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One of the fluesl Bud most interest
ing oolleotlous of archaeological apeo
imeus ever plaoed on ezhibitiou in
Danville will be an attraction iu the
window of M. H. Sohram's atore dur
ing the Fourth of Jaiy.
With the exoeptioa of two Alaakau
* allows, which belong to Dr. Harpel,
the oolleotion ia the property of 001
townsman, Charles M. Johuaon and
take* in the whole range of iodiau
implements The amaller pieoea in the
window anoli as arrow heada, apeara,
drill* and the like are over 1000 iu
number and are all olaaiifled and card
ad giving the oolleotion a good prac
tical value to tlioae who might wiah
to lake op the study of prehiatoric an
tiqaitlea. Iu the oolleotion aifl to be
foand every thing inoladed in the list
of Indian relioa, all wilh few except-'
iona gathered iu tliia immediate vioiu
Mr. Jolinaou la something more than
a mere oolleotor of arrowheads aud
other ludian relioa. H$ ia an aroli
aaologiat and ho has made the aubject
of Indian implements and like relics a
deep study. To him there ia a pecul
iar fascination iu treading over these
hills and valleya and picking np aud
classifying the orude devioea fashion
ed by the mysterious raoe that oaine
and weut long before he was born.
Mr. Johnson lived for three years in
the West where he had au opportunity
of atndying the habits of the ludiau
and the knowledge thus gained prob
ably has assisted him somewhat in
determiuiug the uses of some of the
peooliar implements uuearthad.
The speoimeus in Mr. Sohraui's win
dow, extensive as is the display, com
prises ouly a part of Mr. Johnson's
collection, the most of whlali ho has
fouud himself. With him It haa been
a labor of love aud he haa beeu gather
Ing the speoiinena ever siuce lie was a
Nothing oan be more interesting
than his explanations. Polntiug to a
oard of rude irregularly shaped stones
whioh Is labelled "Humpbacks," Mr.
Johnson allowed how their very irreg
ularity is a part o( the design, to tit
the olenohed flat, and to be need in
skinning animals. These stones along
with many others the untiaiued eye
wonld have passed unnoticed In this
way Mr. Johuson poiuted out the uae
of tha spears, skiuuiug knives, cut
ting implements, gouges, drilla, axes,
tomahawks and even hoes and shovels,
Mauy of the ■peoimsaa lay alalia to
beanty notwithstanding the simple art
expended upon them. Among the most
perfeot are the arrow heads, drills, a
lot of oereinonial stones aud mortar
and pestle, but there is nothing iu the
whole oolleotion, however, that leaves
one iu doubt as to ita ludian origin,
not the least interesting are the speci
mens of Indian pottery uuearthed,
which is of two kinds, soapatoue aud
Among tlie collection are a lot of
atrooiona implements belonging to the
ludiana of the preaeut, which refleot
their oruel aud barbaroua uature ax
nothing elae cau do. Iu addition to
the Alaakan arrows a.e war clubs
oaed by the ludiaua of oar West, skull
oraoketa. how and arrows, primitive
flah hooka and oddly designed pi pea
for amok lug.
Shamokln-sunbury Line.
W. If. Paaooe, of Alleutowu, ex-
Jndge K. H. Koch, Hon. U. H Knlp,
of Shamokio. aud other capitallatß in
terested in the Sliamokiu Extension
trolley ayatem, which will oonneot
Sliamokiu aud Sunbury, held a con
■oltation laat week aud forinnlated
plana for the immediate oonatrnotion
of the ayatem.
Mr. Paaooe has been eleoted conatruo
tion engineer of the line and lias al
ready aeaoied quarters iu Sliamokiu
for offloea. The oapital for the build
ing of the road liaa already been sob
aoribed and the coat estimated at 91,-
A reporter in oonveraation with oue
of the luterested capitalists was in
formed that the ayatem will be fin
iahed witliiu ten montlia.
Surveys have been made already for
the brauoh liues to Springfield, Bear
Valley and Falrvlew, suburbs of Sha
mokin. These brauoliea will bo built
aa aoou aa the ayatem to Suubury is
From a person who has inside infor
mation it i8 qalle probable tlmt a hand
some hotel and Hauitarloiu will be
built on a high peak ill Irish Valley
along tlie route o( the proponed system.
This beautiful spot overlooks the plac
id Susquehanna river and surrounding
country aud ia prouoonoed one of the
grandest and most picturesque In the
Teachers Elected.
At a meeting of the Sohool Board ol
Mahoulng township lield Monday
eveuiug the following teachers were
elected for the next year: Mechanics
* I lie, first grade, J. L. Krum, second
grade, MIBS Gertrude Mapstoue; Toby
Bun. Edwtu O. Foust; Sidler Hill,
Bliss M. O. Madden; Bald Top, Sam
uel Krom; Gravel Hank, Miss Carol
Picnic a Success.
The Firemen's Picnic lield at I)e-
Witt's Park Tuesday was a suocess.
The grounds were througed nearly all
day, there scarcely being an hoar,
when 1600 to 2000 people were not on
the ground. Dancing was the princi
pal form of amusement enjoyed.
Oleau streets make a city inviting
as well as healthier.
Daring Attempt at Robbery on Monday Night—David
Barrett Held for Court in S2OOO Bail —Edward
Haldeman Held in SIOO0 —Hearing
Last Night.
Just before midnight Mouday Eaat
Market alroet in the Second Ward was
the acene of a good bit of eioiteineut,
in which Are arms played a prominent
part,that waa not apart of the Fourth
of July program.
A boat half paat 11 o'olock aa W.
H. N. Walker was iu the aot of cloning
Ilia hotel for the uiglit the bar room
waa entered by three maskod men,who
prooeeded to hold np the inmates for
the purpoae of robbery.
Arthnr Walker waa standing behind
tiie bar, while hia father, W. H. N.
Walker, the proprietor, waa in the
room adjoining, at the rear. One of
tiie uieu sprang behind the bar and
leveling a revolver iu tiie face of
Artiinr Walker, commauded him not
to otter a word aud at the same time
giving a slurp command to his confed
erates :
"I'll attend to him, look after the
real." At the same instant, however,
Arthur mustered all hia strength aud
with a quick movemeut tlung the fel
low aside and sprang over the bar. The
masked man quiokly recovering him
self aimed and tired at Arthur as he
took the jump, the bullet misaing his
head by a narrow margin aud striking
the transom above the door.
By that time W. H. N. Walker real
izing the situation sprang into the bar
room. Just iuside the door he ran
across the man who had fired the shot
and the two uliuohed. Iu the strag
gle the masked man disengaged his
arm and leveling his revolver at Mr
Walker's head fired . The ball struok
the top of his head and ploughed along
over the top of the skull, producing a
long scalp wouud, from which the
blood atreamed down over hia lioad.
After the allot the robber continued
the assault by pounding the laudlord
over tiie liaad with the revolver or
aomeother weapon. Uuriug the strug
gle Mr. Walker suooeeded in tearing
the maßk from the robber's face and
had a good ohuuoe to view his feat
Samuel Haas, Harry Watte and Alon
zo Motteru were abont the hotel and
quickly marshaled themselves on the
side of the defense. The robbers find
ing themselves defeated iu the first
onslaught and overooine by uumbers
quickly withdrow.
Two telephone meaaagea wore quick
ly sent out, one for the polioe and the
other (or Dr. E. A. Curry. The news
o( the affair reached Oflioer Voris first
aud he hurried iu the direction ot
Walker's hotel, first stopping to in
quire by telephone for some descrip
tion of the robbers. He was informed
that the man who did the shooting
was David Barrett, who was rocently
patdoued from the Eastern Peniten
tiary for a hold up ou tiie Bloom road.
The Offlcer proceeded up East Market
street and between Railroad and Nas
sau streets met Barrett corniug down.
He quiokly took hold of him und turn
ing him around told him he was want
ed up the street. Barrett's reply was
a question: "What am I wauted
"You know what you arc wanted
for,"was the Oflloer's auswer.
"Well, you have got the wrong man
this time, "Barrett remarked.
Ur. Voris made a hasty examina
tion to assure himself that the fellow
had uo pistol iu his pocket, but wlieu
uear Calvin Ritter'a atore Barrett was
notioed to make an adroit movemeut
of his arm as if lie had something up
his sleeve and at the same momeut the
Officer uoticed a revolver which slip
pad down into his baud and which by
another adroit movemeut the fellow
dropped Into the gutter. The revolv
er at the same niomeut was pioked up
by Claieuce Ephlln, who WHS follow
ing after, with the exclamation :
"Here's the gnn ; he threw it into
the gotter. "
Aa Ottioer Voris put the nippers on
Barrett he made a vicious struggle.
He was unable to do much with his
hand* but he used his legs and snc
oeeded iu landing a blow with his
foot in the policeman's stomach.
Barrett was taken back to Walker's
hotel where at the tirst sight of him
Mr. Walker exolaimed: "That's the
man- that's the mau that did the
shooting-don't you let him get
Barrett denied that lie was the mau
but Arthur Walker aa soon as lie laid
eyes on him also declared that lie was
the mau that did the ahooting.
Quite a crowd waa on the spot by
that time, among them being Hayes
Bedea aud Jacob Winters, both of
whom auoused Bariett of holding them
upon East Market atreet with a revol
In Barrett'a pocket waa found aix
loaded 3S-oallbre oartridgea. In the
revolver thrown into the gutter were
four loaded aliella of the aame kind
and two wliioli had beeu tired otl.
The two allots flred in the hotel
aeemed to acoount for the empty shells
and this together with the ldentiiica
tion made by Mr. Walker and Ills son
seemed to make the orowd wild and
viudiotive and for a few minutes it
looked dark for the prisoner.
Offloor and prisoner had bardly
started for the jail, when some one
" Lynch him. "
Iu a moment there was a chorua of
"Lynoli him," "ahoot him," "ilang
him," while the excited people began
to oloae in upon the Offloer and Bar
rett iu an ominous manuer. But for
OtlicerVoris' sternness and determina
tion there ia no telling what would
happened to Barrett.
"Stand back" commanded the Offi
cer,"l have this man in charge aud I
expect jtp land him in jail; no one
aliall touch him."
The orowd, however, drew closer;
one individual made a apring at Bar
rett Officer waa obliged to uae
Ilia flat to uphold the majesty of the
law. " .
A abort diatanoe farther on 'hey met
Ohlef-of-Polioe Mlnoemoyer, who was
on ilia way op, and who lelieved Jac
ob Wintora, who up to this point had
.assisted Officer Voris.
Ou the way to the jail Barrett made
a number of threats, reminding the
Offioers that he would "get" tliem
At 2 o'clock Tuesday morning John
Seitz aud Ed, Halderman were tak
eu into cuatody on aoapiaion of being
accomplices of Barrett's.
David Barrett and Edward Halder
man were given a hearing before
Justice of the Peaoe Oglesby last even
ing charged witli assault and battery
with intent to rob. Sietz was dis
charged, a« there waa no evidence on
which he could be identified.
Barrett and Halderman pleaded not
guilty. In addition to W. H. N. Walk
er, who lodged the information, and
hia aou Arthur Walker, there were
I several otiier witnesses. Alonzb Mot
rern, Samuel Haaa aud Hairy Waite
were in the hotel at the time of the
aaaualt and all swore that Barrett was
the man who did tha shooting, the
testimony throughout strictly coincid
ing witli the facts of the affair aa
presented above. Clarence Ephlin,
who saw Barrett and Haldermau to
gether a short time before the shoot
ing, was alao a witneaa aa well as
Bichard UoOormiok, who was held
up on the street by Barrett and Hald
erman jost after they left Walker's.
Barrett was held for oonrt in S3OOO
bail; Halderman waa held iu SIOOO.
Birthday Party.
A moat enjoyable party and grapho
pline concert waa given at tiie home of
Mrs. .lames Robinson, Mauadale,Mou
day evening, in honor of Mrs. Robin
son'a birthday.
Tlioae present were Mr. aud Mrs.
Levi Feuatermacher, Mr. aud Mrs.
William Cope, Mr. aud Mrs. S. Q.
Kansey, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Bennett,
Mr. and Mra. John Literer, Meadames
Sara Snyder, Mary Ande. Jamea
Feuatermacher, Willis Herr, William
Fenatermacher, John Fry aud Adam
Beyer. Misses Sara Hendricks, Jennie
Kindt, lona Heudrlcks, (Jlara Cope,
Regiua Snyder, Mary Beyer, Penina
Hobiusou, Ada Aude, Messrs Ralph
Oope, E. S. Delsite, Joseph Suyder,
Jamea Robinson, Herbert Hendrioks,
Oliver Cope, William Parker, William
Kindt, Thomas Fouat, T. H. Bennett,
Jr., and Charles Herr.
Pleasant Lawn Party.
A ploasaut lawn party was tondered
to Mr. aud Mrs. Edward Coleman op
on thoir arrival from New York last
Thursday evening. The gathering
took plaoe at the home of John Cole
man, Authouy township. Games
helped to pass away the time after
which refreshments were served.
Those pieaeut were Mr, and Mrs.
Edward Coleman, Misses Maggie and
Stella Uioiil, Anna and Minnie Love
Viola Snyder, Cora Funk, Emma
Moser, ((race Dielil, Carrie and Mary
Jaoksou, Bertie aud Bessie Herr, Pearl
aud Jennie Smith, Anna Anderson,
Messra James Ellis, Gus. Leighman,
Kosoon and Thomas Hartmau, Stewart
Saul, Harvey and Frank Diehl, diar
ies Reeder. Jaoob Leighman, Norman
Litteror, Maurice Moser,Samuel Carl,
John and Edward Snyder, James Den
nett, Allen Mart, Sherman Yagel,Paut
anil Hugo Heilman, Lloyd Marshall,
Arthirt aud Harry Love, Walter Seib
ert and Harry Flora.
hound Unconscious.
Jeremiah Heilinan a well known
resident of Derry township, was found
uncousaious in liia barn on Saturday,
aa the result of a stroke of apoplexy.
At last accounts he had uot regained
Pound -Dead In Bed.
John Sullivan, a motormati on the
Danville and Blonmsburg Street Rail
way, was found dead in bed at his
home in IBloomsbnrg Sunday morn
ing. He was unmarried aud is sur
vived by his widowed mother.
Appointed Surgeon.
Dr. Oamerou Shultz has received ap
pointment as surgeon in the Twelfth
Regiment, N. G. P. His rank la that
of First Lieatsnant.
Edward Newbak' of Audenried,
arrived in this city, Saturday, (or a
visit at the home of his pareuta, Dr.
and Mrs. P. O. Newbaker, West Ma
honing street.
Miss Hannah Jenkius, of Philadel
phia. is visiting at tha home of her
father, John Jeniiins, Eaat Market
Miss Qnssie Brnder left Saturday
(or a visit with relatives in Sorautou.
Edward White, of Shenandoah, is
visiting at the home of Thomas Front,
Grand street.
Horaoe Freeze and family of Brook
lyn, arrived in this city Sutuiday (or
a visit with relatives. ~
Mr. aud Mrs. James Oibba, of Har
riaburg, are gueats at the home of
Captain aud Mrs. J. H. Johnson,
Ferry street.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Marks, o(
Pittsburg, arrived in this city Satur
day (or a visit during Fourth o( July.
Frank Kramer, of Philadelphia, is
the guest of Chief of Polioo Miuoe
moyer aver the Fourth.
C. R. Sechler- of Philadelphia, is
visiting at the home of hia father,
Frank Seohler, Church street.
Frank W. Newbaker, of Bellefoute,
arrived in this oity Saturday evening
to Bpen.l the Fourth .
Elmer Stillwell, of Baltimore, ar
rived in this city Saturday eveulng
for a visit with relatives.
Misses Marion McCoy and Bertha
Polluter, of Watsontown, arrived in
this oity Saturday for a visit at the
home cf J. B. McCoy, West Market
Miaaes Edna Lewis aud Elizabeth
Heartang returned to Soranton, Satur
day after a visit at the home of T. J.
Price. Eaßt Market street.
Thomas Lawreuoe, of New York
Oity, is spending a few days at tiie
home of his father, William Lawrence
Mrs. W. F. Williamson, accompa
nied by her daughters Oertrude aud
Mildred, of Oermantown, are visiting
at the home of Frank and John Det
wiler. Mulberry street.
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lowrie, of
Bellefonte, are visiting at the home of
Dr. P. C. Newbaker, West Mahouiug
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hartzell, o(
Baltimore, are visiting at the home of
Benjamin Hartzall, Mowrey street.
Brnce Hartman. of Chambersburg,
arrived In this oity Batnrday for a
visit with Will MoOoy, West Market
Miss Una Jones, of Stlttsville, N.
Y., is visiting at the home of her
brother, M. O. Jones, Castle Drove.
Joseph Maier, of Philadelphia, ar
rived in this oity Saturday for a vlait
with Relatives.
Mr. aud Mrs. Walter OBtrauder, of
Bellewood, are visiting at the home of
O. H. Oatrander, Riverside.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hornberger,
of Pottsville .arrived in this city Sat
urday for a visit at the home of
George Edmondsou, East Market
Morgan Jenkins, of New York Oity
is visiting at the home of John Jenk
ins, East Market street.
Thomas Lawrenoe returned to New
York City yesterday afer a visit ai
the home of his father, William Law
rence, Mausdale.
Samuel Rebiuau left yesterday for
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Gardner aud
son Perry returned to Oarboudale
yesterday after * visit at the Deen
homestead, East Market street.
Jacob Doster left yesterday via the
8. L. & W. for a trip to Los Angeles,
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Herman and
son Clarence, of Williamßport, are
guests at the home of Jaoob Horuber
ger ou Cooper street.
Mr. and Mrs. William Blind return
ed to Nantiooke yesterday after a vis
it at the home of D. C. Hunt, West
Mahoning street.
Miss Anuie Heiss left yesterday for
a visit with friends in Scranton.
Mrs. W. S. Springer, of Trenton,
New Jersey, will arrive today for a
visit at the home of John Seohler,
Ferry street.
The Misses Mame and Edith Smith,
ot Suubory, are visitiug at the home
of J. O. Miller, Ferry street.
Misses Rea Beatty aud Amanda Ol
lie, of Shanv>kiu, spent the Fourth ot
July in this oity as the guests of Mins
May Moyer, West Mahoning street.
Miss Josephine Coosart left thij oity
yesterday for a visit with frieuda lu
Panl Vauuan returned to Ithaoa,
New York, yesterday where he will
enter the suin&er sohool at Cornell
Ueorge Clark left yesterday to spend
a ten day's vacation at Delaware Wat
er Oap.
Miss Fiorenoe Lnn, of Shamokin,
is visiting at the homo of Broce Mc-
Oraoken, South Danville.
Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Holloway aud
*on, of Philadelphia, are visiting tal
atives in this city.
Mr. aud Mrs. Charles Oberdorf re
turned to Lewisburg yesterday after a
visit with friends inthia city.
James Beaver returned to Bilver
Brook yesterday after a viait with rel
atives in tbia oity.
Judge O. R. Savidge yesterday hand
ed dowu an opiuioo io the injuuction
oases of J. Hudson Kase aud Peter
Berger agaiast the Danville and Sun
bury Street Railway Company. Iu
both cases the bills are dismissed and
the injunctions are dissolved.
The following extract is taken from
the opinion iu the Peter J. Berger
First . The plaintiff told the de
fendant togo ahead and lie* would
give him uo trouble and this is found
as a faot in the weight of the testi
mony. It is likewise found that on
tiie strength of his promise, not to
make trouble, &c., the deleudant did
go ahead, purchased material aud ex*
pended a large sum of money. This
declaration amouuted to a consent.
Second. Wo conclude that .the de
fendant has the right of way by virtuo
of the purohaae of the franchise of the
Danville and Riverside Railroad Com
pany to build without oonsent, &n.
We find that the said Dauville and
Riverside Railway Company always
paid its taxes and kept up its organi
zation in good faith ; that the passen
ger railway company under the law
was not confined to horse looomotiou;
that it might from time to time as
couditious aud public uueds required
substitute other and more inoderu
From the agreement between Kase,
Berger and Guliok, we must ooucludo
that the Plantiff's bill waa not filed
in good faith. The defendant waa
charged by the State to construot a
street railway to moet the needs and
demands of the public. This ia the
theory and the only excuse for the
grautiug of the oharter It Is illegal
aud unfair for a number of individ
uals to combine for the purpose of
preventing the State agent (rem carry
ing out the purpose of Its charter, ty
ing themselves up so that ueither can
move hand nor foot withont the con
sent of all the otliera. This ia in the
nature of a oonspira'y against the
corporation to prevent it from cariy
ing out the purposes of Its creatiou
and performing the public duties im
posed upon it bv the State.
Mrs. Elklns, wife of Senator Elkius
.of West Virginia, haa given a corner
lot, 100 by 150 feet. In tiie heart of
the boainess distriot of Elkins, W.
Vs., for a 150,000 building which will
be immediately erected by her and
given to the Association.
Savannah, Ga., T. M. O. A. has
over 915,000 pledged toward its (60,000
building and Lynohbnrg, Va., Which
reoently started to raise $50,0. w, has
raised $60,000 ou a $75,000 building,
It expeots to oomplete its canvass in a
short time.
Ohio Y. M. O. A. now lias twelve
building movements in hand, involv
ing property amounting to $1,112,000.
The State of Illinois lias in pledges
for Association buildiugs $505,737 for
twelve buildings at thirteen cities aud
towus. It aeema that the record of
the Y. M O. A. for buildiug a new
home every five days will be eolipaed
this year.
A. H Jones, h wealthy bachelor of
Hallflville, Mo , has given $15,000 to
the fanil for the Association building
at the University of Missouri. The
BUbsoription brings the fund up to
$30,638. The building is to cost $50,-
000. II is probable that work will be
gin upon it this somuier.
In West Virginia buildiug prospects
are moving along swiftly. Parkers
burg will open its bailding in Sep
tember. Work has been begun on
Elkins bnilding. Fairmont will close
its temporary work and concentrate on
a new bnilding. Wheeling has secur
ed $31,000 toward a SIOO,OOO new build
ing, Mr. J. N. Vance, an ex-president
of the Association, contributing $35,-
000 of the amount. The Huntington
Board is encouraged in its building
project. Charleston hat) secored five
$5,000 subscriptions and twenty SI,OOO
pledges are at hand.
The Bishop's Official Home.
Although Bishop Oarlingtou lias not
technically oreated Ills see oity be
cause he has selected no pro-cathedral,
Harrisburg is his official home. The
"Harrisburg Churchman" for July,
published Saturday, says:"The Bisli
op iutends, this Summer,to give much
of his attention to the work in the
northern part of the diocese. Hiß
family have moved from Brooklyn,
N. V., to the Rrowu residence, on
East Third street, Wllliamsport. The
Briggs residence, 17 North Front
street, Harrisburg, haß been selected
for his official aud Winter home",
Albert Watts Dead.
Albert Watts, a well-known farmer
of Oerry township, died Saturday af
ternoon. The cause of death was oan
oer of the liver. A wife i|nd a son
and a daughter survive. The funeral
arrangements will be made known
Harried In New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kitohen, bride
aud groom, are quests at the home o
Mrs. H. B. tlaskius, Kerry street.
Tun lirid i w s Miss Hat tie Ui skins
formerly ot Diiiville. Tt.o couple were
luurriid in New Yolk.
Thirty Days.
Walter Hupp, arrusted Tuesday
night for t)«htiug, was given a hear
ing befo.e Justice ot the Peace Ogles
by yesterday. He was given thirty
days in jail.
K ffiffil OH
lip's Ml
Twelve Hundred Marching Men in Line —The Hire
men's Contest and Other Features
of the Day.
When the cauuou of Goodrich Post
No. 23 a. A. R . at sunrise Tuesday
morning boomed foith its annual sa
lute to the Fourth of July it ushered
iu a day that was remarkable iu mauy
respects aud which will (or a loug
time stand apart from all others iu
the memoiy of our citizens
In the first place the weather condi
tionH left uothing to be desired.
Friendly clouds sheltered the earth
from the iuteuse heat of the July sun.
There were a few drops of rain iu
the morniug but later at no time dur
ing the day did the sky even assume a
threatening aspect.
Everything turned out preoisely aR
plauued and anticipated au<l the day
was matked by an utter absence of
casualty,disorder or hitch o? any sort
It was a day when all roads literal
ly led to Dauville, not only railroads
aud trolley liues, but also the waeou
roads,and the crowds came early. Tne
first delegation to reach Danville came
from Suubury arriving on the 7:11
Pennsylvania train. The bulk of the
firemen came on the Rending specials,
starling from Shamokin and Milton,
which were booked to arrive at 9:20
and. 9:32 respectively, but which were
over half an hour late. Tiie Oatawis
sa special was uearly on time. Each
of the visiting Are compauies was
met at the station with delegations of
local firemen accompanied by musio.
The streets at this time with their
spirited music aud companies of hand
somely uniformed men moving back
ward aud forward presented au inter
esting sight. Already Mill street was
packed from eud to end, while overy
trolley oar which at iutervals of twen
ty minutes came down frtfm Blooms
burg dumped a cargo of human freight
into the town. Long before the parade
moved it was evideut that the crowd
would surpass all expectations.
The number of strangers iu towu
was larger ttiau on any oocasion that
oould be recalled. So also the parade
was larger aud more attractive. There
were about 1200 men in liue, fully
1,000 being firemou. It was truly an
imposing apectaole especially the coun
termarch on Mill street.
The IIIDSIO was a glorious feature,
eleven bands aud three drum aorpe be
ing in the long line of march. Eaoli
of the neighboring towns seemed to
send the very best it had and not
only were the uuiforms bright and at
tracti-e, but the marohers as a rule
were gentlemauly dignified iu
bearing. Among the visiting firemen
were the following companies : Friend
ship, Rescue, Goodwill, Winona, Lib
erty, of Bloomsburg; Fifth Ward,Mit
touiau aud Goodwill,of Miltou ;Wash,
ington, of Sunbuiv; Reacue, West End
of Shamokin ; Wataoutown Fire Oou-
J. W. Taylor will be principal of
the High School for the ensuing year.
A speoial meeting of the School
Board was held last eveniug for the
purpose of electing a prinoipal to fill
the High Sohool, whioh was left open
at the last meeting. Directors pres
ent were: Adams, Orth, Harpel, Von
Bloliu, Fischer, Trumbower, Orone,
Heiss, and Werkheisar.
On motiou of Mr. Werkheiser it was
ordered that the Balary remain the
same as laßt year, one hundred dollars
per mouth.
The Committee on Teachers aud
Certificates repotted that with Bor
ough Superintendent Oordy it had
oarefully gone ovur the list of
cants, some fifteen in number,and that
it iiad deoided to report in favor of
Mr. Taylor.
Ou motion, therefore, Mr. Taylor's
name was plaasd in [nomination as
Prinoipal ot the High Saliool and he
was unanimously elected.
The Priucipal-eleot is from Donald
son, Schuylkill county. He is a young
mau and is a graduate of Millville
Normal Sohool, in addition to which
lie did two years' work at Dickinsou
College and lias been two years at
Harvard University. He is also np iu
Staff Correspondent in Danville.
A staff correspondent of the Phila
delphia North American was iu this
oity Tuesday and gave our Fourth of
July demonstration a good "write
up", whioh appeared yeßterday morn
ng along with some veiy good pict
ures pertaining to the event.
The North AinerioßU representative
was W. B. Wilson formerly part own
er of the Mt. Carmel Item, and later
oity editor of the Mt. Caimel News.
He has been in Philadelphia for some
Buying Up Breweries.
A Baltimore syndicate is buying up
brewery interests iu the authractle
region. It is reported that fifteon
plants in Schuylkill, Northumberland
Columbia aud Luzerne oountiea will
probably be merged.
The summer la jogging along at a
lively dip.
Northumberland Fire Oompauy,
Lewisburg Fire Company and Reli
ance, of Berwick. Our own lire de
partment under Chief Porpur aud hia
able corps of aasistauts coutributed im
mensely to the aucoeaa or tiie parade
and in line made as fine an appear
auoe aa any. The Shenandoah Drnin
Corps.which arrived on Monday even
ing, was au importaut factor In the
parade along witli our own drum corps
and others.
Company F, 12th Regiment, N. G.
P ~ in line made a very nioe appear
anoe. The veterans of Goodrich Post.
No. 2'<l, G. A. R., were out in full
foroe along with Blxty odd comrades
belonging to the G. A. R. Posts of
neighboring towns.
A great deal of credit for the suc
cess of the parade belongs to Chief
Marshal Col. Juo. Sweisfort aud his
able staff.
It is very iiard indeed to estimate
the number of straugers iu Danville
on the Fourth, but tiiero were several
thousand. To convoy some idea of
the multitude it might be stated that
after the parade with its 1200 march
ing men left Mill street for the Second
Ward and thus were out of the way
altogether Mill street still over its
whole longth was one dense throng
from aide to aide, tiie people occupy
ing the middle of the street, which
waa packed as tightly aa the pavement.
Tiie grand cliorua with ita 135 voices
waa a magnificent aucceaa. It- was
during its rendition that the best idea
could he formed of the orowd. Prob
ably 5000 people listened to the sing
The firemen's contest was the at
traction at the Northern eud of town
and was witnessed by thousands of peo
ple. There were ouly two entries, by
the Washington Hose Company of
Sunbury and the Rescue of Blooma
buig. The first prize waa awarded to
the Washington Hose Company,which
covered the diatanoe, 250 yards, made
the plug aonneatiou, unreeled 100
yards o( hose and threw water in one
minute and thirty and one-half seo
onda. The second prize was awarded
the Keacue Hoae Company of Blooms
The fireworks were a fine feature,
•witnessed bj many thonsaud people
from the river bridge and froru vant
age poiuts on Bhore.
All in all the day wan one of tlie
i biggest tliat ever occurred iu Danville,
the abundant measure of soocess, and
the excellent order prevailing reflect
ing credit not only upon the visitors
within our gates bat also upon- the
Citizeus' Celebration Committee and
our townspeople in geueral by whom
it was so geneioosly aided and sap
A collection of tire works were ac
cidentally exploded in front of Arthur
Heddens' establishment, Mill streot,?
Tuesday afternoon.
A lighted tire oraoker fell in . the
buuoh aud in an instant there was ah
explosion that caused consternation
on the street. The fire works flew in
every direction, a discharged rocket
striking and breaking a window blind
iu the seooud story window of the
residence opposite ocoupied by John
son's nilUiuery. Fortunately no one.
was iujared, although several persons
in the crowd had narrow esoapes.
Hethodist Reunion at>Harribsurg
The programme for the Methodist
reunion to be held at Reservoir park,
on July 20, has been com
pleted aud is as follows:
Morning, 10 o'olook, Rev. J. B.
Maun, presiding; hymn, "Blest Be
the Tie;" prayer, Rev. J. H. Morgan,
D. D. ; scripture lesßon, M. L. Qauoe.
D. D. ; hymn, "I Love Thy Kingdom 1
Lord;" address,"Methodism in Amer
ica," Chief Justice Charles B. Lore, 1
Wilmington, Dol. ; benediotion, Rev.
B. F. Stevens.
Afternoon, 3 o'olook. Rev. D. S.
Monroe, presiding; hymn, "All Hail
the Power of Jesus' Name;" prayer,
Rev. A. 8. Williams; hymn, "Come,
Thou Fouut of Every Blessing;"
soripture lesson, Rev. F. E. Hartmau ;
address, Rev. John Krautz, D. D ;
New York ; beuediction, Rev: E. E.
A. Deavor, Ph. D.
Eveniug, T :H0 o'clock, Rev. Isaac L.
Wood,lD. IX, presiding ; liyinu, "Oh
For a Thousand Tongues to Sing;"
prayer, Rev. O. G. Heck; musio,ulioir
oonsistiug of ohorußes by one hnodred
voioes, Professor E. G. Rose, direct
or; quartettes, duets, solos, bv looal
talent; benediotion, S. C. Swallow,
D. D.. There will be maßio by a
chorua of 100 voices.
May Unbutton Their Coats.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
has issued an order to allow the uni
formed employes of the company to
go with their ooats unbuttoned daring
the hot sammer days aud ap until
September 15th. The order was wel
come news to the men who have been
sweltering under their buttoned ooats
and it was the result of their request
that the order was Issued.
NO. 33
The substantial briok structure oc
cupied by Carl Litz's roHtaurant is mi
nus one of its chimueys as the result
of an attempt to swing a large tweuty
foot flag to the breeze on Saturday af
The Hag, ail especially commanding
one, was made by Mrs. J. O Hed
dens aud the plan was to swing it to
the breeze over Mill street by securing
one end of the rope on the roof of the
Heddens House and the other on Oarl
Litz's establishment. On the latter
building there was no other means of
securing the rope than by tying it
around the chimney.
The Hag was flung to tho breeze with
little difficulty, but it had a short ca
reer of it. The breeze roso, the flag
filled and Mr. Litz stood by admiring
it when all at once with a sound that
suggested an earthquake a oart load of
brick and mortar came raining down
over the awning into the street., and
the flag fell inglorioutdy to the ground.
As the chimnoy fell a young lady
oatnc near being struck, while some
children playing undor the awning
had a bad scare.
Redued Rates to Buffalo via Pennsylvania
Railroad, Account Grand Lodge, Benev
olent and Protective Order of Eagles,
On account of the Grand Lodge,
Benevolent and Protective Order of
Elks, at Buffalo, N Y., July 11 to 15,
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
will null excursion tickets to Buffalo
froui all stations on its lino at greatly
reduced rates.
From Bradford, Pa., Sherman, Port
ville, Black Greek, and Salamanca,
N. Y , and intermediate stations, tiok
ets will be sold and Rood going July
10, 11, and 12, good returning until
July IS, inclusive.
From all other stations on the Penn
sylvania Railroad tickets will be sold
and good going July 8, !), and 10, good
returning leaving Buffalo not later
than July 15. By deposit of ticket
with Joint Agent at Buffalo not later
than July 15 and payment of fifty
cents, an extension of return limit
may be obtained to leave Buffalo not
later than July 25.
A stop-over will be allowed at Pliil
ndelphia and Baltimore on return trip
within of ticket on all tick
ets good for passage via those cites.
For specific rates, routes, %od furth
er informaton, apply to Ticket Agent.
Via Pennnsylvaoia Railroad.
£The Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany , has arranged for four low-rate
Sunday excursions for the present sea
son from Lock Haven, Lewisburg,
Williamsport, Mocanaqua,
Dauphin, and principal intermediate
stations to Atlantic Oity, Cape May,
Ocean Oity, Sea Isle Oity,*A valou,
Anglesea, Wildwood, or HdunPfaoh,
July 1(1 and SO.
and 27. 1905. ' ' ' *
Excursion ticketg,' gdod
returning on regular trairis witlflnßve
days, will be sold at very.lorw ratSs.
Tickets to Atlantic City Will be sold
via the Delaware River Bridge Route,,
the <jj»ly all-rail line or via Market
Sti(ely Wharf, Philadelphia.
'«t<fti o»M. to •, h»)l, >r w JjfeHarUl
i piiia, either going or rolnrnirtft, witli
. in limit of ticket.
For information iu regard to spe
cific: rates aud time of trains consult
hand hills, or apply to agents, or E.
S. Harrar, Division Ticket Ageut,
Wiliiamsport, Pa.
Pleasant Party.
Misses Adeline Yeager and Mabel
. Shepperson Rave a party iu honor of
their friend. Moroa Dietrioh, Friday
evening. The event took place at the
residence of Mr. aud Mrs. E. M
Yeager, Riverside, the following be
j iug present: Misses Nora and Bessie
Unger, Misses Eva aud Esther Bird,
Miss Martha Fowler, Miss Mabel
Swartz, Misses Adeline and Mary
Yeager, Misses Mabel and Cora She^-.
person. Refreshments were served
and games were played. ,
r*" jjsi* 3
Struck by a Freight. -
Solomon Rider, who resides abQa£
Imlf a mile above Gatawissa,' nihil?
crossing the Hazletou biaucli of the
Pennsylvania railroad Saturday after
noon, was struck by a? freight-train.
The wagon was demolished ami thfe
horse was killed. Rider was hurled
down tho ombankment with the horse,
hut escaped with a broken thigh.
Will Pacific Coa^t.,
P. S. Ijciaourliig, M. D , of San
Diego, Oal., and Mrs. Frank.J,
Sclioch, 'of Seliusgrove, made a
short visit to their uncle, Rev. M. LI
Shindel on the Fourth. They lcst in
the afternoon train for Seli«MtKX.of%
Dr. Leisenring will leave for the
Pacific coast today.
Few AccitfcOts. .. 4 J t
So far as learned there- were not
many Fourth of July accidents this
year. A few of tlve rniiior sorto jbuY"
red. Clark Kern reoeiv ed a ;,pStf#uf
wound iu his right baud caused by tf*6'
wad of a blank cartridge, but'.' it U
not serious. ,
Chief Engineer of the U. T. & T.
Company, W. Scarlet, of liarrisbqgft.:
and H. N . Daniels, district superin
tendent, of Snnbory, transacted busi
ness in this city.

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