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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, May 02, 1855, Image 3

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t--I W TO l( 'l') LlRlIit\' BlI AUTY.
Ihmn' use Chlkii, Lilli \Vhile, orny of heilc
socalled cosmtietice, to conceal a raled or
mallow cmplexion.
if von, wo i have theo roses brout.,i
back it? your clieek, a clear, healliv and
traniisjpal:te't1 kiie, und life and vigor ii'tsed
throngh the fytelI, get a bottle of Car:er's
Spainisli Mixi tire, :eiid take it aceording to
direct ions. It dim s not talste cIluite ai well
nts you sweet.inentls.; ht, if alter a few
Utees you do not litl vouir hiciith aid
reviviii, your step cltstie anil m i .
WrMP, the Whoile svstei reLreslel an inl.
Virated like a Sprinog ciorning, theni youlr
caise is hopeles ; aid all the vauliable eer.
tiliCtCe, We po..Ses4st, go for noughl. It is
the greatest purifier of the b1looi known:
is perfectly h-rin'es, and arthe saine tii:e
powerfully vtlcacious.
Sold by RICE & THlOMSON.
sole agents for tle 'roprietors.
. elenetsli of the hile and the bl-ol; andc1 if'
It dte the work feetly and imp-rfeltly. livier
itisease i6 the certain resta. A soon, there
fore, a. any 11eafiltoio ioiit liver is perceived,
we may he sirn thlt tlet digestive oroaniis are
oiit of order. Thi first thin 44 to be doilne. iI to
ainiiiister a specific wih will uet directly
upen the iotinach-th mainspring of tlie ani
naI icizwlnery. -oir thispirise we ani
aecom itend Ioolatini's Gerim littiers, pre
lre4biT.r.. C. m, Jakcon, Philnelphia.
Aitig atiu afteM.tiivefrd n tnie. it sirength,
ens18 tile fligestioni, changiie'es tie ccnditin o l tie
blood, wid therecy givees regularity to the riw
For iale by MBLRLlit & Hi1 ITTON.
TDVt. GUYSOYT'-;1 111P110V .:-1 im.it.X1'AT
of Ic llow Dock and Sarsaparilla i' a siure rei
ely for hereditary tint.
Thotieandis of indivihi s aire enrsed witi
grievons complatitse, which they inaherit from
their pia'rets. lThe ie of he )llie I Mork and
Xtirstpiajirilla w ill preventi all tbis, and s.nd e a
Vast a111no1un1t of nmitery, aid imny valiaile
lives, feor it lhorouighlv c.rpels freomi the ytI
the ilteait loint, which is the weld (,t* dieTs'e.
aiitl -t takes ol lhe curse hv whtic the sins r
i iefortune of the patreits are .t often % iiitel
upon the inicent eilprimr.
I'arents owe it to their cliiren it) giard tihteIl
ngatinst the eilietts of miailit. Iint maiL) -bhe
commiunicated by decent, anu hi-ren o pa
rents t111 liave it an1yV tilitme be aftdi-ii witi
t'nuitoion, Serofliast or Syphilis, towe it it)
theiuielve i4i take preca tion i'i agaiti the dlis
eas beiig revived in tlitin, (GyeilI's Yellow
Dock acid tartenaillt is a sure :utidtet in
kuch1 cases.
Nee Adver16ement.
Law Notice.
JOHN S. R10llh1RIO, JR.,
SU'IL\'LLl-.S. C.
- ILt, pratice ii the 1i.ontia Pr 11c lIo.
y, ict ofi Simcter, Iieirshcaw, i athhi~titon
and Willianr-imrg.
April 2', 185. 25 lv.
-LoMon Syrup.
RI'0"AM-As) and told by .\ltm~.r~n &
lbettrom--a god lniv as cceai ::
can be tumicti. 'I'lc lo1lowmilig a-iC th(e t ash
prices : 37 1 2 ceitS limr Iitle, 83 2.)
'enit per oize btiiI I Iv!,, 4,2 2t5 pIigalon.
Anyt% tinanity futrni'lhed. Orde-rA i'non thef
t untry will ruetet wi'h primipt attention.
.\lLL1,i & I IltT1"ON,
Alav 16. 155 2s Am
Fnlr Mffill.
T tilt subs-riber takes this eiian Iii
icke it k nown that his .\II is is41w
tOminletedl. ilavini takeni great pains. iii
!Isx ing it up expjre :,dy for inanuifnetmn inu
IL-our, hie inheits a~liare of pihlie ti!ir-.cc
k r lis i ill is (itn I a -reci l1tl Its
iever tai!ed ; 1 1 iei- bet-ltwx (:im -
\\. Il. ,:\.\NDESi.
Allay 16, 1555 28 H t
IS hierebiy given i i t, Ithe 11i00i' arce
nowii open to~i re~cetve Taixs duii t he
'Tewni (CiunciI-of Suiniteilee, and Itho-e
uclett (one dhoor h~iiat ofi It. S. \\'ebb'.
btiore. J1A.\IES 1l1'l,1,, C. C.
May 1(0, 1855 2'- 3i
. For te coimphle cnre oif conghs, -ol. ini
nnd all oither lung couimphii itts tendtig ni coeu
getiumption...e~ f~e
ourn coiuiitry. Thie iimnieroilts lettersu we re-cev
frotu our various agenits, infi n ~4jg t of enire
eftli-eted in teir immnedi atte niehithhorhoods.eai
wanrrnt. uic ini iaying it isonece ef thle bue-t, if ni
public. It almost inc-aria~bly relicertstand nos un
fr'equintly cures thee ry 'trrt icases. W henii
all othier routghi pre 1414ration hel mcve failedl, thlis
has relievriel thle patilent, na 1e4)rniist de~n it-lersn
iu mieditiCie, adl I'1tyneicionsi Ci ie1.ity. Ask
the4 Ageint in yoeur nlearnett 4(ewn, what4Iliu hai -en
ij expierivntce of. the feeec of this nciedijecint.
Irlfe ias beeni sehliig it for any teingth4 of iiimet
hi WIll tell yotu it Is tltu best uteidiciine c.4ut.
lBelow we geive a few extrcts fruom ilete
we have rie-ertefIa teig~ rega rdinig thu virtues.
of th41s rilediritie.
tV#; 5, 5. Odlin, of Knoxville, Gan.,sas:
haesve beeni usng yourC 1,ierrcsrr and4 Ta e
ex.te-nsrirelyI in my prautct for three yeaurs pastj,
anid, iti is iirith psleusuire I state myc I/rlief iti t-t a
ccsiatoai-4r or:a A i.c. tii-ri4 Ainiet~i:
uriths ihich4 1 am1 acqitetd,jor u-hich it i r
Messrs. Fitztrrldh & llenni-ers. wVriting frix,
Wiftyvilhle, N. C., says :-" Th /.ceir'r
undii Tar~ is beicoming dis more uppular ini this.t
country, ANnI W1 Ti'rnti a4-rTi.1 so. All 11ehis
hetve- tred it speak ini coimmsensdablleI tieof it,
und say it is very bce/cial in alnieatincg the
ccmpilatitmfir uichi it is rrrommui-,ended."
(Our Ag(em4 in P'ickensm~ Distru-t, S. (i Mr.8.
11. Me-Fall, asuare-s n '"that /ie usesv it t/t great
lenYefit in hisi own famiily, anid recominiiendh it
to his neighboiere.'' i e~ gi'ec an insetance nof a
necgro woca'n, icn is vicinlicy, whlo hadic liteni
eniihiring with disease of thet Iunge fo'r yea;rse,
asttendedlt tith severe congh, 'who w~as relieel
by~ the4 IA' erwort andi T1ar,
utchi tire thet gioed reports we hear oef tids
mOeicine from till piartsc of thce South. Fer a re
port of the iiurperisincg cures it lhas lperfeerned ini
the Westerni and( Northern acnd Eatsterni States
woi woul invrite Ithe stull'erinig maient4 toe ret
the piide~hht wi ch accompanic Ici e c techobt t.
TIo a411,w4esa),harIse hope-,haive /opeis
- Anil ne-glect ncot that cough wichit-I i shite ly
wrixekning -your 6onmsitalion, Irritticng .your
throat nnd Iingi, acnd nav'4iting onithat, drecad
disensce, cnsiemption-c, wheni cci ieothiing ad
hecaling5 la remedciy can hie ()htainied tas D~r. Hog
etrce' Syrup cof fLriveir or iln Tar.
-DlTEA Tio.W!+
'kt gec-uinec artic-h- ic eignedc Anmew o.
VEas', oi thue en-gravedi wrerlth- airoundce eachl
Price, $1 per httile, or si'c biatltles for $*i.
Edial wht elsil n retail hey
I ijha~ iS ie -I t'\'h- 1l-A 1),
Sole A gents for the Souiten Sita~~te, cco whecm
ent ordersnicdle uppejiuitin tor Agencies miusit
be aiddres'ed.
50O,1) A-I.SO hl?'
MlltV.i-t & lhIll'T'NN, Smnstervile'8. C.
M1t Vt e -T'IIO.-hN, N'cmtiernile at: V.
.14'AT TIt; lilT & iA IL is I; t,00', (Celuici s S
. .W 1,tri-gon .it.
Provision for the -Widow
and Orbliarf.
Ilin.-\V. F. 1)MSAUSSCIfli, Preb't.
Prof. C. 1'. F.cCA V, Act tuary.
1)r. JO N PiS Il I; Tren s itrer.
Dr. AL. 1,.B11101o Mledlical A(
D)r. .J. .if. GA\sTON,. visers.
T IllS 'tComnpan' lias beeir organizoicl 'at
Colymbia t;) ena'le Nis meinburs by
aiutoal playoieits to'ucicuirltihit. a tfund hor
the suppa. ol their etiaeviviing l;tiiilies.
B., p:.tvirr fromt -..(? to 6.z(1 per year
Mlo It)i y be secured to their wivcs and
Tle ('attpany is inuttil .all prolits
are aiaoily dividel ining tle mmber.
The live., of slaves are also instured at
m101oerae rates.
Fur furilber part icutlars or for circubars
explaining the plaits of the Comiany, ap
p'y to
W. F. 11. IIAY NSWOlIrI,
Agent for Smitter Ibstrict.
. 9 y, 185.> 7 6111
flir ass rtineni itf IIarrisoi'st celebrated '!
.. r-'tracs fur tie Ilandkrclief , c.,
l' 11-:t 1T -:N. .lt55A 311 N.
- WI*-T I*:N 1), I'OiN LY,
c'A31 r 1. A. (. FRA NI t'31,
S\V EElT CI.O01isitA. ROiSE, t'Tit:1,
"l littl-3 .\lt, 'l NG ''. \ i t ,
JuIt received anda tir sale by
S)Dalers inl chioice 1.ruigs, Ci'eic -, &c.
Veticlan 11-, Spartiish fIwn, Yill
I'm11, S:i 'a iler, tiuseed Oi, &Oc., n
stanttly four Nale ait
it'Ci, & Tit )3SON'S
Siper-ior Lemon Syrup,
3y.\ I w Iith the hi.st Cru'lhed Stryatr--mnurg
-1 tifattctured waid ,ohl Iy
ltItCE & TiI lMSO N,
D)ruILists &c..
Georgia Sarsaparilla,
A tire anii mintr illturati ed artilt, inl iuiari
lottles, fir dlisease-s it tlt! liver anl tI ltrify
tite lootd. P'repared by .1 el-i, .\. II., .I:
gtuta, Ga;. t'sefut in .honiialiv. Sick~ IeaL
tiehe, liizzinel.s, locks 'if Appletile.- General
t Neility, (.constipationt of tile tlh eli,1 , 'ihl.
caused by (atieet, l'ain inl the lieis oir
Itheinuit ilm faull biy thime of 3rc'cury,
Ucerfu, Ct rie-iifious CErpin:.Pimp, cLi ,
1*'leers-, % arious Feimale mpins&.
For sale by .
RICE & T.11 ( ) N
I):u 1 s., r. & I.
Mav 9. 1855 7 I
. :nldress their or lers to -- I..
.itN(T'IoN ICt'it '.''
Ilice one utt ier potmi.1 at thle infu-e._
llr c n ini lair ]'- ia :i4. lee %aill boo
4l.-aredt at ai ci tc' tae It io lhe \Vil
inji tf ; arit .\lanctit-sier' I i U1 it li thv pa
'entt Ir tr.ii9 at $ 1 0 ch. (1c0...: ,
conitciinin 7 I0I portii wIill he~ dlihtvereda hv
freight trains a:i .70 oai-h.
.111 pei-roiis orderieo' loe inuilst i'i!?l the
m11cai. -V tA b i a.. t ill- fillt il.l , t'. r h
l cal1si:111. Ir h t it it adiIate. 4-Mgtilar
ei..atcner (ait arr.a tee I 'li ttie their e
Icn titiont lily p are ha'/j un ;ometu,1ad.
A. JIL. V.I.N llOK(imi.l.A,
W i N . ,.
- ommit.ea.
t .t J.tit of $SIe.':lte lijitrict on the .:r.l
inci., a tuu :latt 1 i t hv thi-* c1a- "1,
.lo n tinv-y (raie.I andt, well kn w l:1 hi
liistrictIN. filmmhe no hollorr- I., a .Mr.
Fr.nl tir- Ilenr) t.crraall it* i:rnull lcistrict.
.j .y9 1i'i .'c ,i 't~lltl' a er'. i tar
hc~rieby 'givces uOatie thait act the~ expir.ui c ofc'
nte mthil froti first pa~c'uhheatin cal tha,~i a' r
ti-teent, it tic h r intentnionu tic trac b-: a c'cla'
.ila lc, 1 . lm.
MYore New Goods!
A.. .N .ilR Il\
tWc'c~i ntlct, i-raa, Tinues. Cal '
er, hitat htest &c.--lAt very hi.c'i.t I .u
tietl ccl;'rs i~at,':aa t . T.a ,''atal :uc.1O ls
iics lajt u vliii'. I'
ttatrket. Ie hatis rcivd jil canay niewl :-th
whlich, puchcaseirs wonhill doa wl c Xto.ijunaw bee
tore hoincag r'Ii'.vik-nc
1Il(t. . I:.( El' IlN, (ANN*S1l:lt -:s .\N I
\V fi S *~ N G S.
A fidlI art tlargei tutily ofta Iaasicrv . Shirts,
I raweare Glives, S~lict ir, C raLl at., Ilitaml
kerc'hie f; & c. c'.,
A lna ' 0 .ttniet oft lI 1' \ ti'e .31 A )1 (C I.()
Eg? (Iarmaetnts mcaaflntciured lb tli,* uilcl-ri.
hert atot1 warrated' to gi a ait l ito. Ogr
detsfrom it disetafAce promttptly tatinded tic.
Slay !'tlh, I85. -.i; f
C hatrletion, S..C. Smnateurvile, S. C.
NVila attemnd toc the coillectin of tdbts ini
the Di)'ctricts of Sumtetr unit Ke.ra.l
luay. !I"95 a f~eI
Sumter Agricultural Asso
ttiont oft thei above( X'a A toeition, regncistai
nttut 'al otriuncttii ocf twoe dotllari bcy thce tir.t
daya ct . tine in each year..
A. A. NIaTTiuLs, T1rena'r.
May 2, Ii % . 4
Coma One, Come All.
1 A AV INC 3 hecen requ t-ead by cacnoa icf thet
.11 ciizcei.s tic intform thernt bcefore ila-e
tte tIl llae, I wlclli juste saly to all tht may
het desirccts ofl cbtaluiing ita crrecu't Ii .;enessc of
thcemselve iot ccimi is, to call tbefocre ih is t
of ,iwt' as I e spel to leaive~ abtaott that ime.
1 w11 I icl' p 'enae ic to tceml te ll whoai imay t;a
11cr ite ith 111 a caltc undi I p~oisU5 t give' t
isfaect itn elery repei.
TI. A. T.IAII\l, A rticst.
Silay '! l2 ~ , 1lbt
For Salet
r I'Itl1' utbsc'ribcir aiEru foar tita' e tic t ract eef
.1.. lcimi tear C 'cccrdl, (laureicn Coutiy,
lin whlichii iheinw re'as.lca, hainicg tic'recti ia
nlew% itwe lliimh hiouse'a atnde itthuitldim . inc gaood
re'patir, tad coinittaiiig eone hunidredl andc tily
Clarendon Iron Works,
riunw prepir(I to. recl ve orler.i
ftr llenmi Vertiel Iirizoittul' or Onillainig
Siamim E-ineiux. Iligh or LoW ire.spuire, nt.
ilnt pied 10 till pur p es; ('ircuiilr. Vertical. :unt
Poiriablo Saw Mill', enmp lote; inlhips, lliiz
)l:chineryv CUrit and il 'ir Mlills, coinplete;
iarker, Tdrbi n nild other Wait,-r WheetIle,
.liiipping fsaeiners, Car Wheels and A %es,
llorsie Pth rsof variusig paitersi Itir. Fit-t3
l'um s an i gine; Iice 'hI'hn-erv: Sh-iioili
anu 'll othk I I' Wiirk.M
' A NliS.
Iron ant llraCstings o' all de-eriptiini,.
inininz Ornainential I ron liniing. Pipe,
llrilge- ('atiigs. .ke. 4&v. I'lit ' miipniy
noil respecifiily ii ile alttioitn i e i 'r
stiyl, antd patternt of' Ruiliig, whicl inmy he
se'it at their oilik .
'll'AYIne, Flu andl Cylitidrical 114ilers
Wn'ititank, Chtiinyit, and all. other liltis of
:111.P.\l li rc w. l
.\ -heara e eparen n%%i forc willin- kep
1.r repairs. where work will bo tlone thorough
ly aitl with detspalch.
All work ilonii' in the establishmnt leliveredi
tither ni th ears o il thl Wilinigion Ai lan-i
Chester t:til loail or te Wiloaironi & Wetl
l im Rail lint or in flats at the C(oni:'jp:ny's
who rf, tree tofl hiarge.
Ii aving large ftciliiitis. the above work will
be ilne it ont a reasnabile ternts as elsewhere,
North for South, andil in t pri nipt inti .walisfac
lorv maiinr.
'oiisiltation by iltter tr therw-ie.iii revard
topisandi detignsq t'or miilks or fn-ir urnilturv,I
a ol fr innehitery generraily, willigly miuower
etI. All tirders or Cii i e tiot ) o be ad'
dressell to he uiithr-igied.
IIi E.Nli. M. UDR.\NE",.igwilt.
Mdarch 28, H5-5 21 if
South-Carolina-Sumter Dist.
%. Ca. Na.
A. G, .\lurphy.
A. (L .\liirphiy, Ih is inl the etsto ly
if the .heril't Stieor Distrit'i, by virtue
of ai * rit . ofi Capjjis ard .Satisfwisndum, ;at
the sulit 14 T. W. S.1hn1(lnd, having-o liled
inl iny olice togelther with a Schaediule, on
timth, o, Is estat's an~d enheti-s. Is petitin
t Ihe Ctrt of ctinrn Ple:s, Par:-yingir
tht lie t11.v t: m lttif to tit Inielit illf
tite Acts o the (nner.il Asmbiili, iti-d
1or the ret i'i f ins 'ent I.ht're, it. is
hereby tirdered, tht the sa!id T. W. Sal.
11111nd and all oltier Ithe crerbriou, to whiin
the sind A. (I. .lrpliy is inl aly wi-e Lin.
dulbel, he aid they are htre'' ummied
and hiitve notice to vpa r biore fhe sail
iourt At Sumtr Couti i iumse oni Oh etr.
oitd .\lmiiy ol A pril nex!, tI slow cai se
a aiv tIey can, n by th.w Ir-ver of the lie.
titiont afit.esabl. siht i it inst Ie ranId.
W. .1. -I.\'Gi,ETON, c c I. s. 1).
Olyten of can11inti Ideas, Smister I h-l riet.
Howard Association,
1)II 111.-A D) EA, I I A.
I~ ~~, m*~~ ~y~ ~ .vu1.,.)11.v,1
'0 tiall per -ons arfliete-il with %K-xu~ lvj.
- t;atse', sniehti as S-11ji6a W k'1 s , Ini.
tia,'iinc:, (otoi rru , it . lt . et . phliti, &
The ion relAno itln <I'l Fhih llhi:1
Si iew osfit' th as wu deutionsi of humtani lift
ainst ievahht, eatwsedt liv Sexlutl dimeas. amil
t ih-cipii. wich are practired upittna tih
unforina~n.: ;itne r -.; 1 d!-<-A <-r, byi
t4in-lek., lave dirsrietl iteir cois:tltingz., S ir
e , siiari iihl. u iitwoth of. el~ttthii a
to give .\l.-dlical adve gratis.'tii all persons
th11- aIllieted. (1-dh. for Feile,) who1. ::-pply%
I I l , . o st-paid.) nih? i d rrti n 1 f
thir runditidci u te ain, hablits o
life., &( .):9 atl in ensgem fe te t- v ry t
frti h in'ellicinte free otf charge.
Tin l ow - A:Sor(iatlionl i.; ait evln
-i titisuita , est: lishelby .-vs i:sl *n oi n..s t ,
frttb-- r-- f:: v th -t : l-'r. l 'it . tli sr,---...nf
0.is .4 I *3.. I .; rv ill
nilst l11. re :r ii b i- e --fr wpoifre ter uttrpipev.
It ht tilln%- :y qinrpline ef i nen , wichl thle Ili
rector, hvet v.ti,-l r :ft tvtlvvrli t aboi o
ati- ittt ' C ijit ed ttuij itab th ts itl
.\.ire (ptatOst : iMr. r. Gro . ti st. ' .
15'. tt .li t isi u liig sorgeii f w.ird -
Bion itedphivi.cetwe.
F.'Aiisilt ts. i iit . u1I eT I it . e i t
ts aiui . I 110su~ii' tilts.1 etts 'iii. iuit'
it. iAs "try u- rss' -ii btut till it't he.
cout. are. reft$iiin.- e to l ie (swir .vr-lti an i p:
banes ail li, itebtie tni n-: repoils:iits... c
---r tasbtrt ater . t .No book hes or acc~ro t
nill bie keti' tr :iheetyar
J. J.I lA$4W. 8'. iru'.rtA .
T I lit ' Sl'r s Ce' ittItsli Siti'-s r s h~k i-,
ss*I rd: Vs.io It on ~ i the inte t riu,-1 n i
niday bu.;etwen' I I\' ali-'s ' in s urray i F ir
ry.':i-a;rt1 ppit t e- at'eaa i t'anal.. mlis
and o nt: ant it e t ('itii t. aih' the psulae gis
a I. it. Its storyti weltlin-, aa asllnerwar
hIbst i li iiri ithero ary wiha a
and rstab itilth . *fd: rd Ihe phwe
cornlt bersjilt ton ~sui purchar..T
For irielars.fu i'g mre, fi the over.e* on1
the are-or:idre-Sumei
Jl 1 . J. IEs,2.., Stnarte st!
'idnIi'he ~ TrIe es tuhe Sante ' ritlle Academy
eiwti nolier tat the have en'rth' sericesiii
of Mr.! W.i I11. ni:.a, a l' ricpa. h
h M. 1r1. Ihr Itoi, who ile t clad
parftietirtlyo ntheili a.the kitial iiiatet.
rotomo te pa t perecI andC lneers aof
tilhetr getlciee a i nexrt T rn., t rs e
(~itermi, th i ustiuin etoI )te stpplt' nlit pa
tonage of Xthet Itnunit , mii 'iut t pube gen
erlly. sThel termi s wtiillb .io folkowt : t
g tin tr, --.t.0
or tettt oivarce y F hglish coursea 1 Ihu
1.. th la1 ttir, w/tih O th e hotie ut p r i t
liain ni0,16.' til it.s-, iil i thtf
80 7aoiniyar-SAumncate 1tD~~it,
it'. / W' 1'I/X /-'s/. rdm t!/. sit.
In Equity_- S*umter Dist.
'Mary f(ruomm th #1 dbler,
Mary ('rumni, tie y hifger, and
Alndrew .. MooeA, 1 I
Williamn i e % is, fur
.htin ilirow'n. I
. Mlnrt h~t I-: l.-n Groomns. ). Partitfi
Atiglim hitis wifei , 'utr
Catharinie llomemina,
Jim (Gronmsi, Acmount.
Aliiitns (.reioims, aind
Ain (i. rummmi.
It nippetrim tm my
sati.sfac4t!u1ionk Itit.lan iron I.Ii olma Imh' del.-nd
was is aliwent from anl re.-idem beyonold the lii
its of the sta. of Souhmi, ( 'arolin: If is orit-reid
Mtt nmillion tit Spain & iicharonmm. cimnil Stairs,
that tile Saidt Jaine lirowi do ampiear mnd hi-ai,
it n-we'r or lemar, o th stidt Bill withini 'thle
inuliihsi frinm the date mif thu Iirst puibinmtim of
ijim rimer ior aim mrder pro crmfuJso will bo ei
tered againstt heo.
Al'm rden- Ithil thim oirder lot, published
for threem nonths i ot ol' ftt 0(m:I: tesf of this
Di-rm W. F. 11. I IA Y NWORltI.l
Comn'r I :t'y S. 1).
3Marei 7. 1951. N :3
State of South Carolina,
N 'St imi.1: - ')siir - Is --ri
1. liill for
& her h/mneitd et. al.
It aiq r log ii. iiv satistvwuun hat the
.idi Simiuimn Ward, Maini i ! ht 1ety q-I beg' Ii.'
Imtili:ir vie' il fe ;in 11nis , 111'i- ."vatid -, ' ri-4ie
beynmd tit'h!m ri0 i1* ite 81m11. ft i- 1rdierud
that the, sai Shmm 'tard. 31.mibii ime, al'
her Imm-i4us:i doI a;mppeLr mid plead. awimer or
deinmir tit lie idiid bill wihin thrvee niitlhs fromn
fil'e ! it O fiiirst uiilmien;mtionl it' thi, order, (qr
nit orde'prto oemmmmfuo n% ill b: eilteed lgainsti
Also ordIere'd thit this corler mke pillell,1u'
lir tiret' imoiths in (ime of the (,az.-ite s ot this
ijsf Fit.
('. 1. D. 1).
March P. 1-;X. P 3n11
w m'bI , 1 ) fill|I|y iman t4. to
lino Citli7.ena 4f Oiuersib, :mud' the'
pub11lc 11p-nelr~dly Oti.t he is carrying on the Mler
emnntile butiniemss. att hi- iii stoiami, three iimrsm
Sialith of ite Tnn liall, hiemre he will b Ie
glnil to rii-ive calls f.omin all who disire to, plr
ebasi, imtp. if-- has ot h:ini, a viirai a
sirtmn-IIt mI' iry (mmml, lim aini.! ShooIu. I?:1t -m
itmld (' ap. i .1rdw:ar.'. Iriiltery war.., & c. & i..
A it. A ('hoict ollf Funimlm I .roceraie mf every
ileseriptigoni. nit ai I'rumit lof % arifomms kitmis, siei
as ( tramt- t:, Applex, unw I .num ms.
All ol'a-hwm' hw trill ull encap.
.ah 2,[hm :0. 18I tf
LanI( for S ale.
Th! mi!ciwriber wiii "ill hii mi- mtlant:inm mm
whieb ht . resi-l's. im s' mtt' . fil fime- I-:ast rih- tot
l-i lkIher, bonneld4 hy 1:ids of If. 1;. With
erpowin , .. i'.. .tibiirmtw". :tid it. I:. 'Plo den
Minl 41n Ih- Wett h)% lilark ltive-r. Thte tract
contin m ne" tMir i:wres, htavin iii r ji h Irn
conm: Crt::%'i.--li:!c n 'ih a1:a g
4!5 hmtnds. all inf glixd rep-Iir, wiah :-- m~w il in
oi:se aiml S'reiv.
For lt'nmir apply to th' shwrib.-r nl the
premises ur by lmter directe.I to- Mayei tHi'.
W ARRtt--N .\.. Ml I/D1NP:iiW
Marchia Y!, 18:5 1-) ml
N 0 T I C E
theoi of i 'onia liroifleirs her servies. tm lite
ipoph- of' Sm 'terviii'- as T:w'iwr mato VOUil Ui'
istrinwt iml .\ ri l . ' Fr..n-h
and riInhr hy. Will i- '-s , eit'hm :m lair
owni'I.- le'tl i -m i -it of h r I uiliis.
& I'i :i .-inrs. flnbl'erts llmu'.
.iarch 2. 'm. 18 ii
(~i tiimli'N & l1i.V . i' i;k'-'p e'm ustant
, imo b:i :li thi :t'i't mt.ini e f oh u ii;
tinrtm'iit I--ir an-'.:', mit litm -r, S : m in ty, :1i.I
ltaney \r:,ie-to bem fii n Fimi ina th - Sihm--all
mit wi'ch they uil! hell im:m th: Imnil it lavmrmmble
Col--'ra frai a hei ('mun'atry ma r.-i41iy an
tir nim iy a ni ':-hi'd tim.
'sIir. tam ( .'maii hi i n'nmii doi well it x
- Basady.
JI ?i N Ii'Ll iN N~e.'
E pril :. IM55. 25i m1
1 .1 l. '. I l WNi~~ h i u'\\ '.ilii.Ni i~iltT
mar-haip for thei prammm:im'r min .I'laicim'.
Ut i-' liii s:mi:u uiedt bay I ir. iyn.-warmmihm.
A prl 2., 18hu5. 2:> 'n,.
Real Estate for sale,
r'iiiF .i mhm'riber n' ill mili- har piitmai.:
II "iuatied hmn lhutk i?-iv'e' (in th Nirtlh
'ie.t-t mi.'e min t'minuin re'.- limir w' inim thre.'
limmnlis mfini lii mit miw' )i~mot of m the m~\Nia
Iaim rn a ii it..!. 'i'mr'im :, .' tilm womhmun'red
ammii ti v'i-i t' neremts imn th ii -:w~'it, aboinit mimo
hundre mmii m ie:re:i u1mt iniimer timit', atnal t\:
re- n el 'uui maiinred uplandli mii se-:n-phxitt.'t
'li' i'ninatimmn la heanlthy andi inm eveiry wayi at
ade irale mitie. (On thme p'rmelmisem mire a line Istwo
i'tiry dlhaiimg hmimm.e,' neml de'.rratedm ith
shinlta rnaimimrmmmmnat te, liiitchmenamnd all
nerea.'m-ary'mml tmhuibling'~a ,i good repair, undlt n
t h bieiber,~i li'religh i . i-a sn
Ma my 2, il'-a L6 ;t
.Ainnulmnm that i' he mmrepared thm mdm ;a||
:natowmmr 'ml womrk iln his hme. "nih mmeatiiet-,
mmmii ditpatch. ,r elh. l.1o wonhmiil be
Ithiii inluimir jim drionm~m2 bam desis n m im
tmm Iless Iti'-'iimfml~t II'i!!t ||bm 'ii. 'Imit
is th utdimy Itrii tmjmmmm wh'ch hie- n14ks foir
buiinemss~. hine is sltI i at'h At ekitand juti'
above'i~ thmi toiwnI 1t1.1
DeLorme's~ Bawn do Vie,
j I Liev Ior lt'em per~metLl' meni of Dya-n
p-imit I~a.ve'r I-'mlint, Jnwi ce .nmm Inme milies
ti an. Nm'rvousim lleadaiebmc, IDebili: V anmm amlil '
ea1se's 'iinmg f'romm na dimomrdleredm I,i'er. St m-i
amc', o mr Inmitt-ie, andim mhteuri mliy timr 11amrnsi,
Sm'is, i;rmmases andm tilts, t'rsipei'is, andi
Fomr inahm: iiy .' i L1.Ell 4' lil R~I N.
.\ pril it, 1: '.mi1y
sizes, m~ c ntntly ont han md and f'or' .ialo
(O m . Te'rmpranmmce lid.ll amntterville.~
.iltiw 15th, Intm -'.
.- 4 tbdbOates. -
For the Danner.
S4,pgr envu1.s., S. C,. Dec. 14, 1854.
(e'tlemen <f Cilareiont GoIny:-l cne
ml, iii'tiis iacnner to iiforn you that cir
eIicus~teS of a private naturo will Itot .a
low no t&'be before you two year. heince
as a enndidate for a seat inl the Staite Aeg
islature, and halving a wilirlgness to serve
you inl some% way, cll.,r you mly services
as a er"ioddate fAr Tax-Collector at the
r.et electioii, and if eleted do prnmise to
discht~eo reiy dnily to tlie' best of' y abii .
&Iin' yours, int'ist respectful,L
KI" ' cit'mhian piensne copy t.
D)ec. 20, i8NiI 8 tf
We the, friends of A, R.
UtA DiAM Esqr.. take plcasure in n
nonn ing iin aitv a I- einnidate for SherfiT
of Sn'mlet? kAsl niel,- at. t hce next lfect ion
. I A N Y . I)S
Ma r. 29, 1 >. ' f.
A Number of Voters take
pleasure it anntinneing Col. \VIl I.lA.\M
A. CO I ) i s a canicdage for Sher.
ill'of Sutiter District, at the ntext. election.
31.ccd re , 1.95 I. 2(0 if.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
('apt T. I). Fi:t ul;Usc% as it CaTiidleit for
Sherill' of* Suniter District at the ensuing'r
a llet ifin.0 j
i TAe friend of Capt.
P 31 GI f10RS toiimai ic. h41Y a canccd-i
.dlt for ihe oflice if Tax-(C7nllector for
Suli Cot II ya; Ore eitsiting elect icci acid
Octobov 1 Id.
Up Mr Editor :---You will
phleictn ;icnonnei Wi Iic f li. IlIUN
-IN n c a lmihia I * Fi r I 6f ( YATi)ce of ( Irdi
iry of Stionter Ditrict, at the eintrig
April 271h0c, *2 27.-tf
iSP We are authorized
Icc ito anii eo A. I". PO I, as n candicate
I*r Sher:!T of Sniiter Distct at the ecns..
teeg electiot.
I).eccnber 21, 10'e~3 f'-tf
W Er:1r. awnhorized t ny oucc'ce \VAt
.E\VWIS a candidate for Ordinary at
the,. vn.-ningI~ electionl.
for Tax Collector,
The I-rIci.is ocf .1. Y. ltrincsonc, accin ce
Ici i c forlidlwc' Tax C oillect'r (if Clare.
mont Coity, at the eisning c !eeion,.
.aanV Voters.
0,.1. 11. 1851 5.) tf.
r IYMessrs Editors:
Plcms arnnmceP Mr. JA..\I1S M AiC.U
I. is a candcdate for Ta .- Coillector for
Sik,ll t 0 for i ef tt ti'rcrW.
ont 11,. vil 6f tf
5'iP~ EO . (V0IO K E.
roil Il F1 IL oi \\iss & CI.Anxls, heire
i t. fore exising, i: ithis day di-Solved by
ccc:nunnal roneiht.
We reurcn o-r cthneks ito our frien-li and
'..ic-r- ir tlie very liberal patsiron ge ox.
iciilei i l :ctccl hc1 pe1 I the is mew will ie coni
tilliled Ito t e Li -*t jw irc u
413L1A it F3,hi m NSU
We most repeecfcly hei ali whc are in
e-Idetd lip i. icf, 'ccinccc forwavr ni in ke immIcue.
cliit' viyen eithei r if the un-ler.igce.1, a4
n e are coctpielled to Iave ccnoncc'y.
S. .1. W IN,
.lan. let, 1355i~,
N -'I'ii l candreigedc hcaveu tircis cd.'c fcrc-.
edt ae ( 'opac rtncer-hcip tcc.le r thc~ecnacme n'crli sti
cc ('ic rikson cc V irccrtcsu, ana IPl 'ii ertrn ' tu
cay ce t Ihe ('U h'ci n'c# d farilcrim;~ hitinic'., ,
in all -ic lsracichc. ace. lhe~ chli .'tacnd of W~einnc
&~ ,':c rl sonc, whecure we' n ill bce ph-ted~IU tehave
''ur friccih, cc r lce' pubclic geneiraclly, icc call
anci e xic c nce' c 'cr ictec-k, andcc hocpe bcy strictc at -
cce in t bucinic-se. teo uiccril ae eccnicieaceu oif
Icth cian cc patron:c ge co Iiberally extenidet. to
Wc'iccc a ('larkson.c
I rcewa.t stc ck it' (.ci thincg, att f~irst .cst
sucicachi. CIL Ale'K'U N cM Lil-lN8CN.
N~ew Goods
1') 1)11)) I'..'!.1O 1t's I[. JJh
A. .\l. NF I '-ITYI~ p'I es cnotice o hce
eitionzs of Sic iiler owu l)crim'.rc tc Dist rie'l
tic he" is ccow recving~ ccii cpenrinef af~
hee N I'V W ' lT '; :e chice' anceI Ne-li cge
iict.i. Shec. Crc ckec'y, Glcssiwcre, Greo
eer'e., S:nerf3, I fid .ci're, ReaCidy .\ade
Cilct hccr, & ..
T'c al ccf~ u bich hce inities ihe attniottc
o: the public, e.-pc'iaIlly thce huhles,.
A. .\l .NEXYIIEll'.
Neoembcer ''; 161l 5 tf
O "FFRS P1)11 SAlcEM,- a large accort
ccient of Cltimr Dry Geods. Per.
lcicmerv, G.rceriec, C'and.ic'.. F~rcciti. Sntoedc
IIe'crccng.c Driccl Appcle's, Ticysc cand Facy Ar
lices. iurc (i4as aeccl Puctiy. &c'.
N. 1. a laurge Sctock of I ccsi,-rye Se.gara,
TuIcc Lo accd Sccil', For Sale, andi Lcew forec
.cLe. 31.t 1855f. 13 if
Alt pcersonls jidbted~ to mie either bcy.noe (
ncericzcc wvill pcleasc~c take nocticeu tiat aifter thu
iiki cday ccf .arch. cn'et lhey wiltl ni'nditheir
.Nesc ecr acronulicti icn licu hcandcs of. ati spotrneay
feer cclcee in* and~mccc alcco thcs 1ctsgactccDirl iecopctc
delc thIe icrm cf Weic ncn c and'arksion ccusct hin
siettledi by, chat tcime ccr othearwisc they wilt
heecto pay cosi, -it in ncot -fromc chicec tht
I will have o pjre.4 but' frtanc necescsity.
Wantchmnic ('opy.
Fisk's Patent M~etalic
all acruieen recqucc fi :FuncercgIa to bce id :cce
F. M. A N I) It F , ' %cner~cvilI, S.'C.
Wh'loalsio -has ccn haIe~, ac I will make to fcr
dier, ccli k icndl ocf Cdn'er Furnitulere, Chadirs'
.l1icire's.cs &C i6 o, hi he willniell at Chcayles.e
lien priec's.
' Iitepiring' ex(ecuted 'cvith ncatnices, atc at the
s ho. noic,. i
Jun 3, fftd. Press Silks, ~~lr
11fll Ilda.k111 Fnncrt 8=1p.. anti PlaidsS ~lkus. Ali", a full axi
celin,.eu, iiiij othecr doIi, rln50colE pbil
I 'llac k BwnbanAs, l ire Mi ,A4 C os & n ~ lilMun
I'.ll I Caliciiev; ileft find Hall iirnl'u. il aie:,,.,a. at P1VAirds foir $1. N1etvinipq De~..
VJijuia11i :ill llarege 1)clmines ; Miuck Atjues !.si ' I Wnk, sit 12 11-1. eriji,, worei 25; Fine ofld.
lo.igla his~r ltack Aljlrievn -'Patent Illnek Ajtl (rru rf. 00ti sti~t ,uro. WHis for crl I
IL ~,V~i~ i I Midkerehicii;. Ilia' k -i'd offil Silk 4.1w~.. , ltk n j ulrd~W
)%q' juh'I'I K.1 t ~ 'lve u ItfM 12 rluCulto
l~ineP. Linenltog
ill ljM ii D ii ., '2 le -2 ieills. IDatnik Najikiklel, Mi kfguO 1 nri...ij; EMW Mikuk Napli, 0
11-2 vvll eiidi; 8 sut!ild -1I'dabing Dlj:&~k ; D)IMziMk Clutli; Ilruwrs Uui1.8leAtcled Mio.'
I res, at 75 uclits pir ilu~cii 1tii-a4r Djz* rN, 75 cents per pijere.
Lo Cloths, Slieetirigs, &e.
4-1 Eglit 12mi Clo nt N s i-vi tur\gin!, E1'l~s Los. ( luttis, al - 4roul
yard;i xtr igsiitiy Auntiilk.ui .( ( 1,118. -2 1 2c'tw'u iqr faird, lI nirjiality, Aiiwrit'
Lusug- Cluth, itt 6 1-4 cents per y.rd Haoi iohnn olier hr:nie Cottusr %1sliedhk~
rige1;lew,~e~reI ;:~t'Dress Goods'.
all 12 1-2 vents lker yaird: silir-isuper Colon- I Fitrr-il 3111ielit, 1 1 4ili .to 75ir.,jur yard lHa.,
hag 1.ir-g.-i fnd Tirstev,; L'riii liif U111 C (ratpe?- CobdL'i. F0111cl .-lla Robes.
Luitii~s Nd!, Perfamery, Etra, Wtr loilta
T u rns- E~mtiandii~ G-rwri Oilwzdnui, I -rimiis; Frensl EwetiderWaedlgtlf
r-rclii-oii.:. 'UN ! , Culi aii.lI Miir Iilu-slw; l'u.jtet l Uwl is Soalig, 'bIvV e. .
Aouiti- l'u.iler, Friirt l)ru---iria., iz-k awl' Sitl, (eitihs: l.ele,(ul,,ui j .jildreia to 3erl
it, LleelerveotL.; Geowu, Ladlies aid tl Ciilren'm litiir fuit, (oloven ini sll vssrictiis.
French Prints, Ginghanl3, &t.
I- rirs (~ilinbres, all pflep 1 ai i 'ir ainna. Irons 20 to 62 ]12c. per Yarul,'uperr4'f
FnalislIi i'rii,fat i 1*2 1-2: leer tr- ir I iuuirib ii lriie att 6 1.4cb to lkc per yard; Superior
G.~i4isisiitj~ at 13 t-2e. per yioril, :4cipwlIi an-d I-reide ('umigliarnt.
]Embroideries, &01,
Lois. tlrens1 rsuit Ui-4,! E giiig-e ; 311ilthy leedud Catuliic El-qin;"; k*:sjrnR nq .3ftisljn,
1hinduu4 , Eilisiered~-s I astili- l)res.-sem eir.k1lreoi ; .1u,4lin aolt 0-1uabnic (,to laIM, 8$li-&i souru.!
(eliuiiS-110: While'in lol 131k Ilth I id Fiupred0t liuiwt Laces fi~cm 96Ael 3 'lek Iaiui' auit1
Fi-ured lluiude Lave; Luse aInt- ur Vii,;.
All kiuede of Linena ,nil Silk I is ket ands Nt!- IlKlif fisr (ectittemin . te lit.ajut1-i J6111.
inersel. $5i-ited lenrd Kotinlerv-lil Liii is Camubri lid k-,; C hil In iosi Lisiesi Climabrio Ild k
Moure Rtilsioc Lit-an Cutibrs- 114M4t~, tier 5~ 1. 1 ei:auu; Ituad 1l,lkfe tPar Servaitts, all JusIJi4ji
New- V0" S-u..
And Great Bargains to be had at Friehowns
OLD .57 QNIs UPO~cSI f CHI2MY.. 1arE!,.
TIl Il. siilisrriher laivitiug jusot rcuriucd r-sy Phtil;tl14in whlem, he hr, i.ld lo at
lARI AND) 8VlI 1 l-RI -H1') S'lT0,14 OF W008~l, begs leave to offerL the"uu
Ili tile peoipte of Siaiiter 1) .trict. 'his'Y coasjsL principally inl
C&Iit-ue no.! (hoglmaiusliris4, w1,tt fuit -tosi and] 'luues, ,l~to 'ItCam
Mrownr ali lteascied 1Ii -~tuaStripcd Factory Vartu;' ,Iurq sutcliCk of troeriae
I Imuispirs: * Tolyl amul Ceua~srtiouuary;
Alpau-esn.i uI volore f liViorstingi ;Pirtrfunery;'
l'auiie Stoul, Lini-t au-I Ceuseos ill al G relskcry Vr;
Jlu:si..Fy tfnl Falicy -3.uil; R11e.dy-noadus Csxrpt 1.lpt., &.'
Ukiliig; Irishb lUnbl,&c I
i ietrc %,.r Of t a gr-cat nusP'u otillur nirticli~., which W'111 b:! sot! A~ ti ht-eis ea'sl
j in: y oiity tca Is of dis u itiiii;; .,. I
Marci f1, H55, 1908 ~1I
P AtX BTTOLook up Street
T1 V % 141 4%_X WK~InI Cu.AoK'% HOTEL is still id~ 6~yl
ISU ITlEti tll~., " S. U.- !rat iona*(llinks to [lie kinud s of gnoit
E~. .SoamunriI rieiius)--rcady to) receive customero, aim?
Oifvr for ruile at 11h0 stoire Ifirin'riy oGce lutortaiji thiii; to their entire satisfaction,
pie I by 11. (.ireeiivaoild, ntext darer to tit I r. C. 61 re-,4lved t hat Ilis H~OW, shall na.
olir f Capt. ll. .8uunior, a l.AIL~l~ il exeld Ylilhncin ieoa
well tselocu itoeos of VA Il. AN I) NY ,IN- k'vertlg Iie msarket can furnish' 1
...11 . t le %2l MA rlasi~ t f Il -t~i- b1 e ct-jt~ pnl si tor ab.;&oI. l v _oo2ei a--d

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