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twenty five seconds. If was brougTht to
a full stop in one thousand and six fet, in.
king twenty-elght seconds of tiip, the
train not running over three miles per
hipur for the last 300 fet. a
They consider the invention one or the
most useful of the ago flr the preservation
of life and Untb. It, vill, it is said, on.
tirely digtense with 'ifrksnen, and give
the engineer the whole control of
the train. -
MAtRIED,-On Thursday the 2)d inst.,
by the Rev. 11. W. Alaioiy Mr. IIAnaMON
Clarendon County, Snoter )istrict.
A 3oon1 to tie AiIlicted.
Dyspepsia, until wi.hiin a few years back,
has been considered incurable, bitt lnow it
readily yields to, atd is summarily eradicated
by,- PtLANETr's hitters, which fortin one of the
safest and pleasantest remedies for diseases of
the Stomach and biliairy npparatus ever com
poinded. Thi.; womle Iful remedy hias not
faid in a tingle case. A is, withotit doubt,
worthy of all the praise which ha11s lbeen be.
atowed upon it by patients as well as by the
regular practiving phiysi einns. Those who lead
sedentiary lives siomihl always have at supply o f
thlese BitterN at ianid aid realy fifr tse at a
momentq notice.- leing Tonie, Alterative and
-A pwielnt -in, Dyspope.-ia, Liver conplaimnts, lim.
gFeiti, I lattutlettcy, commonly called Nervous
Afleenogns, ilhmett's liitters are emiiployedi with
th r atemst ees
,,ii - itirt tCC
For at
Drug Store.
March 20, 1855 20 3t
Among diseases, dyspepsia 11ad liv COm
plaint riak as itiost d illicult to cure. We are
ipleasel to have it inl our power to point ot. a
remaedy wh'ch hams proved elt-etial iin maniiy
cases, and which we ea tifafelv revintimen.1 as
a certain ajid infallible cirre; 'it has beeit tle
means of rescuitag tho ands froml an timifilely
grave. We me-an the llooflmiil's (eriait Iit.
ters, prepared by D)r. C. 31. Jack-oi, it tlit
Geuritan Mledicine Store, 1120 Areh Street,
ForSale by 1ILLEt & llITTON.
gZV-'N E11IRA T.Gi A.-This formidable lis
'ease, which seetis to baile the skill of phivsi
cians, yields like iagie to Carter's Spanish
Mr. F. Boyden, formerly of the Astor lituise.
New York. and late proprietor of the Exelange
lIlotel, ltichmond, Va., is gne ol the litdreds
who have been nred of severe Neuralgia, bly
Carter's Spanisi Mixture.
Since his cure, lie ha.'- reormnindel it to
numbets of others, who were millering witi
nearly every for ii of disease, with the mo.st
wonderful success.
lIe Says it is tt- toast extraordinary medlivitie
he hass ever sent used, and the best blood puri
tier known.
t Sold by RICE & TlOIISON,
Smniterville, S. C.
Sole agents for the Prop ietors.
Clarendon Iron Works,
rre tow prepa:r. d to recei ve order.
f i -..m, eiti11i Ilorizontal or Oseillann.,
otiea Engints; liigh or Low P)resure, amI
- ile to all purposes: Circnlar. VertCical anI
P ia.te Saw 3lills, comp!ete; litPtmps, Mining
Sl..hinery Grist andt Flour Mills, comptl..e';
Parker, 'Trbine and other Water Wheels,
quipping Steame-rs, Car Wheli and AsI.-;
llorse Powersof various patterns; Riice Fict
Pumpsand Enttgites; Itice Thrashe-rs; .shigle
Slachines. Shafting, Puillies. ilaigers, Gear-,
""d -Il '.heir Mill Wtork.
- 1n-' and Brass Castings of all lescriptions,
meintding Ortinamen tal Iron liailing, Pip,
Blridgn Castings, &c., &c. The Cotmpani
wu0ld respect fill y invile attention ti t heir
styles and patierns of Rtailing, whict tmay ie
-seen at their ofice.
1101 [4R11HS.
Tubutlar, Ftue awl ('ylitdrical Ilitjers.
'nater Tanks, Chiiteys, ind ail other kiids (if
Boiler Werk.
It EP AIts.
A separate department atn I force will lit kapt
for repairs, where work %%ill c don- thaz.u t.
ly and1 w% itlh iespatch.
All work done in the estalblitsimnt di-liverer
either ott the cars of the Withinsgton A' .11
chester Rtail Itoad or time Wilington & We.
don flail Ronad, or in flats at the Comnpany'
wharf, free of ebuirge.
ilavitng large facitliies, the, abovo work wilt
be dontte on as reasonale terms na elsewiln-re,
North dr Southi, tand ini at promplt and sat istie
tory nanniter.
Cottsultatin by lettecr or nthterwise*.itt re-gard
to plants amid designis foir mills or teir fturniitur,
andi for muachinery genterallIy, willingly answe-r
ed. All ordterai or communuticationms to be ad
dressed to thme tttdersignied.
March 28, 1855 21 ti'
Bruce's New York Type
rtes Foundry.
.ru'sNew-York Typie-Fountdry, esitab-.
tished ini 1813, has now on hianda, readty foar
immed-iiate detlive.y, itt fonts. to sut tpumhrncha.,.
100,000 lb Rmnain Type of new cuti,
50,00X0 " Fany~ Type.
* 101,0001 " Scriptsi of vaariotus stylecs,
5,(t00 " trants, mint g.reat variety,
5,000) " lirders
30,0010 feet lirasi undl TpeI, M itiules, ttu
all the tnoveities ini b t hu.ine.
AlIt the ahorae Typeats are eaist bty ~stinn pow.'
er, of the tnew cmoitioii ir of meiitlpeenh lar
to thtis fotttidlry, aitnd " whai is tertainly supe.
rior to oany ever tteed before in ammy i -rt of t hie
worldl. Them untequalled taiity itn the prm
cess of caslting, enmableis moe 1o sell it hese more
durable types at thie. lt ies of ordittary itypes,
either otn credlit mar for cashi.
P'resses, Wt'oodl Type, amid all tothe'r Pritnitng
Materials, except Paper andl Ca rds, tw hich
have no fixed quality or price,) fiurnishied at
manutfactutrers' purices.
The latest Specimein Book of thte Fotundry
is fri-ely given to all priting aflices, (i'n the re
ceipt ii fist y cetnts to p~re-payt thet postage.
L,0Pron ters of ntewaspapers who choiose to
-/ pubih thti. ::d verti-ietnt, imt -aling ihis lite,
dhree tinmes before. the fit di ., 01f -July, 1855,
nit tharwaird me one of thet uap.rs, wavIl be ali
* lowied their bills at ilie time ol puirchnasing live
times time amtount of tmy muatnuactures. Newa
York, Fe b. 12, 1855.
13 Chiamblers-St, New York.
- !arch 23, la55 21S.
Law Notice,
John S. Richardson, Sr.
Announees that lie has resumed the practice
of law. hlis voice on Court Iluusei Square,
giumterville, d. C.
* March2!, 20 t
Real Estate for Sale.
Tkoi subscriber oilers for sa le ner plata.
tiont sitiuated about threie miles from Man
theste od'Iepotr, on thme WVihinigtom antI
Manch ter Rail Roud. Trhere are two
htundtred and thirty-two acres in theiotract,
one hnindred cleared and tinder fcenco and
tho rest well, uimbered- up-land. TIhte sit
liation) 'tis bory. athy arid desirable one
On the pr~niis ~fine dIwehlig hiotuse,
barn, stabl.e., kitchti and oth er ont builtd,
ings, and an excellent wvoll of waster.
,,T'si.i s-B3.'nd with good and tpproved
fctrity, withI thin interest thiereotn, palya.
ble annmually dutrinig thme life tuine of the
subscriber. E. BUFORDtI.
Announces that lie is preparedi to do all
inaier of work in his line, with neattness
aid dispatclh fir cash. 'ille would be
thlanfliul for patrotage but desires none
tuntleiss accompatwed with the cash. Tnis
is the only lerms upiton whlicl he isks for
busintess. Ie is still at is old stand just
above the town IHall.
March, 21 1651. 20 tf
To the Jail of Stmtnter liisttict two
rtunaway slaves, wlho say their iamees
tre Wil.LA.l and EDWIN. anti that
they helwt to )r. Thomas Potident, of
North Carolinsi, but wyere hired to one Mr.
Quall at Turpentie Diistilury, twentty-onle
miles fron CnarIestont. S. C. Eilwin is cross
eyed. The owner is relueistel. to e ime ror.
ward, prove property, pay expenoss and take
JAMES L. HOWE, Jailor a. b.
March 21, 20 if
A Chance to make Money,
l'rolitiable amd honrie Em/l loement.
The sitabosriber is dlesirons of having ant1
agent itn each cotIly 11n111 town of the Ulnion.
A capital (ot from1 ive to tetn dollars onsly will
he required ansnyIithig like an eflicient, en.
ergetic inmt cat isnake from Ifhree to live dollars
per day ;-imleesl sonie of t Agens n)w em
ployed are lealizing twice that sum. Every in
tiritiation will be given by addressing (pust
IlaI d.)
WV31. A. HIN81.El.
Box 224, hihulel Jil ii, :a., l'st. Lie.
March 21, 20 3t
State of South Carolina,
Nelon lierby, 1
ill iidiniel lierby,
1. Bill f/or
Sisnutm Ward!, Iqjuncion 4 Rlie/.
M1atilba Dees,
&V her /iugsmndet. aul.
It appearing to myii s.1tist isietion that the
said Siimn ard, 3lnitla es aetsl her his
has p;ttit- ih-i-ndati ts the s l i t (cail resile
in1-yontd the lisiits oi the itN te. It is orth-resi
tha Ut flte sa:il Simonil WaLrd. 3Iatila~ Dlees anwl
her htbdt dto appeawlr and plmil, ti:Swesr or
ilemuir to the said bill %% w ithii thr.- miontis fromt
the dale tof tit- first pmiublicatsssii cif thi order, or
ail, srier pro coin/ieso n ill be etered sgainst
AI-o orh-red that this order le Ibliiiel
for three motitis inl one o' thle Gazeitu's of this
C. E. S. ).
3hirvch 6. 1355. 18 3mn
Bounty Land aad Pension
The stiuiserji ai ts oipeetids! alt Otlise ilt
Sanfiit-1 ville, and4 will n11endl promptly 14o
ithe ilrose'.1uunl :Stid collecition (fai.
ir revtoitiot.iary service ; atid bouittv
In i. el the acts of Cosltcas of 1--O,
k 1J 18:25.
'Ihe .ss1!dlC's ill the wv.,r of IS12, and of
lie 1iirm war will liit .t grcat ly to their
flit( re t to cuns itt fihe subst rier it an
-\pphl'st will plea,"!s call ott A. A.
Nettle:s Esql., :ir* aiy inrler nilration.
a rlieb 7, 1S53 . 1-i4t.
.ills( lee..Vd :and for .:ale by
- 'WE Til O.lSON.
l)rgs:'r-s &.
1Tl1u 1ATE -' W l.\GN ESA 0R
TAN-Tl E's's NA 1 S.-P e1
bY ('L. .a E'ins& C-1. I'h lel phm.11 1, lihe
be.-.S." fn ti-' Vo ~ o o
Nssl I'ss~sss. isr tgg~oi sis~ &.,
l'hi-tsi:' li rs'.E .l s 'iist Ji, rae
,s wah it lit Cros' Nho isr--man
r tn:br &a .
NU I Ptsh, r nle- .
is:!'d1. Ul l.. it sW.i'l) I .i, G N - si.
Stitl. cowretsi ta--dyftin. Sit it wb.ind
elssctuiaiy ;res htiriurn .it-( sti re-~
il~ iwolztr ts l'. lTs(il(t- itsN
i)ialer ini rchosr.its ltg lwnnen ass &cw
'i ill ardL )u'm.-l~ are list;sm o liANsis
es n i t s, Ntt- r si.- ldori s I -as'n si h
llat :ni G h F'ar lsssim. 1)., m.s &.
uol taln tii lit Ti'isl a c'S
ptanhucN~i1 it iti pd1( te*0'G a auti-,.
()lstare 7. esloe0Cttic y A. C
J Lnn1 d for Sale,
Tears Ao.e hhrtl fitrs tor the hisperarr
ofnid ot~~EyN, n-rest of up itli Ne
:nicin-gar.- Pit itwoopi iltt od, lieo oln
aNtov 2wam 1 erF85m4) te
mate , inlumbi nr. l Th er sernics ami taw
.\i5tllofnd m)erlln ar eiehnted of h oadut
lllesnn ran~ti Caso o\'nce' Frr
oia mleslc oreht of itner' )upil.
t Ji . siWMs. \\'El.'.KaHouse
Ja n.l 74, 1855. 18 ;tm
Ti0) panderse harrformed aco
partnership inG theL pactic ofs tLw nd
ELuitvr bumt t iti t~re.
SPiociAle N &eal RIiAISN
Jrad, nnde If~ , ~Ua OWnSew
Special Notice.
T IlIE Firm of It. C. WElJI40Uo, hereto
fore existinr, is this dav dissolved by
Iutual coi-enot. 'I'le debts of lit frm
are as.uined a'id will hl settled by It. S.
Webb, nid the ntte. mid accounts due
the firm nre placed mit hin hands, being ilth
only atithorizkl ierson 'o collect or other.
wise dispose of tie samtie
R. C. W FB
Feb). 110h 1855. 1R. S. \VEliI
Eif"'R. S. WEl11 takes this means of
intlirmntu lihe public tiit lie will lere
after carry oi lite merinlile husmes,
up1onl his ownl responsab140ihty, at lit! ohd
stanld of IR. C WEMCillgCo. vhvre lit it.
vites a raill Iirom all it? eisimimers of* In,
late Ii. ims of It. C. \VEBl1&Co as vell I?
ihie pubblie greierally.
lF .'b. 28, 17 f.
All persons indebted it moe either by note or
neconit wil-please take notice that after the
liolh iday of M arch, next iiny will 1ind their
Notes or atcounts itn the hanls (of an attorney
for collectioi and almi thei notes ani neounti
dulit the Firm of Winin .und Clarkson imust be
tiettled by that timie or otherwise they will
laVe i0f pay cost, it is iot fromt clojee that
I will have to presa but from necessity.
1). J WINN,
Feb, 23. 1855 43 if
Watchian Copy.
To the Ladies,
'I I, sbmh-cr.Lr haviiig juist received fromto
. N. Y. a hauu mmil selecml ot f FA N.
CY CAS'.. Al hl)AIlIt)NS, 131U(O CII.
l'Is, &c., wioild repectully i mviie Ilit
vilizenis i of Sum tevi- lle :id iti vIcinity lil
Cal ami ex;uimnine f'Or I -tmselves, mnil lIe
ieels assuoi tIat IothAing on lis part wull
he Ief tlionei fit sve'eniring a enime*i't il'
ness hor all Who0 may; fa-vor hi wi11 h a~l Icall.41
ll'oins (fil stairs) mext door to the Sn inte
11inem tlice.
'T.- A. LA F A t, A rj.,i.
Januarv 10, I855 10 if.
Dr. R. A. Bethune
HlAVIN; p'rmei.tly loated lii'ell
tear Alnriow's Soai Al ills, olbrI' lIm.
profeun mil services if tie citizns ol lite
soirrouti liii'lr clitrY, ande tiu ts IV c r
mI : n ltmoio it) b s p:ti.nts, If) tierit the.
hhieral paitrmungep Ili th colntattitiy in
iriera. IIs chatres will be reaso~i.il:
mottlo, "1live and11 let hvo "o Ollice4 at lite
reside',nce of" Joli F. M uldrow, wher lie
ruay alw:vs he 141o1 ntittle's calleid oil'oni
prt'l'ssi onl I tsinelses.
Bradley ville, S. C. .Jnn. 18.55, :39 :lilt
Fisk's Patent letalic
The above Cae-!., wool Comas, Heairsn, and
all articles requiired for Funerals ito bel hal at
F. 31. ANDit 'VS, Smtinkerville. S. C.
Who also hat oni hand, and will make lei or
der. all I.inls of CoNiet Furniture, Chairs,
.Miatir.ssrs &c &c, n hih lie n ill bell at Charles
'in prices.
iepairin execuited with neatness, and at lhe
Slitintesi ioite.
Feb. '.th1, 17 if
Saddle M akinm
A A, p, rsoins mndebed to the
_-.9ithseriber. cithr-r by note or ac
roniitp, are reigiiest-d to come forwari and pay
Unrr.iatelv, as lioger inulgeite' cannotI hi
givenl An % le * h ,oli-riher infotrms him
tri ndis that lie still ctitintineis to carry on the
htarnessm mod sadd-le makdIg repiii,, &c.
-for cash and harter. No bitoks or accounts
will be kept for the pre.eint year.
Feb. 7, 1845 if
TI next re- il., r mjeeti nr or tlhei :t n1'tlii
Ihe hoh'l ait J oim', l,towry'-, ion te tr
Tmue.--1 l. inih i moi4a .Itt imnilnesowy.
- J, N. S1'IJCKI'V.
Secreitary &. Trn.*asuirer.
11 shotpv.Ile, 7l h liarebt, lSS5. l18 iii
il .iP o reciit a new astort
P'ript s, lli Alpar:.a's, ('anton Clouk, Frnchttl
Ia nns, llrilliantsi, i'ritnis li1k *VI'olored, I hits,
a gtoodt assortmlent of Laitlest3 li.ste and hil i.
dtres hoe, als i, loots, lichd ifrw
gotiods,Chc Mao so tiv llow Uilask. iai ir~
d2iey &incl., al few dozeni relW lta4 tao ait
ttr 1- rit g. 1 aissorty i en ii f sih th' n Ware.
lrow,isso b . T.i' tlitt .1u to.\lla.N s a il,.
Fehmr, I, 1855 1') if
Th, Eurityr willSumtehi plat
n hi tbrI n-ritle. I e eale , ontn -29 4 .o
ilar brt,at ounde yoner, mot 11.(.Wh
er n.. ew 3 . lttitw' :u I . E. le I
1nl inliri.a nd m- orti~s z i nmtidn iejt f'
Arigu-liand lert wf ~ J n
Folirner apltom hesbribrnth
Malt rch it, IAuc19 t.
aryt Groins. thJhr
AndrewltJ. arine inimy
ilam js fe ontt.lzwi, nii tn t i ilfor il
M tssartle Gro tiom rste httil'atieitin
oh iiniitinGrms Atttrlo, c ecoilSunt,
isal tisfatintt c.an rwnefthdfe.
ant ist absent rom tai rsid iner beondithe ilim
fur mtion oofti Spin oto Iea t, of Iis,
anseroriD dem u taidll wnitin tre
pmblcth~srmi th ate tofi th frt iiubn liaio of
tist oe f m ordern pliliro unwillj be .
Altdo reed tht thcimsl iordesre opuhe
for threez montrhsm in ntte aet e Sof ts
Maulrch 7, 185. 18 if
T HIE FIRM of WrIN & CLAnkson, laire
torore existing, is this day dipsolved by
mutu11al consent.
We return our thanks to our friend.and
Cuamtorners for the very liberal patronage 'mx
tlended to us and hope the samte will be con
tinnihl to tho new firm of
We nmomt respeetfully beg all- wAIt ate In.
dbited to ip, to come roriard and m O'himnte
diate m payment tw either of the mudersigned, alm
we are compelled to have money.
1). J. WINN.
Jan. 1st, 1855.
COpal riNe rsh i p.
E.;-r?' I l mnmuemrsigned have this day formn
ed at (oairtnership anwler the name ail style
of Clarlimon & lmrnoi. ani will continue to
carry _on the Clothiig and 'Tailoring business,
tl all ilia bmranlhIes. at time old ltaned of Wiimi
& U.arkson, where we will be pleased to havo
omm'frieni, nned tie public generatlly, to call
mnd examinie our stock, and hiope hv strict at
teitionm to bimAjssin, to merit a comminuance of
tie saame patroaimge so liberall. mxteridet. to
Min & Clar; mn.
6. E. W. (A ItKSON,
We will sill aif it portimn af the
presemt, stock oi' C1 lohilg, ut first, emAL
Imr cash. ClAlRKSON & lRUNSCN.
New Goods.
UN I)EhR O)D I''I If (W) ll'.~IAILIL.
A. N EWI!l R yves iortice to t.e
citizens mi Sumimer and arbmgton District,
limit li! is iiow roeivimig andlo ilpeniiting at
I s NEiW STORE, ;a cmie .amd well se
tmtlected stOCk oll DryV Gm.ds, liats. Cams,
11m. Shlomi., Crckery, (lissware, Gro.
ceries. Sadlchiry, Ha~rdware, Ready Mlade
'lit loim, &c
Ti all Int wlicl hi iivitet tile atteitioi
mm' thme pum, especially ItI" ladis.
Novemb'r 'i-. M-1 5 t*f
T II 1" SIT.-WCitil i1t 'trs for sale lik
I filmt n t h,- Nan- ii lve'r. mmt
midway between Vm: 's mad ia irray'sl Fer
rv, mearly opiimie the Manine Camal. ''him
putimtation citainii aboti Five 'lhmisanl Five
inialred ares. (5.5!k,) of Oatk and I ikiory,
lPin' M111 SmI Iwamp hirad, well niaped ta Corn,
smId lmt mand shtim Com mtm. Ott the iae i
aI go1d I wia story d welling, and all nece.sairy
oe iiildint!s, in ciomilete repnir m-v inm0 e af
IV blst M1ilI im.!aim in the comitry,with a large
mid mhittttial dam. if desired, the place
conilil lie divided to snit purchasers. The
terms will lie lberal amid accommodatiig.
. or particulars. init inure of the over.-cer on
the lpremisest, air alhiress
J. J. FtI E RSON, St-iaesburm.
1-4 la....3tnl
Nuitattervuie, Si. 12.
Rtespect fully imnfomrmm thme ppole of Summ
ter Dlistrict thmat he hmim jut receive.3 t anmdm
now oiM'rs for ale lie best selected and i
most choice stock of
Fall and14 Win1ter
lant caninit he surpsmmmd boy anything in this
market. tlo imas received mmy nemrw mtaylem
whicl liurlhasers woul do well toexamine be
lure beyiiig elsewihere.
V ES T 1T N .
- AL50
A fdil and large supply -if if iery, Shirts,
l)r.awerm. diroes, Suameude ;- - a;and
kerchifim, &e. &P.,
A ten
A tarLe :- me.rti men-t of !-'A tE .%1AD E CLO
'1'i lINt, which wli he )ld !0. .
"Garmem manmnfatulmred by the anhemri.
her, aid warranted tie give msitisfaction. Or
dmtrs from t distance proumptly attenlemd to.
Sept. .1i1h. 185-1 . if
South-Carolina-Sumter DiAL
es. Ca. Sa.
A. G. .\l arphy,. whm is inm1 theiesto'
ofthai Sherrdf oat iimnter Dtst rict, by m virtue
al awrmt, oaf Caupias~ aid &ltxfipciendum, a
thme mtiit. ofmj T. WA. Sm hnmooda, hliving liledi
man mym ollice taige'their with a Schemdumle, man
mmi ah, iifI hisi sate ian1md effects. h is pmmt it ma
to thla Coumrt ofl 'ommtan l'le~as, Piraying
iait hlng h~i dimrlaimited! to them bllmIt mat
thi. Amts al them (;'iner ml Asmminiti, mmae
emr tilit reim'f maf inimlvenit I ),&tars, ii is
hmerm'hrm mrm--rmed, tht thme stad TI. \\'. S:ai.
iamid tim tali mithem'r ilie mrmhmtmr. tam wholim
ihe maumd A. ( . .\~ jlph as im anym wivse ini.
behtieda. lie andl they .are hemreg.enm onedmmmr
mmnd liave nimonci tmo nph;im.r befomre thme siamd
comuri it Slim rCur lueemtese
ma \on~yat ;prmd imix., toi mshmw cmausea
:mmm ilmthe mcami, why li thm lirayer mat the Pei.
titionm ai:mmmn,'nmI, shmmahl notma ham grantied.
W. .1. N~iNGl.:-'.ON, e C I.. I)n
()1' i 'n' mmaimami pmle'.. Smimtmer lh)tirmct.
lFm'b :1rd., l'55. 1 1 1:unmmmm
*lThm Ilimmm'm. ti.:ittlae i medlitatlv mmi
andm amt ve'ry in-'aiy a enit ramIlipmm l.etwm~een
Wdanimmm.donm N. C. Chiiar'stona S. C. aiid
Angust a G-.m.. is stai openc m oir time reeputmin
andi tam'roniminoda~tan o tihe travelhnmg pnh-11
he'.:mmmi atlanls thme tIred travellter ani opm
poratuityi? tam hay maver a tiht om thme tare.
moii mjnurnmey iietweni ihn naunts abmove
mlaled tam. Theim Prmopronamtor hmas itted tap
seve'mrmca a e imril)e bmmedromimsm br tihat ex.
piem i'm nrs a ndra St tm hmavimg-inmctarredl time
Jirst u m m.caritmnditure onmi this hndim of road
ir thme timmtort timd mmertommmodlationm of
ravellemr-, hle hopelas, by~ thle ciontinmued amid
munt irmeing anaml mii the pt art ot thme .\lanag-mm rs
I. the 'stabbI shmnmt. tam scuire it e tontmiu
an mce of! thIat hhaeimra lii ptronage bn stowedi oni
luam for thin laist tem monmitas, I Iconmidmh
re'fer tam hundreds'la~ Irmna thme North, .SmmathI,
lmasi t aim! Wes t, as tao t hms of hi
1lim , lhmt pirefers persmons g ivmmg him a
11. MTIret i.:. I ctr
ANti I.Amv, j .\lannge'rs.
Nov. 8. l8uml i- m 6m.
All persons havingt anmy demmands agait
C'iapt. Jamesi It. iHrock ifiecmasemd late of Samn-.
ter lteatrict, wvili pilema present their dlemandsm
tim the subsmmcribemr for payment, andi thiose in.
demtedi w.ill mamke pammymem to the fame.
L. F. IIA E, Ex'r.
Nov. 29, 185-4, . , f.
OFFE.RS F"OR SALiE, a large assort.
"I mme!et mof Cliiotiny l)rv Gmoodsm. P'or.
fumitery, rmemrlesa, Cand~lea, !rnitsi, Smoked
lieirinig, l)riedm Aipphe, 'oys amnd Fancy Ar
tilee. Alsoa lass andm Pimtr, &c.
N. hi. a lalrgme Stocki mof Ilieimry, Segara
T'obmacco amnd Sand, For Sale, arnd Lowm~ fort
Jan. 31s i1sr% 13 .
For the Banner.
SUMTEIitLLE, S. C.. Dec.'18, 1854.
. Gentlemen of Claremont Couny:-1 coine.
out in thisnmanner to inforin you that cir.
cumstances of a private nature will not al
low nd to bo lIeforn you two year hence
as a candidate for a seat in the State Leg
islature, and having a willingness to serve
you in some way, I offer you my services
as a cainlidate for Tax-Collector at the
next electiin, and if eleted do promise to
discharge my duty to tho best of my ability.
I atm yours, most respectfully,
0. P1. 51(,ROY.
r-:T Wachianan please copy tf.
l)ec. 20, 18.51 8 tf
We the friends of A, R.
BRA DIIAM Esqr.. taksi pleasure in an
nouncini himani a enindiiate .for Sheriff
of Suimter District, at the inexl' Election
Mar. 29. 1854. 22 if.
A Number of Voters take
pleasure in annoau ncing Col. WI I LIA I
A. C()LCLOIUGII as a candidate fAr Sher.
itTof Smuter l)istrict, at the next election.
Malrcli 15, 1854. 0 tif.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt T. I). imr.isoN as a Candidato for
Sheriff of Sunter District at tie ensuing
elect on.
Aug. 21, 1853.
ie The friends of Capt.
P. Al. GIRBONS annouicp him a candi.
date for the oien of Tax-Collector for
Salemin County, at the ensning election and
obtiyen MANY VQTEIs.
Octo-ber u,.
-L j Mr, Editor:-Youi will
Plea'e ann1ounce11M. WILIJAM It. BRIJN
SON s a ea-.ndnae for ilie Offie of (Ordi.
iiary of Sumter District, at the ensuing,
lANv VO-rnS.
April 27th, If52 27-tf
G We are authorized
ion 1noire A. IE. l'00L, ns a candiidate
for Sher:irof Sinter District at the cles.
tlg election.
l)ecetnber 21, 1852 8- f
W are authorized to announce Va
LEiWIS a c.andidate for Ordinary at
the ensuinl. elecutlion.
.lim- 2R. t-51 35 tf
Ivor Tax Collector,
The lriends of .I. Y. Brunson, annouce
hiri a candidie for '1'ax Collectir of Clare
mont. County, at the enisuinir Election,
Many Voters.
Get. 11, i85 I 50 tf.
The Friends of R,'G, Potts
annurve him a Carlidate fear Tax-collector
for Salem, for ie nexit termi.-MANY VOTRaS.
Oct. 18, 1831. 5t. Lf.
..Z Messrs. Editors:
'lease annotine' aIr. JAl.8 McCUYL.
AIM as a canil dalP for Tax Collector for
Salem, for the next term.
4 Many Voters.
Oct1. 1854 l5l i f
New Goods.
TIllE subscriier has just returned f-om
Ihae North, anl is now 1penilag a splemd
slock of
U-dice iress, Goods,
(if -Ill kitila' viz:
A beautiful lot of Rich Plaid and Striped
Plain Colaored do. B1lack Striped and
Plain d.
Cas'iiiieres, A~lerinosw, Pe'rsiaan Cl. ,h~s;
Luadies' Coirset s, ~aleta lic Cjorset Boardls,
I~aces, &c.
RtiguleiS, asisorteda tcolors, F'reinch work.
it'd Colbers. Bands, &c.
[ALdies' Kaal G;lovesa, Liaes' G'amnntlets;
Lon ilIiac'k U sils for I adies and Mlisses.
Shioes of a11 Descriptions,
'l'ravehaag TPruinks, Carpet flags, Ladies'
Work iloxaws.&c. &a.
For Planters.
AX full sitock of' Ne'gra Kerseys, Blankets,
Ne'gro Shoes, Groceries, of all kimias.
Reaady madale Claionhaia. Sialdlery, llaru~ -re,
C'o-dldng Staaves, Aar-l i!.ht l'arlor Stores.
amer. lkhulers', &c. , at lowe'~r prices thana
usu1alI. CallI andl get baralins.
L. 11. II ANKS.
Oc t. 25, 1851t 52 u(
Thea Trustee s of Ilhe Sumtervili Academly
gai ,-1 notai tha yavae eingageda ahe servi'aea
aof 3Mr. W. it. LA:Aua' as P~rincipal oif thae
31:dt Arade~my. li t will have asaarciated with
himt Mr. D. 1D ROSA, who will lake charge
pearticutarly of the~ Mathematical Depiartmniat.
Fraon the past experience anal success of
thaese genilemen, as teacheLrs, the TIrustees5 feel
w~arranted ill recrommendling in that haighest
termsit, theo institution to the support and pa
tronage of th. comnift~iy, anl the pubtlic gen
erually. Th'le terms will bie as followS
For the primary EnaglishI colurse, jlet
qunarler, - - $6 00
For tie advanced Eniglishs course,
per qularler, - .- 10 00
For the latter, with-the classics, pdr
qularteir, - 12 00
Extra chtarge for repairs, fuel, &c. 501
Jan. 10)1 183l3 t0 if
'pIIl LJNDEI,'IGNE ) offers for
I sale his PIlaniationi, krownvi as Taw
Caw. uituateda am the Suantee River, athioet five
meilesa beloaw Vance's Ferry. anal ror taining~ a
houat Tlwo Thoualasanda Two Ilundred (2,20a1) a
cres ofprinie Oak, hlickory, Pine anal Swamp
anal. On thes plree are gin honuse, barns, N,
grm hioiuses. anal all necessary buihalii ga in thu.
rouaghi repair. To an approivedm purchI aser the
lermas will lie acconmmodatiig. Apply to
14 ltn3mi
GJAITER8, &C,, &C.
T'IIE Empoliriuim of Fashion and Quality,
whlerem may be found a complete assortmeint of
Ladhies Mlens' IBoys' alissas anal Chiilrens'
Boots, Shioes,Gajiters. &c., of almoast every style
Ianal aquality. Thle y are fresh goods and are tall
warranted to give satisfaction.
Next dtoor to R. C. Webb,& Co.
Mar. 22 1854' 21 tf
Tlhiere ls no us'n ini talking. the subscri
hier has closed his businie's for the pur.
poase ohf sett linac, andl must have imoney lto
meet pressing demianals, and .hiapes that
those whia arte iln lims dobt will appreciate
his necessities, comne forwarud anda settle
.an. 1'L 1gra 11 ,f
SpiXing Goods
Dress Silks
Plaid India Silks, Plaid Fbfhff Silks, Fancy 1tfiped tti Palid Silks. Al.6, plt ad
Portmsunt of lilick Gro tie Rhine and Poult do Soi, from 50 cents up; Sain Levanteen, Ma
celineN, and other Silks.
Bombazines, Alpacc &c.
Black Homiazines, Alpacer, Canton Cloths, Vunil4n'st Ch,.ate, Black and Half Ringtning
E.glis-h Calicoes; Binck and aiaf Moinrnig Calicoes, ai 12 yarJs fur $1. Mourning i.
Laines anid arege Delaines,;. Black Alpacca, good black, at 12 1-2 cents, worth 25; Fine anti
high lustre black Alpacca; Patent Black EglihlI Crape Fine und coarse Wall or Crimp;
l."ve Veils und llandkerchiefi ;' Black Kid and ilk 'sves ; Black Crape Collarm; Whito -
Mo urniag Collard
Linen Goods.
Linen ShJ41ings, Pillow Case Liunent, Pitlo* ('as- Cottonx, 11 4 ioston Sheeting. Isnhia.
tion Linen lltickaback aild atper Towelling, French Fringed Tray Tuweli, witli color6d
Borders, Turkish BaLhinsg TowelS, Ilinkalback anl Scotch Towels, large tixes; Extra hieav y
d Ilitinen Dowlas, 12 1 -2 cents; lamask N apkits, a large varit-ty ; Lot Damask Nap>kin., ut
12 1-2 rems each ; 8 and 104 Tabling Damt mk ; )amask Cloth ; Browin and Illeuc Ised Doy.
lies, at 75 cents per duzen; Russa Di apers, 7.5 ents per piece.
Long Cloths, Sheetings, &c.
4-4 English .ong Cloths, at 12 1.2 cents per yard; tisgglish Long"Cloths, at 6 14ert pet
vard; Extra qutality American Long Clot hs, at 12 1-2 cents per yard 1 Ontra quality AIr lcdil
Lo:ig Cloth, at 6 1-4 cents per yard ; lamilton anti ither brandis Cottun Sheeting.
Colored Jress Goods.
Colored Figured Muslins, at 6 1-4 cents p-r yard; superior Col'd Fignred Muslinoj X
at 12 1-2 ceits per yard; sulper-super Colore.1 Figsred Mllinits, Mrot 26p. t 73. pr yard 1 1,.
tege Ie Laines, various prices; 'lin ansd Figuired litreget igiireriidT lTahs telj mudra
ing Dareges asnd Timsucs; Greinadines anid Crpe; Col'd Fitainsed M.umlin Robes.
Perfumery, Etcs
Lubin's Extracts and German Cologne, Geniine ; French Lavender Water, delIdhstfid
perfite; l'ooth, Nai!, Comb ani Iair Brush.; Toilet Powdher and Soaps. Sh-Iving Soap;
looi 'owder, French Dressing, Tuck and Side Coms; Ladies, Gensis, and Chuldren's Meri
no Undervests; (iis, Ladies ;tnd Children's lioutiery and Gloves in all varieties.
French Prints, Gingham3, &c.
'rench Cambric., all prices; Manchester Cambrics, from 25 to 6. 1-12c. per yard; Superior
English Prints, at 12 1-2c. per yard; Asmerican Prints, at 6 1 4c. to 10c. per yard; lsjtiflufi
Ginghaits, at 12 1-2c. per yard; Scotch and French Ginghatus.
Embroideries, &c,
Linen, Thread ani L1-44 lgisig4 ; Muslin and Cainbric E-lgingw; Cinihrid anti Mfuslidi
Bands ; Embhroioie'ed Cambric Dresses for Children ; Miusiri and Casihric Collars, Sleeves and
Clhemiisetts: Whito ail Black Plain and Figured Hobinet L-aces ; White and Black, Plain and
Figuted Blonde Lace; Love and Lace Veils.
All kinds of Linen nud Silk P'ocket ar-i Neck iikfs. for. Gentlemen , Ladile Plain IJe-mt
m ib l. Stittc hedul u -s mnbroil-rl l.ieitu( Cambria lidiks; Clii jUdrene Linen Cambric llikfs.
.lore of thuse Lincin Cambric tlkiis, for 5 1-4 cests; Iload Hilkif for Servants, all pric.
Coraer Kisaag atid W eastworth.. rects.
March 28, 1M55 21 t
New 1(ods
And Great Bargais to b3 had at Frierson's
TrlI1o subscriber laving jinst returned from Philadelphia, where he ha.s laid in a
LA RGO AND W EL SELIjEC riEaU STOCK OF GOODS, begs leave to offer them
to the people of Smumter D!trict. They contist principa lly in
Calicoes and Ginghams, Muslins, white anti Beoos Utnd S1o)t, [[ats and Caps
colored ; liandkerchiefs, of all kinds*;
Brown and Bleached Ifomesptuns, Sriped Factory Yarn ; Large stock of Groceries
linespuns; Tjoys snd Conltectiosiary;
Alpatim an.l colorel Worstbtigs ; I udnrfsumery ;
Pants Stuff,' Linen and Cottoi ; |Tin and C rockery Ware;
Hosiery asnd Fancy (v.o.Is ; Ready-made j Carpet B-igs, &c.
Cliihm ; Irish Linens, &c.
T ethqier % ith a great nivmy other articles, which will bd sold at the lowest caske
prices, my only tdtlins of do, ig business.
Marich 21, 1855 00
SO. CA.-SUMITER DIST. Look Up -Street,
William W. Coulliest.: 1 In Eqnity
Vs. | numter Dist.
Agnes L. Coslliette, Billfisr Xpcrc J FDB CLARK'S nOTEL is still in op
William R. teyntols and Performance, Ac
Anti Letitia, his wife and count, Partition eraion-(tanks to the kindtiess of good
James Peter Coulliense. J anti Distritbtion. ) rie nds)-ready to eceiVe clletosners, and
It appearsmy tt my s;tisl:.c Gill IIs;it entertain thenis to their entire satithsction. (
Jantes Pter Conlidlitidefend;.st in the Mr. C. is resolved that his Hotel shall not
above stated case, resides ont of the limits Ie excelled by any hose in the countr7.
of1 the State of South Cnrolinn; son motion eruigte artcnfrisshl
of Comrplamnami's Sohcitors. It is ordlerc e.1 hr't 5Of i altvl oki n
stit the sid .latnes P'eter Coubestte dt sipclal.'libesrellngodrer
pear anid pliead aswer or demiar to stheanIhllidkp (.Gvhmatra
said bill, within, three miotnthis from sheatI r.Okpldsstifcon
date of the first puiblienstion of this order, Ja.1, Siii
tor arn ortder "lpfr conifesso "' will be ens.
tered agiist lhim. .
A'sti .rdleredl that this ortder lie piulishiedl~
ftor three tunths in one tof thse gazettes o'~T
this distric-t.
Ctom'ir. E.j S. D.
February 1Phi, 18~55. ' 13 3 sI
E. _!__s __ a.19 Ier''Rs'I~
pied byNextGdoonvtodVnexorioorItoeth
iic fCat P. Santr a''C LHARGE an.1 ('
well eleced stck o FASL Ack Wof
TE e Aide Clothmg Aofi all quah-iLRasas
tes ndr sze whtc t e wioe~ ll dsper ofc at RS 1~Et' IMiELS&.e
ple list twentyieperd cet wer t hn y _IllSIEAD FTIL
pofully tinvatdto callssisr an examine for ~ N .DIBYcnb fud
Sueitna t itZsslsilue
mletoda~vMih lthss of infrmngthsepe ssli 14who2 I5. S
imsat ses, hiscrofeil s-ece at
preisstl recey oer ed bywe .\li r. ty 11,~ce
sugaerthirse sidencl'e ofli T. e re. AlDm.oi Iaii eadsaantte
ktfins, Esvstad tommediattdexlyinse tr enr t fR M adrar euse
Stseristed~sh. WEB LAKs108 issill hv noeorbssdetefirn o.
teai-(tas to he kuindes of heood
1~o icenhterti suhm toa thir senire satiscton
Dr.. C..isAresolved tatthissHotel shalveno
snelid ifintisnngIhos prsin hei exele VyaI hous in thecor.
nightlullvthythlingmthe eafues sian furnishtshall
presnuclsarey.'Thelbeds are alll in gr.d1.rder,
l,.lrar, ssar he r.-'uholcc and1'.shalti beJjq kdp Lso Gve ima tia
kits, .~qrard insied ly sstim rand Air laLedes satisactio.g
J.lan..12,,1854. 11 tf
_________________GendicTL & Jeni.
NextD ariuu to tictr *rloehda h
C o~han & a~. dr comas nat d- large e ave Fashdionbl
ndReady Ma eCotig
sI enra AIithaics ofe h .Il T. DA R OYcabeR foudg i
E ta oR. Cusndr, Powe requeate
itisistoseandetuem tnttoeteessubsfrcaeridulyaat.
..fth yereiterli cahi dit-si t estedFFccorito a, and alltosetha
atot. Ou bisisest wll b strctlyio Lad, Butte r bondss, Cu hee, frstkeof
tiuledon ls.. ysttndurng ho trseslNov-eme, aroed reef nd tonges puncuai
the andietd frite, bses, SofiheEs
year. * t 'Clrlit N? Sasitotl, olog a. aus .e V E RS.l;
'P. ,. *i ~ Oct. 2rui , 8.% *&'c5.
RED [J GY. FAIns LYac at SeUgarLsE.
Jan.sr 7, 855 12 tf Krs Ptesdrik & e nkinste Jhr
LACK_____TH__,_Engineer__,_Mach in s risNasa ~l~ol./~ j
tsis wl Geeralalachnici.offe
ili evcstoer ofriendsls n teind te anesehpub.IA
TermCashOr, whn itiqcoveit - N ic
WILsaf pto en e tsrus orie m. theyh gvt ht Q.as rmti
mt setlu Rih a t terhew edrofeach qaddtter 'Odnn~ nr1~1 wn
..fIthenver istribycsh, dson ruinatiigwii hecrorahi
note. 11c Our bus ues wil be t c ilon-sfredb rdrfC~ii
Sutstfvtl * T. C . J. CO~ELL CAN,
Januar 1, 155 1 ttMfc

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