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Agenats to' tile Ialimauer.
The following persons have been ap.
pointed Agents and are authorized to re
ceive, and receipt for, all sums due tle
Sumnter Banner. Any person wishing to
become a subscriber to the lanner, by
J.aniing thm their name and address will
have the paper forwarded promptly.
They will a ls. see to horwarding all ad
vertising business connected with tie
W. W. WALKER Jn.,. .Columlia S. C
S. W. WHITAKER,- - Wilmington, N. C.
W I LLIA 31 H Y DE,... ....,"...... ...
V. F. B. HAYNswonRTi, 8t'rville, . C.
W. S. LAWTON & Co. Charleston, 8. C.
-No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Banner.
14" Persons wishinr to see us upon
business connected with the Paper or La w
can find us at any hour during thelda
at our oflice, just back of So.moos' New
Siore. 97 All letters addresed to the
Baner must be pre-paii to insure atteii
CoLoNEL's ELFcTIoN.--\V have bee,
kindly fu nished with a full statement of
the polls in the late election for Colonel
of the 4 Ith Regiment, but regret that it
has been unavoida ble crowded out. We
give merely the result:
CoNN oR8s, yo
I I A.11 F 7r. 160
Tntc VEATriEH._--OI Vednesiay nglit
last and agamin on 'I'huursday we were visi
ted by repeated slight falls of snow, which
:nelted alnost as fast as it fell. Since
then we have been havmg it clear, but en.
tirely roo cold for comfort or the good of
vegetation. We fear the pro.spect of a
grod fruit season is materially lessened.
RFTURNS.-WIe announced in our last
issue, that there would prohably tie about
a Ihousand cases returted to the April
Court. We now find that tie number has
even exceeded this enormous figure, there
being between twelve and thirteen hun
dred cases returned, including acceptan
ces. Many a poor fellow rejoiced. on
Sunday morning last, thit tihe time allow.
ed for sum h werk was past and over for
Suinter Districet
The C!Iar&emndoa Er-oam Wor.ic%.
It will be stiiT"y referenimi'. :4 anpother
column that the above works have beii
;)I in operation, at \Vilhnii ton, N. (.
They constitute i valuablo acquisition
to the whole South, and the gentlemeni
cmNosing lie Company. Ih1n0 selves all
North Car,,lioians, deserve every encour.
agemnent and all the patronage that can be
- bestowed upon them. The mens of ho
Company are amile. They have erected
extelisive hihings and furnishied hem
wih mh ecessary tools, and nre prepaurvd
to do anyi ng in the Maclomery' hoe e i
lther in ilie way of mnaniufacturingv or re
pairing . work. In .t heir owni language,
they say, " We are detrmiined that hecre
after thme South shall not send North for
fihachiinery, for we will build it as cheaply
rd, and promptly here as there. IWe in.
.tend Io hold ouit induucemienits mand are de.
ti rimined to secure mlhis line of businuess
not only in this but iieighboumring States."'
\Ve be'spea k for thieii a faiir trial.
Ax Evi!..-A great and growing evil in
thi.s counotry, and one whith Iintiist at last
be met by legisltionm to suit t lie ease, is the
I indiscrimiiname sale of Chiloroformn to tho se
who apply for this miuch abused dlrug.
Circu lar sat ws, camph llline, andl Chiloro!ormu
are amtong the danigerous iniventioiis of our
age. \Ve scarcely open a paper, but we
read of somie horrible personal outrage,
burglary or rob~bery perpetra ted through
the agency of Chloroforii. It tinids its way
among the other trappings of eve ry pick
pocket and burgrlar in the land. A Mr,
FiEL.D of New York went into a harir's
shop, on Thu rsday last, to get shaved, took
a seat, and somne tinmo after, wvhen comi
scuousnuess return red, lounid that htis pocket,
had been rifled of somie t welve hiuiidred
dollars. It was a coinplete shazve.
Tlae Last Spanmisla Outra;;o.
Thelm recent ou trage pe rpet rated upon thei
El Dor-ado, b~y the Spanish main of war,
is exciting sonie of t hat interest which its
imtportance- 'demads. It is- time, we
tik, that our govermnit was showing
tiu the world that lie righlts antd the honor
of Ainericani citizens are not to be trami.
pled upuon and spit upjoi biy anty antd every
power, who my choose to indlIge tm such
recreations. The WVashingt on Uinion, in
cotmmenting upon the alliir, saiys.
- "We have te stron'. st rnimsonis for re.
garding Spain as beinit backed anid sums
ained by Eniilandh an-l F.imce. We nieed
not, therefore, fear that we wilt bo cebar.e
able with resoi ting to foco against a weak
and helpless nat ion. Whien outr goverm
ment .rosolves to adopt rcoercive limasures,
it- wIll do so with a fullh (expecationt that~
they are to be prosecuted agmainst thme coi
bined powers of England, France and
Spain. Th'le repetutioni of such outrages
as that upon the Black Warrior andt the
El D~oradlo satisfhes us thant our pacihic rela
tions will, Spitin, ca nnot be lont muaitttin
ed!, aind we think this conictioni caintnt be
too earditly imptjressed upont the publie
The repoirt (if (lie Cztr's death is being
doubted by a number of our norftern ex.
Tac Late Rioters osn the
North E. kM. Road.
On Saturday morning last the late ri.
oters on the North Easterna Road, twenty.
three in number, were brought. before
Judge Wirms for sentence. .Aftr a
very appropriate and well timed nddress
by tihe Judge, they were sentenced each to
six moniths imprisnntent and a fine of five
'I is has terinated the most formida
ble attemp1. surely in manty years, in the
borders of our State by n hand of rioters,
to set law and'order at deliance. We
entertain no common horror of mobs and
riotous assembinges even when they ap.
pear to be urged on by just. And generr'us
impulses-when the passions of men are
otnce unbridled am1 permitted to bear them
beyotid ilhe strict limits of the law, it is
impossible to predict to what issues their
phrenzy may not lead them. For tine
lime all withinI ihe range of their power are
tibjected to Iie-fluctuating caprices of a
maniy headed dlespoint, swilt and terrible to
act and i ncatble a: ike of ilhe restraints oi
rellectin or a salutary fear for the conse
quences of teiir raisnes.
We Ifear that in our country as n genner
al rule, there is too great a dispositionit to
deal leielitly with inobs. It is tihe aim
of 0hose who are cal le(d to the cini ro I of
alniLnrs, rather to disperne tihan to punish
tihemn. Wer have with ImIchj regret oil
served, cspecially in our Forthern cities,
thast military forces have been called out
toil frequjenttly merely in terrorem-to
back the pathetic appeals of tine civic an
thorities ratier :than to be used as inistru
neol's of coeimonn. Trtle-fed Aldernicin
acunstoined to practice the amnities of
life. anti habittated4i to treat Patrick D:et
rick, Jaqies* and John with tie ' distill.
gisnhed consideration " expectedn of them
by n:turalize.i voters, innlerstanl more tf
tInh' art of gathering votes annd wheedlinr
voters than qin Iimg riiot':r4. Mobs ar.
holnayn ; nec:nsinns for airin r tn,'ir orato
ry and display . ing their 0'n-ntitintry tact
r1ther than for briningrinr into ex.-rcise tIo
qua litics-stern and rough as they may),
be--which onsure ihe peane anl good or
dler of conmmnities. Alobs are so din nr.r
onts that it is crinnal to daly with thnnm.
Wherever they ventire to rise inn deltin
of iw, i' is high t;nne promptly ami w ith
ount n!elaIV Io -let silnn tihe do r.s If war,''
and te.c then wiat a fearfnnI thinn1r it is
to make war upon ite order and pcawe of
In otnr own State we trust tit 12o
in:staken cilemenry, or false ftning- o:
pity will be pernntted to usnrp tin' phe Wt
thAt truer philanthropy, which w%-III bear
the law triuimphiannt over every ol-stachI
even thouLth the way me opned, fonr its
march, w'th the cannon and the hayonet.
- 6oa~ soy '440 -0 - - -
We learn irom the Sirtanhnrg Ec
press that the iRev. lr. Rneid of N;nzire;h
church is prepainng for publicatio-n in tnat
pa iper a serivs of ar ticles upon the early
itory of Spartaninurg anl t in nnme-idents
ot tine war of independ ince connected
We rij ice to see so praiseworthy . an
example set by otnr cotemniporary and hope
tIat it ma...y he tollwe by jnturnalns In
every pnnrtion nof mnur ntte. 'Pie c'ollic-'
tio~ns nnf mnatnrial s tno subsn-e.rve th inpunripose'
nof futnure hnistoriains is ant thnis Inmnt an4
unndeta~ kinng conmpa:ratnvely nry, butt ea:chn
yeanr 4 en-!ers th tn ask nmnre aind nmore nhf.
ieunlt. ()ur owvn dns:r:ts is rich in
u2 nwrittenn istory. Th'ne legewu nds nof tine
war of linei.diencne thant are still tnnui
a rouintl tine winter tiresile of n tine tnler ot
nour citizenns .'houl d tnt nhem left~ t pss a way
fromnn mnemonry. Alany of thie mncide'nts of
I ha~t blonuudy war, thuns alonte preserved romn
tbinn , poses ninerl nhihrede
thmwl orthy', of a1 place amnong 4ou2r
istormc recordis.
Whin'e w e ~abnnnnst despan~:r of~ previling
upon ~ anynnne inndivniduatl InntnnntertakIe tint
ilabnnur 41 ganthnerinng intnn i'iapje thesem
I cnafttred materm aIs, wtn woudin miv41
tine imnltust ry and! pantiaism oft nnur peopleC
generaily, Inn cont rIbtt ifor pnnnh!ient ionn all
facts of nnterest stdli prese'rved by tr:mli.
tinon of whnich b:st'ry bnen be'en silmtnt.
Thie book's ofC recontrd oft nomen nof thenn
inn dnhlt mnicht bn connsunltedi with nnni
adnnvanntage in tihe proeti nto suchi
an nnnlen taklinng.
It Rone I bnn qt in' telornsting tin hnear
sotnn'what 4mr' nf tine earnly bnmatior nnf tour
ndi-trict, whionse pe'i p!ie acted~ so impnnortannt
a pnnrt in thne w- r nit sevently v:5 The'nn
pneriod n nfis ettlemnentI, thet clai', nnf men't
bys ~ ntnm it. wavs ,se'th'd, thi'r nniesl'. thirn
mod nnn oftt life, thnebn early tnjrials anrd uicul.n~nI
tin's, aind thne menidlenis of tine wvar in wbnchn
they sunTI'tredn so nnunchn nrne Itiuiris, v. ieb'i
if inn~owed uinp with an neager siritntf in
qu23iry nwouhi le~nli tot the nncqmis:ti''n nof
richn and innlerest 1mg mnatort ia-.
We connnntnd thiese stuggestin ton thne
cotntsideratii n nnf stnch oft nnur reader's In
toel enongin ouf interest in tint nsnu'j''nt ttt
emp2iltoy an occasioitnilnhour in ganthnrinng
up1 some21 ilnciidem fromn tine pa~st wo'rthmy oit
a pnlacno in ii'ory. It' a gnnratl internest
shnotult he exc'it ed we are well assnured tha:2
no4 smnal lnnnontnt nof ennte'rt.inmng and
usefin! remnninnmset~nneas wili h e pnrese rvted
fromnn inmpjendlitn'. oblivion.
Oite of ounr cxchmanges continis tine ft n.
low ing. "Can any 1223ne22 tell tns whnat inas
hneronme of thne ba nc of te't'graphn thi:n wa~s
ton have connctedl oints with SNothi Cri-mt~i
na, alngin the ront- of the Ma!.nch'ieste'r
Rtoad? WVe understndn thnat thne manlsts
haye been finiishnedt long sinbce; atnd frm 2
tine zeal antd ennergy with whnich tine wonrk
wias bnegutn, we wouldi have thbought that4
tine light inmng wouild have flashed over tine
wires monthsu ago.
A Speck of War-emore A. mamex.
. atioa.
Late arrivals from Nicaragua bring
us intelligeince of a series of outrage,
perlpetrateJ upon foreigii citizenis-and
in a marted mianer uit Americanis
-inl Nicaragma. A governmient olli
ver i imprisoned the Amcricaii Consul
at Sat Ju ian del Stir atd a port ion tit
his propertv wits vioetily taken from
him. An assessnct tof li ve thusaid
dollars was laid upon the foreigi resia
dt'nts and Ml[r. PRIEsT the American
Consul ordered to collect the assess.
ient, with a thrent of beilng shot uni
lesss theoitniey was f-1ritheomiig in the
1pace of two hours. Thu threat
however was not carried itito excention.
These outrages it is said are caused
by a prevailing imnpressiona tlhat Col.
xiNEY's Cetrat A merican expedition
is deyigned t0 make war upon the
governmen t. The demolition of San
Juan del Nor will have to be re enact
ed upon the paciefi side of this small
Spanish American State aid we pre.
sumie this will be the only paci/Lc
Solution of tie dillicilty that will pre.
sent itself to tile federal gOvern fil]n
Rev olutioa in Australlia.
The Astotinding intelligetnce has
been brought to this country by tthe
Africa that Australia had delared Ie r
independence and that troops had beeit
sent to quell the itisurrection. A salt
guinary egagtment is said to have
takei place between the government
tr~pops and the insurgents and Mel
bounie was itn 'a sate of sige.
Despatcties c antainilg this ittrm -
tion hl been Iblwarded to Laandon1 ()n
the 1st, inst. fronm Ceylon. We tith
the truth of tthis statement, a1d41 thintk
it mire probable that the So c:allet
rebellionl will titr llt to be lriet
anl Cuote (if thle miners who. have
long btel dissati.it wh1 tie tax
exact e i fro them by goverti neit.
It wtald intleed he a sad da 110i
ti.gland if in her hou r of sore distress,
wheni pitlunged inl a hoptjteless aid htur.
denso'me wa r, her~l enlergie's an11
strengh shliti be crippled bay civil
war. The page If Eligh al 41's gli ry
we fear ha% been writ ten11 .ut ; the pen
,f* fiiture histoi 'ants will be employed
.t ne ott file sad thimie o' tier derta.
dtenc and Ihitl. She has not. like
France a new ftittire awaiting each
gloomty periol oa' reverse .ad 4e,1t
tion, renewing her strengh and bieatty
like the trees to Ihi i spritgresfre
what autmit ani orhe rin~ a ken
LwaV. A sttrdy it)n! hardy evergreva,
oice dtisrobed by decay, .'he will "bil
atlbloissmn ' no more. No spring
timte, no. aperiod of rejtivetnationi C:ml
await her. If she is doamedl to fall.
like other empires once as mighty a,
he:self, we wouit not trimph in her
dtOWft all. Ifshe iSs been ever grtedy
tat t'ualtuet'tt it is stiltl an extetttat tam
taf tier lus't thr powetar that shei hias
i.ntvernetd welt. Itf shte atpenettd ih r
hitrtself a way with the swttrd she has
catrrited with her the tree inlst i titins
and the laws of the sax 4n. It' withI
aone hand site has1 planal hter flag
among n tatos conqiaueredl by her
arm'tie, wi th the oithler shet it hat aorano
amnong them the bible and the protes
Isat tui IhI.
Ea' W\e learni that onet of' the.
ebinplasinsi ef thet le!gishsitutre tof Ca'litior
lisa is a Moaramont pracheitr. A Ci
tons tjt;tstional iln ti connactionl l has
wily a e tink, our twtt Slsate
hsi'ws dot nat ptermit iiiiisters tat the
atguel tao bteomue miembi ers oft'a t ur
letuarer' be elected toa ourt Seniate ort
lloutase taf llalpreenatiives wvoutld tie
halk~ wedt ~ito take is seait int either'
(41 thotse batadies? Wonhaitl bie, ort woul
tam legtislatorsl lhe et sidetted a minis
lter oa t he gta-jatl ? Mtarmonatismi is a
phnstt oel sneh iapaid groawthi, that nt
m a aeeain ecse us
I tin imay bet madite amonatg its. W
conisitder it ait least its prab'a~le ss tile
takitng of Sebtasto.aja
C)''W leairnl that allter several
cod inains lrte cirltehatin oait
hii ted in~P issia. 11 is Ma sjestly thei
Kina g tat Penissia tdo(eS no't l ie thie sptir
it with! which:l it, is sat stronglyzv t
Iiuied, Stl an. eides it is has ste tatteat
flatte I his iuipeariatl braati:ea tat iussia
that, he feel, it, duet tao the tdigaity tat
his liily tat adapt this pi tinitoryti
natn law iii reai tat Is iittradatct onz.
Thes stitinaibis whie.i it caantonts is tato
sitr asy fotr thte weatk htead ofl rayvalty.
TJii-: Scunri 1'E .r~o.-.-T'io Ml tach
iintatbert of te exre etL i m:iatn, far
botys andtt grls, is tan oatr tble. Aimiona
ithe articless, are the ft'llowintg
Arathmu's 11iraIithidy, lay .airs. liiA lnr~Y,
St'dgtitoaor, chtap tlrs '28 andl '2, by M rs.
Aass us, ~alakin. tg Ft ieinds, Leav es fromtt
itty1's .loJutirnatl. 1The I iemn, 'ITte liaby
Price One I)tallar tper yeatr in advan %'tce.
Atthlrea, JAM I'ES S D)ICK imSON,
No. 697 Broadway. New York.
Our New York ex-ichanges fir the
last week or two have beei full ol' the
particulars of' "the PooL. Tragedy 's
as they termn the murder of one of the
chiefof their rpowdies. For our own
part if d1io1inoane was in the city of
New York, we woulid tegard his death
rather as a public benefit than as a
calantty. Uttr cote inporaries say
that itlim eight. to ten th..usand rnen
and over a hundred carriages followed
to the grave the remains of this noted
binek guard aind pugilist., or to use their
owna nore elegant phraseology-"all
that Wits tnortal 'a0' W ILLIAM POOLE
lie was the keeper of a low grog shop
and a notoriously bad man ; a drunk
ard, a hireling fighter, yet the greatest
excitement was caused by his de:ith
ainong the Gothamnites and funeral
lionors were paid to him such as are
lint seldom accordled even to Imen who
have nobfly spent their lives in the
service or tlipjr country.
TheI hs been pursued
with a pi-aiseworthy d iligence. W ere
the people of New York City to dis.
play hal' the eagerness they have
shown inl this all'tir, in bringing
offentlers generally to ptiniishmnent, we
feel assured it would greatly a edound
to t heir interest.
SO late as the 17 th inlst. hiA:ia was
slippostel to have sailed ill tle Isabella
Jewet to the Can aries. Three vessels
-oe fitted ont by G:onoE lAw th1
(.tlImnite canditite ir the presidei..
ey-hiave been SeAt to oveirtatke hinm.
It, is Iw delinitely asetrtaiied hiowev
er tliat le h1:as takni riiel'ge in Caamda
A still later acecoinit. tells us that]
a.s the h.1;t finishing strao ke ito the hitii
iirs paid to the nieiory ol' Pooi.:. a
animiaent, is to be erected to hin,
un a lid raisel fir his fainil.
Upin tile whole alllir the Boston tlla.s
nlutkes the folliwing appropriate re
" We did think, when this miserable
alliir i'ecurred, wlien some a l' thie
sei inMdrel parties were shut, aaul siintt
oa tlemt emeiltled to 1h1 Iumia thw
*ily, dhat New k iight, coisiulu
hirielf well riI o at nian-tIe mnore
ious itI. i Iintoi the arage in her st reet
ilr thei stieh uio hit-r langh.-iitker huise.
l t tha tirni which tht atnhi1ir hias Itaken
Wll inle m1:t tels worse an11 worse.
Werlt 'I he1 hadi ione u lV hietire, ShIe
wil I tive L~tweny n111w. Pi1ilisin and
thle pistol. shouilder hittingi,guiu
ad inlaii, hav bieer elevateil int'
1he her1ie. Tile yotungv ladh, w.h t reIad,
tihe lIer:dA1tor the Express, will Ieailn
thbl~v isl oe q. pubhljc
(tiit7 + E il; brin a ome
Seld( , (tutordcirl to virtme: that
e u it I ge fr if' hle f'alls lgan
ard d ily r apor ' ' he lives to light
agaii. I hjwill disco'ver that. brawn v
iumscle i"..etter than brains, that grig
?4hoips, coc-k'pits, an md hells are the 11ro41
per thteatres 6hr lnaly action, antd that
So'ciety saves its svnipaihiv for dicImet
lbxeri audidelarted assai. New
Y,1i k to hil is full iit' sucking PoiMd c
aind jimveiiii Mor'rissys, w hose fitture
e-xpiloits wdl cetrtaiinly c-rowdvi the coul
iaiiis ofi liiae ew~spilapers."
[Tlhiere' are somei very juslt thou~tghts iri
tromi the Xjrtanbuorght Sparlan. Apari
liomi thet tigmiit inn, ii I driving a felow'
c-re~:atuare taa the wiaIl, wheni hie hapajpenus tc
tltl mt de! thil, ii impi iicy- ofI hnrh meias
tires .shuhi exeracise sanine ilauence over
thause unarelenitang c red ~itr, whoin noa
the ar argtf~enttttht an th'se~ di arectedl to the
yo kect cainfitve. 1 t it be t rue heat tant
huiaaredl doalars paautito circulation will
ii'ltn p iy twenty thnes~z thai.aatazuaut o
det,~t surely teartiiary parelssure cano
bae grieatly. relicveil by taorbaaranic andt
genit l'ee.. int thtee tighlt, straimar tmis,
even'a tow~tads at siangle detor. Sit
b lroiuari ag;intt at sintgl. dleitor a notlnre
.jienal y g.ives ri-c- ti a liteg trian Utf'nits
btni onie to aniii:her; ii aire alo l'oselsu it
puir.te and la infiort. aind int kindhiaess oi
temptler, and t' e uoniy gamlers are oiur law.
yeris andit shlal-,. ]
A l''Ac'r raaat Tran: TCatrfa.-A& woirt hi
gtl in, that dtreeastt e bu laormerolia
detllad eii and~ii ittaousitt cunitry bener
ebanat of ontaaistr it. who: t i hea l ot
(undetttr* J aia tly' h itfa-tr)! hi ile lin je
Iam of many iaii ihaa po r ii htaa Ithhor,
hiat rniiieced ati s fe. i yeast before hat'
to hiard. onilaasati ~vt theijr wt r irac tto tis
own poenmry ,uona l be aht,: eiitt no
ail doutt, iti. i thai~t he iwould ht bee
ji.'ititer llf,~ a t iope tt hime lf~, 1 the hlid
tla'proceete to expt ol, nat ta, intsit ta
p'ty teaeiani's ihe piu' tr itihbor hai
tcont, rald watitht hai sore, he had' idulttd
watv, ile'itbos andt lgtvent themlisI titne t
p~yas a thy ttimiit e abld, t ciiirt
nav nFart aliIo ut py rmtivi aa llu t t
ant ot -u t oa isrb ltrad w l i int. B t
'-a tii the Wi r ithe~tr IctI del ts, ioai ail
cllead hii lX ber iildntt and re~tct by
watis, ii'a htiati easie ore hs bhindsa
vatt boIed0 oi ran, h.ii elcould it tur, to
was I o srtiasly enta ed, tghti hecwas tn
adtual altoe y eite itpthu rn. tthy
Tuh liao theaexerie of nyet Iwh
hadire aeesuirs ninlty pand tau w doptan
ia freulr..d e of ps, w rte iti s, &c
full of wisdom, thtunh b eee
Tihe appointments, in the four addi
tional regiments of the United States
army, are completed. Among tIemI
we find four froni South Carolina:
First Regiment of Cavalr.-Cap'
tain, W. D- DeSaussure, ot South
Carolina; captain Palbet to regiment;
waunded, in hakttle at Churubuso;
distinguished in battle at Belen Gute.
SECOND LiFu-rxAy-Bentjarnin All.
stll, of South Caroliin; seeand lieu.
tenant 22d October, 1854, first dra.
goons. Served on Indian 1'rontier.
First commissioned, 1853.
Tenth Regiment Infntry. -Rifle.
IMen-Brevet. Captain, Barnard E. Bee.
of South Carolina; irst lieutenant, 5th
March, 185 1, 3d infantry. Twice
brevetted Iuir gallantry in action;
distinguished in battles of Cerrai Gordo
(where lie was wounded) iad Chepul
teped. First, coministsioned, 1845.
Second Reqient of/ LwUUlr.-SE
COND LIEU-TENA--N. G. Evans of'
Sint h Carolina; second lieutenant 30th
September, 1849, second dragoons.
Active service on Indian fi-antier.
First commission, 1848.
A Late dispatch f i I vanucon.
tains ti he following:
Tihe prisniers Roman Pinto, Juan,
Cadalso and Nicholai Imuelo, have all
helen condemnited to da- 1.-thlie "comn.
m (issin" goim. leyonIId tiht- demaind . '
the (Qteel's '-Fiscal," tr .attoriey. It
is considered strange procedure--ndI
the itan wio has mnade the testimoiy
is repraesenttead as wanting in each antd
every of the attributes Ihat, iiake itior.
al cbaracter aid wort h. Tle fireign
Coiisutls hail all agreed to call on Geii.
C nehm:, to claiii clemency for the
prisoniers, -r delay in exectiotin of the
sentence until he cunld canmnnicate
with his Giverinleiit; bit he reflused
to r-eteive them, on th.- applicatioi tof
thel 1biish~ Cin.sufl General, .JOseph T.
Crawfihral, whoa. is always readv 6ar the
dis .hage ofealev ted trusts that helang
it tle intellligence al tie civilizat-i
olt lie age. This act ion of all tIe for.
eigni re; prst'S'iati ves--spontanleous -
wh atire kinawing to the characiers (of
the nii whoae lives are sonigit- the
character a'athe tribunal til] the base.
less vauIeti of the te.timnioiy-shows the
tranisactioii aml maai.ke tile comlnimeitary
aunlcessary . I have liever seen sich
eviah-lee ipon tile fiee ail a C'.,anunilny
a4 atola c ke*ti aid traged feeling as is
di 1,11.d up allhis in the pait two
days. I a2 amider the impres-in---I
If ee so -1ial al d naat. like taa it-hi lie
hlaape, thIollh I am taol that it is falla.
eiis. ilhat Gianrai Coancha will not
seal his adiiiiiiisi ratian with .the blaaod
a at these ien il justice tao hiiisell' and
t the l prevailing sentiirnnt as ti polit.
ieal - Al.-nees, now tem aerilig jiistica- in
aill civilized coa:nmuities.
We call tile attention of ill concerned toa
recent Act of ('ongres., graming additioial
quaniitities of lanad to those who have been
enjged in the Mliita-y servic'e of the
United States. 'Thie fallaowing are the
chief provisions contained in the Act
"1st.'h'liat all parsaons who L.ave been
tustered into the s rvice oif the Uniaed
Stiae, and actually served far fau rie
days. or miore, ii n" ovwar sne~e the ya
17910, are eniled to a WVarrant for lii60
acraes aof laind.
2ndl. Thlat .thase who have ;alraday re.
a:eiveud od Wtal ~rrantls faar any quantity
Ie-s thani I (i acres, wall he entliitled to ;an
iaditioniah War.mat, ma~kinig up the whole
Jrd. Th'lat, first, thle widonws, and if
there he naon:e, thaen the children, of a &
ceased saoldier wtill be entitled tao tae samie
4thI. Tahat the widaws, or if no widoawa
the miinor lhibiarent of tall revouationary
soldliers will he entlirhlod- to thec same grants
of liad, as abuove.
51hI. 1),elarat Ons, on. aia th, as to time
aha'in i nh aof service, sut pportedl by the
ivaldlnce mi twoa crenitl able wit nesses, aan
iath, ~as to, thie i-h-imity of the rapphlcant,
ar ralored to be mi le- and propherly tan'
News Items,
The N. V. IIeraiil Mays, WVhethecr the
Czr he dada ar naot, theii annloiicunem1 t o1
hais. decease, brought by the Africa, has
bieen felt uponr our maarkets, it hans,
sinlce its promualgationz, senlt upi cotton from:
1-4 to 3.8 cnt pier Ib, anal te sales yes
ter day embiracedl iant 2.000( hale', closingpa
qitea firm at the ;avaince namel.
PThe latatst newsy~ from the Siandwich
Island ias impotan it. TPhe King hasw die.
caonitiiued thme neog~iiations for ithe annexa.
t-aoini otha istalad to the UnaitaeilState&.
G real polaIir dist ress is staid to bxist, ill
Re'g~i.aiwing to iin absence of employ.
meant m th le btirge~ toawns, hiighi governmean
laws, and a spver-, "a nter. The disco01
teml was opa- ly in iinresied Ill alaringa
fIa naloiats in iverpiol , whlichl caantiniicd
lair Iwo dlays, wvihae scenes necarly sinmlar
were eniacted in Lodn
Th Caaraoner's investigat ion of the
Thle verdict. chairges Louis Baker withi
thle nmurder of Paaaae, anid Tfur er, P'an
alenz, Mlcii ugh lin, Illey lera Van Pelt,
Lynn, Miarrissey, and Jaam's \V inn, ase ac
'The Clippeir hark Graipeshot cleared
an thme 17th, insit for the Catnary Islandis in
purstut of Baker.
In Baa ton suaie Irishmen ivounda tip Sm.
P'atrick'st Day hy a fight, in which Dennis
Cronan kiuled Michael Murphy wvith a
knife. TPhe miurderer was arrested.
It is sltatedl that the ion. C. 3. Faulk
iiar, ol Virginia, has been invited by thle
President to take chalrge.of the War Do.
The latest tidvices fromn New Orleans
.-av:-Businecss was nrostrata. OWinlg to
lie suspension of Page & Bacon, Adanis
k. Co., Wells & Fargo, Robertson & Co.,
Id Wright's Miner's Depot. Wells &
Pargo would :resyme payment on the
.6th, but it was feared Adams & Co. could
iot resume under 60 days. Page & Ba
:on wou'd probably resume in a few
lays. Their assets were large,
A bill is no%- before.he logislature of
Peinsylvaiia for the protection of land.
ords. It declares that persons becomiing
ruests at hotels, without means to pay
heir bills, accruing from any time not
Longer than a week, and not giving to.
ice of any such inability, are vagraits,
ind as such shall be subject to conviction
before an.alderman or justice of the peace
For any period not loiger than thirty
iays, and authorized the praprietur to de
Lain such delinquent until the pr'oper of
icer be obtained. Tie bill also gives to
1otel keepers a lien upon the baggage of
muests for accrued debt for a period o
not longer than one week.
The following States, Maine, Massach.
usetts, Rhode Island, Verintiit, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Connecticut aidIndiana have
enac ted laws eiitirely prohibiting the
sale of instwxicatiig driiks for beverage.
It is stated that twelve hundred inur.
liers have been perpetrated within i the
pIst. four years, within the Judicial Dis
trict in which San Francisco is situated.
-Out of this vast number only one coni.
Professor Saford, the State Geologisght
of Tennessee acecording2 to lie Nashville
I.anner, is of opinioni th:t the amoulit or
copper in the inines i-n Po:k county of thai
State is eiormous, and its v.lue incalcu
lable. A test shaft has beei stik to the
depth of on-- hundred and forty feet, in
the neighborhood of the "Tennesece"
tmine, and it had cut "tihe richest ycllow
and native copper to be found anywhere.''
We learn from Nova Scotia that the
Britisli Goverimient are atiout to embody,
on liberal and temptliog ternsi, a foreigi
legion at IiLhf:-x, as well as several regi.
menits of Brit.h born subjects
It is stated in Diplomatic circles in
Washing:on that a private dispatch had
reached that city, saying that Victoria was
fast giling the way of her ancestors-that
is, biecoin og deranged, the sypmfms
having shown themselves in her re.
cent illness.
We learn from the North Carolina pa
pers that Rev. Drury Lacy, .1). 1)., laF
signified his aceeptince of the Presidency
ol Davidson College, North Carohna.
Kiow No-thingisn is below p.ir in Ar
kansas. Ttie Democratic l tgis-are of
Ilit State had lasn-sed resointioiis deinouii
eiiig ihe order by 91 to 6.
The price of license for sellng Liquor
at- Wilnington, N. C., has been fixed at
8300 per. miium. There is also, accord
img I ile new revenue l.-w, a State tax
of 5 ier cent. Th:s looks like being
in earliest.
The Star sayis tiht not the slightest
doubt of the cOrrectness of the report of
the Czar's death is entertained by the
President, Ca biiet, or foreigi oficials.
It is statel that Itwo of he oldest col
leges ini th~ -LU. S. Ya'e anIt I) ---:nmh,
aire in, .trait- iil circumwaniiices, anid re
queeC~ OO0,000( each to mieet speri.
ul wants.
Thue l'ost Odi,::n Dep-timrn', this
yecar. cost the oumvernent S1 ,71 ti,733; the
Mmtt, $511.301b; the Light Ilionses, $1.
073,G'34; the~ Coaisi Suarvey, $11,000h; the
.Judiciary $22G64t).
Thei numbh-r oif higs driven through
Cmrant'lril G:ip this sisoni wa.s 12,000)
iigainst 11,10 laLst seaon and 53,164 thne
seasoni previous. The falling oitI in
weight this season f rom 20 to 26 per cent.
T the Uiited States has be~m given the
phice l of huoor, in thle distrniution oh
epaice in the French~l exhibition. On en
ierinig the bidmilg by the grnanii entrance,
the vise or ait once aidvanicesi into lie Am -
ericani p art of the exhiibiton,; to the right is
thart devot ed to Great Britain; oppis ite
Gre.it ihra iin lies the F~rench space, with
the' great hall betweeni.
Titm Er. DuRADO AFFAiRt.--The \\asI
iingtonu correspondeiit of~ the New York
-he frienids of the Adimiinistration here
aissert that the P'resident has ordered that
extreme measuiree be takeni, if necessary,
to exact istant reparation at ilavanai hor
the late outrage tipon the steamer El Do
raIo. -
Th'e Ilillsboro Recorder says that on
Wednesday (of last week the house 6f Mr.
Margaret Woods, on Little River, about
seven mtiles east of th~at place, wvas burned
and she in it. Theo evidence before a
jury of ingnest was~ considered sufficient to
authorize the commnitmnent iffressly Ri-.
Iey, on sspiciont of having killedi Mrs.
Woods and sot fire to the house.
The committee of the Lr'gislarureon
the pietitin for the-removal of .Judge Lor.
ing are divided in opinion. The majority
report in i vor of removal, which is signed
by four memnbers. A minority report
sianed by two members lins heen subinit..
ted against the removal. Sh~e'other metns
ber of thie cotamiittea did nomt sign the
minority report, but he is against the re.
The Charlestn Papers amnnunce the
death, in that city ottnFridaty night last, of
the Ilon.g.Jamnes 8. lIhett,. in the fifty
eighth year of hiesage
The following isihe result ofa asale bf
nine negroes. in Cifa'rlertori glw the 12th
inst. The terms wvere ofte.third cash, and
the hallaie ia hamnd 2 years.
Betty, :anardinary cook and washer, 19
years old, whh her inlant child, "
for 1,000,00
Sam, 50 years old, Oold hand . 1,030,01
Billy, 19 - " 1,080,00
A temnas, boy, 0 yeare old subject
Clara, girl, 8" to fit$' ,00
Pussey, 45 yaeir old, aipo sorvant,
(lame) - - - . 130,100
Rachel, 1O " "' field hand . 1,10,00
Miley, 16 " " " and house
servant - -. 1,140,00
(Average 6728 88) *6,560,00
Reports from Batlavid, DecemberJ3,
state that a Russian squadron, consisting
of a steamer, two frigates and two sinailet
vessels, was cruising off that port. Two
vessels from England wore overdue, and
it was feared had been-captured,
Cnba amad a Somaltheru Repulb.
MESSRS EDrons:-'-Under the above
caption, I see an editorial in the Daily
Carolina Times,in which the imne.
diate epture of Cuba and the formIA
tion, of it Southern Republic is urged.
However I may agree with the edotor
as to the necessity of vindicating 56- -a
natioial honor and proeetinig iivh ,ate
our national ffag, I ctaint see tha * thew
acqjuisition of Cuba it. any vy is
iecessary to the formaniton of u South
erni Republic, or vuuld nseessarily
result int its formnation. I doubt not
buit that, to somae exten,.every reflsct,
inag ai has lost cufidence' in thew
national 1'eling towards the protectiort
of Sou.hern institut'ions; yet at the
presenat Limae there are ano active no-,
Lives to propI)t the people to act in'
their own behalf upon the subject; antJ
the acquisition of Cuba is a national
question. True it may more immedi
ately concern the South than the
North, and the prospective of our
country mnay well have its bearing in
the formation of the public Southern
ainid. But if we are to have Cuba
and a Southern republic both, it were
tmuch b--tter thatdCuba should first be
nationalized before a Soamhern Re
public is fI tmed. I' tile South were
iaw cuat I.o1se from th Northi and aIll
sympathy destroyed between us and
the balanaco of tie world, we should
have enough to do to keep our ship
f'rma f'oundering, without the incum
brance of such a discordant commiuni
ty as Cuba would present upon throw-.
iag off the yoke of tile present gov
eraannenaat. In aiiy phase of the ques
tiona, whether viewed nationally or'
sectionally, I arn opposed to the a.
riuisition tot' Cauba unless it, become a
matter of necessity. Under certain
eoatiigeanees t c lecessity would be
thrulst auo uts; but until those con.
tingencics arise, or allairs assume a
difl'erent, aspect, we had better let the
sulbject rest.
11 Spain thinaks to take advantage
of her strong allies-and the Cuban
.authorities fijr the same reason, orbe.t
cause oaf the irresponsiaility of its gov,
erniet, is insaultng-and to perpe.
trate itilignities .npol our flag, the
Um1tted States anust be prompt in re..
pelling sucl insults "though the heav.
eis tall." ' Whenever we loose the
spirit of national honior, so that we'
dare not resist aggression from any
tiutarter, event to tha sinking o; Cuba.
into the heart of' the ocean or the an.
ihila ion f every State in the Union,
then we are una, to be fr'eemen,~ thea,.
we are auln-'ady slaves--slaves to the
spairit of anar'chy and r. Ady to wears
the y'oke of' ty rtants. Spain .mu t not
be allowed to .iniault anad t;6k; us,.
e'veni if the rumotr be true thtat .Fratide
anud Etagland are devising, secret.
nanas tu..cheek our growing porospert.
ty and mtaann ouar power.
The present is ril'e with portcentous.
ev'ent.s;, anid the future. is pregnp
with a progenyv whose-bia'th alulue th.
disclosae its character.. ;Weknew jio~
wvhat we are to ex pect- for tuurselves as
Anmericanms ill tese timews ofcebullition.
and caiange ,butoar security is in an
umwaveritsg .patriotism,. iand national
virtuie. W) shoauld' fdriff ourselees
a:.ainst cominag ev-enat, and- stand firm..
ly tt calmly asta sea.god aamid storm,
with thme amotto wraitte. ~upon every
hear't, uanin' opibusque parati.
R1W 'P131,1C. A M ENS..
F1IteLrrUaJ.-A. nie:w species of-fuel,.
maantufac tred fromn mud, is jusat now at.
racti'. the' i alt iont ot the city. It is a.
recenit anvenionm. and a maost simagulur one..
By ameans.. of' this nev inventioan it Isr
chaiaimed thait the dart ini our streets, thie
riudl takeni from the bottom of bayou.,.
from thte clay hanks and prairies, carn
baa converted itoua fuel rmore cheap, more
mltenasd in its hmeat, anad mare econtomica3'
titan aany'yet diu'covered. We have seene.
a tire created hy it tat was aa'5zWtia
any weo hiwe ever seen, and taat was
as powerftaf for the uses to which fire'
put.. If the invention is all that its ow~
era claim for it, the doctrine thast-lpropho-'
chbes the destructiona of the *iorld by as
iuiversal confagratigp seemns likely to ~
he realizedl; fot'thae residuae of' the fire coil
asists tf notlhiag but a very smeall amnount,
o1 matter resembling emery. Jiusa
ithat theo firmamaenatutn cran be t~ c-'
red and sold for tw'entyflive cenfs
rek~ and that it wvill 'ast longer M oVO
usgr'uh'than a simtilar amount of 4.If'
all of the "statemeaints cofriI it.
true, horsemen. should beware of ridsfthg
with' their horses shod -in the- usual tian.
ner, as the earthu might take fite be
nteath them.-Exrchange.
TRar, nP A: &ri'%R BRAKE FO RT.
wAY CAms..a-Tlae Detroit Advertie r
the 9th imstant- contamna a lon acco~t~r~
she trial of- a now 'brakefa
piahg raiilroasil cats. The na*lsa~.
trida''n the Michigan Centii~lo
sindtlhe result- is made knova b~y R ar
from acoaitatee of gentleinet~~o at.
tenldron the oc~on.' fhy:
On th&-first trial, 'j mtb,4 aovin -
at levelocit,*of' -~', hour, thaq
train ryas broah ,~o a' perfect slop nr
the aeodnd tria1 ,ithJhe tmrain
40 ilaesper'lui,, l as brPongW
stand still inl4$eet ani ' Qes tof
hiline 'On ihe third-,tri eta
bne# down' two rmil .', anid
uran the last nile. i11 ore tminute -n

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