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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 25, 1855, Image 2

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Pnon:-ron.ot-ant Our 9.at(l0 7Jatzr.W
11 is rPini.isn ill
-J'ril. ria3, lt 3 115l
John &. Richardson, Jr.
TlWO DOL ARS uit ,m vaice, Two Deoliirm
andl l''ifty Ceits ait theexpiration of iix ietenth
-tr 'T'hree Dollars at tie end of the year.
No paper discointinttel ititil all arrear:nS
-l'.t In, unless4 at tite opmi iof the 'roprimtior.
A! subscriptions are e peeCteci to le pai-h for
% tlvaince.
Ulvertisernents ifiserteel at tihe rate of 75
per septitre Air tlie first l'ifly 'iis leer
me seemel,: nti 'I'hirty -seven atel :i h:alf et'iis
'itor etth sibsetitteint jinsertion uinler thri
ml.lntili. Ottiial averise ment- inserteul at
sevehtV five centm for tcith insertion.
Siglie insertiota One Ilelolr per mlinnre,
Se1tui 3neitlyV, .1nlthlV anl QuIarierl I1 -
'vertiseniuts etlarrged the *aine a; sinle i nser
lisiness cards of ive inies and tmntler intcil
m'tl at Five.lillrs a yen r.
Itree 31rmtlls :tlverisements.-Oce seilnlre
1 1 01.t two stln.tres $7 00, three minlares $l0.
Oil, four stinres $12 00.
Six 31l0the" :dvvertiseniits.-( tne semr.
$7 00, two stina:res $12 (i. three squ:a res
$1G 00, aind Inir slilarts ;2) 00.
Yearly adlvertisnentst with the privili-ge of
'itinnargitig tlaree tinties, nine seintire $10 till, two
tptares $18 00 three siynaws %2.I )0t, Iitir
qinares1 $30 00, atd five seimt:tr- $3 1 M;.
A stcnstro t.1 e sii ist of tlie sp:'ee tcrnipieel by%
12 lines of inininr t y p .
AlI job work, ecash, ccl transi ent ai vertising
pain1 liir ill atevarce-,
Obiltuary notices ani irilitts of respect nver
12 lines clrtteal :t a hertism-entn ts.
1l tulverisemients n.t. nomirkel wiill the
number'ii insertions cvill ee u l'ihe'lt 1util
forbist anI chared aerelrlingly.
C011i1omtunin jetinms c:ilcln;atel it, pe irte pr:.
vate interest. ncr re'eimnneeialaiuis )I 4amii dlates
for ollices of honior, proil or I itrs t wVill Ile nibar
got fur as arivertiemntItIS
Annuoncing a. eaituiclite 1';e DIt rs a ve' .
For all marri.ae's tine printers fee I e el
As late :a tle year 113, te.
JIved ill \V ester: \'Iirgin a. a rI.i
whose strenigll was so rela1r:k able, a'
t n Wit Iiuit the1 title nol the 1;\'ir-ii;i.
Samus ul).** U_. knew nei-thIng. ()I IliN
birth oit parelt;ttie, but sill-I se.I lic
w'as brlu ill P, it tglal. Irt 4i1 w helice I
ihe was stolell vilil a elilld. aill eil'
-ried to Ireh l11. I I is (.itn lie, . - h. .
't.iis were 1thee \ l.ec\hi, .1 in llt
latter* coinitrV. \\hile ie ~!
v.ppreiticed hiitstlf to a se ve:t c t il.
for seven years, ill pay t*,i'r a d
to this unlltrv. I Ili ik arlivai. h1:
tte miel -ervies w(eehl I > n ir
W ns ,I Vf\rI i, in uh~ e
'ces he rinainiedc notil thw brelit
o-it of th' llevo'Vlitiont. liti.g tf ;ti1
adtvenlturoums turn11 1* Iniind. hie S011g11
:111d obta.ined per-liissionl o, his nias--ter
to join1.1 the I ar, and wa11- engaedi
activu srlvice Jtduring.i til hsde ucntt:
t et Suich wa i itrength :a lir
tM0na11l iave, t Lhat no nilmy cid
resist hini. le %% ichleded a Su% 4)rd. the
-bhide (,f* Iu ihWas I!\ v fet inl-gl h
As 010tough it lal been ti-, :nn!
43very (le wit vairie in eilindt with
binit paidei the forleit. of his lif'. .\
toney it, ie w.vas 1n1e tel tIhe "1 1h
jotrn houple" whih was adiv.nmced tee
Cut awaVy tile tbattis ; tntl, ixt t.Li
Major Gibbl1, was the , m :m.n te
cnter the tworks. A t lBraln i g vee 1.d1
.MonmnotIhI lie exhibitled the t- I
fearless bravery, and1l Iitingr bet lis
th ilWity I w're, Ieven'itCI hi pi-'
lulioll to a cor mioin. Trailcrcd
t0 the Sotuith, le took part, inl most tel
the entgaeeegien iits- in tiat, sectitin. tina
tow"ar-ds Lthte C1e3e of thtne w-1, lie wI
etigagecd in a coiteSt whiel exhibitu'e
in a striking manier, his remrilabeice
self eenfidenlce and eoutirage.
Un a, whe reconiteil cing. hte
stoppedl at the lionse of' a tian bcy the'
4Immel of' W L, toLrfreshl himtseilf.
Wh ileo at thle tale hle was surplri~ned
by nine l3it ishi itioper w ho rodee tny
to) the hiouste, andi told im htle was
their prisoiner'. nSeeing :bat lie was
so greatly outtumbe1 red, he preitn'eld
to surr'ienider', and the drai~gc onr. seeiing
thatt. he wats apiparenitly v'ery peeacefl -
ly incelitied, aftLer di-;ariming~ him1 a!.
lonwed him ~ conisideriable' freedomng whlileI
the~y st down ten pailalte of thne i oud
whiehlihe had left, when disturbedccc.
\Vander~iig ont in to the dmoor yarid, hie
\vas aecistend by the P aymIaster', who
dtnmande~d of hinii ever'ythinig of' valuie
atbout himr at the risk of his lfe, in c*ase
of refusal. " I have nothing to give,"
said Franeiseo, "so tuse your1 pleasturei."
t1Givo up those mnassive sil vet' buckles
3n'our' shloes.," said the draigcon.
"'They were the gifIt of a frietnd." re
plied Francisco, "and give them t)
.you I never~ shiall; take t hem if' y on
willi, y'ou have the power, buti I inever'
sabre tander his armn, the soldier stop.
ed downt to take thm. Fraincisco
seeinig is oppom tunity, wehichl was too
good to bee lost. seind the sword, anid
tirawinig it, withu foerce friom undter theo
arm of the soldier, deatlt lim a severe
sevecrely wounde.d, yet beinig a brave
huan, the dro~ gnlotn drnew a peistojl and
aimed it at his itulgnis-t, wvho wats
toto qnhtik for' himi, houweve'r, uund as het.
pulled the triggei' a. blow of' the swoird
heiarly suverad his wrnist ar.d ptlaced
h imr /hors, d& combt. Tlhie rceort of
the piistol di-ew thet other d ragoonhs in.'
to thm ye.. as well. a. _N w ----,wn
vury unt geruslly brouglit out it liiuus
ket, wihicli li handed to oie o, tle
soldiers, :Ind told him to atiuke use of
it. Aluittitig the only horse they
coutlbl g't at, lk! presellted the imule
at tile bret (ist of l r;allitsCo t1( 1t111 (i
the trigger. Fortniate!y it, m1itasekd
11r0. allot Fanineisco clse l i t p 1 him.
A ShtIIstruiggle eltued, wlici eiId
inl hli.- disarmling a!.d. woulinlg the
soldier. '.larleton's .Stroop of* 6our-.
dred titen were iiowV ill sighit, and teit
,othIIer dragos wer abot. to) attack
him. Seeilng his cate was despirate,
ie tutiried toward :m adjtnttliilg thicket.
aid ts if cle(riig to a ipary of Imeni.
he mt ied outl, 1,01no on, my13 brave
oyqs; ilw's y tir titie; wo will sliot
dispatch tlesie few, alnd thelt attaek ithe
in1 bi)y !' at, tihe Stut ti:1 ruth.
tin at the I.ragioius with the 11ury f
lla en rg d tigcr.
They did !int, enlgage hinm, bult 11 -d
preel litately to) thI e t roops poie
Struck and dismnayed. 'eNgv,11 o llif Il
t11c traitorouls villina1 \\. 'I-r :-0 41sc
was a wit to dispatvch himl, Ilmt hV
lw d oii ! idead so hard fit hi- life.
that he fli r ave him, :111 told him ti,
SevCret f6:' him) 'te eighit. horses whirl.
tlie s ier hai lei, behindi thiem.
terkei Vill-g that T tal on hid dis
patlcd. t wo o'ther draluomns inl Seh
if Linhit heitt onoI ill int. the adiji in
us6)4It, aind while they ;ipe t Ute
ho iu-, iw, like an11 old f,x. 4iub(h.-d up.
kn th ir ar, : irl ssu l y vti ,i
(heir iili. T nxtdav IIht w
to W. for his hiorss; he dtnohi t we
tI te It his a n -
inte t n . l'haing his si-uation am
where! ht, o)ught to have fiumd frend1
Frnnlcisco was compelleel to) make~ tit,
ht-tit it, otll I.f with hi:, siX bi,,,
\\ ----It a1 -1u.-- i " ,
l i. ai ii vidsir e o .v--cl! thmtt I
h uli It I o ii it exoii tiioi r, for h
hri ke his ni-- hllv a i;il f itn ko I (
lt- veryV hI-st
:11 t l t-t , o tilt li t mI . ;
s t e~i' It ' n ii Ie sini r u
Ig hipKI H"A "mi SMO t"'il..
'n :t..' n, ul- r.. ft hitnt utiat i, ns
co'ted bv n lilish fb-,%l t h. i
:l a aitati,. :id h:A ii t tth. tI
tttliat t :, r e ,s i lis .. l tl
sahe would ntii sn-o er: lie,.iic t.,
0a 1t y lit ! St i.
stini reitt k:g t ha tst lis titi vutce hi
i-It'-'iiuc uu t~l hs:titnt
1urtrl u it ise -( I him. h11 ii) 1i
., h u iys to hsr'.r a nr~
ill forit i iggi himwt. .if is.ti fulld
f b a I'- ' i' L i. : il , .ho
hi ld thnou h mith ilt I t ng '
he fell Im lihith t! . tL ,.i I - -l l 1 ':
f'i t Ion. An:: i ~ -ow, ai \ , a te .. hll
to oanm. e Ilte pltt;l., 11e '
fordn whi wt - eneml i;l Ili.; ;:,ar
lia-ld aiv l hu i l e
()llwtr i tIlk i, we .t a , a b,
1ore I go hoei. It's all inl good feelinig
yim low, but if you lick ile, why I'll
SatisfiQLd, but,,"
'"Sop a iinute, stragel," said
FranCisco, " you'1ve mIistalkent thet I ranLl
onil y,~.1P l' it o l ting' 11nan1 at all,
'sad it I was, I've nlotiig igainst, you
to light aboult."
\Vell, I doii't kno".-; is Llelr. al
other l'eter Fnineisco ill these parts .'"
No, not, that I kIow oil."
W ell, thell yoilre the mall, :Ial
you mutxti/U/, I've come all[ 1he way
['roia Old Keittek, :111l I ailn't a oghai
back v..ithout knowing which isi thll
be-st ililtl. D
"JAu4t I wo'tlL light. I've lp t ln thilg
t. , igh.Ilt about, and I tell yol I mon't
// / .'"
) - ,I if vou .sh:lt, liglt.
I'tr iger. I m lund to lick Iill if I
e:1n, it I 1iolli you ti1111HL lick 44 .
Iy this tillke Franceisco had Iooell
:InIrv at. ho importliity lf his visitor,
tMid dettertinled to plit. anl end to
thle sceneI. (-iZ'ng his :1444zonIi-t.
thieere', by the seat ofl his ulickskin
bren4h . and thle i t 'lhar f his hutii
shirt. ie threw hilli 41n r the I;.Iee
i ln t! l1o: ; thwn walkin g leislrely* I',
where is e imy wa s tied, mL 1it'la 1tned
I im, alId all r hi lilI 1 u ) .gi. Y l ail
st\ren 1h, t rew . im lfier his diseul 'lit
e i 'ufer.
Thet Kentueki.0i raised hmnself fr-om
Afcl ter rubbing his ' ay , a 1 4h .u h h.v
h! ughIll lie IighLt 1t. 4ot vel see 1 'elear
ly,. hi I 1ounlld Ik t1n.4v1 . ren arking, :
"W l, .trugeI reekem11 yOU'il h>i.
t r o iI vhes l: rr t
un Ike (t . i f.4 a nyh4''( f ly a I v yv1 Iu
17 11 1 vIi c %; o k1 ,IN
;11: 14 -i l. 14 I . I a t % i li it w1I.t 111111. 1 i..
about the 4441 figh . y u LIm tel 'em
tvi4 NV 4 I -i. r.aI.l.4a
:11. lit'1 fiv:.ir hk ..I
1.4 1 j4 liek ed lil 1t k 1 mos Il i h - 1.'
ra ilco Illas aupoweli v h ill
in h iph .: .1 .l~ u 1ghn; tw 4 n ire4 i
and simy pomol . tlli uclas -
I.' I at L . \V 0 1 i II1I. .1 1
:,- r ,n''-rl be!n nn t 'hu I I':
\4 .1 1 11~'44 41 1114 I 11.1' :14141 (it ill
; 1 4 r l, (11 .1 v~ ~ 11.l . Ip : 11d .-4 %I
144 4i :: i :1 ;
uIih a 4,w 4: a- ell4 hi ch.-;
I . w r d 1 : . 1 .! I ge tema. A f
V I' 14 I 1:'j r" I44? :441 II
un44.i .h 4. . :, . : . si fx ng i
V ir i i ,4 ..'. * 1 l. hi' : Il i. . A:
' I e c h i ll (ali.lt 11 -- -i t han:I;
4l~i~ Jll 1 i~j ':. t it Ill
Ia. ~: Ia 41:4 4444 ~4It t 14:1 ,
I4 4h-I44 h I h , n 11 :1: lih .I
.1:14 I01'~ St 41 '14 i'. 4! 11''44
d44 i .:1.'. 44 iio ni 'i
L 411.1 1i 1-:1 ."i t 11.1 t i' 1 11 , ,
u'14'a uI n lgo sit :4'' L ofl4 4 :h
4ri4~.. '' tha 44 4 i1. 44 u44144oll taI
iI WiiL h141 '- an l 44 earent41 14j er 4
.44.4.all h.is sitei'' 1.4,4 44:141:4n
t 4'4i11 I4 i : 1 '44 14 1 4L n-.. e ti ri *...aa
--. ao aa: i 'f.ot brea4 k 1.' a 144 ~i
h~a iaa!I4 , he wal4s h 444.. atr si4 i
I' I. bc eajse v I'.i 4 1. : . .th r~' acI 1444
cS 44 1 i0 l i si -t. e Y.
( ie he paa4)lIa ie flal I1141 : '' rc .er.'
1.onlilis of 4,4 the 45at.I .4 144is . -111
trw s a .- \ it eiil b:1u:ch444tlcel.
''te iv uhh-b ~ iaovie he.14. diedj i le
b , 11. wa4h r -d uib miitr
sketcha of:a :aliwaia liI il
ino nire.
SAN FRANCISo, IMrch 23.-Never
wAS NMIIIIl u i Iy s">) eenvulsed in (turl
youiig Sitate ats it ha~s bieen durlintg ite
jin t lliiti. A trile reccorti of eyelllfs
ithoughi t, t State wolild it, I:l
hursting ol' the Siuth 'Sva liibble. :11l
tile all', is (I uld . w t tiew till Lo I bli !il.
and1i1 i el.kito 's "Thlirty Y ars ill tilf.
alited -;tatos te w b bu,
prilier ill I. e1ll:L i aoll Of S izol'.
s 1i . etat i (1 il r ) isw llilig
stale elIltie sv i a ~t il ta-- titlie ii!'ul
fll re ofl tilt iai l-s, it h s fi; l a ' :Ii s
sjpectiloat itoil az, :1 I -l l t ilt! ii - l rlo
ilent , l'; t tii iit ti t (i t
i*- ia.l y lii I - pillt a r l il
:1Ilill. . 1w V Ills Of fifll I I llI
%-V ill)r aml aboos,-t. daily v .:p s ni m
abuys I wS llt - n ju..sI
[:Ili h t o# t., atl rd j Stict. to) : -ro. ! Ilof,
pewpjvt i itotrs. .. eig s- lials vlar
.-. i - .ill :I . t 'si *\ 1.11
new flne tatin h th t el-ut\\a -
Il' el hi l t-I t . -l " q)l\Ie , :ve i
cue: iiialat \l 'h t o pl e hel, tit, h
t ; Ittir-- i I. I'.
A ls _- 'l t it' l tl v:Il wl to (till. c it
tit t % y i I m i . l t I I
I eh ed i a
:t ;f it .1
I . d . X. i (III (.
W Iwv I f- 11" 10 , (f I t
a li ill 1 t- t Ii I t I t i e t \
w el'e~ 1'lit . dof \ I : t!e (3'0it!l -'I IL
h ? . I i . . .
tle hti 'II
tI- I r tl i I tii' L: !a
. I i e il Il 111i t ll i f '~ I
i t'a hi wc~ tite nither tt * c
ld cavil r iii h t T
h w ht I itr - tr - r
lit ii lie t t at : I !.
I Fh t 'A
If. tVos j
~Ittl tiil- , l - ' ti i *~ flt l i
k- ~ ~ 1! *
ait i ,-\ -w, I - t
I~~~~~ ~~~~ Ii tho. t~r:'jj~ ld a>1, ''
IaI's I t aai'l fll t. tSlii! 5j ai
- t I r
L l''t.,u ef 'att l l i \tfj.s 'h tt
11.C 'tl a It i \er - fl ittiiu~
t i:iiit. i I e Id ii- -i~' \it -aa jt''
ill es 111 b i..
or li Ow.~1 (eicii 1llili Last~ WeekI
0.I I lbw.L Saiiltr W rrii.ed
-L I411g4!0Of oll (ir(. was11(1 was rclnoil
oleI &ivi:Ig, boll ~3 ill tile 81,111 of
1000 f I~)lir ik :ipIecar-:IIwc It , o"I't to
:41SNV,v' tilt chial't.. i s Sonin-law,
1~ I ii ~if 14N vere his Suretiejs.-.
an. ~.1 iid hasq Det yet
or. Iie.ard of. T hr Alow-',
Ie: Ii I had11' 4iI e.01 1' 000.ie
leiiee. i'~r Ie nci''e&e it tI(Iit
61!.v~ ie.wl Iuhew fitvi' was tu,-o day, s
()It]. 'I'lli sm m,-4 lie f' ' 1,141 hlie t r Ie,4e
til til. i-A .%tile hjoiidaries andi~
fluscrip, b i 4 1 - iv l ill [lie IIifi
51 1e I I o a! Iso e'~ f~rrlrs4~I
tite p~ro V-113 --)I eji ietec 1. Balol
4,1-; ti'i )-:I- ~e.dll: Ime'r, whoze IIevir haid
41~(1 il V. Iil tLvi) '5 a t's jA III the t
he Vjl~vvvdto is ictim:s, who pa~id
him cc vi tltimIecv, 1211'.*c himl his peer.
Ill ;Si ill, 'Ind e1 i&lt t VU ciltlii l'I~t ill
Ili cm-l i ;e hi l lelds"~ I t'l heir t iiie s.
is :ll. I W-!fitt li c.1 all it
ti l, 'eleel ul 111 1 , V1 C. I4:1I;:eel
ight Ie M of iS
tic , S '.ec-I etua 4.1, ~ llge 11 11..N.i l1illel to'h'
P'zIwn .111 I
M. tilt r',,o Edwas' ww-,I It c'ii{ I
ce14.w le*h~ I alistil~iziio-a~I ie'j':II;aii
11:0 iS SO 'e I iC'IIV III2L i(k I,%- S3II4101's.
*\ I . ite Sc lt ia Im.i.-V. .1. in.
w ae I Ip I :it-hl M; (.mst-*
til4. e wi*l? tl il v' ic . V..-c l
A 'it I 1,- www I h ll liv' ed tt I i':ie'hjelz
I ,:Wrle *%I l lvar L' t el ~ev( i'
-n 1 !,' 1YI A', i t I ; me ho'ie ded
vt 1-1 1.e: 1 .1 :1', ' 0r a , vorv
l ic er ir .1 I ,\ tei lt
a eI t ie.e l f it! land ill.
1 tie. I fici' fl1, 13 c', ".,I! %v 11 cIV~
Ar I ..' 1, ' It - r I~ li.I I:v e .'t b 1 l: I ld.
t; hu Iiijt 461( Ie:: it,~i :ui'her
v. L- I -Z i c!*e , at kl,. I1ec11el
1 ii v " -Sc'' i I t~eil,.~ ~ e'l sh el'
' i i't I : lI.e la lt t I () di
!;:1 1, S ~ 4'e *'" H is l.
I i~. I I c e ti ecil oI ee
Ii i s ti . I~ rv , thatl,' Ilt
i~ii citfc .! -ar ti 1 11141 4 il L i
littels very rapidly in mixture with
other meal, but malkes the bacni oily
and ilibby. Acornis ind leechmast
are good ior store pigs, but fitten very
slowly amd never well. Acornm pro
duce ggod, firm hae'in; but the bacon
.f1iom lleechmast feedingl is eonrse amid
:iiby, widi t soruld oily C.1t. Iran,
polland, and seeds (A" wee1ds are very
slow fat Ltellers..-d Y. (O"Ore//e,
DErunr IJe A IbN.uMAIn.: FlraE DoG.
-DI.ietl, in Charilesto)wn, MIa ssacha
setts, recenItly, ".ck Iaiin," a hlge
an_ Val1ub do belonjinr to J'i'nie
IT 1, 474
Coipa.ny No. ., 6f that city. The
hiistory oI thik dg is-'ve'ry 'ieridtiT
till worthy li ni o 1e. lIe was oie of
finr digs o)wned 1y a gentlem.im somi
years simce, wh *w aw-:nstomed to
harnies them to a little wagon, con
structed ir the plcIlose, i] whlich they
drew hine !.lnut ho courtry 'a la lorse.
ly t.in3e ean lici l, aount oup years ago,
1e was i nd need t41 dLU.i' SO. of, this 0o
to Mr. 1ani, lKving uar the No. 2
Egllille I Ionise. II the filnlilv of Mr.
II:imin, III? inIde hI irself useil in a
varie o'tv :vys, rocking the eradle;
'i:ing the liaby out inl a little wagon
6 1r all airinig, (1n pleasanlt day", &C.
Ilt Iireell (I IN Co. beellii very
fthid o Iiir1, and wohi eim cdtidei'ce
Iv leedinIii hii in tle enginle ho:Ise,
:nld at their tables, till at lenigtlh lie
joineli tile comipany, aisiSti..g iy his.
well kiown i-I in spreading the
alarinl inl cases ot fire.
The engile- Ininse was his home, and
he "a1 1las the first to seize the
roII)e a.d assist in '1raggiig the ma
cline to tie fi re. Ile n'tended '.1I the
clehe, it ilis of the coompany, dressed
ill a tuiil' rni which die conpaty had
tnt'le lbr him, eating erackers and
eI'2e and driakmi ceL.e with as
rn Ich 11.1pare t ielish' as thie best of
iheni. At one time lie was by acei
lnt lo-kcd tip in a iudIild , itngnir the
engiie-hona, find an AIatrm of. fire
eiiig .i H : 3n islt h lii:, .J ich sprang
n11oiigh tie windihow with his well
nowii bIaik, i'ld took his pl1ce at the
With the rest. of t'.in.
lewasa generaal favorite rwit the
.u oh neighboirhol, and ahltvs rec
* cti his filendis inl tie stree sait
ol theni with a IoteJ.re bA.I
:11n.1 a %vng of tlhe tail. The co3ipan13y
i liIainted (III canlvas, and will
ie hii si tliled andA pliced in
tl;r in3ue liose. IiS tliiease was
Ohld e hog i~t i.- nlot kill)anl exact
ShIw ~obl he was.
Tm:l' Fj4.r:.3-:r i'Ini: Gu i.i.--\-e
Vaeiiit Sce tihe j3-tice of leenls-ing Lhe
I'resillent f1( i a design ti ilnvol ve tI
enl33itoty inl war, heeiaise lie hats, ordeh
ed an incerease ofthle I loanl. Seina.dron.
\ViI d not 1R vWell for those Yk
1r1aigni his mnotives to Ast'certaint ilk
t)bjectS. anid leant u hat ordCrS ia-e
Incil givl to tile ci naiding o r,
bdbre- theCy -conlviet himn of inlv.) ;[lg
ti 'Onniti'V i nw'. Nothiing is kitowia
with e rtaint y of Ihie instriuetioisg'Wen
to oi. .\thCaitly, btt, V %%e finay
hI permitted toI culijectil iC, it lif ot
likely that he haS been order-d to
aveng past iut ruagi, nbut to'resist
aMid aite all y fiture atte imjt of
Span;sh v\- ls t1 se0:arch0 oit r fler.
ebitineii inl the utilf. This is per
fleetly legiilinate, and. as a peace poli.
cv, uthea veirv best in Ie world. If it
does not pre vemit t iiure 14nt1rages and
e ventua 1:1war i, as we hoi pe amL'~ bel ieve
it will, it. wiil lbe simply i eeanise Spaini.
rel ing uponi3 t lie asistiS:mlee of the atl.
lies, is. detterndiiied to provoke us intoi
a flight, at a'Ilihazar,i3IN anid this site
woo h. inesI i titb~ly con triv.e to -1do,
whether a fleet, werec senit to'I lie GuilfI
or nit. 'The trnthi is, if we had a
large naval esta blishmnent, as we do.
vioutly wish we ha~d anid blh Priesident,
couhi Il send a scoire of serew ships of'
lie line, and 1tweintv or t himrty sami er
vessels to the gult, ut'zter Spazini,
Englantid nor Fr ance, noer thei thr ee
cimnbined w~ould permi~t thiemselv~es
to bie involved in a war with the 1'1i:.
ted Stat es. hi is our3 iserale weak
niess, as a niavalI power*, that inivites
aggriessin.--Richnwnd oIs.patIch.
[lere wri tes the poetry of' a boy4,
but, m~einory ubat. of a ima. Matn
Ilookls 1 irwarad w' ithI sini les, but hack
ward wi th sighs. Suchi is the wise
provliden ce of God1. Thie cup~ of' life
is sweeI(testat the brimii, the flavor is
imipjaiied ats we drink deeper, anid the
odregs are made(1 bitter, that, we imay
not struggle wti'en it is takeni fromtOt or
11abi1t iin at child is at first like a
spid0er's web; if' neglectedl, it becomes
a thireail or a twine, next a ccird or at
lope, fiamlhy a enbles anal thein who
enni break it?
A fillow comin~g f'rom the top of'
the Allanies to New Yoa k, ini
\Vinte', wvas :aske'd wvhithier it was as
coild Ilhere as in the city. "Ilonibly
colId," said1 he, "lihr they have 13:0
thermnomieters there and, uf. course,
it gets inst k cold .-5 it .~se. w
A CuAt. o.-A little fop Col.
ceiving himlself insulted' by a gentle,
man wil) vetitured to.give him some
wholesome advice, strutted up to hir/i
with an air of isTporta(me, und said
"sir, you are no gentlemndn! 'here is
my card-coisider yourself challeng
ed. Should I tie from hi0me vhe'i
you ihnor ine vitb a cll,. I shidl leav6
word with .a FrieLnd to settie die pr'e'.
limimaries to vour satisfaction." T4
which Lte othei replied, 'sir you are a
-fol--here is my card--consider you
Yio6 P1 led! Alid Morrld I n6t, be pp
home11 when you valil on, me, you will
lind I have left orders" with my ser'.
vant to 'kick you into the street."
A military officer, of diinint'ivi
stature, was lately drilling an Irish.
11111 consliderably above six feqt
"Hold u[)p your hea'd". sAid the oI16cer',
el-vating Ltie ehin of the Irishman,
with the head of his Ca10 to an angle
of forty.Iive d.grees. "II1ld up your
head so,.and-throw your eyes som.
what to tle light, tlus.
"And umst I always do so, my W-.
ble eaptain." atsled t'Me new reertiN,
with _n1nich apluArdet sinylilty.
"Yes, ahvays," answered the officer.
"Theni, are ydu well, my dear lit.
tle iellow, rejoined Paddy, ' shall neV.
er see you -again."
"I am afraid 3'u will 'oiie '
want," said an old lady to hi'daungh.
"I have come to want nlready,"
wis tiTO reply; "I In'at a' hice yOuu -
A smn'll 'iiece (f paper or iiner
just iimiistened with t'ni'peb*i*te, anma
plit into the wArdrobe or diniers foi
a single day, two or three times A
year, is sufficient preservation against
A natuiouis 17tiser having pi'fAri i
very eloquent charity sermon; "1i
sernion," said lie, "so strongly i'roves
the necessity (f alms, I have hinost
A mind to beg."
married.,sald Aunt Bethanv "Yet.
but it's a great deal more solenm n
to be," said the maid of twenty,
IV ly is man's coat larger When ho
pulls it out of a carpet-bag? Because
lie finds it in crenase;
"Tddv Iny boy just -s' WoVy
1:n1y chcese there is in this lit, Ah'
faith I'll give ye the whole five."
"Five," said Taddy.
'Arrahl my sowl, bad luck to the
man that tould yer.
An experienced woman asserts, tha't
when men break their he-arts, it is all
(t saie as when a lobster breaks one
of his blaws--Axtithr sgron ting immue
diatly, ad grP\'vng'in its yhjTi.
A very absgat, mindcd' individual
beimmg npset frm a boat in the river,
siu11k twice be tire lie remembered thAt
lie could iWiv.
A minister having preeC Ad A s&.
mni 'A was his customi; som iodi-A
after he anted A gentenian -ii , pinioin
of it; he replied that, 'Twas good, but
it spoiled a ditiiier worth t*o of It."
"PA? canl y'e tell md diht is a
"ITi be sure t edni, JTiimy."
"Well thiin, will ye be afther dd
in' it"
"Yes, jist, it's a woman that hmas
iiever been mariiried at all."
"Be ye .in itienest, PaAVu
"Thaa saints iii lieavewibe.. praised,
thien? my mother is a virgin: tny faith.
er never mtarried her at all,. sure."
P1An)v's I.UsnDE.-"O y is! 0 yist''t
cried an Irishmiani ini (lie streut a fe#&
days since, riniging a bell, "lost, he'
tween twilve oi'ch~ek and M'KinneyA
store on Alarket,-st reet, a large brasA
kay. I'll not he afTher tellin'ye M'hat
it was but It wns the kay to tho Wlh-,
"My love," says5 Mrs. Fooiie d.
her husband," "oblige me with a five
pound note to day, to pumrchiase a- new
"Shan''t do aby suth ilhing, A nos;
you called me at but-3-se
"Lor., love, that was hutllin~
mnt by it that -you were -fond
"You little - -~, -I hat'oflv6
but here's a ten."
"Ilo* is your husband, dear?" ask
ed one lady of another.' "O, hs i ld
a very bad state," was the reply.
"And pray wvhat kind of Ato IA h6
iin?" persisted the other. "in the State
"Never pull out a gray hair," sai
a genitlemnan to hIls daumghter, "as two
generally comes ltb its funeral,", "I
don't care how many Coame to the fu
nerai.'if they only comes' dreaed hi

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