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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 4

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J. S. ICII A R DSON, 1Jit.
W. F. B. I I A YNSW NO1 T'I 1.
AgenatS fo ' the EBaluna'.
The following persons have beein ap
pointed Agents and are atithorizeil to re
ceive, and re.ceipt for, all sumis due the
Sumter Banier. Any persoi vi-hinr to
become a subscriber to the Ihnnier, by
handing then their name anlod address will
have the paper forwarded promptly.
They will alsosee to aorwardhnz all ad
vertising business connected with the
W. W.WVAr.1it Jn.,..ColImba . C
S. W. WITAKER,. .Wilningtoti, N. C.
WILLIa IIYDE.........". .......
W. F. 11. IlAYNSWTonr, St'rv1ilC, S. C.
R1. C. LOGAN, " "
W. S. LAWTON & Co. Charlestn, S. C.
J. RussrLrL BAKRa~, "6 ""
No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Banner.
Lz7"- Persons wishinr to sec us tiupon
business connected with the iper or , ~iw
can find us at any hour (uring the <liv
at our oflice, just back of 'ot.omIoms' New
Store. r11.All letters znddresdctl to the
Banner imust be pre-paid to insure attet
TheI( ilog; Law.
We publishl, this week, a cormounli.
cation upon the recent ordiiance pro
hibiting swine from runtiuzi'g at large
through our streets. The article pre
sents some strong views end Cbodie:
the argaments of those opposed to the
law ; but we aire not prepared to
coincide with the writer ini toto. We
have never Seen tlie 0esu1re I ridl mntl
therefore can say nothing alutt its
practical operation, and we would like
to see both sides diseussed helbre
coming to a final decision. We con
fess, that from the first, and uipon first
sight, we havo been in faivor of the
law. We repeat, however, we woudi
-like to see the measure fhirly discuiss
ed, and our colu:.ns are open, for this
purpose, to both sides.
A WORD OF AnvicE.--We see frot
various quatters tl.at corn is already
bearing the enormous price of 6 1 25
per lmshel.' We muISt therehfre ex
pect an advance yet, even upo0n this
exorbitant price cre the coming in fI
a neW crop. It maxy be that t0he m tit'Itl
will be ditliclt to bo ltained at any
price duri' ng the summer. \Ve lave
heard one of the Ioost experieniced
planters we ever knew, and a Citizen
too of our own District, rena k, that
by having his corn ground fmr his
s'ockl he estimated a saving of at least
one-third. Ile ground at hii own
m3ill, and therefore had no toll to lay.
B~ut, if he saved one-third withuout paiy
inig toll, it is mauni fest that there w oil I
be a great saving even after dedarting
toll. We know too t hat by oak in
corn.cobs a few dlays in water with
the addition of a little salt, that ho rses
- and mules will cat them with gtit
avidity, thus savinlg cornt anmd fudth-r
both. If each one wvonlId econoize1.
his provisions more, by resortinug to
the means suggeste-d and b'y planitinig
patches of ena ly corn and peas, the
country at lar-ge mtight, be saved fr'oim
great suffering.
Ty .'roounrmeAr, Ennonis.---(r eti O
tenmpomrary of the Patriot after good
* humwordly) noticing v'ari ous ty pograp hi.
cal errors. which had, it woul d seemi
through hlis own cal igraphice si.ill fo iund
their way into. his editoial, in aunthei
editorial when speaking of thle hooks
to be read in oider to admois-ioni 'nt
the IFrteshman Class of thme. Sth
Carolina College, moenitins thei follow
1n' new authors, viz: enopelosis,
Anabosis and ,Sollust. As we never
before heard if- these 1 ooks, we
su1ppose they are a part of the modernm
Antignities wvich the studehint onc(e
iqiuired for. We (-all the at: etntion of
all applicants for College to the net'
Er llonica argns, the greaIt Music
Publisher, Ma~tnufaiciturer, nnd Dler in
Piano Fortes, of No. 333 Broadway. New
York,.hias seat us thI - following sheets of
$dp<ipfi'r Music, published hiy him.
Lilly White, Chlarence and Thme Rnsh
of WVate:rs,
1p. IVrSns will present as a Newu
Years G/i for l855 One D~ollars wotrthi of
Muisic, to be seleced from hIs e'xtenisive
4tand p~pular catalogue, to all who purchatse
4 of him withi in th9. next month lie saumo
- antbunt and will~ -/owrlbt Girt and
Pumrchiase postpaid.' A most liiernl < 'er !
~Ope, hewgver, characteristic. of the- great
Publiebers and D~ealer, and of whieb we
~uld advise our lair readers by all means
(UaN.-*-poninquiiry, the Sheriff in
- fe u~that the nminboi- of returns made
tu- hi ti (Tesday mnorniny.)-ainount
to 86ercluslve of services accepted.
W e argjet five day3s offi from return day,
and tihe'probability is thalt tlio pumbher of
rqturns will bo inc re d to aboveo 800.,
JOHN R~ANDlOLPH3, or I ,,o.%-ol~.-We\
!I'Lav ~it ,I -s adrui red miany tir. ts oft
('l31I'31:ICI itl I his 0:c3232ttrie 34tat.lllt113
mhult) 3 Imig livid .1 prl'omalell t 1) 3$itil 31
Will' hina ill "ll)) illiuantt l'325pec(s,
11)ast t- insan)3ity, 41 cjliay i I ile
11)1)4.3' part, uI* hbis IiI't. J)'t as5 :1 Ilidle
1311)1, as5 :1 Iv''isI'iA r, Ids, v'lhl.13 wot.
!3eu3) \tt fily prvned u 11
313,lt I ll, i 611 "I ll~ie42: 3. pi 'IinIi3'
1 )Inc33lovl, i13 ) h.d-s ill I1)11 Llis,
eliii' Itf13 Idsi'. ltgiv35 Iiii i
ll1..ll)3ieIC21t I C.1 liL-f illg nIlI 13123 lgre't
A fr~v1:1 Lt) thec C l.ttiuv .:1 truim
repuhlilt'aol, he pre'dited ev'ery uoae &f
tImse23 ev~ils wil0.il we1. have hI:v, and we1
wc4 fea~r. ill tim~e to3 C Olie. Wall wie~ 313
ii10 (if (Ihis 'great 111, we 0o ii hiln
to1 du, it, for. it, is (At-ganthl]V written,
cuilaili~i mihil n.1111's uI inf1%rlI1l).
Ilt .t ill regard to4 thle 121 'Zr('ess I f 31'tvilts
C33121'Iwith thc Iuiiii1Ii;or of
01ur Cm33(031 , cliverlng a ten' oil')33 3
witr3 13to4 lie 6111)1 ill SIl interk-Slil31-r
ai 61:1 allv* whe.re Lh.22 N( 111,111 (:.'tit
rend1 Win Atlllard1'4 lilalk witilunt til)n.
gld tcv1 ivgs uf Sort-o\% for the iu is' o
ad11',1313i31i33t)(I four the t.'1l'tts .11111
I \ l'eII.' 6,1- G.- iiltv 'rily of' tile "I. ea.
Pl IO 3A( ID! '' \\"%f' leai I 132)
oil \V. 1ae,,lav t113r3i31.r lls .at
o') (.103'12, 11331 i :1I a, 1.3rio13; ac "21
1111041 Iwo ili'.S i33')3'. it 31hIIhji.
v':llv. ilhe train -xis pir312evlii.-I- :t.
la! lir :,It)%\- ra31 Mc itO t .%.I ( 4W. 3' 31113 33,'.
(.;r233 out liw ;313 a: 13 .1ite 31312d23
nd,3 tinde 1, ir::i a, p;2.A tvl3'dIIe, In3.C 1
Ilt 3l13 W.3l1~ 1111! (OwI)l' 1;,L tre~~ va2r (ill*
News Items.
33l:. 3LI 2 a I'. 2 ' ) :I.. iii.-- I:13 1
In 1 s 1ll:1rd lit, (1 13
131.11 $2131232 1t'1 (y13 rd1 IIt
Op.-'2 23~3 Cin l l !.32 L''1-11, . 1 '
tance 235 Feet below the sourt'ice, ind
over 100 feet ins the iock, sn " I was
found, com' pletely petrili''d. and pewrfecL in
snpe, sa.'e where tho au-gir h-id defacedI
it a MlIth.
The Asheville News eteirtains nn donht
hot tih4 $ 1.5110,000 can hal) raised in the
cIOUnies of lln.2iiI.son, ll.nuiome, an:l
Mal:lison to aid inl tihe constrttoution (i the
French lind railroiva. It is pro posed to
hohl a tim4)vention a, Ashevillo early in
the Spring to consdl r the subljoct.
Th Ie Rdthinore Amnein:iti of Mon
day soays:
Th, Crwnnwev!i'.- I/ne sireinpszhip Jaick
SOleft her whar', i t 'l hnrdw' aler.
244oon, With a la 1nd lahmo1) car,,
!v'r Ch orb-ston. The vnterpri- ing pro
pr;etors of thii lin,! newrit Ih-: srp.)rt :mdI(
"(mil a1i 14 iour businessa coi i _
ly for p!acin: a liu of Stea:nw bwr.4 en
tis part aid Charle(41stn. T4 J.w4ison
Wil he ' lioeid onl S:tr.hiv n !'xt b-: th
--M1tnnsh1p T 'onen, and if Lie iller ban;tsi
e it:e)d lo this ltw the su:2ppo4rt Ihat i
41e.ervs, it will ie C4Initind, i he0iumr 0h0
d4 i'u of the ill'!proprw.tors u) dee4p it.II ai
h4.4: 'viery Gtuny ate.2i.m) for Char
Freight. amd Passngerr I rains, co:n? Cn
cad running on Alioilay list on the 1"w.
er divi:.ion of ithe roil froii I.irlingtlon
C? I. to Fiorenmc. \\'e undrs:ad the
porti of the road comp!4ld, is a mo1(ist
stlAantial suprsttura. ThIc teIr,
sect4in of the o ar progressin4g to
CO:ip tIon, with as unI4i)h eXj1o hn.m4I ;4
the bsu:i:les to be movrovne wdil pr.n..
Fro D.-irlington Court H ou: to :i44t
Mlil li h ,o I([ is re uly fir Ili,! track y r,
;ni die O io h:15 bcrl pi:rh V-I:I :md is
i courwe o: d ury; n; tht tho car wi
so4n re ot IN bor y 'Ka. Po:n 13 > V.
ty fil!, to Chir.a w t he . , I:. 1 r d i
and treate work are s far Ai-am-ei as
to il'-Ir no dAelv to the'! tr * lIv !ra.
Th4. C4ln:nh1ii:t Tim nr'' very a4rong.
I;: the re:v ial of Mr. Nd'rns..', the C4on.
rulAxly Ac e':-. o: I lh a .n an i hIAi I
in oI the Ne It:a-e N oip8. I 4 , n t.
::rn that.r. \\'31 l:4.'r h u; n1 no -A. N
'onSu41t anv, h: -g h .:1 fin, y l q Ili.,:I
nI evevry it N il ! tr ior the (.i1- of Airchi
te4T of 14 New C.) ! a4inl up n Lt:
gr4.)(.(l tlat. ii .;I hw I.4' :- ix
Ihn .4:4 1 ('4!!1 rs ;a y1 4r, - i.:h wi4 '
in the low' .hi C! p.. is in pr%.
N'S, 0 44440 (4.., '.) Iwo!.:iy live f!r I'' i'Iy
!b4(1ind424 do(4her4,--22' nic4:3.mlrah~osin
n! hach .-n 4:d go verv f-ir to -irw; ropaiirhig
the b %- % Ih chI th ! N',;:(! h.14 sq;l'-redi
Th .. r.r.: cort i 2 n . .n h4o Ilh 2(.: .::
: ;! n :: : t t1 a I
v ii" : :.r i r' C:.1- p a: o1 44 h
l'op44 iV- 2r. 0:)e 8; 44 i. 4 a 1:
1 ': d ' ...in '. 4 .4. ;4i 4 4.: 4,'u4444 -
4e -:. ' 4'o we4 t .rr*f . :2v -4: 8; 44n .
p -' I d .J 4!.. .- -
.'! . :. .r ! . . a
:1 ri',:'. T4'-4 ..4:44.r ,::
i 4 p-v n-s b-~ ::' -:ii! :n'2 .? w
4:l e t 43 *: 4. :4 ~ .Il .il:t. '.44' w4' 4.
u.' hh hi:" ~O0,(.l ) were44 ap;444 ri2 (4.!. w44:44
4d. j to4444 'J~) tee', o4r 4(8dy lin:--t le -' Itb)e
th- .4 44f 4h 44!r of Tan4 444ty .air4'.h, New4~
An ('2li y of1 .r 11 4ym4.4:l, (44:44 e or 4
4-:e ! hI s b e rubl1 n on a, r:4.. :nn :I 2 4n
Ihur:0, by'. .4:na of his con:422ne4( , on (:
lor W\ in. '11. 4 aard . S nn
no4,1 n 1 c. .. .e, 44: 1ib::r:. 4ton, S4. (. th4 4t
.44444 .- theo ;:nn4a!r we4 112:d our2 :e!:44.n
4i' ''4')u '.\14r. Thos4. .\I. l1.4.er a n I .1. !).
\ ' , !f ibi i: tre'
I ia~ l'.~I4ip', on: We4'I:4w- .14y ni4'
h 4n.- 4 in (Chi.-at-street, beh1444w Ten.2:h
th (y:42ned 2n !ui! 44,r:)4.,:i. The
h44 4 2 444;4n J4p'nratus4 w:4 4rs cap(4tu4 rd :n
b'. I's F a,,24 Ib ':i r.s : e.444i .ene4'4l ri)444n il
M r. 444 '. . N ;: a f l n s e
44c, 4) ('I.'., d -d a.t (:441n :..4 4:
.44turd. y 4: liD.4444 o t.i ('4444ia n- :r.
The ll4 . .4 r. Wh.44424: fo:14rdI 4~ h44 i:1
m \- 2 r':.-,~ o;,pi.:. 4b.) e'24y. iTu,
(c ..- di 44w44. 4 :.,, (I hv4 W m::. .\ l I:.
i)a, 44' wi - .\lI. bi1. (:24 , 2~ .4'. 424 44444.
44r4 n44-I. and) L1..42 .\) 1u, ..-4. us, whr o
i 444 444 l hre 1'r4e4'4,, , who144 were.4 4)4 pag.
mg444 on to tihi nyset nit Th44444 "negr-444I
4.b404.'4 t~or -lt h ir:. 4441Thomas an4.1 1 14p
An444 2 nenen SorIrre.'aothe p1assenRi)4r
which leil Coluiha:e onl Frihty cnorniccr
ior Chiirleton, by wicli two pissengers
Were sligltly injurel anid oie of the' pas
cinrer citrs coupletely wrecked. Tile
ccident occ i rred abut live Iin les beyoid
'lhe ifili Pair of the South Carolina
l!Itiltut foir tie proiotion of' Art, Mechawl.
ical Inenncity and ldsiit ry, will le hlcid
at the Ne. IwIl till, oi melecn., street, inl the
citV of (he:crston. colnnenicngi" onl Wed
ne.fdiy te2 21 ol April andI COItiInuteS
opelni un the 25:h fit April.
For tlt. Bainer.
1IRnfestt~i'. of~ r~lepe)Ct by
1lsrs. I.;diutrs: \Vwe wer rmuch grat ifild,
soo ht-wV thys .itw.,, wib the trroeediners
ofthe c:River ''roop; which pnlrcaed
en Siturdav the 10th inisticd, at the Rev.
.r. alioney's inl Clareidli, for the pir
I-se of rnanifes-ting thicIr last t ribuct of
respe< t (ruioer diepc.irled[ oflir, Sergeait
If. 1). 1e i0ie, b, the erecion of a nii on
ic:iicc tit. to his lIuIi I eIIItry. AniId a lthcoinel or t
: i enIleber of that ieautiful anl patriolic
cwrps, csinldeprived ol' the priv;
hvog of partictiplat inig with Icl:nc inl the cer
Stiemonies of ICe lav, Vet h1 tva enjoyed
With the sI' jecct of their ti:. duirinw
tile litter periori of his lift, i tconparatcve
inlti'n:wy' wchich was rejcinly ire uing ino
nit orcbnary idcachmenii, uir heiart v:as
widh theiet inl aiy proccethire., iesigntcl, for
the cu:cictani of twir resplect, or for
he pce'rptu:t ' tof thi nie:IcryIq of so inh!o
:e ccnn.
(Ceritain i e:ios ehavin- boen grcaelv
i ut skI Ifi ully performed, the 'l'rro
aowly andll suleu i pceici!wd. :mii drew
ne'ir the .-ravc tio the cird:ec'ed coca:aie,
wrhccr e he litna iri:: z:cz cc at-cbcc l prvi
O:A !Iann~ . .\;e a low appro4priato!
re ccs. tilrza a n i pctr:cctic
Ie c r ' E. 1 I. 1 v). , exjP r..c ir e of :is
re . ;t ihc r dl:- .; intccct i inot re
i;.ij r hc I o :h !enne h ci ler:i heon or
h-ni'd. and wah c aariee th:c it .--olcei
L icrit.eld .un d. tei ill its arriva ,
a'' ti l ul J. by; i:::i' ' i I r (o Ihl audi
e e': our m I el ie.w I tr: i.l. .ilr.
\\'l in T dl c I*. Vlccn , wi.oe h i h eei
11ce d to , I I: , lh ! 1, \\'hI elI i l
Ii : r ri, .m ro nI I S: . HIh i
ho ccctlt m .c an a .y :nli gr.cc'..;uc! nc:mnccr,
ha: wih an o ,1a etg an : Lt . vde de i
:y cc ahl I cl bccuncl.auee .'c:e0ry up~~cm chie
JIeca.nc l:'hei decca-edc Sirr,'ei. flu. ccci
1::1 I l hal c.) in ire~rbe n s s y
cccle i;.- t e. 'l'rci.ip. inc L: c. . cpivcil cot
l ile- e :cc.d :.sc.nict anc ecfijzer, ilu very
bi ip c cccncnt.! ccc:i c; cc : c , e:gecl.
n 14d C: ecd1cI c i .i v rtues f;' is
ennrI echarccc':cer, n cl e.! wt'th b i. -
r clnor a s c 11. r
t -' -V T n
b . r : x a .r iu 'i i c c, V..r
uc c h - .,; c .;;:.:r , :w..rc c.:' . tos icc dc.
c" e c; c IN .' cr. .'-l cow-y
T ni\:t ~ i is c rein - id I, copy.cce
Mes;- .Elit .. :Ibgteueo
hue aocccic.in at.r 11 ic. I<nt. ha
for its objeer tie phwmg l'ecrt.inrr
c11 ji :1 c . .: c uieeci em wcnid lt s iel
Iy a ~ oh.- ecc.cct cltc i ecouc
h:.v f i cu e th ed l u bich waisi
rii.1 ule' u .c to c be en 'c'rred ;l bu t
I nI ec teo cl. tii e fr in ixc.iinuwes~., ii
hccc'c tuivneL. TIhiscc~ cftermeec (\len.
day) I ebevedcc cjcitce a coeie-. etj
il'c' nisc'cabh-d i the viii . cit
.\cIr. tc 'i's h~s hv -e rc ilyi ec ctie
miex\ inab..chto nw hcc'Ic I t del to <as.
contie cet.ject tee whcichI they were
See e '' .cuen cic an ite lit i etion.
.\Ieu f'hce:- :nid elloIw cit'ien, it
u 'ce/oel' The 'h'finglo etil
ii 'tre ! liccll ic e d vl ci.tce ite liii
*/ci, poe.'iTu. bcctilli jc..s- oef ouri
'e th t cI e espuha1. j' ,i ceomc.:.,:cciled'e bi
be \!.e b'ld efel c Vi.Ice, werie cdraoni
cc, ..in c irmina hi- t own~c-ig mrayc c.
icc ojn ea icr :.ce of~ eth le astic'iih-hl ancci
mI ;i and I u~x noet sclee'w tec dli'c.'e r,
tan tic i..e helw'ce'nc themci Ioredii~
aeit rlc Icchum leadhiing tee lie ucpurii
''t ce ubietb gi:e it was' ci, he. eviden
.cn:ct e.l the eccclleili criiti lee si.
cc .e* .c I Ic) eil cr, 'Lce diced ai r:i\
c' re . :c ac~ so Ice t heleelo'ed
cll c;.*- ct ic' Ipers'cceciuted e ' -e
uc h tc i ' he < vince siieh uic .cminerahcIde
rci.;cilec tee thic t .cc.tilt ee eliterinii.'
I'\ itu cc -w e i ni s of~ that cc <eli i'cel eii.
- eb..sur e lct eel'c the jl'el-.Ni !----wordge
eel'ou (f .11taijled Jccivih-gecs coed
hig. hiut thce shcote woueecabic't go. inc
nc t. lie ! 'ai perecuctecrs, chiceie e'on
athe v e d c tleicr enllllcidce',
e -e.l li tijen ill i t, lecctin ('gles.' tipj
oen 'e.ey- Ic le exce et, thait wh lichl led
leo the gaile, amcl iefeavoredI byv dlirce
thet ofveeocic anl geirle,2 toe Irightlen
hcicm inteo it. lot hce r'Iesed toL enitcer.
And ineow hc l euctermc'in ted t-> achiieve
lhis liber'tyv, or peel ish ini thce attempct..
part of the rillks which seemed weak.
Bt. Btit a little i igger with ia stick in
his hand imeets him here and gloriously
repulses him. lie turns towards the
e mnadecr.in-chiet; but his purpose
is thwarted here. Foilcd upon ev.
cry side, he is grown desperate, and
rush -s through the opposing cohorts,
lespie heir st icks akpd courage. With
I N ell of disappointimeint., thle untliit
fellow 111111 to tihe pursiit. What, a
noitble sight is there ! With strininiig
mutiscles, the grunting game flies fleet.
ly up the street, intent , upon saving
his blecon; anid closely upon his hcels
foilltw the imiotley crew of white and
colored youth. Poor shote ! lie had
iever a i iemiil wherever lie vein. The
imm1 upoii the sidewalk endcan ored t.,
itit -r'ept his progr and the darkey
at, the corner pro, tiered him the passing
tributc (it a brick bat. 'With hark
.nd whoop aid wild hialloo,' the tide
of chase swept swiftly down the way;
t1mr W ith till poker had dis
Lwnced his pmt siter :-- then it was that,
" Sirtcheing 'orward,frce and far,
lie ouglt -,
Sone eccure retreat
from1 Jlcrdecctiuii.
As I stated above, Messrs Editors,
I presini e that lie "-Hog Law" has
gvtone into force-if I am ti ejudgC fromv
aippi IArnCeS. Dhiubtless the scene
that I witnessed was occasioned by
the ellort of our excellent Marshal to
arrest, an ollend ing pig. What, is the
use ofi that law ' lav coinimoni consilt,
it liis been a dead Ietter up. n our
statute books ever siiicc it was eic.
te d, . True, spausiodic ellbrts were
on"1u Itde to elforce it. But, alter
the authii ties hIaJ soIld myti a p
manti1's hog for ai mere song. inid had
rL(IeIred themseves obnoxious to the
itrImers in the vicinity of the vil lage,
it was 1hundi t) be utterly impractica.
ble. In tile first plaice, it is it:-1 iiiring togi
iiiiich of the Alrshal, to have liml
Iiun alt el cvery pIor little pig which
uay he endeavorinlg to glean a liveli
h"(d4 101(nn the garbage of he stiet ts.
Thi arI hlal's aliece is, celtainly, one
,fIillore deJignity than this. In the
ecdlaco. it is imlposs-ile to pre.
etpi..: fro coIn inoh toIwn.
It happel.s Ito be congeniial to tlei
ta1-ts tI eat War. ato i atter, stch. as
aicemnu111ates ill every vilige, ;mld
u hwin the Mlarshal 11n.y ve ,v (panded
tht ) I wlho iSe Itrii iute range i.
iir statets, tliils will be at teated
brmi llils are.und14. I have 'eei it
SIiell. Are we prepa ed t 111tragre
the 'rights of' pgersois living aroid
us, W. (I mlay not have the.. ho(r&
be1in i i izells ? Shall we require
th m It, lii their higs; or, failing in
Ill, t1, iuse ithei? We are wiiing
1n4u, to av ur co1* lw, giazel upo(11
IhI ill itiolls ; bli %% liu it, l/hr'f are
the ire-pas-ers,. they iiiiist sitler lihr
it. A, why ? l ieea slsooth we
m )e I .i1e. and h s areI such filthy
uniill-! I veiklv bl. iee tiut th.
A at L liic., (ofI waste .1l1d deca\ ed
. .an mt .IQIibl- 3-ttuer are. v-is.
wd 'by thti. , r em. anldI
%g aa: will b coe"1. of it 1 ot~m
'lit' wil meet the ey e. aid ithul aId
i 'tOiSt slents will t.iit tle air.
! hllpe that Ile Town Couiieil will
..t thil next ileetiing wlipe oil the
al Ilw firiom thle books.
-w a Yuai, Mlih 9th, 1855.
freI lih iri~ Wa.hing toin, wvith their
* .neu'.A large liro ?otioni of' thie-e
out11 Iof obscitLh y int' pliC life and11
ar;e nowI~ .aleing into iniifticance
wieth lit~I ul puop.:ct s of bein:.; igini ca;l.
sed 1jLII to lIer 1ethei counitry in the
I.fils til t..ntgiII s5,
he line hea~ ler has gi ven a Iill.p4
tI the i etai bullihe-s ill liridway. but
tiet genierllyi is iaither "sh~l ":lo
lto open and11 t he gret agr icutltunal
..ti~ie s g toc colle ini ne shiall have
lwei fil t iI wallets. The're oulghit toi be
trict" for thle farm(erls have been re.
aing~~'' g'lorhs priizesi for their Cropsl,
caugh'It the I id roadlt inanlia, anid suiek
then iui h, rlitiIisi~ Ifle:.s L. S
Thei. "a s.bid wsisdlom"I of thle
'5 i'.t to thle teni gove'iirnos of ths ahnis
ioi~eu w. hoI tie praii n hg to hlomize and
I ' s ).. i c~r thiere is miiore li this
than meeitl s the eye. ilhaps as one'
ofII tihe Isn go'IvernoiIrs hats a large capi
tL invs cted in the ifistihlerv butin~iess
he imai'tyae a colnfid entltu wsord or
tw to (1( ay' i oin the proheiiiory liquotr
ILw ..Is' niII'surei't hangisr fire ini the
tinate. The liiuor dealers hecre fell
cti thatI I it cannlot ini ts pre~set
'ihl :, anid witI tile sceih aiid seiztirie
clauises streicen Iouit it would be use
let's. The [Triue~ seemits to tiiik
tt thiere 's Li eason ini (lie tempellranice
e-niap juld sy i mplloms tof ai -i~ ea.ig iin"
amoen~lg thle cold wIatter miembtter:., of
'he at tenipted "Insioni I between
(ftei. hrds aiid st fts of (lie d .miocracy,
I theLii crucible of' Tammeuaiiy le was
jltttiuill' ta Iteiliere. A s eiiiiui oif the
ur s elsemellt.- mi ay part tml y take pla1ce,
lit ii will be tonly a li vinted pitiier
ship1 liir a specialh purpose T1he en.
tente' corialeU( cannot ib permanntltity
(iiuta is a1 t andinlg topie in political
circle-s hieie. Te prop ost itIn " tn
Coilerees," to tatke thie island " peace
flly if' we~ cal, foirci bly .1 we mlust, "
is declded ly ipoputlar, al though a sci'u.
Iplhtios iiion rity i 1.ist, that to sei20
lthe c~oly simiphy becatuse it, may be.
comei ai dlangerous neighibor and would
certinliey be ia very v'atluable acqui-.
sitimin, *'ani onily be jutillehid onl the
jlrincijele that ai mant has ai righlt to
appropriate his neighboirs house fur iit
own benefit, Jest the owner should sell
it to an obnoxious purchaser. I leave
this matter an Opett question for per.
s0s who have studied the " morals
of politics" more closely than myself.
The death of Bill Pool the pugilist
inl conseqi.eciie of the wounds he re
ceived in the Stannix Hall affray has
iccasioned a tremendous sensation
amitng the class to, whieh tie belonged,
and will tend to icrease the natural
antipathy at present existing betweeii
Americans antd Irish inl this city, That
Poole was foully murdered cannot be
doubted ; iid s one or two of the
i arties arrested, are likely to turn
States evidence, the critie will proha
bly be brought home Lo, the perpetra
tors. It is generally believed th it the
attack upon Poole was the resuilt of a
coispiracy. Report says that one at
least of the conspir .tors hid engaged
his pass.ge to Cali orula in anttcipation
of* the event. Puole's chief regret up
on his death bed was, that lie had been
the victim ofa gang of Irishmen.
Morrissey, the file leader of the cite
mies of the deceased, is accused by
the friends of the latter of having in
stigated his assassination. Slartling
developments are expected during the
injuest. Baker who is supposed to
have fired the fatal shot has not been
taken but his escape is impossible.
The funeral of Poole will take place
on Sunday. HiSI remains are to be
interred at Greenwood and will be
attetnded to the graye by an immense
Beniaett of the Herald announces
a new k.oitribution to the literature of
the age in the shape of his on it *E'ar.
ly Poems" I had no idea that the
hard .conmnon sense and ca.stic
shrewdness of James Gordoi, had
ever beeti tempered the influence of the
mu Uses. The early poems of such a
m11ian ru ist, to use his own fiavorite
phrase., be," a rich brochne.
I he arrest of Pliny White thie
Cal ifirnia golId shaver and financial
trickster in general aflbrds another
pro ,f if a scoundrel has rope enough
he is pretty sure to hamper himsell'at
least. Stealing dian'odils is an eflee
that cannot be got rouinid, and if it be
lroived on Ph , e will niestiona
b% go into "Ictiiae)" ' at the States
Ihie clroinic tendency to exploshm
n hieb sueemtis to be iiiherent inl Ittliaii
Opiea comp1jianies, has just been exena
plified at, the Acadeing of M usic.
The c- inIpany is broken up, and a de.
licio'is series of reeriminattions is in
progress between tle empre.sario and
his tiulpe, and between the members
of the troupve themselves. Maretyek.
the in uical director, is savagely sa
tet ica I. Ole II tllthe imCanager, diplo.
inatie and dignified; the prim Ilonas
at swords poiits, and the poor choi us
singers oi ills their pay. and in w it
401 a dinier. The dibamded artistes
are to have a b ienlt- tlie htc'it-e beintig
placed at tIkeir disptsal, far ue night
h. e of cost-and the seai 'is to O
Ctulitiec: tider a new rO":fdiL if poln
sible. Ole Btill is iceuseid of Io0k
etiig receipts, and forgetting to pay
salaries. Ther are however two
sides to lie question and thie Norwe
giati fiddler may yet. Lurii the tabtles
ot his accusers. li the iieaitimie thl
pubhilie ntatintain a iniasterlv indifr*.
entee to the squtabblle-andt in the abh
sen ce of~ \'er'I tper as pat rin i ze Chris:
'IlTose oif you'r theatre go ig readers
in g thle se'asion especially ifI they big
their linilies wi:hI them wvill proa
bly fee obi iligedi 'oiis if we d, signtate
lie temtple oft Thiespis w here the per.
foirmiances arecartistiemlty the beCst, and
at te sme .ime fre fomt the im.
mn'oralitieis whIich Ouually' attrend thie
motdern, stage., imeintion Wallacks
co rner of l ta-lw'.ay antd lro' nme St s.
llis comnpanyv comprjiises mtuch of th.
test talenits in this c. itttry, inceludting
stnelh inam es as M -rs Seni t er an td l1kongi
honih Mr. and Mtrs liake. Mrs. H.J
Go t hiens, MIr. Watllaek berintg out old
stoinhard Enigli-h plays v.:itk a rate
fidlelity of representa:tioni anid. light
co medians are rendered with ant efegatit
niatuiralness qt ite in conttrast with the
ciouir.,e anmd oft ti mis i ndlerent carrica.
tures which stime of our theatres offer
ihr.m picrtires of real Ilifet.
The Spiring fashlins are fairly in.
auguiirated, huat the mil liners anid dress.
iimtkers are ntot. reapting thei r ustual gol.
deni harvest this seasion. T1hie "a ight.
ness if the itmes thas extended even
to thu purse strinigs of the leaders ofC
the tont and m here is imor'e revamtpimg
thatn pu rchasinig goi ng ont amntig the
tupper -cirecs.
The tntumb er of the stores and hoiis.
es advertised to let is iunuisualIly large
and thte rents askted for pices of aust.
ness of all descriphtionis tire lower thanit
l~ist y'ear. This is niot the case how.
ever as regairds dwelliings; bitt it will
lie I prit time before the 1st of' May.*,*
A Boon to tihe Afflicted.
D~y'pepsiai, until wilthin a few years back,
has beent conidiered in cturable, but ntow .it
readlily yiiill. to, andI is summarily eradlicaited
by, P'i.A.-r-r a Hitters, which form one of the
stafest and pleasaitesi remedies for iseasties of
thet Stomach andt biliary aprtuD~its over.com-.
pounded. This woniderful remedtly hs. not
fauiledl in a single case. It is, wvithout doubt,
worthy of all the praise which has been be
stowedl utpon it by patients as well as by thie
regulr practiing physicia. Those who lead
sedetar lies soul alayshave a supply of
these Hlitters at hand and reedy for use at i
nmomentq notice. Heing Tron Alterative add
A perient iinlDyspepsia, Live' omi'duints, Indhi
gestion, Ffatkley, commonly called Nervons
Aiyectionis. Planett's Bitters are employed with
theu greatest suiccess.
For sale at
Drsug titore.
Marcht 21, 1355 20 3)
Law Ngtic4,
John S. RiehardsonhSr.
A T'I'O R NL E A E '1L A,
Announces that he has res4tia tte prctice
of law. hlis oilco on Courit'HAtse Sluare,
Siumterville, S. C.
Match 21, * 90 tf
Among diseased; dyspepsia afnil livr efim.
plaint rank as most difficult to cure. We at
pleased to have it in our power to point out a
rehtedy w hich has proved effectual in many
catss, and which we can safely recoccnmend al
a certain and infallible cure; it has been tihe
means of rescuing thousands from an untimely
grave. We mean the lloofland's German Bit.
ters, prepared by Dr. C, M. Jackson, at the
Gorman Medicinte Store, 120 Arch 8tqeet
For Sale by MILLUR & 1IIRlTTON,.
LgVNEURALGIA.-Ths formidable dlir
ease, which seems to haffle the skill of physi
chans, yields like magic to Caner's Spansh
Mr. F. Boyden, forerly of tbe Astor Houser
New York, and late'proprietor of the Exchange
Ilotel. Richmond, Va., is one of the hunadredt
who have been cured of severe Neuralgia; by
Carter's Spanrlh Mixture.
Since his cure, lie ha recommended it to'
nimhers of' other,, who were sigTering viLth
nearly bvery foom of disease, with the eflost
won ifuil stlecess.
lie says it is the most extraordinary medicine
he hsever seen used, and the bust blood puri
fior known.
W' Sold by RICE & .TiHOMSON,
Sumterville, S. C.
Sole agents for the Proprietors.
I he Stiumterville Market.
For The Sumter Banner,
AIARcii 21, 185
COTTON per pouind 6 1-4 a 8 cts.
CorEE, * 1 a 14
SUoARt, " " 614 a 10
BUTTER," " 18 a 37
BACON, " " 9 a 12
BEEF, " " 79
CoRN per hushel, 1 00 a 1 12
Pr.As, " " 1 00
3101,Assrs per gal. 25 a 75
SALT, per t-ack 2 00 a22.
UULT R Y, really sale" at good prices.
Corrected weekly by
W. S. iA-AtmF1 & Co.
Charlesion, S. C.
CHAR3LESTO, March 17.
COTTC.-Uplated-.Te sWes of this
article yesterday amnounted to 800
Thilca at 6 1.4 to 9 1.29 s. per lb.,
the accounts from1* Europe sliowing a
decline of 1.8d per lb., as caused
our mnarket to lie qui et.
Long Staple.-Sea Island 25 t. 40c.
for cotnenon-fine 45 to 55c-, and up.
Po nrdav. alaines and Floridas 1 to
26c. for coinon fine 27 to 36c. and
up wards.
RIcE.-Clea" R3 C0c. to 84 75c. per
hundred iec.
COWN.-8l SOe. to $1 o0c. per bushel.
OATS.-81 15c. to I 18c. scnrce.
PEAs.-BUack 1, Red $1 15 per Bush.
i. cluch waeted.
aeAY.-North River $1 20c. to SI 30C. per
hendrcd f lb.
dFLOUe.- ne to 11 per Southern and
Gourcaee3 to 11 and upwards.
ACon.-Se.aS, nIw 9 to 9 1.2. 1ams, 11
to 14. Slmouldors, 7 to 8 1-2e.
LAfD-o c o 12 -5oC, and upwards ac
cording Mi quantily.
BUTTc r-G coin 27 to 3c. and West
eren 19 to 475c5.t
CALT.-I, to 1 25 per sack. accsrding to
OFFEE.- ubc 10 1 to 111. Rio 10 to
1-2 Per cwt.
.OLASSEs.-N 0. 27 to 09c. Cuba 23 t
SUeAit.-rown 4 3.4 to 6c. and upwards.
BAGN.-.Dn:ee 10 P- to 1c. Gunny
It 13jc.
o 1.- Shoers, 7n Nthrn 10- 12c.
L 1no.-2. per1 1-1,aduwad c
CATTEa-GCsen lod27 2to 30 .c. ert
HCoFE.---ub "10 1. to 1.2c pcrto
i! 1S -, per c t.e 5o3c.prDz
ByAs lE.N O.e 27 toy 2c. Cuba 23doze
Cu n.Bon - t2Ao c. duwrs
B~aucee.-lgnate0 is1-2~ to l die alln
Rior e.--Wetrnand wiorther 10h 12to
i 1th2ol t-ac.~ pe lcceb. sk o
Iloss.- 2" "~i 20.9 to712cfe
ToGtha- Jino Smkt 2 S er Daunttoz
ruBwy thes quo aniy th.eir men.
ar.WI .A an ASN.tht
t.e WAlTo-MAKr. Thma JELR
nnhon' bhat he reared to 0d0 Mr.
Qmaile at Turk ine hisiner, wntyne
mn ispach foaretcash. C. dwisos b
bey. Te onis rustelthsd tand jut
thoe away. nllll
Alarch, 21 151 20 - f
To thecrbe iJaisiou of SubavDie two
aguntwiy elachs hot aayow f heirona e o
aereWirLLIAnil and.in lDiN. and eicth en
Nrth alna,. make wfrm thiree o oe dolrs
perl da Tueindsme oftery 'went-oe
jelyed are ownris r~equs thaom cEey ion
wardpove willpergivenpay expeseind (take
JA28 MhlESLhia, E', Jaios (Jla.e
March 21, 20 . i
A mhncxeto ae pucseoney.o
girho soungrie woaiein of god atlingc an
orgwarranedhealuth.y ae to ofbe bUnion.
12 capida 1f8 yfrom.Fve to toentollrlycwill
prgic wian can mes foi trdo.edolr
forftitneryellf'begivn bry tdrosn (ot
W. .ILE,.
AMarch 21t, Marc 14t53 1
La ndrined wihefor puaeaner
oir otrt younwoman, ofgoo ntelligence d
ofd0 . wraes elh The saeto bad bewen,
12ande 18wyars. For ~nultoit~aeraI)cah,
pricetowielae paiad. l, ~to i
For, furteral inforatin alsoly to etots
bl Ln and for tSler bid
f mntiing 7,8in acresp ofl u p laol~i ndw
anl d 1- lllacrecof stmp eln lying road
lSadne swam, n~ieart lto n.c'a Fnrry,
pemiles ares of IimSayMai Captio.-i
and~cre wallin rea ; . also a C.fot
iJng , eSi. Teu Uad ~iia
1i n ~lien~estnti'niera

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