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.1. S. RICII A I [)SON, Jw.
Agceuats fr tilc iLiagaie'.
The following persons have becen ;p.l
poitted Agents and are authorized to re
ceive, and receipt for, all sums due the
Suwnter Banner. Any person wi-hing to
liecome a subscriber to the ianiner, by
handing tlion their name aml address will
have the paper forairded promptly.
They will also see to orwarunn all ad
vertising Iusiness connectd witi the
V. W. WA.isa Ja.,. ..Colmbia S. C.
S. W. WrrA n,....VihlmingtoI, N. C.
W I.LIAM -6$ .......6...".. . .. .
W.. F. It IIAvNSOUITN, St'rville, S. C.
'IR.. f. LeOGAN, " "4
.W. S. LAw-rON & Co. Claarlet.on, S. C.
J. Russaul. DAhatE, - " " "
No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Barnier.
I- Persons wishing to see u3 ulon
business connected with tihe 1i per or Law
catn find us at any hour duringif the day
at our oflice,.just back of Seo.omwxsi New
Stoee rr All lette-rs nddresed 1t the
Banner must be- pre-paid to insure atten
+Yf All kind of Law Blanks for sale
at this oflice.
Souti Carollsa Bibite Ageut.
-The Rev. E. A BOLLES, Agent olf the
American Bible Society, will vi.it the fol.
lowing Churches:
SAnBBAT SEftrcm .
Art. 7ion Presbyterian Chrich, Mhy 6tih
Bishopville, "th.
Rembert's Methodist, " " 120th.
Concord Presbt'n. " 26th. 1
N. B. As Mr. Dollescannot convenient.
lv attend the Methodist church at Bishop
ville, his Methodist brethren will oiti;e
the " Bible cause" if they will a)l net
him at the Bishiopvihie Presbyterian chure b
on Sabbath the 13th day of May. All per.
sons friendly to the distribution of the
Bible "without note or connent" are itivi.
ted to attend at all these appoiiatments.
IhOME :MADE VINE --li. U. D.
GRAuAM, presented us, a few days
sit ce, with a bottle of his excellent
hotne ainde wine. It -s from the pure
juice of the Scappernong Grape, atnd
is an execllent article, raised and made
by himsellf in W illianishiurg District,
where he will be glad to reeyive orders
either for the wine or cuttings of the
Grape, frm all who would ienjoy a
pure article and enicoura.e lonie in
dustry and enterprise.
-. --- -4 - - -
BLUItE SOCIEn.--A Bi 6e Soiet I
was forned, in this place, otn Sanhbath
eveninig last; the proceedings (f the
maceting and the constitution adoptIed
will be found in another column, to
wlich we invite tile attention of all
interested in so good a roove-, atnd we
hope all will feel a deepe interest in this
ef~ort to distributte "The breadl of sife"
tio those of our race, who atre yet, with
out the lightt and blessed inl~nenece of
~tbe Gospel.
Sons oP TEMPERtACE.-The (Gram d
Division of this order, in Soutth Car&o
Mna, held a tmeeting in this vi llage. on
Thursday atnd Friday last. 'lhere was
a goodly numnber of delegates presett
antd the business was dc-patched in
quite and witht satisthetione, as far us
we learn, to allI. T[he minit g onl
Irid ay was ceni pied in a public mteet
ing at which Messrs. EV~A.ss and (Cot
PEPPER, of Darelingrton, (GREGOa, of Chme
raw, and Kennedy, of Cunttden, del iv
cred addresses to a large respectaible
and inte: ested autd ien.ti
/* IlontACE Wi Ann~:s, the great
Mlusie Publisher, Mainufaturer aned
Dealer in Piano Fe;rtes, of No. 3:3:
Broadway, New York, has sent uRS the
following sheets of popiular Masie,
published by him, with the iniformia
tion that any persont s(teng imit I1,
will receive the four puieces by tmail,
"Sparkling Polka"-Ily TuiostAs lLA.
xen&, price 35 cents. "fally White,"
Schottisch-Arranged f'rom the airu oh
the Lilly White Song, (as stung by the
EUt~CKLEY5,) by JAMEs BAL..K, 25 ets.
IeauttifuI4 affecting and expressive
song, by the- foise- eongxw~er, f. fl.
WVoonusy, wyho has infrusedi in t!his
* new song a like character to is othter
poipular productions, 95 ctnts.
"Ova Bork."-A sonig of the genu
ine "Young America " school. Words
by C. D. STUART, Esq.; Music by
~TuoJAs BAKEn, 35 cents,
CA curious sect of Religion ists has arisen
mEngland- callod theo Disciples. They
believe Oit will, appear in 18M4; that
the-Russiana will triumph oven' tho I'Turks,
and rte Jews over the Russiano-;- the hat.
testevent to happen in just ten yeirs timte
when the Jews wvil become a nation in thte
holy lane. Abraham, Isaac Jacob and the
resbof-iho righteous Jewvs of old, itht the
few elect among tle Cheristianis, will rise
from.thte dead and-live-forever in Palestine;
butt tile-heathen and the wicd Jews will
sh'ie ainliy.
DivIsosa of Sumter' District;
These are startling words to iany of
our readers, and yet the propoeitioi is not
new. It lais not <nly been oioted- but.
urgedl before our .lgislature. It i too
hle to exclaimi, as niany no doubt will.
-What divide old Sumiter-the lanil of a
counon ancestry, and tie home of MAli
oN aid of Sumrx 1. VIat, rend assunder
aid eitranige aid inl doing sI set at vari
an1ce (he people of a coIinonI0 umime- o.
un1 feelbegs --einnnim pridle an1d conilmonli
inter -et ! Yes, the ellirt is now being
naade, and has been im.de for a year pa:ist
nol.n what grounds, will be een inl the
petI ii put.h Iished oil oil r iitt page aid
pr sente d to thlie last Leg:s'atue. It has
just reiceMd us and we hay it at oice he
:ore 'inr readers as a inulter in wlich fill
are intere:,ted, wit hichwhib ll should ho
Mide a'quaintited, and which shouli not
tie carried on wihout the knowledge II
the whole I)istrict or wit out mipel :1i4
tree disc ilsioi. WC do 1int iiieild to
d1isCuiSS t? e <ileStion, but inl rely to cAll tihe
..ttenl~tion of othe-.rs 14o the fcyet we call.
not reirain (rum saying that in ouir liuaile
I pmmu the grouind., takein, inl tihe petillol,
are weak amid utioutnided and w anting in
taC s to support theni as instance the [l.
lowing extinct .
it division into "' e!eelion " anil "tax
p:ty Colln, S " have lolng since serit
111,11Y >m tim-e' ties of viaizwhip,) winchii
usly W: connect the mnetimers Ill a comin1
sitly witll e.ch other. There is, perhlaps,
) o.luiia l Iai:-sin of thfe sia;e, i hi h
tile interesls of Ihe people are mnie direr
st jic'iI. m hiir charaicl'r .ees llinwg en'ttci,5 an
Ill compositi O 1 r a J Uso hlatte calct-Li
1(eil to pro40ilure a firi, imjipartial, and uni
rm adni:istratim 01 ju.,tice."
We have Vet to learn that thie- pele d o.
Clarei'uon (eel that. lie 'ties of citi:enship
betweent thle inihiiniants of Clareiioni an.l
( Charemaont have heet: -1 soveied"-Tin is
the first il i:imataini,wre have hl of it: We
speik for Cl:iremioit when we sav that ice
have always bhee.-ed that we I*e nipO.
plc, and that we feel, and, as a genmieral
tlinmg, act as t'e pop/-thiA onur vio trest
are the same, anl outr ciiraeter "hoi,'wge.
nerns." What hetiter Jury, 1oo.'ould we
ask ) iat Jury iore ikely to lojls.
ti-ht :ll wit hoit disit-tion of' birtih or
place, or less prejidwed to the parties liit.
iguali, than~ i a .h iiy c' ii pousedil, as5 wet hiavi
it, of citizens of bot or eith r C nwity ?
Ilow thIn we at-, c'ai it he Siud that "thei
cilizeis of or Conmy are foot really triel
by their 'eers," or tli. "filie jury is conm
posed of the P'art isansofaohr'C nt!
Blt we have said we ohI, not itenl to
diteas the utles!tOin 1ow, an1! cliose bi
relerrirI our readers to the petilil in
which fiheyV will filld ite ahore )As aI Zainple.
t lie grollis aid reasois oTered lor a
d ohe of ouro.n'~ prou d i llanit
Game-Ock District.
AI Natiouisal COIIaventiosa of Edi
Lors anid Pri~ms'ers.
"Thrtiligt il t tbe co:ialltity :iirs
anid porinters seemn too be awakenii::gt
their inects, anid [tt! hiing local
conlvenitionsm, to cojuncil toge-thel, and:,
reuite iumy of the evils.whichi have
4r~lI I il l itilia tly theist Imr watt if :1
concelt (if .action1. The evil which is
l e gr :.t.est ai ll e f
whic thi ttenitimli is not snilieietyIN
dirctdis hecrditsys~mi, no 4w it
lir adverltit-ing and~ subsriputions. 11
is ca:ieiit ed, by ihis.-e a palei f1 judg
sarei anuillt byIllt:I ne spaper pub-tIi
st'rijtiul lists ini the .s;Iiie iiner~il.
These Ibrge .slumsl cil b e t'avedl if' a
andl pulisherLs :ni editors prolitect
trades arSle doI ing ,'every day wivithi en
couraligolg .'nleerl's.
Thle abojive wiie clip frto:m the Ink
Fiounhtain, at .Noriithern j~,ournail, ando
takena to secure t h. Soul!, v'n press
againist the evil lhere so3 julstly comu.
hiil of; andi~ wi'chV' s, munivei ilyl
eulaitinig the loss wiie snfertl by thle cre-"!l
bumsine'ss. '1 he shorlt t'xprieni'tce oh
eight 'en remonts iln the bunsine.-~s has
resuted t( in ati.fly ilg us t hat thr )un
c'asi sys/enm is ad'opited. \Seu art ex'
perC1tedu, 1111l ill inany inlstancest' re
qiredi''t, to lpay cash-l foi' the lbor we
lt'ss ; 11t1leSS thell weit rece'tive rus/h for
our3 labors i1i rectt in we hose I ile inlte
rest upoin theL expenses of' our I buineslts,
OO) S~y notling of thle :ttilitlllt iiuol
debts wiie- moant and will conltract.
We ~ net 1 cotiert, f' actio 0)1 re- iedy
thlis ev1(i we need is~ to- securei' one1( 11;
formit systenit of ra-'tes by which to be
go)verned'( ii rnr ebarlges, and: wei' need'(
(1u1 impoJ~sitinks wich~i are e'very thay
praciticed upjonl us. Le't us thlen t'Yke
the proper' steps to) seenre (~fconerl oif
atin antd through it secure the einds
It appe'ars that. Matt. J. Ward, wihgo shot
the scthoohnas;iter Butler, in Kenitucky, is
'iie groat lion of' the strets of Newi (ir.
leans.. lie spolrts a bleatiful L'panm of hay
I orsnas beuautifulIly caparwsonted, andl a car.
riage that is br'illiaint with lsplenderv aind.
upon the box sit two colored- gent loimen,
with bltue suits, white gloves, blatck hats,
a green ba'nd arountd,-andli aiimall feather
unnn tbn Annn.. nd~.n
Tu Nor a tI aaid time Seauti,
Thie cau.se olf ali'iition is triumiophnit,
mnd its altar is proparedl for the sucrifice,
eit her of the Uiion or of the Sith. Oen
of* Iiese it (leniands, and tihe Sou Lth has to
choose wh-ether it will ctaini in tlse Ui
ion anti onthrace the fith, antl wear the
yte of its fiiratic lies, or Coroi a separate
Cimifederacy. There is notihing new or
uiexpectedi, however to the South, inl tll,
pretsit aqpect of its alh.irs. No dire ei
ha ioity awaits it with tihe prospect of which
it.has not Ilitg Iteen Itin'i;ir. 'Thiie end
in view is but. the natural mi f i oreseen
seqiol of what has beit piiing before its
eves Air a long series of years. I t Foresaw
lng smee1 1(he tempe~st wi ch nomw issues
fort h inl ilhs of' hhicknsess f'rom th-.- N >rth
crin sky. Twenty years have patel
,ince Souerni si etesincii elirewaeIl thle
Norii ot' I lie iliger it) which it exposed
tle Unliou, whose blessings it so lavisily
entjoye(l, by nortoring in it. midist, thitt
fanalticiln which, Wilit unthallowedl innanis,
now teari aztslunter our fralterini - tripes.
h'lie course tIiit pursued by Northern
putiLanis, wI Iillerel it adil cou rted Is
fiavr Ito accoiiplihii their sellish ptrpolies,
Was dlenounced tit a spirit of' propheiv
wa nlng, bult cjlouttieed inl vain ; ;%ledt the4
stIttsmient who beit to it . tle pin1it haiin
gei ot the ke," withi a vIew to th, ir owi
clevatio, Iave since lcen fircetd to make
a lym i rife.sie it ot their itl inl its Ii.
v.nO inlS-ii, and ilt array thetuselive
uilter its stantdardl anti wagie a direct war
opon the S~outhI. Th' 'e llig title ot
b oin hasu1 otdi'il 4u11, till at lelgl itl I.4
% hole North is ;blijtioi.d.', :iiid Irle.itS
to Ile Sotith an ubilroktt firoit.
ks the sotthernii iniul prp:ireid a imr rct ii!
iti one sense, wie liel:cvt.! iis. 'lhe Suthi
has l ig since ileter'niieil wheli tit Ilt
tw o clioose,--Umnioni. w.ih thlie jiike of
afilinatc Ime-b. u its tc l, or ihantnmon,
with its honor i stai ctil, :u1ti its irLr:ihin
st'ere. One spirt' a14it;ites tile whie
.mmnth, asset preypares each State Ili act, b1ut
to)m Iu C e'aaely inl dlele 41t its lionir
and its iteti . Bitt Ioes the appro; ch.
iO cris:s demand no itmnore ! Sieill we
w;it tIill the blow is struc'k 1vtore wte sliew
ai unliit trontt toi ther tite ! Ought nit the
Souit to iitin it iliintg il m-kini
knlow's its, posti~Lon ! Ou~ght it, no1. tith
Onle vOice Ito-ay Its the elneiny, "thi-i I-iar
1;14.1 Shall iro ti ol te fiorth i:r !" nliht
not thle f'reenien tif thle --onlth tp lw
wh:t :iCt of tie aggresslr is to be Ohw
,igial for rallym g, in bi tae array, a rou d
the stamtbliar(l ofr a othtrI Ier ight -
O,)ughit nt the asSeilel wid- min)
ot riotism of tle South to Speak .ul say.
nu he'ri Srouen ii itnti is t.o bgin, ;ull
whiat coirse tif t' um Ihe Sith will
ulite in ditetlce etf its hherties 1 hie
Simth ni/e't is hill hle to f);lo ;- I.-I
single itsove upsets ilir cauiron in which
ite wi7narts a:th witebes oh the Normt
have! bet) prepIrimg its doimn. anl pls it.
erm l eS to shnt and cFonfiltoin. 4ut
whatievr spirit iay aimie the Sooth,
Clie sejarfuct action 4f C.rCht State, itust
untavoiilbly prove weaki or prvtr'latd,
liscordtint arl! inelicient. Gil t other
hnijt, thu iuaile1l action of the wiilt', can
not Jul to Ite peacetul:C ', ellh-1iit ant tilnt.
Nort i3(rnIIi Paront;;e~ to !'iuti.
\\hile writing itpoln the nelces'Cith'
adtopitinig the cash sysem genercm2ly itn
lie pritin Itg bus iness, we w ete re
system'if allowe~Ld to be~ phtryed 'il oni
tilt nigtlhbor', te W~'atchi n'a, by one
ortigin, wvho si'it oil his ad1vert.tiement
with .mn irder tio inlsi't iour Lties mtied
a ben~t the timne wats abo uit 44u1t, tlloewedl
it, niLe with jlaylellt, hit. wit i alt
e.rfc u t io efusing paymnt.t uponil thei
gamuditti that is cerk nho 11 md4 mot!111e
circulars sLtuck and' st nt, tl thiam lie
ji/ended .nh idte WaUtr/inoni luut titus
r'c'eivedu~ tote by, ,istaer. 'i'his is buit
a1Si iinpl of a.41 1 sstem adiop ted toi evadeI
payllinen it', Cu Ciie thern 'lt. hnnId u
it seem a~i'~ cnnno lir'atie ith el noth
itt I sc a Il'ngth oh' Lti', aind w~ ben'
iiay-dayi cometiis antd the hills aire pent
areit' eer r?:-hiol by your' nteutt,
as an rtre Cti'th,- do nt condescendu'r bo
yi tn treeid thenn noin~to4z ls:.et, tiiv
aire briike att I mei:ti'e ht; p:zy. :;ti iif
to payt y in leitterl5Is arre.sp o~elnce.
or1 somt~e such triflitg andu worFblhess
thitng. O ther'is stitien'ily disce4hr tihat
y'ou have~'( not inisteid priecise-ly acc'orid
ing Co (order' (ir conlt ralcLtad re'f'tse
teril te to payt, andit others agaIin~ in-.
l'armt yoti that "ali is righlt and thte im'
iey' iiihiantds aid wai itngyouri order',"
yet the"y itke yreaCtt care ntever to re
ce ie y )n.- order's or oibstinatehy remini
sileit wheni Cthey are rec'eiv~ed. Ini this
waty andi by th~se niWaiNs haive iSouthu
ern printer'.v be'ni defram'ld.d auinully
tL it, of iiusand'Is upon)1 thbuti-sati'Cs 1f
jDolia:s. Wem hteari anld see 't eam
pIla ied of i'i'om- every pa-rt of Cte
Siouth tand yet the S~ uth contLiines to
do a credit bus.iness~ for te Noith.
'We have expe'riencedi tis tiitg 41ur
selves. Out of a bttsiness oh stoe
huindted dollars of' Noithtern ad vertis'
ing,. done11 within- the iast year, we htaye
r'oeived for our labor', tii order
(ltich we have found tt impossible to
.gt- ally one to take off o 'our hands)
urn a northc n house for $I2.50 :d
75 -cn.s in, pst, ollice stilmips, antd the
balhec some eighty or- ninety dollars,
Illinity well eaied, has beeni reflused
u, uppn one or the other ol' the.excnses
The credit syten wont 6do, and es
PecIly with the arth. For ourselves
We have retolved hereafter to) do i
cashlIbtsiness with ' northeri custoto'
era, ad we ad vise all others, wiho have
a Irtiper regard for theii i-clings an1d
a a te nre itltheir pecuniary interests.
to a Similar coutrse.
e1am. S. Lawiwam & Co.
Byv 11priVat1 d'sIatci Iromn these gen.
tIi.e'ie, We learn that the recipits of cot.
,I' i al.l tie portse ill thei Unioin show a
falilag ilol about 23t0,t00 bales coapared
Wit ha.t year.. The prics cuirentt cot
tile Clharlesti'n itmarket corrected weekly
by fir.V.I wlI he f011a14l in our column1its. InI
t'e desia:i jnst received they infiorm i us
thI they are Agtenis for N. LAgworth's
wiles Of Cincviin at,. Ohio, for %% hichi thle%,
lhat- ju-t receivedal a pareml ititm at th ie [.ir ;
ailsfor ii ig, Boaarti & Col., tol:ico aat
laithboro. N. C., ati lor a Gint recently
iivenCd ly A. 1). Bawn, a Cohlilas,
Ga., wih i arl gets outt the hog staple cotiai
yit tie usof iIlm p!;ie.4 md at itie saet
timc ieans off the itoi's anl irah withiat
a ianpai'ig ti - st.aple. 'ThiS (in it it, ai
w Cl gy ut40 b f Clean cotton per
daly %%fth one Stronig hiorse. It ii Is a stroili
as 1'i- w rinls tor short coo ntit i II
easy to ianage. The plates o iron are
so c'lst ructed that it dioes laot cit tle
1 taple and will gill out .short catont a
well as !ong ; the .hort .taple gianel on it
is saiid to lie letter boy 1 1-'2 to 3 cecits pe
Ila., tall tiat thaat .ginied ont the cimiliatoia
saw gaas, bit it aloes nit get it oat qile a:
last. The iorce of the oe they l re it
e.\hibit is 1 a$ 1 .nil w ill give out .r) I:: S
per day.
Mesrs.Istton& Co.. are. oblirinef
gLertla'iie and isin'ess iii aid will till of
ders arom the coutitry lorr aily il t'atese ar
tii'te': for which thaiy are Agents, a wel
as transact aily lb.iaess t1-1a:a with for
wadinlg .antd caainmass'iaan inaeirhanats.
Newsz Ttems
A I.aiin letter by the Nashville ttai;
thliat th ltte of A mterica pIaphers n re
lereitce to Cuba, is beglinniting to causa
great uneairess il connercial circles ir
F~agana. I.anis Ntapole.ii is s-iil to ha va
aI lar stronlger prejmhee agrainist any,\ initer.
erencve with Cuba thnn the En'aglish (;av
fruw-nai, but a .herC i na d tA 'lat tie\.
aMil at tag':h'r.
VitnWerritorial li'e lat ure of Niew Nleax.
ico,it is aaiid, is abiut ta arioralize Cont
gress tlo erect a new territairy out of it:
"T i na sutyZae:*1ld anld reco:mnaa till
ed irrth~e maoaorial is l'imerre. which wa'a:'
oririally the nanlie a the regiona no
propo.'d ty be eireactd jintta nlefw territty.
TIhe p'cee terrtifry it ahn eigl
hundrlteda .iiles lon bya, lvaix hundri~ed atia
litta r a>a1, waithi a suawirli:ia eren of 52a),
h0at0 sriarea. ntia e, inhlabordt'a aby ebi
TIia h up Siddaloais, whV ich arFrivted iii
Phiihade ica~ tai Fril it' nii.,ht lnraom i,iver
pooal, haai. tai bardat 4-25 .\aliimin eigarants
dl,-tinedt ats the mairks uponil their bsaggag
''alicaited liar "' al lakc Cit y."'
WhVient ie newsa.' reatcace i e .i ethodi
that Ilae ad re.s for' the ram-w.i of' .1idar
I .in~g h:i pa:si l th lIJlaise of' lt'are
s-'nt aivecs, the whaole bodly, someia Itre'
huiai~lreal .-trag. raise to teir leet antI
gave thlree cheers.
A lavt 'yr ill the lloiaon 31 tnic'ipa
Courat rI b een~aata sspendeid frin atictiec
for harm.ai-.saad Ito aine of' the Juiror~s
ouaa knia v hat yat anda I baelaaag to i
'ameic plilalt party). Y'aau aire Ihea oal;
tan it ktn'y oli lthe jaury, ;aai I shll relt
ain yion. I have' abouat forta Iilai' rae:
in Unrrn ('~ pectt taogfairr lha It themlr'a
Ai dli.-aer'eaanent o'f thle jurythv is - is gone a
lfar myi purpnlle, youl knowi, asa :an acqu~ailtal .
Maeal yaau, letters 'awilh Vat. It take
a liat i-2 anirre tn', bitt it is muchal 'tie,
t hana 'lila~ (mu 'lenve'pes or waeIrs. lFori
t'igni commeiCe ial lette'rai ar ahn I 'aa iscatle
wiath wa. TI'ify canallt it oplaineda att
alga in o ntak tiogethelir hhae self-!'5'calin;
enaveh~apei. 'a it houat de-tec'liti. ~alontey ca
ha e nlm'ia'd int b-'tera a'.mded, ats snaeiestetj
andau .int throrthi the mailsi waithl iurrpaira
live taafetyv. laaat aatl're thtieves aire tafmii
ha ste.'al thae:nl.
Kendali, Ilie i8.la.ia' .*e at Na' w O
leanis, huta t ie :-rre 'ted foar ant alIlege
raibabery of Si truimi Ithe iail. Ilec gav
$ ~Iat4 h)asi tiar his apearanice.
The 3fimade~r tr-aaa Nicaraigna, ail Wai'
mtgonl, adenountcs tCol. lieni.,ey's ph.,pac
eaxpediiain ane a lhbuistaraigaa' sei m', th
obhject oft whlich is toi overth'oa the pireer'a
govermnttent tat N icaragta.
llThere hlivae beent scenonts anda blastail
riaat' bet'waeen a thle foraeignti nhtablitatts at
:ivil atuthotie s of Clturago.
The mnilitia ,Ac jusirtaassed by thle Lrg
ihtare of Caniiada, clioses wivtht thle faillnt
tog waarl ike tarov'isiona, witicht gives c roun i
forF the C*antadmtaI jtiutrnaals thitakinig waar al
untlikely ini the even'lt oat Ir ubhles betwee
thec Unaited SItat~e tandi i Spaitt.
" Prit.ici.. Thtt if at the time waaho
this act wouzld- ther~wise expire ther
ahnoubi happto- I h e wtar btetwveen lb
Untited States-and hter .1laje-lyi thon thti
at sahiatl cntinute in forr'.e itdi thte end c
the session of the Provmgcial Jiarlintiner
necxt thIfr thte Plamkiationt of peac."
Mr.'T. A. Whitney, says the Charles.
toi Curier, sold Pt nuction sixteen ie.
groes belonging to an assigned estate in
cluding one child, for the larie stin of
810.979--being an average '68 lO each
Jim. aged about 20. i superior. house car.
peoter and plumber, brought 82.150.
The last i number of the Wilmington
IIerald says:
A distressing rumor comes to us that
whilst two white women were absorbed in
resmstitng the encroachmeits of a fire inl
the woods on the lite of the viiisihigton
atil We!don R.oad the otlier day vo rapid
was its progress that they % cre complete
ly surrointled, nid beforo they discovered
their situatiio, all menis of escape were
cut oll, aid they perished in tle hims
At aiother poini, another barely s ved her
life by iiforeiing her way tlro.: h the flames
into ai opeii tielid, aid thence into a potid
of watl.
The Providence (It. I.) Journal says
thete exsists ariniSt the State if Itliodie
1sld, chaims to tiet amount of thirty
thosand ddllars, for debts contrai:led du.
rinig tle revolutiun.-They remain a stain.
dio, memormt of tlie bad Iaith of' tle
State, as the French claims are a inonn
Iseit h lie laithilfuliess of the national
TuE vast. e.teit of the United S-at-8 is
il!ustrated ly th, fact th:st vlhile.- the in.
habilass of New Orleans are tea.tjir onl
strawberr;es. people at lihe iirther ex.
trennty I ave siow three feet inl depth in
Stheir ltrezis.
The Liverpool Corroespondtent of thle
New York% IHerald, anl h-our I-e ore lite
Nashiville left that port, wrote that grreait
agrlilai o prevail'd in con'sequence of a
ilprivate destpatchi nivinag been received in
..al.i.o n stat.ng lthat a great b-'ttle had
heen tough t I eiore Eipatorii in which the
htussians were defeated witi the Ioss o1
five thuiaisd meni, and Our Fasha killed.
On the 1;hI tit., the steimer Fills Ci.
'y, from Whee'inir Virgilia, fur St. Lonis
.\iiSOnri, --rrived at Cincinati with six teen
slaves in the cmi- tody of their owners.
Crowds 44 whites anil it' groes, tin hsaisr.
ing the nat I, gitiherei aroui the boat, and
abm.out 1) o'clock at nigit If. B. BllackweH'
t he ab1e"l jsumst, arrived oin board with a
iabeas corpis, to take lie iiegioeus till
The mwiwrs, however, lad i:lakein then
omer to lie Keuticky side of the river ii
lie VaVi io:11s, aid tere they remaiwn.s
11nt10 the Falls City Ift Clcmiiasi.
A in.t. is now beire tle Penn.,vlv.,i:
.egidlature fie: the est;abFshmleit ofI
larl of ledical Ucisors, to conit o
three regulir phvisiciais, to le a ppo.nat
h-y tie governir, before whoim all practi
auuners it linwvdicinie ini that State, irre.lie
tile iofh age or n.miug in their professioi
:.hall bie annuially summonled, fin order t<
i uidergo i at ex:inin tii, not oly ai it
thmr qualitinions. but as to tihe progrree
they have ipatin an relaten to the deveilt
unesits and inprivemett iii i he ecieice 0
m ieiine~ sibeco u theit, upon the firs
ex:a.inlton. It. a tax of t weitv.five dollare
and live d ollars lOr everv subseqiuet year
ly . .it tlt, evenit oh i mpiilah
aIIce witl this act. the6 peln..1ty is, "it) ye
courre in laow for lie coilection of !hei
lois -or mieslheal services."'
TheIu rumoiir a :t Franc e will iterfert
bet weena thle Uited~s States and Cuba, ex
eites no. lhttle remagrk ; nid iianiy Jaiun.ilh
wIh ih st reiinuty uppse~ tillistit ..
ineligantiiIly reject the idea t.:. t our ''cv
eriisaieit shoulid relax cite iota *if its n us
deimanils ;.g'insst Spa ii thirough lear ol an.
imupertitenit threats of the French govert
Wae leasrn fromt the Ehefie'ld Adirer
1iser thiat a rehiiuts revival, im the Il3ip
list church ou ithat vilge hais beent is
pnrogress there for the last three weeks
lie re.--nh: has bee.. thne addition to the
chauchi of .itme eighty personuer neari
* 'eveisty of whomia are' whites.
Fromit ithe le'tI-r s'f tha~ Cuhn correspond
eitt if thue Charileston Stadard jiaa rece.s
i'd n'.d ipubbshied in'aii e.vtra cf venterdav
we leairnt thait IDr. Chutrles A.Peck has lbee!
releaised aind perm iti io leavet thet Iilam
Iwith out aiiy caiuse bejig a1ssignted for li:
arrent andu~ remiivai f romt P'uermi P'rineiiin
to I lavan, enuther lby italhignt ty osrjutc
Ilie was allo~wed iin te inaltu process, tI
live mi Cubai, it lie desired to dli soa, mi an:
ot her pI..ce thint that where his businies
w.is estaiblished, taut niot feeiig assureu
thait .i aniother wee.~k or i to a mnore tlaa
miusta Ie itighit ntot be it':.de, lie wi selv dIt
ter.nmeda to retun tot tin, Uiited Sitses
antd hiii tyuv.r.rts we.re graiitd,uim~ with..n
rj1hmye, to: 'New Orieansa per Jihack~ War'
riotr, on the 15thI inst.
From~i the samie source we heairn thatt 'i
Sundiyi lait thewre wans ai great parade of il
the twaops liat cool b. e maost ered, h ic'udl
ing the blacek and Whhte vii htytesr the
hast t wo claisses appcirimg toi great adviin
ltigi over lie reginir soliers. Thi s ga tii
ersag mt'itbe'rdt uie '200 or 9Q8h7 met
and was creitabhle ats a "'itiati tuimtm01.
C oniiiidore .\'I't:ly ~ was oui i h~e grount
s.s the caruriage of the Captamu~ (eneral, at
tek- (y Upt. Sitribhasig, d aid.de.caiuo
oft Gent Uitehar the Ciontito'f 'Viilaneova
We were ttot particularly gratuf'.ed h
lie " old couimumtalore"' slhoirth have bee
o.sf the oipinion thaitu, with or wv;s liut suanori
i mbls, hie in'ght han'e beeni present wyit
t othler mtode of coniveyansce wvithout incnvi
ity, or loss of self respiect.
The peopile of Kasass have sstued
tent tsar th" puost of Gioverinor,- and' hi
a fpp)oit'ment 'wit hout the con-et oif th
.governted ant arbitrary exctecise of'pmt~et
t Thie Delegaites meet at LeuaVemtforth n
the 2h to iseloot- a esutab!O' perona lo
da Ala J..E i'
Goverinor, whose tame will be forwa'ded
to the President fir appointment.
ON Weinesday, a curious incident hap.
pened in the Supreme Court, in Ioson.
Judge Shaw was on the liench, and at -the
commencemient of the docket number one
wait the first calied, but it appeared that it
was not ready lor trial. Ujii tihis the
Judge arose and stated that he himself, as
couniel, had entered that mutt long befere
Ie beciie a judge. Ile been on the
bench imore t han twenty.thiree years.
The San Francisco Correspondent of the
New York Time , says that the uiners had
olTred a reward t' $2,000 fur the head oh
Mr. Wood, the chie p.rtner of Mesurs.
Adamns & Co.
The California papers are urgcnt in their
demands to have all the bust.iess of the
Mijat transferred to that city. The argu.
imets used to transier it to New York apl.
ply. with double force to San Francisco,
where all the gold is produced.
There are 112,000 applicants for land
warrants under 'the recent law.
The Cotinisioier of Pensions has de.
cided that u power ul attorney caitinot he
executed until after a warrant has been
The expend itutres of our Governmernt
tor the last quarter exceed the receipts by
The Massac!im1sets Senate has concur.
red in the resolution expelling Judge Lo.
ring, by a vote ot 27 to 11.
TIie English pipers announce the death
ofirti. Icwol, wormterly AM Iiss lr..nite, who,
under t lie nom de jlane of Currer Bell , es.
tablished a lat tmg reputation by the pub.
h- ation of ".Jane Eyre."
A New Vegetabic---M- c Diosco
rdia Japosaica.
It seeis more thin probable from thie
grea-t prodetiveies, ald easy culture
aid pre.-ervatioi o., this vegetable, as well
as its delicious flavor, that it will, It tile
course of a few years, constitute a imost
valuable addition to the hts. of our agr.cul.
tiral prodicus. It is a native of .Japai,
where it is exe , sively cultivated and
leasted uiplii bry rich and poor, aid wit.
brontight simie years since from thence tu
Fraice, where it has beein ciutiv-ited wahl
auccess. A gentleman of Nean Yorh
(31r. BoLt.) is no- iikinig the experi.
itent of its culture in tlit city, and in.
teids, if lte experimtent, is succesful, tc
diist;ribute the oots itir cultivationi through.
out the country. I lthe hatiitle of New
York Is not adapted to) its cnlture, it ma%
yet be tu:cessiiyiv cultivated farther
S-:MI M r. Bviui. gre, l te hI' tiowing ac.
count tof it:' qua li-iet a id cu'tivation :
IThe culthhatini of lie Dioscoria I:
very vimp!e, not regnwring !o mtuch laiin
as tile p4tato. It wil do well i any Lill
[ilt htit or anily is preferred, as ihr %
will tie iure meaiy tl.in whe., raised Ii
h!uavy t m lahnuds.. .The rinos art
ei. toVt) iiwles lonig andl planted teil of
twelve tioim ap:irt, in rows, and kep1
clean of weed uIt- realy to dig, %% hil
will be it, Octoher and Noveimber.
" It left i the gruntd two years it will
go on increanintg inl imiprovimig in quaility
11 kept dry they will keep eight and ten
months out of the ground. wiiih wi.! 1.0
a great advanta.e, especially ior rliipp n.
purpoec. It is esumanutd il that Jioacorin
will exceed any other pnoduce. It niy le
remarkedl here dia the mner part is a lie
white, very inealy-vejry agreeable to the
in.Me, renimilding aIrtpow roo~t-nu~d ir
oetkcd inl ten8 1)8itt eL,
ts gruwlt anA oi:ward appearance
reseiible the sweet potato, and fitere is in
ciu:ti2t it will ho cultiaa.ed inore exten.
s.iely ti.iii that exc,-llent vegetable; as -
possesse-- the atdvamare ot ie.ng h r-Iy
a'd of being kepit a mnucha longer tunie."
For the Banneicr.
SUMTEnviLL.E, Apiril 20, 18:55.
TIhe R1ev. E. A. Belles, beiiig mi the
town ot tiimtervi lie tei promiote the causi
oif die cirentlat ion of thme Holy Scriptu res
preached in the mnorninrg of the 20th I,
Apjrh 185 (Sunday) at the P'reshyterial
Church. By invitai ion the Rev. Mi
Flemmtg iif the'. Methoist Church an Ii:
conigregaetionm were proeint at the alter
rnoon .serv'ice at the Pre'hby teriain Church
At the cloro el the sermisi by the Rlev
Mr. Bu;es, he piresenited rho s uject c
the toriontini of a Bible Society, as ti
A geiit of the A-nericani Bible S.iet y. 0
miotitn the Rev. Mr. kheintg was callel
Ito the ch'air and several pierseuna apponnte<
to etain eulacritionn antd names for thi
re.orgatlZationm of the Bible Society formie
at ills plc somec few ye'rs ago. Sevent;
two namecs were ot.rainied aindI lie sumi s
ne hiutndred and tweiiiy-three dollars an<
eighty-hi ve cenits were subscribed.
Theli Constituitionu which follows an
presenited by the Rev. Mr, IBolles art
adopted, it being the tustuil Conistitution, ol
Thle fllowing peroina wcrc' electel
iiffce'rs fr the enertting year:
W8M, M. D)elRl), V, Preudien!
R1ev \Vmn. Flemtinig, Rev'. D. McQeer
A, White, Se'n., L.. P'. Loring, David
W inn, Execuitive Commriit tee.
Oti motioin it. was resolved that wa Ar
niver-ary seriion he pireaLched on' th.!neto
Aiiniversary of Itar Somciety.
11ev. Doniald Me Queen wvas appointe
to preacht thie serinam aned the 1ev. El
Ii1 was inheo resolvetd that nn athlreess b
t de'hveredI on, the Anti-. ermary of the Sc
'P7. B. Fr'aser was1 appointetd to delive
I the address, Johii S. Richardson, jr., al
I terflatn.
.On tet ion it was resolved that thei pri
cedings of the miee'ting lhe publisheodi
. the papers oif this' town atnd m tife S..th
-ern Presbyteriatn, and Southern Chiristai
e Advocate. .
'V T Secretary has been infdrmed an
takes groat pleasure in sanouncitig Ih
the Presbtcrian congregittion in i
plnae have coistribted4~~te sum of thtirt
doollars to constitute ti rivlastor life
member pf the A*nerican Bible 'lly
The Methodirt congregatilm have also
contributed fite sum of thirty-ix dollars
and fily cents to constitute their Pastor
the Rlev. Wmn. F lemineg a lire nemLer of
the Amcerican Bible Society.
Thcre being no further business the
imeeting was adjourned With tie beniedic.
tion by the Rav. Mr. Fleming.
T. B..FRASER, ec'y.
ARicLc 1.-This Society shall be
called "iThe Bible Society of Sumnfer
District," auxiliary to the Aierican Bible
Anr. '2.-The ol-ject of the Society shall
be to proiote the cirtctilation of the Holy
Scripturetz, "without note or comment,"
and III Eniglish, those of .the commonjy
received verin. ..
ATr. 3.-All persons contribulting any
Fum to its funds shall be ~u meinbis- for
one year; those contributing $1 or more,
shall receive (if called for within twolke
tconihs) a cuaomon Bible in return; those
contributing $15 at one time, or $20 at
1Co paymeonts, shall be members for life.
Ar. 4.-All funds, pot wanted for cir.
culatirng 4he Scriptures within the Socie.
ty's own ilmits, shall be paid over -annual.
ly to the Parent Society, to aid distribu.
Itons among the destitute in otlidr parts of
the country and in foreign lands.
ART. 5.--The officers of the Society
siall consist of a President. Vice 'real.
dent. Secre'ary, and Treasurer, whose
duti-e shall be such as their respective
titles imoirt.
Anr. 6.-The ICnanageient of the Socie.
ty shall be initrusled to an Executive Comk
intice of five, (or seven, incetuding the
Secretary a nd Treasurer.) which shlil
appuimt its own Chairman, and make its
owI By- Laws. *
ART. 7.-It shall be the duty of this
Ciponinittee to ineet frequently oii adjourn
riecit, oir (n) call of the Chirii-to keep
a good stplily of books on hand--to ap
aomnt local d.stributoirs--to see that collec.
tionm'. iII soelic way, are imale annually' in
every cingregatiun-and that all funda
are iorwv.rded early to the P.rent Society,
wit a wate,ent as to the pirtion design.
fOr the payment of books, and (hat as a
free doniton.
An r. 8.-Therc shall be a general
ineettcg vf the Society oct the last Sabbath
m Apr1 iII each year, when a full report
of their doinge sl:ll ie presented by the
Cmmiittee, (H copy cf whiels shal be fur
n:shte.l io the Parent .'ociety) and when a
new election of Odicers acid Committee
shall take place. Should lthe Society fail
Pt an annual meeing, the sane ollicerct
and Coesittee shall be .ontiaued until
an eect ion does occur.'
A e;T. u.--A cy 'ranch Society, or Bible
Committee. lirinied within the Iunds of
oil th-m anuxiliarv, by liayiug over its ui4
antiually, Abrl rceire Balitji and Testa.
- enlt, at cost prices.
Aa:T. 10.--No aheration shall be toade
in thwe Constitniion, exc~ept at an annual
m leetingf, andl by consenit of two-thirdsi of
the ncembiler. pres-ent.
Aa ..t1a.-Unl I aursday the 26th enst.,
at the re.idence of Mr. 1,. D. Bradham,
by the Rev. 1). W. Seals, Mr. J. of.
BJ~r., to M.ss Ja1r. C. BRADIAMe.
only dutyliter oi I . 1). Bradhan, all of
C.arendoi County, Sumter Dit:rict.
i lay she throngh life, pass smtcoothy on
A -ne he 1 .irre'i the Di.C otf C.irenhlon.
rnattcss cURIK.NT Or -ilZ
Clharlestoa Markel.
Co~rrcted weekly by
WV. .'. Lawtwaua & Co.
Chtarleston, 8. C,
Charlestont, A pril 24th, 18&5.
Ur'r..a Cutros.--The sa'ec of this art!.
ce yestrday were WI2 bales at rallher low.
er prices. Our qncotations are primte 7 3.4
to It0, and line I10 1.4e., per lb.
,Riten.-Cleani 85P0 to S0c,1-8 per hutnd.
I red lbs. Mfarket tim.
()Onus.-Cornc,85,0;), to SI 10c per b.
.Scarce. Peaa $1 00 to $t1,0~. Oats
a 75c per bush. Hearce antd riaing.
- hmr.--10 1-4 toi $11 0)0 per bl, for
$moflrern. *t0 1.4 to $14 for good North.
I rn.
SBalt --Sncks $1,12 to Sl;M.~. We havel
3000 satcks for? sale.
Baco.-IIu; rmmnd, 11 to 12c per lb,
according to qnality atrd guatttity.
IIzDes.-Codhidec 10 to 10 1.2 per lb.
Deer Skins 20 to 22e per lb-Coowt
und other smavll skines lo~c. each,
CoFF E~.itio 10 3-4g to 12 1-2er accor-.
Sding to qtia'iiy.
Sona.--Brown, 4 1,2 to Do accord
inig to quality.
MOLor~S55r.--Caba 2:3 to g, N. 0.83 to
USc. per gsrk
W s-2 to2S'c. per lb.
Tiobiacco.-.-V irgi nia anid NorthitCaroxlia
la to 90c. per ab, We are agents for the
lactories ef'those l~tates, anid for [Long
IBennet & Co's. brandl received a premiunas
at 0ur ir l,
wiYtes.-.-Longworth'st Wine. of Ohio,
SWtc to I per~ doz. We are agents2 fon
,thege wiieR, for which~ we have receiveti
a premium at our Fair recently,
WoOt..-Waished, 19 to 22C. per lf.
Tr.bhy, 6 to 15c. per lb.
Bp.gy CA-r!nt.--CaRt loads '71.2 to
ul8 4c pcer it., net t, Getting searce.
Iloos..--Car loa'ds 6 1.2 to '51.2c. per
lb, nert..
e N AVn. STOR ES.--SpR. Trrentinti 3t1
.~ to~ 38 cpr gal. . Rosin' S1,95, toO
pter harrel-1*'
r g As a SPRt~ INande I1 1WEIE M1lt~ --
einen rt above all othtE r has~gularl efl
cacciote actIon oolic t160 Ift altength5t5
V cernc vivifyiig tu~iIspus auP~' stinq~l
Liver; Its te y to dtini ~u~ o
aeirrace, the ,y clea~sltrhe. py
inig to Nntrtie @wial ' titonl
andI astto1b6etIuittS idnay O
n un-ho uma o apaui
of.-1l eitust nas cl~.~~t~fiihmwu
dleste. thatf hu tAhcut It.
t a . f. ..aify tn

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