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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 2

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* ::JO.)N S. RICHARDSON, Ji0-) '
Very Wednitidaiy Mornng
John S. Richardson, Jr.
- -E It R .14,
Two DOLLAlS In advance, Two Dollars
ttnd Fifty Cents at theexliration ofisix inonth,
-br Tlree Doillara at the eii of tie year.
- No paper discontintled until all arrearages
tire rA ID.41nnless at the optioin ofthe Proprietor.
All tsuscriptiOns are ex pected to ie pail for
In Ad vance.
Advertisements inserteil at the rate of 75(
tients per sqiuare for the firLt.; Fifty cetts or
the second, anti Thirty -sevetn anl a half ceits
for each srunbsequent insertion uniler Ihree
In..nifth. Olirial ativertisemnis insertel at
seventy five cets for each insertion.
inge uiertions One Ihlar per qnitnre,
Se ..i M . nth ,ly, iMJouhiily and Q uarterly ad
\erisements clourged the same tis single mser
Business cardis of five lines and nier insert.
td at Five- Iol lia ra at yea-t r.
Three Moths1, allvertiem .nts.-Oine square
'$1 00. two sqitares $7 00, three sqtnares 610
U0, itnfr sqn xres A 12 00.
Six Alontls atlvertietnents.-Onc rqiutar
$7 00, two sutares $12 (lit, three sijares
$16 00, ant four squar4es $.10 00.
Yeariv aivertiietlnt-its n ith tihe privilege (if
changinog three tinies, one sqoare 9 10 t0, 1t
Iquares it18 00. iiree iqiwmes 8-:5 00, four
squtares $-W 00, atid fi ve stiar . $31 00.
A sqatare to cosist lf ilie space oceiiedi fly
'12 lines of mi, iml type.
All job work cadh, anil transient ai vertisilg
paid for ill ativance,
Obitary notic. anti triliitep of respect liver
12 lines elitrged ai tdverti:-ements.
All ativerlissentis not uiarkel with elie
nmuher of instionsl0 will he publisheri ntilti
forbid ami! chargerd aceor-lingly.
Cmmt:::iration~ itolinitei to promote pri
vnte interest, or recomsneIlam iois of catnd lttes
for otices of honoar, prmitit #,r trust will he char
ged fur asaalverti.-etmetts
A:euning a catmidiame Five Dollars a year.
Fur all narnriages time printier- Ie is expected.
Wrinten for the llanner.
I will now love the stoim
Of the darknjceq of night,
histead of the forim
f mv fond one, so briglt:
I.vtl spjiea k k to t lie breez
'To, I he War- i wil Imnn
'I'll Si I t theI tireei,
Since iy, :oved one ian-. .
I will wecp :ie a1 clond
in thme nmmtoe r-bigh lt-shower3:
And her sweet ne alond1,
Widl I cal', 'mid the ilmvers:
And her s pirit will grvet me,
I i the sltade of her hower,
Where -hp used to tii me.
It t lie twi-liglts cam!ti hlour.
And I If love the storm,
And.the dark-witer blight;
Kinee her ltcvetly formi, .
Hath ht een snatch'd Irom toy sigh ;
And her spirit will eomio,
o the vili vivid fliah,
To Welcome ml e h113tme,
In the teipesa' fierce clash.
Auissabel Lee.
It was mnany atid imty a year ago.
In a kingdom by thy s1.1 ,.
That a n;utden there lived whoim you may
By lite ramne of Annihel rnc;
Anti this mnaiden Ohe lived with1 no olther
Thai to love and be loved by mc.
She was a chld, antid I was a child,
. In this kiingdom b3 the Iti spa,
But we loiid withi a love thm.tt, was m'.>re
thtan love
I and moy Annabel Leec:
- With a love that the winged seraphs of
Coveted lher and mie,
And this wvas the ransoni that, Io:.g ago,
-in this kolgdom by the se',
A wind blew out o' a clcou I by nlight,
'C'.ling mny Annab~leI L~ee;
So t hat the Ithi.gh-hornt k-inlsmanIIt catie
And bore her away frotm me!,
To shut her up itm a sepnmiclhre
In this kingdomi by tihe sea.
The angels not hialf so htppy13 inl Iheaven
Went envying her anld mue;
Yes!. tat wa~s theo reisem (Is all mtin know:
Int tLam kmgdom by tie seai)
That tie wutmd camie otut of a cloud, chmill-.
And killing may Annuahel L.ee.
But our hive it was stroniger by far that:
time love
Of* thmoe whlo wvere stronger thman we;
O1 mainy far wviser thamn we,
Andi mether thte nels im heaven nbove,
- Nor Ihe demmonls dIdwnI itnder thte sea,
Cain ever dlissevb'r my roul' Irmnu the- son
Of the beautdfu I Autnna: ci Lee.
For the moon never beams without lbring
inig tme drea nts
Of thme beaut ifl't A nnathel Lne;
Anmd the stars never rise, but I see tlat
0f tohe eanlitn .iA nnabel Lee;
And so, all. thle olght-tide, I fine down bij
the side
Of my d.trl ing, my3 dar iig, my life amt
iv bride,
1ntr tlepulchre thmere i y I lie sea.
Poieesis otns ofi theO chleapes
hit ng4 tin e w'tri. It. sny~s the hits:
1ddivide't'l< imtlgoym e-ever. yet los~
* I'T it III io in 1st c:i I i It ppy lire
2 \V-i , fh:irf!- it wi ht1 I faithifl wife:
*3 \Vho's 'ree fr)it in itrimimial chains,
.1 Li sire to suider 'or h-s pains,
.1 A hil could find no sol il peace
2 Uiitil lie saw a wonr's tfice;
3 \Vlen Ilve Vas given for ;I mate,
4 Adam was ila a happy State.
1 In every feinnie's ai: appear
'! Trnch, d:irliiig ol a It irl sinec re,
3 lypocrisy. deeenit and pride,
4 N,!'er known i wo iian to reside.
1 \Viit tolngl iS able to ifiir;l.1
2 Tie wrIl ni woil il we huliol,
3 The i tsl!lo:l Ilh it inl womiin dwell
4 Is alimost inperceptiblo.
I Cuirsed is tlie fo-!ish miin I siv
2 W hto wi% It ytiel ill wm:in way,
3 \Who el.i ' t e ir: hifs sirgleiitoss
4 Is iiure ioi plicctE i lessetIiness.
I Vhat lon en is mile tit expresi
2The w'iolu -f wo ni-m's ply v er lto bless
3 The evils ilh it with woman dwell,
4 Pe wiord i wi lih- enoih to ll i.
*11 will bl s n inat the sense is re
versed by renuli'g the Ist anil 3d and the
2<1 ain- 1 h inet
-A le Guiltfy P11331tons.
Sii \\ alter Scott tell hi w C, ig ie
Sir \ aher w:-I a liu. vier inl cillsts.
it is said. lI Iis " Ta pi-, ried ha hietI r,"
whhi h1 appeared riinll ill thw l".
denI Keep I ak e, :111i whie is 114.w -l
b eltllt nl ll 1 tht' coropIl-e editifois il
ills wolks receltily pub li-lel, he as
sures Ih s readers, was flui-led ill
1thc. So lit believed ti be the basiS
of I lite G iltv Phailt.ill.
ii- :iicielt aorl I be1 tingi 1'-mit :m11
Iinsanc ofiri a\git.lulisal, ihr Idphatoi.
Ihie mI- ad e can iale is somi
in went yearistIn ago if sinr~e.i, m 't
thiik, tIler(labil correct inl its details.
toIglh I hiave lost. Oh a imt o1 II
iril. Jarvis Matlcuan-slnh, inl im
maliiI m it'tfi. wai .th lin, nei of lain..
hles i jWil t -i a s inz l i ii ti*. 1l
ii - ly ah.s af-...tale tfman . .a he' wa
ii t I Vii Iu i ' a I iI..IC f l . 11.1 1 o e It s.i
c~ilisiderabl III-i. .f . ei--e plaved
inl his h:ll tisl i ). ay lo t so ltii b n 6411t111\
othiere learies which Iei w ithin his
dlutv. ItWlit fiie wa 1s su l unno .- the jo in.
gi ie f a t I cin owe nilt, whI\iy e ( l d I Ill
pre iiin in cc ui in Il servce : tn t this.
eihlj , nilier itiole tb el eel Slii
eliin. li t I , ., II1i . I-eivi edS I l it d is
nvery wa, ll. hand, :n le ii wl hl.
havt deis.1t h: 1 it lit veetl 161r til
ile-eil t it i t hi,1 w - mmn erni til. liitd, wh,
Is the oily 't ne oflhi palrt y Ill lapint
I'd toi atei im. In t dI.-Sperati n
fhtis come heli I.;ved 1ir the ilm ler i i
poori~. will 111:ke his escvape I Iv
c-it'Iiiattd [Il w s the te1oere
relk tjily that fhe e tti ight,
had elijnhiie th a spy n him. liht.
I v~1thu I hi H~"111141 t(.idr so d~nln1 111141,!
pertte Id his trie; andi~~efe lhmig
b 1 dred s after , to bed was don111e.
ile i i.ed tIll w iak roi t hi Ietri1
whetehe ha 311 hit. inid weli, to bie.h
thb-sirinlit I e ct ttallei whenl I theg fito
I)1ntImmt ct n lasteh wa iti. The waiter
ald bcotq -iitgly t~ i t lonil Ig afier
rlit thin nbred thattt whenl t( shioik tile
uilet by the shniilderl, lk 1iest we Iirs
ase aw ke were, t.M God, VI did
nit kill him.'
j'Matm went lei the wsaort lt
the coach ii, mal istant enered ts a
knowe. iot wib. lis sobiet ad
goodpiion lit the 11)1lieer in is ndw
searv i I b bi h leoe ihn thsearn .~
behad reathtfnukp hiliey we ,ll i sm
ita PI)moth was aid off. anrd so
ofth crew amn hmwsJ~i
se;aiini inil-ecte.: by the suiperstitioni o I
his as"Cociate.
"What ! not, see that little boy with
tihe liloody p italooins !" exclaimed
the secret murderer, so in uch to the
terror ilf* his ci en urade that he coiijured
him, if he had iythiiig oin his iiiid,
to manke a clear cinscience, so ir its
his confessii cioild do it. Ilie criii
inal fetched a deep groan, aid deelear
ed that, ho was umaIe bIi.nger to endure
the life whicdh ie had led Air year<.
tle then conftess..il tle rn i rder of the
iiniiimiiier, aid added, that, a a con
1iderable reward had beeii Ii(fereil, hei
wilied his citirade to deliver hiiii up
o lie inniigistiates o'Salisbury, as h
would desire a shipniite to priofit ly
his Cote, whiich hle wNas nlow cliinviie.-id
was inevitable.
1 laviig tivel come his frie)nd'Es oh
je(ction, Its this 1ltide lif proeedol ilig.
.J11rviS A Lalchiain wls surrenideed to,
juicsietl accord Ingly, and Imade: a 1iiil
coni fission oil guiIt But hel'are the
tiial the lova of lifeo rettiried. The
prisoiir denied tile co onfession, and
plenided r~ot gihy. B y this, timne.
himtover, il evideiice had botn pr
(Ired Iir(tiiu tither uinrtoers. Wiless*
Us Ippeared fror his forrtuer reginiiiei
tit irove his idenitil t with the iuarder
r.:nMil d seiter, aid the waiter re
ilitheitl the aiiuhi|).' wvoids which
he had14l spoken woi hen 1 awoke him
) jinji le ior'i t till lie, ailh. J:rvis
Aaluhiw'n was l'estliliti guliy, ald e-xvvlt.
tool. Wniii his last bCian e forii lit.
V .s ovir, lie ietnlined 1.() hi Cs confess.
ion: aid wi:i his dyiiig breath averred,
(21iil tiilv as 1.- thought1,) the Vi bion
,ti SaIlisbulrv l'lainl."
A FolaT'NATR KISSi -Tit' C llowiii"
little story by M i- .. Breiiner, is fi I.
.shed to Sartaini's Alagazie. Fil its.
:1it il and reality Sim ma) 3 she will be
rec pslilijble :
In tle uliversity ft Tpsala in Swe.
len, lived a y. ung stidenlt, a lonilio
.ull t, wili a great love for i-tidies
!161t willianlt Ohw. e.- fpa
-iat oiivert y. b.t k, oping h
ileurt. and1. tr% Ivr' n~o t ., IliokI at t iv
1inture whichl loiok..d sit grittily at. hlim.
Illis goiod bi1riimnr aid g pold 41ialities
nunile hii belived by his yoniig coin
I;o es. (OIice; he was staidiing \ui IIt
-unifof teli inl thie sinlefi oilsaa.
r .1\wIly 111f1ill I -fi I.l otle1ure, (-lIg
ilie ait eltioIn of ulie youillg Ii1eni lee:Iit
.1 I*c.teted by a very yoiuii and I hI -gatiii
.hady, who, at the side (f an elderly
ne wailked slo-..ly over the plhice. It
x.as the dIighter of the Governor of
Sjilnid livinig inl the city, and tile lady
wvas iher goveiness. ShAe was geleraliy
6nown fo. hler beauiy and lir her gioo 1.
niess of elba rac er, aild w:Ia lo. ed l tilt
With great alniliratioll by Ile sill.
dv..i s. As the yoiuig iet no1w stoiil
gazinig at h1er as she passed oi like a
-raev111l vision, one oil theLi exclailiied:
Well, it %oild be w%4 orib smite.
thiiinu tit have a kis..; froii a such a1
m11mth0 !"
The poor t udent, the hero of our
stopry, wht was liooking iliteitly on
tlh:t p11r1 g4lie he, exclaiuiied, as il
by ispiration, "\'ell, I thilik I could
" W hat, ' said his friends in n cha.
rus, " are you liazy I do you know
her ?"
I it, at. al," he answered. "bt I
thin k she wvouldi kiss uie no0w, it I alsked
11er '"
"\Vi'hat, ini t his p)lace, blbreI all (4411
"lin this pla1ce, before y our eyes."
'. Freely '?"
'- Freen."~
'Well,'if' she will give youi a kiss
in that. mianneir. I will give you a 1)14n.
s:iiiu dollJars,'" exel. imd onie 0t' the
-414 Aid i," " Aind I,"' cried thIiree or
'our et her.; for' it, so happjice. ed thalt
severaul rib younlg men0 were iin thie
gronyij, andii bets 411n high 01n so imi.
piroballie ain eve I; alnd the ('halleinge
was inadl~e anid neceepted iii less tiime
th.,ii we have taken to relate it.
O.uir hiero-i-my aiuthoriiy tells noit
wheit heilbe wa, handsome or plai i; I
hav e iiiy plI i reaIsolS ns l beheing
that hei it ia lathler plalin, bu0t siingilaity
good bloulmg at the namie tiime-our
hero walkedet ol' to meioet, the yoali
lady, an.l said ; " in fr'u/cio, miy tbi,
Siiiie is i jor hiando." uShe lonioed at
him, iin as~toiislinnent, but, armo'ted her
stepls. lie rceeod to state is ii~line
andu. conid ition, his aspi rationOts, a i.d re.
lated - impjly and truly what hail pass.
edl betweeni him 41nni his.' compam~I~ons.
Thec younig lady listeiied aotteiitive'ly,
aiid whlen het cease9d to, speakI~, she
said, blin.hing, but withI gi'eat sweet
Iest "hf y so) little ai ih.nig 20) oiuieh
guood can lbe elioeted, it would be foiol.
ishi in ime to reise 30our4 request;'" anid
she kissed thle younig mian publicly in
Next day the sthudent was sent for
Iby the G'overior. lie wanited (to see
thle nhuhn who damed to ask a ki4 fionni
his dalligiter ~in hat, way, aliid wlou i
blhe had cnsmented to kL.... li
receivei him will) it Severp.lmid scr
tiiiizing brow, but after an; ltir's coin
versatlion wa1.4 so pleased w:th him th-11
he olr'ered to let him dine-at his table
during his -tudies in Upsila4.
Our yuiig friend now. pursued his
studies in a maner which stoon male
him repgrded as the most, promising
student at the Un:iversity. Three years
were not ptissed after the day of the
first, kizw when the youmg t'nan was
allhiwed to give ia seci.nd ind to the
laughlter it' the Governor as his in.
te mled briiide.
lie b'einc' Inter, otte of the getat
est sebolgars in Sw eden, as nuach to
spected for his learninog as for his
ebarneter. - is wouts will endiiie
torever among the works. of' science;
anid irom this happy un on sprang a
lami ily well k iowin in Sweden' at. the
presi tit day, and whise wealth of fiiir
tune aid high positiiin inl society are
egardedo as stmali thog cpipared
1J its we*alth ot' goodness and love.
Un.%u1ati. EXTr-ACT.-The follow.
ing beautiful paragraph we 'eNtract
iiomit t1e addrets delivered before tle
1railuatiiig class of Iniitg'rt's Cil lege,
lv the llianorable Th'oolorc F1reulinig
ly.Ven, and conmend it to the peru.
,aI ol the y' iig :
' lie-c lv ti do sometlii ng useful,
hiiitable, diitiful, and do it heartilv.
Ib-pl the I'ltglh tI hat V1 catn, anid
theretire yia aay , live a iibve wit h
aid wi lunit it.. Aiiing lite rin st,
pitiahbe uib-jects in society is the aim
Shioie mind has been traiied bv
the discipline of educaititi-who ha's
eariied hiow t tihiiik. and the valett
of his inuni ioiirtal powers, and with ill
Iihese inoble factiities ctiiitted and
prepared for atin hinr;.bly activity ,
ggnhly sits down t itdo tinthinog; with
no iillience over the pubtilie I- -
with nio ititerest in the conteilt III his
coun itry or eveii I s ntelgibihood-ti
be regard as a drone, without object
.ir chiaiaeter, with noii hand-t lif it., aift
mi ellb ri t. to put foirth to, up ig right
.hi : a' ' .-- ''a . think
AI P66. ill nof a g i~e.ever
prc mit % your itflience to gi initii h-s.
tiit y to the cau e of i th and vi tIioe.
S.. live that. u ith tle Christiai poet
yf iy r til y 1: 11iay1,1N , IY that
If y iir country -: t-I not i yiur skill,
teatl your titijes have not itrought her fall."
SW.u.1.wi)WIN 1U A Bi.L OF LEAD
Srii.m.mcu ONVe .-Te apllo (1:1.)
luit--lligenueer says: ( bii Chlristmaiis dayi
a i.r. W. \V. lwae, while doing the
exp.liiit of stic'king a har &f lead diowni
li. tiroat, let gi his hiild, aind it de.
scetndedi in toL his . timach. Thephy.
ha es was tr iing t li.ax t hiil, tmiaile
a s i gtt'xiiatiin at. the litite, intas.
mieilam he hali iiade hitl li tie a 4,
abnlt it, an1d at tieii's deii'dl h.iving
swuallowed the leiad att all. A fi.ew
nys after, the vic:tim having swa;low.
ed some11 acid sliit:uice, the lead be.
gatn t coirrodec, 1ii1d lim- beamtie verv
.,ick. The ph\ sicians were then calheId
ill. and it. was still thuniiid Ilint every
otlier atteimipt ti extrac.t ihe lead wol'Id
Ie timitavailiing, Sathe openlinig the stomn.
ac.This beivu reolved uponl, s11me1
live ot six ph *siciain weic ('elied ill
Dii \ eneldy moninmg tad, whei
I )r. elIl, iof thIiis pha-e, peibinecd thei
illertal iin, prnoblaly3 thle tfirist om aecord,
utf pii ngit thea stciiiach .and' extriactitg
he leiad. Tlhie hiar was albont 11 iinche
ini h-nyithI. aiid iabi''t hiali the lenigti
shtioed thle act ioin iof thle acid upjoti it.
Theia ititient , at hast alccomunts, wi as get.
ting illi finely, with a procspaet ut
sp eedy reco veriy -thle ianamationii
c.'auseid from the lead whlih.' in the
stoimiach becinig thle great est d hllhiity
tii conmtendl with Itat pres nS lt aippiearanc.
The IntellIigeneer cof the Jith tells ais
hlates wtas ruIai y recovering.
Woosu:ms or 'trus Ab..motur.--t is
reporinteid that. lie histiortai1ian Fullr, in
160W7, hiad a mtiit reteattivae miemoarv;
lie coiid repncI eat 500 stratnge niciim.
mun woirds taher twice heiaiing thaemi;
anal a sermnii verbiatili, tatter ieadliii
it onice.. lIe miiiieirloiok, atter passinri
f'rimi i'emp le liar *.ci thle farithlest parit
oif Cheiaipsiide aind back( tagaini, ti mien
i-n all the signs uiveir the shocpsi on
hboth sides cot te streets, and repoeate'd
them bitackwvarads, perfbirinig thle task
waithI grehat extacltess.
\Ve were ae.iaiuted with a youtng
man, a cle'rk in t his city, who uinec
ciiiniuitted to imenioty in a sinigle
evenitng a wholile pa.:e of' the New
teat d the atue with great exact.eis.
lin the ciimipany of' a iui ber of litera.
ry young mien lie delledl anty prtesenit
toi repecat at line ofi pue:r from l'itany~
standard wo'rk the next line of' which
hwe citld tiot recitec, aii alsci give the
natae ol the ant hir. Sonie hundtalreds
of' qtuottatiions weire made, and in etach
intitnce Lte right auithir wivas inmed,
iaid t le cinneiinitg hiies givenu. Th,.
powei'tr cit reteiition ini this persi'on's
no ryiiu~) wa'ts titost I eiiiarka bi e, as the
above namted facts abundcanitly provo.
sON.-Mary, Sclotland's l'rail beauty,
cet, tie "'gh16ny 111 "7 with a degree
of resolutioan not to be Cxpected froiml
her misfit un.-, so num. rnos wvere
they; deserted by every frieid Xecpt
her faitihfill little dog. Sir Thimas
Mohere remarked to the executionuer, by
whose lhand(.4 he was to perish, that
the scaflid was extenely weak. "I
pray 3 ou tec see ime up1)," said he'; and
for my Otnlling do ewn let ie shit'ft tih
Im vsel I." Cliecer breatlied his last
wieii compsing a blllaid. li1s last
proidnction is called "A hallad by
(eofry Chaucer, In his death bed,
lying in great pain." "I could Wish
this tragic scene Was over," said Quiin,
the actor; " but I hope to g. thi(crough
it wili becoming diginity." Perarchi
was fiund dead in his librat-v, leanino
()I a hook. Roassenlu, whenl dying
ordered his attenda..t tov -mo(ve hi1
a'id place him before the windo'w, that
he might loic up'm his garden and
gladden his eyes with the sight of
inature. Ifow ardent an admirer lie
was of nature is jor-tieally told ill
Zimimiineeriia's Soalit ude? ',)pe tells
us he f:mid Sicr Godlicy Kneller -
whenii Ie visited him a few days prioir
to his end-sitting up, and fibrinii
plias f(',r his ow mloniuent., flis
vineity was conspiceius even inl denth!
\Varren has toserved that Chester
field's gitd bree'diing oinly left him
with death. "(Jive Drydale a chair,
sid, le to his valet. wheni that, peron
VIs a:mouncliilecel. ltyle, wheni dying,
puinted to where his proof sheet was
deposited. Clarendon's pen dropped
Ifrui his 111111d when seized with a
palsy ieh put an end to his exist
eice. Ilend died ire the act of- dictat
ilie. Rosetill'l, when expiring
qut'ted froic his own) transltii en ofthe
".1 ies liae." 1ailler, feeling his pulse,
sa:id, " The artery cea'lses to beat," aid
imI iedial y expired. W hlen ti
priest. whmen Alfieri had been prevail,
ed (.n) t m.41, callie, lie repeiited him
teo,"call to rnipcrrow.i;-;d',hN~Jtrcct.
N~ejsn " h vee r a. wer, Iel .4-1
linigvod io brig t lie fleect o a tchor.'
Stnart wvas painting W.,shin-uton's por.
trait, lie .was rallied tane day bcy tfie
Geineral for his sliow work. 'The pain,
lei prot ested that the pietlic coul
Inll, mlvance iciltil the enni v"as was (rv,
alld that there icmust be soee delav.
Uponl arriving tile next. Illorning, St'u,
:art itioned his canvas, aid discovered,
to) his great lioor, the fieture was
"General," said'he, "sm ebody haz
held the picturie te the fire."
Washiigton stummined his neg n
va'ilet, Samlc, 111d demianded of him, it
gtreat iendigniatinl who had dared te
touch the p'rt unit. The tretblin
Sam replied, th1cat cncing. tol ovelihll
Wat tshicngte ln's exprIssien of impateiee<
at the snwness f' the werk, and tic
respolnse ol tile fartist thait it illist dr
ei t ! could gI fic a 0it, ice ha veCntur
e I to put tle canvas beforet the lire
Washiicgtn, Willi greit. anger, dis
ecissed him,. and told him lever to
slhow his lhee agancii.
Beet tile icext div, Iftel Stuart han
arriv'ad and was prepaiiig to work
Wasihin.ton rang tile hvl iad se. t ti
Sam. i e cameo in albahed aid trem
bib g. Ih rient dr -w a nev
.silveir watch~ frecm his ocellit, antd sa'(d
aind whelniever youet i c k at it, rr'eemc
her Ithaet yeour mi ast'-r, ini a moen'll
of pasin, said ter you whivtate hea nv
re'gret s, accdc thait, ice was not iishain.et
teo conif'ess thai hce hlad donae sea."
A Nica PuAes -ro Livs,. jm.-A wivn
te r inc t he Iast inumb er of Ilharper'
"Du)cringe the last centuory, the aver
age eof icecriders in I' ame, ithi a ppu
hitioin eaf ce huinred atid fifty' thrn
-anod sou'Ils, was five or si x a day'., amic
oiln ai on e ocsihon fourt een. Wh' it
occied icy tile Ferchi, t here wene
ill a i 55gie day et huclned anit
tiwen'fty assalssinationsi'. A:id a, late
as 1828 they. averaged one daily. A
chapilel ofl the M'.adoeilna in thle cheirei
ccf the Auegci t ns, is hniug abucet wi ti
kniives, diikt, ae.d othier mnldierit:
icnst ccmentst, suspcended t here bcy thlc
ownericis, at tice ocrder ofl their econitss
as5 a (cimltion ofI nch5cluetion and evi
dece~i of pardn colf theccir cries.
"TIhe ste eets of' R.omec are nlot saini
at Ihe laiter lieoturs of..ncighit, even now'.~
flcr ancy et whoie he aucght, abot biln
tectempt the cupid ity' ct its highway
men(0. Romclant frieneds of' mlineI an
lac'tenom-d to place their w.atces it
lethei cets whleni ecut. late at night. -
Every houctsekeeper illh tellI yecu ti<
risks they run iln inot keeping~ thle
st rictest wiatc'h ocver their prce'mise's
and1( a y (oneJ's experiee in visitini
Italian Iliniies wilt Ccnvince in
thait they hcav.e mor cr oneifidenice ii
teii r pc'te'cll Iis dioor'Ss and mlassive'
gra inigs lhanc in) eithe1r -theO hoecsty. (I
o' the pol ice."
Tur luiciFi-wr SELL WE EVER IIEAaD
OF.--We lind an accotit m the East
Br >oklyn Tim'e']'s of a new method of
"raising the wind,'' di well as the dead,
in that city, which takes down any
thiig in the diddlng 'lin of the sea
son, 1and indicates the ext6nt and
pressure of the hard times. 'A femah-,
called on a lady of some influence in
Brooklvii. and told a plaintive story
of sufl1erinigi and privation, and more.
over, that her husband had just died,
aid that she lacked the means of a
decent burial. Her tale of woe so
wroluglit upon the lady that she pro
ceeded to 'isit her immediately. to
sa'isfy herself that there wasi no im
po)sititll. On entering the apartment
he ieheld the coflli, aid wassatisfied
all was right, und not wihing to har
row the feelings of the bereaved wo
man, she left her a cEnsiderable sIim
of imney, and immediately departed.
After p:ssir.g two fir three blocks from
the dielliblgi thinkinig all the way (El
the strange com plexions to which w
arC liable, she missed her pocket
handkerehief. and returned to see il
sihe had not d rolpped it in the house.
Ilie stairs were a-eendEd hastily, and
t.e riilin e itered witlitlit miich cere
mny, - iet what (lid she behold
the woman's husb:md sifttng up in th
efutlinI couitilg over the money!
ertowi (if England ii a costly "bauble,I
bedazzled % ith Vahue einog:: to folin
thrce or four pu.lib eliarities, or hal
a duizen moderate colleges. There an
t-wemty diimnids rounld the circh
worti $7500 eaciR, making A-150-001)
two large centre diamidS. $10,60(
eaICh. makitg $20,000; fifty.fhur sinall
er diamounds, placed ..t. the angle of tit
fortmer, $500; fAur c Esses, each com
lsed of twenty.five diamonds, $60,
000; fIur large diamniiids contained it
fleur de lis, $50,000; eigh:Ieen smallej
diamunds coutained in the same,- ' 10,
000; pearls, diamonds, &e;, epon tht
archjes .jid 4 rosen; Sbf0,000;also -t#
lippjer cross, $I50 two circles oI
pearl abylit the rim, *14,000. Cost.
tif the srIInes in thie crowi, exclusivi
of the Ietal, *559.500.
T.E \\'AY TilE MONEY Guns.-Tlit
following bills have been passed b.
Co ngress:
G eniral A ppropriation' bill (as report.
cd). . ' $9.770,000
A rmy " ." 15,000,00C
Navy ' ." 15,500,O00
Po,t Oflice " 8,50,000
P. n11.n11"9 1,400.000
Mfail Steamers" " 2 )0,00
Fu tifications " " 1.682,oo
Total. $53,952,00C
-'I I Secretary of War, on the 31sl
ultiim, transmitted to ConLress a re
prtL relative to the mI'iilitila of tht
United States. TheifKeetive militit
fhree of the couitry is stated as fol
I nf'ant ry-Commissioned oflicers 45.02'
Non-commiiioned and privates, 1,769,::3;
( ava lry-(:nmmssioned officers '4
Nn-com oiioedC and privates. 12.5:1
Sitflemen-Commissioned officers - 1.95:
Noi-commissioned and privates, 32,45:
Aggregate 1,86:,t
The .Jud'iciary Coitmmittee- of thie
New York Assemblly, have madie I
reporlit ini favor of the repeal Elf the
exitig [Usiry Laws. Its concelusiot
ias fillows:
".Your Committee, therefore, havy
co me tol the concluisin that the usur
laws of this Statte shoul fie so amend
ed anid modified al to allo'w the moc
nev lender to recover tihe amouni
lonned, with initerest at the rate om
seven) per cenit. iThat any person o
whom a greater per cent. shall be fak
eni, be alloawed to lirittg tan ationl ii
the unpremea Coirt to recover thme en
cess, anid allowing the prevailing, par
ty in sneh actioni costs of suit. that,
whenever the - defence Eof usury Shlt
lbe estalished on the trial of a catuse
tIhE defendant shalhl be0entitled t, costs
antd to set off the cExcess of interes
against the plaintifi 's doniand ., Ani
tol that fed ynnfr co'mmittee havo pre
pared :i lbi gj~hi the~y herewith oub
mit, midi recomtmend 'its passag."
W hen Nelson's lumeus signal: waf
Alt'en-'Enghmnd expects every mani
toLI dol his duty-two Scotchimen were
standin.; on deck, and onte pulted a
long, sour falce, any said, 'Ehi, Sady
the'e's nething ab'out pulr auld Sco
Iland!' iloot, mloln!' said Sandy, Sct.
hilnd kenis weel her haien( always de
their duty It is only a hit to: thew
A BASH CaLUxxv.--lit a recet
article Doe.sticks says: T"City girki
are snch touch.mte.not creatures, thai
t- uon, undcerstanding the nature of the
i imaitil, wou~Ild ventture oifi iss, unt
less heo watited to get, his mouth full o
minesMia n an e'aruin. U
nece a witness f'r the .prdsecuthidn in
A case before the Cominmnd. imp
il lIoston, and his testimony nvas .d
-firect and conclusive thait the counsel
for the defence thought: it necessary
to disciedit him. The foll6Wing dia'
logue ensued:
"Mr. Finn, 3ou live in ~~"Mtteet
do vou not?".
"Yes; I do."
"You have lived thee si ge
"Several jenis."
"Does not 9: feniale live there undi
your protectionP'
"There does."
"Dots sue bear your name?"
"Sue is certainly known in thd
neighborhood by the name of Mrst
Finn 1s"
"Is she your wife?"
"Noi we were tiefer legally mar
"That will do, sir; I have no mord
to ask."
"ilit I have something more to an
swer, sir," replied Fi,. with spirit;
"Tho Mrs. Iinn, of whom you havd
been pleased to 'peak with such levF
ty, is ny inqther; and I have knowst
out one man base enough to breathd
aught agaiilst her. You, sir,.can.gues -
who lie is. True, she is under m'y .
protection. She protected me throughf
*y infaucy and chi dhood, and it is *
but payinz a smil part of the debti
I owe her to do as much for her itn het
I old age."
Tie baffled cdunsellor fid hot ad,
other word tusay;
How Sun DID iT.-Lady Mafy
Duncan was a rich heiress, and Sit
William Duncan was her :.hysian;
during tier severe illness. One day
. le told him she had made up hei
min I to get married, and upon his ash;
ing the niime of the fortunatQ qhosen
,i oe, she bade him go ifome and. opeq
the bible,. giting him the chaptr and
-verse, sad h Sn out. He ad
i,. jpd Ith het ad; "Ndtan saidu
i~dt)fOU art //o man."
United Stales there is one child at.
tending school to every five persohiL
In Denmark there is Onte to egety fAir.
Il Sweden one to (ive. In. Prussit
I ne to sii. In Norway one to sdven.
In Ielgium and Great Britain one td
eiulht. In France one "to ten. il
Austria one to thirtien. III Holland
and Ireland one tu fourteei.,. 'In
Greece one to eighteet. In lRnlssis
One to fifty, In 'Portugal oie to
A PaoMisE.-A promise shnftd t
given with caution and kept tlhecAre.
A promise should be made by the
icart, and reminiered by thet kead
A proitie is the offspring of the in.
Lention, and should be'nu'rtured by. 'A
recollection. A promise and its per.
lurinance should, lie the scales of a
true-balance, always present a nutuaf
adj.nstineilt. A, promise deldyed is
justice deferred.. A promisepielej
is an untruth-told. A proise a
tended to i, & debt settled,
It is a singular fact that although
emery has been sought flr in all parts
of the world, it lias b'eedt found in only
two places-in the Island of Naxos
in Greece,- and in a fewV ' places in Tar
key; TIhie -ainual production is do5
present limited to 2,000 tons of lNax.
us stone and 1.600 tons of Turktsh,
'l0u..g inant, driep pbelive in4
future state1
'lrtcour se I doe~ wh'at'sor
4interidito-enter j tas.Bta
gets her weddin ~ es Bet
'You mnitake o ~ hiv
in aifbture state of rewards stid tq
i shnients 1'
'Most asst'iredhy. 'If 1l 6n&ob
mugks with a red hbiaded oar
should vxpectamy hat indented by t
first cistern pole she eook!' joy its
hainds oui
'Go to young mnah i't te or.
rigibleA Go.-to' -
(o ttWo :If* It dasn't the pada
,bigamjdariEd f I o~uld o a.
dorsen. R1uti ght. suppoci 'cagin,
that a man 9f youryeatsran d gite
such ad vice to % De Whust siarting..in
Ahis tdok.ittold ait.
pad a puiher named 68t~h ro
seiblekd him,~ adso t
~wn riyarobesh on A~TI
hit, ot his thonaelad teu kj'
statlpn'atihe gAtter and lauge o~
his courtiers howing hgfori the p~
Dat fd .vbeyftt hii.llu
torI~h,,ls that felo
cipap eiitjah and k
'Ihe Illinols Ila'wu
an act f itirit) fl de~alt
l' *&ebc tiiet r *Ar.141

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