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AN A1n n WD. ont the nvight of the 4th inst., bvy
the liev. N. Crahutm, Maia M.a-rIA PooL tt
MIr. W. P. lc('oy, till of this plaoee.
In Savana.Ih on1 29th J31anuary, 1855,
nfter illnsIte. of two day4, WiII iani Ilar.
vey, son of Dr. II. L and Mars. Adelaido
)ozier Byrd, agd(I three years, seven
1t111nth11S andal twenitv.n1ine tiavs.
to the tIlnth of this littin (toy his niflicted
parents havc heen called to mourn the
deense of their only son, antltt a chi hI of
untmonC01111110 protmise, around whom cluster.
ed thie fontlst hopes of a father and notit.
er. Intelligent beyotd his years, he wits
an object taf intteest is all who had the op.
portunily of marking the alevelopinent of a
ttind whitIh htd aready he-itn to give
earnest of high intellectnal expantsion, unti
qualitdies that seem to mark the man in
. But thoni-ah in a worldly view theso
hopes have been bhtased, yet 1th aillicted
ones who are left behind to morti their
loss, sorrow, not as ihose without hope.
(ol, inl his insertt able, but nlwise Provi
dentce, saw fit ta) ike tlhis little onc to limit.
self*--a Iatmb ias been gatlhered into the
fold, -a however ttysterious that l'rovi.
dcoce inay now seim, yet tiae eye of faith
is ettbld by thae light of revelation, to
piere thte glootm of the grave ati see that
In eternity the wisdom of Hint who doth all
ting-s well. will Ib Intode maniifet. S9. J. II.
Died tlo Tuesday evenin the 211 tilt. at his
inother's residence, Dr. John A. Skinner, inl
2th1 year of is age.
Del'arted tiisa life, on Friday, tht' 2td inst.,
Nutisoi Sylvester, of this place, at the advai.
ced nge of 0t years. Ile was faar a longfiiet a
residena of8anmer District, frtm whence ie
lately removed. Ilis death wa fromn pnemio.
nia,and extremnely sudden. Ile le:tves a devo.
tedl n.ifte, tta %%tott liwm e was wethled for forty
years. and six tlcitirtii tat lamnta in hitter re
grett th t eath o f ter alevotedl baattuham. Ire
was the exampte af a 'anstanti an fatler, ntil
ats a fr itmt we kntw. him bu11t ita love himt. The
liethdatist churtb, of which L:e was for a num
ter of ye-ars a atmaher, mirns her laass ; al
wh-liltIe sorrow and sotinetss broott over the demo
lated home of the witlowed mothter tam fatier.
less chilaren, now lonely roled int mourning,
ne trust am] belie've-thte oily consolation tof
at inrge nber iat aillicted frieads anl reia
tiow-tlai the spirit of him whase children
tai ganad ehilhrena called himn blesset, has re
tirated tat that !ltaker fon whence it tamte ;
and that le now joyfully "wears a crown,"
1and partipates ia the rejoi<:ings of the Almigh
ANo. 190 Kl.Vtr S T RE'ETT,
Next door to Vicor'a at. 'ntt.
(1tAltIl.l2STON S.C.
Alwnys on hant--A ilrge and Fataionae
stetct taf
.lealy-Ma200 e~ lii
Ar Tat t.owvsT'!' Posstuit. PtRttie.:,
SHIR1TS, 1 Sll lk, I , 1t.1llt lL.S&c. &C
W.'AND '"'AL.
27 .1011NM T. 1)AI 6.n G:,mt .. l itt
this1 le'sutalishimtent.
Feat. 14 Alp. 12. 18M. 15 1y
1 11117, PUBMUh gevine rally, ntad La'is
I 1:pcialIv, totayliher witt ih':itter
tifint- ald let No. 2. antre invited to patii-i.
I M 1i% H heCtt ..CLat u:sto1ir 'T tori' int atte ale
,rtttaion of their Annaiver.ary, tih ate .2td tday
'Tere will e an atr itiota lliver-al bay W. lE.
ett:K. lsijr., inl the ( 'onrI l1n a .;at I o'ic k
A. ML. It. c. Wilill. Catatin.
11. N. ltraloi, ). 8.
Feb. 7th. 1855. II tal
Steam Saw till,
.l. di'rtilhtt I It' tin lt'. t ettia a ah .\l et:~
'oghhian. Diom & (t Stiam Saw aMill for
lt pre.,vati ear, are lit%% making seht ie.
Iirs ama aptlrovements itn saitt mill, as will
eable at t1t .ly. wi t ha di- . h, te\ ale.
titmai d ar I :atnhear int thin tearket.
$ 1 l.K IL .tIS-t0 tat'r ant. tlisacounat for
cash. Approaveda ites- whetna aardarsa are fillaeal
paynbl Iist a. Jana. 185ct, whe ln tartiaes reaqai re
cred'ait. wil bte re-iniredei.
jAerctaiat motat It- aelaaed at th ena 'id taf tea
tatern a of at w'eit yetar, lay Note. ('atsh tar
hleri~at n.;aii la h to:pany. 37Nl'
( lSSITV.'' )a i-at albaiaae, compels~ha its tat uda.
itn s'trittly tot ihe :taaat termsa, ittnarder tat
mee't.t thea hiavyii e-xpteners- attaendting taura bi.a
neass. Wea n' ill alao~ a l a tin n tat bor t estca tat
acraatntaaaadatae tanr netighboaira itt prefe.rencte to
'endtingt tailr I.nwhealtr toat i l-tat anrket.
Ordersa mtaty Ihe laft at atnr 31atchuse shopj, tar
wvitha .bemiata. l. Ibisaon. WN. J. F~rancisj, or J. L.
ilrri--'ey, at thae MilL
CO(illIII-A N t& GAY\, Mtaagerzts.
Naeb. 13. 15 3
Wa'ttInani coapyt thareea timfes.
1,.0 . OF.
6MTaII'VI I.() 1) E, No. 23. 1. 0. 0.
L F., will celeh.Iruate theirja SE(CON I) A N Ni.
ViRSiA ltV ont the Sitht February insat. lay a
pulcpoesin n n.trationa lay ). It. (O.
AI.TiOS.14 FVA l) o :irlinagtona. All
nteighboairinga l.radgesa-atai the Ordalr ot lihtaekahl
tare resae liully ittvitedl to participatn int the
,lt0II. W. D)AifG A N, Secr'etar'y.
J1. BI. a iTr, ,Jr. y- of
1I. S. WV itan. J
Febt. 12, 1855.15t
W ~atchan tand Darliugton Flag copay one
Impote~rsa tnad WhoItlesaale Deaalers in
Foreign and Domestic
No. 92 E'ar' Bar &rR'tEET,
Charltesttttn, S. C.
CttAs. 0. wi TTE,~ DI0 M). a 0aOIw'tN.
Fe b. 10 15 ty
Chtarlestont, S. C.
lie keepsa consatantl y tan htandl a. general as
PA1lsTa aand it taf tl'all kind(s. Vairt
ish es, WVindow Glass and Sashaes
spiripL I't T ittinle, Spirit Gas, Cotton
aot, Gin Fixttures,.Giue antd Brushaes
fvailans kinlds.
Ye~h. 1.1 15ly
Saddle Making.
'~. A'Il h" 1801tt4 itade'bted to the
i~~aaatahtbr. thetar bty linae oar tac.
cauta, tare- recluetstetIl tat asp:ni forwdWl tandt pay
,ammedi atly, as hatner iminitagencee cannoatt Ite
iveat. A tduitlit, the subscaarlib'r Ituformtt hait
trien taa thtat It" still-sattnen~a to carry oan thae
han atas nna:h atabtlie mtajtiag. ra'-pairinag, &c.
for ena It ati h'arrer.' No htied or aa'm ut~s
wl",la- h k tl'af 'res..nCya
Taken Up.
TAKEN UP by the Sub
scriinr, on Thursday morning
lnit,a BAY HORSE, supposed to be about
11 years old, and bearing marks of being wOr
ned upon him. One eye is a little defective,
0nd when dliscovered, hadl on a halter broken
vltshort at the ),ii. The owner can -find him
Watchman copy it. 15 It
Atteatios Clinrcasaoit
Y OU WILL Parade on the 22nd
inst., at your usual place of rendez.
vous, properly armed and equipedl.
it. C. WEND, Capt.
II. N. Bradford, O.8.
Feb. 7th. 1855. 14 id
Fresh Garden Seeds,
2000 papors, Warranted:
fpH E LARIGEST and best assort
- trent ever brought to this market. At
Wholesale and Retail, by
Jan. 31 t' PEiRY MOSES.
Dissolution of Co-Partner
Sill P.
the practice of Law, for Williiitsburg
and t he adjoining Districts, heretofore ex
isting between the Subscribers, mnder tie
firin of Itich & MlcKnight, has been
d issol ved by I Ut ua I contIent, a1n twill no
longer exist but for its Iiefuidatirn, which
will be conducted by fle Senior Partner.
N. G.. It ICIl,
Kingstree Jani 20 14 3t
South-Carolina-Sumter Dist
T. \iV. eiahnonid,
rs. Ca. Sit.
A. G. l trphy.
A. G. Murphy, who is in the custo ly
or the Sherilflof ofSumter istric, by virtue
ofa writ, of C pitas ad 8.1tiaiciendunm, at
tie siit (of T. W. Saliimond, having tiled
in iny otlice toget her wit a Schedule, oin
oath, of his estate and efficels. his pettion
to the Court of Connnon Pleas, Praying
that lie may be aditilted to the benetit of
the Acts o the General Assembly, made
far the relief of Insolvent Dolhtors, It is
hereby ordered, that tie said T. W. Sal.
mnnnnid and all other lihe creditors to whom
te sanid A. G. Mlurphy is it any wise in.
deblted, be anl they are hereby suunnnted
anid lnnve ionice to tppear belore the sand
couirt at Suinter Court House on the sec.
nl Monday of April next, to shew caunse
i; anv they can, winy the Praver of the Pe.
tition aforesanit, shnould inot be granted.
W. J. S NG tElTON, c. C. P. t. D.
OtTtee nnf cnnnnion pleas, Sunter District.
Feb. 3rd., 1z55. 14 lnn3an11m
ii SUfiS, W 1C iLIlElt ol-rea4 for sale his
I &Iant antion iln the Sanee Itiver, aimut
niiltway betweete Va'nce's and Murray'n Fer
ry, nearly opposite ih- Sanntee Cannal. This
pantationi conitains about Five.- Tionsanti Five
Slndred ares, (5.500,) of Oaik and lickory,
T', a11ai SwLni lanid, well aalnptea, to Curnn,
iagnu ain,rL tun. (Pl nine piace i3
a1 gnnl I wo sitory diwelling, and all neveisxary
olit biljtd inn.-s, in complete repair , also line of
et i ti .31 ill S.-ass in the c n ry,winth ra large
a1nt suh.-taunsial 1ann1n. If desirel, the place
tontl be diviled to suit puinrcinaers. The
terims will be liberal anl neEunmnioilating.
For particnlars. innitnire of lihe over-cer oni
the lrenines. tir a:dev.
. ... FRIEW,3ON, Statesburg.
14 law3it
Look Up Street,
Wi :nn1 CL~ARK'S 101TA, is Still ill 01p.
eraii- ( ha kI t o . buta .a ..,,...l
Iriends)--ready it receive c ustomnters, and
entertain i ichnem. to their entire satisf act ion.
Ir. C. is resolved that his Hotel shaill not
he excelled lby any houinse in the country.
Everything t I market can furnish shall
be spread upon his table, w6ll cooked and
c-lanl. T he beds are all in good order,
and ti r. ClIark ipledges sat is fact ion.
.lan. 11, 1NM 1It t
Land for Sale,
TIlE subenber siffers for sale his~ tract
Elf lahnd (c(ont ai inning 78 acres oif upn laind
and 80 1.2 acres of swamnnp la nd, lving ott
San ntn' eswap, inear Fuliton. On i thne
preminies are a Saw Mlill, Colsonn Gin
and Screw, allt in repanir ; also a clomifortau.
bnle di vellintg and all necessatry out build.
mgns, mn re isnr. Thne up la i ndis auni Saw
IM ni aindl Dweilling are sit uinted on t ho rad
leadti ng fromnn Camiideni tin Viace's Ferry,
s x nnnles wvest of Rtamnsey's Depont.
Apply to
Funltoan P. 0., 5. C.
_Jnm. 24, I855 1.2 3m
Coghlani & Gay.
LA~CK~4.Ml'l ls, Enngineers, alachein.
ists, un- GeaneralI Alcnuicns. netler
their services to their frieunds and tine pub.
Termns Cash--Or, when it is convenient
andI safe so ' n aicconts for parties, they
muitst sent I ll)n ant tine ~End tof each quanrter
nf tine yeatr, c inher by cash, dinscounnt or
inte. Ounr bunsinmess wvililibe strictly con
ducted on thnis sysemn during the present
January 17, 1855 11 i
Real Estate for Sale,
Tine snubserther onffers for sa le ner pianota.
tion situanted abnout thnree miles fromt Mann.
ester depent, ont thne \V ih nington nand
launester Rail Road. There anre two
hnd nred and( thnkty- two secres in thne n ract,
one hnundred ciearedi and unnder fence and
the rest well linmbered unp-lantd. Tine sit.
uaition is a very hteaiiby and desirable one.
On tine premnis es are a line d welIling hnouse,
barn,-stables, kitchnen and other otithuild
iungs, andt ain excellent wveli of waiter.
Te'u~at s.-110nd withi goold anid nnpprovedh
secunrity, with tine interest thiereoun, p)aya.
bie annualIly during thne life time of the
subnscriber. E. BUFOICID.
1655 12 tf
Holloway's Ointment,
Ext raict of a letter fronn ailr. Thomnas
Wyboirn, drunggist, Eton, dated Aprii 20,
1843. "Tom P'rofessor llclloway.-Xir,
A case lantely come unnder nmy notice,
wyhichn I ilhni should be ptubliciy knowni.
It is thant of a poor man wino suffesredl so
d endfully fronm chnronic rhieumatistm tht
hie lost thne use of one side of his body,
atnd enduredi incessant pain. lie was
tnd~er different medical treatmnent, arid in'
WVestntnnsner hlosptal thne factulty pro.
niounnced hinm mnetiranble; howvever, by thne
use of younr Ointmnent antd Pumiis, Ine has
been restoredl to heailh and strengthi."
February, 7sih, 14
Job Work
DNE'f A T Tmll nFFWE
Office W. & M R. R. Co.
WILMINOTON, N. C. Jan. 15, 1855.
The following schedule will go Into operation
this day :
Night Train. Day Train.
Leave W. & It. It. It. 8.00 p. im. 7.00 a. m.
" Station Wilt'i~ 8.30 7.30
" Brinkle y' 9.26 8.26
" Alaxwells,
" Flemmngton, 10.21 9.21
" Whiteooville, 10.57 9.53
" Grists, 11.30 10.21
" Fair Blufi, 12.03 a. m. 11.00
" Nichols, 12.31 11.28
" allon, 1.24 12.13 p. m.
" Great lee Dee 1.52 12.31
"Mar's Bluff, 2.41 1.14
" Florence, 3.14 1.40
" .Timmilonsville, 3.45 2.06
" Lynehburg, 4.20 2.39
SAlayeuville, 4.52 3.06
" Suniterville, 5.26 3.35
" laanchester, 6.04 4.08
" Wateree--- - 6.32 4.x5
Arrive at Kingsville, 7.30 5.00
Night Tmain. Day Train.
Leave Kingsville, 3.00 p. it. 5.00 a. ft.
" Wateree, 3 46 5.44
Slanceictster, 4.06 6.02
" 5uiter ille, 4.41 6.35
" Alayesville, 5.07 7.01
Lynchburg, 5.35 7.26
" Tmmonsville, 6.09 7.57
" Florence, 6.43 8.25
SAlar's Iluf, 7.10 8.49
" Great lea Dee, 7 51 9.27
Marion, 8.20 9.52
"6 S llns,
" Nichols, 9.02 10.32
" Fair liluf, 9.50 11.05
" Grimts, 10.25 11.37
" Whitesville, 10.59 12.05 p. M.
" Flemington, 11.-5 12.40
"4 Maxwell",
" Brinkley's 12.45 a. m. 1.30
Arrive Wilmington, 1.40 2.-20
. W. & it. it. It. 2.30 2.55
Day Trains will stop at nil the regular Sta
tionat, and at flood's Creek, 3laxwellm, White
marsh, P'eacocks, Cerro Gordo, Mullens, Car
tersville, and Cane Savannal wehen signuted to
take up and put down passengers.
General Superintendant W. & 1. It. It.
January 17, 1855 17 2im
' Watchitnman copy 2m.
T IE FIRM of WtsN & CLARKSON, bore
tuofore existimg, is this day di-solved by
mutual coisent.
We return our thanks to our frienis and
Cuistomers for the very liberal patronage e.x.
tended tio ua ani Impe the same will be con
tinned to the new firm of
We nost respeitfilly beg all w.lho nre in
debted to us, to come forward and inake immne.
diate payment t, either of the undersigned, as
we are comipelled to have money.
1). J. W IN N,
Coparisse u'whip.
L 'TIIE underigned have this iay form
ed a Copartnership inder time naume andi style
of Clarkson & lrimmnon. and will continue to
carry on the Clothing atid Tailoring bniminess,
in alt its brancltes, at the ohl staml of Winn
& Carkson, where we will be pleased to ive
otr frientis, amid the public generally, to call
and camin ir strk, aid hope hiv strict at.
tention to lusiness, to merit a continuance of
tIme samne patrnage so liberally extendcr. to
Winni & Clarkson.
We will sell otif a portioll of the
preseit stock of Giiliniig, nt, brti, coet
fihr cash. CLAIikSO)N & BRUNSCN.
Jan. 25th. 1311*
'lill U ijt NDJ.1:otoIGu Nisl offer~s for
salo his l.lmtation, krown as Taw
Caw, sit utIted fn the Satitee River, alntt five
miles belowmv Vanure'o Ferry, and vor tiinitt a.
lotnt 'wo Th1'ltnisIndl Tno lihtired (2,204))a.
eres ofprinie Oak, Ilicktory, Pine und Swamnp
1nd. nli t h- place tire gin ho01use, rms, Ne.
gro hotiese. und all neceessary buiblit gs inl tho
romughi repnir. To an aspprovedt puirhaser thme
terms will be accomimodatinag. Apply to
14 Ialamtm
Dr. WV. JAS. DAltGAN lakes this
miethiod of info~mrming thosne p~ersmns who
mtay seek his prolessional services after
unighitoull, that hie ma.y be found tupon the
piremtises recently occupied by Mr. J. IR.
Logann, near the resitdence of T. .J. DIn
kins, Esgr , and itmmediately in the retir
of hiut "1lice.
Jana. 24. 1855 12 tf
Don't Read This!!!
All persons indlebted to the Frmm of WV.
Jast. Danrgani, & Co., are requested to
manke imtimedi'ato pa iymient, as; we ill Intdge
all patpers with thle proper authorities oni
the lir st dlay of Marcha next for cmolICectioni.
N-F" Tis is posiitive,--we canntot. give
furthlier ind ulgenre.
WI'atchiman Coupy. If
Thle Coipartnertthip hieretmofore exist ingz
under the im of llT-rt & N swujar, i
this day dissolvetd lby limiitatin atnd mont o
a11 consemit. All thme Note's and A ccounts of
the firm. have been platedt in thle hands of
Y. N. IBTr.ER for collection, whom is the
only atthorized agent t o liquidate the
debatsof the concernt. All personts intdebted
by notc or neccoutt, wvill please conmo foir
wvard and imake intitediate sett lemtents.
Y. N. BTLiiER.
1Itnving sold my interet it the Stock in
trade to Mr. A. M. NrewnintY, I would
rectommnend him tlo the cuislomers who so
liberally patronized the latte firm.
Having Bought the interest in the
Stoick tn trade from Mr. Y. N. Bo-rt.En of
the bile firm of llu-rt~tn & Ncwnvttr.I
wvillI from this dlate carry on the mtercant ile
bsiness upon01 imy owni respon~ismbi lily. I re.
turn my thanks to thme ctustomters of the
late firm, andl earnme'tly solicit a continn-t
ance of their palltrnge.
Oct. 261, 1854. 1 t f.
TIlEP unidersignedi have formetd a co
partnersihip in the practice of Lawti and
E~quiity, for Suumter District.
Ofice hteretofore occupied by A. C.
Spin Esqj.
A. C. Sr~rs. J. S. G. RLcarnnson.
Jan. 10, -1855 10l 3m
TIIREE NEGRO fBOY8, from 16 to 18
years old, as Apprentices to thme Carpenter
Trade, iuder BE: , Foreman of Winnst New
Ste, now being put upon bight of thme old
Tavern in Sumterville.
Nov. 29, 1854 a .,
Tho Truteem of thie SumrntervililIe Academy
give notice that they have engaged thie services
of Mr. W. B. LrAlV na Princimal of the
Male Academy. lie will have asslociated with
h.im Mr. D. D. ftosa, who will take clharge
partienlarly of the Mathematical Department.
From the past experience anl fnecepos of
Ithei getmilemenam, as teachers, the Trisatees feel
warranted ini recommending in the hilglet
terms, the lusititmionmi to the support anod pa
tronage of the community, aral theu pnblic gen
erally. The terms will he am follows :
For the primary English course, per
For 'iarter, - - 6 00
For Ite advanced English coumre,
per quarter, 10 00
For the latter, with the clasmicsa, per
qauarter, - 12 00
Extra charge for repairs, fuel, &c. 50
Jan. 10, 1855 10 if
School Notice,
Opened her school for young Inliies
and girle.
Altss 8. WELLS,. Aspistant.
Terms per Sesmon of live Momths.
Ist Claas Elementary studiet for younog.
est giris . . . . . . . . . . . . .1. 00
2nd " " " withi Gen.
graphy. Arithmetic, Gramnar,
nd itrry . . . . . . . . S1 00
3d, 4th " Jlitgher studies for youmg
ladies $... ..... . 15 (00
Instruct ion in the French Lanmare, 1-:# 0
tiameac --.20 00
J15' I liaurt ato altendnnce at the school
rumm. fromn ) o'clock ini the morninag, to
half past 2 o'clock P1. 31.
Jf at increased number of pupils re
quire it, other Assistantis of the higest
attainamaents will he employed.
January if), Ii155 10 4teow
Adminiqtrator's Notice.
A II persons having demands as.,t-at the
E1sate of R. M. Smmaicnr, are regnested
to hiand them in to the muim-r.her lv yat
testetd according to l.1w ; aI all heI I. lint
will have ttes or hams dtie tIhe first (d
November, are requested to be pntitrtmi in
the paymenmts, as the basiiess of the Em.
tale is such that induilgetive camnot be
Oct. 25. 1851 52 if
E. Sosaa suers
Oifers for sale at the store formerly occt
pied by B. (renvauld, text door to the
ollice of Capt. F'. Sumer, a LAI RGE and
well selected smock of FA1.L AN 1) WVIN
TER Raldy Made Clotahaimg of all quaii.
ties anl sizes, which le will dispose of at
leat trenayfire jer cent iowvr Iltn any
other house it town. The public are re.
oet'lyc inavat eat to call and examine for
Oc. 4a, 185i 49) if
fi D i i I I D I
U. A I11i11 0,4
O FFERS FOR SALE, a large 'assort.
mte-t. of Clotlinagv Dry Goods. Per.
fumery, Groceries. Cantlies, Frumitat. Smoked
Ilemings, Driod Apla;es, Toy anai Vanlcy Ar
tieles. Also Glass aaw1l Poitv. &cv.
N. It. a large Stock (if lloasiry, Segars,
robaacco M1n.1 Santi, For Sale, iatnd Low for
.an. 31st L,3. 13 if
Law Card.
B. w. E9\10 1 RDS,
Nolictor in Equity
WlL, pramtice in 'the Caiorts lir Smm
to-, Itichland, Kershaw, Darlngom und
Williiabmr!( Iistricts.
S llite ont Court. .ouse Sqatre,
Sotimervalte, S. C.
.Jan. 10, h1455 10 if
Suaumaterv ille, S. C.
Itteapect fully infoarmsa tihe plel taf .%amn
ter lisitrict tat h.e htat justt reieivr .I andi
nowta tallera fair salei the laes' selectedan
most choaice stttckl ofC
Fail nnud W1imater
Thaat caitattt lhe sumrpated lay nnmythming itt thIis
marke.t. li . hats reaeiveda maniay newu styles
whlicht putrchmase.rs woutaldl do wiell to exstaminea ba,
foire hnying~ elsewvhemre.
V E N T1 1 N G S.
--.u .so
A fuall anad large atatptd oft I laisiery, Shmirta,
Drawe'rs, Gloves. Suaspendiersi, Uravats, llanid
kerchiefs, &:e. &ca.,
-A 1.50
A Isarge aatartmntt oaf ltIsAl) 31A DIs CLO
TI'll l. e~thich will bhe asold liow.
E~i Garmntsta manufaatntareda hv the aubtacri
haer, atal warranttemd tom give satisftation. Or
detra from dlistance paromttaaly attendaedl taa.
Sept. -ltht. 1854. if
Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle, &c,
M~oanuafaue, Importeaiar alI l/i'.!esl
ami Retavif Haeiir an aSimi,, (a uns,
ies(, PIa.ais, IFishings TacklIe. amnl
avl l imls of Nptig ..japparaus,
Togea~inthle'r ith la genaera Isssiort tmnmat tof
N. E. Cos*. of WaVatat sad
All "at whwhil, anmd smch tther atwltes sat
btelna to hmisi linme of busm~intess, will lbe sotd
ais low sas canm heo allaorded lay any~ esttablish
ttmnt itt time United Statets.
Jam test imonty oh hais skal sas a tmanutifacttur
era the FriankhIn imnstattute taofim Phsaelphliat,
hmas awardedl to hmim siate 1 810, two cert ali
catl~s, sax silver maedals, attd one mecall
pr eaunmm; nand itt 1854, thea CrystalI PaItce
oaf New Yinrk, awardedin to miam a maedal , thlet
imnay oanme aw adead for Slant, Gutms sand RW
Iey- itt thie Uniitedh S'tates.
' tKridler's Spoirting Anocdotaes," illuts
Ira ive of certaint varieties of Aminercat
Gmams e, wi th retattrksa on te Chanracter of
thme 1)tag, ihilI Doagst, Sampte, W~todcock,
Qu.atl , Pa.irtridlge, IDinck satnd P idgettnasn elmc
shoinotintg, oat time iace lltitg or Read
Hard , Graiss PLover, Ilull.heatedn or Golider
Plover, Canmvass~ Hic k and Retd llendedoa
Duck, Americant Wigeoni, Seatmp Duck
and Csaadat Gaose.-Price *1.00.
Address .JOlN KRID)ER, Second anad
Walnut, Philavl Iphaia.
Atug 310 1851. 44 1)y,
I have thd~ isty sippointeil R. B. Wilson,
anda WV. WV. Bradley, mty Lawful Agentis,
to transact my husmness.
Jan. 15, 1855. 11 4L
New Goods
A. M. NX WDE P).Y pivmes notice to fhe
citizens io Sumitr and Darlimglon District,
that ip is n(v receiviig and opeliling lit
his NEW ;TOREM, a choice and well e
lected stock of Dry Goods, Iilts. Cale,
Boos, Shoes, Crockery, Glassware, Gro.
ceries, Saddlery, Ilardware, Ready Made
Clotlung, &C.
To all (if which he invilen thie attentio'n
of the public, especially the lahdiet.
A. s11 N EWBiE RY,
November 22, 1854 5 tf
All persons having any dematns ngainst
Capt. James It. lirock leceased late of 1n
ter Districp, tvill please presentm their demanidls
to the minhmriber for laynient, dmi thoe iin
debted will make paymeitm t(o tit. same.
L. F. I MiIAME, Ex'r.
Nov. 29, 185-1, 5 if:,
Choice Groceries.
FAIIILY 11 1. P I E S,
Kendrick & Jenkins
WO I.1) anmmince to their friend raind the
commmiy at lar:;o, that they have oiipnel in
Smte rville opposite to Webb's 8tore, a large
and varied stock of
Such as live never before beem exhibited for
ifor rale in this tuarket. It coniprises in part as
IIACON-Prime Sides, Shoulder,; iand lanis.
8LGA It-lrown, Crushed, Powdered and
COFFE E--tho. Java, and I.aguilra,
Lanrd, iuttier. Mot isses, Clteese, Crackers,
lackerel, Smoked Heef tand tonguiesq, Piekles,
'rnmes, lrandied fruits, Lhsltters, Nardinmes,
Sahnond, Boloignia. Sausage, Vermicelli, 3laca.
roinuia, &c. &c.
Fine Tobacco and Segars.
Irish I'ioatots, jmoln", Mlets, Smoked Iier.
ings. Fruitms, Nuts, and Conl'eetionary of all
Wheat, lik iwteat, and Itice-Flour.
In short they pledge thiemselves by strict at
tention to husiness, keeping Oni hand the Il-r
o0'A.1. gooids iii their line, and selling cux:Ar
fior CeAis or produce, to merit a share of public
Nov. 15, 1854 3 tf
Dr. R. A. Botliune
S. to 11nn
IIAVING periinettly located himself
near Mluldriw's Stenti Mhill, ofTers his
professional services to the citizens of the
surroundinpgr cnpmtrV, arid trusts iy care
and attentiOnl to I s; patiettis, to ierit the
liberal ptroinge of lhs communnity in
general. His chargres will he reasmnable;
Imotlo, "live ail let live." office at the
residence of John F. Muhlrow, where he
myav nways lie Found unless called o.f onl
Braidleyville, S. C. Jan. 3, 1855 0 3m
ACall in Eares.110n
All pursnns inulebied to us by note, or ac.
..m...r..." to theC II.L it' m.tmnury i.mst are
respectfully requested to make immeditte pmy.
We are in want (ofall the tmoney that Is ow
ing to us, and we trust diais call will not he
1t0G ERid & SPENCER.
lisholpitle, Nov. '29, t31. 5 1f.
Old Brass and Copper.
The Subscriber will pny 1-,- , __.
ound in cash for 'ny qti;iiitv of old Brass
or Coipier, delivereo at his smops, near lie
Vilmtainiirtoni and lanciestor R. It. Depot
in Suimerville.
Fa!hrna ry 28', 18.-.4 is .4 .
Cabinet Wareroom,
F. M. A N D E WS,
Takes this inethod of informing the citizens
of Simntervilie ai vicinit,
thattI, h ts just opeeed 'n
tihe corner itbove Chirks II,,.
tel, his NEW C'AIINI:'1
WA IIEROOMI, wshere hue will keep for sale,
eap, all sneh furiiure as comies under,~ phi,
departmnt of hsis trade; andi will furniish fli
caslinat Charleston prices, all idescripitioni w:
Fuirniituire miadle. Reu.pairinmg excuted at dt
shortest notice.
Malhgany and pilaina Cofllins furnished with,
oent delay.
Fe b. 8, 1851. 15 i f.
Thie subtscrib~er-; are now~ int rteceip. ol
their SXIlthNG A NI) SUM.\lIlI. STOCK
c~onsiting of every valri,-ty of Gents' amt
ware &c., w .'4- they are prepairedi to sel
as c'htaph as t his unmarket can affo~rd. Pleast
call and examine for yutrslves.
Rt. C. WI1111 & CO.
A pr., 5, 1854. 23. tf.
TI'lE' Etuplorium ofi F~asioni amit Quality
where mnay he, fonndat a cortIphete ttsstirtment
l.atdies' Stiens' 11ov.' Slisset and Chiidrens
llots, Shones, Gaiters. &c., of aubnost every Nsty'
atnd quaulity. Thley are' freshl goods tind are ali
wvarranted Inogive sattisfattion.
Next tdoormto Rt. C. Webbi,& Co.
Slarn. 22 1851- 21 if
To the Ladies1
Tf1IIl subhscribetr hiavingojust receivedfron
NY.a beatutiful selection of FA N.
E.S, &C., woulId respect fulIly invite I hc
cit iz'ns of Stumterv d e antd its vicinity ti
CallI amti examin te fon temselves, atnd h14
ceels assured that nothiing on his part wil
lbe left tundonie in seetnimng at correct like
tness for all who nmy faivor hun wilth a call
Rttooms (iup stairs) next dotir to the Sumte
Blannter ohice.
T1. A. LAFA R, Artist.
January 10, 1855 10 if.
There is no use itt lalking. lime subiscri
her has closed his business for the pr
piise of setling, andiu muti have m~oney' it
metet pre'ssinig demands, atnd hopes10 itn
thiose who are in his debti wvill appireciualu
his ntecessities, come forward anud settli
itnmmediately. T1. D. 1FRIERSON.
Jan. 1-7, 1855 11 if
SlE Land for Sale,
f iundersugaied orlers foir satle a trac
1of landtu cotaining three htundred an<
twienty five acres, sittuated one mtile Souti
of Bro. inigton Lake.
The situationi is pleasant andl beautifto
and unsurpassetd by any in the district. fti
good wvater, health and hine range for stdock
Terums will be tmade t) suit the piur
Addiress JNO. J. INGRA M.
Plowvdena M ills P. 0.
January I10th 1%5. 10 4t.
Fresh Pie-Fruits and Pre
erves for sale biy A. J. RIOSES.
lIce. 20, 18,1. si e
All Orders in Job Work,
LUitl) Ncaturie ab Dropatd).
we hope those of our roaler wishing
work done, in Ihis line Will gitens a cull.
For the 11annef.
SUTEFitVILLE, S. C.. Dec. 1'?, 1851.
Gentlemen (fClaremont Counly'-I come
out in this maniner to inform you that cir.
rutrnstances of a private nature will not al
low me to be before you two years trence
as a candidate for a seat in the Saste Leg
irmature, and having a villingnesi to serve
you in some way, I off'er you my services
as a canlidate for Tax-Collecor at the
next election, and if elected do promjis.e to
discharge my duay to the best of mty ab:lily.
I am yours, most respectfully,
0. P. WWROI.
Z jf Watchm.In please Copy ti.
)ec. 20, 185t 8 tf
We the friends of A. R.
BRA DIJAM Emgr., takt pleaanre in an
nonnicing i asi 14 a candidate for Sherill
of Suter Disiric, at ie next- EIectioi
Ma r. 29, 1951. 22 ti.
A Number of Voters take
pleasuire inl mananneing Coil. \V I.LI A M
A. COLCLOUIIG I as a candidate firSher
itf'of Sumter I)istrict, at the next election.
March 15, 185 1. 20 tf.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. T . I nt:sEoI as a Camididate lor
Sheriff of Sumiter District at the ensuing
A ug. 24, 185:3.
Me The friends of Capt'
1P" . (GIBBONS annoneice him a cmadi
date for the office of Tax-Collector for
Salem County, at. the ensning election and
oblige MAxv- Vo-rrns.
October 1 51.
CT Mr, Editor:-Yott will
please announce WILLIAM 11. BllJN
SON as a candidate for the Ottice of Ordi
nary of Sumter 1)istrict, at the ensuing
Anril 271h. 1R52 27-tf
M We are authorized
in announce A. E. POOL1 as a candidate
for Sheriff'of Sumiter Distriet at the ensni.
tig election.
December 21, 1852 8--tf
W E are anho. ized to announce Wat
LE'IS a candidate for Orditary at
the enisuing rlection.
-31n1n0 28. 1851 135 t f
For Tax Collector.
The Friends of J. Y. Brunson, annouce
hin a candidate for Tax Colla'.., nr Clara.
asmoat County, at tho-ensuing Election,
Alany Voters.
Oct. 11, 1851 50 ' tf.
The Friends of R., G, Potts
aniouce haim a Candilate for I'ax-Collectot
fur Sanlen, for the lext term.-MANY Vo-rEns.
Oct. 13, 1854. 51. tf.
M Messrs. Editors:
lelase announce Mr. JAMES McCUL.
LUNI as a candidate for 'ax Collector fot
Salemn, for thae next term.
Many Voter..
Oct 11, 1854 50. if
New Goods.
TIIE susiicriber has just returned froaa
the No.rtha, and is now openiang a splendt
siock of
La is Dress Goods,
of all kmade, viz:
A beautiful lot of Rieb Plaidl and Stripem
Plaini Colored do. Black Striped anm
Plain d..
CTsaseres, Merinos, Persian Cl ,thla;
Laudies' Corsets, Metalic Corset Boards
Laces, &c.
Rigulet s. assortedl colors, Frencha work
edl Cotllars. Banads, &c.
ILadiea' K id Ghl,vsss, Ladies' Gannstlets
Lon5g Black Msits for I adlies andi .\isses
Shoes of all Des~citios
Tlravelinmg Trunks, Carpet.Bags, Ladies
Work Jiox's, &c. &c.
For Planters.
A full stock oif Negro Kerseys, Blansketa
Negrro Shoes, Girooriesa, of all kisnds.
teadly miadeu Cilot hing~., Sadidlery, llar~ are
Cook stg St. ves, Air-I ighat Parlor Stove.
Farmiers Boailers, &c., at lowcr prices tha
usual. Call and get bargatins.
Oct. 25, 185& 52 f
SussterillIe 8. C. Nov. 1 158
Th'lis I louse. .eisated immisedisately o
the WVlinigtons & Manchester Rtas Roa
asad at very niearly a cenatral poinat l.etwee
,VWlhningtona N.C. Charleston S. C. tan
A ugnsta Ga., is still open for the receptio
a nd accosnnoadat.:san t the travellIinag pubi
bac. asnd atfsbrds thec tired traveller an o
po~rtunsityklay over a n-ght on thec tire
lsome joaurnecy betwveen thme points abovi
alluded to. Th'Ie P'ropritor has fitted u
several cosmfort able bedaroomis for that ex~
. press purpose and haaving inicurredl tI
first haenry exrpenditure on tlhssline of roa
f or the comsfort anad accommsiodutioni r
traveller.', lie hopes, by the conatinsued asn
untireing zeal onm the part of the Manage'r
' .f tihe establishmsenat, tsa secure a c onat ssu
ance of thsat liberal patronage bestowed o
thinm for the last tena mnaths. lie cotul
-refer Io hunasdreds froma the Northa, SoothI
East and Weust, as to thec claimns of hi
t Mm~ase, butt prefers persons givinig haim:
I personlal resit.
a W. S. MITCilELL,
I B. MTrenELLr ( Managvers.
Nov. 8, 1851. 2. 6mn.
Just Arrived and for Sale
Fire-Screenas, Wmadow-Ehuadee,
and Fixtures, &c.
Violins and Guitars;
Violina and Guitar Strings,
Piano Muisic.
AngneL 9, 18AM 4a f. .
Veteri ,
chizens of this, aId the, adi/ingl p ,1fi
that he limg removed III-Sta es nengthe ik
pot of tile W. & M. i. toad,. Vfrru e is readif
at tall tinreu to tak e chamrge oif disecaitui lI r~s
fur a toiideraite clarge ; in all cakaes wsicre iferv
IN il oure no pay vilf be expectd., I" al-t
I continues iw ta e 1a1sengrs to liid on ie
Depot, tmil expets slhortly to' r~lcveIe t Ne
Otinibuti for that purpore. Goods.htttwll hal -
at the ol rate of 10 ceits pt ;Itchage, and
iiohit fill pitirotimge of tile pube
lpetb. 2:, 1853 - P7-- f
Home Industie'
-H iII, Sub'serlbr takes. tit
.,M; 0004method of informiin g.his frien3
anld the publ liac, that lie has recently etilargel
Carriage Shop,
and procured the sefIe's (if several goo& ork
Men, and is now ealy to h10 ildVhiele srfun
lescripion lit the shortest ticle. liii piromil~es
to repair with neatless4 1nd3 det'spiatch and sat
itfy alt thwose whV NaY utvor him with- patron.
lge, in chleapUJIenit ec.
II. G;. POTTi's.
LyNvelnnitu, S.C., May10, 18-1 28 tf
To the Public,
JOHN CiliNA o1l.-r .Id services tojhio
citizens of S'amit--r Ditrict and the publicoge.el
erally awl iled..t.- hims.lhf to give tvery atien
tion tm to le Mile of ail properies imtrulsted to lid.
hanils on comision, eiiter atauetion or pri
vatl sal--. The theiliiti4 lie e ejoy, as U. sita -
tion amid hIs long experience in ile businss are
eanisfatieory eviiecii'i of his ability to dujustceo
to ally Ito milay employ him.
Feb r, 1851. 17 t
Land for Sale,
l . othf T1;rn. of e i -
I ofTer for .ismle tiht p:rt of It tracto'
hindh nit Smuoirvi lie. known as the Nori'uf
laind, ly it ng betweeni the iinge and liti
run of Triey Cretk, in ail about two K
hundred acrve, I wi'.h divide i. into lots to)
suit ptirchasetrs. but wou:d itich prefer to
sell thet whole tiogelbr. Terms umade
easy atld nevollltliohating to purchaserr,
appy to ile subscriber.
Wmn. LE WISl.
Jnne2l. 1854. 21 if
Jew David, Or Hebrew
The great remed-oy for iheumatism, Goute
Pain in the Side, I ip, himak. Limo m! Joint%;
Scrofula, litii's Evil, While welling, Hard
Tumors, !Sitl Joints, and all fixed pains what
Where this Plaster is npplied piin cannot,
It lits been benteflerinl in cases of wealnces,
Isicih a in [[I atid Weai kntiiss in lie Stomach,
Weak Liuls. I.aline-ss. Aleeiion iif th"
Lm.mgs ill timir printary s age.. It destroys , is.
flalI mmation biy lprspiralion.
James L. Boyd, Iickens District, Simith Car
olina. testifies that by its tare alone, lie was
cured of Ithieumtiatisi inl buti of his knees, of
several years :-tandinm:
Thlie fduwing wa' slianded us by a respecta
ble Physician in Georgia
MIessns. Scovir. & MI x.i.-Gents : T hsavn
been using your Livernort and Tar Ilebrew
rnmser very extensively i my practice for
three years past, and it is with pleasure that I
state mly belief in their superiority over.all
i other urtie:tes, with which I am acquainted, fur
time purgiwes for whiheh they were recuni-imend
ed. The flebrew Platwr, especially. Is a~:
univer-al paimeea for lural pains. I hILVC talso
found it a mlost excellent, aJ)lflication foit
rains, andt Bruises h gives universal sats
faction wherever used.
S. 8. OSLIN, M. D.
Knoxville. Ca., Marci .ith, IS1.
The fullowing cotimuitication is fromU art
agent resil ing at Trentoii, Tenno.sea :
i a-Toz. %-Ol14n1 t-0., Tenii., Nove'7, '49.
MIssrs. Scovrm.& ME-n.-entleman: The
lchrew Plaster 6a becuminig popula ii thtu i
section, There is at ltady in thi"county wh
sayu hite wutil not be Without this P tr
five hundred dollars a year. She was aflicted
for somte time wilth in enlargement of the
spleen, whic gave her ia great deal o pain.
''he swelling und pain had extentded ip neairly
to tie armpit, aid ociasionally sthe coul
scarcely breathe. She was confined fora con
iderab.te time, duriing which she was attended
by sone of our physicians, but they g.ive h.r
tino relief. She lirered a hox of the lHebrew
Plaster, and it relieved ter almiost immediately,
amid now she keepts a supily of it oni Jhand coin
stalyf. Thlese facts you are at liberty to ne~u
as you thimik proiper--they are subsctantially
true. ltespecitilly Yuinrs, &c.
I ~JESS E J. 'kLL.S.
A VOIC E FRIO31 G1E0011 .,
Ihead the following teslimny from a Phy $si
clan :--Gentilemen : otur liebrew Plaster h as
cuireid me ot pains ofi which l' h ive suifleredl for
twelve years past. Dumrinig tIs period I havet
labored uinder anm afiliettonm of my loins arid
Itiide, and trieit mnimny remtidies that mny own
mnedical expieriet e lmiees teil, bitt without ob
taining relief. At leiigthi I usedI your P'laseter,
andmi ami tnow by its good efTectsm entirely emre:l.
I will recoiimmend the .iew 1)avid or Iliebrew
Plarter toi all wiho aire sierinig fromt conttractiion
of the muscles, or p-rmaunent patins in the tie
or hae t. The people of Georgia have but to
til! resort to its uise. Youri truly,
i'd. W. W A L illm, M. D.
Foray llhe. 310noiroe Contty, Ga.
To 31esirs. iiem il & 3Mead. N. O.,'La.
Mersrs. Scouvul & 31leadi: I have been trou.
.c d ith thImle chtronie rthenmaaismn for lthe bast
t wehec years. Oni the las.t of Jnty, 13k),-1
wals so bail that I cottld not turn mnys~d f ini bed,
andh the pain so severe, thia: I hadl no-. slept a
wimik for six days. AL tIhis titue my attein tm
phician prert-ribedi the ". lebrew Plaseter,"
andi t acted like a chartm; mhe paun left me,
,an I I slept more thain half the naighit, and ini
- three days I wats ale' to ride omnt. I coniduer
thde "Ilobirewv Plaster " the b,-stremedy for
all sorts of pain now in use.
G. W. 3I'3INN.
S Ilenersaonville, N. C., Amgust 15, 135-3.
The guimne iwill in futture have thei signa
Itore oif 1. Ta'yhor on the steel pilate engraved
label on the lollof eachi tbox.
Prthasetrs ire advised that a mean counfter
feit of this article i1 iin exi-tentec.
Thei genuline is only tohil by urs, ed by our
no pendiar is alloned to scll it. Ucalurs atnd
putrcheasers generally are c'autioned.ogajs4'
'knieysmg of anyi lbut our regrilar agenats, other
.1jwise' they will bie imiposedl upon wt ithsa worth.
I ' ~ SCOVII.& MEinD,.
I113 Chcartred street, N. Orleans, sole. General
I Agenits for the Sethlerne States to wh omt all
- orders omust invariabily be addlressed..
p MItst.:E & lini lirvoNSltimervilie, S C.
. T. J. Wdont ns. , Camde,-, C
'/. J. 1).mrt, Ciimden,- S. C,
S. JI&tca, Orantgeburg, S. C
J an. 21, 1855 12 . a' ' nm.
Yarn and Osnaburgs,
TIlI h subscrib~er, Agenit for thme D~el alb Mtan
factury, oilers their goods aLtnmanufhetrera
prces. P ER RY 3M0 SES
May 3, 1851. 27 ti
The subscriber having completed ii ar
rantgememtts fur making Sash, Bhmndsi tii'd I:-~i
nell Docors begs leave, to inform Ihis friends and
the public, that lie is prepiaredh to fuirnilh -at
sleort tnotice, &Gajih ofall siatea prhmned and glazed.
Bilinds to suit any size wvitdhows, painted or niot,
andl Paninell Doors of any size or ma~ke, it por
tioti of public patronage s respect fithly solicited.
H is work is all donie by hmanid and 'out. of good4
seascon material. ..
, 500 lights of8 . 10 Sash ready for delivery
to suit windotws of I2, 15, orI181 hts -.
Sumteraille, A pril132. 15 -
80,000 BriosfO
by -'.A. J. MOES.
2 a Ne.5.18L8 - - .e

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