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Agents for the BUsner.
Thle following .persons have been ap
pointed Agents and are authorized: to re
ceive, and.receipt Ir, all sums due the
Sumter Banner. Any person withing to
become a subscriber, to the Banner, by
handing thmn their name and address will
have the paper forwarded promptly.
They will also see to forwarding all ad
vertising husiness connected with the
W. W. \VALKER JR.,..Cliiihia S. C.
S. W. W1HiTAKER,.. Milniington, N. C.
WILLIAnt HYDE..........."
W. F. B. IIAYNSWOaRTu, St'rville, S. C.
I. C. LOGAN, - 6 4
W.S. LAWTON & Co. Charleston, S. C.
No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Banner.
- 7" Persons wishinz to see us upon
bnsiness connected witlh tihe Paper or Law
ean find us at any hour during. 4e day
at our office, just back of 8o1.oar PNew
Store. ELT All letters addres the
Banner must be pre-paid to insor tten
To Outr Pattrons.
We would annonnee to our pntrons
that Mr. R". C. LoAxN, the former
foreman of our ollice, has again been
engaged to take charge ofand cmiduct
tihe business ofthe ollice. M r. LUGAN,
Air some time past, has not be:tn con.
neeted with the Banner, havinig refuised
to remain in the ofliceo while it was
under the management of CiAIEs N.
1lor.cosm , the Northern scoundrel, wh()
lately palmed himself off upon us and
then absconded with several' small
sums which had been thoughtlessly
paid, by some of our patrons, into his
,We make this announcement as a
gnarantee to subscribers, that the pa.
per, which we learn from numerous
sources, has been very irregularly
received by many, during his (1.101
'comb's) foremanship, will hereafter
,be conducted in a more satisfactory
manner by our former foreman, from
whom we were always sorry to have
Regretted Death.
A.g.loom has been- thrown over -our
c in'iurty 'by th'e death of one, who
had, by her nianifold estimable quali
ties, endeared herself, in a remarkable
ninner, to a numerous circle of rela.
tives and friends. M's.SUSAN IIAYNS
WORTn, the consort of our esteemed
co-editor is no more. After a painful
Illness of eight weeks, she calmly and
without a struggle yielded up her spir.
it into the hands of God.
.This is truly a sad event, when we
think of the bet-eaved, and espqeially
of him to whom she was endeared by
a thousitnd tender ties. TIhmough~
young in years, dhe had early "chos
en that good part which could not be
taken from her."
"Is liat a death-bied where a Charistnin lies?
Yes, but not his; 'tis Death itself that dies."
If the sympjathmy of friends cotuld
avail any thing in a greait aflictioni
Jike this, we feel confident that, thtey
were never, in any case, more heartily
The G ior.
'We leairn from our city exchanges
that, on the 8th inst., the Irishimn
engaged at work on the Northeastern,
Rlailroad, near Char e~stonl, positiv~ely
refused to work or to let a bodly of'
Germans proceed in their work ulelss
thmeir wages were raised. A riot, ei
stied and the city atuthorities were
called upon to enterfere, and were
themselves resisted by the Irishmen
tintit a dispatch was sent to- the Gove
nor and tl}&Militard~ ordered out, who
stcceeded in 'quelling the fuss, andI
fft~ting- some t venty-four out of the
thirty-'two pmcreeded against. Trhe
bibers had irinde off with themselves.
- he 'Courier in coimtnen~ing upon
the-affair says :
"With the question of wvages be
tween these men .and thme Razilroad
confrae'tirs,- we-have nothing to do.
Jf[they were dissti~sfied, they had a
ahth~to complain, amnd to leave their
*brk.' But they prpbeeded to force
ethpr parties to quit their work, and
finally defied, insulted and threatened
tehb litwig1 authorties'. It was this
l- tt and this alone, which justified
adenforced the employ ment, of the
. ality, and which thi'aetened to be.
a precedlent of violence and defance of
law, which gavo it importance.
We know of 'riots here .almost
nothing, and this one has naturally
exqikd: great feeling." -
'Iiiist'ho fir~tnd wve hopo it may
17e 1 lat, itstance ,of the 'kind in
8outhi, Carolina.
\yliileowe hope these men have been
be obeyed, we (anit not ref-nin fitrn
hopiig too that the Railroad authori
ties.will not go unwhipped of ,bat
sensure which they deserve for intro
ducing such laborers into our country.
We endorse the . Times in saying
They are not needed here. We have
plenty of labor of' our own, whieh can
be easily controlled, wit hout resort to
the military of the State. It is only
ieces-ary to command, anl our slaves
cticerfully and promptly obey' the
We rejoice to see industrious white
rnechianics Coming aiong us5, colie
whence they may. They should be
welcomed and honored. They con
stitute not a little of the strength of'
any community inl which they are to
be found. But as regards mere day
haborers, the place of' such in the
Southern States is best filled with At
rican shives.
TnE NEw POsTAUE lItiLL.-The new
post office bill passed by Congiess
requires everything to be pre-paid
after the 1st of July next ; the postlige
to Caiifornia is to be ten cents instead
of six.
The rates on single letters for anly
distance, not exceeding three thoisanI
miles, three cents ; and for any dis
tance exceeding three ti, tisand mi iles,
ten cents. For it double letter the
charge is to be double. fopr a t reble
lctter, treble, a:. d for a quadruple let
ter, quadruple these rates.
Atid from aid after blltry 1,
IS50, the Postm taster General ma.1y
require postmiasters to place postage
stamps upon all pre-paid letten. 11'0n
wIich such stamtips m1iay not htave bveen
placed by -the writers. All drlp.
letters, or letters placed in any post
(Office not. Im tranlStinissii thriouglh the
mIail, but for delivery nly, tre to be
charged with postage at. the rate uof
one4 cenit each ; and all :etters wich
are hereafter advertised as remaiining
over, or tincalled for, in any' post
oflice, are to be chaiged with one ceti
each, itt additiont to tle regular post
nge, both to be accounted ir us other
postages 11 w a 1re.
The Po.stinaster Genetal is ant!lior.
ised to establish a nitifirm plan fCor
the registration of such lettI rS on1
application of tle parties postingz the
same, to require tle pre. payment. of
the .postage as well as registration oe
of five cents on every sut h r o r1
-, tq 'e acck'g,> y
pons~itnasters rec.eir inug the salt'
such inanner as tlie l'ost nister (ene
ral shall direct: Providel, however,I
that such registratioin shaill not I
Compulsory, and it shall it render
tle Post 1-liee )01':i t iticti , or its
revenue, liable for tle !,Ss of ,uch
letters or packets, or the cotents
DomNSs OF TiE LAsTi CoNGRiu-ss -
The great work oif thle first session of'
the Thirty-third Contgr-ess was theI
passage of the Nebras.ka Kanisas hills.I
I lie seconid session is not dhistinuishled
by anyv icasure of' eqlal impijort annh
IIe-( itd the bairge apprrtat ion i
tmade at. the close of the session, fot'
onle purposei5 or other, anid ctutsileraiible
legi sIation ih t r thle Territor-ies, onlyI a
few acts of i gentalI initer-est wer e p ass
ed. Atinoiig the hliter. are the hbtout v
Lalid Bill ; the C~on.sular anid I )iio.
inti c 1i 'rmt 13il-a veryvi impet feet
ref'trnii inideedl ; the Cout oft Chiii;iis
tO l; thet lBill fthr thei 1e-uorganiizition~
of' the Navy, and the Naval D.iscipline
JBil 1; the Shiph Patsseniger-s 1ill, pro.)
viling bettr treatzltnt tand Iaccouno. ii0
dation for' emiigr-..lit tassengerts ; the~
13i11 for the better phrot-etioni of' lfe
anid prtoperty from vessels shipi- wreck
ed on our consftet ttle 1Fortifienti..n
1Bi11 ; the Bill for the Construction of
a Line of' Telegr'aphi from the Missuw'
i i river to- the Pa'tcifie oceani, and11 the
Postage Bill, (ixing thes pttstage four
any distance (inot aicross the ucent.)
less than three thousand mniles at three
crts, and over that distance at ten
cents ; also pirovidinag fbr a regist ry ofi
money1C) letters, anid (obliginig the pre-3
paymencit ohf all letter's by stampjs iftter
Deceniber- next.
T' 11 Baritsa B51-OirtE SS~tiASroi>o.
A letter fromu Paris dated Jantuary the
18th says: " The Englishi, who are
horiribly (deirnated, canntot anty loniget
defend their works; they have not
beep~able even to finish the contstrue
tion of' the batteries oni the rit '-t of
their attack. The cat-e of occupy3 ing
these piositionsi, of fortifyiiig, of' atrnei
ing, and of' defending themt, has beent
confided to us, tho French."
Another French letter of the 201th
January says :" Since yesterday we
have taken all the posts of the Englisk."
SnOiE'iiHMG 1'iNE.--WO have just en
joyed a most delightful glasts of Lomnon
8yrup, from a bottle which, Madamn in
forms uts, wats presenitedl by Messrs. RicE
& T~uornsoN. ft is sin extra fine article
and. the donors have our sincere thanks
for the verty aceptable nrrant
The..Late FIr..
From every quarter of our District is
coinidg in the news of' " re ! tire !" while
fronm all the adjoining Districts the "o tid
is eclied and re-echoied.
On'Friday Isi, the inforimation of " fire
in the woods " first reached uts, when it
was discovered that it was rapidly extend
ing itself towards our village from the
North. For a time it was. thought Ihat
the village was in considerable danger,
o% inig to the high . wind, which blew a
perfect gale from tlidct dirdction,' but
through the exertions of a number of citi.
zens, who went out, the danger was
averted from us. The fire spread rapidly,
however, far and wide throughout the
country, destroying a great deal of prop
erty and doing a great dcni of injuryto qur
farncers. A grbat iiny of 1-hemn have
lost nore or less of .t heir fenecmg, some
their iarns anut stables. aid. in a few in
staices their dwelling houses.
Mr. G. W. BRAD)olRD, we are sorry to
learn, lhad soen t., ecty head of sliCep
burnt to death in a thicket in where they
had taken refuge.
St. Paul's Church', situated in the lower
part of the District, we hear is burnt to
the ground. The fire h1;s been c'ry
where. Up to this date, 13h, the who'c
country has been cnvelopcd in a perfect
cloud of smoke, since Saturday morning.
We are told the injury done to )arli-r.
toi, Marion and Williatthurg Districts is
;moiiuse. The who'e conitry in Soutlh
mid North Carolina along the line of the
W. & M. t:il Road has eeit on fire.
We subjoin ; low extracts from our ex
chnges in tIe tipper and lowe: r parts of
the State, to show it- gden ral extent, anid
also a few from CxchaIiinges ont t of tie
State, fromt which it Vill be seent that
Stotth C.,riclin a has iot bein tli only suf.
Ieier. The Charleston Mlercury says:
A fire started in the avoods, aboit 1.5
miles trom the cit, ight biefire last. and
-pread with i grat rapty along t line ino
oi tle ltailrod, till at ''cur latest in1frma
tiOl last eveni:ig, it hald re;ched tile Five
.1 le Post. The lire was exceedincgly vi.
liit aiid destructve, and has done great
injry to t lie tarns on its route. A train,
.ailed with COtioni talcn inl at Kingsville,
cacughut ire yesterday from tie current sil
burniing filakes, aid two cars, cotan.ing
eighty ba les, were burned.
h'lie Columli Sith Caroliiian of
Ailarch l11th coitains the following:
"There tire tremendo.ns fires in the
woods all aroundi us. Near Lexingtoi,
I louses, M ills, &!nces and a vast a1inoit
if property Is been dettroyed. At the
last acconits, tle towil ot Lexington was
threatened with destruction.
Oi the Charloie Railroad the woods for
naiiny miles is (it fire, aid many saw NJdils
anl I) wellings lburnmed. The track of the
Itoad is oit fire, iiterrupt ing travel on the
:iwilen Branch Railroada A number of
ilos and many telegraphic posts have
'o-n burned, thus interrupting colntnun i.
.on with the NorthI.
kiln the South Carolina road, the woud.5
onh i hsides of the track are oti fire."
The 3.ibrnwell-Sentinel of the same date
-We re.ret to searn that a fir-e broke
oit ve'-terlarV about I1 Io'elock, A. M. on
Ilie lhaittatiin w' .1r. W<ood, nieir this
phice'. It ixcended wivh Irretub lurv
ort1m his ltige pjhilititit, aril it was uilt
great dilicuclty that is dwielling vas saved
iom tile devoiringr li ines. In its, rapil
Duci an~ic AlIlen. acid his residletice, togethier
wvithiI is miagnilic'ent fuirnit uire, was ent ire
ly dei.stroyedLi. lie also lost a spilenid '
ca rriage andi a large quianctiy of prov isions.
It is soellom t hat we a re callted utpocn to
recoird stc ic: eriu cillst rution1.
h.' i-:i~ I -rni-: Wonsi.- We learn fromt
paicssentgers acrrived last evenin~ by' the
G eoirgni itailrui:cd thi:ct a hitte i ci.tancie
aboive lTiihip-idn, t he woodn.s wvere cin
tire andt thit a cosiderajbi le uiity o;
woo I :iong the, roeal, acid iniu-ch tencingL
was deistroi yati.-. Iugua C~ on./il'uint/
ist eg' *Natrday.
Fil :E: 1N Tctu \Voons.--Fomr sevieral d:i ;s
tires havei nien rag~;iij extenisiiely ihroug
thle l'ine ioil btcweenl this Cccv acid
.\laroni, andi cii City lhis bieen uinusiially
lilled withI suictke. Wec leairn thi.it the
greatest ocu ttill, is nacessary oct the Cell.
r:il lt:ielriiad to phriesirve thei traick. (iin
ye-ti'rdlay th - lire wa~is so ingh clear .\la
c'in, uthil tihe idownwiavrid Co~ittcon T1r~ans
couldhc cot risk~ tli he ip.sageri, aiti thei Au.
cvnitam Caiinon 'Trcins aIlio wer~ie detaiie at
.3ldIen ini consequecie oft thei quiaty ofii
tire mi the ieimty ot h'aromal~ries. Jll. Ni,
damageii~ whatcrever hias beent, its yeit, sius
tamiiti, andi we trcust thit all ingi~.er cii
this accunct wilt 5oon piass acway. Tihe
c. uiitry getner.i I y nevecr reipired rin
chore trnm m 1 ti re!senct timse. ITio nais
.'euger ira uns have to .1 passed regucitarly
through .-atannahi~ Courier*
T'luicti in EDY IN hlIcssoURIt.-rhe
St. Li.iiis Demotii'crat ii the 22d tilt., says
it lhis been'c conntiuunicatedh by at goentleiin~
be ving ia i exmccgion, AM isonri, that two
Irish pedIar-', namcued Jiohnc K cmehani andi
.ames Carriganc, left that city abouiit two
wieeks agio, cirrying with thern two
la rge andtt valuiable packs. conitinmiig
dry g.oodis and jewel..ry. Th'Iey trcvegecd
aboicut .5 timles to thIe towni of WVarren.
hurcmg, Jiihnison.t coinmiy, where t hey ccii.
cI led to stop for thIe ccmght. Pecihog
very nch] fat igued'i. ciie of t hem, Kachlac,
iinnetacte'ly retired to rest. Abiout act
hiour afltenirars, Cairrigan c wenm to the
bedro mul of Ihis ctompi itclin, acnil was suir
pirisedi at noti lindihng lhhii. hlowever, lie
Iinaollf5 ocl1ud~ed toi lie dowcn.
As scn as Ito tuched thle bedh Ito
lounid it was wet. Ho0 h t a catndlei, an'd
di.-cover'ed the hod was covered wiclc
blhoodl. acnd ucpon lookmc g un cder it, discov
credI thIe body of hiis comopaimon. While
Icuokinlg at tl hiboy Ite hearid lootsteps oct
the stairs, lIe extiniguished thc' ciandle,
dlrew Ihis hcowie kniife, andci stlitionced hcimsi'lf
behincd tihe door, In a low momenictsc three
cienc encored, otte Ihavincg ac ca nilhe cad
a bloodhy axe ci his hiande', anid thce othiars
clbs. lie spratng uploni them suddenly,
acid, before they coubhl recover fromci their
suirlprise, succeeded in kiihng all three of
them. lIhe then wenct toc a malgistrete' s ot.
lice, mcadic is statemcentl, wais triod , acnd
An ordinniee hcas beetn presented
to thle Commoicn Conntiil of Albany,
by the Mayor of' that city, imnposintg
a fine of' $25 upon every persomi usintg
oanm on iti acty tmO st..o or hom.
News Items,
The Secretary of the Treasury's state.
ment lia relation to the condition of the
banks of the United States shows an in.
crease during the year of 99 in the num'
bar of hanks and of 630,802,202 in the
amiount of capital paid In. But though
there has been an increase in the number
of banks and in the capital paid in, it
appears that their specie has been reduced
between five and six ' millions, or from
$tO,40,25 to, $5,944.546, and their
circulationr, nearly eighteen millions, or
from $204,680,208 to $186,452,223.
The I1anover (Pa.) Spectator has raised
the flag 'of Millard Fillmore, of New
York, for President. and John 1. Kenne,
dy, of Maryland, for Vice President, and
will subport them, "convention or-no con.
vent ion."
The New York Herald says that the
owner of the famous race horse Wild Irish
man has challenged Lecomte, or any other
South.rn horse, to run three races on
Long Islarxt the cominig season, one
uni'e, two mnie and three mile heats, for
8S,000 each.
The validity of the will of the late Col.
Samuel 11. Davis, of Wimington. Dela
wi're, is about to be tested by his wife and
children. The property involved is val.
ued at 9120,0t), and by the will is devised
to a lawyer, who, under its provis tons, is
to pay somneliing less thim half the yearly
income and initere.-t towards file imaiiteii
ance of the widow and her children titil
the youngest child, who is now ontly six
years old, tliall attaii her full age. It
also conit, s some other very s.tigular
provisions. The amount left to the ci l -
dren, who are all imder age, is siaid to
be iadeqate to their mia intenaice and ed
The Spaiishi Consul at Key West has
issued a notitication that all vessels ap
proaching the coast of Coba are liable to
be o% erhatled by mcn-of war, and made to
ti'e a good acciunt of theimise Ives.
Advices from Ilavarna :o the 4th inst,
sta te that all fears of an invasion were sub
siding and business was revivmimf.
The New York Triba; is loud in i0a
praise of the Piesideit for vetoing the up
propriation bill for the aid of Collis lite of
Atlantic sIcarmers. The hill is denonnced
as a filthy schenie for robbing the Uamted
SUites Treasury.
The LondiIon Tunes is down upon the
-ristnra(y of "Old Englaid" and calls
loudly for leaders from the "Commons.
Ani extra session of Congress is freeiv
spokeni of as itevitable, although the Pres.
ident would wish to avoid itakimg the call,
if he could do so without compromising
the interests of tie country. Many o.
the Westerni members of Congress ex
press~a' intention to remali in Washin
t]n for . he re nainder of the we-k. t e
leving that the President will detergiind
the quei-tion iml a few d:ys, and tfijis
save them the trouble of long and fatignm
img journeys.
Among the appropriations inserted in
the civil and ibplonatic bill by the Senate,
and agreed to by the I liuse of Rlepres !n
tat ives, lefo~rn the adjournment, wams one
of $'25,000J to entale the P'res.idenmt. to
give a comiss inn t o oiir dist iin u ished
coiuntryman, 11iraim Powers, for the ex
e. ntion of some souitabile w irk of statuary
for the rapitol.
i s Illotnor Judlge O'Neall's decision, ini
lie case of[ the Coormnissionters ot thle tiew
State Capitol vs. theo Comtptroler General,
sustam ns t lie rule for thle ma~indaomus re
remiiring'the Comptro!er Gzeneral to paiy
iover ihe ipjo' ey to the Co'imm.ssioners.
In t lie emise er! P. II. lii inrimareskohl vs.
W1m .1. Bull and othaers ini whiwh his
Ibonor granited a miiiti n to :ina.,h the writ
and i le piroceedimgs, a notice of an apli
ha~s been given. .
WVe ;earn tromi the Mercuery I hat seve
ral hiumnrid acr*es of wild Land ini lamiremis
itr et, wais sold on M uiday thle 5thl inst,
by T. .\. Ii umii, at eight dolars amid fi ty
cen-mts pier aere.
Friom thle (aundeni Jo unal w.' learin that~
tate ofi .\l rs, Brevardl, wvere sold be the
..at ta575, whtic hi is ano a v ralge of S tigd3.2
andl a tfraction, incluimg ini the number J~ .
several c~hiildrent nd old tie.- roes.
Ini pursuance of a res olutn p)1lassed biy
the laito contvonmion at Now Orleansi, a ilI
tor a -p~ciil meeOt tig of C otiton growers ini
favor of direct trade his beeni issued, to
mn-eot lie 4th of Jully next, at " Cooper's
Well,"' in the ,-ite of Alississippi. A
,special agent bias been dlespatched to Eu
rope to obtain jin fiill, and in detail, all nie.
essary in form tion in regard to the cotton11
interest in E~u pe, and the remedlies for
tlie pre-senit rt in Livyerpiool mtontopoly.
The planters of thte ad ;miing States are
i ited to atte~d by tin appinted delega.
tidhm or otherwise.
Quite ait excitemient occurred at the
City I lotel, itn Pitts-buirg, on Weudnesiday
morninig. It appleatrs a get lemn.m nam tied
Slay maiker,nid Is aut, from imcaister,
Pa. arrived. there, en route for Illinois,
having w ith them a colored female. The
coloredl waiters of thie hote'. stipposing her
to be a slate, seized Mrr. S. wvhie sitting
at the bre'akhst table, and held him intiti
the we tmani had beeni taken off' to the biotnse
of a colored barber. Fortunately she
establishmed,to the saitisfatctiont of her ab
ductors, that she was free. anid was per.
mitted to rejoin hier friends atnd leave for
'rho Kodiusko (\'ise.) Sunt of the 17th
tilt., has ite fnllowving: A report has
reached Kaceiusko that Dr. WVoodwvard,
who rml pre.ac.ed .a ts. .ae w....
recently stabbed by an expelled: member
of the Methodist Church, at Port Gibson.
It is said that the Doctor expired immei.;
ately after receiving the ivound.' tThe
particulars of, the horrible aff'lir are, that
tho person who'inurdered M4 Voodw.ard
hadl.nade application to be reiusfad itsto.
the church, and all the members consented
except Mr. Wood ward. The excommulti
cated menamber became indignm, and
while the,trial was in progress, lie. rushed
upon Dr-. Woodward and :stubbed him to
the heart, in front of thid pulpit of tihe
Methodist Church.
The whole amount act nally received by
Gwrdiner for three-fourths of his fraudt.
lent Mexican c;aimn was about 'S320,000.
Of this tihe Goveritinent has recovered
about $*30,000.
The llinois Legi-iature has passed an
act requirinlig railroad companies'to fence
in their roads. A good law that.
It has been discovered that a keeper of
a lager beer cellar in the Bowery, New
York, for the purpose of evad ing the law
requiring him to close his place on Sun.
lay, has beed in the habit of holding pre.
tended religious services therein, ollicia.
tinar himself as the leader of ceremonies.
lie takes the Bib'e, tends a chapter or
two, serves e;ach of his hearers with a
glass of beer, and takes up a collection.
As tle Cimstitution piobably did not conl.
iie mnplate .so mitch liberty of conscience,
the arraigemient will be interfered with
ly the polee.
Gov. Mindill, of Ohio. has made it a
rule, in pardoning convicts, to publishl his
reasmns t hereof, together with the suby
laice of lie reconittnemdations of' the
prost-emtinmg a;toriney and)i judmlges, when
thoisc utlicers joim in urgi g the p ardon.
Pr4eedftisags of Con1h1cil.
Su.1rERnvHM4.E. Jan. 31st.
Rerar .1Iceling:-The first reular
mneezinmg of the Council was held this
day l'resent:
INTE.DArT-L. P. LirmiZ.
Wanm~ss--Dargin, Gilbert, Ilayns
worih, and Rice.
Minutes of a called meeting of January
19th read approvedl aid o.-dered to
be recorded. The petiion of Dr. E. Soi
nmons laid over at last meeting taken
ip and considred=-not graitml. On mo
tioi it w-as ordered that the Executions in
tie hand of th - Marshall in favor of tIhe
Counci l, lie presented and if not settled,
plaired in the hanids of the Sherifr oif Sam
ter list. for collection. On motion or
dered that the Mlinmtes of each meer ing of
hi. Counicil be published. On motionor.
dered th-it tIe Cumcil in committee of
the % hole, proreed to make time assess
ment oi real Est. for the present year, tho
assessment not conclud -d at 2 o'clock.
Oil miot:o time Cruncil adjourne d to mnent
again oi Wednesday, Feb, 7th at 10 o'
clck A. M.
J. BELL, C. C.
Sp.cciadMel n.-Fb Ist, 162-5.
A Special imieetj ig, of the Comuncil cal
led this day, present:
INTENDAN.-L. P. Irmng.
W A m mF.Ns.--G ilhert, Dargan, Ilayns
woirth anid Rice....
TI. object of he metin being x.
pliinmead by t I~1nteianmt, ir.W. S. IHid.
smmi. fmmrniemr M\arahpjl,''Clerk ohid Tlreas
mrer, renmdejad'-ti'e 4frwmtings -a settie.
mmonit in full b~y cashi. 5)27, itiso a nummm
her of accts. ordered to-bo paid by former
Cmounmcil, sufficiento cove near tthe
amnmt of fumndsm i hand. The~ Council ini
commmittee mi li h hoe ordlered that time
prsenit Al:,rshlaill receipt time Boomks, which
hinmg donie thle hmondm of Alr. W . 5. 11lud
smn, wa, delivered upi mo him, lie hiamvmg
comphed mmini gooad faithi w ith its regnamisitiomns,
Onm moionm thme coiumc ljournrmed.
.Sjeciasl MIol"ing.--Feb, i. h '05.
Pmrsuiammt tam admjimirnment, at time Councmil
imet tihis day,' pmresenmt.
I rNimxturr.-L. P. Lmringv.
W~'~nimmss.---Gmlbert, Dargani, I~myns
woarthi amnd Haec.
Mlmmaies ouf time regular meetinig andmm
cai led memem g oi Febm. 1st, waere read, ams
imilormionimi, mime Initendanimt acknowvledgoud
mtle recer pt of time Milarlhall's bonda mduily
exeac temd. Omn mot ioni oirdered that thle
hol bmmiie aiccepted andii reflerred tom ml In a
tenidanti. lTe Cmon- cii ini committee of
time who'm', resumed andii concl udemd thle ams
sesnmnts omn reil Estaite. Onm :mnitoan orde-r
emi thati time dlar%hall see w hat nrramig -
mentis canm be imade as to a plan for
swimngin1g time Bell.
An arct. piresenmted ini favor of WV. J.
Samigetoni. SI 25, for Recording Decal, al
so, ai faor of Th'ios. ~Mminaghian, for Pro
visioms. Ordered to be paid. Oni motion
air 'ered t' mit ha'es dume time townm Council
if not .mettledl by tame first of April, ex.
ecuitionis will be lodged with the Shenri.
Om niotion time Counctil adjourned.
J. BELL, C. C.
AmaaAssAs.--T'mm terrible massacre by iii
dranos at time Pueblo aii thme Arkansas, ini
New Mexico, has already beeni hriefly
nmentionedl. it iccuirredt on last Christ.
mmas ay, amid the mnurderers were Umaha
amid A ipachm- Inmnms, abonum one lhunditred mn
niumbiler. Thme Santme Fe Gazette Mays:
They wemnt u~p tam I le P t'iio, and piilro,
teseed mummch friedshmp for tim inham~bitants,
amnd asked themi tom im kn a tale tor thiem,
which theay dhi. Tme people, susapectig
nmo hmarmn, received the Indimianis kindily, amnd
imimgbed freely with them, when thme latter
wvithoumat time least warnig, surrounded .,mid
assacreda thmem.m Fourteemn meni were
killemi iad two wommmded, who were left for
demad, amid three wvomen anda two chmi~dreni
were made captives. One uman fortunae,
iy escaped biy hmidinmg inm the bushes near
time village. The indiiansa thmein rodle away,
taking all time stock, somne two hmundaredl
hmeaud. All time woenm of time village, ex,
cept thme three captured, were at time St.
Charles, attendlimr a Christmas paty
tie night before, and had not yet returned,
and in the arner probably saved their
lives. The irne Indians returned tihe
next day and killed one mnantad wounded.
another, opposite the mouth :'or the St,
Charles, and within half a mil of the
Fort; and that night they run oir near one
hundred head of aninials belonging to the
Fort. Mr. Atwood was at tliet. Charles,
On his way irom Silt Like City to Taos,
when thie maseacre took place, and hal f
an hour afterwards was at the Pueblo. He
describes the scene as heart rending in the
extreme. .Tie victims were lying as they
fell, sirilppedi and the 'w.rm btood was
still'rumniirg from their wounds. The two
wounded men he net on Ihe road, craw hing
towards tie Fort, one died on tire road, but
tire other reiched there, and was shy
when Mr. Atwood left.
For the Suiter Banner.
ile Riot.
Afessrs. Editors: You have seen in
tire papers, some a.:counts of a riotl
which took place ont tire Neirth Easterni
Rail Road. I hari pened'to be'present,
inl ColImbia. at tihe tiie application
was rMa c to Governior Adams for all
exercise of his authority inl quellinig
this petty rebellion. It seems that
some Germian laborers had landed in
Charleston, and tire Irish who were
already on tire Nort EasTertn Road,'
show 2d soni viilent manifestations
towards their newly arrived rivIls for
work. The Irish were prevented from
aiy violenrce at the tiie, but merely
desisted for tire time declaring what
they would do whein they go) their
Sivals oi the road. Accordingly to
prevent the Get tmais,. by rtifice, from
utking part, in the wor which tiey
wished to monopolize, they proteided
to strike for wages, frmiiing their for.
ces upoll a lile oftire rail road rdiisiingr
to work themselves ori, to allow any
(ne else to do so. Ill this state of al
lairs the Attorney Genieal. Col. Isaac
W. Ilayne, issued a warranit fir tire
imiost uniruly of tlh 'se w hose names ie
couid get; and senit. with tire Sheriff,
an Irish and a German Constab .e, and
also a Catihlic priest, with the iope
t.lhat they might bo itilrmied as to tire
conisequences of their conduct and
yield to the authority of law. But the
rebellionists refused to be arrested. .
At that that tige of tire disorderly
conduct, C0. Ilayne, who had left
Ciarleston in the ieaniwhile, was
telegri apfred to, that, lie irght, preseint
tmatter to tihe Goveinor. He did
so; and the Gover ior very promptly
despatched orders to Maj. General
Sehnierie to call out cite Company of'
Rillemen, one of Dragoois, and, if
necessary, a Company of lIfanrtry and
Flying Artilery. .From thle nie wspa.
per rep rts I see that n wellty -furr of
tire rioters were arrested.
I ami very siry to see manifiesta.
tions of this kind, upion'c tUe part of tire
lawle!s multitude, ini South Uulina ;
and very happy to see a prompt dis
positioi to quell such iutrages. If the
Jaws of South Carolina are not sufli
cient to red ress tire wrongs fto'.se
wio seek citizeinship with u<, it were
flar be'tter they s'huht l1 se'k lroitection
elewhere iati that they sithould take
their cause iito their own haiids. too the
disturiances of tire publi peac - a d
.good order.
Tim IRv. OuvLLE-: DEwEY, D. D.
-This distinguished divine, we see by
tha Chazrestoin papera, wais to hrave'
commnenced a courise of lectures oi.
Tire paroblemi of* hauatn life atid des
tiny3 "' in Charliestoni tan Moni day last.
Dr. D.t-wEY- is one of' tihe motst dis
tingnishred div nes in Aimericai antd hris
leitreLs have beeni loo ked fotrard to
with mruc~h initerest anrd pleasure. An
exchtage speaikinig of imi says:
lie sems to acqriire nrew pnowers at
eve ry atepi oi iris pirogrerss ini thre d is
cussi' n of his thietme, whIichi tmay be
said ti be the wiirbli at lar.e- lie
andi the~ great pur pose 'of tire discuission
hthus fr, hras evidlentr'y bieent to vini.
dicate the ways of Godl to mian"
ii tire ireatns whIichlt1 li ns take r to
a(comiphlisht this purpj ose, weu searcely
kinow w ethe.r motast to admuire tire
vairiety' of his heartiing, tire rich inilu.
enree of hris ideas, tire bieau tiful simi.
pl1 iiy if Iris e'xpreIssions, tire deep
pacthIos of his totnes, the fervor of his
piety. or-tire vigori aind comnpi ehetnsion
of iris ind. '.ery succeedling lec
turtie ndisplay mor an ore lhis orig.
Sial i ty of thoughtniit, ihis priofioutrnne*c
.iniaiintaince with ittir,-his fatmilitarity
w itnh scince in its mrost conlipreheirsi ve
senis', andt, aboive tall, a heart that.
seemsstuo yearn lfor the harppiness ol
hris fellow tian, lIe shows, as f'ar as
vi ice anrd gest ur e can show, that hre
imrsel feels, the t ruthrs thrat ihe desires
to irmpress itpont oithers; and w ithouirt,
this essential chrazcteristic, no nman.
let hi's gnalificat ions ini other respects
he what they mray, can never hmope to
be a persutasive orator, for withdt tire
power of petrsasion, of wvhrat avail arc
well tintred sentencees, brilliant phrais
or logical pirecisiton ! Ini this partidu
lar we have heard rno orator, of Church
or Stare, at all cornpartable to Dewey,
We purposely avoid saying any thing
of the irrnrce to be dIrawn fromt hri
theory of evil as it exists in tire world.'
Those whose mode o1 faith dilffer'from
him1 may sahely listen to all that is
betautifurl and trite in the display ofhis~
splent did inutelleet, and yet hreatr nothring
iil"'rnsive to their creed. Wec did trot
tarke upi ouri peir to cotntrovert a roll
giouts dogmtta, brit to pay tire tribute
(fJr hlotmange to ge.nus, learninrg, arnd
At an election held in St. Peter's
Pari h on 20th &nd 27th tultimno, for
State Senat ,r, to stupply the place
muaide vacant by thre death of the
larte Ciii. A. M4. Rrth, Ilon. Joseph
Matner Latwtonr, was electeid, by a
mraoirity of fourteen (I 4) votes, (Iv
er hits opponent Matjor qulaR
Johnson.r qil I.
?Now NOTINos IN COUILT.-At the
comnIMtcetnent of the trial of Arthurs
MvAllion for *the muraer of his wife
'in troy, N. Y.' sonie curious proceed
ings were had- on .empa.in ling t
jury. The Troy Be1dget of the
ult. says: 'J hs pristmer being A h.
olio Jrlshmaun &counsel thoW i
advisable to question the juro ailed
in relation to their feeling to~ rds f. r.
eignerg, and their connecti-" ith the
Kr ow Nothing .orgapiza n. W ith.
out a formal detiwiabn J iat persons
belorig'ng to thit' o-h- ound secret
organ ization are, from that, connection
merely, incompetent to Itz_ s juror.
in' case' between ihe: peo * sud a
CatIholiU foreigner, tfie courii
t'y .he' Cou:t, coon iel and triersI
making of th's pannel, appearP, ' Y
be in eflect equ-valet, to l reco
of that principle.
.Mr. Townsend, for the Pree0tro;
in answer to the )bjeetitpjars' by
Mr. Beachi did .t, cu, cede t, the
oibligations of the socety *would ne.
ces .1rily prevent a, In.e.iber as.a
juror, fror returning a just and
1. ir verdict, in a case like the present;
yet, to a certa.n eitent he ifquiesced
in the views expressed by Mr. Beaeb,
who regarded the tendency of' thae
cnnection' .as dangerous, liable to.
defeat the ends of justice, and one that
should be: carefully guarded against,
in cases especially wh re the- life or
liberty ofa Catholic foreigner is in
The Jackson (Miss.) Me.rcury of the _
20th 1it.., I-ays:
Our conmmunit was shockedby
the oecurrence oi another terrible tra
edy on Saturday evening. Mr. J. F.
Irish stabbed Air. Henry Hipple with
a bowie-knife, causing his almost
instant death.* The parties were broth
ers in -law. m.d lon-, residents here.
We fiarbear from any puulicati,n of
the circumstances. An examination
will be had before the Magistrate this
morning at 10 o'clock."
Mr. Ilipple, we believe, was a
inernber of the First Mis issip, i Regi
ment in the Mexican Ntar. his".J1
the fourth citizen of Jackson killed
within three months h.a k
Al AnmRIK, At -Sumterville. by-the
Rev. N. Graham, on Saturdty the
LIoth inst., 11ENRYS. i. Biowk..D.
of Wa'hington, 1). C.1 .and Miss
MIRIAM Ilo.-roN of Nev Ydiik Cit'y.
Corrected weekly by
W. S. Itawtoa & Co.
Charleston, S. C.
CnAt.s'roN. March 10.
CoTT94.-Upland--The sales ti.e past
week up to this date was about 13,003
Iles at 1.4 to 3.8 c. per Ib. advance.
Our < otation. are for fair 0 to 9 1.4
prime 9 1-2 c. ani upwards.
I1cE.-Cean 83 51) to 84 75. Ad.
vaicod 1-4c. pr. Ib.
Conr.-$t to 81 05 per bushel.
OATS.-65 to 68C. Scarce anu in demand.
PEA.-Black $1, Red 81 10 to $1 15
per bushel.
HAY.Norha ive 8120 per hundred ib.
F~ou.-$ ~3) t 10per Dlarrel. Scarc'e
and in demand.
BAcon.-sides, 8 to 9 1-4c. 'Hams, il to
14c. Shoulders, 7 to 8c.
lAARD.-10 1.21t0 i 1-2 and prime 12.Cte
per lb.
BerrT~n-Goshen 2.5 to 2$c. !'or prime.
SaLT.-95C. to 1 20) per sack.
CtFF E E.--Cu ba 10 to lic0. IRio 9 1.2 to
12c. per lb.
Mou.ASSEs..-N. 0. 26 to 27c. Cuba 22 to
Suan.---rown 4 10 6c. and upwards.
Btcarxco.-[Dundlee 10 1-2 to l ie. Gunny
lto, 13c.
Ror'E.-Western 10 'to 10 1-2 and up.
CATIEz.---Car loads 7 1-2 to 9 1-2c. per7
lb. nerit.
IlOGs.--Car loads 6 1.2. te 7 1.2c. p~r lb.
The Suuumte'vjil cY Liket.
For ,The Sumter Banner."4
MARCIS 14, 1855.
CoTrorper pound 6 1-4 a 8 eta.
CoFFEN, -" , " 1 2 a 14 "
SUIA- " " 6 I-4 a 10
(Itreh."-" 18 a 37
BACQN, " " 9 3-4 a IS
CoaN .per bushel, I 00 'a 11IS
Ps," " 1 00"
MOL.AssEs per gal. 25 a 75 . V4
8A r.T, perbtack 2 00 u -325. "
I'OULTRV, ready sales at good p~rioea. '
I'NRIJURA LGT A.--This formIdable di.
ease, which seems to baffle the sktil of -s
cians, yields like magic to Carter's , 1s~
Mr. P;' Boyden, formerly of the Astor Hoe,
New York, and late proprietor of the Exeag
Ilotel, ichimond, Va., ispne of the hnrd 4
who hatve been cured of severe NoMI4ra Y~S4
,Carter's Spnish Mixture. , S
Sinco hm cure, he has j
numbeas of 'others, who were suz
nearl verylirm. of dieap
He saya xtis theistost eine
'he h e ever seen used, kd45best blood pui
ie r known." -
t$' Sold by RICE &N'HOMSON,
- 0Saiterville, 8. C.
Sole agents fbr the I'opltors.
Among diseases, dyispepa .liver coam.
plaInt rank as most difficult (eu AVe are
pleased to have It In our power 10M out a
remedy which has proviud efle -'hmanty
cases, and wich we ran safely re d as
a certain and Infallible cure; is has spa
means of rescuing thousands froth an
grave. -We mean the Hloolland's Ge
ters, prepared by Dr. C. M1. Jackson.~
Gierpasn Medicone Stere, 120 Areh
Pi'bladelphia. '
For Sale by MILLER & 4.ITTPON. -
.The undorsigned wishes to' pur'hase a negra
gi rl or young wotman, of go intlligenig-nd
of warranted health. Te age to. he betweek i
12 and l8 years. Fur one to suiMt, ~eal ash
price will b aId.
For fbither inhrnstion appy'~'
May en~ ill.-, March 14, 18' 4.'AE

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