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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 28, 1855, Image 1

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D Vor
JOHN S. RICHARDSON, Ja it-.,11'3.t'r aU AHIGO OA
Every Wedamcsaday Mtloruing
John S. Richardson, Jr.
T E R S,
TiWO DOLLARS in ativance, Two Dollars
land Fifty Cents at theexpiratitnorisix montois
.or Three Dollars at the end of the year.
No paper liscontinued until all arrearages
are PA I), titless t time option ofthe Proprietor.
All subscriptions are expected to lie paid for
In Advance.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of 75
cents per square for the first ; Fifty cents for
the second, anid Thirty.-,even anl a half cents
for enci subsequent insertion under three
ne.uths. Ofticial advertisernients inserted at
seventy five cents for each insertion.
Single insertions One DaYlhar per squ are,
Sami Monthly, Monthly and Quarterly al
vertisements charget the saie as single iaser
Business cards of five lines and under insert.
ed at Five-lhlurs a year.
Three Monthas atlveruisentents.-One square
$I 00, two squares $7 00, three sqares $10
W, four sqtt tres SI 00.
Six Months advertisemvein Its.-One stinare
'7 00, two squares $12 Ott, three sqn.Lres
$]6 00, and four stluares$*M 00.
Yearly advertisements avi.th the privilege of
,changing three times, one sqiuare .10 00, two
squares $18 00 three squares 1425 W, feir
-quares $30 00, and five squar.-P $3.1 00.
A square toonca ist of the space Oceupied by
12 lines of million type.
Alljob work, cash, anl transient advertising
spaid for in advance,
Obituary notices and tributes of respect over
12 lines charged as advertisemen ts.
All alvertisements not ntarkedl with th
iumbter of insertions will he publishedi until
forbid and charged accordingly.
Communieations calculatel to promote pri
Vate interest, or recommnendations of eandidates
for ollices of honor, profitor trust will be char
ged fur as advertisements
Amaaaouaneing a candidale Five Doilars a year.
For all marriages the printers fee Is experitel.
From Wolfert's Roost.
(Conclusion )
The orisons pe: foirmed, the duiches,
undi her.ldies re:rned, abilii:. gen.
alon,1g the bontier ofC a fare-st. 1:
Was about thLL atmelltow lota.r 4at tw.
light% wheln night and day ar-e mingled
fand 'all tmtojects are m~k linet. S.Il
denly, some amnstroas anaiamal sr -
Iromout a thicket. with lt: al tIw.
ingsi. The founnile body uard w%:I
thrownl inito c11ntoi ionI anld 1)"d ier
e1t wa ts. ItL was soma tame elbr
they recovered frouin their patii, antid
gathered once notre Logtlier; hut tIw
duchess w-,s naot to Ie loImid. Th,
greatest aIxiCly was eLtt IM her Ntl l
The hI;azy iist 4-f twiliiht, had pre e'I
ed their d stinguishing pea Ifect Iy th.
amimati which had .thiiai.9led them.
Slie thoughit it a wlf, %V 1 r a ba.a a
6th1.ers a Wild 11.m 0f the wods.
For uplards 'f nii hoitir aitd tIhey ,.
let4aner theforst, without di i to,
vetture iln. anl were an tet lpint tar
gi vin:4 Li the (ItIches-; s Ia p 1) iatece
anad dev. ured, whaeni, t.o tleir great J.
they behael i her advanninag ill II'
gloomu, supported by a sinnlty cava
le was at stratiger knligit, Whom
nobody knew. It was impo ible to
distinguish his coutIaheaaniLe in the
dark; but ilt the ladies agree.I tha', ht
was Of noble preseciae aid :aptv.a tin
Address. le had rescued the daach,-ss
from the very fiwgs af the mtonster,
w$hichi, le assured the Iadies, was nei
ther a woltf nor a bear, inor yet a wihIli
man oaf the woods, bat, a veritabile
aery d ratgooni, ia .5pcies' o1 maonster'
pecualiary hostile to b'eanihns feamalesa
ilhthe day s of chi val py, and w ieba all
teleris of knuighat erratnbry had nt
been abile to extirpaite,
Th'Ie ladlies crossed lhemflelVes whent
they haeard of the dlanger' friom whiicht
they had escaped, anad etauld nmot
enough admire the gnahery of' thme
eavaltier. The ducehests would Pahia
have prevailed on her deliverer to
accompany her to her couart, -it hec
had no time to spare, being at knightl
errant, who had mtaniy ad venattres onj
hand, and mnany distressed damnsels
and afilicted widows to' resente antd
rel.ieve ini various parts of the :ountttry.
Taking a r-espectfltI leave, thIer'elore,
lie pursued his waIytarinag, anad the
duchaess and her train returnaed to the
palace. Thbroueghout the whole way,
she ladies weore unwearied ill ebaatia
thle praises of the stranger knight;
ny, many of themn wotuld wiltingly
have incuared the danger of the dra
goon to have enjioyed. the hippy deliv
erance of the duchess. As to the
latter, she rode pensively along, but
sai(d noting.t
No sooner was tihe ad'venture of thec
*ood made public, than11 a whirlwind
was ratised about tthe eats of the be..mti
hul duchess. The blustering -nepthewt
of the deceased duke weni t, atat,
armed tao thea teeth, wily ia swabggerintg
aniehe at (ech slahuler, iready to back
~,. himt, uad swoire the duchess ha~1 foir
it-ited he~r doainit. It was int vain thait
alhe -caliled alli the saits, anad aitigels,
and ther ladies itn attenidantce inato thet
bargaitar to is itness than, site had pass
ed at year anad a daty of' immntauenute
Iiluiiy.iM r)st . I~tb ls.... iIltedt
presecie of im v ass(imbleld cur."
As soon ats the pleastre of the king
was kiown, there 'as a trifLe aLirng
ile eavaliers preseit, lor the honor "I
the cointest. It was decided by ot,
and the successful candidates verc
alobjects of great envy, for every one
was ambtiois of finding fivor ill te
eyes of the beautiful widow.
Missives were sent, sumIoning tle
nephew and his two uncles to- Toedor ,
to main'tabr their accusation, and a day
was appointe'd fir the comb'at. Wheir
the day airrivei1i all Toledo was in)
commoipnti att ai early lhou r. Th 11e
lists had becti prepared in the usdal
place. ji.At without the walls, at tie
fot of the rugged rocks oi which tlt
city is iuilt, and oni that baitiful
mebad.w along.~ the Tagus. kilow':by
the nonaste of thfa khyM's ganilen. Tiet
poapulace had already assematbled, ecl
hoe eager to sectrre a favonable place;
the balconics M'ere liled wi h he la
dies of th0. court, elhd in the:ir richest
attire, and i ands ot youtllifil knighit,
splendidly iried and decorated with
their ladies' devices, were uniaizeinr
their su'pel bly %6m11p".tison11d steed~s
about lie field. The king at length
came forth in state, acco:i1iaied by
tle queen Atiloiin. Th -y took their
seats inl a raised ballony, under ii
canopy of rich dainask; ani, at, sight
of I lit. the peopl leit the ir Witi h
Th'le ne0phecv q!41 his tWo-, Mitte
noaiw rode into the hid, .med cap-a pie,
and foillowed by a tiain if eavaiiers oi
t thir own- roysteing. cast ,igreat swear
tis .id enrou aisersi, arrantI. sw1ahb.le ack'
ers, wit b cankiig arm-tor and jingiling
mi 's. WV hen t !; ynple orf Toledo
Iwiheld the vatiti i Alird dierlt iteo!us
al .peuanlee of these kniulh' , theyi w e
mo~ire :mxi us thm ever for the sieens
f the gen tle ducellss; but, at thie
Talue tilne,- th'e st'lir y mitd stalnv:rt
warioirs, rhv>Weil :iat \'?h ler won
tlie viettory fro ti letii, iliust d1 it 11
t:e Cost of mlaly a bitter l14w.
As life iephwc%7 aid liit rifiot o s
le\w rittle iii ait onle ,.Ie rof the lill,
lie hirl'.4 ideiw 1. ajiecare at 0the othe
ii1 Iili,' stiii (ud gi.kte ..;;h~~
-i l lit i . 1' il lielellt tilla e l
u1 Ii Ii a I . IIIi vi In Io~'~ V i
ai;il.i til-im isel es, an d the !ihde O
hii.lii al ol it llil fi; tie \ve i
..I hor1 Ilaill. l v mwe li~ le \
Iir i er i ei ale laes, !l b '. laey hi-i
ii.Ilililfel i it.e, :t.d pra\ t I1 Sli io s
t') her vause. ,he 11)"k her-1 se1 inl a
i iiw l illet i , to 1t a it r);!i tt 'ie gl *Le r
vlgils; |tild hter' pll I(1ce. Illf b liter
tilllrilti. weeds, was as the iiialm
' 111 Il - efth floilli ailn.| the Ce ld
li- li i illiets stiatillelt'el I.r th .
l':tt. liile wituios we l ja t ill?,
t ho \\ts uhn a .tranvger knlight, arm
c I inl p'. nlyd , a d f -I.liwedI byt w \,
1i-: -t Iit ll v- ii , .g:, ii' , ihir
.1ll t er ;w :111 ight.l I
All iC." crtied lie, "behl e cav
ean Nli i diil d .hiess oir i the it l
be 1 o e t itn ,1 - hI it- I Imo. lit
i-, ill.! !: her thi. grievu tlu i *\iti . .
IL W:- Imt et ii.' il1, bl the ce ir-. o0
v er lentry. that tidings io lier
nroit have r,-:eed min,. ear-, :i
i have iud ivdiw at all sp-eed, t.
a nd 1,01r11b ill her Villili-'atio l.
N I ct ne r d(idt thel ditha bi.:
rte artnts of theii~ht, tu-emiii an
riclied i hisc, andli jao ahed her
lthe lit.e dlaCltiucultyw toiI~iiii diier
lane hieadb thei i t're dmpi nle
tateay appnint'ed shuhl vielihs
phii, V aih insis55tinl ion.teh-o -
lie ste lit lTdhe~oc hiaerd kighte
waihi haer peil the pt y grtedliiiel:
theu whe, ''ovlii upon ht.iml- utai
tis atie o'ti:the knihr duds not' dpr
nea.i Ith wa1 atengt da temi.d'a
beir, y' l, ain the cavaI ir who
ist th. eba-e ired~nsof atlng andc
Tht rove pietsid and mtto ned---t
Misd vere oe is Te arrtgat
nehewI an hid two da-wen uncLes
alpeard si tieunpltel uaf'sed-w inei
thatiey sandii theKr, edeewpre lie
inolrt theisne k nmIltjiica igh to b er
t"izho ! str enightr of' the ghaclon,
.One little hour ,his enuighil 111:13' b11
conjured ip by evil t. ngues, to blast
the lamte ofa Mhlile life ol virlue.
The two gracele- itieAs, wl haild
seetn the World, were ever reily to
bul -ter tile mnitter tihrouL li anti as they
were Lirnwiny,. broatd-shlo ldeleld warri
Ors, and Veterans inl brawl as well as
iebauch, t ey i.a'd great sway with
the nmiflitude. If any 6rre pretended
to assert the innocuece of' the duclies,
they in"teI'ripte'd 111m1 with a loud ha
ha! of derision. "A pretrf t] ty,
Ltlyj' wVOuh they Jry , "about a wolf
attd a dragoon, mid a' yMrIlg widow
rescued: ill thi dark by a stardy 1arlet,
who dares not show his fice in tile
dayligl. You mluay tell hat to' t"lse
vito do' not know litilunali natuire; for
I111r partsi we Imow the sex, and tia..'s
If, hiowcvcr, the other repeated h'rs
assertion, they wmid sidfcdnly khi t
their brows, s-well, look big,. and put
their hiands upon their swords. As
leW ieople li ke to 1'A lit inl'a cause that
dues not touch their own inite rests
the nephew aii- the uncles were sitirer.
ed to have their way, aid' swagger
The matter wa's at Iregth referred
to a ti b1ual composed of aTI (lie
digiiitaries of the dukedon, and maniy
and repeated conultations were held.
ihe Character of the- ducless, through
Ouit the ear was as briglit id spot
le.ss asthie iocan irr a cluudless ni- lt;
one fital hour of darkness ihtIne ilter
veied to eclipse its bli ihtiess.
Fmidiing humnaii sagaitiy imirabp~tle 01
dispel Ug ti.e :Vtcry, it was detir
ini..eu t. leave the ifIIestioin t') Ileav
in, ill other words, to decide it by tle
*'deal otf the sword -a sage tribarial
IIi lie age III cliivalry. The nephew
ald two buily otncles were to inaitali
Iitir accusation in .isted ciibat, aill
s.x loitIi ee alliwed the d ucje's,
.#I providt! hers..lft withi threel- ebI;klga l
''ns. tI ileet liit'lit in the field. tlimilif
lie AI inl II S, o0 .11hoiuld her clani
e einiis ifereil ;t- :itt:i~'ll I, hler lideli \
As he let, -it'l -. I hloke.h' wi udi .,
S ith Il.e , II a iaat tea r itf rihlit .
\VI ithi L 1iI te'di nits I' n th$ dach.
l1tr .1ay. wck aier wveek. ;mI miih
after iii'itfi, elap~sed, ui iuoit ;a
11l. I Iln i -a ell lui to) :as,1 s 11t .
i.mir. TIhe fair w %i*Iw w;&s riiccil
i deimir, wen t bimgs reaclieil her
. f n ii t o 1 . eiI d i 11
l h i O h tI II, ' -h, I I
Don t a - 1e him of the di
*i: wii t i ie - ai e 1e
C's n-paired1 tol IIhe :,panl; b1 v..urt. to)
unphrre-m thev g:dlbsty IIf its ;--b
The .nwimn it 'f Tv . was a
-1i 411' gti..111 v ,i1; iI-c v iii
I fhe iiy al itifit a11'. I hI . i t ii
ingo. l*, br ve, 4lnh-nt, :,I I !11; " nericet.
m id i vel y b ,I bi i . 1it u I :1fl
the iaihlmiit litmii %f the I easi, wvre
haile-d w 11th i -h4t ad n c ti,ait
a bienevir teyit apfacred Th ir In.
ifes vied w'iith e:ch 'itiver in te lixe.
iy il theit attil', their IIaIIIing steed,-.
:mid splendid ret:-nue,; mid the hatigh.
ty daies if the court, applieared in a
bhlaze of wels.
bn the iiiidst of afl (fis pagematiuly'~,
the bieauitifiil, bit, aul-lietedh De u'ss
iii Lioraiiie madt~e hier approin:ch- toi t'In
thirione. Slhe wats d.1riedt ini lack,
anid cloisely veileid. !imr idteiiias of
ti hueimist. staid aitil severe- aipect, andii
six beaitilahl demiiiseji-es, fe->imel- her
lfane attiendaniits. Shet' uai g'o-ardedl
byi several very ancient wvith..'ii, (adi
grtiayendd catvaliers; andi heur train
wvas bi'iie by one of the most.- ileforii.
ed auid dimil.uitive dwarfs iin existenice'.
Adivaintg to the foit ofi the throneiii,
she kiielt downi. and, Iiiwiing up her
ve'd, revealed a coun teniice so lbenau
'iifhulf that hliIf the ciouirtiers Iprem-eln
wer~e residy to reilnonc wive's aid
m-iisti'esses anid devote themiselvyes to
her ser vie; but wlwt..n she imade knio,.i ii
that ,ihe e-tne in quest, i ofichmioins
to dJehi'd h r iinie, every chavalieiir
puressed forvitrd- to o0'er his arm anid
swiird, withouiti ingejiringr into tihe
merits of the case;. for it, seiiied eer
that so bieauite'us a hidy conh1 l havi e
donie nothing hu t what' wai- right; and
thait, at an1 rate, she ought to- be
chiampioined in following die bent til
heirfi huos, wi'hetheir right (r wrni g.
Eneoiiraged i y such gauIllant z "al,
the- duce'ss su I'ered lier'.el f to bei
raised friiim thle grouiilmi ad ri-hote
ihe- wihole story o f her distr .
Whean shtr etulmudedh, t hi' kmg re'.
iiaiined for soiiiiv timei siuunii, (ebamrmedi
biy the mu isie of her vie. At ;eii.thu:
"As I h lie fir sia!.va- to,- moh i beau
tihm*Itifu liess," sidi hie,- were I inot au
siovereigii k-.ilg, iand boi~uind in du-ty toi
imy kiingdomii, I mnysel I would1( put laine
iln iest, to vindicate youir emiie; as it
is, I here gir.e f'ull ptermiission to imy
kniighits, and1( promuise lists and a faIr
leeld, aiid t.hat tiha cts. shall take
sees their Coln!u- il, Ilan t[ m , to a
horse to hiorse, ini mid career, 11nd sir .
nrziceless hurled to the ground, andi
shiiii. lie will not wonder that, the
a-isaLihils of tile brawny uncles Were
less siccessili inl their rude encointer; I
bIt lie will picture to himself the
sitout sranger spurring to their res
cue, inl the very critical fpoIIeI; he
will see him transfixing one vitlh his
lanee, and cleaving the other to tle
chine with a back stroke of his sword,
thus leaviing the trio of' accusers dead
IIpoiI he Jield, tad establishiig tha
inmaculate fidelity of the duichess,
and her title to the dukedom, beyond
the shadow of a dou bt.
The air rmuig with AIIa:IL ons; no.
Slisirg was heard bt praises of the
beauty and virtue of the duchess, and
of the prowess of the stranger kiiighat;
but the piblie joy was still nore in.
ereased when the champion raised his
visor, and revealed tile couiiteinan ze iof
onie C1 tle bravest eavaliers of Spain,
re'.owied for his gallaitry ill the ser
vice of' tle sex, and who had beei
rouid the work! io (Jurst of siiiilar
That worthy kiigi'it, Iitevcr, was
severely wouinded, anid remaiied flr a
loig time ill of' his wounds. The
lovely dclihuss grateful for having
tiwice owel her protection to his arm
atteiled himi da lydoring his illness
and filially rewarded- :his gallantry
with her hand.
The kiiig w6ulId f.Y'r ha ve had the
lnight, es[tabib~h his title to snch high
m 11emcenilt-It, by fCirther deeds of rLimiso;
but his courutieis declaried lie already
Merited the lady, by thus viid icatiiig
her fiuin and lortune in a deadly corn
lht LE onU uer; and the hady hers li
hLrted that, she was pel lectly sati-died
of his prowe-in-aris, from the proofs
shehad received' inI his achieveniits
in the lorest.
T'heir imptiis- 'ere debbrr(Ed With
gIreal iiigii i Ieeni:4 Th10 preseniti
i izsbaaid of the duchie-. id not pray
and fISt like his ~prtEdeLEslor. ihi
betl, the wile iEridduli;- yet; he fimil
greatcr f. vor inl the eyes of Ileave,
I'l'. thleir unlioll wa, lg~ with 1 fill
illitas preen-tile dma~,c~
Bu* hetulitEo as vhi- imIother; Le
.ous atE nd i l v:tli:iIL as their sire,
ands et lowua Jt liket' him., fllr relie4ving"
A ;Irea1 .et(ItI D i ce
MTercary t en from 1 1ite Sys..
tem~l by Electricity.
The ilion\ iing w-ilI be received
%% .V
wiE~t inttenE hi itt in1 everi cim
iIWi tI i i v y Et.de sub~neiE-,
h-a-L. If i: is riityt I 1 Ite, ,
S r ny V E ca diubt, iiimv(eri thal
vIiIE-I;thnitts it i c e,tiii-l to an
a ill tilet! r tSt d-. ErrES t fiat
Scline has yet. bloni . [ EE liht.
Ti:le :nt.cel which taliloiws, pul li-h.t
ed i ille0 i iEEEI f i la i 'Mi, tl i i, fit Parik
i ent1i!!ed "TheA A pplient111 (I*ao Chem-II
h iw-en tratislated forf thiS paler.
Iinaugh I.ot flter-al, the u so-e o
! :Ucl e i., in1tact. ThEj ulletiii
ii arii, ..st:-EE i sIhi abot1. to dra fromi
:i :ti-iiiatd den;.htiiV i ith s U ofi
UIE-nii, wo' , toifii tihe es i ie1 fe i cr
IeEl E Itt hs a i gtiiiE ii r iI.,,i;ct li h
phltiigi, wh ilte lead mantsutieni-is .g.
:md l o tS' h e who~i s e''-l stilc en haiie
Et[e ille fi\ lirefir-i [hte yEa.Epan
foEE-, a theE e SEE ienae. a aisiii
hler ri..;ht. arm i lntarESt., ti r mhl i seryt
lhid estit!lil. r Thisl dJEy of
a ~~t, vry pm Mtiein m'etiie ..E.I.
iiStiner 'Erom Ee ryi jtrt ofl th .apigata
ol stinii.al(~. \hril do uii getiE iishia
ho e fia m.rniit Ipresen Ei.L, i t e t ofal the
it''rfnh .\ieh-myhi if s themeesfby M
DvInnatS, i whh : i a- fi it ambtrh itwo
menc~ whSiter mone wIO'inlike the ei' r
ofthe elticl foirit ist time toiday.
iit i ey li-riive lint ti he pogise
ilvtey orini'iiy ioo take trank onEungi
lii e or I3Eit)elif cids o .eungmy
Thee aiE itthors arie Anihiiri. ly dii,f
Ili laegs-at i O Maur(l ie Vergu~e. iThe~
iliinetio- onsisti of ani, applicatoe
thesitive lpurp Sei h and ofi all the
lIihas acivethsw the b ~%f~ uidest
oid disc vers every particle of tie.
:1llie stb1stalnce Cticeafled inl tle inost
proliund tissues,. bone;, joints, and
ierves of the patibient, ies-oves themo
lito their priilnitive lortins, and ex
tracting thei entire frlin the bi1nnan
orgalislm, deposites thenli upon2 the
i'des of t lh Utth, wTre they can be
wen with tie nuked eye.
Afier the end olo'ne of th.se Opera.
tions, a chenist of 1.nvauni, M. Alos.
siand, having atinl zed 912 dradtms
f thie liquid- ht tihe bath, he saw fibrin.
ig a inltetallie globule of tie diaoietI
af nine.teuthr of a millimetre and this
Vas increury. L aniother tinlie tie
i:lie Chienist s. wa very light white
ipiccipitated siub:sttanee, which gave
wo globuICs of mLtaIie lead, peilect.
3l viiible to tle naked eye, and M.
Poly announeed that, 1L. had taken
roi the tibia ani thigh bone of a pa.
tent a quantity of nireuri-y that lad]
beeni these, creating intene sull'eIring
lor fifteen years.
Providence has had its usual hand
in this discovery. One of the inven.
tors, Al. Maaurice Vergiues, who was
engaged at times in electric gilding,
4ilvering, &e , where lik hands canse
inl continuaI contact. With nlitrate and1(
yairet ol gold and siIve:, had them
covered with ileers, caused by parti.
eIes of the luetal being introduced
into his blood, and no Inuedical skill
could eradicate then. One day lie
dipped his ihands ini the bath, taking
hold of the Positive plit "r tw..t.
ry, an1id at the end < f fit eeir rriuiutes,
t the surpi ise of the bystaniders, a
imletallie plae of 103 milti inhetres il
lontl hf1 (.) in widlth plaved rt con.
neetion widt the negative pole of the
battery, war instantly covered with a
thiek coat of gtid and sih-er extracted
folmn his ihnds. The discovery was.
m1ade. This event took place April
-1t, 1 Tlie inventors use .30 coul
p.i o11 batteries 4f llsoln's a]
Grove's nihine, it ling tind that
a Itore energetic clurrelit will be evolv
ed by this e.onbinatiotn th1.ain by thc
11-C of eillier sin.gly. .iach co.upl 'I:
-10 iilli n Oies in diali 'cie'e by l
in heighl . The nuiiiner of' thes2 c1u
piles or batteries used at tle ciiin
itietecien, of an application, so a
n it to cause too inuch sullerintu 1 i,
the patient, depeitnds ailtogether upol:
the temperainent of the patit aln
the nature of the disese. For ex
aimlie, a very nirfron4' i.nd deliat ,
lirsn vi:;d be sibmitted to the ne
liiion .I tel 4)ir twelve couples at first
t!he inumher illCrea1eSed at th0 tate o
five eouples every live ininiittis. A
ferso of samniie or lyillphatie [ein
pernot lit :It: tninre more. Tio
-;'MC ratil) app1lies- lo lte (1n1;ity of
:l in- itni tle b1li; fir inim-taiet
! takes le fr INa ne vous peroll I
tar- :1 p r ('n withl lp iphl:tli, or San.
-lib,- tei.1 l Ira vent. T he! inl talli,
l:uti1c! exlreieo frim the b" Iv o
lh ':iti, ht ar d oie i tn I lie ,- btol
-111li1ee (,I the ahn tilb, althongh
tile nietal i-, lhindi ill btgr quanti
He- oipsite thu-ie parts i the bod
il which lte lit l:y conciealed. :
Io the "iztl of the aud"llie pots whiel
are thus lit'uirmiedI by :he zr'jpliention o
this discovr, they :try in size froin
that tf* the head of a pin Lo tlt- size o
a peai, andl steine are, Inieroeise.
have seen', says Xl. 1ly, 'ahter thi
Iirst haI thf of a p who - _ 'i hml beet
coinphlliininlg of tellile pints ini hi
armli, e:uiised by increaryi i, Ithe exat
lihape of te armit iipintedl oit ti
negzativ pOhitei of thle battery--the dI..
jii it beinig loitedl eiti itely (,of iinereit
ry drawnt Iroim the arm." Ilr end.(!li
is4 de--tinted to bieioo as itmuch a Iar
of the tmedoical pracltice as uvaciationi
Ti'i: Ih-iseAN S Eeiner' 1uc~e.-Thi
"octet pileiue of Iansia; is apparuientt
oirganiiaeid tV d-electt p iui against lih
si.vereigin, buot Itghit s C gettcy
mtttt terrific systet of erpeinge
est abihied ini all e1ire es. A sitb dele
thet tmark ito ithe livery oif the se
etet, poilice, if lie presents himii-elf oi
lie dark est, tightt lihlre a Ibttress o
the frotitierr. or thle panlacie oil a prinice
giovernlotr or itobb-, muti be- iid
beid oif dleatht are tot ex-emtp. Irotm hti:
visits. .llte i en ntarest' nhy (tn
wi itilt lissignuintg th ItlIeast reson.
quen11t arc outdiged- to keeb S stric. si
lettcell on t t mIbjec ,i and whe h11le re
turns, if lie does retuirn, they .say, "h,
has beenabi t onud I(t buin-i ess ini tih
couinItry ." Ofteni he is hhni tself igtiot
atit oil thIe ci nse of4 his baniisinntnt, a
the iliowli.g ease will illutrate :
ladyv, still livitng, was- ste-pin tg (lit 0
hoter cariage to hter hail dressa wi
shte was arrestedI ; her~ d'es i' min- owa
Sibhieiia. W heni she aiived t here, shi
was lodgedi ini a unt which ctaineo
two sepierate :otomts, each luadintg, to
by a walhl whieb admitted otnly th
Ighit from ihe sky. A sentinel' stoin
always on guand wihant- lienjal
When hlel had been two vears tl
iInIiitred, the comt door opl'ned, aid
a second prisoier wras rliruist in. lie
was a1 n1oble lingq Pole, who had
long inhabit ed a neighboring celi, and
whom they Uisplaced to. imake room
for aniother. Inl this Camber, or rath.
cr den, sho rent:iiied twelve years
with hrIi tinhiippy co-Impanirn. On1e
morning her door' was opened, and a
voice called her number, which' was
the usual mnode f accosting k'r on the
few UC&aious whcl shle wfas spokeni
to. She went, out. the door was shut,
before sihe could take lea o of* her
copil ioni.- She was led to a vessel
which was in readless, tuia : again a
pzgrina-nge of many months, and one
nigihlt ibund herself at St. Pet-rsburg,
inl tlt bureau of the grand mater o!
police. From a little closet, was nI0w
taken thu hb.llI dress of which the
iictiont1ries had dismantled her on
the Iight o hr exile. The o:mun ments
wcre goneo, bit except these iothing
was znmissmg-not at itiblnar nor a
iimver. They even, restored] her ith-i
cred botprat, in wh ici secessive gen
2ratiois of spiders had lived and died.
Size wits- then set liberty; but, never
learned the cauis of her punishment
or lier pardoi. Wihen asked: it' sh
had not sought to enl igliten herself on
the subject, she replied, "I have not.
beeCi So lng ill iberiat witout hav.
ing learned di:-rction." "And what
said they to your ap, earance ?" "No.
hell v hich first proclh ied liberty to
the Utri :ed Colonies fromz tho State
I louse steeple, and which fir years
'ast has been azl object of attraction
in Independence illal, now occupies a
ziosition in the hall immediately in
front of the portrait of Lalkyette, close
by the statue of of, W ashinzgtozn, on a
pedestal designed for that piurpuse'.
Oi one of tile faces at, the base of the
pedestal is engraved the following:
The ringing of this l'll first an.
nouiheed to tihe citizens .o were anx'
waioly iting the result of the delib.
rtionM of Congress, (which were at
that time held witi closed doors,) that
the Dechiration U1 Indepenidence had
iven dtecided uliui ; and theiz it was
that the hell proclailmie1 libe ty
thronghout all the land uiito dll the
iiihbitant s theretil'!"
Tlhz' hcll, ci- ralh'er the m'aiterial' of
hiehz it was omitnpsed, vas sent over
ni 11 Lo1no(1n11 ly ebert Charles, in
15;, and bre the follwing insicrip
ttoii BY oz der of the iasezmbly of,
tlit I rovince of ennsyi'iin, y7yy;'
and inlenauath, " Podim Liberty
bro4ugoiuit all the land, unto all the
inhabitants thereif. Leviticuis xxv,
I U.'' Tle orderci for the lCl , whtezz:ih
wk:ighled 2,000 pmiuids and cast 1E4500,
h:1d beeli com i iunicated through
I- aac Norris, SLvlperikterlnt Of th-e
Statl I louSe. Soo mflter it, hald been
siussi-enided the bell ciadked uider the
stroke ol' the clapper, aid was recast
im this couin itry, with soille ebaztge ill
tih cl J1.,itioni of the imetal.
In the Peimy ln'V i:t Packet or Ju:ie
7, 1 '3, t lie 1l1 lowinig niotice appeared.
" Last, week was raised and fixed in
tihe State Ilouse steeple. the new great
bell, east here by Pass & Stow.
Iweithhzzg- :9.0s0 pio'umds, with this
Inot I."Pochim Iibherty throuizghiout
all th8e lhmzd unz:o all the inhabitants
Fromi the abiove-it will be perceived
lhat, the bl niow~ in InzdepeniidenzcG
II all is thle onue whIichi aninounceed the
ade'jiioni of the IDteeirationi oif lzide
penihic'ne, anzd thle fi rst, bell of' any
iu.initudel east, (in this conltinzeit. It
was east biy P~a-s & Stow, whose
noniie- pp'lea'r ('n it, and is* denyposed,
inph.of I he or'iginal ;bellI odered
byi, Mr. NorriL. hii 1777 thu bell,
w ith thosiie of' Christ.(h~nirebi aind others,
werz.- ''i iremIva l rm the eit and buzr
iein the Deha'ware liver. oppo. ite
Tremon iin order toi prieve:.'t, thei'Ir de.
struzc tioni by th luc ritish armiy, which
at, tflaz peiodui oenpzied the citv,
Tus,~ CuIantXa-SYs raw.-.Th le Schorol
Cozznit tee .of hilston have receil 1
res"inded a' ru'guiationi al lowinig thle
a~sigiungzent of' lessizis for study out.
if' school im the gramnmar school foriz
gir'ls. It appein's that this actionl was
taken att the ins-tance of the city physi,
cian, Dr. Clairk, who, after gi ving
his attention to the~ subject, hari bu.
comle coninceiud' of the aliarmning con.
sr jiuencees growi'hg out. oif sur-h studies.
The sy steim' of camin iig. the J ounglu
hi aurzz---k-eejm zirp an- t~u renmittuig
pressure ihn'ing anid omt of' stthool
inntzrs, au is Lti of'ten the case, its per'.
meliouis uir the extr'em---na-y,- it is
wicked anid' $unicidl. The-~evil' is- nurJ
coinzed to' Pio!tonu; weo see- its' ellects
in oiuir own city. Cases' ot- broken
Iconistituitions5,- insa-n'ity and~ dit'h',- we
d on lbt not.,- co'ald' $oceit ed.- r'esulin
Ienztireily' from tiit ytn o rg
Bisnoui Doi's D-s.----n :
TANT DEcsioN.-The late James 'Per.
kins, of Boston, bequeathed to his
widow the clear sum of KO OV40
mnutliy, paale guanrter.ypearff. She' ..
alIerW:rds rearrted the Rev. Dr
Donie, now Ep i 81Vhop, of New
Jersey.' This g&i&eaan being much -
embarrassed, a ioacne.%was rrrmde be,
tween himnse!f, Mrd! BoaarrE aind ifi;
chael Hayes, of New Jersef by whielt
it w:is agreed that Ro'e dihou"lcd
take up certain notes to 'a large a;
mgount, which he had eidoised fo'r thV
LDishop's accommodation,' and thai
Mrs. Doane should give liin th of.
der On her trustees in Boston to
pay hri' Vt, 000'annually fbr a'derta'n *
number of yedrs, uiitil he shbuild re.
ccive one.half' of whht he had allvanced-;
which was abonit 'f0,d60. Hayes
proceeded to take up and pay. the
loti S, aid Mrs. Dozine gave him thet
order requesting the trustees to paf
hiunl $1,000 a year, as had been agreed.
The first yearl payment was
madW by Bishop 71oae; Wir, tib'
second became due, Hayes demranded
it of the trustees, who had doubis
whether they ought to pay nt; an&
as E. N. Perkins, son of Mrs. Doane,
presented an order of a subsequent
dte fo)r tie quarterly payment, gt;
500, then due, (which; order was hi
favur of Bishop Denoe' anid' by hint
endorsed,) thb fruktees filed a bill Of
equity, asking the instructions or
tire coirt*
Ju.dgc Thomas delivered the opini
ion of the court on Monday, hulding
that the legacy to Mrs. Done. wag
intended for her suppoi't, aid *&
be pa1yable quarteriyeIly,- mid thatr
she had no right to iake swuh' cOb
tract a's she did- ri# with fives, al.
though with the conseir 'trd "fo/ thf
benefit of her husbandt and that the
same was void in lat.
Pqua A.S.) D'ou9ES9.-The last
rYumib'ir of 'unch conhains a h'eavtt
and pitiful caricature which, 'wito
us. would do much't'o counteract the .
influence its usually witty and spMrf:
ble sayings are intended to. exert. O'u'r'
readers may renicmber tbht the late'
Empjieror, in one of his speedhes, saidi
"Iussia has two Generals in whom
shc can con id e-Generals Janvier and
Ferier"- (Jan'uary and February)
-meaning, as is siuficiently appareht,
that the ellies would have a taste of
ihuse dame dilleulties of weather which'
manilfested themselves so sens'bly to
Napoleon upi the occasion of his
trip to foscow. Punch's wit s'fl
gestc'd by th1, consists in- a'l hggard'
14rcr,- intended to iepreseht the late
Czae, resting u'pom a' b'ed, through'
Vhose curtains the snow is falling, and -
near whose head are the hour glass
and empty candlestick; while upon'
its breast rests the bony hand of
a frozen looking spectre, who, in mili'.
ary dress, is standing watching and
waiting by its side. This spectre, be.
neath' wh-osb old si"eleton' t6b-clf the
ligure upon th'e couch is weplYin, is
.6eneral Pevrier," and underneat~ithV
whole is written "General Feviey
Turied Traitor!" We dould' ,e'ry
readily anticipate tlie ridicul'ous demi
onstrations of joy Whi'eh' must ratu.
rally take plade in England upon
the death of the' mnah whAri EnIa'ndi
had greatest caus6 to fear; but we
har'dly expected from' Pitn6/i so thor.
rnugh-ly heartless and indee'en't a chuc.
kle of exulation ovcY thb ,'nisfortunes
of anu eneumy. -Chtdrcso? Stetda--d;
W our.n.-The Pa'ris co'rrepjondent of
thb Pr-i" dence1 .Jourinal writes that the
Bib'iotheIque Naionale, ini the lRue
hiechelieu, contains at the preerrt tdn'
fourteen'C hpedrmed' t4*Azalm1 ' ohnnue,.
or .:tAnt :'uu' t'in tit!% dljie1 n'innbe?
ot' bobks in the publie libila~ies of
Maissachiuse:ts. ThelI vohimnes are
miost. y in hamndsoin'n bintdhmt of col.
ored leatht'r eunuiceh~d widigilt,'and are'
place'd in solid wa~lls from floor to
ceiling-, wi th net work' fo'r protectiobi
as high a's the hand cani reach'
A Snowr SEatoi-hm a' tiima of
muc eldigious evitement,- and conse'
quennt discuissne, an hounest' old' Ebitdh'
farmeri of t he' Mo'unvie, was asked' Ms
opii'iun a'ir toi Which- d'anominationi of
Christiants Were iii the righlt~ #a to"
"W\eIl'-,- dbW,-'" said lia;byt ~1~~iwe ride'
omrr wheaut to- MbLany,' sbVm3 say dis'
is d& bi-st moad-' and' somei say dat, is
the h'est;- but it don't nake~ munch dif
f'er'ece which: 'oad we' fake;- for' wthoW
we get da'e, dey ntevet' ask' us wihiclv
way We comne-nl it~ is'-none of' dim
business; itf our' wc~t ia , gooW!"
Tums' Goow duoics.-1Thb piby
Bishop krrowv Sm ith' onte exela'nmodyc
"Let Dio-tropie~s say.- It is g'otd' fot"
me to' has d' the precminuenob.-.. Lot
J'utlhs' ay,- !t is good for, me' t'o' beaf
.thue bag.-'. 1et Dem is saiy, lI~is good'
for' mW to'embrace th'pmisent wui'd.
But say thou, Ohl- mf~ soui, wiTh Dtv.'

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