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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 3

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aEsDnTmR :
Agektas 101* the B anne'.
The following persois have beiin ap
pointed Agents anl are authorized to re
ceive, and rCecipt lipr, all suims duie tIim,
Sumter Bainier. Al\y persiol wi-hin'r it)
become a subscriber to the i.hniner, by
handing thnrn their name and address will
have the pper forwarded promptly.
The il i alisosee to lorward nr all ad
vertising business connected with the
W. W . WAL-KEZ, R .,..Columb'a.1 -4. C
S. W. ViIITAKEI,,. Wilinlingt on, N. C.
WLLIAM II,..............
W. F. B. 1AvswS\%ornT, St'rville, S. C.
R. C. LoGAN, " 0
W. S. LAw-roN & Co. Charleston, S. C.
J. RussE.tWr. BANiAZZ, " .
No otlier person is authlorized to receipt
for the Baner.
L-V' Persons wisin-y to see us uipoll
business connectedI wiith the aper or IL:a
can find us at aniiy liour during the !av
at our oflic, just hack of "or.o.WiNs' NVW
Store. 03".All letters niddresed to the
Banner inust be pre.paidt to insure attein
'Whe 12og Law.
We publish, this week, a cnunuiniii.
Ction upon tile recent orlinaee pro.
Ilibitillr swine froiriiil' at larg"e
throughrl our stri 'ets. lhe iticle pre.
sents Some strong views and einlodie
the arguiments of those opposed to thIre
law ; but we are not IIepared to
coincide with tie writer inl tito. \Ye
have never seen the measure t rivl and
therefore can say nothing abrout its
pracical operation, a we woul like
to see both sides discus1ed buefore
coming to a final decision. We con.
fess, that from the first, and upon first
sight, we have been in favor of the
law. We repeat, however, we wubrui
-like to see the measure fhirl y discils
ed, and our colu:.rns are open, for this
purpose, to both sides.
A WORD OF AimyeE.-\Ve see 11irom
various quarters V, at COIn1 is :l rC:Ld V
bearing the enormous price of $1 25
per l'ushel. We ini-t, therefore! ex
pect an advance yel, even uon this
exorbitant price ere the coming in 4,f'
a 110w Cr01). It may he that ihe at tii'
will be difIlie-It to lie otined at, any
price dui ring thu sumier. We have
heard one of the Iuost experienietJ
planters we ever kiiew, aid a Citizen
too of our own District, renurak, that
by having his corn grotund rt hiiL
s'ocl he estimated a saving ofi at leet
one-third. Ile ground at li- oiwii
mill, and tdheref'ore had no till to, 1-:ty.
But, if Ire saved onie-irdn wle iot I ry
ig toll, it is mnife~st that there wourl I
be a greas saving ern after deductinrg
toll. We knrow torithat. by raking
corn.cobs a few days in water with
the addition of a little .salt, that hrrses
and mulies will eat themi withI g reat
avidity, thtus savinrg eorin and foddr
bo0th. If each one W woldr C econom1izie
bis provisions mnure, b.y r esoirtinig ti
the means suggested andl b y phaiaorg
patches of enrly corn and pens, the
country at large might, be saved fromri
great suffering.
* YPoGAuilieAL~m Etiions.--()iir en
tempjorary of tihe Partrit alter goodi
humiordly noticing variouns t yjmgrrphri
cal errors. wich had, it, woul d seemi
through his own caligraphicr~ s.. ill tfound
their way i nto his editrial:, ini arorther
editorial when speaking of thre broroks
to be read in ordier to admriissriin 'nto
thre Freshman Class of' the . Sut h
Carolina College, menrtionrs thre frllrow
iig' new authors, viz:Xnplis
Anabosis and ASollust. As ive never
befo heard of* these I oaks, we
suppose they age a part of the modrn
.Antignties w~hich tihe studnt once
iniquirecd fort. We (all the~ at~ erntion if
all applicants for College to thre net
Er lIonlACesWATsu, tire great Music
- Purblishier, Malr nufirerurer, nnid Dealer ini
Piano Forte, of No. 333 Broad way. New
York,.hans sent us th- followinrg sheets of
populkr :ilursic, pihiblied biy him.
Lilly Vghite, Clarence and Th'le Itrish
of Wrater's
lMv. WV&rr.nts wvii present as a NKew
Years G~i for 1855 One D~ollars wvorthr of
* Music, to be soledted from his extensive
and po'pular catalogue, to all who purrchrse
- f h~ im with in tho next, monthi thre samii
anlfounlt and wvill forwardllboth Gift arid
Purchase postpauid. A most libieral offer.
Onre, brewever, chraracteristic of rime great
Publisher anrd Deanler, and of which we
' uld advise our fair rcenders by all rmearrs
tqeavail themfiAn'ves.
* UTN5u.-Upon inqliry, thre Sheriff in.
forws 0 that thre numnboi- oif returns mmde
inp#this time (Tuesday mrorning) amnount
to 86 qpclusive oft services :accepted.
We arqcyft five dlays off fromt return (liy,
and thec'probability is thrat thre nurmber of
retlrns~ will be increased to abovo 800.
\wilo s 5 ( ifg lielti .1 Jpronlliliellt. 1 '-sit ii~z
NVO hall inl manytI illipl-it:II 1isp 2ts,
latter part, ol' his lii... Bt. I.- ni iduic
1111 a .1itgi41a.ir, his va:inte .1 asit
hitvii 2.1! fil I apj'rovillei. For22 Il
i)I "t'2 o I i,;2 Ili I di512t1 ii tim 1 iis..
CII~~ll2114! Siiid f"i iti 1iit1. 1i~iNI
2ii:l.~li11 l'2tIid i122ieng .111 Ilis g"W~L
it)t eli Iji, 11641 aI a i
riiAplic2:hl, liv predicted every ('leqd
tiii,.i eviis N~1ch21 wei have Ivit, -li'i aw:
weL I ill 2 tllew tI) c )1e. it* all~ 4i1-w
12n4o.i rcal '.u.A clidu2Iilig
ii!lk- oft this gri2.aL 112111, v.-(! idvi 0 himi
to) 2122. Lfir itl is 'viiitiv witli
ki' ilwl ithii ( tile [diic gie. t eett
(in-.* d222122 i cover Ic' at 1.,, tcriin of!
yv'ii-2 11"'t tob :v 1,4,1211 1 ill S., i2Itcrkistil',!
In i ny i w ~~here Li:'. N, wall211 Cll
-gitd fec! lg.gs (d1Si rrowv fori thle Ill s i r
11il1c, , 1211 lii ' ir! Io 'mi' tile tat~cl2 a3 :11.
i eid C o* 1h .-- ilatgrit''. of, 1!Ii L."ic:t.
VMVii. I':.itr.aiii -xvi pim-eilinir. 'J,:
i21lii'r slow~ racb c4'.* hr: . i '.. ilddlll2
illo firl 44,' Ii ille 1 :I I i i '
iile11il tnvi- O I i : , ni 22 )2r.i e III
Io.: ntrii11, Iet.i :I.! i haiie,-.s, car.
ii il ii 22 2a tI.. !;IV:71( (-It
ed i'i.a l.rm~ 11)
News Items,
229;. 2i2t 41,:%(,i . 1 o : i .; 1.,) l
Ia 2 j.- I -i'.2 l' 1 1 l;
lii 22111 Ow iii''i l* 0: !,1 'k!
Vr id : 2 1). L, 1 -i (*::U :!-I -2
21)2 C1i222i 22 !;- . 221 2, l
lance 335 feet below tie surface, :ud
over 300 fCt in dhe rock4 ani e w-*1m.as
found, completely potrifl-d, and perientf inl
shape, s-ee where the angnr Ihid defaced
it a litale.
The .\slville News enertains no doiit
hut thw $ 1 o,o00 cai b.) ra;4...ed in Ilhe
co11InLies of*lenesn ih3icombe,0w :91;
ahlsisn to nid in the ointructio of the
French iho:mi raiiroui. It is p)rt~oo (1d 14)
ieb a1 convei tion I at \shevill!e early in
th s.1pr-ingIc to con!sid 'I" tii sl bret. .
The .J1bithore Anletj.:in of 311n
ditv sa:.v
Th: r~ne~sLe se.mphi Jack
son 1, It hv.r whir!, on t-%tanh:air.
linton, % ilh a 11J.1 and va cnh ~ rgo,
h'r 'liar':ston. Tie ein:.rpri-in:z pri
prIetors of thii in,? imert tIh:: sepur and
41om i(:ffnd1isi n (4t4 4' tir Ih.1!.-e -s col)iuu 'ii.
ty !or pi;cin;: a ino of1' s n: in rs bl. tw en
th.s pirt anlCar,! on Tnw ,isc::
w il he . Iiowe. in S: fr liv n.:xt i. t1h
.,tenahtp Tihn, and if t ie ieo:;ii
e:::e(I.i this lia tihi s::hp;m4rt h , i
de.erves, it. Will be, c t11 ni ed, il h Iii Ihe
de(1c,( 10 te 'pr.etors t!)despitch a
.:,.ifverv .n v afteri.n.f):I or Cha r
Freight anli Pasnger train., ro:u, en
ccd running oni .1,inby last oi the, l1)w.
ervisi of the rood fronm D)irlin.,ton
C' IL. to Plormen. We nudersand the
por tioni of tie r-o:i.l cop: n ni , is a io-t
subtattil s y-'rsra l:Ie. Thle ot1her
setions of the ri.il are irogressing t1
CO:. I.on, with as munih eX.:! hl.t;m a.;
the obs1vA tof be <.vercn wil Pr-rnat
FromnDilno or in. oNit
ilill the :m l is reidl fillr tih traick :y..rs,
.and thu iron h:Iks be-n puli'. :I n1 i4
inl c(II.Se o: Illd : h it tlhe i car w:'i
soon reich th HW :.-r p Go. F::n 1 1 - .
ty. llii, t Ch( ra-w llt 'r.1 I - !4
ail treti. w'rk ar! so far lcance' i Ws
to idlr i delav to 1 !: 1 tr: r
Then Cohehi;:i ima~. u r' very '44 ro::r.
I-: tile re:noival of M.r. N.orns-- , the c:oi
Sui;o r Ach.!te- . ton th , p.Inl an i h:1-i I
I 10 the New' Sni C ip: I, n th
Ur i- m tat Mr. W .i:ir b i , no n., -.1 :
con4$sul t. any, 4 :.ig hy q i Win]
:1 V'ery p j irl i!. r ibr lth, .11 ! - - W AV chi
( )t Io t,e New( C 1o!, .-i4l ipin ih
II h t w 1 1 h If :- ; ;
1ho1a ':b rs a ye ir, yi-!b w -
:n : ,ill the 1.ul : th.! ( .I..; ;s in iprok.
evas tof 'S~hi, :0 t wonm live '- thiry
hou.4 i a dv. arn ---'-) iti (:.e~-.~t i';Or in,
.h 1 n:d v r f rH - ropi ring
;1r, it :he nIis.1 !.:: (IC a t :o f ! rp t
| . . ni r: .- : ,t-y a :v i
P :' n I - .. ". ' I i :. - : - I a!
l.o,:) fra ::, o'r a a 1 il: , u r
. T w.t'rj :7 .-; yW,
I p :- pr -1 A : l ..' E b .
av : 11 .- 1r-' ::-i i g .
a: uh kne h r. ((9
iner aa th present49 (a~. ( f h a'
4.! :4'9 (t o 'l ((e't, 44r 4,4dy li: n n ! - Ii :-.
ili-.( 4f thj' $r2 al Tl'ini ty, L.a:r - b, .N-:
.\n ''izy of \t. Ii uvym.n:'d, 4n-:'aer 4' :
he Ni'w Yoirk A -: inh: v fr'm .*i a:; 4
r \l 1 . jeaiar. U. I.i:lS ' :44.1r.1.
WI - i by the(a 1i!) of gr.' h' a o h
n IelI~ Io: 4 ,' 4:( Ch:r1 s Uc , L .*2~ 'I. t hI.t
.. .:: :na a' .M r.9 Thos .41. I n'e an .9l. II.
ilo .;:- iii ',4e ' i afh'1l ai
b I e in ' .iifi (1'' 44 t L i' s: (4 a*4~ .'.'b.. 4
- hn4 ia (h.ni-te- hwTnh
b-L ' W. r li' X' I 1 94: : I th a li ls
91h 4 :. F , the ~;c:i (J:'.er.-d r49 un n.
- a and*. . *i.ht frain a e:: e4.
. . a . '9 . ::- 44. 4f I~ e .r a
4 n t -'. . ; , d jii-J. 4t C '9 . 'i e
S-4 da'.li A l. i 4 4, j i: )1I
Th I:, * C i -r 4 :4: ' l ;I9 i l:4 inJ4rt, 44.
-l1411i, 1 iii i i .l 114.1.44'4'i4:m, Ii4 1 '.b :. ;44(m',
r A r. ln i'..-., (('1(, :-(.94. m,4 wh'o'
hi(I.:. idi ((inin 4.i i4 4!VC'he spot, aa ii
intal idre VIa4'4 .4. wo weIi : ((r.
h$at4e(i4n ehr4's -4 inr: Thons ad in-.
sine of .lr. Provai..,twho wer otI sn
wh ich lefrt(6,olitinhia oi Fridiay niritir
lor C(Inriu.,ton, by winch two pass66 enigers
were slighflitly iljul reI and on" of the pass.
engrer cars .vomp!(,-ely wrveeled. TheI
acident occ irred abouit live in les beyonl
;I I2 I6 c I Iv I! v6.
The fiftihfair ofl the Sout I C:re.!! na
IlIustilutle for the pronioin of Art, 31ech2an
irai6 Ingem)I6lyl. a111l b1lu6-trv, will hie behld
at 116e Ne' 116111, on iee In g street, ill the
city ol' Charlestni. cojnenei01n r oil ived.
ne(Is1ay the 12-1 of April awl contnues
opeln unil the 25'h of A1pril.
For the lianinr.
:Tav3if'C61ttjc o6f .hi'ipec't by
?he iack 1itiier Troo'~up.
I.irs. JEditors: \Ve wure in'h gr-a iiwd ,
s.o. i w Y eine--, wly, %I. i the proceedingsr,
of thle Whc :kiver 'Troop; which pairaded
I'n SIlurday the 1t in:d, at. the Re'v.
Mr. a\io:wy's ill Cirw4imn, for tie pir.
post! of mi:I e1vsting t -ir List tribute of
mI 'Jt. 6Tnheuir deparitd i'l ~i.'r, Sergeant
It. 1). I biyn', by iI ere1 111 of 1 mloll
6:1n)' lo 6 bs n) iinery. Al I altho! r hI not
aI niin ber of t v:t beatiful :n l patriotic
C.),rp1s, consit iniently deprived.,! of teit privi.
lege1 of p.rfitipating wiih Ih n il the cer.
e1mon14die1s of tIh Ia , yet.1 II tv,' en* joveI
w;ith the -u' j,(t of their nole'. durine'r
th latter poril of his4 Il*, a I omparative
intimiwy w6hicli was rlp y iginto
I r yn oir hea rt W 71 -1
with thoni 6 ill ril% proce4ur, des ign , for
[!m m: i il 6ien of tin-ir re6 pect, or for
hof :h :Ievnorv of so ohi!6
I tit siillnfu1 ''lly ierfor? .d, the Trio
Alowly ;and sol:-nm:y apprwoil. a- l drew
voar 1.- _--ravo of theo:r d ccoa mrd e(n ade,
w 1h 11! 1 '1'11 ::4 :T -4. at' r ha-l pr vi
0:1 y A!!. . -; a ow appropriate!
ren h s .b12, t46' .6-ir'/.: :.161 ai'ul patr16',6ic
- i 2 1:p .1 1- 11 , . e of : is
rvelirre a! ih r il'- ,)Ipp int'nenlt mi in,! re
(,I;.n th1 1' -oh,::; ':h Ch 66.1 heen or
detal. h r:Ic .s th:6 it I.--ho l6 i
:; cr, ci.i huimt) ilylpo ;:S arrival,
h ( e' l ch h.d. b:; i:ll;,r 1r ;I ;b.,! ; i.
ur: ur Im b 6'.-' 'i t'ri in.l. . Ir.
\\ 66 The.nlore'44 J:,'-n1.1!, w. 1h 1 h. een
:h a ye 6-' ori.or r wit) n fro 0 i :n., th 1
:y,:. ' 6 abb: ;.;1 4 1::..y u.p n th6)
si,~ h6 .461 their d r a. d 6 r621.. [1. (21166''' 641
6 l by' th,. T26.>41. 6 Ln6 .n 6 doprived1 of
:-0 4 1W.0 i l N all 4,li" -rit: vern
bI Typy ('4 621o ,.t! :4..4:6 1: .1 :1 .6ny6 (: . .
I..-, : e ', i.pf, v:rto.4 of hi,
S: - . ebar6 2 :zt:-, i6:1d m':1'. w;IVh ..0:1!
c. a I . C., Y... 6: 4 *y6tby 1h 116b
Jr' ' '
-4 6
e t - Thel. .'4:Ce 16
1 -1
-1 r.. /i.,'; I y6. ;16 161 .6
'.'r ' 8 1l r4 16 1 . 1411.->5. 266'
'r r 'ba a t6 . i . bri'eth-6 6 ~i 6)
ei 4. 6 i6 t >n . t 646 -:im ' nt . 66ha 6,
46 1t)ei , th tt, and ala r a c;1 :-u1
1e6, , 641''!.' 16t ( 4' 1616146.64 v, i6'-''6,
.-6 h-:646n , up .: 11 a. 4'4446(1 f'u ..\I4
\s th. ineci~ 14an w..pn winch116 th461,
day) 6 I)66646 44 1:4 I oIed <a t 6644 6.11 . 26
t6b u h 11' 164.6 eenI. lI...h 6 l' '6.6
on.;i abh 4 o 64-)' I 26.466.16 ed 66 t66 <11166
.6e (--. i'.u~ :6'' 11 6 t.2 6fL '1w 1itizens,'i
u 64')- 6/:,'6 !2 4I he:' 1h.ii66 lo6 at ior4
r6 Ii I n.6~ '.16.4441t441\ 6'!~is'I66 i 11
- / y4'- 4y .' j'2no hattal'6 o.'6 66.6 of ..4.14
\666t 1i eg i ' t .6. I I e (Ii :.a6 i' h\'
t4he \E.66 h. 16 ' of 1 66.e wl er' el11 6.66
4i 6 '.464,' .- .4i~ I i :t s6' I ';61 :! r-661I\
ti.' 16i6- 11.1- be6644 666621t wee te 6 (oine
66. : 161p :;I hi j6.6'64.6t44,g to' the'.' 6p'
hlI: h.t '. 61666II .1 e16t6llai.1's e6n)ellIig lt'I)
I.r ise .\ . i t. It en eI sh .e, oni
1'g e.6666 164. a-.16'4.'' t, ilt'( he 6)~ i'ilope'
."66'.'.tIion .t-y lina dofL.' that d 'r6.1' en.1
part of the ranks which seemed wektit.
1-st. Hut, a little it igger with a stick in
his land Imeets him here nd gloriously
repulses himn. lie turns towirds tlhe
c mbnander.in-chie' but his purpose
is thwarted here. Foiled upon ev.
try side, lie is grown desperate, and
rush -s through tho opposing cohorts,
despite ,heir st icks alnd (ourage. With
a % ellI of' disappointment, the zallant,
fello)w turn-1 to the pursu81it. \Vhat, a
iiIle sight is there !With stiraininu
mluseles, the grunting gan e flies fleet.
ly il) the street, inteit 111)4n saving
his baCnii; an11d Closely up,on1 his heels
flIIw,,% the motley crew of' white and
co1 ed y.,mith. Poor shote ! lie had
i;ever a Iicital wherever lie weit. Tile
mnani ipn thw sidewalk endeatored t.,
inte t. his pro(gr1, and1 thel d iarkey
:t t1h corner proil'red hi, the passinig
tribte of4 a brick hat. 'With hark
aild whoop and wild lidloo,' the tide
of evise swept swiftly down the way;
nor s taved with till poker had dis
tliced his [--suer- theni it. s t hat,
"Streiching iorward, free and far,
ile SoughtL --'
Some secure retreat
fromi peje4'rtitioii.
As I stated above, Messrs 'Editors,
I presuniC tilat tile "log Law" has
glar.e into 6iree-il' I aim t- j dge fron
apit a ranes. Duihtless the sceie
that I witiessed was oceasioied by
the vilbrt, of'our excellnt Arhlt'o
aret an1 oil'end.inge p.ig. Wha,-t iS thle
ulse of, that lw 7 Bvy connnonfi conlsent,
it has been a dead lettnr upi n ou*
statute books ever since it was enic.
ted. Trie, spasioidie elborts were
oolUM : iaidc to 011rce it. But, a fie r
tle aithorities hiad sold many a poor
m's hog for a iere song. and had
ren-ide'red iliemseives obnoxl ious to the
falmers in tll, vicility oh tle. villa.e,
it, was f'ound to be Utterly iipractien.
bWe. li the Iirst phice, it is requiriig too
uniiiich of the Marslial, to haveo hinl
ru111niaftr every p1110r little pig, which
1iay11 ie enleavorinlg to glean IL liveli
ho 1(11 l [i the r elie ga r ke iih p stetIs.
TI .l:ir hI:I's '11ieC is, cet tiitily, onIe
4 n' m re digiity than this. laI the
!4ue41nd1 p;we. it IS iin4lbI sible to pre.
t ig - ,1r1m C Ic1iIg ittli he o ni
It imppel-s to be cOn eia l '.0 h i
ta:1t's 11o catl wteu nitr u h a
aiclii l a :e.*5 inl ever vill-ige, :vei
yivi.lil' 'and
w n lite .\larsh1a l may halve ,11an1t.4d
th) v p[i"S wlhose! legiti itLe ralige is
')41 ''evi1I
'i , othe s will lbe itt r a iedI
tied Ar41 \e w.e prlepa ed ito loutrage:44
Ithe gt' of' 'Iersonsi liviing aroundii~
114, W. 111.ma not have thie holil. 1',
leing e.4 inzens i Shall we requliilre
th lit l" penl their ho ;or, fiailing in
Ithin 1- 1Jse_ thern ? We atre wildln
I I jil 4 itno ; 11 ulen, tinry are
lt r-p e . ev th!.'A t r suller 4ihr
i. A - ' hy ?4 4 li'e.ul' r 1 l-sooth we
re art. i u1113l) lto4n't wn
-:at.~~ qu ntti: ofwa te and 1t d liat
Nd by' hii. Ba\i li thii) and
ut 1 i iet the . and14 f'u1( l and111
o11 WI Lvegts w lltlilt thle air.
1Io ei t.h t. utle Ti''. % Coislu il will
iIt hvir u-1sIt m'tling wipe o the
w, fi n141 the boos'.
h1i'i. l' I t Wa4.5l1i tonC withl thae
4.nee1 i. Ai .1i4 ar es prpi on oflglt I the4se
111t . of ob .uriti t puble'i i~i~i l'en
are ntow4'1 ~ tualg inito ini:gn eiificane
14th I 1i4i1 tllI4It .:e~ lsvl of 1401 a i a.
h114 upon to .4je2&4.. Ie i country4) in1the
4t the 1 e . tui eg'in. Cli roa dway li butiii
I.'a .4 .4de 4 ge eillyi 'il is gnthe "ihilz " for
the C.) n..e halyC ~ when41 naigall
ii on lens 'id te great. 'ileuituas )1
t . e 14 .p2. n t oe ~Isin i'e shll havi~e
n~t ii ib t e wives nIi etal aughter and
tluelii eiildeillt Thr iuts to be4.I~
ineiherk 4. 4-.4. n itnI the a4 ~ 1rural dLi'i .i
t.lIiet 's , i the tanner ithave411 bee re-uC
izing41 glor4. ais pre,(ice ihr li teiirvrops,
but111j 51111ortunately11 4 man 'f tem havei'
The441i - lieo bield w..i' idoml "eI. ofh
neii eiiieted' here to ewena
tl! to. ithe ten 5.I 50 g v rthrs 4.f. thervings
514 te w hii.o arlt e prepaingiili to hoize and4
lviti vur 2lerIntaie doniogiI44 ther
rs . t ci' i i lil therli iI) takre nlthi,
thian mee1 s he sjee. ~rl'e.hp ash e
rt.. ie ed m tedsilevb sn s
he ina hav ai confditgent) iI wordticr
ta.' r Thes ni1.Iiesr p hangls lir in te
cei rtain t lk that cno isnuits" peaet
lbaie lyn wite afneahy and we uizur
plausehs striciety ut ist twon t ese.
le. Theou Truibunea.sem ito thinkie
iat thris tiensn in tghe temperanle
einl1 hod sy mp'omy ol'a -it eaeg i.
ithesi0 ''attei 'lidl he jii be te
bmriieiill e l a iin hed arh ter
--appropriate his neighbors house for hiS
own benefit, lesL the owner should s'ell
it to all obioxious purchaser, I leave
this matter an open question for per.
Sois who have studied the " morals
of politics " more closely than myself.
The death of Bill l'ool the pugilist
inl conseqiecep of the wounds he re
ceived inl the Stannix Hall affray has
occasioned a tremendois seisatioi
amiog lie class to w hich he beloniged,
and will tend to increase the natunral
anltipatby at pres-nt existing between
Americans and Irish inl this city, That,
Pooole was foully murdered cannot be
doubted ; and as one or two of the
i arties arrested, are likely to turn
Sta:es evidence, the crime will proha
lily be brought, home to the perpetra
tors. It is generally believed th t the
attack upone Pooie was the result ol a
coispiracy. Report says that oie at,
least, of the conspir .tor had engaged
his pass..ge to Cali ornla in antocipation
oI the evelit. Putole's chief' regret up
oi his death bed was, that lie had been
tle victim fail'a gaig (1 Irishmen.
Morrissey, the file leader of the ene
mies of' the deceased, is accused by
the friends of the latter of having in
stigated his assassination. Startling
developmncits are expected during the
inquest. Baker who is supposed to
have fired the faital shot has not lcen
taken but his escape is impossible.
The funeral of Poole will take place
on Sunday. His remains are to be
interred at Greenwood and will be
attei.dud to the grave by an immense
colen rse.
Beimett of the Ierald announces
a new Loiribution to the literature of
the age in the shape of his o.% it -'Ear
ly Poems" I had no idea that the
hard .comion sense and caustic
shrewdness of James Gordoi, had
ever beeti tempered tile influence of the
mn uses. The early poems ofl sueh a
man on ust, to use his own fiavorite
phras, be," a rich brochme. -
I he arrest of Pliny White the
California goold shaver and financial
trickster in general afords another
pro of' if' a sconidrel has rope eiough
l is preitty sure to hamper himself at
Ieast. Stealing dian-oondsl is un oleoce
that Cannot he got round, and if it I.e
lovm-ed on Phniy, lie will noinestion.
b. g(o into "Ietii ae" at, the Slttes
The chroic tedcly too explosim,
n hich st-ens to be inherent iin !t:dian
opeo a companies, has just beenl exei
plifiecd at the Academy of' Music.
The cmomo1pany is broken up, and a de.
licio-s series of recriminations is ill
progress between the empresario und
his toupe, and ietween the memb ers
of thi troipe thonselves. Maret yek.
th.e mri--At -ircto, is savacgehy sa
teiic.1a. Ole ull thet manager, diplio
miio:lle am1 digniled; tle pjrima doas
at swiords p.-oiints, mid the poor choins
singers ii inns their payand inl wlt
id at dinner. Th disbaded lrtistes
are to have a ieceft-the h Ise beinog
placed at ieir disposal, fior ue night,
b. e oil coost-and the sea-iie is to r'
coimmeniic under a new regh. jf pVsa.
sible. Ole Buil is nceised of pock
Cin log iceipts. nid forgeLing to Ipa
salaries. Thce are however two
side- to :he questiion and thne N-.rwe
gian f'lder may yt. turn tie tables
ol his aceusers. i the moleaitimlle IhI
liblie nuointoain a omiaterly inidiffe'r
eneec' to Ithe 'ynalel~oio-andilo in thre ob
scec of: \'c'rd's. coper as patl roln ze Chris:
tys andt Boily nisre.
fhoye of'yo'r thecalice gooinig readcors
who popfoser a visit. Ioo ourio city doii
inog thlo seasono~ esp~ecial ly if' thecy bion g
theu ir ioities wci:hI themo will porcoba
hily feel obolIigo. I 'o us if' we d,' signziate
t he temaple ot'f Thesp is w~here thle I oer.
fiormncecs arc artistie-iffy thle best, and
at t he samie tiome fin-e fruomo thoe im.
inmoraliieis wh lich csa'iihly attfend the
m noderni stage. I ionncono Warllacks
oeornler 'of' liroalway andc hiroomie Sis.
Ibis copn cooprises mouch of ilh.
I'incest talentrs ini is e. iintry, inielodliog
sooch nium-os as M -rs Sonte'r and ml roog
loin, Mr. nood Mr s lake. Mrs H-.
Gothlens, MIr. Wt'alhark ber'inig out old
standaclrdh English plays v~iith a rare
fidelity of represent aiiono~ and. I ight
~omedouians arc renodered with aii elgat
aiuralness qh ito ini iontr'a't wtith the
couirse acnd coft timeas inice'nt carrienf.
tooro's whlich som of11 (rOulr theatres ofTer
fiohr picttures of reoal life.
T1hie Spring fitshicons are fairly in.
au:i iirated, but the milliners anod~ iress.
iimkers are not reaoiing their usual gol.
cdeni harvest. this season. The '' ighot.
ness oif the times has extendedl even
too tho pu rset striings (Or the leacders of
thle ton and~ t here is mor oe revamioping
thai pu10rc'hasinog groinig on amiong the
oipper~l -circles.
Ther numb01 er of' the stores and housc.
es aodveit ised to let is unusiual ly largo'
and the rents asked fior placees cot' iusi.
ness 'of all descr'ipticons are lower than
laist year. Th'lis is not the case how.
eyer' asc regards dwellings; but it will
lie I pro i mne be'for'e the Isat of Mauy.**
A Boon to the Afflicted.
D)yrpepsia. until wiihin a fewv years hack,
haso been coonsidlered ini encrable, but now it
readily yie'lds 00, andl is summarily eradiented
by, Pc.Asvr-r's Bitters, whoich form oneo of' the
safe's aloo pleasantest remcndies for diseasoe of'
theo rStomach anod hillary a pparatuxs over com-.
poutnied. Thlis wcondlerf'ul remeduly has not
fariledl ini a single case. 11 is, wvithout doubt,
woorooy of' all the praise which has beeno he.
stowed uponei it by patientsu as well cas by the
regular parac'tising physuliainn. Those who lead
sedetarry lives sohouldb always have a oupply of
thecse liitters at handi and ready for ume at i
m~omentslot'uice. Bing Ton' , Alkepativeo' and
A perient in lDyspeprdia, Liver comblainots, fadi.
goeotiono, Flaonieo~ncy, commonly calledl Nervons
A Imectionus, Planett's tBitters are emnplcoyed with
the greatest succeoss.
For sale at
bsug Stuoe.
March 21, 1855 21) S
Law Ngtice,
John 8. Richardson,,Sr.
Announices that he has restilVlied tharaic'tice
of' law. Ilim oflice on Court1Icause Sq~uare,
Soomtervilleo, S. C.
March 21, i0t'
Among diseasek; dyspepsia and liver e7a.
plaint mk as most dillIcult to cure. We are
pleased to have it In our power to point out a
rehledy which has proved efrectual in many
cases, anI which we can safely recommend -ay
a certain and infallible cure; it has been thes
means of rescuing thousands from an untimely
grave. We mean the Iloofland's German Bit
ters, preparld by Dr. C. M. Jackson, at the'
Gernian Medicine Store, 120 Arch Stgeet,
For Sale by MILLER & BRITT7ON,
L"'N EURA LGIA.-''his formidable dlir
ease, which seems to haffle the skill of physi.
cians, yields like magic to Carter's Spanih
Mr. F. Hoyden, formerly of the Astor Hlousel
New York, and late'proprietor of the Exchagg
Ilo(tel, ichnond, Va., is one of the hundredv
who have been cured of severe Neuralgia, by
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Since his cure, he hais recommended it to'
nanthes of other,, who were svtfTering With
nearly every tann of disease, with thie 0tst
W01nd4erful siuecess,
lIe says it is the most extraordinary medicine
he las ever seen u.sed, and the best blood puri
fier known.
gg Sold by RICE & THOMSON,
Sumterville, S. C.
Sole agents for the Proptietors.
Tla S imanterville Market.
For The Sumter Banner.
MIARCH 21, 1855.
COTTON per ponnd 6 1-4 a 8 ets.
CoFFr., " 12 a 14
SUGAR, " ' 6 1.4 a 10
BUTTEn," " 18 a 37
BACON, " " 9 34 a 12
BEEF, " 7 9
ConN per hushel, 1 00 a I 12
PEAs, " "4 1 00
Mom.Asss per gal. 25 a 75
SALT,-per aek 2-00 a225.
POULTIY, ready sales at good prices.
Corrected weekly by
W. S. 14:W1Wlo & Co.
Charleston, S. C.
CHALI-4STON March 17.
COTTO.- U pla nd-he sales of this
article yesterday arnounted to 800
Bales at 6 1.4 to 9 1.2 cts. per 1b.,
the accounts rroin Europe sho~wing a
decline of 1.8d per lb., has caused
tur market to ie qti 1et.
Long Stnple.-Sea Island 25 to 40c.
Por conmon ine 45 sae ac., and up.
C ArdE. Taiies and FloridEs 1T in
20jc. forr ctedom lwee 27 to 35c. and
RiCE.-Clea 83 WCe. to $4 S. per
hundrCd lh.
CoHN.-es a6OU. to 9 1. c. per bushel.
O.ts.-8 15c. to 1 1c. Scarce.
Ecls.-inek .1, Red $1 15 per Bush.
el. much waoted.
AY.-North River $1 20c. to 4 30c.. per
honidred l b.
FLoujt.-$I0 to 11 per Southern and
forcmon-,ne3 to 5c and upwards.
BAcord.-S.des, new to 9 1.2. [ams, 11
to 14. Shoulders, 7 to 8 1-2c.
LARD-a to r d-2C, as.d upwards ac
cording Io) quantity.
BiTT.-GoalCea 27 to .40c. and est.
ern 19) to 25ets.
SALT.-I, to 1 25 per sack. according to
(oFrE.-Cubi5 10 1 to 111.2 Rio Sa to
Ppa.- rlc l ed$ 5pe.uh
MOLASSES.-N. 0. 27 to 29c. Cuba 23 t
8UGei.-Brown 4 3.4 to 6c. and upwards.
1AGGING.-.Dti, nee 10 1-2 to 1c. Gunny
to 4.VSter , 7 te 10.
1ano.--lt 2. 1-2c l nb.wrs c
ATe 19 oad5es1.2t 1-cpe
hoFE.---ub 1 0 1. to 1.2c. joenr
EGS. In2 p rkt.2 o3c.prD
Moyassts.N O.aa27ito 29c. Cuba 2d o
Ca.-rw 4. MA4SO .aNduwrs
Ao:one tlife. ispoile Ide l
Roair ofWeterkn ad lNrth enea 1to.
a 12 di-pch, per cah leb.aelb
CA TTi.F..-Cr laduu7 1-2hto ds-rc. nper
as o o- "oe:. ": 0 1-9. tol li :-2c. por
ruGwaslae, h snayt2 tei nam.er oz
ar y the quA11ant. 20. and that n
NouCrnas ht hei reared to O Mr.
andl datch foerp cashtHe Delr'wenoune
mtilesfrt armatnied S.iC. tedwin s T crs
eysd th e onermi ruponetehlct he k for
binerd. proe ropet, pa ehpns dsand take
thoen ahwayn. lll
Mlarch, 21.41 20 ' f
To he suacib fSmer Dirct oftwoi~ a
aguntwiy ache hot ay toheir namesIni
the caetl og ro v to Tma dollars onlf vl
beuralire nl aupnting Dlsiery a 'toent-ene
mestcnncmk from threen.S.C td win dollros
plyed are owixnr isvregthatedumo cEe ior
pard, prv roetVa xpneadtk
JA MESL. ROW , Jaios D.~~
Mlarchi21, 20 31
A CanWatomaeMoey
ThPr ofib ed whore to pchaenet.
girl o ubcriber woindsrn of god aling -and
ofranetinehealuth.y1 a to ofte Untiorn.
12 capida 18- fero.Fve on to entllaoly will
pliced wilre aid.gtieta sm vr n
orrhriformation appl gve y torsin ps
MIarchi 21, Marc 143135 1
Wan fo ede
gir E srubo c woman ofhr go satll isc rand
of waand haealth. The agces tf up lawen,
1and 8. yars Fo onaesa to su, ibea cash
FSrather wmpormao applto.O h
pratiesle arch 14 S 855 M 19 Cton i
Landaln fre'; Saloeofpa
o Indelliing a7al neessr ouu ld
ingis, in repair. .'lTha Up insla andtaw
alall and fhreihlik ace ujituted'ocn thte ro~ad
leadiang fromi Clnesact l'i Vance's Fe~rry,
.s.x mileamnvest oif Ramesey's Depot.
- '4Ptl. . W. WEPKS.

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