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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, February 21, 1855, Image 1

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VOL.~~~~ I. IUMT Et R VII- it. .O. AROR7 8
- -----.m.NO.- -I gd
-F. - - - - - - - - - -- - --- --- _ _ _ _ _
VOL. iX. IsuM T 4,4 t 11LLE9 s.oC., M1ARCU 7,1) IS0NO.5I
Every WednesMday Moraing
John 3. Richardson, Jr.
T EK1 R.,
TWO DOLLARS in advaice, Two Dollars
und Fifty Cents a tiheexpiration oftlix motis
or Three Dollars at tie end of tie year.
No paper discontinucd unti nil all arrearages
are rA I t, u1niess0 at the option of the Proprietor.
All mscriptions are expctedl to be paid for
in Adivtuiee.
Ailvmtrtisicnents insertel at the rate of 75
reents per smqutre for the first ; Fifty ceiti mfrr
tihe seconel, and Thirty-seven and a half cenits
for each Piubseq uentt imsertiont umiler three
#mn.nth. Ollicia acivertisenments inserted at
-seventiy five cents for each insertion.
Sin1gle insertions Onle )mOllar per smitiare,
Semi Mionthly, Alonthliy aili Qnarterly ail
vertiseients charged the saie as single inser
-Butsiness cards of five lines and nder insert
vil at. Five-lollars a year.
Three Months aivert iscemnts.-Onte tstiire
$1 00. two siquares $7 00, three imquares $10
00, fiotr squ tres $12 00.
Six lonthms ativertistements.-One sipItare
$7 00, two msinari!, $12 001, three squares
$1G 00, anil four squares 420 00.
Yearly adivertisements with ;he privilege of
changing three times, one siuare $10 00, two
siqnm-sL. $18 00 thret squa:res $25 00, lour
squares ,330 00, ani live sluar-s $:3I M.
A square to consist of tlie space occupied ly
12 lines of 1ii- ion type.
All j 1h work cash. real tranmieitna-lverising
paid for in alvmtice,
ObituarV notices and tributes of resipect oiver
12 lines charged as advertisements.
All ativertitemints mnt tm:irki-I with tle
number of insertioms will lie pubilishei until
forhid and charged accordingly.
Communintions calculamlel to promote pri
vat, intes ent, or rroumei.dmtiionm of enntillillates
ftor illices of homor, profittur trust will lie char
gei for as adver1iseint-iiL
Airmnimeing a canmti.late Five Dollars a year.
For tmll nmarriaged time primterd fee is exipectel.
-ing to 19e of IIen.116a1.
I've heard ymim sing oftenribly Ioniours
All overnmig w'ithl failing flowers,
Nmiw Sinig to im i of heaven !
Thiough eartl ':-: ymmnmi lio!s may open fair
riert is i pooi.n inl time am ir,
A blight on every blowmin themre,
0! suing mo nie m f i :-.t!. !
I'n fiainiing with tie aimmst ani strife
'Ilhat fills the hat tle fie-l: of li'e
O ! sing tll me of h.- avenm !
The n% bite robed angels genmly inlove
A mionig mlm happy fiehiinhove,
Atid all theiir worlst are breathim imm love,
O ! singi to ime of' heave !I
I sir h for renf-e ; earth k ionm it Inot,
Wa iit 'er i.qjh wirites, n% ill surrow blot
0 ! -inlg to lit'. of hI e:l -1 !
Antial mhle mimuie of hlt sphere
Wim,- lreakis ni, liisc'moml, falls ium t.-ar,
Iin cimtunes- rolls ite eitrial year,
0 ! sim.: to ile of lieaven !
Ave, sing ! for I ani longing so
''o that ieliglfill re t Ill gm,
Tiel holy rest of ieavenm !
Your notes will mike imy spirit strong
To ri-e 'er miortal grief ani wrong,
Andmi listenI 1) time ange's s-mg;
0 ! Sinmg mo ime of' heavell
J.%%iiSua~t t~b11%--- 4a,11Mmnlm
'Tie iiollowingm Ileutteri, thoug we ~ ~
h.vei reasmmn tim lbilieve its dwails per
perl'ittly trie, reads like a lIat' laken
frui ihe I'A mlmabia Nigh'ts"
of %41111ur reaidters %%ill do uess r em-m i
ber that tills calital has for1- sIm-ttw
lemigili of' imie ime the Scnlje oint 1111.
ity tiys temriouslv y pel'rpetrated iiobbeiri.;
f 'uses, ald th'. eially tloysteiriouis
antd suddeiii di.alpearatne ('om manym11v
in Fuglish pirivale or A. B. This
"killli w rk reachled its elimax al).m
May orI Jimie last, am the tiimie wmhm'nm
2.1 11111ny Lioopms were quatered .it mm
garded Lthee amcts mi'of im blod 'hied ats
Inothling imure thmani tihe resuti ofi siomie
tmiimghtt. braiw, I. thermnms consimidered'm
them thme wo rks ofl Ml.m ii anattti iism .
Bumt, time thet wats never' saiti i~letori Iy
atccuted~mi finrg, nmor didi time noinly inives.
tsigatlions minf thme rimlice everi snmeeed im
ombtaiinimg any einte as tn the c rpetra1m.
toris utii veriy Imtely, wvheni themmm my s.
teryV m of these deedi'(s was' i cmlere mmi.
Andmi it is a greamt, blessmin1g t hamt lie
vilans haive been'i ait last seenmtred, mis
thme cases fminm der1 lims were amgainm lie.
cominin1g very frequen'imt. Oni time 2ml
oi mfluanuay ma gipjsy caimme tom thie ief
camvass, imr super~msitmled~itmnt ofplie
andli offereid toi dl~iciou tie ha-:nt of am
gatng oft nandermlmers, on pay~lmentL of' m
rewvardlmit of 1,000 'iamstre. Th'lm ghm
iiimmediteyi Vseenredm , hie refu'sed ti di.
vnm!mi a sinigli fmet wiihioumt lime prommliie
of1 time above sumi. Thie thrimeat f ti-.
mtediatien execui tioni wats nex t ome m on
imm, whlen im gipmjsy. in ode m toiii 1)salVe
hmimisel f, declarued time whoutle mas a g' t~mny
stoiry. Iiereupon hlie wats sentL in
c'hmaige ofn a cavamss fmmo,:. pisonm', bht
iteitiher van, norii handnirstiF areiS ni a.ti
iim herie, andmm the ripsy~ mmmmiimgedi t
imuake his e'scapje neinil. Ne.t imomr
iiin e was 1'ound 'deadm ini thie openi
sit reet., witl)htiu dleep gahe inhis t
breast. It. is stuppose~id itmt. the gangm
gotm winmd oft I lin gilpsy's initeion toii
bm. Ii'amy thmett, nimd, accourdiinmgly , qutiet.
iy dis~pamtchd itom t renderm imn
.hairmiless~ fnr .hetmti iutur.
it ithe evenimng of th iiu I, as somet
envaissetm were't iimakiing tmheimr run~iids ini
4inmt of the~ strt'm s min' Galta~tm the'y iob
se.rvedlI i liwem, caryintg am bmirge bag
hmet weenm temii, ai-itientlyv wit h iimieh
<jjinmity. I hie ppj9p.eemen1 auLspe'cted
theini, by their Iuilaliner l.to have Clio.
iitid sire mei, ad accordigly, ti
escal observatiln, gilt inito the shauie
ol a deaai wall, to allow the others to
aIpprach'ali. Bat this plain fiiled for
this 11io that, iminlent re.appearing"
lront behiid a ebc.ud, thnl-w her light
Iuli Upli the dead wall, wheretuponi
tie two luen let fiall heiir baig and took
to their heels. The bag was liaund to
contiai n the bady of' anl English solid.
ier, with ai bulevt through his liCad.
(In the night, of. the 6t;ih, three
French so:diers, walkhiag through nie(!
of tile st eels at Pera, suddenly caine
11pon two G3reeks, carrying the Ibody
of an English sailor. Sulspecting tie
COiissionl of a t an i deed, the
Freclinchi unsinig their riflas, which
lillg at their sides, andot gave C31e to
the Greeks, who instanitly dropped
their lu rden and rant all. The chase
citititled, ilj) nlle lime anad down at.
aliter, far1 salait tiane, whien the pur.
sued1 sandden ly halted aind gv a lod,
shrill whistle. Sihuleily the previils.
ila mpty lane was crowded w iii da rk
hires, whlao rushed on the iinafolrtiini.
ate Frenehma, en, who had thus noblv
endeavored to avenge the death ofl the
Einglish ailr. Thytired, anad azIado
a1 galanit stand 1. r soe tile untl il
Ihe h vrl-whel-iailng li inInbers boore them
downi, .-tabbling :nal einbbaiiangI ai.ema,
witliit inercy. S41aa11 aller. sonle ca.
Vali.ses pa1Silag by, the nifliais disap.
jaearel .arainl as qulickly as ihey had.
caarnea to tih, a.,ei e of theiir ldl.,w
iiiiraevre r, ba it nit, . aithlilt lea v inII
Iwo fit' [lie Fn1-ihmeni d1.-:. T.l
third livedl jn-t, lng einoa:gl to-) tnake'
his stateiniet to the ipodlice. wh-Io. ill.
stantily sa1ched all l1 neighbarinvg
iaass, courts an i ale a , blit. m ithotag
lindiig an:ything suispiacilus whae.
A nier aeltoernber IIf tile ibde'
Vo1dillitaaer( Caarps who has lieen obtainl.
ing a icnt!y bieliliad here by excea.
tilg :Ill s t-Is Wr coln 11isiaais, where.
ly lie noat ulivpaietly ecaa iln cI n.
I aet with s(ala:e* 41* tha ealt Io' all 11,1.
n-, voliainevr.- . 1i lo fi thle h la t, a.1
tik Imoysteri.-us ?.. a-i. o l
lii -il * Irl ;:l~ Isa ;& .~ lit Cai ld
iv g.l.nenily delaeaaaid 11y., 11, Lis Iten.
dera. was acaepld, and 1 dagger and aI
n-v. ker t give bhIl*ia lar paaa.-eionl.--..
()I 1lit- ait iliila tit' lihe (.),I lie was
I- d ..ead alit:ide (fI i'era. A (-:I.
%ass, wh- h 111 a bi' a . oIp voI aIll i a-a.lu d lt
oh et heni~ st ryliw i.,v fi-Il a1 v ie.
rim, :m id wa., pickedi fil 4.ne ru1ori-1ing
elivea . i:h agger waund-; wani pe,.
()I e1 d tila l il
%%:Is S.hed. It ha p m- is I'l w.
A P'ele 11 theV 11.111t of GlaI.b:Iez and11 an
lt!aliean. l'isato.' a na , hIlapenedg toa
a aven~ p ii th-1 aC Ier..a I. The lIit3ian
ied a very tee I a ei 14all lii-, was 3el.
. 14,11 at h i ai-, and4 ala lia, n1't ap I la l
have. been-1 a nov-e. sit g4nbl~lineu ciitnr.
Alier havinsp I iag ' ae a alt -al i ili. l'i-ai
k ii I I b1 . aa eIl al ( iaa I if I iet
IIlla#Iita a I II I Ia 1 I a f. i, jIlIIa ajv.'.1 &-d
a if ak, wainch (;ia-sed h1., I a c t I t j 1 i .
11- dleaa* aa a aI ia llaIk I3.1 ii i li bla :d
in31. I'i-alai ans,%% aea-d, that he hlI:I
lIt.all his cash that night at phlY. .n3d
h.l evae Ia laae hii gaha wt a-h as
-eenri ity th aa h araiwed .-l ann. ;lhii.,
'lsh:1go.1111 redevil ilny wat1-h di
1e tl o air the 1,,-etalh hltui I11c
it -;nn(1 I woiahl Iat. lase tLat walch
ir IIe u%-..ill. I lanIg, Ilese 1iaIin aig ,
srI evis indai llIlll sI s h -li - I
h-Il l l e -3,pair of finldiaag lihe -Ielarel
again buit flr a1 elever trick af-iinilaa-:
as5 I left the I h~mse~ I elt. a1 large ero--.s
on te hous~~-e dleaor ithl inv ',if1-timt11
i-i ray onily gilud , but? ii i.-, 3 ala m k
whbichl the~aaa hilaln-.e c:anot easily af
lce."' lIhe taaak al1l his maaanea oaaa
and11 dearalated determlinetd toaI lasa all1
or win his monaley bacik. ('hlaez had
go wrlongI~, and. de-terinead to gi ill
search ofl his frienda I if e didla nat
makea~ his apniaan~~ace by naext lonar3imea
Ghibua~ez hearalbmra saet aont In e:ia ry l.,
rasoluiito ala t * ete. 11ll ad wanI.
hloar. wiha-n he enatera-d a1 saiil elihm~eI
to1 ile-eh hoaMelf with a glass oaf rum11.
n..- galve theI host a1 p3.I re, and1 dhe
-f t he-e parlas hle had aonly the day
blbreaa serl~at hais lnIne withi a 113il,
and11 ieeaa:.:nised it 31 as blonginlg toi Pi.
para1. 1lae thlereibro entleredI into0 coa.
veI *l'- iin w-th ithe gina.shopa~ 1aeper,
askeLd ito ub lethar an haa liani131 had ein
hecre latel~.y, and(1 thether he 13( h aplay.
tel at1 his house-g. The1 1nan11 evadedea the
<111a-1111, and1 his all~aner appeedala 131.
taagethaer sag 1d1d that1 G;3lhm z. siniietll
t.,ak hit- dleparture1l~ iln ardear to havae a
laok at th- Ie street dooral. Soure~II eniugh,
I here was1 thle c-ross baurrie-dly scratc head
gai the auitsidle. Turin~ilg intoa the
net street, hea mtet a file oaf plicLe.mlen
attembn IIlg oni some~i a11abas3, wajhih cln.
ltlined thle bogdies of thoase uh1o1 h11(
al -n1 i vietimIlsl inte past naight. TIhere
welre 14 caorpjse: aif thea(se 7 werel Kn.
gilish, 4 Frenicha; Pisani lay li feless
Itheral too. Na, doaublt couaild nocw exist
1las toiwho the pe'rpedtrato~rs ofI all these
crimnes were and whle tbirl deo was.
:nld on ttimia1n diIy the wlole pi vIll.
ises were suriouided by enilitary, whI
il'eeted li capture of' 15 men 'and 8
.vo)tienl, all of Whorn will no doht
meet the puiishment they so richly
A visit to WalVkuuila SpMiing in
Afier many a month of weary wan
deling, niy friend and I found our
selves , Ol a1 pleasant lorninlg in
Narch in the litt.le capital of Flo ridl,
While We were elnjoyil our c41 e
with a in an ber ofr gen-1*tili, oike o'
them asked, " I1 ave y oll been to W a.
kaula." We were obligred to confeoss
that we had never even leard (if snieh
a place. Withi a looki of' astoilh-l
Illent, he proceedel to nceilt, its
woliders. We list ened ats incredulonms
ly as you, dear readr, are abilut ti
listen to tiv deseliptiona. We re.
solved, however, to visit. (lhe spot ; aid
presuiring with all dole respec. flilt
your I xateisive gev grajphicai knol-4'.v
udge, that .iu kiw lno miore of thtin
ihhll we did, I irunke no-1 aplo)lgy 1'r
ri vilg )oil till a ccount, of our vibit, to)
Ihe woinderfid timntain.
WVith a ine legged negro as guide,
ompagnon de voy(re, and driver tot' a
pair ot'hoiirses, w hose legs c(Olectively
had no"t nua ich 111ire elisticity 1 than1
hi:, we started n (ur jou rney%. ()ur
14oId. which pre-sened the utsual variet v
Ill' 111s alld St1 onps, lay tied rethugh anl
ab1114st tl nbro4keni -pine Ihr-est.* All
akjlng .IIr way we noaticed great imn
hiers to thoise depressioin, or' "sinks,"
as they are called, which are soi com
Iroon ill lilt estine regiins. Siubterra
neIn: streamns filoceed t heir wav throug hel
lite fiure of this siit roi, aind rapid.
Iv wear away the sides f' o their ebwn
iels. Thus as :na.niy suIpS(e, Were
1 d1need 1' thle c1rnlt linieto4 ine caves,
whaich are 6hund inl the Southern midi
est et in Siat es. SoSIle tiii.i's the
v'lalliel is worn so) IeI ll. to tli S irl
flm.e I& thle e1-: rth 'M ' their thinl ernst
boreaks a uh nl t hias a valley tor
sinik "is fotneIstd. "'We !.aIw searcely
a bro -k r.. :. atig it the road it
to i n I & atillah l:. ;\t ht'Iggti all
ier diivil., :1hb' 1t li4lite Li) iiil's, ve
t .Ie t i hei grilt inlds l4'tt t a t.:1
A.1 13. a lecic' teirea-ell- u t f : IIa t :Iur t'
aJinile, we rehed~ :ia i1A'hie:i flall?:)'e
Ia l\% IItl 11 w he ili 1 vin it. ,,\; 1:4 a 11vi
1 I' e S i f .:I I I a . 1 1 11- aL cl4tsIl I I -
h \e knIvw a I \;. Wk: wI.
a lI % I i re , Vt - , uill l yti it ,
I I If 41 leo i4.-e C I 'IL I ha 1n1id r
h s i i . litI I_ . 1 1 i W I
a1i0: ,1 itwd j al w ! :10 11ve pa
i ' .';it :.I 1:a Ih- tl . 01111 wti -. i lI N 4.
14141 30 W1i 11 ' it) I Iet. alt''p, fill 1 11- 1 '
fa'hu-Ill wv weiev staldigtIll I tw he (!1
sita aitnl:1I4 4 ofl* wal r, ab ll#- n1111r41.1id
t .' r i gs bl i1 t -e soi iti. li i.-s ahln t ', vi:114
ar T hI Ihit44ck ) t lhe cIe. g-owingi
: v th (le's (!, ge1 , tallh g t h4I 4 I r
,1 - I4 aI I ct- \V
-di int .a s ill, ;.111 'ul, hed ;i l' f Itr- -I it
1fe tll 'e. ' SolI e i iltl'vil . fi t.11 t L. !,
Iraiett'd Illy atIt-illimli, al i IScizvil a
'1 ar to) s iik - thtinii . T he b -ati..nl4
hi i',aacs t ll iaki'lt $l wI4 :11( si i lc'iihy
he ilt-% 1\% ' e. e- l lh te I l lI'. V I
:11SIitwe Ill, " ab t l g tfour h1e4." li e
a1 mre ine tII tiie wire at h-al
tw iLl t I'v t litl I ng.. all d it, was 1,1 .
The ni'eo'r is d the illist, Iitrvib41en
I llI'arehy. I dro-ppedl allrinr
lil) Ili wa ler -10 -e. IIdI I Saw\V itS
p.'irCedIIle wt hale ;ttherg redtthee
Aopenig we sigt' nte t~ loint, Wer
actuialized. A imore lfiiry like scene
I ennl searcely conevive.
The water, whichl is here ponred
f111h, f'o.lim , Iby itselif, a i e.. tThi
planter, who lives on tle banici, brings
his Cottol to tle spring, pits it on
rafts, and this transports it to 'St.
Alarks. We sia~v what were said to
be the relmaiins of a Msto-'l, which
had been taken from the fountain.
The triangilar bone below the knee
menasured six inches on each side.
Ihow the :nimal nine to perish there.
is a qliest iin openi to diseission.
The ndin 'name fIa r this spring
is heanitifiully siglificant. \Vakulia
nans "The AIlstery." It is said
that tle Spanish discverers of this
I"tulnain plunget iln it wil th alinlst
frantie joy. 'Tliey sipposed that Ihey
had fubimd ti lnilig sought "osii
.111ventlitis," or V4nitainl of' Younth,
whiih sihiuld rejuvenate them after
[licir exhau.',ting miarebies al battles.
Provridenice Jopurnlal.
Speech of ZaItiia Spicer.
Oil tle questi'l. \\' hieb einjopys tilie
griilteat a amoimt I hapupinss, the bach
eIEor E r tie narried nin V
Mr. President ail gentlenen-I
risk, t advocateat the eaiise f tho mar
ried mann. Anid \% by. -, bould I not ?_
I elailn to knoEw soiEt about the
ie'stil l t 'll. I dIo(. \\ill anly grentle.
in:m1i pretnid t - say that. I do Inot ?
Let hiin accompay tine h2 me. Let.
i(! enfro..t him with iy Vfc and
Sevenlteenl childrven, anld th idei.
Iigh as tile Rocky , it ainls tow
er abmve the Mississippi valley, does
the Character Ef the in arried Inan low.
er a bive that. of the bachelar. V iait
is a iaelori \\'hiit W as A daim be.
14tre het &.'t.t netpainted with' jEve 1
\\lhat. li1t a piloo, shiftless, helphsss,
insigniiiiiat int rtie ? No incire to le
cta11ld with his aftur self than a
itiill 41:1i to the great, rarilng cataract.
of Niaiana. [A phlise.I
t sen11ile e, there was a timei I bilulh
t :., *\ ii. wlw% I t- unis a bachi: or ;
e d1r1 .ile creatu.'u. y1u
\% I! I : i. , L too litol. E very
day I ltoiled hiand. 3.nld at n-i--ht I cattle
hontle to) liy co'l, 1'-r.h.1 barret-no
thing xa in a clitter, n:.t tit wolds
El i 4 I' ll-vt :
"ll i'u iiin was mionareb all I urveed.l .
i t. v i;% a air. 11 lit pa t-, t h e 1 tin I v
lair of* in"s l; thevse a dil ; play-bilI1,
n d iv va pi-. f l iry cht b <. lit,-:.
1i4t W22f t'' ' 111.1 sek I vtlgv, :11. 1ile
':ning a id harliuitto. I imna
'ilmi tlt, htl th iii nem'ti-.e I pa *..* m
hai 4. li vl ea! le i'tIl illv
l ip ti, a.' lo -r \%as. 1 lri :% 'I it!
'r In%\ 41,11%y e at~
AlI. -Il-e a \S, 'l've 1 itsit.
LEi h-1' 1"4t4 1s ; 144 1 111! .11! 1 h v'i 111
set'n ll e l irst l'edl ccIll. ::; th! \%:Iv I)f
pa Vne14 . N i w I'd lii k e n1 what
\ ill art ( L 1 .I aI 1ts i uti it,
1 Il m11 y i k t o k. There
uns n thin in t, .. I kn t it w lt
I - I 3 1- L ti h '' . a i ,1 li' Ir ,
w Vie el\ ! II I ;1v11 - , r t 1 1 h, g\t
w il:10 ie 4. 1 w il\ till,
lrti I Ic tidl . t.lw In (m ai :, ei
f1la1'.;L ' ar \ i jile r gi.
b1n4 I ilite ; hQ t if miy hWat tn aid
ai d o, the, are1 atur 1 ter ;*iW li. I
Ig n (eck 'i a i 'l1:iit .; u :an fiti
IoI cbigv a lily 141 supt1'iou lEls.IC
fil e'Ii 'r i f le t t, 5t f''Li (eii. l
tz' fiuhe tt |cogitt of etinl.
MANIS 'ro GuanD A YoUsu MAN.
Keep gcid comirapany or none.
Never be idle. If your lanmds canr
niot lie tsefilly employed, attend to
the cimtivation of' your mind.
Always speak [lhe trthl.
M\ake few iapromises.
Live up lto your engageneits.
IHave no very intimate friends.
Keep your own secrets if you have
an v.
-When you speak to a person, look
him in the fitce.
(ood coimpany and goo d converFa
tion are the very 4Wi-a f virtue.
(3od Character is abo re all things
Never listen to loose or idle conver
Youia had better be p''isoned in your
bloid tha in yoir principles.
Y'ar ca, raeier cnaot lie essentially
iijiired exceptL a by you r own acts.
ii' any (ne speaks evil of' you let
your life lie so virtuous that none will
believe him.
Always speak and net as in the
presence of God.
Drinik no int.xicating liqnuors,
Whenl.iyi retire to led thini k over
wlhat youa have de.ie ditring the day.
Never speak lightly af religion.
Alake ni haste to be rich if you
W011it141 )' fIt*
Small and steaily gains give com
petency with tranquil li:y of mind.
Never play at aany kind of game.
Avoid temptatioin throui fear that
yoa tIany tt withs.tanld it.
Earn your inoney befire you spend
Never run in debt uiless you see a
wav toL get outa tagain.
NVer borrow if voni enn possibly
avi'id it.
He just before you are generous.
Keep oirself itiLocent, if you would
Save when yuIat are younag to spend
whent yilu are old.
"Never thinik that whiil von do Cor
religion is time or miney ii ei'
A iwnvs g.,.to ameeting wheni 3 o
Iead soine porticon at the Bile
eviry av Oitei taink of' death and
youri iecoutailijty toi God.
141 over tdhe abvei iv Iuataxims at
!east I'ce a week, Saitu rday niaght.
FAMI.v GOvEN:n.I..-It is ntt1t to
watch childreii with a suaspiciIs eye ;
to friwn it their merry wit, bursts of
licnt i aritiy ; t suppress theii
.1".s mus aughit *, and11 to mmuld te
iinto mehmehlitly little models of oetci
genaM6o1 glavily.
A i;d n hi la-v have lien iin fhult.
it is 111t. to) puinish them oimil
account or h esnl injury. * v I .t yill
1 1y hav chiIvv an'r'ced tui Stlder ill colse
tiiceo the11ir falmit ; while distobedli
eneet', iltIattcelded bIy incon veiieice to
cyIur >eif, r es witit aebike.
Nur is it. to maer'whelm tiae littic
c'titrit it a flo fd , aay wcrds
to silil him wilIt i deaft'cni-r Iise;
to, call hlim by hard niameis, which d"
not, c''tess lisi imtisdeed; to loiad
him wN%'th pi thets. which wild be ex
ravaant i~t applied ti aI fim t oft tell
fold normiy(;to to declare with
passinailite vcllehiteeee, that it is tie
wm.st child inl the vilhiiget, aid destined
to the gallows.
Blt it is to vatch anoxioutaslv for the
first ri'ilg (if Sill, anld to reriless them;
to cun tteratct thte cearilest, work ingst cof
se.lishntiess tc to suippress the firist be
iningtius ofi rebellin aainst ighf
:thtriity ; tco teach tan implilicit aand
inijletioinionaingi aind ce'erfuil obledi
eniee ti the wvili of tihe par~ient, as the
best'. pre'pmaaticont f'cri a to i ire allegzi
aneeUu to the riremeniIO ts of'the civil
mcag~.iztac, at i to th I laws of' the
grat. I RI'uler m i iaher itt haavena.
it, is citttpuisha a flimit. bceacause it is
a findait ; be'Lcue it is sitiial antd ccli.
ta it'y tci the contiaitnids<- God(i ; with-'
'iuitc' ref ece tci wv ethei..r itit may not.
htim'r beena !urcad.aetive oif iniaiaeduiate
injury tio he paret'vt hr to other's.
It. is to revi'e wiitha enhiaiaess awlc
tc!cial it e, andhIii t wi ith llgt'y irriita
ticon ; int a fe'w worads itly chi seni, and
not, withi ai trren tofi ause ; to punIIish
caliy whenac yuth both ianteial, andi cian
rettemberl~'i tcoi('f pert ; to saty wh'lat
yoiui meana and inaliibiy Lo do as yoca
It is toI govern y'cur faminly as in thae
sight of ii l ilwho gaie yout ycour
fauthocri ty ; whoii will ri'warId ycoura straict
liclity I witLii schl bl'ssinhg as he lie'
stoiwedr ontA bahilam, or' pianih youcr
niigl'ct, wvithi s .eht ct'uss as lhe visited
ont Eli.-Religious IHerald.
Valuab leeceiIptS.
Ani ox's gall waaill set any coor
,I Ilk ccottcn or wiollen. I have seeni
lie cialoar aof' calieci, which faded at oneC
washiing, fixed by it.
A war'miang pan full of' coals, or a
shtavel of' coals held. over v'arnzished
fuarnituare, waill take out white spcotsa.
Th'le pilace shonuid be rubbed wa~itha
flannel waahile waaarma.
To I:Mov. IRN o 1 SeO-rS5 ON .NtMAHj.
-Mix equtal quantities of'spirits 01
vitriot and lemon juice, shake it well
wet the spots With the mixture, anid
in a t1w minites rip with i soft lilt
-m1 until they aire Cormpletely elliced.
A vEnY UsnEpt, ]CFiWtT.-iat
dishes sometimes leave whitish marks
on varlished taules when *et, as they
should not be, carlessly upon them.
T'o remove it,, pour some lamp oil on
the spat and rub it hard with a soft
eloth, then pour on a little spirits and
rutb it dry with arsother cloth, and the
white mark will disappear, leaving the
table as bright. as before.
Gut AnAnMC STAnjn.-Get two
ounces of fine wvhite gum arlabic, and
p'iand it to powder. Next put it into
a pitcher. and pour oin it a pint or
:1ore (if boiling water, (according to
the degree of strength von desire.) and
Ihen, liiving covered it, let it set all
:ight. In the morning, pour it care
filly from the dregs into a clean bottle,
cark it, nid keep it for use. A table
spmotful of gum water, stirred into a
'int ofstarch that has been made inl
the suiali manner, will give to lawns
(either white or pritited,) a look of
newness, to which nothing else Caln
reStore them, nfiier washing. It is
Als. good (imich dilited,). for thin
white muslin and bobibinet.
of tuaay years experience gives the
f;llowintg, recipe for preserving bo
(utets for a universal period, which
may be useful to our lady readers:
"W hen you receive a boquet, sprink le
it lightly with ti-esl water. Then put
it ilto a ve-sl containing soap-suds.
wh1,1-li will nutasfy the raots, and keep
the fluers us bright as new. Taka
the boquet out of the suds every
1t4 arning aid lay it sidewa) s, the
talk en tering ii rst, in the water.
Keep it there a niwte or two, thea
,ake it out, and sprinkle the flowers
by the band with water. Replace it
im the soap-suds, anda it will blooimi
as fresh as when first gathert d. The
."a.p-suds need ebating:miI every three
L-ur days. By obs rving thle.-i rules,.
I blinpet cant be kepat bight, and~
au Atil~d for at least. a iioaith, and
siil laist. still Ionger ini a very pasa5LIlbe
-tate; but the attention to the fit r bti
fr.il creatires, as directed above, rirs
>a st ric tly a Alh-erved, Ori the last raise of
iammer will not be left faded alone,
but all will perish."
Gn.sE M Ai. Ai'aaoe-os -A millin
er's apprentice, about to wait up.
or. a Du chess, was flearfiul in com
miiittingar some error in her deport.
maent. She. therefiore, cosilulted a
f6 iend as to the manner in whih she
shOlauild adadre.s. this great personage;
mtild was told that, onl gaoing before the
l)uteles, site istist say her Grace, ail
SO fill. Aceordingly away went the
.ir., and, on bleing introduiced, after a
very low curtesy, she said, " For
what I tim going to receive, the Lord
make tme truly thaikful." To which
the Dutche'ss answered, '-A men!"
CAUSK or TE' \VAn.-A correspon. i
dent says lie has written to several
editors inquiring the cause of the pre
sent war in Europe, bait that they all
have fitiled to enlighten him. Ile
now applics to us. It is a long story,
if told inl the style of British Iecvice
er's and Jonaists; bitt told in Yan
kee style, it is at very short one.
Nicholas aotflatsaiat coveted his neigh.
baor's Tuirkey, and coinsidecritng himlself
thle he-*tkifeI a. d Ib rk'' ill Ear pe
p ropased to himuuselfI the ngreeabtle ta-k
ofat raaast ing' and ca rvinga his niei:'hboar's
fiat ibawl. But he kniew that .Jo hna lullI
was t riubled withI an excellent appe
ite, and was at faimous~ carvcer, ad.
that, to seecure his gooad wvill, an in vi.
tatiaon to share ini the feast. woulId be
ncessary. So N ichalas gauve brother
Johiln aL very polite and special invita.
Johno, howvever, haud a very sensitive
andl~ jaualouis nieighbIor, tntaed Louis,
anld ha' knei~w that traoub hle would colme
oat'it if Lou ais was niot also inivited
and tie hinted as iinumch to N icha l.as.
"Puaoh, poaa h!" said Nick, flatte0ima
Joahni's vaunit1 , "I tad yoau,"' (Nichialas
lty nam5 il ies him iselt i st ) "ca man.
aage thle Turkey fltunausly (aturslves.
Neighbaor Jioseph(he isn't, inith at any
rate2) wvil be satisfiedl with a 'wing'i
an d youa shahll hatve at '10oot' anid at pie0c
aaf thle 'neek'. Na w, how will that
sulit yaou?" It (ldin't sit Joahin at aill,
hIe, saw that Nichoilas was bent o..
hi vinug the' "lion's share,'" aind he re
saaud tao be a "'ha n" in the way. 8o
Nichis milIdly on the sin of stealing
his nleighbtr's TlS urkey-just at that
ime -and hiastetned to inform Louis
of what wals"p.
Lounis was throuwn inito a to-.ering
pauasion lay the slight attempted to be
put, upotn him, atid immediately wrute
a letter ini which he protested against,
the proposed disposition of* the Tur
key. So, as certain chroniclers are
ini the habit, of. saying,'4One wqrd
brought untiher," until the disputants,
ame to blows; but why they pati
,ed their passions to carry them -
.ar is, we think, fit present, not Very
clear to their own minds. At any
rate, ihe real cuse of the quarrel wan
She Ti urkey. I lad there been no Tur'
key to be coveled ofr quarrelled about,
there would. ofeourse, have been no
quarrel. We hope our correspoideit
is enlightened.-N. 1. &,i
TiE BURNE'TT TEATJEs.~-The dcci.
sion of the great leterary prizes-one
of 19000, and another or $3000-to
the authors of the two hest treaties on
'lThe Being and Attributes of God,"
has just been announced. The sue.
cessfual competitors were found to be
f;or the first prize, the Rev. Robert
Anchor Titipson, A. M., Louth, Lin
cohshire, and for the second, the
llev. John Tulloch, manse of Kettins,
Copair Angus, Principal of St. Mary's
College, St. Andrew's. Scotland.
There were 20S treaties lodged.
The judges were Professors Baden
1 14well, Henry Rodgers, and Mr. Isaac
i yltir. They were unanimous in
their judgment. The saeled envelopes
were opened in tile Town Hall, Aber.
deen, by Mr. John Webster, advocate
in the presence of the other trusteegu>
aind a large assetmiblage of the princi
pal ehizens The essays varied in
length, fromn a fiew Sheets to six vol,
imes, and several of them were writ
ten i female hand. Several other
Canididates, iand one in particular, were
declared to have attained high excel
lence. It may be recollected that the
first competion took place in 1814,
at which time the amount of money
neenniuilated was $8000, and as the
testator in his will had appointed that
liree 'florths of the sum should be
griveni to the author of the essav de
elared to he of the most nerit, and
the remainin, g part to the next, best,
the anmu nt4 ito be awarded were res.
iectively $0000 and $2000. Fifty
Ui essays were on that occasion sent,
in ; and the judges decided that PrSn
Lispal 3rown of Marischal College,
A berdeen, was the gainer of ti 6r
prize, and the Rev. John Bird- Sui
nier, now ArehibisNhop of Canterbury,
ih!ertit gainr t he second.-Presbyterian.
GUANO FOR INSECTS.--A correspondent
rof the Horticulturist says: "Some tinle
last summer while budding some peaches,
found that ants had taken possession-of
nme len feet in one row. They very
-arnestly resisted my attempts to innocu.
te therces.inflicting mnany unpleasant
wounds on any hands and arms. In or
ler to d-sperse the warlike little nation, I
prinkled near a pint of fine guano along
lie little ridge.. This threw them into
mmeinalite consternation. I noticed little
1o~llections of winged ants, huddled cl'se
ogetlhir, and seeming to be quiet, while
ho'se without wings ran about in great
agitation. The following day not a single
tsect could be found where the day pro.
itlus they appeared to be innumerable."
'o wh'h we add (he following from an
inknown source: "We had a very fine
nelon patch, which was wel nigh de,
itroyed by the striped bug. The vines
I'd coninnenced ruaning, and in two or
hiee days the bugs had stripped nearly
3very le:if. As a desperate remedy we
ipplied a handfin of guano on tle top of
ie hill as far as the vines had run, taking'
!are that it did not fall on the leaf. In
wenly-fouir hours not a bug was to be
;.-en; the vines had assumed a healthy
niid rvtoorhis growlhi, and are now loaded
a ith fruit. '(hle e'xperimnent was not one
dune only, but haundre.--Country Gen,
wvonaan said 'to be 90 years of aige,
was -:,aitmig outside3 the doors of
the Chelteunhami Theatre two hou
bethre their opening, having walked.
Loght, nuies to see "Jane Shore."
Mrs. McGibbon, who was to br,.a
Lnacted the liei ine, deeming such de~
votiont to the drama madndss, asked
her dresser, who narrated the circun.
stance, if the poor creature had h~r.
miellects. "I don't knowr mta'r.!
said the girl; "she's gotten summn~t
tied up ini heri pocket-hiandlerchien"
A cot respi uident in Ottowa coumt
Michigan, fromt whom we are as why
ghatl to hear, gives us the followln
--seene in the Mayor's Cotirt, at Grap.
ipiis," aayr Church presidin.
Witness called up to be sworn b
Clerk. "Youi do solemnlysw~ar
Mayor, (with dignity.) "step!
The witness will holid up his r ht
Clerk. "The man has no right hanue -.
your I llnor.".
Mafyor, (wvith some asert
him hold tip his left hand, .heit.'
6lcrk. "lIe has haf thejnW6
tulne to lose his left hanid als0 as
your Honor will perceive." ~v
Mayor, (sayagely,) "Tak1L bW ate
hold tip his right ,leg, Zhen; angi
calnnot besworl' .in th1 y ai~ wIt ta
holdingup semet~ung 8hse~gb
tlemenel, our diga it a
(Witness swoas1o

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