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6N1 tit thpt tesebl'iel not. been
ttaden ita a~tny ,e- nt, ve do not
e1pty 'ft Spring campaign. It the
che.bnot mettled shlrt -y, it will last
lis o come.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 21, 1855.
1 Ageatls for the Banner.
X following persona hnve been ap.
poitiF Agents and are authorized to re
coive, and receipt hor, all sumis due the
fSumter Banner. Any person wi.-hing to
become a subscriber to the Banner, by
handing hhem their name and address will
have the paper forwarded protoptly.
They will alsoisee to forwarding all at
qrtisin1g lusiness connected Wilth the
W. W. VALKFa JR.,..Colulbia S. C.
S. W. WuIr i-,,.. Wilmington, N. C.
ALLAM Iy ,........-..........
W11'. F. 11. AYSWOnTM, St'rville, S. C.
W. S. LAw'ToN & Co. Charleston, S. C.
J. RUsSELL BAKri, 6 0
No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Banner.
3Ij'' Persons wishinLi.r to see ts upon
business connectel with the Pa per or La w,
- can find tus at any hour during the lay
at our office, just back of So.oiioms' New
Store. 9Er All letters addressed to the
Banner nust be pre-paid to insure atten
Time Comaaplicationsof the W;a.
very account ro Europe seems
to complicate the war question still
more and more. Bti a few days since,
opinions weic divided as to the hones
ty of the Czar in his expressions of
willingness to treat for peace; and
while manyv believed that all parties
we're becoming wearied of the war
and its confusing, exhausting influence,
and would igree upon terms of settle
ment, many others scouted at the
thought that Russian policy would be
so quickly repudiated and Russian ag.
grandizement so readily abandoned.
We think that the piemises of both
opinions are in :ct respectstrue.
Russia did not, in tle corninencemtent
of her aggressions, apprelend such ex.
tensive and organized opposition: she
expected to gain her xints inure qui.
etly; while the Allies as little appre.
huended that their furmidable coalition
wals to result, after a year's operationys
only in disappointment and disaster.
All the parties are now fully sensible
of the in'eonveniences of the war; but
Russia is as yet the least atTeeted by it
Her strength has been less exhausted
by it than has been that of the Allies,
whose resources are now well nigh
gone. Her military reputation is as.
yet untarnished, for Sebastopol still
thunders upon the remnants of' the Al.
lied forces, while England and France
* cannot cheer and stimulate the flagging
energies of thneir people by the an.
nouncement that omne single thing has
been dous towards the accompnilishmneint
of their p~urpoIses. To' the thousands
-of cager enquirer's the response is dasily
usade, "No Progress." The Baltic fleet
returnecd hom e iingloriou.m, hut intact.
The conquering army of the Crimea we
fear will never, even ingloriously, re.
juon. TIhe denunciations of tho Tun'zst
have been justified by the facets; and
instead of rejoicing over the captture of
Sebastopol, the ELnglish people mn-ay,
oVw ell fear lest the army which was
to humuiliate the Czar may soon enter
S the capital of all the Russians,but on13
ais captives, gracinng their conqueror's
triumphal retturn. Cumnulatedt u pon
* he heap of disaster is thne dissolution
4)f the British Cabinet. At the most
cr'itical period of' the war, one of' the
-chief Bielliger'ents is left without a head
to plan and direct expedietnts f'or the
- emergency. Can suc'h untoward
e9vents have aniy other efl'eet upon01 the
czur than to dimitnish his apprehensions
snd to enecourage himn in adhnening to
his purposes? WVill he not, in thne ne
gtiations just recomnmenced, be
- fomrpted to disagree in its details to
-huat lhe assented to in the whole, thus
*t he same time avoiding the charge
of issiinulation and gaining time for'
the increase of his military strengh ?
Unldsg the Allies agree to less than
they havet lhitherto demanded, we f'ear
tat a more bloody--a more ruinous
- anhmay be anticipated, to result at
in the a ttain ment by Russia of all
Ier desires.
-Tuz LArs ROmA Vs.T--We wish
ageotnld-as gracefully acknowledge,
se,, Bud" has corrected, ot n mis.
t'Akotn rehntion to our Insto distitngnlish.
ed visitr Though spring has so
noon withdrawn her'slf from us, we
7 her, fors having left with us a
a ~ d as a token that her bright
A D il so~ naagain gladden us.
n he Frec
'IPigmies are pigmies still thetugh pesehed u
'Pyrui.a1. pyroid 14I t!wouit ini vale."
It is le om[' a mettcr of serious
conceri that so mary mrn of inferior
minds are filling tL.e liblst official
stations in our C4 ut.tA v
Let any ono look in upon our U. S.
Conigress, and, with very few excep
tions, he will &id second or third rate
men assembled there, to transact the
bulsiie.Ss of this great and growing na
tion. It is ia matter of common re.
mark, among the observant and judi.
cious, that the intellectual standard of
both State and Federal oflicials, has
been greatly lowered within the last
twenty five years. The death of Cl.
houn, Clay, and Webster, seems
almost to have put an end to the race
of political giants. Where is the man,
in our Legislative Halls to be com
pared with either? They were, to be
sure, extraordinary men, and would
have ranked among thie foremost in
any age of the world. But they had
their competitors in their day of re
nlown. There were men who could
grapple With them, :l though, perhaps
not (iitLe thnir intellectual equals.
Clay' felt the dialectical prowess of a
llandolph, and Webster, that of a
Ilayine. They all had those near at
hand, w ho commanded their respect,
and who were prepared to face them
in deba:e upon terns approaching to
But if we lament the death of great
minds in our deliberative Assemblies,
we lament still more, the absence of
that slte ling integrity, that wide reach.
ing patriotism, which characterised, as
a general rule, tle Statemen of frrncr
days. The fact is, men for the most
part, obtain their political elevation in
these days, by trickey, and it is noth.
ing sturparising that, we should find them
practising the same thing on a higher
scale wiein in offce. We glory in our
free constitution-we can never sufli
cietly admire the symmetrieal strue.
ture of our gove Irn ient- -the nicely bal
anced powers-an assemblage of
Sovereigns, with a general agent, with
specific and well delined powers for
the conduct, of the general interest -&
Sovereigns. The world never yet
s:I SO rlich political wisdom and
and integrity as are evinced in the
struelrm of, the government F these
United States. But of what avail is
all this, if by political chicanery and
:nountebanikisil our admirable gov.
erminent is emasculuated and perverted
from its plainI iitenit.
Cannot our country produce strong,
or and better men thaii most of' those
in power? unquestionably she can.
Thet e is no dearth of talent in the land,
neither is there an unusial deficiency
of incorruptible integrity. But the
very men we need, are, for the most
part, in retire:, ent. They scorn the
melanls neceessary to, be used ini order to
get intto power. They abhor the party
shackles which are uitmediately
attempted to be0 thrown npon a man,
whlen hte enteris pullic life!, anud there
fore, they choose to spend their datys
in seclusion. It is ai ntoriousd ftet too,
that great muen are miodlest; t hey are
searcely coni-eious of their superiori ty,
and power~ is generallIy forced upon
therni, as it was upon our own Wash:
i ngton, and others <f Revolutionary
It, has~ been said, that circumstances
make men, uad that great circumstan
ces getnerally hring before the world,
great men. W.-* have no doubt of the
general trutth of these prmpositionis.
The miost conttemnptible1 qu~estionis, in
tteimselvyes coiisidered, bare boeit agi
taltingr cutr o years past, mid
Ithey hav e been originuated and agitated
b~y conttemlptiblle men. lint these
q1uestionas will shake the pillars of this
govertnmentt, at no~ distantt (Juy, if a
greater array oIf mind1( and of weight
of character, is not opposed to them
in o'ur delibherat ive Assenmbl1ies.
''Te imoiney chuaiigers and descera.
tors (f our politIical Temp1le must be
expelled, and, if nieed be, wiih sco~urg.
e-s. Our sleeping gianits miust be
sought ont, anid compelcIled to do their
duty to the conuntry an(1die world.
The trickeries of mere demagogues
andi timne.srrvers, mutst he openly ex.
plosed anud fearlessly rebuked. (Our
people'I have mid mwid- virituie eniough
to send these political emtpiries trem-.
bling in to reti remenit, anid t hey will
(d0 it, if they will only bring, about
concert of action.
WVe are far, very him, from accusing
all in oflice as untworthty of their pasi
tion. Frioma our hearts, we believe,
we have excel lenit and patriotic mea
now in otlice. Bunt this tiumber is too
small. Let the gtuilty ones take um
brago at these remtarks, no others
CONontEssIoNA, Favos.-We are
under renewed obligations to the lion.
.Josiah Evans, Butler, Keitt and Boyce
fo'r eneatode Cangresnal frv-n.
T PCowRisvsons.---We.return our
thanks to our fair contributor from
Charleston for her beautiful "Lines
on Rose Hill Cemetery near Macon,
Ga." They reached us too Into for this
issue, but shall appear in our next.
We welcome you to our columns and
hope we shall hear from you again.
We also acknowledge the receipt
of a communication, from " Conserva.
tive," upon the speech of the Ion.
W. W. Boybe, which lias been crowd.
ed out. It, too, will appear in our
next issue.
DEA'3 it Ot A C 'i 2iziN. - We. regret
to be culled upon to announce the - death
of Mr. \VILLIAN WEun, one of our oldest
and best citizens, who died on Thursday
last, at hIis residence near this town. Mr.
Webb had been in declining health, and
had retired from active business, for
ionths before his death. His loss will be
deeply laiented by a large circle of rela.
tives and accpuaintances to whom lie had
endeared himself by his many acts of
kindness and disinterested generosity.
SAD AccIDEN.-On Friday afternoon
last, a little d.iughter, about eight years
of age, of our esteemed fellow citizen Mr.
D. J. Winn, swallowed nit iron screw
about an lnch long, with which she was
playing, and died from strangulation before
it could be extracted.
Tnr 22Nt.-To morrow is the 22nd of
February- a day hallowed in the recol.
lection of Ainerican history, as having
given birth to George Wa shi ngton-t lie
master spirit and tihe guiding star thro ugh.
out the dark, eventful 'and storny night
which preceeded the duwn of A merican
liberty. The man, who animated, with
the cour.ige of his own great and brave
hcart, th:s infant nation, when battling
ag.'inst overwhelminig odds for her rights,
and disseminated the principles which ac.
tunted her brave but persecuted defenders,
and whose arm, when a nation lent upon
it for support, never faltered, deserves all
the praise and homage a grateful nation
caa bestow. Let us, then, not forget to
commemorate the birth and memory of
the "Father of our Liberties," with the
thanks and admiration of free a nd grateful
The day is to be celebrated, in this
place, by the Claremont Troop, with an
oration from W. E. lhcK Isq.. at which
the public are invited to attend.
learn th-it the 2ad anniversary celebration
of Sumter L-lge No 23rd 1. 0. 0. F. w 1!
take place at tIe Court Rouse, in thi.4
place, on Saturday, the 2 Ith inst. An
oration will be delivered by ToA.as C.
EVANs i-sq., of D.arinuyton. at wvinh the
public are invitced mo attend. A full at
tendance.of the LMdr is solicited, and'
the neigbboring Lodges are requested to
be presdnt nud participate in the proceed.
REv. J. MoRnAAN.-We have beeli re
quested to return the thanks f this gen
tleman to the community for iheir symn
pathy amid Rasistatice, in his lati Iis.
lort une. Mr. Morgan has -ften felt and
staid that "go where lie would hie has never
seen a people lie thought more of, oir ;ikedl
as wAell as those of his own District", amid
niow lie is more convinced lie was r'gh
Mrs. Sinclair (late Forrest) has
been presented with a diatmond neck.
lace (*3,000) by some of her admirers
in San Fratncisco.
T1hec contibuition to the Washington
National Motuiment, during 18541,
amiotunted to $'Jl,763,93. all of which
was expended, with the exception of
It is said that Victor Ilinge, the cele.
brated Frenciih poet and Repunblican,
will shortly pay ai visit to the United
A Novp4. CLsE [)EciDD.--The case of
the New York Saday Courier against
Wilcox, who refused to pay an advertising
bill, on the ground thnt the pajper wvas pub'
lishied on Sunday and therefore no coin
tract with, the papser could be legal, has
been decided in favor of the P'rinter, on the
groutmd that a man cant not take advantage
of hins own wrong. WVilcox. knew the
paper was published on Sunmday anid hadl
no buisiness to advertise in it. It wore a
pity, however, that in such cases, both
could not ho thrown out of court.
Soda spritngs ha~ve beern discovered
about lifty mailes east of San F'eelipe,
Califoirnia. by P~o'ae and his party, en
gaged in the survey of public latinds.
Th'le spring i.. ini a tmotnd ohf symme.
tirical shaipe, tapering lilke a stuar loot.
itn the centre of' the tolp of which is a
hole, tunfathomaible, containing the cari
bonated beveruago fresh f'rotm some
natural laboratory below. Santo of
the mioundls are si*s feet higih, and
clothed with-a greetn and Iuctrriat
coaut of grass, while others' are shaped
like an inivertLed bowl nitd. fringed by
grow th of caste. Theli water is (Ie.
scribed as having the same-sparkling
efIbrvescent property as that. ordinmri.
ly sold. by apothocaries, and was druuak
with avidity by both the men and an.
imaals beoniging to-tie party. When
impregnated. by an acid of any kinid,
it prod uceu inistt;~ eftrvesentce, andu
in that form is peculiarly refeshi~ng
as a drink,
News-Memns. -.
The New York Jornal-of Commerce
says, there is at now article just patented,
called - The Diamond Light," a mianifac
ture of a new kind of oil. The light given
is eqqal to that oftihe best sperm oil. Its
chieaphess and its quality will recommend
it to general use. The oil is made from
Rosin and cannot explode.
The Supreme Court of New York, has
refused to discharge the late 51e ican Con
sul. lie is charged with having embez
zled money of the Gadsen 1'reaty. The
amount of bail has been reduced to $30,
The English Journals complain of the
cost of the E.tstern war. The expenses,
says the London Times, for tw'eivo months,
has been eighty millions- of dollars. The
Opinion is popular that fifty maillions will
have to be raised to; meet the annual
expenses of the war, so long as it may
Prince Demidofl, the divorced husband
of Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, it is stated
in the New York Tribune, is now attached
to the Russian le,ationi at Vienna, and
has put is colossal tortune (8200.000 a
year) at the disposal of the Czar. lie
keeps, at his own cost, agents in England,,
France, and Turkey, to look aftcr the
Russian prisoners and wounded, and to
take care of their wants.
The Auburn D.tily A-nerican on Thurs
day, learned frot a gentlema n who came
on the cars the previous evening from the
West, that the steainboat on Seneca lake
with her pass-mgers. got cauaght by the
cold weather and was fast frozen in the
lakc-about a mile fro nt Geteva. Mca
sures were being taken to take the pas
sengers of] from the ice-bounad boat.
We learn fron tir Jordan (Onondtio
County) Traniscript that onl Tuesday
night four nen, Irisloen, nains til.
known. were frozen to death at Jack's
Raefs. A number of those who were Co
g iged on the public works are livin. in
miserable sh-ttes, which all'rl but
sligrI protectiio to tia inaites, ;iad dur
ing this extremo cold weather their suf.
feri)g inust be extreana.
Tihe passpnger train of cars whi ch left
tie town of 1lolley, New York, on Satuir.
day last, for Niagra i Falls, whlen at a
distanace of a few nales from taat place
became embeded in a heavy snow airift.
La borers were procared mad sett in ad.
.a.c. withishove:,, and tihe train stc.
ceeded in progressing so far that a drift
was formed behitd it itn suach iant'er that
it coal neither retreat oir go onl. The
cart contaiing about m:w iadred tus
sengers, were accarrdingly obliged to re.
main in their position all night, a-0 the
next (ay, after having lcen upwards of
twplty hours . without ftioJ or any kind,
tie passengers % ere carried safelv back
to tie place whence they had started.
On Sunday afternoon tahy biezan their
journey anew, and g. t atharouagl withut
furtig r ditlictby. Several other trains
nere out till night upon the s-nae road.
At is now over Iwo weeks since we re,
ceived a a-nail from Springhie'd, and the
prospect is that the traina waft not be able
to go through beftore Satutrdtay, if they do
Stena. '1The M1ississippai road appears to)
beo alnost haopele.stly blac kedl up, andl we
hear of baut little progress beitng atnade to
open it. Thec Aurora .anad Iiatois Cetntral,
the only oil~er route lay whicha th' Cajei
t at at be0 reachea.d, is in a sianiltar contdi
taon, althougha, unaless thte work of openi
ing was greatty retarde.l lay the samv oft
Monaaa~y aight, t'.ere is somet hope of a
conntection being fornal . wiath thte Missist.
sippti roadi at lIloomngtona.
As a gerntlemtat .was pas~sinag tharougha
the streets of lbston oaae tday last weeOk,
haaving~. ini hais It ad aan accoutnt book, with.
in whtich was @751 in bmatk Lbills, it was
accidetal ly knaoc ked outt of his innd, thte
wmdia was itn a thIievish wtairt just theta,
aind took thte hilts on its wings, bea ring"
thetm every way, over house~s toap attad
street. Ily ptient hauting ailt buat about
$75 were recoveredl.
Tefto gdeno thec Austrian
frock.coat-.shotrt, anid tit tig easily. andt
withoutI strain to thte figutre. with a trouser
of sufficient fail ness-laves hais musco
lair caergy free fromna develiopment, andai
closo bechnet, h-audy cart ridlge, antd sheort
swo~rd, comaplete hia utsefulI equaipmtaent.
I have seena, wvrites a correspoanrtit of th e
Press, somea of thecir soldiers raaa races
ian their umni forams withoutt (lin shghatest
inconvenaie.ace. Th'le En tgl sha, with
hais iron stock, t ighat coatee. andc stratighit
ened patnahrataos, watuld taot be able to
disport himaself int so free a anner.
Oan one of (lie anountaini roads ina Menr
dont, Itlutlanid countty. Vermaonat, there is a
spot whicha, ont aiccotant of~ a strontg enar.
ret-tof air wichi is aahniest perpetual ly itn
mnationa there, is callted the llellows.Pipe
of thae Greena Mouantatins. Th'le Wood.
staock Mercury-says that as the stage fromt
Rutland was passinag throuagh thais place
on th'ae 283th taltimno, the wvitnd-was so yin.
lent that the boly of thae vehicle was
blhowna front the whecels, antd conh ta ottly
be keput on the axhtetrees by beinig chiainied
dlownt. Otte woman was blowan inito air
adajoinaing field, antd five- tnetn lost their
htats ina rescuinag haer. Liocomaotion was
impalracticabale, antd the watyfatrers were
obliged to puat up for the nighit ini a naeigh
boring haouse, whlicha weathecred the tor
niado withtout damaage.
The Matannic Mirror publishes a rather
cuarious story,- to the effect that Morgana,
who it was alleged was mutrdered by the
Free tifasons fotadisclosinag their se'erets
baa been- founda i-r Sniyrna, in Trurkey,
that he now goeeby .the h.ar01otAIteszi.
pia, and is engaged in . teaching Ihe 9n.
gish lagnage. The author ity given for
this report is one Joseph A. Bloom. Ac.
cording to tho Mirror, this man Bloon, met
Morgan at a house in Smyrna, to whom the
latter gave a detailed account of his vd.
ventures. It is staled tliat Morgan left lthe
country in the ship Mervine, which sailed
from Boston to Smyrna, and belonged to
the firm of Langdon & Co. The captain's
name of the Mervine was Welch. It
matters little now, perhaps, whether the
story be true or false.
The Sonth Carolinian of the 16th inst.
says : We understand that a negro be
longing to Mr. Reuben Stnith was shot
yesterday hy another negro belonging to
Mrs. Faust. Thle wound we understand
is not cons idered fatal.
''ne disappearance of Mliss Emma loore
from Rochester, N. Y. is still unexplained.
Tile Sheriff of Monroe Co. has offered a
reward of: thousand dollars for the re
eovery of the body of Miss M., dead or
alive, and a committee appointed by t he
citizens at the town meeting have re,
sumed their niecings, and talk of another
public demonsi ration.
The Legidslature of North Carolina
which has just adjourned, is character:z=d
hy tihe Wilmington Herald asprogressive
in its notions andi tendencies. The follow
ing internal Improve ment Measures have
been passed.
The Eastern an(d Western Extensions
of lite North Carolina Railroad. Tle
Wilmington and Charlotte Railroad. The
Greenville and French Broad Ro:d.
Granting the endersement of the State to
the amount of 83U3,000 on the Cape
Pear a'id D.!ep Itiver Company's bonds.
A like entlorsemenit to tho amunoimt of
S250.000 of the bonds of the t o:ii)any to
const. uct a ship canal to cionnoct tie wa.
ters of Albemarle, Currituitk anti Pamlico
Sounds with Cleuipeake Bay. Tle
comltetion of the N. C. Road lay tihe
The new 'Mayor of New York says it is
his determination to mike that city as dis
tinguished for its orderly character on
Sabibaths ant: all other days as it has been
for its rowdlyismo.
The Cincinnati Colombian says
The travel over the niderground rail.
road for tlhe past few days has been,
we are informed, unusually active, a-.d
11 fewer thai seven lots of runaway
slaves have arrived at this termininai
within a wveek. The fr.st of these lots
composed of three men ; the next of
three mimen ; the third, of two men ;
the fifth of one imn. All these were
from Kentucky. The sixth lot was
c p d f two iPddUe.:ageu Atout
miaen, who had coaea o loot fron Lou.
isilina to this place, sleepinig by day
aMid walking towards the North star
by night. They arrived here on
W' daesday, and after recruiting, are
to be sent over the undergroumd rail
roammld to Canuada.
The hst lot was coanposed of a
miother ant three cUhililrerr, who cae
up on the omail boat from Ljouisvillec,
amid were to lie taken to Pari-s Kean
tmmcky. She~ managed to- get to soane
abolitioniist, amid was inamediately sent
nmorthm. The total loss to ra-sters,
from the escape of these fifteen slaves,
mu Lst exceed fifteen thnsa~nd dollars.
Tuai " srFautrs."-Unider this
head thme Wilmmigton (N. C.) Iherald
records the arrivaI there, over the
Manchester~ railroad dturing the year
endinig Novemiber 30th, of 17,400
bhs. spirits turpentinie; 73135 do.
Rosin ; 2472 do. Taur; 2687 do. Tfur
pentuine ; 2,627 bales eotton ; 1,701,.
144 feemt timaber, and 4}2,000 do. immi.
her. The radl was not comphleted
until October T0th, s1 that the receipts,
wer nearly all fro:n the eastern hlf t
A I In~vy J UDomir.-T he Treasn.
ry) Depatrtment hiavie advices that the
Unaited States have obtainied a jtidg
maenat in the State Court of Trexas
against Joisephl Bates, U. S. MarshallI
of 'Texas for about .$20,000, the
iaiotn t of time balance due from- that
in'li vidtual to the United- States. A
draft of'*5,000 on aceconit of this
.iadgmient lias already been receiv(ed
heae, and it is thought that theo whoile
of thme balance is seentred to thme gov
ermaien t.
We clip thme followinag fromi the
Standard: It taurns out that M'ile.
Sophie Cruvelli, the celebr~ated French
voca list, w ho recetIly disamppeamred
anid rea pp eared ser my'steri onis-y,
e!miped with younlg Count Vigier, a
mino;' who feared the wrath of' his
ither and dared not marry her in
France. Before the knot was tied,
however, she was overtaken by two
(of her lirothers, who perstanded her
not to marry aotil the asentiments of
the y'ounlg genitleman's father we're as
eertainaed. The old gentlemnan, in
stead of expraessing indignation, aop
peared highly delighted with the pro.
posed alliancee ; immediately wrote a
foranal let' *r to Mademoiselle's moth
er, demlanding the hand of he daugh.
ter for his son, and received a gra
cious assent. Under these circumI.
stunces, 'the goveinment his wjih
drawn Ii'sihggainst Cravivll for not
fulfiling he sipuliatiotis whifthe nan.
ager of the opera. She has promised
to perform till the end of this year's
season; will then be united to Count
Vigier, and most likely retire from
the stage. This romantic story will
no doubt greatly raise the great song.
stress in the eyes of the French opera
goers, and from this time till the
close of her career on the stage, she
will, doubtless, he the most popular
vocalist in France.
The earth was nearest to tho sun on
Jan. 1, when it was 93,505,00 miles off.
[For the Bannor.]
.Afessrs. Editors: Allow me to cor.
rect an error, ofyour statement in the
last Banner, regarding late proceed
imgA in the domestic affitirs of Ilis High
ness, King Winter. The Royal Visit.
or to this ley Court was not IIert Ma.
josty, Queen Summer, bat the fair
young Princess, Spring, whom I had
the honor ofseeing daily , and who
informed me con lidentially (as I know
you will be pleased to hear) that she
will return ere long, and use her
sweetest efiirts to thaw, and soften,
aid beautify, and enliven Hi s Ifoa i
ness, her Father, in the happy antici.
patioln of a visit fromi the Queen CoUn
sort nrext June.
The stornry passnges which you
overheard, were only Wirrtry.greet.
ings of conjugal affection and kind.
ness to he conveyed fro in His MIighti.
ness to Her Royal Majesty, Queen,
Summer. and by which the Fair Am.
bassadress ; the Gentle Spring, was
well nigh stuined, and ove wh-elrryed.
But, I hope, she has survived this
whispered thunder, and will venture
S011 again amnTng us, and cheer us with
her smiling presence.
A Captive in the Kingdon of Freezcland.
[For tei Banner.]
Messrs. Editors: 'Tie last Thursday
in February has been observed for a
number of years in the Presbyterian
Church, as a day of prayer for Col.
leges and hIstitutions - of learning
throughmut our Country, and especial
ly that God would , ilarge the minis
terial resources of the Church. The
remarkable outpourings of God's
Spirit (n these occasions prove, that
God is indeed an answerer of prayer.
As the day comes, this year, on the
22nd, how apriprinte, whie we thank
God lor raising up a WAs1rNOTOs to
defe-nd tihe libert ies, and achieve the
Independence of* our CUnittrv, ani tor
bestowing so imany temporaI blessings
upont us ; that all C4risthlaos should
also enitreat, him to inevease the num.
ber of those who distetndinate the
truths of the Gospel, in our own, and1
iin other lands, by " sendving forth
more laborers into his harvest," Sit
maythe day improved in your
quiet village., is the prayer of one who
feels f, its
NOVEL. LAW SUr.-A somewhat.
ronmantic suit at law has just been
terminated in Franklin countv. Jt
seems that ne Joii Lescher beenmne
pierced with the arrow of Capid, and,
wishing to, heal the wound by lawful
wedlock. he made proposals to the
object of his alfietions, which, it
seems, shes received fauvorably; bnt the
father, Mr. Jacob Wyarrt, .being a
prudent. man of much foiresight, requi
ed the said John Leseher to enter in
to bonds of five hundred dollars, con.
ditioned that the said John Lescher
should live with his wife and trent her
as a kind and affetionate husband
should di;. but the parties, afiter living
together some mnonuhis, seperated, and
this suit was brought to rec ver the
amuount of the bond. The case was
first tried at the last April term of the
Franklin court, when Judge- Kiummel
decided the b'ind to be invalid. The
case was carried to the Supreme Court,
and it was- deied that the bond "wams
goiod and valid, ari in uaeordance with
the law." The cause therefore, camne
up again in the Franklin county coum ts,
when the jury found a verd-ict fir the
plaintiff o1 *979 74. The resalt of
this suit mayv give a valuable sugges,
tion to anxidoue fathers whose daughters
mi:e sought as partners at the altar,
and an imitatiosn elI Mr. Wyanimt's fore.
thought would shouw au prusent, concern
for theirm daughters' welitere.-Carlisle
(Pa.) .Democrat, Jan 11.
llasty words rankl~e the wound
which injury gives; but soft words
assuage it; fongiveness eures it; arnd
forgetting takes away the sear.
.Easily Accounted For.-A Turk
*eaurs so matiy fleas in his-shiist, that
a inathenmatician hits just, demnonstiated
that if tU,.y si..,. i i. I.im at on1ce
they wen zn nry sann, ar oss the 10s
pihorus. T :s ,. stomi~t. ical condition
of' the Tiarks will sauisfactoril.account
for them td tf.icy to dee before the
finussians a:t.flalklava.
Corrected weekly by
W. S. ALawon & Co.
Charleston, S. C.
CH AaL.EsTos, Feb. 17.
Corro.--Uplandm sales this week ase
10,420 Bailes mat ironl 1-8a1-4. per et
lowver than the previotus week. Otr qua
aion. are. Inferior 0 1-4a6 Mneordinary
o good ordinary 6 7-8a7 3-& Gaon! mid
dling 8 l-4a8 3-8. Middling ihair 8 1 2a
8 3-4. Sea Islands, commn,21a28; fine
32im45; very fine 50a54 andl up~uial
- Gntain &c.-Co~rn conimon 61'O0al 05
Flint 91.l0al 15 pet bushi Fiayr*.00rb
10, perbbl. arecording to quality and quarue
tity. Rice .3 1-Sa4 &( per htu d' Ib!
Deas #[email protected] h~~
The account from the Criment which
reached up, by- the Asia, on Satturday 4
evening fast, are very barren of news
The signs of peace are less flattering than
for weeks past, and there is every appear,
ance of preparatun for a more vigoroud
campaign on the part of Russia, and Be,
bastopol is no.nearer being taken than a,
twelve month ago.
The English have been compellet? to
iave up a portion of their lnes to- t he
Frenci, in conisequence, of- the want of
man to defend them. Sorties were nader
every night, attended with considerable
loss onl both sides.
A French force of 80,00 men has been
sencto guard the Austrian frontier.
The news from Great Britain is both
exciting and important. Our accounhts say
that the week has been one of "nxiety iak
Eiagland. The whole Manistry had re.
signed and their resignation was acceptedt
and the Aberdeer. Cabinet otly hold office
until a new Ministry can be lried.
Various rumors point to Lord Palmer.
ston, Lord John Russell, and Iast'y to
Lord Lunsdowne, as those who would
probably be placed at the head of the
Nothing in regard to the future ministry
is ceraaain and nuch difficulty is exper
enced iin forming a new cabanet.
Prissia is p)rcparintg for action. An
important despatclh, dated Berlin, the Zfst
ult., says the Prussian Govern ment has
deereed the iamnediate ,nobilizatio n of her
own army, and the 4th and 5th cnrps are
or'ered to occupy the provinces of Saxony
and Silesia,
The treaties between England, France
and Sardinia are published. Hardinij,
engages to send, in Engnah shipI,,ifteen
thuasaand nien to Ohe Crmea, under lia
command o Sardinian generals, and En.
glaad agregs to fetd Sardinia a milhon
sterling, or two, if wanted, at three per
cel; arnd France and Ergland together
guaranstee toaproatect Sardiniu during the
present war.
Props.ec-s of peace are gloomy, new
conplications having arisena in the Ger
maranic relations, inasmuch as Prussia has
gained a tritumpla over Arsifia itd the Ger.
mian Diet, the ,notion of the former to pre.
vent the mobilizatio.a of the German Army
having been carried. Indeed Prussia
leans :aore strongly than ever in favor of
Russia. SLhe has placed her Arnryran a
war footing, and refuses to permit the
French Army to pass through her territo
It 's reported that Mr. Soule is dan
gerously ill.
Thlatest news from Havana sava, h(w
Island is in a %late of great excitemtient. -
A plot lad been torned to assassinate, at
the opera, the Captain General and other
offirinis. The gas was to have been ex.
ringuished and the work of death comn
nicaced. A traitor, however, betrayed
ais conarradle.e, and on thae 8th inst. Dot Ra.
mna16a Piano, ;ain intinate friend of General
Conchan, a ad ahrty-tive influential citizens;
were arrested. n tile fotinwing flay
forty others were arrested, anmong them,
it is said, the fiamous Marti, of the opera
hotae, and Echevaressi, manager t. the
ra ilroad. The Goveraadr orliatanzas aid
Senor Ahneda, a rich and well -knowin
planter of Trinidad, have also, it is said,
been imprisoned. Fears of invasion are
entertainred, and the govertnment is arming
every one they can, een tie. galleW
W are naow receavmg,, a neCw assort.
arrent of Ginghaams Blk & Colored.
Prints, BIll A fpaca'Canor Clothu, French
Lawnsm, Brillia'nt,-.lri'i ltk & Colored, Hats,
a good assurrhment of Ladler, Misses and Chil
dream Shoes, atlso Boots, Bleached & Baiwn
good., Check Matting, Willow Baskets, Sad.
dIary, &c., a fe~w dozen Towtel Racks neat at
62 ).ets, a good assortmient of China Ware,
Trin Chambier Sets &c., &. Which will be sol
low,J. T. SOLOM'dtlS & Co.
February, 21, I855. 16 if
In Equity--Sumter District.
Needhiam Riley, et, aL P'artition,
vs.- and sale of
Mt. Dubose. fNegroes.
Y vir ue. of an order madeu by the.Gourt
Birn snad c.ase, I will off'er for sale at
Sumter Court House, ent' shte first Monda In
March next, SIX LIKELY NEGROE (if
delivered to me.) directed to be sold for Parti.
tioni under die case stated.
TERMS a)F SALR.--SO much cash am will
pay the costs u1nd chatuare of the proceedings,
the balance of the purchtase money to besecur- -
ed bry bond at one year wirlhgood surotles.d
to bear interest from day of sale, to be ajW
ly paidl, until the whoes Issatiafied.
Cem's Eq. S. D.
Febritary, 21st, 18t55. It6 id
18. 1 -iHEN' aaew style of Dress.
Fatting, tauaght in from 4 to 6-hnurs,
by Misk Mfead (roma New York. Thtose wish
mgapretfitting dress - may call at Mr. Chi
velrlous whena they find they are not obliged to
pin on linings nor alter drisses.
'rh systema taught, including appa~rauds, fos
.Those who have taken lessons are delightecd
with its simplicit and accuracy. .
.Am It is~i apsile to give a correct idea of
this plan in prit, we hope every lady will,
have the curiosit to call and see how easy
they can be auaglat to cut ad ft their own,
dresses. .
Should any one after taking lessons, noes
feel perfectiy satisfied they will welcm s W
the tuition.
Manay of the first Ladies of C~mdcn. haver
taken lessons and are dtotightedl with its perfeect-.
ness and simplieiy--. '*lhey have gven- theiro
certilicates to~ that eflhset, whk-la ivl satiatI
ay one tha~t it is a zdluabte Iaprovemenat,....
Le-tters adirectedl as above, will snoca .wtis
promp.lt attention.
Rt. K. Rutledo
Deput Esa
Aregularly eqipJt ton, lareya>vi
any, part ol lthia Jtate; and will att t t
rompt~ly~inany e)l he-ta} ?er iveii h t
S.( i tra.ness,, ldeise a~ a
Referencees-.W. E, y~ . Z , Mn
nie. JtB "bovj
T.W Bi ee

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