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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, May 09, 1855, Image 7

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OI 'IueSdtay evening the 121h iinst., by
the Rev. Neal McDotid, - 3r. Di. F.
MICLxaD of, 811m11Cr istrief1, S. C., -.and
Bliss MA y 1i 3 . MCRAE. of l.ObillSonl Co.,
N. C.
On Stiday the 1h ill intli, by Thos. 11.
(YSteeii, Esqir., AJr. E. 11. Nowrox, to
Mtiss MARiA UixAltnT, i1 of S3umizter Dis
t rict.
_T_ U AR Y.
ilWARl'fD this life oh [Ie 21st. day of
A pri('j!55,at his residence inl Sttier District
I. C - FRANCIS I.ONLDON,aged 75.
Te diecatsed was a native of' 1rnttce, ami1i a
soldier in the Cavalry service uider lionaparle,
and took part in several of his most desperain
ihattie. The noInds on his permon, it- recei
veid in slstailninig th holior t Fraice anil tle
1lag of fits coutti y. lie never recirA to tiemi
without deep eimio n.--lIis aliectioi for tile
land ol the ine ani the olive," tihe frost of
uge never chilleid-ithe nmite of Honiipinrie, or
k rIalice, al ways brought a te:r to his eye.
Do emigratCd It' thiscoutitry inl 1-o1.
lie deserved a tribtie to his ienory ir the
great integrity of his eliarneter in ecry rela.
t i of lif'e. JIi W.Is a mn1 ofun111r1 ing iiustiry,
sincere piety, unpre tending miodesty, anid tn.
w averinig bene vOlece.
If the turf which wraps Iiis earthly firm ir.av
have neither " storied tnt or sCIilpi Itiredhut,'
to rectue his imieantory from obli ion, it is be
cause his spirit ieeded igione.-- Ie feared mnot
the desolation of tihe grave.-l livti as lit.
died, in the hope, that at the ast day lie woild
rise to a llesseti iliimittaility.
Ii early fill! a soldier at armt.4, in hitter days,
a soldier of the cross. H is c%%-Iision was
tl.e promises of Ihle (;o.tspei.
S. 'I hIe ithiI-e of his latter tiays-hven: diease
haild miade sad havoC upom his frame-was ite
- ieeriig recollection, I hut lie had heen citll tly
instrumental in erecting a l1aptist taChreb,
w here his whole ieigiihorhiooid Imili:t worship,
nid where le ehoped they miight receive tile
btenelit of 1Iat Goispel whliiebi he hfiad enjoye.-I,
und which was lo ve;ti hinm to .'life ev rlait
While living, FiesLo o wsre
speeled and e.st-eemiel ihr Iis ilaly virtiesyno.
de: d, the recollectioit of tihemi %%ill Iiake :a
cred his leimtory.
1). J. T,
DIE:-In this T oi, on the Iiighit
the 15)th inst., Mrs. SANAI ANN, conisort
of' Dr. W. W. Dulnson, andI dainclter oi
the late lieiry Britton, oiIr., f this
District, ;IgCd 2- Iyears ad1 imonths.
tiT A ~SECRf'lT FORI~ Tl' l,.\bff-;s.
--HOW ''O IlR t EfR \'E-1 , MAI'frV
Don't use Chalk, Lily White, or aII of tle
so.called cosmetics, to contce;tl a faded or
sallov coimp lexiol.
If you woII I hVe the ross briotigtil
back It your cheek, a clear, liealiv ail
tranispal ent skini, and] fife ad vigor iniiisei
.through Ihie systemi. get a bottle, of( Carter's
Spanish Mixture, :iI take it. ncord- to
direct itnIs. It d' s tot. taste qui ite as wel
as your sweet.men; but, if after a few
doses you do It find youir hieLt hi a:nd
beauty reviving, your step e anstiad i .
0 rous, the while system i . rfesICii and i.
vi'gorated liken Springi morniiir, thie yiir
*.:mv:e is hopeles ; atd all the valuabl tfr.
tificates we possess. go f.r nionrh'. It is
the greatest purifier of 1lie hIihnal l oiowit;
is perfctly h'irmiess, and al. the saie Li tate
pow rful ly. elliencilis.
Sold by RICE0 & TI'O.\3 ON.
'ofe ;yetits for tlie Proprietor-.
r ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 P !! TM~llIZlEPA 1E1 Till].
. efenwi if tit bilIt iatd the ulood; and if
it ioes the work feelly and imp--rfi-etly, liver
disetse is the -certain reu. As -ioln, therv
fort-, as nny- affection of t he- liver is perceived,
we may lie surn that Ilh, thieigestive 'irgais iare
ont of order. The first tinii. to b6 tone, is i
nihinitlister a specific w fhji-h vill ae direlv
upon the stomliiafCL-Iliach t mainspringr of th - ti
nlmacinery. FtoIr thkis purpw w *;enn
secommen..il Iifarni's G:ersimiRnrp
pared4 byv Dr. I . .)1. .1e. n 'i.-llha.
A , til t an alerativ tmi i tIoic. it sireiu .
en1s the ditestinii cha-s the con tijtion ',
Iood, tid thereby gi ves regllarity to the, bj.s
For sale hy MILJ..A-3R& hilt lTTO'(N.
of Yellow Djock atnd Sarsapil lia is it siire r
edf~ fotr haereditarq tit.
Thoiattsandts of iniv~idlsl arne -ir~,-ed with
errievous compiflainits, wichii thi'v iinheriI firomi
their fiarenits. Th'fe use of thle e illow Dok an./i,
X'arsapaerilla ill prevent all tiu, andu s.:i0 a
lives, for it thoroiughly etrpel.< fromtm sie:.5,em
the latent laint, wichu is ihe sed it ilea-e.
aunid to takes till thle cie .iev whih th *sin-o
ri.isforttune of te parents' are .so oiften vi-it
- uponi the inosen 0i. ofpring.
P'arents owe it in thi ir chlildreii lo gii:irdh themi
gatitnst the ellects ot' tiahnlies i fatri,- a 'h
- eommuinii'eie by dfecet, aiid chiiiren oifipa
rents thait haive at aiiy tiimie beeni aifkctedi u i th
Ctonsumpjtion, 8erofulat or Ny phuil is, owe ii to
l-hiemseives to takhe ptrecationagais tihe d t is
- e'ase beinig revivedl in theim, Guyvsolt's Xellow
Dock anti Sarsapjarillat is it su're atitduote ini
such-l cases.
L~s?' See A dvertisement.
Law Noti~e.
JO N Sit#t01l1D 8O , JR.,
LLpratctice-in the ctouris for the' Iis
triets of' $umter, Kershuaw, liarliingioii
and Williamisiiurg.
A pril 25, 1855. 25 l y.
W E are atuthiorizeid to antnitne Carti.
L~AWRENCE; II. ilfLSEli, as it
Camididate for Coloniel of the '1h1 Rtegi
mnitit, South Carolina ib lih ti.
May, 23, 18.55. 29 tf
~7UIt lil.NDER-Y is nov' in foil operation
-wtih xaw .EtI A t.s of e'very kini.
Allilookts. I'iampfhlets, Miuisic, ke . cnih
botuinid iii A NY sT' L, froillth itineiiiist to liim
ifnost ornamital iin imoderate termts amdivwit hi
inuetuttliiy nnd desipatcht.
For Istrict OJflics, Sherifls, (lerke, T'ar'(ol
lectors, &c., &c., as weil as for C'ounuting liouses
wuid every other f'ormi, wt ill be sntniheiniredt io
*order iiltot delay.
Tlermas mioderat tintd promaptntess obiservedi.
May, 23, 1855 29 2t.
itl UE SU IISCIIER~I has opeedau houinse ini
th. s LIii'~T of Sumiervillec, for thie trait
sactiotn of a genteral anc uitn and~ c'onuzissionm
*business, and off'ers bia services to the citizenis
in the itbove c-aaciy. iif sell merchtandiize of
all kinds, real estate tar persontal prouperi y, andmi
will cry safes for any ne having property to
dispose of. Salecs on fttlody iandt Natorda~ty
Jaigtse of cach wveek, and onl safe air muitstet' datys.
-Saile room in the reatr uf Watsonm's & G3ardnier's
ft. D). OW ENS.
Lemon Syrup.
1unIiTl0N,-ii giood anad its cheaip
catl go madelIC. Th'le follotwing are th la a-lh
prices: 37 1.:3 cents pet htltle, $3 2
scents per dozen biottles, *$-2 253 per giilttin.
Aiiy quant tity f'trinishted. OJrde rs ftwm i the
ct'otruy iI tnei'r- itihntron:iu nUfEniitoni.
AIlIFiti & , UolTTN,
Y virtue ol' tundry Exectaiois to iti
" directed, will lie sold, at Stinoter Cout ri
Iouse, fn the Ist Aoilay and day follow=
itg 'it June 'lux[, within legal holars ol
saie, to ti, highest hidder, for cash, thtI
illowin propiery--purchasers to pay for
Def'tentdant's Interest in One tract oi
1i4 ares of lndI( itn Salem adjoining laui6
of Estate of .lared I,aw,et al. levied up.
u." as the piroerly of CArius McCoy :i
hle silut (0f 1). It. 1'eele s.
(hie tract if 5.) tnri; of lal in S.
evlit adjoinling IIIu ls- oftit' as. L/owry et l.11
e v-edt il 1(1 i s the pr qo ty 1f Ib ht, 1,mw
ry at tie it.l of l' . Tollilsoll.
OWe 1rch ofW 13 acres tofal, aoire oi
lss, ini Clarendtio, adjoinintg lands of II
Ifoi laday Ut al., levied upoI Us the priTr
Y of A. .\l. R chtihbour, at tie -nWt. l \
F. . II:iynswortlh, 'on'r.
I efentdanit's interest in onte tract of 00C
acres of Iantd in Sale:ii. adjonittig :itIs 0l
K"I., of 1* It. lihbl, levied uponl as fthe
prupetty ill IEl. .1. DonalI, at, the bittts oi
J. A. Caneis and J:js. I.learron. To l
toh if (Ile illk litse formIler purebia-ser.
One tract of, 10(00 acres of, Eid inl K1=
lvon. :ukloining" hands ft in Sale I,, Situn=i
ter Iitrict, the titletnied rih: tole mnll
interest. ilf ItL J. \V. nlish Inl #ne I raol
of1i0lre ,diie to himl tunder flh.
will off is G r1-uni Pather, tilb- late Robt
E- glili, !evil upont as the ptoptrtiy 01 It,
J. W. English, at the so its ior .ohn1 Lyini
W. :Snehonm, liobt. Conmu:1inder1, :1114 JameICZ
A. I Uries.
Dieeinall8iler: ill onle Inrde. of 1'10(
.tcris f hun i more or lese, in Caeirnit
alilinling lainl of estatte tit W. ..ee
al., levied upin aI.-, the Itiperty Vl K
ayrait, at. the sint. of I . I an!5s and
D. 11.Po.
.\lso, Deleinn~nnt's interrst in oetre
f tMi atnus of latd, imr or less in Chaw.
mnent, :aljoining lamds o-f' .\. H..loeet :0.
leyil upo I as the prtirty of 1F. K. .
r*ant, at U e 4,t 1 o 1,. >. mii iz. anl l., ). 11
ii ioo t.1 i t.l
A ISL, D .C11.1 illdal' in0rd b :1'P ue
1f 700 acres '" Win in (lraebal n
ig ltis of I A. .\ lclol, i N tit l u;.
I as teild prper- y ot . i. 1,
Ih S it ot Q! 1) 11. I 'M-l ana I tI -l1nl
dingo othereo infl- n. ill !I A I '?
n h iiis ti ! T. J. T I'. -n lt b r, *' v=
wd "in" ias IhN prop y ll N. (irayiaii,
we ttriy, at the :--at. ul J.. ntn. ruw, a1
lirawleru, ', cases?.
()Ile Lilt atnl 811h!E1n- thronm inl Sumn.
tVitle, adjni ng lnds tl -. ( r
al., lieit u ipn as the prp rt Qa 1,.i
Unikinls, ait 11h0 "!it ill IIhe llank ill till.
.State of &Sant b C-aroitna.
LO an d fiii ll int ttwroon in i .nt er
vtllha atdjoiing llc s i h r
levi-d p- o ut t h ' rpt ; 11 .
ver. at thie !njit t Jas. .11. iI o.
One ir ie ro! l0 airre o: ias ioe t;
loss inll tre-1n~ls, dirn u o
11. 1irlon et a!. lry~vii u pn as fil. prey.
erltnee tl 11. Shor!tetjedr altt O -ti'. I.Jit-r
Filr Il !evi IiFpo:u - as Oh? prJ..r.
Ty of It. W. A rl at the it i . 4a
()Ill. Neg ro 4evied upon aW I.' e propevr:y
of . i. 1. eIt:rry, . t - :- ll:; o. t . an
J1. ('. \\'nlanl and~ T, R. llwrry-.
lix e iti g i L ere : h i ropery e
.'.tG. lased ; I tiills 1< l l.. I ottoi
ITuy .up1on as therp
er'y tit
li ore ttr y nm i C. t.t, t t Ird. .
(J nl) . e irio f u .ti s O i
1tof \V. W it.ir. dr a t i . t
Albt r. oi
.\ otre. .!. I ;. ; al 1, . C
May t:t, lr -i ;
Provision for 'the Widow
and Orphan.
I Ion. W. F. Ul'SAUSSlJRE, Pres't.
I'rof. C. F. AcCAY, Actuary.
Dr. JOHN FI$IIRlt, Treasurer.
lDr. Il. LABOlE.),, Metdical Ad.
Dr. J. M1. GASTON, visers.
T IllS Company has beci orginizmd at
Columgbia to enable its mnrietbers by
:iaIl payinents to acetmilalac a Inald for
the sulport of their suirvivin; failiIies.
pingl from il$I ) c$.J per year
110( ) nrv be seireid to their wives anil
The Coipany is tmulual aIl all prolils
;ar.! ;IIutually% divild anion.; lie m inhurs.
TheI i ives of slaves are also instired at
moderate ratcs.
l'or 'u ither pat ienilars or for circuiars
e.,xpla ining the phllils ol tIe Company, ap.
ply it)
\V. V. B. IA\YN-1s\V0l11il,
Agent for Suiter Astr Iict.
.iy i, 1855 '.7 GI
. liin amoirtment of liirrison's velebratel
-\tracts for tih l aidkerchief, &c.,
L-'SS.1 L , 3l )I Nll'
Uk11 311 TE N. .1-. 31 I N m,
.i t tNEI1Y GlC 'Il, N F,\V 1OW) N I A -,
\E, IS l. N i, l'ATCi Til NiA,
CA 31- II. IA , I EL-R. N I ' 31,
\W EIVT (1.\'i.:l IEIt-. c ru'l t)N.
M.i.L .' it, VIOLET, Ax.
.41 INi *Ii3' I G N 11( N -li'~'l:
.l.-I reci yi3 : lr.I ,r sal. ly
1011111, & TI l10Mh 01lSON
1)oalers In cholice Ctor,(heillienk. &"c.
I'* netianl e, Br)own, Yel'on
Ochire, Spanish Whiline, litin 6lorw, (ile,
fluffy. r t.ol l'a klr lua ee Oii , &ck., n-il
ituitly for :-ale at
RICE: &Tll.O'
Superior Lemion Syrup,
JADE. it'lVI Owd
5 J A 111: nith ti l-1s 1'r1 e s g r--a a
.I I ufneare : Ii 1ohl (by l. k
SGeorgia Sarsaparilla,
hetb-1 fo r li~i - so ''.k ihetI lXive. I I I k i
fhe bi. I hn-pare:aby .l III . '.
e!w.. Dizziu .ilas of .\pp ii. -- r
IH hlity l'. pilion ofth kli-iw e , Iis .."
c~oi -I y Cotien -s, 'ain in he i-nes or
Rhnaton nue b I,- - - ft 31ereulry,
'er Ii, ( t ro s1: o ti n , i ph - I I 0
Fl'' .sale hev
SI 4 ('lTO & ~ 1.ilCi,
IIIn st s IIe
.\A .0 A:.- N'~'7 I.'Irnf
Coe !CE1 ! All E.
.I Illri"r iIbtin. tll wk i lfl I pl..wil
3II'' t1'.ilN I F lli ~tWIk.iII'I' I I.I'li I
rr..!s'I I'' t iIl, i call lI,' will e.
h re Il l II ill Ilay te stal-ills onil h il-i.
In l ii l :111 . ll ie l r l til I% I" :!,y If). ll '.
m r r I aI :. on) e f I.. I libW Awlni.
I c t:1inine In Polnils III . hv'
A li Ilo n rd ring l :-e inui - rleni d I the
W.arney it) insu re lte fillo- il o fih ir or-vr:
I - it UMIn twt 11n3ad4 il l v we 1-t;nhlar
ecn-s ~ :a rrll e t stl their ae
;iiiI Io% ii 4 1-1 111111 ('ir kI.Il * 1fi llklt '
.. b VAN LBL KK.I.-'N.
P'rops ietor.
W h i.:u .N. C., 3[ay ilil ;_,;
e w r i llf' u tlr ilh-, -sit i-or - eep:-r.
r : - i ! :it th- expirati titsf
UoU o!'h, :r-n U-f
0.~ .. t'l l I : [i. ',I* Elt!N.
or New GW oods!
I N (, I IA 1A3 I . \\ ;S ' NT1: 1.1 \ ')
--- . t %. . n-.11 -'i i t I 'm-le
I L:- , ---A % .- ry 1,o w ic
In Equity- -Sumter Dist,
M1i.ry ( romm334 tire3 OdoIr,
1l1~ry ( ru4aivi life yot3iger, 31,3
Azadrow, J. Mosce, 1141
('ll .1. w4 i
Jutat ia'mi,
i glarittda (roao.id
Angeiiuiie h wifet, A
Jttiltrioi r4. l, I uni
33.1 11111 .at ''3a h1 rnoillis. l?'%' daa, 3a ul t.
t l eviat usc 4vus1 iLI 1'3('3al 3sp:i?'a.1 g1'(I
3mi. .' o 331330' I, lit '~rn1 1 pN, hr iar 1 tlily
aiILIS 14. fitatI i madt. of itilv i t-3 j'l l.ttitg hill
fittor i33344 ill4330 S iii 03.1 tv3130 G . u ittel S f td
111111-4ta nf l ite of ouh ar linaO01 i
thse ier or til mlrpr %%i. III oo.i
tetd;kI.Li33 lti .y'
*Alad 4rltidlw this orle/r fur itllih
for 34 '34ve '.'111IN ar ll Jl Of 111P .aIZO~ 'IC 4 lifthis
W. Jtrl Fum . 'f
13 311 31r13331 7, I'155. Isa t:11311t4(4'' '"''
State. of3443 Soa'I 3ai~~1..ut rlia
S WI'!' 133 33! 333133r UiilIC .'33! , 34 11l"
31, 1 . k z' .11ll4.3 4a B ill./ow j.!', i
,i r c jr '.Ic~ . ,,~ Inju.' c31'ill :4BetIlI
,i 3' order W 11. 11.t113 1 rI tr ai 4.1 - low111''.
1.rl lire.' v-Il 6433)333101 ('3'1. tit ~ i, (.3 t eIV'43 111
IllN in tie-liilil il'III- S at . It S.f oo).
Ill fl t r, ;Iii sl. l o W ;1r. .1 8 t l l t D v :1 133
Cwrlare i~ nd inont rn Works
ILI.(ON N.il-prt c.tt
fv i rv no 143.1 iii 33 it ill Ow III z* 3 . f~'~ I hi33s
Ia 1 I,! 33343 ---~ ..433'llee,1kl I i 13' I( 33'(N ' it* I1r (.'3'.I
R33I . i '1. Vrti A31 '3'. z i-0 a
31I1333141 lit '333 ::If1 I'~l13' 'i4'
',43I" S,. 313' . .k-. I'llaie' t3i343i33u'
Mucht.13'll. I"ri-t. m343d lC;ir juth k m a l lli.ll.f.-,
''3'r bT,!eIii l ''3" 13'!w all 1lvr \Vv.Ia.'.aa
Wif-4- wil Ix,-:
. '.3r ! .'31'3. r i4433 li-r ae is Ii ' Vic'-il
Iv ~ ~ ~ ili-4 1311 'til tl.3313'
31,43 i'.i in i 'II' d'l:(3 it! d t1. Hp4l i3133y'
il,4 3l-l :' I.. Pip..,a,'
I l x 13.11 &ri '3,j1j' . T13 w Ci(133V4' 11 vi.n .
tv '3i I , Ilw i *'. Illfi( \I I I,. 3N us. I3
W 1r 11i,( I '~ k. ;v l 3 a ac L I ,o
Uoi.' l.l 33. I 133
ch .. 313r 3l6 NN, 1 ta. flt W it i. o. 333 -
I r. ' . II .3 : -I.33 ( r o' 1'ir 333,
I 3 t il,- r. t fi33111 Ii1'' - '3. 1 lit wi '-%~ill r.3 .
to13 1 11 '1'll . 11, il (or 131113' ' i 1'P13.'
If3 33.N It V. M. DR NE U.t
Ill I1. I II'.
433.33el 3111l1 .'.i. 344
________ aulbitates.
For the Bamer.
SU.IIT'.ny .L-:, S. C.. Dec. 183,185 1.
Gentle,'ii (f Claremont County:-l come
int in this inatiner to inform yon that cir
cunstances of n private nature will noit al
low Mae to bo before yoU two years lience
as a candidate for a seat in I he State Leg
islaturo, and having a willingness to serve
you in soine way, I ill.r yon tmy services
as a canididate for Tax-Collector at the
ext electiot, and if elc ted do promine to
discharge nay dly to the best of my IlilTy.
I am yours, mtost respectfully,
0. P. MckROY.
" Watclinann please copy tf.
1)0c. 20. 1854 8 tr
We the friends of A. R.
UllA)1AMA.1 Esqr.. take pleasire in an
no0u: neinghit:m a candidate for Sheriff
of Suitter District, at (te iicxt Slection
Ma r. '_.0, 1951. 22 t f.
A Number of Voters tlki
leasure in ainouncing (of. WJi 1.A LM
A. C CLO A iUll as a an1Ididate lor Sher
il'of Sianier J)istrict, at the iext election.
March 15, 1H5 1. 20 tr.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt T. 1). Faim~nSwi its It Cnn1didate [or
Sheril1' of Smninter Distirict. at the ensuingr
A ng. 2 1, 1853.
' The friends of Capt.
P. 11. U )l.ll0NS aninoinaice hil i a cadi
d'e for the ollice of Tax-Collector for
S;alem:: (ouity, at tle ensin ug elect ion aind
obli31AMV Vo-rr-ns.
(letober I "~,1.
We are authorized
to ;1111, 1n141 A. E,. N )OL, as a. candidate
fair Sheii'o SoitiLr District at the ensi.
I)eceem ber :11, 18-52 8-t f
are authorizel to aninitnce WMt
LEWIS a candidate for Ordinary at
thle ensuin electinji:.
.I n -n.l I1 :f
For Tax Collector.
The Friend 411.1. V. Irunson, annonce
hhl : a e:n:lidate foir Tax C2ollector oif Clare.
-out Counly, at tihe cns.i nT in E leation,
01. it 1851 lanay Voters.
Oc.- 11, 1851 5) tf.
W nK- Messrs. Editors:
P'le'Ise annourlne Mr. ..\. 1 S mmImc .
LU.N-.\, as aic:ninlidalte fr Tax Collector for
-Siit fert'.b. next terin.
Maiyv Voters.
Oct 11, 1951 50 tf
nl'i il FI 1 of VINN & CI.AuKSoN, hoire
. t fore existiilg, i., this day di-solved by
retini our ti:anaks to our friends and
Cistonmers for the very liberal IaIrnaigeo x.
I atitete tot aus ai lope Ile sataie will I'm con
tin!ed to the niw firmn of
Xe' ilo respectfidlly he'r aill n\ lIt arte in.
.-hlltediii Us. to ciiae forward anl inak, innie
diate p1lyinelli i .) eitheir Of p niII ley ti td aM
n e are compeAled to have ntey.
1). .J. \\'h\N,
8. P". \V. C L.4RKSON.
.J:ln. Its:,1 5 .
Co pa' ut ershia p.
. ;-Til E l ersi-amil have this liv frit
ad aI oparti-r-hip nuder the nailie anl t syle
of Clarkli-n . lraiin n, ail will contijiine tl
n ('ltin Tailorin b in ss,
ii:dll its braiehes. :at tIe ild staild of W ijil
Ov ( ,larloon, wro w.- nill lie ileased to have
'oar ailnI . nl im paiilit, gener:aly, to call
awl a\imine wir stacik, and Ihpe by strict at
eninto hn tn i towmrit a cotinuceo
the sat' jptroil:.td so tibe.raltly eaedet, Co
Whmiaa & (lark-on.
W. II. ih 1.NSON.
\V'e will sel ell'~ aiotioni of the
aireaent .stuck of'CIotinag. :at lirst, cost.
rii camb~. ('bA lih'St IN & Bill~lNSCN.
New; Goods
A. M1. N l\V1lUlt\ ioes notice to the
e iion of; Sinter anid Ihtrliingiin Di),trict,
flat hA' is o evu iiinid opeiingi at
h~ .' E\V ST Il C I , a r hice :na weoli so
Iected sltock of Dry~ (iuiala, llats, Caps,
I11.a.1I Shat i's. Cra ckery, ( Iassware, Grio.
veraes, .~nik ry a, liiimhv~are, Ileady .M~ade
C ihaan:a & cN.
To ai I !'i nu h~ieh inIvites the attetntioai
of he pblic, espcailly tla he bs.
Na tal'r . Mi NE\'l ti
() 'l l 'Ultt~ 1 8,I~S\IlM, a largaeinoiirt
iinuestl ofl ( I l ain!r I)rv (a'iiiili. P'er.
laa.-rv, C 'iaa ri-, C 'idadle. FritN, Xamoke~d
liviniig, I riedf .\p jplie. TIoys aneil Fanicy Ar
N. i1. a largei Stock if I ri.lerv*, iears,
To .i-nI ;uoit; Foir .&lc, atnd Low faa
WAiTCii.iaMAK El & JEW ELEft.
.\no'rs that lie as preparied 1o doi all
.a inier of wiork in: his line, wvith natne ~c
an i.-alchi'I. )'ar cas.': lie watnhl hec
i:na uiilafor patiroaie~ but deLsires noneit
mi Iae-a vtaampanied trilth thae ca.th. Th'lis
the aitly teri- aipiai whvlob lie asks lot
buiimin.s. Il Ict st ill att his old stanad jtusi
ali. the htw iiIll.
DeLorme's Baum de Vie,
I ) III F'.\ll It) fromaa thle oirigial recipe ofDr
.1. ILe l.ieare, fair the peinaahient cnr, of liy.
I 'pia, .iver 'otlainam, J5aoiciahae, Inimgesi
tion. Neratiaus I hleaah, iebilit~y andl all dis
enws- arisaine from at disoaraderaed l.ivaer, Stona
nehla, air in:etaaines, anal externmatly fair liiinens
Sels lniesan Cuis, Eryasipelias, aim
li r .sua la y MLilalt 4 IIRI'TTO N.
Wia hlesaale .Mentsa, Sumnterville, S. U.
.\ pr i1 It, t3,5 2 l y
IIOli LI A Ies:~'pectiiilly ann~totnne( t<
tII he, t lim iaan of 'ntehrvti, andl thi
publi! jaeneri'iall y that h In caarrying ain ithe Mer
canaile businesis, at his' aild tianda, ilhrea doosr
Sithl of thet. To(wni llalt, whearo lie wi~ll b
Ihu~il i recaeive ciatll nomii all wholi desire to pair
ebhia!e chieap. tie hasa oan umda, ai genieral aii
aariaiini aol tDry (G~oods, llaoors iad Shoes, Ilat
and ihap. irdlwtare, Ct rockerywarre, &'O. &r.
A lsio, Ai thiaica' lot of Fai mily G riuirriesu of ever
, dteiri tion, na iih Franit of varionis kinds, suel
:. ) raingei, Applen, :aaid haemo~ns.
Al l iaia loc h d tl chtiop.
I Matich ', 1I5 1 t
Gentlenien's Wear.
Illnek Drap le Ete f'oats and Pahf ; Italian Cloth and Cushmerett, 61ack ani dolored -
Wlhite, Illak tand eolored Silk Vestihg ; Black Coating alld Vdtirtir Imbithes ; EttiW' ack
siagle .lill Casnimeird ; Blauk Carneit h*k Doy's Jackets ;- Whie and eoloed MIseille Vest
iitg ;- 1ln llrown and Plaid Litten i- Cotuiaaj.
Ready Made GOdde
liyron. anad Standing Collars, Blak add ealdred travasts 90810f i'es. for Sntiiksr*; 1dil
penders, Gloves and H alf Hise inl all their trieti6s; White Jean Drawers, French make
Smlnier Ganze Merino and Thread Under Vests; Gent's white and colored lUl'denid-Caibuib*'
Linien and silk Ildkis; Silk and Ginglham Umbrellas,
India Silk Gate.
Green Indir Silk Gauze for ,Miitd' Ndta, thb esli'tf diersabl'e 4'ftffu rfd comifort lvi uas
'lain white barred PLavillona Ga'ze, be-st niadd, 75 ctsy Green- and Bluer Pavilion- ChVaise
Whkite und colored l obiniet Pavilion 'NetthI'"t x'.wide.
. White and Colored Dress Goo&.
E~xtra While and Chieckedledamh~ic, at 12c., one hialf their valre.; Small lot whichesl
ter, Sw Plaid aind8 Striped Cambrics, at 6 J-4c., slightlj yr c. doen
Lai readl y anade inen, tresh importation, will be sold at greai bargains; White lt anchee
ter Cambrie. guine not embossed, at 12 1-2c., superior foi morning dreeses; Plain whi
Jaconiet 1Musii at 6 1.4 ets; Swiss and-Iook Musliu- at 12-1-2- cgs; Colored- Muslin-at 0 1
ets., olne half the value.
Linen Goads, &a
loitcher's Lilen for A prorlh, txtra wiale Il H. Ditper at 18 84; prj''ari. and' all LinEn
8. 11. 12, 14, aIL 1-4 D aiask C16tlai, Itich'rd in's make ; 6 d n E mask Napkina at S1.25
pr dozen -'a bargain, a bargain ; Extra Damask Try Cloths, estra, lare alze, and lower"
ahitesnanal - renhl bordered Naowels, large llinen Towels at 6 1-44. ia' eat' crifice ;:go
dozen red bordered linkahack Napkins, 6 -4c.; Tabling Damask, all widthe ; 1 case 8
hb!eacha.ed, 'l'abling, at 25a. per yard ; Linen D6wlga at 12 1-2c., All! .Unetr Htiehbhik, best
anmkei, 1.,2 oielmi pcr yard ; W ide und fine ieacied'Dowlas.
Irish Linen Shirting, Sheetings
IrihLi by piece , :7,1 perard ;he goods are suld at a great redaction on the Eost
of pimorttion. ; 7-8 wide I illo% (Care Linen, 37 1-2c., iiorh 50#.-; 8, 10, 11, and 12-4 Barns
Ieyand I ish hinbide la Seting ; Brown 5-4 Rusis Sheetings for heavy Aprons and Cot boy
tumls ; 1.1 Ilurlaps, or Flaxi Osnaburgo.
Linen Tickings, &
4.1 Linen riotings at 50c., worth, anil Usually old at 75c.; Extra heavy Tickin at 10 etdtA
S:per Fenilier Ticking at 12 1-:2c; Extra Super Doubled Tw ill' Feather Ticking at . nearly
Grass Cloth for Skirting, &d
Hal-s India Grast loti, for Skirting, at 75 cents ; lohair Skirts, Corded Cardbrib $kirtsl
White Colored Luppet Musvi, Skirts at 75e.; the above goods arm lower thati ddl'.
Furniture,. Chintz and Frin
Good uide Furnitire Chiniz; One case eholbe thidre,sed Furnitore Ch'ntz; usnsupassed fV 'ol
fur eiauily, slyle and durabilihy of Color; Also, Whike Furdituitr Diadty and Fringes.
Lubin's Perfumery;
Libin's Eixtract for Ike Ilandk,:rchief; German Cologne ; I Halir Ol; Invig oridoi
Combs amd Bruhlies of all kindt; Per& mry of all kinds ; Aleo, a variety of sall ar'ticle
Corner King and Wentworth-Streeta.
May 2., IS85 2
New Goodg
And Great Bargains to be had at Friersons
I'lNE subscriber having jnst relulnbil' from PhKladelp6ia,- *tem ie- hatfai'l in 9F
L-ARGE, ANI) WELL 81-NA.-CTED STOCK OF G'OODS; egklbave tooff'er themr
10 the people of Sumter Dstrict. They consisIt prncipaHy ih
Ctlicakes and Gluingamns, MuslinsA, white and hoots abili'llibe, I'l'ats an'd Caps;
colored ;Hlandkerchefbg of all kinds;:
Ilromi nad flleaclied Homes puns, Striped Factory Yarn f Large'stock of Grocerle*
I lone1spina n; Toys and Confectiouary i .
Alpaccast anld eolore-l Woratings ; Prfimery ;
Panta Stuff, Liaen anal Cotton ; Tin aid C rockery Ware ;,
1lo.niery and Faniry (oods ; Ready-made Carpet Bugo, &c.
Citlaitmg; Irish Liens, &c.
Togetelir w% ith a great many other articles, which At be godt tli.' fnd a rds
prices. myv oily tetins of doi ng businss.
March '1, 1935 to
Law Card, Look Up Street
M~ I W911D CLARK's HOTEL is stil'in 6V:a
. W. EDWARDS, eratiun-(tlanks to the kindness oP
ATTORINEY AT LAW, friends)-ready to receive cstoMrau
A N D I eatetfaln theunil to their entire s~aialacdtionli
ASir. C. is resolved that his ff161
Solictor in Equity. be excelled any hous6 id' t cuntrp,.
W ll,1. practice in 'lie Courts for Sum-.'eylan aktd~ uos hl
tr-, Riclanduu, Kerehiaw, Darljington andbesraupnhstlwllcodan
WVilliaashtsrs Distlricts. cetiy h esaeali ododr
-M/" (llica on Court 11ouse Square n hl ekp s.Gv i ra
Steatrnlle, s. C.adMrClkpegsstifcon
Uoghlan8& GaEVL
i~' nil enra Mal~ aW Inr CLn'IITEL isstldi
their seration-t(ttaeksfriendhemkiddnes pub
andeitet (~aei at'~iiai. fo prti frite nds-extdo o reiv cattoe an*
roos seilo u at he ed ofeachqu ntertAuuayn ,t h eir enrge a'tfationl
of k~te yMrrC.'islaresbyvedlthatlhisotHotelor Swekto
tote Ourbbes'excwillbedtricly any h ot'hicontry
daiced n tis ysreaa urig tup e ve rytigte mavrke denvsL furish. sh
yea. Scleanly The beds, aMrellA good ore
RI~i)llN and7Yshal be kept so.nGie ima tial
Jannarynd bir,-Clark pledges satisfaction.t
Jan.__,_I__10__ Jeban 4Ap.,18 12,1. Jel
BLCKMIhTVi ineer, achin-L s SconssonsETo
ilths rn- Gene ral rMhaicy ofc en rc e k n
theirb serovi d nx or o WUI)ibu to their friends and thepuG.LT E& s
andsaf t opn ccontsfo patisnhe Nexiedoo tOKo w, ai la'Hote
muslt seadly upath lthn of all qutaerlL CRL IES .. -
oftihe ar, se, ih lby cash, discountora uc -as ohand--A befre aend Fehiobitd
note. r bu essli waaill bife pstricar con- a ol
dutdl nitend m t h u eaae ornt i AO-Pit idaasSonlrer~a Ham s
year. SUGR-Br, owni, CUsheBREred,&.&e'
T.. C .I lN, WCOFF ,E-Rio Ava D sdL lRaIL
R erintNdGAY. La'rONd T DARBr Y ciaa n e, foranders
O. laay, 1' 41 tf thM ackrliShmoed efadt.gasPcl.
SUM ERV -LE -C, PAn IL, inde f Pts Lomea IadlEv
OL~osfratd f oor Saley occ ?~Kndrick &hs, Jenk~cin.ac
pied b . reenvail sexi taor, th e obla andc ohi finsn h
ovil e rmat.ds in Sianor, athAeR E sd o mmunsPt atles, thiat I avetopeed -itk
wll elt ie nadestlk an of . LAN . With- angs ult., Nuts, au b's sctoure, ai l
TERpon l1.ady ajndro anduth . of alo quai- Ads.GOBRE
at is amn thewes a whick hew isoer ofa Bc ashv Snvrbfor beehibtdA.
leias orrnle er, aces, liower tat ny shorti thes plre. thcmief i''
oatheriaig, ~iar house n h ubien ore e- aL golos i terlnai~~11U~n~
po Itatinll initoodtrepairandthxamnew i for ASON--Prme Sce, oder sand-o Hiabmi'
'oei saru. .,rBn)GR-ron CrsePweea
Fai ;rns ppy o hosuberibendon th L R, EDRr, Woases Chese "Crakers
Oct.aisv orth, 18-er 49reie toltfsie Macere. ISoe Bef n8tnue, ikl
L ad for A Sale. ae "**-''"M
which, her1ieiSlm,18n53e 19 sif I's oaos ~lOi s,RJSmee
hrspot, . 0. MTdrw anR E. Plwe kk de t ,,,&
anu n te Wst y llackRivr. he racsWh at, Buc vheof and sad usey
cnahieihanb d mrofrs, hasevng t hen adIneshr they piedre theiftu
popfrle wanaerlln aosTeawhhr ocall nsary htetio bsse, eepngorat &, a
oasrnatbnils a ls go Frho. uliin o andA qlity Toos in their gonse, aune
Ie ndhorw.e ohiacase nvclmsc waatdo ge. atfcj
anloarier. Wll givte lsusnriter at ther J. R.KNRTR . W.. JNd,
owreien or tate f hireedo Mayelsv. e Ns oo t5, 18. 0We, &o
WARREN A.t M usRO. Mr 215* .
Mch1,1855. 1 t
lat o Clubiaprl~rshersevles t t hd of en' oymin ths plpu
peole f nmtrvlleasTeahe. o Vcalan moots, ShsGprbofoaseoeA
FusKneSa MFs.TALsoI French- and quamlity.ey ts fecur bit .
sheppoescnttl ton ao form lsesisoale i woarrane tgvsaisfde.~l~
an brysdery. Wil &ielsos eiOther t her J.qtg~ dite T. BRUN
own~ 'edneorathat oflhe Pauille. Next doo to '..'WbCo
Junerch7, 1855. I8 4,185 f

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