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WEDNESDAI, JAN. 24, 1855.
Agess tor tiac Baanner.
'The following persons have been up
- Pointed Agents and are atuithorized to re
ceive, and receipt for, all sums- due the
dunter Banner. Any person wishing to
Become a subscriber to the Banner, by
handing them their name and address will
have the paper forwarded proinpily.
They will also see to forwarding all ad
vertising biusiness connected with the
W. W. WALKER JR.,..Columbia S. C.
- . W. WuITAKEn,..Wilmington, N. C.
R. C. LOGAN,.......umterville S. C.
No other person is authorized to receipt
for the Banier.
9E Persons wishing to see us upon
business connected with the Paper or Law,
can find us at any hour during the day,
at our office, just back of SoI.onoNs' Now
Store. 0- All letters addressed to the
Banner must be pre-paid to insure atten
Our First Page.
gAF- Upon our first page will be
found an " Act to raise supplies for
the ycar commencing Oct. 1854,"
which must prove of interest to all
who pay teries; and also a very inte.
resting and' instructive extract from
P'UTNAM4' last entitled "Was NAPOLE
eN a Dictator?
IM~r. Soule ad Cuba.
The country has been taken by
surprise by the rapid change in our
diplomatic relations wi'h Spain.
Without any heralding of the move
ment Mr. SOULE retires and immedi.
ately his successor is nominated and
approved of by the Senate. The
change has been announced by the
press as indicating the abandonment
or postponement of our designs upon
Cuba. We-hope this will prove to be
the case. Under present auspices the
acquisition of Cuba would not be ad
vantageous: even peaceful negotiation
is, we think, detrimental to us. The
political world is in a perturbed state:
-Every great power, in Europe,
A--" and South America, and Mexi.
co on our own Northern Hemisphere,
is embroiled in war or revolution, or
threatened with one or the other of
those calamities. Such is an appro.
priate time for piratical attacks (we
see that the occasion is seized upon
along the coasts of China) but a na
tion which desires no blot upon its his.
tory should choose another time fur
accomplishing designs which the whole
world will say were fur its own ag
grandizement. The imputation would
be cast upon us that we chose such a
time to falhl upon a wveak and totterinig
dynasty and wrest from it its a.irest
possession, knowing that all the ener
- gies of the powers 'that would have
rallied to its aid are exerted elsewhere.
Europe is jealous of our territorial
-aggrandizement. It may be qjuiescent
while we confine our expansive powers
to our own continent; but whent wc
would stretch out our arms beyond
the solid earth and establish ourselves
where we would command the Wes
tern waters also, we cannot expect
charity from our transatlantic friends.
No generous desire to rescue that
beautiful island from misgovernment
and oppression will be attributed to
7us; but we would be stigmiatised as
despoilers. And our own consciences
us could say that the Black Warrior
difficulty would have assumed such
- magnitude, if we had not loniged for
Cuba? And so with the long list of
insults and injuries which pressed
* heavily upon President Pierce's mind,
when he penned his excited message
to Congress upon that subject. Cuba,
Spain's-we have forborne unitil for
* bearance ceases to be magnanimity;
Cuba, ours-and we have no quarrel
withihe Grandee kingdom.-We dis.
* like the proceedures of our govern
ment upon this matter. If our object
is to obtain reparation for injuries, let
us li ft up clean hands in our appeals
for justice-yield up Cuba to her own
ers; show them that we are willing
they should possess what belongs to
them, and that they must equally re
epeot our rights: or, if Ctuba be the
~real object and end of all the diplom.
soy, let us avow it, and give up to oh
havion the other causes of ill feeling.
"Either course would be moure manly
than what would be charged upon us
-*as. a hypocritical trumping of claims
~or reparation, intended, not to obtain
.redress, but to cover our designs, anid
~1timidate a weak, disordered govern
nient Into submission to them.
h,,jatever may have been our past
alI'Ilotions, let our acts for the future
be worthy of a nation of freemen; be
u~aebnslble when Impure motivcs may
be cha-ged upon us. We fegf- t at
Mr. SoULr,'s mission has weakened
our moral- strength: not that aught
dishonoratle or urichivalrous can be
charged upon hifn personally; but in
his inissin have been united the two
purposes which we have attempted to
show shoild be severed widely from
each other. Distrust and suspicion
awaited him, and attended all his so
journ in Europe. [He has advanced
neither of the designs of his employ.
ers. Our difficulties are unsettled
and we are as far as ever from the
isle we covet. How could it have
been otherwise ? Could our longings
after Spanish Cuba have a moral efi'ect
upon Spain and bring her back repent
ant to the path of justice? or was
angry bickering a politic prelude to a
negotiation which was to transfer the
brightest jewel in the Spani-sh Crown
to the star spangled banner of a hos
tile transatlantic republic? The whole
procedure has been a blunder, as the
event has proved. And we think it
fortunale that it has so resulted-we
mean as to the acqusition of Cuba.
If that important island ever be
comes ours, let the transfer be made
at a time when it cannot be said that
we are covering over real designs; or
that, openly avowing our purposes,
we are ungenerously pressing them
upon a weak defenceless government,
so critically circumstanced that it has
only the option, to sell or lose. And
as one of its future possessors, (for
we think the Fates so will it) we
desire to have no disturbance of our
conscience, caused by the remem
brance of how we gained it.
We hope that, with Mr. SOULE's
mission,bas ended present effort to pur
chase Cuba: that Mr. BaECKENRIDOE
will pressent, himself at the Spanish
Court as unconnected with such a
scheme; and therefore, umembarassed
by the hostile prejudices which
fettered Mr. SOULE, he will be able to
bring about an amicable adjustment. of
our past differences with that power.
which first discovered this Western
%% orld, and its last possession in which
it should be permitied to retain until
Providence shall c->nfer it upon anoth
er-that other of course being our.
ANNEXATION.-Ainericau citizens, if
they have felt interest in the political
movements of their country and de.
sired to understand them, must, of
late, have been stimulated to geogra
phical study. Cuba, St. Domingo,
and the Sandwich Islands, are familiar
remembrances; but various little earth
spots, rich in guano, some where in
the Pacific Ocean, have also been
mentioned lately, as likely to be an.
nexed. Our knowledge of the world
we live in has-not kept pace wvit.h the
alleged movements of the Govern
mecnt. We would be sadly puzzled if
wve were called upon for information
as to the pobition, climate, inhabitants,
productions, &c, of some of these
future States. The soil is most likely
a virgin one ; the inhabitants good for
food ; the productions remarkable
eggsamples of what Sea fowvls can do
when left to themselves ; the climate
fresh and healthful las endless Sea
breezes can render it ; and the position
any where, where such an island can
be found,-WVhat tasks Govermnent
has imposed upon itself! The care
internal and external, of our vast
country reciprocity, treaties with En
gland, Black Warrior-, and Cuba
neg ot iati ons with Spain, commrercial
fraternization with Japan and St.
D~omingo, afliliatiom? with the Sand wich
Islands anid the -mole Pacific, anid the
general recgulation ol Cent ral A mericn.
It would seem as if all tims were too
much to do well, and it would also
seem as if Government hatd found this
out, as a late account asserts that the
President has reversed his policy upon
the subject of annexation and will
abandon all his schemes. \Vould
not this be prudent? With all the
immense yield of gold in California,
she has not sent back enough of the
precious metal to repay the older
States, for the wealth they have trants.
ferred to her. One hundred and eighty
millions of dollars is the debt still
standing .against her, and to that
amount ai'e the old States the poorer
now for her annexation. Ilow much
more irmmediate injury has been
caused by the impulse given to spec
tilation and excessive trading, by the
unsettling influence upon ever-y one, of
the discovery of almost fatmulous
treasu res, causing d issatisfaction wvit h
sober business anmd common toil and
unfitting for our tame avocations many
wvho might be industrious, active and
enterprising-how much of our ment al,
moral and pecuniary wealth we may
have thus lent out, or invested, we
cannot estimate; but wve; feel assured
of this, that, in the pr-esenit condition
and prospect of the money market,
w'ocannot afford in extend our lnans
to Cuba and St. Domingo and the
Saradwich Islands ad various sea bird
localities in the Pacific, until Califor
nia has repaid us and put our capital
back into our pockets. We were once
enthusiastic about Cuba and longed to
add her to the power and wealth of
the South. We were certain that she
would be a great acquisition. But
time and a little observation have
somewhat modified our views. We
would not be Americans if we did not
wish for more territory ; nor South.
erners if we did not desire an increase
of our sectional influence; but we are
not so impatient of delay as once.
Capital is too much needed here now
to open a new drain for it thitherwards;
we have not so many good citizens
that we can yet spare enough of them
to Americanize Cebat, and we are not
yet certain that she would not slide
orom Southern interests into the ranks
of our Northern friends. When the
right time for it comes, we are willing
that the experiment should be tried ;
but we think we should wait for indi.
cations prognostic of more happy
consequences than would. we think,
now result from it. And in this con
nection we are referring to peaceful
annexation. Torn and convulsed as
the world is now with wars, we would
deprecate seriously a war with Spaini
to gain a much richer prize than Cuba.
Excited as our whole country is get.
ting to be upon the Native American
question, it would be ludicrous in the
extreme for us to cultivate misunder.
standings with France and England
merely to add bread fruit to our
staple products and swell our lists of
citizens with some hundreds of thou
sauds red boned yahoos from the
Sandwich Islands. And embarassed
as the country is in monetary matters
it would be decidedly objec.onable for
the President to lavish, in purc.asing
unproductive property and pensioning
copper colored royal fanil'es, millions
that are needed to prevent bankruptcy
at home. There is a time for all
things, but we are of opinion that the
present is no time for further annext.
Tie laiaser.
We call the attention of our readers
and especially of those who have been
some what disposed to complain at a
seeming lack of attention. to the typo.
graphical appearance of the Banner
this week. It is a specimen, in thii
respect, of what we shall do for the
We have been at no little expense
and trouble to have our Press thor
oughly repaired and everything about
our oflice remodeled, and have made
arrangements which will procure the
services and attentio i of a gcntleman
thoroughly acquainted with the busi.
ness, and every way qualilled to get
out as neat a sheet as any in the State;
all wu ask is encouragement of~ a
substantial kind and a fair trial to
please and we abltl give you hence
forth a paper asia paper ought to be.
Ilarnnay Fenl College.
We have received a pamphlet set
ting forth the condition and prospects
of the above institution and contain
ing a catalogueo of the students.
From it we learn thnt there are somec
eighty pupils connected with the school
anmd that every thing bids fair to make
this one of the largest and most flonr
ishing inustituiitions of the kinad in our
State. We wish it, as it deserves.
every success.
IlmGu Pariies.-At a sale in this Dis
trici, a few days ago, negroes brought high
prices. We heard of two boys, one fifteen
and the other eighteen years old, who sold
respectively for $1,100 and $l,l50. We
see too, in the Charleston pape~rs, where a
gang of ninety three, in which there were
two old negroes, who sold for firty dollars
each ; two others who sold for $140 each,
anid seventeen negroes averaged $399.
This specie of property cannot, have fallen
H~oi. L. M. KEiTT.-This talented
young Congressman has been adding newt
laurels to his already extended reputation
as a debater and orator. His last wvas a
gainast the "Know Nothings," an~i is spo
ken of as a miasterly eff'ort.
Lady Murray, an English lady of rank,
and Maid.of.haonor to the Queen, is said to
have remarked, that she had heard all of
the distinguished orators wvho have illus
trated the British Parliament dluring the
last, twenty years, but she hans never heard
so much of eloquence ats fell from the lips
of the young Carolinian upon rhis occasion.
We anticipate giving an extract froma
his speech in our next.
A despatch frain Washington states that
M r. Soule's resignation as U. 8. Minister
at Madrid has beeni received, and the lion
John C. Breckenridgo of Lexington, Ky.,
appointed his successor.
Georg W. de'e~ ealhy Chica
go hanker, who has been on trial in that
city, on the charge of causing the death of
his wife, by poison, has been convicted of
"murder in the first degree." A motion,
however. was made for a now trial.
ken. le has despatched full particulara
to Washington. The assault Was made
on the 18th of November, but informatidti
of the fact was not allowed to leave Boga
ta till after the revolution of the 9th De
The pews in Rev. Dr. Adams' Madison
Square, Presbyterian Church, New York,
were sold at auction on Wednesday last.
The sale was quite spirited, and many of
the pnws brought large premiums. There
were about fty-five sold at auction, the
aggregate premium on which amounted
to 845,000. Several more were after.
wards sold at private sale, at their par
value. One pew brought 81,657-being
27 1-2 per cent premium on the par value
of the pew, which was 81,300.
The New Orleans Delta 9th, says Mr.
W. J. Smith aged 40 years, a native of
S9outh Carolina, about noon yesterday
comnnitted suicide, by shooting himself
with a pistol, the muzzle of which he
placed in his mouth, and blew hi. brains
out. 51r. Smith was a well known and
highly respectable merchant in this com.
munity having been for years engaged in
the cotton ,rokerage business.
'T'le Bank of Albany has declared an
extraordinary dividend of 50 per cent. on
its capital, in stock, to its stockholders,
who have unanimously concluded to ac
cept the dividend in this form. 'This
raises the capital of the Bank from $240.
000 to 8300,000, and gives to each pos
sessor of ten shares, five in addition, and
so on in proportion.
The Minnesota Pioneer says two speci
mens of the American; ostrich, thale and
female, were recently killed near Fort des
Alointes, Iowa. They are described as be
ing four feet and a half long, and five it
height, with bills six inches long, straight
and very sharp. They resemble in most
points the ostrich of Africa. One thous
and dollars has been of'ered for them.
Town TAxES.-Upon this subject we
have long since had a word or two to say
to the good people of our town, and as
there can be no more suitable opportunity
of doing so than the present moment,just
after the insta!!ment of the newly elcc:ad
town officers, and before the "Ordinance
to raise supplies for the -year 1855'' has
been promulgated,we shall say them now.
The subject of Town Taxes is one in
which many of our readers are deeply in.
terested, and one, the burden of which, ?ce
citizens would like to see as equally borne
as possible. The rich should bear the bur
den in proportion to the advantages they de.
rivefrom the incorporation, and the poor
should not be made to pay more than their
just proportion. This, all must admit, is
the end to be aimed at in levying taxes,
hut how is it to be obtained ! Not, surely,
by taxing ONLY, or extravagantly, the ne.
cessaries of life, as inst ance the house and
serrants of a man. There recesanry arti
cles of life ever, resident must have, how
ever limited his meatns ; but they do not
coistitutte all, nor the hailfor the intorests
of our citizens which are tenefited Iy the
incsrporation, and upon which the taxes
raised are cx1:ended. It is not right then,
thtat these items should, as they have been
doing, pay the bulk of the taxes.
It is true, every :nan should pay se-e
thing for having his family protected, and
his house and lot gttarded against fire tand
injury bty the town guard, and this he
does do with us, to som, extent, by con.
tributing his personal services as his quo'
ta towards the town guard ; anti he should
pay somtething, too, for having the value of
his property increased by the improve'
ments made, in the appearance and con'
veniences of the town, by tihe town Coun.
cil. But how is the bulk of the monuey rai'
sed by town taxes expended!i For the pro
tection of the families, or tihe improve'
ment of the real estates of thte residents I
Not directly, exclusively, or to any very
gpeat extent. But upon keeping up the
streets, keeping them clean, and preserv
ing order in the town. Now, wit does all
thtis bentefit? Trhe owner of real estate
tmore than any other class ? Not so-but
while it benefits all classes, it benefits
most those who aire most interested itn hay'
ing thte roads to and frotn town, and the
s' reets, kept in good travelling condition;
the merchanuts frst, and after them, all whto
use thetm itn followinig their business, anid
for their cnnvenienco atnd pleasure.
''Thero are owners of real estate in our
town who have failies to support by
their daily labors, who never use your
streets or your roads, and who care very
little about their condition, a foot path be.
ing all they use or desire for thotmselves,
and yet, under our former tax bills, they
were obltged to pay more taxes, or as
mouch, as the merchant, the phtysician, or
the public carrier, who is making his thou
sands a year, and is directly itnterested ini
having te avenues to market kept in goodi
order. This ought not to be thte case.
Tax high, if necessary, thte conraeniences
and luxuries o)f life, but spare as tmuch as
even-handed justice will admtit, the poor
ma n' s necessaries.
We suggest, therefore, for the conside
ration of all, atnd particularly for the Cout
cil, thtat all classes should be made to pay
itn proportion to thte advantages they de
rives from the expenditure of the mnonies
ramsed by taxutmon. Let a tax of so mnany
per cent be levied, (if it can be done unde.
the act of incorporation.) upon the
anmount of sale, made by the merchants
and lay a tax upon all vehicles and horses
(which belong to resuidentts,) using oui
streets in their accustomed employment
attd lesson in a proper proportion the taa
upon real estate, and we shall advance one
step further towards attaining this end, amt
towards equml taxation.
Weathe cold and ianody.
News Items.
The Hon. H1. W. Hillard has been an.
mouncod as an independent candidate for
Jovernor of Alabama.
The Washington Star says Gov. Sey
nour, of Now York, is spoken of as Minl.
ster to France in the event of Mr. Mason's
Tt is said that a comrnissio't de lunalico,
ias been sent out by the family of Miss
,outts, and that Mario has given his de
,osition that she is a mono-naniac.
A bill has been introduced in Congress
on increase the compensation of Senators,
ilembers of the Ilonse of Representa
ives and Judges of the Supreme Court,
50 per cent.
The fire on Friday last, in Charleston,
iriginated in Chalmers street on the
premises of C. C. Thomas, and destroyed
property to lte amount $00.000 or 870,
C-f-The Constitutionalist and Republic
thinks Wmll. C. Dawson will be the oppo
nent of the Democratic nominee for Gov.
?rnor of Georgia, and says (ialt rumor al
ready connects his name with the Know
Several dwelling houses have recently
been entered in Colhmbia by burglars, and
Ihese occurrences are said to take place
every night. They have however made
but little by their operations so far.
Recent explorations in the Maryland
roal district in Pennsylvania, have discov
ered the existence of a mineral which, it
is said, cannot do otherwise than add ten
fold to its wealth. The nature of this mi
neral, its peculiar locality and the extent
of its deposits, is at present a secret.
The Columbia Times is informed by a
telegraphic dispatch from Mobile, that a
subscription is on foot among the slave
andl colored population generally, to raise
funds to aid the suffering poor of the
Northern and Eastern cities.
Another attempt was made on Friday
morning last, abont 4 or 5 o'clock, at Laur.
ens C. H, to destroy by fire the store of
Mr. S. Anderson, in which is the post
office and the printintg office of the Laur
ensville Herald.
At the sale of boxes for the charity con
cert given in New York on Thursday
night last, by Griei and Mario, the first
choice was bought for " Miss Coutts " at
a premium of $130. This was in addi
tion to the price of seats, the bmx holding
twelve persons.
At the marriage of the great chief Tun
gi to Anna Jane, daughter of the king of
the Friendly Islands, the fcastinr lasted a
whole week. One thousand hogs were ba.
ked whole, with a proportionate suppiy of
turtle, sharks, ray.fish, and every other
tish that is caught in those waters.
The North Carolina Legislattire hag
gratted a charter to the Sp;artxnhurg and
Uion Railroad Company for the continua.
tion of their line froim Spartanburg, via
Hendersonville and Ashville to Paint
Rock, where it will connect with the Ken
tucky Road, passiog through the Cumber
land Gap.
In the Ihonse of Representatives of
Massachuse~tts, on Monday, a mot inn w~as
nmade to ammend the constitu:ioii of the
State s0 as to provide that no person shiall
have the exercise oh the elective franchmiso
w~ho is unable to read and write the En.
gh sh Ian gag~e.
A large nnmuber of purimnters have been
thrown o ut of emplhoymaent in Washington,
by a new tarrangemient, by wvhic~h the
greater atmount of coimposition for the two
llouses is done but ontce. TIhaose w~ ho
have been deprived of work by this oapernt.
tiont talk of meoriahzng Congress on the
The 'Greenvi'.le Mountaineer' learnms
fronm a private source, thunt the Post Oflice
at Laurcns C. 11., was broken into on
Souday iiighat last, and robbed ouf a consid
erale suma of mooney, (as yet not known
hiow munch.) A fler robbing the offien, the
builing was set on fire, but the flames
wvere exiionuhed before doinag m uclh dam-r
Two smtall girls, aged respective'y thir
Ieen and fouteena, have becen detected in
Baultitmiore in the act of ste ang .9155 from
a lady in an'ommhiiu. It the rooni belon.
ging to them was found a large quantity of
silks, calicoes, &c., all supposed to be sto
Iota, anad they are chiarged with having dis
posed of a gold watch worth $100.
rThe Slave TIraudo continues to flourish
in Cuba. Tihiere have becen three or foui
slave cargoes landed recenitly at ditferemt
poinrts of the island. The last cargo heard
of, wvas landed near Saita Crtiz, ad con
sisted <f :317 A fricans, somie two or three
hundred having, it is unaerstood, died or
the passage from Africa.
TI-e Suaperintentdenit of Publ ic Schools
of the State of New York piublishes his
report, showing that the amount of mnoney
txpendled in 11654, for school purposes
was $'2,606,609. Thae Normal School
hias itt teat years turnted otat 780 pupils,
wvho comtpleted the prescribed course o1
study and received diploas, at an aver
age coat to the State of $125 each. In
ceiaog these, there have been itt attend
lance for a honager or shorter time 2,262
pupils, whose instruction hans cost at
average of about $45 each. T1hteso pupils
are duing service directly by their own
laubor, and indirectly by stimnulatitig othters
A hprivate letter in the Courier, of' the
12th inist., says that Mr. Blennet,the Amer
lean Constul at Bogatta, was attacked by
party of soldiers at his residence, and seo
veral vo'leys fired, but Mr. Bi. escaped un
iniured. thiongh his servant' arPm wane br
Ay the Latest ITails.
The Steamship Canada. just arrived,
hfings one week's later news from Eurepe.
The seige of Sebastopol is continued, but
with the exception o a little skirmishing
no fighting had taken place. A general
attack was, however, expected to be begun
on the 15th inst., and the next steamer
will no doubt bring us the account of an
important battle.
The LondQn Times advocates the
immediate removal of Lord Raglan
from his command in the Crimea, on
the ground of incompetency. It, also,
bitterly assails the ministry and says
that Lord Dalhousie the present
Governor of India is the only right
person for Secretary of War.
The Paris correspondent of the N.
Y. Herald says the question " Will
Spain sell Cuba?" admits, for the
present, at least, of but one answer,
and that a very positive no.
The members and friends of -the
Press of New York city celebrated
the anniversary of Franklin's birth
day (17th Jan.) at the Globe Hotel
in grand style. Eloquent speeches
were made, and appropriate toast
and sentiments were given.
Messrs. Page, Bacon & Co., one
of the most extensive houses in St.
Louis have failed and the announce.
ment has produced a bad influence
upon the New Orleans market and
the country generally.
The Southern commercial conven
tion which has been holding its meet
ings at New Orleans just before
adjourning passed a resolution to
appoint a committ ee of five a majority
of which to be cotton growers-to
conduct a correspondence between the
phaiters of the South and the manu.
facturres of Europe, with a view of
breaking down the present system of
cotton selling, and so diverting in
another direction some of the money
which is now in the habit of finding
its way into the pockets of Liverpool
The convention adjourned sine die
on the 17th inst.
The bill for the relief of the heirs of
Baron DeKalb has at last passed
through the Senate, appropriating the
sum of $66,099, for that purpose.
A dispatch from New Orleans, da.
ted the 18th inst says. Mr. Slidell
has been unanimously renominated as
U. S. Senator by the Denio'cratie
Caucus of the Legislature, and there
is little doubt of his re election.
Ont and after the first day of April
next our beautiful Capitol, will be
known by the title of the "City of Co.
lumbia"-so ordered by Legislative
It is said that Gen. Scott apprehends
a very troublesome, if not protracted
war, with the Indians. There are
syn ptoms of large combinations, and
the Sioux Particularly are possessed
with id.-a that they hold tire Uni.ed
States army at bay, and this is the se
cret of their numerous depredations.
It is stated that Comoo-udore Vander
bilt has made a proposition to the
Pust Office Department to carry the
mkails to Southatipton'antd lavreo al
ternately with the Collins line, ait the
rate of *4.000 less, fihr each trip, than
the British Government pays the Cun
ard line and less than half what the
Collins line receives.
There was another meeting of
unemn >loyed laborers and moechanies of
New York in the Park, on Tfhursday
morning. About eighat hunodred imen
assembled, and it was observed that
they were a more intelligent, and
respectable class of mtetn than thm .se
who have comp1osed the meetings on
previous occasions. Speeches werec
made, in which it was said that, the
people did not want the contents ofi
soup kettles or any other such chari
ties, bitt rather sonme meanis of hottest
em ploymnt.
it, is said that General Catnrober-t is
b~elieved to be the son of the Emperor
Napoleon I atnd of Madame de lRainocy.
The Carolinian says :-- The alarmt
of fire wias given oni Saturday tmornttog,
occasionted by the buring of thte slta
bles of Col. R1. 11. Goodwyn. The
building was destroyed tooget her wvith
fodder, corn &c. The htorses were
taken out in safety. The fire originta
ted in the loft and is believed to be
the wvork of an incendiary."
We learn fromt the Florida Sentfinel
that a hill to abolish the Supreme
Court of that State, and to require thte
Circuit, Judges to perfortm the duties
thereof, has Ipassed both [Houses by ai
large maj. rity.
CHARLtSsTon Jan. 20.
COTTON.-TheC transactionts todnty wvere
limited to some 600 bales, at extremes
ranging from 6 1.2 to 8 3.4c. We havt
no change to notice in prices.
New York, Jan. l9-In Cotton to.da;
there lias been a limited business at pre
vious rates. Floa r is unmchanged anid thte
demand is moderate. Spirits of Tutrpen
tineo is dull at from 40 to 41t 1.2 per bbl.
Crude is dull at 83 75 per bbl. North
Carolina Rosin is worth 81.72 1.2 plI
bbl. Rice is in limited request at previ
ous rates.
SlARRIED.-On thte 17th inkt., at thi
residence of Mir. J. F. Gordon, by the R1ev
W. H. Brunson, Mir. B. F. duriIDN Ic
MIlss ELZAUKTu WILDER, all of this Dis
Miaara.-On Wednesday the 17tl
inst., by N. A. Ridgill, Esqr., Mir. Jwmus A
NIrrenUM to Mliss JULIA SaM:TH, all e
Clarendon Coutnty.
DiE.-In Sumoerv ille on Thursday tlti
18th inst., WViLtAa PAULEY, inlatnt pot
of Dr. andi Mir. WV. J. Dargan, aged oni
month and fifteen dayd.
" or wsuch is the Kingdomt or Heavot.",
* ~. 4 -7-.1
For. Sale.
A fine likely woman, abint 35 years old.
Is a healthy, strong hand, Anul has accus.
tomed to field and house work. For terms
apply at this office. . d 0
.an. 24, 1855 12 ' 2t
rr To be sold, on sale dny next, at. pu.
lie outcry, five mules and one horse. All
sound and in good condition. Terms': A
gredit of twlevo months. with note and se
curity. Interest from date.
Jan. 24.' 1855 12 It
R eal Estate for Sale,
The sulseriber offers for sale nor planta.
tion situated about three miles from Man
chester depot. on the Wilmington and
lmanchester Rail Road. There are two
hundred and thirtv.two -4cres in the tyaet,
one hundred cleared rnd under renvp and
the rest well timbered up-land. The sit
uation is a very healthy and desirable one.
On the premises are a fine diwelling house,
barn, stables, kitchen and other ontbild.
ings, and an excellent well of water. The
terms are very accommodating and easy,
and will be made known on applyin at
this office, or the sutbscritier on her irn g
two miles below Suiterville. *
Jau. 24, 1855 12 tr
The American Pick.
FeounEith Volume. 4
This illustrated comic weekly, published
in the city of New York, every Saturday,
is about to commence its fourth year. It
has become a favorite paper titroughelt
the United States. Besides its designs,
by the first artists, it contains witty edito.
rial of character, and will carry cheerfu. -
ness to the glonmiest fireside. Its variety
rerders it a favorite in every family.
It contains every week. a large quantity
of tales, stories, anecdores, scenes. nuid
witticisms. The " Recollections of John
C. Calhonn, by his Private Secretary,"
will he continued in (te Pick until finished
and then a copy will be sent free to evervy
subscriber whose name shall be upon oar
mail book. Each yearly subscriber to the
Pick will receive the double-rized Pictori
al sheets for the fourti of July and Christ
mns. without charge. Each of these Pic
lorial sheets contains over 200 splendid
The subscription price to the Pick is 81,
cash in advance. Six' copies for 85.
Thirteen copies for 810.
Letters mnst he addressed to
Jan. 24, 18.). 12 It.
The Yorkville Enquirer.
aIr TH E utidersigned, having purchas
ed the! office of the YORVILLE MISCEL
LANY. and commenced in its stead the
publication of a new paper, with the above
title. present their claims to a share of the
patronage of the public. The ENQUIR
ER is next to the largest journal in the .
State, printed on good paper and with
entirely new material, and will be sent to
subscriber2 at TWO UOlLARS,'per an
num, inl advance.
Commencing with a list of EIGHT
idly increasing circulation, it is offi-rOd to
the business miten as-a goxl advertising
medium. Advertisements will be censpc
uonsly inserted at ONE DOLLAR for
the brst aid 'T1hirty-seven and a half cents a
for subsequent insertions. ITosiness Cards
per anui. Contracis for larger adver
tisements will he made on the moot- rea
sonable terms.
. W. ME.TO N. Proprietot.
Yorkville, S. C., Jan. 24th, 1855. 12 3t
Eighteen Likely Plantation
Ott the first MO0NDAY of (5it) Februa
ry, I will sell, itn front of the Court.4iouse ,
int Cointhia, at Ii m., i8 likely platationi
NEGitOE9, aiccustomied to the c.uttivation
of cottont atd provisiotns. Of the gang
there is but one or er 30) and but two utnder
13 years of age, the balance between -14
and 22.
Terms--one half cash, the balance 12
mtonthis' credit, for approvedt endorsed
notes5, payahie at the Biranch Bank int Co
lumubiai, with interest added. Purchasers
to pay for papers.
Jan. 24, 1855 12 S
Land for Sale,
TIlE subscriber off'ers for sale his Irac
aof land cotntaitning 780 acres of up land
and 80 1.2 acres ot swamp la nd, lying ar,
Stantee swamtp, tnear Futton. On the
premises are a Saw Mlill, Cotton Gin
atnd Screwv, all in repair; also a comtforta
ble dwellitng and all tnecessary outbuild
ings, itn repair. The up) lands and Saw
Mll and Dwvelling are situated on the road
leaditg fromt Cunien to Vance's Ferry,
sax mites wvest of Rattsey's Depot.
Appl to J. W. WEEKS,
Fultotn P. 0., S. C.
Jan. 24. 1855 12 3m
Notice, h2
Dr. WV. JAS. DARGAN takes this
method of infortmitng those persons who
mtay seek his professional services after
nightfall, that heo may be found upon the
premtises recently occupied by. Mr. J. R.
Logan, near the residence of' T. J. Din
kins, Esgr., and immtediately in thme rear
of his office.
Jan. 24, 1855 12 tf
Don't Read Thesil!
All persons indebted to the Firing W.
Jn. D)argan, & Co., are requesteld to
make immnediate paytment, as we will lodge
all -papers with the proper authorities on
thme first day of Alarch iiext for cullection.'
gg" This Is positive,--we cannot..give
furthter itndtilgence. ----
Jan. 17th, 1854. 11 .tf
Wattcmann Copy. if
Coghlan & Gay.
BLACKSSllTHS8, EngineErs, Machin.
ists an-J General Mlackanica. ;offr
their services to their friends and the pub.
Tertms Cash-Or, when ;tis convestient
and safe to open accounts for partiets, they
niust settle up at the end..ofeach quarter
of the year. e ither by casi,. dtatunt o
note. Our business will he sirictly cn.
fducted on this system during Lb. present
January 17, 185 11~ t
Yarn and Ognabur.
TH E mmnherber, Agent or ti e De~~l' ~m
fatiny, ogler. titi god at mant~nt'p,

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