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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 04, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Liquor Iaws.
Tei rise and- propgress lif lnwa' in
various States prohlitnlii g th lisa le 0f
hitoxicating drit.ks is to be -een in
&he fitillowinig alistiacts prepared b))
the New Ymk Herald:
1851-Pas:ted f)y~ the Legisiatuire o-f
Mai ne.
1852-Passed by the Ieginhiture (of
1852-Passed by the L'gi, hioure of
Rhode I.aiad.
1852-Passed by the Legi.lature of
1852-Ratified by the people of
1852-Passed by the Legislature of
1853.-Passed by the Legislature of
1853-Ratilied by the people of
1853-'Ratified by the people oi
1853-its submiksion to the people
poronounced-L onfi onle it lit ional:
by the Siplvieie C tll, ilh
1853-Pomounced uneoist ituional
by the United Sime s So
preioe court ill RIode Is.
1853-Sui CLllui t eiI u(ialy divid
ed in Mithig:mi.
1854-Prciiouicd uncoistitutional in
1854-Paissed the Lgishiturc of' Nc%
1854-Vet-aed by Governor Stymom
of New Yoik.
1854-Passed bV oie lranh0 f the it
Legislature U INew 1ltu1p
. hin-'.
1854-Passed by one lirnch of* the
Legislati:r of' Alari \ laild.
1854-P-sed by the Legislatie, bml
the two bran lies bhi led tto
ag4ree il Peiills\ Ivatdi.
1854-Psstd by the Legi'latt.re of
1854--Voted for by the pe(ple of
1854--PronoineeJ u:icon.titutioial inl
1854--Passed in a modifitd ormi by
the Liitatile of' 1 llde
Islanld.1: 1
1854--Passeti by the Legiiature t
Ci 'nect icut. 0
1855-Passed the lower Irmeth of
the New Jease' Lii.,bati;.
--detfated by oi' vtu' ill
the Sellate.
1855-Passed by the Legi-latoref
Visclnin .uid veh t-1; moidi
fled and pasoed, a1 d a aini
vetoed by Uiernor L;r
1855-Pass.-d lor the seco-nd tim b1,\
the Legislatlre (.I Ne,
Yo k, and ti:leie e at law 4
the State by thu sigilatirev
of (Go41v. ('hutk.
E igh t States and one Te r r i I
'have tilis passed prohibii'iry hss.
The questioni has liilei inl ;i'r Sinte',
through ltgislaiive di.agriemit. It
hals bken enhm--ited t-- !!.e pe!oph!-. n
retained by thei in f4ur othier Stats.
It has nowhere beei rep en Idl I)Y ti.,
egislative aletioln, th.ugh t has en
four times set aside b1) tile jiudicial.
.an~d in one inlsta~e re' eItc d ill ~i
.nodilled fun it.
* Tint ALLEGED A Alr. mnIav C.:.
sr, oft Th a, the- iollow~ inZ cara.
The circum~lstance'rs whiiebi hatie oca'Rs
ioled its pilulicaion aiU re ailii
A C.,au.-Ilain been airze
witin deprtedatins as 1lai' ti I.0 A gt
Railro0ad(, and saidi eiari. s nIt it e
h~av'ing been illve'stigai ted, I rieel t'i
.Opinin as5 to Imy innoiencet ori g .it.
Until the snattIer'th mirga ts lega.l iin
Xes1.igaltionl. I know I am~i inniicent,
and chet-riully tiwait, then Ii-ie.
. April l21h, i855 T.'. JI'EEuS.
A desnatchi f'riian 'iiii nali, <htard
the 2nd instant., says: Titm l'itita
States MarIshl was5 cornote tt' i
to dlay for coalilt'lm t. lii coiurt ill Itibi
ing to prodllee the slavi I~et' li t'b.
thait. the gill has beent I~ii remou-a lin.
coinlg to c'arry ofihtie girltii f'iutiue
LA~vE hErr'...\EN'r INCelNvr.
C:incinnati, M.lehi 29th I. A aili ei]
and wiho was. dechoed ft ree byv tilt
beenf arreCsted( underti the Iuai i a-.hie
law; but judge Pao i' di'cidedl Ih
wh~enev'er aI 'lave', byV the conllsenit Iif
the owneri, set foot. onl Ohio MII it'h
is free'; anld theI(refo re lie deeh aited te
girl free. TIhe Unlited Stat's alaia
alttemnptetd to at're't lher, whIiebl 'auisedi
mu Lcth excitement,'r a nd aI Ill' ingijl'
appreLhenlded,sh il'was finallyI colnveyeid
to the Woodruhl' .louse, wherie sh~e
now:. remaims.
-CIaC1NssT, Marebl 10.
Great exciteent has e'xistedI hiere
to day, in reCglard to the ablo et of' Mr.
Denimonl, of jOmi VeI. Yestnerida
s~he was declared free by it'hillm t ofl
this counity, anld taken (oit lit ihle ('lsto
dy of. the Unied Sittes Alarl'shal, buti
lsst evenling she( wa~s Ir' arirest -dI by
the Marshal and bruhtbire il.lLlui: t.'
U~nited States CoIitssiloner ils
mninig, when the case' was arguedia
again, the CommlIIisio~lner reserlv ing his
decision until Tiuesday next. TJhe girl~
meanL~tlime remainls iln thei cuistodty ilf
the MaItrshal. he e'xciitment Is itn
IMure, arid if thte girl is removell'id to
slavery there is somlie dianger of Ra con-'
flict resultinig bet weenl the State and
the Fecderail antth'rities.
'When I get to a scr'ape, I aiwiiys
yko' fire ! as the L~ueifur' maltch sai 4
yfi .tani
Charleston Advert's.
Noul -tr~xl orne <f hurch andti Queen.:.
CilAlIl.E.-TON, S. C.
Filb. 29, 1,451 1-3 1 V.
Proprie tor,
CIL A Ri E STit~v, S. C.
I XII t Id N I'D
CIl \ll R E,4TON, .'
"eMiN C ittin. crain. loiur, liacon, and -al1
tther aricha's etf proa ui:-.
ri.-t.an Hi . ramat : ll in !give to thelie
FtA R .V 1I I- I I N . tat ( ititil l I m u ft :
Aigiiar 1*451 IfilII
Jew David, Or Hebrew
The creat retttial ftar ih--iumtiei. Gemi.
'ills in llti Siel-. flap. 11 -. . l.iuaa ni .it s;
Keoah.Iin- in l \hies elnila
Tiniors, Ste'J it,:u l i ip iswhat
\Vihert-thiv Pelter is aplied pain carmta
It basa beni-ii betefic-ini it a ef \ -
ael as PaIt :afaat Wo,:t lotl il t*w Stla riacl ,
W enI i.imln . I.:titelw.t , Ae -l -li il t tilt*
.I l% ti l it .i i l try :I . It- .st ripys I..
iiaaa1 ja t:1 ti ib r-itia rtt i. .
.Inwes L,. ai. i- i liistrict. Soilth Car
No mi a. It-liteS h'at .b;* it, n i one. h-- na;It
eiltdA l tf ah aitii l both of his kneeix, tit
Pe\ er:tI :I r -I 1ating.
Tit- tialI ing wa, I:ndia11 tis by a rc.espeta
hle Phyvsii:uat ill ( .r ein.. t :
ben uin:i.: xour i..ve r ul I Tar I Ii--brn
I'ai-tar \cry e .usi 'dy in any r::etire lir
tlirte ya;trs i:i-t. iadl I: Is w% h plasura thit I
stlat 1inV bhe w ill Iii itr .l-periiirit v a :l l
oithtr a rti . wihnhi.-h I aim,
the tlirpsteq f-r n lth iit y wer r. iar alinI
ed. The 1.-btrew I'la-i.-r. Ip--ei.t;b. Is an
tun ivr-al paiaea ftr ra ina . h.1% m. tu ar
f-nnel it it inosi t i e il-n, ::pphe-t titon lo-r
Sjirailt4. malhlaln-hes It ax.e lai;axcrse.t satti
fati n a i. .:. rus
. . S. O l.IN, ... 1).
i.1\ ilh-, I a., :n lih. I .
lT tan- ax i a-i cmnaia ala . i- a trli ;an
t.t rei-l l7 l tiilaa . t. . . -
- \ vo.\. f .tha-'ti i .. l .. 1". 1, -
Stans. Scoavil. ax .'u:n xi*--enh-lia--a: The
li Ibrtenx I -'~ ter ix b ae .unne~ pIa.ir ini ti
sauiaan. Tiar-- i- :ut iaaf t ia ii' th a iut n.t.
-lx e Ia bl aidtallaril it yxtr at i,- wael bhe- .
flir saiaaa t nim' wi:h an tna ra' w-i aa iLL
tple n nxhieb : i h -r a v -;at *-i . a i
'I I,- v Iaa~ail p~uiia hiadI l~laa. ilt it.- arix
to Ite :n, t us ca-o a y e . o h
crelybrah-. Sh.- n o heIfrt cw.
:, i.a 1.'.-ia ina . a Iba . n I , a -I, ;u a.'evii
by 'ainaof oi . ph da - i:a1.. b ;. -. , -*t-r
nii reib- I. ate poa nraaaa',l .a bax 14 O!w abaI n
' latr. :d it r ei in i un - ati.v
0114 non be i~e -a su ply ori 1! :-:1 hir - eil.
.a h . Th'.- thil von are at htI. i ll ta to
a you iii piii ri ri . -y :are . ' siaa i .iily
trute. ' pen ly\ nr.A .
A -' l). i I \
lla ini the ielb na x' -s 'iintoiur air i : I i'hya
ei a .a aisih-laai: 'ara i el .it I sier I h Ii I
c:'ral ilt ai laanas ea n hiah I hit ' 'ula iaa for
txi tae year., paa-t ihn in ' Irc-o Dma I h -a,
labwo.d nem l..r -i:ts n. . g . y.
Ie. :It , i trial iiaain h e fi -a t1i h tilt aaxx
tini in-: -i e . :\ gh I, tin xxi.r la --r,
; il a 1.on I . it- 0'a.a - t ' c . : iex ar-a!.
I V i. I i :. a I I r hail lit.Id ll I ~I j a . a.' itia
Vln tii twr inl t h l lai . rfl 'r
a'iir to lii t aarta aall..arin i ~ l .con ti
of Ite iu-vi . r a iiaah x iin t: IN y ; - 5i .li -.
ar b a. . The pro l 14 I .*. ha;;Vv h1.1 1.>
heitne : ' axan A nal it \naxi h I . h.
il I ra i itii-, irt - i. 'i a . i li .
xiia~T i 3e --. its l ha.Ur.. aa .\.i aati.:m.ii
.hCWaa iiA lu. itt a ala ' J-. aiV ll.\.T-it,
.,iai lIl .\ ' al t air a.lai!..S \.a lla li
al I rii a.l t ilall . lal: h a e i -.- n itron-l
.eia lx I .i tria rha tiin. 111. 1 atil ' Is
nas -a hal tt~ii la --xx i ta lx'. . 11i b-I
n alsh fler * xi ii i. i llaaa tia axa ti a'-1."11
.hat l iti l tat rai~i lall I lha -laxr. n l'tler
til u t li l-e i irih-- si-ll ri; b *j.a eft liit
hiataelaa i a a ble~ t oa~aaa r ide ou t t t-aa aer
th--p "ilcr Ia /alhllr it h bestreL iiiiaixy o
G. W. li'.\atiN N
113(aureranv tit. N lar .\nur 10ii3
IA til l irI i t '' (ll ataa i.'i - .a xx .|T.at l
t IrXlaa > lstitix aial.l! a Taii . a !
tur. oJ. .ta t l i on xe C.. iaee grre
brelonth lpeNeo hi hC\
feitIa o t i, rtie h- i-a~ li. ari iii-e -. l at.
utets'pintedl ii iihrougnoutaaIb ta n h-ona.! a
anaar ped1 la'. ''ts alterd -l/t-rliait l Itla a ir-, ntI
pa::ah lelili:--n l-r.th arl iaianIs'. at~n
bu linx xxa fI n y t al ia n aaxt iat. r ait .-nah it o .'r-i~
n 'aaoat inevat na beupI. luo unanah
i 3 (-hartrs ut ree N. t ( 4 >arh~ lar .-oh i. anyra
tAi ts aalaxr ut1 o iw r 1. : lal..o ei l
a ai. l t n stitnv araaab h - :a I il laed. l
);p.l all tar. i a Iit n. NI ul er 2' i e, a .i ( i.
( . J. 4 I~ n.\ v. (u a n. .(,
Nnx I ti. 9h.e ,(r ngini, f.(
an. Orl185's iii .JI no.I
W~t~ ieLAuNo t)e. acl
Charleston Advert's:
FrenchI, U rui,l1 and na1 ,;-rnma'e
209 and 211 Kingsif4 (uaner of 14-z.
ket Steet,
C(AItIEE-| TO.\. S. C.
F 1:1 I' ;,-1m - m . 1.. 11.. 1 o~
tit l ir frivmiki. anul tin- piitie . -mrli\-.
llte lt 3;ssormnt-n oil' I-'OltI.:l;N A N 1)
IjW E.-'S''TW ICl (;0)( 1-,; ill ih-- Southierna
.S::iles. Their ;-:0ipk i" consiurally Nupgplica
W i t a 'i .1 - 41i t 1,1 Ill
iich Dress Gcods.
(If 111 h I \! 1.114-1 4. it4 v III 4 !.I It. an d
Se . i,. E .s.WtE
IN i 4 i1.S iSt'l-:'.'I'I.N U:(S, .d I4!-:N
A "111. I's . iI s. MOU.N
j'() I {1\-8 FAM1I.(.Y 310)'kN
I ( I. ; . lll ls.
L-.I lil FI.L ' n i 6I '-: ; i.5 , A 1'
'ry de-e. tia
iN1 :r. E DS, en%, I&W.
H'i. Tll . F A MS I .1.7 Vli I.\(S
()4.N1'. v lilti~. 'in j, Ci.K A' 'I.N , Al' Is
1W(1 . W IlT.N -:V mAillI .I \'' l lite -ts.
1'1 g'i-h an .11 Alueri, all 1i1 .-TS a lid ('.\31.
1111 h .,. 4111
i .lN . NS. #if* ' liard 4n'srvehi-branil mine,
.r i-vefin .. ShiIrH4i.n . .il-ow ('nme i.,'l.ab
444'4 n r'4.. 4 b .:; 41ie . n isT n lie ,1..
A pron Linens, Ace.
Ca rp,e' ..n
4 '' R A I4.4 N'.i 3 '. . jO l li 4'j4:. 4.4, T4A444.
''4'l 44.4n i:.V h'4:.'..I 'I.4'. I
44',I~si anlAil,-:121(44' \'44Fi:)(4l i.441',
:1'. VI ' I ' -E N
S' n .(>Ti ls, I I.,'.\ , \-1-,1.\'.: ' 1eu l '
S.N V'I-'.! li. K. 3 fill A
white I a. (') fred mn31 .N..;x. f alm
4 T:\l44 444'4 )A A N ) .\ li 4A I 'i.: ' .
IN(;',. e'all kini Is.
10TA EN Nn L 'lna.Ma "
(fte'y 41va y ly inl SILKi. SA'.'IN AND.
I' DBt -\ A ( l. L K -fI u il l -It , L.\'
('l l r 4'4I'.. . l I. ' ' .' I N
tilills. I44 ' i. . I.44 (*i's. '. -
IMtAil'l:i ( lli)s, BLL.. lt '. . .
i ..\A N K .TS. 1', \ % N 4 i: it.1 -IS, : A is
('t)T 'I'().N111 (f.. !1.( ' . f a l te Ilit
A' . , .f ti - ;h '. . niih everv other linie ofl'
1'i . 1. iit I b .:m h .b.: '4N-.:n4 e of4
11:4 re :4 i' e 4 hm4 ,'.t :4t r i l a ie- 1(4 '. r\.44ll
rCny :-e.r4 p ;o - .
',1.. ..-- 44 'lh ( 4.\ l 'l. t'- 41144 T14' .i14i, 4' 4.rict
alitr-h-s in~ill--I nith prom ine~ : lith
%%li'lt. ill, pi. 1441 111, 1 lit -
It-.4,i ar- 41;. if4.'4:' 44 h ..tl 1- 4;
.hn. 4 la I WAi4 m\ .N I. ; & 1 .11 N.
.!ran33r Ln V la W
414,44' 1.. ' i 4 I 1 A . 4, 1. 1 1.
W l ,: .l1:0 & .ET IL, .%
444. . ''I''i' P444l.-r 444 . .4 l 4 4 I 4 1 '
I -:t i 44:44 d44. 44 r14I' 4 ,lt , r/ - . '
: U. . -.. . a.lI
0'i ' .4441h,4s Ie h . IN() .I Oira O.. -
. '4mn4. Hans1 , 1 'ire .- .- . nI ti: ly~ s
\V hIIIT2 &%010-12 t he ha-jine
.u or!! attgiei and inoau n 3 bric
il 41. \ 4 41....\\ A .
3i144r. '.1. I~I. 444' 4 ; . . 4
GPllV\'LIO\(N & IOT)?!!-'
lk.!minei:i .nane Ti Wan.
T:a--h. ~to1o i. ~:: n.
Columbia Advertise'ts,
Boots & Shoes,
m. .:s F m o m 'i'ION,
7 eich Ird 'I , so n S I e e t,
('OlUMItIA. S. C.
11 A .14 cons-ta fotI 4n h :2444i ar2i is daibily receiv.
in'' freth A1:Iu1J.ipie 411f :11 l II ts tot' l.24idies and24
w11e1n14e'1 ls 14., 4 o ill sho.-. ofI the 1:14st Cish
it I - A,.A. I I i-. r I I 'A LF I.N- aIl SU . .
1 '1 r 'il I-:. f r - . .
Mlarch 15, 1.-51. :1;ly
42. 4 ' l 1 .1 %' r f . \111 A I - E .! ) :aOIiE. has bieen
entii-ly rebuiib. i-o as co bet- c4apable i
isil-linu - rveral i iou ai .d tin ol ( 1' -. a pill i.4
1:* -n loverwdl for IhI,- sinseni. |-:very faciliv n% ill
bev at h-ed lop neTr-n. li ii at i't di.,l i'le to
l y th- 4% 1m reenlarly. 11 n ill bit- .iaijt klevery
matim-.z. if d.-qir::ble, by ratil reant, passenaer o'r
- s fr. -i:: .r iin:pllIi ihr railIrita, a ogoenws hamr4 kin, I.
1%.y eb-red tp -ive eer in-ility poor its inspor
1.4i4. . \\- -will 11:%4- h: Uve a 1:4 n t the
df I l:-renit dotI1ools t4 rer'veIo, returned Ishtiakes,
1)4 . . A- v
('osi cfire tn4o4 c n p--r pa-inr ; drn age.,
.4.41 ':4 .Iin :l7 ' 2eent: eintrt4's loon niirund
n i tbe fra' * 2.1 to :inl ento per I l inionwI.
looi 1,A 1 T Il lT 11Ait li t ,4)
N. 1. IlaiiIs tre a ver%, con44venIieint 1d111e
tit Irai: pu-I iin; ive. Ill ike.* % ill bet? Furn2i1.'1e
.,:y . , 11151 If
nton AdVLsits,
\\'il(G.. \, .4 .\ uj a .W l'il
4 11 I m
1 . \1. ' 2 ' N ; m I'
\il k 1. '1 B u 11 -r _1 x , I .; A
2r N. H -.\1 4ordr, Ii;'d
'b I T. I-T. i 5 v F F f WA
Pettemw y & Pritchatt.
(i |- . :|.e .,:(. .\li a' .x : .\' i...\|
.\oc u '.\rrt:: S r:et 'r
I 'II II t bt t .' 'iti.-i' 8I\2'~
FORm IVr -PIN'., '..h' w: con' ('tn '
1 Qe 1 4. 1 5~1 t 1 I
Se1-:S.,on -ro0 lh-s-rON owxsn:
\' . : 11 . -
3 M i''Th, 1) S I' l N1111 Lyt.e
i I 1, - 'i l A 1 R4. . . 1. N 1'1 It I:. y V I.-..; ,.
4.D1 4 .iI .1N , A .,r, .< i .' Ir4.4 i 42
4,l' i l'.inih- elr o1.1 all h l ims C'omo
pl.in.< lns~leia lWirmen. .ee l'om -
int. i. . ;i1, fih ' Ap3ls l t . . i . 11 ill
IF. 'i'lli- ' !. ' I'.\''14E it2 2). 1.444241 2!(i
II '-: 1 .'T N tTO i ' I.TIl
' .' \1 ). A \ i \ TION.;a i as n ..inli llilions
i n I f \ lc w - ihey b Is: e nll egnlal.
14' cc i' 2 5i, rnt24 per 'iet. ' 4.441'.4Ii.i
PEN-ITIC1\L SRTO 318'1 "oi #
. remi llt .e ' -.i CI2 x.' is!.' tsrr . Ilron
ii ' 24'roup . nin Coit-h. A.-fintim-. Cs'on.
sum ton.at l / l !jt,,,r.e irisimo.. firans a ele
rnis' I. ii 114',' tyn h. is,. -it reliv er ,i
si r I hei. ,Il to, intr fr:2m1 ra4ingI too hi2ari2
ow. i-j w .". iv p i h-shib .
M irnate to 0 nre4 1 A 11y Vex.
444 44 4 r.ii-t I I'4' :-ee' ttera1 t442 . (I ie 4444.
Phl. m.3 a ilt . b- 2r I w rI I 111 au 2 ab.-r V8-e.
rI-:I ry 4.4.4 - 4 2442hf ~ (14 : &lln i.h I n .'t.. :iii.' th2-r
Iii!-- "';( 'h-Cu 3' 9 1')-m ne . o u
G ens. renli lp--it, and Frenghen h
4 4 ! jo i s 1zn who .j se"i l the3 Pj4ill-, ne
1,ain 'lo r' .. k m .sune (b it .tiing Inl
4'e n4 .s a e i l, by.I -.1 422 2 I o
Who, ali kee44 fl i.I.'uply , 'lr.Sp-ee'
.l l 42 . 2 1( 1 39 ly.'4 L'
.Ia ii$ I.2'l'i C R,.I
.12 ''. Ii I-, \ I,.I-I- i.1 ~3'~ii 2..
Iif!i::./v-Aj |C'ortton . Grin-s,
42'i'. 2 .: -.-442 n442. n i ._~- .I''41I . r'422ill-- t:4
112.\4T 2 Ilii \li'. 4 I () l f i'l 2111 2114.\ l ' i-, .
'. l li)2 k. 's 21f 4 Cil(.; 3tl2t i'I 24222412
.\;1 -4'i" 2 4in.-'4'. .14 l :1 b22 2244 -r l in le* .:1.
I n~ 41 . -,44 Wni:.yI. Ii'. -. I 'Irin .$'2 :s m-u 8ii-'. '.- r
.-rI ih-1 2441 r-'r . 1. l t2 t e .a21~It4 141. l'2.. 2li
141.4 414142 2- a1211.1- .or14'l'4 22444. A l.nh,, (in d li
- e 4utI g, 8uw:.i l. 8 4.; pe\ is leur
Columbia Advertise'ts.
NO. 208 ANJD 210.
hi A I N S T It E Es T~
Manufacturer and General
vu 11,3 uQCn m
W Is I I PA \V A M l-' ''l. &..&c. &c.
At -vrv law price, fovr canh. Ilei tennstanit.
lv r"' leajl.isra, hik large nuastirtmett fromit his
M A N I' ACTO., Y it Cohnbia, and troim
New York. t0nd 1i4w lli-rs a grentter varity
thailn taail. e !p:ii so in FANCY AND
l N *431lELI.I' ) l-'1'I( 'it'IU U, Sitting amd
iltokinrg 'huiars. &. &.
Yoorlk va-h prices. Z jr All inl'ito tor P-'ri-i
t o l by hiinls nre wa rrantedt lir tne year or
ltanr. All kiails r f Ftrnit:re neat y and
prlini ly repaired.
A hrlt oif 31AIIOG(ANY VENE rrits on
ltitl. n ith tther Cabittti Mitker's nlateriala,in
gr.-at vaeriety.
larute ati rieba nuoprtment.
-'erals a rved4a itt short notice with
lIh- w uld respeutfhilly tusvite him friinds and
the pblic genterally to call ami exatmineC hill
larchV I5, 1S91. 20 ly.
I1f, Hinsdale,
Dealer in Groceries Hard
ware and Dry Goods,
'JEra. f)l' 't / i (.\' .N 1'a j;,'
Marcl 15, 1851. 20 ly.
D2. C. H, M0,
(1 )LX il i A, S. C.
A'A. I 'IE 7C77' 110 USE.
Drugs, M~edicimes, Chemi
cals, Perfumery and Fancy
S*E I1.-'.CTE 1) E x P1t I8 .Y FOR TIllS
Ssirei 15. 1851. -20 ly.
Yo. I 36. leichiard.vum Street,
('' 11.11 %1 ll \, S. C.
TI'110/h'S.- LE e ND R'ETA1IL.
Mahroch 15, 19151. 20 ly.
Boatwright & Barkub0o,
Dealers in
(,,x'ure ta1)rn ,i .lic!/in. C41 ilieals.
RNUl\- ANID I)l'll.All PAT-'i'N
Iie dicines.
A mphtt nuqrtm tl f te blest quality,
tittl at titt-liev et prices.
arlIi h 1 5 1. 20 ly.
Uardwvare, Paints, and
Oils, &C.
J. & J. ls EW.IRIT,
('10 1 .rlf|. S C.
sls\' OF TilE G OLI)EN .1 ACK-l'!.A~NE
Ot lir for: th- it aery Itaw pri ces, a large anat
N T l:I-.'.
:'7 Gotods tieliv.eredi at ste Depot freei 4
J. & J. II. E WA lUT.
Ma!archa 5. 851. ?20 ly.
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Cc,
o.'Jm M iJ A, s. C.
Q2'JA VIPs -. rontat ly 44n hanetd the larg.es
.alh It Ibi'S, wh'lichi tey atre prareda ti
-Il a:tapice's haawar airtn any a her aesth
slt n'n: it 'tambsiat.
Th.r(lt hm isa'' ' wnat'facinred bthem
as .in.rr to nonae. :atta "MI'l'I'iIOil I'S
.\I() 'T (1' lIlNO' atllredt int :ry r
atf thIt entaat ry. Thaeir bu'inetrs is en
;btti I nis l c t 'r r ttesh jt pr ipl
Itnt athe' prwe otlfa thaeairt ios a r ad, i~vt'
41:a 'orary aat priens ts obaservedl uased Iths
oatsxEr aa-wed~ aaay--r 'aia:5.njia I ma mak,
liiis putrelti at tn~is Iin r ?ai,: tt ahttmare
vi's 1 .Ias-aimi:i a:n' rssecilly nv s'ss
to tan 5x'ttinnt aan ofl a ir ,'taoc k .atnu prwe'o
[I U(8 hieave tot call thle atstenrtion of hi
ienttidisn s tt' paubb~e' to is
L arge and handsome Stooli
Int ialitiona tta hh. Itarmear ittck. hta haja joa
rt'a'aived'a a ntew nat .1 eteive' nuoaartmett
IdlJl) randl '4 LVIElt W~a A'rT'll ES M:ate
c 'l.Ol'ES taf evetry variety, Silvser atnd Phate:
W,'ia'. is hinrit' vatriety, i iiary iad Iana'
Gaaodt. ; (usir'. 11iifles. S'putant~i a. A pp'aragutt'
lit-'in PI e:-.i' i atnI'Tal.- ( 'mtlery, andI a Iiargj
nw'aartaate.i .' A .N \'1 )00 )S.
I lis prre~'s'will Ibe fataiss. san examinationt, tI
het a., uadeate~ t as at nsy thier stablliasment
i the Sthlt. 'Tank ful' liar paast f'avo'r. heo asi
Iliit..a conittntan ofl th e piallt ronaga of hi
format'r t'rienidx landa e'atomeati'rs'.
il ar'a li. I 01t. an ~ ,..
1'. Pa ht bi:1r'a,
CJO LlJ.111I3IA, Na. C.
reh n~ 15, lil51. 20 ly.
1ar gixe4& ni sah et tIao
Perry -Moses,
Oflbrs for sale, for Cash, or to approved customers on
time, a genera 1 assortment of
Building Materials, Carpenters' Tools, Cutlery, Carron Ware
Enarninelled Ware, Coopers' Ware, Tin Ware, Pa
tent Medicines, Stone Ware, Carriage' Trim
mings, and (arriagce Hardware, Sadlery,
le particularly invites attention to his extensive assort
ment of
January 1855 13 .f
G o o-d s,
I am now receiving and opening for sale
ever brnouglit to this market,
which I will se .w for eash or ton pprrod rustners on lime. Iiving ten years
Pxperience nl the rendly mnov to buy goo:is with, enables lue to offer the following
ar relees reamarkabily cheijp. viz:
A LAl'Gl': ST( hK OF1 DRY GOO.. noily domestic.
Ii A T8. (C l'IS, iil. C0011K..'S W A RE,, llA-"K ET WA REF, &e.
11 A ItR)WA %).I. iiill des ri p Pionw, Pos, Oven, ,Skillet3, &c.
I.ECA TI Et Ol-' Al.L KIN I)s, Xi8:rbl;.-rv, II aress, &c. &c.
C iO .' K F 1 .Y, ini ain-r s .tiild ot hern ise.
G it'MiiL iis, n' all kiils.
Asid :almost amy article Mat many be called for.
Sept. 20). 1t54. .47 U
OFIERS for a:tle Filit CAbil, or an atppro-v rlit, at tl lowest market prices,.a W .
I-elected assortment of
OLrugs and Medicines.
Fine Chemicals, Paints tin Oils, Extracts, wines,
I'.-rfumiry, lIve.Siamll. 'f-rna'em, Lemon Syrup,
Fancy 8o1p', Wininos- (;lass, laniets. Fine Tobacco -
Fai:'v Articles. Spirit Ga-s, S:mtrilicators, Cigars,
H1rn-hues. Spirit- 'irp:::n, Stasitmery, Vinl.-gar,
Tmgether n th every article cornprisiisi. the Scmk of a )rt.:ist or Physician. Also, a Va
riety oi th%, m-"t Popubar l'atent Me ucn mng which nr.-,
( o I Liver Oil, (besI) Jacob's (Choleras Coreliat.
Wist:ar's Balsain of Wild Cherry, Carter's Lpanish Mixtur,
Ayer's Cherry Pecioral, ' ainptoiis' Vegetable Tincture,
hlll-ways Pillq and Ointment, IieL-.orm's H:lasam of Ufe,'
Davis' Puin Killer. 'sattersall's Heave Powideri
Iad way 'a Rady Relief. Dir. iayne's ledicines, -
taidwav's Renovatini; lteaolvent, Pheinix liittern nud Pills
Farrell's ArJbiai Liianant, lhiolland's Grrinati Biters,
Mlexican Muitan, Linam.nont, Sanrnarillus, (Epping's, Bull's,
lhotse are wi:ly a few-call for tny article in our lin of business an:l you will be suplied
Jan :14, 1d55 12
20,000 Pair Plantation Brogans at the
Planter's and Factor's Depot,
1'!llI .,nta c.r .. r In )! iie to annontnee into h l'oter tand Merchanmits of 8:rmter
and ~' tl Wuam~snrr I )i-t rics, tha lhe hia,. inow on hantd, ~ad costant ly receiving Large6
suppheiis ol PI,.AN ['AiO(N. StjOld, toi.etherr ith an unirivaledl stock ol Ladies,
hi ssa.s. hhi'ys. intabis, and t.'hildreni's Boasts ai Shtuiss, of every kind, ainsd from the
mo st t.'asmminabhle Wo'srinmen.
h-5'' Orders fruit. thne country faithfutlly rand promptly) n rts'nded~ to.
30G KmtgSt, Chlson, S. C., ta few doors .ble e wMerchtat's 1lotel--samie side.
Setembe~iltr :l7th. 18Mf5 48 I
Fr)m A 3.3. news1VE, sIg,.g:Asg.
Snehla f,~ r'lihiera. D~ysentnry'. Din rrhe';n. ('hnshcra Morbrhus. l5iliuuns Chtilic, Cholera Jnlanturu.
T'Il.e Ui' irs of JIacol's f 'ordbal 'are ltn~ u-ilaoun to. require E neomnums.
t sl. Ii cures Ihe wco'st cases rof Dirrhs ca. '7ih. Ii cures Painf u Menstruationt.
nud It cures the :rorst forms of Dyi'entar1. ih. It relier-es Pains in Back arid Laigs,
3d. Ii cure's Calhtornia or Mexzicana .ir' 39th. I: Counteracts Sercaousness and Des.
.11h II relieres thre suerest Cholic, hflth.I restores Irreguaerilies,.
h. I, cure's the Chsolera Mlorbus, I ith. It dispelst gisrsny, hysterical Feelings
6 h. Ii e,:rev ('hmlera infa n'n,. I.J2,h. It's an-'adnsirabis Tonic.
A iew Sillaou't Esta-acts~ fus'o'ta L'ttca'ss Testigmanlals, &c.
"I hav'te uisi-! Jnesb's (Uordial in my faninily, andI have found it a most eint,anid la my
-jsgitne. r vaiabhle remeily.iia '7NRJigofSpemCu
It gives me plieasuress in bieing nhlet rireen'ntmettl Jaeinb'n Courdial-my ,own eerset~ expo.
rience, nrt! rthe experetar-e of my nistiwlnars nni friendsanrounid rne, is asueiciensigt rauee.
for tme to .hehlevi it io be aill that ii tirports toi be. viz :a sovereign retmedy.t
Wtn.. I. ui:nsn 00, l'ormeLrly Judge of Supsrete Court, Cherokee Circellt.
"I inkse great plieasare in riecommntlistg this inavaluable micinie to alt aflict,-d with. bowe
,i deases'. for whtier, I helieve it to bue a sovereign remerely -ilcidedly aauperiof to any thintg ehb
ever ical by rme."
A. A. CAtul.n:NG. DI. G. M. of the Grvandl Lodge of GeorgIa.
"Ihave usaed 'Jinnh's Cordli.al' i.namy liaily. antd this. with alt :i ear about it as a reqsesdy
hay those. wlias haive trie'd it. itidiees 'i.e toa blieve ilmtt i-t attindhs at the head of every preparattou.,
ofthe ki it, aniu I wonitl reetisnnunend its use in the dhiseasexs lfar whteic i icon:teundsed. .
"I .tei a ti.pEs (;. fiOlitNtiu, 'asliter of the hiantk uif tie State of'(zeuria.
"I heeisaycreihdtiity in kautnain test intr,y, *.aeah's Cordhial' raust stanil pre-eminaetnV
aboave aill iathe'r prepuaratioans fort the cnr, oaf livwet lDi'ease.s. -Fromr the tas. uf testimony int it..
favor eisntg in frotm sall qiuuruers, it imustt be very far in.advanace, aI a curaivie agen, ofmoe..
-afo'ot all othier 'hateant'preparationas.'
.A Fu.I:3ttNo, Cashier Marinte r ud Fire JInsuwese..hnkChrin,
" This efficint re-medly is iriavellliag into celi briuy as fast as Bownaiarte jiiaahed'hhs column..
into Itusisia, and gaining conienatiton whterever usied." - - -
(kssr,2ia J|Tersonian. Mam,17th 1853. -
WMi. WV. IlLISS & Co., Proprietors, Sias'annah Ga..
For sale lay Danaan 4 Co., Snoies oa-; T. A. l)Da;AN,. I'. G. MIc~UUgna Dar-.
' ntgitn ; TV. J. WVonxasA N 4 Co., Carnln ;-.Fsr.n 4 IhEN riM Calunia ,8. C.
Sllavtt.ANI), Iltlanua., Resly & C&,New.Yrid
Principal DeI s - IA'La nDas, H Annta. & Co, Chrhesio,85..
- - o~, .J. Wiiirntrr & Csa., Nuw Orleans. -
AndI by the P'rinscipah Mercats and D.-uggists throuaghut-tho.State.
Jul '6, 18154, 39).
Choice Old Brandy and H ENRJY NUTT
WVe have- niowinistore .-omae very supe- Factor and Fpiw rig
rior Old Brandsy, whichl hais bi.een selec'ed
by onurselves, for mesditia purpose's. Its
* ago ands iunidness toihetlar wais . purity, V iV NjLi,
wv di lia of great coansequience to ntavahads Will gaive protn .- i4sia attets to the
wha nc 'es-.atatedl to use it. -ale,..orihorwar1tng o U .$n teidres
A I.N0,---. oar anjIunt# produtcei or to t he purchaeos
A variety oh very select Winets, cosisting- tand for*Mdinh' r 4erapIt.
aot RE- tFER~lfCEt
Oli MetIcIra, Oldt Port Wissue, -E; .AtAI.. Prts't DriB'c k W nm~
Ilrown iery Paleo 8Smerry & Db.r TwsI'HVs Wif(G bun'
lJnfrsa'tsxh liy oturitelves,- tll oft'which wve Get . W. W. ilfy:~t
* aiirant getnuine, atid or theo very best 1hic)"Ar.D & fG*A'A OaD
PFar -'ale by 'p0'Y Mh~ca. -j lnget
DIOAITW RIU[IH & BA1RULOO, -1 ~J. VW.. HIA':sst in,
Court H~outs Ranuge, C9libia, 8.1 C. -Juos' J. Monn-e. Sme
July 2w), 1954 39 If Oc't. 4, 1954 .9 lfa

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