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Established in 1828.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one \v;>y to cure deaf new,
and that in by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is canned by an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous lining of the Kustach
ian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
von have a rumbling wound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed,
I>eafm.\-H in the rewult, and unless the in
flammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to itn normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars*, free.
F. J. CI I KM: V * CO., Toledo,'O.
■ Sold bv Druggists, 75c.
112 Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
September's hot wave is here.
The man who has offended you is
the last to forgive yon.
Of course you paid your taxes and
got that five per cent off.
It is a hard job to find anything in
some of the newspapers nowadays be
sides the political news.
Reports from all over the State of
crowded schools don't look like race
suicide in Pennsylvania.
The man who borrows is a big unit? |
ance as is the housewife who plies the 1
same trade.
Many a man's neighbors have just
about the same opinion of him as he
has of them.
It is nearly the time to perfume the
autumn air with the moth balls done
up in overcoats and like wearablos.
W. F. Dildine, one of the energetic
young business men of Exchange,
t ran sated business with us on Wed
Absolutely cured of leprosy, Mary
Barros has been discharged from the
state leper colony on the island of
The reason why borrowed books are
seldom returned is that it is easier to
retain tho books than what is insido
of them.
There is somewhat of a grim joke in
tho arrest of a deputy fish warden up
in the northern part of tho State on
tho charge of illegal fishing.
Mr. aud Mrs. John A. Doibert
wish to extend thanks to the friends
aud neighbors who so kindly rendered
assistance during their roceut bereave
"Green are the fields afar," is a
saying as old as Moses, but many a
time when the far field has been
reached the emigrant fiuds that he is
the only green thing abroad.
The local markets have for some
time been bare of oranges, but the
news has come that the first carload
of the season from Florida was ship
ped this week.
An Ohio farmer claims to have a
hen that lays eggs with the dato on
them. That might bo n good sort of
hen for a farmer, but if city people
kuow when the eggs they oat wore
laid they would quit eating eggs.
Harrv B. Wolf, who has anuounced
himself as a candidate for tho Demo
cratic nomination for Congress from
tho Third Maryland District, began
life as a newsboy. Ho is only 2(5 yoars
old, and has practiced law for live
MAX WANTED ! somewhere near
Danville, to assist us in showing and
Belling properties. No experience neces
sary, if willing to let us teach you the
real estate business. Salary $>(10.00 a
month, to honest man, willing to devote
part of his time to this business. Co
operative Land Co., Andrus Mdg., Min
neapolis, Minn.
Colonel Edwin T. Cowell, of Dor
chester, Mass., recently elected presi
dent of the United States Veteran
Signal Corps Association is a great
grandson of Deborah Sampson, tho
only woman regularly enlisted as a
soldier in tho War of tho Revolution.
Numerically the Farmers' union is
larger than any other in the country,
and it is growing at the rate of a thou
sand members a day. |ln Texas, where
the first was organized, there are 4,000
local organizations, with a total mem
bership of 200,000.
Tho school population of New York
reaches nearly <IOO,OOO, or nearly five
times the.total number of people in
the city of Scranton. 75,000 pupils
were put ou half-time today, at the
opening of the school term, owing to
a lack of accommodations.
The Gould railroad lines, with head
quarters at Pittsburg, have hung out
a sigu: ' 4 Wanted—s,ooo men for rail
road work." Tho men are needed on
the Western Pacific railroad, which is
being built between Salt Lake City
aud San Francisco by Mr. Gould.
The commissioners of Columbia
county have issued explicit directions
to the assessors in the coal district of
tho county to place an assessment on
all coal property at its true aud actual
cash value. It is asserted that coal
lauds in the past have been assessed at
not more tliau one-fourth the amouut
of farm laud.
r \ Pleasant to Take, '
Powerful to Cure*
And Welcome
In Every Home.
Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy is adapted
lo all ages and both sexes, affording permanent re
lief in all cases caused by Impurity of the blood,
aucb as Kidney, ami I,lvor Com
lilnliita; cure* <'oustipHtion aud WeukuusHiis
peculiar to women.
It proves successful in cases where all other medi
cines have totally failed. No sufferer should despair
as long as this remedy Is untried. It has an unbro
ken record of success for over 80 years, and baa
won hosts of warm friends.
Are yon suffering from any disease traceable to
the causes mentioned ? If so, I>r. Kennedy has
vtakrd his personal and provisional reputation on
the statement that Favorite Remedy will do you
FRKE.—Send for a freo trial bottle and
booklet containing valuable medical advice. Write
also for an "JCumjt Te*l" for finding out if you
have kidney disease. Address I>r. ltavld Ken
nedy's Sous, Kondout, N. Y. Mention this paper.
REMEMBER. the full name is DR. DAVID
do - ut^ N * Y - a,wl ,he P ric ® is •1.00 (six
txrttles $5.00) at all druggists, -_
It is estimated that 1 /iO,OOO «\mer
■ leans went abroad this year.
) They spent in the neighborhood of
11 $300,000,000 —more than enough
. money than it needed to build the
. Panama C'annl.
New York City furnishes 30 per
. cent, of the first cabin passengers for
I steamships crossing the Atlantic
i Ocean.
The average tourist spends about
, SI,OOO in an eight or ten weeks'
> Most of the tourists have to send
baek home for money.
Tourists are rushing homeward at
■ ih ■ rate of about 7,000 a week.
Native born Americans will not
travel in sccoud cabins.
There are twenty-five routes for
going to and returning from abroad.
The cities furnishing the greatest
number of first class passengers are
New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Pittsburg aud Washington.
1 The bulk of the second cabin busi
ness comes from St. Louis, Milwau
kee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Cleve
land and Detroit.
Travel eastward begins in January
with New Yorkers aud continues un
til the end of July.
Society generally tries to get away
during April and May and returns in
The homeward rush begins tho lat
ter part of July and is at its height in
The enormous sums of money spent
abroad each year frequently affect the
balance of trade of the United
Expenses abroad average $6 to 810
a day, although any amount can be
While Americans going abroad
take with them cash amounting to
from §(100 upwards, immigrants ar
riving here have oil au average only
S2O per head.
Less than 820,000 of the 8300,-
000,000 spent abroad by Americans
is brought back by immigrants.
1 ?
Bean iie yf The Kind Von Have Always Bought
Young Man Makes Leap und Is Picked
up Apparently Unhurt.
New York, Sept. 10.—A man
about 23 years old jumped from the
middle of Brooklyn Bridge this after
noon, turned several somersaults in
the descent, but struck the water feet
foremost and arose in a few seconds
swimming. He was picked up by a
tug, evidently in waiting, and appar
ently was uninjured as he walked
around on the tug and waived a hand
The tug put off in the direction of
Long Island Sound, with a police
boat in pursuit.
The man had been a passenger on a
trolley car aud when it reached the
middle of tho bridge he left it and
made his leap. In a pocket of his
coat, which he threw upon tho bridge
platform, was a card bearing the ad
dress: "W. N. Kemp & Co., silver
smiths, 105 Spring St., Mahaltau;C.
I'. Brown, representative."
y|TS|nin<v c «""e Nervous Disease..
■ | —l)r. Oidmnu'e Prescription—
St renmlions tlionerves, Builds up woru out men
and women. Price 50 Cts.
To be true to his word aud work.
To respect religion for its own sake.
To face all difficulties with courage
and cheerfulness.
To form 110 friendships that can
bring him into degrading associa
To respect other people's convic
To reverence womanhood.
To live a clean life in thought aud
word as well as ill deed.
Teach liini that true manliness al
ways commands success.
That to command he must first
learn to obey.
That there can be no compromise
between honesty and dishonesty.
That the virtues of punctuality and
politeness are excellent things to cul
That a gentleman is just what the
word implies—a man who is gentle in
his dealings with the opinions, feel
ings aud weaknesses of other people.—
Minneapolis Tribune.
a guaranteed cure for Dyapopaia. i
aud all Stomach trouble. Price 50 Cents.
Man and Woman Meet Death After
Allentown, Pa., Sept. 10.—Coron
, er Betz announced today that he
i would hold no inquest into the cause
of death of Charles Hughes and Mrs.
Joseph I). Green, of Woodbury, N.
J., who were drowned yesterday in
the Lehigh river, near here. "I
think the drowning was due to au ac
cident" said the Coroner, and came
about through the couple having
drank too much before they entered
■ the row boat."
' Mrs. Green was prominently eon
i nected and left Woodbury on Satur
day telling her husband she was going
to New York on a visit. Hughes
was a mechanic and leaves a widow
and two daughters, who also reside in
The End of An Aflc.
"You are young and I am old,"
: Tolstoy is quoted as saying to an in
, terviewer, "but as you grow older
I you will find, as I have found, that
• day follows day, and there does not
seem much change in you, till sudden
ly you hear people speaking of you as
an old man. It is the same with an
age in history; day follows day, and
j there does uot seem to be much
J change, till suddenly it is found that
the age is become old. It is finished:
it is out of date. The present move
ment in Russia is not a riot, it is uot
even a revolution—it is the eud of an
| Mr. John Dielil, of Anthony twp.,
I gave us a pleasant call ou Tuesday.
i zAGiAIN.
Shifting season's bring changing styles and of course everybody
wants to keep up with tlie parade.
To Get Fashionwise—you will find our new stock a liberal educa
tion iu style ideas and a revelation in price economies.
New hints for Fall appareliugs—new Dress Goods—new Ladies'
Suits—new Waists—new Coats —new Carpets and Oil Cloths—
things of choice and high degree all at a price benefit that is a real
saving of money to you.
Tailored Suits for Lady or Miss.
Mannish effects and neat checks are highly favored, many plaids among
them. Jackets are either semi-fitting or tight-fitting or tight as yon may prefer.
Skirts are mostly plaited.
In plain colors we have an especially nice line of suits in broadcloth, Panamas
and Cheviots in blacks and colors.
In price we show a good suit for 12.(X), better ones for 12.98, and 15.00 and up
to 25.00.
Stylish Coats—Ladies, Misses, Children.
Checks and Plaids are the noticihle features in the new coats, the style may
he the loose or Empire or the tight tittiug hack, length may be anywhere from 42
to 54 inches.
For the Miss or Little Girl the materials are general, and make up is yery
similar to that for grown tips.
Ladies' Coats range in price from 5.50 and 7.50 up to 25.00.
Misses' and Children's 0.00 to 15.00.
Wool Dress Stuffs, Fancies and Plain Colors.
Dame Fashion has settled largely on the plaid combinations and checks de
signs in the fancies for making of suits and coats. We have many color combina
tions and fabrics to show you.
Plain Uoods—Broadcloth are well favored for out door wear of all kind,
black and colors in various grades.
Priestly's Black Dress Goods are the best in the world, we have an unusually
strong line to show you.
Carpets and Rugs, Curtains or Oilcloths.
With Fall changing come the time when new floor coverings are needed. Our
! £tore stands pre-eminent for Carpetings of all grades from the Fine Savoniierie
j down to the cheap, Hag Carpet.
Rugs are growing in popular favor each season we make them or sell factor}' i
Oil Cloth season, whether the ordinary to an inlaid Linoleum our stocks are (
the l>est and prices lowest. In all these lines the now Tall Patterns are ready for
you to inspect we guarantee to please you in selection, quality and price as no
other store can.
$2.00 to $5.00 Silk Skirts, $1.50.
Petticoats made of "Featherhone" Silk a fabric that can hardly be told from j
real silk 4 ladies out of 5 prefer it for a skirt rather than real silk because it was so
much better.
Several dozen manufacturers, samples in all shades most approved styles, all
in occasional faded spot, hardly noticeable 111 most of them. Regularly they sell
for 2.00. 2.50 and 5.00, this lot we price at 1.50.
White Waistings—half Price.
"We're going to clean up stock of white cotton Dress Goods and Waistings,
what is now left from summer selling. Madras. Piques, Granites, Voiles, Swisses,
Poplins and Mercerized Suitings—many that will be quite suitable to wear all
winter long. Half price on Fine White goods is very rare oceurrance, so don't luiss
the sale.
Regular 39c qualities will be MUc yard.
Regular 25c qualities will be 12jc yard.
Golf Jackets for SI.OO.
Ladies' Knit Sweaters that have become slightly soiled from handling, re
gularly were 2.00 and 2.50 reduced to 1.00.
1.00 Under Waists, 09c.
Thin Mull slips to wear under waists in blue and pink. Another lot in white,
blue or pink were 75c, reduced to/50c.
Cotton Dress Goods, Half Price.
Lawns, Batistes. Swisses, Ginghams, Madras, etc, all the summer dress goods
now priced at just half price—that makes the price less than even the manufactur
ers, cost, but no matter what we lose they must be cleaned out.
New Winter Shoes.
A big stock of new reliable footwear for men, ladies and children, low priced,
too, as yet.
New Ruchings.
A generous assortment in patterns, style and colorings. How they freshened
up the waist, only cost 10, 12 or 15c for a collar or 10, 25 or 39c yard.
Bright Belting, 10c Yard.
(Jilt and Silver Belting, tine quality, price made to cleanup the stock on
hand, 10c yard.
50c Ladies' Waists, 39c.
Medium and light weight undervest*. high neck, short sleeves, just the
weight every lady wants for early fall. Sizes only in 32, li 4 and 38, price almost a
third off, regular 50c now 30c.
8 and 10c Muslins, 7c.
Unbleached, yard wide, good weight, for this week both kinds at 7c yard.
SI.OO W. 8. Corsets, 69c.
Regular stock long hip, meidum lengths, straight front with hose supporters,
white only, broken sizes, only have 21, 23, 24 and 25, to close them out make the
price C9c
Handkerchiefs at Half.
All kinds, may have become soiled and mussed, now the price is made just
one half.
Were 65, 50, 39, 25, 15. Now 325, 25, 19}, 12$, 7Jc.
25c Children's Vests, 19c.
Stock clearance to close out several numbers, fall and early winter weights,
long short sleeves, high neck, sizes for children 5 to 10 years.
10c each, Egyptian ribi>ed.
15c Children's Vests, 10c.
An underwear bargayi worth while looking into, high grade, well made,
nicely finished, low neck, no sleeves, sizes to fit Bto 12 years all togo at LOe each,
were 15c.
Preserving and Canning Helps.
Enameled Ware that don't chip off and yet is not in price.
Preserving Kettles, 2to 4 quarts 20c, 25, 30, 35, 40. Extra large 20 and 24
quarts 00 and 75c and enameled 10. 15, to 49c.
Fruit .Jar Fillers, 5, 10, 15c. Tin Fruit Cans reduced to 20c dozen. Sealing
Wax, 5c lb. Jelly Glasses, 19c dozen, Paralline, 10c lb. Best Thick Jar Gums, 8c
Quart Mason Jars, Complete, 39c Dozen.
Large line Stone Crocks all sizes from 1 up to 8 gallons, special at tic gallon.
Grocery Specials Saturday, Sept., 15th.
Lewisburg Roller Flour, 50 lbs., 95c; 25 lbs., 49c.
Schreyer's Gilt Edge Flour, guaranteed good asauy make. 50 lbs. 1.00 or 25
lbs. 50c. 10c picks finest Soda Crackers, 2 for 15c.
Pawnee Oat Flake, prize iu every box, 2 for 15c, 5c packs whole Pickling,
Spice, 2 for 7c.
Jello Ice Cream Powder any llavor, 10c package.
Schreyer Store Co.
Front Si. -- MILTDH. PA. -- Elm Si.
112 R 112 112 Knowing what it was to suffer,
1 11 L L 1 will give I'KEK OK CHAK
GK, to any afflicted a positive cure for
Eczema, Salt Klieuui, Erysipelas, i'iles
and Skin Diseases. lustnut relief. Don't
suffer longer, Write F. W. WILLIAMS,
■)0() Manhattan Avenue, New York. En
close Stamp.
WANTED:-by Chicago wholesale and
mail order house, assistant manager (man
or woman) for this county and adjoining
territory. Salary S2O and expenses paid
weekly; expense money advanced. Work
pleasant; position permanent. No in
vestment or experience required. Spare
time valuable. Write at once for full
particulars and enclose self-addressed en
velope. Address, GGNKKAL MANAOKU,
134 E. Lake St., Chicago. (1-21
Stationery for Farmers.
Farmers and others, particularly those
living on the Uuriil Delivery route.®,
should have printed stationery as well as
business men. It is not only more busi
ness like to send a letter with name and
address printed on the notehead and en
velope, but it insures the return of the
letter in cate it is not delivered. We
are especially well equipped to do this
class of printing and can do it promptly
and neatly We will supply 250 note
heads and 250 envelopes, extra quality,
for 112 1.50, or 75c for either one lot. This
is cheaiwr than you can buy the paper
and envelopes regularly at retail stores.
Judging from the large number of
county fairs that are coming it is a
blessing that the peanuts are so plenty.
Our Country*** - % !
ft 2
J? Written expressely for THE INTELLIGENCER
*5 By our Rural Friends.
John Lauteibox is Satisfied
MIST Kit Ki>.—lt iz a deal uv satsfackion tu kno thet everything
thruout tliu politickal filiation points Dinnnycratieward. Tim stat" ticket
wuz never a sliurcr winner, and tlui seutoral districk iz unly teprescutcd liy
l.'oclirnnt; tlui judicially slij» iueriuni i/. now al lix up they sa, sine Herrin's
en pie uf friens admit thu only rezon he wants tu run fir now iz becoz ho
kunt git a chanc agin an thet Harmau iz a young, ambithus an eapble feller
tliet kau niak a suekses uv ennything an Herriu wont kno wat to do, cariu
nuthiu of how our eorts would be kuuducked jist so ho haz a job—it al is
Harmony now; and then ther iz thet man Mickle Henry, whose konily glide
lucks we sc in thu Teligencer, whu wil get al thu farmrs' wotes, becoz lie/,
thu man thet iz ther friend an will be ther representation in Congres. He
iz a dandy fin feller an wil hav thu biggest wote uv eny. Wen we kum
doun tu thu konty ticket we must sa thet Siddlerer cud never be bet an tliet
er Kal Shuls wil be lected sherif by thu bigest majority wote ever pold here.
Billie boy did strik a slcgehamer bio thu last tim he hit thu nale's
bed an I tel you it wuz rite. Wen a man dont kuo wen he haz anof he oter
be tole. Jereimah's silentness mus hev been bot, er he wud sa somfin one.
Thu Teligencer haz not cronickled biz obishiary and ef hez not uf ou a waka
tion he must be in thu laud uv thu liviu yet.
Thu krops are ginerly guile, especaliy thu pear, au thu farmers ere
livin iu hi spirits; ralerode otes ma be gude in other localities but our farm
ers fald tu put eny out this yer becoz they cude not git eny sead.
Ben awful bizzy an cude not git eny nttze fir yu befor.
Pottsgrove Items.
\V. 8. Troxell, relief operator, re
lieved Jacob Walter on Tuesday.
Miss Delia Foust has accepted a
position in Lewisons' store in Mil
Mr-. Caroline H. Blue, of Mon
toursville, is visiting her son Edgar in
this place.
Edward Robbins returned home,
after spending several weeks in Wil
Lorenza Young made a business
trip to Williamsport and New Berry
011 Monday.
John McMuhon returned to Phila
delphia last week, after spending sev
eral days with relatives in this place.
On Saturday evening the outkitch
en attached to I)•. W. Steinbauch's
house caught tire, it being discovered
right away was soon put out.
Frank Linder has purchased the
house belonging to Mr. John Troxell,
deceased. Mr. Linder expects to add
some improvements to the house.
Quite a number of people are com
plaining about the main road leading
from Mooresburg to Pottsgrove. The
road has not been in good shape all
summer, there being holes and gutters
in the road. There has been very
little work done on it this summer
and the taxes higher than ever. With
very little work the holes could be
filled up, but it seems to be neglected
for some reason or other. The holes
should be fixed and if not there will
be a worse complaint made.
John W. Levan on Saturday night
drove to Milton, after attending to
some business he returned to where he
had tied his horse, but the horse and
buggy were not to be found anywhere.
Some one had united the horse and
driven it away. Mr. Levan, after
searching all day Sunday, found it in
the evening near Winfield. The party
Was Reproved for Failing in Al
gebra Recitation— USOH
Pocket Knife.
Johnstown, Pa., Sept. 12. Be
lieved to have become hysterically
distressed by his failure to acquit
himself well at an algebra recitation,
anil being rebuked by 11. H. Ford,
the teacher, 14-year-old Winter Snow
deu, son of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Snowden, of Main street,
Conemaugh, stabbed himself in the
breast with a penknife this morning
while seated at his desk in the school
The dull blade caused an ugly
looking gash, but one which will not
necessarily prove fatal.
Campaign Contributions.
From the Lock llavcn Democrat.
In the mail a few days ago to the
Republican congressional committee
in New York there was a letter from
a distinguished Republican trust mag
nate enclosing a check for SI. Ho
far well and good, his dollar is as
good as auy other dollar, even the
one received from one of the treasury
charwomen. Rut there was, it is
said, another check enclosed in the
same letter from the Republican trust
maguate for 810,000, which for obvi
ous reasons the chairman of the com
mittee did not inform the reporters as
many other subscription letters have
been reported. Why did the trust
magnate give the additional 810,000,
when he had only been invited to
give 81 ? As he is interested in a
corporation that is fostered by the
tariff and is therefore in hearty sym
pathy with the policy agreed upon, to
stand pat and still allow the tariff
fostered trusts to continue to plunder
the people, he evidently is williug to
do his share towards corrupting the
voters to their own undoing.
Berwick, Pa., Sept. 12. —Borough
Council recently notified the Dela
ware Lackawanna and Western Rail
road to place a watchman and gates
at Second and Oak streets, and today
received notice that the request was
A policeman will be placed at the
crossing tomorrow, and every crew
running a train across Second street
will be arrested until the notice is
complied with.
Nobody ought to growl about the
weather man's handout these days.
must have turned the horse loose early
Sunday morning. A farmer found il
and took care of it until Mr. Levan
drove to Winfield after it. This kind
of business has been going on for
some time in Milton and it is not safe
for one to drive to Milton and go .
away from his rig. The party or
parties engaged in this kind of work
should be dealt with according to law,
Sept., 11, 'OO.
Mooresburg Items.
Miss Nellie Staid was a Milton
visitor this week.
Will Fry and family, of Milton,
spent Sunday at the home of Samuel
Miss Ada Raup left Monday for
Perkiomeu Seminary, where she will
resume her studies.
Henry Vincent lost one of his most
valuable cows Sunday morning, it
being struck by an engine.
Geo. Bower and Miss Bessie Bower
left this week for State College, where
they are enrolled as students.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). W. Robinson
left Saturday for New Rochelle, N.
V., where the former is employed as
teacher in public schools.
A very interesting missionary lec
ture was given Sunday evening, in
the Presbyterian church, by Rev.
Bedeckian, of NVashiugtonville. His
discourse was confined to the Turkish
Empire and dwelt on the missionary I
side of lives of the different nationali
ties there. The lecture was very I
much enjoyed by a large audience.
An accident that might have been
a serious one, happend Monday morn- 1
ing to the section hands of the Read
ing railroad of this place. While as
cending the grade at Mausdale some :
of the tools fell from the truck, caus
ing it to leave the rails. The men
were all injured slightly while Mr.
Clias. Stahl suffered a broken hand.
Second Edition of Wetzel's
Swamp to lie Placed in
Old Office.
Ilarrisburg, Pa., Sept. 12.
Pennsylvania is to have a large
aquarium in the basement of the old
Executive Building, which is to be
converted into a State museum.
Plans for the alteration of the
building, which was abandoned by the
executive and other departments re
cently, are being worked out by the
State Library Board. This board is
composed of Governor Pennypacker,
Secretary of the Commonwealth Mc-
Afee cud Attorney General Carson,
and held a session today to discuss
the plans.
It was decided to make no changes
until after the dedication of the new
Capitol on October 4, when the parti
tions will be torn out and the rooms
Trespass notices for sale at this
office. Two for sc, or 25c a dozen.
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with yo\if
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set-
tling Indicates an
\y/\ \ x neys; if it stains
1 your linen it is
cv^cnce kid
jQpi \1 / £J ney trouble; too
Wm/y frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled togo often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. andsl. sizes.
1 You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery _
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mall.
Address Dr. Kilmer & nome of awamp-Rooi.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer In this paper.
Don't make any mistake, bat remember the
I name Swamp-Root, Dr. Dilmer's Swamp
Root, and the address, Uinghamton, N. Y., on
every bottle.
..i.„..iiiiiii' n For Infants and Children.
£ ASTORIA I The Kind You Have
I Alwa V s Bought
similatinglticFoodandßegula- ■ M
ting (he Stomachs and Bowels of J ( Bears the J. %
ness and Rest.Contains neither ffl r 1- ]ll2 . ||^
Opium, Morpliine nor Mineral. |g 01 /|\ *\ fT
n*vv afrtUft-SWlILim/aH ■ .\ A y
Seed" > jjfl IJ\ J
(iockSuiJ*- J ■ M£\ §
J I(\ iln* In
I { l \ %J ft
Aperfeclßemedy H I \| IV UOC
Hon, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea [9l liK
Worms .Convulsions, Feveris- HI Ky P AM 112t tl . M
ness and Loss OK SLEEP. W rnr HyPr
Facsimile Signature of
I Thirtv Years
Kjgnnmmgi | 3
If you will put your savings at
work, some day you will not have
to work so hard.
We pay 3 per cent and com
pound it every six months.
Resources Over
YVhtit Women will Wear This Winter.
Discussing suitable costumes for
business women in The NEW IDEA
the writer of the article remarks:
"The reaction to very dark colors
which distinguishes this season from
its several predecessors will have the
full approval of all those women who
have to consider the practical before
all else. It may be said, however,
that iu spite of the profusion of lace
and fur-belows lavished on summer
styles, there always is an undercurrent
of simplicity and sensibility sought by
the conservative element, to which in
great measure the best business wo
men belong. Not only deep navy
blues, ruby shades of red, and the
old-fashioned bottle greens which are
being revived, but black in combina
tion with myrtle green and autumn
colors produce effects which are in
keeping with the somber color scheme.
Among the mannish suitings there
are mauy unobtrusive stripes which
are very attractive, and have almost
superseded the checked materials in
popularity. The plaids are also very
dark, the newest ones showing a com
bination of brown and brou/.e greens.
One characteristic of the novelty plaid
materials is a satin stripe, generally
in black, which recurs regularly in
the pattern. The separate plaid skirt,
particularly in the shadow plaids, is a
feature of the season. It is invariab
ly accompanied by a waist of the pre
dominating shade in the plaid."
———-i—fcDr.Oidman's famous Proscrip
tion permanently euros Constipation, Bilious*
net.-. Sick Headache. Price 25 Cent*.
What Is a Thinking Machine?
A brand new remarkable series of
detective stories, the best ever writ
ten, will begin in TIIE PHILADELPHIA
SUNDAY I'UKSS on September Second.
Each story is complete in itself, and
one will be published each week.
The author has contrived in an ex
tremely ingenious way to invent a
unique situation for each tale. The
problems offered are so involved that
no solution seems possible until Prof.
Van Dusen The Thinking Machine,
is called upon who invariably straight
ens out the difficulties by remarkably
novel methods.
One of these stories appears each
week exclusively IN THE PHILADEL
PHIA SUNDAY PKESS, which is the
greatest Sunday newspaper in the
15c sure and tell your newsdealer to
serve you with THE SUNDAY PRESS
as you cannot afford to miss this great
series of stories.
Calendars for 1907.
The Intelligencer office has received
a full and complete line of samples of l
fine art calendars, and we are ready
to take your orders for 1907. Be
sure to call and learn our prices be
fore placiug your order. Designs of
every description to select from.
Remember, we lead and others fol
Pure Blood Is a Defense,
it means safety. A person whose
I>l ood is in an impure and impoverish
ed condition is in the greatest danger
of catching any infections or epidemic
disease. Dr. Kennedy's Favorite
ltemedy is the mildest, safest and
surest purifier of the blood, thus
B striking at the root of Kidney, Liver
> and Bladder diseases. 81.00 at all
io Days'
65 and 75 cent Fancy Dress
Silks at - - 45 cents yard.
50 and 75 cent Fancy Mohairs
at - - - 33 cents yard.
10 and 13 cent Plaid and mix
ed goods for children's
school dresses at 8 cents yard.
13 cent Silkolines at 8i cents yd.
E. D. ATEN & CO.,
Successor to
W. M. 3 E I D E L
344 Mill Street.
folate o/ Iltlrvcy Rri/noMn, [.ale of A nlhnny
Tuwmhip, Montour CYiunty, Ptnnayl
rantu Decewteil.
Notice is hereby given, that letters tosta
incnliiry on the- above eslate having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons In
debted to said estate nre requested to make
payment, and those having claims or de
mands against the said estate to present the
same, without delay to
Exchange, Pa.
DM INISTK AT it 1X N ()T1 (TO!
Estate o/ Ziba (). Vought, Late of Mayberry
Township, Deceased.
Letters testamentary on the above estate
having been granted to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make payment, and those having elalms
against it to present the same, without deluy
Quitman, Pa.
t.»«b REVIVO
K /?£!%"Made a
filiT Well Man
ißhfr of Me."
prod ll res fine rc*ults In 30 day*. It acts
powerfully and quickly. Cures when others fail.
Young men can regain their lost manhood and
old men may recover their youthful vigor by
using KKVIVO. It quickly and quietly re
moves Nervousness, Lost Vitality, Sexual
Weakness such as Lost Power, Failing Memory.
Wasting Diseases, and effects of self-abuse or
excess and Indiscretion, which unfits one for
study, business or marriage. It not only cures
by starting at the scat of disease, hut is a great
lierve lonic and blood builder, bringing
back the pink (glow to pale clicekn and re
storing the lire of youtli. It wards off ap
proaching disease. Insist on having ICF.VIVO,
no other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By
mail. SL.OO per package, or six for $5.00. We
Rive free advice and counsel to all who wish It,
with guarantee. Circulars free. Address
ROYAL MEDICINE CO.. Marine Bldg.. Chicago, lit
G. cJt. G KOSSzMA&i\
Real Estate or Personal Prop
erty Disposed of al
Public Outcry.
s ßest ''Tiesulls Quarankea .
Michael Breckbill,
Rural Route 4, Danville. Pa
Estate of Wm. M. ficitlel, Late of Danville,
Montour County, Pennsylvania
Notice is hereby given, that letters testa
mentary on the above estate having been
t'ranted to the undersigned, all persons In
debted to said estate are requested to make
payment, ami those having claims or de
mands against tin-said estate to present the
S'inic, without delay to
or to D. P. (lotTUKU,
WM. KAMKWKHT. Kxecutor,
Council, U.K. D. No. 1,
Danville, Pa., May 24, 'Otl. Milton, Pa.
Bears the /) ll* Kind You Have Always BOII2U
Can You Afford
To Be Without This?
how will YOUR family fare?
DISABLED mid incapacitated
for work how will YOU fare?
The Fidelity
; Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
' of Philadelphia, Pa.
* I. G. FOUSE, President. Chartered 1179
25 East Fourth Ht., - HKItWICK PA.
Apply for Agent's Contract. .g*

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