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WV. *1;f. 'YNS'VMfl W .
WENDhiA)Y, MRY W, 18.11..
A.castis for tile IB:uater.
The following persons have -I) C t lap.
pointed Agent's and are autithorized to re
civesand"ecept for, - all -stins- due- the
Suilfer ?itnucr. Any persoi vihing to
',Mvoic a Pubscriber to, tle - 1ainer, by
handing thin. their nme and address wil I
have the paper forwardeil promptly.
NV. \ '.arKEn JR.,..Clum1l4ia N. C
WF. N5sVO1 o1r, Nt'rville, S. U
V.S, L,A WTUN & Co. Charleston, S. C.
.. Russr.t. BAKEI,- " " "
1No other person ia authorized to receipt
for.the Banner..
'I lae Paison-nassa. of the Creni
tiosa na1d Del age.
- fist as we are going to Press, we are
iformned that this most justly celebrat ed
Panorama, which hs received so int it
C .tmendat ion 'in every place it ha1s :p.
peared, vill be exhibited in this place on
this (Tuesday) and Wednesdlay night.
This is a sight worth seeing and all s'iouW
see it.
Late Frd.
We learn that there was a- pretty
elairp lros oin Wednisda-y and' Thtirs.
day unoining lasr, but not enungh to
do any damage to vegitation.
Thank You, Geatlemenu!
The Liemon Syrup. ad vertied by
MILLEn & 1UTTir uponi another col.
ume, if it be a lair lnpreel of the Saim.
pie set go a,-aml. we have no doubt
it is, ii an ex-cell'ent artice. The
hands in the oflico unanimonsly agrec
that it is hard to beat, and unanitotns.
ly return their thanks for a taste of: t.
Full Orat ulsionsmEns.-No Post
master has the right to charge- po-tage on
a newspaper published in the District or
County in which' his otlice is located. The
fact that tihe subcriber resides in uno'her
iis-trict is not to be considered. A gain:
all persons resi'ding in the District in
which'ihe journal is published are entitled
to the'paper free of postage,. though the
Post office be located. in another -istrict.
Tie former point is a.part of the law ; the
]ptter has been settled by a rpecial decis
ion of the Depart'ment.
Oh -Friday night last, a little beforc
twelve, tho cry of tire ran throigh our
town. Upon..proceeding to the scene the
kitch'en In the jail.yald, in near vicinity to
the most thickly settled portion of the
town, was found to'be enveloped in flanes.
Th. te had aiready progrissed so rapidly
and so far that no effert, or very little, Iva.,
made to save the kitchen, and the atten
1ion of. all present was directed and their
elliurts employed in statying the progress
of the liames..- With.- m-uch ditliculty the
jati and a necat-house-near by were savedL
H-lad- they taken fire,'vithiout an engitne
or even water buckets and axes as we are,
iS n ouldlbave been a dea:h knell to the
hopes ofiminy. But the night wvas unus
ually caln, not a breath of air appearcd to
be riirring, and to this providetial cir'
-eoumtstanice alone are we ionebtedl for not
noiv being enlledi tiponi to' chroniele the
des-truction of much. of our town. Soon
after the crowd had gathered upon t lie
spoet7all wvere shocked' and horrified at the
lynrt' ri'tt human beings were in the
buining builditng. Thelu town-guard and
one other, who were first uport the spot,
hi:td distinctly heard the cries of children
and the despairing agonizing screamn of a
wmn.but the laumes had progressed
10-far,-.the house was then. one-live miass
of coals and ai!.etibrt vam useless. When
the tire had burned down the horrible re
part pioved to be too true, and the charred
bodies of a womiaan and three children were
found in the embers.- They were those of
Sormuy and her three children, the pro~per
ty of our friend. and. fellow-citizant,.. Dr. ..
L. I IArnswon-rnI.
It seems that. Sophy was hired to the
rionr as "cook, and slept w ith her famnily
int theklitehten, where, on this night, for
eome tinfe bforod the alarin- of fire wa
giv;en, heavy falls and cries were heard
and it is-now supuposed. that site wats thne
first to take fine, atnd that the noises heard,
awere made in her struggle to ext inguish
her clothes. 'Tho house was ntear the
gr-eund and had two doors and, four wint.
Jes ande grewn person witht ordinary
instinct cotnili hmvz easi-ly tmade their es.
cape. 'rThedoo~rs.it seoms, wvere c lose d
or. the claildien niighit have muad~e their es
Thle event hats shocked the whle com..
muntity, and we regret to say that it- is
sha~ught by many to be: the result of negro
tradicking and re()tlFng spi'rite- withont li
cense. - 'i lioor woman is lnewnu to
hate- received ia smell pieco of money I romn
het emnpl'oyer otn this night, and was seen
betwveen elevei' atnd twelve 'o'clock, re:
turning, apparntly' dy'utt, 'ftun, a row
Knrisk shLOp near by, whore site hiad-.been in
ae-habit, ince her residence. in tlait v i.
ein-ity. of fisiting,: ankfrom. whenice she
had frequently .ctaried drunk. Ilomble!
horrIble ! --
,.Ihiis, tto our nihud, is but another evil
gtowintg out of thi low, uinhallowed, and
unlawt4l.practice~ Tho properfty of our
citerenadneighbore is rijit only depreci
ated, v'iiatd nmd rniotd bt iin itiany il
stIaneve, what little of vaile ill then is left,
is cimpleltey de.stroyeJ. It is ;it evil w hichi
caII 'bC stoli:c,, vlitchi ouiglt to bo put a
sto..:fo, and due0 which our people are I
Fo1.4 to sillr it) Axist-The10o conmilutnlity
at f.g andthe- Jttriof our country, we
verIly lielicye, woithl salctioll :liust ally
11w1u1Yis we might us , inl L) protection
,)f oiur prolc'iy and the vindicaltimn of our
rights. The hiss, in this instamnco,. to Dr.
llaynsworth, ik a ve(ry heavy tine, and,
on1e wh'icht ihtve-tenee of a Vgiln No..
ciety and a sfriitt inforcetll ofd the stt.
-0tChAgiis retailing rnighlt'lvive preenut..
We sc that there ik : sIbscriptionl
geiing IIhe ionnd to raike ioniey to
pulrchase a./I/ri' ?'nytincFi for Smteri"Bll.
We ire glad to ,ee that slme are wa
king upi, at ht, to lie necessity of
sont1e suich lIuIove. We have warned
our readers tite and again that Sine
thing mirst be done oy way of pre
paration against, lie dire :tti terrible
rtvages ofI (ire. .n we tiel that, we ire
moic than ordinarily ex.jimsed to the
ravges of' this eleet.. Almo11 A all
of' winrhouses ave- buImt of wood and' ill
Close -proxiiity to e:wl .thei;r and
lice fiitly n Se o ur 1w ho ule vil:ia1ge
wild' I iAiy lie on1e vaslit le:lp of
ashes. W e s:I y I henI. I ItI. we ar e :,IIx
ious that somethling shonld be done
:uid; we are willing to di)t our part, litit
we are not altoIgetler satisfied with
the imethod employed to aceomiplish
% hat aI (lugit to Idmit to be a good
iiteitiot4.. We are not satisfied whh
the inethiod mised awl we halve la d
several otier. Say tie sailne thliinr; be.
cause it is not j i nd rid/t that the
poor, and hoiiest ad hard-working
Imech:niic, who Ias-- nothing or very
little at sta :e, shtouki bie ea:led upon
as l ere gelnerosity to Limake lup the
sumt necessary to sectu this protec
tion to the houses and homes of
the rich and opulent. It is these
men who are to give tie sweat
t thel.r brow.s and the strength of
thei'r stronig arms rwenever tese
eiiiemergenci tes a. ise,. and th. ought.
not to be expected to rise the
money to boit. Let the rich :d the
weailthy raise mtlost (f the Iolley re
quiired and m aiso it in pr ')Into the
b'*nefit expected and the anount of
real estate at stake. Oir proposition
theni is to let one h:1lf, of the mltoney
required be raised. by' a to.''n tl.c levied
plion I the real e2.tate withiti th iteOr
porated limits, :nu. the o.her hialf bV
vo It itary s: he'i -i p tion. V :e by t I
subscriptill lit t1.It .1. niliiulmbr of the
lclielje'is have subs<.ri biedi freelv and
liberally id a n1umer of our. Iier
eblants :11d otherl rulen (of melanls have
done e(lliy r, ell. Tliey have Sub
seibed ill p'roportionu to their melan2s;
but tLre are other mni of :iealls. N% lit)
lava .reat deal ,LL stake, and who are
ab'.e and ouigt to sbseribie largely,
but who have gi vm bnut litt le, widhe
some11 htave d't'elined to' give anyvthinig.
Tis' we sayv is not right or* ltir, and
weC therefre ropoil ji se a plant by whIiehl
alt lianlbe compelledl to. jnuy a part, at
least, ini n-opin-tiuon to thi/r m.i* ~eansl mlId
thleet cdri'rd, iz: 'To nti e halfi
by taxationt and. the litther half byv sub
scription. Th'is pkma we bielieve would
ra.i e the- amou~t. desiredIiti' anduoub
mebet the v' ews oft the piell gener'al ly.
Thant of ris intg the tottey by vl
utary subscrip t iotn alone will not , foria
there are somec senisale etnouigh Lto see
the iimprop~ riety and the inj Is!ticer anmd
whoiar theretoot unwi~tilling tIo contri..
buate their hard earings f 'r the bene..
fit, of the ric/h whe thlt tey shew t hat tey
are unw~tiltlirg to helpi theml~selvyes, bie
cause.,, fo.'seothI, othets tulay dii, for
Arcabishop4 Rhsh esn~V jam trouble
WVe ee biy our i'ohaniiges that a warma
conitroversalr", Ii etweenl I Fas-rt-s ltloon, s
E' '., oneO l thle editors lof the Newv Grk
Expiress, andai A rchibishopi Lth: ms, has
beeni goin-; on int tihe papers foir .so:oe tinae
"Th'le hiter ch~arged the foriter wt ith
faltehiod, in atset iug that contvoeyances or
real estateI had heeni mad le to imo,.
(IIntghtes;) whiereuj'om .\! r. lirooks publish
es from the Rtecords, forty-five copies of
coniveyantces of lanzd to the~ ArcIihb- hop1.
TI'ic Cathoulic prelate endleavorcJ to geL
ouit or this dialienhly by averring tLuat thme
tratnsfers were to the chiurc,--he. repre
sentinig the chulrch. Bunt, Mr. B3rooks
shows that the convey anices vest a title,
ini fee simtple ill IInighest, that.l the property
is is Lto give away,. will away, tsell anid
dispose of as hte pilease's. (TIinus proery
is of Iiunens1e value.) 31r.. -rooks albo
shows a trantsfer of a portioni of thils
"'property of* Guid," as hughes stiyled it,
by Ilughes to theo larlem Railrond Comn.
paniy, for 64;,000o, anid avers thaut thecre
areO othber cIIonvyances still on the re oirid.
WVhereupont this used upl diinel, who
throughout the whloloecontroversy is sid
to have exhibited more of .wrath and ter
givers~ttirtio mhan of Chlristiani kindnessL amnd
truth,-wit iaws fromt the contest i tis
awkward-way~ '-.i take hint (Brooks) with
covered htaids to thle neuro-L open s-ish of
a wintdow,-and-- send him forth wvith the
single mnenta~l observtion-'Go hence,
wretched and-vise insect,--the world ha~s
In' tle Charleston Couricr of the
10th ilst., we see a notice that the
old established wholes'lo dt'i9, hiTise
of P. N. Cou'. & Co., lrvec rIecoo,
NW10.Iewe bulsiless; It th:ri 041 stand
29' i u e n e :ekf 'The C'orier may s:
" Nl'r. B1. Mordecai having-t I rui..hed
a1 harge cash capital, will ollan11i theil
incrfeaIsed fheilities ihr intiing and
selling. whielh togethler vit'h the ex
pelienee of tle Iieaiibers o' the c '1
COrn Will enAble. theni to oil'er de:ers
wio visit ur city, adviithgos in I).
ing in their sip.ivs not to he surips -
eid in ay of ilie Northern citis. 'l:e
enIr nieniber ol'~the firmn beinig a
phyvician, ald thle junlio :1a cernilist,
aillbrds a1 gluaranitee to physiciins of
the puity of all art-ldes SoId at their
The La-nssville IfieraiMl einbraces
tle prilposititn recently 1rin!e thriiogh
our coln.ions1 inl rt'erenlce to t-he 14)11n.
ation of' a State Agricultural ' oiety,
to hold its :imua-i n'rs at Colnihiiina .
aI rges actilon in the inmtter Ap :i
tie Agientira- Sotciery (I Laurens.
W\ill 1i"t ou'r Coterinporaries in ie
SIte consider the inatter. aid, il'i huir
juinient approve , place it. beiorn 1te
Yes, .\r. Hieral, we ho"pe they will.
For ourselves, we cointes-i we Elie tle
propo.sition Iniuch, anid glad.Y take thle
hi'.t to call the attentioi of the "Still)
ter :\gricultniral Society' to the iiiove
Look to it. gn leineni (if the .ei et y.
1.- it nolt a1 proposition1 worth emlbrae.
ing ? CoulI you not have sinetldhing
ine. and worth attending if the various
I )istriet Societics shohill unite in (line:
granl Aiial exhibition of the f'riits
of their experiinets, industry and en.
terprize ?
Woul not mutch useful ntrau.tionl
he thus diflised, whichi otlerwise 1m1.ust
he lust or coi'lied to a coril-aritively
smiall nuiiber ? And i not Colun.
hlia the prop IA hice .' \\'IA s yoiu ?
Oir New Yotirk correspiiident witing
upon tle sub jec't of Oh. ]ite Prohibitely%
S, Savs :
It is inti appreheiniled t hat toere will I e
much diiuculty duritng tle intercal be
t ween the cessar ion of the licie .systei
and the Pourith of Julv. The temiperance
pariy are not, L tiiiil;, disposed to proceed
loex!reiiiities p:'nd. og tl:e advent oif the
whole !aw. Iiii sidesi however are pre
par.:g tur Owhe ht igatit'on wiuch will im
Ilediately follow that event. The liuor
ii'erest is poweril it a pectrni.iry point
of view, id has secured the services olf
11h0 ab~est inbe~lral of 4-ur har, atnoiig
olberti O'Conlor, w hil has certainly nto su.
riior if be hsis any egnial, a.'iig h;i's pr.
fesienail Ire:biml iit t;is cily. Rlzi..h
rercived 8(00 fur his topinion, whi:clh is
sid to be " an opiin as is an oinio,"
3:: wvill be riain-d as enan iisl wa tiie
.\lvcih.lic ide- durin-. the stig l' I
ti lav could Iive fiir plIaiy, it woul iri.
uniph over all tile objeetions of .I,. 0[a1,
district atiorney, and Ir. Dilon, corpora
tion counsel, wlhi :af:er all aure latile bel
ter' thaon mere gniibbles. liut there s'
iI;ore serious d1rawback~ to its prac t ia
u-sefuilou wh~Iieb m... and it is proba.
le wi!-l, render it a iiillityV in this cit.-..
A~ liaw"I pss.:+tuubseq i iinIVy(t the paiiage'
of' the luijior I il! t'niacts I !,iti iiu lrdeii n.
airs coiitlted here 'shal! Ihe tried exclu
sit.e!y, in th' C.ourt of: Sessionis. ireaiee
of the I'r'h ibairy .vw are iisde'iit'anors,
and as the !as. mlent :ined act provies,
t hat I he ele:s of iinisdl'4meanot'rs ei whieb at
takes cogunirice, shal i take plrec'reine u;
all others iii all enotirts oif the State, it
is pretty e:car that the court of Sesion,
will be brought to a staitirl.stdhl biy the.
overwhehinig miass of tiusiness which, the
liquo~ :- daers will take carc shall he
for'edl uipunit k tromi tl~c jiump~.
'Thle problu~ity1 is theirefore, that the ie
tauiling of int'xienting dlrm k, Wll tot Ie
stropped in this ciity by th inew meinaeure.
bui I have no doubit that thli l.w n' Jl b~e
uo amnded~. :at the neC.\t ses:.ion of the
I .egislature as to haivte noi i~opolls wide
to dira:g a coni iiCiiuma ius clienit thlroiugh.
News Items,
JIade C.,ohpultt died in Ma'oni (1., ait 8
'cll .\. .31. on the 7thI iist
From thet Coihihi Croliiini we !eilli
thai~t ColI. I) . i .\l eord dlied in that. cay,
on Satiirday tioriiig lat, after a brief1il
Nuinnery andi toi lauwvell, coinchusle thei'
rport in the hfollow.in'g sty le: \Ve ci 'seiler
hi. 'oiiduict uponi the connnliiit tee at !ajweil
hiigly : impulrope~r and di sgracefulI ho-hI to
h:hnielf aind this be~udy, (of which lhe- is it
imeinber, anid we dcem it auch as5 to rmnler
haiml luwort! y longei' to) 1ccupyi) a seat tip
on the Iloor oft thiis hiou s.
Th'le repr't wis sigineid by all the~ connit
tee. Thle Iliuse, in a vote upon01 theu re.
port, rutsta ined the repiort andi( disiiissed
.\r. 115is by a vote of' I:J7 to 15.
The Columibia 'Thines of Satturday say:
"Y'esterday mnorning about 101 -'elock, the
stzable, well-housei~ and one other building
inl rear of' thie dwelling of the Rev. George
llowe,.were destroyed by fire. Two-val
tuable carriaige horses were also constuimel.
At a meceting of the Board of Trustees
of' S. C. College, ont 9th inst.,. Si J. Alc.
Ahiley, I'iq-, was oleeled to fill a- -vacancy
in. the llourd caused by the death of Govy.
Ptlostonste Kendall has1 been again
tar;,-d vilth robbing a letter fron Gal
C' T.-ion containing sixs hundredl dollars.
The celebrated 'rofessor Agassiz i;
eluItd an oflier of tihe.- Professorship of
Natural H istory in lite University of Ed
inburg with a saldry of ton thousand dol.
lars. lie pirtfers to remair at -liarvurd
Irot a desire to inould arid develope c
nitific lvirining in this country.
The clio!cra has appearedI ainong the
irltgrant Issenmers on the Upper Missis
Kippi. On til !:Jd tilt. the seltemr .lon.
tank buried seven of her parsngers, vie.
Ijts oi the ioler~a, betweei Keokuk aid
Dubqute. TIert were seveteen case,
on heIlleIyal Arch, duriig her upward
I ti1t ito St. 111 t! last week.
Governor (.ardner sent a nessage to
et luse on the 10: h insi, refusitng to
reinove Judge f1-oriny. The- mesange was
laid on the table without acltion, and4 eight
thousand copies ordered to be printed.
The Hlhln. Jonles L. Orr, inl L.is recent
speech bef-orel thle 84)uth1 Carolina insltitt,
in Charlestni, :enit:ns a Mret vorthy I
ittotiei. it spea:kinl zg of the- iml! pot.;',ice of
hionle inom :.e tm1)l:.es- hle s
"T11v vxln.-ive carriago mumfac'ory
at G reeniuv !e ermphoys soie fifty imechatt
ies, andl Se ll aially- n10t I lot Tari FeV.
nuty- ive- thoutd dodlhrs wivor th o itn %% ork.
The mta:r iket uhich it Inhliii-hes to tle: vari
O(nls brnche olf indusitry inl the d Ptr'e.
In nas consitmoptun of* livmlber, moaterial,
provisots.n & e., dtLisws a pr ope ily in t1he
distlric greatr thtn is dnec bv all tihe
capial expended I y our friends froim th
ituile and lower districts, in tuir sum.
iner excursiois and rels:etices in this
beiatifltul nl IiSounitin u tw 1n. A do'uzen. suche
ia ii faictie s, n d i n .i imakingr other
ar1ticles of prime nece-siily ntow purchaisedI
ahmttii. would 41iJw every hill au I Overy
valley blmo:n n. iii pkuty i and cvery
heart. iwel i1 happy coitet.
Thee w .e YoXirk Iirald, Spueaking fi
te Kow Notinl , -rgalis-tion says:
"We have somewlatt siustained this mutove
inenti, believing tat ;otod iust result
romt i, in qunshing he co:-r, ptin of'
this P'ierce admloinlistrnat ioil,:andil in hading
il' hr- great Northorn Sewa nIl. chmttei oI
a reonewel ant is - Lavery agit, id a
'ectioml contest 1 1!te suittcessioll1. Let
it be lilerto< d, howt-ver, limit tile mt.
iient we arc issured if a coalition for the
Spoils ieween the ati i-sl iv enIni
the Kitow No' hing.'s of the North, upon
the fieditilus piai'frn of' Seward ;itu his
counlderaes, or anythinog like it, Iit imo
iment we abandon ail reist the organiza.
lion as a treacheris clinsp;r-a-y, aditti a:
.1 party oramedoi lakse pretences.
It is rimillttod in \Va.shington tht the
l'.esident wilE a Lppnt Julge P. G. IM rir,
of !.stn, to lthe v:u;v in th Cori of
dec-!inuing T the ippoohimncit.
.. . rep.y no -the; alt, 0 e W
W/ar remark- "t is harlly poss b!e that
tile 'resident eol ltl. r to tIs hsi il
giuisiled gentui:-an the on,:ti-m n the
IIeV C!. I nde l ..eil n by ihC decleniin
uuf .int.e Lui.i1pl, ti! G:eoia. 'To do .o.
wouhii be l' ::k.! the whltI i; : this elmllr
1'ron:. thle- nin-slatehLi,'ing Slatezi-a
inijure is st' d oj. with C.~:onres, andI int
theSoth ireties a."itgei,.atsL
I 'residenatcan dl'eu Lie 'V r,.inia election.
byj the remova'ilt oft '.iv- lovLernd t111he
ilhtietts, in Its p~ce and he is sitongly
uring the .dn ....trait to itur--u- h~
onehl pieosunse- thait the~ vie a,'v ;i liji
Cou12rt uf (.'.imts, c.miso.l by lie inon-acep
Ge urgia, hais bteen h-le.I by the apjpointt.
menit of the Liii.. 'aaurge I'. Se*j burghl,
anit (.onitt.i:ut oliai Irlw~ in ilhe C~ lege of
WV dinan an.1 .Aary, at W L'br-, Vir
''Te(' Geneva G izet e oi Satra ti'.ytVs :
"Qlir c~iitn ftr t wo lays pa~tst htyve lbe;,
it coi.huiy interested, aind saoe of teum
a.grteat deal ex'ted. im refertnce to a
.-itrang1e all Itttius fr inetxpheale pie
iiirmenonii that f.. ttetenrred in ihe wather.
ofi Senieca Lake.. Ituritng the whie itt
Wedeh -y anOd yte.,Irdayi the water..
wvilill rise anid falW, int a space of' ihnte
conmuosl trough:;i thtoie days tr~n tiLive
ine0loes to Lto lOe: in htmlht. Jutt5 after
s~tittdown il t 'edtted.ty ci tgn~ii a t(ijen
oif oiurs~ mad~e an <.xact mteastt'urment ofi the
water l it t-2 ihes, whten it cn.
that, the recei'pts ofl liarvardi Univeriy ex
cued tie exitenses, andl Itht i:-:ttrly ai mii
tury of this veneratb.!e intiiittlit.
Theii W'ashinigiton~ Ni-o Saturttday saiys:
.\ genttlemani itt tis c ity 1hzi.-sonig ne
cu eil a let ter fri Jud. Iige JTo..eph II.
t hat hte ha~s poitiuvely andtt uineqiivocally
declinted Lt.hi app itt of at Jutdge of thte
neiw cimis curt.
'IThe Fa:irtsci d II-ierahll letrns that there
wats ani attempjt at ripe madle in th Ito wer
parrt of that th)st rict Ia- t wee k. A warranit
has beent issuted for the arrest of the per
pet rator, a Lad abhout lifteeni.
VTe Stnd i of Satutrdayi satys; Th'le tel.
e'grapht inflormeid us, itt a hate houcir last
evenuig, that thle Africa hats arrived int
Ilostotn on WVednesday. T1he only inttel
ligettce oif im~portantce, addlitionalI to whlat
we2 have by mnai!,. is that the cholera had
brokei out and wei riuging foarfully"iiong
the French troops in the Crinica:
The Lancaster Ledger say:--For soe'
eral unccessive dat s,. there has been a
contiuious buzz., ini every pliAce in the
district, we hav-e heard from. -T. is buzz.
ing is caused< fri. imnenee hers'6 lr
clists, whicle have played the mischief
with the leaves. We are not aware that
thy have done any damage to- the grow
Ing crop.
The iuneral obisequies of the late 1x
Governor- Johnson, were celirAbrated- at.
Unionville oni S:turd -y the 'ilh inst.. by
a -procestsion of the 1lditary, Lodge No.
75 A- P'. M. Intundent and W.rdens of
Unionville and citizens grenerally. An
oration was deli- ered on the otcasion by
o(:*. T. N. Ibwkins, Solir'tur of the Nor
thern. Circuit. .
The last returns of Ilhe- Cinmissionors
of E4iig-a4itii imw a. nirked falling olf
in the ititber of alien landed at New
Yo'k during the present year,.as compar
ed with the arrivals in 1954. Jretween
he 1st of Janutiiry and tilt 2.5th of Alarti,
last year the uimiber of alien' ristered
was , I, I this ier during the same pe.
riol 2,73i0, a dereasc of 2.7,23,
31r. Janes I arley, of Oranehiuig C,.
II., lost four excellent. civs on 'llhursduiy
of last week, by a strok2 of liglit-niig..
'T'lie Elgelii .\dvertisersays tit S100
coun)terf'eit. hills, on tle Rink of 11Iambhurt'g,
m.1, be d!tcteidA by obiserving on the gen
nine hl. fie ropes at whicb ifie hands are
puilling in ilth oiddle t' tie vessel, anl
which are aunchcd to a pilly above, and
lhat oi tie cointerfeit bill this puily does
not appear. Blt for tIis smil defeet, it
i6 sa!i the imitation woul'd have been per
feet. -
Ti burk "s :lara Winsdor" arrived in
New York -lndy-irzi lart ai P1rince,
bringin two omen from the missingschuoo
ier -'John Clark," wieb'i sailed fromt New
Yi rk' on the 31 of. Mareb, ; ( Kingston,
Jamaic.- The "Jont Clark" was thrown
on her Leanm ends in a squiali on tle 7-th.
SIe righted after lie weather rigging haod
beent cIt a.ay'kbut wa:r fhll ofwater.- he
crew were leit lheithut food al water,
ht on the next day obtained a keg of
ertcker: thant verm, wet v./ith-sid' .'atcr,
aller whielhatiey git; a bucket of r'i::.gar,
somen shturk livceredil,-ando zur catmphdotie;
h. latte2r made them. stupid, anil feel as if
they were on fire. The fifth dy ntierthe
catait rolit, t lie captaji, ninte,- stwmard
and two uen ii'od,-atd they, the' two re
0liing ueinehad nothintig to oat for cight
days previoui twheiig tuk'-' These
that died wen t erazy previis to death.
Tly a'lo state that tly saw two dill' r
ent vessl, one a fi.hiig chMite"; Wich
c:ume close to it , so Iat they could
see tle tman at tlie helm, one of whieb,
came so Close that they hallounei tot hIomI;
fite vessel hove to, and came cluse op n.
der their le, and after sirveymg them
polt their httihtn hard n p 'nl bore away
witoint offeriir any assistance ; ;ill were
hving at that the, and but ior it being be
for,! daiylig t could have read her t iu, as
her k ttrs thn wetre distiinty vi.sibl..
The! we.ither. was good. and nothing to hin
der then ii trtim saving all on fboirf. 'Thle
noniest'f the twto saved are flla'at. .McKa v,
Cpta i' i.soin,) and C:in ries f.'ivei .
F rim thet .\.nintal repoirt of' tie Bia rd of
I'origt Missons of the Priesbyvterian
Chutrc.h, imit ipubl ished, wie le'artn thait the
lheipts tromt aill sotreeys. iincludin g a bi.
atce fromt List yeatr id 81 ,2i7 52, aimout
toi - - 81-tf,071 17
!.eatviig a genier-d batince tof $.9,.:4J t)7
lucre ha~s bixen appriopri-'uted
to litdianu .lbssionts iniisa
anud Nebiraha, - - 8.2-2 (00
l..'air-tg a hitme'e in. th 'rasu
ry tar the' giener'al putrpo.,es oft
the liii rd. of - 87 07
Thle lhiiard ha-+.setnt ont dutriing lie year.
six new Mutsioioinries (tone of whom hand
bieent ini th~is coiunt ry ont a visit) auit twenity
t wiot al and feimalec Asseitt Missiouna
ries, mvil inig t wety ih nal i a
udrits iritin, biesies whant is -donec
for Papalu I orope, twen~tty separaltet Alin.
stins; 50) ordfaiinetd Mlissiontaricn; ) ljdeent
tiate P'reac'hers; 114 mta'e ral~ f'emiale
.\isiutanit Ali'inriues;.4:3 tnative I Jr Ipers;
21 I fllrelbes, anad abouit (65t tnative coin
mi tuicat ; 2o shoonls, andi ti,5Jd puiuis;
aini 5 firiniting presses. fritm which have
bieeni issued moitre thatn 12,00(\t00& of
paiget donrin;g thle year.
Th'le famtonits Kinney expeitii'n. case camue
liy tin Monda~y lie 7th Iinst., ini the United
States5 Distiict Court, before Jiule Inger..
roll. AMter ac'veratl inif'etuial elTorts of
te District Attorney to ptistponeo or con'
ine lie case unit if antitther term, he
dleclared hi~tmself unabule to) proceed and'
the Judfge dlisimissetl all the parties tiponm
M~essrs. Kitnney andI 14mbens etntering into
rec'ogtizanices in $L(000t each to apipear
andt answer the chaurge itgainist themti niext
A rlumov wais- prevaient in New Or.
easotn thte 27th itt., that IBi-k'ar, the t'ur..
derer of Wrill Pmioie had been captured, andu
Iwasi being conveyed to New York.
PTe Legislature oh' several Statee
Ma- saciusetts, New York, Conniecticut
anmd others-halive passtled resolutions de
climing, atooing other tigs, that there
shahl be "no mitire siave States.."
Dy die arrival of the Black WVarrior we
hiave advices from ILavana, to the 28th ult.
General Concha has carried his feelings of
vindictiveness towards the memory of the
late IRuumno P;nto. so fur nie to rnfs ,til
request of the framily of the dceased to
permit tle remains to lie deposited in one
of the ninte es of tlt coinlpoi Santo. t is
also stated although we caln IardIydredk,
the rumor,-that In the g-crnment bill 6f
costs against iamto's estate the fee of Is$
Cxecltioner is clurge(I
It was c.putIed that the blocaile W'6I
be raised on the 1st inst.
For- the Sumter Banner.
: What do the ['eople of Salcm aid
Clarendon say to this. Tihe proposzitioii
is forthei ieighb6rs arid citizeits gener.
ally of, Salem to.give a flarbecue at or
near Mr . IlcI MCFADIN's 1lso for
thi neighbors and citizens generally
of Clarendmh to do likewise at or
near A. B. WILLIAMS, fur the purpose
of taking-into coinsideratiun the build.
ing of* a lUoad across Black lliver
Swmunp,-cilircet I')om IUcit McFan.
Urs's to A 1. WiLLI- sS'. Vh:t say
you one1 and all? That, the proposition
ik a good one,- zuid piatrticulatr so. if we
canl get the l1oad co.odleted,. you. all
will adm-it. So-let us push Irwarda,.
if we wish to accomiri-sh- the work. I.
will propose til:tt the 4th of J ily be
the day of the meetin-g but will. leave
that for oth ers to -ay.
Messrs. Editors, if you, think the
above propoition is worthy ofa small
space in your vatiaiable paper lease
give it 1-uiblication and oblige yours
The iaut .i ver Watchlman,
ileaso Copy.
jilorribi)c afjihir -m tisaly
of Sevens IPcaso1as 31u.r
The Wabash (lidiatn') G'a.-etc, ex
tra c'n.tains an accoutit of the di-eove
ry of the bodies of a family :of sev
ell ptrsnus, near that place, of tle
name of.Freichil,. who had been brutid
ly imurdered. It appears the 13un1ily
eonisist.ed- of French, hiS wifm, mad. fiv
hibren. Iley were very pour, and
liveL ill a cabmit, iand in Septemiber
last, another lieuily, of* the name110 u
l.lubbard, went it live with. them
During Uetubter, a iieighbor proceed.
d. to tihe cabin to see lrench iand was
mtld ty the 114bbards that the fiunily
hiul moved away, and thait., they had
purebased aill their Corn, gaideni pro
dtieu atid furniture, valued inl the ag.
gregate at nut over 50. Nu suspi.
eion of, fo)ui phry wu+-i are~tud, u;;til
revenitJy, whn the l4iblards were
arrested ln -pivit of murdering a
luan naiaed o.,y les. The house was
then sui rclied, aid a pirtion of the
grouid floor dutg tili, which remilted inl
tihe finudig-'t~thu dead body of mi ill.
.u l t, *e imuch decayed. j lie Gatzcttc
then. iti'r reliing to the stitieiliang.
ut i ec iiener'S iitplest, say: -
in tle lirsee$ of-t a large cinpay
they ppreed.dato- mabne btir e
wo ei thi nlimt haId bee-ii discovered,
andH-uerrile to ruhule, founild s'evenl
bodies,, Cns.in ofthe e.mire. Frenlch
iihl !.Theiri skulIs were all broken
in, 'nd. tle legs of the old. inam 'renich
and his w ife vore broken,.sthat they
coul-be dbedI up anld forced into
the-hioh-, whiih. was thr ee or tour feet
'deep. Tuey were lid in. a-heap-the
father and the imother- at' the bottops,
and lie chil d reni o the top;. The
babme w as about fifteen. imnths lold,
anid the oldest child ah~o-ut litteen
years old. Thiere' were three girl
and two boys. The children w e
m iuchi decayed, but the parenits were
still sound, and were easi ly recogniz.
ed by those who. had kniown them.
TIhere is not, the leant doauba that
lie lI ubblards are guilty of' tils who.
sale and dan lniing iou rder.- It is al.
mnost too hort i ble for belief; Ihat facts
at e asaibo.ve staited, and the conluion0501
is irresistible. hie .llu bbards are alt
in jail. - Thre sems to have hbeeni
n1o o:hter mloti-ve than the obtaining
u hat fe'w wordly goods this poor'
tlinily passessed, w hieh were not
worth over fifty dollards
Awret. Av.aLI i. ics:.
Th'le Cicago Ti'bi ie Iearns fromi a
private letter tront lieloit, Wisconsini,
thie foillowing piarticulaLr& of ana awful
tragedy which occu~rred ini that plae
on1 the mniniig mit the 23d ultt:.
hie u.ite of a citizenl ot' that toiw.
wasae aeed Iroin her sleep on the
mr ninug of the 23d by a noise w':hich
she heard in the-adjoininig alparltmenit.
ll a moml ient mior'e she saw a gleeml
from a donik lanttern held by a luan in
thaut room, and screaming with aili-ight
awuke her husband, who was sleeping
at her side. As he sprang fromn the
bed, the intruder fired at him with a
piistol, thec ballI just missinig his heiad'
and burying itself in. the pillo-w.
Snatching a double barrelled gnu from
the wall, lie discharged both barrels
at the initrulder. TIhe contents of (one
bare enitered the manm's hie..d and the
other his body, killing himi instantly.
Leaving the body whecre'itt fel, the
genltlemnan and his wvif'e proceeded to
the nearest neighbor, told haim what
had happened and iniduced himi to re.
turn with thema to- his biouse.. But iml.,
asginie the feinigs of' the neighlbor,
hiimselt a nran universally esteemaed
anid respected, to recognise in the
mangled'body of the dead robber Als
ojwn sonl! -
Upon. returning. to his house, the
father funnd lis soin's r'oom unoeciapi.
edl, the-window open, and a rope lads
decr e.tending t romt the w indow to the
The gentlemna. who shot the robber
had suff'ered the loss of' two gold
watches some) time before in a- myste.
r115ios manner, and now attributes their
theft to this person.
Ilo.\E.MlADE GU.ANo.--S. 13. IInhi.
day, of Providectee,-H 1.1, has a. pro.
ens by w elsi. cinvert lilt- 1lih
W1h cl swjf o . I?(I 'l evi-ry a
intas a: ) le likji i'', less I:hu
half 14 ceo of tite FrIuviI a icle,
and Pro9. Ilaore , f PI elphlia,
thnosks equIIy as vil"* ly'Mr. 1al.
lthit~it'is ptodnt! cl! ht afforded it
W3 per ton,, and pay the snaioeti'r
niore than 50 per cent. 'le oil (lie.
cording to Drs. Jckjsan and lHare) be.
iog almost. v'lueless for fertilizing
t rpouses, it is first taken from thse fisls,
maJ re flail coild V it ' d g" .
Iio. ''hle first cost of the fish i's wbout
*2 per toni, and con~aiding neaAll! f
per cent. of oil, the oil will pay for the
fish alid nearly for theAabor ir manu.
fihetlring. By iy own experiment i&
thorong ly de aons-rated' the .rdderi
ing of ish into gtnano. I then consul.e
ed' )r f:lare, f 1Ildlilag T,'
ascertained, had experimented eiton.
sively and snccessfully. I obtained
froni hii his processes, and have re.
ceived coAsideralule instruction frohi.
him on the suljeet. I have also con.
snited )r-. Jackson nore reeent.y_
These geuntlesonen, and all w"ith llvhini
T have coisilted, agrqus to the great.
valie of' this fertilizer.
~elstgas otao "9f Genseral Quilt
Siw R4.nsv4, April. 30.-At a
ineetinig of the Cuban Junta, held yes.
terdsIy (Snnday), Gen. John A. Quit.
I11nan handiled iin his resignation as Com.
imWer-in -Chief of the Expedition'
whibli hts been so lung organized'
againist Culia. All of the American
ofleers who held Connissions in this
Quitimaun army have Ilso resiignd, and
lie cause of Cuba is now in the hands
(of the .1 un ia. Thus ends the Quitman'
IExpedition, an enterprise in which
inany of the leading mien of the south
have been engaged and had'eVery re'a.
soll to believe would prove snciessful.,
i The oflicers wvho Wgre engaged to take
part in this expedition vere men of ex.
perience; who-have held commissions
in IHP- Unaited':3tares Army and have
seen services and. distinguished them..
selves intile wa- vith Mexico. Manyr.
'of' these ''fleecrs-hav'e nat. their superidfsr
in the United States. I. have a list of'
lie'- nnes 1Cand the- positions which -
they were to Have held; but as the
enterprise fins iniled the pnblieatioir
::t'the same is of' nio interest.-- Correr"
pondelnce of the . F. Tribune.
R1t1iMy.,.-On Tuestdav-evening the'
Oif .\Ly, by he Rev. ). AlcQuerc,
V. EDWAR) D)CK, E.qr., to Miss
l'OS I lU.\A EVEXLN, second daughit
er of Col. Jons A.. and Mrs. ELIZA
'o.co.uoen..all of Sii,.ter District.
Charleston Market.
Corrdetud weekly by
W. S". Lawton & Co.
rI U-CItH .o)--coMslfSioN .u1rieIANTS,
t'harlecon, 8. C.
Chisso iuton, May 1*21h, 11855.
Urt.ASO CO:rToN.-ThC sa'es of this arti.
cle yesterday-imounted to 56U0 bales at
fromn 1) to 10--1.
R ie.--Cleani 65t30 to 6,1-8 per hunQd
red-lbin: Mu!tz'het lirmn.
Gna:M.-.Corn,-.I.,2, to $1l 15c per b.'
Searce. Peas'05,) to $1,050 puer b..- Oats'
75c to-Mk ner busth. Nource and rising
Falour.--.$1c0t)-to {Il 00 per bl., (or'
Southern. .$tiO 90to 141 for good North-'
~' Salt-Saceks $'1,i0-10 5-,2T. Wec have'
3t'90 sac eks for sale..
.ttjvr'xs Griso-'Ihis newly invented&
Gin will get out'Long. Cotton cleain of'
sinoteF,.amueitheo Fhorter Bi~a bzilanid Cotton.'
better' than-sthie commnon kinds. WVe are -
A -ents for these gis.
1Iacic.-Itog rond,1.l to 12 l:2c per lhe'
accordinug to qiality ibnd qulantity.
1ioDts.-Cow-hedes It) to 10 1.4 per lb,.
Doer Skinss 20) to 22e per lb.-Coon
and other sonal ah i'us-10ts: each.
CuFFE.E.-lRIo It 3-4,,to I2 1-4e, acesa'
ding to qua'iiy.
SCGa a.-iirown, 4 1-24 to'Go accord
inog to quality'.
loL Ass Cuba '2 to 25, N, 0.-33 to'
25c. per gal. -
W Ax.-22 to 25c. pier lb.
T1obacco.-Virginiia anud Northi Carolina'
*V> to 50c. per lb. We are agents for the
.<actories of those States, and for Lonug
Dennet & Co's. brand received a premsiuns'
at our Fair..
W ines.-Lngwvorst's winos of Ohio,,
$10 to $t I- pr dozs. We are agents for
ths wises, for which- we have receivedi
a premoiuuan sat imur Fair recently. -
Woo.-Washed,. I8 to 22c. per lb..
Trashoy,6. to 15e. 1per lb.
iBEMs CATTI.Lh-Car loads '7 3.8 to 9c -
3'.4c per lb., nolt. Get ting scarce.
Hous.-Cap loads (J.3-0 to S 1.2C. per"
lb. nett.
NAvAr. S-rones.-#pts. Turpentine 39'
to 4ic per ga-l. Mosin 81,25, to 8250
per barrel. T1ar,.,&'7c. to $'2,50c.
So. Crln -Sme it
By 11'. LE Jt'JS Es21., Ordinur'y for
said D)istri.'~
Wh a, W. L. Ridged sty lhath applieda
to moe bor Letters of Admsinistration, ont ally
and sinotuhlr the goods sand chiattles, rights
*and'creiciraof rhe lhte Jkin G. F"rierscoha
dec'd.,.oftisesaid jOistrict.
'Bhoeedte, therefore, to cite and ad.'"
oonegjih,~ alL anodingur4ar, the lz'insdred an~d/
csoedis oft~ saisd- deceased,. to be ansd '
appearhfoe ome at ous noet Ordinary's'
Court for the isaidl District, I.o be imilden..
at Sumoter Court Hlouse on0 Froisay the 25~th
of M1ay inst., to shoow cause, if' any, why).
hesdadminisutratioun should noot bo'
G.ven tunder moy hand audd seal, t!.c'
16th dafforfipyin the yeair oi our.
[t.ZS.) lard wio 1pusad ei:jht- t~udredi'
and f1 fd in the 7.9th -yeav

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