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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, May 09, 1855, Image 4

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d .. S. 11 1Cl AI I SN. I.
W. F. 1 1. 11I NS \1'( tIm'1.
Ag~ents for the Muannaer.
'The l'olowi' persons hvbn O.
pointed Agents4 a1t are athIoIdriz.d to re
ceive, and receitt fIr. all sosIS I!ueL (h(
Stuiter ianner. Any pieon w-hinig
wecoine a subscriber to the l.am:er. b\
handing th n their ianie anil :hlress wil
have the paper forwariled proitldy.
They will.alsosee to forwar.!inr ;:111
vertisiong Ihsiness connected wilh th.
\.V. W.VA 'R . 1 It.,..CX"lun11bi-a C.
WV. 1. 13. 1 lAVIsworrn, Ht'rvill, S.
R. V. La:,
\V. S. LAwT IN & Co. ChiiIe'ton, . C,
J. RUssEI.. 1vlirR," "
M. \ II!TaKIu. .W ih1iri rio,. t'
I.LLIAM I1 vDE,.................
No other person is auhorizei to rceijpt
for the Banner.
R:it" Persons wishiiir to see us pn
basiniess conmected with ilie Pame or 1,Iu
can find us at any hour dirinur tO dav
at our offire, just back of Si.oto.Ns' New
Store. W71 All letters adildresed t thii
Blanner raust be pre-paid to insure atten
To .efferson.
' our ai tiele has beeti received, ind
although we doubt the pedicy
of inserting it, yet, we shall do SIo next
week. An unavoidable press of nit.
ter prevents our doing.so iin this issue.
One of fte People.
This CommlinUnication, whichl our1
friends of the IWatchnwn were reques
ted to copy, was left out of that. paper
by Some oversight. It will appear
there this week.
New Mode of Fcin4,S5L.
Upon our fourth page will be fiuind
an article upon this sulject, to which
we invite the attention of our fAriners.
We should be happy for some of then
to- take the matter up and discuss the
proprif.Ly of the change recommnended.
It is a subject upon which our people
have no doubt thought but little and
upon which tall would likel to hear
something. Let us hear the views of
some of your members of' the Agricul.
tural Society..
Thle Laitest Ne'ws.
The- steamer Rllatie has arrived with
Liverpool dates'of'May 5th.
At Sebastopol the Allies, after the
most sanguinary fighting, lmd gaied
considerable ground having takei
nearly all the R1ussian outworks. Nut
withstanding these successes, however
their position was more critical than
P'. 'They were obliged to slakeid the
bombardment after the t8h, w ithouut
having produced sufhicient etfeet to
justify' an tisstauh.
A vast force of' Russianis, saiid to
exceed one hundred thousamd men,
were concentrating about the p lace.
There was idaily' telegrap.hic coin.
nmunication between Lontdoni and the
Crimea, but the Governmnent is ver
cautious with the news.
The Emperor Napioleoni naorro~wly
escaped assassination on the eveinig
of' the 28th. -An Italiain fired two pis.
tol shots at him while ridhing~ on hiorse'.
back. Persona! reeg ws his only
A despatch from Chicago ~sy:
Atchison and Stringfellow have o:'gan.
izedl a secret society, pledged by thre.e
of arms to expel! all freesoilers f'romn
Missouri and Naisas, event at the risk~
of disunion. All tihe W hig and I en
ton presses are to be dlest royed, andl
cannon were being conveyed to (lest roy
tile Ihotel at Ka sas, and tl presses~
at Lawrence.
Great Tenpermace MEeel iang.
Thle National Divisionu of the Sons
of Temnpertance, at the last Iieeting ini
the 1Ib itish Provinces, resol vedl to hold
their next meet inig in Cnarlestoin, oni the
th of June. TIhe Muutar~ud sas a
large assemblage is expected, andi ex.
tensive pireparationis are inprgrs
for their reception. Declegrates are
expected-from uall the Griiand D ivisiuons
in the United Status, Novia Scoitia andw
New Bruniswick, Engiand, I reland anid
Scotland, andi last though not leas't
fromr somne of' the hlidiain tribes in the~
WVest. The~ occaion will lbe a very
interesting one and the oppoi tunit y of
visit'ig such a body not soon aigauin
presen te d in South -Corulinia. he
friends of' the (linse$ aind the publie will
bear it, ini mind,.
liev. G, dJ. W'ar ren, of' the.c N. Y. Alli
ance,.. hats w.ith.l mn h care, analye ~/E,
iro. on < i me rurn'si firain
I~tS ilcll dl- ifil'i it LI it
tie ptt l I fiii'lt.ic . ic~ ll ill ot liii1
c,1:,nit.~ --ml il t ~i tcj y eI& N LXX% kceek I),
"uL . ~X ='hid illdX ( I 11 I ic 1ilit,&t
tho 1:1': :41:1r41~e ",T,000)( Oil thumIf r
'N , i'0ltI'.I'M hilild tlic Xi
pni giI c . ti t.- hl-ImIlllt IX!~.~8,c4~
I.~ iccdln~ ii hav:~ e 10 (elIl
Owstr'rt Ii le (,)il
i t.. cidcct lJn.c vily lamm, i i iift
(()r 0 it IIlu eight, Of Ea0%c f.,r i
J 1111hc ~ cc The2 ch11Ic 2f catm nt (-. c Il
It( - !-c'.1 t ciilp w l 10).i acj tiii V 'enl.
liii-k N--US I -W I cr itn l quic
9 ~ -4 -4 1-C. a
i'I t.itc illftccdc
the it ii tuil, pd ill' cciv ;ili. Y- i
thfi ji ii.. ,r Ii - %%*!
; cc-~ mW.Ac :w. I I-s
citlii ifl "I."?. Ii' l V ;t it liii lit XXIit
lihelil nicc 0. 1-z!I:1 ; l ;( 1!
a~ii~irii te ~ t ! I1;;,;. Owc I -zl 1
I IIIg w iere t ~ccc
2 C ulit i ('13111 c ;In, i-z it I '
ofuici ifi . Fctic ii .p.- C c *.
(i de tIw Xc Icc .-c - i.,
311~rl i NFS11 fruc:itr must fe. !.n V
12"ll 1!l i:cc pot the ' i i e
olvir r Ici' I! l ie i i,-- I '1i t,- 1 1 i-o cI I,
fl Xiile.- fo .ci riiu a Ili i~:,
the 'Ai~ h'? It ccci .
I ..cu Ow : fu-c il l I i l it-tit
Ole -;tI it. :! - tcr:, h, cr
wher Stt it ivc II i fi Io1 1) J
t e i to I') li 1o i . :- m i
iccccril . w i.ic-o
: I llf . 01-y ;it :;l ar
sti'.cii ftnl lr: I t, I
Y It ic i cuoi
li~chI uu~I c~i~c flit.
ill :- pp,- Ci-1.. . ..-, it
dor Ow cctiint, i. I :ti -i c . I!-. 1 i %. -
periicctly phit ti even;'i yodur'i d itlsprui
annd thre yos hwcl uit, bLI. n ed i
wr- itin O' Ipfn thihe ;I ne r iy,1 Sh%~ pe e c
ttr the pirop~ritiy f he:ivineg aI w couIlrI
hend o in -car , bt in 'Ifb;.l :n
vshl'in;; tlos i0:r ::u ; i q! ill 11ou~
edstd in;etlin *l bargcs. "You irr
NIeve thtu Iiol'O It otir 1' awrtir- g ; i
your ctturt hosii :.'' \ sih , itti;t, y:u
that. iteSt'oi t!.wen heard you' :my~ uf
thlitn pi;'k tiji-n Ihl-it tthyj~c ? Ahl :
I v b a''t~ Utt - b vel l you dr selfn h or I
Ililid you~t v ok 11the )t maCny w illlev
Wthat . to be ) the niumut ofy lte: n whosill e
o' ie you haviet -,*btvii to :newou~u
yil rlei ! lImiol a[)fi yiu, nbio ,:1,.1.
. d ttblieve eb th "ti 1jawyer.- g,() agrin
yobeur coi l nhe." Wilflr). ais /gl to
./ Iihas he( ever pidt to ousr Iir ? :\:uil
tha iis loi Vt ! Nt r :t , iti did ito- :IV
Lill.-Ill s' -:r . i lt.. ' li- i s a b .
I :voy! 'd(, t ra con oanity be the l-c
Do ~ ~ ~ ~ Iittii1% ~
Y !::* - iiio* e ti ti / im
een in e i ri s :'t o t -l ' wil
Wtill( \ ill iiM' 0!iiif 0ltiiz - \ItCO Jl i
\1li al.~it~i2 you,~ nu t
b l t I' ll ' : .i it vli be ibu i u po1ni0
b i iitit hat bh !- mi / I itlt ,rial .i
:Il Itt1I w n ithii ' ie b : ibar. iiitM
h: im 1 hi rI'm fo i::ldh n r ie
Ilip r . 1 ..to ti-s : m u l.
has fr I - \\ver w idi t r -a ~
u of it, l -s pio fr ! ed ii i t I II:, V i
',t' c.d he :;i C jutr i
I .i Irf-4 . i .1 I ' .
|ive tw 'e :t i .i '- till i ith i.a .! ip
t t y d- l :. ;.u'l we til1s
t Id i r . \ : (i c
i( Ih) Ir C':a a -o
C 1 w t i t.\ o l 11 ii ta t;
:ac al ioor mch heati o . .\1d u 1
voti Io Ai
n'vtr e ev 'u I e -t i ti-i:
i s.- - i iv t *''i1*i I u; s to r' .'
I r riv/ 1. wr Iy)u r t; L r 1 h :I
iis ii i . \', h: itcln v.:i y u sr
f Ir io : ma iI h (~ 'ot ar ~tg e it:It
:Th y aw I h 31 - tte 11m4 I .
iv. N 'I w tk we to v Ii I I
I%%1: omv:rup n h atcl e : I gnd\'
rpw ii0 r en nh iic w \oub- ( tyi, i j h
,ho i Ir-v t ll I il~i i liati
1i- hav vpe'r v but I; : t o rdv red ; l\,:It
u----t ----i ---.-eitn - re---- oic t.
. .. I;I. - -- - - -
. l::, . r: t
v. I';l e is a Q- r . '
a~~~~~I a wto t uyo h
t!".. .u i. ' o li
The iri'ce f ctrn i- -10
conn,~ v-t ays It\rentr rta
Ith ist o~f v p' ;irne l V u ed
unt -h eri for theui - -a anal a
hrte sulhe: cy IV! ilh
re/44nles:1 h . ).-; Coloinhi? . to be
AN econMO :n - - -N thir use 4l
the waster -all - r (rf.!nl -Shiliey
i'ark. Th ' .m .uhieu has ;-r
vaieil fr Zt-. - , havilig very
pe dpi~ t, flow Of wate
f r Oi: e ,i ii 4;p!y the W% atcr
W orl 's. Th(-. *. - s llic ient.
.\ ti'ela:p . --. N ' n::.'!~ Lol.'.
datl Als.! 1 7:h 1 : j he Trial o4 .ii I
Sihrpe aiv Dr. C hr , for theu rh-11 r I'1111
'If thir i h - in Sharit, on te il 4 1. , I b
N ernLI I ii'. - Iast.: -n1- :11 .1 t o day by I ry
int;the!,;"r 11lyl .lles 'Sharpec was;
futual gni, yofn nla htr adis o
I i I , I C I )"; 4441
he, r IL,' !,r C. Sh r e- une on
niur r e . bro r, Jhn l1 r 1 p-, C:1nne(1
- . I I h.: n "a 4 <b:, h . .ihy
of :.- 4:.. 4r. 4lt I ' h "iv just he'4:n
b : e :I '..'. 1 1: l 4'4 r .l 44n the4 thn4inb
And p aio. rle: anlAndl senten1
re4d tIl Ji wii. ll, : 41 . i n1i' .li 41te l lt.
(''. . - 'y Iii h en a.ain arr t
:aw! he' 0 : ! n th" n.In f4 S1,IIHI. It
1 :43: I I :r his tx:: ):ht :it)4,,; 1 nwnu :m
Re2; i Illp li, w i1a :Ir;II.- :,nI,
The~ ~~ d r lirb cai)tT.11
M xu 1;ni 1i91 .1. t:t afe ;i r-i;::
of 4 mr . verdh.t
of4~ ' ',9 1tn r 1,,r the- phiint'ii'. The
caew !hearid :w the ?Aprene MY-,r.
.\ :1 MUe ; *,1( I he Li-ard 1 ) r s r
' n v 4 hI. i ('4 j . the zur
r.> r~n -. :.: 1 (.r e a tl t o
.\ ., :n iw 1'r. ot-l ox-.- : ion 1 4
t ( : :7 :4' t1 I !' h1 ::1 R 4il-r 4
( .e b L~ ' I ( )r! ; rh L' i r.4
A\l a . 's fth r m so he
Y-nUb aran i '': beh o 4n the .lib
in-:1.., h1 4 . :->w1 ng : 'h-inen w'1 :4p
'41l I "V isiitr 1*n
1) .4 1 \V .r -. \ .W . 11s :l !L.l,
Ja~esi . 'l, Jr., \\, I-'. F-'.nly, I0 v
i 14 .\1. 4 4 , 1 Z : v. \V. II l'p 1i,
Ir . E-: .,.. ... )r. . \ h
Vm \ .!li , \'. i ' '
dnt 1( .(
re .re i rn - h4:4r~ -e
h a 44'- 4. \\'e :ue'
1. -t - tv i l'e illi .'
1 e- .ntl u4a 4 r ..ar t. ::-44
n1 ' .4w .: .'.' 1 i1 .: )r
4 T . . '-- :v
'44n b 4 -1 . ! rea e:a0 .
44.4'r~e. in4 '1.n 4-. 44r
n ..*::'!.44 .).--.. 4,.4. .'4'.
.41 :rn te4 h' . 4 4'. g i 'c1t f1 r th 4) .-114
*,- t -|1.' 44''4
44 :4. a 4 : 4 :01 ha'44.I bee 4c ..
1 ye '.to 4-41(p444'ni4n'..
4ett.v 4 .. n- . 1 4'' . :~~;. '44);4
m en4.'. 4.' th 4c in.444. 4.1 4.1..
.\ leiter, dated April '27th, has been re
ceivid in lioston by the Asia, frouin London,
whib11 innIounces, that on lie 10th, yet
an-her, or the 35th astcroid, w;a discover
A by Dr. Luther, at JBilk, in P'russia, or
but 13 days after the : lith was first cen
at Paris by -M, Chacornac.
A c'orre'..pondent writing frotti I nvana
s.ys the Sugar vrop or Cula, frnt all
a ppueraces, Inay )e ishort front *300,000
to . % 00 biioxes uf last year's crop. It is
id by i lligent planters that it will be
al.least one lifth oil.
'Ihe(, Winnsboro Regrister understands
riht the Bard of Otlicers ordered by
General Aihen to try tO validity of the
Cunterted election fIr Brigadier (cner#l
of Ihe 5th Hiriga le. South Carolina Militia,
will miet oin the 7th day of June tiext, tt
10 o'elock a. In.
(n):e of the largest d iilleri"s in Scot'
lind, the Leit h diztillery, where 1,20,000
'flioiis of whisky i:Iuvl aimnally to be
mltae, h:i.s jitst been converted into a !our
'T'le reapptarwi4- of the icholera in St.
4l'trsbuirn, : uit other p:itts of Northern
l'oropje, lenters; fromn siipping merchatils
in Livr rpool vay, % ill check iriniigr ation
I, the United Stos this corninr suniner
hpow:-rs reftn-inr ts crowi Ihelir ves
seis sh nld :h i ear.e inake its appe.ar.
ance in EIgLitii
'1r. Slolde ink onr if his ht'e..rs to. the
l~e eparnient inudwi ,inguhar ditisc'.s
nrr. I#, -: thait Louis Nipolcon, be
hore his e-lbratel coup d'e:t11, which
!atd i i the !ie ti of an eimpire, iad
: d w*h G':;icral .Narez, the
Spa is .lnisterl, thl' pl:n iof a m s i t)
ilul 0 Stat's, t .o1und lw far this
*1111!:r*. %vas viul;;ralde in: a mnihitary point
o' -ieiw. A seil reLC::t was i to b he bent
wvith iiitrutions i-repare4 by lthl. Depl) avrt
unt oft Forei-:-n .it'irs.Thse inlstru-'
tilns duly .i;!-ne, were prmerited to N:.
pl4im i iparo:, the son of Jertmrvie. withi
a tenIder of whatl .n11111ut of :n:Ioney bie m.ight
requr1 ist carry then out. The bitter
rt- d ti.:lng innis iNapuoo n thait 1.e
wa.z.- n4t the ioan for -tich a woirk; that ie
was:: a demira1Wilt, ;ti would rather be wih
the l'iited Sts th:lii witl him). The
ui\tiws droplped, and has nost been
SI:o4, at !east to the ktiii.m ldge1
ir. Soc's nihorinuit. Ir. Soulc hine
'I : ar; to h:,ve I!l ft'h in the state
that upon h fortnati~on of ;t - Lioury So.
Cit I I h1:iL p.c , on the l:h inust. the
openng adr-sa nin ehv.redby 11bzan..
C. 11. le aidress is spoken of as
ait-1, ch.'ga t andI ilnstrutcti'.e,1 and at
the conch l-it'n, thel Plreidenut announcied
tlat Te uienting a peli for further re.
'r one of thefair itts pre.zent
,it a respiest to Col. Ainiore to ad.
d th wi.T n by eIurprise,
ho Ct'fnla: a!fter Indrk,!th view~s ;-I
at .: by! .\r ir,;Olxpressing 04s
S pany i: teI (h!) of1 the S,-ity.
I . 4. L .e-. the n ient p id him by tihe
Slavs, in an apprnavate :nd! gaMLn ill
ner. en....t - o as~it and t:-t:.
Iep L~ Cat, .4( nowt: aitt.
b4e:p n. It na'.s reportulii that hie
4 whL *i.- retn.' 40, h. '.'.Cer. by t!.e Ser
.4 it at...ns, u.' bea actd iunder tin rdlet
n hi l4 ,nr ii 1:.-e ab: nem !s t 1uana.4 . .
h th.*'. :,bibi h ..n isnot atpesn
.mervn, hnli i.r i-: '4ii . c .-nh :ted i wd r Ie bte
.rhn. i7tMt andtihi451( I .at-rao.vn thr nir
h n.-tI 1e.4'1 Ot intrinot in ehan
ait i.14d4 t here Mui b fr,:.3A)t ,4.
.\t Cai . titi theyk are.' l)linamn Cttrm%
* hat I. ,ituniiirs ofh p ra ble c tattte for I 'V in-)
.hi.Lwiebica i be~hti p. i tietir wihut
*nj.i, :id.~- by ' : t few hurh~.t la o.4t ,tv e
T. . .\4'li 0in L..atur a ar tititlw l
* ., latei 1 hiiii-n ti.it no ir.,in oftforeign
ii ii':* '.1 oteilniie. h te lirws iul:Ltir 4
z.i vl. pt per toe rc"ihe antherites"t lestii
t hree ' nilenths 4 beoe im elc~t4ion~ .uTh
actok e:t .\Iliach 1th. me~s;W
t. is. -tst.o It n di we beli cone oly
14 tha ttanor w it a4i hpltate of ilwenty
than inhu~ab tilt-,hias 4 ne it oer.i
441n1 ith' m--a!falt~l~r b4'isiv yctreitable it
helir mirst 1,.~ Trhii cih ocptoirtyd
hn14..i o ndhinCi', the prodcelts of whi
41. toith tr'lr fromd tihev Uiustd te
n:i whi::.5 the rcie the miostr oh thir
burn atsN yh 11ik by50ii a yeary oer beiansI
li ina- atitd.11hmdwl dt~lfe
to fehwr dlu.r prtotectl bhlite Ir.Dndfari
eInl il nel ounher itsttc, l~ 11tiiCnIpe 6
caime up, and in the midst of it u ury a light.
ning stroke descended upon her, burning
the hair from the crown of-the head to the
back of the neck, inelting her Iair-pino,
and proceeding dowi her hody-leaving
its mark as it wert-nntill it passed
through the floor. Strange to say, the la
dy lived, and is rapidly recovering.
The house in whiclf Charles Carroll of
Carrolton, the last survivor of those who
signed the immortal Declaration.of Inide
pendence. lived fnd diet',. (n the corner of
Lombard and Front. streets, Baltimnore, is
einbel ished in front with the words, 'Turn
Iile and lier Brewery," and ollenm at all
timtes, tle Sabbath not excepted, for the
sale of intoxicating drinks.
In return for the splendid tiara, valued
at aboutt 2,UU,000 reals, recently present.
ed to the Pope by ltie Queen of Spain, his
lioliness has set her Majesty the body of
St. Felix the Martyr.
Notices have been given in the British
Parl iaeutit of a mntion ft r a decinial coin.
ag-, and to utVAe in a congress to establish
a uu:form decima! iystemii throughout the
- 61l--a imosit iiportant inid desiralic Ob
ject, worthy of and due to the spirit and
inte ligence of the age.
Oin Saturday,the i2th inet., an election
was helt at Louisville (Ky.) for Mlagis.
tratesand constables resulting :in the sne.
cess of the Know-Nothings without seri,
ous opposition. Trhe election. howcver
was characterized by some disgracefuil
scenes. A man naned Wi. (ray fired
twice at aiother person, but uissed li
aim. A mob then pursed Gray, who re,
ceived two balls in his body, and it is said
several pssel tiroigh his hat. A Gerian
seeing iome of his friends attacked will
brick.bats,tiiwd a revolver twice and woun
ed two persons. Ile vas pursuied to hii
volille honp, se.verely beaten, -mnd evei
thing in his establishiment demolished.
The ,on isviie Jourird, from which vc
gatier 1litese paricnlars, does not chargit
any paricahr party with being in tiy
wrnig, but. very correctly calls uport the
authorities to punish thein no matter t(
what party they may be attached.
The .ehaion Whig has ant account o
a riot at ihmover, betwaen the 'suentS a
I) rthniout h ColIlege and the cadets of ilt
Norw lii: Ilitary ichnol. It seemts iba
souie d ~iiultv fiat occurred, where in thi
c olet s fel lthe ves instlhel, and co!s
ed the river in skif01 to seek redfress. The
college student,, taet theta promptly, amt
a battle eiu-ted in vinch h c-t!--:
vere vawini :A!hed b)y the superior number
of the :tnt Fiding themselves wors
ted, ci dets drew their kiives and pis
tos. aid were about to wage deliberat<
war, when lie oticers of the college inter
tered. Meanwhile the colleze boys set th1
boat adrift, and thus cot. ofti'a retreat tothetc
cadets, who were ubiiged to travei a lon-,
uimt~ice to regiin the western shoma o
the ril er. Tie niatter is to be inve'tigat.
Thu price ofi meat has risen 15 per cen
mi Paris n ithin th'e laAt two moi-nths. It i:
W; Citirey beytnd the mcanis of th
The chhera cointiues its ravage
amnongt tlie Cigrantis oil tle Upper Misse
ilt.pi, iThe boats- are genera iy crowde
.,eem. to :attendl the disease.
ILlall, the negro barber, '. hto was arre.
ted :a New Orleanis for robbintg a man
$1 f10, by adimtsti'riung clilorofobrmn
hitin wh.ile lhav ing him at Dunikirk, ha
beeni triced, convneted, and senteniced
fifIteeni yeairs ittitr iomtlienit.
Acorves, ondentt writes to us thist ,h
has been troughi Georgia, TFennessee ati
*outhI A lahani t recenitly and the whea,
Icrop1 were iery fine.
Cha&rlestonm .3?Iarket,
C orrected weeckly lby .
l'tu t AND CiMlissioN ME~ieniANT5,
Ch~arLeston, 8. C.
Charle-- on, .\ay 109thl, I M55
Um.>'.so ('orrois.-Thelia'es of thi s art
ce the past week amontoditt tot 10,5t
bnh-s, at from 8 tio lie, per lb. TI
miarket is firmt, and prices inil n.
U ie.Th''lis article is still higher pric
5) to) U 1.2.
(iat ,ps.-('orni, 8,15, to 81 1Hc p er
Seare. P eas I,00 to i. iL,)5 tier bi. (ht
75ca. to t80e pier bushii. Searce and risini
F loiur .f0,%5 to eI 1 50 per hI., fr
ouithern. a 1 it to .615 for good North
Ht-Sachs t81,I510 $1A,5. WVe baa
Whiskey,-lat 50 per gallon.
:3i00 sacks fit sate.
Ilinows''s Giss.,T'Ihis newlv inivente~
(Ln will gect oint lanotg Cot~iton clean
mtotes, a n the short er Sea islatnd Cott<:
better than thec commoen -kinds. We at
.\A ents foar these gins.
ii.wo.-1lo4 round ,lI t 121.2c per l
It hirEs.-Cowhiides 1(0 to 10 1-2 per I
1)ee kits 20 to 22c per ]b.-Col
.and other sall skiiis 10th. eacti.
( ('tFFE.-Rlio 10) .-d, to 12 l-2e, acce
dinge to qua'ity.
Sen at.-irown, 41 1-2 to (Oc acce
.\Ioi assES.-Cuiba 22 to 25 N. 0.3
:nc per gal.
Wax.-221 to 25. per lb,
- Tiobacco.-V irginia andt North Carolil
I1) to 50cJ. tier lb. WVe are agents for t1
fictor ies of thoseo States, and for Loi
liitet &. Co's. brand receivedt a promniti
at our F~air.
Wnes.-Longwor th 's w ines of Oh
r 8t10 to l5-. tper dtoz. We are agents I
these wines, for which we have receiv
.a preminoti at our Fair recently.
Woot.-WVashled, 19 to 2se. per
0 '1risbiy, ti to 15Q. peLr lh.
r 1Kvs CAr..-Car toads (he. to 1(
a tier lb., nett. Gecttint.s scarco.
Iloots.-Car toads 8 1.2 to 9c. pe
lb. ntit.
hi Naval. SToRtEs.--Spa. Turpentinie
ni to lie uper gal. 1Rosin S1,25, to $2,
j tar bat tel. Tu'r.9$1 ,7c. to $2,50.
For the Banner.
. VIuowiTS BLUFF P. 0,
Ieer Mister Banner: in your last
ypor I sees you goes ngin Clarindon.
Vhen I. wenlt 11or theu Banner last
spring, it was because I thought you.
went fbr Wesley and our Court llouse.
flt now you. has turned your c~to
and changed your briches, and it takes
a sinart, feller like myself to no you
as the same Maister- Banner. All you
has sed agin our Court Mdouse is trash
and as I hearn one of your Big Law)
yers in Suiterville say, is nothing but
pomposity in the ingus, and thunder
in the throte. I is it is true Mister
Bunner a No Nothin atnd I does go
agin Jurriners and abolitioners and all
that sort of nonsense ; but I does no
e. ugh to bleve that nun but the Law.
yers goes agin our Cort House, and th. t.
because it makes big fes and ceeps the
peoplu a watin on em to git a chance to.
pay em muny. But what rite have you.
Mister Banner to say a word agin Clar
ild;>L ? I. thought yore paper. was for
Clarindon as well as for Clairmont.
But if you gus to treat us like furriners
in that wav, why we will soon have
a Banner as well as a Court House to
oursells in Claringdon, Why donl't
you now A3/ter Banner that all the
peple in Claringdon is for the Court
Ilouse ; and what does you want
em to go to yore furrin Cort
Ilouse for ? Why there are my frond
Capten Mosos Benbow, and all the
Benbows, and the Broeks, and the
RLaginls, and the Stiukes', and Docter
Uriggs, and Squire Reynolds, and the
Kellys, and the Weeks', and Doctor
Iich, and Docter McCaully, and the
IRhaimes', and the Butlers, and the
Brogdouns, and the Gunes', and thu
lUlackwells, and the Nelsons, and the
F rk Black River. and Captin Ganca,
and the Harvins, and Docter Ingram,.
and the Richardsons, and the Burgess'
and the Tidals, ar.d the Connors, and
the Manntings, and the Warshums, and
the Gibbons', in Lower Salei, and all.
the peple, and all the no nuthins, and,
the rich and the pour this side and
tother side Black River and Puddit.
Swamp, spiciely, ouir repraseitativuo
little Docter Sam, who you no is a.
Itrut p and a l'gunary.
Now Mixter Janner I want to no if
the imple of Clarendon want to cetel
a fine trout in Cudo Lake or tickel fish
in UYuintoim or Pudden Swamp, why
you bhioud force em to go all the wa'y
to Clarenim ount to dip fOr small kats in
the 11141 puddles ot Pootialliger. 0
Jifit r un ner you is certainly rong
in this rispect, and if I owe you any
thing, send down your accounit to
righ.b 1'. O.and I will pay it, but dont
pretend to come over tue with sichs
contrap-hions as these. Well but you
sa-y you luvs us Miser Banner, is the
reason you cant parl with us. Well I
cant say that I lurvs so hard or so much
as all that conies to, but may be I
..U, :f Ig and -thA
prollits and you had to pay em. But
Lurn it this way Jfister Banner, and L
aim feared you wud ntot, have sichi a
iuustrus luv tor us. Well after all.,
it ant sich a mighty partin Mister
Banner as you wud make out. We
wud hav so much to due at our ownt
Court House, that your Lawers wud
come down to help us ; and if therse
aiy of you we cant git down, why we
- wid send a Branch of the Nourth E;
1turtn lale hlode tolfech ema. But dont
talk y'ore blarney to us .Mister Banner
aboiut Juvin us too much to let us go.
Faro sed the saii,c thing to Moses, but
he want fuled by it and I want nether.
'i Ring Gourge sed the same thing to
' Giiterel Wa.shinton, but hte dident
S letve hi m. iNo my~ dear ltister .Baan
u ner if we waIs both pub in the same
krib when we was little boys, atnd we
"rowed tu- Large foir it to hold us to.
ge"cher, I thitk I wud show not only
lmy luv but my purhiteness, by getiu
tip ani levein it all to yourself. .f you
luv us Lthet Mister Blacnner let uts stay
m u our own County whtere we wanlft to,
stay ; antd it you Iuv thte peple of Clare
miount elere aw ay the rubish of Claren
don Lawsui-s, and k.t them have aqui
et. time and a short turn to themiselfs..
That, is the genuini way to Iuv us ; and
to lav them, lister Banner. But if'
you luv the Lawyers, anud I hope Mis.
ter Baeuner yout is tnot one of em, or if
.you is, that, you is not much of a onme,.
ior they ait no ways to my likens,
ethen try to keep- us together in strife
and conftusion, where tis all pay and
', no p~rolliis, a'1 eckspense aitd nto gane,.
Iall time and nothiin saved, and the
lBuzzards is the furst atnd the last ati
r. the feste.
r Now I hope Atiskr Banner you will,
publish this as you done may letter of
elast y ere ; for if it is true, why the
truth ort to be spoken ; and if it is not
trite, then it ort to be eonradicted ;
a and if it be tu ekspensive to you to
Sprint, it, setid dlown your Bill to
ii W rights Bluhif P. 0, to my signittes
e and it will be paid for as an~advertise..
m Cos-rovsuasv.-.-A newspaper warfare
is gang. on in Now York, beiweei Arch.
r- hishiop llughes, head of the Roman Catho.
lic Church in this cuuntry, and Erastus,
rd ,lirooks. of the Express. Tio the present
time the Express mnai has rather got hiis
i I lloliness. The following is the conclud.
ing senttence of his last articke:
"Lot the Archbishop possess his soul
min platienice: before the end he shall hear
o inot only of his dealings with the living. --
I, hut with the dead, in whose disease and.
O buril lie prolits."-Dandridge Herald.
"'Special Notice,
the Mtechianics Association, at the Townk
b. Ilhall on Satturday night next-, at 8 o'clock
P.M. The members of the Association
Ic. wlwe hope), all be prescent; ais this is
coinsidered a good time to revive and bring
rO inio life this most useful, as well as ejfli.
cient society.
it0 May 3, 1855. '29 it
Watichmiau em-v one time

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