louisiana and Arkansas.
There are thirteen newspapers in foreign
languages published in New York. Seven
German, three Spanish, two French, and
one Italian. In London, with two and t
half million of inhabitants, there is publish.
ed but one newspaper in a foreign Ian
guage. Le Courrier de l' Europe.
One of the novelties in London, as an
exhibition, are a man, woman, and child, of
the tribe of Ni:inn. Niams, or tailed people,
from Central Africa. D:. Sexton lectures
on thein before crowds of visitors, three
times a day. L-mdies are not adraite.l.
The New York Ilerld regatr.ls the or,
ganizaLionl t Kow Nothings as a great
moral reform inoveient, striking at the
head spring of drunkenness in tIs (Unit.
ed States. The Knov Natlungs, says tise
Ilerald are the great practical, pote.a:: ui
teinperance p-irty of tht presmnt J my.
The talented Mrs. ILityne (M:ss Jlba
Dean) is now on a brie vist to h -r hui -
tband's relations. in t larleston. S..e te.
turns to New Orle is to C1) :n -are ,i, Ce.
gagement with Mr. DeBar, at thmv 'L
Charles theatre, on the eveming o- tim I , a
instant, and this being coac bil, -h !
goes forthwinht to Boston, vii !r s it? is t.,
appear as Noriinn in .\r S sr.-tI's , v
tragedy of " The lrie.t1e-s,",i Ili! ..2..
aicatro. Thia gifte.i iires,. w ..!.
stand, before retirmi Ira nm thke . a ii
perfori her proless.nmi il en mr0 n! 0 I )..
copying abolut two ye its aned .a h If C..
iete them. Amn:'m4 the e, wo a
trip to England is in cone t.,.Iatoo .
CLAnRK'S IIOTE.-We have been
repeatedly a-ked by) sotneC of the
boairders at this popuilar House, to
give it a no tice in our columts. WVe
are always ready to praise merit, and,
although we bave had no proof our
selves, we feel satisfied that there must
be cause for praise whe~n those who
enjoy the luxuries'' of a good house
tunite in testifying to thn excellency
of the table. Those who assemble
there at mecals al ways come away with
smiling faces and smack ing lips, a sure
sign that pigs and turkeys are not al*
howed, with friend CL~AnK, to rise up
from their china locations and tell a
story of their antiquity..
DISoRLACEFU..--I he following par
tieulais of a late disgraceful scene in
the Hlouse of Representatives, at
WVashington, is given by the Corres.
pondlent of the Charleston Stan ard,
writing tinder datte of the 30th ult.
"A light in the Ihouse was the Con.
gressional excitemnent, to-d my, and the
parties engaged in f'urnishing the pu
galistie entertain's ent were Gen. Lane
oif O,-egon, and Mr. Parley, who rep.
resents in t'omgress the Kernehee dis
t.jiet of Maine. The G3en. fregnentl)
interrupted Mr. Farley in the coursi
Of a few remarks lie wats makhing tupot
the Pacifie Telegraph bill, and wvat
subseqientlhy himself' enlled to ordei
by M r. Farley, at w hich he becami
angry, aiid mn response to some rt,
mark oif Mr. F's, exclaimed " You art
a liar !" Farley replied "You're
G--d d-d liar !" and the parties
who wvere about ten feet apart, rtushed
towards each other, met and exchangve(
several blows, without serious damag<
to either.
A terrible scene c f uproar ensued
the Speaker cried " order "'at the
top of his voice, members rushed
throtugh the aisles, or sp ang ovel
desks to reach thie "seat of wvar," ani
the lobby members peered curiouisl
and excitedly over the serer ns. Sev.
eral genmtlemuen interfered to seperati
the combatants, and among them Mr
IIlamil ton, of Mary land, Wao suceceed
ed in drawing oiff Mr. Farley, whiei
he was hiimself tturned upon ant
"punished " by the gentleman fromi
Maine for his interference. Is it no
delighatful to have stuch sports as thies,
in s'i splended an amnphitheatre as tlr
Representative Hall of. thisa " Gra
Yankee Nation?'"
The Charleston Races over t
WVashington cot o werieoegneludel ti
Wy A4C illet itlailt
Louis Nappleon, Enperor of France
ib answer to.n incnorial 'of the Pro. w b
tes(tnts it) thUt countly, prayIng fbr
perission, to exercise tIe ights uif
clnscierice in inatters of religion, ic
plied through his liiiist er of Wor!lhip
"that he recognises the iight lilierty
Ofconscience inl his sulbjectsnot atber
ty of worship."
An American writing from London
to the Noewark Adverti.mer savs:
"1 have been forcibly and .agreeably
impressed with the attention which
foreigners, at least Americans, receive
here. No trouble is. too great for
those in office to take inl order to enable
them to enjoy and profit by the objects
they have traveled so many nailes to
see and study. Even.. collections of
paintings, shut to the British public,
(Lord Ellesmere's gallery, for exam
pIe,) are freely opened to them with.
out tee or rewaid."
The New York Commercial Adver.
tiser learns that a French gent leraan
by the name of Lesseps is about form.
iig a joint stock company for the
purpose of constructing a eanal Icross
the Isthimu.s Suez, fiom the Mediterra. d
nean to the fled Sea. The Viceroy v
of Egypt has sficially granted him
ihe exclusive privilege of construeting(
I-iech a caial, with the proviso thit
the Egyptian Goveniment have .n
thority to appoint tle directors of the
Com1pany, selec-ing them from among
the largest stockholders, and that lit
teen per cent. of the annual profits be
paid over to it for nini ty-nine succes
sive years, after which the canlal will
pass into the hands of the Government.
The canal is to be opened to vessels
of al nations, no higher charge being
made upon one than atiother.
Professor Alexander stated in his
recent lecture befrore the New York
Mercantile Library Association Ilhat
abonit the year 1762 a star caime into
sight ind shone very brightly. The
hirllht underwent a Va riety of very re
imarkable changes, ehulges Which Wei e
closely analagous to an intense cost
blnstion. It seemed a if the substance
of the star, in one sense, were burning
ip. and it is haidly possible to resist
the ceInchsionl that, here was Ia world,
with regard to whieb it may lie asser
ted that its destiny for the time being
had been finliilled
On Tuesday, at Gotham, on the
While moumtains. the leregiry in the
thermmi' iteter wa< m iihitn oie dgIee of
the point at-#% hich it i-ccoies congeal.
ed. This is comisiderably colder than
we have had it but not near So cold s
Ihe poa .- regions. where acring to
Dr. Kane, sweet oil h:1l to be sawed
and brandy split with a hatchet.
The New Ilaven lailroad Compa
ny coin miienced a sit ag.iinst Robert
Setny ier aid Ai Lhe veral holders (it
Stle o(ver-isse-'nd s'-ek, to show the
tight they 1s-:: .> such ect-ficates de
elatred illegal and void. Mr. Jnitice
Clerke, of New York, graneed on Tuties
day last the company's application for
A'intjton to restrain all holde-,rs of
such certificates from sning the com
pany until the said suit, he adjudged(I
by tle coit. Suits already cmn
menced against the company are
allowed to proceed to jiidgmeait,
tho ugh i.he comnpany has prayetd that
sueh alorigtb stpped-a prayer
AITEM OP llisToaYv.-Tlle Oirst
A imericat what di-echarged his gun on
the day of the battle of Lexington,
was Ebenezer Laick, wvho died at
.1 Deeriing, New Iluamshire, about, fily.
yetars uao. lie resided at Lr-xington
in 1776. The Britishk Regulars at
the order of Major Piienirn, having
fi~d upon the few a "rebe:s " on the
Green in fron't otf the meeting huseua,
killing some an~d woundling ot hers, it
was the signal of war. "The citizens,"
writes one " mtay be seen comling f-mm
all dii ections, ini the roads over the
fields, anid thruigh the woods, each
with his rifle in his hand, hispuowder
horn sI ung to his side, an I his pockets
provided with hull ts. Among the
numb er was Eheniezer Lock. T1hie
British had posted a res-rve or inlim
try a mile in the rear, in the directin
of Bloston. This wvas in the imumedi
aite neighiborhood oft Mr. [L c-k. who
instead~ oif hastening to jitin the party
at the Green, placed himtself in an d
cellar, at, a convenient distance of do-.
in" " execntion. A portion oif the c~
reserve where standing on the bridge
and Mr. Lock comm i-eed firing at
them, there was no other Amnerican
in sight. lHe worked valintly for
somne mmu~ntes bringing down oneO of
the enemy at neoarly every shot. Up
to this time not a gun had been fired
elsewvhere by the tebels.
Corrected weekly by
W. S. I.awton.& Co.
- ,Chiarlesiton, S. C.
CnRAnLssoN .Jan.. 30.
Coulon.-Uplandglnferior 6 1.2 to 6 3 4;
ordinary to good ordinary 7 to 7 A-8 ;.l.ow
to Good Mliddling 7 s o 8 1-4; Fully blid
dhing 8 1-.; Miaduling ine 8 '4.4 to bi;
Fair and fully Fair 9 1.4 to 9 1-2; Fine
9 3.4; and upwvarde. Sen Islandis, Com-.
Imon 231 to 25, Fine 37 to 50R and upwards
Florida long staple 18 to 241 far Ctfmnumo;
Fine 27 to :14 anml upwards. Sanie& ad
IMaine Irong staple 20 to2m for Contimon;
Fine :18 to 50e and upwair.ls..
G a i.gryono 10, Flint
81 hlibl.'20, per biahel. Fauitr-.') 1-4a
Rice.44.$S' pear kundfed lis amn
lower ir' prp.
-l'aoyttN--' Bem~-lIfla it0 to 15
a ,iidi.si 'A~ ge , ~Iiters 7 tao9.-.
.Atg gyp ine 2 Cm

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