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VEDNIESDAY, FEB. 2s, 1855.
xats oa- the Basaer.
The following persons have been ap.
pointed Agents and are authorized to re
ceiVeannd receipt for, all stina due the
i1un tgr 1antier. Any person wilinpg~ to
be atjea'isubs'criber to the Manner, by
handinghelin their name and address will
have t66 paper forwarded promptly.
T hey will also see to lorwardiumg all ad
vertising lusincss connected W:iIb the
W. W. WA.KER Jn.,. .Columbia S. C.
S- . WiITAKEn,.. Wiiiiiiigtoii, N. C.
nWiuzAM HYDE ..... " ..
W. i. I UA YNSWOn1TH, St'rville, S. C.
W. S, LAw-rON & Co.Clharleston, S. L &.
-No otier person is authorized to receipt
for the Banner.
LO;lPersons. wishing to see us upon
btishiess.connected with the Paper or Law
can fifnd us at noy, hour during the day
at our oflice, just baek of Sot.oross' New
(tc'ro. 93, All letters addressed to the
mier must be pre-paid to insure atten.
"look- Oitt Psiblisi ers.
Anliology is due to our- subseri.
bers for the confusiol in oir mail de.
partimient la-t week, and also for the
tardiness of our present issue, which
will, 1y Lrealc inanly off. themll at
the usu-sal. time. We l ve, sans
ceremonW, ' been~ abandoned by one
of our jopI neymen., a printer calling
hiimsClf CHAnt Es N. IJOLCONnI, who
turned up in this place a fiew weeks
since, an1 Whom we employed for
charity's sake as he represented himself
tQ oein a starving conditiqn, as indeed
htisappearance would have seemed to
indidate.' During the past week, after
having mailed a portionof our papers
lie becane so assidu-ous in his attei
tions to John .Barley corn as to be una
ble-to tell us what Papers were mail
-ed and what were unmailed. Sone of
odur subscribers may in consequence,
have received two copies while others
received none.
This individual left us without a
-moments warning leaving us to get our
paper oft as we-could. le had the
wit however to secure a viaticum for
himself by collpetiuig and pocketing, in
a li beral spiit6f nppropriation, seve
amounts:.which were due on our
autCrlption1 book. and which our
friends were unwary enough to pay
over to hiim. - 'We hope that (tir broth
er editors- throughbut this and the
nleighiboring States will be on their
gutaird aigain4 him.
On Sunday last,- hetween three an(
- four o'clock p .mn., and againi during the
night, we were visited by a slight fall
of snow, the fleecy whlitediess of whose
flackes were visible the next mnorning.
The sun, htowever,.soon, banishied all t races
of it and disrobed oir village of its tempo
rary garment. "Since whlich tiine we
ive been havinm cfoar, but very cold
wveather. .
To TutC SuarT~n Anteuu~runar. Asso
ciArION.-Upon our first page, will be
found an article upon "Guano-JIjudici
pus tuso or, and value of compared with
Ashes" add'ressedl to the'Presidlent amid
metmbers of the Suter Agriculturai As.
sociation. 1 :
Under thi htead we would call at
* tion to the new notices which have re
cently appe~ared in our paper.
FonoAn-nE & DELAND have sent
up a large advertisement, from the
city, in which they olir rear' induce
ments to trade with them. Our read
ers will fid their -estabismenmt a
large and han~ on e one, and what is
better, as cheap as any in the city.
Mr. .JosEi NWILDEN announiies
that he is ready t ostupply the J)istrict
with Paints, Oils, and G/lass enough,
ty turn uts till out red, green, or
-vhite; anidWr-ruE & GOOnwtN will
sell more Liquor, WVines and Segars
than we have any use for' in this
Temperance coun try of our is.
Mir..SotoMous hats enter-ed his pro
test agasinst, these foreign llouses, and
says he has just order'ed and is re'
ceiving enough new goods of' the best
nid latest styles, to supply his whbole
~intrict, without anayforeign help.
Mr.'F. M. ANDnEWS, however, does
not interf'ere with any of the foregoing
party, and' is allowed by all to asset
hiselaims to.patironage. lie will fur
nidsh the honses of' the livinj and tho
cl'ad. The h/ving with furnioure of all
kinds and the -best quality, and the
dead with FiJSK'S metuic COJfin8 and a
~r.w~ luears'e to carry them' to their last
prsting place.
r' f 1iss IIOLTON informs the good pen.
ethiat, she has a supply of' Dri.
OIARS e.2cell6'nt braces, so highly re'
~cjo nded, as they i,.deed at-e, by.
jifamiles and most distinaguish.
gentlemen oh our State'and
~Viard wiL~funish them to all
w1 ive.her icall at'* CJIINA's
huo -
lention, of try ing his hand at pleasing
the buyers of old Surnter, in a little oI
every thing good and cheap
And last but by no menins least, the
friemids of Cait. IIANsKT, the flicieit
comaniiiatder of that handsome and well
drilled corps, tile liifle comiay,
annonce him a candidate fjr Colonel
of the 44th 11egiiment.
WAsIixo'roN's IrT DAV.----Iie an
niversary of Washington's birth was
celebrared, in this place, in a very aippro
priate and handsome manner, by thal
old and popular corps, the Claremont
T roop.
. The severai, military companies of tLe
1lace, turned out, and joined by invitation
in the ceremonies. A procession was
tormd and the oratoi, \V. l-:EWAiD i IK
l-stir.. conducted to the Court House,
where a large assemblaiges of ladies and
ge itemien awaited the oration. I'rayr
being otieredi up to that Being from
whom every blessin, is derived, ir. DlcK
was ilitro iiced to tihe audience ant eiter
tained mili in a speech with which all
were delighted. The efflort was a mst
happy one, and replete witli manly and
gra(f'u il eloquence.
The Company were then invited to
partake of a bounteous repast served up by
the Troop, and as many as desired feasteil
uplion the gool tiings aid substalials
of life. The (lay passed off quietly and
pleasantly mid was wound up with a bull
at night.
The celebration on the 24th "was an
interesting and grand affhir.
At 11 o'clock the procession issued
from the Lorge room in full.dress regalia,
and marched, to tle music of the Sum.
ter Band, though various streets of our
village, displaying their embleins and
beautiul regalia to wondering eyes, to the
Court llouse, where the orator. ir.
Thoias C. Evans, was int roduced, and
de'ivered, to a large aniid intelligent
audience, an able address, filled witi
beaitifuil ilagry atid gracefuil diction,
ulpoll tile listury and mission of odd
The address was listened to witt inter
esi and itiarked attellin throughout; mail
when over the members of ilie orier ie
turned to their Lodge room, anl aier 'ran
saetig some business were dismis;cd if,
their several vocations.
A icopy of the address las been rec.ur
ted r'or publbcation aid we holip "t- wii
yet have lie pleasite of laymg it Lc:ui e
uitir readers.
IBrigaiier General S. Rt. Chandler has
resigined the coim and of the 5th Brifgide
So'utl Carolina lilinia. Col. Richard
Anderson, being the Senior Colonel, has
been placed in coimmand of siid Brigade,
until an oflicer shall have been elected
and commissioned to till the vacancy oc
rasioned liv said resigilation. Lieut. Col.
J. 1). Blandimt.r of the 414th and Col- W. J.
T'aylor of the 22nd Regiments are candi
[lates for the ollice. The election is or
Ilered on the 6th of April nexl.
An election ior uilonel ot the d4:h Regi'
mont of 81. Ca. Militia is ordered on lie
2;J d (if larch, to Jill I he vacanocy oc-casioin
d by tile re.ignaiion of' Col. MAellett.
t it. Hlamme Major Coners amd Capt.
lelker are cailidates lor the ollice.
[For the Sumter lmner.]
' r Boyce's 'peechi.
Mefssrs' iditors: It wats liy itntentio n,
in readiing lie speech of' out. I tepre.
'Oenltativye ill C.oigress, (Mr. Boycee)
in thet sub ject. I have ho wever tieg
ec'te'd toi do so, util i hid that other ts
iia' e beent conmmen'i tng uponii it-somie
it fatvti ur of his posi t ins and(. s-unel
I was deep'ly struck wvith the logie
nd tinaniswerable argu mntt of' the
lipech. ljis atrranIg(eent is iiethiod.
itarl, his piropiositions clear atid his
'oncdlusionis conintcing. En tertaiingi'
the views wvihi I al ways have on the
subject., I was forced to exelai m that
the spechl could not be suiccessfuilly
aniswered . le hais not thlrtust him iselfI
tponi thle llose anS'.id his speechi upott
the cotuntry, ini the wvreckless style of
maniJgst des/ing ; not' jumt' into his
conclusions wvith the prodigality of a
youniig-bhood, wvho scorns the lcssonts
iif history andti expieni(ice ; bu11t hias
armied himsl~lf wvi th pirofountd thiotight,
dheelp resear'ch an I caretid Iprepaurationii,
the (inly mean1tls ofi a reililc produe
ion. Pecrhaps Mr'. Boyce is ntot, a
maun of' the lirst talents ; lbnt the as.
sid..otus antd sober tiannier' wvith whlich
lie regards his subhjects ; and1( theL
strength and sintcrity with which lie
treats them, will always miake his
spieechies of the fi rst .imp tortancee and
htimtself' a mani of the highest gradle of
One of' the objections utrged1 nainst
thte spec. ht is that. it was iill-timed.
Surely nio tim110ecan lbe ina~tppropr11ite
to imatke a great, effort to arr'est the
curlrenlt of' public opinion, wvhich is
t nding to what ia smeerle minid cion
cei ves to be ser'iously himu tl'id to his
counttry. It is the avowed pultiros oif
a party in the South, anld clearly the
inltenltion oif' the admrinlistration, to
acqtuire Cuba. And, thlough the en'
thusiasm upon the subject has sonie.
whait, abated, it is to be feared thit it
is only a dormant armistice. Stichi
being the case it was p:-ope'r for a
patr'iot, sustaining a fhvolIuable emi.
nence, to raise his waring voib e.
'Ther~e are three points of' view in
which every question, t hat comnes be
fore thle country, should be regarded
by the Statesman ; first, its bearings
considered nationally, secondly, its
bearings considered sectionally, and
thirdly, its beari ngs upon the interests
of the State of the representative.
Perhaps a regard to self preservation
aid self' interest would suggest their
ii p(rIanlce in icoiiverted order. low
ever that may be, those three phases
are immediately suiggested, by every
subject, to the leg_-islator. Nor is
either o. thern unimportant. No true
hearted American enn feel a liostility
to the welfiare of these States in a
federal point of view, simply bieenuse'
he believes the vested powers have
been perverted. While we Ieninil
in the Union wo iist consider the
good of the whole as the goo I of' ev
ery part, and do til we can to promnote
the original object of' the f'ederation.
As the acquisit'on of Cuiba can have
no special bearing upo I the Stae of'
South Carolina, but can oIly effect her
as her interests are iiseparally coI
nect ed with those of the entire Sot,
Mr. Boye accordingly only notices
the importance of the acquisition as
it may affect the general go vermnielt
and as it may aflfect the South. lie
clearly slows, to liiy satisfaction,
Ohat while Cuba reinaills ill the hanid.s
of Spain and continues to ble a lave
holding commnunity, we are as wel
off in a naitional point of view without.
it. Only in a cornmercial point of
view is it probable that we miiiglht be
benefited by the aeiit I lion ; and
even the c ini micial advantage., lie I
thinks, mtiiglit be filly realized by a
liberal po icy of levying ilutit-. l Ie
also s cS ily slhoaw, that thv inte.
resits of*Sou;the(rn inlstit utionis cn
be str I ghened bv tle addi i ion (f'
such a slave conino ity As thlii
result of his inivestigationli of the sub
jeet, lie sets forth tle f'ealtres (if
slavery, as it exists oni tle il-,land of
Cubha, so diere nt to that of slavery
11111ong the Southern States aid the
state of tile poildationl as being in so
nloXious a condition, that nolle 1bnt I he
visinary, as it s em Lt ie, can fili
to agree with his conelnsionis.
ie says it is not our po'i'y to
suffer Cuba either to be Aicalized
or to fiall into the lalds of1 al')y oherIli
p o w 'elr. That is i much as he con Id
say, if he has been sicere in s -tt ing
forth the results of' his invest igatiills.
The manifst destiny arrllielt Iwill
lnot stalnd against his reasons il
opposing its aiiiihition. Ther' are
those w1l2se speculative notiions of'
nal(iai/es/ desling are unreliiistrainied, w ho
believe that we Inay.1 go on to aciuiire
a.id]SW O Iwa l l t ip w ith u detitint it,
oursel ves. But we should relneni er
the evils (f attetl'ytiig to iiltite, untler
Olc gaOveriie. t, cu1ni luniuties wlhoSe
are tot ally' av'eI'se tod acI itlheir.
Silch 11n i211pure' coniiiation inumlt
nlecSsa ril pl1) odoa'e a poilii im'al ft er
Ineut. and enIdliger'l the stabailityv of'a
giivt'liinleint. It is lilile the' iisity
betweetci Nort hern1 an d Sonutherii ak a
r'ac/aer than an y 0olt' (one t'ause that
disti acts th s (ilio luinw. Nailiali
ellaracter riust lbe a unist. or ilaticapual
st curity willI be ptreensionls andm her
lToo rnapid exte'nion, of' its'lf, will
diver'esi fy iltecrests, an td ethua ger theit
harmoniio us aictionl oif a repblie.
Fori ai re'puli c de'pendls, f'ari its aithnl ii
istrationt, uponah the pjopuari wvill. Themre'
are cen itr~ial andlt centrifaigaII'. loees
as will in imorals us ini Iphyvsie's: cola
serv'atism thle cer.tripaetal aind lpra
gressionl the cenltr fulgalI. Anid whlen
ever onle domliniates too mnhi b liaboive
t he otheir, it can bu2t resul t ill dissolu.l
Lion and rinl. WX'e are nuow~ tendhilg
toot rouc tol i the coniitr'i fugal. We2 aret'
losiing sight. if the old land iarks,
anid disregard ing the suglge-'t ions oft
piast experiencee. Al seeml to Ihrett
Ih t, they are liable Lio err,~ or that. it
is any3 1 lnger' to be f'ea red thait wt hat
hlas li eI r'uinlous to Clonil Ilunhitli iy
still lbe. Siuch ai issa h ite state of'
puiular' sentimienit. ha~s anl ways preced
ed thle ruin of repuflbl ies.
WXe hive manny reaiso s, it, is t ill'
ton hi. le that. our e'xpemriim'ent shill
not priove it fhiriie. lfesidets th litmuy~ii
ililjpor'tnt dliscoverie's, and advanlct','
in knaowledge, wthichi have baeen iiiale'
ill modlerni timies, the iiiliuence of
Chi st inity' hias liian eLll u tai ur
governg~inenit, whlichl was hot, on to i i
foarigi'i rep'ublhles ; anid the geamlrl
dill'usion of christ ian ilierty :e eve'ry
pIl . oif our pliticail system wailI C ver'l
prlodiuce a salutairy effect. Yet, we
canti he tool wantchlful of the breakers
uponi wh'ich (others have been 'wrecksed,
nor too cautiotus iln 011r experihnenits.
Unwieldy governmnents are as uasmless
ast the, ar e danigr~o us. Anild haut, dlis.
re'garda oif the icitantes oif ai well guide'd
discr'etion which seemis to lie too prIev
ailet', ill 0 r progresive ago iiny yet
prove the baine of'our cherished ho pes.
News Items,
Ill publislhinig tle annual reports of the
treasurer aid iauditor of' Alassachusetts. for.
the pIit year, tlie Bosion Advert iser says:
"Thie w lhoi aggregaie of ordinary cx
penes for ite year was but A900,97.5, or
about one! million do!lars. Thus,:for an
average expense of I dillar for ch soul
-ine, woniienl anid children-a population
of a iillion inhabita nits living in this Cori
monweaih of Aiassachuse ts have enjoyed '1
tihe privilege of lthe hest governinent on
tlie face oil tie earth."
The Greek Goverininnt has sent a stone
rro I le larthenon if Athens, with tile
lI,111.lowinr ilscription in clissit Grek, thie
Irniilalion of whlich is:-'To oGeorge
WaV ;shington. tile lIero, the Captain, the
Si atesnii. the Founider of Mloern Liber
IV, tie Land of Soloni, 'I'leiii stocles, aid
Pericles, lite 2.lother of Anicient Freedo~m
as a lestanioiiial of lioniour anil dieiratiou.
colsecrated this anicieit Stoinie fiorn the
l'reniiion.'' Stoie, are also furnisheil by
lie Celestial Ilmpire an( the Eiipire of
hIilln- Ihie cradls of despotisin, inl the
sihpe of patriarchal goveroeniit TlIc
111inonuientl, w hen cormpleted, will be thle
1in1.-4 colo'Sal Imosaic, and ile Ilost valua.
ble hi.'tory in .Atonie of iililnkiilld.
The rumi tr.-fTie (says the Ruston Tele
graph) oil 3larti's Viiievard has been out.
lawed for nore thanii eihtieen years. Rinm
Selbn1' is not11 kinl 'in Ill 1hat loca~lty.
Whai hals beii the renlt? Crimne has
iiot (olily dhiinished, but it senilis to have
.111i11)-t enitirely hi-it the \ineyard. W e
.1e ilho rwii tl:it 14) eS of crine has
uin1J bitb re tile ciurts III.- somethingi like
si.;en CIvs. Tii! jiiuldrgs go down il
one boa.t ailid-in ac irr:he ixt. Wjlel the
ratlic in1 laliuuir cou n ied, ;hie courts were
in 54o-iin fo aliti two weeks ench term.
Civil caes hive been greatly diionished,
aid there are now very few Ithat cini up
fOr ral. I leie is a lict of jiouinense im.
h'lle liv. )r. C le of If. ynn, M1assa
hustts, receintfy treaed iis hiarers it)
: V.%. l hich lwia preaclI o i the sailn
thw of, t he - a o te 1o1,0t1h1i i 1655.-just :10
yi au-s beiIe-iid in de shnile church
Tile Gilei (11.) Jelli'rsoiian relates
the ollowmig ccurrencs at I he execluon
uf'ITaylofr, a few days ag: "Oiie lua
wIs drineviid in crossiig tie 2lie-ssippi
o~ppc*ite thle Diubnpite, another wslle
ly aibvopon tia hl,,:i receiveil near the
away. A iiiliir leil irni lite lfiee iiear
tilt st;fl..ld wi:h a cli, in her ;mu.s aid
hi .lb e is ain; anlir wiunian's foot was
cruhed ind g :g it the execIitili, and the
poor creature, inhli2reiit to the p-111i, wepit
litteirly lecause-l.'ie couldn't e Mhe man
Ai exch:uge says: There are thurr e
grea. 'levers Ili it gvernii the worId.
Withouit theni th honoImlli wou!d LI! I
out, an FUsoiLVJy Woni1 i eC.I 4) 0'AI Ciiaois
P-1 '41. Thle p: .s S, a- pvloph- pao r.otic,
thie 11pe.1 rig.ln. bit non:i sw.ay all.
tinii.. Thhrie woiiulI be no go.iig to
clihurebi .ihier w re n1 girls ihiere, neith
or n a thre he :oImy gioingi to war were
theS" sulet; 11 Illect withf no alppLaus.e butl
shi.-il 4I , iht ro-e ofl allEction wilt ;d
gler.aIC' loi shior;. she i the. en- ine
of hfei. the rea.t tive powerl'" of love,
valor and c.ivibz iinl. li prlooi of thii-,
trut in a:1 insoiry spmeaks trilumpet
IKiiin. , mi w!ieh iihe litter dela'res that
hos piurpi.es ire irie',iie, and~u thati the ob.
;ets of thme expedi.min a re aingu andl
enitin. dyge~ woods. 2.1 i. 2.1.. rey 'l say tt
if the' t'.4:4s!5t' xpiiriute thiteinelves a1.nl
contorini to. thIe laiws 4.1 their ;iiluoped coun.i
try, ih-- liiut.ve n.d iltint iterfere, but
it wvliii ow n thle~ n .: toib hinied
aiiiini iler a niihltarv ori4 r lmitiaon, lje
luii-ir s:ive lhii the tiile his comie iruom
thie 2l1 uiil ing to :hie lands mi <pie.'t:un
A New \'rit colrres.)Adient writes:
"'.\ grea;t sL'ri':tioni waLs creitedl in the
'treiet y'e.,ied4 'y ini ceueniiceof ithle
(Cil iioriiiii dritsii lie hioiies of liurgoly nie
ail (4o., Sani F"raimi.sco, ha~vingr b.'iino
insedl ar'eptanuce byv their crediitiors im 1110s
cmiy- T1he ainuntiui of these drafts is not
yet asc ertn ied.~ lit ilhey are kiniwni to- :he
large. .lI. Il'ege andi Col., 4of Wil street,
andi Co. wus con~isderedh thle most impllor
luait bain ~g hiiniie mi Cahlirniua, niext to
will hi:i e :t bad eilhet here iad at the
liiham Y'oung', is buiiliig two4 large
lie occuiesC lnow' in Silt L-uke City. to
ac(coinuiinodate hisi inicrea- iing iainiily. lIe
wive-, andi frin 'ouirit-iive Io fiiiy chim
miin AI piostl.', has bietween sixty anud se v
Thelu N. C. Legislatuire adljournued sine
dio th1 le 1ith Iinist . after a sessioni of
91) diys.
G. I'. Ketchiuit, of liford, India na,
ha~s taiken out a palenut for ain iniven'.
tion1 tio prevent. Cars runinilg off the
ratck i:i coeqi*Euen'lce of puassinlg over ob-i
spea1ks hIighly of his. inlvenlt in wh'i ch it
i sc ribets as flllows ;-U3pont one of' the
aix les of each truck a p)ir ofi armus aire pla
ced .lose ly, an id the airoms of L'eh paiir . f
I iucks ar e conelItctod by ia lonriituial
roid, an d so aruraniged that whenh eilther pair
of wheels is throwni lY (lie rails, the
enids of the arms men~ttioned~ will comue inl
coniact noth ihno ,ait8 and sn,-- as guid
We learn from the Jacsonville News
that the weather in Florida this winter has
been very mild. Tle News states that
the inarket boat of Dr. Balsani, who has a
garden at Damsee's point, arrived at that
place well stocked with green peas, let.
tuce, turi ps, radishes, &c. - Ile has
inade a winter shipment of three barrels
of green peas in the pod to New York.
and the return was nine dollars per hush
el, or about twenty-seven dollars.
The locomotive MeNeill, the first loco.
moltive ever used ini America, and the
pattern for hr first locolmotives built in
tlie Uiited Staces. is now in Cleveland,
Ohio, undergoing repairs preparatory to
beiirg pliced upon the Carroll Branch
Radiro::d. It is a great curiosity.
Perhaps the odest tree on record is the
cypre-ss of Somma, in Lombardy. It is
soplposeil to have been planled in the
year ot lie blirtli of C: rist. and on that
account is looked oin with reverence by
tle inhabitants; but ai aincient chronicle
:t Milain is said to prove that it: was a tree
in lie time of Julius Ceisar, 1. C. 42. It
is 1 !3 feet high, and 20 feet in circum.
fereciee at one foot Irom Iie ground. Na.
poleon, when layi ng down tite jlt i for
his great road over the Simp!on, diverged
from ; straight ime to avoid ii-jurmog
this tree.
Within the past three weeks upward'
of five thousatid three I indred sand fiftv
bales of cotton, valued at more thani
a quarter of a million of dollars, have
been de:-troyrd by fire at the South.
There is a fair prospect of a revival in
lie hoot and shie business. 'I'l. Abin -
ton Stitislard says :
0.ders are coinig in from various
quarters, aid .thiough not very irge as
yet, it is hoped that' at tle opening of
spring, tle demand will be lively.
.1 ndge Treat, of St. Lon is, has deciled
that the eidorsers of a draft of ';2,)000
were it. t liabile, in) co.1sequieiice of nio4
being no llied by tihe holders of the pro
Ite%;t. llistelead l 0 1 rua.1ln otc to thec ell.
dorser-, the hohlers sent a notice of pro.
test to the hank from whom they had
received the draft.
(eorge \V. Freii, the Chicago balkei
who was convicled soiiet ime aince of tile
imuird- r of his wife, hung limlicif iI lis
coil yes inhay moritig.
There i- a probability tli:it i lit U. S.
enI ', u i I vote to gave six maonuths no.
ice to 1h i.) Coil ins im - f,1a.ners to teri
:m:nate ith m ill C-.: rael.
It is statel dhit F.ti:iy Fern's iortio i
of Ilh- proli:-4 ()! thll.- l~ l % J il
Alrealy amn toi:t n - . ,000. anid the
proli:s ot th pub isliets to nearly. an
ulliaul s:n. hie has publIIIShedl a let
ier, st:iting ihi:. lie in~i n othihg about
lite hite o ier-elf ntic has been annun
ced, and bel eves it to b e a itch-pennyV.
.anes It ossell Lom e! I, t lie poe t, has
b.e'i elec.tvil it) succeed PtO.Aesaor. .opg
-ow m II irvard Uii ersity as P rofessor.
of Modlern ingu s an:l 1 - lies Lettes.
There were live a, picants for t he place,
but Mr. Lo ell was not inne 'if them, and
his nioiimatioi wia miidc w;: Ih.-ut li:,
knowllege. li will.aocept the i1aipoiit
ment1, bill, before eneringIi upol its dite S,
he w ill spenid a year abroad, ini Germiany
if ideasthi tor Ithe omurdei of J. I lornI asi
been par14 dionetd by thle 1Fxecuti ive'in consil.
erst :mon of the circumist.meiies of his casc,
m.ii thle loilun~ ing recontendationi of Sm.
"I am inw p".replared to go further th:an
I did to his l'xcellenc~y, and to say unhes
itatinig.y, that I regard Pc ter Giot.cl:, who
a tinow mi prison ait Spartanburg, on'
der senitenice of death, as a lit subjet .for
Exeut 'ye c lemnency, anod, in miy. ju'dg
oawnt, lie may be pardIoned co''sistently
with a slue admiinistrationi of the crimin
ali law,"
It is sidm that two tnew high s~cools or
collecges are to be established mi Cuba
-mnme in I havana anid the othier at St. Ja
goa de Cubai.
A dtuel ats fought on Fridaty mlun
ing on1 the cotunty line of Faiyette andi~
tIourbonl. enitutcky', betweeni J. Black
born anid T1. Sieele. Blackburn received
a shot ins the uipper part or his leg. It is
not knowtn whether .steele was inajured.
Thie Indelpenident Press of WeVdnes-.
dnay last anniotunces the dea;thi of .TOEl
53i irrt, 4)ue iof the most usefulI andim en
terp)rising citizens of Abbevwille District,
at his residence itn that District.
'Thle Same Paper infiornis us that a
negro haoy helonlging to Mir. D~orroh, liv.
inig in I lie uppei4t part oft liat District was
shot, oti umnday evenitng last, while guiet
ly sittinag by the kitchen fire. Stuspicion
rests uipoa a nmegro) li'ing near the place.
WeT learn fromt the WVihnington Ilerald
thiat AiawllI Chirambers, one of thle
wealthiest umen oaf Niarth Carolina, whoiu
ied) the some dhays smee,!C gaive by hiis.will
.$250,000 to Davidhson Coallege, and $51),.
(0001 to the Presbyterian Cliurchi of Salis
'Thie lInk of Capoi Fear, N, C., has
beeti re-chartered.
'Thie Steamter Hacuotn, oti her .way fron,
St. Lotuis to New Oiuteans was sunk near
Cairo, oin Sunday. 'The boat anid Cargo
are a total loss.
lIon4. A. C. Dodge, oaf Iowa, hats beeni
apominted Miniister 14) Spa in.
It is positively stated that thle Presi
dlent will veto thle joint resoltition author.
iing the title of Lieuteniant Geneoral to bt
conferred on Getn, Scott
On Friday lust the U. S. Senate pasted
the Joint Resolution, to adjourn at Mid.
night on lurch 3rd.
The N..Y. Herald, contains the follow
ing concerning (lon. James L. Orr's re.
ceitt speech -against the French Spulia.
tion Bill.
"I mentioned yesterday tile awful ex.
posure imade of the enormity of lite
hill providiig for tli payment of interest
on certain Florida claims by Air. Orr, of
South Ca.olina, and I can nlow say that
this e.%posure resulted in smashing up the
bill, and with it the prospect of extracting
from the United States treasury upward,
of a million of dollars by those engaged
in the speculation. After tlh. vote
was taken rejecting the bill, ma.
ny members crowded around Air. Orr,
and congratul-ited him upon the eiiinlent
service he had rendered his country by
killing ouf this bill, which all acknowledg
ed was ellected throuli his speech."
The London \Vatchman, of Jun uary
2.1, mientions the sudden death, in the
pulpit, of tlie Rev. Joseph Ueaumont, Al
D., onie of the muost popular ministers of
the Fnglsl Wesleyan Church.
It his been decided in lie Circuit
Couirt, that the Governoinet shall adionis-.
ter on thlie estate of Dr. Gardier, and
been eccreed that the stocks aid secnri..
lies i the haids of Messrs. Corrorai and
liggs, ainnuntig 1 0to 89,000, be pllaced in
the hands of a special audittor.
The A.aino law has beei introdiued
into Africa. siloshv.lh. chie ruicr ill Bas
ottuland, has prolubited tile im)portdl ltion
and sale of iquiors in an etihectual decree
co inltllig only three clauses.
The Journal of Coiuieree says:
The le-tters by tle I llic have a more
clieerti tione thai tihie pliubiiied accotiots.
Several of ilie leadImg I.'mdn Bikers
wr.te, that, in their ospinioni, coiiimiercial
allirs wil shiow an iiirovement which
will cnuiilue throughout the stnier and
autuLinn, il "pite o the war. The mail
brilags lout hiteral oirders fir Atinricai
securniies, and the .rhisli fiinds iiaam
a renzarmkable buoyanlcy, conisilerinr the
stlte oi phatiical :l:airi. W e nitice th:t
laige (orders li;ive beei receiveid livi tie I
ernntinient, and larticubirly iniii Fraiiice.,
for virious ;rticli-s ): fo e,un ad dw a Vsi c
produe e; the loiter W .tM te re.idiiv ii led'
lit lte oriiier cinnut be coiceinsnt ly,
owing it tlie a bsence ilf Frich esse.
Why tile Freiel slap owners are noil
shrewd enouighi1 to See the propriety (it
seI(inig ont French ships wiah liir irers
lir C ha iolasses, whent there is a
di.-criimptin g du:y in their favior. cii lie
accouiiiitel for oily oll thet iisuitisniitht
their raiige ot visoii is bmiuided b y Mar
t: ::d~ I:.:i.. iit oiher
countries tie Goveri-mon t are lar bhiad
the inerchais in their tinan iail aiid
caonercial iperatiis, but inl Fri nce it is
: hern i-c, ftr ihe l:nperir has s4mwn mire
'0erahiiy of views. ;ndl shrewdsi-s of
pkiy in his finianei al arraingemeUints, than
the w hole Ch umber o. Corinierce. I
A ei: EIkiik-a'alol.
Soie o.ne has iivnted a new Carn and
Cob mill, whidb is stipmken very highly oI.
A Cincimati papersays of it -.e called
t I1 ,1 ruy i wun n tilt i;eratitmon (of
wati tle invf-4ior Isis dCionimted thle
'Litile.dant Cirn aid Cob' AI.1.' If ev.
or nae was well app.ivd, .-iz. na intihe
present instalce. .The mIill weilhs onlI
aboit threa un ried pounds, - and with t
a single horse attached to a ten-loot shaft,
it eats up corn and cob 'w.th a ven.
gea'nce.' It. is got upi on aim impirovemlei
on thle best pat eIto0f I thi kmd dver at ltain.
edl, anid is so 5i.iliple ini its conisiructiomn.
that it Caiii be put together andl set iii ino
tiosn in Iweinty inainutesi. anid call atter
wards tbe adjusted and uised with ease by
any body. It will grind withI ease hrom
12 to 14 bushlets per hiour.
PF.Ncu Un~oAu LAIidniA.-We. see,
thit thle L--gislature of N. Carotiina has
granied a charter for the above roadh. The
chairter pirovides for the cont iinaliono'
the Shartanhilurg and~ Uniiion Railroad, "'via
llhendersonville and Ashvmlle to Putint
Rock, wherce it will connect with the
Keiitucky Road, passiig through the Cum,'
be'rland Gap1."
Excrrtisier is A CINcissairJ Scnoor.
-lXPU.JI.StoN (iF A NEGalO FIgi[4l --The
Cmemn:I llat i Csnomerend of Friday says:
There was great exeitemoenit in the 5ev.
enthl I )ist rict yesteray , concerningr the
dletsriinnat inn oft Aiss liewvhall, that a col.
ored boy, who hadh beenr in attend~ance in
ot her depar:tent s of thle schmads, shll I not
be~ adlmitted ilitao hers. The boy was re!
uhiarty a pui fur some1 monifths, andi 0 not.
ing waos said oif it until lie was transferred
to *Al ss Newiill's ramo i, when she S entI
houn hiomie w itli a noate, infioriimig hiis mo
thecr tat Ise woiid not be permistted Lto
remam i loniger ini thle school. rThe miother,
who is a I lhi miultal ton, imired tho rea~soni,
uiid AlIss N. laiid the~ miatler before the
Ilhstrict Trustees, who told her that. she
inust receive the boy, andl she persisted
in refusing to dls so.
Thie Gazette aliof usda~y s1tts thait the
matter was laid belss' the School Board
subseqjuently, anid that Aliss Newhaill, af
ter an exeinsg deob itr , was su ti ined in
the course she hads pursued. The boy,
who calledl himiielf a qjuadlron, was ex
pel1led hi um lhe schoi ol, the Bosarsd dleemiing
that colored schmools were provided lor
those tintgedl with inegro hblo,.l.
TIhe San Frainciscoa giapers in ti ouble.
-A San Franciscoi ppr ma itkes the fol.
iowmig aishiarteniing recorsd:
' 'Th Al Cahflornia. Ithe osdest paper
in t he st;.to was sohl5 vesterdamv by the
sheril'lir $1 3,500l. Tlh'ere' were attach
mentsl fo a0 lbout $30,000t on the papiler.
"T1he Sun. whIch hias the lairgest sdaily
ci:-culation mi Ithe State, (as itsaelf says,) is
advrertised for side by the shermhf ttider ex
ecuation amoluntiing to $ 16,00014.
"An attacelmmi~m w sevrid sever 'al
slaya ago upon5 thse 1loralId, which hias te
largest advertisIng patroniage iln thle Stat-',
and it is rtimotredl that the. dsebts of then
papier are $'d.000. /Such is newspaper
biusmoss in Sans Firancisco. Print~ers,
wages aloiie, on a tiritclass paper here'
anmonnil to mlore) thi-m $1 ,000O a week.
"Tneii Alta has boon puirchiased I y theo
compositors who liad lnrge claiins uporn
theC ogices and it ta. said thiat1C. AAVsih;
burtn, an ainti-Nebraska mn,' wvil be
the editor." - ~ '
By the Latest Mails.
The latest nlows froma the East: id that
brought liy .the Steamineri Baltic-Liver.
poiol 10th inst. Afairs in the Crimes
are uiclhaniged. A rencontre had takes
place on tie Danube between the Rus
vians and the Turks, ins which the Turkuf
were successful.
The Vienna peace conference had- not
yet opeded. Diplomacy had made a
pause until the result of the British Min.
isterial crisis should be known. In the
neaitime the allied powers and Russia
rontinue their preparations for caffyingog
the war, but there were still hopes that
nlegotiationes might lead to peace.
Tle French batteries had received or
ders to prepare for a general bombard
mzaent, and it was said arrunrenients for the
assault had bees completed. The Zouave's
had mutinied, and 400 of them, had sent
prisoners to Constantinople. The Rus
sinos continue to rmake sorties.
The news from Great Britain inform
us that, "After twelve days suspense
.iigland has again a Government. The
Earl of Derby. the Marqis of Lansdowne,
Lord John Russell. and the Earl of
Clarendon, were successively "sent for,"
and all failed to form an administration.
Lord Palmrrston at length undertook
itie misson, and has presented the na
toni with a Cabinet composed of the Aber
t'cen Mini:,try except the Earl of Aber
doent), the Duke of Newcastle and Lrd
Jlon ltussell, who retire, and with the
additioii of the Earl of Panmnure as Minis
ter of War.
We learn froin the Toronto Colonist
hat just previous to the resignation of the
Abordeen M inistry, arrangements had
buii concluded at the llorse Guards,
iutlhoriziig the Canadian Govern nent
o anse two reguhnents of Rifles for
service in the Crinea.
By the last mnail from California we
earn thavt Joeph ilkIlep, acing Treas
irer of Tuolenain Conn'y, was robtied
and maiered, at S.iiori, on the 18th
i0 Janutiary. Prompt uimiros were tak
m ail tit crinme e.ta;b.shed tpioi one E.
L. tiaSh, wht was anmainediat.ly lynich
*d by a1lie si'l gulait. and excited crowil.
Im hs beten determined, by th. board or'
rustees of .hi So. Ca. College, to re
bilhd tle ol Chappel and the adjoining
wiaig, w..ich werer.ecently destroyed by
The survey of the route, for a Railroad,
voitimiuimig the lite of thile W& I Railroad
to II muahurg, hais beco completed and
nia:mwirex !! soon h'- m-ide to secure the
charter by complvmng with its terms.
The coms asoners, of the twa branches
of the Aletlodi. Church, devided on the
i - mot at Cis. innati, under the decree of
lie Supreme chourt of the Uniaed States,
.he \Vestern Book coscern, between the
wo churches
'Ihe iaaount allowed to the . Southern
3hurcb iii money was 880000, besides
lehts due i tihe South to the amouis of
I 5,60U mure.
\V l:orn i toit n nogro beiog;ng to
Ulr. Ily irit of this-place, while a:teinp
pig toi)Jiiany rolim tihe Cars. white thev
vere il aiuitioni, til iiioinday last, g 't his
eg ciang!1-i aid so badly cru-ied by the
Vbleels ut the Cir th.a it. had to be amputa.
[Fur th Hanner.[
On time Denatin of a Claild.
lPhe yiounig ! the beautiful ! Oh ! could
not Jove,
tanaa hiope. and te'nderntess thec fi t move,
Nicha called the young, thie bea'utiful
Asal Ie.' piarents and frieiids mhourr.ing
n'ains tier lifeless clavyl
Jha ! coul. 1Nt prayers, avort. that doom,
ntor sighs,
Noir tears whiilch em'd to burn the ach'
mag eyes,
Could ntilnig serve ichange tihe dire
Which ayive this babe intcath. cold
handi I
Alas ! alas !. that fair and pear-,ined
birow,. -
WVeareth' a hun like marbhe, and e'en now
Thei idy blood haisth curdled round the eyi's,
WVinch ere wvlnie wore th'etint. oh summiaer
a kie.u
Th~e longi dtark, lashes reist upon the cheek,
Whicsh paurs anid white without one life
lhke streak,
S3eeims as if cut froain wax-so still and
The . buaby lies, like artist's sculptured
God help the Mother ! She whose an
guashed heart,
Froma her lifes treasure now is'called to
She whs young babe must cha'nge her
wuam embatrace,
For the cold collint's darksomne dwelling
She benads above her dead, whose coldnere
Like thec wan wreckedness of trcubhed
Ala ! wretcheda Mother ! ne'er on earth
can fall
are bitt er pang thy spirit to appal.
Mothesr-Fat her lank up ! thy spirit's via
Then' will thy grief be changed to lseve ard
Th~lv Gardlian atngel now, thy hahy3 brsyht ,
l'ruantslatd to thes reahnas or houodless,
Alay wac sh slhv progress tharoimgh thia.
A nd aeioe whiisper hopte oif jea to~ r'ws
tter-1'sther look up aid withs a wet
coam', shen
May haal thy entrance to eternity.
'T'he Mosth'er or* tan angjel thoiu art row t.
No enre, anr gridecan bend hter hooaven fm
Cleanmged bv the live wlhich w.aes,.o.k
eli e'ain.
11cr spirat puarified from every pain,
Sla -joaa in thieused tantd Wivao dvet a ng%
Thea. praasoei f thei'r 1Pithier sad ktm
Theasn Miather-'J',stla i t~tU thy
a gal- ... IL

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