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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, February 21, 1855, Image 3

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In Equity- -Sumter Dist,
aary Groom. w thl eler,
Miary Gr1ins the youngur, and
Andrew J. Moses, Bill
William IIalS,
Martha Kilen Groove. Partition
linghriah Groomns.andtl
Anigoline his wife, ,infe
Catierine lIlosill-ema,
John Groomi , AecoCUtnt.
Alihens Groomsq, and
Alevia Grooms.
If appariwn to my
antisfaction that .lane Brwn. ne of el defnl
nelsa is absent from an r-eidec hevon I Out li.n
its of tie S.ee of Satl C aro! in:' i ice or.le'red
"t Iotionl III SI.cile & Itic:trcee.l. co ecpei Stles,
that tIe sni.i Jantc lBrown tdi tan) -ar nei plvit,
nnewr or demnur, to tihe' mi.I lill %w ithin thereei
mnlhs front tie date of tieu fir-t pIllicationk (if
t h11is or ler or ane order pro conei'sso will be en
tered ngainte her.
Ak, Imsere.l t hfalit Il i r i puht cile:
for thvree moniths ine one of lie Gnzetice lf thi
Comt'r IEqy S. 1).
Miardh 7, 1955. IA 3m11
State of South Carolina,
S5urrT:n ID).-TineT.-1In E.gi-.
Nelsoni Kevrby,
and Daniel I Kerby,
I'. . Bill for
btiecoic Wearid, hijunection 4k Rclief.
& her hbusbndet. al.
It appearing to my satisfaction fhnt the
nid Siinon We~arc, 3la illila I iis an er hits
bai:I partie( def encIhuInR I e I I . it Ienn e re-.i 'e
beymied the liaits of tlh Si:ae. Ic i-4 orlcere
that tle said Simon Ward. 31cilla wesc amil
leer n..haned do plpetir tl plead, ttswvr or
denier to the saild lill within tirie mnths from
tile date of tel first publieatiio of thi, order, ir
un orderpro coujisso nill be eniered against
Alo ordered leat thli order hebt publi~hlel
for three meonthse ine ne of tle! Gazettes of this
W. F. B. IIAyNSW i; t Ill.
C. 1-1. 6. DJ.
March 6. 1855. 18 3m11
Thi' niext r.ctihe r meee in i ti, nclcen
Bo-ird el Cmuessiners 1or X Roads wil:
i lel ;a J es IJ eil r: '- , in ti! :uri
Tuesday ice ilis mi e aew. J tons e vmy'.,
ic ben sue ef le l inciulli.
Sscrretarv & Treaisuiror.
Ilehol-villie, 711h 3iearch, 11355. IS tl
.l. II. N. 114:f1-upT annoee e iem a candi
dlte lir Cenlecl of 1:-c 41 It Roegoent So.
Ce. M ili;in, t) ill the O vacacy- o0ccsioeid
ly the resigmtione ef Col. F. 31. 3lellett.
Fe b.2817
Dr. E. Crane's Patent Brace,
"illuS Shctclelr Bra-ic';ancl
0 S.Supporter huas been for
somne tiimebefore Ihlepul.lic,
A nid is uv rapidly siperced
ing every oleer iecven ice cl
a simi!ar nature.
JIt.c... . Ien 1 fnnd b xpeeiece tha
th mosi inpo-int enel tcl the cicrcet w,
aneu4v;1res I by cIlh,: us-e. elo Ic.s fIlr.tec-, : if
j T- te I ile so Ih eO'w , ...r
.1. Itle'
I I lcsc5 - . :* I,.* ,
tile ter-c a-rco :c&it .- whilst tle
le ev is eailltcilli inc asl vrect ptesi iree
insad of tile checist being cc' veompressel
t h.'relv. the exp:ension cf fill-en.r- s pr-c.
9c014:1. the cent fne-ot if tIe clcc!t is per
flet-fly 1ec-, leci Ilcfis f-xl isilc te ch :-r Ice!.
lest xlent, adeccl mlp teied~in a mes
hie-il by v anl vrirous mn eec cr.
T c f lo'hx, we-r g'el'.ccecI have kinrlly'
lent hwc.r e mi ice ne:ekicng in-in mocr.' I:cv'c.
rablv kntwn, by sirtnify-illg I ile samcecc,
tvethir Iwnit* c sicrnateres:
J.lh 3MC % I, 31. ).; L. II. l)s. .\
1) ; iE .'. l-ykicn, .\1. )., (:Cnclc-:. S. I.
hi.t, S. C.
J3e5 0. llaygon:1, .31. 1) Barnwell-I.
S. C.
Thoma'ccs A. ElIiett, .\1. 1), Oran egcecurg,.
Th'lomcas S:eeithI, 31. D). Darlincgtccn I).s.
trit, S. (.
P. B hlolT ME3. 1). Newbcorrv, S. C.
J. C Nett, AI. D. andei llceury I. Lavern.
31. I) . el .\lohe., A faI
J. .\1aritn Sieni5, 31. D)., oef .\siiltgo.cci.
ry, Alac.
E., (Gedcling~s, .1. D)., Pref. Icestlite's
eandc pcraencei cf Ale-e, C(le e..icc. '. (2.
lie nc. Wm7c. (. Prestonee, President eel
Colembliae Coslb-gc', S. C.
ltishecrdl Arieo. .\1. I). Favann-cal, Gac.
Pairker, 31. 1)., Profeiscs-,rs ccl SuregLerv,
New Yoerk~ CalV.
e i. P 1loIto!icc, T1. D.. Preofessor oh' Phy s.
iolho? y, Nc-v Vcrks City.
.J. C. CheO(esmac, .\1. D). New Yoerk.
Thie fci lowinlg sire Pr'coesrs mc the,
Lledcliail ICollcege Wsh1 te'cn CI, c1 I) I '.:
Iamiisi 31;acLk all31. I)., J. cItn. .i . I ).,
31 3M llecr, 31. D., Riececm t Kmgic St. ci, Al.
D, 13, V. IBehrerr, M1. I., Granonicc Tyler
It. A unL-sT, GA., Ncv- 29 i s..
Theif unersicnted haveting expceric-id
somie dc'bcihty frmnce leong ecntmciicec sceen.
I ary habilcts. watss ineedctc co t ry' one of Drc.
E'. Craeicne'seinco A bdomeeinae poi~eI~seec rs.
la-vineg Iucly te.-led its eritts, hi' e'lech
neo heesic'etionc in say3incsi thl:et il i4sea very'
vaeInab-elle a-r leI Iier aell persnse wholc sufer
ini anry wiay Iroem dleety. Ic is tocry cet.
vicele tee perscons ice oo hce lsD hl , whoi
hae ciilehtwrit iily ite. cr whoee hasve' cc
deothe temney houegrs ee t he hey toe oc~iceupa.
tieoc oel an iy koi;d. IThe' umcelersigncede cs
icatliled thatc lie canc ee i ehcl imrce
tiene Ili hi avocat ctnss wtithe 1he use- of- L,.ici,
.Bra e thanw e wvitl ct it, seced th I ~er less
fatignle- Ill shoeirt, it is lees iieeen llhat lIts
Icet, woulid so'CUS~ iutei tihe heilthI anicd
catrenegh ofee thce systiLem a-s to prolmei
Ie ir se ver id y-ns is-s.
Editoer Georgia ilotme Gaecte. andie P. 3.\
eat Augucs-ta-,Gas.
Thec Proprietoer wtill recmaicn a lcew dacys
acnd weould Ice plesedo to e l ad Iiiies andc
gentlemen ccilecand examecine for themi
4 Ii ly of m etny yn3rai expelriencee intec
b'siasd tvcl w.uct u pcm ladjie., cr icc re.
eecvi t. Ichcs- Will v.c.sit L-e et at t.i hr
L,'eb. 28, 1d55 17 it,
Saddle Making,
~J.,tiedrier. ejither Icy ncote orc acl.
it ance, nrre reqiitstiid to etcen forcvwar.l acn I pay
:t~.edliate-ly, at lng e ijieigce eciecet hce
gevon, -'i Ainioe; ithc esribcr icf,,rmes lhie
i Vicle tha t it eniill Cc~alinnces toc cacrry n the
hearneaa anl-i dl meci c:cking, r'eairiig. &O.
-Cihr cashl nd barter.. Nec banckee or cecotece
will b~e he t fur) fJe rdestyear..
Feth7, ~sr -: W.* l.)UNCA N.
Feb. 7,...9.
the Citizenls of Slunterville, antd tho
ptimic geeerally that he li cariirying nei the Meir.
ciitilte blisinesm, tlt hi4 old staidti, threu doors
Soith of the 'i iid ail, where lie will he
gld to rece-ive rnliq ftom all Whilo desire to pur.
ebase cieap.l1._. i has on tand, a go-tlenl I
orlititt of iry (200s.-. hlants an I Shoest, lat I
onel Cap<. liarlware, .rockerywar.-, &w. &r-.
Alo, A Chuie- lot o Family (mroceriec of every
descrilti., w% ilh Fruit of vtrious kinds, such
as Oraitnte:p, Applles, :uod l.veeinons.
All I/ ihwA he t-ill sil cirip.
March 7, 1855. is tf
Bounty Lani aid Pension
'rhc subscriber Ias iopetdu Ofli-c ino
81umiesI Ville, ;stil will nllited promptlIy to
the pro een!etin nd 1114 coilleltin rd clirnsp
f-,r revoltit i)nnry service ; antd buitlint v
'it' n c the nets ol Conigrcss of 1'50,
an. 'l8i5.
Th. ,.elrs iof the war of 191-2. anl I
the Floria war will ii oil at grrei ly to the r
inlerest to consult I lie subs( riber ut aII
early dav.
Apph s wiv' pl' cn Call onI A. A.
NeukCles.sq., for any fuirbor inibrtint iol.
.M .\1. Ill-Nlo\V.
\Iareb 7, 1A55. qi 45
Fisk s Patent luetalic
T'hte abocae i i'Li. woo i , IEt.-arse, and
Ill articles reiniitrel for I-gter-tl<I t s t.- It I at
F . 31. A N l)It fW.. Si.te-rville, 8. C.
Wh1o1 also has ont h1andt a :n1 I will ma ke tee or
der. all teitis of Cledinir Furnitiure, Chairs,
.llattrisses &4: oxc, whiit-ht lie n ill sell lat Charles.
toll prices.
It-piiniee cted wvithl ntnell tU.<, anod at the
sherteat tatice.
Feb. -4th, 17 tf
f.~ iBWAltI). Sm~eninnth
a. iwnrs pWicv. . aldllen Swamp. eih:
inles Irnn the Vilare of ()rig.-hur, on
ThuelttrNIV t, th' I lil t stat:, a I sr-e Greyv
I Ilirse. alitot I.i it 17 hl ittls high; hits ;
Ilnark onl Is hi.1 it) t, utasoll byV , ina1j (c l
titr of a rupe; he is about tell years ul.
A reward of 1110 will lie pntid tlr li:- re
I! very. The saiil Ilorse is stolen IV
\V,li no Cloyd. sti Cloyd~ is ab111ut 0i
teetI 1. inl.Ic hlighl welgh1,1s nhom:s 1:3:>
pounds, has ( Irk lair aind wh.skers, crip
pi!el a Iitt!ie I et' eof lis (e!, ;:!.1 11 .ps,
ie is nicarlv fhhl ilt t it' fore part of I .
head. ;is a lrotiter at. .larin CInt
I Iouse, and When last sven was I1:11,_.
his way t%-- ot, CoInhi. A reward III $10
\%ill hb- ribi for the rintvery of th Ii .re-,
tn1 $100 for the apprehellsit tof the
thief -
11. N. ItIhi, rangebarg C. 9.
Special Notice
T ' Il inei i It. R :. \EII4t. he ro.
I oe existinlg, t i li ib t t Iy JlIoit 4eelv.el e
tutu nal ettt n ;it. 't l e di l of-. ee1 the Iiri'l
are -is tied a-l v;ll lit -: e ihv Il. ..
\V4.b1b, and thw 1no11s :11111 acro n'11S 1111..
hl-" 1.- afn ;ro ' e :11 liiS 11 Oiel, b~eIng. f!l.
"t atitho ri r.ite ll ri 40 Ci I -etul.t t. , t
wn -e! di iSpee tol ihe :anneit
Feb. I. '.
te ereimg fh pnlii: tint hIv, will lteri
;eiter carry on the itwre.. le hn.--me.s.
11p:11n ;ts o)wt respo Is 41ilv, ;.t Ih ,
n:ttel -)l I. C. \'Villil4.-C . avh1r. It: in.
%t.1 e t.l trut: .":'.I te en,:<e:1Or., f i l
i:t it' I .it 11 It. C . W l Ij . wll .
1111- pubb gnealy
ebh. '.s, 17 If.
Al! p serse:-- iteb:.-! tI sit- ei:ir fe nwle er
arronuett n. ilt pleatse tatl-e toee.- itatatter Ithe
hnuh el.lay e tl.etret. rwtt he r wt-i sill lit I r it-ir
Niotew er areeeoun's itn the btanl' eif tat :tttiruewy
for icel lecetieon aruel atle the tiote- au-tI :teroeet s
delie the V- riti eel Wuntt -itd ('Jarketoi mest fe
se-tilei by tltti inne ireolwi-rsie they nilf
ht:tree tee paeycos.t. e i -i ttet ern cheeice the.it
I n' ill have to ttee. but frmoi ttee..tey.
IJ. .J WiNN,
I-eh, 'B. 1855: -13 i f
. Ot.i Ce. eetii.
Wilt he ;thtn the !Lat re-si he-neeof)in
iel lieers, tot tie- 1th .\lirch i,,-t. in..e
twgre,' eef gend cht.eracte-r. litied foer ttainily te,
tnetw selvse niinth, icrefit, lt.heturch.ise-r g'ist.t:
Itiet al e ie cturf eix 't f i. . ;rd '.
reb. "S, 15 -1;t e't
R. K. Rutledge
lD::epeiu-e gV Iyiit~e. I- ..~1lt
N Nil'NiES t thepubb, ibn1. -i.s
promp'l .in any ei.v l mn rei-e cttrI e'. -en.a
l met, onfli te. hire lfr ~i een.,lIy l~ets,
tnei . -'. 1ee-. ;it I te v oLe . lh-fi-' . t 6. nee, it
T. \. Jlrge. al. J ttO\5 tCt
Feb.tiry 2 1, 1. 41.
\Vaitchna copy.u ty
~V l11 lnruti-o e ( itmt n ' li l &cti. t('r',.,gtt,
Ptee , Rik Alpar's, Kt'raton oth, D~iueei l'e1
Lawnsiu~ tirilts Print Hk I JUClored, lire,
dIry, &c., aJ fie dn ol ly ackttea Ietit
sit rri- tte? c g ee. asortiet f hrus. IVt re.
IThli hbr tItrote &c.,f Itebe etil et-i old
irlow, .l.I hrjeT. uOLilIo m.\ at Ct.
Fbruaruy, 21, 1855. 16a I8,393
1 . W.EelH 8
ate Av~
Mll will New I es.igi.. Emai in-tv;S
NI usI ii auid caliii bie \V IPl-ed ~ , , I as
1L4istI 1113,1 Ie,; m' ill bei stold fit rjeduced prir.ce
Dress Silks.
Quo lilt Clump-alenk Bri' wis,im ap..SlIk.i. act 3~7 1 *'2c. per pird
IieI'litci. M'..Ie (.Ulimrl - il( fit high', pjie
.Nluzat hue Bliue, Brown .11101 S .. l'' ilhs5
()aie list Pla~ig. (.'bati.- 1. .ca. I t. . 62! I *2e.c.'aill
;InletI Bit- ~al~, I-hmiiie, .111012~ asI Dra Me ''-~r"
Plhaid. iicghain'al 1*- 1 Lc., \%ird li 25,
I-i igi i-A,(. lii '11til thiutu I . . IL 2 1 2c warm i .d flit. colors
(.huii Drcss WVors~ted Plaid.
List f'lick silk"? It 50C. per. p a'ii. (.'.' (it- I~lhiiie. alt highoer p,'.vs
( ;is de I'mc is, rida ii lstre : t --.41 per var. Blacek I eptl Silk, at 501 centts per
Yacrdl E1Xirza.wide Black 'Shhk'2.
hlIaik 1iIll):ziiie, Allaca I, I ahl-ii (14 N. I.iti'.4 Ohi:1l111,-4, Black .111u!
I lul. N..uuiciug I . 11~' Cacliv-S, 13-:11.k :11111 1 I!t Nits arlinlg Caliells, act 1:
Bla~ck Alliu'a, u-11,11 bla-ik, :ct 1-2 I1v w miur 2M, Vim!e :1,111Ili; I 11.q I rn lilauk
A I unca, P'atenit- I ic El!iiI C (lalip, fll"i, ai.Iyelad Wall (o'c~ll
Blcik Cr~lict!c I'visse .11111 1,11:10i h111llC-woc VO,. 4.I-l
l~me Wils ic I11110-:. l. ek Kill andu Silk C;.'-\es
( ..tt.lt Sht.'iiig., Pitaii. .a lilei, I I'l. cp~ ailiw c l I '401,111 . 1- . w 'hI.
I i,.eciie ti" I t':..t,'ht IllelI, lacighal.. ''i s mill D at.Itvy aA Iiea
fi.wacat 12 1 .2o. I)~t~ck N i.. ;1 hill-fl '.;14i't V
~ I~aiuac-k Ii.i5 al 12I A-.m'ci6 ai . 0.1 *aa,it-iirIiie
II -It .'I 14I llaIk UtS I")' sI.'S ' ~ dh 11i I.241u
I ral v ii' I'li.sz.c'. all. 37 2v. .. w.-t4 i I 5 . C .ic P~ .. V qI P jr
:\ ~ Kv~ y :11 1-a'k..'...C.2lCI2 al 4 :14. I. ' .. u i a W 41111 ,m,..'
I v vti 'll St.~ lIic akll i V . Is~ 1211114.;.! a a im It t:j- 12 -
GI tlm h ()lc,ml~ie u, il.11141 ii i. . 111111!iI willli Pleuau a id flle.)pll
IAIbIias11 1t'.a,41 1. Ue2il it- ilil (.'l. Cliles at.i'25c.14
V1.111,4 I vi.zi-le~r W\aiter, Ie(atlI-ci,'fiiv, 144.th, Na.il. C.m **i I -. 1] el :61
P~wij7 :0- S--311 S (M(Y'r S11:111. T41-01 P .'t*U F Li4
L.o'e :1114 (Ait..1% 1 .1KA ~ - & l Gay.
-cll LIT UT [S-15 u Op .
Coghn0 a I i
U ws ,*1
li ie. un~e .1.11144- $ o~j, ;ei lt) ( w-Ii'4'ii;avi loi. r 444ar I., I: l 4'4r.v c % .41, I :amti lir
I1'4 141. a4, 44mi,..'l r d i 4 i1. 4411 22' 44i'1 i . 1441 1. 1% '
vai. d4,2 '.w 73 a a i ls 411a14 Ii iti, ' tizj III till,21 %. - l'.. te - i. r,l'r-ell
.141' II22e~hi'- j444.''Itlti 41 1221 14,1 I 11.4 i,. IiT .144'' 411'11241 llr 11.1
or~J I11 Ir4 *rAlr '11's4 ' 'Vl 1 24.l ' . 4~ .ii4t :l 41:1 1*141.' GAY(.14
IE'r4'II~cal I).,4$ foilt. ill 42i11 4 1 7. .1'I -.5 44,'. 112 l4'44 4
1-. (r-.1 .I *2. 1 51..I 1 5 14~ " v' ! __.1 4.4 r I44ll' 11 1.I:1 1 II4t4l
l~m ie'' ~lil:5Il '1e t i~ 4 e1 ~ It44M 4 L i' '2a elm 1 141'~~44
Office W & M. R. R. Co.
WaL.s.I-NTON, N. C. Ji. 15, 1855.
'lhe rollowing schedule will go into operation
this day:
Night Train. Day Train.
I.cave W. & It. It. It. 8.00 p. im. 7.00 u an.
. suatir Wilt'na 8.30 7.30
" lirinkley's 0.26 8.26
"6 Flenaniigion, 10.21 9.21
4 Whitesville, 10.57 9.53
" (,risis, 11.3) 10.21
" Fair litiff, 12.03 a. m. 11.00
"4 Nichols, 12.31 11.28
"4 .1lullins,
"4 '11 ion. 1.21 12.13 p. n.
"a (ret PeU Dee 1.52 12.31
" Mar's illnil'*, 2.41 1.1.4
Fiortsece, 3.' 14 I..
S'11-111n11nw-% ille, 3.-45 2.0)6
1.Vyichihirg, 4.21) 2.39
' iity.es'iilt-, -1.52 3.()(;
snssterville, 5.26 3.35
6.:.1 -1.:5
Arrive ut Kingville, 7.i0 5.00
D L) \\'N T lNA I N IS,
Night 'aini. Day Truin.
I.ave I(ingsihlIe, 3.00 p. in1. 5.0 it. ill.
".. ere 3 -1; ft.1.1
" Sinnlter% ille, -A1 63.
" ayeville, 57 .0
Lvehrg, .1.1 7-2
'Iansi11411s4 ille, 6.09 7.57
" Florenee, .1:5 8.25
" lr's linlT, 710 84
Irenti Peu Dee, 7 51 9.27
" barionl, f. 0 9 2
9.02 l0.32
Fair lililT, 0.50 11.05
" tiits,10 5 1.3
Whlite-sville, 30.51 1 Z.1). in.
Sl n, 11.15 1.10
. a lxwe Is,
. llriilbley t 12.15a. in. 1.30
Arrive Witiagon. 1.10 2.2.)
1)My lrsiis %%ill isoy :t aill ilir rse-itssr i~ia
msh~~l. I'svsscsmslis,.X Crros M s~o 1 i s. Cn~r.
5.r% le :14 Ciit Ssaam l whiis5iii en ~sinufsd i .
litei I)m. u thms it pa - g r..
-..1 GEMIN,
( N iverioiilit.lhnii W. & I.I.it.
Jssaimary 17 1 . 17 211
11,111 'M LL .50 HO .05
S. C. Nq)5No. 11 3 7 .
'III,- W Imi-4 &_... zt'inuw:i l e Rasis ilsi R si
;it ;si v r-ari a co ra psit i' Plve
\Iis N. i. - 4iss S. C. ai
'Wiis . (; i.. is. -tit tsi.ii l .5 il 5Cc:Opt Isi
;111y 't(I'rnin11s wi to atalhe rellnhr pula
tie. sani. at lor s 'i e .il ravcler i op
m sh sssi:'. l ts a k, liver a .iluilt s . t Iic
testss i,. t'ane s sav~tanhse lisigns ale t
talled pae. put opapnricorhm, it. i
-e (-it ci imi fwra; ls~i.t rustois lr ti it tex
5ll I il-juilst: and ha% si g . iiF .urr i t tile
G:1. hueay raSperntendIuan W.is i3t. (it. 1tin
sir th inanosi yatidt c.usiesilm ii lo
I rasvslcr . lit! Iisswt', lis I111- tt'''ifilsi di .11111
sitl)erv 'ie i. zeal , vhe . i e i r.
T Iiii e il. usa si nm r ei t tiis in
hi4 i Ia . I ir n ir a n t p is. s etiwis
adii r l:tan id-lat is the tr v Si htilg p h
he1.:; alls%%*#r-sl III the i t itlls a' Ip.
pSi iy pr lay s lerit o; t tie
-s ":ne ss y jnry s wee thc~s. - pointsg above
Look Up Street
.il-- i r C i.pn ditur 1t . .t fri in f .road
sc'r in'~ Iennor Isandsr sl t isi: acon oter
ntrem eal Entahe par. o the .t r
. th5sesta' s hne-nl'.aiI lt tt. s ien re irs'tIits
hun forr..th :s ast teniv~s its. 1i1,sr icih
it. -l ana 'l W et, asr~s ts teisl ebn i-e of hi
i..ss, h t Si referlis 5eri asigs is mgs~s hia
ji~. ist ii .X~5Wl.. AlslT isi at.,
ssciD~. al -re t. is~s-isse-i.s
Laotic Sae.
~rne Cr.:a rs l(Yl'slsIt, ( sis s iinp
enet i ' sil i . t hir snl as~is fa cti ons.
.\r C s resovsr. 'Phat ai los shalsl niot
- x vers .shinis h urtiii canV5- furiss ha'
be sr-.l upnhsiabese.cokd:o
aini ilr. i~ir"pledg s i. fct.). .C
. an. 11,. 1851 11 ~ ti
Reaul Estat for JSalii.
TVifle'1 :su slner el' s I r s'il nr e rt pit a
~tiosnu ls' . sabssst o ihr . Inl s botea .\iran.
ch--.tist'r thnp'. , is ovtIs'istcn the W h igtion andt
.\sri':soirhss isisikl. Ii Cd.i Thre~st ar ass
hundr.si-d an h-vto-re nteta
Sne huICln.sw d ('irslttaii undversence andi
11FF. rEsu el .Jnb'red nt tslra,Test
nanoirs a t'ry ti be.ihy ;.ti.n!4s. de raern.
h'r irn,4 ls itb s s k itens a lIothcr Snahas -
T'is: iati s-lb and witgoodanrnr.rve
seris ty, wa.ths~s 1t--ss intr st,~ tiishereo ,iia
hjugan. 'y... tingthe (Olif.e ii-near of t
tt illsasri y seIr of- ii oriis~e sal his rac
oii .1414 eia.tnss un ties li es of ii~~ ny I Vad
afar 8~ s.r tarrsa~tc~ 10 iiwdnp andf~ss lyitico
J.ntC. Iw.~NDnyCK Wr Wnt~. J)nKINh.
.Nov 1cre, all5 inrp 3 ; loac fa
'he 'Irmtees of ite Sumtervillie Arttiiditty
gito notice thaittieyiave enigaied the selrvices
of Mr. W. . J..MAnY aS PrincipuI Of tild
Mnie Academy. Ile will have anssocitited hill
himit Mr. 1). 6 tOSa, who will lake. ehimtrtf
lai ivularly of tie Mthematical Deitrtmetie
From tihe past experience and snecepts of
these gettlemeni, asc letechers, tmet 'rmistees reel
Warrantiel ie recoimnditiming in tIe highest
terms, thei Itistiition to the support and lia
tronaige of I Ie cotmmnimty, anel the public gun
orally. 'l ie terms will lie as follows:
For the primatry English course, per
qumarter, - $ 00
For lite adaited English oumrse,
pesor yt fiter, - - 10 00
Fair the latter, with thie classies, per
eiarter, - 12 00
Extra charge for repairsi flidi; &c. 50
Jan. 10, 1855 10. if
T Hi' FR.\ l WINN & C(.A:so., hnre
there ae xitimr, is this day di-siolved bay
moitul conelt.
We return our ithams to our frientdl al
CtmtomerA for the -very libmeraul patroinge ,-xz
tetded te mis artm1i himope imhe etmme will be cuin
tatied to the new firt of
We mne4 respeciflly beg ull who are i
debted to ts, to come iihrward mi mmi mtl ieim'e.
eti:ate ptymell . either of ihe tuderignied, as
we are coitiielled to iive moiey.
i. .1. W I' N.
1e E. W. ClARKiCSON.
Jan. 1st, 1855.
Cogpa 1I-a1413 s- itp.
;."Tl E innmi.rined have this ai y fiorm
edl ia :pmtnershipnler the e:ne ati style
of tCiarksmon a. irinsmi. :amn I will roiutineie' to
carry on the Clothin- t. Tailorin bsiness,
ine all its branchtmes. at the ol iatmtti of Wini
A., tiarksm, whiere we will Ibe plew:-ee tee iaveL
oir frieiids, iad thee public genmerlly, to c:aII
dmi examiie cmr stci, anii i empe hev strict at.
tention tal buintest., te merit t comtiance of
the same itiroemege so lil-rally extetiet. t
Winn & Clarkson .
-. E'. W. CL A NO ,
WV. 11. B31L *N 8O0N.
WC will sell mal' a pitii of :hel'
preset, stack cl'Clotehing. t.t co
14et en1sh. CILA IlKsSON & IRENSCN.
-Jlan.'23t ht. I13t f'
%IIi l'N[) D 1J $ Nl I ) o'lters far
I wlb' his Ill nt , krwn as '' P w
Caw, sit uat.ed Ont the Smtee iRiver. tbiouit ivie
miles below Vanev's -erry, aniil o- tainini at
lee Two Thousmri Two lirired ( :a
ares ofprime (Mk . I Iicklry, I'me aml swamimp
1:ii. Ol tihe i:1(- re ginl iett., bariem, Ne.
gro houses. and All iee.smary buiilii grs itn th
rough repMir. 'I a amupproved irelmser the
erms will bi acco imat ing. App1 y to
J. N. Fii~sO ,Statiirg.
1-1 1 mctngim
IIE SUBSCRIER 4f1'-rs fm r alehii
i :a1M, MI eht c -4t ipe River, :ibou
usii% heven Vaziace's Wini ltrray'3s Fer
ry.neerlyoppoite the S.mtre't Ctmaai. Th1is
pntationlotais C aoum t I ire Ilhoni.rand Five
linnelred aares, (5.50,) cof Oak arnd Iliakry,
Piie :m1 iwmi land. well ntiited te Coral.
:mml clm; amd hort Ceat ton. onlm tie plice is
it gooid t wo story ci wellin., acmnil mieessart
it untildius, inlm plife te re p:ir , itiso ote of
Ie h Mt iill 8 -ats in the countre,witl it large
tandm suiibsttjial da;11m. If de.ired, tihe place
rouIm be diviled to stit purchlasers. The
terms i!! be l ui , ai ccolkmeaimi,.ting.
F':r partficulars. imnuire of the overacer on
the premmiem. or adidressc
J. Ri loNSttesburg.
1-1 ilaw~im
p -v .. . 'l -1 1 mb er1 .
r - I e aatep r
poet eat sehagt noeem . hie ta aa.. ttmney% tee
meet pores-in dehm;mmis. atld itpels I iit
ilso-4e %vla, nra' iii its 4101, will tpireemle
lens neceassities,5 comeatt forwardn nh td~a seltile
imlm~etely fT. D. FRIERSON.
Jan. i 17, 5 1i if
Adminiqtrator's Notice,
A II i e lepeo Itvn dimeem:ts n. aiint the
-taitoee of R. M . Saen!evr, are requmestedi
tam hiwd thie'ni int to thie subiser.bemr duilv at
testcedi :tteaordig to law i ; andtt alilicho thammt
illi hiav e anotes or hoaiuds de thie first oi
N\evetiber, aire rcttcest ede 1(to pu tl tetii int
I te' is esuchi thi ct aidlgenu e canntot be
W~t M. SANi)ERS.
BOuth-Carolina-Sumter Dist,
rs. Ca(:. Sat.
A. G. Mtirphyi. )
A. (. M larphymv whmm is in Ithe cuistomdy
eel time Sheriii1' ea Nimter l):striet, bay vart tie
aiim writ, ofl Citph irad S isce clu, aet
the~ sntit oel T. WV. Silmomdm, hitving~ ile'd
in mylt eeflitc Itothero ith a Schiedu mle, an
oil h, omi i testamtteim nd 0ects. is petltetm
Ie lime Coetirt atf (Ce':ment i'l:' Ptraying
tht hie inny'a lee :imhieted To- tbe iie'nefit tol
t he Acts eat thie Genmeral Asteimbile. tNtdOe
leer the reliefi l If i'lv'ent ielehters, II ist
hter.ehv oirmdmredm. I hamt time sa~id T1. Wt. Sali.
temmel atnd teli ither I le ceihtersi to wihm
the.- inia A G. .' trphit s ineje atny wise ini.
debted bei ian the y a m~ 1re hierncar $lununoed
ammd hmave noc~iee' ti apel are:e before thec s:md
mcourt amt Smitutietmout hiemnse can the see.
andmm Alaeiday oii A pm il next, lee shlewt cmuset
ii anmy they enn, wh iy thet Prayer ofi thle P~e.
tIII11tion abesa i, shimtie hot hie grantted.
WV. .1. NING iET''ON, c. c. r. s. n.
Offiutn of m'on nie el eea~s, Souter Ii St rict.
SmasaIer3134', S. O.
itmas-pac: femily inifoermcs time pieopile of Smimi- i.
tier l)iat ricm tim.: the has just reecive.1 atmlt'
neow elN-rs feor se~ time bese cseeccted amid jj
tlmost chije tock of
Goods, i
That canno tn ui.tsredi iby nifylhlt i ti
tmarkemt. I t'innhs recceived' ntunmy newi styles
wich patreihnsers wtembi do we'll tO e Xahmmine' be-.
feare be'ying elselwie-te.
V E S T1 I N G~ Sa
'. 4ISO ---
At filtiarid large sicidy ofl iaiosiery, Shirts,,
l)ratwers. OIfoves, Sumspendters, Craatec, humid'
kerchiiefse, &e. &ce.,
A b'rrmte asnrtment cof RElAi)Y MADE CLO
TPilNI , wheichm wiii bee eacl low.
3)e. (tanlets mu~tanfactuired by te ebsnbani
iher, andie iwarranmtedi ti give aeatisfaltin. Or
derm frm'mi a dl~tistne promnptly attenedc to.
Sepit. 4ith. 1854. if
OFFE1'RS FORI SA LEa elaIrgy tassort,
mebent eef Ciothijng Dry (Gaoods. Ier.
fumery, GIrcceries, Cataliees, Frumits . Sioked
ileirings.a Dir-d' Applees 'T'ysi atu4 Fancy Ar
licies. Alsm (mass nde Pntty,.
N. ii. ma larga 8lock oaf Ilowlery, 8bgars,
rToaceo and~ $cmtil', For Sale,- amu Ee i'fo
Jan. 21st lasLe st.
For the Hidtien.
SUMtTERILLtrE, S. II.. PC.:1% 184e.
Gentlemen qfClareinont CoinIlyi-l .cn
lilt in t111 tiridine? to inforn you iat r
dtistaceas of a fivad ialtfd ill iioi.al.
low Ime to tic before yoU two 'feafr Jeried
a candidate for a seit iii the State Leg
i-lature, and having a willidIgneaN tb
you in some way, I oflfr you, rtty se'rvic0PF.r.
is a canididate for Tax-Colidutor at tig
r.ext clection ind if eleaed id fofftiasp
discharge imiy dty to the beat of ny 'ability'
I aa yours, thoit reopectful-y,
0. P.1).
w" l aeinlnn please copy tr.'
I)ec. 20, 18t 8 t
We the friends of A.
lRAlDIIA31 Emgr.. take plcamanre in afi
nonneingir him na a candidate for Sherif
of 81nmia:cr Dizsrict, at the next Election
Mar. 2, 18-51. 22 tf
A Number of Voters take
pleasuire in aniuneing Col. WilIIAM
A. MOI.AO)UGII aswa candidate uf Sher
itl of Snimier istrict, at the next eleefitflI:
Malie 15, 1854. 20 f.
Mr. Editor: Please announced
Capt. T. I). l''t:so is t a Candidate in
ShcrilT of Sumkt(r District at the onsuing
(elect hion.
Aug. 2.1, 1853.
i TAe friends of Capti
P1. Al. GillB14NS anonneioe him 1i canali
ibal - for t Ie ofhiee of Tax-Collector for
a 'lem County, at the elsniong election and
iblgri' MANY VOERS. 4
October 1 151.
F 0 R O R D I N A A1 Y.
M" Mr, Editor:-You will
pleasi annlounc WILLAAM 11. DRUN
SON a a cailidate Iir the Office of (rdi
nary of Sniter District, at the enstahg
April 27ih. Ih52 27-tf
z We are authorized
in amaitice A. E. l'U(lJ a a caididate
fo'r Sherill oJ Suiter District a thu ensu,
Deccember 21, 18528-t
W Eare ahorized to nntiounce Wa
tT '% L 18WI a candid ate for Ordinary at
the cisnling ehiction. -
.im-- 2A. 1-85.1 35 t
For Tax Uolector.
The L'riends oh J. Y. Y.Brnieon, annouce
hi I a canididate for Tax Collector of Clafe'
imit Conty, at the ensuimg riection.
Many Voters,
Oct. 11, 18D1 50 tf.
The Friends of R. G. Potts
annonce himl I Candidate for Tax-Collector
for SNileni, fur the 1Iext terim.-MANr Vo'raUs.
Oct. 18, 1851. 51. tf.
" Messrs. Editors
Salem, ir,.- 11ext teia.
Many Voters.
Oct 11i, 18-j54 50 if
E. Sommuiers
OfTers for sale at the store formerly ccu
poed by II. G;reenvanld, niext door to the
oilice oh C.apt. l1'. Nziter, a LARGE and
well selected stock of FA 1LL AND) WIN-,
TMRl* lt,-Hadfy Made Clothimg of; all quali~ r
ties andl sizes, which lie will di.spose-of-at ~
least tur'ntyfire paer ceunt fower than any
other hiouse mi town. T1hie public are re~r
;ect''nIy invited to call and cenamrino 1W o
Oct. 4th, 1851 49 ~ tf
The Cairtniershiip heretofore existin'
tunder the firai of 13-rotm & NE~WBERY, ist
this dauy diss'ohved by lioitation and mutu
al con~senit. All the Noties aud Accotnnts- ofi
t i im haive beenu placed in the hanmds of
Y. N. BlmlEtt for collection, Whn1lithhe
onl~y anithlorzed agenit to liquidat the' -
dlefis of t he concerni. All persons itndebted
bay note or accouit, wvill please comei fo
wvard and niake innnieirbaie settheients..
IIniving sohl my interest in the Stock sin
triali to. Mr. A. M. NE~WnfRY, I would
rieciomimend himt to thle customer~s w~hto so
liberally patronized the late Idrm.
!!having flumight the interest in the'
Stock mi trade from Mr. Y. N. BurrEit or :i
aho late irim of IITLEE~ & NEWBENiY: rI
w ill f romi this diate carry on the iviercetihe'
lmasiiness uphon my own responsibil y' I to'
morn my thinks to tho customne r6 the -
hate Iaii, an.I carnestly oltcit1 a cbim..
anice of their patronalfge.
Oc t. 2f6, 1854. 1 f
New Goods.
T1'IlE snbhscribe'r has jist retuend fo,
he North, tad is now oponing a epie'rnh
stock of
Lies' Dress, Ghii d
of all kmtde, viz:
A beantiful lot of R~ieh Plaa 1arpie
Xalks -
Plain Colored d. Black Striied and
lPlain d.' ' *l
Cashmgns, Metin y~ Persiat) Chl -
L~adiesa' !Corsets, Mletailic Corset Ilinds,
Lacers, &c'.
Rignlit , aussorted eplors, Fz eahw
el Co'lars: Bands, &c'
ladie-s NIda Glvem, 1,4~' ~ "
ign Black it's for I ~adiSes
Sito s of all Dpea' ~ .
Tlraveliiig T'rutik, Carpet B~a iw
WVork Ilbxi's, &c. &c.
For Plnaters
A full stlock ofNegro Kreg't
19eorn- Shoei,, Grocoriim, of.iv .
RIeady nhris Oloihaund,a Sdd t rb
Cook.lpg btoJv('at Air-tight.
armers Bailere,&,e., sty T ha y
usual Callahdge-lh *

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