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VxL IX* S.UT Ei'ERVILLE, S. Co., MAR'CI 149 1S5. NO. 19.
Every Wedaenday Mornhag
JohnS, Richardson, Jr,
-lk TW0 DOLLA RS In advance, Two Dtllars
ud FiyCents at theexpiration of six months
-o Thiee DollaissAt the end of the year..
yo paper disiontihued until all arrearages
Te ?A11 D, unless atthe option ofthe Proprietor.
All subscriptions are expected to be paid for
In Advance.
Adveirtisements inserted at the rate of 75
-cents per square for the first; Fifty cents tor
the second, and Thi rty-seven ant a half cents
-for each subsequent insertion under three
qn..nths. Official advertiseients inserted at
se venty five cents for each inserlion.
Single insertions One I iollar per square,
- Senmi Monthly, lonthly and Quarterly ad
'vertisenents charged the same as single inner
Business 'ards of five lines and tinder insert.
-ed at Five- lIoinrs a yenr.
Three Months advertisements.-One square
34 00. two squares 87 00, three squares $10.
00, four squires $12 00.
Six 3Mouths adtvertisemntts.-One square
$7 w, tw squares S12 00, three squares
$16 00, and four squares $20 00.
Yearly advertisenents with the privilege of
chinging three times, one square $1 00, two
squares $18 00 three squares 925 00, four
squares $30 00, aud five squar- s, .S31 00.
-.A square to consist of the space occuipied by
12 lines of mi.ion type.
All-job work cash, and transient advertising
paid for in advance,
Obituary notices anti tributes of respect over
13 -nes charged as advertisements.
AlI advertisements not marked with the
number of insertions will he published until
forbidand'charged accordingly.
Communi-atitons calculatel to proinote pri
vate interest, or recommend ations of catdid ates
for offices of honor, profit or trust will be char
gealOfur as advertisements
_r Announcing a canditlate Five Dollars a year.
i roetall marriages tle printer, fee is expected.
-Original Poetry.
Sonnet To S. L. 1.
By o. S. B.
Love' gentLic tingr on thy dimplo cheek,
lilt stairped wiltd beauty, on thy snowy
Woven:rich tresses! J thy .:..uri eyes
With spiritual ep'endor! I would scl
Thy sove, could I but hope ''.e.u truly
Payin. thee with the patsin of a heart.
Whose deep devotion never.can depart;
Anti owning the I would not o'er repine,
Tho' I t'wuid ;lmose tmy very soul for thee!
1.love thee net as thou last e'er been
But with a purity that stands approved
.Jetore ogh he'velven! 'ouldst thoa girl,
but see
.ly love with eves like minie, then wouldst
thou trust
The lart which o'er it leaves thec-nusit
bo dust!
Sumnt-rvilIle, March 401h, 185.);)
S- -.
Address ?o the Sceases of Boy
lOh thou SC-eet wood ! my boyhood's grove!
'l'ho' Mttin's spot of ialde-er years!
Oece mteore I'm it, thy shads of love,
But. she:1ding tears.
Tall oak! beneath thy wr-intg bough,
Thi.' heart was once, a light as .ir,
Iut [ine h--th adden'd down my brow,
And all is drear.
Por te uo bright star sweettv hea ns,
Whdlot I atm in you, lovelv grove!
MIy soul grows sick in darkest 'reams,
Of buried love.
I've wonder'd far on life's rotugh coast,
a'.Jos.' sea of ills mny heart did~ share;
But all its blaste, till now. ne'er iorc'd
A sitngle tear.
My eves dried fronm excess of friel,
3" em' spoi! till I. to thee, drew near:
iit no0w they're damtp, and sweet relief
Comes with the tear.
Oh let me meet the maidl ugain,
Whose chiarmns first broke this heart of
Ahd let tmy tears, then, flow like ra in,
*.. . . To soothe nmy madness.
Yet 1 would gaze'on her again,
A ie though it fatal prove,
i e1 e t to feel the pain,
Of bl;ghted ho'-e.
Freneh Minister of Agrictulture, Corn.
merkeand Publlc Works, hately paid
a visit to thj!E Cdlege of Fritnce to
examine . tie'rapparatus for hat chitng
fish e iIhAd 'by M. Coste. He
fiued Ob.~ O recently hatched fish,
150;OO00't which had just been
1brn ip1fromn the est ablishment of
II guen., All this large number
ptnveyed to Paris at the samte
1', an'd (with a searcely perceptible
*loss..Ylet crolsists of comttmon trout
frSThib latkes, salmon frotm the Rhine.
a nd trout froihi~win lakes.
'Seeare' about 17,000 Jews itt the
Witte&tates. Otf the entire number,
Advice to CoammIumaptivem.
In some good advice to consump.
tives, Dr. Hall says:
"Eat all you can digest, and exer
vise a great deal in the open air, to
convert what you eat into pure health
l 6 blood. Do not be 'afraid f 'ut
door hii inay or night. Do not be
airaid of sudden changes of weather;
let no change, hot or cold, keep yoa in
doors. If it ir ainy weather, the
more need for your going out, because
you cat as much on i rainy day as up
oni a clear day, and if you exercise less
hat much mure remains in the system
of what ought to be thro - n oIl' by ex
ercise, and .-ome ill result, some con.
sequent symptom or ill feeling is the
certa i issue.
I it is cold out of doors, do not
muflie your eyes, mouth and nose in
frli-s, veils, woolen cm Il)f'orters, and the
like; trature has sui.plied you with the
best, Muller, with fhe best inhaling
regiilattor, that is two lips; shuit them
net' Ire you steil out of a warm room in
ill tie cold air, anid keep) themi shut
until you have walked briskvly a tw
rods and quicken d tle circulation a
little; waik fast en~ough to keep off a
teelinig of chill ness, antd taking cold
will be imupossible. What are the facts
a atthe case; I. ok at railroad conductors,
rojinl o'it of a hat asir inltap the piereiig
cold of winter a- d in again every five
or ten inuinttes, and yet they do not
take cold a Itener than ohers; you wi.1
scarcely find a consumptive man in a
thousand of' them.
It is wonderful how afraid consump.
tive people are of f'resh air, the very
thing- that, wold cure them, the only
obstacle to a ctire being th.t they do
nlot gut eInoigli of it; and % et what in.
inite pains they take to avoid breath.
.ig it, especially f it is colb; when it
is kniwn the colder the air the purer
it. mu ast, be; yet if peaph- cannot get to
a hot climate, they %%ill make antt arti
licial ole. anl imprisonl themselves for
a whole winter inl a warm rnomr with
a teimiperatti N tint v-: vitng! taia 'egrees
.n six .oth; a!- pI.- i !e 'lie, and
Yet we fil..%w il theiir l'jat steps. It' I
wer*e seriously ill a.at colsuimption, I
wo1ld live aut aof doors day and night.
-x:elpt it was raining ior midwinter.
then I wauld sleepa inl .ant unpirlat.aered
Itg lheuse.
.My coisutiptive irinds, yoi want
air, not physic; yau want. pure air, it
riedicatel air, you want nurtritiona,
--uch as plenr ty of ineint anld bread will
.ive, and they alhmne; ahysic Ias ita
ii at ir)It, gaspmIgs foran air e'inra at enre'~
var; oanikey calaers m I a gy a~nmasomilar
-annot cure you, anal stiuiilants Cll.
s11t, caire you a. I' you wan Wait to eel
wVelI, go a in 1'1ar laef aill aaant fi air.
11 not le deldead intaa tire girave b
iaewsp . pa-r ad vertisements, arnd nfii.
dable certifiers.
LS.--Te fillowinr is frar tire Air.
-ricanr Pi(Itestaint, whieh vouches for
a~s r'eliailiry:
"Being discharged from the United
States frigate Macedia, ina May,
1845, from rlirokI) rn Navy Yard, aid
haviig a iaamoc.('k, matress, and ne.
eCs5,ary bed-c0athes, I coneluded rath.
or than se.1 them for a marere trifle, I
would give hmicii to some of any Caoair.
1rym raen which I knew needad suchl. I
iima ii red thrirbe after ia certain I
clraet Sulivan, with whoase wife anrd
hiiimsll I trail beeni very irntimaate firrm
hancray unitil they left, Irelanrd. SullIi
vair theni Iiv~ed on Water street, anrd
worked in the Screw Duck, it con
rlcetiaan with rather trials he hrad to
cineounter in past life', he reterred tia
his wife's initemplerarnce. I asked himii
if he had not enade'avaeed- to reclanimn
her through thre muediurm oif a p K. he.
"Oh, sir, alt thre pledges hr Ne .v
York wo~uld hiave ni eflhet onr hecr
"lowv do youal k..ow,"' said I, if I
you have not, triedI?'
':1 know it well, sir, for I haive
tried somethinag of greaiter value, andl
a if you will saiy nrotthing to hrer,li
.will tetl yoau all abut it. Last
year rmy life was a btrthen witth
this wvomran. She drank alt I saved
'romt' my earnings bef'ore I knew it,
and, to Crowni thet whole, she pawned
nay Sunday clothes. I felt convineed
she must be possessed of an unnatural
spirit. So I tooak hier to the Bishop
"To Bishop Hu~ghes-anld told him
my woful tale, and alsia what I thought
was the cause of' it. The Bishop as
sured me she not only had one, but shte
actually had seven devits. I became
Irightenied alnost to death. I firrmly
believed that there was niot thenl o~n
tbe earth a man more sorrowful, terri
lied, and perplexed than I. My three
little children were helpless arid des
stitute, arnd if I had the benefit (at
iry clergy (extreme utnctioni,) I would
have preferred deatht to lilu, thrat 1
might not, behold t~herr miseranle con.
dition.' I told his reverencee so. le
told me I mnust take courage. In the
langtrage ot despair I asked himn
what couild be done. He told me Ihe
did not see that an) thing could possi.
bly be done at present. I asked him
in the name of Almighty God and the
blessed Virgin, to do something for
her. He made no answer, which still
increased my alarm. In the perlexi.
ty of. niy"inin.a I had forgotten to
make an offering. i.o I saw at once the
reason he did nothing for her. lie
did not wish to ask me, I suppose; and
knowing it would have no ef1ect if
not paid for, I ofTered hin one doliar
lie asked me if I could give no more.
I told him I had to borrow even that
from one of the men that worked with
me. le told me it was not enough,
but seeing I had no more, and was
poor, he would accept it and cure her.
lie put oin his stole, got his book and
heoly water, got her to kneel down,
made tle sign of the cross on her
fo rehead, motihit, breast and back. Ie
read a wile I-, then spoke some words to
himself, with his eyes lifted upwards.
Ine. then breathed into her mouth, nos.
trils aid ears. She instantly turned
pale, and seemed for a moment insen
sible. In a lw mmintients the recov.
ered. lie asked her to show tier
tongue. Sho did. lie pulled it, amid
commanded the lying spirit to coine
out, of' lier. -Afier this she looked
more like an angel thun a human be.
ing. She then asked leave of his rev.
ence to iake an open confe'ssion be.
tore hi:,i and eic. lie told tier to
go (on. She did, and toild some things
which astonished me, and she atsured
ine that nothing short o the Spirit or*
God could compIel or induce her to
tell them.-lie also got her to sign the
pledge (if total abstinenice, iti-d gave
me a medal; he told me I might. neew
take her lomine, assitig me, in the
iciial tiLie, she would tronbe me
no longer. I brought. her home, and
though I had to go to bed without. sup
per, I never exeniea edi a happier
night. What was more strange, not
Ole (if the cmui1rep seemed to want a
bit. to e 't, though they were lasting
itleetiins :. rr e s metinig iiom
,Mr. iris, oWs wile, that would get.
11S .one idinier. anl went, to wiirk,
without amy breaktfist. with guy 'art
at ease. I catot h1o1tie at ne1on, ex.
peCing NIhe haid som1S1ethinig preavidt'd
tot te to eatL. in, Its I jtcy Niii ly
opeied the doior, beloid, the lfist thing
that ciaglt .) e e was may wire lying
1ull lIngth on the a...,s drunk as
eCver, anl her m11 eidal shiniing aLi .m1g
the asheis ill the fire.pace. I have I'ln.
lV tio 'ay thia. it she % as belori pos.'
sed of' seven devils, she is now posses.
s -of sevent v."
lisraosstso AFrAi.-Three Persons
F'ro:e.-W e lein frim a source ien
til led h? credit, that. hiring tho recent
-evere weather i, Illihnis, a mother
and two chilren were frozen ti death
under the most distressingcireimstan.
CeS. A man wa- - living between
Chic:igo and Galena with an ox teai,
in which were hi. wifle and two small
children. At night. the s'orm came
upon) tlim with its snow, winad a(nd
cild. Ihiey cieoaild n1e1t Iuild a1 1he
beanselm tle greln,dI tiig CeOvered wi' l
sino1w. there Wits ito woOd to be seen.
mid their distice from any liabitata
tion preven t he m I fliei rom reabing a
hoispitable shelder. Belbore ntortnig
the wife was frozen still; and. a a
desparat e expedient in save the live
of his childirent, the manai k-lIed both hxis
iexen, eot them open, to~ok iouat the vi
i'era, and placed his freezinng chii reni
in the cavities. But. thei r deauth wats
ionly delayed by this, ats thiey froeze
dead al sio. The mian, lea vinag the deiad
boe ls o f his wvife anid chilIdren on lie
Ii ne priai ri ,.ucc~eede d in reachint a
St. Lmnti's K
NoTnmt~i PEoi'i.E wnio iiMDI u~a.
Iso 1854.-On the first day of 1854
iied Silvio Pellico, who-e Piems
have been read everyv where, iand hiave
perhapst cont rihbutedi in no slight. dlegree'
to the dislike ocf Austria. TIhe tnnlor.
tinnate draimattist dlied, we believe,a
devout slave ofC thne Austriain Govern
mnt. Literature hats sufferned severe
ly doming the past year. Thc names
of W ilseon ando Lockhartt have been
anming the inmber. The English
Monitgiomiery and Mirs. Souathey, and
thme Irish Crofton Crocker, all awakeii
a hotst of assoceiatiions. Sting miourned
a Robini: anid a Sontag. The Uiiver.
sity of' Ediiibirgh saw its chair of'
natural htistorny ritbbed of a Jlatmesen.
andi still lameints lhr a Forb~es. St.
Andrew's lost its lHal bane. andl Ox.
ford its centenariaii Rituth. Britis.h
art loest a Martin. Scottish juri..pru.
denc aind literature regrets a Coek.
burn, a Cunniingham, aiid ca Rutherford.
England deplores a lTlfbiurd and a
D~enmutan. Irnelandc a Plnketi. Two
English Bishops, Bagot and Den-son,
have been remiived f'romn their iappres.
sive duties. Theli veterans of war
haive bmeeni worthily repr'esented ini the
long triumph of death by the twie
Field Marshals, the Viscount IHeres.
ford anid the Maranis of Analesey.
niEs. -An aceaunt reached Lalayette,
(Indi.) during the last week, of .the
sufferings of two eiigrant tamilies on
thu prairies, a desription'of hich is
really heart sickeni Ug.
It seems that on the 21t''January
last, a violent, storm happeied, and
that on the Saturday preceding two
fanmibles, consistinig of ten persons,
were inl the act, of maoving from South
ern lidiana to N. rthern Illinois.
They arrived at Oxtard, the county
seat of BeiLtol county, (tid.) about
forty miles i.orthwest tol Lafayette,
with two ox teanins, and well provided
with necessaries fIor the roaid. They
remained there through the storm, aid
on Monday morning resuimed their
journey. Last Tuesday morning a
man passitig over a prairie, only about
live miles from Oxford, camie upon a
sight which filled him with horror.
The carcases of two oxen, Iromn
which the visceral had been removed,
lay upon the ground. Itside of oa.e
of thi-mi were the I'rozen bt dies of lo..r
children, and in the other the frozeni
coipse of tle nauther, with a fiur.-ig
inlant at her breast. Under the snow
was a heap of ashes, inl which the iron
of'the w;agonas showe i that the party
had brokei thent up, and bulned ev
er) thing they had in thei, in the elfoirt
to save their lives. Nut Jar fromn this
spot, was Iound the body of the oitlier
womaain ou the part), partly concealed
iII a sow drilt, aid ioear her uie uf'Ltue
Itaein. The two other ineii had nut been
It is probable that the party became
illextoicably inivolveu in the snow
drilts om the prairie, and lost their
prezsence of in:id. After bu riming up
their wagtm..s it would st-ein that, the
mnen had killed two of the oxen for a
shler to those iound in tlem. an
Llen, accomipanied by one woman,
vainly Cideavered to reach the town
they had left, and procure aid to res.
eue their comipanions. The two other
cxeii land waai,.ered I oif. Ther .
nlothiag al but the periIons to iriflica
who the) were, and anothinag more: is
kiown abuitt them tWait was aceciden.
tally con ain uliented iy thiem d lfing I
.lheir brie' :,av at Oxiord.
---. .-- - 41. I....-- --
lINeEHTAINlTES OF A iinasiiip.
The fo llown11mg cnrins Iteana inl the his
tory of the Wide, Wide World,"
at book which has secured for it-elf a
ioild wide fa lie-is givei by One Ol
o a r 3stl cmi ote praes. It shfa s
th it 1.01 iilaers alre 11o. al way A it etat
jsi geb of minanulseriptf, aid that Itn ap
ParenMtl cual ci reminstaice w1ay at
onice e-st.abahml the a eputatiomi of I a book
amnd im aaitimr.
't ii a curi,>us fact, that, the popu.
la i Ly of that bomk begat with an up
preciantgii i'nauce ill It daIpt ' review.
Not unly was the maiiuscripj. reli.m
b seveia pubibslers, but ui hari puam.
lashed, the taiok fell dead-- amid woumid
niot sell at all, fb week aod even
mon41iItlhs. It is said on good aith iL)ty.
that whC at lCigth M%1 r. l'utniamaaa
received one day, by telegaph. al m
der lr lify copies, lie refiisev to an
Swer it at lrst, s sore waccs ihe tmat
thI-re Wis a in istake soqeewhetre.
I lie imoble inlfluenlee td thle b) >k tn,,
lite over-stated; iaid the critic 01 tile
*itii uaIl wlacll gave it it., inotot i V, t
Illa) tiake credit for doiig so.-Pr'r
Paopsw~raEs (IF G L.w. -.--Olass . .'
armopeartes peclIiarly its ..ni: me
whiiebi is that it. is of nja g peater bulk
when boats mr ini the amieted state, thani
when coldl. ~Somae wite mrs state thaat
it is (conatrary to lae analogy oaf atjher
imitat) ofl greater bulk whent cold thani
whenca haat.
It is translparent in itself; bait thle
*wtmJaials cif whaieb it.is comlpaosead are
op~mplme. It, is no' t miileabile butit
duaity ranks naext, to gold Is
flexalbilily uasa ii so gra~ that when.
hat at cami be drawn out liI an e~alastai
thae ad mi les ina length, in a Imimnent,
and to a amiutene~s, equtal to that tf
t he silk wornma. Briftle, aiTso; to
ipmuvearb, it, is so elaiic thaat it cani lbe
lomwal ti a gamaze like thinmnea, s1 as
easily to laat uponi thle aiar. lt.
last city is alsou shoaw> Ly I uie faut ihetI
a glmobe, hermeictically seahl-. I im re.
peu . alpona a poElishled iavil, tulI reem.il'
to) thlirds thle distan, - of its I. ll, :ai
will renmaistire unitil the seconld or
thaiad r, bounid. (I le force with whaieb
solid balls strike eatch other may lbea
estimiateid at, ten, andm thea resetimmnby .
reason~a if thei elasti- [proprty ait
amine. j Ve-sels, cal led biarsling gis.
SI'S, a~re madme ofl sullicientm st'eeng th Imo F
lie dlrawns abaout, a tlaor ; a liullet miay
be drocppaed intoc onme without hmr.eture
of the glass; even the striake of a
mainllet sollicienatly haeavy t L il ive a
nail has hailed to baecaI suchm glansses.
ha a word, ordinar-y lomWi fail to
pro dmuce ali imp hressamon uipon em tiedes
of this kinad. If', haoweveri. ai Wice mmf
flint, corneatliain, diam id, in m tlber
hard stone. laclI inti lne ofC theset g las.
ses, or bea shaken thiereint a few mao.
nients, the vessel will fly initv i my ri.
4d of' nieces.
Oflce W & AR. R. Co.
WILiINOT6X, N. C. Jan. 15, 1855.
The following schedule will go into operation
this day: , TRAINS.
Night Train. Day Train.
Leave W. & I. R. R. 8,00 p. m. 7.00 a. n.
" Station Wilt'n 8.30 7.30
" Ilrinkley's 9.2 8.20
"d Aiaxwell1,
" Flemington, 10.21 9.21
" Whitesville, 10.57 9.63
" Grists, 11.30 10.21
" Fair Bluf, 12.03 a. i. 11.00
" Nichols, 12.04 11.28
" Alullins,
" laion, 1.24 12.13 P. M.
Great Pee Dee 1.52 12.81
Mfar's liluf, 2.41 1.14
" Florence, 3.14 1.40
" Timmonsville, 3.45 2.06
" Lynchburg. 4.20 2.9
Alayesville, 4.52 3.06
" Sumterville, 5.20 3.35
" Manchester, 6.04 4.0
" Wateree, 6.32 4:*5
Arrive at Kingaville, 7.30 5.00
Night Taain. Day Train.
Leave lngi1ville. 3.00 p. . 5.00 a. M.
dWaree, 3.46 5.44
oM ndiester, 4.0 6.02
timler il5e, 4.41 6.35
layesville, 5.07 7.01
Lynchburg, 5.35 7.26
Tiimonsvile, 6.09 7.57
" Florence, 6.43 8.44
Afar'. Bluff. 7.10 8.49
Great Pee Dee, 7 51 9.27
" arion, 8.20 9.52
" ullens,
" Niaysil, 9.02 10.321
'Fair BlioT 9.50 11.05
Gri"ns, 10.25 11.37
Wlmnsville, 10.59 12.05 P.
Fleningen, 11.45 12.40
" rinkley's 12.4Bfa. n. 1.30
Arrive Wilmington, 1.40 2.20
SW.& .R.R. 2.30 2.55
flay Trains will-stup at alithe regular St
"ioq and at Nioni's Creek, Maxwell. White
"arsh, Peacorks, Cerra Gordo, .ullen, Car.
eville, ard Cane Savannah wien signaled to
ake up and pgtt down passengers.
General Su'2rinten4a5 W . 3 .
January 17. 1855 17 Sm
Ar Watchmen copy m4
lesytfaillynf wlsopc aople oreSura
ir District that he has Ctit relel at
ow ohersa for sale the Grdt , selected and r
most choice stock of
F le lid Wa ter
'hat cannot we surpassed by anything In gers
iarket. lie has received many new styles
ilticla puirchatters wuld do %yell to e:xamino be.
ore buiying eltiewhere.
A full and large supply of Hosierym Shirts,
)1rawers, Gloves, Sumpenders, Cravats, Hand.
erchiefa, &c. y.,
-lare assortment of READY S ADE CLO
ReNG, which nwill be pople low.
rTr Garments hnannjactured by the suari.
or, and warranted to give satisfaction. Or
era from a distance promptly attendd to.
Sept. 4th. 1854. if
Fouth-Carolina-Sumter Dist.
ts.,. Ca. Sao
A. G. Murphy.
A. G. airliy, rh is in the custoly
f the Sherilrcae wutdr Dietrict, by virue
ifae writ, of Capia. adi SalisIfaciendum, at
'e suit oe . wV. Kiliausiu, having hiled
ii iv office togethier with, at Selietlole, On
flh, ol his etate and eofn his pe tso
o the Court of Coo upien leas, Prayng
hat lie tiy be mdilzited to the' henetiit of
he Acts tit the (icncral Assemubly, made
or the relief of liiolvent De1r, It is
ir, ady ordered, that the said aT. V. Sal.
11r11 fr all iler th rom latterde tool.
A.e Gad. 0Murphy i nayws n
. G. Murphy, hour lose in the utol
f ltycn h the Sherdr of umrDsti t he vite
'i io wr toaisoad Satisfaiedm.a
he ui of. W.N WImoNd, ha.n fileS.d.
Ote Cot eofCi mon leas, raingc
ha'u heous e. adutiited imnthedieneeiy of
hect ilio Genahestermbail Rmade
wrlibyodered, tharesaid T.CW. al.
~nidt and. ais tile i r the tre tioo
he .actni .G.Murph is thn tavyllisg pun.
ceband, beornd they tired heilre ynumoed
orthave ,'c to appoer befghtoe the sie
-an. ourn Se ICour oueen the soe.
crs euposet and hpring itourrew thue
rrs a hey caj'niwhya thisraye ofroadP'.
raion ltrealid, sould o byte gantied.a
W.ht es.l.hinGl L TO N cu . a. C.nti D.
Onli of ommonrs plteoag bumerstrict.o
Feb.ordte a.,85 tes 14nte le oul
oleraates-vude tr.u the North I outh,
Tis mioue.st a ote imsitl on i
h.~e, hnintn fr Macser's ivn hia Rad
erda vriesit acnra.oitbewe
V.lmnt.. Cha Prso rio. n
tu)t A., is s Mlopnagoe r pto
c. andars h ired aele an p
.oui to Iay er anight lon ah tire-.
atmeb jolneo ete 4thegomnt aboe
lludte to The Propritocasfio~ed u
or the comlfltot and CoFm.mo t .o
raeb.re hehp',b2he8nine n
mI irin zealon he a o the Maa r
New Goods.
THE subscriber has just returned from
The North, and is now opening a splendid
stock of
Ladles' Drets Goods,
of all kmde,,vix:
A beautiful It of Rich Plaid andttriped
Silks I
Plain Colbred do. Ilack Striped and
Plain do.
Cashmeres, Merinot, Persian Cloths;
Ladies' Corsets, Mletalic Corset Boards,
Laces, &c.
Rigulets, assorted colors, French work
ed Collnrs. Bandn, &c.
Ladies' Kiid Gloves, Ladies' Gauntlets;
Long Black Mitts for .adies and Misses.
Shoes of all Descriptions,
Traveling Trunks, Carpet Bags, Ladies'
Work Boxes, &c. &c.
For Planters.
A full tock of Negro Keraeys, Blankets,
Negro Shoes, Grocerien, of all kinds.
Ready made Clothing, Saddlery, larn are,
Cooking Stoves, Air-tight Parlor Stoves.
Farmers Boilers, &c., at lower prices than
usual. Call and get bargains.
Oct. 25. 1854 52 if
The Trustees of the Sumtervillie Academy
give notice that they have engated th,. servics
of Mr. W. B. L.ARv a~ Principal of the
Male Academy. fie will have associated with
him Mr. D. D. ROSA, who will take charge
particularly of the Mathematical Department.
From the past experience and success of
these gentlemen, an teachers, the Trustes feei
warranted in recommending in the highest
terms. the Institution to the support and pa
tronage of the community, and the public Ken
erally. The terms will be as iollows:
For the primary English course, per
iarter, - - 6 00
For the advanced English course,
per quarter, - - 10 00
For the latter, with the classics, per
quarter, - - 12 00
Estra charge for repair, fuel, &c. no
Jan. 10, 1855 10 tf
T HE FIRM of WrNN & CLARKsON, here
tofore existing, is this day dissolved by
mutual consent.
We return ossr thanks tIur friends tind
n.imtomers for the very lii tal ;atronage ex.
- it) Ila 3!a hope the sait will !) On
Jthe 0tgvjo
most rerpeefuty- beg all who ie'
debted to us, to omes forward and-make !=.as
diate paymerit to either of the undersigned, as
we are camp-ilied to hae money.
Jan. 1sat, 1855.
tVPTIIE undersigned have this day form
ed a Copartnership under thd name and style
of Clai kon & Brunmou, and will continue to
carry on the Clothing and Tailoring business,
in all its branches, at the old stand of Winn
& Ciarkson, where we will be pleased to have
our friends, and the public generally, to call
and examine our stock, and hope by strict at
tention to assiness, to merit a contintance of
the same patronage so liberally extendeu to
Winn & Clarkson.
We will sell off a portion of the
present stock of Clothing, at first cost
Jan. 25th. * 18tf
H E UNDERSIGNED offers for
Isale his Plantation, krnwn as Taw
Cav, situated on the Santee River, about five
miles below Vance's Ferry, and coctaining a
bout Two Thousand Two Hundred (2,20u)a
cres ofprime Oak, Ilickory, Pine and Swamp
und. On the place are gin house, barns, Ne.
gro houeN, and all necessary buildli gs in thu.
rough repair. To an approved purchaser the
terms will be acconodating. Apply to
J. N. FRIEltSON, Statebirg.
14 lamsn3n
T lE SUBSCRIBER o~fferse for sale his
I panaionon the Saintee River, ahout
midway between Vance's and Murray's Fer.
ry, nearly toptizie the Santee Cannt. This
pilanitlcomiatizn about Fivo 'Thousand Five
Ilund, jd acres, ".500,) of Oak and flickory,
P'rsine nd Swamnp land, well adapted to Corn,
and long and shurt Cottn. Otn the place is
a good t wo story d welling, and all necessary
out buildings, in complete repair ; also one of
lie best Mill Seats in the country,with it la rge
and substantial dam. If desired, the place
could be divided to suit purchasers. The
terms will be liberal and accommodating.
For particulars, inquire of the overseer on
thse premtises, or address
J. J1. FRIEtRSON, Statesburg.
14 lawam
There is no uase in talking. the subscrl.
ber has closedl his businente for the pur
pose of settling. arid nmust have tmoney to
meet pressing denmanda, and hopes that
those who are in his debt will appreciate
Isis necessities, come forward atid settle
immiediately. T1. D. FRIE&RSON.
Jain. 17, 1855 11 if
Adminiqtrator's Notice,
All persons having demands against the
Estate of R. M. Sanders, are requested
to hand them in to the subscriber duly at.
ed according to law ; atnd all those that
~i have notes or bonds due the first of
November, are requested to be punctual in
the payments, as the business of the Es
tate is such that inidulgence cannot be
Oct. 25, 1854 5 tf
Ali persont having any demands against
Capt. James R. Brock Deceased late of Sum
ter Diriot, will please present their demands
to the subscriber for payment, and those in
debted will meaks payment to the ate.
L. F. RU AME, Ez'r.
Nov. 29, 1854. 5 tf.
For the Banner.
-SUMTaRIMtLE S. C.4 Dec. 18 1&&i.
Genlemen qf ClaremoM Oaunty:.-I cone
out in thismanner to inform you that cir.
cumutance of a privateonature will-not al.
low me to be beford oti Wb ydas hence
as a candidate for a seat in the State Leg
islatute, and having a willingness to sezvd
you in some way, I offer you my serviced
as agandidate for Tax-Collector at the
ne Sion, and if elctecd do promise'to
di 'my duty to the beat of my ability,
am yours, most respectfully,
0. P. McROY,
EF"'atchman please copy tf.
Dec. 20, 1854 8 tf
We the friends of A, R.
BRADAM Esqr., take pleasure in an
nouncing him as a candidate for Sheriff
of Sumter District, at the next Election
Mar. 29. 1834. 22 tf.
A Number of Voters take
pleasure in announcing Col. WIt.LIAM
A. COLCLOUGH1 as a candidate for Sher
itT of Sumter District, at the next election.
Marci 15, 1854. 20 tf.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. 1). FRitason as a Candidato for
Sheriff of Sumter District at the ensuing
Aug. 24, 1853.
1i The fiends of Capt,
P. M. GIBBONS announce him a candi
date for the offce of Tax-Collector for
Salem County, at the ensuing election and
oblige Many VoTEs.
October 1 51.
rTiir, Editor:-You will
please announce WILLIAM H. BRUN
NON an a candidate for the Ofice of Ordli
nai'y of Sumter District4 at the .enauing
to announce A. E. POOL" a. ojdidag
fot' Sheriff of Sumt6rDistridt ai une sna,
tn electio. -
becember 21, 1852 8--tf
W E are authorized to announce Wx
LEWIS a candidate for Ordinary at
the ensuing election.
Jne 28, 1854 35 tf
For Tax Collector.
The Friends of J. Y. Brunson, annouce
him a candidate for Tax Collector of Clare
mont County, at the ensuing Election,
Many Voters.
Oct. 11. 1854 50 tf.
The Friends of R. G, Potts
annouce hin a Candidate for Tax-Collector
for Saleni, for the next term.-MaNy VOTRaS.
Oct. 18, 1854. fil. tf.
*Gii Messrs. Editors:
Please announce Mr. JAMES McCUL.
LUM as a candidate for Tax Collector for
Salem, for the next term.
Many Voters.
Oct 11. 1854 50 tf
E. Sonmmers
Offers for sale at the store formerly occu
pied by B. Greenvauld, next door to the
office of Capt. F. Sumter, a LARGE and
welt selected stock of FA LL A ND WIN
TER Ready Made Clothing of all quali
ties and sizes, which he will dispose of at
least twenty/Ire per cent lower than any
other house in town. The publie are e
pectfifirnvlted to -cair afd einmino tor
Oct. 4th, 18.54 49 tt
The Caipartnership. heretofore existing
under the firma of BUTLEa & Neasr i
this day dissolved by litnitation and litn
at consent. All the Notes'tud Accounts-of
the firm have been placed in the hands' o(
Y. N. BU-rJ.ER for collection, who is ,the
only authorized agent to liquidlate 'the
debtsof the concern. All persons indebted
by note or account, will please come for
ward and make immediate settlements.
Having sold my interest in the Stack'r
trade to Mr. A. M. NEWBERY, I would
recommend him to the customora who s
liberally patronized the late firm.
Hlaving Dought the interest. in the
Stock tn trade from Mr. Y. N. BUnnaR o
the late firm of BLER & - N~aw'Et.
will from this .date carry on the mnercan~iie
hnenpeass uporn my own responisibility~ Jlir
turn fny thainks to theocustomera of the
late fir'mn, and- arneitly solltil a continu'
ance of their paronage.
Oct.26, 1854. 1 - t.
Fresh Garden Seeds,
20b0 papers, Wardmnted?
T H kLA RG ET attd bes' asuo&
Iment ever brotught to -thistmawllt&. M.
Wholesale and Rtetai, b~y.
Jan. 21if PRRY MQtds

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